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Varanond Dilokrungthirapop

Architecture Portfolio

Coloured Sketch of Bath’s City Skyline

VARANOND DILOKRUNGTHIRAPOP “Enthusiastic architecture graduate with

over 9 months of work experience at three established architecture firms in Thailand. Participated in various large-scale commercial, residential and mixed-use projects. Keen on learning the latest design and construction technologies with the intent of improving the work process and the built environment.

CONTACT 33/307 Ladawan Estate 6/1, Srinakarin Road, Bang Phli, Samut Prakarn 10540, Thailand



University of Bath, United Kingdom (2015-2019) BSc (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1) Upper Second Class Honors (2:1)

Architects 49 Limited (Jun-Aug 2018)

Key Achievements:

• Completed a comprehensive thesis project on startup office space for local technology startups • Designed a multi-functional stadium stand that accommodates 4,000 people • Wrote an in-depth 3,500 word essay on the contribution of BIM to the construction industry

KIS International School, Bangkok (2001-2015) International Baccalaureate (IB) IB Score: 42/45 Key Achievements:

• Earned a 7/7 at four out of six subjects (including Higher Level Physics and Standard Mathematics)

SKILLS Technical Skills


English - Fluent

Thai - First Language


Spanish - Basic

Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk Revit

Architects 49 House Design Limited (Mar-May 2018) • Neatly constructed a 1:100 physical model of a lake house for client presentation • Designed and detailed a living room staircase that integrates with a wall book shelf • Collaborated with two other interns to produce a detailed SketchUp model of a luxury house

The Office of Bangkok Architects (May-July 2017) 086-688-0920

• Developed five viable design options for Shell Gas station in Nakhon Pathom • Modelled in SketchUp the master plan of a 30,000 m2 mixed-used complex in Hat Yai • Photoshopped drawings for client meetings within tight deadlines • Performed and prepared shading analysis for Environmental Impact Assessment

Skill Level Proficient Intermediate

Trimble SketchUp


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe InDesign


Rendering Packages


Microsoft Office


• Photoshopped the master plan of a beach resort for presentation • Produced detailed drawings of resort buildings • Modelled in SketchUp the master plan of a Japanese Museum in Ayutthaya

Freelance Interior Design Service (Sep 2018)

• Surveyed and modelled in SketchUp an existing house that will be renovated into a studio • Produced 2D annotated drawings of six sliding and folding doors of different sizes

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS CG Design Revit Course Completion (Mar 2018)

Other Skills Hand Sketching

Report Writing


Model Making


*Available on Request

Verbal Presentation

Graphic Design

• Utilised Revit architecture tools to produce a BIM model of a 4-story modern house

Arterial Architecture Drawing Course (May 2018) • Completed 30 hours of training in drawing architecture and interiors


The Bath Digital Jungle Year: 2019 Location: Bath, United Kingdom Typology: Startup Hub/Office

While Bath is seeing a big increase in technology startups, the city is lacking in infrastructure for young businesses to thrive in the Digital Age. This project aims to tackle the issue by providing flexible workspace for tech startups to work as a community and grow to become mature businesses.

Atrium Brings in Daylight

The site is an existing car park in Bath city center, surrounded by historical buildings and a notable Gothic church. Revitalising the disconnected area of the city, an atrium is created to frame stunning views of the church and create an urban passage. For the tenants, the atrium is the center of activity where people meet and connect. Incorporating greenery into the workplace have various benefits to health and productivity. Attaining the benefits, greenery is heavily integrated into the atrium space, creating a sub-tropical greenhouse in the city center for tenants and the public to enjoy.


Greenery Creating Internal Views

Central Atrium Space 2


Atrium in Line with the Church

Direct Passage and Visual Connection

Response to Surrounding Urban Mass

Second Floor Setback

Second Floor Bridging

Response to Context and Climatic Conditions

External View from the Street 4

From Top/Left: Long Section, Physical Model, Planter Detail Sketch, Bronze Cladding Detail ISO


Short Section - Spacial Relationship 6


Stadium for Bath Year: 2018 Location: Bath, United Kingdom Typology: Rugby Stadium

In collaboration with Grimshaw, architecture and civil engineering students are put in groups of five to design a new multi-use rugby stadium for the city of Bath. Students are responsible for designing the south stand in coordination with Grimshaw’s drawings for the other three stands. Greenery Flowing Up the Tower

With the ambition of creating a new icon at the heart of the city, we decided to incorporate an observational tower to the stadium, which gives an extraordinary experience of viewing the game of rugby and 360o views of the UNESCO heritage city. Greenery is integrated into the stadium and tower as if the park landscape grows up into the sky. This project has been a tremendous learning experience. Working closely with civil engineering students, I enhanced my teamwork and problem-solving skills through solving structural and environmental complications of the design. As for production, I was responsible for 3D modeling and creating visualisations for presentation.


Twisting and Shrinking Form to Reduce Visual Impact

Match Day Experience 8

From Top/Left: Tower Model 1:100, Scheme Model 1:1000, Overall Construction, Tower Slab Detail


Stadium Stand During Match 10


Combe Down Infant School Year: 2017 Location: Bath, United Kingdom Typology: School/Nursery

The brief is to design an infant school for children aged 4-7. To encourage the idea of learning outside the classroom, the school is arranged into an ‘H’ shaped with multi-purpose courtyards in the center, providing a variety of outdoor learning spaces. The classrooms are placed deep into the site to minimise noise from the road, provide privacy and frame views of the landscape. Vivid colors, contrasting with natural materials, are used to differentiate academic years and create playfulness. The result is an intimate and enjoyable learning experience for children and teaching staffs.


Outdoor Learning Spaces

Nursery Outdoor Play Space 12

Primary Courtyard


Main Entrance ‘H’ Shape Creating Courtyards

Main Entrance Programme Arrangement

Mono-pitched Roofs

Secondary Courtyard Form Arrangement

Canopies Natural Light

Shading Overhangs

Views to Courtyard Roof and Glazing


Trees Provide Shading

Outdoor Play Space

Response to Environmental Conditions

Ground Floor Plan - Landscape Plan 14

From Top/Left: Structural Diagram ISO, Foundation Detail, Roof and Facade Detail, Buoyancy-Driven Ventilation Diagram, Natural Daylighting Diagram


Main Courtyard Concept Sketch 16


Work Experience Year: 2017 & 2018 Location: Bangkok, Thailand Workplace: Architects 49, Architects 49 House Design, The Office of Bangkok Architects

As part of the university’s 4-year sandwich course, students are encouraged to undertake professional placement during the second semester of the second and third academic year. I was fortunate to work in many reputable architectural practices in Thailand, which gave me a sense of how architecture is practiced in the real world. During placement, I was involved in various projects ranging from luxury houses to a 30,000 m2 mixed-used complex where I contributed in conceptual design and modelled the masterplan for presentation. Moreover, I acquired knowledge of local codes and regulations through producing detailed drawings and documents for Environmental Impact Assessment. The images to the right are some of the work I produced or contributed to whilst on placement. Textured Floor Plans of Resort Project


From Top/Left: Site Section of Beach Resort Project, Model Photos of Lake House Project, Rendered Image of House Entrance 18

Profile for Varanond Dilokrungthirapop

Varanond Dilokrungthirapop's Architecture Portfolio  

Varanond has graduated from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, with a BSc Architecture degree (RIBA Part 1) in July 2019. This document...

Varanond Dilokrungthirapop's Architecture Portfolio  

Varanond has graduated from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, with a BSc Architecture degree (RIBA Part 1) in July 2019. This document...

Profile for varanond