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THE REVONTULI BRAND Shining Elegance of the North 12 June 2014 – spring 2015

The Mineral Museum moves to Vapriikki The Mineral Museum is moving from the Main Library Metso to Vapriikki, where it will open in December 2014. The exhibition displays both real and synthetic gemstones, along with corals, meteorites and fossils. Come and see them at the new Mineral Museum!



In the 1960s, the textile manufacturer Suomen Trikoo wanted to explore the world of design. For this purpose, the company needed an elegant export collection and a skilful leading figure. The Revontuli brand was built by Lenita Airisto, textile artist Nana Suni, and fashion designer Anna-Liisa Nieminen. The design collection was launched in Finland, other Nordic countries, and the United States in 1966. The fresh designs, bright colours, and elegant cuts showcase high quality and the timeless nature of good design. Gorgeous fashion shots form an impressive element of the exhibition. They reflect the changing idea of womanhood in these designers’ time: a Revontuli woman was modern and bold, playful yet elegant.

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Exceptional opening hours in 2014 Open 10 am–4 pm on 17.4., 30.4., 28.5., 19.6., 5.12. and 31.12. Closed on 18.4., 1.5., 20.– 22.6., 6.12. and 23.– 26.12.

You will be able to learn about historic mail routes and crossing the stormy Sea of Åland as well as gain insight into postage stamps and sense the nostalgia of recent decades. Theme exhibitions at the Postal Museum

Sealed with a Secret

– Correspondence of Tom of Finland 8 September 2014 – 29 March 2015 The exhibition reveals the man behind Tom of Finland, who rose to world renown. A multifaceted portrait of the artist Touko Laaksonen is conveyed through his extensive correspondence. The letters are on display for the first time!


Let’s Make a Fuss, Ladies!

– the life of children illustrated by Rudolf Koivu 25 April – 31 December 2014 The exhibition focuses on the life of children in Finland during the first half of the 20th century. On display will be original works, postcard illustrations and period objects by artist Rudolf Koivu, along with a film about the artist’s life.

Impressive Women of Tampere 30 January – 31 August 2014

Beauty, Love and Passion in Antiquity 21 March – 19 October 2014 Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Hathor – the goddess of love and beauty has many names and faces. She also has a dark side: jealousy, the pain of losing a love, and the transience of beauty. The exhibition Aphrodite’s Empire at Vapriikki embraces falling in love, eroticism and femininity in the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures in the age of Antiquity.

Tampere has always been home to more women than men – some might call it a bachelor’s paradise. Vapriikki proudly presents the splendid achievements of local ladies, both those who were born and bred in Tampere and women who moved here later in life. The list is not exhaustive, but it will certainly satisfy your curiosity and give rise to lively discussion. The women are by no means presented in order of importance – they have all been significant in their own fields and in their own times. Come and see whether your favourite Tamperess is on the list!


Admission, until 31.8.2014 | Admission, from 1.9.2014 Adults 9 ¤ | 10 ¤ Children (7–16 years) and students 3 ¤ | 4 ¤ Pensioners 7 ¤ | 8 ¤ Members of groups (more than 10 persons) 7 ¤ | 8 ¤ Family ticket (2 adults with 1–4 children) 20 ¤ | 22 ¤ Free admission to children under 7 years

The new Postal Museum providing exciting experiences is due to open at Museum Centre Vapriikki on 6 September with the exhibition Messengers. It will feature moving stories from the past, from recent history and from the present day.

THE FINNISH HOCKEY HALL OF FAME Come and experience the history of ice hockey at the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame! In addition to Finnish ice hockey, the exhibition focuses on international ice hockey and Finnish hockey players who have shot to international fame. In addition to an authentic Canada Cup and World Championship trophy, the exhibition features numerous other trophies. Highlights, disappointments, and period pieces are offered by rich film material. You are also welcome to test your own scoring skills on a scoring simulator!

Sports Idols

28 March 2014 – 1 March 2015 An exhibition about Finns’ sporting idols and the Finnish fan culture, Sports Idols is an exhibition and recording project carried out in co-operation with the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, the Sports Museum of Finland, and the Ski Museum.

THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM With a picturesque location beside the Tammerkoski rapids, Vapriikki is a museum centre that offers things to see and do for the whole family. We host about a dozen exhibitions each year, with varied themes, including history, technology, and natural sciences. Vapriikki is also home to the Natural History Museum of Tampere, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, the Shoe Museum, and the Doll Museum. In autumn 2014, the Postal Museum and the Tampere Mineral Museum will also open their doors at Vapriikki. Our visitors are served by museum restaurant Valssi and the Vapriikki museum shop, which offers a wide selection of books, gifts, and souvenirs. Vapriikki is housed in the old Tampella factory hall, whose oldest parts date back to the 1880s. The largest exhibition hall, a hundred metres long and 16 metres high, was built in the 1910s–1920s. Vapriikki opened to the public in 1996, and the building was fully ready as a museum in 2000. The total floor area of the museum centre is approximately 13,000 m2, half of which is devoted to exhibition facilities and premises open to the public.

What happens under the surface of the Tammerkoski rapids? Can you identify the largest animal in the Tampere region, or the rarest butterfly? Are there wolves in the forests in the Tampere region? And what is happening in our natural environment right now? The Natural History Museum of Tampere offers varied experiences focused on the natural environment. This exhibition presents the history of life and biological diversity in the Tampere region through our many senses, and it displays topical natural phenomena.


TAMMERKOSKI RAPIDS and the Story of Tampere

The Tammerkoski Rapids exhibition tells the story of how a small village grew into an industrial city now known for technological innovation, high-standard cultural offerings, and its residents’ modest and down-to-earth attitude, expressed in a popular local saying: ’Let’s not make a fuss now’. The exhibition presents lives of Tampere residents from different eras via short glimpses and cartoons. A much-loved miniature model of Tampere in 1890 gives the visitors an idea of the town’s development over time. Interesting historic items related to Tampere are also on display, including a mayor’s uniform from the 1860s, the decorative glass windows of the Palander building, the town’s first set of traffic lights, and Juice Leskinen’s Finland guitar.


The Time to Play exhibition, on the history of toys and play, presents toys from Finland and abroad, companions of children in Finland both past and present. What were your favourite toys? Perhaps they were the challenging Meccano sets, beautiful Barbie dolls or cuddly teddy bears? Or would you like to see dolls of the kind that your grandmother used to play with, or have a reunion with the Masters of the Universe who ruled your living room in the 1980s? This exhibition displays about 500 toys.

The Shoe Museum tells the story of shoes in Finland. In the factory room, you can follow the individual stages in the manufacture of the industrial shoe, from the design table to the finished product. Authentic films take you into the world of a busy shoe factory. Ankle boots, sandals, or boots: everyone will find a favourite in the procession of a thousand shoes.

INNOVATIONS Innovations is an exhibition and research project focusing on the past and present of local technical know-how. Tampere has good reason to be proud of its technological prowess. Many well-known technical devices first entered use here, and this city has also been quick to apply technologies developed elsewhere for its own needs. Displayed is the history of the metal industry and engineering works, modern IT research, and medical technology. The exhibition also sheds light on the roots of Nokia Corporation and its current significance in the Tampere region. What do you think is the most important innovation?

The Tampere 1918 exhibition depicts the events that took place in Tampere in the spring of 1918. Perspectives are offered by the fighters on both sides but civilians and onlookers are not overlooked either. The exhibition presents a large cross-section of society at war, from children and old people to workers and factory managers. The events are presented to visitors through sounds, narrative materials and new technology. Also, the background for the events of 1918 and their effects on the decades to follow are addressed.

At Vapriikki’s Shoe Museum: Stretching to the Future – Experimental Footwear Design at Wetterhoff 21 February 2014 The Stretching to the Future exhibition is a result of collaboration between footwear design students from HAMK University of Applied Sciences and Vapriikki. It takes a fresh and bold look at footwear and stretches the boundaries of materials, form and techniques. The exhibition was inspired by internationally renowned Finnish designer Aki Choklat.

RESTAURANT VALSSI AND MUSEUM SHOP Visitors are served by the museum restaurant Valssi. Valssi’s large windows and summer terrace built above flowing water provide a fantastic view of the industrial setting with red-brick walls. The museum cafe and restaurant Valssi is open to the public during the opening hours of the museum (except on Mondays during lunch hours).

Vapriikki’s spacious entrance lobby houses the museum shop, providing a quality selection of high quality gifts, jewellery, ornaments and utility articles, books, postcards and sweets. Welcome shopping!

The museum restaurant Valssi serves lunch: Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00 Sat-Sun 12:00-15:00 Reservations and further information: tel. + 358 3 5656 5307, e-mail:

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