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Virginia Press Association Virginia Press Association 11529 Nuckols Road 11529 Nuckols Road Glen Allen, VA 23059 Glen Allen, VA 23059

Spring 2016 Winter 2015

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Volume 103 • Number 1 Volume 102 • Number 4

Richmond’s Jim and Bobby Ukrop ‘Keep It In Print’ resonates with Virginians to be honored as the 2016 Virginians of the Year

Bo and Sandy Rose of Rockingham County Many of the readers responding to the The Virginia Press Association’s “Keep It In Keep It In Print ad noted that older readers Print” campaign is resonating with readers across added, “Public notices must be made easily availAfter the sale of the chain, the company’s long-standing Jim and Bobby Ukrop, most known as second-generation don’t use, have access to, a computer or the the state. The effort is designed to engage the pubable to the public. There is no better way than top executives of the family’s venerated regional grocery chain, prepared-foods operation became its own company, or Ukrop’s having published in our local newspapers. Internet. lic in persuading lawmakers to keep which they sold inVirginia 2010, were named the 2016the Virginians of them Homestyle Foods, with Bobby as the president and CEO. locally and na- publisher Ellen Fitzwater, also of Rockingham, long-standing requirement to publish public no- Distrust of ourIngovernment, a nominationboth letter, Tom Silvestri, of the Richthe Year. demonstrated how much older Virginians tices in newspapers. tionally, is very high. Making public notices less Though his family name is one of the most recognizable mond Times-Dispatch, wrote: “Together, Jim and Bobby Ukrely on older technology in everyday life. In available would only increase this distrust. ” In the last month VPA has received more than names in Virginia, James E. “Jim” Ukrop prefers to stay in the rop represent the best in business leadership and community writing to support the Keep It In Print camIn one case, spotting a public notice in print 100 calls and emails from readers imploring the background. Jim also helped found the bank that had branches stewardship in Virginia. They built businesses and support ento successfully challenge a zoningcommunity paign, she noted General to useInc. newspapers trepreneurs. They created outstanding events andthat in organizing her 50th in Ukrop’sAssembly Super Markets, locations. as the pri- led one man school ways. reunion, barely one-third of mary vehicle of developrequest. Schmutz of Concord a public founded organizations thatread solved problems high in innovative In 2011, he to wasinform one ofthe the public principals who launched New Tom her classmates could receive invitations by ments involving public money. notice in his local newspaper and realized local Richmond Ventures, a firm that has assembled a network of in- They have always advocated a better Richmond, especially when email. “The balance, Nancy Parr of Roanoke wrote: “I watch televigovernment was being asked to improperly abanvestors interested in strengthening the region’s business climate it comes to education and healthy lifestyles. They’re legends. ” she wrote, “we had to “If I had not seen thiswhat notice in the senda by U.S. Mailtobecause they did not have sion news, but they are inadequate, biased, and don a road. They’re teachers. They’re makes Richmond great place by supporting local businesses. paper it is highly probable the road would have computer access. repetitive. My local paper is much more diverse Robert S. “Bobby” Ukrop is known for never missing a beat. live, work and play. They’re humble, respectful and never quit.”” closed toThey the public, wrote. VPA is April reminding newspapers that the andboth I learn a great deal by reading it...” will be” Schmutz recognized during a dinner Friday, 8, In business and community involvement, he has been continin quarter- and full-page verwhat Eastville Townsold Council member In recent years haveRegion2 submitted bills ads, ued Here’s non-stop since the Ukrops the family’s grocery chain 2016, at alegislators VPA/AP/SPJ Conference at theavailable Hilton RichallowHotel local& governments to publish sions, can be run at any Eleanor Gordon had to say: “I have many elder- that wouldmond Jim time. UkropIf you need where Bobby was CEO. Spa / Short Pump. ly or poor friends without Internet access who those notices on their websites. New bills are ex- PDF versions of either ad, contact Rusty would no longer see important governmental pected prior to the start of the 2016 session in Carter by email at or 804521-7584. business. January. Thankfully, previous bills have failed.

Keep public notices within reach by kee ping them in pri nt in the pages of your dependable local newspa per.

Provide your name and loc We’ll tell Virgin ality. ia legislators you want it in Call 804-521 print. -7581or ema

il kee

pitinprint@v Bobby Ukrop

J. Stewart Bryan III remembered for his integrity, honor, fairness

Success in Fairfax with cameras in court

public man who often shunned the limelight. “He was always there to make a contribution munities better through reporting on local, He maintained a decorum even during to society. He did what people are supposed to state and national government actions,” said challenging times, including the most recent do — to do everything possible to make this a Ginger Stanley, executive director of the VirJ. Stewart Bryan III is being remembered as bidding contest between Texas-based Nexstar better place,” Wortham said. “He didn’t do it for ginia Press Association. Whileexecutive nearly every courthouse to great Group Inc. and Iowa-based Mer- Stewart. He did it for what he thought for six shootings, and somesure prelimia media who was kind andinfairVirginia with goes Broadcasting was the “Hecameras was fairwere andallowed always inmade you lengths to prohibit the 21st century tools journalists use to do nary hearings in Prince William County. That trial, however, the courage of his convictions. He was regarded edith Corp. to merge with Media General. right thing. He tried to help the world.” knew his opinion whether you agreed with him their jobs, Fairfax County Circuit Court has taken a remarkably moved as a newspaperman with the highest integrity Part of that philosophy, he andwas many oth-to Virginia Mr. Bryan, 77, died Saturday from injuries or not,”Beach. Stanley said. “But he always maintained progressive inside Another Fairfax case, the gentleman 2013 murder trial of Blanco and honor. stance, allowing cell phones and even laptops ers said, was evident in the way Mr. Bryan ran his Southern suffered in a fall at his home nine days earlier. appeal andJulio quick wit. the courthouse. allowed the press work with Judge Jane MaCo-workers, business publisher of His Prayers and a celebration of his life will be his newspapers — from serving asGarcia, legacytocan beclosely seen throughout Virginia That’s considerably further than most Virginiaheld courthousremthe Roush. associates, board memnow- as well as in several other states where quality 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Common- the Richmond Times-Dispatch (and es will allow. Most forbid cell phones and computers from the “We went injournalism and met with her, then walked through the bers and community wealth Club, 401 W. Franklin St., his family an- defunct afternoon The Richmond News Leadflourishes in daily and weekly newsbuilding, though in some cases attorneys and court employees courtroom to determine shooting locations and demonstrate leaders also said that the nounced Monday. er) for 26 years until late 2004 to overseeing a papers and television stations.” may bring them in. former longtime chairloud the camera wouldVanHorn, be,” Millerexecutive recalled. “Afterward she newspapers “The one thing I always felt about Stewart media company that had 25 dailyhow Edward director of the Fairfax’s policy bans equipment from its courtrooms, but did what he thought was the right and dozens of other print publications said ‘Itbefore didn’t goSouthern as badly as we expected. ’” mantheof Media General was he always Newspaper Publishers Association, a does allow portable Inc. electronics tablets,thing, cell phones, There was faux pas by which a television thatmemcase, served –aslaptops, a mentor of a trade ” said Coleman “Coley” Wortham III, the selling most of them in 2012 to a subsidiary group servescrew moreduring than 450 electronic calendars to andmany. e-book – inside chairman common at ar-Richmond-based financial broker- Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Miller noted. While panning thesaid courtroom theendorsed camera capHereaders was knowlber newspapers, Mr. Bryan the eas. But for a recentedgeable high-profile case, were & Co. LLC who served on the tured the faces the jury. That bought a stern rebuke fromand the on a murder vast array of reporters “Stewart Bryan believed in the power of of highest standards of journalistic excellence age Davenport allowed to have their electronics inside the courtroom during judge. newspapers and used that power to make comContinued on page 11 J. Stewart Bryan subjects. He was a private- Media General board for a decade until 2014. the trial. “That may be why, since then, only still cameras have been Judge Randy Bellows (seated) established a dozen ground That surprised Associated Press permitted,” Miller added. rules before allowing a still photographer to shoot photos photographer Steve Helber, who While Fairfax normally limits electronics to the entry area during a recent murder trial. helped coordinate photo coverage of the courthouse, judges can – as Bellows did – waive the norpermission for a single still camera to be used during the trial. during the September trial of acmal rules. Helber saw reporters court This texting with SB triple 560, patroned Senator Norment, notice to the in public. billinisupdates all about the money Senate as the his legislation passed fromvideo Senate cused murderer by Charles Sev-Tommy When Bellows explained reason for denying andCourts audio and writing stories else. on laptops, he wastostunned. R-3rd, was defeated on the Senate floorcell onphones Monday, and nothing ” Also rising speak inHe favor were Justice Committee on an 8-7 vote. erance. coverage,oflisting two points argued by both the prosecution and the bailiff about the policy. February 15, attention by a votethe ofcase 21-17 two senators Senator Richard Stuart, R-28th and Senator John Given the hadwith asked the defense: Nine bills were successfully defeated, carried said it wasn’t much of an issue, ” Helber called said inthe an bill in- a forced not voting. This legislation removed Cosgrove, R-14th. Cosgrove over or amended were debated in effect committees received – Severance once ranwould for have“He Broadcast/video coverageand could have a chilling on witterview. “They the attorneys to carry their cell phones in- thenesses, foreclosure notices – from and used in- allow subsidy for newspapers. Speaking against bill distracting and subcommittees of theobligation House and Senate. Had mayor of Alexandria print,newspapers broadthem from their as witnesses, and side, allowswere themSenator to coordinate arrangesteadand a posting at thewere courthouse thewhich website Dave witnesses, Marsden, make D-37th, Senator Chap these bills passed, local government, utility comcast radio outlets all clam-and on impact their testimony. ments. Seeing it there is fairlyD-34th, common. ” Senator John Edwards, Dof thefor local court. A small in newspaPetersen, and procurement would have been oring an circuit exception to the court-notice Withpanies the trialand anticipated to last notices six weeks, broadcast/video Mark Editor forbill Thethat Washington pers would have listed theCircuit website where the Miller, no- Photo 21st. Assignment SB 560 was the tenth VPA has lobbied the public onlytoon room ban on electronics. coverageseen may by permit witnesses hergovernment testimony ofcontrolled witnesses court system forthe itspurpose willingness to accom- newspawebsites. Delegate Head, R-17th plans to ask tices could found.weighed Norment foughtPost, hardapplauded to con- the this session with of removing Judge RandybeBellows mulwho previously testified, andChris “undermine the purposes served modate press. per The area has had its share of the high-profile cas-ever, that JLARC, (joint legislative audit and review commisvincerequests senators passcoverage, this legislation saying,the “this notification. This was first time, tiple forto media ises.and D.C.greater sniper John Allen Muhammad wasdebated tried inon Maryland bill will provideruling greater a ‘notice bill’ has been the floor of the Continued on on page page 76 suing an 8-page thattransparency granted Continued From: Richmond Times-Dispatch By GREGORY J. GILLIGAN

Senate Bill 560 defeated with a 21-17 Vote

VPA Board of Directors Officers


Marisa Porto Daily Press, Newport News

President Elect

Anne Adams The Recorder, Monterey

Vice President Cindy Morgan Martinsville Bulletin Secretary

Steve Weddle The Central Virginian, Louisa


Steve Kaylor Danville Register & Bee

Past President Jay Bondurant Bedford Bulletin Asst. Secretary/ Treasurer

Ginger Stanley VPA


Stefan Babich, The Roanoke Times Daniel Finnegan, Richmond Times-Dispatch Chad Harrison, The Star-Tribune, Chatham G.L. “Lynn” Hurst, Salem Times-Register Jay Kennedy, The Washington Post Maria Montgomery, The Winchester Star Jeff Poole, Orange County Review Bruce Potter, Leesburg Today Steve Stewart, The Farmville Herald, Franklin Jenay Tate, The Coalfield Progress, Norton Kelly Till, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk Roger Watson, The News Leader, Staunton


Ginger Stanley, Executive Director Kim Woodward, Assistant Director Diana Shaban, Advertising Director Ron Clark, Accounting Manager Janet Madison, Member Services Manager Adriane Long, Advertising/Network Coordinator How to reach us: Phone: (804) 521-7570 Fax: (804) 521-7590 or (800) 849-8717 Website: VOLUME 103, Number 1 (USPS 621-640) VIRGINIA’S PRESS (ISSN 0887-5227), the official publication of the Virginia Press Association, is published four times a year. Subscriptions are $15 per year in Virginia, $20 per year out-of-state, by Virginia Press Association / Virginia Press Services Inc., 11529 Nuckols Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059 (804) 521-7570. Periodicals class postage paid at Glen Allen, VA, and additional post offices. POSTMASTER, please send change of address to: Virginia Press Association 11529 Nuckols Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059 Copyright 2015, Virginia Press Association

Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016



The mission of the Virginia Press Association is to support our membership through responsive services and resources. We champion the common interests of Virginia newspapers and the ideals of a free press in a democratic society.


We connect our members through valuable business services, effective representation, practical communication and information, and relevant education and recognition.


The values important to the work of the VPA are fairness, dedication, integrity and honesty.

President’s Message It’s been almost a year since I took over as president of the Virginia Press Association. And what a busy year it’s been for all of us on the board. Among the topics we’ve tackled so far: • FOIA: Our efforts in this area have always been front and center, but this year, the VPA board members have renewed their commitment to advocacy and accountability. In a column earlier this year, I asked for your FOIA struggles, and you told us your stories. We’ve shared many of those stories with members of the FOIA Advisory Council, which is undergoing a three-year study of the commonwealth’s FOIA law. (For transparency’s sake, I was named to the council in July.) As always, our executive director Ginger Stanley and Craig Merritt, who represents the association’s legal interests, attended almost every council and subcommittee meeting to work to strengthen the law and its wording. In addition, Smithfield Times Publisher John Edwards – a strong advocate over the years – attended several sessions to share his idea that every closed meeting should be recorded, just in case there is a challenge to the reason for its closing. His idea, which he has suggested before, is now working its way through the legislative session. In addition, Maria Montgomery, the managing editor at the Winchester Star, attended a session of the full FOIA Advisory Council and gave an impassioned speech about her team’s FOIA struggles and the need for the council to help strengthen Virginia’s FOIA law to hold government officials accountable if they wrongly reject a FOIA request. She told the council about her previous experience in

the state of Connecticut, which gives those requesting information under FOIA an opportunity to negotiate with government officials instead of heading straight to court, which can result in a costly legal battle. In addition, my own news organization, the Daily Press, has sent journalists to almost every meeting. We have shared those stories with VPA members for publication in their newspapers and on their website. Other news organizations have been kind enough to share their editorials for publication as well. We wrapped up 2015 with a project that checked how standard FOIA requests were handled by government agencies around the state. That project involved many of your news organizations and included front page statewide stories along with local sidebars. Many thanks to all the news organizations who participated in the project or whose related FOIA stories and editorials were shared with VPA members. • FINANCIALS: Given the current conditions of the news industry, the board has done a number of things to improve its finances this year. Some of those were small steps, like adding $1 to contest fees to help pay for the digital platform VPA members use each year. VPA employees have also taken on additional duties to avoid additional hiring expenses. Others steps, like renting out some of the empty space at the VPA office in Glen Allen, offer a longer-range financial opportunity. The fouryear agreement will pay for our building’s expenses, which puts the VPA on strong financial footing. • FUTURES: Finally, we learned last summer that our executive director plans to re-

Marisa Porto tire at the end of June 2016, and a group of former VPA presidents – known as the Futures Committee – has been working behind the scenes to determine the best way to fill the big shoes she will leave behind. The team has invested hours of time exam- Marisa Porto ining how other press associations around the country operate as a way to mine for new ideas. Several members have examined the importance of our advertising operations for VPA members and if there are ways to improve those operations. One aspect of our discussion has centered around journalism training and whether we should consider other training options, such as webinars. The group also has discussed how much lobbying – for FOIA, public notices and other news-related business concerns – will play into the new director’s position. Currently VPA’s executive director carries the load of the association’s operations and lobbying efforts, and in some associations those functions are two jobs. The committee is still in the discussion stage of this project. We hope to begin a national search for Ginger’s replacement by this spring. These are just several ways the board has been working to keep the VPA a strong, viable organization for the journalists of today and the ones who will follow us in the future. It’s been my great honor to serve as the board’s president this past year.

Veteran newspaper journalists to be inducted into Hall of Fame Two veteran newspaper journalists are among seven distinguished Virginia media professional who have been selected for induction this spring at the 2016 Virginia Communications Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Horton P. Beirne, who passed January, 2015, was a former president of the Virginia Press Association, devoted publisher of the Virginian Review and honored community member, was the fourth generation of the Beirne family to serve Virginia newspapers. In addition to the Covington paper, Beirne dedicated his career of service to the VPA and to the Virginia journalism industry. Horton P. Beirne During more than 16 years of total service on the VPA board, he was a vigorous supporter of education initiatives, including the creation of the continuing education program. Beirne was an avid supporter of open government and broader First Amendment issues. In April 2015, Beirne was given the lifetime achievement award posthumously by VPA, the highest honor the association awards. His widow, Mary Ann Beirne, will accept the award on his behalf.

Bill McKelway is a retired Richmond Times-Dispatch journalist who for 44 years crisscrossed the state, writing about the events that shaped Virginia through the close of one century and the beginning of another. McKelway covered the 1985 election week floods, the John Walker spy case and the 10-month strike Bill McKelway against Pittston Coal Company in 1989-90, and he served as a key member of the team that covered the 2002 Maryland/Virginia sniper shootings. He was a leader in reporting from Blacksburg on the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre and its aftermath and was a member of the team reporting on the wounding of Virginia Sen. Creigh Deeds by the lawmaker’s son. McKelway’s work has won numerous Virginia Press Association awards, and in 1984 he was named United Press International’s Virginia journalist of the year. Also being inducted are Jeffrey Blount, Emmy Award-winning television director with 32 years of network television experience; Don Just, former president and CEO

of The Martin Agency who currently serves as professor of creative brand management at the internationally acclaimed Brandcenter, part of the VCU School of Business; June Nicholson, longtime former journalist and tenured full professor who has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University for 31 years; Adriana Trigiani is a successful and creative author of 14 novels, two nonfiction books, and the writer, director and producer of television programs and a feature film; George Woltz was co-founder of the Martin & Woltz advertising agency and  creative director of “Virginia is for lovers,” the official tourism slogan of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the longest-running state travel campaign in  the United States. These seven media leaders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on  Thursday, April 7, at Quirk Hotel in Richmond. The reception begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by the induction ceremony at 7 p.m. The Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at VCU will host the ceremony. Tickets are $125 each and can be reserved by contacting Lauren Stewart at the Robertson School of Media and Culture at stewartla@vcu. edu or 804-827-3761. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Hall of Fame scholarship fund at VCU.

Virginia Press Association seeks applicants for director Ginger Stanley to step down mid-summer By: Anne Adams, VPA President-Elect, The Recorder

Virginia Press Association members have long dreaded this day: Longtime executive director Ginger Stanley has announced her plans to retire, at the end of June. “I am ready to enjoy my other passions, family, exercise and anywhere there is fun in the surf and sun,” she said this week. “I just know it is time for a new chapter for VPA.” Stanley has more than 30 years at VPA — four as its advertising director (1984-88), followed by 28 years as its executive director. Prior to becoming the voice and face of Virginia’s newspapers, she worked at the Herald Progress in Ashland, from 1972 to 1983. “Ginger Stanley’s appointment as executive director of the Virginia Press Association was the most important development in the association’s life during the last half of the 20th century,” said John Edwards, publisher of the Smithfield Times. “Ginger knows and loves newspapers and newspaper people, and that passion, together with immense organizational and public relations skills, enabled her to make VPA one of the nation’s most respected press associations. VPA will find a new director and will make the adjustments necessary to remain relevant in this rapidly changing industry, but there will never be another Ginger Stanley.” Last summer, Stanley informed the VPA board she intended to step down this year, and the board charged VPA’s Futures Committee with finding her replacement. Since then, the committee has held two meetings, coupled with

subcommittee meetings, to map out a process for hiring a new director. The committee consists of past VPA presidents and current board officers; it is heavily weighing the association’s priorities, and the best methods for serving members, within the context of finding VPA’s next leader. Generally, the committee agrees on four areas of focus for the future: • Conference planning, communication and professional development; • Legal issues and lobbying at the General Assembly on behalf of members and the industry; • Fund-raising and event planning to support the VPA foundation and association needs; and • Securing increased advertising revenue for VPA and its members. The Futures Committee met last week, and agreed on a job description. The position will be advertised nationwide (see text below). A search committee was established to narrow the field of applicants, and the committee hopes to make a final recommendation to the full VPA board by the April 8 annual conference, if possible. The search committee, loosely based on VPA’s executive committee, consists of: Steve Kaylor, Steve Weddle, Jay Bondurant, Cindy Morgan, Matt Paxton, Peter Yates, Marisa Porto, and Anne Adams. Future Committee members did extensive research with other press associations, and thoroughly examined all aspects of VPA’s structure, before agreeing on the members’ needs and how to find the right person to take over the helm.

“The membership of the Virginia Press Association has been incredibly lucky to have such devoted executive director for so long,” said VPA board president Marisa Porto. “From training to lobbying, to defending public notices and the state’s Freedom of Information Act, Ginger Stanley has been the backbone of this organization for decades. We’re grateful for her years of service. Hers will be hard shoes to fill.” Contest committee chair Randy Jessee agreed. “Ginger has been the heart, the soul and the foundation of VPA. She became the association’s leader at a difficult time, restored stability and led VPA and VPS through a period of unprecedented growth, financial success and service to the members. She did all of that with a

smile and a can-do attitude that carried through into times that were more stressful for the association, the membership and the newspaper industry,” he said. “Above all, I cherish the smile, the friendship and Ginger Stanley working side by side through the years. She has been the rock that all of us have leaned on and we will miss her.”

VPA seeks executive director The advertisement for the executive director position reads: “The Virginia Press Association seeks a dynamic leader to chart our course for the future. Anticipating the retirement of our long-time executive director, we’re searching for a trailblazer to build on past success, while addressing the challenges facing our members in the 21st century. “The next executive director will help define and implement VPA’s mission in a changing business environment. The candidate will work with the board, full-time staff, members, and others to create new opportunities for growth. This position will require detailed business planning skills, goal-setting, establishing measurable objectives, accurate cost estimates, and task deadlines. “Duties include: member relations, en-

gagement and development; government relations and lobbying; sales, marketing and fundraising; community and industry relations; public speaking; programming and event planning; staff, P&L and administrative management. “Meaningful experience in each is a job requirement, as are strong communication skills, superior organizational ability, and professional polish. “We will show preference to candidates with a background in journalism and media issues, association management, or government relations. “If interested, please send cover letter, resume and salary history and expectations to Marisa Porto, president, VPA Board of Directors, at Applications must be received by Tuesday, March 15.”

Legal Counsel from the Boardroom to the Newsroom




Free Press. Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016

Free Expression. Informed Democracy. Craig T. Merritt 909 East Main Street, Suite 1200 Richmond, Virginia 23219 | 804.697.4100 |


media_V1_2016.indd 1

1/28/16 6:56 AM

VPA Membership to select 2016-17 Board of Directors When the membership of the Virginia Press Association meets next month for its 133rd annual meeting, it will vote on a new slate of leadership. The election of the officers and directors of the Virginia Press Association/Virginia Press Services Board of Directors for the 2016-17 fiscal year is on the agenda. There are no proposed changes to the bylaws. The annual meeting will take place during lunch on Saturday, April 9 at noon at the Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa/Short Pump. The following slate of officers has been nominated for election: President: Anne Adams, The Recorder, Monterey President-Elect: Cindy Morgan, Martinsville Bulletin Vice-President: Steve Weddle, The Central Virginian, Louisa Secretary: Steve Kaylor, Danville Register & Bee Treasurer: Steve Stewart, The Farmville Herald Immediate Past President: Marisa Porto,

Anne Adams

Cindy Morgan

Daily Press, Newport News Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Ginger Stanley, Virginia Press Association Cycling off the board will be past-president Jay Bondurant, The Bedford Bulletin and Jenay Tate, The Coalfield Progress. Nominated to replace Bondurant is William Douglas “Billy” Coleburn, editor of the Courier Record, Blackstone. Coleburn, 47, is a native of Blackstone, Virginia and represents the third generation of Coleburns to serve as Editor of the CourierRecord newspaper in his hometown. He is a 1990 graduate of the College of William & Mary, where he majored in Government and, more importantly, William Coleburn met his wife of 24 years, Joyce. The Coleburns have two daughters: Caroline, age 20, a second-year student at the University of Virginia; and Mary Katherine

Steve Weddle

Steve Kaylor

“MK,” 17, a junior at Kenston Forest School. Since 2006, Billy has served as Mayor of the Town of Blackstone (pop. 3,675). He is a past President of the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board of Directors of Citizens Bank & Trust. He is also a Deacon in Blackstone Presbyterian Church. Billy acknowledges that wearing multiple hats in a small community presents many challenges and, at times, ethical dilemmas. Billy is strongly governed, however, by his belief that the best public is an informed public and that all people deserve a voice, whether it be at the speaker’s podium at Town Hall or in the columns of his community’s newspaper. Hobbies include fitness, competitive running, golf, and following and discussing current events, especially football and other sports. He enjoys social media and issuing weekly video addresses to the community. One of his unfulfilled dreams is to host either a radio or television talk show, and to also learn guitar and play in a 1980s-style rock band. Nominated to replace Jenay Tate is Carol

Steve Stewart

McCracken, Vice President of Sales and CoOwner of Local News, LLC, which she and husband Frank purchased in May 2014. They are the publishers of the Chesterfield Observer, the largest weekly newspaper in Central Virginia. She received her BS Carol McCracken in Business from Old Dominion University. Carol recently joined the Chesterfield Chambers Women’s Business Council Committee. She has also sat on the Chesterfield Chamber’s Event Committee in which she received an acknowledgement for her work on the first Chesterfield Chamber Wine Festival; she also is currently on the Board of Directors for the Chesterfield Chamber. Carol also was a member of the Marketing Committee for SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environmental). She currently resides in Richmond, Va.

Marisa Porto

Ginger Stanley

WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY, POWERS YOUR EVERY DAY. Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016


4 Dom_Hard_Hat_10x7_2016-053.indd 1

2/3/16 1:23 PM



Join us as we celebrate 250 years of gracious hospitality and unforgettable adventure. Enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Allegheny Mountains, plan a relaxing day at our spa, or hit the slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Here at America’s First Resort, you’ll find everything you need to experience a stay unlike any other, all in a place unlike any other.



Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016



Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016

Member news


FauquierNow publisher releases cookbook of gluten-free recipes Publisher Ellen Fox Emerson has released her first cookbook, a work two years in the making. “No Sacrifices: Entertaining Gluten-Free”   ( results from  Emerson’s passion for cooking and entertaining, combined with her struggle to indulge them after learning in 2009 that she suffers from Celiac disease. The 208-page book organizes more than 100 recipes in 13 special-occasion menus, including New Year’s Day, a Mardi Gras buffet, a pizza extravaganza, a Southern picnic, a tailgate picnic and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The cookbook is available in more than a dozen shops in Fauquier County. It sells for $39.95 and can also be ordered online at www. .

patch, the Richmond Suburban newspapers, the Daily Press, The Virginia Gazette and Investor’s Business Daily.

BH Media names production manager for Hanover plant Three years after his integral role in transitioning printing of the Daily Press to BH Media Group’s Hanover plant, Billy Towler has been promoted by BH as production manager of the plant. Towler has worked in Virginia newspapers for more than 20 years. He left the Daily Press in late 2014 to join BH as production director at The Roanoke Times. In Hanover Towler will be responsible for the printing of the Richmond Times-Dis-

BH Media Group buys Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star BH Media Group, has purchased the Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg. The deal also includes the Free Lance-Star’s commercial printing operation, known as Print Innovators. The Free Lance-Star’s previous owner, Sandton Capital Partners, acquired the paper in 2014 as the result of a court-approved bankruptcy auction. No terms were revealed. The Free Lance-Star, which began publishing in 1885, has an average daily circulation of 31,700. It circulates in the City of Freder-

Middleburg Life gets new owner Middleburg Life, the Virginia Press Association’s newest member, has been sold. David Greenhill, an entrepreneur who owns Greenhill Vineyards in Middleburg bought the publication from Northern Virginia Media Services in early December, a few days after its December issue was published. Middleburg Life will operate under Greenhill Media LLC. Editor Vicky Moon, who founded Middleburg Life in 1982, will remain as editor. Her husband, Leonard Shapiro, will continue with editorial duties and oversee ad sales. Both will work out of an office in Middleburg. The publication finished 2015 with its largest edition ever, spanning 72 pages.

icksburg, and in Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Caroline, Orange, Culpeper, Westmoreland, Fauquier and Louisa counties. “We are pleased to see FLS transitioning to such a well-respected, strategic operator in the community newspaper space. The employees of FLS, and the community it serves, will be beneficiaries of BH Media’s stewardship for many years to come,” Rob Orr, managing director at Sandton Capital Partners, said in a statement published by the Times-Dispatch. With the purchase, BH Media now owns 32 daily newspapers and numerous non-daily papers in 10 states. BH’s Virginia holdings now number 28 newspapers, among them dailies in Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Danville, Lynchburg, Bristol, Waynesboro, Culpeper and Martinsville. It also owns 18 weeklies in Virginia. Sisters are co-general managers at Rappahannock Record A new generation of leadership is now in place at the Rappahannock Record in Kilmarnock. Susan Simmons and Kate Oliver have been named general managers of the weekly newspaper. Susan and Kate are the daughters of Fred and Bettie Lee Gaskins of Urbanna, who have managed the paper since the death of longtime publisher J. Emory Currell in 1993. Mr. Currell’s daughters, Mrs. Gaskins and her sister, Clara Christopher of Williamsburg, are the owners. As general managers, the sisters will con-

tinue in their fields of expertise while collaborating in areas of marketing, personnel management, special projects, and other matters as they arise. Mr. and Mrs. Gaskins will assume a consulting role as publishers, but plan to spend more time traveling, gardening and enjoying their five grandchildren. Investment firm buys majority stake in Daily Press parent company, Tribune Publishing Michael Ferro, majority owner of the Chicago Sun-Times, has become the largest shareholder in Chicago-based Tribune Publishing, parent company of the Daily Press, The Virginia Gazette, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other major newspapers. Tribune Publishing sold more than 5.2 million shares of newly issued common stock to Merrick Media, a Chicago-based investment firm controlled by Ferro, in a $44.4 million deal announced Thursday. The purchase gives Ferro, a successful technology entrepreneur and nascent media baron, a nearly 17 percent stake in Tribune Publishing and a significant say in the direction of the legacy newspaper company as it navigates its digital future. Ferro, 49, will become non-executive chairman of Tribune Publishing’s board. “I am excited to be working with the company’s award-winning brands,” Ferro said in a statement. “I see tremendous upside to create value and put Tribune Publishing at the forefront of technology and content to benefit journalists and shareholders.”



This is journalism in a whole new way. Join our team! InternshIps I journalIsm I sales Daily Press MeDia GrouP I 703 Mariners Row I Newport News I Virginia I 23606 Keith J. Potts I Human Resources I 757 247-4940 I Connect today at or

People, events in the news Keely Byars, publisher of The Daily Progress, has been named vice president of advertising for the Omaha World-Herald. Byars, 44, will begin her new role with BH Media in late January or early February.

Senate Bill 560 defeated with a 21-17 Vote Continued from page 1 sion) to study local government notices. The timeframe would be, request the study, first day of General Assembly session, January 11, 2017. Study would begin sometime in

spring or summer, 2017 with a one to three year window. VPA members should be very involved and produce documentation showing the importance of public notices for the publics’ right to know what their government is doing or proposing to do. Similar

studies have occurred in other states with varying degrees of success, but for the most part, the results have shown that notices in newspapers are a cornerstone of an informed democracy.

Jared Dalton a sophomore at Liberty University has joined the Altavista Journal staff as an intern. Tom Kimmitt of Heathsville has joined the staff of the Rappahannock Record as a general assignment reporter and photographer. Laurie Mavica, has been named to the newly created position of community engagement manager at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In her new role, Mavica will be responsible for expanding the newspaper’s lineup of events, contests and promotional partnerships. Justin McIlwee, has joined the staff of The Hopewell News as a staff writer. He will be covering news in Prince George and the area covering the local high schools for the sports section. Scott Payne, the single copy manager in the circulation department at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, has been promoted as the newspaper’s home delivery manager for the 2 Richmond RobSchool_JOURNALISMAD_4.875x7.pdf metro area.



Hands-on journalism experience.


It’s been described as a “boot camp” for new reporters. It’s launched numerous newsroom careers. It’s an effective skills refresher for mid-career reporters.


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Distinctive investment management





The VCU Robertson School of Media and Culture produces experienced, career-ready professionals for any communications position. The cutting-edge social media, writing, and professional skills VCU offers students are proven to provide consistently reliable talent. Robertson School graduates boast strong cultural competence, handson experience, and a diverse educational background.

Find out what VCU can offer you.

7202 Glen Forest Drive Richmond, Virginia 23226 Tel: 804-955-1601 Email:

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2016 VPA/Associated Press/SPJ Region 2 Preliminary Conference Program Friday, April 8, 2016 10:00 a.m. VPA & SPJ Region 2 Registration 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Bonus Session: VCU Photo Shooting & Editing – Held at VCU Campus (Note: This is a session available for first 16 that register cost is $30 separate registration form required) 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Job Fair/Clip-ResumeCritiques Confirmed Recruiters to date: *Richmond Times-Dispatch *The Roanoke Times *The Virginian-Pilot *Daily Press 3:00 p.m. - 5:00pm VPA/VPS Board Meeting

5:30 p.m. VPA Reception-Foyer 6:30 p.m. VPA Virginian of the Year/AP Banquet 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Possible SPJ Reception/Film Screening

Saturday, April 9, 2016 9:00 a.m. VPA & SPJ Region 2 Registration 9:00 a.m. SPJ Registration Area 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. SPJ Silent Auction & Resume Critiques

Thank you to the below 2016 Conference Sponsors: Virginian Of The Year Reception Sponsor: Richmond Times-Dispatch Program Sponsor Homestead, Omni Major Conference Supporters Christian & Barton, L.L.P.

Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016

Saturday Coffee House Sponsor: Dominion


Conference Supporters: Alpha Omega Wealth Management American Electric Power/Appalachian Power AMG Parade Associated Press Cribb, Greene & Cope, Media Brokerage/Appraisals/Consulting The Daily Press Group Underwriters Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, LLP Radford University The Virginian-Pilot The Virginia Public Access Project Virginia Tech VCU - Richard T. Robertson School of Media & Culture Washington & Lee University The Washington Post Sponsorships are still available. Information on sponsorships available on under conference or contact Kim Woodward at

9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Our right to know: The future of open access Program Sponsor: The Homestead, Omni Hotels & Resorts Moderator: Marisa Porto, Vice President and Director of Content for the Daily Press Media Group, Current VPA President Panelists: Jack Kennedy, Clerk of Court, Wise County/City of Norton Dave Ress, Reporter covering state and regional issues for the Daily Press Megan Rhyne, Executive Director, Virginia Coalition For Open Government Ginger Stanley, Executive Director, Virginia Press Association 10:00 VPA Contest Display 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Reporter Safety: Tips for Doing Your Job Without Compromising Your Safety 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. So You Want to be An International Reporter: Hear From Those Who Have Done it and How You Can Do the Same 12:00 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. VPA/AP Annual Meeting/Business Meeting/ Awards Luncheon 12:00 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. SPJ Annual Mark of Excellence Awards/Keynote Luncheon 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Using Unmanned Aerial Systems for Newsgathering Moderator: Evan Jones, Publisher/Editor, The Dinwiddie Monitor Panelists: Charles Tobin, Partner, Holland & Knight, Jack Kennedy, Special Advisor to the Virginia Unmanned Systems Commission & Clerk of Court, Wise County/City of Norton Daryl Watkins, founder of Creative Dog Media Scott Strimple, owner-operator of CinemAerial Visuals and a UAS consultant 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. The State of the News Media: Discussion of a Pew Report about the Climate of Today’s News Outlets 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Sharpen Your Social Media Skills: How to Use It to Expand Your Reach and Attract More Readers 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. New Products and Existing Products - “Steal Our Ideas” Session Leaders: Paige Mudd, Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch Lewis Brissman, Editor, Discover Richmond 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Stop Errors in Their Tracks: Copy Editing for Everyone 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Ethics Advice: How to Act When You Find Yourself in Questionable Situations

5:00 p.m. - 6:00pm SPJ Reception & Wrap Up 5:00 p.m. - 6:00pm VPA Reception & Cash Bar – Foyer 6:00 p.m. VPA Ad/News/Editorial Awards Banquet 8:45 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. Possible After Banquet Party Member generated party – need someone to volunteer to coordinate. Contact Kim Woodward if interested –




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• Members who attend more than one meal event should pay the registration fee. • Spouses/guests not active in the business pay for the events attended, but not the registration fee. • NO REFUNDS UNLESS CANCELLATION IS MADE BY NOON ON MONDAY MARCH 28, 2016. • Coming for the banquet only? Attend the afternoon sessions on Saturday after lunch at no charge!

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Sign up now for the 2016 VPA Sales Conference The Virginia Press Association is accepting registrations for its 2016 Sales Conference, set for Monday, June 6 at VPA headquarters in Glen Allen. Mike Centorani, co-founder of Sales Transformation Now, Inc., is the speaker

for the day, leading sessions on “Selling in the Real World” and “Tools for Long-Term Sales Success.” In addition there will be two breakout sessions. Tony Clark leads a program on “How to Overcome Objections” and Julie Landversicht will speak on “Digi-

tal Selling.” The cost of the conference is $15 for members of VPA’s Statewide Classified or 2x2 networks. VPA members not in the networks pay $70, and it’s $125 for non-members. Lunch is included in the cost, and the

deadline to register is May 25. The registration form is available on under conferences. Questions? Call Adriane Long at 804-521-7585 or email

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WHEN WE TACKLE THE WORLD’S MOST COMPLEX CHALLENGES, WE PARTNER WITH BUSINESSES AND ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKERS THAT SHARE OUR DRIVE. The strength of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is its people. Above, alumnus and entrepreneur Bob Summers spoke to students at Virginia Tech’s Innovate livinglearning community. And the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, where more than 2,900 employees work in 180-plus companies, drives innovation forward by sharing the university’s powerful research resources.



The Wall family, who sold the twice-weekly Herald in Farmville, Virginia to Carpenter Newsmedia

The Lynett family, who sold the Progress-Index and The Colonial Voice in Petersburg, Virginia to New Media Investment Group

Both owners were represented by Gary Greene, Managing Director of Cribb, Greene & Cope

John Cribb 406.579.2925

Gary Greene 434.227.0952

Randy Cope 214.356.3227

J. Stewart Bryan III remembered Continued from page 1 pushed his company to become a leader in digital innovation. “Stewart Bryan was a driving force in the newspaper industry,” VanHorn said. When Media General faced a liquidity crisis in 2012 and sold the newspapers to Berkshire Hathaway, Mr. Bryan said it was a difficult decision because of his family’s history with the newspapers — his great-grandfather acquired the Richmond TimesDispatch in 1887, which began a media dynasty that eventually grew to become Media General. But Mr. Bryan said he knew it was the right course of action to preserve the journalistic integrity of the newspapers. He said then that he was pleased that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway had bought the newspapers. “My head says well-done, while my heart is crying,” Mr. Bryan said in a May 2012 interview. Henry L. Valentine II, a close friend of Mr. Bryan’s who retired in 2004 from Media General’s board after serving 13 years, said Mr. Bryan agonized over selling the newspapers because of his concern for the people who worked there. “For him, it was heartbreaking experience because of what he had and the family had spent so long building up,” Valentine said. “He was so concerned about the people because they were like family.” Truth and integrity were top of mind for Mr. Bryan, Valentine said. “He was so honest to a fault and so conscientious.” Marshall N. Morton, Media General’s former president and CEO, remembered when Mr. Bryan interviewed him in 1989 for the chief financial officer position at Media General. Morton said Mr. Bryan wanted to make it clear that media companies like his were not like other corporations because of their obligation to serve the public. “He always thought about the newspapers first,” Morton said. *** The sale of the newspapers transformed Media General into a broadcast-only company. It now owns 71 television stations, including WRIC in Rich-

mond. The company has expanded its television station holdings through two mergers in the past three years. The company also changed its corporate structure in 2013, when Mr. Bryan decided to eliminate the dual-class stock structure that effectively allowed him and his family to control Media General. He owned less than 1 percent of Media General’s stock as of May 2015, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now Media General has two companies — Nexstar Broadcasting and Meredith Corp. — seeking to acquire it. As board chairman, Mr. Bryan has been in the middle of those deliberations, said Vincent L. Sadusky, who has been Media General’s president and chief executive officer since December 2014. That has meant Mr. Bryan has traveled to New York City for board meetings and meetings with the company’s lawyers and financial advisers, Sadusky said. And there have been plenty of phone calls and telephonic board meetings. Mr. Bryan, he said, was an active chairman. “He lead the meetings and helped to build collaboration among the board members,” Sadusky said. “He was a fine chairman and had a lot of experience in that role.” The Media General board has not decided who will replace Mr. Bryan as a board member and as chairman, Sadusky said. But the board will continue to press forward with a deal, he said. Nexstar Broadcasting and Media General said earlier this month that they had completed negotiations for a transaction in which Nexstar would acquire Media General. The Media General board unanimously approved that. But a deal with Nexstar cannot be completed unless Media General can terminate an existing agreement to merge with Meredith, and Meredith has signaled that it is not giving up on that deal. That existing agreement was announced in early September. If Meredith does not agree to terminate the deal, Media General said it intends to hold a special shareholders meeting as soon as possible to vote on Meredith’s proposal. The company

had not announced a date for a shareholders vote but Sadusky said that likely would take place in late February. Neither deal, at this point, indicates where the headquarters of the merged company would be located or what would happen to Media General’s corporate headquarters in downtown Richmond. If the Meredith merger deal had gone forward, Mr. Bryan likely would have remained on the board, Sadusky said. Under the Nexstar acquisition, Mr. Bryan would not have had a seat. “He was an amazing individual and someone who had a lot of passion and appreciation for journalism. I learned a lot spending time with him,” Sadusky said. “The world could definitely use a few more Stewart Bryans in terms of integrity and for being a real gentleman. He was just a great guy who was a real class act.” (804) 649-6379

Need a new press ID? Has your press ID expired? Fallen apart? Press ID application and renewal forms are posted on the Membership page at The form must be completed, signed by the publisher and notarized. The application can be faxed or emailed if the notary seal is in ink; if it is embossed, it must be mailed to VPA. Photos can be emailed to along with the application. Images must be head-andshoulder shots and a minimum of 300 dpi. IDs are processed by the Virginia State Police and mailed to the publisher’s attention.

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Defamation, Privacy & Publicity Copyright, Trademark & Intellectual Property Newsgathering Liability Content Regulation & Censorship Subpoena Matters In Virginia contact partner Jay Ward Brown at (540) 316-8898

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Our law firm serves the needs of creators and providers of virtually every type of content in virtually every kind of media, including publishers of daily and weekly newspapers.


Obituaries John Stewart Bryan III, who spent more than 50 years as the fourth and final generation of his family to work in the media business, died January 23. Mr. Bryan, longtime chairman of Media General Inc. and former publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, suffered a fall at his home on Jan. 15. Florence King, The former book reviewer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch died Jan. 6 in Fredericksburg, one day after her 80th birthday. Glenn Allen Scott, Former editor of The Virginian-Pilot, died Feb. 8 in front of  The Virginian-Pilot  building. He worked for the newspapers for 45 years, retiring in 2001. As an associate editorial page editor, he was known for influential, passionate writing that left a permanent stamp on the community.  

Chris Simmons, Sports editor of the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg for the past 31 years, Simmons died at age 61. Jean Bruns, Mrs. Bruns was the first bureau chief in Charlottesville for the TimesDispatch. She died Dec. 31 at her home in Warm Springs, Va. She was 86. Louis Wendell Hodges, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Professor of Journalism Ethics Emeritus at Washington and Lee University, died yesterday, Feb. 8, from complications of a severe head injury he received in a fall six years ago. He was 83. Hodges taught religion and ethics at W&L for 43 years.

Rewards disbursed to VPS advertising network members Network rewards checks for calendar year 2015 have been mailed to each publication that participated in either the classified (SCAN) or 2x2 advertising networks last year. Publications that participated in the classified network received  $278.88 and publications that participated in the 2x2 network received $549.34.  

If you are not participating in the network reward programs and would like to begin in February, or if you are only participating in one network and would like to participate in both, please contact Adriane Long, VPS networks coordinator, at (804) 521-7585 or

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FOR OVER 100 YEARS, Radford University has served the Commonwealth of Virginia as a solid foundation for learning and growth. Offering 67 undergraduate, 22 master’s and three doctoral programs, our student-focused environment offers a low student/faculty ratio, undergraduate research opportunities and flexible online learning. And, to provide our students with an innovative learning environment, we have invested more than $330 million since 2005 in new construction and renovations for state-of-the-art academic and student activity buildings on our 204-acre campus.

Appalachian Power is building a powerful future. A P PA L AC H I A N P OW E R .CO M

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VaNews is a free daily compilation of newspaper articles about state politics and government, read by nearly 7,000 Virginians.

Last year, VaNews featured articles from the following VPA members: Alexandria Gazette Packet Alexandria Times Altavista Journal Amherst New Era Progress Associated Press Bedford Bulletin The Bland County Messenger The Breeze Bristol Herald Courier Brunswick Times-Gazette C-VILLE Weekly The Caroline Progress The Carroll News The Cavalier Daily The Central Virginian Charlottesville Tomorrow Chesterfield Observer The Coalfield Progress The Collegiate Times The Commonwealth Times Connection Newspapers Culpeper Star Exponent Culpeper Times Daily News-Record Daily Press The Daily Progress Danville Register & Bee The Dickenson Star The Dinwiddie Monitor Eastern Shore News The Enterprise The Fairfax County Times Falls Church News-Press The Farmville Herald Fauquier Times The Floyd Press

Fluvanna Review The Franklin News-Post The Free Lance-Star The Galax Gazette Gazette-Journal The Gazette-Virginian The Greene County Record Henrico Citizen Herald-Progress The Hopewell News Independence Declaration Independent-Messenger Inside Business Loudoun Times-Mirror The Madison County Eagle Martinsville Bulletin The Mechanicsville Local The Mecklenburg Sun Nelson County Times New Castle Record The News & Advance The News & Record The News Leader The News Virginian The News-Gazette The News-Messenger Northern Neck News Northern Virginia Daily Orange County Review Page News & Courier The Post Powhatan Today Prince George Journal Prince William Times Prince William Today The Progress-Index

Radford News Journal Rappahannock News Rappahannock Record The Recorder Richlands News-Press Richmond Free Press Richmond Times-Dispatch Roanoke Times Smith Mountain Eagle Smithfield Times South Boston News & Record South Hill Enterprise The Southside Messenger The Southwest Times Stafford County Sun The Star-Tribune Style Weekly Suffolk News-Herald Sun Gazette Sussex-Surry Dispatch The Tidewater News Tidewater Review Times-Virginian Virginia Gazette Virginia Lawyers Weekly Virginian Review The Virginian-Pilot The Voice The Warren Sentinel Washington Business Journal Washington County News The Washington Post The Washington Times Westmoreland News The Winchester Star Wytheville Enterprise

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Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016

The Washington Post thanks the Virginia Press Association for its ongoing support of local newspapers.


Training Programs

The Virginia Newspaper Academy at VPA

Mark your calendar for upcoming training sessions at VPA

The Virginia Press Association offers members access to a wide array of webinars and workshops that can sharpen professional skill sets. The sessions are taught by professionals in journalism and topics run the gamut. Here’s a quick look at upcoming professional opportunities that will take place at the VPA offices. For signup information visit April 8 - Shooting and Editing Video 101: Video is hot these days. It’s never been easier to shoot, edit and then post it on YouTube, Facebook or a website. But what’s the difference between good and bad video? How can you use inexpensive cameras--and even your phone--to capture the best video? Or the best interview? Then how about editing? This session gets you thinking and acting like a video photojournalist so your video not only gets clicks, but hopefully compliments. Dr. Tim Bajkiewicz is an associate professor of broadcast journalism and the associate director of the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University. He’s the lead faculty member and executive producer of VCU InSight, the School’s award-winning student-produced newscast airing on Richmond PBS. He worked in radio and TV for 11 years. Gary Gillam is a video and audio lab supervisor in the VCU Robertson School and the owner of the video production company G2 Productions in Richmond. He teaches advanced shooting and editing, and is the production manager for VCU InSight. His 30+ year career includes being a videographer for

PM Magazine and production manager for several TV stations. NOTE: This workshop will be held at the VCU Campus in conjunction with the VPA/ AP/SPJ Region 2 conference. Cost for this workshop is $30.00 and requires a separate registration from the conference registration. April 28 - How To Use Your Mobile Phone To Shoot and Edit Video: Your mobile phone can be one of your greatest tools when you’re in the field reporting on a story. It is more than a connection to your editors back in the office; it can be your video camera to capture the story in another way to be posted online as a complement to the print version. This session will include strategies on how to incorporate storytelling through video and tips on how to use your mobile phone to do so. Jeffrey Carney is currently the corporate director of digital development at BH Media Group, where he works on digital content initiatives to grow web and mobile audiences and engagement. BH Media Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is comprised of 70 newspapers, web and mobile sites in 10 states. Previously, Carney worked for the

Omaha World-Herald, Des Moines Register and Associated Press in Kansas City. He’s also been an adjunct journalism professor at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. May 5 – Advertising Roundtable: This session, designed for ad managers and directors, is moderated by Kelly Till,  advertising director for The VirginianPilot in Norfolk. There’s no fee, and lunch is included for the first 25 registrants. Hurry to be part of this deal!

the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. He has been an editor and reporter at the ICIJ since 2012, working on ICIJ’s ground-breaking investigations of offshore financial secrecy and the global trade in human tissue, and leading ICIJ’s World Bank investigation. He previously worked as a reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, the Wall Street Journal and the Roanoke (Va.) Times and as investigative editor for Southern Exposure Magazine. His work has also appeared in Forbes, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Le Monde, El País and many other publications.

May 12 - Making Partnerships work: Journalists and their news organizations must agree to share information with other media outlets and hold off releasing their stories so that everyone can publish or broadcast together. It’s an arrangement that often goes against journalists’ ingrained instincts. But at a time when many newsrooms have fewer resources to devote to in-depth reporting, more news organizations have begun to see the benefits of pooling reporting resources and creating a higher profile for stories by publishing jointly. Michael Hudson is a senior editor at

June 16-17 – Community Journalism Workshop: Sessions are led by seasoned instructors and experienced editors: Lou Emerson of FauquierNow.Com, Anne Adams of The Recorder, Jeff Lester of The Coalfield Progress, Katrice Franklin Hardy of The VirginianPilot and Robin Sidersky of the The Virginian-Pilot. The cost for two days of sessions, dinner on Thursday, lunch on Friday and the take-home tool box is $115 for VPA members and $250 for non-members. Please contact Kim Woodward, (804) 521-7574, with any questions.

Whose voice do industry leaders seek? Just ask them. “Kevin Kamen works relentlessly. Whenever he speaks about the publishing business or companies, I pay close attention.” — Paul Tash (Mr. Tash is Chairman of the Pulitzer Board and CEO/Chairman of the Tampa Bay Times.) “Kevin Kamen is one of the world’s best-known and most-prolific brokers of media properties and companies.” — Gypsy C. Gallardo, CEO/Publisher of The Power Broker Magazine

Whose judgement do they trust? “Kevin Kamen correctly predicted as far back as 2010 that a buyer would be willing to pay $42 million to $51 million for The Journal … ‘They paid about $4 million to $5 million more than they should have,’ Kamen told … Kamen suggested Gatehouse was motivated to pay a premium in part to ensure a competing newspaper chain didn’t get The (Providence) Journal instead.” — Ted Nessi, WPRI 12, Providence, Rhode Island

Kevin B. Kamen

Virginia’s Press • Spring 2016



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Editorial Intern – The Chesterfield Observer The Chesterfield Observer seeks newswriting candidates for a spring editorial internship. The successful candidate must be able to work 10-15 hours a week. The internship runs from March 15 through May 5, but scheduling is flexible. Application Process: Please send a cover letter, resume and three writing samples to Emma Breeden at Responsibilities: Editorial interns will:  • Write news features • Work with editor, news team on special sections • Assist with online and social media coverage Requirements: • Journalism, communications or English majors preferred  • Familiarity with AP Style • Familiarity with social media • A stickler for fact-checking, attention to detail • Ability to work independently and a self-starter Creative Director – The Chesterfield Observer The Chesterfield Observer is looking for a creative director to lead Central Virginia’s largest weekly newspaper into the future of visual storytelling. The Observer, with a circulation of 70,789, seeks an energetic, detail-oriented graphic designer. The creative director is responsible for managing all aspects of the newspaper’s editorial design and layout. Must be able to meet tight deadlines and work closely with an award-winning team of editors, reporters and photographers, and one of the top advertising sales teams in the state. Newspaper design experience required. Benefits and 401(k) included. Send resume and portfolio to Requirements: • Experience using Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop a must. • Experience with Illustrator and infographics preferred. DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCER - The Free Lance-Star The Free Lance-Star is seeking a self-directed, digitally-oriented journalist to help grow our online audience. This is a reporting job with a priority on breaking news coverage and producing content specifically for the web. Video will be a significant part of the job.  Accuracy, urgency and efficiency are necessary. Social media skills are a must. Database experience and knowledge of content management systems, such as Blox, are pluses. The Free Lance–Star is based in Fredericksburg, a growing metropolitan area about halfway between Washington D.C and Richmond. The newspaper and its  fredericksburg. com website are the dominant news sources for the more than 400,000 residents in the eight localities we serve.   Required Skills · Ability to act quickly, accurately and fairly in providing news content  · Good news judgment and self-editing skills · Ability to quickly rewrite content when necessary · Database creation and management knowledge · Ability to create and edit videos for the web · Familiarity with social media and its uses in news operations · Good interviewing and reporting skills · Ability to write clearly and on deadline · Knowledge of AP style Required Experience   The ideal candidate will be an inquisitive, trained journalist with a college degree and at least two years of newspaper and/or news website experience. Knowledge of AP Style and basic journalism skills, with examples of proven success, are required Required writing samples may be emailed to jobs@  Qualified candidates may apply online Visit our website at Equal Opportunity Employer Managing Editor - Tidewater Publications, LLC. Tidewater Publications LLC., publisher of The Tidewater News, winner of three consecutive VPA Sweepstakes awards, is seeking a managing editor to lead our news room. Our portfolio also includes the quarterly lifestyle magazine Western Tidewater Living, and related digital products. The winning candidate will have a passion for community journalism, strong news instincts, superior organizational skills and proven leadership ability. This is an excellent opportunity to grow with an established and stable organization. If you have the required attributes, please forward your cover letter and resume to tony. Multimedia reporter - The Progress-Index, Petersburg Multimedia reporter -  Curious, energetic multimedia journalist needed at a strong community digital and print news operation. We are looking for an aggressive self-starter who can find stories and tell them in a compelling way online and in print Coverage would include breaking news, enterprise stories and beat coverage. The reporter is expected to look beyond daily events and uncover the trends in the coverage area and explain why it matters to readers. Must be able to handle multiple assignments, work effectively and productively under deadline pressure and a have a willingness to develop and grow as a journalist. Social media, video and still photography skills are critical as we strengthen our digital platforms. The Progress-Index is multimedia company with a strong digital presence and a 10,000 daily circulation newspaper that is part of the GateHouse Media company. We offer a competitive compensation benefits package. Petersburg is a historic town with a growing, vibrant arts community. We are two hours from the beaches and mountains and 2 1/2 hours from Washington, D.C. Applicants should have strong, demonstrated writing and grammar skills, background in multimedia journalism, including the ability to shoot photos and video, Tweet and a have solid grasp of AP style. Experience at

a weekly or daily newspaper is preferred. Send resume and cover letter, plus work samples to: Brian J. Couturier, Managing Editor, at No phone calls please. We are a drug-free workplace. General Assignment Reporter - Northern Virginia Daily The Northern Virginia Daily has an immediate opening for a general assignment reporter who can easily cover a town meeting one night and a fire the next, with a feature thrown in for good measure. If you know AP style, have an undergraduate degree - preferably in journalism - and prefer a flexible schedule, little supervision and want the opportunity to write the greatest story you’ll ever write, then send your resume, three references and links to examples of stories that you have written to Editor Linda Ash at We are an award-winning Monday - Saturday daily newspaper located in Strasburg, Virginia, not far from the Washington, D.C., metro area. Check us out online at www. Reporter - The Danville Register & Bee Work for a company that believes in newspapers, and a newspaper that believes in local news. The Danville Register & Bee, a daily located in beautiful Southern Virginia, has an opening for a reporter to cover local government. The right candidate will be able to see beyond the daily grind to tell the stories our readers can’t get anywhere else. One to three years of daily newspaper experience is preferred, but we will consider college graduates with internship experience. Multimedia experience is a plus. Apply online at epostings/ BH Media - Regional publisher in Charlottesville The Daily Progress, a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, is seeking a proven leader for the position of Regional Publisher in the Charlottesville, Virginia, market. The publisher leads a management team of professional department heads and is responsible for the dayto-day business operation. He or she articulates the values and vision for the organization and is responsible for developing and carrying out the company’s long-term strategic plan. The position has oversight of The Daily Progress daily publication in Charlottesville as well as the News Virginian, three weekly publications and various niche products. Additionally, all of the Virginia Community Publishing properties work closely with our web portal. The Regional Publisher will also provide an essential connection to the communities we serve while providing leadership and support for our operations. Candidates should have related managerial experience and a proven track record of innovation, growth and overachieving goals. EOE/M/F/D/V. Apply online at www. and send resume, cover letter to Editor/Reporter - Roanoke and New River Valleys EDITOR/REPORTER positions for locally-owned newspaper group in the Roanoke and New River Valleys. We’re looking for self-starters who will be inquisitive about the community, have strong writing/reporting skills to cover local government, schools, cops, courts, business and features; direct stringers, and handle community editor duties in a family-owned organization that wants its papers to grow and be important to the community. This is a great opportunity for community journalists with experience and very competent new graduates who wants to hit the ground running. Resume’ should include education, work experience, specific salary requirements, references and 3 writing samples. Email resume’ or questions to Regional Circulation Director - Bristol Herald Courier BH Media/Bristol Herald Courier, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Media, is seeking an experienced Regional Circulation Director with a proven track record for achieving goals and objectives. The person selected for this position will be responsible for managing the dayto-day operations of the department/staff, and will be an integral part of the leadership team of the Pulitzer award winning newspaper. The regional Director is responsible for circulation for one daily, two-twice weekly and six weekly paid newspapers and one regional TMC publication. Candidates must possess exemplary organizational and interpersonal skills, have exceptional customer service standards and be creative in their approach to selling/marketing across all of our audience platforms (print, digital and mobile), and be assertive and proactive. The person chosen for this role will have full responsibility for the management and budget and reporting for the entire department, including but not limited to, sales, distribution, service, collections, NIE, NIE fundraising, third party distribution, and community involvement. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and 7 to 10 years experience in related field preferred. Excellent benefits. EOE/M/F/D/V. Drug and background screening required; valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance required. Reply to: PRINT & DIGITAL AD SALES EXECUTIVE - The Legacy The LEGACY is seeking a reliable, highly-motivated, goal-driven sales professional to join our team to sell print and digital advertising in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas. Duties include: Building and maintaining relationships with new/existing clients Meeting and exceeding monthly sales goals Cold calling new prospects over the phone to promote print and online advertising space Qualifications: Proven experience with print (newspaper) and/or digital (website) advertising sales Phone and one-on-one sales experience Effective verbal and written communication skills Familiarity with the Richmond and/or Hampton Roads

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Professional image Compensation depends on experience and includes a base pay as well as commission. The LEGACY is an African-American-oriented weekly print newspaper, circulation 25,000, with a website featuring local, regional, national news and advertising. E-mail resume and letter of interest to detailing your past sales experience. No phone calls please. VERSATILE PAGE DESIGNER - Richmond Times-Dispatch The Times-Dispatch is growing and part of the stable ownership of Berkshire Hathaway. Based in Richmond, Virginia’s capital and heart of a vibrant region central to beaches, mountains, and the nation’s capital, we are expanding our staff and content as part of our commitment to community journalism and a sign of optimism about our future. We are seeking a creative and versatile page designer to join our team, who can create smart pages and help us get to the next level.  Duties Design pages for The Times-Dispatch news and feature sections, including A, B, Business and Flair sections.   Produce compelling pages with a variety of looks and organize comprehensive sections that reflect the news of the day. Consistently meet page-close deadlines, including keeping a steady flow of pages during the production cycle. Communicate clearly and timely with copy editors, line editors, other colleagues and supervisors while under the pressure of deadline. Collaborate with editors, photographers or artists on graphic needs for the paper. Suggests and/or creates ideas for images, graphics, sidebars, breakout boxes and other visual items that engage the reader. Requirements Bachelor’s degree in journalism, mass communications, English or related discipline. Two years of newspaper experience required, less experience considered if applicant has strong design skills; 3 to 5 years experience preferred Must be able to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. Experience with Illustrator and infographics a double plus. Digital design experience a triple plus. Detailed-oriented is a must.  We want to hear from you if you are you a team player, a sharp and inquisitive editor, and this description sounds like the job for you. The position would start in March.  No phone calls or emails. In order to be considered you must upload portfolio samples with your application or include a link to your online portfolio. cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=4806&company_id =16186&version=1&source=ONLINE&JobOwner=99363 5&startflag=1   PRE-EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: (must  successfully pass) Criminal Background Investigation  Drug Screen  Our compensation package includes: Base salary  Paid Time Off: vacation, holiday, and sick 401(k) plan (match amount 100% vested after 3 years of vesting service)  Medical, Prescription, Dental, and Vision Life insurance Short and long term disability insurance Wellness discounts Tuition Reimbursement  EOE   M/F/D/V GENERAL ASSIGNMENTS REPORTER - The Southwest Times Energetic general assignments reporter needed for The Southwest Times in Pulaski, Va. Want to launch your career in newspaper or refocus an established newspaper career in a smaller market? Want to be a big fish in a little pond? This could be just what you’re seeking. Candidate should have excellent writing and people skills. Assignments are primarily soft news, ranging from local government to schools to local entertainment to feature writing, along with some breaking news. The ideal candidate has a love of writing, is driven to go beyond daily events to develop great Sunday news and feature stories, and appreciates small towns. It’s a great opportunity for a young reporter to get experience on a variety of story types, from quick turnarounds to in-depth reporting. Journalism, mass communications or a related field is required. Photography skills are very helpful. Fulltime position includes occasional evening assignments to cover meetings. The Southwest Times is an awardwinning five-day newspaper in the beautiful New River Valley. Email resume and writing samples to Lynn Adams at

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A donation to the Virginia Press Foundation Virginia Press Foundation will help to provide will help to provide training and education to training education foster and the ideals of good to fosterjournalism the ideals andoftogood journalism andontothe educate the public importance of theon the educate the public First Amendment and importance of the theAmendment role of a free press. First and If you would like to make a donation, the role of a free press. please send a check to:

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Farmville Newsmedia - Full-time sports editor Farmville Newsmedia, LLC is seeking a full-time sports editor, responsible for high school and recreational sports coverage in Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg and Prince Edward counties. The position will also require sports coverage of Longwood University and Hamdpen-Sydney College. In addition to sports, the position requires reporting on an assigned news beat and coverage of government meetings in a locality. Other responsibilities include uploading event and meeting recaps online, writing a sports opinion column and editorial once a month, writing a weekly most valuable player feature, being in a weekend news coverage schedule, promoting Farmville Newsmedia, LLC in the community and other duties as assigned by editorial management. Inquire by email only at hannah.davis@

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