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Global market for online advertising: where is the growth? The global market for online advertising, raises the importance of emerging markets such as mobile advertising, video advertising and online advertising in social networks (without forgetting the traditional markets of the Search and the display). Key lessons ... Advertising: mobile, social networking and video very dynamic Revenues generated around these three main types of services are still very modest, totaling EUR 6.6 billion in 2010, despite the enormous weight of the uses of Facebook, YouTube and the App Store. They come mainly from traditional formats reapplied in new services. The specific formats for these services (overlay geolocation targeting the social graph ...) are still only marginal income. The largest of the three emerging markets is the moment that social networks worldwide and in most countries, except Japan, Italy and South Korea, where the motive dominates. (Advertising Agency) Online video Up significantly since mid-2008, investment by advertisers in online video advertising will continue to increase in coming years. Video advertising format will be the most dynamic market for online advertising, the combined effect of technological solutions for video advertising on the Internet and the remarkable growth in consumption of online video. For the market display, video advertising has become a powerful growth driver as it adapts perfectly to the issues of branding advertisers, who can also rediscount their advertising developed for TV. (Advertising Agency) Sites and online video services will be the primary beneficiaries. Income of online video sites will progress at an average annual rate of 54.4% to capture 13% of Internet advertising market in 2014, 11.2 billion euros. The video will also be the largest of the three emerging markets in 2014 in the United States and Europe, although it will dominate the mobile Internet globally. Mobile advertising Supported by the development of smartphones and mobile Internet, mobile advertising is emerging in 2009 (outside Japan, where he is already a major market). Thus, mobile advertising will represent EUR 12 billion in 2014, representing 14% of the global market for online advertising will grow at an average annual growth rate of 47.6% worldwide. Mobile, whose revenues are currently more than the display of search, such as video-will limit the market decline of the display. Advertising on mobile internet will also benefit from transfers from the local advertising market around location-based solutions. In Asian countries, the mobile will continue to be by far the largest emerging market. (Advertising Agency)

Advertising growth on social networks As for social networks, despite a massive audience, they experience a sustained increase slightly less, but still higher than the overall market, since the growth rate will be 25.4% per year. In 2014, social networks will capture and 6.1% of the world market to 5.2 billion. The market will be weaker than others, but it should benefit only a few players, while the beneficiaries of the mobile and video will be many more to share the growth in these emerging markets.

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