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Can Friends start Dating? Dating is a concept which brings us to mind, of two people who do not know each other previously at all or have little acquaintance trying to know each other for the possibility of becoming a potential couple in the near future. This is the memory we all associate with. But what two people who have known each other for very long, long enough that they can be called friends or even best friends. Though not commonplace, such a situation where friends start dating can happen and the dynamics in such a case are slightly different. (Online Dating India ) Since the couples are already friends, they should already know each other's tastes, hobbies and passions, right? Wrong. It's true that we talk a lot to our friends about our opinions and interests, but our true feelings may not be shown unless it is a very close friend. Assuming that they know stuff about each other, two friends still need dating to get the other side, the intimate side of their partner. Previously, they might have went out to movies and dinners, but that was always with a bunch of friends and the topics of conversations never actually concentrated about characters, personalities or ambitions. That is the reason why it can be said we can always learn more about the person who we think might be a future life partner to us by dating them. (Dating India ) The notion of friends dating may raise a few eyebrows and some; from the rest of the friends. But it is definitely not wrong in two people who are close to each other to get romantically involved. On the contrary it has a higher success rate than plain dating. You will be obviously a bit embarassed and shy during the start, but you will be all the more comfortable later on feeling that your partner is a person you have known for a long time and that it is also safe dating him than any random person you meet with! On an extreme note it can be suggested that friends who have a big social circle can scour for partners among them for dating. There are numerous sites for dating to do the same. But the safety and feel good factor associated when two friends start dating cannot be replicated when dating a stranger. Of course you can meet a stranger online, become good friends first and then maybe you can start dating. That is also a perfectly possible alternate solution with the same effects as talked before. Hence to summarize it can be said that the concept of your friends dating is a forward and wonderful idea and as such your friends need to be supported and given some privacy. Things may not be the same as before, but remember that they are actually building up on their friendship to make it a much stronger bond than it is already. (Dating India )

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