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Indian Dating Sites- A Perspective The Dating tradition has been present in the western countries for a very long time and with the advent of internet, the dating sites also can be said to have been running for a considerable amount of time. In these countries, these sites have emerged after dating has been there and been a part of the tradition. But flip the coin and when we examine India, the whole process is just reversed. The Dating sites are playing a significant part in spreading the idea and culture of dating in India, where hitherto such a practice has not been seen at all. Hence, the Indian dating sites occupy a prominent role and the quality of these sites which a large number of youth of the second most populous country in the world use is to be examined keenly. ( Dating India ) Most website offer a free trial for a limited period or just offer their services for free. A clear distinction has to be made among the sites which offer these services, based on the quality of profiles and the ease of embedded user interface. Most of the sites offer variants of the concept of dating. Some sites not only match your profile with the desi's, but only offer you the profiles of millions of subscribers from across the world. So for the Indian who is more open and would like a match anywhere in the world can log in and search for his ideal partner from these sites. Some sites even offer a personality test, compatibility surveys to help you find the ideal match. These tests as claimed by them have helped them use science to produce many happy couples. And then there are the really hi-tech ones, which apart from offering the basic default features found on innumerable sites like text chatting and SMS sending, also offer live video web chats and audio instant messaging. (Online Dating India ) All these features are really good for the newbies to meet their potential dates virtually and shed any inhibitions if present. The Indian Dating sites have been doing a really creditable job even though they have been relatively new on the online dating scene. A new concept in this domain is blind dates and group dates. Blind dates are setup by some online communities in particular cities where at the specified time and date we can go and meet a guy or girl whom we have never seen before. Group dates help people who are shy by allowing our friends to attend the dates. So basically, rather than a date, the meeting becomes a social get-together. These concepts are relatively new, attractive and also effective. ( Dating India ) One particularly interesting concept is the hate date, where similar to a blind date, you meet an unknown person, but instead of talking about your likes, you talk about your dislikes, things and people you hate most. This is a risky but logical way to get closer to your date as you will be sharing your worst with him/her in this meeting and the bonding therefore will be much stronger than a conventional date. The Indian Dating sites thus i feel have definitely come of age and offering a plethora of services weaved around incredibly good and creative ideas.

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