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The Cycle of love in the life of Single men Being single can be a very different experience for the different sexes. For a woman, it is the next best thing to being a girl. But for a man, well it is the worst state he ever wants to be in. Singles are a special breed of people in the world, in regard to their behavior, food habits, dressing and living styles. In a word they lead a rather peculiar life. There is almost a common feeling you get whenever you come across one anywhere. Their dresses are plain and rather unremarkable, eat and sleep whenever they please, live in shabby rooms with no sense of tidiness. They never feel the need to impress or please someone and do not go out of their way for doing any task. (Online Dating India ) These mannerisms just described are more apt for single men than the single women. Men behave totally differently when in a relationship than when women are. A man can of course be called single if he was never committed or if he just went through a breakup. Studies show that women deal with break-ups far better than men. So the state of mind is really messed up for them after the love of his life moves away from him and this will definitely reflect upon his persona. ( Dating India ) If a woman is single and not in a relation, she is like the most attractive thing on Mother Earth, becoming the cynosure of all the eyes of men like the centre of the universe. Every guy will do his best to try his luck and score her heart. Well, on the other hand if a guy is single, he is of course free but getting a girl will become an infinitely difficult task. Thus the travails of the single guy start. He wants to be in a relation, but he cannot be. If he doesn’t get the girl, he loses heart. If he decides hell with all this and wants to be free, he can also not enjoy his freedom. ( Dating India ) It is of course no better he is in a relation. It of course has its shares of ups and downs. But at least if a guy is committed, there is sweetheart to take care of him. There Is always thus a constant urge to shuffle between these states. A guy who is single wants to be in a relation. If he is in a relation, he longs for his freedom and if a break-up happens, you know it, he wants to get back with another girl. It is thus a complex and vicious cycle with the only end happening if he gets hitched.

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