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The Extinction of the Indian Single Girl Those were the days in which the species were thriving in abundance and any man worth his bread could go and take a shot, freely. But who knew such days were actually numbered and it has come to the day when nobody knows if any girl is single and making any unwarranted advances towards her would result in a sharp pain on the face due to either her boyfriend or the fiancĂŠ. It is truly a horrible situation and a nightmare for the Indian Single man to live in these times. The signs were always there and maybe we should have taken adequate precautions to prevent this from happening. (Online Dating India ) A number of reasons can be attributed for this difficult situation and female infanticide is the least of my worries, though it did its role in bringing for the endangerment. The single reason which led to the reduction is the rise of Internet. True, it has brought a global revolution on many frontiers and made the world a global village. But it also made everyone accessible to every tom and jack in the country. The girl who thought was single and alone from the prying eyes of the guys maybe actually be in a relationship with someone from another part of the city or worse another country. I am committed seems to be the new fashion statement and every girl who we thought was single and available is repeating this mantra to the anguish of countless single boys. (Dating India ) Dating sites, Social networking sites played the major role in this turn around and love seems to be now blossoming online. What happened to all those stories shown in books and movies of a boy falling in love with a girl on first sight and maybe the next few sightings? Has it already become a part of folklore and stuff of legend? Can a boy actually hit upon a single girl without being on the internet? These questions seem to be forming the current state of mind of the average Indian guy. Pity them. Everytime a guy approaches a girl it is done with utter pessimism and suspicion. The confidence has long gone and talk like a girl who is so pretty must have already been committed is becoming common. College has become the perfect hunting ground and single girls who are not already targeted by internet and those who are left will be hunted down on the college grounds. The guys who miss out on this opportunity can safely bid goodbye to the notion of having a girlfriend. While they were concentrating on trivial tasks like studying hard and getting a job, the wise ones were actually doing the clever thing. As much as the internet and the colleges are at fault, the single boys have also themselves to blame for not being fast enough to get to the gold! (Dating India )

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