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The Rise of Dating in the Asian Subcontinent Dating which was mostly seen with much dissidence in Asia is now gaining a foothold not only offline but also online and how. Worlwide dating business has grown steadily and has now estimated revenues of $4billion. Most of these sites are concentrated in the United States and Europe. But the scene is now reversing with a majority of the audience who found these west-centric sites not suitable to their tastes and needs logging into asia specific dating sites. (Online Dating India ) These sites are aesthetically designed to appeal to all those asians logging in right from the start. China is the largest contributor to online dating and India is also not far behind. This is of course to be expected, what with the top two populated countries in the world. The last two years have seen tremendous growth in this part of the world and people dating in asia is going to cross those in the west very soon. ( Dating India ) This augurs well to all those people who can now look up to someone from their own country or nations which have similar backgrounds, culturally and background wise. Not the least, the dating industry can also bring good money to many entreprenuers and this is serious business for the veterans thinking to put up shop in the asain dating industry. But the ground rules for dating in this part of the world is slightly different from the west. People here have patriachal systems and the women let the men make the first move. The women are very loyal and are using dating as a supplement to arranged marriages. Most probably the final authority is with the family and if their consent is not available, the match may not go through even if she likes you. Casual flings and one-night stands are not at all present on the menu and if anyone is looking for them, maybe they have to try their luck somewhere else. Trying to learn the local language maybe good starting point to woo the women. ( Dating India ) All said and done, the change of the marriage system from a highly rigid arranged matches to the ones where the singles can choose their partners on their own has just started. It will take a whole for the nations to digest this change and become really open and free, resembling the western dating scene. How much ever they change asian dating will be definitely a mix of the traditional values, culture and the western ideology.

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