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Frequently Asked Questions about Internet advertising What is CTR? The CTR is the conversion rate that has particular ad clicks on the Internet. (From English Click Through Rate.). This is an indicator of efficiency. For example, if you put a bell 100 thousand ads and they have a CTR of 3%, then it will generate 3,000 visitors (clicks) to the website it points to the announcement. Remember that effectiveness can not be measured solely on clicks, it is also important to get your brand positioning in the minds of potential customers and visitors that they can perform at another time. (Advertising Agency) What determines the efficiency of an advertising campaign on the Internet? The efficiency of a bell on the Internet (high CTR) is determined by a very wide range of factors, but two of the most important is the wording of the advertisement (usefulness, credibility, clarity) and has the same appeal for hearing environment in which it is placed. For example, a notice to consumers living in the Dominican Republic is very difficult to get a high CTR on a foreign page. Similarly, an advertisement whose message seems misleading or confusing is incredibly difficult to be attractive to a potential customer. How I can create a banner? Create a banner (advertisement) for the Internet is relatively easy, just need to know the dimensions (width and height), specifications (text, image, animated, static) and have a message to communicate. For the design there are many free tools on the market. However, since the effectiveness of your campaign (CTR) depends largely on how well the ads are designed, it should delegate to a publicist experienced both the wording and design them. (Advertising Agency) How to choose the appropriate? The appropriate way to place your campaign will depend largely on the audience you're pointing it. To choose the most appropriate to make a list of five web pages that may be visiting at this point your prospects and attempted to organize under the influence (credibility, presentation) and socioeconomic status (ability to use your product or service). Choose those that can help to achieve two things: the highest CTR and positioning of your brand. Also ask about the availability of daily statistics and the flexibility to modify its ads. (Advertising Agency)

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