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Negotiating the Price for a Downtown Condo in Edmonton Even though there is a demand for Edmonton condos for sale downtown, this doesn’t mean you can’t try to negotiate the price. The seller may be willing to agree to you paying less for it. This can mean you have some equity in it very soon after you buy it. Before you pay full price, find out what the going rate is for similar properties in the area. This can help you to negotiate. Don’t waste their time or yours with an offer that is far too little. They don’t want to get taken advantage of with the deal. Still, if you think you have a reasonable offer, put it out there and see what happens. Working with a real estate agent can be a great option too. They will be able to help you put together that offer.


It is a good idea to have an inspection completed before you place an offer on any Edmonton condos for sale downtown. There may be issues you didn’t see when you looked at it. Inspectors are professionals, and they know what to look inside and out. They can share the report with you. If there are serious problems, you may want to think twice about making an offer on the place. Often, Edmonton condos for sale downtown can be purchased but they do need a few things fixed and improved. You can use this information to help you negotiate a better price. You can tell the buyer you are willing to take care of those repairs and upgrades if they will accept the lower price. This may be the incentive they need to drop the price to what you offered.

Secure your Financing When you already have your financing approved, it gets the attention of sellers. They realize if they accept your offer on Edmonton condos for sale downtown, the deal is going to go through. They worry when they accept and offer from someone and then they are disappointed when they can’t get the approval. If you make the offer with it, this gives you some leverage. When you secure your financing, you will know what the maximum amount is that you can borrow. If you can fit that into your budget, you can move forward. If you find a place for less than you can borrow, it means your payments will also be left every single month. Either you can keep more money in your pocket or pay extra towards the principle for your loan.

Offer Process You need to go about making a lower offer for Edmonton condos for sale downtown correctly. The offer should be based on what you feel it is worth when you have considered all the variables. Find out what the market is for such property at this time to assist you and to guide you. Place and offer and then the ball in their court. The seller of Edmonton condos for sale downtown can decide they will accept what you have offered them. Then the will agree to it and the process for closing will move forward. If they don’t accept your offer, you can decide if you want to make a second offer or to give them the price they originally asked for. You also have the choice to walk away from the deal with no obligation. Sometimes, the seller will return a second offer for you to consider. This is between what they asked for and what you offered them. This back and forth can continue until one of you decides you want to walk away from negotiations or until a deal is made. You aren’t going to know the outcome until you try!

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Negotiating the price for a downtown condo in edmonton  
Negotiating the price for a downtown condo in edmonton  

This can help you to negotiate. Don’t waste their time or yours with an offer that is far too little. They don’t want to get taken advantage...