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Customize Your E-Cigarettes by Adding Mods If you routinely smoke e cigarettes, you have probably heard of others mentioning mods. Though you may have heard the term being passed around, if you are unfamiliar with the vaping world, you may not know exactly what they are referring to. Beginners to this world, have usually not jumped into changing their cigs and stick to smoking it the way it came from the manufacturer. However, the term itself comes from smokers and vape enthusiasts building or modifying their electronic cigarettes. Many online manufacturers are offering mods that can be added to their cigs to change them in a way that fits your personal needs. Since these are becoming mass manufactured, it may be the perfect time to learn more about modifying your device and how you can do this process. These modifications come in a variety of shapes and features, but you should first consider the pros and cons of adding these and if they will fit your smoking style.

One of the biggest reasons why e-cig users add these modifications to their device is because they offer more power and more vapor. The standard electronic cig does not have the power range you can achieve with these mods. They can also be used with a low resistance atomizer which means more vapor can be produced. It also improves the control that you have over your vaping experience, which can make it more enjoyable. Another important factor that makes adding these modifications to your device worth it is if you want a larger battery capacity. If you use your device regularly and take it with you daily, you may need this longer battery life. You will be able to go longer between charges, which can be great if you do not want to worry about having a charger near you at all times.

The last big reason that many add these changes is simply because they look cool. In fact, some vape users do not know what the modifications they have added even do, but love the way that they look. This is because compared to a traditional piece, you can change up the size, look, and overall vibe that your device gives. Of course, this is a much more superficial reason, but may matter to you if you are using your device often. Obviously, some electronic cigarette users have no reason to purchase or add mods to their devices. Some devices come with a lot of power on their own without needing any additions. This will depend on the exact device you purchase, but companies are coming out with more and more vapes that already have amazing vapor production. Another reason not to purchase these additions is if you are simply using your device as an alternative to smoking. If you are using your device simply to cut a more negative habit and not as a way to join the vaping world, you may not care about advancing the features of your device. It may not be worth it to you to add these parts or to learn about their uses. For many, keeping things simple and just purchasing a higher quality device originally is a better option. A final reason that you may not want to add these mods to your device is simply because of the size they add. Most of these additional parts add a lot of size and weight to your device that you may not enjoy and may throw off your smoking process. Recently, manufacturers have started producing smaller additions, but these are not as common or easy to find. For many, the larger size is not worth the added power.

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Customize your e cigarettes by adding mods  
Customize your e cigarettes by adding mods  

If you routinely smoke e cigarettes, you have probably heard of others mentioning mods. Though you may have heard the term being passed arou...