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Revolutionary Technology Makes Quitting Smoking Less Difficult with the Vapir™ ONE Vaporizer The all-new, incredibly easy and revolutionary digital Vaporizer is here with the Vapir ONEherbal Vaporizer - giving customers unsurpassed tobacco cessation and herbal aromatherapy. Extracting the flavor and essenceof any herb, spice, or tobacco, the Vapir ONEdispensesa very dense and flavorful herbal aromatherapy vapor session that gives its customers ultimate satisfaction. The Vapir ONEuses Patented Forced – Air Heat Digital Technology to extract the full essencefrom an herbal aromatherapy session without any smoke. The Vapir ONEeliminates many of the harmful tars, toxins and carcinogens that are associated with smoking and in the meantime, aids its customers to help quit smoking. With its 3 speed fan, customers can use the Vapir ONEinflation kit to inflate vapor balloons or inhale from the unit through direct inhalation. The unit is extremely “user friendly” and is available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. In addition, this state of the art Vaporizer usesa conveniently removable herb drawer to conserve fresh and flavorful vapors. Customers control the density of the vapor by varying the amount of temperature and air that passesthrough the ground up herbs. No longer do users have to worry about durability either. The Vapir ONEis well constructed and its sturdiness, making this vaporizing device one that will have no major issuesor hassleswhen the time comes to inhale. The Vapir ONEhas been featured in Maxim, Rolling Stone and Tech TV as one of the most efficient and effective products on the market. Creating a buzz in media and giving its customers a literal one, Vapir ONEhas an assortment of other solid features: * 110 Volt Power with a power cord and 2 re-usable empty herbal vaporizer disks. * 1 matrix tube attachment, 1 herbal inflation kit which includes 5 herbal vaporizer balloons. * Can be used for a smoking cessation, herbal vaporizer or with aromatherapy essential oils. * And much, much more!! This hand held unit makes it super fun and incredibly easy to use with family and friends, while on the go. People can quit smoking much easier with a Vapir ONE.Vapir has a simple mission: to give its customers the best Vaporizers in the world and they are determined to constantly work on development, production and perfection of world-classVaporizers.

Revolutionary Technology Makes Quitting Smoking Less Difficult with the Vapir™ ONE Vaporizer