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\. Ph +1 844-827-3222 m E. Vapor 828 is a content marketing company offering print and digital services as well as event promotions. Go to Market with the best! Over 5+ years in Vapor Business.



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Mark Allen Evans Jr. CEO Vapor B2B, LLC

Welcome Vapor B2B was founded in 2014 to provide a platform for educa­ tion and as an advertising medium to meet the demands of the growing vapor product market. Business owners invest­ ing in vapor prodiucts utilize our services and read our quarterliy mailings. we have special issue show guide distributions with all major expos. If you would like to speak with me about a package that fits your companies needs and budget feel free to reach out to me at l-844-VAPE-B2B or via my company email which is CEO©VaporB2B .com or We are available by direct line at 1-844-VAPE-828 and email at

Vapor 828 offers business owners insight into regula­ tions, marketing, products and so much more. The cate­ gories of V828 buyers guide are as follows: E-liq­ uids 6 Hardware, Manufac­ turing, Events, Advocacy, Services, C8D and more are to come soon. We ship our publication out to 15,00 Olocationsquarterlycompli­ to mentary business owners investing in vapor products. Our online ver­ sion reaches more than 150,000 hits per month, and growing! Our network is expanding rapidly and we are lookingforwardto work­ ing with such great compa­ nies in 2017. In the past we have helped many brands to grow.

This marketing package is a great way to boost your sales volume. Content mar­ keting is key to growing con­ versions. Opening more key customer touch points will activate more interested parties and frequently showing branded content accross multiple platforms in high volume is the key to growth hacking with yourel­ iquid or hardware brand or product in the market. Stud­ ies show displaying your message or image, even a logo, 8 times may influence a purchase decision within your niche audience. Let's use our companies experi­ ence, strengths and propel your brand to success! .Mark Allen Evans Jr CEO Vapor B2B, LLC


We are a dedicated growing staff of 2 research reporters, 4 contributing writers, 3 professional graphic designers, 2 photographers, an experienced web developer and an event organizer team. Vapor B2B LLC specializes in publishing. direct mail, SEO and online marketing. social media and event marketing.

Start working with our experienced staff of in足 tellectual individuals. We are operating multi足 ple strategies and marketing tactics in the vapor industry. If your business is seeking growth in 2017-2018 you should work with Vapor B2B. Our Services include V MAIL vBroadcasts. and vCredit email newsletter service through API and SMTP, with your email and a few clicks your company can get started sending vBroadcasts to our con足 firmed vetted 22,000 corporate contacts in most cases account setup takes just under 24 hours. Work with our Self-Service plat足 form or submit your HTML for review by our knowledgable and helpful staff. Get started today call toll free l-844-VAPE-B2B

VB28 BUYERS GUIDE SERVICE Hard Copy Buyers Guide +vBroadcast® Show Guide Special Editions Diect Mail Shipping Quarterly

Vapor B2B buyers Guide ships quarterly to 15,000 locations nationwide. The focus of our buyers guide is the following categories: Eliquids 5: Hardware, Events. Manufac­ turing. Advocacy, Services, and CBD. With more categories in 2017, and 4 books scheduled for mail out. VB2B is a prime choice for Print 5: Direct Mail Makreting. There are plenty of opportnuities for Print and Direct Mail Advertising. when making your selection we hope you will review our offers, and consider our cost-effective solutions. Vapor B2B, LLC has given careful consideration to the following pricing:

Full Page w/ vBroadcast


$1900 usd

Full Page in VB2B Publication 4.5 x 7 12 Social Posts @Vapor82B 6 3 Blog Posts on 12 email vBroadcasts to the full Vapor82B database 264,000 emails delivered VB2B Database: -6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828

Two Full Pages w/ vBroadcast


Two Full Pages in VB2B Publication 4.5 x 7 24 Social Posts @Vapor82B 6 3 Blog Posts on 24 email vBroadcasts to the full Vapor82B database 528,000 emails delivered VB2B Database: -6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828

PREMIER w/ vBroadcast Member �

$7425 usd

5 Page Story+ 2 Page Ads in VB2B Publication (7 Panels) 48 Social Posts @Vapor82B 6 5 Blog Posts on 36 email vBroadcasts to full Vapor82B database 792,000 emails delivered VB2B Database: -6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828



Vapor B2B ships the VB2B Buyers Guide to 15,000 locations nationwide in the United States. Our website and social content is viewed every day by thousands around the world searching for Vapor Products. We are sending high volumes of Print through bulk Direct Mail, and Digital via vMAIL Newsletters -��-



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Direct Mail

Shop Global Vapor & vMail I vBroadcast® Database: Vapor 828: 15,500 Smoke 828: 4,000 Convenience & Online 828: 2,500

v82B Buyers Guide Mailing Data: Vapor 828: 9,500 locations Smoke 828: 4,000 locations Convenience & Online: 1,500 locations

Web Traffic 50k 40k 30k 20k 10k "'----------------------------0



Shop • Global Vapor,



Vapor 828










vBroadcast (members) 6 vCredit (pay-per-use) Let VB2B staff create your account on our mail servers and you will have access to our drag and drop email newsletter platform to distribute your content self ser­ vice. We're here to help Mon-Sat 9am-3pm PST if you need assistance. Each mem­ bership is inclusive of different limitations and they all have perks and set email volume which resets monthly. Members may pause membership at any time but must use the emails vBroacasts included in their packages while accounts are active..

©. aaaa

$300 I mo

GOLD vBroadcast Member

4 email vBroadcast monthly 88,000 emails delivered monthly 4 Social Posts @Vapor82B 1 Blog Post on vBroadcast to the full Vapor82B database - 6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828

DIAMOND vBroadcast Member

$495 I mo

8 email vBroadcasts monthly 176,000 emails delivered monthly 8 Social Posts @Vapor82B 1 Blog Post on vBroadcast to the full Vapor82B database - 6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828

PLATINUM vBroadcast Member

$725 / mo

12 email vBroadcasts monthly 264,000 emails delivered monthly 16 Social Posts @Vapor82B 2 Blog Posts on vBroadcast to the full Vapor82B database - 6,500 Smoke 828 -15,500 Vape 828

Member or Credit?

Decide based on preferences, or Budget. Save money with our Member rates for high-volume senders. For those of you who are on-the-go maybe credit is a better choice. If your team is more hands on, go with the Membership to save time, and money!

vCredit (pay-per-use)

Using Vapor 828 media, tools and plat­ forms your business will grow in a com­ petitive landscape. Technology has been key for this disruptive industry to grow, now is your chance to market your brand(s) and work with Vapor 828 to grow your business!

vBroadcast (Newsletters) vBroad cast is a self-service members only drag and drop newsletter platform for business owners and marketers to expand their sales out­reach and grow their Vapor busi­ness-to-business network

W hen you want to send a newsletter. you will need to purchase credit to publish your content to the Vapor B2B network. Our servers use SMTP and API with services like Mailgun. RackSpace. and various others. Your credit is good until you use it.

vCredit (terms of service)

vCredit pricing fluctuates based on availability, volume. and server costs. vCredit will only remain available for a limited time as our members grow we add additional value for our members. Unused credit rolls over in to your next calendar month using the VMAIL service. 12 months expiration. No refunds or $$ value once credit is purchased and used service is considered to be rendered. vCredit is backed by Shop Global Vapor· 100% guaranteed if there is any delivery issues we will replace your vCredit.

Data Aggegration & Analysis Take a look at our database. compared with industry insights we see patterns indicating a growing interest in vapor products.

Vapor BSM Smoke BSM or or Distributor Distributor

Online or C-Store


Vapor B2B has collected data on the vapor products market in many formats over the last 5 years. Event generated surveys, Marketplace Analysis and Product Sales reporting

2014 2015 2016 Purple: Vapor B2B Grey: Smoke B2 B Pink: Online & C-Store B2B

Since 2013 VB2B has collected indus­ try data and our analysts have noted the 200% increase in vapor product and vapor establishment investors.

Vapor B2B, LLC vBroadcast@ Members

Vapor B2B offers three memberships for VMAIL currently. As a vBroad­ cast member you will have an account with a self-service drag and drop newsletter editor, and to access the full 22,000 VB2B database you must become a vBroadcast member. Otherwise use vCredit to send your HTML newsletters. vBroadcast to the full VaporB2B database: - 6,500 Smoke B2B -15,500 Vape B2B vCredit is needed for vBroadcast members and non-members only if you intend to send more than your allocated monthly sending volume. If you stay within your plans volume you will not need additional vCredits.

Select the plan that's right for your company.

vBroadcast & vCredit Ever wondered how the competition got so big so fast? Seen the emails come in the in box and just keep comin g? Our dedicated staff an d remarkable marketing strategies will guide your company to success. Let our platforms act as a catalyst for your brand's growth. VMAIL maintains a 99.5% bounce free guarantee, and overall 99.5 deliverability guarantee* with use of our cleaned industry B2B data.

* vBroadcast Members are allowed to import outside data, but you're required to let us know if you're intending on using outside contacts, the delivery rates we offer clients are calculated based on monthly volume and data cleanli­ ness.

Select The Plan that

Plan for Success

Draft your HTML Newsletter

works for Your Company

Achieve Growth

Campaigns Create stunning visual content marketing campaigns in VMAIL drag and drop editor. Use our tem­ plates found in your members area or upload your own. We reccom­ mend testing your campaign for mobile responsiveness.

Our vCredit plans include various amounts of credit for use towards newsletters. Or join the community and become a vBroadcast member to save with members only rates. Additoonal credits made available to members.

Using the VMAIL platform you will be able to reach the entire network. Our vapor business index has compiled data within this industry searching only for investors of vapor products. Our da­ tabase has been cleaned for bounce removal and we ensure 99.5% delivera­ bility.

Schedule Your Campaign

Tracking and Reporting

Reach a Targeted

or Send Immediately

on your Mobile Device


Setup your campaign, run through your check list make sure you have tested the email on mobile iOs and Android, as well as Desktop and Tablet if available. Schedule your campaign or Send Immediately.

Once you've initiated your cam­ paign, you have access to the full report. vCredit accounts only see reporting. vBroadcast members have full access to campaign dash­ board with Reporting, and Sending.

As a VB2B Member we provide the data for your campaigns making it easier for us to verify the data used on VMAIL has been cleaned prior to any vBroacasts or vCredit distributions.

VB2B Media Kit | eVapor Marketing Guide 2017  

Vapor B2B, LLC | 1-844-VAPE-B2B

VB2B Media Kit | eVapor Marketing Guide 2017  

Vapor B2B, LLC | 1-844-VAPE-B2B