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Oct | NOV 2017


Editors’ Letter Hello VapeFam, Welcome to the latest issue and fifth outing of Vapelyfe Magazine, how are you doing? We’re really excited at Vapelyfe HQ – more so than usual – as we celebrate turning one. Where has the year gone? This magazine is a celebratory birthday edition AND our first print issue, which is why we’re chuffed to reach this milestone. We hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This issue is jam packed with informative articles, fun features and exclusive chats with people who are creating waves in the vaping industry. We had plenty of fan-boy moments during our chat with Ruby Roo (yes, she really is that cool). Find out what she had to say about the role of reviewers, Patreon and how the UK vape scene compares to that of the US. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dumas, which is DRB Liquid’s premium range. French inspiration with a British twist means the Roncier and Coupe profiles are soon to be your favourite flavours. Our feature on Sir Kevin Barron is a must-read for those keen to know more about his work championing vaping. He has a history of working tirelessly in public health to better the country’s collective wellbeing, and he cites Public Health England’s pro-e-cigarette report as a watershed moment in the industry. We have reviews from our Head Reviewer Open_Airflow who tells us why 12Monkeys deserves a whopping 9/10. As it’s a celebratory issue, we also have the Vaping Pogonophile chat about his Vapeversary, and how important it is to acknowledge and congratulate yourself on your vaping journey as you wean yourself off tobacco. There’s incisive commentariat from Paul Barnes at NNA, a feature charting the history of fidget spinners, and another article on why it’s definitely not a good idea to pack your vape for a trip to Thailand. If you do contact advertisers featured in this magazine, we’d really appreciate if you could mention where you heard about them. It lets us know that we’re doing our job properly. Our next issue is our Christmas edition released in November, so see you then.

Team VapeLyfe

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We’re celebrating turning one, and as a thank you to VapeFam for all their support, we’re planning on putting on a very special event. More details will be revealed soon, we can’t wait to share this information with you. (Hint February 2018 is going to be epic.)






EXCLUSIVE Q&A: VAPELYFE MAGAZINE CHATS WITH RUBY ROO The following lady and all-round vaping legend needs little introduction. After smoking around a pack of cigarettes a day for 16 years, Ruby Roo gave up smoking and embraced vaping as a harm reduction tool. She now shares her thoughts and findings in a fun and informative way via social media.

Ruby Roo has carved out a name for herself in the industry. She has a loyal legion of fans worldwide, including 85,000 YouTube subscribers who tune in to watch her review the latest e-liquids and hardware, plus glean information from her rebuilding tutorials. Here is what she had to say about Patreon, the place of reviewers in the vaping community, and how the US vape scene compares to that in the UK.

We’re big fans of you Ruby Roo. What do you think is your appeal, that keeps 85,000+ subscribers hooked onto your YouTube channel? To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve always just seen myself as an awkward, dorky vape girl who makes YouTube videos. I suppose it’s my authenticity that brings viewers back to my channel time and time again. Or my jump cuts . . . it might just be my jump cuts.

What did you want to be when you were younger? Did you ever envisage you’d be a YouTube vaping star? I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid! But then I achieved my degree in English, so I always thought I’d be a teacher or a writer after university. That clearly didn’t happen though! But all of the oddball jobs I’ve held over the years have moulded me into the person I am today, even though I never expected any of it. #noregrets

How are you finding Patreon, and why switch over to that platform? I absolutely love my patrons! Patreon has given my viewers the chance to support my content directly. Considering the major issues content creators on YouTube have been struggling with lately, Patreon has been an incredible platform for me. I’m still creating videos on YouTube for my public audience, but it’s great to be able to vlog my daily life, and make my “secret vlogs” for the patrons.

What advice would you give to someone who loves vaping, and who wants to spread the positive effects of vaping, like you do? My advice is to keep your ear to the ground. Stay connected with your federal, state, and local governments, as well as becoming a member of a consumer organisation who can help direct your efforts.

Ruby Roo- 7

You’re a role model for us here at Vapelyfe HQ. How does that make you feel, when you know you’ve impacted someone’s life in a positive manner? I am truly honoured to be considered a role model in anyone’s life! The reason I started my YouTube channel, as well as my e-liquid line, Lane Cove Vapor, was to help people get away from traditional tobacco products. If my content has helped just one person move away from combustible tobacco, then I’ve done my job.

You smoked around 1 pack a day for over 16 years. What made you originally quit the smokes? Honestly, I didn’t really want to quit smoking. I loved it. But a friend of mine had a little disposable e-cig and I asked him if that helped, and he said yes! I was hooked on the idea. I did loads of research and bought my first set-up a few weeks later. I was very drawn to the tech and to the novelty that vapour products had four years ago.

When did you pop your vaping cherry and what was your first vape gear? My very first e-cig was a FIN. I bought it at Walmart. It tasted like toasted marshmallows. I liked it!

How would you describe your vaping journey? I’d describe it as an unexpected pathway to life enrichment. I never expected that after I’d found vaping, that I would meet “the community” and find some of my absolute best friends. I never expected that I’d start a YouTube channel. I never expected to start a business. I never expected to get involved with vaping advocacy . . . but I did, and it is awesome. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so glad that I took that first step.

Do you think reviewers yield power, and how important are they in the vaping community? I think that the role of a vape reviewer is to guide consumer choices. I can share my own experience with a product, but at the end of the day, it’s your money, and I’m not going to tell you what to do with it. The most important thing a reviewer can do is to be honest, whether you’re getting paid to review a product or not . . . your credibility is everything.

When you’re reviewing a product, are you conscious that you may somehow impact sales (increase if a good review, decrease if a bad review)? How do you maintain distance, or emotionally detach yourself when you’re in reviewer mode? I approach a product with a consumer perspective and a mantra . . . “impress me.” If that particular product fails, I’ll let everyone know. If that product is good but not great, I’ll let everyone know. If that product, in fact, impresses me, I’ll let everyone know FOR SURE!

Ruby Roo- 9

How do you think the US vape scene compares to that in the UK? The scene in the UK is very similar to the scene in the US right now. We’ve all been going through these regulatory nightmares, and we’ve all been vaping for a similar amount of time. Some of the gear is a little different, some of the flavour preferences are a little different, but overall, our passions are the same. We love vaping.

What is the best bit about what you do? I have two favourite things: one of the best parts of doing what I do in the vaping industry is being an entrepreneur and working for myself. It’s pretty simple. I’m not sure that I could ever go back to working for a boss. While it’s riskier, I enjoy the challenge and embrace the garbage that’s thrown in my direction. The second-best part about my job is the incredible people whom I’ve met along the way. Whether they’re a fan at a vape convention taking a photo with me, a long-time viewer of my channel, or a connection that I made years ago that’s turned into an incredible friendship – the community will always be of paramount importance to me.

And the worst bit? The hardest thing about what I do in the industry is the constant pressure (whether internal or external) to create consistent content constantly. (That was a lot of alliteration, I apologise.) It’s very draining, and tiring, especially when you’re trying to run a juice company, run a household, and be a mom and a wife. I love it, and I hate it at the same time. One day I’ll figure out that life/work balance thing, but today is not that day!

10- Ruby Roo

Favourite person on the planet? Easy. That’s my husband Josh. He works with me full-time with Lane Cove Vapor and is the most supportive person on the planet. I don’t deserve him at all. I really lucked out!

Best vaping experience (hardware and e-liquid)? One of my favourite set-ups of all time is my Axis Vapes M-17, topped with a Recoil RDA, vaping Blue Slushie from my Ruby Crew e-liquid line. It’s truly magical!

What are you vaping at the moment? I’m vaping so many different set-ups right now, it’s crazy. That’s the life of a reviewer though, constantly analysing products, constantly evaluating. I’m not complaining about this at all right now. I’ve earned my place.

To connect with Ruby, please visit her YouTube and Instagram page. Instagram: @rubyroovapes / @lanecovevapor Wholesale enquiries: Retail enquiries: /

Ruby Roo- 11

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Promotion The My. VON ERL. e-cigarette is small enough to fit in any pocket, looks fantastic and delivers great vaping performance. There are no buttons to press, coils to change or settings to alter. Users just put the device in their mouth and suck. One of the key points about My. VON ERL. is that it allows smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings in a way which is as natural as smoking a traditional cigarette. The company behind My. VON ERL. pride themselves in knowing what smokers want to help them quit and their mission has been to find the best solutions to meet that need. Using quality products, combined with cutting-edge design and innovation, they are confident that My. VON ERL. not only meets, but exceeds the highest standards. VON ERL. started off as the innovations department of an Austrian medical technology company and their products combine the experience of 50 years of precision craftsmanship. Their philosophy is that experience combined with design and attention to detail means that they can deliver the right product to help smokers quit the habit for good.

At VON ERL. they know the needs of their target market. The company boasts that its team “is a family of connoisseurs: passionate vapers, techies and creative people who in their daily work strive to provide customers with an even more intense vaping experience.� Extensive use is made of computer aided production technologies help provide the best quality and consistency available anywhere on the market.

My. VON ERL. is unequivocally aimed at smokers who want to quit but who have no intention or desire to take up a new vaping lifestyle (at least not right away.) It is a product which, first and foremost, has to deliver the nicotine hit that smokers crave and it has been designed to do exactly that. While many smokers can transition from traditional cigarettes to conventional refillable tank e-cigarettes, there are a significant number who cannot do so. For them the vaping experience does not compare with the smoking experience and so they continue smoking.

16- Von Erl.

My. VON ERL. has been designed to meet the needs of smokers on a number of levels. First of all it is a very efficient nicotine delivery system which combines the great vaping performance of an e-cigarette with the modern design of a cigalike. In addition the e-liquid which contains the nicotine is found in self-contained liquidpods which simply attach to one end of the My. VON ERL. device. The liquidpods do not leak, require no maintenance and are designed to give the user an intense vaping pleasure with a great taste. They are pre-filled and easy to change with no need to carry around separate bottles of liquid.

The whole device is powered by an internal 350 mAh battery which guarantees great vaping performance and is recharged using a standard USB battery charger which is supplied. Finally it looks amazingly cool, with sleek lines, a modern look and allows discrete vaping for users (you won’t be blowing out huge vapour clouds with a My. VON ERL. device).

Strong performance, even in comparison with larger devices - handy packaging and modern design. A “must-have� for every vaper.

To find out more information about VON ERL. premium products, please go to the website now. For wholesale enquiries please email or call +43 5223 42892.

Von Erl. - 17


MP ir Kevin barron SPEAKS ABOUT POSITIVE EFFECTS OF VAPING Vapelyfe Magazine is thrilled to catch up with Sir Kevin Barron, Member of Parliament for Rother Valley, Rotherham. We watched his impassioned, pro-vaping exchange in Parliament earlier this year (June) and couldn’t wait to find out more about his positive stance on e-cigarettes. Even though he doesn’t vape, his colleagues do, and it’s great to see him championing e-cigarettes and vaping as the safer alternative to smoking.

18- MP Sir Kevin Barron

We salute your efforts to better the country’s collective wellbeing. Have you always held a keen interest in public health?

view NRT (nicotine replacement therapy), and in particular vaping?

In 1993, I had a Private Member’s

opposition but when you know

Bill to ban the advertising and

that something is wrong, you

promotion of tobacco products,

have to ensure that people take

and in 1996 I was appointed

action to stop it. You would have

Shadow Minister for Public Health.

to ask them on their current

I have also chaired various All

views but I believe many of them

Party Parliamentary Groups on

are now starting to accept some

health issues including chairing

small responsibility, and that is a

the Smoking & Health group. In

welcome step.

I faced a huge amount of

2005 I was appointed as chair of the Commons Health Select Committee; the committee secured a free vote in the Commons on banning smoking in public places.

You were the originator of a Private Members Bill (1993) to ban the advertising and promotion of tobacco products. What opposition did you face from Big Tobacco 14 years ago? Has anything changed in the method or ideology of the way Big Tobacco

Both Public Health England (PHE) and Royal College of Physicians (RCP) promote vaping as the safer substitute to smoking. How do you feel when established public health bodies echo your provaping stance? I think the PHE report was a huge turning point as it confirmed what many had previously thought and been told but never had any proof. It also meant that more public bodies were able to adopt vaping in their strategies going forward.

MP Sir Kevin Barron- 19

Vaping saves lives. What do you think needs to be done to address the perception that vaping and smoking is still widely seen as equally dangerous? What else can institutions do to raise awareness of vaping being the safer alternative to smoking?

implements the draconian TPD?

Research needs to continue to

as forcing vapers to use smoking

MP Gloria De Piero said vaping is about social justice, and that poorer people are more likely to smoke. How can a pro-vaping message be successfully cascaded to hard-to-reach pockets of society, where smoking is seen as more accessible than vaping?

shelters. This is ridiculous for a

I believe that this is something

number of reasons, in particular

that vaping companies need to

making people who are trying to

look at, as many of the current

quit stand next to people who are

products are quite expensive,

still smoking.

but I am visiting a project soon

substantiate the PHE findings of a couple of years ago, however in the meantime institutions including Parliament where I work needs to stop the two being treated accordingly such

The TPD will be replaced as we leave the EU and I believe that the impact the TPD has had in both good and bad ways should be analysed to help form our regulations going forward.

that make the products available

There are currently 2.9 million vapers in the UK. What message are we giving them, and potential vapers (switching from smoking), when the UK government

20- MP Sir Kevin Barron

through a voucher scheme run by the local smoking cessation service. We have to look at further projects like this to extend their

Gloria said, it is the poorest in our

how workable are they? What would a Labour government do differently?

society that shoulder this burden

I welcomed the new Tobacco

the most.

Control Plan for England, “Towards

use and cut the amount of people dying each year from cancer. As

a Smoke-free Generation”. I

There is inherent distrust of new technology in the vaping industry; what message would you like to give to someone who is contemplating quitting smoking via vaping? We now have a huge amount of evidence showing that vaping is much safer than smoking and we must use that to convince people about the positives of switching. I would urge all smokers to try

strongly support the Government’s aim. The Plan also has specific targets to cut smoking rates among under 15 year olds, among adults, and pregnant women. The clear targets and comprehensive commitments set out in the new Tobacco Plan are welcome. I will be working with colleagues across Parliament to make sure that these commitments are turned into effective action.

vaping. Many people have told me it is so much better, both financially and for your health.

A recent Independent article states that the current government’s aim is to create the first smoke-free generation. Have you seen these proposals, and

In a post-TPD, post-Brexit world, it is difficult to know where vaping businesses will be. As a thought leader in the field, can you shed any light on this topic, and where do you think the vaping industry will be in 10 years’ time?

MP Sir Kevin Barron- 21

I hope it will be working well to reduce the number of smokers. The industry has so much potential which is demonstrated by the huge growth over a relatively short period of time. I hope this potential continues to help the growth of the industry for what is an exciting product.

22- MP Sir Kevin Barron

DRB Liquids Launches DUMAS & Relishes Challenging Commissions

Avant-garde creator DRB Liquids is taking inspiration from France for the latest addition to their stable of e-liquids. Citrus based Roncier and deliciously dense raspberry jam notes in Coupe collectively make up Dumas, the premium range named after literary heavyweight Alexandre Dumas.

24- DRB Liquids

DRB Liquids is comprised of Blake Lowis and Mark Lowis, siblings with a passion for vaping and perfectionist palates to boot. They have taken their mixology skills to the next level by creating inimitable and interesting flavours never seen before. The compact yet perfectly formed Dumas range consists firstly of Roncier, which is a riff on Bramble, the modern classic cocktail which is the hallmark of legendary London bartender Dick Bradsell. For the 21st century re-imagining, DRB Liquids studied this cocktail extensively and conjured up a confection of sweetened mandarins in a strawberry fruit punch.

The second offering is Coupe, based on plump raspberry jam with a sharpened sour aftertaste. The Coupe is more than just a jam flavoured vape. The sticky jam is distinctively smooth which lulls the palate into a relaxed state, which then awakens with a pleasantly piquant yet subtly sour kick.

Ripe raspberry jam and a Bramble reinvention are flavours never seen before in the vape industry. But how do you go about creating profiles that are new, whilst standing out from the crowd of thousands of e-liquids? How did Dumas come to be?

Both Blake and Mark had wanted to create a new range together for over six months. After working on the HHS line (another DRB Liquids range) and outside commissions, the brothers were keen to create something they themselves would really want to buy if they visited a vape shop.

DRB Liquids-25

There are plans to add more flavours to the Dumas range based on natural tasting e-liquids, whilst bypassing over-sweetened e-liquids that seem to be prevalent in the industry.

DRB Liquids pride themselves on experimenting with flavours and knowing which combinations work. As a result, in addition to creating flavoursome e-liquids, they are regularly approached for commissions to create bespoke profiles. They believe there is a very strong community with whom you can work harmoniously, and that people shouldn’t be scared of potential collaborations.

Chris Barron from Foghorn Vapes contacted DRB Liquids with a very specific request. He wanted to create the best cherry flavour in the world. There are hundreds of cherry flavours, but Chris found them to be highly perfumed or with a distinct soapy edge. Cherry is a notoriously difficult flavour to nail. Getting it to taste completely natural without any artificial notes meant DRB Liquids had their work cut out. After eight versions and two months’ labour, Cherrorist, tasting of an actual Maraschino cherry, made using 13 separate flavours, was created.

Cherrorist’s release prompted numerous customer requests for more perfectly balanced vapes. Bowing to customer pressure and following his quest to add flawless vapes to the Foghorn Vapes portfolio, Chris tapped up DRB Liquids again to create another profile. This time, the theme was a take on a traditional Scottish dessert. After another indepth consultation and numerous conversations via telephone, email and in person, DRB Liquids drafted a client brief and made from

26- DRB Liquids

scratch, the dessert that Chris had in mind. The final dish made using cherries, marshmallows, digestive biscuits and condensed milk was perfected after hours of tweaking. Using just four flavours, Fifteen was born.

Chris commented: “DRB Liquids are mix masters. They’re my sort of people. They’re dedicated, hard-working, perfectionists who strive to get it right, and their character comes out in the quality of their e-liquids. They’re geniuses and Blake nailed Fifteen in just one month.” DRB Liquids’ amenable approach ensures repeat custom and new clients. As well as working to a specific client brief like with Foghorn Vapes, they also use their intuition to create recipes given minimal instruction.

DRB Liquids-27

After enjoying DRB Liquid’s range, the Vaperscape store based in Shelton Lock approached the brothers to create a range based on customer feedback that they could launch in their store. Blake said: “It was a totally different method of working, but one that we fully embraced. It’s great that stores listen to their customers, and if the paying public love mango or passionfruit, we’ll happily create flavours on the back of this.”

This method is undoubtedly more organic, as the e-liquid line changes with feedback and evolves with customers’ tastes. Being tasked with creating a range of 10 flavour profiles during the time that the TPD was being implemented was challenging yet an exciting adventure. Vaperscape continues to predominantly sell DRB Liquids’ creations with zero nicotine and a nicotine shot option.

28- DRB Liquids

Blake said: “Specific or very detailed requests can be more labour intensive. There is also the process of sending information back and forth if the client lives in a different city. Chris for example, lives in Scotland, so I would send flavours up to him, and he’d return notes on what he was pleased with and what he wanted to change.

“One of the hardest things in the industry is to get the juice’s taste right. People’s preferences on sweetness or sourness varies. Everyone’s palate is unique, and trying to get a juice that sits in the middle of that, to create a juice that is loved by all, is a balancing act.”

Much like choosing your favourite child, it is always difficult having to choose a favourite from your creations. Blake has a soft spot for Foghorn Vapes’ Fifteen, and Vaperscape’s Custard Cream, which tastes as if it has a solid crunch to it and which has a feel of two different textures.

DRB Liquids-29

For DIY-ers wanting to create their own e-liquids at home, Blake offers the following advice. Keep it simple. Find two simple flavours that you really like, i.e. strawberry and cream, and use this as a base starting point. Then try adding one ingredient to that mix, maybe strawberry caramel cream, then change one element. Expand from this two ingredient circle slowly, and try different flavours. Don’t spend a lot of money on different concentrates and be patient.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, DRB Liquids continue to push creative boundaries and the team is actively working on bringing to market a new range of e-liquids with novel flavour combinations. These will be available in the next few months (watch this space).

Both Roncier and Coupe are available in 50ml servings in 60ml unicorn bottles, enabling you to add your own nicotine.

If you would like more information about Dumas or if you’d like to stock the Dumas range in your store and have other wholesale enquiries, please email now.

30- DRB Liquids

The New Nicotine Alliance Winds of Change By Paul Barnes When it comes to tobacco harm reduction, it often takes one - or two - forward thinking individuals or groups to start a domino effect of change. Naturally, tobacco harm reduction starts with snus; but as that is banned throughout the EU (except for Sweden), and the fact it carries large warnings like cigarettes in the US, access to a lower risk product for smokers is limited.

Along came the humble electronic cigarette in 2003. Most vapers know of Hon Lik and his early devices. What Hon Lik couldn’t know is his invention would spawn a revolutionary industry that has benefited millions worldwide.

Of course, electronic cigarettes have been under close scrutiny since coming on the market in 2007. The infamous N-Joy v FDA case and the MHRA wanting medicalisation of the products in 2010 set the scene for a multi-year battle for consumers. It would seem that determination has finally started to pay off.

2015 saw the first steps towards significant change with the landmark evidence update from Public Health England, followed by the report of the Royal College of Physicians. Both of these reports looked at a broad

32- NNA

array of research from across the globe, which led to the now infamous headline “Promote e-cigarettes widely as a substitute for smoking”.

Of course, things didn’t go as smoothly as vapers would hope they would. The US was insistent that e-cigs were a “public health threat” - and to a certain extent, they still are. However, that has all changed for the better thanks to some recent announcements from both sides of the Atlantic.

In the UK, the Government has been harangued about publishing the next ‘Tobacco Control Plan’ since the last plan “ended” in 2015 - though one can never be sure how a plan actually ends, there’s no definitive goal other than “reducing the smoking rate”. Now that the new plan has finally been released, it was a mild surprise to see tobacco harm reduction has garnered a lot more attention than in previous plans.

The biggest aspect is the “backing of evidence-based innovations to support quitting”. This section of the new plan embraces the opportunity presented by disruptive technologies - including e-cigarettes and heatnot-burn - instead of treating such technology as a threat to public health.

Heat-not-burn warranted a separate section within the plan all on its own. Public Health England will, as per their previous update on e-cigarettes, update their evidence report to include - what the Government term - ‘other novel nicotine delivery systems’ each year until the end of the current Parliament in 2022.

Think about that for a moment.

NNA -33

Every calendar year - likely around September when the previous evidence update report was released - Public Health England will release an updated report based on the evidence to-date on both e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products.

One, this is a massive undertaking for Public Health England, and two, evidence update reports can cut through the detached academic activism and media click-bait about these products, and simultaneously it plays an important role for the Government - even more so now with the Brexit negotiations.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has made similar noises in a recent speech. Calling on FDA to develop a “new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation” and announcing “bold and far-reaching measures” based on a “firm foundation of rules and standards for newly regulated products”.

In one speech, Gottlieb has upset the US applecart. Granting an extension to the current Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) to 8/8/2022, and even better while products are undergoing that application process, they can still remain on the market.

Further, changes in direction come from the FDA intention to develop product standards - something that NNA has been involved in within the UK alongside other industry bodies to develop the British Standards Institute Publicly Available Specification (BSI PAS).

34- NNA

A truly defined Standard in the US would certainly provide clarity and transparency; if sensibly defined it could also lower the costs of market participation and provide meaningful benefits to consumers.

The desire of Gottlieb to rethink and introduce a comprehensive approach to nicotine is a bold step forward in tobacco harm reduction in the US. The statements issued by FDA are important and show that finally, the FDA has leadership that understands the differential risks in the variety of products and is willing to exploit those differences for public health gains.

Both in the UK and US, there is still much work to be done, to hammer home the harm reduction message to those that have the power to actually do something. Both are now saying more or less the right things which could mean that the future of the vaping industry, both in the UK and the US, is bright indeed.

NNA -35

Tropika by



BY OPEN_AIRFLOW Everyone in the vape community knows the guys from Canada who called their brand 12Monkeys. There is no major event in the world where these guys don’t show up with their extraordinary exhibitor booth. Their tropical jungle themed stall has won several prizes for originality and creativity. Now it´s time to check out their e-liquids. I went to a local vape store and got me a bottle of Tropika. My dripper is freshly wicked and ready to fire. So, let´s see what this e-liquid can or can´t do.


The scent When I opened the 30ml bottle of Tropika a strong fruity scent instantly filled my surroundings. I was beamed back to one of my vacations on the Maldives where I had the most juicy, tasteful fruit platters ever. I was ready to get my board, shorts, and sunglasses to sit back and relax at a sunny beach. Problem is: No beach, just this amazing scent. I took another deep inhale and I could detect a lot of sweetness in the bouquet. There was no chance to detect individual aromas. I could just guess. The scent is dominantly a fruity mash-up of several fruity flavours. I thought that I could detect pineapple, watermelon and orange. But to be honest: I wanted to vape this e-liquid as quickly as possible…and so I did.

Let´s vape My expectations were really high, after that really amazing scent which the bottle revealed after opening. The inhale offered a strong tropical fruit flavour. There was no specific aroma that actually pointed in an exact direction. My taste-buds where able to pick up on watermelon, orange, and something I actually wasn’t able to define. But one thing was sure, the flavour was perfectly balanced and delicious. The exhale was again extremely fruity and delicious as well. At this point I was able to detect a slight pineapple dominance in the tropical fruit mix. Which is good, because I just love pineapple. Not every tropical fruit flavour is a good vape, but this one is on point. The 90% VG rendered a very soft sensation and nearly no throat hit. Dense clouds filled my apartment and I couldn’t help myself to work on my vape tricks (which aren’t any good to honest but that’s not the e-liquid´s fault).

Conclusion This vape gave me a short imaginary vacation. The natural, delicious flavours and the great balance of sweetness and the fragrant aromas made me buy another bottle. I wish I could have spotted more flavours in detail. Maybe I will with the next bottle that I will take on my next vacation. 12Monkey´s Tropika is a delicious premium e-liquid which shouldn’t be missed out. Vape safe, vape on.

Star Rating: 9 / 10


Strawz Apple by Monstavape



E-liquids from Malaysia seem to pop out of the ground like mushrooms. Another competitor from that beautiful tropical country came across my desk. I chose Monstavape Strawz Apple which is part of a fruity line up. It comes in a 3 x 10ml pack. Even though Monstavape did a great job when it came to its packaging design, I´m still not getting used to those 10ml bottles. They are unpleasant to the eye and hard to make look good in a picture. Thank you so much for this TPD2. The company claims to produce fresh premium products. Let us put this claim to the test and vape some e-liquid. OPEN_AIRFLOW

The scent When I opened the 10ml bottle of Monstavape´s Strawz Apple, a nice and seemingly natural strawberry aroma slowly rose to my nose. Sweet and ripe strawberries would be a nice picture to describe the aroma. The scent is undemonstrative but still something I will remember as unique. I was missing the apple and the freshness in the scent. But an e-liquid is there to taste good, it´s not a perfume, right? So let´s drip it and hit it.

Let´s vape The restrained scent misled me into believing that this e-liquid wouldn’t taste very distinct. The first inhale was a great surprise to me. It was dominated by a natural and distinct apple aroma. To be honest I never tasted a better apple aroma. Some milliseconds after the apple explosion, a cool breeze kicked in. And I don’t mean an icy punch to the throat which will make you cough for 20 minutes. I mean a perfectly balanced coolness which maxes out at a refreshing level and mingles perfectly with that great apple aroma. The exhale is dominated by that sweet strawberry aroma. The cool breeze is almost gone and in the background you can detect fragments of the apple blast from the inhale. The 70 / 30 ratio produces dense clouds which smell delicious too.

Conclusion I enjoyed this vape so much that I vaped away the first 10ml in no time. The excellent mix of strawberries, apples and a cool menthol breeze are perfect for the summer season and everyone who loves fruity flavors. The great balance of aromas and well-proportioned menthol inhale leads me to the conclusion that this is a premium e-liquid with a cool kicker. Vape safe, vape on.

Star Rating: 9 / 10



the gadget in your palm of your hand or flat surface, set off the spinner with a quick swipe and watch in distracted wonderment, occasionally spurring on the

The distinctive whirr is enough to

rotation to make the spinning

capture the attention of eagle-

cycle last longer.

eyed fidget spinner lovers. If your idea of a fidget spinner is a special

Retailing around £1.50, fidget

move in the repertoire of a WWE

spinners are cheap, portable

champion, then you need to read

and are reported to help those


who have a fidgety, anxious temperament. Of course fidget

Similar to stress balls ubiquitous in

spinners are insanely popular

the 90s, consider fidget spinners

amongst bored children who

to be this decade’s version of

love driving weary teachers to

must-have stress-reliever toys. The

distraction. But fidget spinners

premise is simple – a central ball-

seem to have unearthed a new

bearing rests in a triple pronged

consumer – the unsuspecting

structure, usually made of plastic

newbie vaper who doesn’t quite

or metal. It is the strategic placing

know what to do with his or her

of the ball-bearing which ensures

hands in the aftermath of quitting

its smooth spinning along the axis

traditional cigarettes.

guaranteeing hours of spinning fun.

Flexing entrepreneurial muscles or seeing a business opportunity,

To play or kick it in motion, place

40- Fidget Spinners

some quarters in the vaping

industry have enthusiastically

or consumer fence. If you have a

welcomed this new fidget spinner

hand in bringing them to market,

technology, citing the logic

you’ll most probably like them and

alluded to earlier – that these

have faith in their commercial pull.

nifty toys help new vapers who

If you’re an amenable consumer,

miss the hand-to-mouth action

you’ll embrace these spinners

of cigarettes, and are therefore

with open arms (unless you’re a

kept occupied whilst they wean

teacher, in which case you may

themselves off tobacco.

want to take a sledge-hammer to the annoying creations).

Fidget spinners have a Marmite following; most either love or

But do these fidget spinners

loathe them, dependent upon

actually work? And how did they

where they sit on the business

come to be?

Fidget Spinner-41

The fidget spinner trend first

Would-be players would pair the

emerged last year, although a

fidget spinner with their phone

photo exists of a primitive version

and compete with fellow spinners

dating from 2000 BC.

including friends, family and the wider online community.

Since 2016, the fidget spinner’s popularity has risen exponentially.

Taking the humble fidget spinner

They were first marketed as simple

and pimping it with technology

toys for children, and with time,

to render it more appealing to

the physical model and make-up

gamers may be a novel approach

has evolved too.

and clever marketing ploy.

Just a few weeks’ ago, a US

Devotees of these toys say the

company launched a Bluetooth

spinners are effective tools easing

enabled fidget spinner for gamers,

a range of issues, from boredom

in conjunction with its newly

and restlessness, to anxiety and

launched app.


When playing this game, you

To date, no scientific study exists

would use the screen of your

which definitively states that

phone to pivot in different

fidget spinners have medical

directions, to either attack an


opponent or shield yourself from a potential onslaught from enemies.

It may be a whole lot of spin, but we don’t see fidget spinners going away anytime soon.

42- Fidget Spinners

The Vapin g Pogonophil e

By The Vaping Pogonophile

Anniversaries are a time for reflection and celebration, a time to look at the achievements we have accomplished.

As you read this, VapeLyfe Magazine have reached their first birthday and I would like to congratulate them on this achievement, of bringing a highquality publication to the industry. I am very proud to have been asked to be a part of this magazine from the very beginning and I foresee only more great things to come as the magazine moves forward.

With this in mind, I thought it apt to talk about the Vapeversary, a time to celebrate our achievements as vapers. A Vapeversary means to celebrate a yearly reoccurrence of the date we gave up smoking and started vaping. It is of course down to the individual and may just mean for them when they started vaping and they took just a little longer to come off the cigarettes.

For me, 26th April 2011 was the day I started vaping, with the 25th being my last day having a cigarette‌ EVER. On that date every year, I have a mini celebration, congratulating myself on my achievement for staying off the cigarettes, a little pat on the back if you will. I always give myself a shout-out on social media which is always well received. An abundance of congratulations come rolling in from the vaping community who all know what this means.


I would class myself as a hobbyist now, but never a day goes by that I forget why I vape and what it has done for me. Vaping has not only saved my life, but also the life of my family. Though I know that vaping is a lot safer than smoking I still choose not to subject my family to it, heading out of the back door to vape. Well unless it’s raining then it is kind of a lean-out-of-the-back-door affair.

I am always aware that though I love vaping and love to blow the odd cloud, for someone who doesn’t vape it is not so enjoyable. Sitting in the living room with my wife who has her head in my clouds, isn’t fun for her… she is not so amused. Apart from anything she can’t see the TV. When I am out and about, I also think it is important that I don’t subject people unnecessarily to my vape. Yes, we all know that it is safer, but not everyone has the same information that we do and though it is safer, it’s still anti-social to non-vapers and smokers. I believe that if we are all more aware of how and where we vape, we will find that people will be more receptive to what we are doing.

As important as it is to celebrate your Vapeversary, we must remember that we have to get to that first year milestone. It is a journey and all goals should be celebrated: that first day, the first week, the first month, two months and six months, YAY!

It seems such a long time ago that I went through that first year, and so it feels really good to relive these moments with others. I am proud that I have helped five others to quit smoking via vaping. The first guy I helped was a friend who, when our families had been together, had seen me vaping and just asked some general questions, going off to find out more. The next time I saw him, he was vaping and succeeding. The only support he required were answers to a few questions, and I was always happy and pleased to help.

I think my proudest moment was with two guys at work. I’ve been working with both for over seven years and they were long-term, hardened


smokers. One of them smoked in the region of 20-40 a day. The other guy smoked around 10-15 Café Crème cigars a day.

There had been plenty of talk over the last six years about vaping because I was doing it, but there was no real interest. Then about half way through the year in 2016, both guys started to show a bit more interest. They started talking as though they wanted to give it a try. We spoke for months about devices, coils and e-liquids. I was advising them on the best way to start, but it was about how they wanted to do it.

Just before Christmas I offered to let one of the guys borrow an old mouth-to-lung device I had, and gave him some e-liquid to try. I did give him a heads up, that he would probably need an e-liquid with a higher nicotine level. He dual used for about two months. I was starting to think that maybe vaping wasn’t for him. Then out of the blue, he came up to me at work with a beaming smile to say: “I’ve bought one!” Looking at my quizzical expression, he continued: “A battery and a tank, from the shop. And I love it!”

It was a MOD and a tank that we had spoken about. It was great to see his obvious enthusiasm and enjoyment and between the three of us, we talked about vaping for the rest of the shift. The next day, the other chap came in with a beaming smile too proclaiming: “I’ve bought a device too!”

We are now seven months in and the first chap, has had the odd cigarette early on, but is now totally vaping. The cigar guy dual vaped and smoked for about four months; he dropped to two cigars a day, and he is also


totally vaping now too.

Watching and supporting these two guys through their vaping journey has been amazing, and seeing their passion for a different tank or a new flavour gives me a buzz. I still get asked for advice from time to time, and of course that’s totally cool too. It is a great feeling knowing that I’ve helped someone to not only quit smoking, but help them lead a longer, perhaps extended life.

One of the other heavy smokers I helped quit was a colleague, and once again we had many conversations about quitting smoking. Funnily he always blamed his girlfriend on why they hadn’t started vaping and said that he would start after his holiday. His holiday came and went. We hadn’t spoken for a while, mainly because we work in different departments, and when I bumped into him, he told me that his wife had started vaping “one of those pen things.” This was the point when he decided to start vaping, saying: “I’m going to have to do it now.”

We spoke a little more about it and the advice I gave him, was not to rushor impulse- buy. I told him to visit a vape shop, get some devices in the hand and get something that feels good and that you are happy with. The next day he came charging up to me to show me what he’d bought, very pleased with himself.

Two days later I asked how he was getting on. He said beaming: “Great! I only have the one in the morning when I get up, and then I’m done. I just need that one!”


The following week, the same chap came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and proceeded to tell me that it was eight days and that he had cut out the morning cigarette too. I was so pleased for him; the bonus for the couple was that their ten year old daughter had been asking them both to stop smoking and with them both vaping, their daughter has found a new joy and contentment.

All of these things come together to make it important that we celebrate each Vapeversary knowing and acknowledging what we have done for ourselves and the people around us.

You may not have quite reached that year mark, but it is just as important to celebrate each landmark that you reach, whether it be a week, a month or even a day.

Take pride in what you have achieved. The bonus is that there are millions of people just like you out there who will quite happily help you celebrate those achievements. Have a dapper day cloud chasers!

Twitter: @V_Pogonophile Instagram: @VapingPogonophile Facebook: /VapingPogonophile Email:


My Vaping Journey: Dave Evans

50- Vaping Journey

of a vaper, providing an insightful

What was the key factor to prompt you to start vaping?

look into how they are coping,

I think it was down to having a

and hopefully flourishing without

smoker’s cough, and prices of

cigarettes. VapeLyfe Magazine

cigarettes constantly going up.

caught up with David Evans, 32

I wanted to quit for a long time

from London about why he took

before but nothing worked.

up vaping.

The longest I’d been without a

Every issue we feature the journey

cigarette was two weeks, where I If you feel this story strikes a chord

used nicotine patches.

with you, please Tweet us @VapeLyfeMag1 with your comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you an ex-smoker? How many did you smoke a day and for how long?

Vaping is more than just a method of quitting smoking – it is also a lifestyle. We saw your striking handcheck with the snake. Is this your pet, and how long have you had him/her? That’s Zeus. I’ve had him since

I had my first cigarette at around

December last year (2016) and he’s

10 years old and became addicted

a Royal Python. That photo was

at the age of 12. I remember

the best out of two or three shots.

being in primary school and the

Royal Pythons are very docile

first thing I’d want when I got

snakes, and this makes them a

home was a cigarette. As an adult

little easier to photograph.

I’d probably have around 20-25 cigarettes a day.

Vaping Journey -51

Did you initially do any research on vaping?

I don’t remember the transition

Yes. This is because I was unsure

getting the feeling I was smoking.

at the time how safe vaping was,

I would have a cigarette in the

and felt it important to do my

morning and before bed. In

own research. Friends vaped, so

my head, it was like a nicotine

I asked them questions about

booster. I still remember the

how they found vaping and their

worry of leaving the house for

devices. I asked vape store owners’

work with just my vape, worrying

questions too.

it wouldn’t be enough. But it was,

being that difficult. I was still

and I realised I could give up. I

What did you start off with? Hardware and e-liquid names (plus nicotine content) please?

went to Florida a few weeks later

I started off with a Jenson E-CIG

over a year ago now and I haven’t

which is like a vape pen you can

had one since.

and when I came back I’d given up cigarettes completely. That was

buy from newsagents. I started with around 18mg nicotine

How often do you vape now?

with tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

I slowly worked my way down to

Eventually I wanted something to

3mg, and vape at times I would

get more flavour from, so I got a

usually have smoked. I have

Coolfire Plus with a Cleito Tank.

wondered how I would do if I went down to 0mg… but have yet to try

How did you find the transition from tobacco to e-cigarettes?

52- Vaping Journey


Where do you go to buy your vaping supplies? If you buy online, what is your go-to website? Or if in-store, which is your local vape shop?

is great. I wouldn’t expect to vape

I purchase most of my vaping

the tattoo parlour whilst he was

products online. If it’s liquid, it all

tattooing me.

anywhere you couldn’t smoke, but it’s always great when you can. I recently got a new tattoo and the tattooist allowed me to vape in

depends which place has all the flavours I want. My best local shop is High Voltage Vaping, which has a lot of the latest devices and high-end liquid. I have recently attended vaping exhibitions in London and Birmingham which is where I bought my latest products.

E-liquid subscription boxes (where you’re sent a selection of e-liquids each month) are seen by some as a cool vaping gift. How would you feel if you were given a subscription box of e-liquids? Would you consider gifting an e-liquid subscription box to any friends who vape?

What do you think about the rising popularity of vape lounges and bars? Are there any that you’d recommend?

I did sign up to a vape

I haven’t been to many, but a few

get. But I found liquids I did like

shops local to me have a lounge

were hard to buy elsewhere. There

area. A lot of places have a laid-

were only a few that I could find

back approach to vaping which

online. I did however get one for

subscription box a while back, it was nice for a while trying new flavours not knowing what you’d

Christmas for my dad who vapes.

Vaping Journey -53

What is your favourite e-liquid flavour?

mods and building my own coils.

e-liquid. My favourites include The

What is the vaping scene like in London?

Cupcake Man, Strawberry Cookie

It’s very active, like it is anywhere

Butter, Anarchist Black, Anarchist

nowadays. I believe vaping has

Green, French Dude and Liquid

become much more accepted and

State Vapors Apple Butter.

I’m seeing more people vaping

I’m really into desert flavour

now than ever before. On the odd

What do friends and family think of you vaping?

occasion, I’ll hear people talking

They are happy that I’ve given up

I’ve not experienced it personally.

negatively about vaping, although

smoking, but are surprised by

becomes a hobby or lifestyle it can

Where do you think the vaping industry will be in 5 years’ time?

get expensive.

Hopefully not the way it’s gone the

the amount of stuff I buy. Once it

last few months with the current

How would you describe your vaping journey?

restrictions. I know that now we

I’ve loved it. What started out

bottles plus tanks that hold 2ml of

as just a means of quitting has

liquid. I hope there will be more

become an enjoyment. I’ve made

research to come, especially to

my own e-liquid which is always

continue to prove that vaping is

interesting. I get a great buzz

safer than smoking cigarettes.

when I create a good flavour. I’ve gone from regulated devices to the more advanced mechanical

54- Vaping Journey

can only purchase liquid in 10ml

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to give up smoking?

Has vaping changed your life?

Start vaping! It works, you just

vaping journey. You could have

need to find the right device that

just bought your first starter kit, or

works for you.

you may have been vaping for the

Whether you’re a new or seasoned vaper, we’d love to hear about your

past five years – we want to know. Please email info@vapelyfemag. now with #MyVapingJourney in the subject heading, with a chance to be featured in the magazine.

To get in touch with Dave, please follow him on Instagram @davevan5

Vaping Journey -55

HOLIDAY IN THAILAND? LEAVE YOR VAPE AT HOME If you’re one of the million Brits packing your bags for a muchdeserved holiday in Thailand, and

or fined on-the-spot.

A travel agent underwent a harsh training lesson when a family member was adversely affected by the vaping ban in Thailand.

you vape – your e-cigarette could land you in prison.

Pat Waterton, a manager at Langley Travel learnt that her

Due to Thailand’s excessively harsh, provincial laws, you could face a hefty fine or 10year prison sentence simply by being in possession of your trusty e-cigarette.

nephew James was hit with an immediate fine of £125 after being found in possession of an e-cigarette in Bangkok. Originally told he could face prison, James promptly paid the fine and returned to the UK unharmed.

It is unclear if this ban extends to mods, squonkers, e-liquids, coils and other vape gear, but it best to exercise caution when travelling to Thailand and not take any of these

The vaping ban flies in the face of what Thailand is renowned for – being a country lauded for its friendly nature and accessibility.

items with you. Thailand came under military rule Any vape gear found in your possession by Thai officials will be confiscated immediately, with the potential of you being imprisoned

56- ThailaND Customs

in 2014 and severe rules have been implemented to ensure a more rigid style of living.

This includes making it illegal to

clandestine activity, some vape in

stand on currency, drink alcohol

public, knowing they are breaking

in a petrol station, drop litter, not

the law due to them being in

wear a helmet whilst riding a bike

possession of an illegal e-cigarette.

and criticising the 2014 military coup.

Confusion abounds over the vaping ban, as it was initially

The Foreign Office also advises

thought the laws were put in

travellers to be wary of making

place for businesses attempting to

politically charged statements in

sell or import e-cigarettes; they are

public, as Lèse-majesté laws come

illegal because they fall into the

into play when the monarchy is

untaxed goods category.

criticised. Thailand isn’t the only country It is a crime that carries a long

that imposes a vaping ban. Other

jail sentence for even the merest

countries where bans are in place

hint of condescension or dissent,

include Singapore, Cambodia,

as a 61-year-old grandfather

Indonesia, Vietnam.

discovered. He was found guilty of sending text messages seen as

We recommend travellers refer to

being offensive to the queen and

the Foreign Office website as their

was promptly sentenced to 20

first port of call prior to travel to

years’ in prison.


Thailand banned vaping three years’ ago. Despite the military rule viewing vaping as an illegal,

Thailand Customs-57

Keep the pressure on with TPD letter “If you wanted to sabotage a product, and add to the cost of producing that product, and limit the scope of competition of that product, and drive out business and small producers, it is hard to see how more an effective job can be done, in respect to the regulations that apply to electronic cigarettes.” Lord Forsyth

After the referendum on Thursday 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Although we voted Brexit, extricating ourselves from the EU could take years. We have after all, been members of the EU since 1973. Much like a divorce which can be messy, a mammoth task lies ahead, as our government will sift through laws that the UK will choose to continue to implement. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been triggered, which is the official precursor for the UK to leave the EU. Prime Minister May has kick-started the leave process, giving the UK two years to agree terms of the break-up. The UK is expected to leave the EU by 2019. Even then, this process may be delayed by an additional four years, as the UK hammers out a deal with the remaining 27 national parliaments in the EU. As it stands, we are still part of the European Union until the UK stops being a member. Until then, the UK will continue to live by EU laws, the only difference being that it will not be

58- TPD

included in any EU decision-making. Harsh TPD regulations continue to apply. We couldn’t agree more with former Tory cabinet minister Lord Forsyth, whose scathing speech to peers during a TPD debate last year drove home the fact that there was no logic in the TPD regulations. Once we have exited the EU, we will have a more transparent government where we’ll be able to hold ministers to account. We live in hope that our government will come to re-evaluate the TPD and its effect on businesses and knock on effects on livelihoods across the country. Yes, it may be years before we leave the EU, but this only gives us time to educate and inform those in power. We urge you to sign and share the following letter. Address it to your MP, and continue to keep the pressure on. It takes time to forge a movement, and we feel very strongly about this. The fight isn’t over yet. We’re in it for the long haul. Are you?

Dear ____________________________ I am an ex-smoker. I use electronic cigarettes, and to date, they have been the most effective method for smoking cessation I have found. I purchase my supplies from _________ a small shop in _______________ and I understand that a new form of legislation (TPD) will be affecting this small business drastically. I would like you to reply to the following questions please. Have you read the Tobacco Products Directive in full? Do you know how it will affect electronic cigarettes? Why are electronic cigarettes included in the TPD when there is NO tobacco in them whatsoever? Why are e-liquid strengths being limited to no more than 2mg of nicotine per 100ml e-liquid? Why are electronic cigarettes being restricted when the 2015 Public Health England study concluded that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking? Vaping comes at no cost to the NHS, unlike current nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Are you aware that there are at least 4 electronic cigarette shops in your constituency? Why have you not visited any of these shops to find out how the TPD will affect their livelihood? Why should the UK adhere to the draconian TPD legislation from Europe, when we are in the process of leaving the EU? I am not in favor of this directive and as such, feel I must make you aware. I am not alone and expect you as my representative in government to address this issue and reply forthwith. I feel that this is ruining an industry that promotes a safer alternative to smoking and that the research that has been done regarding electronic cigarettes and their relation to this directive is unscientific, unfounded and inaccurate. I believe the government has the tobacco industry’s interests at heart rather than the people it represents. This is wrong, and as my representative, I would like answers from yourself regarding the queries above. I await your reply. Sincerely _______________________________ _______________________________

Reviews We have a review price list; if you’d like your products reviewed, please email using hashtag #ReviewRequest in the subject heading. Each product is allocated to a member of our review team, who will dedicate time getting to know your product (2 days for an e-liquid, 7 days for an atty or mod). For this reason, we cannot do last minute reviews, as we don’t think you can get a clear picture after just a few puffs. Please note – we only give honest reviews. If you’ve paid for a review and we think the product is good or bad (we prefer good, because it’s not fun vaping crap), we will say it how it is. Please don’t take offence by this, we just really value truth and integrity. You will be notified of a publication date, which is usually within 1 month from the review date.

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