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MARCH Tue 13th Year 9 WEX Factor day The PTA would like to encourage you to attend the monthly Car Boot Sales held on the school site every first Sunday in the month, except in January when there is no sale. You can come either as a seller or a shopper. Entrance – Cars £15 Cars - side on £30 Vans (transit & people carriers) £30 Large vans and lorries £35 Walk in Sellers £10 Shoppers 50p Car Parking before 9am (includes occupants)£5 Disabled parking (includes occupants) £3 Tables can be hired at £5 each with a deposit of £25. Sellers are let in from 7am. The sale hours are from 8am to 1pm. Note: Chiswick students may sell their own possessions at the sale as ‘walkers-in’ and will not be charged but if a student is accompanied by a parent with a car, normal rates apply. They can rent a table at no charge using their School Diary as a deposit, but if the items for sale belong to the parents, the normal hire fee applies. The PTA would also welcome hearing from any parent(s) interested in helping at these sales. Please contact Chris Race:


Mon 19th AS Music Recital Wed 21st Year 11 Study Skills day Fri 23rd Adult Education end of term Mon 26th - Tue 27th GCSE Drama tech/parents performance Tue 27th Spring Festival 6-8pm Tue 27th - Wed 28th Year 10 Tetanus Injections Fri 30th Last Day of Term April Mon 2nd - Fri 13th Easter Holiday Mon 16th First day of term Wed 25th Year 10 Parents Evening

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12th March 2012 - Issue 18


Chiswick School is Born March 1st saw the transformation of Chiswick Community School into Chiswick School, now an academy. After many consultations, meetings and reviews Chiswick Community School officially became Chiswick School and an academy on Thursday 1st March. Mr Ryan said the change to academy status was ‘almost inevitable if our school wants to stay in control’. He explained that the government is actively encouraging schools to become academies and taking funding away from local authorities. This means that some of the support we have had from them in the past has gone. For example, the local authority would have previously provided experts to advise on the curriculum but now they no longer have the funding to do this. The budget for academies comes directly from government and also includes the money that would have gone to the local authority. ‘But, becoming an academy,’ said Mr Ryan, ‘is more about making independent decisions for the good of the school and

students than about any extra money involved.’ Chiswick School works really well with the council which Mr Ryan says he hopes will continue. So what does the name change signify? Many students and staff felt the word ‘community', although representative of the school’s local links, was outdated. The school will remain rooted in the local community, but a new name was needed to reflect our new status. The school’s new logo, a combination of several student ideas, supports this. By Laura Reid

Trip to Sky News Centre

On Wednesday the Sky News centre in Osterley played host to the Year 10 English Media classes.

Homework Club Welcomes Thousandth Visitor

The students started by going on a tour of the building. The fun began when they started to look at how news stories are created. The team at Sky showed them how to choose from different newspaper articles and decide which ones would be newsworthy and could be presented on the news. Then they were taken to see the latest 3D technology being used at Sky television. Here they got to look at how the programme ‘Mystika’ creates all the 3D clips and shows. Mattie Haines, 10 Grove, said ‘It was really interesting seeing how they create all the TV programmes, especially the news and the weather forecasts.’ The students came back saying it was a great trip and that they were intrigued to learn how television programmes are made. By Laura Reid

In September, an early morning homework club opened, which very recently received its 1000th visitor. Ishmael Al-Hamiri, in 8 Fielding was the lucky recipient of this honour. He was rewarded with a certificate and 100 Vivo points. Ms. Izquierdo and the CSO team have been running the club. When it first opened the club took place in A00, a small ICT room. It got so busy that the CSO team had to move it over to A8, a full size room. Open from 8.008.40am, 20- 28 students a day attend. ‘It builds good habits for the future,’ Ms Izquierdo enthused. ‘They are all keen to hand their homework in on time. Whether it’s the finishing off of Mymaths, or printing something off from your usb, everyone’s welcome! It’s a fantastic working atmosphere and a very good way to start the morning,’ she continued. So once again, congratulations to Ishmael Al-Hamiri, and rememberthe homework club is open every day

between 8 and 8.40a.m. Be there or be square! By Maryam Khalha

Battle of the Bands, an Excellent Evening

Innovative Science Revision Technique The Science department are launching an innovative and alternative way to revise and learn Science through a website available for online homework, practice tasks and revision notes to aid students with their learning. The website http://21science. is produced by Oxford University Press for OCR 21st century Science and is aimed at all students doing GCSE Science: Year 9, 10 and 11. Each student will be given their individual login and password to access this site as a learning resource in the coming week. The department is very excited about it- predicting it ‘popular with the students' after its branding of ‘the Science Mymaths’. By Nikoleta Gashi

Last week saw the return of Battle of the Bands to the schools stage and what a battle it was. The headlining act was Feedback Voice who travelled all the way down from Leicester. They played a few of their own songs as well as some covers and were very popular with the audience, with Luke Lee saying how he thought ‘they would be big soon.’ There were lots of performances, but only three bands competed who were; The Ace of Spades, Avalon and a year 10 band who consisted of Tibor, Nina, Mathew and Joe. The lucky winners were Avalon who played an excellent cover of ‘Sugar we’re going down swinging’ by Fall Out Boy. Other performances of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by the Sixth Form Band and also ‘End Credits’ by Grace, Mr Warren, Boris and Alfie, as well as another Adele duet were also widely popular with the audience. Overall, it was a excellent evening with very talented musicians – Khloe summed it up by saying ‘There’s so much musical talent in the school – we need to stage a festival!’ By Alfie Howell

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