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Year 11 Football; Dramatic Game Last week's Year 11 football match was described as a " tight game" by captain Arthur Rogers. The side of 11 played Rivers Academy to the final whistle when the game was concluded at 2-1 to Chiswick, after a dramatic game with 2 yellow cards and a reduced- River's side of 10 men, the boys had to defend solidly to prevent their opponents from gaining the win. Arthur said "At 0-0, one of the midfielders from Rivers took a great shot but Tom (goalkeeper) made a great save which kept us in the game." The first own goal of the match went Chiswick's way after pressure from Chiswick defender Deni Bosnjak. At 1-0 to Chiswick, With the help of a long pass from his teammate, a stong surging run and some nifty footwork, Devante Smith scored the winning goal to end the drama at the final whistle!

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15th October 2012 - Issue 05

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OCTOBER Tue 16th Year 12 transition support evening Wed 17th Year 4/5 Open Morning Year 8 HPV Catch Up 1 Thu 18th Year 10 Information evening 6-7pm Fri 19th Year 9 Business trip Wed 24th Year 4/5 Open Morning Fri 26th A2 Economics Trip Mon 29th -Fri 2nd Half Term NOVEMBER Sun 4th Car Boot Sale

The team have had a lot of success over the years, one of their strongest qualities is their togetherness and spirit which should be looked towards for success!

Mon 5th GCSE Exam Geography Year 10 Field Trip

Watch this space to find out how they get on in their upcoming matches. By Nikoleta Gashi

WEX Factor Year 10 has been postponed to Tuesday 4th Dec

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World Class Open Evening This year's Open Evening for Primary students on Oct 4th was a fantastic success. It was thoroughly enjoyed by prospective parents and pupils from Years 5 and 6 who were given guided tours by Year 8 pupils and Sixth Formers. Every department was ready to show their subject off in the best possible light. There were slime making and exploding canisters in Science, Year 11 students dressed up as historical doctors in History, displays in PE and Drama, sample lessons in Maths and English as well as games in Languages. James, a year 6 student from St Marys said "I have been to quite a few open evenings but I've been waiting for this one; I think I definitely want to come here. Chiswick’s got good grades and I just like the way things are here". A Year 6 parent said, "My son is usually quite a shy person, but now he is answering questions and taking part - this shows he must feel happy here already". Lucy Davis, Year 9 was helping in the PE department throughout the evening

and she said "it's been a great opportunity to get the primary school students involved and show them what secondary school is like". Two packed halls full of parents heard speeches from the new Year 7, the Head Boy, James Carty and Head Girl, Rhena Eames as well as a presentation from Mr. Ryan Head teacher. ‘We were pleased by our OFSTED grading of good for about three days’, he said. ‘We want to achieve much more than that and we are all on a journey to becoming a world class school.’

David Tennant visits Chiswick Open Evening

The highlight of many Doctor Who fans’ evening was the visit from actor David Tennant, who attended the Open Evening as a prospective parent. Many of them managed to get autographs Continued inside...

Open Evening continued... from the actor who was not phased by the attention. Several Year 10 students are avid Doctor Who fans. Okocha Obasi for example knows every episode by heart. Caitlin Taylor and Nilan Ruddy were overwhelmed by their hero’s presence. Nilan plucked up courage and asked David Tennant for an autograph as he was leaving. ‘It was really great. He did not mind signing a card for me,’ said Nilan. ‘It was really exciting.’ ‘This is really impressive, I’ve seen such great students and facilities. To be honest this school is a credit to Chiswick’- David Tennant, parent, told Chiswick School News. He was incredibly enthusiastic and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. By Nina Pryce and Maryam Khalifa

The Big Draw Has Begun! The nationwide initiative encouraging people to draw has started at Chiswick, and is getting students across the school drawing. Over in the art department, Miss Herd said “drawing is the core of creativity...a lot of creative work starts with a scribble.” This celebration of drawing encompasses almost every year in the school.

Year 8 are taking part in the Big Draw by producing artwork inspired by classical music they have been listening to. The Year 10s have visited Chiswick House and their participation is to make murals based on what they saw in the grounds. Sixth formers have been creating collaborative murals inspired by their own project coursework. In Year 7 English lessons, the focus of the pupils’ artwork has been the book Skellig; they have been drawing images of Skellig – an angel – and of the birds and locations described in the novel. They have then been using quotations to explain why they have drawn their images as they have. Two artists from a local studio have visited the 6th form art project, providing different perspectives on drawing. Helene Kazan and Louise Ashcroft are London-based artists who go to different schools offering workshops on what Art is and what it can be. Louise Ashcroft said “Drawing is really important to many artists’ practices – it can be the starting point for a piece of work or a piece of work in its own right. The Big Draw gives students the chance to really explore the way drawing can create new possibilities in art, to take drawing seriously and enjoy it.”

Year 8 and A-level students spent a morning with Amy Rhian - Paper Engineer. “I am a London based Illustrator and Paper Engineer. I spend my days making everything and anything out of paper ranging from tiny trains to giant pencils. I spent a day at Chiswick School as a visiting artist for The Big Draw. The students were all asked to work in small groups to create paper versions of stained glass windows to display in the school. There was some fantastic work produced and it was a pleasure for me to work in the art department with art teachers Miss Herd, Mr Cullum and some very talented young artists. I had a great day, Thank you for having me Chiswick School!” Getting more people into drawing is exactly what the Big Draw aims to do and so far at Chiswick it is succeeding. By Laura Reid

ACHIEVER Chiswicks Sports Star

Chiswick School has many sports stars. Jack Middleton is no exception. Already a high flyer in his subjects, Jack is a boy of many talents. Already a national tennis player, he currently plays for Dukes Meadows Tennis club and is ranked in the top 100 in the country! Jack is 100% dedicated to his tennis; aged four he began pursuing his talent. He is now on the court six times a week training two hours every day, whatever the weather- putting those of us who do very little sport to shame! “Tennis is challenging but because of this it helps me play better” he said. Jack hopes to play tennis professionally in the future. On top of this, Jack also makes time for another passion of his, swimming. He dedicates three hours a week to train with his team Brentford and Isleworth, a club he has been with for six years. “My favourite stroke is freestyle” he said. Jack’s latest competition was at the Feltham championships where he competed in the 100m breastroke and 50m freestyle! By Nikoleta Gashi

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