Milestone 1994

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D i m n c m Memorial Chapel holds many fond m e m o r i e s of C o n v o e a t i o n , Vespers, and Bachaloriate services.

As Time . . . C ^ o n v o c a d o n to cap and gown. Time passes so quickly. New students can't believe their first year is over. Seniors can't believe that it is already time to say goodbye. We look back over the year with nostalgia, remembering the good and the bad, the excitement and disappointment, the success and the failure. But throughout it all, we remember how our time here has given us memories to last a lifetime..

Faculty and staff c o m e together to help m a k e C a s i n o Night a special occasion for all the stud e n t s w h o attended. Kristen Hinlz, R D , and Srta. Alvarez-Ruf, helped run the B i n g o tables.

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S,q Red^f C^V-yiobster



l—l Vfiirr^ii Hiff



E x c u s e me, c o u l d you tell me h o w to get to . . This f a m i l i a r phrase w a s aided by signs posted throughout c a m pus d u r i n g Orientation 1993

Kristin Vink, 9 6 Play, kept the audience in stitches d u r i n g their version of "Cinderella Wore C o m b a t Boots".



Proudly displaying the A m e r i c a n Flag and Hope Flag together outside of Gr a v e s Hall.

A 97 Puller and his m o r a l e girl pose for a minute during w a r m - u p s b e f o r e Pull 1993.



Kirk Krahn and Sean D a v i s sell l e m o n a d e on a w a r m s u m m e r a f t e r n o o n , a n e w f u n d r a i s i n g t e c h n i q u e for the A r c a d i a n s .

•Mil" *

. Goes By.

O m a n i e l Gates and Jason Gaston w a l k in h o n o r and recognition of T h e B l a c k Goalition in the 1993 H o m e c o m i n g Parade.



Mary Boelkins, Kristin Vink, and Jody Hoekstra ham it up for the audience at Nykerk 1993.

Over one hundred upper classmen volunteered to be Orientation Assistants, helping new students get settled and aquainted.




a I First, second and third in c o m m a n d w e r e the Directors and Assistant Directors. A team effort w a s the key to another successful orientation.




"Catch the Fever!" Orientation 1993 greets yet another class with


enthnsiam and spirit N e w students c a m e with their lives packed in a car, e x p e c t i n g it all to fit into their n e w "home".

he Class of 1997 settled into the Hope College life during Orientation Weekend. New s t u d e n t s had the c h a n c e to m o v e in, gel to know many new people, and were run wild by a "team" of over one-hundred Orientation Assistants. Students mingled with parents and friends at the Picnic in the Pine Grove, "played around" at Playfair, and then j a m m e d the night away with Rick Kelly and his dancing flower under the stars. C o v o c a t i o n then marked the official beginning to the 132nd academic year as Professor Dennis Voskuil presented his opening speech.

Christa Wierks m a k e s a few new friends while constantly laughing at Playfair.. Big, strong and mighty Andy D o w d e n helps the little,weak and helpless carry in larger pieces of furniture. Either that or he's checking out the women.



Even Year, Every Year? Traditional three hour even year-odd year battle measured right down to the last inch

"Amazing Grace", Jim Rairick and Julie Wright wait breathlessly for the next call. Matt Jung, 9 7 Anchor, braces himself for another heave as his moral girl, "Delila" cheers him on.


he Pull, which originated in 1898, has grown into a major c a m p u s w i d e activity. Our long-standing tradition of 96 years c r e a t e s a strong class unity, as well as many unforgettable memories. On Saturday, September 25, the victorious class of 1996 returned ready for battle over the banks of the Black River, only to face a very competitive odd year team. After an intense three hour struggle, both teams waitied anxiously to hear the declared winner. After measuring the rope right down to the

last inch, 1996 Pull came out ahead to just barely capture another win for the sophomore class.

Ryan R o b i s o n . 97 Pull C o a c h , g i v e s a f e w w o r d s of e n c o u r a g e m e n t as the next call is awaited. A n c h o r s eye view f r o m the back end of the "red" side of the Black River.

T h e Social Activities C o m m i t t e e e v e n decorated a little "Bug" for the special occasion.

K r i s t e n D o u g l a s s h e l p e d tie a n d d y e t h e brightly colored t-shirts during the picnic. Students w e r e marveled by the close resemblance all the b a n d s m e m b e r s had to the original group.


Kristy K r o n e m e y e r and Kelli B o u w e s danced till (he sun set, e n j o y i n g the music and the company.

M a n y students took a d v a n t a g e of the festivities by tie-dying their o w n t-shirts.

1964 Revisited "Beatles" reunion rocks Pine Grove during Labor Day extravaganza


eptember 6,1993, or should we say 1964. The Labor Day Picnic in the Pine Grove was enjoyed by many students, basking in the beautiful weather on their blankets, enjoying some food, and dancing away to the sound of the Beatles. The Social Activities Committee also provided tie-dying for all who wanted to participate, adding to the '60's decor - along with the old Volkswagon Bug painted as bright as the sun. This was a teriffic beginning to another new school season.



Sharing Diversity Hope stu- M dents and Holland community spend a day together

usic floated through the Pine Grove on Saturday, September 18,1993 as many members of the s u r r o u n d i n g c o m m u n i t y and Hope College enjoyed a picnic. Students spent time with their neighbors, and then e n j o y e d watching the Flying Dutchmen reign victorious at the stadium. From a distance, a harmony can be sensed between the two as cultural diversity is shared. Each year the college holds the picnic, hoping for s o m e cohesion between the two groups. Progress is being made among the fun.

C l o w n s could be seen wandering around handing out balloons, desserts and smiles to e v eryone. Tom O s b o r n waits in line to get f o o d at the C o m m u n i t y Day picnic in the Pine G r o v e . M a n y c o m m u n i t y m e m b e r shared the day with their families as well as with the students of Hope.

14 C O M M U N I T Y DAY


Making a Home Hope College students help the homeless with W*"


sleepout in Pine



ardboard boxes were the only thing seen in the Pine Grove as students built a new home to h e l p those w h o don't h a v e a h o m e . Designs varied f r o m one small refrigerator box all the way to an intricately designed dragon. Pledges and donations were made to a homeless shelter for each person who spend the night outside beneath the stars. This is another community service that benefits from our enthusiastic participation.

M e m b e r s of the Arcadian Fraternity gave up an e v e n i n g in their new cottage to help those without a h o m e .

.'•'r*- ' v H g L '

.r ' ;


if - . > • H H M a n y people were very creative in their architectual designing with cardboard.



Travel Through Time Alumni and students display their school spirit in a variety of ways for Homecoming 1993

T h e Dorians and C e n t u r i a n s went the Egyptian route to display their school spirit during the H o m e c o m i n g parade. Hope's Flying D u t c h m e n lost a tough battle for the second year in a row to Albion. T h e Kappa Delta Chi's proudly display their First Place version ot "Time Travel".

lass reunions, fraternity cook outs, floats and parades, cheering and yelling. King and Queen. All of these things d e s c r i b e d o u r c a m p u s on O c t o b e r 23, 1993. The Class of 1988 returned for their five year reunion, as well as did many fraternity and sorority members. It was a beautiful day for the traditional parade of floats around the perimeter of the camp u s , but not q u i t e b e a u t i f u l enough to capture a victory over Albion. Everyone was able to travel through time though, remembering old times and looking ahead to new ones.

Excited smiles o v e r c o m e Nikole Koelbel and Doug Swanson after being crowned Queen and King during the h a l f t i m e festivities. Nate R o z e b o o m and Suzi G a j e w s k i smile for the cameras.

Cynthia Frazier, Brigid Malloy, Heather H o e k s e m a , and Kat Borton wait anxiously to hear the a n n o u n c e m e n t of the H o m e c o m i n g King and Q u e e n .



Margaret C h o , recent w i n n e r of the 1994 C o m e d i a n o f the Year Award kept our students well entertained.

A b o v e , c o m e d i a n David Naster was given a very w a r m w e l c o m e here at Hope. M a r k Nizer, right, a m a z e d audiences with his talent as kept them laughing while t h r o w i n g around and balancing m a n y different objects.



C o m e d i a n Renee Hicks shocked audiences with her Bald Ambition approach.

That's Entertainment Socia^ctivitied #!Âť

does itself once again for another spectacular year. RotTert Swvei ud and Jo hu Wcbsjer madt up ttn- speciucufar ."Kt ol t!Âť Oendcmen Jugglers, Ketpiag the crowd iu sitches, ihe duodtKlgtd pins. lire, knives and cucbotbcr.

warm thank you to SAC for all of the wonderful entertainment we were able to enjoy throughout the past year. ginning of a wonderful year, as many different comedians. Mgncrs, speakers and "acts" filled the stage of the Klet A In addition to the entertainers, SAC also presented a diff e r e n t m o v i e (or t w o ) each weekend throughout the year. The student body was also able to attend different acti vites like C a s i n o N i g h t , All C o l l e g e Sing, Air Jam and Winter Fantasia thanks to the committee. We look forward to another year of activities to come.


guests or the year was Dr. Bertice Berry - c o m e d i a n , proressor, singer, lecturer and talk s h o w host. What can't this w o m a n do? The sky is her limit'



Meet 'Ya in the Middle Class of 1996 comes out on top


in annual quest for the coveted Nykerk Cup. Congrats to you all!

armony. In this day and age. H a r m o n y is not s o m e t h i n g very easily found. But for one evening at Hope College, the f o c u s of activities was Harmony - the theme for Nykerk 1993 held at the Civic Center on Saturday, November 6. T h e h i g h l i g h t s of the e v e n i n g i n c l u d e d the 1997 Song Women's version of "Hail Holy Queen", music from the popular movie SISTER ACT. And enough couldn't be said about the 1996 Play, "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots", a hysterical comedic twist of the original story.

J e n n i f e r Zeerip, a m e m b e r of the 1996 Play kepi the audience in stitches as she p e r f o r m e d her part as Cinderella's stepsister.



A b o v e , m e m b e r s of the 1997 Play anxiously watch as their orator m o v e s carefully across the stage delivering her thoughts. S o p h o m o r e , A n n a Barnett delivered an incredible m e s s a g e to the audience, speaking with w i s d o m and f r o m her heart.



S h o w n left, the Class of 1996 victoriously displays the coveted Nykerk C u p , now in their possession. Following "Sister" Wendy Murray (director), the 1997 S ong Girls sing with m u c h enthusi-





r * v






\ - j


I I#

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% L A

Filled with the Nykerk spirit, the 1996 Song e n d s their n u m b e r with a grand finale and many e n o u r m o u s smiles. F r e s h m e n Orator, A m a n d a Flowers, m o v e d about the stage in a gracious and capturing manner as she shared her idea of Harmony.



Vespers Inspires All With four sold out performances, Ves


pers blesses all those who attended as well as the thousands who watched at home.

espers was another big success | in 1993, with four completely! sold out performances at tended by the c o m m u n i t y , p a r e n t s alumni, and studeats. And for the third year, the Hope College Vespers could be seen all across Hie country on the Public Broadcasting Station for the nation to enjoy. T h e program featured performances by the Hope College ChapeJ Choir, Symphoncttc. College Chorus and Brass Ensemble. The aud i e n c e was able to w o r s h i p through the music, and reflect on the meaning of the Christmas s e a s o n .

S o p h o m o r e . John H o u s e n g a relaxes during his break times in a p e r f o r m a n c e whie reading a new issue of A u t o W e e k magazine. T h e H o p e College C h o r u s p e r f o r m s a n u m b e r under the direction of Dr. Robert Ritsema.

The brass e n s e m b l e added m u c h excitement to the music with their incredible sounds and high notes during Vespers.





A Series of "Greats" Great Performance 0' V 'M

outstanding artists to make another incredible season. To the ieft. ms-mbers of the FcW Baltets/NV in CONTRA POSE.

tudents had the opportunity to enjoy a number of outstanding artists again this year thanks to Some students are required to attend these events, while other can purchase season tickets to enjoy the shows. Among the artists this year were the Budapest Wind I .nsemblc brought to us through Shaw Attraction. John Scott who a m a / e d us with his talent on the organ, and we we even shaken up a bi! by the roekin' p e r f o r m a n c e of M i c h a e l Bashaw and The Bridge. We look forward to another strong set of artists for next year.

Pianist G r a h a m Scott stunned audiences with his a m a z i n g yet delecate touch o t the "ivory's" Above, m e m b e r s o t the Belgian C h a m b e r Orchestra brought to us by Shaw Concerts.




"Images" of Unity Jim Riekse

Multi-Cultural event reflect the beaty of other cultures during International Awareness Week. Below, Brandon Hayashi, Yoli Vega and John Vega pose for a picture infront of the s h o w case decorated for Images.


ntemational Awareness Week, April 11-16 was c a p p e d off Saturday, April 16th with a combination food/variety show, which drew a large crowd to sample international c u i s i n e and g a i n i n s i g h t to other cultures. The idea of the Images program was first conceived in the fall, and ended up being sponsored by the Black Coalition, H i s p a n i c Student O r g a n i z a tion, International Relations Club, Office of Multi-Cultural Life, and SAC. The food fair preceding the variety show was sure to please any appetite, with a wide selection of native foods f r o m

Hawaii, Mexico, India, and even the Netherlands. Booths were also set up for people to see their name written in a number of different languages and experience other music cultures. The variety show, hosted

by John Vega, took place in an overflowing Kletz. There were many displays of fashion, poetry, music and dancing from many countries. Thank you to all who participated.


m m

Top left, Brandon Hayashi, Erick Chittle and Chris Heaton s h o w e d the audience what a real H a w a i i a n dance would look like. Bottom left. Beta B a j w a and Aditi Sharangpani danced with m u c h beauty and grace during the e v e n i n g s festivities.

Sheryl Gabriel and Ntsiki Sisulu display some of their amazing native clothing. P h u n g Yam and M e l i n d a R a t d a v o n g also display typical clothing f r o m their native homelands.

Hiro Muneta, a handwriting expert, explains h o w to write in Japanese to Janet Hernandez.

"Party till you drop." F u n w a s in the air as e v e r y o n e w e n t crazy during the entertainment, provided by Tonic Sulfa. Kristen D o u g l a s s and A n n e B a k k e r - G r a s e n j o y e d w a t c h i n g all of their plans w o r k out as the Director of and a chairperson of the Social Activities C o m m i t t e e , which sponsore the event.



Fantastic New Look Fantasia 1994 takes on a new look being held at the Holland Holiday Inn. 7

"Sweet nothings, sweet ftfftbmgs . " The camera caughÂŤ many eouplcs snuggling close to eaclxilher

inter Fantasia moved in location this year to a closer site. Fantasia, which is usually held ids. was held at the Holiday Inn on 24th Street here in Holland instead. Despite the change, February 18th was a busy night for all of t h o s e w h o a t t e n d e d . T h e i r w a s m u s i c f r o m ihe group Tonic Sulfa, dancing, and a dessert buffet. S o m e s t u d e n t s said they missed the glamour of being at the Amway Grand, while others said they had m o r e fun being closer to home. We look forward to what is in store for next year.

"Blake. Tara, Shonn and Debbie" indulge in a f e w desserts during the evening. Congratulations to S h o n n C o l b r u n n and Debbie Peterson w h o were married on July 9. 1994.



Students wait anxiously for their turn on the StarWalk, just o n e of the attractions at Spring Fling 1994.

i3t J

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J j , yr-rt. , '

, V


Lisa Beernink laughs at her n e w e f o u n d weight as she prepares for her shot at S u m o wrestling. D a w n O v e r b e e k and John Trout try their luck at miniature g o l f i n g in the Pine G r o v e .






Got the RED Out! Social Activities Committee does another incredible


job, this time at Spring Fling 1994. Entertainer Carl Rosen kept the Pine G r o v e j a m m i n g with his musical talents during the a f t e r n o o n picnic.

pring Fling 1994 - Gets the RED Out. Students finished up another great year with a bang thanks to the Social Activities Committee. Festivities for the w e e k e n d b e g a n on F r i d a y , April 29th around 11:00 am with a picnic in the Pine Grove along with a bungee run, sumo wrestling, miniature golf, and an inflatable obstacle course. Carl Rosen began the entertainment in the Fine Grove, and was ended by a Concert Under the Stars in the Stadium with Jawbone, Verve Pipe and The Voice. To finish up the weekend, students could take a break and see Father of the Bride.

Many students tried their hand at the Bungee Run, c o m p e t i n g against their friends to capture the coveted flag. "Prepare to die!" S u m o wrestling was the big hit of the day. M a n y students had a riot c o m peting, as others stood by and got a good laugh.



Spring Brings Change nee the weather changes, the Hope Coitege Campus c o m e s alive again after the solemness of the winter. When warm and sunny days arise, ii is almost impossible to walk outside among the buildings without seeing many stud e n t s out on their b l a n k e t s s t u d y i n g , relaxing and e v e n .sleeping. After the tremendous snow w e recieved this past wmter, many students didn't think we w o u l d e v e r see t h e g r o u n d again. Spring was welcomed by e v e r y o n e with both arms open wide.



drags students from their rooms to the great outdoors.

iMjiiiai- f w


A relaMiig afternoon in ihc s«m sitting by Dimnent Chapel.


•* y*-





Km, qjMfca

szmmis ti . f W-"^» By the shade of a tree, one student studies in the Pine G r o v e with a great view of President J a c o b s o n ' s house. A wide view of the m a n y w h o relaxed in the Pine G r o v e on those beautiful spring days.



f /y&' m



Studying outside became a treat as many students enjoyed the weather.

f •Jxi


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I a-



The nice weather even brought musicians out of N y k e r k Hall of M u s i c to practice in the breeze.



A historic march of time as the Class of 1994 proudly files past G r a v e s Hall, a structure that has helped e d u c a t e student for a Centur y i



A b o v e , f r i e n d s share their last f e w m o m e n t s together as students of H o p e College b e f o r e enter ing into the opportunities that lie ahead. A bird's eye view of C o m m e n c e m e n t exercises that took place in Holland Municipal S t a d i u m



Taking the Plunge Grads encouraged challenges as opportunities. •Greg Olgers

S h u m a k e r and leader d o g , Doogie, speaking to e a c h o t h e r on the p l a t f o r m d u r i n g C o m mencement

lass of 1994, "Don't be afraid to face challanges", said Louise Shumaker, speaker at C o m m e n c e m e n t exercises on Sunday, M a y 8. Shumaker's speech taught every one of the nearly 4 , 0 0 0 w h o attended something. As she closed on that perfect Spring day, Shumaker proclaimed, "If you take anything that I said away f r o m here with you today, take this. W h e n life throws a barrier in front of you, resist the temptation to see it as a problem. See it as a challange, one that you can turn into an opportunity." Congratulations Graduates!


\* V'v3i/



Beginning the celebrations immediately f o l l o w i n g services, s o m e new H o p e A l u m n i pose for a "victory" picture.



^Teenat6hristeeir4Bahe 1

^,; J !u* l .,V vis'.V .^-• f-iK •

;<K i in be rl »• Ben n i n " c i'

A-Ts F.N 10) R .Vf 3 5j




T l

You w/ill stand many tinnes at a crossroad in life, j u s t as you're standing now, And no one can tell you which way to go, or what you should do, or how. Yours is the choice may you follow your dreams and believe in yourself all the way -s you j o u r n e y along


with your eyes on the stars and with a hope in your heart day b>y day.



Jeff DeKuiper, M a r c e l y n n Van Dyke, A n d r e w Rassi, and Jen Syler stop d a n c i n g l o | pose for a quick pic at Fantasia 1994.

k7 5^5^ n •*% *1


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* ,> ,,

7? ^ i C l i a n t a l

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ai"a|MaricjH i• 1•r.r be«1,• i—i nk

.)«• r JUV.-4^

St S E N I O R S



» S o g i a 1 s S t iTcl i e si E d u c a t i o n

j» y.r,

L' 1

Ill rjJV

r ^ . w r a f f c f i^ f - ? ^





h 160 w n e i-s^C] rc > y | > % ;





» w r o h c h " j o k w s 6 w d i ^

( S h a l bnV S o n n e v e 1 clt% ? •

® ^ # g r a i v d i r ar p i d s » m l # i ' j *•'* # - ' '!*" "v-i-n • • ' ' ^ »£; "£ v B u s i n e s s>Ad m i h i s t r a t i o n s ;

jrand'rapidsfcjimi^ x / ^ n r \ f M f \ / / K . f \ r * i / a / \ r r \ TfipkS,



*- • r-pi ''.ir.| '"*•» .


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1. irt.ui - . 7



Lisa-.Rcnee ZoeteweN A ^ i


^ ^ i s l i € c l & i ( w ^ ^


• 0 -



^ It can be any time or place w h e n suddenly they start T h o s e memories of yesterday

M A s b f k t f ^ j- ••«»£*,:

that so delight the heart. They're brough about by many things a treasured photograph a s o n g s familiar m e l o d y a letter from the past They bring a gladness to the heart and a warmness to the soul. They take an ordinary day and s o m e h o w make it w h o l e . . . T h o s e priceless m e m o r i e s that time cannot destroy T h e y c o m e and g o and leave a sentimental joy.

-author unknown

j B e t h a n d G w e n S n y d e r s p e n d a f u n filled j evening together at "All That Jazz", sponsored 1 by S A C .

Congratulations to the Class of 1994!





The end of the year wouldn't be official until the apartment picture has been taken! Here, Becca Schuham, Kat Borton, Leigh VanTatenhove, and Michelle Miller.

A i

Laurie Ann Almeda enjoys a little warm and fuzzy friend.

JUNIORS Renny Abraham Sharyl Achterhof Monica Ackerson Courtney Alexander

Matthew Allen Laurie Almeda Amy Antrim Heidi Apol

Kim Baker Nancy Barta Beth Bauman Amy Becker

Elizabeth Beemink Brenda Benedict Ryan Bennink Sarah Birch

Amy Boer Tom Boeve Carrie Borchers Katherine Borton

Kim Bosch Feier Bose John Bouws Corie Britton


CLASS OF 1995 Rhonda Broton Susannah Budd Emily Butler James Calahan

Brian Calandra Kuirsta Campbell Dana Caranci Kristen Carlson

Megan Carpenter Michael CanKristin Clark Kristen Cline

/i Amy Cobler William Cochran MaryBeth Congdon Melissa Cooper

Colleen Cowhy Blake Crawford Scott Crawford Leslie Csokasy

Rachel Dahl Deborah Davis Thomas Dawson Jennifer Dean

JUNIORS Susan DeBoer Thersa Deer Channa Dekam Dina Deliyanides

David Denltaan Amy Dennis Melissa Deur Stephen DeWall

Bryan Dewey Dirk DeWitt Mark Dittmar Kip Doezema

Kathleen Dominiak Susan Duimstra Lisa Eacker Stephen Eckert

Emily Erickson Jason Esia David Evenhuis Blair Farwell

Travis Flint Eric Foster Stella Fowler Amy Fox

CLASS OF 1995 Linda Frederick Justin Freeman Keri Frieling Brandon Froysland

Malachi Gallegos Frank Gauntt Radena Georgieva Doug Gle

Peter Goers Shane Goldwood Sara Gortsema Kelly Gould

i Paulette Greenfield Jill Gronowski Greg Gruizenga Kata Gurski

Carl Haan Scott Hall Teresa Hamilton Tim Hamilton

Tara Harbison Ryan Harmsen Renee Harris Robert Harrison

JUNIORS Sarah Harrison Heather Haveman Jeff Hazard Josh Hegg


Lisa Helder Heather Helmus Laura Hendrix Jamie Henson

Heather Hilbelink Gretchen Hirschy Bart Hisgen Jenifer Hodge

Terri Hoekstra Patricia Hoff Chris Hofland Lisa Hofman

Jenner Hogan Megan Holden Dirk Hollebeek Matt Hollebeek

Tarni Holleman Ben Holmes Jennifer Holwerda Meredith Hudson


CLASS OF 1995 Rich Hui Jennifer Humm Kristi Inman Marnie Ivan

Ventzislav Ivanov Heather Jacobsen Michelle Johnson Jennifer Jung

Christine Kaiser Jamie Kalmbaugh Lisa Kamphuis Reginald Kapteyn

Kelly Karmes Joel Keas Margaret Kelly Stephanie Kimble

Stephen Knoll Cheryl Kolk Katina Konkol Michael Kooistra

Jason Kooyer Deborah Kramer Cheryl Kreinbring Jeanne Kuhajek

JUNIORS Mark Kuiper Rhonda Kuiper Mary Lane Cara Langeland

Heidi Lantz Jennifer Larson David Lawson Donna Levy

Joshua Levy Kari Liljehom Becky Linder Russell Lundberg

• people

CLASS OF 1995 Nicki Mannes Patrick Marino Philip Martin Michael Matison

Mark Maxson Scott McDougall Jodie McGee Kim McGraw

Matt McLough Lisa Meengs Amy Merkel Julie Meyer

Rachel Meyer Season Michalowski Brandy Middleton Amy Miller

Michael Miller Michelle Miller Robert Miller Scott Modisher

Craig Monette Don Moore Marina Moschos Shannon Moses

p e o p l e • 77

JUNIORS Kay Mumby Sara Murphy Amy Murray Wendy Murray

Melanie Myers Melissa Neckers Kathryn Nicholas Jason Nicols

Kevin Nienhuis Jeffrey Norder Louis Nykamp Carrie ODowd

Stefanie Oatis Kristi Oppenhuizen Shelly Ortell Tom Osbom

Krista Ostema Dawn Overbeek Carrilyn Pavwoski Katie Pendergast

Ryan Peters Julie Petros Laurel Pierce Karen Poore

CLASS OF 1995 Alyssa Postmus Jill Pusifull Lana Ravesloot Amy Reed

\^w j)'

! Karen Reimink Elizabeth Reynolds Blake Richards Ryan Robison

Rebecca Rolewicz Ryan Rooks Brian Rosenau Amy Rossio

Brandi Russell Jennifer Sakala Scott Sawicki Jennifer Schaefer


Doug Schlaff Kathy Schoon Rebecca Schuham Karen Sepura

Heather Shank Greg Sharp Alesha Shook Bart Shrode

JUNIORS Joanne Sill Amy Simon Michelle Skale Heather Skoien

mwtm Amy Smit Logan Southfield Stephanie Spurway Melissa Stephenson

Mary Sullivan Scott Swartz Kristen Swope Kristen Sytsma

\ -

Wesley Taba Angela Taylor Kent Taylor Sara TerBeek

Craig Terpstra Karen Thomas Michelle Torsky Steve Triemstra

John Trout Jennifer Ueltzen Kristin Underhill Christin VanWyk


CLASS OF 1995 Heather VanDeHoef Stephen Vandenberg Kara VanderKamp Jennifer VanderMeer


Todd VanderVeen Joanne Vangenderen Leigh Vantatenhove Cory VanTil

Jill VanVossen Brian Vanzanten Jeff Vedders Leah Vis

Stacey Vlierstra Amy Volkers John Walsh Heather Walters

Marcus Wasilevich Nicole Weerstra Stacy Weiden Stacy Werkman

Benjamin West Mark Westerbeek Amy White Deena Wicklund

JUNIORS Rob Wiesenthal Jennifer Wilhelm Tom Wilkins Kirsten Windfuhr

Christopher Wirth Jennifer Witmer Russ Woodwyk Amy Woolman

Michael Yantis Heather Zoutendam


00 wwv Brad Prince keeps a strong hold of security at this years Casino Night, dressed as a mobster.

SOPHOMORES Meg Abfall Dan Acker Kimberly Acker Stephanie Adams

Eric Almli Olga Ananina Kelly Anderson Heidi Aronson

Rita Assink Alexander Aumaugher Hanan Awwad Derek Babin

Bryan Brainbridge Laura Baker Cammie Bangert Anna Bamett

Wayne Barrett Jason Bays Sara Beaver Peter Beckman

Curtis Beekman Sarah Beemer Bryce Bergethon Sara Beyerl


CLASS OF 1996 Jennifer Black Joy Black Julie Blair Kristin Bode

Jeremy Boersma Chad Bolema Christine Bolks Tom Bonnema

Duane Bosma Melissa Bowers Sara Boyd Matt Bpirdo

Becky Brant Sarah Brass Katherine Breclaw Shannon Brinkman

Jonathan Brockmeier Jennifer Brooks Jeff Brown Christa Brown

Darrick Brown Nicci Buikema Jennifer Bullard Melinda Bums

SOPHOMORES Travis Buth Kenny Byard Karen Cabansag Debbie Campbell

Cynthia Canavera Jami Carboneau Jeff Carlson Erik Carpenter

L ' / ^ Katheryn Carpenter Wendy Carroll Tamara Case Elizabeth Cathey

Nik Chamiel Danielle Charlton David Chamin Esther Chonowski

Missi Clemens Heather Collins Margaret Conklin Colin Connaire

Ryan Cook Carolyn Cooke Kathleen Corcoran Jill Cornell

86 • p e o p l e


CLASS OF 1996 Adam Couturier Jason Cox Rachel Cox Andy Crocker

Kevin Dahlman Annette Daniels Jacquelyn Davis Sean Davis

Erin Davison Valerie De Rod Sarah De Young Chanel Dean

Sophomores Capture the 1993 Nykerk Cup !!! Congratulations to all who participated. PEOPLE • 8 7

SOPHOMORES Tracie Deboer Rachel Decker Kelli Dehaan Susan Dennison

Doreen Denniston Kelly Dermody Kyle Deyoung Elizabeth Dickinson

Jason Dillabough Nicholas Dimmick Jennifer Dobosz Kara Doezema

Kristen Douglass Steve Dunn Greta Dykstra Amy Ebright

Kim Ebright Robin Ebright Hatti Eckelbarger Steve Eicher

Erik Eldred Kelly Elenbaas Cara Engelsma Amy Eshleman

CLASS OF 1996 Susan Essenburgh David Evans Sandra Federico Brad Feenstra

Kathleen Fent Pam Fessenden Sarah Fine Daniel Fishcer

Vicki Folta Jennifer Forbes Lisa Franklin Micki Frens

Aaron Frey Tyson Friday Ron Friel Chandler Fritz

Anne Frontjes Zac Gallehos Lorraine Gardner Matt Garvelink

Cameron Gatrell Rochelle Gauthier Ted Geerdink Renae Geerlings

SOPHOMORES Sara Gemmen Sarah Geoghan Mary Gergely Kristin Geurink

Clayton Gibson Carlos Gomez Karen Graham Amy Grasman


Bethany Graves Monica Green Chris Greiman Becky Grui/.enga

Kathryn Guy Jason Hall Letlia Harnish Andrea Hartman

Angela Hartman Ryan Harvey Amy Haverdink Emily Haviland

Malia llavlicek Christopher 1 lealon Rebecca Heneveld Marc Hes

*)() • P E O P L K


CLASS OF 1996 Keith Himebaugh Jennifer Hoeksema Jodi Hoekstra Rebecca Hoekstra

Sarah Hoekstra Tara Hoekwater Beth Hoezee Beth Hoezee

Tim Holwerda Peter Hoijus John Housenger Kristen Hoving


Congratulations to the 1996 Pull Team on their second consecutive win on the Black River! i

J PEOPLE • 9 1

SOPHOMORES Todd Hoyer Alana Hull Jon Hultgren Beth Idema

Melissa Imtnink Sarah Janke Meg Johnston Jennifer Jones

Rachel Karpanty Jennie Katterheinrich Michael Kaufman Michelle Kavanaugh

Catherine Keich Katherine Ketchum Tim Kimock Joe King

Teresa Kirkland Danelle Klaasen Juliane Klopp Joe Kolk

Kevin Kooiker Mereith Kooyer Brian Kostus Christine Krueger

CLASS OF 1996 Rebecca Kuebler Trenton Kuhtz Peter Kurdziel David Lahuis

Elizabeth Lamberts Nicole Lambrides Nicole Lamkey John Lawler

Janie Lay Lisa Lee Matt Lenger Scott Lindquist

Melissa Loeks Travis Long Ann Looman Andy Lorenz

Anne Lucas Debra Lumm Shelly Luyers Amy Lyng

Steve Maher Grace Manzella Richard Naples Steve Marso

SOPHOMORES Jonathan Martinek Ben Marty lan McDowell Sarah McClure

William McGovem Mary McQuinn Ismaria Medel Kristie Meendering

Steven Meeuwsen Debbie Meiste Tracy Menken Gail Messing


CLASS OF 1996 Heidi Mickelson Beth Mihocko Cathy Miller Judith Miller


Jens Milobinski Sara Minnaar Amy Moeckel Teresa Mogdics

Michelle Mojzak Jackie Mol Jeremy Monty Wendy Moore


Fatin Muhawi Elizabeth Nelson Russell Nelson David Nicholson

Jennifer Nilsen Shannon Niven Kimberly Nolan Joe Novak

Chad Nykamp Keith Nykamp Russ Nykamp Kari Nysse

p e o p l e • 95

SOPHOMORES Melissa OConner Meghan Oberly Jeff Oegema Karen Oosterhouse

Colleen Ortwine Christine Osborn Amy Otis Kay Otto

Valerie Pacheco Jennifer Palma Mollis Pangle Shannon Panszi

"Parker" Aaron Tara Pearson Laura Pechta Elise Penna

Carolyn Perry Jeff Pestun Steve Petroelje Mimi Phan

Laurel Phillips Andrew Pierce Joel Plantinga Jennifer Plummer

CLASS OF 1996 Thomas Poole Carolee Porter Marcus Posthumus Robbyn Prange


Brad Prince Marea Prince Mark Proff Sarah Prostak

Heather Prough Shari Rau Mark Rautiola Kelley Raymond

Susan Reeves Deana Renick Nancy Reus Leslie Ritton

Renae Robison Amand Rodriquez Rebecca Rodriquez Tim Rohr

Scott Rookus Paul Rosenbrook Lisa Ross Vicki Rottier

SOPHOMORES Shannon Ruckert Phillip Runyon Jodi Schamback Anne Scheiber

Carla Scherpenisse Heidi Schilder Valerie Schletter Tim Schoonveld

Lisa Schrock Holly Schroeter Chad Schuitema Toby Schuler

L Amy Schutter Michael See Amy Seiberl Kristin Seid

Sion Severin Mary Shenton Holly Sherwood Alison Shields

Bryan Showers Kirsten Singer Micah Sjoblom Dana Smith

9 8 • PEOPLE

CLASS OF 1996 Eric Smith Lynn Smith Mark Smith Jason Sommer

Diane StJohn Shawn Steiner Aimee Sterk Christa Stem

Djohariah Stevens Angela Strey Sara Stull Laura Sturmfels

p e o p l e • 99

SOPHOMORES Aaron Tecroney Steve Tenckinck Jennifer Thomas Larry Thompson

Beth Thorrez Kara Thuemmel Kristina Thuemmel Stephanie Toering

Jennifer Tolmer Heidi Trantow Amy Troendly Naomi Tsukamoto

Chris Udell Laurie Uecker Kevin Valdes Andy VanDam

Rebecca VanDyke Jeremy VanEk Kimberly VanOstran Sara Vanantwerp

Christine Vandebunte Scott Vanderbeek Shannon Vanderspool Brian Vanderwege

CLASS OF 1996 Sara Vanputten Heidi Vanwieren Munish Vasisht Erika Vennie

Kristin Vink Toni Visser Katherine Vlasica Cynthia Voorhees

Karsten Voskuil Aaron Walk Dan Watson Jennifer Weaver

Rachel Webb Cara Weckwert Amity Weeldreyer Dairy 1 Wegner

Janel Wehmer Julie Weiss Molly West Jennifer Whitesell

Christa Wierks Brent Williams Les Williamson Marni Wong

SOPHOMORES Robin Wooten Janay Worrameester Amy Wright Michelle Werkman

Fath Yen Sarah Young Anna Zawadzka Cynthia Zirbel

Anthony Zorc Keith Zoulek Steve Beukema

Sophomore Class of 1996 One of the biggest that Hope College has ever seen! 102 • p e o p l e


A i

Many new students quickly found fun in Hope College annual traditions such as Spring Fling.


FRESHMEN Robert Abbott Jalan Abdelwahab Afshin Afarin Thomas AkJand


n Jennifer Alexander Kerry Allee Chris Allen Amy Allison

Danielle Anderson Melissa Anderson Robert Andretz Colleen Antvelink

Heather Blair Daniel Bannink Matthew Barton Jami Becksvoort

Mary Belanger Melissa Berenda Chad Betz Nina Bieliauskas

Rachel Bleha Lisa Bos Mican Botke Joanna Bowman


* v jPV .

CLASS OF 1997 Sara Bremer Heather Brown Matt Brown Jason Bucata

Nathanael Buckley Cindy Buottopane Kristin Burke Mark Byland

Jason Campbell Matt CanTrudy Cavanaugh Erin Chatelain

Michael Chesser Hasan Choudhry Audrey Coates Matthew Coleman

Bridget Cotwell William Conway Rebecca Cook Mike Cranmer

Lauren Crawley Marka Cross Dan Cwik

FRESHMEN Seth Dale Scott DeKuiper Rebecca Denison Debra DeVries

Chris DeYoung Kimberly Dieleman Matt Dietsche Heather Dillabough

Sarah Dingerson Mimi Do Thien Di Do Angelina Doan

Jeremy Dobos Robert Doering Jason Doublestein Janet Doughty

Lloyd Dunlap Cristie Dykema Allison Etheridge Katherine Pansier

David Felkdmeier Michael Fish Nicole Flinn Rebecca Flory

106 • p e o p l e


CLASS OF 1997 Amanda Flowers Dan Foster Aaron Frank Tiffini Friday

Joe Fritsch Sheryl Gabriel Peter Ganeff Gina Garton

Chip George Allison Gerds Kelly Gilroy Amy Goorhouse

p e o p l e • 107

FRESHMEN Patience Graybill Marissa Greydanus Justin Grochoski Brooke Groendyke

Anya Gurski Denise Habedank Lydia Hadden Dan Hansen

Melissa Harriger Julie Harris Nicole Hauck Marika Hawes

Brandon Hayashi Scott Hazatd Tim Hickey Kacey Hilbelink

Amanda Hill Amy Hinderer Kimberly Hinze Jacob Hoeksema

Natasha Hoekstra Nathan Hoekzema Cynthia Hofland Jeff Holwerda



CLASS OF 1997 Dana Homer Annette Horton Aubrey Howe Amy Hyatt

Jodi James Kelly Jansen Amy Jarchow Dana Jensen

Zach Johnson Stephanie Kaper Brett Karis Mami Kato

Sara Keeler Laurie Keisling Donald Keller Theppanya Keolasy

I Kim Kidder Dawn Kleinheksel Kirsten Knodt Karen Kowal


Kiersten Krause Jennifer Krbez Shaylynn Kriger Jennifer Krueger


FRESHMEN Katherine Kruse Jill Kurtz Jocelyn Kwiatkowski Laurie Lange

Matthew Lappenga Kalene Larr Bradley Laskowski Valerie Lasorsa

Jason Law Sarah Lepard Peter Liechty Laura Listenberger

Evan Llewellyn Susan Looman Nick Lopresti Rebecca Lucas

Anna Lull Danielle Machan Jennifer Mancini Laura Mannery

Gregory Martin Stacey Masterson Marie Matchett Hollie Maxfield


CLASS OF 1997 2


Leah McAlpine Dave McDonald Jodi McFarland Brian McNamara

Mark Mealey Monica Mellen Keri Mendoza Lisa Metzger


Amy Meyers Laura Mihailoff Indy Miller Stephanie Miller

Julie Moes Michele Moline Kerry Montgomery Megan Montgomery

Meg Morgan Jill Mulder Megan Mulder Tyler Murphy

Ryan Nace Mona Nasir Joel Nemes Angie Nemeth

FRESHMEN Holly Netzloff Arin Neucks Sarah Northrup Dan Oderkirk

Rebecca Olds Kristen Oostveen John Mark Ouderskuys Elizabeth Owens


i siwi

Josh Owens Heather Ozinga Ann Paeth Greg Paplawsky

Heather Papanek Alex Parker Danielle Parker Julie Pamacott

Rebecca Partenheimer Sally Pavlik Ryan Pazdur Holly Pelon

Roy Pereira Beth Perry Meghan Perry Jennifer Peterson

CLASS OF 1997 Jennifer Petscher Heidi Pfau Jennifer Pihlaja Stephanie Pizzo

Jim Polak Shannon Polk Jonathan Pott Lee Posthumus

Susan Pozzanghera Nicole Pryor P. Ratdavong Jean Marie Redente

Kathy Reese Jon Reeves Michelle Rhoades Jim Riekse

Sarah Ringold Doug Roberts Jacob Roesch Nicole Rottenberg

Derek Rowe Jason Rubel Josh Ruhrup Gretchen Rumohr

FRESHMEN Steve Sanders Emily Schmidt JD Schreuder Amanda Schuld

Acacia Schut Maria Seaman Shannon See Eric Seiler

Eric Sevensma Rebecca Shearer Amanda Sheehan Brooke Sherrod

1 1 4 • PEOPLE

CLASS OF 1997 Karyl Shinabarger Ashley Singer Ntsiki Sisulu Nicholas Slager


Aaron Smith Ami Smith Elizabeth Smith Sarah Smith

f Tyler Smith Bekki Spencer Michael Spradling Katie Stanger

Trevor Stames Becky Stephens Elizabeth Sterner Sufjan Stevens

Wendy Stimer Michael Struck Rich Sturmfels Daniel Styf

Timothy Su Karen Sugden Ryan Sullivan Steven Sundbeck

PEOPLE • 1 1 5

FRESHMEN Robert Taylor Rochelle Tedesco Melissa Thiel James Thomas

Megan Thompson Lisa Timmer Stephen Tobias Charlene Tyke

George Urban Marc VanSoest Derek Vanderheide Brent Vanderkolk

Ryan Vanderzwart Matthew VanDyke Andrew Vaneden Tyler VanLonkhuyzen

James VanNoord Vicki VanWagnen Andrea Vega Gary Veldhof

Tom Verbeek Kathleen Vos Ross Vrieze Shane Wagner


CLASS OF 1997 Justin Wainwright Derek Walvoord Courtney Ward Kent Wattle worth

Valerie Webb Olivia Welch Stephen Welsh Sarah Wentzloff

Mindy White Corini Widi Sarah Wilson Brian Wolthuis

Kristie Wolven Mindy Woolard Phung Yam Dan Young

Jason Young Drew Ysseldyke Brenna Zesiger Derk Zwart

Julie Zwieslerr


Hope College Residence Life and Housing...

R e s i d e n c e Hall R A ' s f o r the 1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 4 a c a d e m i c year. T h a n k You!


the places you will go!

V-* TV<* r

$ ..'i


h e O f f i c e of H o u s i n g a n d R e s i d e n t i a l L i f e is t h e d e p a r t m e n t o n c a m p u s that e m p l o y s a n d e m p o w e r s 120 R e s i d e n t

A s s i s t a n t s , 5 S t u d e n t R e s i d e n t D i r e c t o r s , a n d 13 R e s i d e n t D i r e c t o r s . T h e D e p a r t m e n t o p e r a t e s out of the S u d e n t D e v e l o p m e n t O f f i c e , a n d is s u p e r v i s e d by an A s s o c i a t e a n d a D i r e c t o r . D e r e k E m e r s o n is t h e A s s o c i a t e D i r e c t o r , a n d J u l i e G o e b e l b e c a m e t h e D i r e c t o r s t a r t i n g in J a n u a r y 1994. S u e F r o s t , t h e C o o r d i n a t o r of G r e e k L i f e , s u p e r v i s e d the p r o g r a m d u r i n g fall s e m e s t e r in t h e D i r e c t o r ' s a b s e n c e . T h e e n t i r e R e s i d e n c e L i f e staff starts o f f t h e y e a r w i t h an a c t i o n - p a c k e d w e e k of f o r m a l t r a i n i n g . T h i s is a n s o p p o r t u nity f o r R A ' s t o l e a r n a b o u t c r i s e s c o u n s e l i n g , c o n f l i c t m e d i a t i o n , p r o g r a m p l a n n i n g , c o n f r o n t a t i o n skills, a n d " b o n d " w i t h o t h e r s t a f f m e m b e r s ! F u n t i m e s are c a r r i e d into t h e r e m a i n d e r of t h e s c h o o l y e a r d u r i n g w e e k l y staff m e e t i n g s , inservice presentations, c o m m i t t e e meetings, or "had-to-be-there" stories a m o n g individual staffs! B e i n g an R A at H o p e C o l l e g e is a u n i q u e a n d c h a l l e n g i n g e x p e r i e n c e f o r s e v e r a q l r e a s o n s . N o t o n l y d o e s the e x p e r i e n c e o f f e r t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to b e a p o s i t i v e i n f l u e n c e in o t h e r ' s l o v e s , but it o f t e n b e c o m e s a p e r s o n a l c h a l l e n g e . A l i s o n S h i e l d s , an R A in D y k s t r a Hall d u r i n g the 1 9 9 3 - 9 4 s c h o o l year, said that it's "an o p p o r t u n i t y f o r l e a d e r s h i p g r o w t h . . . n o t o n l y d o y o u r e c e i v e s u p p o r t , but y o u c a n g i v e it!" W e n d y S t u r r u s , in h e r s e c o n d y e a r as the R D in P h e l p s Hall s a y s the she "enjoys t h e interaction w i t h s t u d e n t s that this p o s i t i o n p r o v i d e s " . H a t s off the the m e m b e r s of t h e 1 9 9 3 - 9 4 R e s i d e n c e L i f e " t e a m " !




m i

Janet Anderson Assistant Professor of Math

Marc Baer Professor of History

Anne Bakker-Gras Director of Student Activities

Christopher Barney Professor of Biology

Jeffrey Bartz. Pew Scholar in Chemistry

Harvey Blankespoor Professor of Biology

Rodney Boyer Professor of Chemistry

Alice Briggs Assistant Prof of Nursing

Irwin Brink Professor of Chemistry

Baars Bultman Assistant Professor of Education

Maria Burnatowska-Hledin Assistant Prof of Biology and Chem

Mike Butterworth

Gary Camp Director of Admissions

Susan Cherup Professor of Education

Faye Christenberry Librarian/Assistant Professor

Joan Conway Professor of Music

John Cox Profesor of English/IDS

Colleen Conway Librarian/Tech Services

Brian Coyle Assistant Professor of Music

Donald Cronkite Professor of Biology

Sander DeHaan Associate Professor of German

Andrew Dell'Olio Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Mary De Young Assistant Professor of Math

Robert DeYoung

Donna Eaton Ass't Prof of Physical Education

Janet Everts Assistant Professor of Religion

Jane Dickie Prof of Psych/Dir.Women's


Julie Fiedler Assistant Professor of English

Bobby Fong Dean of Arts and Humanities

Lee Forester Assistant Professor of German

Richard Frost Dean of Students

Dan Gerbens Assistant Professor of Biology

Peter Gonthier Associate Professor of Physics

Jacqueline Heisler Director of ASC

Stephen Hemenway Professor of English

Edward Hansen Associate Professor of Geology

Lynne Hendrix A set. Prof of Business Administration

Bruce Himebaugh Director of Human Resources

Jon Huisken Dean of Academic Services

Charles Huttar Professor of English

Kelly Jacobsma Head Librarian

Lorna Jarvis Assistant Professor of Psychology

Mary Jellema Assistant Professor of English

Peter Jolivette Professor of Physics

Margaret Kasimatis Assistant Professor of Psychology

Frank Kraai Education

Kevin Kraay Assistant Business Manager

Huw Lewis Associate Professor of Music

II Jeanne Lindell Counselor

Thomas Ludwig Professor of Psychology

Donald Luidens Professor of Sociology

\ Joseph MacDoniels Professor of Communication

Carol Mahsun Assoc. Professor of Art History

Greg May bury Dir. of Information Systems

Bill Mayer Associate Professor of Art

Barbara Mezeske Assistant Professor of English

Richard Mezeske Assistant Professor of Education

j K |

James Mo tiff Professor of Psychology

David Myers Professor of Psychology

Judith Motiff Professor of French

Phillip Munoa Associate Professor of Religion

Roger Nemeth Associate Professor of Biology

Nancy Nicodemus Professor of English

Jacob Nyenhuis Provost

Greg Olgers Ass't Dir. for College Advancement

Robert Palma Professor of Religion

Ben Patterson Dean of Chapel

Graham Peaslee

Timothy Pennings Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Larry Penrose Associate Professor of History

William Polik Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Lynne Powe Ass't Dir. for Alumni Relations

Dennis Renner Assoc. Professor of Communication

Thomas Renner Director of Public Relations

Maura Reynolds Dir. Academic Advising/Prof of Latin

William Reynolds Professor of English

Jack Ridl Professor of English

Robert Ritsema Professor of Music

Andrew Santangelo Assistant Professor of Physics

Peter Schakel Professor of English

Darell Schregardus Director of Counseling

- -

Frank Sherburne Professor of Math

Ronald Shoemanker

Gloria Slaughter Librarian

Stein Slette Instructor of PE and Athletics

Marcia Smit

Neal Sobania Associate Professor of History

Todd Steen Assistant Professor of Economics

Joanne Stewart Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Linda Strouf Music/IDS


Steve Taylor Professor of Chemistry

Cotter Tharin Professor of Chemistry

Amy Thompson Assistant Professor of Geology

Rita VanderMeer

Richard VanderVelde Professor of Mathematics

Paul VanFaasen Professor of Biology

Gerard Van He est Chaplain

John Vanlwaarden Professor of Math

Deb Sturtevant Professor of Sociology/Social


James Van Putt en Professor of Physics

Yolanda Vega Dir. of Multi-Cultural Life Steve

Hubert We Her Professor of Spanish

Leslie Wessman Associate Professor of Education

Donald Williams Professor of Chemistry

Karla Walters Associate Professor of PE & Athletics

m Ron Wolthuis Associate Professor of Education

David Zomer

Dave Zwart Associate Professor of Education


R. Dirk J e l l e m a , a m e m b e r of the H o p e C o l l e g e E n g l i s h f a c u l t y s i n c e 1964, died this past D e c e m b e r f o l l o w i n g a long battle with cancer. He will be greatly m i s s e d .


•••in •

i J

Four m e m b e r s of the H o p e f a c u l t y retired at the c l o s e of the a c a d e m i c year, f o l l o w i n g m o r e than 106 y e a r s of c o m b i n e d service. P i c t u r e d are Rev. G e r a r d V a n H e e s t , c h a p l a i n ; Dr. R o b e r t P a l m a , p r o f e s s o r of religion; Dr. Daniel Paul, p r o f e s s o r of e d u c a t i o n ; a n d F r a n k C. S h e r b u r n e Jr., p r o f e s s o r of m a t h e m a t i c s .

Congratulations to Hersilia Alvarez-Ruf!

P o s i n g f o r a picture a f t e r the c e r e m o n y on April 28th is K a t r i n a P a r m a l e e , P r o f e s s o r A l v a r e z - R u t , and Allison Clay. Clay and P a r m a l e e p r e s e n t e d the a w a r d as c o - p r e s i d e n t s of the 1994 M o r t a r B o a r d .



Hersilia Alvarez-Ruf was presented the 30th annual "Hope Outstanding Professor Educator" (H.O.P.E.) award by the 1994 Hope College graduating class. Alvarez-Ruf, an associate professor of Spanish, was honored during the college's annual Honors Convocation, held in Dimnent Memorial Chapel. The award was first given in 1965, is presented by the graduating class to the professor who they feel epitomizes the best qualities of the Hope College educator. Professor Alvarez-Ruf is a very popular professor of Spanish. She has done an excellent job educating the students of Hope's community, and is held with very high esteem by her students.


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P i o n e e r of


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>f the Reformed Ch rch in A a c n c i . The ichoot ewhed into ih c , m • aS g • 5h * * "<1 II H K tin " «

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•• A


Delphi's raid their mother's closets for a Disco Inferno Datenight during the fall semester.

3O n Arcadian ON


• pm


• i u 4 r ^ ' .


^ Centurian On

T h e C e n t s took 1st Place in the g r o u p c a t a g o r y with their version of the p o p u lar N y l o n s song, "Silouette". Pictured are D o u g S a w a n s o n , Jon Brink, Scott Sawicki, Mike K a u f m a n , Scott VanderBeek. Fred Vance, and Matt Rapp.

Meet "Bertha", sporting her B u f f a l o W i n g attire. B e r t h a w a s the m a s c o t for the Centurian r u s h i n g e v e n t s this year.

T h e 1993-1994 Centurian Fraternity posed for a q u i c k pic in front of their house.

A g a i n in 1994, the m e n of the C o s m o p o l i t a n Fraternity c o n t i n u e d the 104 y e a r tradition of friendship, p r o g r e s s and truth: phi... kappa... alpha. We h a v e but o n e goal... to strengthen our b o n d s of b r o t h e r h o o d by looking inward t o w a r d s o u r s e l v e s while, at the s a m e time, focusing o u t w a r d t o w a r d the H o p e and Holland c o m m u n i t y . This was a c c o m p l i s h e d through a variety of e v e n t s such as H o m e c o m i n g , f o r m a l s , rush, p l e d g i n g , c o m m u n i t y s e r v i c e projects, o p e n and closed parties, b u s i n e s s m e e t i n g s , literary m e e t i n g s , a hay ride, and c a n o e trips, to n a m e just a few. C o s m o s are a select breed of individuals w h o strive for unity through diversity. With C o s m o p o l i t a n , it is truly possible to be an individual while being an essential part of a living, l o v i n g c o m m u n i t y in w h i c h an e x t r e m e l y intense brotherhood unfolds. -DH

Cosmopolitan Q\


I Larry T h o m p s o n , Dirk H o l l e b e e k , R y a n D e K o r t e , D e r e k Vander Heide, Ed Lole, Jeff W e s s e l h o f f , Kris Ritton, Kirk B r e u k i n k , Scott N y m a n , Jeff H o l l e n b a c h , Jason Sefcik, Nate H o e k z e m a , Dan Kleinheksel, C h r i s Collins, Pete Payette, Matt H o e k z e m a . N i c k Vander Borgh, D r e w L u m m , Paul Collins, Ryan St. John, Kraig Kloostra, Marc Hes, Mike Kooistra, Dan Potter, Jeff Berens, Brett Baer, O m a r Pastigo, L e s Ritton, Chris Foster, Eric S e v e n s m a , Chris Bast, Nate Van D y k e n , Mark Christinidis, D r e w Storer, R o b Gillespie, Tony Zorc, Jason Esia, Luis L e g u i z a m o n , Josh Kooistra, Joel Brandt, Chris Van T i m m e r e n , Eric S k o i e n , Ryan C o o k , D e n n i s R i e t m a n , Rick Cross, J e r e m y Beard, Chris Bishop, Jeff Clark, Eric D e t t m a n , Jason DeVries, J a s o n D o u b l e s t e i n , Jud E l d r e d g e , Eric E m i g , Ethan Hall, Brian Kriekard, Brian Ray, Jake S a n d e r s , J o h n Siebers, Matt VerBaan, Josh Vogel, D r e w Y s s e l d y k e .



Emersonian On

T h e r e is an e n c h a n t m e n t w i t h o u t sorcery, a c h a r m without m a g i c , a fascination without w i t c h c r a f t . It is the e n c h a n t m e n t of love, the c h a r m of honor, the fascination of success. T h e e m b o d i m e n t of these three has been the chereished ideal of the E m e r s o n i a n . S e v e n t y - f o u r years of sunshine and storm have left us u n h a r m e d , established on a firm f o u n d a t i o n , although in places we have b e e n worn d o w n to our a d v a n t a g e . W e have learned s o m e lessons, mastered s o m e principles and w o n s o m e victories w h i c h will keep our f a c e s t o w a r d s the sunrise. We believe the spirit of individuality will hold us together as one. T h e E m e r s o n i a n will o v e r c o m e lifes infinite obstructions, and a c h i e v e his goal — to live life to its fullest, letting nothing get in the way of his d r e a m s .

M e m b e r s of the 1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 4 E m e r s o n i a n Fraternity: Robert "Bart" Shapley, Keith C o o p e r , T o m Wilkins, Rich Kesteloot, Richard C r u m b l e , D a v i d M i h , Jason M i l a n . Pete S u m i n s k i , J a s o n C o x , Brad Stengenga, M i k e Weiss, Chi Le, Pete Field, Jason Hall. H . A . W . K . . D o m i n i c Reister. Brad Feenstra, Jason Gibbs, Tom B e l l m a n , Nick Ward, Scott Hice, M i k e Yared, Scott Hall, Todd TerAvesl, Phil M a r t i n . C a m Gatrell. Jason G r i m m , Ralph Waldo, Kent Wattleworth. Brian Krull, F l o u n d e r and Derek Babin.



3O n Fraternal On




^ Alpha Gamma o n Phi THE RIVER - M o n i c a L. G r e e n

The river, strong and fast My friends, my sisters, me sitting on the bank, staring at the water looking for our hook in life. Laughter fills the air A toast for us Our dreams, our fears, our love. How can I explain the beauty of our smiles that day? The tenderness of our sharing, our talks in the sun and by moonlight. The river tells the story of my life It moves so fast, as does time. The blue water is so beautiful It holds my joys, but sometimes I cannot see the bottom - the dark murky water holds my fears. But you are always there. My sisters - holding my hand looking at the river - walking through life - together.

A l p h a G a m m a Phi Actives 1993-1994: B e a n d i c e Benedict, J e n n i f e r G i l m o r e , Kristine J a c k s o n , D a w n M u r d o c k , Sara Beaver, Katy Carpenter, Melissa C o o p e r , Lisa Lee, M o n i c a M a n n i n g , G i n a Miller, S a r a M i n n a a r , J u l i e Parker, J e n n i f e r S c h a e f e r , G i n a S m i e s , S a r a Young, Steph A d a m s , Sarah Boyd, Missi C l e m e n s , J e s s e G u e s t , Jill Kurtz, Heidi Mickelson, J e n n i f e r Nilsen, Sara Prostak, Jean Marie Redente. Beth Thorrez and Robin Wagner.



T h e Delta Phi sorority has had an exciting and productive year. A l o n g with winter and spring f o r m a l s , retreats and c a m p u s activities, w e h a v e b e e n busy with w o r k projects and service projects. We started off the year w o r k i n g at the annual Fish and G a m e C l u b f u n d r a i s e r and j o i n i n g the C o s m o s to h e l p m o v e the Salvation A r m y H e a d q u a r t e r s t o its n e w h o m e . T h e Del Phi w o m e n are a l w a y s involved in m a n y

Delta Phi ON

activities - on and off c a m p u s . Tradition is very important to the Delphi's. U n d e r the a d v i s o r s h i p of B a r b O s b u r n , they continue their e x c e l l a n c e in fostering f r i e n d s h i p s , establishing unity and p r o v i d i n g an opportunity f o r the cultural and social d e v e l o p m e n t of its m e m b e r s . T h e Delta P h i sorority celebrstes its 84th year with the belief that " F r i e n d s h i p is a horizon


7 7 r

w h i c h e x p a n d s w h e n we a p p r o a c h it."


i- . *'

K i m Benninger, Katie Wildes, M e l i s s a M o r o z , B a r b W o o d r u f f , Christa Haas, J a c q u e l i n e D o m k o w s k i , Erin Jungslager, B r e c k e n G r o e n d y k e , S o n j a Langlois, Bridget Crotty, Lexi Tabor. Gail Gold Kim V a n N o o r d , G w e n Snyder, A m y M i e d e m a , Laura R o e l o f s , Sarah L e i g h t o n , Jan L o o m a n , Katie Kolean. J e n n i f e r S c h i m m e l , S u m m e r Stetfen, Julie M a n n , A m y Smit, Kristcn Sytsma. ar I H a r b i s o n , Kara D o e z e m a , Kathryn Guy, Jill Pursifull, A m y Volkers, Kari Essex, A n g i e H e y n s , Lisa B e e r n i n k , B r a n d y M i d d l e t o n , C i n d y Rottschafer, Sarah Birch, Kathy Mixer, Laura Morrison T o n y a M a n n , Carrie O ' D o w d , Melissa E n g e l , A m y A n t r i m , Karen C a b a n s a g , Sarah Janke, Joy Black, D j o h a r i a h Stevens, Carrie Stadt, Elizabeth L a m b e r t s , Marlaina Parsons, Rita Assink. at I Nienhuis, Tara A c k e r m a n , M e g a n Arnold, Colleen Antvelink, C a m m i e Bangert, Nina Bieliauskas, Allison Etheridge, M e l i n d a R a t d a v o n g , K a r e n S u g d u n , M e g a n Mulder, M a r y M c G i n n , Cam' Blanchard, M i m i Do, Beth H o e z e e , Nicole Pryor, S a r a G e m m e n , A n g e l a J e n n i n g s , R a c h e l Decker, O r t e n c i a Ruiz, A m a n d a Schuld, B r o o k e G r o e n d y k e , Betsy VanFassen, L a u r e n O Dow . r ' 1 1 Chatelain, Jenny Krueger, Jorita R e s a l e s .



^ Kappa Beta Phi o\

K a p p a Beta Phi is an organization that fosters friendship, individual g r o w t h and leadership a m o n g its m e m b e r s . T h e Dorian m o t t o is "Simplicity of Manner, Strength of Purpose, and Beauty of Character." T h e sorority cherishes the strength, creativity and individuality of e a c h m e m b e r and supports e v e r y o n e ' s natural talents and abilities. T h e D o r i a n s are involved in a w i d e r a n g e of c a m p u s and c o m m u n i t y activities as well. T h r o u g h friendship, fellowship, and f u n - KBI strives to e n h a n c e the H o p e C o l l e g e experience. T h e 1993-94 school year was o n e of spirit, f u n and a c c o m p l i s h m e n t for KBI. M o r e than 6 0 A l u m n a e attended the H o m e c o m i n g b r u n c h , the largest turnout since their r e f o u n d i n g in 1988. In addition to f o r m a l s , date nights and m a n y social events with other greek organizations, the D o r i a n s participated in g r o u p retreats, literary meetings and mision projects. T h e sisterhood of K a p p a Beta Phi looks f o r w a r d to continued growth and achievem e n t for m a n y years to c o m e .

1993-94 M e m b e r s : Holly A n d r e s e n , A m y B r o w n , M a r y Cline, Vicki G o e m a n , Jill Jepsen, Karin Knauss, Ali Kooistra, Liz Pither, Sarah Reedy. Rachel Stauffer, Jodi S w o p e , Stacy Tucker Heather VanLangevelde, M o n i c a A c k e r s o n , Heidi Apol, A m y Cobler. Rachel Dahl. A n g i e Fagerlin, A m y Fox, S t e p h a n i e Haag, Stephanie Kimble, Jeanne K u h a j e k , Mary Lane. Martha M i l l e r Heather Myers. Sarah Porath, S t e p h a n i e S p u r w a y , J o a n n e V a n G e n d e r e n . T u w a n d a W i l l i a m s o n , J e n n i f e r Witmer, Laura Baker, Julie Blair, G r e t c h e n Borg, Kathy Breclaw, Debbie C a m p b e l l Micki Frens, Rochelle Gauthier, A n g e l a L o C i c e r o . D e b L u m m . S h a n n o n Panszi. L a u r a Pechta, Laurel Pierce, G i n g e r R a d c l i f f e , Lynn S m i t h . A n g i e Strey, A m y Troendly, Kristina V a n d e r M a r L Sarah VanHarken. Erika Vennie. Stacey W e n d t , C i n d y Zirbel, H e a t h e r Blair, A m y Fischer, Leah Hesse, B e c k y Lucas, M e g M o r g a n , Holly Pelon, and Stephanie Richardson.


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Kappa Delta Os Chi

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J Sigma Iota Beta



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^ Alpha Phi On Omego





Alcohol Issues Matter



^ Anchor Os



^ Black Coalition Black Coalition ( B C ) w a s established in 1967 by a g r o u p of A f r i c a n A m e r i c a n students w h o s e goal w a s to broaden cultural a w a r e n e s s through A f r i c a n American history, experiences, issues and perspectives. Today, the m e m b e r s of Black Coalition continue to support this e f f o r t by s p o n s o r i n g e v e n t s and activities w h i c h d r a w m e m b e r s of the H o p e C o l l e g e and Holland c o m m u n i t i e s together. D u r i n g the 1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 4 a c a d e m i c year, B C ' s p r o g r a m m i n g consisted of several " F u n k y Fresh D a n c e Fests". T h e Martin Luther King Jr. M a r c h , G o s p e l Fest 1994, Black History M o n t h Poster Exhibition, G u e s t S p e a k e r - Eric Gray, and T h e W a s h i n g t o n Sisters.

Officers: President - Lenise Miller C o - P r e s i d e n t - Ismaria M e d e l Secretary - Z a h r a Ismaeli

Members: Ornanial C a t e s Sheryl Gabriel Jason G a s t o n Terry H a y n e s Jerry J a c k s o n T h e o Robert M i c h e l l e Taylor Ntsiki Sisulu Tony Wilkerson S o p h i a Williams D a w n i t a VanderRoest

Advisor: Yoli Vega Director of Multi-Cultural L i f e




V 'wM $ tM


Delta O m i c r o n is an international c o e d music h o n o r s fraternity, with c h a p t e r s located thr ougho u t the United States and Korea. Hope's A l p h a Chi c h a p t e r of Delta O m i cron w a s established in 1973. Its m e m b e r s include music m a j o r s and m i n o r s w h o are chosen on the basis of talent, scholarship, and character. T h e g r o u p serves the H o p e and Holland communities by teaching, performing, and promoting the art of music in general. Regular activities include m o n t h l y musicales in retirement centers, f u n d r a i s e r s (bake sales, auctions, practice-a-thons), and departmental social events. M e m b e r s - S p r i n g 1994: Vanessa A l l e n , L a u r a Beth B a u m a n , B r e n d a Benedict, Steve Beukema, Julie Butts, Beth Carroll, J e n n i f e r Chilcoat, Annette Daniels, Carl Haan, J e n n i f e r Joy, Reggie Kapteyn, M a m i Kato, Matt Kline, Julie Klopp, Kristin K n i p p e n b e r g , R h o n d a Kuiper, Peter Kurdziel, W e n d y Murray, J e n n i f e r N a s h , Shelly Ortell, M i m i Phan, Tina Pratt. Karen Sepura, Darnisha Taylor, A m b e r Toth, D a n a U n d e r w o o d , Erin V a n H o u z e n , D a v e Verry, D e r e k Walvoord, Sarah W e n t z l o f f , and Lisa Z o e t e w a y .


Delta Omicron





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^ Environmental On Issues




A b o v e are a f e w p h o t o g r a p h s f r o m the G r e a t L a k e s Beach S w e e p w h i c h the E n v i r o n m e n t a l Issues G r o u p , along with the S i g m a s and C o s m o s , participated in last September. About 4 0 students w e r e involved in the c l e a n - u p of the beach in the L a k e T o w n s h i p area of Holland. T h e E I G also ran a very successful Earth J a m f r o m 3 till midnight on Earth Day, April 22. S e v e n b a n d s d o n a t e d their time and talent to p e r t o r m a n c e s held in the Pine G r o v e and the Kletz. T h r e e individual T-shirt sales d u r i n g the year helped s p o n s o r the planting of a R e d Sunset M a p l e in m e m o r y of Erika Jane B r u b a k e r outside Phelps Hall, new e q u i p m e n t for the Info C e n t e r at S a n g a y National Park in M a c a s , Ecuador, w h e r e P a m S c h m i d t is w o r k i n g in the P e a c e C o r p s . B r u b a k e r and S c h m i d t were both active in EI while at Hope. E d u c a t i n g students has b e e n a n o t h e r goal of the g r o u p , writing letters to students urging t h e m to start recycling, while they c h e c k e d out alternative recycling p r o g r a m s g o i n g on in G e r m a n y . T h a n k you for all of your hard w o r k EIG.




T h e F e l l o w s h i p of Christian Stud e n t s is a g r o u p of H o p e students w h o are e n c o u r a g e d t h r o u g h i n t e r a c t i o n with o t h e r Christians and challenged to walk boldly for Christ. In the past year, F C S has continued its tradition of weekly M o n d a y meetings with Christian speakers and performers as well as p r o m o t i n g m a n y other activities throughout the a c a d e m i c year. S o m e highlights f r o m the past year include the Fall and Winter Retreats held in Hastings and Big Rapids, weekly prayer meeting, accountability groups, a fall Hay R i d e / S q u a r e D a n c e jointly sponsored by several Christian groups, a bowling night, and most recently a free-for-all S n o w f e s t at Ott a w a Beach. We w e r e especially blessed to have Ben Patterson, the newly appointed Dean of Chapel, speak on the topic of p r a y e r for o u r W i n t e r Retreat, T h e L e a d e r s h i p T e a m f o 1993-1994: Jeff Baxter (Fall President), Lisa Helder ( M u sic), Terri H o e k s t r a (Secretary), Aaron Parker (Treasurer), A d r i e n n e West (Publicity & PR), and Nathan S h a w (Spring President),



T h e G o s p e l C h o i r had traditionally been an extension of the Black Coaliion. In 1993, a f t e r Vanessa Allen and D a r n i s h a Taylor, co-directors of the choir, had transferred to H o p e C o l l e g e f r o m M u s k e g o n C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e , they took on the responsibility of f o r m a l l y organizing the group. T h e y have weekly rehersals and have already had the op p o rtu n ity to minister at several c h u r c h e s and c a m p u s events, such as: Fourth Reformed Church. Lakeshore C o m m u n i t y Church, Gospel Fest '94. Calvin College Gospel Fest, I m a g e s Variety S h o w , and the lecture of Dr. Bertice Berry. Choir Members: S o p r a n o s Martha Miller, Jen H e y e r m a n . R h o n d a R o b r a h n , Danielle P h e b u s , Michelle J o h n s o n , Sarah C o o k ; Altos Tara T u b a u g h , N i c o l e Lizzadro, L e n i s e Miller, Eve Ricketts, Karyl Shinabarger, Lisa Backer. Jodi M c F a r l a n d , Krislen Vonk; Tenors Fred Vance, Jason G a s t o n , Ornanial Gates. Jerry J a c k s o n ; D r u m m e r Daniel Heisler and Bass Player Matt Fouts.



^ Gospel Choir 0\


T h e Hispanic Student Organization b e c a m e a f o r m a l organization in 1989 and since then, it has been continually g r o w i n g . T h r o u g h o u t the years, its m e m b e r s have strived to serve the H o p e and Holland c o m m u n i t i e s by s p o n s o r i n g e v e n t s which celebrate the richness of various Hispanic cultures such as M e x i c a n , C u b a n , Puerto R i c a n , D o m i n i c a n , etc. Their p r o g r a m m i n g for the 1993-1994 acad e m i c y e a r included guest s p e a k e r Jose R e y n a , Fiesta Night in Phelps C a f e t e r i a (great pinata Sarah), guest speaker Robert Santiago, a bake sale to benefit the H o p e College C A S A Program, and Hispanic W o m e n Poster Exhibition in support of W o m e n ' s Week in the Spring. Officers: President: Z a c G a l l e g o s Vice-President: John M o l i n a Treasurer: B e c k y R o d r i q u e z Secretary: Sarah Harrison


Active M e m b e r s : Sheryl Gabriel Malachi G a l l e g o s Leticia G o n z a l e z Janet H e r n a n d e z Jose Mata Pilar M o r e n o Rosi R o d r i q u e z Sandy T i s o c c o S o p h i a Williams Advisor: Yolanda Vega Director of Multi-Cultural Life



^ Nykerk 1996 )

i ' t k i




^ Nykerk 1997





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T h e H o p e C o l l e g e InterVarsity Cristian F e l l o w s h i p C h a p t e r is c o m m i t t e d to the vision of w o r s h i p p i n g , p r o c l a i m i n g and g r o w i n g in Christ at H o p e and t h r o u g h out the World. T h e c h a p t e r is c o n c e r n e d with helping students to g r o w in their personal relationship with J e s u s Christ. O u r large g r o u p m e e t i n g s are a time of worship, prayer, challenge, and e n c o u r a g e m e n t , f e a t u r i n g a different s p e a k e r and relevant topic each w e e k . In addition to our large g r o u p meetings, w e also have small g r o u p Bible studies, p r a y e r m e e t i n g s , mission projects, etc. All of these activities are d e s i g n e d to help y o u in y o u r relationship w i t h Christ. Active M e m b e r s : Joel Perry, Dr. Forester, Fath Yen, Kevin D a h l m a n , R o b Harrison, Jen Kitterheinrich. Kathy Reese, Dan Foster, T o m Butler, A m y W h i t e .



^ Intervarsity On


T h e Peer Multi-Cultural E d u c a t o r s ( P M E ) consista of a g r o u p of dedicated H o p e Students interested in learning and educating their peers on issues c o n c e r n i n g multiculturalism; s o m e of these issues include racism, sexism, h o m o p h o b i a , classism, and ableism. T h e s e students meet weekly to discuss and a n a l y z e the p r o b l e m s our society is f a c i n g . N o t only d o they seek to under stand present d i l e m m a s , but they also research our past and b e c o m e k n o w l e d g e a b l e a b o u t the future. This p r o g r a m is also d e s i g n e d to train students in c o m m u n i c a t i o n , presentation and leadership skills. Ultimately, the goal is to reach o u t to others and share what the g r o u p is learning. Active Members: Olga Ananina Erick Chitltle Sheryl Gabriel Sarah Harrison Chris H e a t o n Rich K a m a s i n s k i E v e Ricketts D a w n i t a VanderRoest Kirsten W i n d f u h r

Robert Beatty Kristen D o u g l a s s Jason Gaston B r a n d o n Hayashi Jenn H u m m Ismaria M e d e l Michelle Taylor Karsten Voskuil

Co-Facilitators: S o p h i a Williams and Yoli Vega



"The" Tug-of-war of them ALL!!!

SPull On ON



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D 190




^ On


T h e Social Activities C o m m i t t e e ( S A C ) has been through a lot of c h a n g e s this past year. T h e c o m m i t t e e d o u b l e d in size f r o m 8 to 16 m e m b e r s . T h e constitution w a s c o m p l e t e d and put into e f f e c t . T h e f o r m a t i o n of a Student Director position w h i c h deals w i t h the p e r s o n n e l aspect and r u n n i n g m e e t i n g s and interviews as well as the Associate Director position which deals with agents and b o o k i n g entertainers as well as the budgetary aspect of S A C . T h e s e w e r e both created so that the c o m m i t t e e c o u l d c o n t i n u e to be one of the best in the N A C A (National Association of C a m p u s Activities). M e m o r a b l e M o m e n t s : All C o l l e g e sing - A l e x C o l e r u n s to the b a l c o n y of the K n o c k to respnd to j e e r s f r o m the c r o w d , M a a s q u e r a d e - the Partridge Family in full effect, C a sino Night - Richard Frost "busts" Eric Foster for d e a l i n g and b o o z i n g as a gangsta' to g o along with the 20 , s t h e m e f o r "All That Jazz".

Student Director: A s s o c i a t e Director: Films Chair: Asst: Kletz Chair: Asst: Traditional E v e n t s : Asst: Special Events: Asst: D a n c e Chair: Asst: Publicity Chair: Asst; Technician:

Karl Brotton R e n e e Harris Greg Sharp Chris Heaton Lisa S c h r o c k Jennifer Weaver Kristin H a w e s Jennifer Hawkinson Bryce B e r g e t h o n Jeremy M o n t e Sheilia H e n d r i c k Marika Hawes Kristen D o u g l a s s Scott S a w i c k i Brad Prince



W o m e n ' s Issues O r g a n i z a t i o n M e m b e r s 1993-1994; Liz R e y n o l d s , Kirsten W i n d f u h r , A m y M y e r s , J e n n G i l m o r e , T h i e n - D i Do, K g o l h a t s o Semela, Sarah M c C l u r e , F o n d a G r e e n , A d a m Courturier, Danielle A n d e r s o n , A m e l i a C o x , M i n d y Miller, A n n e Lucas, G a y l e Seely, D o r e e n D e n n i s t o n , J e n n K u s h , T i n a Panayides, C a r o l y n Perry, Sarah N y e n h u i s , M a r y Lane, S a n g e e l h a N e s i a h , P h u m l a Mazamisa.

^ Women's Issues ON

For the 1993-1994 a c a d e m i c year, we have f o c u s e d on issues s u r r o u n d i n g w o m e n ' s health. Topics included w o m e n " s sexuality, body image, w o m e n ' s spiritual health, and w o m e n and A I D S . We also sponsored in the fall our first Take Back the Night march to protest violence against w o m e n on our c a m p u s .

W o m e n ' s Issues O r g a n i z a t i o n is a student organization open to w o m e n and men. W I O seeks to e n h a n c e H o p e ' s a w a r e n e s s of w o m e n ' s issues through monthly p r o g r a m s , as well as other e v e n t s on H o p e ' s c a m p u s . All interested p e o p l e are w e l c o m e to attend m e e t i n g s and events. S t a t e m e n t of P u r p o s e : T h e W o m e n ' s Issues Organization of H o p e C o l l e g e seeks to e n h a n c e c a m p u s a w a r e n e s s of w o m e n ' s issues by a c k n o w l e d g i n g the a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s and contributions of women locally as well as world wide. We w o r k to question those possible social, political, and e c o n o m i c barriers w h i c h inhibit the self-actualization of w o m e n . We are dedicated to educating the c o l l e g e c o m m u n i t y by m e a n s of w o m e n ' s literary material, o n - c a m p u s lectures, and other special events. T h e W o m e n ' s Issues O r g a n i z a t i o n desires to c h a l l e n g e the H o p e C o l l e g e c o m m u n i t y to b e c o m e m o r e a w a r e of the importance of w o m e n within the c o m m u n i t y , and to help w o m e n and m e n alike to seek to m a k e this c o m m u n i t y and the world a better and m o r e just e n v i r o n m e n t .



Evita ON




93 94


EVITA lyrics by T i m Rice music by Andrew Lloyd Webber November 12,13,17.18,19*,20

8:00 p . m .

DeWitt Center

Directed by John K. V. T a m m i Musical Direction and Conducting by Elizabeth J. Falcone Choreography by Linda O ' M e a r a Scenery and Properties Design by Richard L. Smith C o s t u m e , M a k e u p and Hair Design by Michelle Bom be Lighting and Sound Design by Perry Landes Technical Direction by Paul Anderson Stage M a n a g e m e n t by Leslie Csokasy

CAST O F CHARACTERS Elisabeth O w e n s Reginald W . Kapteyn



Scolt R. Mellema .. t w M a n o h a r Joshi , . . Elizabeth Cathey

T H E C O M P A N Y (People of Argentina): Caroline Baas Nathanael Buckley Jennifer Black Deborah Brooks Elizabeth Carroll David Crane

Renae Geerlings Kelly Jo Gould Bethany Hakken Dan Hakken Jenny Hakken Patti Hakken

Aaron J. Klamer Chanell Kling Andrew L u m m Bill M c A n d r e w David C. Misner Jonathan Pott

Anette Cseri Daniel Fischer

James Hamilton Fumiko Kashiwa

Scott Sawicki J . D. Schreuder

Amanda Schuld Brooke Sherrod Lizabeth Sperry M e g a n Teall Marcelynn A V a n D y k e Joy Vreeman



THE JAZZ ENSEMBLE Brian R. Coyle, director TROMBONE Shonn Colbrunn Jon Pott Kolin Redmond Holly Sherwood Anthony Wilkerson TRUMPET Rob Andretz Greg Laman Jeff Norder Erin Van Houzen Sarah Wentzloff Ryan Wilcox SAXOPHONE Kevin Baker Brian Capps Nicole Clements Jennifer Semanco Daniel Styf

PIANO Mike See BASS Brian Roth GUITAR Erik White DRUMS Erik Vogas PERCUSSION Dave Evenhuis Darnisha Taylor

THE COLLEGE CHORUS J . Scott Ferguson, director SOPRANO Mary Bulson Tina Cable Anette Cseri Kathy Fansler Kathleen Pent Kelly Gould T a s h a Hoekstra Aubrey Howe Kristi Inman Jenna Jung Debbie Lumm Mary McGinn Mindy Miller Christine Osborn Gretchen Rumohr Amanda Schuld Acacia S c h u t Maria Helene S e a m a n S h a n n o n See Djohariah Stevens Michelle Taylor Corine Widi TENOR Henry Chen J o n a t h a n Cox Paul DeYoung J a s o n Law David Verry David Voss

ALTO Vanessa Allen Tammy Brooks Carolyn Cooke Annette Daniels J a n e t Doughty Melissa Endsley Kristin Knippenberg Keri Mendoza Nancy Nicodemus Melanie P a r k s J e a n m a r i e Redente J e n n i f e r Sails Julie Spence D a r n i s h a Taylor Amber Toth Molly West Julie Zwiesler BASS Robert Abbott Chad Bays Bruce Bennett Mark Christinidis Dan H a n s e n Don Keller J o n a t h a n Pott Winston Rowlett J.D. S c h r e u d e r Micah Sjoblom Gordon Stegink Marc Van Soes J a s o n Young

THE CHAPEL CHOIR J . Scott Ferguson, director SOPRANO Emily Appleby Laura Beth B a u m a n Jennifer Chilcoat Heather Helmus Erin Koster Martha Miller Shelly Ortell Krista Ostema Laura Pechta Debra Remington Anne Scheiber Lisa Schrock Jennifer Syler Sara Ter Beek

ALTO Jennifer Black Mary Boelkins Beth Carroll Teresa Deer Rhonda Kuiper Meg Morgan Sara Murphy J o a n n e Sill Darnisha Taylor Elana TenHuisen Kristen Thomason Heather Van De Hoef Marci VanDyke Kristin Vonk

TENOR Jeffrey Amlotte Rob Andersen Jeff DeKuiper Jeremy Hogue Mantu J o s h i Reginald Kapteyn Russell Lundberg J o n a t h a n Schakel Steven Tobias Kent Wattleworth

BASS Kyle DeYoung J u s t i n Fink Dan Fischer Greg Folkert Matt Hierholzer Steven Kuehn Peter Kurdziel Tom Poole Andrew Rassi Nathan Shaw Marcel ter Veen Michael Vander Wilt




THE COLLEGIUM MUSICUM J . Scott Ferguson, director ALTO Kelly Gould Rebekah Menning Holli Tigchon J o y Vreeman

SOPRANO Heidi B r o n k e m a Antoinette Cole Amanda Schuld Acacia S c h u t Angie Strey

Music at Hope ON " ^ t


BASS Robert Abbott Chris Briggs Daniel H a n s e n Marc Van Soest J a s o n Young

TENOR Henry C h e n J e r e m y Hogue Collin Magennis Ryan Nace


S. Russell Floyd, director

Robert A. Ritsema, director FLUTE Amy Allison * Cynthia Keip Laura Listenberger Anna Lull Danielle Parker Tina Pratt Carrie Rice CLARINET Beth Carroll Dina Deliyanides * Vicki Folta Kristen Knippenberg Tori Kootstra Debbie Kramer Martha Miller Christa Stern BASS CLARINET Teresa Friedrich CONTRA BASS CLARINET Vicki Duff OBOE Kristin Clark ENGLISH HORN Julie Butts BASSOON * Julie Klopp Megan Perry ALTO SAXOPHONE Jeffrey Oegema J e n n i f e r Pihlaja * Marcus Wasilevicheff TENOR SAXOPHONE J e n n i f e r Semanco


VIOLIN * Vanessa Allen Melissa Berends Thomas Boeve Jennifer Bullard Jonathan Chen Audrey Coates Antoinette Cole, concertmaster Elizabeth Dickinson Chad Gifford Natalie Hallyn Anne Lucas Jennifer Nash Dorothy Schneider Heather Van Langevelde Derek Walvoord Ben Wolfe

FRENCH HORN Marka J o Cross A m a n d a Flowers * Rhonda Kuiper Abbie-Jo Ming Ryan Nace S a r a h Van Harken TRUMPETS Robert Andretz Kate Gingras Greg Lam an Michael See * Erin Van Houzen S a r a h Wentzloff Derk Zwart

VIOLA Mami Kato Louis Nykamp * Carolyn Perry

TROMBONE * Christopher Bishop Daniel F u r m a n Kolin Redman Todd VanderVeen

CELLO Matthew Allen Emily Bakker Melissa Deur Karen Kowal * Karen Sepura

EUPHONIUM Holly Sherwood

BASS Matthew McKenzie * Kyle Ritsema Justin Zegarius

TUBA Peter Ganeff J o h n Housenga * Jeffrey Vedders

FLUTE * Annette Daniels Janet Doughty Tina Pratt

TIMPANI Dave Evenhuis

OBOE * Julie Butts Kiersten Krause Sufjan Stevens

PERCUSSION Wendy Murray Russell Nelson J a m e s Van Noord


Eb CLARINET S. Russell Floyd (faculty) CLARINET Tori Kootstra * Christa Stern BASS CLARINET Teresa Freidrich CONTRA BASS CLARINET Vicki Duff BASSOON * Julie Klopp Holly Van Vliet HORN * Marka Jo Cross Julie Meyer Rebecca Olds Ben Perfitt TRUMPET Jason Henderson * Erin Van Houzen Sarah Wentzloff TROMBONE * Christopher Bishop Jonathan Pott Kolin Redman TUBA Jeffrey Vedders TIMPANI Scott Hazard PERCUSSION Dave Evenhuis Matthew Kline HARP Marissa Greydanus


STRING BASS Kyle Ritsema •





Kristen Swope eagerly awaits the pitch and the swing during an intense softball match.



ahead of the pack The Hope College footbal team put together another winning season in the books with a strong finish that lifted the flying Dutchmen to a third place finish in the MIAA. This season marked the 21st winning season of 24 under head coach Ray Smith. Along with the 5-4 season came recognition for 4 team members. Chad Ackermann was named MIAA most valuable defensive player. Joining him on the All-MIAA defensive first team are Malachi Gallegos and Mike den Braber, while John Hetfield was voted to the All-MIAA first offensive team for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to you all.

Front row, f r o m left to right: David M c W h i n n i e , D o u g Hulett, Brent Barth, C h a d A c k e r m a n , Ron K i m m o n s , B o b R o z e m a , Jeff Carlson, Kent G u d a k u n s t , Dan Baas. Mike D e n B r a b e r , Gary Harger, John Hetfield; second row: T o m W i l k i n s , Fred Allen, Phil Martin, M i k e Yared, Ross W o o d y k , D u a n e M r o c z k a , R o b Royer, Eric T h o m p s o n , Jay M u l d e r , J o h n J o b s o n , Jon Slagh; third row: Chris Eekert, Jason G i b b s , Dan Brady, Dan B o l h o u s e , T i m D i m o c k , Jason C o x , Brian Brainbridge, Sean T a l s m a , Art K e r s c h b a u m , Jason M i l a n ; fourth row: Alex Fedototszkin, Jeff Comfort, Tom B o n n e m a , D e a n Rosendall, Brad Stegenga, B o b S i k k e m a , Nick W a r d , Rich Kesteloot, Jim Butz, Jason Schwartzly, Malachi G a l l e g o s ; f i f t h row: Jeff M a j z e l , Mark M a x s o n , Andy Pierce, Sean Davis, Steve Eicher, Ryan O ' C o n n e l l , Pat Collins, C h a d Bays, Joel Smith, Bill Hollstein, Ryan Fountain; sixth row: D o m i n i c Reister, Ron Friel, Jason Hall, Ben K r o m b e e m , Jeremy Norris, Jamie S e w r u k , D o u g Roberts, Jason Bays, Brent B u c k i n g h a m , Paul W i e s e ; seventh row: Scott Hall, Bill K o w a l , Brad Feenstra, D e r e k Babin, Paul Rose, Kyle D e H o r n , Steve Oursler, Robert Moore, A d a m O h l e n d o r f , T r e v o r S t a m e s , Jason W i n d e l e r , Kevin Nash; eighth row: Chad Miller, D o u g Gle, Mark Smith, B o b S i k k e m a , Matt F e w l e s s . C a m Gatrell, Jim Smith, Kevin Valdes, Brian DeKorte, Dirk D e W i t t , T r a v i s R e a r d o n ; ninth row: M i k e Spradling, M i k e Volkers, Nick D o o d , Kevin Nichols, Chad B o l e m a , Jeff A m l o t t e , David Voss, Jesse Grotty, Travis Buth, A d a m Ohlendorf, Jason Hall;tenth row: Mark M e a l e y , T r e v o r Starnes, Jon C a r p e n t e r , T i m H e n e v e l d , Kenny '3yard, Brett Kohler, Brian Krull, C h a d Storey, M a r k P r o f f , C h a d G a r d n e r , Chris Jones; eleventh row: DeJay Kyles, John Childs, Earnest Bates, Dennis Phillips, T h e o d o r e Robert, J e r e m y H o g u e , Brock M y e r s , T o d d M y e r s , Chris Petrimoulx, m a n a g e r ; back row: team physician Dr. J a m e s Lemire, trainer Dr Richard Ray, e q u i p m e n t m a n a g e r G o r d o n V a n d e r Y a c h t , assistant coach G e o r g e Kraft, volunteer assistant coach Pete Stuursma, assistant c o a c h Stuart Fritz, assistant c o a c h Dean Kreps, volunteer assistant c o a c h Kelly Clark, assistant c o a c h T o m Cassell, assistant c o a c h Jim V a n d e r M e e r , assistant c o a c h D o u g S m i t h , head c o a c h Ray Smith

1 9 8 • SPORTS

C o a c h Ray Smith, starting his 24th season with the Flying D u t c h , looks out o v e r the field to decide the next play to be called.





























One of the m a n y H o p e Q u a r t e r b a c k s looks d o w n field for the pass during a h o m e g a m e .

. v.-:

T h e Flying Dutch d e f e n s e waits on the huddle of the o p p o s i n g t e a m .

SPORTS • 1 9 9

"This ball isn't getting past us!" Sherrc M c F a r l a n d a n d a t e a r n mate m a k e an incredible block at the net to insure that the ball doesn't fall in their court.



fL U i - *



albion calvin olivet alma adrian kalamazoo albion olivet alma adrian calvin kalamazoo trinity aquinas de pauw wooster t a y l o r kenyon spring a r b o r

w l w l l l w

w l w l l w w w w l w l

Front row: Sara Stull, Heidi Van W i e r e n , Joelle R o s s b a c k . H e a t h e r O z i n g a , Krist in S w o p e , W e n d y Evert; middle row: student trainers M e g Abfall and A n n S a m u e l s o n , Sara Keeler, Leianne Biehl, Melissa S h e l d o n , Liz Dickinson, Jenny Petscher, assistant coach A m b e r W a r n e s . head c o a c h Karla Wolters, m a n a g e r Russell L u n d b e r g ; back row: Joy Van N o o r d , S h a n n o n Brinkman, Michellc W e r k m a n , J e n n i f e r P l u m m e r , Sherre M c F a r l a n d , Beth H o e z e e , A m y Docter, and Emily Bakker.

200 • s p o r t s


etting up for victory


A b o v e . W e n d y Evert prepares for action and tries to figure out the plan of action for the opposition.

The 1993-1994 womens volleyball team was setting themselves up for a victorious season under third year coach Karla Wolters, but had a slow start. The Flying Dutch were able to come away with only one victory from the Christian College Invitational at Calvin College, but continued to show boosted spirits as they captured many more victories throughout the season. Although the team ended the season out of contention for the conference championship, they were able to capture a few honors, including Michelle Werkman being named as one of four sophomores to the All-MI AA first team. Congratulations Michelle, and good job women.

"On the count of three, J U M P . " T h e Dutch team fights to stop the ball as it passes over the net.

Kristen S w o p e prepares to return a serve against a strong Adrian team.

SPORTS • 2 0 1

icking their way up The Hope College Women's Soccer team kicked their way up to a strong second place finish in the MIAA for the 1993 season. Contributing to the success of the women Dutch was freshman Tracy Phelps, scoring 13 goals and 32 points, both setting Hope records for goals and points scored within one season. Junior, Kara VanderKamp set another Hope record for assists in a career with an outstanding 13. And sophomore, Paulette Greenfield saved 202 attempted goals, allowing only to be scored on 31 time throughout the season. And congrats to the members of the AllM1AA First and Second teams: Kim Nolan, Kara VanderKamp, Paulette Greenfield, and Dawn Murdock.


Front row: Sarah W a l k i n , Julie Spence, Katie V e r h e y , Kristen H o u s e h o l d e r , Paulette G r e e n f i e l d , Malia Havlicek, Kelly Gilroy, Kris H o l w e r d a , P a m R u g e n ; M i d d l e row: Erika Smith, Monica j Zwart, Shelly Kuyers, Heidi Zwart, Cheri Kolk, T e r e s a Phelps, D a w n M u r d o c k , T a r n m i e DeGrolT, Trisha Voss, Leah M c A l p i n e , Kara V a n d e r K a m p , and trainer R e b e c c a S c h u h a m ; Back row c o a c h Stein Slete, J e n n i f e r Clark, Kimberly N o l a n , W e n d y Carroll, Sara Beaver, Melissa O ' C o n n o r , M e g a n T h o m p s o n , S t e p h a n i e Pizzo, Kathy Pauls, Carrie O ' D o w d , Melissa McGuire, Lauren O ' D o w d , assistant c o a c h A n n e Irwin.

jmi 2 0 2 • SPORTS

Wendy Carroll takes a look out o v e r the field w h i l e resting on the sidelines d u r i n g an e x h a u s t i n g g a m e .

SOCCER WON 10 LOST 4 HOPE 6 0 2 5 1 3 2 5 4 2 0 0 0 3 3 2 2 0

OPP Aquinas Wheaton Chicago Goshen Albion Calvin Alma Olivet Adrian St.Mary's Kalamazoo Albion Calvin Alma Olivet Adrian Aquinas Kalamazoo

1 3 1 0

iil2 2 2 0 3 9 0 0 2 0 0 1 7


Kimberly Nolan takes a shot at the o p p o n e n t s goal during a close h o m e game.

SPORTS • 2 0 3

Junior, Chris H o f l a n d , swiftly m o v e s past the opposition tow a r d s his goal at the other end of the field.

SOCCER WON 13 LOST 5 HOPE 1 4 1 2 2 7 0 4 1 1 2 2 0 7 6 0 2 4

Wooster Hiram Albion Calvin Alma Adrian Ohio Wesleyan Capital Kalamazoo Albidn Calvin Alma Olivet Adrian Aquinas Kalamazoo North Park Aquinas

OPP 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 3 1 1 0 1 1 1 2

F r e s h m a n , Erick Chittle, s h o w s us s o m e fancy foot work which resulted in his scoring of 2 goals for the season. A b o v e , Ben L a B a r g e patiently waits to see what decision will be m a d e be the r e f s .

2 0 4 • SPORTS

icking past the rest

J* 7

*3#^' —



The Flying Dutch Men's Soccer team had another incredible winning season. Ending with an overall record of 13 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie, they were able to to capture a Second Place finish in the MIAA league. The team was led by Brad Pagratis who scored 14 of the teams 51 total goals for the season. Assisting was Lee Schopp who made 97 saves as a goalkeeper, allowing only 18 points to be scored by all of the opponents put together. Schopp's amazing saves earned him a spot on the All-MIAA team for the second time, along with teammate Blake Richards, also an All-MIAA repeater. Congratulations men!

Front row: T o m Ackland, Ben L a B a r g e , Bryan D e w e y , Kevin Lewis, Aaron Angeli, Erick Chittle, John C o n l o n , Phung Y a m ; M i d d l e row: Chris Siegenthaler, Tyler Williams, Brett Vander Kamp, Dave O a d e , Lee S c h o p p , Travis W i e r s m a , Jon Van W i e r e n , Scott M o d i s h e r , G e o r g e Landolt; Back row: Head C o a c h Steve Smith, m a n a g e r Jason Van N a m e n , Scott M c D o u g a l l , Jason Currie, Blake Richards, Brad L a k o w s k i . Brad Pagratis, Paul R o s e n b r o o k , Nathan Kronewetter, Chris H o f l a n d , and Assistant C o a c h M a r k Defeyter.

SPORTS • 2 0 5

bird time champs For the third time under coach Jan Holman, the Hope College Women's Golf Team took away the championship. The nine women competed in just seven tournaments to walk away with the title. Allowing only 3 losses, the team held strong to pull out with 4 big wins. One main contributing factor was the incredible playing ability of senior Lisa Stover. Lisa came away from the season as a conference medalists, ALL-MIAA First Team,as well as achieving All-American honors placing 5th at nationals. Kristen Cline and Amy Volkers were also honored on the All-MIAA Second Team. A job well done women. • .1:..

Pictured: A m y T r o e n d l y , Kristen Cline, N a n c y K e n n e d y , A n n e C o l e n b r a n d e r , Julie P a m a c o t t , J e n n i f e r Herron, A m y V o l k e r s , L e i g h A n n G o o d i n , Lisa Stover and C o a c h Jane Holman

2 0 6 • SPORTS

Coach Jane Holman tries to k e e p dry w h i l e c o a c h i n g during a 10iirnanient.















4. ''A

. t

' • ; i•

Amy Volkers takes o n e last glance at the green b e f o r e driving the ball.


Senior golfer, J e n n i f e r Herron, takes a practice s w i n g b e f o r e taking her first shot,

SPORTS • 2 0 7

Junior, F r a n k Gauntt, s h o w s us perfect f o r m in his follow through as he c h e c k s out h o w far he has driven the ball.


Junior, Pete S u m i n s k i , c h e c k s out his possibilities on the green b e f o r e he m a k e s his putt.

2 0 8 • SPORTS















S o m e players had a hard time keeping their ball on the green. Here, on player is fishing his ball out of a small body of water.

Hey, don't miss this putt!" T e a m m e m b e r s helped e n c o u r a g e e a c h o t h e r t h r o u ghout the season.

nvmg for victory The men's golf team had a difficult season. Unfortunately, they were never able to come out on top despite many great attempts. The team averaged 419.1 for the season, with Frank Gauntt placing as a Medalist two times. Gauntt was also named to the All-MIAA First Team, determined by the top six golfers. He averaged 77.4 during the seven tournament stretch. We are looking forward to next season men. Go out and get 'em.

From left to right: C o a c h Robert Ebels, J o h n W a l s h , R y a n C e m y , T o m Cotts, Lew W i l l i a m s o n , Michael Chesser, Brandon Froysland, Bill C o n w a y , Pete Suminski, T r e a v o r W a t s o n and Frank


SPORTS • 2 0 9

ourth in the nation The I lope College women's cross eounIry leant marked a most sueeessrul season by linishing Iburlh in the nation among NCAA Division III teams. Members of the Hope team were out standing at the national championship meet Saturday. November 20. I(>(M in Grinnell, Iowa, giving Hope its highest national cross country linish in history. Hope senior Alicia Mendenhall N m o r e finished l ilth among the IS2 runners in 17:5.^. She and teammate Amy Leatherman earned All American honors. Congratulations to the whole team on a terrilic season.


mn vi rat*w





. {/Iff



I n>ni row Kami Dalcimi. Saruh Dc c k c r . B d h l l o c / c c . Stctanic Oatis. Colleen O r l w i n c ; M i d d l e rov\ Katie Stanger, Alicia Meiulenhall I I more, Melissa M o d d e n n a n , T a m m y B o u w e n s , Yvonne Oliphant; Buck row: assisianl c o a c h Sue I Mis. M a r i e M u l c h e n . A m y L e a t h e r m a n . G r e t c h e n Hirschy, Michelle Neel, and coach Nick Kramer.


On the left, Alicia M e n d e n h a l l - E l m o r e , Michelle Neel, and Amy L e a t h e r m a n relax after an intense meet here on their h o m e turf.












Kami D a t e m a tries to keep up her steady pace during the H o p e Invitational.

At the top, Beth H o e z e e strives for the finish line during an invitational held here at H o p e College.

R u n n e r s f r o m seven M I A A colleges took their starting position here at the H o p e College Invitational.



Left, Aaron Bruininks k e e p s up his pace to stay one step ahead of the c o m p e t i t i o n . Bruininks w a s o n e of three captain of the Dutch team.




















Front row: T o d d W h i t w a m , Aaron Bruininks, Dan B a n n i n k , Jon R e e v e s , Brian V a n Z a n t e n , C h a d N y k a m p , W a y n e Barrett. M i d d l e row: Malt C o l e m a n , Dale Furst, Joe Fritsch, Jeff Brown, Nathan Dutmer, Steve J o h n s o n , Matt T h o m p s o n , Bryan G o o d m a n , Erik C a r p e n t e r , Back row: assistant coach Sue Ellis, Richard M a p l e s , M i k e Krpan, Joel N e m e s , M i k e C r a n m e r , Lloyd Dunlap, Matt L a p e n g a , G r e g Folkert, c o a c h Nick K r a m e r .


unning to victory The Dutchmen once again placed a well deserved second place in the MIAA, dropping only to rival Calvin. Despite many long hours of hard work, Hope was never able to place First above a strong Calvin team. Yet when all was over, we had two All-MIAA finalists, Aaron Bruininks on First Team and Mike Cranmer for Second Team. Congratulations on your great finish men. We look forward to you running past Calvin in the future.

"I will get there - through cold, rain sleet or s n o w ! " O n c e again, Aaron Bruininks strides ahead of the competition while trying to stay w a r m .

" H o p e - leading the pack." R u n n e r s C h a d N y k a m p , Matt C o l e m a n and M i k e Krpan lead the rest of the runners during oa meet.

t 88 I V


hootin' for the top The Flying Dutch recorded their first winning season in three years, finishing 1312 under first-year coach Tod Gugino. The team finished in a tie for fourth place in the MI AA and advanced to the semi-finals of the conference tournament. Single season records were established in scoring and rebounding. Junior Nicki Mannes scored a record 392 points and sank a school-record 66 three-point baskets while Junior Kristin Carlson hauled down a record 284 rebounds. Carlon led the MIAA in rebouding for the second straight year, the only women in MIAA history to do so.

• H


1993-1994 Flying Dutch W o m e n : T a m i H o l l e m a n . Nicki M a n n e s . H o p e O o s t e r h o u s e , Kristin Carlson, Kari Nysse, Alyssa P o s t m u s , Shelly Kuyers; Standing: trainers R e b e c c a S c h u h a m and Ann S a m u e l s o n . JV C o a c h Shelly Visser, Sara Stull, Kuirsta C a m p b e l l , D a n a Smith, student assistant coach Heather Hebert, c o a c h T o d G i g i n o , assistant coach Lissa Gilmore.

2 1 4 • SPORTS

Shelly K u y e r s of the lady Dutch looking for f o r the i n b o u n d pass. Junior, Kuirsta C a m p b e l l (right) m o v e s to take a shot at the basket.


HOPE 67 47 36 87 56 81 67 57 73 91 73 81 63 49 61 69 77 79 88 77 70

Kalamazoo Calvin Albion Olivet Alma Adrian Kalamazoo Calvin Albion Olivet Alma Adrian Kalamazoo Calvin Ferris State Concordia Olivet Nazarene Bethel St. Mary's Madonna North Central

45 52 53 49 68 68 64 68 77 70 89 73 58 80 90 62 86 65 69 67 53

Coach G u g i n o and the players intensly watch the Flying Dutch on the floor, helping with team strategy and spirit.

SPORTS • 2 1 5

G u a r d . Brad D u i s l e r m a r s , hustles a r o u n d the defense ol C o n c o r d i a to set the ball up for his o f f e n s i v e team.




Kalamazoo Calvin Albion Olivet Alma Adrian Kalamazoo Calvin Albion Olivet Alma Adrian Alma Kalamazoo Aquinas Central Dordt


# 4 ?






n u

Pictured: Brad Duistermars, Pete Baer. David M e u l e n b e r g , T o m G o r s e m a , D u a n e B o s m a , Jeff V a n F o s s a n , A n d y Crocker, Kyle Plank, D o u g S c h l a f f : Standing: Student trainer A m y Zoppa, head trainer Richard Ray, student trainer Brian R o s e n a u , assistant coach J R. S c h o o n , Kevin Britnell, Matt Spencer, Matt B r o w n , Marc W h i t f o r d , assistant c o a c h T o m Davelaar, J.V. coach Matt Neil, head c o a c h Glenn V a n W i e r e n , assistant coach Brian M o r e h o u s e , student assistant c o a c h Scott Pedersen.




for the best The young Flying Dutchmen team (without a senior) were pulling the knickname "The Cardiac Kids" this past season. Many of the games were decided by five points or fewer, with some even being decided by just one point. Although we ended the season in fourth place, individual members were still given high honors. For the second time in two years, Duane Bosma was named to the First Team A11-M1AA. Bosma and teammate Tom Gortsema finished out the Top Ten for blocked shots, Brad Duistermars for three point field goal shooting and assists. And of course, the saga continued between Hope and rival Calvin College. Unfortunately, Calvin now leads the all-time series game count 68-60. Good luck next year guys.

S o p h o m o r e , D u a n e B o s m a s h o w s us one of the incredible m o v e s which helped put him in the top three for overall individual scoring this season. David M e u l e n b e r g , n e w c o m e r this season, wails for the o f f e n s e to set up b e f o r e passing the ball into the key.


heering us up and on Flying D u t c h m e n Football C h e e r l e a d e r s :

Front R o w :


Doering, Nate G r e e n w o o d , A a r o n G o r y l , T o d d Kelly. T o m Slater; middle row: J e n n i f e r H o l w e r d a , T o m Poole, Michael Knott, A n g i e J e n n i n g s ; back row: A m y A n t r i m , A n g e l a D e r s h e m , A m y Halaby, Karen C a b a n s a g , S h a n e G o l d w o o d , Gina Switalski


218 • s p o r t s



Right, a I the board.

SWIMMING WON 7 LOST 0 HOPE A ma Grand Valley C alvm Adrian


A bion Kalamazoo Wheaton

Dawn Moving, holder of three individual M1AA record times, psychs herself u p lor the race that is b e f o r e her. H o v i n g was the 1992 and 199.1 recipient of the M1AA Most V a l u a b l e S w i m m e r .


P r epar ed for a tough battle, three strong Hope swimmers In p r C p a r e t h e m s e l v e s for the signal as they stand on the starting ÂŤ. Ssa block

plashing to the top Once again, the female Dutch swept the Ml AA with many strong performances. After taking First Place in the M1AA Chsmpionships, we sent a very large delegation of 10 swimmers to compete in 13 seperate events at the Women's Swimming & Diving Championships in Williamston, Massachusettes. Hope swam away with many top finishes, among them were 2 First Place finishes. Susan Looman, Megan Hunter, Dawn Moving and Sarah DeWitt took the new record for the 400 Medley Relay at 3:58.75. Freshman, Susan Looman set the record when she took First in the 100 Backstroke. Of course, when a team is as successful as our women's team has been, you need to look behind the swimmers to the coach. John Patnott once again was named coach of the year as he brought the fourth straight championship to Hope College. Congratulations to Coach Patnott and the entire Women's Swimming and Diving Team.

J i

"93-1994 Roster: Erin ••••••Alexander, ..v.. ^ J o a n n a WB o w m •••Mil, a n . mPaige Critzer. » v I .D a w •n • 1D 1W eB W o e r , Sarah DeWitt, Tracy II »•««- Duros, Dana 1—' tl 1Horner. 1 n 11WI1IW1. D a w n Hoving. » 1 i I1VS>111£, Kristen Ivl l.'ivll Hoving, 1 1 V / »M 1 1eIg a,n 1T1\.£|UII Hunter, 1 IUII Am IVy 1, Jarchow, lily J Ul V,Trisla I IV/ VY , «ver, Teresa Kirkland, Nicole L a m k e y , Sarah Lepard, Sara L o o m a n , Susan L o o m a n , D e n i c e Masselink, Laura M i h a i l o f f , Michelle M o j z a k , J e n n i f e r N o o r m a n , J e n n i f e r Palma, Emily S c h m i d t , Melissa Thiel, C o a c h : J o h n Patnott, Assistants: D a v e Bekker, Jim Mitchell.

SPORTS • 2 2 1



idding to repeat The Hope College Mens Swimming and Diving team was well represented at the NCAA Division III Championships held at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass, March 16-19.1994. Hope qualified 10 swimmers who competed over the weekend. Hope did quite well, taking many top seats including first place in the 800-yard freestyle relay, second place in the 200-yard freestyle for Kirk Assink, and a third place finish for Keith Nykamp in the 200-yard backstroke. Congratulations to all of our All-American swimmers and the men's swimming and diving team.



' mbfea



1993-1994 H o p e C o l l e g e M e n ' s Roster: Kirk Assink, Scott B u r g e s s , M a r k Byland, Brandon C o n v e r s e , Aaron Frank, Brad G e n s o n , Aaron H o f f m a n . Matt Hollebeek, Stephen Hope, John H o u s e n g a , A n d r e w J o h n s o n , S h a w n Kinser, Dan K n a p p . Bill M a l p a s s , John Methric, J e n s Milobinski, B o b M o r f o r d , Keith N y k a m p , L u k e Pinkerton, Brad Prince, Eric R o w e r , Nick Slager, Jon V a n H u i s , T i m V a n H u i s , Derek V a n d e r H e i d e . T o n y Zorc, coach John Patnott, assistant c o a c h e s Dave B e k k e r and J i m Mitchell.

2 2 2 • SPORTS

i^hc 1994 Flying Dutch gel a " j u m p " start on their j o u r n e y to lationals. Victory celebration for the m e n in the w a t e r a f t e r an important MIAA meet.







Grand Valley

















SPORTS * 2 2 3

i A b e a u t i f u l f o l l o w through as Becky Lucas nails a shot over the net.


HOPE 4 7

2 3 7

6 5 1 5 9 9 0

S o p h o m o r e , D e b b i e M e i s t e r waits for the serve f r o m her o p p o n e n t .

5 2 7 6 2 3 4 5 4 0 0 9 1 3

W e n d y Murray and her d o u b l e s partner discuss a little strateg) ^ d u r i n g a match.

2 2 4 • SPORTS

Albion Oberlin Kenyon DePauw Alma St. Mary's LaCrosse Albion Whitewater Olivet Adrian Kalamazoo Calvin Fen is State

erving up the best The Hope College Women's Tennis Team finished the season with quite an impressive winning record, placing third overall in the MIAA. Individual members of the squad received honors from the MIAA, including Becky Lucas and Audrey Coates being named to the AII-MIA A first team and Marie VanTubbergen being named to the AllMIAA second team. VanTubbergen also received the Sue Little Sportsmanship Award. The biggest honor for the team was sending freshman Audrey Coates to the NCAA National competition, who held strong through the quarterfinals before losing. Congratulations to Audrey, Midwest region rookie of the year, finishing her first collegiate season with a 21-5 record.


1994 Roster: Laura Baker, Audrey Coates, Kate G i n g r a s , M e r e d i t h K o o y e r , B e c k y Lucas, D e b b i e Meiste, W e n d y M u r r a y , M a r i e V a n T u b b e r g e n , C o a c h Kathy V a n T u b b e r g e n .

SPORTS • 2 2 5

ied to 0

the top The Hope College Men's Tennis team tied for a Third place finish in the MIAA during the 1994 season. With five returning letterwinners, the team was able to stay close to the top of the pack, taking a fourth place finish at the conference tournament. One highlight for the team was the strong season finish by 1st doubles partners Kevin Bobofchak (co-captain) and freshman Saum Rahimi, with a winning record of 11-9. Congratulations on your hard work and winning attitude.


1994 M e n ' s T e n n i s Roster: Chris Bishop, Kevin B o b o f c h a k , Bret C o o k , Dirk D e W i t t , Evan Llewelyn, R y a n Peters, S a u m R a h i m i , Kevin Scott, Rich S t u r m f e l s , G r e g W o r m m e e s t e r .

2 2 6 • SPORTS

Ryan Peters tries his best to get the ball back in play during a match here at H o p e ,

TENNIS WON 8 LOST 9 HOPE 7 0 8 8 6 1 1 0 2 9

OPP Wabash Northwood Grand Valley Albion Alma Wooster Oberlin Adrian Kalamazoo Calvin Olivet

2 9 1 1 3 8 8 2 9 7 0

One H o p e player waits intensly f o r the serve by his o p p o n e n t .

C o - c a p t a i n , Dirk DeWitt, m a k e s a strong f o r e h a n d shot during an important h o m e match.


• 227

T o the rinht, pilchcr Keri R o c l o f s intimidales ihc opposing bailers wilh her target pitching,

A m y M o e c k e l , left, gels s o m e c o a c h i n g while on base during a game.

SOFTBALL WON 16 LOST 2 WPC 54 49 38 39 63 77 52 49 60 54 72 74 64 63 49 62 59 70 59 68

I he Plying D u t c h w o m e n gel p s y c h e d up as a t e a m lor an important h o m e g a m e

228 • s p o k t s

Farmingdale Corsicana Galvin Hurley Clarksville Shaler Area Clearwater Rockway Deland Blue Valley North Raymore-Peculiar Norfolk Central Harrison Battle Creek Mineral Springs East Detroit LaPlata Red Oak Guthrie Center North Callaway

OPP 25 41 46 36 59 83 49 53 58 68 74 62 55 60 54 58 61 62 70 65

attle for the best Once again, the Hope Flying Dutch were able to take a first place standing in the MIAA with a record of 9-3. The team, which was quite young, was able to show strength throughout the season. As the season came to a close, many Hope players were given special honors on the AU-MIAA Softball Teams. Laurie Byington and Nicki Mannes both recieved First Team Honors, while Shawn Dolan, Amy Moeckel, Kristen Swope and Heather Walters were named to the Second Team. Honorable Mention went to Kelli DeHann. Special honors to Byington who was voted softball Ail-American for the 2nd time. Congratulations to the whole team.

!lU0 t um


1994 H o p e College Softball Rosier: Laurie Byington, A n n e C o l e n b r a n d e r , Kelli D e H a n n , S h a w n Dolan, C o r y D o w n i n g , M a r i k a H a w e s , Evelle Kortering, Nicki M a n n e s , A m y M o e c k e l , W e n d y Moore, Heather Ozinga, Keri R o e l o f s , Sara Stull, Kristen S w o p e , Lisa T i m m e r , Stephanie Toering, Heather Walters and c o a c h Karla Wolters.

SPORTS • 2 2 9

aking it to the top Once again the Hope Baseball team was able to find their place at the top of the MI AA standings. With an 8-3 record and .727 Pet., the Dutch were just able to edge out Olivet for the title. Brothers Tom and Ken Osbom made major contributions to the victories of the Dutch. Outfielder Mark Kuiper finished the season with outstanding honors. Kuiper was named a GTE Baseball Academic All-American. Congrtaulations to Mark and the 1994 team.

m k>


9 "

l i t e



1994 H o p e C o l l e g e Baseball Roster: Chris B a c k u s , J e r e m y Beard, K e n n y Byard, C h a d Casserly, Darin C o r c o r a n , Jim D o b b i n s , K i p D o e z e m a , M a l a c h i Gallegos, Chris G r e i m a n , Nate Hulst, R o b K a n g a s , Joel Keas, M a r k Kuiper, Steve M a r s o , Matt M c M u r r a y , D a v e M c W h i n n i e , Brent M o l n a r , Ken O s b o m , T o m O s b o m , J.D. O s t e r h o u s e , Steve S c h e w e , Pete Suminski, Les Williamson, R o b W o o d r o w , Keith Z o u l e k , coach Stuart Fritz and assistant Paul Schlaff.

2 3 0 • SPORTS


Pitcher Steve S c h e w e (left) acqired over 2 0 strike outs during his pitching season.

A huttle for heat as the Flying D u t c h m e n discuss s o m e strategy.


HOPE 2 0 4 14 4 9 9 14 17 6 2 14 8 5 2 6 2 0 1 3 7

Calvin Calvin Olivet Olivet Olivet Grand Valley Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Aquinas Albion Albion Albion Grand Valley Adrian Adrian Jacksonville Jacksonville Emory Otterbein Iowa

1 1 3 6 5 21 1 1 6 7 10 11 6 9 1 1 9 6 18 5 4




m One H o p e m e m b e r waits for his pilch while at the plate.

T h e team c o m e s in to r e g r o u p a f t e r a tough inning.

SPORTS • 2 3 1




-<£ • 'i

»<• If a

WPC 54 49 38 39 63 77 52 49 60 54 72 74 64 63 49 62 59 70 59 68

Farmingdale Corsicana Galvin Hurley Clarksville Shaler Area Clearwater Rockway Deland Blue Valley North Raymore-Peculiar Norfolk Central Harrison Battle Creek Mineral Springs East Detroit LaPlata Red Oak Guthrie Center North Callaway


Junior. Kathryn S c h o o n (above), had a great season r u n n i n g both the 100 and 4 0 0 M e t e r H u r d l e s for the Dutch,

Is w a s a familiar sight to see the H o p e w o m e n put in f r o n t of the pack.

232 • s p o r t s


OPP 25 41 46 36 59 83 49 53 58 68 74 62 55 60 54 58 61 62 70 65

ights set on NCAA The Hope CollegeWomen'sTrackTeam was able to pull out a second place finish in the MI A A during the 1994 season. Alicia Elmore finished her final season on a high note, setting a Hope College record in the 1,500 meter run with a time of4:36.53. Other team members also recieved special honors. Elmore and teammate Michelle Neel travelled to the NCAA Track and Field Championships in May. Elmore ran the 1,500 meter and Neel the 5,000 meter run, A well done season - Congrats.

1994 H o p e C o l l e g e W o m e n ' s T r a c k Roster: Kerry Allee, T a m a r a C a s e , K a m i l a D a t e m a , Sarah Decker. Kerri-Sue DeWitt, Alicia Elmore, Malia Havlicek, A m a n d a Hill, Brenda H u f f , R e b e c c a Kuebler, A m y L e a t h e r m a n , Marie Matchett, Mary M c G i n n , A m y M e y e r s , M e l i s s a M o d d e r m a n , Michelle Neel, Stephanie Oatis, Hope Oosterhouse, Rebecca Rolewicz, Kathryn S c h o o n , C a s e y Slayton, R e b e c c a Spencer, D a n a T h o m s o n , Katherine Vlasica and c o a c h e s D o n n a Eaton and Sue Ellis,

Alicia E l m o r e , senior, stays a stride ahead of the pack during a tough meet against rival Calvin College. E l m o r e e n j o y e d r u n n i n g the 1,500 meter and 3 , 0 0 0 meter runs.

SPORTS • 233

orking for the best Although the Hope College Men's Track team did not come out on top this season, many of the team worked to better their times and distances and were able to stay competitive. One individual memberofthe team, Erik Carpenter was able to cut his time down to 3:53.21 in the 1,500 meter run, qualifying him to run in the NCAA Track and Field Championships in Naperville, IL last May. Congratulations to Erik and his teammates. We look forward to another stronger season next Spring.

tk V. "11


1994 H o p e College M e n ' s Track Roster: A n d r e w A d a m s o n , R a n d y A m e s , Daniel Bannink, Jeff B r o w n , Erik Car penter , G r e g o r y C l a r k , M i c h a e l C r a n m e r , J e r e m y Dobos, T o m Horling. Eric Eriedman, Dale Eurst, C a m Gatrell, Jonathon Gillesby, Michael Krpan, M a t t h e w L a p p e n g a , Xavier L o p e z , A n d y Lorenz, Phil Martin, Jason Milan, Joel N e m e s , Eric Nicholie, Chad Nykamp. Jon Reeves, Ryan Robison, J a m e s S e w r u k , Michael Slager, Joel Smith, Logan Southtleld, Scott Swartz, Nick W a r d and c o a c h e s D o n n a Eaton and Sue Ellis.

2 3 4 • SPORTS

Phil Martin (left) a Junior f r o m T r o y , MI, takes his throw of the discus during a h o m e meet.

TRACK HOPE Calvin Adrian Olivet Alma Albion

Above, t w o H o p e runners d o their best to keep ahead of the rest d u r i n g a rather chilly h o m e meet.

SPORTS • 2 3 5

Members of the Enviromental Issues Group spent a day at the beach cleaning up.

A Aaron, "Parker" 96 Abbott, Robert 104 Abdelwahab, Jalan 104 Abfall, Meg 84 Abraham, Penny 116, 70 Achterhof, Sharyl 70 Acker, Dan 84 Acker, Kimberly 84 Ackerman, Chad 198 Ackerman, Tara 172 Ackerson, Monica 173, 70 Adams, Steph 171 Adams, Stephanie 84 Adamson, Andrew 234 Afarin, Afshin 104 Akiand, Thomas 104 Alexander, Courtney 70 Alexander, Erin 221 Alexander, Jennifer 104 Allee, Kerry 1 0 4 , 2 3 3 Allen, Chris 104 Allen, Fred 198 Allen, Matthew 70 Allen, Vanessa 181 Allison, Amy 104 Almeda, Laurie 70 Almli, Eric 84 Alvarez-Put 2 Ames, Pandy 234 Amlotte, Jeff 198 Amy, and Leatherman 211 Ananina, Olga 189, 84 Anderson, Danielle 104, 192 Anderson, Janet 122 Anderson, Kelly 84 Anderson, Melissa 104 Andresen, Holly 173 Andretz, Pobert 104 Antrim, Amy 172, 218, 70 Antvelink, Colleen 104, 172 Apol, Heidi 1 7 3 , 7 0 Arnold, Megan 172 Aronson, Heidi 84 Assink, Kirk 222 Assink, Pita 172, 84 Aumaugher, Alexander 84 Awwad, Hanan 84

B Baas., Dan 198 Babin, Derek 169, 198, 84 Backus, Chris 230 Baer, Brett 168 Baer, Marc 122 Baer, Pete 216 Baker, Kim 70 Baker, Laura 173, 225, 84 Bakker-Gras, Anne 122, 26 Bangert, Cammie 172, 84 Bannink, Dan 212 Bannink, Daniel 104, 234 Barnett, Anna 20, 84 Barney, Christopher 122 Barrett, Wayne 212, 84 Barta, Nancy 70 Barth, Brent 198 Barton, Matthew 104 Bartz, Jeffrey 122 Bast, Chris 168 Bates, Earnest 198 Bauman, Beth 70 Bays, Chad 198 Bays, Jason 198, 84 Beard, Jeremy 168, 230 Beatty, Pobert 189 Beaver, Sara 171, 202, 84 Becker, Amy 70 Beckman, Peter 84 Becksvoort, Jami 104 Beekman, Curtis 84 Beemer, Sarah 84 Beernink, Elizabeth 70 Beernink, Lisa 172, 28 Bekker, Dave 222 Belanger, Mary 104 Beltman, Tom 169 Benedict, Beandice 171 Benedict, Brenda 181, 70 Benninger, Kim 172 Bennink, Pyan 70 Berenda, Melissa 104 Berens, Jeff 168 Bergethon, Bryce 191, 84 Beth, Laura Bauman 181 Betz, Chad 104 Beukema, Steve 102, 181 Beyerl, Sara 84 Bieliauskas, Nina 104, 172 Birch, Sarah 172, 70 Bishop, Chris 168, 226 Black, Jennifer 85


Black, Joy 1 7 2 , 8 5 Blair, Heather 104, 173 Blair, Julie 173, 85 Blankespoor, Harvey 122 Bleha, Pachel 104 Bobofchak, Kevin 226 Bode, Kristin 85 Boer, Amy 70 Boersma, Jeremy 85 Boeve, Tom 70 Bolema, Chad 198, 85 Bolhouse, Dan 198 Bolks, Christine 85 Bonnema, Tom 198, 85 Borchers, Carrie 70 Borg, Gretchen 173 Borton, Kat 17, 67 Borton, Katherine 70 Bos, Lisa 104 Bosch, Kim 70 Bose, Feler 70 Bosma, Duane 216, 85 Botke, Mican 104 Bouwens, Tammy, 210 Bouwes, Kelli 13 Bouws, John 70 Bowers, Melissa 85 Bowman, Joanna 104, 221 Boyd, Sara 85 Boyd, Sarah 171 Boyer, Podney 122 Bpirdo, Matt 85 Brady, Dan 198 Brainbridge, Brian 198 Brainbridge, Bryan 84 Brandt, Joel 168 Brant, Becky 85 Brass, Sarah 85 Breclaw, Katherine 85 Bremer, Sara 105 Breukink, Kirk 168 Briggs, Alice 122 Brink, Irwin 122 Brinkman, Shannon 85 Britnell, Kevin 216 Britton, Corie 70 Brockmeier, Jonathan 85 Brooks, Jennifer 85 Broton, Phonda 117, 71 Brotton, Karl 191 Brown, Amy 173 Brown, Christa 85 Brown, Darrick 85 Brown, Heather 105 Brown,Jeff 2 1 2 , 2 3 4 , 8 5 Brown, Matt 105, 216 Bruininks, Aaron 212 Bucata, Jason 105 Buckingham, Brent 198 Buckley, Nathanael 105 Budd, Susannah 71 Buikema, Nicci 85 Bullard, Jennifer 85

Bultman, Baars 123 Buottopane, Cindy 105 Burgess, Scott 222 Burke, Kristin 105 Burnatowska-Hledin, Maria 123 Burns, Melinda 85 Buth, Travis 198, 86 Butler, Emily 71 Butler, Tom 188 Butterworth, Mike 123 Butts, Julie 181 Butz, Jim 198 Byard, Kenny 198, 230, 86 Byington, Laurie 229 Byland, Mark 105, 222

C Cabansag, Karen 172, 218, 86 Calahan, James 71 Calandra, Brian 71 Camp, Gary 123 Campbell, Debbie 86 Campbell, Jason 105 Campbell, Kuirsta 215, 71 Canavera, Cynthia 86 Caranci, Dana 71 Carboneau, Jami 86 Carlson, Jeff 198, 86 Carlson, Kristen 71 Carpenter, Erik 212, 234, 86 Carpenter, Jon 198 Carpenter, Katheryn 86 Carpenter, Katy 171 Carpenter, Megan 71 Carr, Matt 105 Carr, Michael 71 Carroll, Beth 181 Carroll, Wendy 202, 203, 86 Case, Tamara 233, 86 Cassell, Tom, 198 Casserly, Chad 230 Cates, Ornanial 180, 184 Cathey, Elizabeth 86 Cavanaugh, Trudy 105 Cerny, Pyan 209 Chamiel, Nik 86 Charlton, Danielle 86 Charnin, David 86 Chatelain, Erin 105

Cherup, Susan 123 Chesser, Michael 105, 209 Chilcoat, ennifer 181 Childs, John 198 Chitltle, Erick 189 Chonowski, Esther 86 Choudhry, Hasan 105 Christenberry, Faye 123 Christinidis, Mark 168 Clark, Gregory 234 Clark, Jeff 168 Clark, Jennifer 202 Clark, Kelly, 198 Clark, Kristin 71 Clemens, Missi 171, 86 Cline, Kristen 206, 71 Cline, Mary 173 Coates, Audrey 105, 225 Cobler, Amy 173, 71 Cochran, William 71 Coleman, Matt 212 Coleman, Matthew 105 Colenbrander, Anne 206, 229 Collins, Heather 86 Collins, Pat 198 Collins, Paul 168 Comfort, Jeff 198 Congdon, MaryBeth 71 Conklin, Margaret 86 Connaire, Colin 86 Converse, Brandon 222 Conway, Bill 209 Conway, Colleen 123 Conway, Joan 123 Conway, William 105 Cook, Bret 226 Cook, Rebecca 105 Cook, Ryan 168, 86 Cook, Sarah 184 Cooke, Carolyn 86 Cooper, Keith 169 Cooper, Melissa 171, 71 Corcoran, Darin 230 Corcoran, Kathleen 86 Cornell, Jill 86 Cotts, Tom 209 Cotwell, Bridget 105 Courturier, Adam 192 Couturier, Adam 87 Cowhy, Colleen 71 Cox, Amelia 192 Cox, Jason 169, 198, 87 Cox, John 123 Cox, Rachel 87 Coyle, Brian 124 Cranmer, Michael 234 Cranmer, Mike 105, 212 Crawford, Blake 71

Crawford, Scott 71 Crawley, Lauren 105 Critzer, Paige 221 Crocker, Andy 216, 87 Cronkite, Donald 124 Cross, Marka 105 Cross, Rick 168 Crotty, Bridget 172 Crotty, Jesse 198 Crumble, Richard 169 Csokasy, Leslie 71 Cwik, Dan 105

D Dahl, Rachel 173, 71 Dahlman, Kevin 188, 87 Dale, Seth 106 Daniels, Annette 181, 87 Datema, Kami 210, 211 Datema, Kamila 233 Davelaar, Tom 216 Davis, Deborah 71 Davis, Jacquelyn 87 Davis, Sean 198, 87 Davison, Erin 87 Dawson, Thomas 71 De, Sarah Young 87 De, Valerie Rod 87 Dean, Chanel 87 Dean, Jennifer 71 DeBoer, Dawn 221 DeBoer, Susan 72 Deboer, Trade 88 Decker, Rachel 172, 88 Decker, Sarah 210, 233 Deer, Thersa 72 DeGroff, Tammie 202 Dehaan, Kelli 88 DeHaan, Sander 124 DeHann, Kelli 229 DeHorn, Kyle 198 Dekam, Channa 72 DeKorte, Brian 198 DeKorte, Ryan 168 DeKuiper, Scott 106 Deliyanides, Dina 72 Dell'Olio, Andrew 124 DenBraber, Mike 198 Denison, Rebecca 106 Denltaan, David 72 Dennis, Amy 72 Dennison, Susan 88 Denniston, Doreen 192, 88


Dermody, Kelly 88 Dershem, Angela 218 Dettman, Eric 168 Deur, Melissa 72 DeVries, Debra 106 DeWall, Stephen 72 Dewey, Bryan 72 DeWitt, Dirk 226, 227, 72 DeWitt, Kerri-Sue 233 DeWitt, Sarah 221 DeYoung, Chris 106 Deyoung, Kyle 88 DeYoung, Mary 124 DeYoung, Robert 124 Di, Thien Do 106 Dickie, Jane 124 Dickinson, Elizabeth 88 Dieleman, Kimberly 106 Dietsche, Matt 106 Dillabough, Heather 106 Dillabough, Jason 88 Dimmick, Nicholas 88 Dimock, Tim 198 Dingerson, Sarah 106 Dittmar, Mark 72 Do, Mimi 106, 172 Do, Thien-Di 192 Doan, Angelina 106 Dobbins, Jim 230 Dobos, Jeremy 106, 234 Dobosz, Jennifer 88 Doering, Rob 218 Doering, Robert 106 Doezema, Kara 172, 88 Doezema, Kip 230, 72 Dolan, Shawn 229 Dominiak, Kathleen 72 Domkowski, Jacqueline 172 Dood, Nick 198 Doublestein, Jason 106, 168 Doughty, Janet 106 Douglass, Kristen 12, 189, 191, 26, 88 Dowden, Andy 9 Downing, Cory 229 Duimstra, Susan 72 Duistermars, Brad 216 Dunlap, Lloyd 106, 212 Dunn, Steve 88 Duros, Tracy 221 Dutmer, Nathan 212 Dykema, Cristie 106 Dykstra, Greta 88

E Eacker, Lisa 184, 72 Eaton, Donna 124, 233, 234 Ebels, Robert 209 Ebright, Amy 88 Ebright, Kim 88 Ebright, Robin 88 Eckelbarger, Hatti 88 Eckert, Chris 198 Eckert, Stephen 72 Eicher, Steve 198, 88 Eldred, Erik 88 Eldredge, Jud 168 Elenbaas, Kelly 88 Ellis, Sue 2 1 0 , 2 1 2 , 2 3 3 , 2 3 4 Elmore, Alicia 233 Emig, Eric 168 Enge, Melissa 172 Engelsma, Cara 88 Erickson, Emily 72 Eshleman, Amy 88 Esia, Jason 168, 72 Essenburgh, Susan 89 Essex, Kari 172 Etheridge, Allison 106, 172 Evans, David 89 Evenhuis, David 72 Everts, Janet 124



Fagerlin, Angle 173 Fansler, Katherine 106 Farwell, Blair 72 Federico, Sandra 89 Fedototszkin, Alex 198 Feenstra, Brad 169, 198, 89 Felkdmeier, David 106 Pent, Kathleen 89 Fessenden, Pam 89 Fewless, Matt 198 Fiedler, Julie 126 Fine, Sarah 89 Fischer, Amy 173 Fish, Michael 106 Fishcer, Daniel 89

Flinn, Nicole 106 Flint, Travis 72 Flory, Rebecca 106 Flowers, Amanda 107, 21 Folkert, Greg 212 Folta, Vicki 89 Fong, Bobby 126 Forbes, Jennifer 89 Forester, Lee 126 Foster, Chris 168 Foster, Dan 107, 188 Fouts, Matt 184 Fowler, Stella 72 Fox, Amy 173, 72 Frank, Aaron 107, 222 Franklin, Lisa 89 Frazier, Cynthia 17 Freeman, Justin 73 Frens, Micki 173, 89 Frey, Aaron 89 Friday, Tiffini 107 Friday, Tyson 89 Friedman, Eric, Dale Furst 234 Friel, Ron 1 9 8 , 8 9 Frieling, Keri 73 Fritsch, Joe 107, 212 Fritz, Chandler 89 Fritz, Stuart 230 Fritz, Stuart, 198 Frontjes, Anne 89 Frost, Richard 126 Froysland, Brandon 209, 73 Furst, Dale 212



Gabriel, Sheryl 107, 180, 185, 189 Gajewski, Suzi 17 Gallegos, Malachi 185, 230, 73 Gallegos, Zac 185 Gallehos, Zac 89 Ganeff, Peter 107 Gardner, Lorraine 89 Garton, Gina 107 Garvelink, Matt 89 Gaston, Jason 180, 184, 189 Gatrell, Cam 169, 198, 234 Gatrell, Cameron 89 Gauntt, Frank 208, 73 Gauntt., Frank 209

H Gauthier, Rochelle 173, 89 Geerdink, Ted 89 Geerlings, Renae 89 Gemmen, Sara 172, 90 Genson, Brad 222 Geoghan, Sarah 90 George, Chip 107 Georgieva, Radena 73 Gerbens, Dan 126 Gerds, Allison 107 Gergely, Mary 90 Geurink, Kristin 90 Gibbs, Jason 169, 198 Gibson, Clayton 90 Gillesby, Jonathon 234 Gillespie, Rob 168 Gilmore, Jenn 192 Gilmore, Jennifer 171 Gilmore, Lissa 214 Gilroy, Kelly 107, 202 Gingras, Kate 225 Gle, Doug 198, 73 Goeman, Vicki 173 Goers, Peter 73 Gold, Gail 172 Goldwood, Shane 218, 73 Gomez, Carlos 90 Gonthier, Peter 126 Gonzalez, Leticia 185 Goodin, LeighAnn 206 Goodman, Bryan 212 Goorhouse, Amy 107 Gorsema, Tom 216 Gortsema, Sara 73 Goryl, Aaron 218 Gould, Kelly 73 Graham, Karen 90 Grasman, Amy 90 Graves, Bethany 90 Graybill, Patience 108 Green, Fonda 192 Green, Monica 90 Greenfield, Paulette 202, 73 Greenwood, Nate 218 Greiman, Chris 230, 90 Greydanus, Marissa 108 Grimm, Jason 169 Grochoski, Justin 108 Groendyke, Brecken 172 Groendyke, Brooke 108, 172 Gronowski, Jill 73 Gruizenga, Becky 90 Gruizenga, Greg 73 Gudakunst, Kent 198 Guest, Jesse 171 Gurski, Anya 108 Gurski, Kata 73 Guy, Kathryn 172, 90

Loeks, Melissa 93 Haag, Stephanie 173 Haan, Carl 1 8 1 , 7 3 Haas, Christa 172 Habedank, Denise 108 Hadden, Lydia 108 Halaby, Amy 218 Hall, Ethan 168 Hall, Jason 169, 198, 90 Hall,Scott 1 6 9 , 1 9 8 , 7 3 Hamilton, Teresa 73 Hamilton, Tim 73 Hansen, Dan 108 Hansen, Edward 126 Harbison, Tara 73 Harger, Cary 198 Harmsen, Ryan 73 Harnish, Letha 90 Harriger, Melissa 108 Harris, Julie 108 Harris, Renee 191, 73 Harrison, Rob 188 Harrison, Robert 73 Harrison, Sarah 185, 189, 74 Hartman, Andrea 90 Hartman, Angela 90 Harvey, Ryan 90 Hauck, Nicole 108 Haveman, Heather 74 Haverdink, Amy 90 Haviland, Emily 90 Havlicek, Malia 202, 233, 90 Hawes, Kristin 191 Hawes, Marika 108, 191, 229 Hawkinson, Jennifer 191 Hayashi, Brandon 108, 189 Haynes, Terry 180 Hazard, Jeff 74 Hazatd, Scott 108 Heaton, Chris 189, 191 Heaton, Christopher 90 Hebert, Heather 214 Hegg,Josh 74 Heisler, Daniel 184 Heisler, Jacqueline 126 Helder, Lisa 74 Helmus, Heather 74 Hemenway, Stephen 126 Hendrick, Sheilia 191 Hendrix, Laura 74 Hendrix, Lynne 127 Heneveld, Rebecca 90 Heneveld, Tim 198

Henson, Jamie 74 Hernandez, Janet 185 Herron, Jennifer 206, 207 Hes, Marc 168, 90 Hesse, Leah 173 Hetfield, John 198 Heyerman, Jen 184 Heyns, Angle 172 Hice, Scott 169 Hickey, Tim 108 Hilbelink, Heather 74 Hilbelink, Kacey 108 Hill, Amanda 108, 233 Himebaugh, Bruce 127 Himebaugh, Keith 91 Hinderer, Amy 108 Hintz, Kristen 2 Hinze, Kimberly 108 Hirschy, Gretchen 210, 74 Hisgen, Bart 74 Hodge, Jenifer 74 Hoeksema, Heather 17 Hoeksema, Jacob 108 Hoeksema, Jennifer 91 Hoekstra, Jodi 91 Hoekstra, Natasha 108 Hoekstra, Rebecca 91 Hoekstra, Sarah 91 Hoekstra, Terri 74 Hoekwater, Tara 91 Hoekzema, Matt 168 Hoekzema, Nathan 108 Hoezee, Beth 172, 210, 211, 91 Hoff, Patricia 74 Hoffman, Aaron 222 Hofland, Chris 74 Hofland, Cynthia 108 Hofman, Lisa 74 Hogan, Jenner 74 Hogue, Jeremy 198 Holden, Megan 74 Hollebeek, Dirk 168, 74 Hollebeek, Matt 222, 74 Holleman, Tami 74 Holman, Jane 206 Holmes, Ben 74 Holwerda, Jeff 108 Holwerda, Jennifer 218, 74 Holwerda, Kris 202 Holwerda, Tim 91 Hope, Stephen 222 Horjus, Peter 91 Horling, Tom 234 Horner, Dana 109, 221 Horton, Annette 109 Householder, Kristen 202 Housenga, John 22, 222 Housenger, John 91 Hoving, Dawn 221

Jepsen, Jill 173 Johnson, Andrew 222 Johnson, Michelle 184, 75 Johnson, Steve 212 Johnson, Zach 109 Johnston, Meg 92 Jolivette, Peter 127 Jones, Jennifer 92 Joy, Jennifer 181 Jung, Jennifer 75 Jung, Matt, 10 Jungslager, Erin 172

K Kaiser, Christine 75 Kalmbaugh, Jamie 75 Kamasinski, Rich 189 Kamphuis, Lisa 75 Kangas, Rob 230 Kaper, Stephanie 109 Kapteyn, Reggie 181 Kapteyn, Reginald 75 Karis, Brett 109 Karmes, Kelly 75 Karpanty, Rachel 92 Kasimatis, Margaret 127 Kato, Mami 109, 181 Katterheinrich, Jennie 92 Kaufman, Michael 92 Kavanaugh, Michelle 92 Keas, Joel 230, 75 Keeler, Sara 109 Keich, Catherine 92 Keisling, Laurie 109 Keller, Donald 109 Kelly, Margaret 75 Kelly, Todd 218 Kelver, Trista 221 Kennedy, Nancy 206 Keolasy, Theppanya 109 Kerschbaum, Art 198 Kesteloot, Rich 169, 198 Ketchum, Katherine 92 Kidder, Kim 109 Kimble, Stephanie 173, 75 Kimmons, Ron 198 Kimock, Tim 92 King, Joe 92 Kinser, Shawn 222 Kirkland, Teresa 221, 92


Kitterheinrich, Jen 188 Klaasen, Danelle 92 Kleinheksel, Dawn 109 Kline, Matt 181 Kloostra, Kraig 168 Klopp, Juliane 92 Klopp, Julie 181 Knapp, Dan 222 Knauss, Karin 173 Knippenberg, Kristin 181 Knodt, Kirsten 109 Knoll, Stephen 75 Knott, Michael 218 Koelbel, Nikole 17 Kohler, Brett 198 Kolean, Katie 172 Kolk, Cheri 202 Kolk, Cheryl 75 Kolk, Joe 92 Konkol, Katina 75 Kooiker, Kevin 92 Kooistra, Ali 173 Kooistra, Josh 168 Kooistra, Michael 75 Kooistra, Mike 168 Kooyer, Jason 75 Kooyer, Meredith 225 Kooyer, Mereith 92 Kortering, Evette 229 Kostus, Brian 92 Kowal, Bill 198 Kowal, Karen 109 Kraal, Frank 129 Kraay, Kevin 129 Kraft, George, 198 Kramer, Deborah 75 Kramer, Nick 2 1 0 , 2 1 2 Krause, Kiersten 109 Krbez, Jennifer 109 Kreinbring, Cheryl 75 Kreps, Dean, 198 Kriekard, Brian 168 Kriger, Shaylynn 109 Krombeem, Ben 198 Kronemeyer, Kristy 13 Krpan, Michael 234 Krpan, Mike 212 Krueger, Christine 92 Krueger, Jennifer 109 Krull, Brian 169, 198 Kruse, Katherine 104, 110 Kuebler, Rebecca 233, 93 Kuhajek, Jeanne 173, 75 Kuhtz, Trenton 93 Kuiper, Mark 230, 76, 94 Kuiper, Rhonda 181, 76

Kurdziel, Peter 181, 93 Kurtz, Jill 110, 171 Kush,Jenn 192 Kuyers, Shelly 202, 215 Kwiatkowski, Jocelyn 110 Kyles, DeJay 198



Lahuis, David 93 Lamberts, Elizabeth 172, 93 Lambrides, Nicole 93 Lamkey, Nicole 221, 93 Lane, Mary 173, 192, 76 Lange, Laurie 110 Langeland, Cara 76 Langlois, Sonja 172 Lantz, Heidi 76 Lappenga, Matthew 104, 110, 234 Larr, Kalene 110 Larson, Jennifer 76 Laskowski, Bradley 110 Lasorsa, Valerie 110 Law, Jason 104, 110 Lawler, John 93 Lawson, David 76 Lay, Janie 93 Le, Chi 169 Leatherman, Amy 210, 233 Lee, Lisa 171, 93 Leguizamon, Luis 168 Leighton, Sarah 172 Lenger, Matt 93 Lepard, Sarah 110, 221 Levy, Donna 76 Levy, Joshua 76 Lewis, Huw 129 Liechty, Peter 110 Liljehorn, Karl 76 Lindell, Jeanne 129 Linder, Becky 76 Lindquist, Scott 93 Listenberger, Laura 110 Lizzadro, Nicole 184 Llewellyn, Evan 104, 110 Llewelyn, Evan 226 LoCicero, Angela 173

Loeks, Melissa 93 Lole, Ed 168 Long, Travis 93 Looman, Ann 93 Looman, Jan 172 Looman, Sara 221 Looman, Susan 110, 221 Lopez, Xavier 234 Lopresti, Nick 110 Lorenz, Andy 234, 93 Lucas, Anne 192, 93 Lucas, Becky 173, 225 Lucas, Rebecca 110 Ludwig, Thomas 129 Luidens, Donald 129 Lull, Anna 104, 110 Lumm, Deb 173 Lumm, Debra 93 Lumm, Drew 168 Lundberg, Russell 76 Luyers, Shelly 93 Lyng, Amy 93

M MacDoniels, Joseph 129 Machan, Danielle 110 Maher, Steve 93 Mahsun, Carol 129 Majzel, Jeff 198 Malloy, Brigid 17 Malpass, Bill 222 Mancini, Jennifer 110 Mann, Julie 172 Mann, Tonya 172 Mannery, Laura 110 Mannes, Nicki 229, 77 Manning, Monica 171 Manzella, Grace 93 Maples, Richard 212 Marino, Patrick 77 Marso, Steve 230, 93 Martin, Gregory 104, 110 Martin, Phil 169, 198, 234, 235 Martin, Philip 77 Martinek, Jonathan 94

Marty, Ben 94 Masselink, Denice 221 Masterson, Stacey 110 Mata, Jose 185 Matchett, Marie 110, 210, 233 Matison, Michael 77 Maxfield, Hollie 110 Maxson, Mark 198, 77 Maybury, Greg 129 Mayer, Bill 130 Mazamisa, Phumla 192 McAlpine, Leah 105, 111, 202 McClure, Sarah 192, 94 McDonald, Dave 111 McDougall, Scott 77 McDowell, Ian 94 McFarland, Jodi 111, 184 McGee, Jodie 77 McGinn, Mary 172, 233 McGovern, William 94 McGraw, Kim 77 McGuire, Melissa 202 McLough, Matt 77 McMurray, Matt 230 McNamara, Brian 111 McQuinn, Mary 94 McWhinnie, Dave 230 McWhinnie, David 198 Mealey, Mark 1 0 5 , 1 1 1 , 1 9 8 Medel, Ismaria 180, 189, 94 Meendering, Kristie 94 Meengs, Lisa 77 Meeuwsen, Steven 94 Meiste, Debbie 225, 94 Mellen, Monica 111 Mendenhall-Elmore, Alicia 210 Mendenhall-Elmore, licia 211 Mendoza, Keri 111 Menken, Tracy 94 Merkel, Amy 77 Messing, Gail 94 Methric, John 222 Metzger, Lisa 111 Meulenberg, David 216 Meyer, Julie 77 Meyer, Rachel 77 Meyers, Amy 105, 111, 233 Mezeske, Barbara 130 Mezeske, Richard 130 Michalowski, Season 77 Michelle, and Miller 67 Mickelson, Heidi 171, 95 Middleton, Brandy 172, 77 Miedema, Amy 172 Mih, David 169 Mihailoff, Laura 111,221 Mihocko, Beth 95 Milan, Jason 169, 198, 234 Miller, Amy 77 Miller, Cathy 95

Miller, Chad 198 Miller, Gina 171 Miller, Indy 111 Miller, Judith 95 Miller, Lenise 180, 184 Miller, Martha 1 7 3 , 1 8 4 Miller, Michael 77 Miller, Michelle 77 Miller, Mindy 192 Miller, Robert 77 Miller, Stephanie 111 Milobinski, Jens 222, 95 Minnaar, Sara 171, 95 Mitchell, Jim 222 Mixer, Kathy 172 Modderman, Melissa 210, 233 Modisher, Scott 77 Moeckel, Amy 228, 229, 95 Moes, Julie 105, 111 Mogdics, Teresa 95 Mojzak, Michelle 221, 95 Mol, Jackie 95 Molina, John 185 Moline, Michele 111 Molnar, Brent 230 Monette, Craig 77 Monte, Jeremy 191 Montgomery, Kerry 111 Montgomery, Megan 111 Monty, Jeremy 95 Moore, Don 77 Moore, Robert 198 Moore, Wendy 229, 95 Morehouse, Brian 216 Moreno, Pilar 185 Morford, Bob 222 Morgan, Meg 1 0 5 , 1 1 1 , 1 7 3 Moroz, Melissa 172 Morrison, Laura 172 Moschos, Marina 77 Moses, Shannon 77 Motiff, James 130 Motiff, Judith 130 Mroczka, Duane 198 Muhawi, Fatin 95 Mulder, Jay 198 Mulder, Jill 111 Mulder, Megan 111, 172 Mumby, Kay 78 Munoa, Phillip 130 Murdock, Dawn 171, 202 Murphy, Sara 78 Murphy, Tyler 111 Murray, Amy 78 Murray, Wendy 181, 225, 78 Myers, Amy 192 Myers, Brock 198

Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers,

David 130 Heather 173 Melanie 78 Todd 198

N Nace, Ryan 105, 111 Naples, Richard 93 Nash, Jennifer 181 Nasir, Mona 111 Neckers, Melissa 7j3 Neel, Michelle 2 1 0 , 2 1 1 , 2 3 3 Neil, Matt 216 Nelson, Elizabeth 95 Nelson, Russell 95 Nemes, Joel 111, 212, 234 Nemeth, Angle 111 Nemeth, Roger 130 Nesiah, Sangeetha 192 Netzloff, Holly 112 Neucks, Arin 112 Nicholas, Kathryn 78 Nicholie, Eric 234 Nichols, Kevin 198 Nicholson, David 95 Nicodemus, Nancy 130 Nicols, Jason 78 Nienhuis, Kevin 78 Nilsen, Jennifer 171, 95 Niven, Shannon 95 Nolan, Kimberly 202, 203, 95 Noorman, Jennifer 221 Norder, Jeffrey 78 Norris, Jeremy 198 Northrup, Sarah 112 Novak, Joe 95 Nyenhuis, Jacob 131 Nyenhuis, Sarah 192 Nykamp, Chad 212, 234, 95 Nykamp, Keith 222, 95 Nykamp, Louis 78 Nykamp, Russ 95 Nyman, Scott 168 Nysse, Kari 95



Oatis, Stefanie 78 Oatis, Stefanie, Colleen Ortwine 210 Oatis, Stephanie 233 Oberly, Meghan 96 O'Connell, Ryan 198 OConner, Melissa 96 O'Connor, Melissa 202 Oderkirk, Dan 112 O'Dowd, Carrie 172, 202 ODowd, Carrie 78 O'Dowd, Lauren 172, 202 Oegema, Jeff 96 Ohlendorf, Adam 198 Olds, Rebecca 112 Olgers, Greg 131 Oliphant, Yvonne 210 Oosterhouse, Hope 233 Oosterhouse, Karen 96 Oostveen, Kristen 112 Oppenhuizen, Kristi 78 Ortell, Shelly 1 8 1 , 7 8 Ortwine, Colleen 96 Osborn, Christine 96 Osborn, Ken 230 Osborn, Tom 230, 78, 14 Ostema, Krista 254, 78 Osterhouse, J.D. 230 Otis, Amy 96 Otto, Kay 96 Oursler, Steve 198 Overbeek, Dawn 28, 78 Owens, Elizabeth 112 Owens, Josh 112 Ozinga, Heather 112, 229

P Pacheco, Valerie 96 Paeth.Ann 112 Palma, Jennifer 96 Palma, Robert 131 Panayides, Tina 192


Pangle, Hollis 96 Panszi, Shannon 173, 96 Papanek, Heather 112 Paplawsky, Greg 112 Parker, Alex 112 Parker, Danielle 112 Parker, Julie 171 Parnacott, Julie 112, 206 Parsons, Marlaina 172 Partenheimer, Rebecca 112 Pastigo, Omar 168 Patnott, John 221, 222 Patterson, Ben 131 Pauls, Kathy 202 Pavlik, Sally 112 Pavwoski, Carrilyn 78 Payette, Pete 168 Pazdur, Ryan 112 Pearson, Tara 96 Peaslee, Graham 131 Pechta, Laura 173, 96 Pedersen, Scott 216 Pelon, Holly 112, 173 Pendergast, Katie 78 Penna, Elise 96 Pennings, Timothy 131 Penrose, Larry 131 Pereira, Roy 112 Perry, Beth 112 Perry, Carolyn 192, 96 Perry, Joel 188 Perry, Meghan 112 Pestun, Jeff 96 Peters, Ryan 226, 227, 78 Peterson, Jennifer 112 Petrimoulx, Chris 198 Petroelje, Steve 96 Petros, Julie 78 Petscher, Jennifer 113 Pfau, Heidi 113 Phan, Mimi 181, 96 Phebus, Danielle 184 Phelps, Teresa 202 Phillips, Dennis 198 Phillips, Laurel 96 Pierce, Andrew 96 Pierce, Andy 198 Pierce, Laurel 173, 78 Pihlaja, Jennifer 113 Pinkerton, Luke 222 Pither, Liz 173 Pizzo, Stephanie 113, 202 Plank, Kyle 216 Plantinga, Joel 96 Plummer, Jennifer 96 Polak, Jim 113 Polik, William 131

Polk, Shannon 113 Poole, Thomas 97 Poole, Tom 218 Poore, Karen 78 Porath, Sarah 173 Porter, Carolee 97 Posthumus, Lee 113 Posthumus, Marcus 97 Postmus, Alyssa 79 Pott, Jonathan 113 Powe, Lynne 131 Pozzanghera, Susan 113 Prange, Robbyn 97 Pratt, Tina 181 Prince, Brad 191, 222, 97 Prince, Marea 97 Proff, Mark 1 9 8 , 9 7 Prostak, Sara 171 Prostak, Sarah 97 Prough, Heather 97 Pryor, Nicole 113, 172 Pursifull, Jill 172 Pusifull, Jill 79

R Radcliffe, Ginger 173 Rahim, Saum 226 Rairick, Jim 10 Ratdavong, Melinda 172 Ratdavong, P. 113 Rau, Shah 97 Rautiola, Mark 97 Ravesloot, Lana 79 Ray, Brian 168 Ray, Richard 216 Raymond, Kelley 97 Reed, Amy 79 Reedy, Sarah 173 Reese, Kathy 113, 188 Reeves, Jon 113, 212, 234 Reeves, Susan 97 Reimink, Karen 79 Reister, Dominic 169, 198 Renick, Deana 97 Renner, Dennis 132 Renner, Thomas 132 Reus, Nancy 97 Reynolds, Elizabeth 79

Reynolds, Liz 192 Reynolds, Maura 132 Reynolds, William 132 Rhoades, Michelle 113 Richard, Dr. Ray 198 Richards, Blake 79 Richardson., Stephanie 173 Ricketts, Eve 184, 189 Ridl, Jack 132 Riekse, Jim 113 Rietman, Dennis 168 Ringold, Sarah 113 Ritsema, Robert 132 Ritton, Kris 168 Ritton, Les 168 Ritton, Leslie 97 Robert, Theo 180 Robert, Theodore 198 Roberts, Doug 113, 198 Robison, Renae 97 Robison, Ryan 234, 79 Robison, Ryan, 11 Robrahn, Rhonda 184 Rodriguez, Amand 97 Rodriguez, Becky 185 Rodriguez, Rebecca 97 Rodriguez, Rosi 185 Roelofs, Keri 228, 229 Roelofs, Laura 172 Roesch, Jacob 113 Rohr, Tim 97 Rolewicz, Rebecca 233, 79 Rooks, Ryan 79 Rookus, Scott 97 Rose, Paul 198 Rosenau, Brian 216, 79 Rosenbrook, Paul 97 Rosendall, Dean 198 Ross, Lisa 97 Rossio, Amy 79 Rottenberg, Nicole 113 Rottier, Vicki 97 Rottschafer, Cindy 172 Rowe, Derek 113 Rower, Eric 222 Royer, Rob 198 Rozeboom, Nate 17 Rozema, Bob 198 Rubel, Jason 113 Ruckert, Shannon 98 Rugen, Pam 202 Ruhrup, Josh 113 Ruiz, Ortencia 172 Rumohr, Gretchen 113 Runyon, Phillip 98 Russell, Brandi 79


s Sakala, Jennifer 79 Samuelson, Ann 214 Sanders, Jake 168 Sanders, Steve 114 Santangelo, Andrew 132 Sawicki, Scott 191, 79 Schaefer, Jennifer 171, 79 Schakel, Peter 132 Schamback, Jodi 98 Scheiber, Anne 98 Scherpenisse, Carla 98 Schewe, Steve 230, 231 Schilder, Heidi 98 Schimmel, Jennifer 172 Schlaff, Doug 2 1 6 , 7 9 Schlaff, Paul 230 Schletter, Valerie 98 Schmidt, Emily 114 Schoon, J.R. 216 Schoon, Kathryn 232, 233 Schoon, Kathy 79 Schoonveld, Tim 98 Schregardus, Darell 132 Schreuder, JD 114 Schrock, Lisa 191, 98 Schroeter, Holly 98 Schuham, Becca 67 Schuham, Rebecca 202, 214, 79 Schuitema, Chad 98 Schuld, Amanda 114, 172 Schuler, Toby 98 Schut, Acacia 114 Schutter, Amy 98 Scott, Kevin 226 Seaman, Maria 114 See, Michael 98 See, Shannon 114 Seely, Gayle 192 Seibert, Amy 98 Seid, Kristin 98 Seller, Eric 114 Semela, Kgothatso 192 Sepura, Karen 181, 79


Sevensma, Eric 114, 168 Severin, Sion 98 Sewruk, James 234 Sewruk, Jamie 198 Shank, Heather 79 Sharp, Greg 191, 79 Shearer, Rebecca 114 Sheehan, Amanda 114 Shenton, Mary 98 Sherburne, Frank 134 Sherrod, Brooke 114 Sherwood, Holly 98 Shields, Alison 98 Shinabarger, Karyl 115, 184 Shoemanker, Ronald 134 Shook, Alesha 79 Showers, Bryan 98 Shrode, Bart 79 Siebers, John 168 Sikkema, Bob 198 Sill, Joanne 80 Simon, Amy 80 Singer, Ashley 115 Singer, Kirsten 98 Sisulu, Ntsiki 115, 180 Sjoblom, Micah 98 Skale, Michelle 80 Skoien, Eric 168 Skoien, Heather 80 Slager, Michael 234 Slager, Nicholas 115 Slager, Nick 222 Slater, Tom 218 Slaughter, Gloria 134 Slayton, Casey 233 Slete, Stein 202 Slette, Stein 134 Smies, Gina 171 Smit, Amy 172, 80 Smit, Marcia 134 Smith, Aaron 115 Smith, Ami 115 Smith, Dana 98 Smith, Doug, 198 Smith, Elizabeth 115 Smith, Eric 99 Smith, Jim 198 Smith,Joel 1 9 8 , 2 3 4 Smith, Lynn 173, 99 Smith, Mark 198, 99 Smith, Sarah 115 Smith, Tyler 115 Smith., Ray 198 Snyder, Gwen 172 Sobania, Neal 134 Sommer, Jason 99 Southfield, Logan 234, 80 Spence, Julie 202

Spencer, Bekki 115 Spencer, Matt 216 Spencer, Rebecca 233 Spradling, Michael 115 Spradling, Mike 198 Spurway, Stephanie 173, 80 St., Ryan John 168 Stadt, Carrie 172 Stanger, Katie 115, 210 Starnes, Trevor 115, 198 Stauffer, Rachel 173 Steen, Todd 134 Steffen, Summer 172 Stegenga, Brad 198 Steiner, Shawn 99 Stengenga, Brad 169 Stephens, Becky 115 Stephenson, Melissa 80 Sterk, Aimee 99 Stern, Christa 99 Sterner, Elizabeth 115 Stevens, Djohariah 172, 99 Stevens, Sufjan 115 Stewart, Joanne 134 Stimer, Wendy 115 StJohn, Diane 99 Storer, Drew 168 Storey, Chad 198 Stover, Lisa 206 Strey, Angela 99 Strey, Angle 173 Strouf, Linda 134 Struck, Michael 115 Stull, Sara 229, 99 Sturmfels, Laura 99 Sturmfels, Rich 115, 226 Sturtevant, Deb 135 Stuursma, Pete, 198 Styf, Daniel 115 Su, Timothy 115 Sugden, Karen 115 Sugdun, Karen 172 Sullivan, Mary 80 Sullivan, Ryan 115 Suminski, Pete 169, 208, 209, 230 Sundbeck, Steven 115 Swanson, Doug 17 Swartz, Scott 234, 80 Switalski, Gina 218 Swope, Jodi 173 Swope, Kristen 197, 229, 80 Sytsma, Kristen 172, 80

T Taba, Wesley 80 Tabor, Lexi 172 Talsma, Sean 198 Taylor, Angela 80 Taylor, Darnisha 181 Taylor, Kent 80 Taylor, Michelle 180, 189 Taylor, Robert 116 Taylor, Steve 135 Tecroney, Aaron 100 Tedesco, Rochelle 116 Tenckinck, Steve 100 TerAvest, Todd 169 TerBeek, Sara 80 Terpstra, Craig 80 Tharin, Cotter 135 Thiel, Melissa 116, 221 Thomas, James 116 Thomas, Jennifer 100 Thomas, Karen 80 Thompson, Amy 135 Thompson, Eric 198 Thompson, Larry 100, 168 Thompson, Matt 212 Thompson, Megan 116, 202 Thomson, Dana 233 Thorrez, Beth 100, 171 Thuemmel, Kara 100 Thuemmel, Kristina 100 Timmer, Lisa 116, 229 Tisocco, Sandy 185 Tobias, Stephen 116 Toering, Stephanie 100, 229 Tolmer, Jennifer 100 Torsky, Michelle 80 Toth, Amber 181 Trantow, Heidi 100 Triemstra, Steve 80 Troendly, Amy 100, 173, 206 Trout, John 28, 80 Tsukamoto, Naomi 100 Tubaugh, Tara 184 Tucker, Stacy 173 Tyke, Charlene 116

u Udell, Chris 100 Decker, Laurie 100 Ueltzen, Jennifer 80 Underhill, Kristin 80 Underwood, Dana 181 Urban, George 116

V Valdes, Kevin 100, 198 Van, Chris Timmeren 168 Van, Nate Dyken 168 Vanantwerp, Sara 100 Vance, Fred 184 VanDam, Andy 100 Vandebunte, Christine 100 VanDeHoef, Heather 81 Vandenberg, Stephen 81 Vander, Derek Heide 168 Vander, Nick Borgh 168 Vanderbeek, Scott 100 VanderHeide, Derek 222 Vanderheide, Derek 116 VanderKamp, Kara 202, 81 Vanderkolk, Brent 116 VanderMark, Kristina 173 VanderMeer, Jennifer 81 VanderMeer, Jim, 198 VanderMeer, Rita 135 VanderRoest, Dawnita 180, 189

Vanderspool, Shannon 100 VanderVeen, Todd 81 VanderVelde, Richard 135 Vanderwege, Brian 100 VanderYacht, Gordon, 198 Vanderzwart, Ryan 116 VanDyke, Matthew 116 VanDyke, Rebecca 100 Vaneden, Andrew 116 VanEk, Jeremy 100 VanFaasen, Paul 135 VanFassen, Betsy 172 VanFossan, Jeff 216 VanGenderen, Joanne 173 Vangenderen, Joanne 81 VanHarken, Sarah 173 VanHeest, Gerard 135 VanHouzen, Erin 181 VanHuis, Jon 222 VanHuis, Tim 222 Vanlwaarden, John 135 VanLangevelde, Heather 173 VanLonkhuyzen, Tyler 116 VanNoord, James 116 VanNoord, Kim 172 VanOstran, Kimberly 100 VanPutten, James 137 Vanputten, Sara 101 VanSoest, Marc 116 VanTatenhove, Leigh 67 Vantatenhove, Leigh 81 VanTil, Cory 81 VanTubbergen, Kathy 225 VanTubbergen, Marie 225 VanVossen, Jill 81 VanWagnen, Vicki 116 VanWieren, Glenn 216 Vanwieren, Heidi 101 VanWyk, Christin 80 VanZanten, Brian 212 Vanzanten, Brian 81 Vasisht, Munish 101 Vedders, Jeff 81 Vega, Andrea 116 Vega, Yolanda 137, 185 Vega, Yoli 189 Veldhof, Gary 116 Vennie, Erika 101, 173 VerBaan, Matt 168 Verbeek, Tom 116 Verhey, Katie 202 Verry, Dave 181 Vink, Kristin 3, 101 Vis, Leah 81

Visser, Shelly 214 Visser, Toni 101 Vlasica, Katherine 101, 233 Vlierstra, Stacey 81 Volkers, Amy 172, 206, 207, 81 Volkers, Mike 198 Vonk, Kristen 184 Voorhees, Cynthia 101 Vos, Kathleen 116 Voskuil, Karsten 101, 189 Voss, David 198 Voss, Trisha 202 Vrieze, Ross 116

W Wagner, Robin 171 Wagner, Shane 116 Wainwright, Justin 117 Waldo, Ralph 169 Walk, Aaron 101 Walsh, John 209, 81 Walters, Heather 229, 81 Walvoord, Derek 117, 181 Ward, Courtney 117 Ward, Nick 1 9 8 , 2 3 4 Wasilevich, Marcus 81 Watkin, Sarah 202 Watson, Dan 101 Watson, Treavor 209 Wattleworth, Kent 117, 169 Weaver, Jennifer 101, 191 Webb, Rachel 101 Webb, Valerie 117 Weckwert, Cara 101 Weeldreyer, Amity 101 Weerstra, Nicole 81 Wegner, Darryl 101 Wehmer, Janel 101 Weiden, Stacy 81 Weiss, Julie 101 Weiss, Mike 169 Welch, Olivia 117

Weller, Hubert 137 Welsh, Stephen 117 Wendt, Stacey 173 Wentzloff, Sarah 117, 181 Workman, Michelle 102 Workman, Stacy 81 Wesselhoff, Jeff 168 Wessman, Leslie 137 West, Benjamin 81 West, Molly 101 Westerbeek, Mark 81 White, Amy 81 White, Mindy 117 White., Amy 188 Whitesell, Jennifer 101 Whitford, Marc 216 Whitwam, Todd 212 Wicklund, Deena 81 Widi, Corini 117 Wierks, Christa 9, 101 Wiese, Paul 198 Wiesenthal, Rob 82 Wildes, Katie 172 Wilhelm, Jennifer 82 Wilkerson, Tony 180 Wilkins, Tom 169, 198, 82 Williams, Brent 101 Williams, Donald 137 Williams, Sophia 180, 185, 189 Williamson, Les 101, 230 Williamson, Lew 209 Williamson, Tuwanda 173 Wilson, Sarah 117 Windfuhr, Kirsten 189, 192, 82 Wirth, Christopher 82 Witmer, Jennifer 173, 82 Wolters, Karla 137, 229 Wolthuis, Brian 117 Wolthuis, Ron 137 Wolven, Kristie 117 Wong, Marni 101 Woodrow, Rob 230 Woodruff, Barb 172 Woodwyk, Russ 82 Woodyk, Ross 198 Woolard, Mindy 117 Woolman, Amy 82 Wooten, Robin 102 Wormmeester, Greg 226

Wormmeester, Janay Wright, Amy 102 Wright, Julie 10


Y Yam, Phung 117 Yantis, Michael 82 Yared, Mike 169, 198 Yen, Path 1 0 2 , 1 8 8 Young, Dan 117 Young,Jason 117 Young, Sara 171 Young, Sarah 102 Ysseldyke, Drew 117

Z Zawadzka, Anna 102 Zeerip, Jennifer 20 Zesiger, Brenna 117 Zirbel, Cindy 173 Zirbel, Cynthia 102 Zoeteway., Lisa 181 Zomer, David 137 Zoppa, Amy 216 Zorc, Anthony 102 Zorc, Tony 168, 222 Zoulek, Keith 1 0 2 , 2 3 0 Zoutendam, Heather 82 Zwart, Dave 137 Zwart, Derk 117 Zwart, Heidi 202 Zwieslerr, Julie 117






Chief Editor of the 1993-1994 Hope C o l l e g e Milestone, Krista Ostema, very happy to have finished the book!!! See you next year.

W h a t an i n c r e d i b l e challenge.

Much hard





hours w e r e put into this book, and many people n e e d to b e t h a n k e d :

Anne Bakker-Gras: for putting your faith and trust in m e




your outstanding service and encouragement

Robilynn Snip:


h a n d l i n g all t h e o r d e r s

Public Relations', for p u t t i n g u p w i t h all of t h e problems, getting our pictures, and never killing me




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And a very special thanks to: My Family: for bel i e v i n g in m e , f o r y o u r help and support And to Ron:: b e c a u s e without your love, encouragement and help I never could have done this!!!

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