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H o p e C o l l e g e M i l e s t o n e • 2 0 0 7 • V o l u m e 9 0 • 143 E a s t 1 2 t h S t r e e t • H o l l a n d , M i c h i g a n , 4 9 4 2 3

E n r o l l m e n t : 3,203 •

T h e A n c h o r in f r o n t o f G r a v e s H a l l is a n e n d u r i n g s y m b o l o f H o p e C o l l e g e . • w w w . h o p e . e d u

D c^rr\\ \&rt\r\ Title

"Recollection" is a rarely used w o r d f o r t h e exact t h i n g t h a t this yearbook staff sets o u t t o do each year. In an age of digital e v e r y t h i n g ; of cell phones, Facebook photo albums, and wireless Internet, our memories have become almost instant. The u l t i m a t e challenge t h a t lies in creating a yearbook is the inevitable time-delay of t h e memories w e are p u t t i n g t o paper. W e can't tell you w h o w o n the Pull immediately after t h e w i n n i n g team swims in the Black River - but w e can remind you of t h a t very m o m e n t w h e n you pull the M i l e s t o n e o f f y o u r shelf in t w e n t y years t o tell y o u r children about t h a t day. This year, t h e 2007 Milestone yearbook celebrates the 9 0 t h edition in a long line of books t h a t began w i t h a 156-page first v o l u m e of "The College A n n u a l " whose graduating class was comprised of 14 seniors - t w o of which were w o m e n . Renamed " t h e M i l e s t o n e " t w o years later, the book has slowly evolved t o t h e silk-screened product you are currently holding, n o w g r o w n t o over 280 pages.



PnCco! lection

Classes e m p t y o n t o t h e p l a z a in f r o n t o f V a n Z o r e n in t h e 1 9 7 0 s , w h i c h has s i n c e b e e n r e n n o v a t e d



In 2 0 0 7 , t h e l o o k o f V a n Z o r e n has c h a n g e d , b u t t h e l a w n r e m a i n s a g a t h e r i n g p l a c e f o r s t u d e n t s .



i n • w

• •

As w e planned f o r this 9 0 t h book, w e t o o k t i m e t o look back at t h e books t h a t came before. W e discovered t h a t t h e only years w h e n t h e book was not published were d u r i n g W o r l d W a r II, w h e n e n r o l l m e n t dropped drastically w h i l e Hope College's y o u n g men were f i g h t i n g overseas. Thus, t h e book itself became its o w n constant recollection of t h e life t h a t Hope led before any of us were students here - back w h e n chapel was m a n d a t o r y , w h e n D e W i t t had a b o w l i n g alley in t h e basement, before Cook and t h e new Science Center, w h e n biology was t a u g h t in Lubbers and Hope's only dining hall was in Voorhees. This year, w e sifted t h r o u g h photos of h o w life at Hope used t o be. W e were struck by h o w familiar many of t h e scenes were. But as you look more closely at t h e v i n t a g e photos featured t h r o u g h o u t t h e book, you w i l l notice t h a t t h r o u g h rennovations, new buildings, and a g r o w i n g student body, t h e campus adapted seamlessly t o t h e changing times. T h o u g h fashion trends have changed and t h e hair styles are d i f f e r e n t , t h e students in t h e photos f r o m years past seemed t o be p r e t t y much like those w h o w e e n c o u n t e r every day in class and in t h e Pine Grove.



The 2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 7 year u n i n t e n t i o n a l l y became a year of recollection. The corner stone was removed f r o m Graves Hall t o reveal several artifacts (including a sermon h a n d - w r i t t e n by A.C. Van Raalte - t h e f o u n d e r of t h e Holland Academy, w h i c h became Hope College in 1862 ) t h a t revealed more about Hope's origins. Unprecedented e n r o l l m e n t numbers topped 3,200 students f o r the first t i m e . Several notable professors retired, p r o m p t i n g us t o look back t o t h e lasting impact they have made upon countless students. M a n y main events in the social life of Hope were postponed, cancelled, or moved indoors due t o w e a t h e r ; as a result w e pulled o u t pictures f r o m last year's H o e d o w n , flipped t h r o u g h Spring Fling photos f r o m freshmen year, and w e remembered. Finally, after t h e shortest t w o semesters of t h e i r lives, the class of 2007 walked across t h e stage t o receive t h e i r diplomas, after f o u r years of making t h e best memories t h a t college had t o offer. As w e packed away our f r a m e d pictures f r o m Fantasia and our Frisbees t h a t still bore marks f r o m colliding w i t h the second story of D e W i t t , as w e prepared for our first summer away f r o m Hope or geared ourselves t o take on life after college, w e were lost in recollection.



Rcco! lection

S t u d e n t s l i n e u p o u t s i d e G r a v e s H a l l t o r e g i s t e r f o r classes in S e p t e m b e r , 1 9 4 6 .



T w o s t u d e n t s w a l k t o class n e a r G r a v e s h a l l d u r i n g t h e 1 9 6 0 s .


S t u d e n t Life

F r e s h m e n p i c n i c in t h e P i n e G r o v e d u r i n g O r i e n t a t i o n ( s e e p a g e 1 0 ) .



The Hope community welcomed the Class of 2 0 1 0 ^ arrival on campus in style. Following Orientation G r o u p meetings on Friday, the new students gathered in the Pine Gove for live music at the Orientation Extravaganza. The following evening, first-year students were welcomed into the Dow through a tunnel of cheering Orientation Assistants. Playfair, an event filled with wacky get-to-know-me activities, was a big hit. "Playfair was my favorite part about Orientation," said Fallon Klug. "I had so much fun meeting other people and just being g o o f y all night!" Afterward, students followed the tiki-torch-lined sidewalks to their very own luau. Sunday marked the formal beginning of the school

year as Dr. Harvey Blankespoor, professor of Biology, presented the Convocation address. The first-year students finally met some upperclassmen as all students were invited to the Pine Grove for President B u l t m a n ' s annual Backyard Barbecue. The evening wrapped up with the presentation of "Orange and Blue for Y o u , " a fast-paced, satirical look at student life at Hope College. Orientation Directors Jason Cash and Ana Frikker worked all s u m m e r to put a great program together to w e l c o m e over 800 new students to Hope College. Upperclassmen enjoy Orientation too as hundreds volunteer as Assistant Directors and Orientation Assistant group leaders to help w e l c o m e the new faces. • Jason Cash •


Organized chaos brings Hope Collecje TO LIFE. Opposite page: A group of new students takes advantage of the Pine Grove to enjoy the picnic w i t h their parents. • This page: OA leaders Krista Homakie and Ashley Wescott work hard to move the freshmen into their residence halls. • Creating a brandnew loft is a task that requires the help of freshmen and dads alike! • Talking in small groups is the way to quickly become oriented to all that Hope has to offer. • Assistant Directors reveal this year's orientation banner. • Katherine Masterton and Hilary Cason, Assistant Directors, carry this helpful sign to its prominent position on campus to point the way for new students. • photos courtesy of PR • Orientation


Odd Year Tradition: ' 0 9 Finislnes i n R€CORd Tim€.This Page: Pit #3 Rebel Force's Alex Stack and Rachele Thomas await call sets f r o m their coach, Jon M u n k , Nightmare. • Pit # 9 Insane Asylum's Sam Meengs holds a strain as he awaits the next call set. • In pit #1, Kegan Gates relays call sets t o her puller, Nate Griffith • Anchor Coach, Nick W i t k o w s k i , instructs the Anchor Aaron Forr, and Anchor Morale Leanne Miedema in re-tying the rope. • '09 Coach Jon M u n k t h r o w s call sets t o the first three pits. • Opposite Page: Anchor Coach Dave Betke encourages Anchor M a t t Griffin as he alone holds the team suspended on the rope w i t h his morale, Samantha Stille, by his side relaying the call sets. • photos Courtesy of PR • 12

S t u d e n t Life

On S e p t e m b e r 23, the ' 0 9 Pull T e a m climbed into pits on the North b a n k of the Black River weariuy m o h a w k s and war-paint, and the previous y e a r ' s l o s s m T z t m e e t , 1 inch, on their minds. The day was cool. They were silefit as they tightened the muddy rope in their hands, and the word " V e n g e a n c e " waved on the banner above them. Then the whistle blew and the pullers screamed, and the rope surged into their pits. T h e crowd was roiling. The rope lifted off the w o o d e n boards, and the eyes of the pullers were white and wide. Their cries were primeval. C o a c h e s ran back and forth as the rope m o v e d through 18 pairs of practice-blistered hands, preparing f o r the m o m e n t that the rope stopped coming, but the rope never stopped. Pit #17 stood up to hold the rope while the anchor took up the slack and retied, and it began to rain, but the pullers kept heaving, and the Black River hissed beneath the bouncing rope. Half an hour into the Pull, the orange mark f r o m the ' 10 Pull Team was pulled over the river, and the '09 Pullers began heaving methodically. They ratcheted the Odd Year mark f r o m

the front of Pit #1 to the middle of Pit #6 before the Pull was ended by the Dean of Students, due to injuries sustained by the " 10 Pull T e a m . After 95 minutes, the '09 Pull T e a m had taken 37 feet of rope, surpassing the previous victory of the 1997 Pull Team, which had ended the Pull in just over 2 hours. Asked afterwards, the pullers said that mental drive fueled their heaves. Greg Pavlak said that, "As a first year puller, I was amazed by the passion and selflessness of the '09 Pull Team, and I truly felt that they were going to battle for me, and 1 for them.' C a m e r o n DeHaan was motivated by a picture ot recently-lost Hope senior, Paul Baeverstad, in his pit, and he shared that, "Paul was my fraternity father, and he always encouraged me to fight off anything I was struggling. The pain left my body when I looked at his picture, and I was able to heave with all of my will." In the end, the pits filled with mud, the rope burns slowly healed, and the '09 Pull T e a m took its place in the record books. Their memories were of friendship, family, and a muddy rope that bound them into one. • Christian Piers •

T h e Pull


Celebrating the tradition of Hop€ CoLLeCi€. This page: The cheerleaders perfect a stunt that gets the crowd excited. • Doctor Charles Green won the n t h annual "Favorite Faculty/Staff Member" award, voted on by the student body. • The Run-Bike-SwimWalk was a huge success despite the cold weather. • The Waterski Team won "Best Float" in the Homecoming Parade for their ski boat. • Jason Cash and Ana Frikker were thrilled to be crowned Homecoming King and Queen so they could finally have their own wooden shoes. • Opposite page: The Hope College football players huddle in tight for a team meeting. • photos courtesy of PR and Julie Kocsis •

S t u d e n t Life

oF Hope Despite the cold, rainy w e a t h e r this year. H o m e -

t i m e , S A C a n n o u n c e d J a s o n C a s h a n d A n a F r i k k e r as

c o m i n g w e e k e n d w a s f u l l of f u n e v e n t s . T h e S o c i a l A c -

this y e a r ' s H o m e c o m i n g king and queen.

tivities C o m m i t t e e ( S A C ) w o r k e d h a r d p u t t i n g t o g e t h e r

C h a r l e s G r e e n w a s a w a r d e d the F a c u l t y M e m b e r of the

the t r a d i t i o n a l e v e n t s w h i c h m a k e u p H o m e c o m i n g .

Y e a r h o n o r f o r his w o r k w i t h t h e P h e l p s S c h o l a r s P r o -

F r i d a y n i g h t , t h e H o e d o w n w a s h e l d at M a a s b e c a u s e

g r a m . T h e h a l f t i m e s h o w f e a t u r e d the H o l l a n d H i g h

of the i n c l e m e n t w e a t h e r . All p r e s e n t h a d a g r e a t t i m e

School Band.

l e a r n i n g h o w t o line d a n c e u n d e r t h e i n s t r u c t i o n of L i n -

g r e s s h o s t e d t h e H o m e c o m i n g Ball at the H a w o r t h Inn.

da B o o k e r .

T h i s y e a r ' s t h e m e w a s " R e t u r n to N e v e i i a n d . " C l o s e to

O n S a t u r d a y , O c t o b e r 14, h u n d r e d s of s t u d e n t s and a l u m n i g a t h e r e d t o w a t c h t h e p a r a d e w h i c h w a s f o l l o w e d by t h e H o m e c o m i n g F o o t b a l l g a m e . lege w o n t h e g a m e , b e a t i n g A d r i a n 2 4 - 0 .


Saturday night, S A C and Student Con-

a t h o u s a n d s t u d e n t s e n j o y e d d a n c i n g to t h e l i v e l y m u s i c of t h e s w i n g b a n d that e v e n i n g . • S a r a h G o s t e r i n k •

Hope ColD u r i n g half Homecoming


ICRRERS TO THE WORLCI The 2006 Nykerk Cup Competition between the freshman class of 2010 and the sophomore ckiss of 2009 marked 72 years of singin,' sayin,' and playin' at H o l e College. The executive board and coaches met before the ^Jykerk season otticially kicked off with rallies. Practices c o m m e n c e d after Fall Break, and the participants and coaches had three weeks to perfect their songs, plays and speeches. The Monday before Nykerk, the executive board, coaches, play girls, song girls, orators and morale guys all participated in Candlelight, a tradition which includes a candlelit procession through campus beginning with a stop at the President's House. The evening united the two classes in the spirit of friendly competition. The morning of Nykerk, all 16

S t u d e n t Life

participants w o k e up early for a special breakfast in Phelps. The coaches and executive board members for Nykerk 2007 were introduced. The theme this year was "Letters to the World." The ' 10 Orator, Laura Kay Stritzke, gave her speech titled. " W e Are the World," while the ' 0 9 Orator, Ayannah Abiade, titled her speech, "Proceed at Your O w n Risk." ' 1 0 Song performed "Our Favorite Things" and ' 0 9 Song chose "Happily Ever After: A Disney Medley." The ' 1 0 Play was "Back to the Future" and "09 Play performed "Knightmare on 9th Street." At the end of Nykerk, the sophomore class of 2009 walked away with the Cup. but congratulations is due to both classes for amazing performances. • Kelsey Hinkle •

They w e r e s i n g i n / s a y i n / and playin' f o r the UUORld TO Opposite page: '09 Play tries t o figure o u t how t o stop the Knightmare. • This Page: Freshman orator Laura Stritzke concludes her speech. • The sophomore song girls sing their hearts out while looking pretty for t h e judges. • The cast of 'ID Play strikes a pose t h a t makes t h e audience laugh. • Song girls for N io add motions t o spice up their performance. • Ayannah Abiade, sophomore orator, finishes her perfomance w i t h dramatic flair. • photos courtesy of PR •



The weather was gloomy, but to wander through the Pine Grove, few would have guessed it. Despite cold temperatures and rain showers, more than 5 0 0 participants camped outside all night in high spirits. The students raised more than $41,000 for the A m e r ican Cancer Society. Participants committed to keeping at least one team m e m b e r walking on the track around the Pine Grove at all times during the 12-hour relay, signifying that cancer never sleeps. The evening began with a reminder of why the battle against cancer is worth fighting. Professors Dianne Portfleet and Annie Dandavati spoke of their personal struggles with the disease. In the Luminaria ceremony, team m e m b e r s read

names honoring those w h o are fighting cancer, and r e m e m bering the m a n y lives already lost. Candlelit bags celebrated survivors and c o m m e m o r a t e d lost loved ones. In its less somber moments, Relay was a celebration of life. Students enjoyed donated food while listening to musicians, playing games, and relaxing at team campsites. The Chemistry Club team won the annual "Best Decorated C a m p s i t e " award, while Sigma lota Beta won for "Most Team Spirit." S o p h o m o r e Marissa Grott was the top student fundraiser. For the second consecutive year. Mortar Board was the top fundraising team. Relay is in its fourth year at Hope. • Evelyn Daniel •

H o t * FOR A c UR6

Honoring the past, Hopinq FOR TIH€ FUTUR€. O p p o s i t e p a g e : SAC D i r e c t o r s K a r i L u e n b e r g e r a n d S a r a h O o s t e r i n k help by p i t c h i n g a t e n t b e f o r e t h e e v e n t begins. • This page: T h e C h e m i s t r y Club celebrates t h e i r a w a r d f o r Best C a m p s i t e . • B r y n n e Shoaf a n d B r e n t Z e n d l e r p u t every ounce of e f f o r t into the Hula H o o p contest. • Jenny Cencer, Claire T y n e r , a n d

Erica W i l s o n t a k e t h e


p h o n e as p a r t o f t h e s p e c i a l e v e n t s o f t h e e v e n i n g . • S e n i o r C h r i s t i a n Piers p r o v i d e s m u s i c a l e n t e r t a i n m e n t t o k e e p t h e c e l e b r a t i o n a l i v e . • S t u d e n t s l i g h t L u m i n a r i a in h o n o r o f t h o s e w h o have lost t h e b a t t l e w i t h cancer, t h o s e w h o are c u r r e n t l y f i g h t i n g i t a n d t h o s e w h o h a v e o v e r c o m e it. • p h o t o s by A s h l e y D e H u d y •

Relay For Life


Dance M a r a t h o n : IT'S F O R THE K j d s . T h i s p a g e : R i c k y R h o d e s a n d RJ Casey w e r e e n t h u s i a s t i c a b o u t t h e t h e m e h o u r , " D r e s s as y o u r F a v o r i t e H o l i d a y " . • The Miracle Children love playing on t h e scooters and h a n g i n g o u t w i t h all o f t h e d a n c e r s . • K e v i n V a n d e n B o s c h takes a m i n u t e t o talk w i t h one of t h e Miracle Children. • A m o n g t h e m a n y activities available t o keep dancers occupied w e r e cards, crafts, a n d puzzles. • A M i r a c l e F a m i l y makes t h e i r g r a n d e n t r a n c e , ready t o t r a v e l t h e red c a r p e t t o reach t h e stage and share t h e i r story. • O p p o s i t e page: The D o w Center g y m explodes w i t h e x c i t e m e n t w h e n t h e t o t a l a m o u n t raised w a s revealed.

• photos courtesy of

A s h l e y D e H u d y , J u l i e Kocsis, a n d M e g h a n B e a c h u m *


S t u d e n t Life

W a l k i n g into Dance Marathon was not only a 24 hour party; it was an event that raised $ 1 1 6 , 0 7 3 . 9 ^ for DaVos C h i l d r e n ' s Hospital, an event m a d e possible by dedicated Dream T e a m m e m b e r s and their committees. Students volunteered as Dancers and Moralers f r o m all facets of Hope life, such as student organizations, sports teams, residence halls and Greek Life. P e r f o r m a n c e s , massages and g a m e s helped to keep weary dancers on their feet for 24 hours. The theme, "Circlin" the W a g o n s of H o p e , " included computer stations with O r e g o n Trail, a "watering hole" to fill hungry stomachs, and a m a z i n g western-themed decorations like a flowing river.

most importantly about the Miracle Families that benefited f r o m the money raised. This year, the cash rolled in until the last possible second. All involved felt honored to raise the most money in the history of Dance Marathon. W h e n unveiling the total amount raised, the D o w Center exploded with emotion as students reveled in their accomplishments. Dream Feam M e m b e r and senior Ryan Lincoln exclaimed, " W e made 116 large!" • L a u r a D o w •

As much as this event was about dancing, it was


Dance M a r a t h o n

A Christmas tradition for ihe C O m m u n i T Y . O p p o s i t e page: Choir m e m b e r s m a k e sure t h e i r voices ring loud a n d clear. • This page: T h e m e n o f t h e c h o i r p e r f o r m a w e l l - r e h e a r s e d piece, m u c h t o t h e d e l i g h t o f t h e a u d i e n c e . • H o p e s t u d e n t s t a k e p a r t in t h e p r o c e s s i o n . • T h e a u d i e n c e is s e r e n a d e d b y E m i l i e V a n d e r s l i c e a n d D a n i e l H i l l s d u r i n g an orchestra n u m b e r . • O r g a n player Richard N e w man provides a c c o m p a n i m e n t t o m u c h of the concert. • Joe S t a d o l a , a m e m b e r o f t h e o r c h e s t r a , a d d s v i o l i n m u s i c t o t h e s o u n d s o f t h e e v e n i n g . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •

S t u d e n t Life

son Last D e c e m b e r marked the sixty-fifth year of the Christmas Vespers concert at Hope. Singers f r o m the Chapel Choir and the College C h o r u s m e t f o r rehearsals throughout the semester, perfecting the songs which they would perform. The selection chosen for this y e a r ' s Vespers performance ranged f r o m the popular classics such as "Silent Night" to M o z a r t ' s "Veni Sancte Spiritus." H o p e ' s Flute Choir, Brass Ensemble, Symphonette, and organists contributed their versions of beautiful holiday-inspired pieces, including selections f r o m Bizet, B r a h m s and Handel. The concert also incorporated poetry readings f r o m m e m b e r s of the Hope family.

The four performances spanned two days. A popular event throughout the community, each concert quickly sold out. For each performance, Dimnent Chapel was filled with approximately 4,000 audience m e m b e r s throughout the weekend. The concert was aired on PBS television stations and radio throughout the nation. This tradition marks a time of celebration in the Hope College and Holland community. • Katie Moloney •

Christmas Vespers




On May 6th, 2007, the seniors proudly strolled thruuidi ( j p p u s in cap and gown prior to both Baccalaureate ceremonies. Inside Dimnent Chapel, students were addressed by Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, general secretary of the World Council of Churches. His sermon was entitled " H o p e Does Not Disappoint U s " and he spoke directly to the students: "Class of 2007. take the best of Hope with you, and build an even broader community of hope wherever life may lead you." That is just what Hope College students did as they encountered the bittersweet experience of graduating. Students received their degrees at the Holland Municipal Sta24

dium. Thirteen flags f r o m the countries that Hope College students call home blew in the wind under sunny skies. Parents, siblings, extended families, and professors looked on as 720 students crossed the stage and accepted their degrees from President Bultman. English professsor Dianne Portfleet was elected c o m m e n c e m e n t speaker by the student body. She reminded students that, "You are the only person who has sole custody of your life, your unique personality; and only you can fight your individual battle to live a real life, to become the most human you can be, to live the j o y f u l , abundant life that Christ has offered to each of us." • Laura D o w •

S t u d e n t Life •



Graduates are urged t o FfiCe LlFe dellbeROTelY. O p p o s i t e p a g e : T h e g r a d u a t i n g class o f 2 0 0 7 f a c e s t h e stage, l i s t e n i n g i n t e n t l y t o t h e special speakers. • This page: P r o f e s s o r J a m e s Z o e t e w e y is o n e o f t w o p r o f e s s o r s t o retire this year and was h o n o r e d at the g r a d u a t i o n c e r e m o n y along w i t h

Professor James Heisler. •

Dianne Portfleet,

Professor of English, encourages graduates t o treasure t h e m o m e n t a n d l i v e l i f e f u l l y . • S t u d e n t s s i t in t h e i r a l p h a b e t i c a l l y - a s s i g n e d seats d u r i n g t h e c o m m e n c e m e n t c e r e m o n y . • Graduates enjoy the words of wisdom offered t o them. •

D a v i d G o n t h i e r r e c e i v e s his d i p l o m a f r o m

his f a t h e r .

P r o f e s s o r P e t e r G o n t h i e r o f t h e P hysi cs D e p a r t m e n t , a n d shakes hands w i t h President B u l t m a n . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y of M e g h a n B e a c h u m a n d PR •


A m o n g the numerous opportunities for involvement Intramurals not only provide students with a way to around Hope College are intramural sports, one of the ways stay active, but they also support friendships and o f f e r an for students to stay active. T e a m s can be male, female, o r ' alternative to more competitive and time-consuming Varsity co-ed, and there are a variety of activities to choose from. sports. Student supervisors take charge of the intramural Wallyball, indoor soccer, and water polo are a few of the program, making sure everything runs smoothly, keeping popular choices. Students get together with varsity team- score, and setting up equipment. These sports are very popmates, fellow club members, or even a group of friends to ular with the student body, whether one is playing or watchform teams. Friendly competition is encouraged through i n g t h e g a m e . • K a y l a K a t t e r h e i n r i c h • playing against fellow classmates, and each sport includes a championship. The team that wins the championship receives an "IM c h a m p i o n s " t-shirt for each member, a muchcoveted prize.

Riendlv Co


A love of sports Opposite

mokes mTROmURfils Fun.

page: Men's

softball participants congratulate

each o t h e r o n a f u n , c o m p e t i t i v e game. • This page: A stud e n t k e e p s his e y e o n t h e b a l l , w a i t i n g t o m a k e a c a t c h . • C o - e d i n n e r t u b e w a t e r p o l o is a p o p u l a r s p o r t , a l w a y s providing intense action. • One player makes a break, hoping t o g e t t h e ball past her o p p o n e n t s . • S t u d e n t s p e r f o r m


s o m e f a n c y f o o t w o r k in h o p e s o f s c o r i n g a g o a l . • A f t e r a s t r o n g h i t , t h i s p l a y e r k e e p s t a b s o n t h e s o f t b a l l as h e r u n s t o f i r s t base. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f M e g h a n B e a c h u m •



night away Hop€ CoLLeqe STYLG.

T h i s p a g e : S t u d e n t s B r i t t n e y J a t z o , Erica W i l s o n , a n d T y l e r D e p k e t a k e a f e w m i n u t e s t o rest t h e i r f e e t a n d t a l k . • F o o d p r o v i d e d at t h e e v e n t included f a n c y desserts like c h o c o l a t e - c o v e r e d s t r a w b e r r i e s . • T h e s p e c t a c u l a r c h a n d e l i e r s in the A m w a y Grand Hotel make for a fancy evening. • The m e m b e r s o f S.A.C. w o r k e d h a r d t o m a k e W i n t e r F a n t a s i a a hit. • A t some points, dancers had little r o o m t o m o v e because o f t h e c r o w d . • O p p o s i t e page: T h e dance f l o o r w a s f i l l e d w i t h e n e r g e t i c s t u d e n t s all e v e n i n g l o n g , • p h o tos c o u r t e s y o f Barbara Rubio, D e b o r a h O ' C o n n e l l , Sarah Oosterink, and Laura T a n o u y e •


S t u d e n t Life

Eveiy yeai the Social Activities C o m m i t t e e invites the student body to W i n t e r Fantasia, the annual ball. This yeai the event was held on February 24th at the A m w a y Grand Hotel in d o w n t o w n Grand Rapids. This f o n i ^ ^ ^ c c a -

food. After a full evening of dancing, socializing, and eating, students look forward to sitting down to rest their tired feet. Though the dance is wearying, students are pleased by the enjoyable evening.

sion is full of energetic dancing and w o n d e r f u l food, including delectable desserts such as chocolate-covered strawberries. This m e m o r a b l e ball boasted eight hundred students in

As S.A.C. co-director Sarah Oosterink observes, ' i t ' s an exciting evening where we get to all go to downtown Grand Rapids and have a great night full of dancing."


•Sarah O o s t e r i n k and Kayla K a t t e r h e i n r i c h *

M a n y students spend all of Saturday afternoon getting spruced up in their best clothing, and the evening starts early with most dance attendees going out to dinner. Arriving at the ball is thrilling, because students are amazed by the huge chandeliers, classy decorations, and elaborate



W i n t e r Fantasia

Spring break mission trips explore TIH€ UJORLCI. T h i s p a g e : E v a n D a w s o n m a k e s m o s a i c s w i t h c h i l d r e n in Apache,




Dan Tressler


Brent Potts, play w i t h children t h e y m e t at t h e Caribbean C h r i s t i a n C e n t e r f o r t h e D e a f in J a m a i c a . • In G u a t e m a l a , s t u d e n t s h e l p e d p a i n t t h e w a l l s in a n o r p h a n a g e so c h i l d r e n m a y l i v e t h e r e s o o n . • T h e g r o u p w h o t r a v e l e d t o East Palo A l t o s m i l e s w i t h t h e c h i l d r e n t h a t B a y s h o r e C h r i s t i a n M i n i s t r i e s s e r v e s . • Bill B u c k m a n s e r v e s c u l t u r a l f o o d a t a school d u r i n g a m i s s i o n t r i p t o N e w a r k , N e w Jersey. • O p p o s i t e p a g e ; T h e g r o u p t h a t t r a v e l e d t o T i j u a n a is w o r n o u t b u t h a p p y a f t e r p l a y i n g a g a m e o f soccer w i t h s o m e M e x i can people t h e y served, • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f J e n n i f e r H a r ris, Cara S c h r o t e n b o e r , J a n e F i s h e r , Sean T e f t e l l e r , S t a c y Thomas, and Amarisa Gombis*


S t u d e n t Life

O n


Many students choose to use their Spring Break time to serve others through Hope College's C a m p u s Ministries. Groups with adult leaders scatter across the United States and into Central American and Caribbean countries to work with disadvantaged people. Destinations include cities across the country such as Queens, NY; Apache, OK; and East Palo Alto, CA. International trips reached Tijuana, Mexico, Jamaica, and Nicaragua. Planning began in the fall with the selection of student leaders, with each trip meeting frequently afterwards. Upon arrival, students built and remodeled build-

ings, taught students, and worked in soup kitchens. Junior Erin Jenkins explains, "My eyes were opened to the lives of people around me." Though the work was hard, students had challenging and meaningful experiences. • Kayla Katterheinrich •

Spring Break Mission Trips


WondepFul Touun The first stage production of the school year, " W o n derful T o w n , " is based on a book. T w o sisters f r o m Ohio move to Greenwich Village in the 1930s, where they must learn a different way of life. In the process, they face lessons that t t ^ j p i R I r n about life and love. The set was bright and wacky, Ind the costumes colorful outfits f r o m the 1930s. This proTmction was marked by its clever dialogue, jazzy music, and enthusiastic dancing. " T w o R o o m s " is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated play about a husband and wife torn apart by world conflict. The American couple lives in the Middle East until the husband


S t u d e n t Life

is kidnapped. W h e n the wife is sent back to the United States, she must deal with her grief by conversing with her husband in her mind. This production is popular because it reflects current conflict in our society and promotes discussion about such conflict and how it may be resolved. •Kayla Katterheinrich*

Theatre productions may be upbeRT OR semous. O p p o s i t e page: T h e cast o f W o n d e r f u l T o w n p e r f o r m s an e n e r g e t i c m u s i c a l scene. • This page: F r e s h m a n A n d r e w Franks strikes a pose w h i l e c h a t t i n g w i t h a n o t h e r m e m b e r o f W o n d e r f u l T o w n . • W h i t n e y T h o m a s describes t h e light f o r C o d y M a s a l k o s k i , w h o is u n a b l e t o see i t . • A c t o r s in the production " T w o Rooms" give a heartfelt performance. • T w o o f t h e m a i n characters of W o n d e r f u l T o w n , Kristi S z c z e p a n e k a n d Kelly Sina, sing a d u e t t o g e t h e r . • A c t o r s c o w e r o v e r W h i t n e y T h o m a s , i n t i m i d a t i n g her. • photos c o u r t e s y o f K e l l y Sina •

A student-produced play, "The Shape of Things" is the senior directing project of senior Katharine Nykamp. The play explores the meaning of art, as the main uses another human being as her canvas for a final art project, dating the man and even pretending to love him, all for the sake of her project. The man changes himself for her, transforming from someone nobody notices to a handsome, eye-catching man. Essentially, the play asks, " H o w far is one willing to go for art?" The comedy "The School for Scandal" quickly became a huge hit among students, faculty, and com-

munity members alike. This production allows the audience to listen in on the conversations between close friends who lead outrageous lives. The undertones of the play explore the sincerity and simplicity involved in all human relationships. • Kayla Katterheinrich •

New worlds are created b v Th€fiTR€ STudenTS. O p p o s i t e page: Kate G o e t z i n g e r explains her a r t w o r k t o t h e a u d i e n c e in " T h e S h a p e o f T h i n g s " . • T h i s p a g e : R e a g a n Chesnut and Katy Eagen create h u m o r backstage. • The ent i r e c a s t o f " S c h o o l f o r S c a n d a l " poses f o r a p h o t o . • A d a m C a r p e n t e r a n d C h a d Coe s h a r e t h o u g h t s a b o u t l i f e a n d l o v e in t h i s s c e n e f r o m " T h e S h a p e o f T h i n g s " . • T h r e e " S c h o o l f o r Scandal" cast m e m b e r s g e t up close and personal w i t h each o t h e r . • " T h e Shape o f T h i n g s " a c t o r A d a m Carpenter e x a m i n e s a piece o f art. • " T h e Shape of T h i n g s " p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR • " S c h o o l f o r S c a n d a l " p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f Katy Eagen •

Theatre Productions



Spring arrives and STUCknTS fiR€ CelebRRTinq. T h i s p a g e : C h r i s M a y b u r y p a r t i c i p a t e s in t h e a n n u a l P u s h race w i t h

his s h o p p i n g c a r t d i s g u i s e d as a p i r a t e s h i p ,

c o m p l e t e w i t h w h i t e f l a g . H e a n d his t e a m m a t e s d r e s s e d in p i r a t e c o s t u m e s . • J o n a h O g l e s e n t e r t a i n e d t h e c r o w d a t E a r t h J a m w i t h his g u i t a r a n d v o c a l s . • M a n y s t u d e n t s braved t h e w i l d mechanical bull and m a n a g e d t o stay on f o r t h e ride. • A w e e k b e f o r e Spring Fling, Earth Jam f e s t i v ities e n j o y e d t h e s u n s h i n e a n d music. • T h e i n f l a t a b l e slide is a s i m p l e b u t f u n p a r t o f S p r i n g F l i n g . • O p p o s i t e p a g e : A g r o u p of friends spends t h e a f t e r n o o n at Earth Jam, learni n g a b o u t e n v i r o n m e n t a l issues. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f A s h l e y D e H u d y a n d PR •


S t u d e n t Life

fF^n-trW>'rUAMK mhiX.


r H'I 1 iiTnii^n7TTrri?iT7i^s^^<*rfi'i^tffWga

On Saturday, April 21, walking through the Pine Grove was a green experience. The Environmental issues Group hosted an annual Earth Jam to celebrate Earth Day and examine ecological conditions around Michigan. A f t e r a morning spent planting new foliage, students gathered on blankets and spread out on the grass in the Pine Grove. They enjoyed an afternoon of live music and poetry, which revolved around conservation of the earth and its resources. Earth Jam provides a local opportunity for students to get involved in protecting our environment. The following Friday, Hope College celebrated the official end of the semester with Spring Fling. Classes fin-

ished at 3:00 on Friday afternoon, and festivities ensued. The day was rainy and chilly, so most of the S.A.C.-planned activities were moved inside. Fewer students attended than usual, but the day was still a success. T w o of the rides were still located outdoors, including the always-popular 360-degree bike. Instead of a picnic, dinner was provided in Phelps Dining Hall. The rest of the activities, inflatable games, and live music provided by the group Oregon Dream Child were available inside the Dow Center. While this year's Spring Fling celebration was limited by uncooperative weather, students still enjoyed the entertainment provided to them. • Kayla Katterheinrich •

Et—jk Jfim & SpRinq Flinq ^elebRRTinq Spmnq

Renovations give Hope College a FfiCC LLFL. O p p o s i t e p a g e : T h e S c i e n c e C e n t e r b u i l d i n g is e n g r a v e d w i t h t h e n e w t i t l e : A . Paul S c h a a p . • T h i s p a g e : S t u d e n t s w a l k t h r o u g h t h e n e w l y renovated hallway of Lubbers. • L u b b e r s m a y n o t be i n c r e d i b l y d i f f e r e n t f r o m t h e o u t s i d e , b u t i n s i d e i t is a b r a n d - n e w b u i l d i n g . • G e r r y R u f f i n o , m e m b e r o f t h e W T H S e x e c u t i v e b o a r d , w o r k s in t h e n e w W T H S r a d i o s t a t i o n in t h e M a r t h a M i l l e r C e n t e r . • A m e m b e r o f t h e W T H S E x e c u t i v e Board f i n e - t u n e s H o p e College's Skinn e r o r g a n , w h i c h is h o u s e d in D i m n e n t C h a p e l . • C o u r t e n a y R o b e r t s s t u d i e s in t h e l o b b y o f t h e n e w l y r e n o v a t e d L u b bers H a l l . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •


S t u d e n t Life

^ d d m o F€FITUR€S The 2006-2007 school year has brought many changes to the Hope College campus, making much-needed improvements. modern updates, and embellishments. A new wing was added to Cook Hall, a project that was finished just in time for use this fall. It provided an additional sixtysix spots for students, mostly occupied by upperclassmen. Lubbers Hall underwent m a j o r renovations over the summer, completely changing the look inside the building. The old building was given fresh updates, including the installation of air conditioning and more study areas for students.

Hope College. The station previously had space in the DeWitt Center, but moved to larger quarters with the addition of the Martha Miller Center. Along with this move came the move of other student organization offices. The Anchor also received a new office in the Martha Miller Center. Student Congress, Dance Marathon, and the Milestone all received more functional offices on the main floor of the DeWitt Center. • Kayla Katterheinrich •

The Martha Miller Center, built two years ago. ofticially opened the new radio station for W T H S . the voice of N e w Additions


DOILY STUckflT uFe W h i l e s t u d y i n g in r e s i d e n c e h a l l s m a y s e e m l i k e

o f t h e library, t h e Kletz, o r b a s e m e n t s t u d y carrels.

a g o o d idea in t h e o r y , i t a c t u a l l y b e c o m e s i m p r a c t i c a l

T h e r o t u n d a o f t h e M a r t h a M i l l e r C e n t e r has q u i c k l y

when attempted.

b e c o m e a p o p u l a r s t u d y a r e a , a l o n g w i t h c l a s s r o o m s in

T o o m a n y d i s t r a c t i o n s a r i s e in resi-

d e n c e halls, i n c l u d i n g f r i e n d s , t e l e v i s i o n s h o w s , t h e Int e r n e t , a n d p h o n e calls, b u t l e a v i n g t h e r e s i d e n c e h a l l s m e a n s b r a v i n g t h e c o l d , t h e r a i n , a n d r u n a w a y Frisbees.

In o r d e r f o r m a n y s t u d e n t s t o t r u l y a c c o m p l i s h

any academic building on campus. If s t u d e n t s a r e t i r e d , t h e

local c o f f e e shops,

L e m o n j e l l o ' s a n d JP's, a r e p e r f e c t s t u d y d e s t i n a t i o n s , providing brain fuel t h r o u g h caffeine.

For an enjoy-

t h e s t u d y i n g a n d h o m e w o r k t h a t n e e d s t o be d o n e ,

a b l e s t u d y e x p e r i e n c e , t h e Pine G r o v e is a p e r f e c t l o c a -

t h e y seek a n o t h e r p l a c e .

t i o n w h e n t h e w e a t h e r is w a r m a n d s u n n y .

T h a n k f u l l y , H o p e College's

c a m p u s and t h e s u r r o u n d i n g area p r o v i d e p l e n t y o f

t h i n g is c e r t a i n ; s t u d e n t s w i l l a c c o m p l i s h t h e s t u d y i n g

options. The typical study spots include t h a t m a n y floors


N o m a t t e r t h e study location of choice, one t h e y set o u t t o d o . • K a y l a K a t t e r h e i n r i c h •

S t u d e n t Life

, in

. r wpmffffiyfffTffri'ililll 1 IMiliilU'i'im'irmn

Students find many creative places around campus

TO uuopk Rnd siudv. O p p o s i t e page: Jason F o l k e r t takes a d v a n t a g e o f t h e s u m m e r y w e a t h e r a n d s p e n d s t h e a f t e r n o o n in t h e P i n e G r o v e , d o i n g h o m e w o r k . • This page: M a n y art students spend t h e i r s t u d y t i m e in t h e D e Pree A r t C e n t e r . • T h e l i b r a r y o f f e r s m a n y tables, desks, a n d c o m f o r t a b l e chairs t h a t provide excellent s t u d y spots f o r students, especially w h e n t h e r e is a l o t o f r e a d i n g t o d o . • S t u d e n t s l i s t e n a n d t a k e n o t e s in a l e c t u r e h a l l d u r i n g a g u e s t s p e a k e r p r e s e n t a t i o n . • T h e P i n e G r o v e is h e a v i l y p o p u l a t e d in t h e a u t u m n a n d spring, w h e t h e r s t u d e n t s are s t u d y i n g or j u s t c h a t t i n g w i t h e a c h o t h e r . • S t u d y i n g h a r d r e q u i r e s e a t i n g f o r e n e r g y , so T h e K l e t z is a p o p u l a r o p t i o n , w h e r e s t u d e n t s c a n e a t a n d spread o u t t h e i r w o r k at t h e same time. • photos courtesy o f A s h l e y D e H u d y a n d PR •

• Tn

T h e Life o f a S t u d e n t

T w o s t u d e n t s s t u d y in L u b b e r s d u r i n g t h e 1 9 5 0 s


ire i





Prediger teaches religion in the newly renovated Lubbers Hall (see page 60)




Rfinnminq y w |


Over a thousand students, colleagues, family, and friends joined together in Dimnent Chapel on Wednesday, September 13 to hear poet and Professor Emeritus Jack Ridl read for the first Visiting Writers Series event of the semester. The night held special meaning because it marked both Ridl's retirement f r o m teaching and the first annual T o m Andrews Memorial Reading. T o m Andrews, a poetry student of Ridl's, graduated Hope S u m m a C u m Laude and became a well-loved poet, publishing three books of poetry and receiving a number of prestigious awards. His art was cut short due to his battle against hemophilia which ended in 2001. In his m e m o r y , there will now be a T o m A n d r e w s Memorial Reading every year in which a guest poet will be invited to join the roster as a part of the Visiting Writers Series on H o p e ' s campus. Following the reading, there was a reception at the Holland Area Arts Council in which visitors admired the artwork and celebrated Ridl's retirement. As a retirement gift, he was presented with an antique canoe, signed by his colleagues and personally restored by David Klooster, chair of the English Department. F a m o u s for holding his legendary class in the " d u n g e o n " — t h e basement of the A n d e r s o n - W e r k m a n Financial C e n t e r — R i d l also founded the original Visiting Writers Series in 1982. Over $28,000 was donated to a creative writing f u n d in his name to honor his contributions to c a m p u s and the series, which was also officially renamed The Jack Ridl Visiting Writers Series. • Bethany Katerberg •


Left page: Jack Ridl takes the podium t o begin t h e first VWS reading of t h e year. • As Professor Ridl is t h e first t o point out, the mark of a good reader is one w h o utilizes w e l l - t i m e d w a t e r breaks. • This page: English Department Chair David Klooster announces the renaming of VWS t o The Jack Ridl Visiting W r i t e r s Series, and reveals a n o t h e r poster showing t h a t ^28,000 was raised f o r a creative w r i t i n g fund. • Senior Bethany Katerberg begins introductions w i t h a laugh. • Jack Ridl greets friends after his reading. • Over t h e years he has been teaching, Jack has become a friend t o multitudes. • photos courtesy of PR • Jack R i d l V i s i t i n g W r i t e r s Series

Art & Art History

Front r o w : Erin Selmer, Jennifer Gardiner. Back r o w : Katherine Sullivan, Bruce McCombs, Steve Nelson, Judith Hillman, Kristin VanHaitsma, Naomi Tsukamoto.

Front r o w : T o m Bultman, Debbie S w a r t h o u t , Donald Cronkite, Aaron Best. Back r o w : Gregory Fraley, Virginia AAcDonough-Stuckey, Maria Burnatowska Hledin, T i m o t h y Evans, Lori Hertel, Leah Chase-Wallar, Joan Van Houten.

Career Services



Libby Bocks, Trudi VanderPloeg, Sara DeVries, Dale Austin.


When President Gerald R. Ford accepted an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Hope College in April. 1987, he called * rX^^IVJ^I I I it the most meaningful degree he had ever received. "Because of my very, very high regard for Hope College, no degree — earned or honorary — will mean more to me than the one I received f r o m this outstanding institution," President Ford said at a convocation held in his honor. President Ford was no stranger to H o p e College. From 1949 through 1973 as a Congressman whose district included Holland, he made annual visits to Hope to discuss foreign and domestic issues with students and faculty. He frequently hosted students and faculty at his Congressional office in Washington, D.C. In 1971 he delivered the keynote address and cut the ribbon celebrating the opening of the DeWitt Center.

GCRflld R.. FORd H o p e Colleqe

Front r o w : Leah Chase-Wallar, Traci Smith, Elizabeth Sanford, Stephen Taylor. M i d d l e : Brent Krueger, W a l l y Fu, M a r i a Burnatowska Hledin, Joanne Stewart, Sheldon W e t t a c k , Michael Silver. Back r o w : Michael Pikaart, Jason Gillmore, Kenneth B r o w n , Todd Gugino.

G e r a l d R. F o r d / D e p a r t m e n t P h o t o s


Opposite page: Rose explores t h e cave of t h e Rime W i t c h , looking at all the treasures she has collected. • This page: Rose plays in the snow w i t h the Ensemble in t h e background. • Uncle Roger ( senior Cody Masalkoski) uses his radio t o t r y t o contact people outside Radio Falls. • The Rime W i t c h ( j u n i o r W h i t n e y Thomas) swallows Rose, w h o uses the Witch's o w n icy claw t o kill her. • photos courtesy of PR •



WORld PR€mi€R€

Hope College Theatre presented " R o s e and the R i m e " during April in the DeWitt main theatre. The show was written and created by guest artist Nathan Allen, who is the p r o d u c t i o n ' s director, in a collaborative effort with the cast and design team. "This production [was] like nothing our audiences have seen before," said Michelle B o m b e , w h o is a professor of theatre, director of theatre and resident costume designer at H o p e . "It has been an a m a z i n g opportunity for our students to work with Nathan. His entire process revolves around developing c o m m u n i t y and ensemble. He has given the students the vocabulary and tools to develop original work that revolves around story and physical action." '"Rose and the R i m e " is set in the fictional town of Radio Falls, Mich., where it is always winter. The c o m m u n i t y has been laid waste by the terrible Rime Witch, and is a world without flowers, apples, mail or dancing - but with an abundance of snow, wind and ice cream. The shining beacon in the wintry gloom is a young, mute girl named Rose, w h o takes it upon herself to m a k e a treacherous journey to the frozen cave of the Witch in the hope of changing her t o w n ' s fate. T h e cast and crew have been shaping the venue to match the story. "With the aid of customized stage designs and innovative special effects, the production team has created frozen lakes, creepy forests and beach scenes, allowing the DeWitt main theatre to take on a completely new identity," B o m b e noted. Allen is the artistic director of the House Theatre C o m p a n y in Chicago, 111., and has been working with the students throughout the school year. He began in October, with monthly intensive w o r k s h o p s for actors, directors, technicians and writers which culminated in his residency in March and April. • H o p e PR & Jason Cash •

T h e a t e r • Rose a n d t h e R i m e





In the nature of the liberal arts, Hope College is al-

ways exploring how to combine subjects and expand on interdisciplinary cooperation. In an attempt to give i " students more options, the Registrar has instated two new minors. Studies in Ministry and Leadership. The Crossroads Project will oversee the Studies in Ministr • y minor, and the Center for Faithful Leadership will a supervise the Leadership minor, pulling classes from Communication and Management. In addition to these new minors, the Culture Heritage classes expanded to allow more specific topics within the requirements. Some titles of these new options are "The Middle Ages," "Real Life and the Good Life, f r o m Classical T i m e s to Christian," "Treasures and Trash: What the Greeks and Romans Left Us," and "Indigenous: Native American Literature and History in (What C a m e to Be Called) North America." The expanded selection came after requests by students to allow more flexibility in the fulfillment of the Cultural Heritage requirement. Similarly the Social Science B requirement will allow Political Science 151: Introduction to Global Studies to count toward the Social Science. These new minors and changes to the curriculum will begin in the Fall 2007 semester. • Tally R e e v e r t s •

Modem & Classical Languages Front r o w : Ion Agheana, Melissa M u l d e r , Marianne Griselain, Diane Lucar-Ellens, Isabelle ChapuisAlvarez, Liliana Dorado, Hazuki Segawa, Anne Larsen. Back row: Brigitte Hamon-Porter, Maria Claudia Andre, Kelly Osborne, Lee Forester, Sander DeHaan, Silvia Kallemeyn, F u m i h i t o Andy Nakajima, Daniel Woolsey, John Quinn.



Front r o w : Ji H o o n Park, K a t h r y n Nathan, Rebecca DeVries, Linda Koetje, Deirdre Johnston. Back r o w : James Herrick, Isolde Anderson, Dawn D e W i t t - B r i n k s , Christian Spielvogel.

Economics, Managment, & Accounting

Front r o w : Lynne Hendrix, Joy Forgwe Ortiz, Rowene Beals. Back r o w : James Heisler, John Lunn, Steve VanderVeen, Vicki TenHaken, Herbert M a r t i n .

t i o n Front r o w : Barbara Albers, C. Baars B u l t m a n , Susan Cherup, Yooyeun H w a n g , M a d e l i n e Kukla, Jane Finn. Back r o w : Laura Pardo, Richard Mezeske, Linda Jordan, John Yelding.


New Minors / Department Photos

Right page: Dr. A. Paul Schaap talks t o Fox 17 reporter, Dan Krauth about his gift. • This page; Schaap announces his g i f t w h i c h included naming the building's three-story a t r i u m in celebrat i o n of pioneering Hope chemistry professors Dr. J. Harvey Kleinheksel and Dr. Gerrit Van Zyl, w h o t a u g h t at Hope f r o m the 1920s t h r o u g h the 1960s. • Members of the Hope c o m m u n i t y look on at the naming ceremony. • President James Bultman, Vice President of Advancement Scott W o l t e r i n k , and A. Paul & Carol Schaap unveil the new name of the science center. • photos courtesy of PR •


Science CcnicR


A Hope College graduate w h o appreciated his own undergraduate experience gave a $7 million leadership gift in support of the c o l l e g e ' s science center project. T h e gift was intended as both a way of saying thank you and helping new generations of students. In recognition of the gift, given by Dr. A. Paul Schaap and his wife Carol of Grosse Pointe Park, the college re-named the building the "A. Paul Schaap Science Center." Both the gift and the n a m i n g were announced at the conclusion of the 2 0 0 5 - 2 0 0 6 school year. "This is a generous and transforming gift for this exceptional facility and for enhancing H o p e ' s national reputation in collaborative undergraduate research," said Hope College President Dr. J a m e s Bultman. Dr. A. Paul Schaap, w h o is a 1967 H o p e graduate, is president of Lumigen Inc., which he founded. He noted that he has supported the building in appreciation of the quality of his education and those w h o helped m a k e it possible. "I appreciate how important my education and research experience in chemistry at H o p e have been to my career, first in academics and now in business, and I see this gift as a chance, with my wife Carol, to give back to Hope and help provide similar opportunities for students for years to c o m e . " he said. " T h e science center is a wonderful facility that offers a stimulating environment for students in the sciences. I ' m proud to be associated with the science center in this w a y . " • J a s o n Cash • A. Paul S c h a a p S c i e n c e C e n t e r


Jeff Brown, John Krupczak Jr., Miguel Abrahantes, Michael Misovich, Roger Velderman. Just before Christmas, the Joint Archives of Holland removed the cornerstone of Graves Hall as Hope College geared up to renovate Graves Hall. G e o f f r e y Reynolds, director of the Archives, had been looking for any original drawings of Graves' interior. Unfortunately the cornerstone did not reveal what Reynolds was looking for, but the find still piqued historians' interest. The box included an 1878 three-dollar gold coin and an Albertus Van Raalte sermon in his handwriting. Graves Hall's cornerstone with time capsule was set in 1892 and served as the chapel starting in 1894. The hall then switched duties with the completion of Dimnent Memorial Chapel in 1929 and was converted to a library. When the Van Zoren Library was completed. Graves provided room for classrooms and offices. Winants auditorium underwent renovation in 1980. The college plans many restorations and changes including electrical updates, adding better handicap accessibility, and providing larger spaces for meetings. • Tally R e e v e r t s •

Buildinq FOR




r 54


Front row: Kathleen Verduin, Jackie Bartley, Jennifer Young, Barbara Mezeske, Julie Kipp. Back row; Peter Schakel, Stephen Hemenway, William Pannapacker, Natalie Dykstra, Maria Lunderberg, Myra Kohsel, David Klooster.

E n v i r o n m e n t a l Sciences

Graham Peaslee, Suzanne DeVriesZimmerman, Brian Bodenbender, Edward Hansen, Jonathan Peterson.

Front row: Gloria Tseng, Marc Baer. Back row: Fred Johnson, Janis Gibbs, Tamba M'bayo, Albert Bell.




i Graves Hall Cornerstone / Department Photos


a , t About &repK5|




The Undergraduate Research Celebration was established in 2001 to showcase the student-faculty collaborative research accomplished at Hope College. Since then the celebration has grown to include research f r o m the arts and humanities, natural and physical sciences, and social sciences. On January 29, 2007, 275 students presented 166 research projects and works of art. To open the event. Dr. Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet, a psychology professor, gave the keynote address titled "Perserverance and Pay-Offs: Celebrating Student-Faculty Collaboration in a Decade of Interdisciplinary Forgiveness Research." Topics ranged from a classroom role-playing exercise on Civil War issues to a project focused on providing a Cameroonian village with clean drinking water. The celebration allows a space for students to share their exciting academic endeavors and also represents the rich Hope tradition of undergraduate research. First recognized in 2003 by the U.S. News and World Report as fourth in the nation for undergraduate research. Hope College is among only 35 other institutions of such honor. • Tally R e e v e r t s •



Opposite page: Megan Patnott explains w h a t "pebbling" is t o Professor Karla Wolters. • This page: Interested onlookers study a presentation on t h e f l o o r of t h e DeVos Fieldhouse. • Hope College and Holland c o m m u n i t y members freely w a n d e r t h r o u g h t h e exhibits and talk w i t h students. • Michelle Gendron and Professor Hledin discuss Gendron's w o r k in t h e natural sciences. • photos courtesy of PR •

' Predicted Roles of RhaE" tnafthsWdomai She Rhammwe Mctaboiic Pathway

U n d e r g r a d u a t e Research


K i n e s i o I o Front r o w : M e g Frens, Eva Dean Folkert, Maureen Dunn, Becky Schmidt, Kristen M o r r i s o n , Jim VanderMeer, Michael Ricketts. Back r o w : John Patnott, Steve Smith, Glen V a n W i e r e n , Jeff A r m stong. Kirk Brumels, Rich Ray, Dean Kreps.

Front row: Pat O'Brien, Rachel Bishop, Gloria Slaughter, Chris Nelson. Middle: Carla Kaminski, Brian Yost, Kelly Jacobsma, Patti Carlson, Jan Zessin, Jane Currie, John Hoyer. Back r o w : Michelle Kelley, Patricia M u r p h y , Todd Wiebe, Colleen Conway, John Dykstra, Daphne Fairbanks, David Jensen.




Front row: Time Pennings, M a r y DeYoung, Kate Vance, Jill VanderStoep, Aaron Cinzori. Back row: Darin Stephenson, Airat Bekmetjev, M a r k Pearson, Nathan Tintle, John Stoughton.

Front r o w : A n d r e w Le, Jenny W a l v o o r d , M a r g a r e t Kennedy-Dygas, Kathy W a t e r s t o n e , Julia Randel. Back r o w : Brad Richmond, Richard Piippo, Brian Coyle, Jimmy Leach, Robert Hodson, H u w Lewis, Charles Aschbrenner.


College se-


S x u d ^ i STudenr's



Top honoRs

nior A n d r e w Popchock c o m p e t e d in the first The Lakeshore's Next T o p Entrepreneur contest at the Lakeshore A d v a n t a g e o f f i c e in Zeeland. The students came up with an idea for their own c o m p a n y and then presented that plan to a panel of five judges. Popchock took top honors, which gave him $1,000 in cash and extra assistance in starting his business. His idea involved a chip that runners wear with a G P S tracking system so family m e m b e r s that go to races can keep track of t h e m from their cell phone. "It was very exciting and surreal to win the competition. W e are raised to think we have to put our dues in with entry level positions and gain all sorts of business experience for us to think of a great business idea on our own. The truth is most of us have the capabilities to break through the corporate ladder, but only a few ot us have the ability to speak up and actually do it." says Popchock. "This opportunity gave me the kick in the pants I need-


ed to create my business plan and actually pursue this as a viable career."

S u


f i


As the spring semester of the 2005-2006 school year wound down, student workers in Lubbers found themselves packing up their professors" offices for the four month internment in Graves and the library. After many years. Lubbers was preparing for a major renovation that would refresh its layout as well as its aesthetic quality. Soon after the faculty and staff had been relocated around the campus, the overhaul began. The $3 million dollar building project installed new windows and an air conditioning system; provided for twenty-eight new offices and a computer lab; updated classroom technology, including wireless access; and renewed the aesthetics. The building process maintained the classic exterior keeping Lubbers as one of the college's most venerable academic buildings. Faculty and staff moved back into the building just in time for classes to begin in the fall. The faculty were pleased with their new, refinished offices. The students greatly appreciated the new technologies and workspaces. And the air conditioning made everyone happy during the hot first month of classes. • Ryan Lincoln •

Left page: A construction w o r k e r f r o m Elzinga and Volkers demolishes parts of t h e Lubbers hallway. • This page: A major c o m p o n e n t of t h e project included adding air c o n d i t i o n i n g t h r o u g h t h e use of a crane as well as a new fire system t h a t w i l l include interior sprinklers and replacing t h e w i n d o w s • Professor Steven Bouma-Prediger teaches a religion class in the newly renovated Lubbers Hall. • Religion professor Steven Hoogerw e r f chats on his phone in his new office located in Lubbers 117. • photos courtesy of PR •

Lubbers Renovation





Front row: M a r y Scheerhorn, Nancy Barnum, Paulette Chaponniere, Catherine Clarey-Sanford. Back row: Patricia W a l t e r , Jennifer Dykstra, Amanda Barton, Vickie Slot, Vicki Voskuil, Donna Garrett, Barbara Vincensi, Susan Dunn.

P h i Front r o w : A n t h o n y Perovich, A n d r e w Dell-Olio, Caroline Simon, Jack M u l d e r . Back r o w : Jim Allis, Toshiro Terada, Joseph LaPorte.

Kevin Gardner, Peter Gonthier, Catherine Mader, Paul DeYoung, Linda Coney.


OpTD r Donfild CRonkue

Dr. Donald Cronkite of the H o p e College biology faculty received a national award in the fall f r o m the National Association of Biology Teachers ( N A B T ) . Cronkite received the N A B T ' s "Evolution Education A w a r d , " presented in recognition of "innovative classroom teaching and c o m m u n i t y education efforts to promote the accurate understanding of biological evolution." Cronkite has received multiple national awards in recognition of his work as an educator, including f r o m the N A B T . which presented him with its " F o u r - Y e a r College Biology Teaching A w a r d " in 1995. In March of 2005, he was named the 2005 "College T e a c h e r of the Y e a r " by the Michigan Science Teachers Association.

blOl-CXjYIepflRTmenT lHOnOR„ r

K n o w n f o r his imaginative approach t o teaching, Dr. Cronkite has been k n o w n t o teach his students h o w t o square dance in order t o d e m o n s t r a t e cell division.

Dr. C r o n k i t e / D e p a r t m e n t Photos


This page: The organ restoration t o o k nearly t w o years, f r o m January 2005 t h r o u g h t h e latter part of the fall 2 0 0 6 semester. • The entire organ, including all 2,932 pipes and t h e console, was removed and taken t o New Haven for t h e w o r k , t h r o u g h w h i c h the i n s t r u m e n t was repaired and restored t o its original f a c t o r y specifications. • The most major w o r k previously done on the organ had been conducted more t h a n 4 0 years earlier, in 1963, w h e n it had been cleaned, refurbished, releathered and regulated. • Opposite page: An organ restorationist w i t h the A. T h o m p son-Allen Company pays close a t t e n t i o n t o detail w i t h t h e restoration. • photos courtesy of PR • 64




Hope College celebrated the restoration of its historic Skinner organ with a rededication concert on Tuesday, January 30 in Dimnent Memorial Chapel. Period accounts placed the original cost of the organ at $25,000. It was donated to the college by Barend Arendshorst and his sons William and John Arendsorst and dedicated and installed in 1929, the same year that the chapel was completed. As an antique produced in a bygone era the organ is irreplaceable, but its estimated value today is between $2 million and $4 million. Its recent restoration by the A. Thompson-Allen Company which emphasized preserving the o r g a n ' s original character—took nearly two years, f r o m January 2005 through the latter part of the fall semester. The entire organ, including all 2,932 pipes and the console, was removed and taken to New Haven for the work, through which the instrument was repaired and restored to its original factory specifications. In addition, the chambers housing the pipes were renovated and the chapel's roof drainage system was modified to repair and prevent water damage caused by the building's original design. The most m a j o r work previously done on the organ had been conducted more than 40 years earlier, in 1963. when it had been cleaned and completely refurbished. • J a s o n Cash •

Skinner Organ Restoration

Even as security measures internationally endeavor to prevent terrorists f r o m smuggling explosives onto aircraft. Dr. Roger Veldman of the Hope College engineering faculty is conducting research he hopes will make a difference if the unthinkable does happen. Veldman. an associate professor of engineering, is engaged in a multi-year, ongoing research effort to help aircraft better withstand internal explosions. His work has recently received funding f r o m the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security, the third in a series of federal grants in support of his work in the wake of the 9-11 attacks in 2001. His work even caught the attention of local congressman Pete Hoekstra, the then Chairman of the House intelligence committee. Veldman, who has taught at Hope since 1998, has been investigating "aircraft hardening" since he was a doctoral student at Western Michigan University in the mid-1990s. His interest in the topic began while he was still an undergraduate, when a few days before Christmas in 1988 a b o m b destroyed Pan A m Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The loss of life moved him.

, Hope PRoFessoR 0|RCRfi c seeks tcr^cIUCâ‚Ź FT


V e l d m a n ' s research, which he pursues collaboratively with a team of three H o p e students, involves both conducting tests with explosives under controlled conditions at Batelle Memorial Institute's laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, and developing and evaluating computer models of the same situations. The models, he noted, are an important complement to the testing. If models can be developed that accurately reflect the actual events, tests could ultimately be conducted more cheaply and quickly via computer. V e l d m a n ' s research has progressed through the years f r o m exploring how simple sheets of aircraft aluminum react: to testing assemblies of sheeting and framework; to its current emphasis on determining lining materials that could absorb and deflect a blast near an aircraft's outer skin. He and his research team tested some such materials this summer, such as a honeycomb-shaped aluminum composite, work that will continue with the latest support.



I itica I Science

Front r o w : A n n i e Dandavati. Back r o w ; James Z o e t e w e y , Jeffrey Polet, David Ryden.

Front r o w : Charles Behensky, Kathleen Adamski, David Myers, Patricia Roehling. Back r o w : John Shaughnessy, Charlotte vanOye n - W i t v l i e t , M a r y Inman, Sonja T r e n t - B r o w n , Scott VanderStoep.

i o n Front r o w : Boyd Wilson, Steven H o o g e r w e r f , Janet Powers, David Cunningham, Kent Van Til. Back r o w : A n d r e w Yan, Steven Bouma-Prediger, Phillip M u n o a , Jeff Tyler, Barry Bandstra, W a y n e Brouwer.

Airplane Blast Research / Department Photos

This page: Van W y l e n , seen here at his desk in the President's Office, was Hope's n i n t h president f r o m 1972 until retiring in 1987. • Van W y l e n , w h o lives in Holland, is seen here talking t o local media members. • Dr. Van W y l e n , k n o w n f o r his relational and leadership skills, has remained active in West Michigan, his c o m m u n i t y involvement including t h e renewal of d o w n t o w n Holland and the establishment of the Van Andel Institute. • Opposite page: Dr. Gordon Van W y l e n , f o r m e r president of Hope College, poses outside of t h e chapel. • photos courtesy of Joint Archives of Holland •






l60d€Rshl%ujBRd Dr. G o r d o n Van W y l e n , president emeritus of H o p e College, received the "West M i c h i g a n Dutch-American Leadership A w a r d " during the West Michigan Dutch Heritage C o m m u n i t y Celebration in N o v e m ber. Van W y l e n was honored for his contributions to Dutch-American heritage and the West Michigan c o m m u n i t y . He was one of two m e m b e r s of the extended H o p e family recognized during events scheduled locally in conjunction with national Dutch-American Heritage Day. Van Wylen, w h o lives in Holland, was H o p e ' s ninth president from 1972 until retiring in 1987. Since his retirement, he has remained active in West Michigan, his c o m m u n i t y involvement including the renewal of d o w n t o w n Holland, the establishment of the V a n Andel Institute and serving on the Van Andel Education Institute board since 1996. A native of Grant, he did undergraduate work at both Calvin College and the University of Michigan, returning to U of M after serving as a submarine officer in the Pacific during World W a r II for his m a s t e r ' s and c o m pleting his doctorate at MIT. He was dean of the College of Engineering at U of M immediately prior to c o m i n g to Hope. • Jason Cash •

Van W y l e n Leadership A w a r d



Res i d e n t i


Emily Hall, Laura Krouse, Matthew D'Oyly, John Jobson, Cindy Vogelzang, Sara Dickey.

In the s u m m e r of 2005 Dr. Douglas L. Koopman, a 1979 Hope graduate, started as director of H o p e ' s new Leadership Program. The new multidisciplinary program was implemented to draw focused attention to that part of the college's vision statement that challenges Hope students to "seek opportunities for servant leadership." Established through the college's recent _ "Legacies: A Vision of H o p e " compre-

CenieR p OR






hensive campaign, the program will build on priorities and practices already com> I I mon at Hope. Although Koopman no longer holds the position. The Center for Faithful Leadership still exists to nurture, enhance, and promote campus-wide efforts to develop leadership gifts in Hope students. These efforts involve individual and team-oriented opportunities to make a difference; they are inclusive of both existing and new classroom, consulting, internship, mentoring, performance, research, service learning, and student life experiences. Dr. Steve VanderVeen, Interim Director and Professor of M a n a g e m e n t , is now leading the way, attempting to capture his vision to graduate a large infrastructure of students who are more confident in their leadership abilities and more effective in servant leadership. I






I I ^

o g y

Front row: Deb Sturtevant, Elisha Marr, Roger Nemeth, Lisa Lampen. Back row: Jim Piers, Melissa Villarreal, Deb Swanson, Don Luidens.

Student Development Front row: Bob VanHeukelom, Richard Frost, Dale Austin. Middle row: Kristen Gray, Emily Hall, Trudi VanderPloeg, Ellen Awad, Bekah Schipper, Louise Shumaker. Back row: Cindy Sabo, Sara DeVries, Sara Dickey, Laura Krouse, Cindy Vogelzang, Matthew D'Oyly, Libby Bocks, Wilma Hart, John Jobson.

Front row: Michelle Bombe, Daina Robins, John Tammi. Back row: Richard Smith, Perry Landes.

Center for Faithful Leadership / Department Photos


4 0 Y6RRS M M a y of 2006 marked the 40th anniversary of the student exchange program between H o p e College and Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan. The relationship between the two schools predates the program; a Hope graduate helped found Meiji Gakuin. In addition to normal semester-long programs, students f r o m Hope study at M G U as a M a y Term, and students f r o m M G U c o m e to Hope for a similar program each August. The M a y T e r m program has a consistent emphasis on Japanese culture, and students spend the first week traveling to various locations in Japan. "Hiroshima was by far one of the most powerful experiences of my life," said Jason Shirk, a participant this year. "It was one of those things you couldn't get out of a textbook." Other students were quick to agree that the experiences f r o m May Term were unforgettable. Students spent the next three weeks in Tokyo, attending classes at Meiji Gakuin and taking excursions into Y o k o h a m a and Kamakura. They also had the opportunity to explore T o k y o and its intricate mass transit system, one of the busiest in the world. According to Jon Dean, "Getting lost was easy. Finding the way back took a little bit of effort. And navigating the subway to class in the morning when you weren't quite awake took some getting used to." In addition to taking classes, students were able to experience Japanese home life during a weekendlong homestay program, spend time in a Japanese elementary school associated with Meiji Gakuin, hold a brief chapel service, and attend Kabuki plays, one of the more esoteric forms of Japanese entertainment. They also researched in Japan to round off projects started at Hope for presentation to their peers and professors. What made this year particularly special was the 40th anniversary celebration held at the end of the program, when Hope Provost James Boelkins and Assistant Provost Alfredo Gonzales graced M G U ' s campus with their presence. From the Japanese majors to those who were taking part to fulfill another General Education requirement, all parties involved enjoyed themselves to the fullest. • Travis Love • 72


O p p o s i t e page: John D u s e n b e r y plays w i t h t h e school child r e n at Shirokanedai P r i m a r y School. • This page: M o r g a n H u g h e s hugs o n e of her n e w friends f r o m M e i j i Gakuin on t h e last d a y o f M a y T e r m . • P r o v o s t B o e l k i n s a n d M e i j i G a k u i n ' s p r o v o s t h o l d a p a i n t i n g d e p i c t i n g t r a d i t i o n a l Japanese t h u n d e r a n d l i g h t n i n g spirits. T h e p a i n t i n g n o w resides on Hope's campus. • Brittany Berry, M o r g a n Hughes, and N i k i t a Pointer w a l k along t h e beach t o w a r d s t h e " f l o a t i n g " t o r i i g a t e a t M y a j i m a Island's f a m o u s shrine.

W h e n the

t i d e is i n , t h e s u p p o r t s a r e h i d d e n , a n d t h e g a t e a p p e a r s t o f l o a t o n t h e sea. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f T r a v i s L o v e •



Japan Exchange's 4 0 t h A n n i v e r s a r y


Opposite page: Dr. Fried posing on a globe, returned t o his alma mater t o teach history f r o m 1953 t o 1984, and was t h e f o u n d i n g director of the Vienna Summer School. • This page: In 1985 A l u m n i and colleagues w r o t e a book, " I n t o All t h e W o r l d : Hope College and International Affairs," t o honor Dr. Fried. • Hope presented Dr. Fried w i t h a Distinguished A l u m n i A w a r d in 1984. The college's international education center, international program offices, a u d i t o r i u m and a cottage student residence, c o n t i n u e t o bear his name. • Dr. Fried's teaching area was modern European history. • photos courtesy of Joint Archives •


A LlFctuell lived Dr. Paul Fried, long-time Hope professor, passed away on July 24, 2006. T h o u g h his death saddened the Hope c o m m u n i t y , they honored and celebrated a life full of service. B o m in G e r m a n y in 1919, Dr. Fried w a s the son of Austrian parents, his m o t h e r a medical doctor and his father a journalist. Because of their anti-Nazi ideas and outspoken nature, Dr. Fried's parents and brothers were sent to concentration c a m p s where they eventually died. Dr. Fried endured Nazi G e r m a n jail and deportation to Czechoslovakia before making it to the United States and Hope College. In addition to his degree f r o m Hope, he received a M.A. degree f r o m Harvard University and a Ph.D. f r o m the University of Erlangen. He served with the U.S. A r m y in the Intelligence Corps in the European Theatre of Operations and eventually with the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Division. He also served as an American translator during the Nuremberg W a r Trials. All these activities brought him back to the war that had destroyed his family. In 1953 Dr. Fried joined the H o p e faculty, beginning the Vienna S u m m e r School in 1956 and b e c o m i n g director of the international education p r o g r a m in 1964. During his time as director, he saw Hope and Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, create an exchange program for both students and faculty. At the heart of Dr. F r i e d ' s international interests was his desire to toster international understanding and a wider worldview for Hope students. Because of his success and dedication, he received the Gold Medal ol Merit from the Austrian government in 1968 and Hope C o l l e g e ' s Distinguished Alumni Award in 1984. These, however, are not a measure of his influence and the contributions he made to the Hope College, Holland, and international communities. As Hope mourned the loss ot Dr. Paul Fried, Hope also c o m m e m o r a t e d a life well lived. • Tally R e e v e r t s •



Fried M e m o r


TRUTh B ₏ T o l d The weekend of January 11-14, 2007, brought authors, artists, and theologians to c a m p u s for the Hope and Holland communities to consider the theme and title for this y e a r ' s forum, "American Idols: Losing Our Address on the Way H o m e . " This time was set aside to think about important ideas, participate in profound discussion, share stories, and wrestle with heavy questions. Well known authors Sam Wells, Lauren Winner, and Donald Miller addressed large crowds with different perspectives while Jars of Clay and Derek W e b b approached the topic through music and panel discussions. These panel discussions included some of the major contributing speakers and also their respective spouses to discuss celebrity and the issues of image, both G o d ' s and h u m a n s ' . In regards to Sam Wells' keynote address, Nicole Brace recounted, "I thought Sam Wells' talk was insightful and incredibly artful. For the first two thirds of it, he slowly unfolded his story, then as he neared the end he began to draw all sorts of surprising conclusions. T h o u g h his British style was fairly reserved, he was candid, generous, and funny during the Q & A that followed. A n y o n e who can (like Wells) answer a question on the spot by weaving together Facebook. the Civil War, and the theological assumptions of the American church deserves some recognition. I ' m glad he c a m e . " Many students and community m e m b e r s discussed the contributers' ideas in follow-up conversations, some of which turned into book groups. This y e a r ' s gathering of great minds was part of a two-year long process that involved great organization and planning on the part of the Veritas Forum committee, producing several opportunities for which many took some time to think beyond daily life. •Tally Reeverts •

Opposite page: Duke University's Dean of the Chapel Sam Wells gives Thursday night's keynote address, which tackles the challenges posed by contemporary idols in America. • This page: Nicole Brace, Kristen Johnson, and Kristen Olson converse after the Donald Miller address and the panel discussion. Brace and Olson both joined a book club based on one of Lauren Winner's books • Professor Marc Baer and Meghan Florian, both integral people in planning and running this year's Veritas Forum, take a m o m e n t o u t t o enjoy a poetry reading, free coffee, and continued discussion at the Kletz on Friday night • Griff Gatewood, Lauren W i n ner, Jars of Clay's M a t t Odmark and Dan Haseltine, Donald Miller, and the moderator listen t o an audience member's question. Each panel member had a different view on the weekend's theme t h a t sparked more questions and excellent conversations. • photos by Noah Livingston • Veritas Forum


L V3 D o c HemenuuRY qives STudenTS o TOUR of Schoenbrunn Palace during the students' first weekend in Vienna • Students watch a chess match during an afternoon in Salzburg, Austria. • Luke Boote enjoys the view over the city of Prague on a clear, sunny day. • On the way back f r o m Salzburg, students visit a historical manor w i t h a show t h a t involves a suprise stream of water. • photos by Ashley DeHudy, Kristi Orange, and Megan Purtee •




5 0 Y€fiRS f Vienno Vienna S u m m e r School celebrated her 50th Anniversary of giving Hope students a unique study-abroad experience this past s u m m e r . O f f e r i n g opportunities to explore Vienna, the " G a t e w a y to Eastern Europe," the program is designed to have students live throughout the c i t y ' s 23 Districts with host families and participating in everyday Viennese life. Students are able to witness the grandeur of St. S t e p h a n ' s Cathedral, w a n d e r the gardens of Schonbrunn, and get lost in the artwork of Hundertwasser, Klimt, and Schiele—and in addition to this, students are able to eat some of the finest cuisine in the world, including wiener schnitzel and Mozart pastries, and indulging in a large variety of activities that can only be enjoyed in Austria. The program also includes weekend trips to Budapest. Prague, Salzburg, and other Eastern European cities, which prove to be more than exciting and filled with adventure. This year. Dr. Stephan H e m e n w a y , Director of Vienna S u m m e r School, and the Austro-American Institute worked together to develop a weekend dedicated to honoring each institution's hard work and contribution to the lives of undergraduate students. The highlight of the weekend was the traditional Viennese Ball held at the Grand Hotel in the heart of Vienna. Students and alumni alike dressed in formals and waltzed in a grandiose ballroom, complete with elegant lighting, a small orchestra, and a variety of wines. All who attended danced until the band tired out. and then b o m b a r d e d a tiny cafe for breakfast, before being whisked away by the U - B a h n . • Kristi O r a n g e •

T w o s t u d e n t s s t u d y t h e p r o g r a m f o r t h e 1973 c o m m e n c e m e n t .


M a y 6, 2 0 0 7 m a r k e d t h e e n d o f a n e r a f o r t h e s e n i o r class ( s e e p a g e 8 2 ) .


Students bundle up in blue and orange t o cheer on the Hope football team at the homecoming game against Albion.



A n d r e w Abela Chemistry East Lan-sing, M l

Allison Adams Special Education Fairgrove, M l

Lauren Adams Psychology Central, IN

Elizabeth Adenegan Japanese Studies Providence, Rl

Kendall Aliber Special Education Waterford, Ml

Amanda Allen M a t h , Secondary Ed. Naperville, IL

Stephanie Allen Physics Education Park Ridge, IL

Julie Allerding M a t h , Elementary Ed. Jenison, M l

Sommer Amundsen Engineering, Dance Coon Rapids, M N

Caitelen Anderson English-Communication Albuquerque, N M


M a r t a Anderson Communication Holland, M l

Rebecca A r m s t r o n g Nursing Chelsea, M l

Valerie A r n o l d Psychology Midland, Ml

Ashley Bainbridge Nursing Schoolcraft, M l

Kenneth Bartels History Granger, IN

Laura Barton English Troy, M l

Erica Beck Chemistry & Geology Ed. Lake O r i o n , M l

Rachel Beck Special Education M o u n t V e r n o n , OH

Ellie Bentley French Jackson, M l

Lea Blackney Music Ed. & Performance Troy, M l

Elly Blacquiere Physical Education Caledonia, M l

V i c t o r i a Blanton Social Studies, Elem. Ed. Stow, M A

Rebecca Blauw Political Science, French Grand Rapids, M l

Lauren Blews Psychology Dewitt, M l

Joshua Blom Religion, Y o u t h M i n i s t r y Holland, M l


( Elizabeth Blosh English, w o m e n ' s studies O t t a w a Lake, M l

Abigail Bolkema Music Education Flushing, M l

Rebecca Bombard Dance, Psychology Batavia, IL

Tyler Boonstra Psychology Fennviile, M l

Jacquelyn Boote Special Education Holland, M l




M a t t h e w Boote Int. Studies, Philosophy Deerfield, IL

Lindsay Bowen Special Education Jenison, M l

Devin Boyles Elementary Ed. Baroda, M l

Nicole Brace English Saline, M l

David Breen Special Education Hudsonville, M l

Danielle Breuker Nursing Holland, M l

Cara Brondyke Nursing Holland, M l

Jeffrey B r o w n Music Education Colts Neck, NJ

Lindsay B r o w n Communication Grand Rapids, M l

Daniel Buck English-Secondary Ed Glen Ellyn, IL

Laura Buck Special Education Beverly Hills, M l

Anna Buis Psychology Allegan, M l

Sarah B u r k e t t Communication Kent City, M l

Emily Buys Communication Free port. M l

M a r y Buyze Special Ed., Psychology Hingham, W l

Katherine Caldwell Special Education Streamwood, IL

A d a m Carpenter Theatre A u b u r n Hills, M l

Elizabeth Case Language Arts Comp. B l o o m i n g t o n , IN

Lindsay Bransen Social W o r k Park Ridge, IL

Jason Cash Communication Brighton, M l



Elizabeth Cassell Language Arts-Education Hastings, M l

Jennifer Cencer English, W r i t i n g Washington, M l

Brian Charlton Management Denver, CO

Kaleena Chilcote Chemistry, Music Ed. Midland, M l

Aaron Clark Management Holland, M l

Lei's Go, Hope! Amanda Danielson and Peter Van Kempen, both seniors and members of t h e Hope College pep band, take a break during t h e basketball game against Olivet. Seniors


T w o students take t i m e o u t of their busy fall schedules t o w o r k w i t h Acting on AIDS, a new student group t h a t seeks p r o m o t e AIDS awareness on campus.

Chad Coe Communication Royal Oak, M l

Elizabeth Cohen Comm., M a n a g e m e n t Northville, M l

Jenna Coffaro Communication Cincinnati, OH

Audrey Converse Special Education Lowell, M l



Julie Cook Special Education Troy, M l

Christine Corbin Classical Languages Holland, M l

Kathryn Coulter Int. Studies, French H o m e r Glen, IL

Stuart Cozzens Management M a p l e City, M l

Katie Craig Nursing Traverse City, M l

Robert Croswell M a n a g e m e n t , Sociology Terrace Park, O H

Joshua Cummings Art History Holland, M l

Darcy Cunningham Composite Interlochen, M l

Amanda Danielson Music Education Alto, M l

Erin Dargis Special Education Geneva, IL

A a r o n Darling Religion Holland, M l

John Davisson Chemistry N e w Castle, IN

Claire DeHaan Nursing Grand Rapids, M l

Kurtis D e H o r n Management Allendale, M l

) Ashley D e H u d y Biology, Chemistry Muskegon, M l

Kara Use de Jong I n t e r n a t i o n a l Studies Zeeland, M l

Brett Dekkenga Psychology, M a n a g e m t . Grandville, M l

Sheila Den Ouden Nursing Paramount, CA

Luke DeRoo Economics Holland, M l

Petya Dodova M a n a g e m e n t , Spanish Bulgaria

A m y Dopita Social W o r k Island Lake, IL

Megan Dougherty English Fishers, IN

Kerri Driesenga Science Composite Byron Center, M l

Travis Dyke Management Allendale, M l


Kathleen Eagen Social Studies, Elem. Ed. Lake Bluff, IL

Elliott Eisaman Geology Fredonia, NY

Brian Emling Management Oxford, M l

A m y Evenhouse Communication Holland, M l

Landy Farca-Diaz Undeclared Quereto, Qro.

Alison Fineout Social W o r k , Psychology Zeeland, M l

M e g h a n Florian Philosophy, Religion Kalamazoo, M l


Michael Forbes English-Secondary Ed. Lone Tree, IA

M a t t Carlson, Katie Eagen, Scott Langille, Kat Bramley, and Haley Banks p r o m o t e Hope's Waterski Team at the Activities Fair during Orientation Weekend. Opposite page: W i l l N e t t l e t o n is the founder of Hope's student group, Acting on AIDS. People

Stephen Foust-Christensen Computer Science Lexington, KY


A a r t h i Francis Chemistry, Spanish A n n Arbor, M l

Sarah Franks Management Sturgis, M l


Tarah Fron English Byron Center, M l

M a r g a r e t Fylstra M a n a g e m e n t , French Hinsdale, IL

Briana Galbreath Psychology, WS Williamston, M l

Sarah Gallivan Language Arts Comp. Lakewood, CO

Jacilyn Gazan Special Education Jenison, M l

Jenna Geerlings Management Holland, M l


Michelle Gendron Biology Camden, M l

Katherine Goetzinger Composite Indianapolis, IN

Nathaniel G o l o m b Management Schoolcraft, M l


Amarisa Gombis Spanish Education Countryside, IL

Jordan Goorhouse Management Caledonia, M l


M o r g a n Gorskey Communication W e s t Chicago, IL

Nicholas Graves Communication Greencastle, IN

Alex Greczek Religion, M a n a g e m e n t Middlesex, NJ

Kate Greenwade Communication Owosso, M l

Kristen Greshel Chemistry Trenton, M l

Stefan ie Grey bar

Cami G r i m w o o d Dance Performance Haubstadt, IN

David Grinnell Exercise Science Owosso, M l

Breah Groen Social W o r k Galien, M l

Elizabeth Groeneveld Psychology Wyoming, Ml

Kirsten Gruenberg Social Studies, Elem. Ed. Lisle,- IL

Lauren G r u m m Language Arts Comp. Grand Rapids, M l

Nicole Gugino Management Holland, M l

Jeffrey Guy Management Kalkaska, M l

Lauren Halvorson Comm., M a n a g e m e n t Overland Park, KS

Kristen Hanna Nursing Plainfield, IN

Shannon Harburn Social Studies, Elem. Ed. Okemos, M l

Lisa Harkes Sociology Grandville, M l

Emily Harper Biology Holland, M l

Jennifer Harris English Indianapolis, IN

Nursing La Porte, IN



Various chalked messages o f t e n appear on the sidewalks around campus.





: I


Kim Harrison Mechanical Engineering, Mason, M l

Stephanie Harrier Biology, Chemistry Canton, M l

Nicole Hartley Fine Arts Composite Ada, M l

Sharon Havens Dance, Japanese Studies Pinckney, M l

Erin Hawkinson English & French Ed. V e r n o n Hills, IL

Jessica Hendricks Management N e w b u r g h , NY

Sara H e n r y Comm., C o m p u t e r Sci. Saline, M l

Allison Hile German, Chemistry Ypsilanti, M l

Stephen Hile Social W o r k Monroe, M l

A m y Hipps Exercise Science Eaton Rapids, M l



Bethany H o e k m a n Sociology, Religion Glen Ellyn, IL

Karl Hoesch Int. Studies, Spanish Zeeland, M l

Alicia Hofelich Psychology Midland, M l

The' OIC&jp

Julia Hollenberg M a n a g e m e n t , Music Elkhart, IN

M o n i q u e Hoyle Social W o r k Delton, M l

WTHS, Hope's radio station, gets promoted t h r o u g h eye-catching T-shirts in the D e W i t t lobby.

Hope Colieqe


A m a n d a Huck Nursing Fowlerville, M l

Scott Hudnall Psychology G r i f f i t h , IN

Stephanie H u m m e r Nursing Pinetop, AZ

ScottIbbotson Biology Suttons Bay, M l

Ruth Ippoliti A t h l e t i c Training Carmel, IN

A n d r e w Jarosz Physics, Psychology Norridge, IL

Alyssa Johnson Biochemistry Muskegon, M l


Nicole Izenbaard Exercise Science, Psych. Kalamazoo, M l

Cheryl Jacobs Biology Holland, M l

Brett Jager M a t h , Secondary Ed. Kalamazoo, M l


Ashley Johnson Religion Burnsville, M N

Eric Johnson Geology Grand Rapids, M l

Kristin Johnson Nursing Big Rapids, M l

Laura Johnson Philosophy, Spanish Grand Rapids, M l


Laura Johnson Special Education M o u n t Prospect, IL

W h i t n e y Kalajainen Exercise Science Dewitt, Ml

Bethany Katerberg Shova KG E n g l i s h - W r i t i n g , Spanish Economics, M a t h e m a t i c s Kathmandu, Nepal Grand Rapids, M l

Rachel Keech Science Composite Hudsonville, M l



Charles Keiser Management Danville, KY

Katie Kiel Science Comp, Spanish Zeeland, M l

Sarah Kirby Nursing Naperville, IL

Jamie Klein Language Arts Comp. Sugar Grove, IL

Ellen Kleiman History DeWitt, Ml

Nicole Klunder Social Studies, Elem. Ed. Saint Joseph, M l



Stephanie Knecht Spanish, Psychology Grand Rapids, M l

Fans are a huge part of the Hope soccer team's success.

Charles Knooihuizen Political Science Grandville, M l

M u t u a Kobia Biology, Philosophy Geneva, Switzerland


Kimberly Koetje Communication Wyoming, Ml

Rebeccah Kolak Biology Des Plaines, IL

Stephanie Konfara Language Arts Comp. Farmington Hills, M l

Jill Koning Nursing Kalamazoo, M l

Sydney Konny Social W o r k W h e a t o n , IL

Leah Koopmans Language A r t s Comp. Holland, M l

A b b y Kosta Music Grandvilie, M l

Annika Carlson holds bags she has decorated f o r relatives w h o have had cancer. Seniors are great leaders every year at t h e annual Relay For Life event. They are seen leading fraternities and sororities, clubs and campus life groups, and friends t h r o u g h o u t the twenty-four hour event.

Chelsea Kramer Music Traverse City, M l

M a t t h e w Kryger Chemistry Holland, M l

wm ill IwIm Lauren Kucera Chemistry Dyer, IN

Rachel Kuiper Special Education Jenison, M l

Sharon K w o n Theatre Ann Arbor, M l

Brian Lajiness Chemistry Beech Grove, IN

James Lajiness Chemistry Beech Grove, IN

Scott Langille Accounting Glen Ellyn, IL



Faculty and staff alike j o i n t o g e t h e r t o serve food t o students during Hope's infamous All N i g h t Study Break.

Victoria Langshaw Religion, Psychology Delton, M l

David Larson Political Science Durham, NC

Rebecca Lathrop Mechanical Engineering Gladwin, M l

Rachel Lauber Nursing Collinsville, IL 96


Bethany Lautz Exercise Science W h e a t o n , IL

M i r i a m Lee Music Education Allen Park, M l

Deborah Shuchen Li Communication Singapore

A n d r e w Liang Communication Holland, M l

M o l l y Lien Biology Midland, M l

Kristen Livingston English Holland, M l

Noah Livingston Music Ed. & Performance Hillsdale, M l

Jeannette Lockard Music Education Clinton T o w n s h i p , M l

Cassandra Luchies Special Education Fremont M l

Karl Luenberger Psychology Primghar, IA

M a l l o r y Lynch Social W o r k Genoa City, W l

Shyle Lyons Social W o r k Grand Haven, M l

Adam Magoon Management Holland, M l

Jacqueline M a i u r i Communication Rochester, M l

Renee M a n t u a M a n a g e m e n t , French Byron Center, M l

Larissa M a r i a n o Poll. Sci., W o m . Studies Chicago, IL

Melanie Marod Dance, Spanish Grand Haven, M l

Anna Marshall Nursing Levering, M l

1 • :V


1 Bradley M a t s o n Management Traverse City, M l

Peter M a t t s o n Studio A r t Glen Ellyn, IL

A m a n d a McConnell Composite M o u n t V e r n o n , OH

K a t h r y n McLean Psychology Canton, M l

Lindsay M e e k Special Education Bowling Green, OH



Alison M e j e u r Nursing Saint Joseph, M l

Dalen M e n d i o l a Management Spring Lake, M l

Hillary M i e d e m a Language Arts Comp. Grandville, M l

Sarah M i g n i n Communication, Writing Midland, M l

Katie Milauckas Language Arts Comp. Saugatuck, M l



Jamison M i l b u r n Biology M a r e n g o , IL

Brian M i l l e r Political Science Tecumseh, M l

Lindsey M i l l e r Nursing Holt, M l

Mary Miller Psychology Dallas, TX

Rachel M o o r e Language Arts Comp. Stevensville, M l

M a t t h e w Moorehead Communication Lansing, M l

Leslie M o o r e s Nursing Jenison, M l

Christine M o r d e n Special Education Sandusky, M l

Jeffrey M u l d e r Electrical Engineering Holland, M l

Josephine M u t h e n g i Communication Holland, M l

Theatre Neal Int. Studies, Political Sci. Minneapolis, M N

Scott Neckers Political Science Grand Rapids, M l

Holly Nestle Exercise Science Belmont, M l

William Nettleton Biology, Philosophy Battle Creek, M l

Lissa M o o r e Chemistry Battle Creek, M l


People IWT ' OWiViWl III I

hi I N I

Mni IM TmnTnir"™"*———~™

Senior Jonathan Sietsema participates regularly as a part of Hope's Dew Crew during basketball games.

r j i v w


Students j o i n in boisterous Dew Crew cheers, leading Hope t o a sweet 88-62 victory over Alma.



Gerry Ruffino Co8)and A n d r e w Hancock Coy), both members of WTHS's executive board, learn about the live studio.


Derek Nevenzel Studio A r t Holland, M l

Aimee Nichols Biology Hillsdale, M l

Nancy Nicodemus A r t History Holland, M l

Christy N i t z Biology Bridgman, M l

A m y Norris Management Ann A r b o r , M l



Katharine N y k a m p Theatre, German Grand Haven, M l

Deborah O'Connell Dance Performance W y c k o f f , NJ 100


Kristin Olson English-Writing Ada, M l

Elisabeth Oosterhouse Biochemistry Byron Center, M l

Nick Oostveen Management Grandville, M l

Joseph Orr Communication Sterling Heights, M l

M a t t h e w Paarlberg M a t h , Secondary Ed. Alto, M l

Katherine Pageau Communication Lombard, IL

Laurie Parker Dance, Psychology Shelby T o w n s h i p , M l

Natalie Parr Psychology Zionsville, IN

Alicia Pashby Music Education Midland, M l

Knsten Passmore Management Holland, M l

A n t h o n y Pastrick Management Saint Joseph, M l

Jonah Ogles, a member of the group They W e r e Thieves, performes at this year's Earth Jam.

4 .

Megan P a t n o t t M a t h , Science Composite Holland, M l

Alicia Patten English-Secondary Ed. Port H u r o n , M l

Joshua Payne M a n a g e m e n t , Psych. Xenia, OH

Dustin Peck Social W o r k Martin, Ml

Ana Peku M a n a g e m e n t , Psych. Grand Rapids, M l




TO -

One of the many traditions t o kick o f f the new school year, Hope freshman gather in a large cluster every year on the first day of Orientation to take a class picture. Below is the class of 2007 w h e n they entered Hope as freshmen during Orienation Weekend 2003.



Cassandra Peterson English-Secondary Ed. Muskegon, M l 102


Laura Peterson English Bay Village, OH

Amanda Piagnarelli Dance Performance W i l l o w b r o o k , IL

Summer Pickhover Management, Economics Linden, M l


Christian Piers Biology, Chemistry, Eng. Holland, M l

Joel Pierson Chemistry Education Traverse City, M l

Sara Pillow Language Arts Comp. Elkhart, IN

Megan Pincombe Dance Performance Fair Grove, M O

Benjamin Pitcher Management Gowen, M l

Stephanie Poll Language Arts Comp. Grandville, M l

Stephanie Poll Management Hamilton, M l

W i l l i a m Ponkowski Psych., M a n a g e m e n t West Bloomfield, M l

Sarah Pratt Management Traverse City, M l

Nicole Prince Communication, Spanish Holland, M l

Christopher Proper Psychology Lansing, M l

A m y Prutzman English W h e a t o n , IL

Megan Purtee Communication N o r t h Muskegon, M l

Jennifer Pyle Sociology Hinsdale, IL

Aaron Raatjes A r t & German Education Mokena, IL

John Rabaut Sociology, Political Sci. Oakland Township, M l

Kara Radabaugh Biology Byron Center, M l

Gloria Rak Nursing Geneva, IL

Jessica Rankins Biology Rochester Hills, M l Seniors


Tally Reeverts English-Secondary Ed. Colchester, IL

Christopher Rinek Management Okemos, M l

Stephen Reid History Vail, CO


Courtenay Roberts English-Writing Cleveland, OH

During this year's "Senior Celebration," a banquet planned f o r t h e class of 2007, senior Justyna Zienda models 4 appropriate career wear during the ^ • fashion show, a new event f o r this year's banquet.



Christine Rentner Studio A r t Elmhurst, IL

M e r r y Roberts Psychology Paw Paw, M l

Danielle Revers Rosemary Rexford Religion, Political Science Political Science, Spanish Holly, M l Newport, Ml

Heather Robertson Fine Arts Composite Flint, M l

Joanna Rodriguez Dance Performance Plainfield, IL

Steven Rodriguez Music Macomb, M l

Laura Rojeski Psychology M o u n t Pleasant, M l

Kristin Rose Communication, M g m t . Dowagiac, M l

Dustin Ruch Management Zeeland, M l

O n lUe CfiTuuolk. Cara Corbett and Michael Forbes, both seniors, also particpated in the fashion show during t h e Senior Celebrat i o n . Each couple planned an interaction w h i l e onstage. Here, Corbett is pretending t o give Forbes her phone number. Bain Rumohr Management Mason, M l

Scott Rynbrandt Communication Petoskey,Ml

Melissa Sapp Language Arts Com. Holland, M l

Rachael Sauerman Special Education Naperville, IL

Jennifer Schwartz Nursing Zeeland, M l

Mishelle Scott Management Traverse City, M l

Megan Sedjo Communication Spring Grove, IL

M a x i m Sergienko Accounting W o o d l a n d Hills, CA

Rebekah Sexton Nursing, Religion Kalamazoo, M l

Robert Shooks Exercise Science Central Lake, M l

W i l l i a m Shuman History, Music Ed. Naperville, IL

Jonathan Sietsema English Zeeland, M l

Aaron Silver Engineering, Comp. Sci. Holland, M l

Religion, Youth Ministry Grand Rapids, M l

M a t t h e w Simon



TIH€ ORiqms o F D€UJ CR6UJ... A s s i s t a n t Coach M a t t Neil is responsible

for the beginning of the " D e w Crew/' the Hope student cheering section w h o sits directly across the f l o o r f r o m the Hope bench. Started over a decade ago, the idea caught on and n o w more than 4 0 0 students cram into the section. "It's been contagious, generates and invigorates the students. These kids are connected t o the players... and now they huddle w i t h them before the game," Neil said. In addition t o innovative cheers, responding t o the college cheerleading team, making a ritual of placing three-point placards on the wall and providing h a l f t i m e e n t e r t a i n m e n t , the "Dew Crew" is a major element of the home games. • info courtesy of Hope's Ticket Office website • 106


Elizabeth Skaff Music Ed. & Performance Flint, M l

Jeffrey Slaughter Biology Holland, M l

Ashley Smith Fine Arts Composite Lancaster, PA

Kyle Smith French, Chemistry Ada, M l

Lisa Smith Psychology Dearborn, M l

Mackenzie S m i t h Political Sci., Int. Studies T w i n Lake, M l

Holly Sneller Special Education Holland, M l

Anna Southwell History Suttons Bay, M l

Patrick St. John Management Palatine, IL

Kathryn Stacey Spanish Education Grand Ledge, M l

Krista Stanton Biology, Dance Lansing, M l

W i l l i a m Statema Chemistry Education Zeeland, M l

M o l l y Steeves Special Education Clarendon Hills, IL

Carol Steiner Music Ed. & Performance Rochester, M l

Emily Sternisha Music Education Fredonia, NY

Kristin Stoops Music Education W a l w o r t h , NY

Ryan Storr M a n a g e m e n t , Economics South Haven, M l

Sarah Story Physics Glendale Heights, IL

Christopher Strauss Management Barrington, IL

Keith Swearingen M a n a g e m e n t , Religion Stevensville, M l



m Mf Scott Teusink Accounting Fremont, M l

Laura Thomas Biology East Lansing, M l

Joshua T h o r i n g t o n Political Science Traverse City, M l

Emily T i m m o n s Geology Kalamazoo, M l


Jenna T r e u m u t h C o m m u n i c a t i o n , Psych. Pinckney, M l



Jennifer Tuinenga Music Performance Holland, M l

Claire Tyner A t h l e t i c Training Ann Arbor, M l

Aislinn U m m e l Social W o r k Leesburg, IN

Michael Vagle Management Hillsdale, M l

Julie Valleau A r t Studio Saugatuck, M l

Deena Van Assen Psychology, M g m n t Jenison, M l

Allison Van Drie Management Lansing, M l

Kimberly Van Sickle Political Science Paw Paw, M l

Samantha VandenAkker Language Arts Comp. Grand Rapids, M l

Ross Vander Bie Special Education Holland, M l

Jennifer Vander M e e r English, Education Holland, M l

Katie V a n d e r W e i d e Exercise Science Wayland, M l

Anna Vander Z o u w e n Social W o r k Midland, M l

Emilie Vanderslice Biology Berkley, M l

Bethany VanderSluis Social W o r k Grand Rapids, M l


Tara Vandestreek Management Kalamazoo, M l

Peter V a n K e m p e n Music Holland, M l

Rachel V a n T i m m e r e n Psychology Grand Rapids, M l

Diana Vargas Spanish Education Holland, M l

Joseph Vasko English-Writing, Comm. Camden, M l

Jonathan V o n Koenig Biology Stevensville, M l

Anna W a d s w o r t h Social W o r k , Sociology Rensselaer, NY

Lara W a g n e r English, Classical Studies Northville, M l

Katherine W a l k o w i c z Psychology Jackson, M l

Emily Walsh Chemical Engineering Saint Joseph, M l


W i n a n t s Chapel, located in the south w i n g of Graves Hall, was home t o Hope's chapel services until Dimnent was completed in 1929. It was renovated in 1980 and made into the aud i t o r i u m it is used f o r today. A rennovation is planned f o r Graves Hall in the upcoming years. Seniors



Rachel Walstra Spanish Grove City, OH

Emily W a n d e l l Mechanical Engineering Mason, M l

Kathryn W e l l e m e y e r Social W o r k Haslett, M l

Luke W e n d t Physics, Electrical Eng. Kalamazoo, M l

Megan Werley Communication Zeeland, M l

Kinsey W e t h e r s English Education Bear Lake, M l

Leah Wicander Spanish Education M o u n t Pleasant, M l

Bethany W i c h m a n Comm., Sociology Eaton Rapids, M l

Kathryn W a n d e l l English-Communication Mason, M l

Brian W i e s t Management Fargo, ND

Kenneth W a t e r s o n Chemistry Benzonia, M l

Sarah W i g t o n Social W o r k , Spanish M a p l e City, M l

Kyle W a t e r s t o n e A r t Education, Studio Art Holland, M l

Emily Wilson English Cedarburg, W l



Meghan W i n d Social W o r k , Sociology Canton, M l

Kirsten W i n e k Spanish, Int. Studies Peoria, IL

Jordan W i n f i e l d I n t e r n a t i o n a l Studies Grosse Pointe Farms, M l

Andrea W i n n Accounting Grand Rapids, M l

Teressa W i t h e r s Nursinging Hudsonville, M l

Daniel W i z n e r H i s t o r y Education Hemlock, M l

Jordan W o l f s o n English, Japanese Studies Bloomfield Hills, M l

Alexander W o o d Management Traverse City, M l

Patrick W o o l p e r t Communication Jenison, M l

Benjamin W o r r e l Computer Sci., Comm. Muskegon, M l

Xing W e n W u Political Science N e w York, NY

Lindsay Young Social W o r k W a t e r v i l l e , OH

Justyna Zienda Language Arts Comp. W h e a t o n , IL

Stephanie Zmyslo English Stevensville, M l


Popode Dan Buck and Laura Barton, both English majors and both candidates on t h e Senior H o m e c o m ing Court, smile f r o m t h e i r convertible during t h e H o m e c o m i n g Parade. A l t h o u g h t h e day looks sunny and mild, t h e t e m p e r a t u r e was actualy about f o r t y - f i v e degrees and it was very w i n d y .

John Yehling Music-Jazz Studies Glen Ellyn, IL

Lyndsey Yonker Special Education Grand Haven, M l



A s t u d e n t s t u d i e s in t h e l a u n d r y r o o m in t h e b a s e m e n t o f K o l l e n in t h e m i d 7 0 ' s .



S e v e r a l s t u d e n t s u n d e r h y p n o s i s e n t e r t a i n t h e c r o w d ( s e e p a g e 158).


clflSS o r 2 0 0 8


Sam Adams Parkview Apartments

Fort Wayne, IN

Victoria Baar Phelps Hall


Katherine Baker Bergen Cottage


Sarah Baumgrass Kleis Cottage


lis Stephanie Beach Voorhees Hall


Jake Boone Centennial Cottage

Selville, OH

Amanda Boss . Charlevoix

Zuverink Cottage...

Carolyn Brandis Cook Hall

Gansevoort, NY

Christopher Broe Cook Hall



Christopher Buckley Holland


Kathleen Burkhardt Holland

Muncie, IN

Graham Carlson Phelps Hall

La Grange Highlands, IL

Tiffany Carter Holland

Springfield, IL

Hilary Cason Smith Cottage


Katherine Cornell Pieters Cottage

Grapevine, TX

Carolyn Courtade Gilmore Hall




/ aÂťi.

David Crouder Cook Hall


Benjamin Crumpler DeGraaf Cottage

Nashville, TN

Stephen Cupery Cook Hall

Harbor Beach

James Daly DeGraaf Cottage




Jon Dean Scott Hall

..Grand Haven

David D e W i t t Gringhuis Cottage

Sioux Falls, SD

Stephanie D e W i t t e Klaasen Apartments

Penfield. NY

Hilary Doenges Lichty Hall

Fort Wayne, IN

Brock Doud Holland


Jacob Droppers Holland


Esther Dwyer Sligh Cottage

Granville, OH

Daniel Emmendorfer DeGraaf Cottage


Brett Erickson Cook Hall


Meghan Estochen Ross Cottage

Marlon, NY

Jane Fisher Van Drezer Cottage

Mishawaka, IN

Sarah Gali Cook Hall

Franklin Park, NJ

Bethany Gleason Van Zyl Cottage

Saline, M l

Forrest Gordon Cook Hall

Rockford, M l

Thomas Gordon


Kuyper/Emersonlan Cottage.


Seth Gray Cook Hall




Ashlea Guernsey Brumler Apartments


Laura Hauch Cook Hall

Three Oaks

Addison Haynes Kuyper/Emersonian Cottage.. Noblesville. IN

Zachary Heller Brumler Apartments

Rapid City

Magaret Hellner College East Apartments


Kendra Helmkamp College East Apartments

LaGrange, IN


Karla Helvie College East Apartments

Ann Arbor

Katharine Heneveld Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Sarah Herington Albers/Dorian Cottage

Grand Rapids


Maya H o l t r o p Fried Cottage

Beverly Hills

Katie Immink Lampen Cottage


Jennifer Ivanoff Holland


wmmm Amanda Jacobs Cook Hall

Brookfield, IL

Hussein Janbaih Holland


Andrea Johnson Kooiker Cottage

West Chicago, IL

Kathryn Johnson Phelps Hall

Wheaton, IL

Ashley Joseph DeltaPhi Cottage

Naperville, IL

Alisa Juday Van Saun Cottage

White Pigeon

Kayla Katterheinrich Yellow Duplex

Lima, OH

Jonathan Kay Dosker Cottage


Three Rivers

Brandon King Hinkamp Cottage


Megan Kleinheksel College East Apartments


Claudia Klimkowski Pieters Cottage

Carmel, IN

Ross Knoll Phelps Hall

Grand Haven

Marina Kovalyuk Scott Hall

Moscow, Russia

Cara Lawton


Lampen Cottage


Daniel Lithio Phelps Hall

Downers Grove, IL

Helen Malpass Scott Hall

Roanoke, VA


Jennifer Mastenbrook Lampen Cottage


M a t t h e w McCabe Kyper/Emersonian Cottage


Erin McCarthy Cook Hall

Saint Charles, MO

Emily McConnelly Voorhees Hall

Arlington, VA

Megan McCormick Sib Cottage


Emily Mills Sigma Cottage


Jonathan M o e r d y k Kollen Hall East


Kyle Mosher Cook Hall

Oakhurst, CA

Nicole Moss College East Apartments

Battle Creek

Nicole Mulder College East Apartments


T i m o t h y Nelson Vennema Apartments

Ann Arbor



John N o f f k e College East Apartments

Napervllle, IL

Erika Oglesby Brumler Apartments

Castro Valley, CA

Lauren Oldfield College East Apartments

Glen Ellyn, IL

Peter Pan Cook Hall


Emily Papple Taylor Cottage


Calista Peterson Sligh Cottage


Lani Pickard Cook Hall

Excelsior, M N

Dylana Pinter Cook Hall

Mundelein, IL

M e r e d i t h Praamsma Holland


Tyler Racey Cook Hall


Kendall Ramsden Sigma Cottage

Grand Haven

Travis Ransom Oggel Apartments


Catherine Rhem College East Apartments

Spring Lake

Bethany Richardson Cook Hall

Staunton, VA

Elizabeth Richert College East Apartments


Ricky Rivera Kraker Apartments


Nathan Sayer Centurian Cottage

East Stroudsburg, PA

Stephanie Schaap Holland


Amanda Scheeringa College East Apartments

Schererville, IN

Laura Scherer College East Apartments




Kara Scheuerman College East Apartments.. New Freedom, PA

Ashleigh Shiffler Mast Cottage


Jessica Shugart College East Apartments

Traverse City

Heidi Simmons College East Apartments

Brookfield, IL

Chelsea Stephenson Sigma Cottage

Salt Lake City, UT

Emily Sterley Holland

Zionsville, IN

Sara Stevenson Dykstra Hall

Three Rivers

Jessica Stokes Vennema Apartments

Morrisville, NY

Stacy Thomas Yellow Duplex


Melissa Van Dahm Phelps Hall

Schaumburg, IL

Rebekah Van Dop Gllmore Hall

Gahanna, OH

Elissa Van Nest Voorhees Hall


Andrea Vandenburgh Cook Hall


A m y VanDerMeulen College East Apartments


Rachel VanHamersveld College East Apartments

Rock Valley, IA

Sarah Vernon Kollen Hall West

Clarendon Hills, IL

Jessica Vickery Cook Hall

Clarendon Hills, IL

Jeremiah Vipond Parkview Apartments



Karly Visser Klaasen Apartments


Kensley Walters College East Apartments




Joshua W a r n e r Cook Hall

Huntertown, IN

Heidi W e i r Albers/Dorlan Cottage


Rachel Wells Welmers Cottage

West Bend, W l

Morgan Willming Phelps Hall

South Haven

Jenna W i t t e n Holland


M a t t h e w Wixson Mandeville Cottage


Jean W u Patterson Cottage


Thomas Yamoka Mandeville Cottage


M a r k Yapp Schuppert/Cosmopolitan Cottage..Ann Arbor

Nathan Zeluff Kollen Hall West


Jonathan Zita Mandeville Cottage

Darien, IL

fiss oF 200 Thomas Akers Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

Daryl Andresen Wyckoff Hall

Park Ridge, IL

Benjamin Bach Kollen Hall East

Missoula, MT

Robert Bailey Wyckoff Hall

Portage, IN

L 120


People •Jk

Rachel Bakken Cook Hall

Golden, CO

Ashley Barbieri Haslett

Gilmore Hall

Justin Barigian Phelps Hall

Coarsegold, CA

Joseph Barker Parkview Apartments

Orange City, IA

« a t -

• Meghan Beachum Kollen Hall West


Kaitlyn Becker Kollen Hall West

Saint Joseph

Catherine Bennett Phelps Hall

Arlington, TX

Joshua Bergmans Phelps Hall


Adam Bird Cook Hall

Grand Rapids

Jennifer Bockstege Phelps Hall

Mims, IL

T i m o t h y Boman Phelps Hall

Rochester Hills

Mackenzie Borgondy Holland


§ | «

Chelsea Bossenbroek Kollen Hall West


M o r g a n Boyle College East Apartments


Katie Bultema Gilmore Hall


Nikolas Burkhart Phelps Hall


Richard Burling Holland


Kersten Burns Pieters Cottage


Isaac Bush Phelps Hall


Daniel Callam DeGraaf Cottage




Cody Canan Poll Cottage


Jenna Carlson Phelps Hall

Sleepy Hollow, IL

Jaclynn Cherry Voorhees Hall

Rochester Hills

Katherine Chiczewski Oilmore Hall

Naperville, IL

Amie Clay Van Vleck Hall


Kyle Cline Cook Hall


Trevor Colburn Voorhees Hall

Winnetka, IL

Kimberly Coleman Van Vleck Hall

Grand Rapids

Christina Congi Lichty Hall

...Stormville, NY

Amanda Dale Wyckoff Hall

Grinnell, IA


Gretchen Davis Kollen Hall West

Eaton Rapids

Kimberly Davis Scott Hall.


Tiffany Day Cilmore Hall


Jessica DeBruyn Lichty Hall

Palos Park, IL

Daniel DeHaan Durfee Hall


Hillary Delhagen Phelps Hall

Pultneyville, NY

Tyler Depke Cook Hall

Grayslake, IL

Ashley DeVecht Cook Hall

Byron Center

Meghan DeWees Hawkinson Cottage

Bay Village, OH

Abigail Drake Gilmore Hall




Sarah Dykstra Dykstra Hall


M a t t h e w Ellison Cook Hall


Erika English Gilmore Hall

Waukesha, W l

Christopher Erickson Kollen Hall East

Madera, CA

Jason Failing Wyckoff Hall

Granger, IN

Lindsay Ferguson Dykstra Hall

Fredonla, NY

Jamie Fey Kollen Hall West

Pine River M N

T i f f a n y Fifer Hawkinson Cottage


PSteil Roxanne Fishnick Zuverink Cottage

Zeeland, M l

Jason Folkert Kollen Hall East


Valerie Foster Kollen Hall West

Bartlett, IL

Stephanie Fowler Gilmore Hall

Silverthorne, CO

Paul Frybarger Phelps Hall


Anna Gagliardi Phelps Hall


Yuliya Ganenko Holland


Madeleine Garcia Brumler Apartments

Reno, NV

Tracy Garcia Cook Hall


Jessica Gartner Sligh Cottage


Ryan Gary Durfee Hall


Jake Gilliland Kollen Hall East

Round Lake, IL



Tonisha Gordon Scott Hall

Grand Rapids

M a t t h e w Griffin Phelps Hall

Granger, IN

Joanna Gundersen Dykstra Hall

Bolingbrook, IL

Daniel Guy Cook Hall


?a Hannah Hackett Tamarac, FL

Gilmore Hall

Ruth Hagan Van Vleck Hall


Stacey Harburn Phelps Hall


Allison Hawkins Holland

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Gregory Hertz Kollen Hall East

Warrenvllle, IL

Hilary Holbrook Gilmore Hall

Hopewell Junction, NY

Krista Homakie Cass City

Gilmore Hall

Kayla Hoover-Cypher Voorhees Hall

Coarsegold, CA

A m y Howard Phelps Hall

East Lansing

Amanda Hutchins Dykstra Hall

South Haven

Kristen Hutchins Van Zyl Cottage


Christen Jackson Phelps Hall

.....Park Ridge, IL

Brittney Jatzo Phelps Hall

Iron River, W l

Nathan Johnson Phelps Hall


Ryan Johnson Phelps Hall

Tomah, W l

Jessica Jones Wyckoff Hall



Mequon, W l



Peter Jurmu Cook Hall


Lauren Keiser Cilmore Hall

Otterbein, IN

Ricky Kelley Kollen Hall East


Lauren Kenny Dykstra Hall

Grosse Polnte Woods

George Khoury Voorhees Hall

Jerusalem, Palestine

Sarah Kibbey Cilmore Hall

Maple City

Melissa Kilbourn Kollen Hall West

Suttons Bay

Travis Kingma Durfee Hall.


Bryan Kinsey Avison Cottage

Wheaton. IL

M a r i Jo Koedyker Phelps Hall

Grand Haven

Sarah Koon Cilmore Hall

Columbus, OH

Melissa Kowalk Cook Hall

Eaton Rapids

Donald Kring Kollen Hall East


Elizabeth Krohmer Kollen Hall West

Grand Rapids

Brendan Krueger Wyckoff Hall


Nora Kuiper Dykstra Hall


A m y Kunzi Cilmore Hall


Stephen Kurti College East Apartments

Battle Creek

Brenna Lamphear Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

Ritchie Latimore Centurian Cottage.,..

Fairborn, OH



Caitlin Lautz Gilmore Hall

Wheaton, IL

Michael Leman Durfee Hall

Elmhurst, IL

Luka Levata Scott Hall


Christopher Lewis Phelps Hall


Bradley Lininger Cook Hall



Christina Lis Phelps Hall


Robin Litscher Dykstra Hall

Lebanon, IN

Anne Lockwood Kollen Hall West




l l

Kevin Lombardi Cook Hall

Bloomfield Hills

Karen Luidens Holland


Altamont, NY

Chelsea Lynes Kollen Hall West

Woodstock, IL

Shanna Mack Gilmore Hall


Isabel Malone Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

Emily Mannenbach Dykstra Hall

Rochester, M N

mm •,


Christopher M a y b u r y College East Apartments


Laura McCray Wyckoff Hall


Brian McLellan Kollen Hall East

Fort Wayne, IN

Meghan McNamee Cook Hall


Amanda McNeil Gilmore Hall

Rochester Hills

Jeffrey Minkus Phelps Hall


Glen Ellyn, IL

People *

M a t t h e w Minkus Durfee Hall


Lauren M o a k Dykstra Hall


Laura Morningstar Cook Hall

Fishers, IN

Kendra Neil Phelps Hall


Ryan Nelis Kollen Hall West


Laura N e t t l e t o n Phelps Hall

Battle Creek

Nicholas Neumann Cook Hall


Ashley Noll Lichty Hall

Chambersburg, PA

Quinn Nystrom Van Zyl Cottage

Baxter, M N

Kathryn O'Connell Cook Hall

Minnetonka, M N

Samuel Ogles Wyckoff Hall

Whitsett, NC

Kelli Olender Van Vleck Hall


Grace Olson Dykstra Hall

Crystal Lake, IL

M a t t h e w Oosterhouse Kollen Hall East


Zachary Osburn Holland


Shane Pageau Durfee Hall

Lombard, IL

Gregory Pavlak Kollen Hall East


Todd Phillips Scott Hall

West Rupert, VT

Tracy Piersma Voorhees Hall

Rochester Hills

Adam Plaunt Belt Cottage

South Lyon



Carolyn Powers Greer, SC

Gilmore Hall

Megan Probst Phelps Hall


Grant Prutzman Cook Hall

Wheaton, IL

James Ralston Durfee Hall


wmm Jacquelyn Randolet Dykstra Hall


Rachel Rees Phelps Hall

Fishers, IN

Elise Regula Gilmore Hall


Katherine Reincke Kollen Hall West

........Eaton Rapids,


Michael Rensi Cook Hail


Kent Reschke Wyckoff Hall

Naperville, IL

Lauren Reus Hawkinson Cottage....

Olympia, WA

Erin Richards Voorhees Hall


M a t t h e w Richardson Phelps Hall


Allison Rivers Lichty Hall

M o u n t Prospect, IL

Laura Robinson Klaasen Apartments

Barrington, IL

Katie Ross Cook Hall

Saint Louis Park, M N

Barbra Rubio Cook Hall


Erik Ruda Cook Hall

Arlington Heights, IL

Emily Scatterday Cook Hall

Geneva, IL

Kelly Schaefer Gilmore Hall




Robert Schaftenaar Kollen Hall East


Caitlin Schrock Phelps Hall



Chelsea Schrotenboer Gilmore Hall


Christine Schultheis Lichty Hall


M a t t h e w Seely Voorhees Hall

David Seymour Kollen Hall East

.. Holland

Kathleen Shannon Wyckoff Hall

o l d Lyme, CT

Kelly Shea Van Vleck Hall.

..Naperville, IL

V -

Sarah Shier Voorhees Hall

Chicago, IL

Emily Sicard Holland

South Haven

M a r k Slotman Durfee Hall

Cedar Grove, W l

A m y Smith Lichty Hall

Grand Rapids

Brandon Smith Durfee Hall

Kokomo, IN

Robyn Smith Van Vleck Hall

Brown City

Sarah Sosolik Kollen Hall West

Oswego, IL

Alexandra Spears Van Vleck Hall

Ann Arbor

Alexander Stack Kollen Hall East

Cabool, M O

Nicole Stegenga Kollen Hall West


Brian Straw Holland

Arlington, VA

Colleen Sullivan Van Vleck Hall

River Forest, IL



Paul Swan Kollen Hall East

Zanesville, OH

Karin Sweas Gilmore Hall

West Chicago, IL

Jeffrey Swift Wyckoff Hall

Milwaukee, W l

M e l y n Tank Lichty Hall


Joy Taylor Van Vleck Hall

Hudson, FL

Allison Templeton Phelps Hall

Appleton, W l

Erlka TerLouw Gilmore Hall

Pella, IA

Katie Terpstra Cook Hall


Kyle Terpstra Centurian Cottage

Grand Rapids

Alison Thompson Gilmore Hall

Plymouth, M N

Esther Thompson Cook Hall

Avon, NY

Ashley Timpner Gilmore Hall

Rochester Hills

Sara Tyler Lichty Hall

New Milford, CT

Kenneth Underwood Centurian Cottage

Traverse City

Heather Urling Holland.



Allison Van Beek Gilmore Hall

Libertyville, IL

Evan Van Heukelom Kollen Hall West


Robert VanDette Phelps Hall

Rochester Hills

Julie VanLaan Gilmore Hall

Grand Rapids

Kylee Van Oostendorp Gilmore Hall




•ini | 1—PiwuwiMimiMwi immninrFiMnnTTiMinmnTnri


Sarah VanZanten Holland


Emma V o u g h t


Voorhees Hall


Ronna Warner Kollen Hall West..


Sarah Warner Dykstra Hall

Geneva, IL


Samantha Webbert Gilmore Hall


Sara Webster Phelps Hall


Elizabeth Weidenhaft Dykstra Hall

Apple Valley, M N

Ashley W e s t c o t t Cook Hall


Theresa W i g t o n Phelps Hall

Maple City

Melissa W i l l e t t Kollen Hall West


Clinton W i l m Phelps Hall

Westmont, IL

Erica Wilson Phelps Hall

Auburn, IN

Jacob Wingate Cook Hall



Yvette Wissner Phelps Hall


Daniel W o o d Holland


Leah W y a t t Gilmore Hall

Colts Neck, NJ

Brianna W y n n e Gilmore Hall


Quinette Yarbrough Holland


Nicholas Zupancich Cook Hall

Grand Haven

Courtney Zych Wyckoff Hall

Des Plaines, IL


HvpnoTisT FRedmck WinT€Rs w a s b a c k f o r t h e t e n t h y e a r in a r o w t h i s y e a r , a g a i n e n t e r t a i n i n g a packed c r o w d w i h students hand-picked f r o m t h e audience. • S o p h o m o r e Barbara Rubio, acting as a D e a n o f S t u d e n t s , t r i e s t o q u i e t t h e s t u d e n t s . • F r e s h m e n A r i n F i s h e r , A l e x a n d e r G r i f f i t h , a n d S o p h o m o r e K r i s t a H o m a k i e r i d e h o r s e s d u r t n g a n i m a g i n a r y race. • p h o t o s b y A s h l e y D e H u d y •

2010 Ashley Adkins Dykstra Hall

Swartz Creek

Elies Aguilera Dykstra Hall


4Rachel Allen Kollen Hall West

Fishers, IN

Ian Amln Voorhees Hall

Oak Park

Kaitlin Anderson Dykstra Hall


Zachary Anderson Kollen Hall East


Sarah Anker Voorhees Hall


Jessica Anthony Phelps Hall



Lewis Center, OH

Keith Arndt Holland


Selase Asamoa-Tutu Durfee Hall


Kurt Ashack Kollen Hall East


Ashley Austin Dykstra Hail

Spring Lake

mmtml Rachel Austin Phelps Hail


Ayne-Ka Colleton Scott Hall

Silver Spring, M D

Paul Babumba Scott Hali

Milwaukee, W l

Jamie Bailey Gllmore Hall


Robin Baker Scott Hall

Cicero, IN

Raquel Balderas Scott Hall


Benjamin Barkel Kollen Hall East


Beth Barnadyn Van Vleck Hall

Boyne City

Lauren Barnes Voorhees Hall


Megan Barnes Voorhees Hall


Haley Bartel Van Vleck Hall

Overland Park, KS

Jennifer Bartman Dykstra Hall


broVen W*

Kenneth Bauman Kollen Hall East

Grand Rapids

Marc Becchetti Durfee Hall

Ann Arbor

Bradley Beckett Kollen Hall East

Grand Rapids

Tanya Bedker Dykstra Hall

Reed City



Jacqueline Beeler Dykstra Hall


Alison Benoit Scott Hall


Garrison Benson Scott Hall

Royal Oak

Nicole Berbert Dykstra Hall

Napervllle, IL


Michael Bertrand Phelps Hall

Naperville, IL

Katelyn Beuker Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Craig Binns Kollen Hall East

Oak Park, IL

Joel Birdsall Durfee Hall


Emily Black Voorhees Hall


Akrisa Blackport Voorhees Hall


Joel Blok Kollen Hall East


Erik Bodine Kollen Hall East

Gurnee, IL

Aaron Boersma Durfee Hall


Laurel Boeve Holland


Marlee Bogema Dykstra Hall


Stephanie Bogema Dykstra Hall



Daniel Bolt Phelps Hall

Oak Brook, IL

Teresa Borst Kollen Hall West


Sarah Borzym Scott Hall

Elmhurst, IL

Danielle Bossley Kollen Hall West


ilrrdlhth 134


Amanda Bouwer Kollen Hall West

Grand Rapids

Nathaniel Bowerman Voorhees Hall



Bethany Braaksma Scott Hall

Cambria, W l

Shirley Bradley Voorhees Hall




T i m o t h y Brandt Kollen Hall East


Stephanie Brenner Dykstra Hall

Eau Claire

Lyndsey Brewster Kollen Hall West

Chicago, IL

Jennifer Brieve Holland


Alec Brooks Durfee Hall


Katrina Brott Dykstra Hall

Cedar Springs

Gregory Brouwer Kollen Hall East

Saint John, IN

Rachel Brown Dykstra Hall


Sarah Brown Dykstra Hall


Amanda Bruff Dykstra Hall


Jennifer Bruinius Dykstra Hall

Tlnley Park, IL

Christopher Bruins Kollen Hall East


Kolton Brusveen Kollen Hall East

West Olive

Jessica Buchweitz Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

M . Christopher Bueter Kollen Hall East

Elkhart, IN

Christine Buhrmaster Dykstra Hall

Western Springs, IL


Sarah Burrichter Dykstra Hall

Batavia, IL

Emily Bushell Gilmore Hall

Saint Peter, M N

Justin Bussies Wyckoff Hall


Kori Caesar Scott Hall


Paige Calamari Dykstra Hall


Alexander Calvert Voorhees Hall

West Bloomfield

Megan Campbell Scott Hall


Clare Carbonaro Dykstra Hall


Seth Carlson Kollen Hall East


Hilary Carmichael Dykstra Hall

....Grand Rapids

Sarah Carr Kollen Hall West


Ashley Carter Van Vleck Hall


Austin Castle Wyckoff Hall......

....Three Rivers

Danielle Caterina Dykstra Hall


Jozsef Ceglarek Durfee Hall


Kenneth Chamberlain Voorhees Hall

Metuchen, NJ

Ki Chang Scott Hall

Reno, NV

Claire Charette Dykstra Hall

Glastonbury, CT

Vivian Chen Kollen Hall West

Bloomfield Hills

Daniel Claus Phelps Hall





Laura Clauser Dykstra Hall

South Bend, IN

Nathaniel Clements Scott Hall


Jessica Clouse Dykstra Hall


Megan Coleman Dykstra Hall

Homewood, IL

M a l l o r y Collins Dykstra Hall

West Branch

Andrea Conklin Dykstra Hall

Crystal Lake, IL

Amanda Conroy Holland


Jack Constant Kollen Hall East


Emily Cook Gilmore Hall


Kimberly Cook Phelps Hall


Margaret Cook Dykstra Hall


Meghan Cook Dykstra Hall.......


Virginia Cook Scott Hall

Madison Heights

Casie Copeland Dykstra Hall

Greenfield, IN

Stephen Cornelius Wyckoff Hall

Grand Rapids

Sarah Costenero Scott Hall


Carol Stream, IL

J i

Stephanie Cotter Dykstra Hall


Jenny Cowen Dykstra Hall


Daniel Cox Wyckoff Hall

Madera, CA

Charles Craig Kollen Hall East

Grand Rapids




Colleen Creamer Dykstra Hall

Lima, OH

T i m o t h y Crlsman Phelps Hall

Downers Grove, IL

Patrick Crumb Phelps Hall


Orland Dami Lichty Hall


i 'mm Ashley Davis Kollen Hall West

Clarendon Hills, IL

Kristen Davis Dykstra Hall

Naperville, IL

Cory DeBoest Lichty Hall

Woodridge, IL

Meghann Deering Gilmore Hall

..Traverse City




Natalie DeGeorge Scott Hall

Saint Clair Shores

Evan Dekker Scott Hall

Littleton, CO

Michael Dekker Phelps Hall


Nathan Dekker Kollen Hall East

West Olive


Brittany DeKoster Dykstra Hall



Sarah DeLapa Gilmore Hall

Saint Joseph

Grace Denny Voorhees Hall

Cincinnati, OH

Caroline De Nooyer Kollen Hall West


Claire DePree Dykstra Hall


Eric DePree Voorhees Hall

Winnetka, IL

Caitlin Derby Kollen Hall West...

..Grand Rapids

Lindsey DeVine Dykstra Hall





Lindsey Dickerman Cook Hall


Shannon Dickinson Voorhees Hall


Rachel Doherty Dykstra Hall


Christopher Dombkowski Scott Hall


Anna Donahoe Dykstra Hall

..Monona, W l

Steve Donkersloot Durfee Hall


Tyler Dopp Wyckoff Hall


Amanda Downs Phelps Hall


Lindsay Dudley Dykstra Hall


Shannon Dudley Dykstra Hall


Bethany Dula Dykstra Hall

Grosse Pointe Woods

Kathryn Duncan Holland

Morrow, OH

Stephanie Dykema Dykstra Hall


Brooke Dykstra Voorhees Hall

Natick, MA

Kelly Dykwell ...Jenlson

Dykstra Hall

Ashley Ebey ..Naperville, IL

Phelps Hall

Andrea Eddy Dykstra Hall


Catherine Ellis . Hudson

Gilmore Hall

Maria Emerson Scott Hall


Leah Ennis Scott Hall

. Bergenfleld, NJ



Deidra Enochs Dykstra Hall

Summerfield, FL

Kelsey Ensz Phelps Hall

Luthervllle, M D

Kyle Evenhouse Durfee Hall

Eldridge, IA

Meg Evenhouse Dykstra Hall


Philip Everse Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

Andrea Ezeoke Dykstra Hall

Chicago, IL

Gordon Fall Phelps Hall


Patrick Fancy Wyckoff Hall.

Traverse City

Amanda Ferguson Phelps Hall


M o r g a n Fett Dykstra Hall

.Spring Lake

Andrea Firlit Kollen Hall West


A m y Fisher Dykstra Hall


Arin Fisher Voorhees Hall

Indian River

Audrey Fisher Dykstra Hall


Sara Fisher Kollen Hall West


Sarah Fisher Dykstra Hall

Dearborn Heights

Lauren Fitz Dykstra Hall

Columbus, OH

Karly Fogelsonger Dykstra Hall

Tawas City

Peter Folkert Kollen Hall East


Meghan Fore Dykstra Hall



Saint Charles, IL

V •

J w

Aaron Forr Wyckoff Hall


Ciarra Forsyth Scott Hall

Commerce Township

Elizabeth Forsythe Dykstra Hall


Rebekah Fort Dykstra Hall

Indianapolis, IN

Andrew Foster Durfee Hall

Battle Creek

Elizabeth Fox Dykstra Hall

East China

Andrew Franks Kollen Hall East

West Olive

Corey Franks Dykstra Hall


Columbia Station, OH

Jeri Frederickson Dykstra Hall

Wheaton, IL

Lindsey Freiburger Kollen Hall West

Grand Rapids

Erin Fritz Scott Hall


R. Alexander Fryer Kollen Hall East

Clearwater, FL

Jordan Fuller Wyckoff Hall

Leesburg, IN

A m y Fulton Dykstra Hall

M o u n t Prospect, IL

Maarten Galantowicz Wyckoff Hall

Upper Arlington, OH

Kelly Garcia Dykstra Hall


Caitlin Gardner Gllmore Hall


John Gardner Wyckoff Hall

Granville, OH

Michael Garland Kollen Hall East

Kohler, W l

Stephanie Garrod Dykstra Hall




Alison Garza Voorhees Hall

Mundelein, IL

Kegan Gates Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Lauren Geerlings Dykstra Hall


Michelle Geerlings Dykstra Hall


Lauren Geswein Dykstra Hall


Tara Gibbie Gilmore Hall


Alissa Gigler Dykstra Hall

Naperville, IL


Brennigan Gilson Dykstra Hall


Jessica Glassman Dykstra Hall

Berrien Springs

Eric Gobrogge Wyckoff Hall


Kristen Goetz Dykstra Hall


Haleigh Gokey Dykstra Hall


Kurt Goldsby Durfee Hall

Rochester Hills

Febe Gomez Holland


Brizeida Gonzalez Scott Hall



Michelle Goris Scott Hall

San Antonio, TX

Benjamin Gorsky Kollen Hall East

Elmhurst, IL

Michael Gorzenski Kollen Hall East

Bay City

Sara Gosses Kollen Hall West



Amherst, OH

Abigail Gowman Phelps Hall

Rochester Hills

Kirsten Graham Dykstra Hall


Leah Granitz Dykstra Hall

Sun Prairie, W l

Jared Graybiel Wyckoff Hall


Lebanon, IN


Keija Grebe Voorhees Hall


Adam Green Wyckoff Hall


Ross Green Scott Hall

.. Plainwell

Sara Green Dykstra Hall

...Marehgo, IL

Philana Greene Scott Hall


Aaron Greer Phelps Hall

Rochester Hills

Nathan G r i f f i t h Wyckoff Hall

Dundee, IL

Trevor Gruys Phelps Hall

Burnsvllle, M N

Amanda Guetzkow Scott Hall

Delavan, W l

Michael Gunderson Kollen Hall East

Mllford, IN

Frederick Gunther Durfee Hall

Saint Charles, IL

Gina Guzdziol Winfield, IL

Van Vieck Hall

I ftMSSt

Cara Hahn Cook Hall


Benjamin Height Kollen Hall West


Katie Haines Kollen Hall West



Bridger Hamilton Durfee Hall

Bremerton, W A



Tara Hamming Dykstra Hall


Christopher Harrison Plymouth, M N

Phelps Hall

Allison Hartley Gilmore Hall


Keegan Hartman Phelps Hall


Rachel Hashimoto Dykstra Hall

Center Line

Sarah Havlik Dykstra Hall

Chanhassen, M N

Joshua Headapohl Kollen Hall East


Brielle Heilman Dykstra Hall

Byron Center

David Herman Phelps Hall

Lutherville Timonium, M D

Laura Herrick Scott Hall


Philip Heyboer Kollen Hall West


Jacob Heydlauff Kollen Hall East


Christina Hicks Kollen Hall West


LaToya Hicks Scott Hall


Claire Higginbotham Dykstra Hall

Mishawaka, IN

Lucy Himes Dykstra Hall..

Grand Blanc

Julian Hinson Scott Hall

Eagan, M N

Natasha H i n t o n Kollen Hall West


Stephen Hobson Durfee Hall


Catherine Hoitenga Dykstra Hall




Crystal Mollis Voorhees Hall

Elmhurst, IL

Sunkyo Hong Kollen Hall East



Dares Salaam

Colin Hoogerwerf Holland

Phelps Hall

Ashley Hoogeveen Orange City, IA

Ollmore Hall

Katie Hoogstrate Kollen Hall West

Grand Rapids

Allison Hooley Scott Hall

Goshen, IN

Adele Hoople Phelps Hall

Fairbanks, AK

Christine Hostetler Gilmore Hall:

Wheaton, IL

W h i t l e y Huisman Dykstra Hall

Grand Haven

Lydia Hurd Dykstra Hall

Chanhassen, M N

Rocio Ibarra Scott Hall


Marie Irvin Dykstra Hall

New Baltimore

MembeRs oF rhe H o p e WoreRski T e p m f o l l o w t h e i r f l o a t during the H o m e c o m i n g Parade. The team, whose f l o a t included an actual ski boat, t o o k first place in the float competition.



Michael Irvin Lichty Hall

Libertyville, IL

Jena Iverson Dykstra Hall

Bloomington, M N

Kellye Jacobs Dykstra Hall


Jacqueline Jara Scott Hall

Claremont, CA

Jessica Jeffery Dykstra Hall


Rachael Jekel Gilmore Hall......


Joshua Jelenek Phelps Hall


Holly Johnson Gilmore Hall


Jana Johnson Scott Hall


Lauren Johnson Lichty Hall


Jennifer Johnston Dykstra Hall


Sarah Jones Dykstra Hall



Hannah Kasperson Phelps Hall

w h e a t o n , IL

Joanie Kasten Phelps Hall


Meghan Katner Dykstra Hall...


Melinda Kaliszewski Dykstra Hall

M o u n t Pleasant

Jenny Kellogg Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Kaltlin Kessie Phelps Hall

South Whitley, IN

M o l l y Kessler Phelps Hall

Lakeville, M N

T i f f a n y Khousakoun Scott Hall





Allicen Kiekover Gilmore Hall


Caitlyn Kimmel Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Stephen King Durfee Hall


Kimberly Klask Gilmore Hall


Peter Kleczynski Kollen Hall West


Kevin Kleiman Durfee Hall

Bloomington, M N

Sarah Klotzbach Dykstra Hall

Traverse City

Fallon Klug Dykstra Hall

Saint Joseph

Stephanie Knapper Richland

Dykstra Hall

Julie Kocsis Dykstra Hall

South Bend, IN

Joshua Koenke Kollen Hall East

Sterling Heights

W h i t n e e Koerner Scott Hall

Appleton, W l

Pierson Kohlbeck Wyckoff Hall


Jennifer Kolba Dykstra Hall

Arlington Heights, IL

Marissa Kooyers Dykstra Hall


Rebecca Kornack Dykstra Hall

Naperville, IL

Andrew Kortesoja Cook Hall


Ann Arbor

Scott Kosiba Wyckoff Hall


Kristin Kramer Dykstra Hall

Traverse City

Steven Kratz Durfee Hall




Julia Krause Dykstra Hall


Brittany Krcatovich Dykstra Hall


M a t t h e w Labaza Wyckoff Hall


Joshua Lamer Durfee Hall


Hope Langdon Dykstra Hall


Eric Lange Wyckoff Hall

Noblesville, IN

Kayla Lankheet Gllmore Hall


Samantha Larsen Scott Hall


Elizabeth Lawrence Scott Hall

South Haven

Lindsey Lawrence Dykstra Hall


Meghan Layman Dykstra Hall


Max LeBien Phelps Hall

Evanston, IL

Andrew Lee Kollen Hall East

Highland Park, NJ

Anne Leger Kollen Hall West

Ann Arbor

Megan Leigeb Gllmore Hall


Colleen Leikert Dykstra Hall


Meaghan Lewis Scott Hall

Bloomfield Hills

Karen Linder Dykstra Hall

Sioux City, IA

A m y Linton Voorhees Hall

Ithaca, NY

Jonathan Little Wyckoff Hall



Indianapolis, IN

A -V


Krista Liverance Dykstra Hall


South Bend, IN

Sunshine Love Scott Hall


Emma Lucas Scott Hall


Adrian Lucio Scott Hall


Justin Lunderberg Phelps Hall


Laura Lynch Dykstra Hall

Lake Odessa

Julie Madden Dykstra Hall


Stephanie Marchetta Dykstra Hall


Jennifer Marinos Phelps Hall

Farmington Hills

Elizabeth Marsh Dykstra Hall

Wheaton, IL

Melissa Marshall Dykstra Hall


Juan Martinez Scott Hall


Rachel Maxwell Scott Hall

Bay City

Alexandria May Dykstra Hall


Kyle M a y b u r y Phelps Hall


Michael M c A u l i f f e Durfee Hall

Northbrook, IL

Courtney McCarthy Phelps Hall


Francis McElgunn Wyckoff Hall


\ '


S Kelly McGlynn Phelps Hall

Minneapolis, M N



Jessica M c C o w e n Dykstra Hall

Grand Blanc

Elizabeth McKee Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Laura Meeker Dykstra Hall

Traverse City

Samuel Meengs Wyckoff Hall


mi-* • m Megan Mejeur Dykstra Hall

Saint Joseph

Sarah Mejia Dykstra Hall


Bryce Melchiori Kollen Hall East


Patrick Mernagh Kollen Hall East


Carilyn Merz Cook Hall


Jeffrey Meyers Wyckoff Hall

Santa Cruz, CA

Erin Michalowski Dykstra Hall

Naperville, IL

Rebecca Midgley Scott Hall


Chelsea Miedema Dykstra Hall


Leanne Miedema Dykstra Hall


Cassandra Miller Dykstra Hall

Ashland, OH

Dustin Miller Scott Hall

Dayton, OH

Kristin Miller Dykstra Hall

Eureka, M O

Melinda Miller Phelps Hall

Downers Grove, IL

Katharine M i x Dykstra Hall

Sycamore, IL

Hailey Moeke Gilmore Hall



Deanna Moes Dykstra Hall

Highland, IN

Samantha Molnar Dykstra Hall

Chardon, OH

Katie M o l o n e y Scott Hall


Katherine M o o r e Van Vleck Hall

Fortvllle, IN


Curtis M o r a n Kollen Hall West


Jennifer Moreau Gilmore Hall


Jonathan M o r g a n Durfee Hall


Katherine M o r g a n Dykstra Hall

Sarasota, FL

mtommm Tori M o r k Voorhees Hall

California City, CA

Ethan Morrical Scott Hall

Yorktown, IN

Dustin M o s t r o m Lichty Hall


Courtney M u i r Dykstra Hall

Upland, CA

Patrick M u r r a y Phelps Hall


Benjamin Needham Kollen Hall East

Grand Rapids

Leif Nelson Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

Brett Newendorp Durfee Hall

Pella, IA

Sara Nielsen Dykstra Hall

O Fallon, M O

Zachary Nielsen Phelps Hall

Minneapolis, M N

Alicia Nieves Dykstra Hall

Mount Prospect, IL

Nicole Nordstrom Voorhees Hall




Hunter Nostrant Kollen Hall East


Emily Novak Dykstra Hall

Shelby Township

Lauren Nuiver Kollen Hall West

Grand Rapids

Danielle Nyquist Dykstra Hall


Sean O'Donnell Kollen Hall East

Littleton, CO

Ashley O'Mara Voorhees Hall


Kara Oakley Dykstra Hall


Brianne O'Connell Cook Hall


Kayleen Offringa Holland

Gilmore Hall

Lenore Ojibway-Gifford Van Vleck Hall


Jessenia Olmeda Scott Hall


Elizabeth Olson Dykstra Hall

Ankeny, IA

Jamie Opdyke Dykstra Hall

Naperville, IL

Elizabeth Orlando Dykstra Hall.

M o u n t Prospect, IL

Amanda Ostosh Dykstra Hall


Chelsea O t t e n Holland

Byron Center

Amber Overbeek Scott Hall


Jeanne Oxendine Dykstra Hall

Sterling Heights

Jacob Paarlberg Kollen Hall East

Lynwood, IL

Glennyce Paetzmann Van Vleck Hall



Fishers, IN


Troy Page Kollen Hall East

Elk Grove Village, IL

Lindsey Palar Van Vieck Hall


A m y Palmer Dykstra Hall


Nicholas Papes Voorhees Hall

Free Soil

Daniel Parker Cook Hall


Kyleigh Parks Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Jessie Parsons Dykstra Hall

Anchorage, AK

Michelle Pascoe Dykstra Hall


: •


David Paul Scott Hall

Grand Rapids

A r y n Pawloski Voorhees Hall

Grand Rapids

Megan Pearson Voorhees Hall

Richmond, IN

Erin Pell Voorhees Hall


Mary-Claire Penner Kollen Hall West

Hinsdale, IL

Staci Pessetti Gllmore Hall

Battle Creek

Samuel Pettigrew Voorhees Hall

Fox River Grove, IL

Taylor Pettit Kollen Hall West

Eaton Rapids

Stephen Peurach Durfee Hall


Preston Pierson Phelps Hall

Traverse City

Claire Piester Kollen Hall West

Columbia, M O

Anedia Pineda Scott Hall




M o l l y Pittsley Dykstra Hall

M o u n t Pleasant

Anna Pizzlmenti Van Vleck Hall



Danielle Plamondon Dykstra Hall

Traverse City

Christopher Ploch Kollen Hall East


Nathan Poel Durfee Hall


Chelsey Poindexter Dykstra Hall

East Jordanl

James Polet Phelps Hall


Chantal Pope Dykstra Hall



Nicolle Porwoll Kollen Hall West

Ballwin, M O

M a r y Pressler Dykstra Hall


Frank Previch Durfee Hall


Michael Puff Kollen Hall East


Brian Puis Kollen Hall East...


Chelsae Quada Phelps Hall

Hampton, NJ

Alexander Quick Wyckoff Hall


Adam Quiring Scott Hall


Brooke Quisenberry Dykstra Hall


Kevin Raley Phelps Hall

Addison, IL

Christopher Ramirez Wyckoff Hall


M a t t h e w Ray Phelps Hall




Kelly Raymond Kollen Hall West


Michelle Read Voorhees Hall

Glen Ellyn, IL

Rebecca Reagan Phelps Hall


Cameron Recknagel Kollen Hall West


Julie Reishus Dykstra Hall

Napervllle, IL

Jeffrey Remillet Phelps Hall

Grosse Polnte

Cydney Remy Hudsonvllle

Gilmore Hall

Ross Reynolds Phelps Hall


Manuel Reynoso Scott Hall

Winfield, IL

James Richardson Kollen Hall West

Ann Arbor

Rachel Richter Phelps Hall


David Rickey Kollen Hall East

Richmond, IN

Camille Riddering Van Vleck Hall


Travis Rieth Phelps Hall


Jessica Rillema Dykstra Hall

Dillon. MT

David Ringnalda Dutfee Hall

Grand Rapids

Joseph Rinkinen Wyckoff Hall


Tyler Robbins Durfee Hall

Granger, IN

Esperanza Rodriguez Scott Hall


Jonathan Rodriguez Wyckoff Hall

Berrien Springs


A m y Rollefson Dykstra Hall

Palatine, IL

Michelle Roose Dykstra Hall


Erica Root Voorhees Hall


M a t t h e w Rose Kollen Hall West


r far Si s i sK;

Alison Roth Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Mitchell Ruch Durfee Hall


Jessica Ruggio Hartford

Phelps Hall

Kimberlee Runnion Gllmore Hall

Sullivan, M O


Michael Ruszkowski Cook Hall


Jason Ruud Voorhees Hall


Elizabeth Ryerson Dykstra Hall

Avon Lake, OH

Samantha Sadogierski Scott Hall

Algonquin, IL

Eileen Sanderson Scott Hall

Poquoson, VA

Jessica Saurman Cilmore Hall


Jennifer Scamehorn Dykstra Halt

Traverse City

Kathleen Schmid Gllmore Hall......

Hoffman Estates, IL

Andrea Schmidt Dykstra Hall

Saint Charles, IL

Lauren Schmidt Dykstra Hall

Fort Wayne, IN

Bart Schrader Lichty Hall


M a t t h e w Schrader Kollen Hall East


Fort Gratiot

Kirsten Schroeder Phelps Hall



Katherine Schrotenboer Dykstra Hall


A r t h u r Schubert Wyckoff Hall

Traverse City

Emily Schuiteman Fremont

Dykstra Hall

M a l y n Schut Dykstra Hall


Michael Scott Wyckoff Hall


Rachel Scott Dykstra Hall

Bay City

Allison Seib Kollen Hall West

Waukesha, W l

Elizabeth Seifert Holland



Chelsea Semon Dykstra Hall


Ryan Sexton Durfee Hall


Stephen Shaffer Phelps Hall

Grand Rapids

T i m o t h y Shannon Kollen Hall East

Minneapolis, M N

Krystal Shaw Voorhees Hall


Katelyn Sherman Dykstra Hall


David Sherry Wyckoff Hall

Oneida, NY

Kara Shetler Scott Hall

Goshen, IN

Richard Shin Scott Hall

Wayne, NJ

M a t t h e w Shott Wyckoff Hall


Amanda Sifnotis Dykstra Hall

Elk Grove Village, IL


ARTIST Ben KuuelleR plays a concert at the Knickerbocker Theatre in early February. The Knickerbocker, located n o r t h of campus on 8 t h street, has also hosted musicians such as M a t t W e r t z and Ari Hest. • p h o t o by Ashley DeHudy •

Luis Silva Scott Hall


Jeffrey Skaff Voorhees Hall


m ^ ' mm.*

A m y Slattery Voorhees Hall


Michael Slover Phelps Hall

Grand Haven

•A 4 1 4 W1111# •

Erin Smith Holland


Haley Smith Dykstra Hall


Katherine Smith Dykstra Hall

Byron Center

Nicole Smith Voorhees Hall


Ruth Smith Kollen Hall West


Erin Smyth Gilmore Hall

Grand Rapids

Cassie Sneller Gilmore Hall


Katherine Sommavilla Dykstra Hall




# -^



Anh Son Dykstra Hall

Saint Joseph

Austin Sonneveldt Wyckoff Hall

Traverse City

Briana Sosenheimer Dykstra Hall

Fort Wayne, IN

A m y Soukup Scott Hall

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kimberly Spargo Dykstra Hall

Brookline, NH

Scott Spitters


Kollen Hall West...........


Andrea Springett Dykstra Hall


John Spruance Kollen Hall East

..Chicago, IL

Courtney St. Clair Phelps Hall

Stow, OH

Jessica Stanley Dykstra Hall


Austin Stauffer Durfee Hall


Lauren Steel Dykstra Hall

Greensburg, PA

Nicholas Stegeman Durfee Hall


Kelsey Steinbach Phelps Hall

Downers Grove, IL

Nicole Stephens Voorhees Hall

Ambler, PA

Brian Sternberg Cook Hall..

.West Bloomfield

Peter Stevens Kollen Hall East

Lansing, IL

Brittany Stock Dykstra Hall

Saint Charles, IL

Michelle Stoel Kollen Hall West


Peter Stoepker Kollen Hall East

Crosse Pointe Park



Alexandria Striker Dykstra Hall

Spring Lake

Annalisse Strippoli Dykstra Hall

Avon Lake, OH

Laura Stritzke Cilmore Hall

Granville, OH

Steven Strock Kollen Hall West


David Stuppy Kollen Hall East


W h i t n e y Supp Kollen Hall West


Erin Sutfin Dykstra Hall

Eaton Rapids

Chelsea Sutton Dykstra Hall

Indianapolis, IN

Angela Sweers Van Vleck Hall


Megan Sweet Cilmore Hall

Salida, CA

Kellie Swenson Voorhees Hall


Tessa Talsma Kollen Hall West


David Tapper Voorhees Hall

Paw Paw

Christina Tassoni Dykstra Hall


Allen Taylor Phelps Hall

Indianapolis, IN

Lindsay Ter Haar Van Vleck Hall


Joshua Teuslnk Scott Hall


Ashley Thomas Cilmore Hall


Heather Thompson Phelps Hall


Stacla Thompson Van Vleck Hall



Somers, M T


Christopher Tidmarsh Scott Hall

South Bend, IN

Elizabeth Tieche Dykstra Hall

Saint Charles, IL

Candice Tindell Voorhees Hall

Lake Villa, IL

Conrad Tobert Kollen Hall East

....Grand Rapids

Sara Toledo Dykstra Hall

Wllmette, IL

Kevin Tonn Kollen Hall East

Wheaton, IL

Daniel Toren Durfee Hall.,..

Lynwood, IL

Shannon Torres Scott Hall

Chicago, IL

'mam Emily Towner Gilmore Hall


Cody Tozer Kollen Hall East


Aaron Treiber Kollen Hall East


Jonathan Tromp Wyckoff Hall

Byron Center

Kayleigh Tubbergen Voorhees Hall


Arryn Uhienbrauck Kollen Hall West


Jessica Urivez Scott Hall.


Jesse Van Andel Kollen Hall East


Katie Van Duinen Phelps Hall


John Van Dusen Scott Hall

Liberty Township, OH

Kristi Van Dyke Gilmore Hall


Jaime Van Heest Phelps Hall


Underclass I



W i l l i a m Van Kempen Kollen Hall East


M a t t h e w Van Oostenburg Kollen Hall East


Sarah VanArendonk Gilmore Hall

f p fHrt A

Peter Van Heest Voorhees Hall

Grand Haven



nw >









x •%,

Jon VanDenend Scott Half

Ripley, OH

Gina Vander Veen Dykstra Hall..

Grand Rapids

M o r g a n VanderVeen Kollen Hall West


Benjamin VanderWoude Kollen Hall East



Sarah Vander W o u d e Dykstra Hall

La Grange, 1L

Christina VanderGriend Dykstra Hall

Ganger, IN

Nicholas Vanderhovel Wyckoff Hall


Nicole VanDerKolk Cook Hall


Charles Vander Linden Kollen Hall East

Grand Ledge

Sarah Vander Meer Gilmore Hall


Sally VanderPloeg Gilmore Hall


Nicole VanderZouwen Dykstra Hall


Luciana V a n D o r t Gilmore Hall


Rachel VanDyke Dykstra Hall


Erin VanOordt Dykstra Hall


Nicholas VanVoorst Scott Hall *




} /


Tabitha V a n W o r m e r Kollen Hall West



Allyson Velderman Dykstra Hall


Rachelle Victory Dykstra Hall


Colin Vis Cook Hall

Grand Rapids

Justine Vlietstra Gilmore Hall


Christina Vogeizang Kollen Hall West


Jeffrey Vredenburg Cook Hall

Grand Rapids

Bethany Wagner Dykstra Hall


Jessica Wagoner Dykstra Hall

Clarinda, iA

Kallie Walker Dykstra Hall

Lake Odessa

Sarah Wander Dykstra Hall


Arlington Heights, IL

Sara Warner Cook Hall

Arlington Heights, IL

Kevin Warren Durfee Hall

Savage, M N

Bryanna Warrlner Kollen Hall West

Eaton Rapids

Aric Wauzzinski Kollen Hall East

Muncle, IN

Claire Weller Kollen Hall West

Crystal Lake, IL

•ft Aaron Welsch Kollen Hall West

Saint Peters, M O

Danielle Werley Kollen Hall West


Emily West Gilmore Hall


Emily Westrate Holland

West Olive

.•ittinuitrii.. Underclass

Nathan W h i t f o r d Kollen Hall West

M o u n t Pleasant

Rachel W h i t n e y Phelps Hall


Nathan Wiersma Phelps Hall

La Grange, IL

Sarah W i g h t m a n Voorhees Hall


Stephanie Wilkins Scott Hall

Evanston, IL

W i l l i a m Grant Cook Hall


Betsy Williams Voorhees Hall

Bayfield, CO

Blair Williams Wyckoff Hall


Kate Williams Kollen Hall West

Wheaton, IL

Lacey Williams Dykstra Hall


W h i t n e y Willson Kollen Hall West

Commerce Township

Justin Wilson Cook Hall


Meghan Wilson Kollen Hall West


Jonathan W i n n e Wyckoff Hall

Highlands Ranch, CO

Amelia W o l t e r Gilmore Hall


Ann W o l t h u i z e n Dykstra Hall

Sheldon, IA

William Woodard Wyckoff Hall

Piscataway, NJ

Andrea Woods Dykstra Hall

Appleton, W l

Kyle W o o d w o r t h Phelps Hall

New Carlisle, IN

Christopher W r i g h t Cook Hall


Fort Wayne, IN

Lauren W r i g h t Dykstra Hall


Steven W r i g h t Kollen Hall East

...Trav6rse City

Callie W u l f Cook Hall

Upper Arlington, OH

Beth Yahraus Dykstra Hall

Bryan, OH

Elizabeth Yanney Dykstra Hall

Wheaton, IL

Megan Yeiter Kollen Hall West

Traverse City

Haley Yoder Dykstra Hall

Nappanee, IN

Jonathan Ytterock Voorhees Hall


Michelle Zeitter Dykstra Hall

Grand Rapids

Alexander Zelinski Kollen Hall East

Traverse City

Peter Zessin Kollen Hall East


Kristi Z e t t e r h o l m Voorhees Hall

West Bloomfleld

Kaitlynn Zigterman Dykstra Hall

...Aurora, IL

Andrea Zuzga Scott Hall


Gavin Zwier Phelps Hall




T h e 1958-1959 s t a r t i n g l i n e - u p o f t h e M e n ' s Basketball t e a m .



J e f f H o l t m a n k i c k s i t i n t o g e a r for t h e f i n a l s t r e t c h ( s e e p a g e 1 8 2 ) .

NOW ,T'S pepsonnl The Hope College W o m e n ' s Volleyball team decided that this year, they were going to take it personally. After missing out on an at-large bid to the N C A A tournament last year, this year's team took advantage of some deciding matches to receive that elusive at-large bid. This was the first trip to the N C A A regional tournament for the four seniors on the team, and the first trip for the program in six years. Even though the N C A A intro-

ductions and processional were experiences to remember, the most memorable moment was the first round win over top-seeded Ohio Northern. Deena Van Assen reflected on the win by saying, "They had the top seed and beat us the last time we played them. But we were the better team, and we came to play. It really showed the selection committee that we deserved to be there." The success of the season was also amplified by the opportunity to





have home court in the new Devos Fieldhouse. The atmosphere of the building contributed to the play of the Flying Dutch in front of sell-out crowds. "We were able to reach our goals as a team, and I think we each attained the individual goals that we set for ourselves as well," said senior Amber Hoezee. Even with sixteen girls, the large team was able to unify and bring respect to a program that was looked over last season. • Kim Brandes •




scoReboopd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope 168


3 3 1

3 3 3 3 3

Saint Mary's Albion Calvin Tri-State Adrian Alma Olivet Albion

1 1

3 0 1 2

0 1

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

3 3 1

3 2

3 3 3

Kalamazoo Saint Mary's Calvin Tri-State Adrian Olivet Alma Kalamazoo

0 2

3 0 3 0 1


F i r s t R o w , f r o m l e f t t o r i g h t : S t e p h a n i e P o l l , K i m B r a n d e s , Jill I m m i n k , T e r e s a B o r s t , K y l e e D a m s t r a , M a r n i N i x o n , N o r a Slenk, A m b e r Hoezee, Alii Cole; Second R o w : T e a m M a n a g e r A n n Green, A m a n d a N o v a k , Deena VanAssen, M e g a n W i n e r , A n d r e a H e l m i n i a k , K e n d r a N i c o l a i , Kristen J o h n s o n , Kayla L a n k h e e t . Coaches, l e f t t o r i g h t : H e a d Coach B e c k y S c h m i d t , A s s i s t a n t Coach K a t h y Vis-Gross, J u n i o r V a r s i t y Coach Jean Kegerreis.

O p p o s i t e page: Seniors Stephan i e Poll a n d c o - c a p t a i n A m b e r Hoezee go f o r t h e block. • S e n i o r K i m Brandes serves t h e ball. • This page: The t e a m celebrates their NCAA first round w i n over top-seeded Ohio Northern.

"They had the top seed and beat us the last time we played them. But we were the better team, and we came to play." Deena VanAssen



First row: Julie Kofran, Erin Dargis, Rachael Sauerman,Ashleigh McNeil, Kendall Aliber, Emily Wade, Brenna Boat; Second row: Ellen Molenaar, Lindsey Cole, Sarah Cochrane, Holly Nestle, Kelly Schaefer, EllieTresslar, Julia Fischer, Erin Eddy, Kristen Kaufman; Third row:Suzi Knowles, Kristi Zetterholm,CassieThomas, Sarah Sosolik, Alii Van Beek, Sonya Masghati, Danielle Schurr, Head Coach Leigh Sears, AssistantCoaches KateThayerand Lindsey Engelsman.

This page: Sophomore Allison Van Beek breaks t o w a r d the goal. • Junior Julia Fischer looks t o make a pass. • Opposite page: Junior Ellie Tresslar races t o beat a defender t o the ball as teammate Sarah Sosolik, a sophomore, runs up the field.

Senior captain and goaltender Holly Nestle leaps to make a thrilling save.



Ill I —

» "•(••••111

N € V € R Give Up With new changes in the conference schedule, the team had a lot to adjust to. Of the twenty-three w o m e n who appeared at tryouts, twenty-three were kept. It appeared to be a rebuilding year to the players, but Head Coach Leigh Sears and Assistant Coach Lindsey Engelsman had confidence in the team's ability. Captains of the team included seniors Holly Nestle and Rachael Sauerman. and juniors Sarah Cochrane and Ellie Tresslar.

The season began with several close g a m e s that unfortunately turned into loses on the record. With a tough non-league schedule, the Flying Dutch were prepared for the regular season. Despite an early setback against Adrian, the w o m e n continued to fight and c a m e back f r o m behind, which is what they did best. They began league play in last place, but ended with a respectable second place finish. In the last g a m e of the season, H o p e traveled to Calvin where

they lost 3-1, but achieved their goal of upsetting the Knight's scoreless season. Four players received All-MIAA honors; Cochrane and VanBeek made first team while Nestle and Molenaar made second team. Tresslar and Masghati received honorable mention. Though the year did not end as planned, the w o m e n accomplished their objective of being able to play ninety minutes of solid soccer. • Sarah Cochrane and Holly Nestle •

scoRebofiRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

0 3 0 7 1 2

Adrian Alma Calvin Tri-State Saint Mary's Olivet


3 3 1

0 0

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

2 2

5 1 1

Kalamazoo Albion Adrian Albion Calvin

W o m e n ' s Soccer


3 0 0 3




From his net, Junior goalee Mike Amerman directs play on the field.

This page: Junior Dan Tresslar, was voted the MIAA's most valuable player this year. • Opposite page: Senior captain Patrick M c M a h o n leaps f o r a h e a d e r . • S o p h o m o r e Daniel Chesney w i n d s up a p o w e r f u l kick. '



an Kline,


Jensen, Justin









Rich V i s s e r ,


A u s a b l e S c h w i e b e r t , C h r i s H a r r i s o n , Jack A b e ; M i d d l e r o w : S t u d e n t T r a i n e r R u t h I p p o l i t i , D a n -

iel C h e s n e y , J o r d a n


Patrick M c M a h o n ,

R u m o h r , James Trebilcock, S t u d e n t T r a i n e r


Kristen Hutchins;

Amerman, Back r o w :


D i s h n o w , Craig



H e a d C o a c h S t e v e S m i t h , Assis-

t a n t C o a c h Lee S c h o p p , J o e y O r r , K e v i n M c M a h o n , D a n T r e s s l a r , B e n R o s e m a , M i t c h e l l C u r r i e , J e f f C a r l s o n , John H e r b e r t , M a t t T o e p p e r , D o u g Scott, S t u d e n t Assistant Coaches D e v i n M c N e i l and Kevin B u t t e r f i e l d .

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scoRebooRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope


Albion Kalamazoo




mtm Olivet a n m 1 Alma 0 Calvin 2 Tri-State 0 Adrian 1

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Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

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Albion Kalamazoo Olivet Alma Calvin Tri-State Adrian

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WITIH O As winners of last y e a r ' s M I A A Championship, the D u t c h m e n returned this year to d e f e n d their title with a passion. So far, this decade has been the most successful one for the H o p e College M e n ' s Soccer team, coached by Steve Smith. This y e a r ' s team captains included seniors Jeff Carlson, Craig Root, and Patrick M c M a h o n . After suffering some early nonleague losses and a loss in their season opener, the team went on to a winning streak of 10 straight g a m e s in which


they beat rivals Calvin 4-2 and defeated previously unbeaten Albion 2-1. That winning streak, combined with a final league victory against Alma, clinched an outright M I A A C h a m p i o n s h i p title. The team went on to lose a close thriller against Ohio Wesleyan in the opening round of the N C A A tournament. The game was tied 1-1 and ended in a 5 - 3 penalty kick shootout. Seven Hope players received AU-MIAA honors. Making the first team were sophomore Jack Abe, se-

nior Patrick M c M a h o n , senior Craig Root, junior Mike Amerman, and junior Dan Tresslar who was also named the league's most valuable player. N a m e d to the second team were senior Joey On - and freshman Kevin Bartosek. Of those players, A m e r m a n . M c M a h o n , and Tresslar also received All-Region honors. Once again the team was successful. They had defended their title and were M I A A C h a m p i o n s for a second straight year. • Katie W a n d e l l • M e n ' s Soccer 173

s c o R c b o o R d Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

13 14 21

24 49 45

Central 2-4 DePauw Wheaton 35 21 Albion Alma 43 Kalaamazoo 7

Hope Hope Hope Hope


28 21 16 26

20 Adrian Tri-State • ^ 7 8 Olivet W l Luth. 7




T H E This season was filled with emotion. After three consecutive non-league losses, toe" Dutchmen rifled off seven consecutive league wins which led to a M1AA Championship. Coach Dean Kreps dressed over one hundred young men this season and made sure that each player had a specific role on the team. The team was led by the senior class who in 2003 was part of the last MIAA Championship team. The major wins for the year were on the road versus Alma and Olivet. At 174


CHAMPIONS Alma, the Dutchmen came back from a twenty point halftime deficit, aided by junior David Booko, who scored six touchdowns that day. At Olivet, the defense ran the table and held the league-leading rushing offense to minus twenty four yards on the ground. After winning the conference the team was given an automatic bid to the playoffs where it met Mount Union College. The season ended with a loss on the road to the Purple Raiders. Senior Captain Matt Erb said. "Playing football at Hope

College has been a great experience. The past four years I have made friendships that will last forever, I am thankful I was a part of such a great program." Along with winning the MIAA Championship, Hope placed seven players on the All-MIAA first teams: junior David Booko; junior Jacob Droppers; sophomore Eric Ladomersky; junior Kevin VandenBosch; junior Matt Rugenstein; senior Zach Huizing; and junior Joey Goeb. • Kevin Roschek •


Junior David Booko scored six touch downs in an incredible comeback win against Alma.


Opposite page: The D u t c h m e n celebrate being M I A A Champions.

• Senior Chris B o w e n w i n d s

up for a field goal a t t e m p t . • This page: Hope's incredible d e f e n s e p l a y e d a k e y r o l e in t h e t e a m ' s success t h i s season. First row: Aaron Wilson, Zach Huizing, Eric Kozyra, Kris Gillhesby, Joe Hensel, Jack N u m m e r d o r , Joe Banish, Andy Serrano, Nick Oostveen. M a t t Erb, Brett Lucas, Colin Balas, Kevin Roschek, Lance Rogers, Derek Cooper; Second row: Bryan Turner, Doug Van Erden, Mike Kolanowski, Jack Kiefer, Joel Borst, Ben Smith, Bobby Knight, Kevin VandenBosch, Tony Blasius, Ed Beyne, Jacob Droppers, Drew Engels, Keith Thompson, John Beuker; Third r o w : M i k e Mers, Casey Smith, John Noffke, Chad Rector, Ryan Reynolds, Josh Thorlngton, David Booko, M a t t Rugenstein, Steven M o s t r o m , Joey Goeb, Chris Bowen, Thad Goodchild, George Klupchak; Fourth row: Luke Soderstrom, Rick Rhodes, Erick Adamczyk, Drew Weigel, JT Schutt, Josh Kortas, Blake Carlson, Jeff Reardon, Ryan Smith, Jeremiah Clements, M i k e Brusko, Steve Stetson, Paul N e u m a n n ; Fifth r o w : Lee Cole, Niel Droppers, M i k e Paas, M a t t Anderson, Andy Johansen, Spencer Duits, Ryan Dykhouse, Jeremiad Budd, Dan Salamango, RJ Casey, Jake M a n n i n g , Kevin Mill, Dan Burns, Kyle Mastenbrook; Sixth row: M a t t Klaus, Tim Carter, A n d y VanderYacht, M a r k Neitzel, Erik Ladomersky, Nick Florip, Kyle Eurick, Sam Forr, Peter D o o m , Brandon M e l l o t t , Lucas W h i t m a n , Gabe Janowiak, Ryan Converse; Seventh r o w : Chris Batterbee, Brent Jones, Camden Moos, Bob Nowak, Ben Sleder, Daniel Saeneboutrath, Eli English, Alex Deschaine, Tim McAlister, Joshua Zoerhof, Steven Goodrich, Drew Shaw, Ryan Koon; Eighth r o w : Kevin Slusher, David Fletcher, Brett Cain, Chaz Shelton, Adam Loveless, M a t t Larson, M a t t Porter, David Szendre, David DeBoer, Bryce Smith, Steve Agauas, Nick Goulooze, Joel M u l d e r , M i k e Barlow, Jon Rodriguez; N i n t h row: Ty Hiddema, Bill Auxier, Dan Hall, Jordan M o o r e , Chazz Masten, Bryan Dekoekkoek, Andy Palkowskie, Jake Cronkright, Tom Birchmeier, Taylor Fox, Patrick Tresey, M a t t Day, Dale Shepherd, Steve Tompkins; Tenth row: Max H o l t , Tim W a h m h o f f , Ryan Reniff, Rob Cammenga, Alex A t w o o d , Alex Campbell, Kevin V a n D o k k u m b u r g , Alex Kerr; Eleventh r o w : Dr. Todd Harburn, Trainer Kirk Brumels, Student Trainer Amanda Rolin, Student Manager Anna W a d s w o r t h , Student Manager Josh Ullman, Coach Bryan Boodt, Coach M i k e Ricketts, Coach Stu Firtz, Coach Kurt Copeland, Coach Phil Butler, Team Cameraman Doug W e h m e y e r , Equipment Manager Gordon VanderYacht.


IN Rain or shine, sleet or heat, the W o m e n ' s Cross-Country team ran with determination this season. Under the influence of strong leadership in the senfor Slass, the crossteam raced together with consistency. The returning captains included seniors Alison Mejeur, Leslie Tableman, and Amanda Huck. Among the team's many achievements this year, they placed 2nd in the M I A A League C h a m p i o n -

ships and 1st at their h o m e meet, the Vanderbilt Invitational. Making all-conference this year were sophomore Kate Freshour, junior A n n e Hoekstra, and seniors A m a n d a Huck, Alison Mejeur, Katie Robinson, and Leslie Tableman. During the season, the w o m e n ' s cross-country team competed against a variety of teams throughout the Midwest to test their abilities and even travelled as far as St. Louis.

Regardless of where they raced, the w o m e n ran with determination. They began each race together, while cheering "FLY. D U T C H . F L Y ! " • A m a n d a Huck, Alison M e j e u r , & Leslie T a b l e m a n •

... ^ x*-


scoReboopd. . 1st place 4 t h place 5th place 2nd place 4 t h place



Vanderbilt Inv. N o r t h Central Inv. Calvin Invitational M I A A Jamboree Lansing CC Inv.

12th place 5th place 2nd place 10th place

Border Wars Inv. W M U Invitational M I A A Championships NCAA Regional

F i r s t r o w , l e f t t o r i g h t : M e g h a n S c h o l l , Sara Gosses, J a c q u e l i n e B e e l e r , Jessica P r e v i c h , R e b e k a h W o o d s , M o l l y N y b o e r , M a c k e n z i e S n y d e r , Sara O m a n s o n , Clair T y n e r ; S e c o n d r o w : C o a c h B r i a n V a n Z a n t e n , H e a d C o a c h M a r k N o r t h u i s , E m i l y W a n d e l l , H o l l y B e c k e r m a n , K a t i e R o b i n s o n , J a c q u e l i n e Ellis, Kelli Z o e l l n e r , S a r a h M u l t e r , K a t i e F r e s h o u r , L e a h K o o p m a n s , F a i t h W h i t e h o u s e , A s h l e y O ' S h a u g n e s s e y , C o a c h Rick V a n d e r v e l d e , C o a c h Krist e n P o s t ; T h i r d r o w : A m a n d a H u c k , A l i s o n M e j e u r , A n n e H o e k s t r a , E r i n W e b s t e r , Leslie T a b l e m a n , E m m a Lucas, H o l l y C r e v i n g , Cayla H e n n , Casey S p l i n t e r , L a u r a J a c k s o n . O p p o s i t e page: Runners receive e n c o u r a g e m e n t f r o m Coach V a n d e r v e l d e ( k n o w n t o t h e m as "Dr.V"). • S o p h o m o r e Rebekah W o o d s c o n q u e r s t h e hill. • T h i s page: T o g e t h e r , Seniors Kelli Zoellner & captain Amanda Huck sprint t o the finish.

Senior Captains Alison Mejeur and Leslie Tableman celebrate a 1st Place finish at the Vanderbilt Invitational with Head Coach Mark Northuis.

W o m e n ' s Cross-Country


First row, f r o m left t o right: Jason Todd, Nick Zendler, Paul VanderVelde, Aaron Kenemer, Ryan TerLouw, Lucas Wolthuis, Collin Kooy; Second row: Coach Brian Van Zanten, Head Coach M a r k Northuis, Ben Miller, Sanders Frye, Jeff Layman, Robert Bailey, Zachary King, James Ralston, Coach Rick Vandervelde, Coach Kristen Post; Third row: Seth Weener, Jon Kay, Carl Morrison, Ryan Jara, Ryan Summers, M a t t Wiersum, Kent Reschke, Robert Bailey, Daniel Sulz.

This page: James Ralston and Daniel Sultz race the course. • Opposite page: Nationals qualifier and co-captain, Ryan TerLouw powers uphill. • Nationals qualifier Seth Weener runs in w i t h Nick Zendler and Jon

Co-captain Aaron Kenemer runs the course. He and fellow captain Ryan TerLouw led the team to an amazing season.

K ~S\



Aqflinsi Despite losing a strong senior class, the aid of Coach Mark Northuis and senior captains Aaron Kenemer and Ryan TerLouw helped carry the M e n ' s Cross Country team to an amazing season. After a grueling summer of individual training, the Dutchmen opened the season with a second place showing at the Vanderbilt Invitational. They followed that up with some strong showings at other invitationals to prepare


for MIAA competitions. Hope finished second at both M I A A meets, leading to a second place finish in the conference. Following conference action, the men set their eyes on the N C A A regionals. The Dutchmen went into the regional meet as an unknown and left with a fifth place overall finish - their highest finish since 1991. On top of the team success, TerLouw and junior Seth Weener each qualified individually for the N C A A Div. Ill National meet and had strong

showings despite a treacherous course. Leading the way for the Dutchmen was TerLouw, who received Most Valuable Runner for his strong finishes throughout the season. Sophomore Rob Bailey received the Most Improved Runner award after dropping two minutes off of his 8k time and being a strong contributor. The Best Newcomer was awarded to freshman Ben Miller who was a consistent fifth man for the team. • James Ralston •


scoRebopRd. 2nd place 4 t h place 5th place 2nd place

Vanderbilt Inv. N o r t h Central Inv. Calvin Invitational M I A A Jamboree

3rd place 15th place 2nd place 5th place

Lansing CC Inv. UW-Oshkosh Inv. M I A A Championships NCAA Regional

Men's Cross-Country


Senior Captain Lisa Smith placed 6th in the 100 Butterfly andl 1th in the 200 Butterfly at Nationals in Texas.

This page: Hope swimmers congratulate each other on a successful race at the M I A A Conference Finals. • Opposite page: Senior Captain Sarah Diekevers was one of the nine w o m e n representing Hope at Nationals. • Senior Carlie Annessa races hard in a free style event. Front row: Carilyn Merz, Katherine Mix, Jamie Opdyke, Kathleen Mojzak, Claire Piester, Rachel Bakken, Brittaney Reest, Lauren Steel, Jessie Parsons, Tiffany Fifer; • Middle row: Sarah Johnson, Heather Urling, Kate Williams, W h i t n e y Willson, Heather Winchell, Sarah Diekevers, Carlie Annessa, Renee Sommers, Meghan DeWees, Trisha Meier, Assistant Coach Lindsay Close; • Back row: Assistant Coach, Jake Taber, Head Coach John Patnott, Assistant Coach Chris Hamstra, Jennifer Carr, Andrea Keller, Lauren Reus, Christina Vogelzang, Laura Ansilio, Lisa Smith, Tessa Talsma, Sarah Carr.



SC0R€b0fiRd. . . Hope Hope Hope

132 168.5 150

4 t h Place 2nd Place 10th Place

St. Mary's Kalamazoo Albian

. 112 122.5 134

Hope Hope Hope

191 132 137

Olivet Calvin Alma


132 108

W h e a t o n Invitational M I A A Championships NCAA Championships

• X< V - F T

STROflGTO The FI |S| I S H The W o m e n ' s Swimming and Diving team had a successful season, winning s e v ® 8 f their nine dual meets. They also plaeed 4th at the Wheaton Invitational meet in December and won the Michigan-Illinois Quad meet in January. Leading the team this year were seniors Lisa Smith, Sarah Diekevers, and Jenny Carr, as well as junior Trisha Meier. The League Championship meet was held at Jenison High School in February, bringing the Hope women a sec-

ond-place finish to the Calvin women. At the Nationals Championships, Hope finished in 10th place. Nine women represented Hope: seniors Diekevers, Smith, and Carr; junior Meier; sophomores Laura Ansilio, Brittaney Reest, and Rachel Bakken; and freshmen Claire Piester and Christina Vogelzang. Team records were set in the 400 freestyle relay by Ansilio, Vogelzang, Meier and Smith; and also in the 800 freestyle relay by Ansilio, Vogelzang, Piester and

Smith, with a 6th place finish in the 400 and an 8th place finish in the 800. The team took 9th, 10th, and 11th places in the 200 Medley Relay, 400 Medley Relay, and 200 Freestyle Relay, respectively. Hope had many impressive individual swims as well. Smith placed 6th in the 100 Butterfly and 11th in the 200 Butterfly, Ansilio placed 13th in the 200 Freestyle as well as the 100 Freestyle, and Reest placed 14th in the 100 Backstroke. • Lauren Reus • Women's Swimming


SCOR€bORRd. . . Hope Hope Hope

109 157


3rd Place 2nd Place 21st Place

Olivet Calvin Alma

. Hope Hope Hope

189 141 83

170 146 137

Kalamazoo Albion Alma

118 126 108

W h e a t o n Invitational M I A A Championships NCAA Championships

BEQINNINQ This season witnessed the beginning of a new era for the M e n ' s S w i m m i n g Team. Heavy recruiting d o n e by Assistant Coach Jake Taber brought in thirteen talented freshmen to bolster the roster to thirty-one, the largest swimming team in H o p e ' s history. The team was led by senior captains Jake Holton and Kyle Waterstone and junior captain W a d e Engers, as well as six other experienced seniors. Preseason training began as soon as 182 Sports


the athletes were on campus, as well as the completion of many team traditions, including a camping trip. BBQs, the nick-naming team members, and an open water swim in Lake Michigan. The season started officially in September with the usual day-in and day-out practicing, but for this team it was anything but typical. The combination of senior leadership and young talent provided an outstanding training environment that led to a second-place

ERA M I A A finish, two new school records (freshmen Philip Heyboer in the 400 yard IM and Ryan Nelis in the 100 yard Butterfly), and seven men qualifying for the N C A A championships in Houston, TX. The national team of freshmen Heyboer, Nelis, Matthew Rose, sophomores Stephen Kurti and Ryan Vogelzang, junior Chas Vanderbroek and senior Holton went on to accomplish many season best performances. • Jacob Holton •

Senior Captain Wade Engers, a returning letter winner, swims backstroke for the team.

Opposite page: Senior CaptainKyle Waterstone launches into a dive. • Brandon King, part of Hope's strong freshmen class, competes in a breastroke event, nals. • This page: Senior Jeff H o l t m a n races freestyle. Front row: Thomas Akers, Jon Buma, Brandon King, M a t t Ray, Kevin O'Brien, Phil Heyboer, J. Ryan Vogelzang, Cody Tozer, Chas VanderBroek; • Middle row: M a t t Rose, James Richardson, Ryan Nelis, Wade Engers, Andre Bravo, Nicholas Hinkle, Danile Gardner, Benjamin Herrman, M i t c h Ruch, M a t t h e w Smith, J. Holtch, Assistant Coach Lindsay Close; • Back row: Assistant Coach Chris Hamstra, Assistant Coach, Jake Taber, Head Coach John Patnott, Stephen Kurti, Lucas Osterbur, Aaron Greer, Aaron Welsch, Ron Lindow, Jacob Holton, Kyle Waterstone, Jacob Cook, Gregory Reznich, Samuel Meengs, Brian Collins, Abram Glas, Karl Hoesch.

Men's Swimming

spirit of ^ This year's teams cheered both the football and basketball teams at Hope to MIAA Championship titles. The cheerleaders have the integral role of keeping the enthusiasm and moral of the crowd up throughout the game. Their cheers are the heart and soul of the atmosphere on game day—providing energy, spirit, life and intensity. Every year for four days in early August, the Hope squad attends an annual camp in Milwaukee, Wiscon-




sin. It is the largest regional cheerleading camp in the country and hundreds of cheerleaders take part. This year, Hope took home a first place trophy for the Fight Song Competition in the Small Coed Division as well as blue ribbons in all their evaluations. In addition, the Hope team received the Honorable Leadership Trophy. They were voted by all squads in the division as the team that they would most like to be a member of, and the team that made

everyone s camp experience more enjoyable. Surprisingly, there were no seniors on Hope's squad this year. Instead, the teams were led by a strong junior class. The elected captains for the football season were juniors Emily Mills, Amanda Scheeringa, and Jon Wissink. For the basketball season, the captains were juniors Jon Wissink, Alicia Voyles, and Amanda Scheeringa. •Katie Wandell*

Front row: Tiffany Khousakoun, Shayna Drost, Rachel Maxwell, Karena Schroeder, Jenna Carlson; Middle row; Emily Mills, Amanda Scheeringa, Jon Wissink, Alicia Voyles, Laura Adams; Back row; Head Coach Wes Wooley, M a n n y Reynoso, Zach Anderson, Josh Teusink, Josh Zoerhof, Jeff Swift, Jon Wissink, Bart Schrader, Assistant Coach Anne Stolz. Opposite page; The team performs some shoulder stands for the crowd. • Co-captain Alicia Voyles takes part in a cheer. • This page; Cheerleaders w o r k t o m o t i v a t e the crowd and raise the intensity level of the game.


Junior co-captain Emily Mills worked as an instructor during the summer for high school cheer camps.



Front row, f r o m right t o left: Jordyn Boles, Emily O'Hare, Kate Reincke, Lindsay Lange, Ellen Wood, Courtney Knox, Stacy Warsen, Brieann Bryant, Philana Greene; • Back row: Coach Brian Morehouse, Student Assistant Coach Abbey Tucker, Assistant Coach Becky Klingler, Assistant Coach Dean Morehouse, Kaitlyn Kopke, Julie Henderson, Jenny Cowen, Sarah Jurik, Becky Bosserd, Kimmy Gordon, Assistant Coach Colly Carlson, Student Assistant Coach M o r g a n Hughes, Junior Varsity Coach Colleen Corey. This page: In the pre-game, the Flying Dutch prepare t o be mentally and physically tough. • Opposite page: Junior Stacy Warsen makes an impressive leap t o save the ball f r o m going out of bounds. • Freshman Philana Greene drives t o w a r d the hoop.

Senior Captain Julie Henderson, MIAA defensive player of the year, goes up for a jump shot.



I m




FOR The H€R« And NOLU On the eve of their first game, Coach Brian M o r e h o u s e read the story "The Precious Present" to his 20062007 W o m e n ' s Basketball T e a m . T h e story signifies the importance of playing in the " n o w " rather than for years past. In the beginning of the season, Hope led the conference with a 150 record and carried the third longest winning streak in Division III history with 44 in a row. On January 13th, Hope suffered its first loss to rival Cal-

vin at the D e V o s Fieldhouse in front of many dedicated fans. As the season progressed. Hope continued to be one of the league front-runners even after suffering unfortunate losses to Calvin and Albion, ending their regular season with a 21-3 record. The t e a m ' s confidence and mom e n t u m built entering the M I A A conference tournament, which helped them to defeat Tri-State in the first round of play and Saint M a r y ' s in the second.

SCORCbORRd. . . Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

6? 68 82 57 75 101 78 63

St. Mary's Albion Adrian Calvin Albion Kalamazoo Olivet Alma

T h e team defeated rival Calvin on their h o m e court in the championship game, which won the team an automatic bid into the National Tournament. The Flying Dutch ended their season with a loss to Denison College in the first round of the National Tournament, finishing the season with an overall record of 24-4. • J o r d y n Boles & Julie H e n d e r s o n •

. 4^ 56 47 6cP ,,, • 82 53 70 48

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

87 81 92 69 91 87 58 79

Tri-State Kalamazoo Olivet Alma Tri-State Adrian Calvin St. Mary's

57 34 63 46 56 53 63 71


Junior guard Derick Van Solkema, voted to the AllMIAA first team, focuses intently on his free-throw.

This page: Sophomore Jesse Reimink leaps t o w a r d s t h e hoop. • Opposite page: V o t e d t o t h e NCAA a l l - t o u r n a m e n t t e a m , j u n i o r Marcus Vanderheide beats his defender. • Senior Captain Stephan Cramer, the MIAA's Most-Valuable Player, was a c o m m a n d i n g presence on offense and also here on defense. First Row: Steve Kratz, Scott Richardson, Marcus Vanderheide, Jesse Reimink, Dan Holt, Ryan Klein, Scott Glaser, Tim Dykgraaf; • Second Row: Manager Rob Sterken, Student Assistant Coach Mike Aldrich, Athletic Director Ray Smith, Junior Varsity Coach Eric Elliott, Assistant Coach Tom Davelaar, Head Coach Glenn VanWieren, Assistant Coach M a t t Neil, Volunteer Assistant Coach Craig Kopas, Assistant Junior Varsity Coach Jeff Carlson, Student Athletic Trainer Tyler Cortright, Student Athletic Trainer Molly Smith; • Third Row: Stephan Cramer, Tyler Wolfe, Patrick Woolpert, Derek Van Solkema Tim Partridge, Daniel Greenan, Brett Jager, Zach Osburn.





.• w ,

J i ucpjW . IHnY[ 1 'H,0nE| f \HQPE f 1 <BOPEf r. BQ^'VT J ^ W


,5 ! [


i i - i i i







i 34


14 fl - j c l f k W >


scoReboHRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

Kalamazoo 9 4 Albion 81 Adrian 101 Tri-State 79 Olivet 71 Calvin 88 Alma 87


With an emphasis on outworking the opponent, the team played every game this season with a sense of urgency. The year started rough with a weekend trip to Wisconsin in which the Dutchmen lost both games to tough CCIW teams. The Dutchmen responded to this setback by winning 16 straight games and rolling through the M1AA league play, winning by an average margin of nearly 20 points. The Dutchmen finished the regular season with 21-3 record, 13-1 in conference.

55 58 4257 57 77 62

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

99 65 86 86 78 84 78

Olivet Calvin Alma Kalamazoo Albion Adrian Tri-State

70 62 53 48 71 71 59


A first-place finish in the league, however, was not the only goal for this year's team. While hosting the MIAA tournament at the DeVos, the Dutchmen suffered a tough loss to rival Calvin. Thanks to outstanding play throughout the season, the Dutchmen earned an atlarge bid into the N C A A tournament. The Dutchmen traveled to Aurora, IL to face Chicago in the first round. A strong performance by the Dutchmen, led by senior and conference M V P Steve Cramer, set up a record 5th

game between Hope and Calvin for the season. Hope then moved back into the Sweet Sixteen for the second consecutive year. The Dutchmen would then go on to beat Carroll College 89-77 at Wisconsin Stevens-Point and move into the Elite Eight where they eventually lost to Washington University 58-55. The Dutchmen finished with a 26-5 record, three All-Conference players and an Elite Eight appearance, making this season a memorable one. • Brett Jager • Men's Basketball


SCOR€bOfiRd. . . Hope Hope Hope

73.5 120.5 134

Calvin Albion Alma

108.5 69.5 53

. Hope Hope Hope

139 148 150

Olivet Adrian Tri-State

M I A A Championship: 2nd place

1 senson Three Hope track stars were N C A A All-Americans this year. Of the trio, senior pole-vaulter Jennifer VanderMeer became the first Hope athlete to be an N C A A Ail-American in Track & Field for four consecutive years—finishing fifth this year, sixth last year, and placing second both her freshman and sophomore years. The other two All-Americans were junior Lindsay Lange finishing fourth in the seven-event heptathlon and sophomore 190


c fim


Christina Lis tying for sixth place in the high jump. In total, the team had 22 returning letter winners many of whom had attained individual season-best performances during the 2006 season. Co-captains for the team were Lange and seniors Sara Omanson, Leslie Tableman, and Jen VanderMeer. In the MIAA, the team finished with a 5-1 record and came in second overall behind Calvin team. At the



M I A A championship, Jen VanderMeer finished first in the pole vault and sophomore Nora Kuiper finished first in the 100-meters. Athletes making the All-MIAA team for Hope were Kuiper, Lange, Lis, Tableman, and J. VanderMeer. After another strong season of drive and determination—these Hope athletes proved that they were indeed champions. • Katie Wandell •

Senior co-captain Leslie Tableman lettered all four years and holds the Hope record for the 3000m steeplechase.



Opposite page: All-American, sophomore Christina Lis clears the bar in the high j u m p . • Sophomore Emily VanderMeer competes in the pole vault. • This page: An All-American in the heptathlon, j u n i o r Lindsay Lange takes on the hurdles.

Front row: Mackenzie Snyder, Whitley Huisman, Denay Kippley, Holly Beckerman, Jacqueline Beeler, Leslie Tableman, Emma Lucas, Sara Omanson, Sara Tyler, Jessica Previch, Casey Splinter; Second row: Haley Smith, Emily VanderMeer, Rebekah Woods, Molly Nyboer, Elizabeth Krueze, Meghan Scholl, Anne Hoekstra, Jaqueline Ellis, Lydia Hartsell, Laura Schaedig, Kate Freshour, Holly Greving, Sarah Multer, Molly Nyboer; Third row: Head Coach Kevin Cole, Kristi Zetterholm, Haleigh Cokey, Nora Kuiper, Leah Koopman, Sara Cosses, Anna Brandes, Jennifer VanderMeer, Courtney Knox, Rachel Wendt, Lindsay Lange, Sarah Kibbey, Christina Lis, Keisey Browne, Assistant Coach Kristen Morrison, Assistant Coach Mark Northuis.





"opt I %e


' -



Women's Track & Field


RHE NCUJ side pF o RIVOIRY This season, Hope made history in a 99-92 dual-meet victory over Calvin. They had not defeated Calvin since 1985. Senior Scott Langille said, "It was exciting to beat Calvin for the first time because we achieved a goal that had seemed unattainable when I first came to Hope. W e really came together as a team and worked hard to fill holes where we were weak." Hope went on to finish second in the MIAA behind Calvin . "I thought the Championships went well," senior

Aaron Kenemer said. "The highlight of the season was the Calvin dual meet, but 1 thought we really had some good performances throughout the season. W e realized at the Championships that we weren't as deep as Calvin, but w e ' r e happy with the second place finish." The team ended with a 5-1 MIAA record under the leadership of its co-captains: seniors Kenemer, Kyle Smith, and Ryan TerLouw, and junior Nate VandeGutche. Four Hope athletes earned first place at the MIAA Cham-

pionships: senior Andrew Denninger, Langile, sophomore Sean Bergsma and TerLouw. TerLouw also qualified for the Division III national meet where he finished fourth in the 1500 meter run. "Ryan is one of the most humble people I have ever run with," Kenemer said. "His performances are a direct result from his hard work." TerLouw is just one example of the hard work that the athletes put in and the results that come from their efforts. • J a m e s R a l s t o n •


SCOR€bOR Rd. . . Hope Hope Hope

99 80 118

Calvin Albion Alma

M I A A Championship: 2nd place 192


92109 70

. Hope Hope Hope

127 125 127

Olivet Adrian Tri-State

155 48 58

Front row: Jason Todd, Joseph Seymour, Sanders Frye, Tyson Warner, Seth Weener, Ryan TerLouw, Nicholas Zendler, Kyle Smith, Aaron Clark, Forrest Gordon, Collin Kooy, Ryan Summers, Lucas Wolthuis, Aaron Kenemer; Second row: Chad Rector, David Grinnell, Frank Previch, Eric Anderson, Nick Witkowski, Sean Bergsma, Aaron Trieber, Jeffery Minkus, Scott Langille, Jeffery Layman, Paul VanderVelde, Robert Bailey, Benjiman Miller, Ryan Jara; Back row: Head Coach Kevin Cole, D. Glenn Clark, Kent Reschke, Hunter Nostrant, Preston Pierson, Nate VandeGuchte, ChazShelton, Erik George, Daniel Sultz, Andrew Filler, Joe Ceglarek, Andrew Denninger, Zachary King, Assistant Coach Kristen Morrison, Assistant Coach Mark Northuis. Opposite page: Freshman Aaron Treiber soars over the high j u m p bar. • Senior Andrew Denninger t o o k first at the M I A A Championships in the javelin. • This page: Senior co-captains Aaron Kenemer and all-american Ryan TerLouw push each other t o succeed.

Clearing a height of 15-1, senior pole-vaulter Scott Langille took first at the MIAA champ-ionships.

Men's Track & Field


Head Coach Karen Page, Danielle Werley, Samantha Stille, Alison Roth, Ashley Austin, Lucy Himes, Elizabeth Olson, Marissa Kooyers, Kallie Walker, Ashley Leary, Christine Garcia, Assistant Coach Tiger Teusink.

This page: Freshman Lucy Himes stays focused and keeps her head in the game. • Opposite page: Christine Garcia gets ready t o make contact w i t h the ball. • Coach Karen Page congratulates Danielle Werley after a match well-played.

Ashley Austin, pictured here, and her partner, Christine Garcia won their match against Calvin to help secure the team's win.



Repichin The team began the year under the continued leadership of Coach Karen Page, in her tenth season as coach. The team contained three returning letterwinners and was made up of seven freshmen, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior. Ashley Leary, the t e a m ' s sole senior, led this year's team as captain. The schedule started with several indoor matches at H o p e ' s Dewitt Tennis Center which left the Dutch with a 1-2 record. For spring break.


the team took its annual trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. There they had a four game winning streak that ended with a 5-4 overall record entering the regular season. Five of the t e a m ' s nine regular season dual matches were at home. Hope beat rivals Calvin 7-2 and edged St. M a r y ' s into their first M I A A loss, 5-4. Hope ended regular season play with a 6-2 M I A A record and a third


place finish overall (a spot higher than last season's finish). Likewise, the team finished third in the conference tournament to close the season. Sophomore Sammi Stille received All-MIAA First Team honors and freshman Ashley Austin received second team honors. Following their impressive year and with only one senior graduating, Hope looks to continue improving by setting goals and reaching for them. • Katie W a n d e l l •

SCOR€bOfiRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

4 7 TT 7 5 5

Kalamazoo Calvin Adrian Tri-State Olivet Calvin

5 2 2 2 2

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

9 5 5 3 1

Alma St. Mary's Olivet wmmmm Albion Albion

0 4 4 6 5

4 W o m e n ' s Tennis


Senior captain Steve Malvitz made the all-MIAA first-team.

This page: Sophomore Zach Hoernschemeyer returns the volley, • Opposite page: Freshman John Gardner stares d o w n the ball. • Senior Steve M a l v i t z talks strategy w i t h Coach Steve Gorno.

John Gardner, Tyler Depke, Zach Hoernschmeyer, Jeff Vredenbury, Travis Kingma, John, Schlotz, Cameron DeHaan, Michael Garland, Zach Huber, Stephan Malvitz, Head Coach Steve Gorno.


Sports •

scoRebooRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

9 6 3 9 3

Tri-State Adrian Albion Alma Albion

o 3 6 o 6

Hope Hope Hope Hope

9 1 1 2

Alma Calvin Kalamazoo Kalamazoo

0 8 8 7

~5' t t t r r H r : ^



On ond oFFTh€ COURT The previous season ended with a second place finish to the Kalamazoo hornets, which left the team with a sense of desire. There were big shoes to fill with the departing of five contributing seniors but the remaining players were up to the challenge. The team, led by the sole senior, captain Stephen Malvitz, was comprised of three freshman and six sophomores. The only way the team was going to be able to compete was if they trained hard. In Hope tennis terms, that

meant being the first ones on the court and the last ones off. They started the season with a 2-1 record before traveling to South Carolina for spring break matches. There they had a record of 32 for the combination of a 5-3 overall record. With the remainder of their matches, Hope would have only one home match. The t e a m ' s goal was to make every tennis court like their home court. They did this with their infamous " L e t ' s G o D u t c h " chant. The " H o p e

Road Warriors," as Coach Gorno called them, ended the year 4th in the M I A A with Malvitz making the All-MIAA first team and freshman John Gardner making A l l - M I A A second team. The tennis team continued its sportsmanship legacy by winning another Stone Memorial Award; this year, presented to Malvitz. Hope has won eight of the last ten awards, confirming that the athletes apply what they have learned at Hope to all aspects of their lives. • S t e v e M a l v i t z • Men's Tennis


SCOR€bORRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

4 8 9 3 7 3 6 2

Olivet 2 Kalamazoo 0 1 Adrian Albion T 2 Calvin 2 Alma St. Mary's 5 Tri-State 3


Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

5 12 13 T " " 4 1 6 6

Olivet Kalamazoo Adrian Albion Calvin Alma St. Mary's Tri-State

0 3 5 1 O 2 7 4

The DREAM College Softball: some see it as just a game, to others it means living out a childhood dream. The 2007 Flying Dutch Softball team consisted of 21 players; nine juniors, three sophomores, and nine freshmen, along with Head Coach Karla Wolters and Assistant Coaches Deb and Matt Sleeman. The team left their spring break in Florida realizing they had to step up to be competitive in the MIAA. As junior Katie Immink stated, "Florida is 198


a n me that brings the team together; it helps the team bond for the rest of the season." With snow and rainouts, the final week of regular season held a crucial amount of MIAA games, eight games in six days. Each game required the determination and strength that the players worked on during the off season. The team ended with a 25-13 record and concluded their season as

third in the conference. If the team was satisfied with third, then there would be no motivation to work hard for next year. However, with the team's love of the game and passion to play, working hard in the off season to be a better team is not a chore, but a desire. The 2008 Flying Dutch have already started to train for next season, their first season in a new stadium, and another season to live out a childhood dream. • Kylee B r o u w e r •

With determination, Junior thirdbaseman Katie Immink prepares to bat.

Opposite page: Freshman Deidra Enochs makes the pitch. • Bryanna Warriner, also a freshman, rounds the bases. • This page: Sophomore first-baseman Kelli Duimstra, named t o Second Team All-League, steps up t o the plate.

Front row: Kylee Brower, Erika Guijarro, Krista Liverance, Meghan Katner; Second row: Sara Fisher, Becca Baker, Jess Regnerus, Laura Tanouye, Amanda Guijarro, Tara Hamming, Casey Feltner, Beth Nahraus; Back row: Head Coach KarlaWolters, Angle Randall, Diedra Enochs, Kelli Duimsta, Katie Immink, Megan VanderMaas,MaddieGarcia, Liz Fox, Bryanna Warriner, Ashley Hoogeveen, Assistant Coach Deb Sleeman, Assistant Coach Mike Sleeman.



saccess on

Hope may not have made it to the N C A A tournament, been league champs, or even won an individual tournament, but while those things are applaudable, they are not what defined this team and made them great. The fall season kicked off with a two-day tournament at G V S U , and while the players were less than enthusiastic about their finish, they remained optimistic about the rest of the season. After Hope played in several touma-

ments, the fall season was interrupted by an early snow before the final 36hole M I A A tournament that changed it to only 18 holes. Unfortunately, the team never made it to Bedford Valley for the tournament due to an auto accident on their way there. The accident ended the season abruptly; thankfully, there were no serious injuries. The spring season got off to a shaky start when April snow caused H o p e ' s home tournament to be can-

R€fiTn€SS celled. In the MIAA, Hope ended up in fourth place at the final N C A A qualifying tournament, and while that may not seem like an overly amazing finish, the team was still happy with how they played. The Hope College W o m e n ' s Golf Team doesn't have a trophy to remember their golf season by, but they have the lifelong friendships that will always remind them of their accomplishments. • Holly Sneller •


scoRebooRd GVSU Fall Classic M I A A Jamboree M I A A Jamboree Sienna Heights Inv. Hope Invitational MIAA Tournament 200


19th 6th Pl"h 9th —


Bethel, Ind. Inv. Olivet Inv. M I A A Jamboree MIAA Tournament MIAA Tournament

6th 8th 6th —


Eva Dean Folkert, Cassie Sneller, Holly Sneller, Tarin Coulas, Brittany Dosma, Sarah Lockers, Kim Harrison.

Opposite page: Brittany Posma, a sophomore, follows t h r o u g h on her putt. • Sophomore Sarah Lokers completes her drive. • This page: A t the tee-box, senior and returning letter-winner Kim Harrison swings her club.

On the green, freshman Cassie Sneller stays focused on her putting.

Women's Golf


Front row: M a t t Lapham, Steve Martindale, Nate Golomb, Ryan Sheets, T o m m y Yamaoka; Back row: Donald Kring Steven Strock, Dan Oumedian, Donald Scholten, Josh Jelenek, Head Coach Bob Ebels.

This page: Freshman Steven Strock takes on a sand shot • Opposite page: At the tee box, sophomore Danny Oumedian focuses on his drive. • Junior and M I A A medalist honor winner M a t t Lapham lines up his putt.

Tommy Yamaoka placed 15th at nationals and achieved NCAA second team Ail-American honors.





CONTINUES This season, the D u t c h m e n captured their fourth straight M I A A title (seventh in the last eight years), earning a bid to the National T o u r n a m e n t in the process. The team set or tied eight conference records including the lowest cumulative team scoring average (293.9) and margin of victory (70 strokes). Junior Matt L a p h a m captured MIAA Individual Medalist honors with the second best scoring average in conference history at 71.8 stokes per round. Joining L a p h a m on the M I A A First T e a m

were senior captain Nate G o l o m b and Junior T o m m y Y a m a o k a . Juniors Ryan Sheets and Steve Martindale achieved Second T e a m honors. Other team members enjoyed accomplishments of their own such as sophomore Don K r i n g ' s six-under par 66 in Grand Haven. The five A l l - M I A A m e m b e r s made their second consecutive trip to the National T o u r n a m e n t where they finished in 18th place. Y a m a o k a led the squad by placing 15th in the 185-player field, achieving second team All-Ameri-

can honors. Four golfers received Academic Ail-American honors; Golomb. Sheets, L a p h a m , and Yamaoka. After another great success under Head Coach Bob Fbels and with G o l o m b the only senior player graduating, the Dutchmen are poised for another championship run next year. This s u m m e r the team will make its first international trip to Scotland to play against Scottish club teams and to participate in a service project. • N a t e Golomb •


SCOR€bOfiRd Olivet Classic MIAA (Olivet) M I A A at Kalamazoo Red Poling Classic MIAA (Hope) Tri-State Tourn. Defiance, OH Tourn. NCAA Champ.

5th 1st, tie 1st IB

1st 3rd 2nd 18th

M I A A (at A l b i o n ) MIAA (Alma) M I A A (Tri-State) MIAA (Adrian) 1 M I A A (Calvin) Aquinas Tourn Furniture City Tourn.

ist 2nd 3rd 1st 1st 6th 3rd

M e n ' s Golf


SSSSSBEK?'*'* ffiHSBaffi .

••1 • • • • •




MWIMSS s • '

At the mound, senior pitcher Anthony Pastrick stares down the competition.

This page: Senior co-captain Bill Lutke makes the play at h o m e plate. • Opposite page: The t e a m celebrates its M I A A Championship season. • Sophomore first baseman M a t t Richardson launches i n t o a t h r o w .

4% V-,,..

tM. f' 1

Front r o w : Tim Judson, Joey Goeb, Jeff Ichesco, Alex Fryer, M i k e Rodgers, Paul N e u m a n n , Brian Baker, Rich Burling, M i k e VanderVelde; Second r o w : M a t t Schrader, Steve Tompkins, M i k e Dekker, Curtis M o r a n , Robby Poll, M a t t VanderVelde, Brock Doud, Scott Sommavilla, Bill Lutke, Scott Snyder, Team Manager Rich Hayes; Back r o w : Assistant Coach M i k e VanBeek, Assistant Coach Ron Boeve, Pete Zessin, Brian Guerrioro, M a t VanBeek, M a t t Settler, Shawn Grose, Kurt DeHorn, Dustln Wuis, Ant h o n y Pastrick, A n d r e w Bedan, M a t t Richardson, Assistant Coach Chad Ruby, Head Coach Stu Fritz.



SCOR€bOfiRd Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

9 6 2 4 3 11 8 6 4 7

Alma Alma Adrian Albion Albion Tri-State Tri-State Calvin Olivet Olivet

0 5 5 5 1 2 5 1 O

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

3 1 8 6 10 4 9 10 5

Alma 1 Adrian 3 Adrian JLmmm Kalamazoo 2 Albion 5 Kalamazoo 3 Tri-State 7 Calvin 1 Olivet 2

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope

10 2 2 5 4 5 12 9 0

Alma Adrian Albion Kalama. Tri-State Kalama. Calvin Calvin Olivet

3 8 0 0 0 3 1 6 1


Rfts i mq € BAR

Dutchmen continued a decade long legacy of success—by completing their best season thus far. Following last year's M I A A cochampionship, the Dutchmen won an outright M I A A championship title this year. Leading this successful team were its co-captains: junior Matt Sattler and seniors Mike Rodgers, Matt Van Beek, Bill Lutke. and Mike VanderVelde. Of the t e a m ' s talented roster, seven players made all-conference teams: Rodgers made first team and was

voted the league's most valuable pitcher; junior shortstop Brian Baker made first team and was voted the most valuable position player; Mike VanderVelde, sophomore Matt VanderVelde, and sophomore Dustin Wuis also made the first team. In addition. Lutke and junior Sattler were named to the second team. In addition to winning the M I A A championship, the Dutchmen competed in the N C A A tournament in the Mid-east Regional. In this doubleelimination tournament, the team suf-

fered an unfortunate 9-1 opening round loss against the defending national champions, Marietta. The Dutchmen then bounced back with an impressive 5-3 win against Wooster, the nation's top-ranked team, before being eliminated from the tournament in a close game (6-5) against Ohio Wesleyan. With the win against Wooster in the N C A A tournament, the team's overall record was 29-13, setting a new school record. • Katie Wandell • Baseball


The winners f r o m the 1961 Nykerk Cup share the trophy.



C* rr\i i r I


T h i s y e a r m a r k e d t h e 1 0 9 t h P u l l ( s e e p a g e s 216 a n d 217).



The team huddles during a game against Albion as t h e c o a c h g i v e s a p l a n f o r n e x t c o u p l e p l a y s . • M e m b e r s o f t h e Lacrosse t e a m oanci u n o n t h p o n 9 9 ^ 5. J i . ! . \ H I T . I A A r U ?P ponent during the M I A A tournament. photos courtesy of M a t t Grossman •

Front row: Evan Dekker, Tyler Osburn, M a t t Grossman, Keith Trojniak, OliO'Brien, Bill Woodard, Jonathan Winne, Joel Birdsall, Cameron Reckna"Fi^ Paver, Ryan Payne, Middle row. Patrick McElgunn, Aaron Knighton, Nic:k Jacobcic; Back row: Coach M i k e Schanhals, Austin Stauffer, Andrew Opdyke, Daniel Burns, Charlie Banyai < Steven Schuiling, Zach Gray, Paul Carolio, Andy Palkowski, M a t t Palkowski, K.C Cohen, Coach Andy Schultz. ver

Founded in 1974 as a Club Sport, Hope College Lacrosse is one of the oldest lacrosse programs in the state. The team has long competed with schools in the Great Lakes Region as an independent club, but has recently joined the Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association (CCLA) conlcrcnce of the M e n ' s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA). In this conference, Hope's team has the opportunity to compete in regional and national championships that are overseen by the MCLA. Before the creation of the C C L A conference, Hope was the sole source of any sort of regional tournament that declared a champion. Although a sanctioned contest does now exist, Hope has also started a MIAA tournament that now occurs every spring. The team chose to do this partly because of tradition, but also because we believe that it provides a place for non-CCLA MIAA teams to exhibit their skills and compete for a title. • M a t t G r o s s m a n •

Undine TRBditSff

. •'

, '-fc. 'g-** '..v ; v

FmWiinCtv 208


v WvOMfnm*

w M.An

*' i




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. E


•h ImI

•-• • l ' «I

11^ i^i-iCROSSC

The Hope W o m e n s ' Lacrosse team had a strong line-up this season with many returning players, including six seniors. They also had many skilled f r e s h m a n join the team. They started practices in the fall and continued training throughout the year focusing on ball handling skills, running an effective offense and powerful defense, and communicating as a whole team. All of their g a m e s were played in March and April versus teams predominately f r o m the West Michigan area. This year they hosted a playday at Hope on April 14. Four teams attended and despite the cold, the day was a success. The t e a m ' s record reflects a losing season, but does not accurately show the progress and improvement the team made. T h e sport of lacrosse is quickly growing, as is the w o m e n ' s lacrosse program at Hope. They are excited for the coming years and the opportunities to face strong competition in the future. • Allison P a u t l e r • Front r o w : C o u r t n e y M i l l e r , A m y L i n t o n , Colleen Kelly, Sarah Havlik, Jami Rubin, Sarah Shrier; Back r o w : A s h l e y T i m p n e r , Allison Pautler, Lauren Brierley, Kayla K a t t e r h e i n r i c h , Caitie Leads, T a r a h F r o n , C h e l s e a S h o r t , S y d n e y K o n n y , K a r i n S w e a s , Tracy B e n j a m i n , H e a t h e r G a r r e t t .

President Allison Pautler encourages her t e a m w h i l e giving advice for the remainder of the g a m e . • W o m e n s ' Lacross m e m b e r s push t o w a r d t h e goal. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f Sarah H a v l i k •


•— • •

- •



M e n s ' Lacrosse / W o m e n s ' Lacrosse


e College does indeed have a water ski team! Although the ski team was only recently recognized by the college they have been around for ten years. Despite the college's small size, and their independent, student-organized team, the team does very well for itself. They compete in trick skiing and wakeboarding, slaloming, and j u m p i n g - all possible events. The ladies and gents are heros as they scramble out of sleeping bags and the warmth of tents into their still-wet suits and are off the dock at eight am on cool September mornings. They may be some of the greatest cheerleaders around, and they earn the respect of Big Ten schools year after year. The water skiers and wakeboarders head out to tournaments on ski lakes around the Midwest weekend after weekend each fall and spring. They go for time on the water, great competition, camping and a unique type of family! The team will only continue to grow and improve over the next few years. • Katy Eagen • Katy Eagen a t t e m p t s a j u m p d u r i n g a meet. • Katy Eagen exits t h e w a t e r a f t e r a run. • p h o t o s courtesy of Katy Eagen •

F r o n t r o w ; Haley Banks, Kat B r a m l e y , Katy Eagen, T i f f a n y F i f e r , L a u r a M e e k e r ; B a c k r o w : T r o y Page, M a t t C a r l s o n , C h r i s t o p h e r Rinek, Claire H i g g i n b o t h a m , Coach Jeff Broene, Scott Langille, Steve W r i g h t .


J 210






Peter V o l b r e c h t




c h a n c e t o t a k e t h e ice a t a h o m e g a m e a t T h e E d g e ice A r e na in H o l l a n d . • S t e v e Reid h e a d s f o r t h e g o a l a f t e r b r e a k i n g

B r i a n G a t l i f f , Steve Reid, a n d Peter V o l b r e c h t congratulate eachother after the 2007 MCHC Tournam e n t C h a m p i o n s h i p . • p h o t o s by A s h l e y D e H u d y •

away f r o m t h e defense.

The Flying Dutchmen capped an outstanding season by finishing fourth at the American Collegiate Hockey A s s o c i a - tion tournament in Fort W a y n e , Ind. They were defeated by N o r t h w o o d 5-4 in the consolation championship game. Hope ended with a 26-4 season record. With the club celebrating its tenth year, it also celebrated its second Michigan Collegiate Hockey C o n f e r e n c e ( M C H C ) tournament championship. Ten m e m b e r s of the team were recognized with honors f r o m Hope, Regional, State, and National Associations. Jeff Guy ended the season with eleven honors including National A C H C Player

-Y, '€fim HyUy:. innmq .€ Hoct on TH€ IC€

of the Year. • M e g h a n Beachum and H o p e PR •

W a t e r Ski T e a m / H o c k e y T e a m



.n - •

Brian H e i m tackles a n o t h e r taco d u r i n g t h e Residential Life spon-






sored Taco Eating Contest. • President B u l t m a n breaks t o begin a

W i l s o n , b o t h P h e l p s H a l l RAs, w a i t t o check

g a m e o f p o o l o n t h e n e w p o o l t a b l e in K o l l e n H a l l ' s b a s e m e n t .

in t h e i n c o m i n g f r e s h m e n o n t h e o p e n i n g of

• p h o t o s by M e g h a n B e a c h u m •

Orientation weekend.

Residential Life is dedicated towards ensuring quality living for the 2,500 students on Hope College's campus. Their mission was to maintain a safe and fun environment for the current and incoming students. The duty of the RAs was to apply their skill to help each of the students they lived with, depending on their own individual needs. An RA funtions not only as a person to go to for help, but also as a friend, companion and confidant. This year provided a very strong Residential Life staff within each dorm, apartmenl, and cottage community. Each R A had their own unique qualities that benefitted those who lived with them. The Res. Life community also sponsored events such as the hot-dog eating contest and brought a new pool table to Kollen Hall. Right before Spring Break, the 1:1 campaign continued Res. Life's mission to promote safe behaviors in regards to alcohol. • Hillary Delhagen •

Q o o d Commurtifv






Jj i . , ' 'jw u . m v m P i fir j[ T

j Jm

m I


mAl m

Dance Marathon is H o p e C o l l e g e ' s largest student-run philanthropy event. Dance Marathon involves over 700 students every year in many different forms. These students participate as dancers, moralers, and committee members.The marathon is a fundraising event seeking to raise money for children treated at the Helen D e V o s Children's Hospital. The event culminates in March with a 24-hour marathon where "Miracle Families" share stories about their experiences at the hospital. Dance Marathon holds many events through out the year including The Date Auction, spaghetti dinners. Blitz Week and the "Giving Hope to Kids Miracle Auction." Dance Marathon, held on March 9-10, 2007, had a western theme, entitled "Circlin' the Wagons of Hope. This year D a n c e Marathon raised $116,073.98, breaking all previous records and bringing the overall total raised to around $600,000. • Tara V a n d e s t r e e k • Front r o w : Kim Boelkins, H a l e y Banks, Jenna Rykse, C o u r t n e y V r e d e v o o g d , Elizabeth Payne, Laura Solle, B e t h Gleason; Second r o w : M a t t K i r i n o v i c , Katie O o s t e r i n k , Kendall Ramsden, B r i t t a n y Berry, Liz B u r m a n , A b b y Prast, Rachel V a n T i m m e r e n , A n d r e w H i c k o k ; Back r o w ; Tara V a n d e s t r e e k , D u s t i n Ruch, Ryan Lincoln, Laura D o w , A m y V a n D e r M e u l i n

Dream Team members teach the Miracle Families t h e line dance. • Laura D o w and Tara Vandestreek embrace w i t h e x c i t e m e n t a t t h e t o t a l e a r n e d f o r t h e kids.


Residential Life / Dance M a r a t h o n


,4 ' •J "

I .*/, u



P nclnoRed in hope Anchored in Hope, Orientation 2006, could never have taken place without the Orientation staff made up of a group of current students dedicated to giving the new students the best possible introduction to Hope College. The two Student Directors this year were Jason Cash and Ana Frikker. They selected the rest of the staff during the spring semester, and spent the summer planning and preparing for Orientation Weekend. The first group of staff members that the Directors selected were the 23 Assistant Directors. They assisted with staff selection, and also returned to campus ten days before the new students arrived to help with the final stages of preparation and to train the nearly 200 Orientation Assistants. During the summer and the training days, the staff bonded with one another and worked hard prepare for the arrival of the new students on August 25, 2006. During Orientation Weekend, the Orientation Assistants helped the new students move in and met with them in small groups. The Assistant Directors worked with parents and families, and the Directors oversaw everything. The weekend was a smashing success, thanks to all of the staff who gave of their time and energy. • Adriana Frikker • T h e c o l l e g e j o u r n e y b e g i n s as f r e s h m e n register w i t h t h e Residential Life staff. • Assistant d i r e c t o r , A b b y D e V u y s t speaks t o O r i e n t a t i o n Assistants on Freshmen M o v e - I n D a y . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR. •

I 214


Staff in alphabetical order: Michelle Bridle, Katie Burkhardt, Jason Cash, Hilary Cason, Katie Cornell, Abby DeVuyst, Brian Eisinger, Katie Ester, Ana Frikker, Erik Fuller, T i f f a n y Hayes, Jolene Huber, Bethany Katerberg, Claudia Klimkowski, Ryan Lincoln, Katherine Masterson, August Miller, Kristi Orange, Shane Ostermeier, Lisa Pusinelli, JP Pustelak, Katie Robrahn, Heidi Snyder, A m y VanDerMeulen, Kim VanSickle, Dan Wizner. • photos courtesy of PR. •

M e m b e r s of t h e music g r o u p T h e y w e r e T h e i v e s / Jonah Ogles and J o n a t h a n D e H a a n e n t e r t a i n t h e walkers at Relay f o r Life. • S e n i o r O l i v e r O ' B r i e n t a k e s c h a r g e t o e n s u r e t h a t all o f Relay f o r Life's e n t e r t a i n m e n t r u n s s m o o t h l y . • H o p e s t u d e n t s e n j o y t h e f e s t i v i t i e s at Relay f o r Life. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f A s h l e y D e H u d y . •

What once began in T a c o m a , Washington, with one man choosing to make a difference and raise money for cancer by doing what he loved - running marathons, has spread to c o m m u n i t i e s throughout the United States. It has even reached our little community of Hope College. This year 518 students and faculty of Hope College gathered together for one cause — to fight cancer! In doing so. they participants brought hope to Hope College. They gathered together to honor those who have survived cancer, those that have died f r o m cancer, and those who are fighting it one day at a time. This year Hope C o l l e g e ' s Relay for Life raised $40,688. The efforts of Hope College to bring awareness and to help fight cancer will not go unnoticed and the lives of everyone involved will be dramatically changed. It's about being a c o m m u n i t y that takes up the fight. • Erin J e n k i n s •



O r i e n t a t i o n / R e l a y f o r Life


Above: Nate G r i f f i t h strives on towards the ultimate goal of defeating the 2.009 Pull team. • Below: Mary-Claire Penner and David Sherry w o r k together, hoping for an Even year victory.

5th Row: Aaron Forr, Kurt Ashack, Stephen Hobson, Bill W o o d w a r d , Pat McElgunn, Jake Paarlberg, Joel Bird" ' Nick Vanderhovel, David Sherry, Zach Anderson, Sam Meengs • 4 t h Row: Leanna Miedema, Meg Evenhouse, Becca Kornack, Rachel Scott, Meg Layman, Katelyn Beuker, Robin Baker, Brittany DeKoster, MaryClaire Penner, Sara Nielsen, Stefanie Brenner • 3rd Row: Justin Bussies, Keary Vermerris, Blair Williams, M a t t VanOostenburg, Charlie Craig, Conrad Tobert, Alex Zelinski, Nate G r i f f i t h • 2nd Row: Carolyn Powers, Ashley Davis, Ali Roth, Emily Novak, Sara Shier, Kaitlin Kessie, Alex Striker, Jaime VanHeest, Keegan Gates • 1st Row: Aaron Knighton, Emily Weingartner, Dane, Doctor, Holly Bekius, Vincent Ganapini, Katie Ryan, M a t t McCabe, Tara Kuhnlien, Dan Tobert, Haleigh Heneveld, Nick W i t k o w s k l . • photos courtesy of PR •


In the fall of 2006, 39 individual freshmen embarked on a three week journey to grow both physically and emotionally. They stepped onto the practice field as individuals, but left as one family. Even Year Pull takes great pride in what is known as the pull family. It is the character of service and self-sacrifice that allows these individuals to grow closer than ever imagined. The pullers went through a rigorous training regime for three weeks in preparation for Pull Day. The coaches had the honor of teaching and guiding the freshmen through training. Under the close supervision of the eleven coaches (who were on the '08 pull team), pullers and moralers alike were taught how to lie on the rope, how to respond to call-sets, what it meant to "inch-up" and what it meant to be a part of the Even Year tradition and work as a team. On September 23, 2006, the rigorous training and preparation culminated on the banks of the Black River. Led by Pull coach Dan Tobert, who gave out the call-sets, the Pull team of 2010 attempted to rip rope from their unseen rivals on the other side of the river. Even Year Pull holds great respect for Odd Year, its school, and most of all each other. Pullers did not pull for themselves, but for the man in front of them, behind them and the family that supports them. Enough is never enough. • A a r o n K n i q h t o n




All Odds

V/enqefince Beginning with the rally in the first week of school, the class of 2009 established a tenacious tone for the 109th Pull. With more pullers and twice as many moralers trying out for the team, the intensity level rose as they prepared to defeat their perpetual Even Y e a r rival, the class of 2010. With the sound of their competition only a block away, the team put their hearts, aggression, pride, selflessness, and determination for revenge on the line everyday. The t e a m ' s inspiration was " V e n g e a n c e " ; vengeance over their 2005 loss of twenty feet one inch to the 2008 Pull team. "Sharing the same goal with everyone else on the team really brought us together as a family," said Gretchen Davis, morale for pit 15. "It d o e s n ' t matter if this is your first time trying out or returning after last y e a r ' s loss. W e are a family." The coaches selected for the 2011 Pull team plan on using the m o m e n t u m of this m o n u m e n t a l win to teach technique and values to next y e a r ' s freshmen. • M e g h a n Beachum • Above: Ruth Hagan arid Elliott Mast reap vengeance on t h e 2010 Pull Team. • Below; "17 U p ! " Jordan Mulder holds t h e rope while t h e Anchor re-ties w i t h the support of Krista Homakie and Sammi Stille.

Row 5: A n d r e w Westra, M a t t Richardson, Brett Fahnstrom, Riley Nelson, Dan Koenig, Clinton W i l m , Paul Swan, Tyler Depke, Jordan M u l d e r , M a t t Griffin • Row 4: Tracy Benjamin, Hilary Holbrook, Sarah Fetter, Stacey Heeren, Stephanie Giegler, Gretchen Davis, Ashley DeVecht, Ashley Barbieri, Krista Homakie, Samantha Stille • 3rd Row: Jake Gilliland, David Fraker, Jonathan Koopmans, Greg Pavlak, Cameron DeHaan, Brendan Krueger, Elliott Mast, Alex Stack, John M c N u t t , Zach Hoernschemeyer • Row 2: A m y Kunzi, Ali Thompson, Carolyn Courtade, Julie VanLaan, Kim Coleman, Colleen Sullivan, Ruth Hagan, Rachel Thomas, Meghan Beachum, Karin Sweas • 1st Row: Joe Albers, Christian Piers, Ryan Specht, Elly Blackquire, KaraLise DeJonge, Sarah M i g n i n , Megan Sedjo, Drew Hancock, Jonathan M u n k , David Betke • photos courtesy of PR •

E v e n Year Pull / O d d Year Pull


€TT€RS TO tIH€ UUORld After almost a year of preperation, the coaches got to meet the girls they would be coaching for the next month with much excitment. During the first Saturday of November, a month of rehearsing culminated in Nykerk Night, as a panel of nine judges score the events to determine a winner. The freshmen song girls performed "Our Favorite Things," the freshmen play was "Back to the Future," and the orator Laura Kay Stritzke spoke on the topic "Letters to the World." Even year displays unique traditions, from the seating arrangement of the song girls to the pull references in the play. Becoming a part ot this longstanding tradition while making new friends makes Nykerk an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all i n v o l v e d . • Chelsea S t e p h e n s o n •

2 0 1 0 S o n g C o a c h Chelsea S t e p h e n s o n a n d t h e f r e s h m e n g i r l s finish their rendition of " M y Favorite Things." • The


io play

g i r l s a r e r i d i n g o f f in t h e S h u t t l e V a n m a d e b y t h e p l a y b o y s . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •




First Row: Kyle Clarkson, Chelsea Stephenson, Lauren Sparks, Jon Oegema Second Row: Calista Peterson, C o u r t n e y V r e d e V o o g d T h i r d Row: A n d r e w D e n n i g e r , A n d r e w Liang M i s s i n g f r o m Photo: Erika Oglesby, Kyle Clarkson, T i m W e s t

Left t o r i g h t : D e b o r a h O'Connell, Lara W a g n e r , Kristen Greshel, Ana Frikker, J e n n i f e r Stults, Lauren G r u m m . M i s s i n g f r o m p h o t o : M a t t h e w B o o t e , Dan W i z n e r , Billy S t a t e m a , osh Payne, A d a m C a r p e n t e r , M a t t Dannenberg

A s h l e y Barbieri, a l o n g w i t h her f e l l o ' 0 9 song girls sing Disney m e d l e y s . • ' 0 9 play girls Krista H o m a k i e , M e g h a n Servais, a n d — • , , Esther Joy T h o m p s o n p e r f o r m near t h e end o f t h e s o p h o m o r e p l a y . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •

N y k e r k is all about working hard, having fun, and participating in the traditions that m a k e Nykerk great! The w o m e n and men of the Class of 2009 turned out in large n u m b e r s to participate once again in the Nykerk C u p Competition. The Orator for the Class of '09 was Ayannah Abiade. She spent three weeks prior to Nykerk preparing her speech titled. "Proceed at Your O w n Risk." The '09 Play this year w a s " K n i g h t m a r e on 9th Street," starring 15 sophomore w o m e n . While these w o m e n memorized, rehearsed, and worked on their costumes, their Playboys built their set and kept them in good spirits. The 90 w o m e n of '09 Song worked hard to perfect their sound and motions in "Happily Ever After," and their Morale boys amused them with skits and brought smiles to their faces with posters and gifts. Although preparing for the competition was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun. The traditions and unity that make up Odd Year Nykerk give it a special place in the hearts of all participants, whether past or present. On Nykerk Night, the Class of '09 proudly performed their best, and were ecstatic to ^ h ^ t h e ^ C u p , but the greatest reward was the friendships they f o r m e d through Nykerk. • A d r i a n a F r i k k e r •

Rinqinq home The cup

Even Y e a r N y k e r k / O d d Y e a r N y k e r k


K r i s t e n Rose, E l i z a b e t h R y e r s o n , a n d D a n i e l l e J o h n s o n F r o n t r o w ; Alicia M c G r e w , Gina Guzdziol, Jatana Srain, d a n c e a t a b a s k e t b a l l g a m e d u r i n g h a l f t i m e . • M a r y Davis, Stephanie Z m y s l o , Kristen Rose; Second r o w : K a t h e r i n e L y n d s e y V a n W y k , K r i s t e n Rose, A n n a P i l l o t , a n d J a t a n a S r a i n M o o r e , Fallon Klug, Lyndsey V a n W y k , A m a n d a Sifnotis k a , ^ ; t i 0 n a ; hal„f t i m e 0 g a m e . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f K n s t e n Rose •

f t h e f 0 0 t b a l 1

Trel K i m



Danielle J

A n n a

° h n s o n , N i c o l e P o t t e r ; Back r o w : ^ A m a n d 3 0|) n n o n .

p i | | o t M a r y

Just as its always been, the Hope Pom Pon team came out strong with their carefree attitude and dancin' feet living up to their motto, "I d u n n o . . . r m just d a n c i n g . ' " Led by captains Kristin Rose, Stephanie Zmyslo, and Natalie Treloar, the Pom Team completed its sixth basketball season and fifth football season. With high energy dance routines for football season, basketball season provided an opportunity to incorporate some hip hop into the choreography. Another highlight of every season is the annual Guy/Girl Performance. The squad was also invited back to perform for the second time at a Detroit Pistons game. The Pistons performance was a great way for the team to bond during the three-hour car ride. The squad ended its official season with a tribute to its Miracle Child, Tatiana, at Dance Marathon. With great hope lor the future, the squad looks to add m e m b e r s to both teams next year and just keep on dancing! • Kristen Rose •

UST dancinm



AddicrpngpTd. Ballet Club grew based on the idea that it was "a patch for those suffering f r o m this ballet addiction." In its first official year as a club, the group met weekly; each meeting included a ballet class given by a club m e m b e r and rehearsal for various p e r f o r m a n c e pieces. In the fall student dance concert. Boogie, a contemporary ballet piece, was danced by a cast of nine w o m e n . T w i c e in December, the club performed their Nutcracker Extravaganza, which showcased a compilation of Act II variations. In the spring student dance concert. Anna Finger and Sarah Williams restaged a classical ballet in Swan Lake: An Excerpt f r o m Act II. with a cast of seventeen, including three males and twenty tutus. • Sarah W i l l i a m s • F r o n t r o w : Sarah W a n d e r , L a u r e n Reiser; S e c o n d r o w : Jessica W a g o n e r , A n n a F i n g e r , Katherine M o o r e , Laura Malpass; Back r o w : M e g h a n M c N a m e e , Melissa W i l l e t t , Colleen Creamer.

M e m b e r s o f t h e ballet club p e r f o r m excerpts f r o m Swan Lake adapte d b y S a r a h W i l l i a m s a n d A n n a F i n g e r • L a u r a M a l p a s s , J o a n n a Rod r i g u e z , a n d S a r a h W a n d e r p e r f o r m t h e R e e d D a n c e in t h e D o w f o r t h e N u t c r a c k e r E x t r a v a g a n z a . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f Sarah W i l l i a m s and Melissa W i l l e t t •

P o m Pon T e a m / Ballet Club


^ o n a n q Thpouqh Swing Club is an organization designed to provide a relaxing easy going environment for novice through advanced dancers to practice their moves. Events occur during both the Fall and Spring semesters. All dances include a beginning instructional time followed by several hours of open dance time. Other Swing Club events have included; Swing Club Movie Nights, participation in Dance Marathon, and special sessions of lessons prior to the Homecoming Ball and Winter Fantasia. Membership is open to all Hope College students. • Emily McConnely •

S e v e r a l m e m b e r s o f t h e S w i n g D a n c e C i u b as w e l l as s o m e v i s i t e r s re-


c r e a t e t h e d a n c e o f t h e 1950s. • A c o u p l e d a n c e t h e n i g h t a w a y as t h e y

dress u p in s t y l e f o r t h e i r a n n u a l H a l -

p r a c t i c e t h e i r skills.

l o w e e n Swing Dance.







Dance club

Front row: Laurie Parker, Joanna Rodriguez, Anna Finger, Esther Thompson, Rebekah Fort, Molly Kessler • Second row: Julie Reishus, Stephanie Dykema, Emily Rose, Sharron Haves, Andhra Norman, Megan Pitzer, Sarah Wander • Third row: Amy Prutzman, Joline Dreyer, Katy Maxwell, Jessica Wagoner, Lauren Keiser, Karen Linder • Back row: Annie Snow, Anna Jonkman, Beth Heisel, Erin Schumaker, Krista Stanton, Sommer Amundsen.

J u n i o r T r a c y A l b u s p e r f o r m s a t a local c h u r c h as M a r y . • M e m b e r s o f S a c r e d D a n c e t a k e t i m e t o w o r s h i p G o d in His n a t u r e .

Sacred Dance exists to glorify, serve, and worship our Holy God through choreographed and improvisational movement. to realize G o d ' s purposes f o r us, and to fulfill them with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. In addition to exploring this realm of worship through m o v e m e n t , we use dance to reach out to worshipers at Hope, in Holland, and elsewhere, by drawing them into sacred worship, teaching them, and calling them to greater purposes. Sacred dance is not a club or a performance group - we are a ministry w h o accepts dancers with little or no experience as well as those with many years of experience in dance. All are w e l c o m e to join in dance worshipping our Lord. • A m y P r u t z m a n •

poise uurrh movemenT

S w i n g C l u b / Sacred Dance


G o s p e l C h o i r d i r e c t o r B r y a n L o w e l e a d s t h e c h o i r in t h e a c t o f w o r s h i p d u r i n g t h e G a t h e r i n g . • S e v e r a l m e m bers o f t h e G o s p e l C h o i r s i n g p r a i s e d u r i n g t h e 2 0 0 7 G o s p e l F e s t . • A g a i n a t t h e G o s p e l Fest, G o s p e l C h o i r m e m b e r s use t h e i r v o c a l t a l e n t s t o p r a i s e G o d . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •

The Hope College Gospel Choir is composed of more than 90 students who have one goal in mind: to glorify their God through the art of worship while using different types of Gospel and Contemporary Christian music styles. Under the leadership of choir director Bryan Lowe, the choir traveled to many churches around the area throughout the year to participate in various worship services.The Choir has also worshiped with the college's chapel band in Dimnent Memorial Chapel during chapel and Gathering services. The choir performed alongside the c a m p u s groups Silent Praise and Sacred Dance. During the year the choir also worships with other college and university c a m p u s choirs around the area during the Gospel Festival. • Chris Lewis •





UJ€R Silent Praise is a student-run organization that seeks to praise God through the use of American Sign Language (ASL) with worship music. M e m b e r s do not need to have any prior knowledge and experience with A S L or the Deaf culture—in fact, exposure to a new culture is one of the many reasons why m e m b e r s might be drawn to the group. Silent Praise met every week to learn n e w songs one sign at a time, which were taught to the g r o u p ' s leaders beforehand by the g r o u p ' s mentor, an official interpreter. These songs ranged f r o m old-fashioned h y m n s to upbeat, modern hits, including " S h o w Your Power," and " H o w Great Thou Art." The group began in 1996, and since then has seen a growth f r o m five m e m b e r s to upwards of thirty. About two times per month, a group of three to five m e m b e r s attended a local church and performed along with their worship team or as a special event. In addition. Silent Praise was actively involved on campus, including p e r f o r m a n c e s at chapels and Gatherings and in special events, such as the Gospel C h o i r ' s Spring Concert. • Ross Knoll • Front r o w : Emily Slavicek, Theresa W i g t o n , Heidi

E m i l y S l a v i c e k , M e g a n P a d n o t t , L a u r a C a d e n a , a n d Ross

S i m m o n s , Ross K n o l l , L a u r a C a d e n a , J o l e n e H u b e r ;

K n o l l p r a c t i c e t h e i r s o n g s a n d r o u t i n e s . • M e m b e r s o f Si-

• Back r o w : S h a n n o n M e e , S t e p h a n i e G a r r o d , James

l e n t praise p e r f e c t r o u t i n e s f o r an u p c o m i n g chapel service.

D a l y , L a u r a C o o m b s , E l i z a b e t h R i c h e r t , Sara P i l l o w .

• p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f Liz R i c h e r t •

G o s p e l C h o i r / S i l e n t Praise


B«nn<=R Y€fiR The Hope College Chapel band, which leads the c a m p u s community in worship three times a week at chapel and Sunday nights at the Gathering, underwent a change in leadership this past year. With the midyear departure of Dwight Beal during the 05-06 school year, the worship team was left without a director until the C a m p u s Ministries team hired Josh Banner as Minister of Arts and Music. He began at their annual start of school retreat, and progressed nicely over the semester. Also, the team was able to record a C D full of this y e a r ' s favorite songs, as well as a few old hymns as well. Entitled " A w a k e My Soul." it was a studio record instead of the usual live recording but was still well received by many students. Jonathan O e g e m a said, "This recording does exactly what it's name says. Listening to this C D is a great way to bring back memories of the j o y f u l and uplifting chapel services that we had over the past year." • M a t t W i x o n • Josh B a n n e r , Paul C h a m n e s s , a n d Jason D e W a a r d are w o r k i n g in t h e n e w s t u d i o i n t h e b a s e m e n t o f t h e c h a p e l . T h i s r e c o r d is t h e f i r s t s t u j— 11 4.. u j . 1 i .1 i i G 1 0 - r e c o r d e d 3 l b u m t h e g r o u p h3S m s d e . • i n c h a p e l , t h e bcind p r e forms traditional hymns and original compositions. • photos courtesv of M a t t W i x s o n •

Firs,: r o w ;

P a u l chamness. Ken chamberlain; second row: An de son S ^ i g h t p Beal ' A !i V 1, man . th K Pedigo, Rosie Rexford, Abigail Bolkema, Andrea Keller, Bob Flavin, Andy Kadzban; Third row: Jon Ornee, Lindsey Johnson ' Andy Overweg, Matt Wixon, Noah Livingston, Eric Bourassa; Back row: Josh Blom, Mark Dykema, Chip Spires, Charlie Marcus.

The members of Acting on AIDS partici-

T h e g r o u p m a d e cards f o r people t o w e a r a r o u n d t h e i r necks o n

p a t e d in t h e A I D S W a l k in G r a n d R a p i d s

W o r l d AIDS day. • Barbra Rubio staples t h e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t chil-

t o raise a w a r e n e s s a n d m o n e y f o r H I V /

d r e n w i t h A I D S so p e o p l e c a n g e t t o k n o w t h e s i t u a t i o n s o f t h e c h i l -

A I D S p r o g r a m s in M i c h i g a n .

d r e n t h a t t h e y w o u l d be p r a y i n g f o r . • p h o t o s b y A s h l e y D e H u d y •

In the fall of 2006, Will Nettleton started a Hope-based chapter of Acting on A I D S (AoA), an organization to create awareness and activism of the global A I D S pandemic at colleges across the nation. Here, A o A has strived to learn, discern, and then act on the H I V / A I D S pandemic. Hope participated in the Lives are at Stake Campaign on Word A I D S Day 2006 where 1250 pictures of HIV affected children on stakes were placed in the Pine Grove to be picked up and worn by people w h o would then read and pray about the child. Also, A o A along with a Hope a l u m n a raised $1400 that allowed the first official HIV testing, counseling, and treatment referral to begin on January 19, 2007. Other events included the Grand Rapids A I D S Walk, organizing speakers, and attending the national A o A conference. As a new student organization, AoA plans to continue to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of those affected by H I V / A I D S . • W i l l ' i m N e t t l e t o n •

ic€ in r


Chapel Band / A c t i n g on Aids


Katie M a t r e holds a child f r o m t h e village after doing a village health a s s e s s m e n t . • M a r k H u m b e r s t o n e is d i s c u s s i n g t h e w a t e r c o l l e c t i o n a n d t e s t i n g p r o c e s s w i t h s o m e o f t h e v i l l a g e r s . H e is t e a c h i n g t h e m a b o u t t h e f i l t e r s so t h a t t h e y c a n k e e p t h e m in w o r k i n g o r d e r w h i l e t h e E W B t e a m is n o t t h e r e . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f B e c k y L a t h r o p •

F r o n t r o w : B e c k y L a t h r o p , Lisa K a l l e m e y n , A s h l e y W a p l e s , Becca B a k e r ; B a c k r o w : Greg H u i z e n Jeff M u l d e r A b e G l a s

Founded in the fall o f 2 0 0 5 . the Hope chapter is a part of the national organization, E W B - U S A that is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring a higher quality of life to developing communities worldwide. Students achieve this through the implementation of sustainable engineering projects. The Hope chapter was given the opportunity to help bring a cleaner, more available water supply to the small village of Nkuv, Cameroon in West Africa. Twenty engineering and nursing students worked together throughout the year to develop a system that would provide more accessible clean water and also teach the villagers about health and hygiene. Members of E W B - H o p e traveled to Nkuv twice during the 2006-2007 school year to test the effectiveness of the biosand water filters that were installed in May 2006. The teams also focused on learning about the c o m m u n i t y ' s current health status, beginning to construct a water d e l i v e ^ ^ v s t e r ^ w i t h i n the village, and developing a relationship with the members of the community. • Becky L a t h r o p •

pflClllTftTC HeolTh



on Moos Known for the blood drives that they sponsor o n - c a m p u s each year, Alpha Phi O m e g a ' s influence reaches far beyond Maas Auditorium. Alpha Phi O m e g a ( A P O ) is an international co-ed service fraternity that is based on the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. Its m e m b e r s had the opportunity to attend multiple leadership conferences this year, including; the National Convention, where they shared ideas and resources with other chapters f r o m around the nation. A P O approached its mission of providing service with zeal this year. They worked with organizations such as Ronald M c D o n a l d House, the statewide Beach Sweep, W a r m Friend, My Brothers House, Windmill Island, Relay for Life, March of Dimes, and Dance Marathon. This spring they sponsored a drive to provide basic necessities for the people who frequent the H a l f w a y House in Grand Rapids. Although they were kept busy with service events, members of A P O used those events to establish deep friendships rooted in a passion for solid fun. • Bethany Katerberg • Front r o w ; K a t h e r i n e M a s t e r t o n , Sarah Roeschley, Travis Ransom; Second r o w : T y l e r B o o n s t r a , Alicia H o f e l i c h , T a r a h Fron, Allison Lee M i l l s , Sarah L e m i e u x ; Back r o w : H e a t h e r Robertson, M i c h a e l M c A u l i f f e , M a g g i e M o r r i s o n , Vanessa Clause, B e t h a n y K a t e r b e r g , B r a n d e n Bacon, Karen Russell

Jessica K r a s s o w , B e t h a n y K a t e r b e r g , a n d L a u r e n A d a m s close t h e i n i t i a t i o n c e r e m o n y . • M e m b e r s o f t h e g r o u p a l o n g w i t h S a n t a Claus g a t h e r p r e s e n t s t o d e l i v e r t o a family at Christmas time. • photos courtesy of Bethany Katerberg •

E n g i n e e r s W i t h o u t B o r d e r s / A l p h a Phi O m e g a


r r

qonizinq Fun C IT ^ommirree

The Social Activities Committee (S.A.C.) is a student-run organization that puts on many of the events at Hope College. The committee is made up of twenty-three students which includes two directors, eight chairs, and their assistant chairs. The S.A.C. committee members work hard year round to have successful, f u n events. Every Wednesday night, they host a coffeehouse event in the Kletz featuring Hope students. On weekends, S.A.C. shows movies in Winants Auditorium and schedules entertainment events such as free concerts, magic shows and comedians. Some of the other events S.A.C. runs include Homecoming Weekend. Winter Fantasia, Sibling's Weekend, Spring Fling, and the annual shopping trip to Chicago. This year. S.A.C. continued to get involved with other organizations on campus, collaborating with Residential Life to host the Haunted House at Halloween and providing entertainment for Dance Marathon. • S a r a h Oosterink • " S e a r c h f o r t h e G o l d e n T i c k e t " w a s a n e v e n t c r e a t e d b y S.A.C. a n d a d v e r t i s e d t h r o u g h t - s h i r t s , w o r n h e r e b y S.A.C. m e m b e r s . • S.A.C. m e m b e r s p a r t i c p a t e in D a n c e M a r a t h o n . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f S a r a h Oosterink •

Front row: Beth Cooper, Keri Maxon, Katie Robrahn, Katie Ester; Middle row: Amy Slattery, Brietney Lewis, Jesse Jones, Rachel Doherty, Malyn Schut, Michelle Zietter, Ana Frikker, Nicole Nordstrom, Melissa Van Dahm, Back row: Sarah Oosterink, Jason Folkert, Ryan DeWitt, Ben Worrel, Karl Luenberger, Amanda Downs

Mi ...










Joshua Payne, Katie Baker, Brad-

S t u d e n t Congress m e m b e r s plan e v e n t s t h a t H o p e s t u d e n t s can enjoy and prepare the budgets for student organizations. • Student

iey M a t s o n , S a m u e l O g l e s , C i y o n n a E l m o r e ,

Congress m e m b e r t s a d v e r t i s e d u r i n g t h e H o m e c o m i n g Parade.

Rachel V a n H a m e r s v e i d .

• photos courtesy of Katie Baker •

Student C o n g r e s s ' mission is to serve as a mediator between the administration and the student body. This y e a r ' s particular focus was: "Servant Leadership. Effective Vision." W h e n asked about this focus. Brad Matson explained: "At the heart of every good student body is a good heart; w e want to keep Hope alive - t o provide a steady beat." Student Congress kicked off its year with a Black and White Gala for its newly elected representatives. During the year. Congress kept busy through briefing through proposals, participating in committees, working on task forces, holding discussions with A c a d e m i c Affairs Board, hosting a "Rootbeer Kegg'r," and holding a series of seminars through the Teaching Hope event. Student Congress Speaker Series brought PBS NewsH o u r b u s i n e s s a n d e c o n o m i c s c o r r e s p o n d e n t Paul S o l m a n a n d o t h e r n u m e r o u s g u e s t s i n c l u d i n g P r e s i d e n t B u l t m a n . T r y g v e Johnson, Josh Banner, Greg Maybury, T o m B y l s m a . All in all, it was a productive and investing year for Student Congress. • Katie Ba ker •



G o v e r n o r G r a n h o l m d e l i v e r s h e r s p e e c h b e f o r e a n a u d i e n c e in D i m n e n t C h a p e l . • V i c e P r e s i d e n t o f H o p e D e m o c r a t s B r i a n S t r a w s p e a k s b e f o r e G o v e r n o r J e n n i f e r G r a n h o l m ' s p r e s e n t a t i o n in t h e C h a p e l . • H o p e D e m o c r a t m e m b e r s a n d r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s m e e t w i t h G r a n h o l m a f t e r h e r p r e s e n t a t i o n . • P h o t o s C o u r t e s y o f PR •

Led by President Laura Stark, Vice-President Brian Straw, Director of Communications Shannon Craig, and Director of Finance & Administration Danielle Revers, the Hope Democrats had a successful and busy year. The Democrats kept busy volunteering at the Ottawa Democratic Parly Headquarters and helping Psychology Professor Scott VanderStoep with his State Senate run. To help raise awareness about voting, the Democrats co-sponsored a Voter Registration Drive with the Hope Republicans. In October, the Hope Democrats hosted Mark Brewer, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, Senator Carl Levin and Governor Jennifer Granholm. The Hope Democrats celebrated election night success with a party while watching the results come in. Election night did not see the end of activity from the Democrats, who held a successful bone marrow registration event, sponsored a candlelight vigil in honor of the fallen soldiers in Iraq, co-sponsored a State of the Union viewing with the Hope Republicans, and participated in a nationwide community kick-off day for Senator Barack O b a m a ' s campaign. • Shannon Craig •

H o p l DemocRRTs



The mid-term elections of 2006 served as another powerful catalyst for Hope Republicans' activities. The organization hosted several events including a visit by Representative Pete Hoekstra and gubernatorial candidate and Hope alumnus Dick DeVos, Also, the organization sponsored and participated in some wonderful on c a m p u s functions. As per tradition, the m e m b e r s walked in the H o m e c o m i n g parade. Several students donned campaign shirts, carried placards, and passed out flyers with candy promoting the candidates. Hope Republicans served free root beer and treats at the S A C sponsored Haunted Vault in Kollen in the fall. In the spring, the Hope Republicans partnered with the Hope Democrats to host a State of the Union Address party. The event was extremely well attended and demonstrated the w o n d e r f u l relationship these two organizations have historically had on campus. M a n y of the Hope Republicans leaders are seniors; therefore, the organization is very grateful for their leadership the past couple years and is excited for the future. • R y a n Lincoln • H o p e Republican m e m b e r i n t r o d u c e s Dick DeVos' this fall at an e v e n t c o o r d i n a t e d by t h e H o p e Republicans. • Act i v e m e m b e r s o f t h e g r o u p s h o w t h e i r s u p p o r t f o r D e V o s d u r i n g t h e H o m e c o m i n g Parade. • Dick D e V o s speaks t o an a u d i e n c e a t D i m n e n t C h a p e l r e g a r d i n g c u r r e n t issues a n d his p l a n if e l e c t e d g o v e r n o r . • P h o t o s C o u r t e s y o f PR •



for the past 120 years, The A n c h o r newspaper staff gathers for brainstorming sessions, scours campus l ^ u n h e a r c ^ ^ i c e s , conducts interviews and writes mountains of copy. Sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for producing an award-winning paper that reflects the multitude of opinions, activities, and accomplishments that construct the lives of the Hope community. In the past year, staff provided coverage for Governor G r a n h o l m ' s visit, U.S. Korfball team tryouts, arrests in the Janet Chandler cold case. Pull, Nykerk, Sailing Club, the return of the Knickerbocker Fraternity, the Jars of Clay concert. World A I D S Day, and a myriad of performances and athletic match-ups. The current "anks of the oblong table" include over fifty staff members ranging from reporters to graphic designers, but the core of the group can be found on the stands. The Anchor is entirely student-run and accessible on campus at • J e n n y C e n c e r •

A n c h o r s t a f f m e m b e r s E v e l y n D a n i e l , J e n n y Cencer, a n d N i c h o l a s Engel lay o u t pages f o r o n e o f t h e A n c h o r ' s w e e k l y issues. • A n c h o r c o p y e d i t o r M a t t O o s t e r h o u s e h e l p s l a y o u t a p a g e f o r t h e A n c h o r . • M o s t o f t h e m e m b e r s o f t h e A n c h o r ' s s t a f f p o s e f o r a p i c t u r e in L i n c o l n P a r k a c r o s s f r o m t h e M a r t h a M i l l e r C e n t e r , w h e r e t h e i r o f f i c e is l o c a t e d . • p h o t o s b y J u l i e Kocsis a n d c o u r t e s y o f t h e A n c h o r s t a f f •

T h e M i l e s t o n e s t a f f p o s e s f o r t h e i r o w n b o o k a f t e r o n e o f t h e i r T u e s d a y n i g h t m e e t i n g s . • S p o r t s s e c t i o n e d i t o r Katie W a n d e l l m a k e s f i n a l changes t o t h e M e n ' s S w i m m i n g spread b e f o r e s e n d i n g it t o t h e publisher. • Staff m e m b e r s Christopher Lewis, Tally Reeverts, Kayla K a t t e r h e i n r i c h , and advisor E m i l y Hall prepare a m a i l i n g f o r t h e seniors r e g a r d i n g s e n i o r y e a r b o o k p h o t o s . • p h o t o s b y J u l i e Kocsis •

The 2007 book marks the 90th anniversary of the Milestone yearbook. The cover and divider pages were designed to reflect previous years, as covered through actual photographs used in previous books. The theme, "Recollection"" also stemmed from these past editions of the Milestone. With a core staff of eleven students, the Milestone staff ranges f r o m freshmen to seniors with varying levels of experience. They started their year with a trip to the Walsworth Yearbook Publishing plant in Marceline, Missouri, to design the cover for the 2007 book and to see how the Hope yearbooks are published. As the year drew to a close, staff members spent increasing amounts of time working on layouts and placing photos. The staff continues to improve the quality of the book it produces, while providing a timeless m e a n s for students to recollect this year of their lives at Hope. • M e g a n Pu r t e e *



W T H S G e n e r a l M a n a g e r J a s o n Cash m e e t s w i t h D e a n F r o s t d u r i n g t h e

Left t o r i g h t : Erika English, A n d r e w Han-

station's o p e n i n g c e r e m o n y . • W T H S exec b o a r d m e m b e r s M i c h a e l

cock, M o n i c a Calhoon, Ben Bach, President

Kaffka and Erika English p r o m o t e t h e s t a t i o n d u r i n g t h e H o m e c o m -

B u l t m a n , J a s o n Cash, G e r r y R u f f i n o , Susie

i n g P a r a d e . • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f PR •

Jolink, M e g a n Purtee

W T H S , the student-run radio station, celebrated its 50-year history at Hope by opening its new studios in the Martha Miller Center with a dedication ceremony, ribbon cutting and open house on January 24. 2007. W T H S , which began in the 1950s as J;t'carrier current" station and spent more than 25 years broadcasting from the DeWitt Center. General Manager Jason Cash noted that he is excited by the possibilities offered by the new location. "It's a very unique space," he said. "It is a sign of the exciting opportunities to c o m e for W T H S . " The station is also well served by its equipment, which includes state-of-theart D A D (digital audio delivery) software by E N C O of Southfield. The software provides tremendous flexibility by allowing the station to schedule its programming via computer. Thanks to the high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, the students who work at W T H S gain experience that can make them very comfortable in a professional radio environment. • Jason Cash •

ime oF Chfince L L\

O j n n v ond Unique Vanderprov is Hope C o l l e g e ' s student-run improvisational c o m e d y troupe. They perform in shows on and off campus throughout the year. M e m b e r s of V a n d e r p r o v create a unique experience at every show. Utilizing audience suggestions, the troupe creates scenes and situations based on improvisational g a m e rules. Everything is unscripted, usually bizarre, and lots of f u n . From shows at Evergreen C o m m o n s to the Hope/Calvin Improv Challenge, Vanderprov tries to bring c o m e d y to H o p e and the greater Holland c o m m u n i t y . T h o u g h the face of Vanderprov changes every year, the funny remains the same. This y e a r ' s m e m b e r s of Vanderprov are Ritchie Latimore, Jeremiah Vipond. Beth Ann Tieche, Katie Bennett, Justin Barigian, Brandon Ruiter, Calista Peterson, G r a h a m Carlson, Chad Coe, Katy Eagen, Kersten Burns, Abby DeVuyst, Jon Sprik, Erika Oglesby, A n d r e w Liang, Luc Leavenworth, and Steve Horeni. • Katie Cornell • M e m b e r s Erika Oglesby, Steve


G r a h a m C a r l s o n , S t e v e H o r e n i , C h a d Coe a n d K e r s t e n B u r n s p e r f o r m

Kersten Burns, A b b y DeVuyst, Brandon

a skit. • G r a h a m Carlson and Katie Cornell t r y t o earn points f o r t h e i r

Ruiter, and Katy Eagen w a r m up before a show.

team during the game.

photos courtesy of Katie Cornell •




o Srond

The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body of the m e n ' s Greek system at Hope College. They were led this year by their president, Christian Piers, and advised by Matt D ' O y l y . The men of the Inter-Fraternity Council decided this would be a year of change, and through hard work and determination there was much progress made. Greek men of all chapters united in the Pine Grove for an early fall barbecue and extended the invite to all Hope College men. Through the support of the administration and the implementation of IFC, every Greek man received a personalized Greek Life t-shirt, which helped develop unity among brothers of all organizations. The Inter-Fraternity Council facilitated another successful winter rush with many new faces joining the ranks of each fraternity. In the spring, the IFC helped organize the annual Greek Week celebration on H o p e ' s campus with fun events for all Greeks to enjoy. Along with each of these events, the Council was directly involved with Greek Men Take a Stand, a group that was started two years ago by Christian Piers. This organization is directly involved in educating and keeping each Greek man at Hope accountable for their behavior towards women. They also worked with the Center for W o m e n in Transition. All in all, it was another great year for the Inter-Fraternity Council and Greek life as a whole. • Paul Carollo • C h r i s t i a n P i e r s , p r e s i d e n t o f IFC, l e a d s a w e e k l y m e e t i n g . • M e m b e r s o f t h e C o s m o p o l i t i a n f r a t e r n i t y t i e r i b b o n s o n a t r e e as a s y m bol t h r o u g h a p r o g r a m called FRAT, Fraternities Reaching A c c o u n t a b i l i t y T o g e t h e r , w h i c h w a s o r g a n i z e d b y IFC. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f M e g h a n B e a c h u m a n d C h r i s t i a n Piers •



Front row: Jonathan Von Koenig, Paul Carollo, Christian Piers, Scott Rynbrant, Dan Tobert; Back r o w : Lucas W h i t m a n , KC Cohen, Ricky Rhodes, Brett Kingma, M i k e VanDerWheele, Dane Doctor, Ken Underwood, Rob H o f f , M a t t h e w D'Oyly.

Front row: Amanda Piagnarelli, Sarah Shaheen, Lauren Halvorson, Steph Harrier; Second row: Karla Helvie, Audrey Fisher, Abby C o w m a n , Kim Coleman, Kendall Ramsden, Stacey Harburn, Victoria Vicencio, Sarah Popovich, Erin Taylor, Haleigh Heneveld, Lindsey Brewster, Julie Reishus; Back r o w : Meghan Beachum, Amanda Pizzimenti, Stefanie Greybar, Brittany Posma, Nikki Leger, Stephanie Wilkins, Meg Estochen, Stephanie Hansens, Elizabeth Marsh.

Karla Helvie (center) has been named president of PanHel f o r next fall. Swearing her in are Sarah Shaheen and Christian Piers. • Executive Board members Sarah Shaheen, Amanda Piagnarelli, Lauren Halvorson, and advisor Ellen Awad meet before each meeting t o organize the week's events. • photos by Meghan Beachum •

The Pan-Hellenic Council, also known as " P a n H e l " , is the governing body of Sorority Life at Hope. This council is here to provide interaction between Greek organizations. The council consists of four members f r o m each organization, one per class. These w o m e n are chosen by their own organization to represent their sorority. Each m e m b e r works throughout the year to plan events. This year they promoted general rush including a tailgate barbeque in the fall and a G r e y ' s Anatomy night in the winter. Each year. Pan Hel coordinates Greek Week. The week began with a wiffleball tournament between brother and sister organizations. M i d - w e e k was a fundraiser called " D r o p Off Your Drawers'" that donated underwear to the Holland Rescue Mission. The week concluded with Greek Awards honoring outstanding Greek members. • M e g h a n Beachum &

i n t e r F r a t e r n a l C o u n c i l / Pan H e l l e n i c C o u n c i l


New members of the Cosmopolitain fraternity.


Greek Life

T h r e e K a p p a Chi's w a l k t o a G r e e k W e e k e v e n t ( s e e p a g e 2 5 6 )



SemoR SCOTT RYNBRONT s e r v e d as secr e t a r y a n d IFC r e p r e s e n t a t i v e f o r t h e f r a t e r n i t y . • Ben Rinker, s h o w n at bat, and m a n y o t h e r Praters participated in a n




league. • O p p o s i t e page: F r o n t r o w : Matthew Adam

Schrader, M a t t


M a g o o n ; Second r o w :


K r o n e m e y e r , John H e r b e r t , Tyler Barnett,


Rinker, James Trebilcock,

M a t t W i l k e n s , Dan T o b e r t , Jeff Guy, K u r t Ashack, Jordan W i n f i e l d , Jacob Dickinson,




Payne, D o u g V a n E e r d e n , Patrick M c Mahon,





Back r o w : Conrad T o b e r t , Kevin M c M a h o n , Austin Sonneveldt, Nick W i t cowski, Brian Gatliff, A n d r e w Bedan, Chris Strauss, D a n i e l Chesney, B r e t t K i n g m a , R y a n K e l l y , M i t c h C u r r i e , Jacob Droppers, Chad S c h w a b a u e r , T i m Judson. • photos courtesy of M e g h a n B e a c h u m a n d PR •

Senior and President of the Fraternal Society, Ryan Payne volunteered on the Family Relations committee for Dance Marathon. He is seen here w i t h the their Miracle Child, Dylan.



The Fraternal Society was established in 1834 at Union College in Schenectady. N Y by ten men w h o believed in the pursuit of friendship, love, and truth. In 1864. Dr. Philip Phelps. Jr., a Prater a l u m n u s and then president of the Holland Academy, re-activated the Fraternal Society. T w o years later the academy b e c a m e H o p e College, with Dr. Phelps as its president. Praters have helped to ameliorate the already beautiful Hope College c a m p u s by bearing their names on many academic buildings. The Fraternal Society has perhaps the c o l l e g e ' s most f a m o u s alumni; A.J. Muste, an activist in the United States civil rights m o v e m e n t ; Dr. James Poppen, neurosurgeon who operated on the assassinated President Kennedy; M a y o Hadden. retired admiral of the U.S. Navy; William Wichers, Knight of the Orange; John Kuizenga, eminent theologian; and James Bultman, the current president of Hope College. The thirty-one active Praters are seeking a wide variety of degrees in order to leave legacies as their alumni have. In athletics there are m e m b e r s in football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and track. During Greek W e e k the Praters, along with their sister sorority, the Sigma Sigmas, captured the highly coveted wiffle-ball championship. Outside of their studies and sporting endeavors the Fraternal Society finds time to give back to the community, ' participating in their annual Stu Post raffle which raises money for P a r k i n s o n ' s Disease. If you looked at the dance floor of the gym you may have seen some Praters getting down at Dance Marathon. They also put on a Thanksgiving Party for the CASA students. T o wind down all m e m b e r s head north for the end-of-the-year festival known as " H o g Bash", where the active members roast a pig. The mission of the Fraternal Society is to willfully suspend ourselves into the balance of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional capacity by upholding the standards of the fathers of our organization. This includes enriching new members of Fraternal with the ways of brotherhood. The Fraternal society strives to create and nurture leaders necessary for the world outside of H o p e College. The brotherhood is undying, the loyalty is unquestionable, and the friendship of fraternal is forever. • Brian Gatliff • Fraternal • O m i c r o n Kappa Epsilon


I \ , \


;•' C,^'. V-' -r*

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•; V. - '



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Under the leadership ot two presidents, Laura Rojeski in the fall semester and Kate Stacey in the spring semester, the Sigma Sigma sorority underwent a year of growth and change. The Sisterhood Enrichment Chair committee was started by Erika Oglesby with the idea of encouraging fellow women and building on a solid foundation of friendship. The year started with the annual canoe and camping trip and H o m e c o m i n g festivities. The Sigmas enjoyed visiting with alumni at the annual Alumni Brunch and spent some quality time with their brothers, the Fraters, on their "Neverland" inspired float. In November, the women traveled to Grand Traverse Bay Resort for their Formal. The spring semester lived up to its infamous reputation with an Informal celebrated at the Cadillac Sands hotel, the induction of seventeen new members, and an Army themed Date Night. With members involved in the Cheerleading Squad. Dance Marathon committees, intramural sports, the Milestone, Nykerk, Pull, Student Congress, VanderProv, and the W o m e n ' s Issues Organization, H o p e ' s campus is greatly impacted by the influence of H o p e ' s oldest sorority. At Swan Song, they said " g o o d b y e " to fourteen seniors. The history, the wisdom, and most of all the friendship of these women will be cherished and missed dearly. • M e g h a n B e a c h u m •



FRiendship CiRde is o TRRdisnonnl s o n q t h a t t h e Sigmas have been k n o w n f o r t h r o u g h o u t t h e y e a r s . Here, S u m m e r Pickhover,





M i l l s are seen p e r f o r m i n g t h e i r N M E 0 5 class s o n g . • S e n i o r R u s h C h a i r M e g a n C o u r t n e y a n d J u n i o r Rush Chair Chelsea S t e p h e n s o n , a l o n g w i t h Christie Carrier, p u t hours of w o r k i n t o t h e S i g m a Rush 2 0 0 7 p r o g r a m . • O p p o site page: F r o n t r o w : S u m m e r Pickh o v e r , Kali Hess, L a u r a R o j e s k i , E l i z a beth Blosh, Libby Klooster, M i c h e l l e Merlihan, DeVries,



Kate Stacey, M a r t i



son, Kendall Ramsden; Second R o w : L a u r e n O l d f i e l d , M e a g h a n Lewis, Kelly Ellis, B r i t t a n y B e r r y , C h e l s e a L y n e s , C o n n o r Brooks, Ashley Davis, M o r g a n Boyle, Niki Moss, Niki Pointer; Third row:




D e l m o n i c o , E m i l y M i l l s , M e g h a n Beac h u m , V a l e r i e F o s t e r , Kelly Sina, Christ i n a Tassoni, Katie Rhem, Julie M a r i e Carrico, Stephanie W i l k i n s ; Back r o w : Nicole Nordstrom, Deanna Moes, Annie Leger, Danielle P l a m o n d o n , Chelsea S t e p h e n s o n , A l l i s o n R i v e r s , K a t i e M o l o n e y , Katie Kelly, Sarah V e r n o n , S h a u n a M a r k b y , A l i Spears • p h o t o s

Homecoming Queen nominee Laura Johnson rode in a 2007 Ford Mustang convertible for the Homecoming Parade. The SigmaFrater float theme was "Return to Neverland" and included lyrics f r o m the infamous Friendship Circle.

Sorosis Society • Sigma Sigma





a favorite

pastime f o r m o s t Cosmos. This fall o n a camping trip, Randy Johnson and a f e w o f his f r a t e r n i t y b r o t h e r s a r e s e e n preparing d i n n e r over an open fire. • Dane




and Scott Neckers singafter their annual slideshow at t h e Cosmo formal. • Opposite page: F r o n t r o w : John T u r n er, Dan Burns, N i c k Z u p a n c i c h , Joey Orr, Brian C h a r l t o n , Julian Feick, Colin V i s ; Chase M o r r i s , Jay L e a d l e y , A d a m Rignalda, M i k e A m e r m a n , Kevin Bart o s e k ; Second r o w : M a t t S c h m i d t , Steven




A n d r e w Le, C a m e r o n S c h u l e r , G r a n t Webster, John Schaftenaar, Cameron DeHaan, A n d r e w Kortesoja, A n d r e w H a n c o c k , Jordan T i m m e r , Jeff Slaughter,






V i s s e r , D a n T r e s s l e r , C h r i s t i a n Piers, Dane Doctor, Will Grant; Third row: J a s o n D e J o n g , Bill V a l e n t i n e ; F o u r t h r o w : John Rabaut, M i k e Kelly, Clayt o n H e y l m u n ; Fifth row: Scott Neckers, M a t t M o o r e h e a d , B r e n t Z e n d l e r , G r a n t P r u t z m a n , N a t e V a n H o r n ; Last r o w : M a r k Yapp, David Seymour, N a t e DeJong, Jeff H a t c h e r , Ryne W i l s o n , Randy Johnson. • photos courtesy of E m i l y M i l l s , Chase M o r r i s , a n d PR •

Senior M a t t Moorehead throws a football at Tunnel Park at Sigma Sigma Date Night. He served his fraternity as Vice President in the fall of 2006.



ft ¥


By definition, to be " C o s m o p o l i t a n " means to be a "citizen of the world," and this year the Cosmopolitan Fraternity took that definition literally. Inspired by a M a y trip to Tanzania, several C o s m o s organized a coalition with Acting on A I D S and Mortar Board to f u n d a free H I V / A I D S testing and counseling clinic for the 1,500-person village of Shikokho, Kenya. Two dozen C o s m o s shaved mustaches to raise HIV awareness, collecting nearly $200. and a hot-dog-eating contest in Phelps raised an additional $300. The combined efforts provided for 18 months of testing and counseling in Shikokho. The focus outside H o p e did little to diminish the fraternity's enthusiasm for Hope College activities. C o s m o s participated in the Pull, Ultimate Frisbee, Mortar Board, Greek Men T a k e a Stand, jazz ensembles, and varsity tennis and soccer. Joey Orr ('07) was second-team All-Conference in soccer, Michael A m e r m a n ( ' 0 8 ) was first-team All-Region, and Dan Tresslar ('08) was second-team Ail-American. A m o n g Greeks, C o s m o s won the Brotherhood-Building Event Award and Service Project of the Year Awards, and for the second year. Christian Piers ( ' 0 7 ) was Greek Man of the Year. For everything C o s m o had to celebrate, there was an underlying absence in the fraternity. On July 20, 2006, senior Paul Baeverstad was lost in a tragic fall, and the C o s m o s lost a brother, friend, and leader. The fraternity came together in the following days, and Scott Neckers (07) said, "Supporting each other through P a u l ' s loss brought us closer—in the way that no one ever wanted." Paul was honored in songs, poetry, dance, and quiet m e m o r y by the people he touched in his three years at Hope College, and his quirky laugh will never leave the attic of the C o s m o House. In the words of the fraternity song: " N o ocean can the bond dissever,/Nor age destroy the sacred tie;/Though we travel far away ./Though our hairs be turning g r e y / W e will give her our love till we die." • Christian Piers •

C o s m o p o l i t a n • Phi K a p p a A l p h a





nsgt? '



• • *\K .n^- V « S S ^ ' . . **




:. -V,

- ^ ; v r ^



NH,/. mm •

' • ::.^ , ¥•

':?m -g:>" • •



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DCLTR Since 1910, the Delta Phi sorority has been making each year count by participating in fun activities, starting new events, and remembering past traditions. The 2006-2007 year was no exception. First semester the sorority kicked-off a great year by taking part in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness walk in Grand Rapids. The Delphis brought the motivating nature of the walk to H o p e ' s campus in October by creating the first ever campus-wide "Passionately PINK for the Cure" day to support national breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the cause. The Delta Phis finished a wonderful first semester by participating in Relay for Life, and got pumped up for another inspiring event second semester: Dance Marathon. Supporting their Miracle Child, Duncan, the Delphis danced and lip-synced their way to a successful and fun-filled Dance Marathon 2007. They finished off the year with an adventurous canoe trip, and said farewell to their graduating seniors with both tears and laughter of all the memories they had shared. One Delta Phi, Jenny Birkenholz, described these memories as "little treasures she would not soon forget." • Emily W e g e m e r •

A m o n d o Pniqn€R€lLi pResenrs o n OUJORCI t o E l l e n A w a d f o r all o f h e r w o r k w i t h Greek Life o v e r t h e past year. • M a r y Claire M i l l e r a n d Kelly Payne ride t h e Delphi and Cosmo h o m e c o m i n g float t h a t consisted of a flatbed semi-truck a n d as m a n y c o u c h e s as t h e y c o u l d find. • O p p o s i t e page: F r o n t r o w : Breanna Gomez, Lauren Muller, Ashley J o h n s o n , Joelle M i k o l s , A m a n d a Piagnarelli, Brynne Shoaf, M e r e d i t h M a s t ; S e c o n d r o w : K r i s t a G i e r , Kali L u d w i g , A s h l e y D e W i t t , Rachael Ferrara, Kara Gier, Jenny B i r k e n h o l z , Emily W e g e m e r , E m i l y V a n W e i r e n , Kari Z w i n g e l berg, Jennifer B o u m a n , Haleigh Heneveld, A n n a Roberts, Jeanine Schulze, Andrea DeKock; Third row: Brittany Ryzenga, Jackie P e c k e n p a u g h , Lyndsey V a n W y k , Leah G u t t e r s o n , Kelly Payne, Russalle H u l l , B r i t t a n y Posma, M o l l y M i l l e r , M a r y Davis, Callie W u l f , Becca





row: Wilson,

Christine Kyleigh

Parks, N i k i B e r b e r t , A m a n d a B o w e r , Lauren N u i v e r , Sam Sadergierski, M i chelle Geerlings, M a r y Claire Penner, Kristen Claire




DePree, Katie M o r g a n ,


beth Mckee, Emily Cook, Abbie C o w man

photos courtesy of Meghan

B e a c h u m , E m i l y W e g e m e r , a n d PR •

Brynne Shoaf helped introduce the new Delphi class into Greek Life by being a great leader and representative of the Delphi Sorority.

D e l p h i • D e l t a Phi



qpime oF d o d q e b o l l

is a f a v o r i t e

f o r t h e E m m i e s , so t h e y i n c l u d e d a d o d g e b a l l t o u r n a m e n t i n t o t h e i r Rush schedule. • A l e x Greczek, B r a d y Jensen, a n d P e t e r H o l d e n g a t h e r a r o u n d the fire at their annual camping trip.


• Opposite page: F r o n t r o w : A n d r e w Radler, Steve M o s t r o m , Spencer D u i t s ; S e c o n d r o w : RJ Casey, J a k e Gill i l a n d , A n d r e w C r o w d e r , Paul S w a n , Riley



Ibbotson, Ricky



Rhodes; T h i r d

David Betke, M a t t


Richardson, Nick

D u t h l e r , Jon Barrus, Brian H e i m , Scottie Scott; F o u r t h r o w : Greg B r o u w e r , Elliott





K a l l e w a r d , Paul C a r o l l o , R y a n S p e c h t ; F i f t h r o w : D a n T o r e n , Chris H a r r i s o n , Matt

Griffin, Addison



Leppink, N a t e G r i f f i t h , Sam Forr; Back r o w : Lucas W h i t m a n , K e v i n V a n D o k kumburg,




c o u r t e s y o f Paul S w a n a n d P R *

After studying abroad in Scotland during his junior year, Scott Ibbotson returned to Hope w i t h new thoughts and ideas to share w i t h his fraternity brothers.




ncHievi Their patron saint Ralph W a l d o Emerson once said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." The gentlemen of Phi Tau Nu have lived by this creed and created a positive and immensely successful school year. W h e t h e r it is in the classroom, at a c a m p u s event, or during a casual get-together, they support each other to the up most and exemplify the strong bonds of brotherhood. With numbers in the single digits just a few years ago, they have now c o m e full circle with membership topping forty. The Emersonian Fraternity has now established itself as one of the most loved and respected organizations on campus. With fourteen new brothers sworn in during the spring semester, they have grown to be an extremely eclectic and diverse group. They have key contributors in activities like varsity football, baseball, and the Pull. Attendance and participation were equally high in such philanthropic endeavors as Dance Marathon and the semester-end food drive. The seniors, led by Presidents Peter Holden and Scott Ibbotson, brought this group together and created a cohesive unit that , was inseparable by the end of the year. With a handful of active m e m b e r s graduating, the younger guys must step in and take the reigns this u p c o m i n g semester. W e are confident that this passing of the proverbial torch will go smoothly and that


the future of the fraternity has never been brighter or in better hands. • RJ C a s e y •

E m e r s o n i a n • Phi T a u N u


f JI s


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i'f - W'

SiqmR The Sibylline sorority is an organization that has been on H o p e ' s campus since 1919. Eighty-eight years later Sigma Iota Beta has eighty-six members and is the largest sorority at Hope. With members past and present, Sigma Iota Beta celebrates their individual strengths, weaknesses, ideals, and passions by creating a sisterhood bound by devout friendship, love, and loyalty. Sigma Iota Beta serves the community by participating in Relay for Life, Dance Marathon, Mr. Dutch, mission trips, and service projects. A favorite on campus is Mr. Dutch, a male beauty pageant. Gathering ten contestants who all represent Hope in different ways, the men compete for the crown of Mr. Dutch. Each contestant competes in three events: Hope/ Evening Wear, Talent, and Question-and-Answer. The proceeds go towards Dance Marathon in March. This year Sigma Iota Beta raised over $6,000 for Dance Marathon and raised the most compared to any other organization on campus. Megan Sedjo said, "Dance Marathon is one of the greatest experiences and such a wonderful opportunity to help others who are in need." This past April, Sigma Iota Beta participated in the annual powder puff tournament during Greek week. The Sibylline Sorority went on to win the tournament making them the reigning champions. The Emersonian fraternity is the brother to the SIBs and takes pride in their unique relationship. Together the organizations participate in activities and making memories. Overall, the Sibylline sorority offers a vast amount of opportunities for women to participate in events and to grow in friendship with each other. • Julie Cardella •



Deeno Vpnossen,


MeieR, ond


Slenk f i r e up t h e c r o w d a t t h e a n n u a l M r . D u t c h c o n t e s t hosted by t h e SIBs e v e r y year. • A n d i Prater and Dani V a n d e r l u g t act as backup dancers f o r o n e o f t h e M r . D u t c h c o n t e s t a n t s . • O p p o s i t e page: F r o n t r o w : Sarah M e j i a , Eden Jager, M e g Evenhouse, Julie Cardella, Karin Sweas, Kristen M i l l e r , Colleen Sullivan, Sarah W r i g h t , E m i l y W a d e , Danielle Bossley; Second R o w : Randall Schultz, Dani V a n d e r l u g t , K a i t l y n Becker, A n d i Prater, Gina Guzdziol, Jennie Rice, G r e t c h e n Davis, K i m Colem a n , Leah DeJonge, E m m y S c h u i t e m a n , Erin S u n d b e r g ; T h i r d Row: E m i l y G r i f f i n , M o l l i e Payne, Trisha M e i e r , A n n e Lockw o o d , Lauren H a r m e r , Jesse Fezzey, M e g L a y m a n , H e a t h e r M a n d e l , A u d r e y Fisher, A l l Roth, M o n i c a M a r t i n e z , Jen M a r i n o ; F o u r t h R o w : Julie K o f r o n , Lauren Reusink, M e g a n M c C o r m i c k , Brenna Boat, A l i i Cole, Kristen H u t c h i n s , Beth Gleason, S a m a n t h a Stille, A n g e l a Pscholka, N i k k i Leger, M i c h e l l e Stoel, Lindsey F r e i b u r g er; F i f t h R o w : Kate Reincke, A b b y Joyce, E m i l y Sterly, A n d r e a Firlit, Melissa Kilb o u r n , N o r a Slenk, Kendra Nicolai, Jenna G r o v e , Katie S o m m a v i l l a , R u t h Hagan, Sara Nielsen, Jami Rubin; Sixth R o w : Kendall A l i b e r , M e g a n Faust, Sarah Shaheen, Deena Vanassen, A m y Evenhouse, Jenna T r e u m u t h , Cara B r o n d y k e , Rachel S a u e r m a n , Sarah M i g n i n , Melissa Sapp; Last R o w : Tina Lilly, Kristen Rose, Jenna Coffaro, M e g a n Sedjo, A l l i s o n A d a m s , Kat i e M a t r e , Libby Cassell, Lindsay Bransen, Christine M o o r e , Steph Poll. • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f M e g h a n B e a c h u m , Marissa G r o t t and PR •

Junior, Beth Gleason was a Director of Morale. Pictured here, she is playing w i t h Dylan, a miracle child.

Sibylline • Sigma lota Beta


Jesse PRinns Rnd PereR Srevens play a g a m e o f bags in f r o n t o f t h e A r c a d i a n cottage during exam week. • Getting ready for a rush event at t h e Arcadian C o t t a g e are Chris Gates a n d T r o y Kierczynski. • Opposite page: F r o n t row; M a t t h e w Cowie, Troy Kierczynski, B r i a n B u s s e m a , D a v i d L e l a n d , A n d r e w S c h u e n e m a n , Chris Gates, W i l liam Auxier, Shaun S m i t h , Rob H o f f ; S e c o n d r o w : K y l e W a r n e r , J a k e Parlberg, M a t t h e w

Bauer, Alex Zelinski,

Patrick M e r n a g h , Peter Stevens, A n d r e w Popchock, Kyle Evenhouse, Dav i d M o r a n , KC C o h e n , P r e s t o n Pierson, A r k W a u z z i n s k i , Phillip Everse; Back





Kierczynski, Alec

Bolt, T o m


Jesse P r i n n s , B r a n d o n T e e t s . • p h o t o s courtesy





M i l l s , a n d PR • - ->:v

M a t t h e w Cowie plays Sigma Sigma Guess W h o on Halloween. Cowie was president of the Arcadians and contributed to the organization's growth.




X p t e t o p The Arcadian Fraternity is the largest it has been in the better half of a decade. Staying strong currently with thirty members, the men of Arcadia have gone through some changes in the organization that have developed them into outstanding gentlemen. T h e Arkies have been serving the c o m m u n i t y with projects helping the less fortunate and helping the environment as well. Also, the men of Arcadia continue to have a strong presence in Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, and other Hope College sponsored events. Another area in which the Arkies are proud of is that the organization just celebrated its 60th anniversary. This event made all the m e m b e r s recognize the dedication that the alumni put into Chi Phi Sigma that allows the existence of the organization to continue at Hope College. The values that they established are still a strong part of what a true Arcadain believes in and that is the importance of Service, Love, and W i s d o m . These things represent the lifestyle of the men of Arcadia as they look to better themselves and those around them. • M a t t h e w C o w i e •

A r c a d i a n • Chi Phi S i g m a



, s h i p iS KRppP D₏LTfi CH I The Kappa Delta Chi sorority is founded on the principles of friendship, service, and the enrichment of the mind and members. The sorority is a unique blend of personalities, and members pride themselves on being involved in a wide variety of activities both on campus and in the community. The 2006-2007 school year was an exciting year for the Kappa Delta Chi sorority. The Kappa Chis had two rush programs, one in the fall of 2006 and one in the spring of 2007. This meant a very busy and exciting year for the sorority. They are thrilled to have all of their new m e m b e r s and have been enjoying the wonderful benefits they bring to the sorority. The Kappa Chis have also participated in many other events. The sorority had many fun and creative sister nights, including a White Elephant party, dodgeball games and they hosted a hibachi dinner. The sorority was honored to win the "Highest Average Sorority C P A " award during Greek Week for the third year in a row, and the Kappa Chis also came in second in the annual H o m e c o m i n g float contest. The Kappa Chis focused on serving their community this year. They participated in Dance Marathon, raised money for the Heifer Project, and supported a Habitat for Humanity family. With all the growth the sorority experienced this year, the members are looking forward to returning for another successful year in the fall. • Devin Boyles •



Th€ K o p p o Chi's enjoy Fondue w h i l e getting ested




in j o i n i n g





• M e r r y Roberts, A m a n d a Allen and K e e k s H e n n r i d e in t h e i r p r i z e - w i n n i n g f l o a t d u i n g t h e H o m e c m i n g parade.





N i c o l e B e n n e t t , Sarah L e m i e u x , K i m berly Conger, Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Marsh, Mary Ahlee

Pressler; Second




Lise d e J o n g ,

Julia Defoe, V i c t o r i a V i c e n c i o ; T h i r d r o w : L a r a W a g n e r , Elise N e l s o n , K r i s t i Orange; F o u r t h r o w : M e r r y Roberts, Lauren




D e v i n Boyles, Karla H e l v i e ; Back r o w : Kaytie Haskamp, Christy Nitz, Jamie M i l b u r n , A m a n d a A l l e n , Rebecca Kol a k • p h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f M e g h a n Beac h u m , D e v i n B o y l e s a n d PR •


Rebecca Kolak spends time laughing w i t h her sisters. She served as Vice President in the fall of 2006 and as PanHellenic Representative for the past three years.

K a p p a Chi • K a p p a D e l t a Chi


TY Robins posses The LiPesoveR t o a member






D o r i a n ' s , as a p a r t o f a G r e e k W e e k a c t i v i t y . • Cents share a f l o a t w i t h t h e D o r i a n s in t h e H o m e c o m i n g p a r a d e . •







hovel, Ritchie






Rob Schel-

lenberg. Brad L o c k w o o d ; Second r o w : F r i t z G u n t h e r , Joe! Birdsall, T y

Birdsall, J e r e m y

Robins, A n d r e w


Third row: M i k e VanderWeele, Keith Fraass, A l e x M o r t z , K e n U n d e r w o o d , Johnny Ganta, Justin Sobania; F o u r t h r o w : John Gould, Jeff B r o w n , B r a n d o n King, M a t t Kryger, N a t e Sayer, Peter Mattson;

Back r o w :

Jonathan Von




Liang, Boillot,

Charlie Sierzant. • p h o t o s by M e g h a n B e a c h u m , J o h n n y G a n t a , a n d PR •

Ken Underwood watches the Greek Week festivities in the Pine Grove. Ken has been elected President for the fall of 2007.



S€RVI This year, the men of the Alpha Theta Chi fraternity were honored to induct eight new m e m b e r s into their organization. These new m e m b e r s have already begun to e x e m p l i f y the motto in which the m e m b e r s of the Centurian Fraternity hold the utmost importance: Brotherhood. Service, Character. The new m e m b e r s have c o m e f r o m many walks of life. They are hockey players, lacrosse players and are involved in The Pull. Their m a j o r s range f r o m art education, to business, to Japanese. They are truly upstanding young men. The Centurian fraternity has always prided themselves on being involved in charity work. This year the Centurians decided to concentrate on nature and animals as their main points for c o m m u n i t y service. They volunteered at the Critter Barn in Zeeland, helping to restore the a n i m a l ' s cages and get the place ready for winter; as well as at the Ottawa County H u m a n e Society. The Centurians also took part in the annual "Rake and R u n " at Hope College and led a fitness c a m p for the students at the Boys and Girls C l u b in Holland. For their continuous leadership in the c o m m u n i t y , the Centurians were honored at the annual Greek awards as recipients of the Best Service Project Award. The Centurians remained highly involved with their sister sorority the Dorians this year; celebrating h o m e c o m i n g , participating in Relay for Life and even facing off in their annual Battle of the S e x ' s games, in which the Centurians retained the golden plunger (or crown). The Cents sadly had to say goodbye to seven of their m e m b e r s as they were moving on to a different chapter in their lives. While they will be missed, the remaining men of Alpha Theta Chi are happy for those moving on because they k n o w what is in store for them. The Centurain Fraternity is in good hands next year and will continue their quest for excellence and to remain highly involved on the c a m p u s of Hope College. • K e n n e t h U n d e r w o o d •

C e n t u r i a n • A l p h a T h e t a Chi


Kappa Beta Phi had a big year taking in twenty-one new girls this spring-the largest pledge class the sorority has had in many years. The Dorians pride themselves on being a group of unique individuals, each contributing different personalities, interests and thoughts to the sorority. This new group of ambitious, caring and outgoing new girls already exemplifies and enhances all that is Dorian. Dorians are continuing to give back to the community through their philanthropy project raising hundreds of dollars to donate to local Holland high schools to help with extracurricular equipment costs. Kappa Beta Phi and the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity hosted their annual Jingle Ball Bash again at W a r m Friend, a senior independent living facility in downtown Holland, in which everyone enjoys Christmas carols, cookies, dancing, games, and good conversation. Raising money and participating in Dance Marathon and Relay for Life has been another long-standing Dorian and Greek Life tradition. Dorians also helped welcome the Knickerbocker Fraternity back into the Greek community with their first annual Dorian/ Knick Bake Off. The Centurians faced off against their sisters in the bi-annual Battle of the Sexes competition in tests of aca-, demies, athleticism and pop culture. The girls also enjoyed bowling and playing ultimate Frisbee with the Emersonian Fraternity and participating in intramural sports and the annual Powerpuff football tournament. Kappa Beta Phi president. Shannon Harburn was voted Greek W o m a n of the Year for being a role model in the Greek community by living out the Dorian motto of simplicity of manner, strength of purpose, and beauty of character. Though sixteen amazing seniors will graduate in 2007, the Dorian tradition will be left in good hands and holds incredible potential for the future. • Heidi W e i r •



H u d d l i n q u p beFoRe rheiR biq q n m e , t h e Dorians get p u m p e d up f o r t h e i r int r a m u r a l g a m e against t h e Sigmas. • Opposite





H a r b u r n , R a c h e l Le, S t e f a n i e G r e y b a r , Bethany Wallin, Bethany Lieberman, Kristin Johnson,



M a r g a r e t Fylstra, Vicki B l a n t o n , Lauren

Halvorson, Jennifer Thompson;

Second r o w : A b b y Drake, Emily Donahue, M e g Estochen, Emily Owens, Julie T i l l m a n , Weir,







H u t c h i n s , Stacey H a r b u r n ; T h i r d r o w : W a n d a T u r n e r , J o y Close, J e n n a C a r l son; F o u r t h r o w : C o u r t n e y M c C a r t h y , Kristin Kramer, Kolleen G i e r u m , Julie Reishus, A n n Green; F i f t h r o w : A l l i s o n Fisher, A b b y




Back r o w : Beth A n n Tieche, E l i z a b e t h Orlando, Jennifer Amisson, Shannon Dickinson, Jamie Opdyke, Stephanie F o w l e r , Sarah Bro. • p h o t o s c o u r t e sy o f M e g h a n B e a c h u m , E m i l y M i l l s , Heidi Weir, and

PR •

Abby Arens is a member of the Dorian's newest class, the class of NME 2007.

D o r a i n • K a p p a B e t a Phi


Adorn HeeRspmk pLovs The QUITRR a t t h e Knickerbocker's


back o n campus. • li.


Scott Mancinel-

President of t h e Re-Organization

C o m m i t t e e , t a k e s t i m e t o pass d o w n important


history. •



p a g e : Eric A l m l i " ' , T h o m a s Eilers"-, P e t e Poel":', K i r k


ma'", A n d y

Buchner^, M a r k


Webster" 1 ',



Stubbs 1 ',



horst, A a r o n Haar:', Steve Barbachyn, Scott M a n d n e l l i " , T i m H o b e k e " , Jacob W i n g a t e , and


notes alumni). •

E r i c k s o n (•

Karl D y k e m a •

Jacob Wingate and the Knicks took their bake-off w i t h the Dorians very seriously. Jacob was elected Presedent of the Knickerbockers for next fall making him the youngest president to serve.




photos courtesy of


The Knickerbocker Fraternity is dedicated to the development of the social maturity, intellectual excellence, and moral conviction of its m e m b e r s . S y n o n y m o u s with loyalty, Knickerbocker is represented by a small group of men who come together to enjoy f u n and fellowship with a sense of brotherhood that cannot be established in larger fraternities. The Knicks were reinstated this year f o l l o w i n g a five year break after a successful fall rush program was initiated by a group of devoted alumni f r o m the classes of 1951 through 2 0 0 4 lead by Scott Mancinelli ('90) and John Foster ('74). The new m e m bers took the c a m p u s by storm, winning four awards for their accomplishments including highest combined G P A , best risk management event for their bakeoff with the Dorian sorority, best Greek Life Enrichment, and first place in Greek Week attendance. The Knicks bonded in brotherhood through social activities such as the spring canoe trip, as well as service activities, including the can drive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and volunteering at the DeGraaf Nature Center. The Knicks hope to capitalize on the m o m e n t u m gained through the past year by reestablishing their presence on c a m p u s and adding m e m b e r s interested in carrying on the traditions of the fraternity. • Jacob W i n g a t e •

K n i c k e r b o c k e r • Kappa Eta N u



*Wu'famimA'PiL *4tnsT



SOR The women of the Alpha G a m m a Phi Sorority celebrated their 50th Anniversary this year! The year began with raising money for and walking in the Detroit AIDS Walk. The women then started a new bonding experience - having an informal potluck dinner the first Sunday of each month. At Homecoming, the active women of Alpha Phi were joined by alumni on their "Return to Neverland." The Alpha Phis then welcomed their former brothers, the Knickerbockers, back to campus and spent a lot of time getting to know these wonderful men. After a very successful rush, themed "50 Years of Rockin'", the Alpha Phis welcomed five amazing new women to the wonderful experience of the sisterhood's friendship and love. Spring Formal was spent in a cabin on Lake Charlevoix; it was a relaxing and fun event for the sisters and their dates. Finally, three women - Darcy Cunningham. Megan Dougherty, and Stephanie Harrier - sang the Alpha Phi Friendship Song one last time before graduating after an amazing Senior Toast was given by next year's Vice President, Monica Calhoon. Through it all, the Alpha Phis stood by their motto - "Friendship, our anchorage." • Stephanie Harrier •






TIHS Homsconninq PRRode,


ah Popovich, M o n i c a Calhoon, M e g a n Dougherty, and



r i d e o n t h e A l p h a Phi's f l o a t . • N e w m e m b e r s j o i n t h e actives f o r a picnic a t T u n n e l Park. • O p p o s i t e p a g e : F r o n t r o w : S t e p h a n i e W e s c o t t , Sarah Sligh, R a c h e l D o r r , Jessica J o e ; S e c o n d r o w : Ryann




Anna Pizzimenti, Darcy Cunningham; Back r o w : Stephanie Hansens, Stephanie Harrier, M o n i c a Calhoon. • p h o t o s b y J u l i e Kocsis a n d PR •

Freshman Anna Pizzimenti is one of the newest members of Alpha Gamma Phi.

A l p h a Phi • A l p h a G a m m a Phi


Luke SodeRSTRom is RT BPI in t h e a l l Greek




m e n t . • D r e s s e d as t h e V i l l a g e P e o p l e f o r H a l l o w e e n are Dan V a n S t e d u m , Thad Goodchild, A n d y VanderYacht, and A n d y Johansen. • Opposite page: F r o n t r o w ; Eric P f r o p p e r , Joe B a n i s h , David Fletcher; Second r o w : M a t t h e w Porter, M a t t

Day, Thad


A n d y V a n d e r Y a c h t , Steve T o m p k i n s , Makana





Koon, Ryan Storr, Dan V a n S t e d u m , A n d y Serrano, Bryan Kinsey. • p h o t o s courtesy of Andy VanderYacht •

Senior Eric Pfropper and freshman David Fletcher teamed up to coach the Sigmas In the annual powderpuff tournament. Every year Phi Sigma Kappa sponsors and coaches the tournament. 266


This year was a very successful year for the Tau Septaton chapter of Phi S i g m a Kappa at Hope College. The chapter worked hard to embrace its cardinal principles of brotherhood, scholarship and character all year long. Over the course of the year the Phi Sigs participated in n u m e r o u s activities. In October, the chapter was a m o n g the fundraising leaders in Relay for Life and a Phi Sig won the Mr. Relay competition for the third time in the past f o u r years. The Phi Sigs also participated in Dance Marathon, ushered at the Christmas Vespers services, co-sponsored a Christmas dance at Resthaven Care C o m m u nity retirement home, volunteered at Holland-o-Ween (a trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving safety event and Halloween party for local kids sponsored by the Holland Park District), walked in the Jingle Bell walk (a walk to raise awareness for mental illness), volunteered at the C o m m u n i t y Kitchen soup kitchen held at Western Theological Seminary and volunteered at the Glitz Hair Salon Cut-a-thon to raise money for Michigan Children's L e u k e m i a Foundation. In January, six brothers represented the chapter at a regional conclave in Milwaukee, WI attended by representatives f r o m Phi Sig chapters at other colleges in Michigan and other surrounding states. During Greek Week, the Phi Sigs sponsored, organized, coached and refereed the 4th annual Greek Powder Puff Football tournament. In August, five brothers will represent the chapter at the Phi Sigma Kappa National Convention held in Nashville, TN. The Phi Sigs also achieved the goal of raising their average GPA to above the Greek m e n ' s average at Hope in 2007. After w e l c o m i n g the very talented and promising Delta class to the chapter in the spring, the chapter looks forward to promising 2007-2008 school year. • Thad Goodchild •

Phi Sig • Phi S i g m a K a p p a


__ |TRUp^slhBEiKB_ D C I T R B i q m f i Thero On January 13, 1913, twenty-two African American collegiate women at Howard University founded the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. These women pursued the foundation of this sorority because they wanted to promote academic excellence and provide assistance to persons in need. Delta Sigma Theta is an illustrious sorority that is dedicated to public service. In March of 1913, the Delta Founders performed Delta's first act with their participation in the W o m e n ' s Suffrage March in Washington D.C. The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has over 200,000 members with chapters all over the world. The Tau Psi Chapter at Hope College was initiated as the 975th chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated on April 24, 2005. This past fall, Hope's Tau Psi chapter participated and raised money in the Walk for HIV/AIDS in Grand Rapids. In February, we completed our first Delta Week which included a graduate school discussion featuring Hope faculty of color, an STD awareness day, a finance panel featuring representatives from Holland area banks, and a fun and educational ladies night where stress management and self defense techniques were taught. Also in February, Tau Psi created a Black History Month quiz that was featured on Hope's website. On December 3, 2006 the Tau Psi chapter of DST initiated three new members into the sorority. The members were known as A.L.P.H.A Trinity. The newest members are Tonisha Gordon, Lyndsey Brewster, and Leticia Parker. A.L.P.H.A Trinity was the first official group to cross under the Tau Psi Chapter.* Tonisha Gordon •



ERID TOYIOR o n d LYndsev BREUUSRSR a r e n o t o n l y a c t i v e in t h e i r s o r o r i t y , t h e y a r e b o t h a c t i v e in o t h e r o r g a n i z a t i o n s a t H o p e . E r i n is i n v o l v e d w i t h G o s p e l C h o i r a n d L y n d s e y s e r v e s as a n RA in Kollen. • Three Deltas represent their o r g a n i z a t i o n at t h e A c t i v i t i e s Fair. • Opposite


Erin Taylor,


Parker, Lyndsey Brewster, and T o n i sha





Tonisha Gordon •

Tonisha Gordon served her sorority as Secretary for the spring semester.

Deltas • Delta Sigma Theta



Ansilio, Laura 180,181

B a r t m a n , J e n n i f e r 133

Blasius, T o n y 175

A n t h o n y , Jessica 132

Barton, A m a n d a 62

B l a u w , Rebecca 83

A r e n s , A b i g a i l 261

B a r t o n , Laura 83,111

B l e w s , L a u r e n 83

A r m s t r o n g , Rebecca 83

B a r t o s e k , K e v i n 172,173, 2 4 6

B l o k , Joel 134

A r n d t , K e i t h 133

Baseball 205

B l o m , Joshua 8 3 , 2 2 6

A r n o l d , V a l e r i e 83

B a s k e t b a l l ( M e n ' s ) 189

Blosh, E l i z a b e t h 83, 245

A s a m o a T u t u , Selase 133

B a s k e t b a l l ( W o m e n ' s ) 187

B o a t , B r e n n a 170, 253

A s c h b r e n n e r , Charles 59

B a t t e r b e e , C h r i s t o p h e r 175

Bocks, E l i z a b e t h 4 6 , 7 1

A s h a c k , K u r t 133, 216, 2 4 2

Bauer, M a t t h e w 254

B o c k s t e g e , J e n n i f e r 121

A t w o o d , A l e x a n d e r 175

B a u m a n , K e n n e t h 133

B o d e n b e n d e r , B r i a n 55

B a u m g r a s s , Sarah 114

B o d i n e , Erik 134

A b e , Jack 172,173

Austin, Ashley 133,194,195 A u s t i n , Dale 4 6 , 71

Beach, S t e p h a n i e 114

B o e l k i n s , James N. 7 2 , 7 3

A b e l a , A n d r e w 82, 258

A u s t i n , Rachel 133

B e a c h u m , M e g h a n 121,217,

B o e l k i n s , K i m b e r l y 213

Abiade, A y a n n a h 16,17,219

A u x i e r , W i l l i a m 175, 2 5 4

B o e r s m a , A a r o n 134

A b r a h a n t e s , M i g u e l 54

A w a d , Ellen 71, 239, 2 4 9

235, 239, 2 4 4 , 245 Beal, D w i g h t 226

A c t i n g o n A I D S 227

Beals, R o w e n e 51

B o g e m a , M a r l e e 134

A d a m c z y k , Eric 175

B e c c h e t t i , M a r c 133

B o g e m a , S t e p h a n i e 134

Adams, Allison 82,253

Beck, Erica 83

B o i l l o t , Paul 258

A d a m s , Laura 185

Beck, Rachel 83

Boles, J o r d y n 1 8 6 , 1 8 7

Becker, K a i t l y n 121, 253

B o l k e m a , A b i g a i l 83, 226

B e c k e r m a n , H o l l y 177,191

B o l t , D a n i e l 134, 254

B e c k e t t , B r a d l e y 133

B o m a n , T i m o t h y 121


A d a m s , L a u r e n 82, 229, 257 A d a m s , S a m u e l 114 A d a m s k i , K a t h l e e n 67


B o e v e , L a u r e l 134

Adenegan, Elizabeth 82

Baar, V i c t o r i a 114

Bedan, A n d r e w 204, 242

B o m b a r d , Rebecca 83

A d k i n s , A s h l e y 132

B a b u m b a , Paul 133

B e d k e r , T a n y a 133

Bombe, Michelle 49,71

A g a u a s , S t e p h e n 175

Bach, B e n j a m i n 120, 236

Beeler, J a c q u e l i n e 134,177,

B o o d t , B r y a n 175

Agheana, Ion 50

B a c o n , B r a n d e n 229

Akers, T h o m a s 120,183

Baer, M a r c 55, 77 B a e v e r s t a d , Paul 13

191 B e h e n s k y , Charles 67

B o o k e r , L i n d a 15

A g u i l e r a , Elies 132

Behm, Alexander 246

B o o n e , Jake 114

A l b e r s , B a r b a r a 51

B a i l e y , J a m i e 133

B e k i u s , H o l l y 216

B o o n s t r a , T y l e r 83, 229

A l b e r s , Joseph 217

B a i l e y , J u s t i n 172

B e k m e t j e v , A i r a t 58

B o o t e , J a c q u e l y n 83

Al bus, T r a c y 223

Bailey, Robert 120,178,179,

Bell, A l b e r t 55

B o o t e , L u k e 78 B o o t e , M a t t h e w 8 4 , 219

A l i b e r , K e n d a l l 8 2 , 1 7 0 , 253

193 B a i n b r i d g e , A s h l e y 83

Benjamin, Tracy 209,217 B e n n e t t , C a t h e r i n e 121, 237

B o r g o n d y , M a c k e n z i e 121

Allen, Amanda 82,257

Baker, Brian 2 0 4 , 205

B e n n e t t , N i c o l e 257

B o r s t , Joel 175

A l l e n , Rachel 132

B a k e r , K a t h e r i n e 114, 231

B e n o i t , A l i s o n 134

B o r s t , Teresa 1 3 4 , 1 6 9

Allen, Stephanie 82

B a k e r , Rebecca 199, 228

B e n s o n , G a r r i s o n 134

B o r z y m , Sarah 134

A l l e r d i n g , Julie 8 2

B a k e r , R o b i n 133, 216

B e n t l e y , Ellie 83

Boss, A m a n d a 114

A l l i s , James 6 2

B a k k e n , Rachel 1 2 1 , 1 8 0 , 1 8 1

B o s s e n b r o e k , Chelsea 121

A l p h a G a m m a Phi 2 6 4

Balas, C o l i n 175

B e r b e r t , N i c o l e 134, 2 4 9 B e r g m a n s , Joshua 121

A l p h a Phi O m e g a 229

Balderas, Raquel 133

B e r g s m a , Sean 192,193

Bossley, D a n i e l l e 134, 253

A l p h a T h e t a Chi 259

B a l l e t Club 221

B e r r y , B r i t t a n y 73, 213, 245

B o u m a - P r e d i g e r , S t e v e n 43,

A l v a r e z , Isabelle 50

B a n d s t r a , B a r r y 67

B e r t r a n d , M i c h a e l 134

A m e r m a n , M i c h a e l 172,173,

B a n i s h , Joseph 175, 2 6 6

Best, A a r o n 4 6

61, 6 7 Bouman, Jennifer 249

246 A m i n , Ian 132

Banks, H a l e y 8 8 , 210, 213

B e t k e , D a v i d 12, 217, 250

Bourassa, Eric 226

B a n n e r , J o s h u a 226, 231

B e u k e r , J o h n 175

B o u w e r , A m a n d a 135

A m i s s o n , J e n n i f e r 261

Banyai, Charlie 2 0 8

B e u k e r , K a t e l y n 134, 216

B o w e n , C h r i s t o p h e r 175

A m u n d s e n , S o m m e r 82, 223

Barbachyn,Steven 262

B e y n e , E d w a r d 175

B o w e n , Lindsay 8 4

A n c h o r 234

B a r b i e r i , A s h l e y 121,217,219

B i n n s , Craig 134

Bower, Amanda 249

A n d e r s o n , C a i t e l e n 82, 226

B a r i g i a n , J u s t i n 121,237

B i r c h m e i e r , T h o m a s 175

B o w e r m a n , N a t h a n i e l 135

A n d e r s o n , Eric 193

B a r k e l , B e n j a m i n 133

Bird, A d a m 121

B o y l e , M o r g a n 121, 245

A n d e r s o n , Isolde 51

B a r k e r , Joseph 121

Birdsall, J e r e m y 258

Boyles, D e v i n 8 4 , 256, 257

A n d e r s o n , K a i t l i n 132

B a r l o w , M i c h a e l 175

Birdsall, Joel 134, 2 0 8 , 216,

B r a a k s m a , B e t h a n y 135

A n d e r s o n , M a r t a 83, 245

B a r n a d y n , B e t h 133 Barnes, L a u r e n 133

258 Birkenholz, Jennifer 248,

Brace, N i c o l e 76, 77, 8 4

A n d e r s o n , M a t t h e w 175, 2 4 2 A n d e r s o n , Z a c h a r y 132,185,

Barnes, M e g a n 133 Barnett, Tyler 242

249 B i s h o p , Rachel 58

A n d r e , M a r i a Claudia 50

Barnum, Nancy 62

Black, E m i l y 134

B r a n d e s , A n n a 191 Brandes, K i m b e r l y 1 6 8 , 1 6 9

A n d r e s e n , D a r y l 120

Barrus, J o n a t h a n 250

B l a c k n e y , Lea 83

Brandis, C a r o l y n 114

A n k e r , Sarah 132

B a r t e l , H a l e y 133

B l a c k p o r t , A k r i s a 134

B r a n d t , T i m o t h y 135

A n n e s s a , Carlie 180

B a r t e l s , K e n n e t h 83

B l a c q u i e r e , Elly 8 3 , 2 1 7

B a r t l e y , J a c q u e l i n e 55

Blanton, Victoria 83,261

B r a n s e n , L i n d s a y 8 4 , 253 B r a v o , A n d r e 183

A l d r i c h , M i c h a e l 188




B o o k o , D a v i d 175

Bosserd, Rebecca 186

B r a d l e y , S h i r l e y 135 B r a m l e y , K a t h e r i n e 8 8 , 210

Breen, D a v i d 8 4

B y k e r , H i l l a r y 226

C a r m i c h a e l , H i l a r y 136

C h e r u p , Susan 51

Brenner, S t e f a n i e 135, 216

B y l s m a , T h o m a s 231

C a r o l l o , Paul 2 0 8 , 2 3 8 , 2 5 0

Chesney, D a n i e l 172, 2 4 2

C a r p e n t e r , A d a m 35, 8 4 , 219 Carr, J e n n i f e r 1 8 0 , 1 8 1

C h e s n u t , Reagan 35

Carr, Sarah 1 3 6 , 1 8 0

Chi Phi Sigma 255

Carrico, Julie M a r i e 245

C i n z o r i , A a r o n 58

Carrier, C h r i s t i n e 245

Clarey-Sanford, Catherine

C a r t e r , A s h l e y 136

Clark, A a r o n 85,193

C a r t e r , T i f f a n y 114

Clark, G l e n n D. 193 Clarkson, Kyle 218

Breaker, D a n i e l l e 8 4 B r e w s t e r , L y n d s e y 135, 239, 268, 269


Bridle, M i c h e l l e 214 Brierley, L a u r e n 2 0 9 Brieve, J e n n i f e r 135 Bro, Sarah 261 Broe, C h r i s t o p h e r 114

Caesar, Kori 136

B r o n d y k e , Cara 8 4 , 253

Cain, B r e t t 175

C a r t e r , T i m o t h y 175 Case, E l i z a b e t h 8 4

Brooks, Alec 135, 2 5 4

C a l a m a r i , Paige 136

Casey, R o b e r t 175, 250, 251

Brooks, C o n n o r 245

Caldwell, Katherine 8 4

Cash, Jason 1 0 , 1 4 , 1 5 , 8 4 ,

B r o t t , K a t r i n a 135

Calhoon, M o n i c a 236,264,

Brouwer, Gregory 135,250

265 Callam, D a n i e l 121

214, 235, 236 Cason, H i l a r y 11,114, 214

B r o u w e r , Kylee 1 9 8 , 1 9 9

Cassell, E l i z a b e t h 85, 253

C h i c z e w s k i , K a t h e r i n e 122

Claus, D a n i e l 136 Clauser, Laura 137 Clay, A m i e 122 C l e m e n t s , J e r e m i a h 175 C l e m e n t s , N a t h a n i e l 137 Cline, Kyle 122

B r o u w e r , W a y n e 67 B r o w n , J e f f r e y 54, 8 4 , 258 Brown, Kenneth 47 Brown, Lindsay 8 4 B r o w n , Rachel 135 B r o w n , Sarah 135 B r o w n e , Kelsey 191 B r u f f , A m a n d a 135 s i

Bruinius, J e n n i f e r 135 Bruins, C h r i s t o p h e r 135 Brumels, K i r k 58,175 Brusko, M i c h a e l 175 Brusveen, K o l t o n 135 B r y a n t , B r i e a n n 186 B u c h w e i t z , Jessica 135 Buck, D a n i e l 84,111


Buck, Laura 8 4 Buckley, C h r i s t o p h e r 114 B u c k m a n , Bill 30 Budd, J e r e m i a h 175 Bueter, M . C h r i s t o p h e r 135 B u h r m a s t e r , C h r i s t i n e 135 Buis, A n n a 8 4 B u l t e m a , K a t i e 121



B u l t m a n , C. Baars 51 B u l t m a n , James 2 4 , 2 5 , 5 2 , 53, 2.12., 231, 236, 243 Bultman, Thomas 46 Buma, J o n a t h a n 183 B u r k e t t , Sarah 8 4 B u r k h a r d t , K a t h l e e n 114, 214 B u r k h a r t , N i k o l a s 121

C a l v e r t , A l e x a n d e r 136

Castle, A u s t i n 136

Close, Joy 261

C a m m e n g a , R o b e r t 175

C a t e r i n a , D a n i e l l e 136

Clouse, Jessica 137

B u r l i n g , Richard 1 2 1 , 2 0 4

C a m p b e l l , A l e x a n d e r 175

Ceglarek, Jozsef 136,193

C o c h r a n e , Sarah 170,171

B u r m a n , E l i z a b e t h 213

C a m p b e l l , M e g a n 136

Cencer, J e n n i f e r 19, 85, 234

Burns, D a n i e l 175, 2 0 8 , 2 4 6

C a n a n , C o d y 122 C a r b o n a r o , Clare 136

C h a m b e r l a i n , K e n n e t h 136, 226

Coe, Chad 35, 8 6 , 237 C o f f a r o , Jenna 8 6 , 253 Cohen, E l i z a b e t h 8 6

' Burns, K e r s t e n 121, 237 B u r r i c h t e r , Sarah 136

Cardella, Julie 252, 253

Chamness, Paul 226

Cohen, K.C. 2 0 8

Bush, Isaac 121

Carlson, A n n i k a 95, 231

Bushell, E m i l y 136

Carlson, G r a h a m 114, 237

Chang, Ki 136 Chapel Band 226

Cohen, Kala 238, 254 C o l b u r n , T r e v o r 122

Bussema, Brian 2 5 4 Bussies, J u s t i n 136, 216

Carlson, J e f f r e y 172,173,188 Carlson, Jenna 1 2 2 , 1 8 5 , 2 6 1

Chaponniere, Paulette 62

Cole, A l l i s o n 1 6 9 , 2 5 3

C h a r e t t e , Claire 136

B u t l e r , Philip 175

Carlson, M a t t h e w 8 8 , 210

B u t t e r f i e l d , K e v i n 172

Carlson, Patricia 58 Carlson, Seth 136

C h a r l t o n , Brian 85, 2 4 6 C h e e r l e a d i n g 185

Cole, K e v i n 191,193 Cole, Lindsey 170 C o l e m a n , K i m b e r l y 122, 217,

Buys, E m i l y 8 4 Buyze, M a r y 8 4

Chen, V i v i a n 136 C h e r r y , J a c l y n n 122

2-39/ 253 C o l e m a n , M e g a n 137 Index


C o l l e t o n , A y n e - K a 133 Collins, Brian 183 Collins, M a l l o r y 137 Coney, Linda 6 2 Conger, K i m b e r l y 257 Congi, Christina 122

C o w i e , M a t t h e w 254, 255 Cox, D a n i e l 137 Coyle, Brian 59 Cozzens, S t u a r t 8 6


Craig, Charles 137, 216

217, 2 4 6 D e H a a n , Claire 87 D e H a a n , Daniel 122 D e H a a n , J o n a t h a n 215 d e H a a n , Sander 50

Craig, Katie 87 Craig, S h a n n o n 232

D ' O y l y , M a t t h e w 70, 71, 238 Dale, A m a n d a 122

C o n r o y , A m a n d a 137 C o n s t a n t , Jack 137 Converse, A u d r e y 8 6

Cramer, Stephen 188,189

Daly, James 115

D e H u d y , A s h l e y 19, 87, 227 DeJong, Jason 2 4 6

C r e a m e r , Colleen 138, 221 Crisman, T i m o t h y 138

D a m i , O r l a n d 138 D a m s t r a , Kylee 169

deJong, Kara Lise 87, 217, 257 DeJong, N a t e 2 4 6

Converse, Ryan 175 C o n w a y , Colleen 58

C r o n k i t e , D o n a l d 4 6 , 63

Dance M a r a t h o n 21, 213

DeJonge, Leah 253

C r o n k r i g h t , Jake 175 Cross C o u n t r y ( M e n ' s ) 179

Dandavati, Annie 18,67

D e k k e n g a , B r e t t 87

D a n i e l , E v e l y n 18, 234

D e k k e r , Evan 138, 2 0 8

Cross C o u n t r y ( W o m e n ' s )

D a n i e l s o n , A m a n d a 85, 87

D e k k e r , M i c h a e l 138, 2 0 4

176 Croswell, R o b e r t 87

D a n n e n b e r g , M a t t h e w 219

D e k k e r , N a t h a n 138

Dargis, Erin 8 7 , 1 7 0 D a r l i n g , A a r o n 87

DeKock, Andrea 249

D a v e l a a r , T h o m a s 188

C o n k l i n , A n d r e a 137

Cook, E m i l y 137, 2 4 9 Cook, Jacob 183 Cook, Julie 8 6 Cook, K i m b e r l y 137 Cook, M a r g a r e t 137 Cook, M e g h a n 137 Cook, V i r g i n i a 137 Cooper, B e t h A n n e 230

C r o u d e r , D a v i d 115 C r o w d e r , A n d r e w 250

DeHorn, Kurtis 8 7 , 2 0 4

D e K o s t e r , B r i t t a n y 138, 216

C r u m b , P a t r i c k 138

Davis, A n n a 2 2 0

DeLapa, Sarah 138 D e l h a g e n , H i l l a r y 122,212

C r u m p l e r , B e n j a m i n 115

Davis, A s h l e y 138, 216, 217,

D e l l - O l i o , A n d r e w 62

Cooper, D e r e k 175

C u m m i n g s , Joshua 87

Copeland, Casie 137 C o r b e t t , Cara 105 Corbin, C h r i s t i n e 8 6

C u n n i n g h a m , D a r c y 87, 2 6 4 , 265 C u n n i n g h a m , D a v i d 67

^45 Davis, G r e t c h e n 122, 217, 253 Davis, K i m b e r l y 122

D e l m o n i c o , M e g g a n 245 D e l t a Phi 2 4 8 D e l t a Sigma T h e t a 268

Davis, K r i s t e n 138

D e n n i g e r , A n d r e w 193,218 D e n n y , Grace 138 D e n O u d e n , Sheila 87

Corey, Colleen 186

Cupery, S t e p h e n 115

Cornelius, S t e p h e n 137

Currie, Jane 58

Davis, M a r y 2 2 0 , 2 4 9 Davisson, J o h n 87

Cornell, K a t h e r i n e 114, 214,

Currie, M i t c h e l l 172, 2 4 2

D a w s o n , Evan 3 0

D e N o o y e r , Caroline 138

Day, M a t t h e w 175, 2 6 6

Depke, T y l e r 2 8 , 1 2 2 , 1 9 6 , 217

C o r t r i g h t , T y l e r 188

D a y , T i f f a n y 122

Costenero, Sarah 137

Dean, Jon 72,115

DePree, Claire 138, 2 4 9 DePree, Eric 138


D e B o e r , D a v i d 175, 250


C o t t e r , S t e p h a n i e 137 Coulas, T a r i n 201 Coulter, Kathryn 86

D e B o e s t , Cory 138 D e B r u y n , Jessica 122 D e e r i n g , M e g h a n n 138

C o u r t a d e , C a r o l y n 114, 217 C o u r t n e y , M e g a n 245

D e f o e , Julia 257 D e G e o r g e , N a t a l i e 138 D e G r a w , Sarah 261

C o w e n , J e n n y 137,186

D e H a a n , C a m e r o n 13,196,



D e r b y , Caitlin 138 DeRoo, Luke 87 Deschaine, A l e x a n d e r 175 D e V e c h t , A s h l e y 122,217 D e V i n e , Lindsey 138 DeVos, Dick 233 DeVries, J o r d y n 245


DeVries, Rebecca 51

D y k g r a a f , T i m o t h y 188

D e V r i e s - Z i m m e r m a n , Su-

D y k h o u s e , R y a n 175

z a n n e 55


D y k s t r a , B r o o k e 139

Fox, T a y l o r 175 Fraass, K e i t h 258 F r a k e r , D a v i d 217

D e V u y s t , A b i g a i l 214, 237

Dykstra, Jennifer 62

D e W a a r d , Jason 226

D y k s t r a , J o h n 58

DeWees, M e g h a n 1 2 2 , 1 8 0

D y k s t r a , N a t a l i e 55

F a h n s t r o m , B r e t t 217

F r a n k s , A n d r e w 33,141

DeWitt, Ashley 249

D y k s t r a , Sarah 123

F a i l i n g , Jason 123

F r a n k s , C o r e y 141

D e W i t t , D a v i d 115

D y k w e l l , K e l l y 139

F a i r b a n k s , D a p h n e 58

F r a n k s , Sarah 8 8

Fraley, Gregory 4 6 Francis, A a r t h i 8 8

D e W i t t , Ryan 230

Fall, G o r d o n 1 4 0

F r e d e r i c k s o n , Jeri 141

D e W i t t - B r i n k s , D a w n 51

F a n c y , P a t r i c k 140

F r e i b u r g e r , L i n d s e y 141, 253

D e W i t t e , S t e p h a n i e 115

Farca Diaz, L a n d y 8 8

Frens, M a r g a r e t 58

F a u s t , M e g h a n 253

F r e s h o u r , K a t e 176,177,191

Feick, J u l i a n 2 4 6

Fried, Paul 75

F e l t n e r , C a s a u n d r a 199

Frikker, Adriana 10,14,15,

Ferguson, A m a n d a 140 F e r g u s o n , L i n d s e y 123

214, 219, 230 F r i t z , E r i n 141


DeYoung, M a r y 58 DeYoung, Paul 6 2 Dick, K e v i n 172 D i c k e r m a n , L i n d s e y 139 Dickey, Sara 7 0 , 7 1

E a g e n , K a t h l e e n 35, 8 8 , 210,

F e r r a r a , Rachael 2 4 9

Fritz, Stuart 2 0 4

E a r t h J a m 37

Fett, M o r g a n 140

F r o n , T a r a h 8 9 , 2 0 9 , 229

Ebels, R o b e r t 2 0 2 , 2 0 3

F e t t e r , Sarah 217

F r o s t , R i c h a r d 71, 236

Diepenhorst, M a t t h e w 262

E b e y , A s h l e y 139

Fey, J a m i e 123

F r y b a r g e r , Paul 123

D i s h n o w , M a r k 172

E d d y , A n d r e a 139

F e z z e y , Jessica 253

Frye, Sanders 178,193

D o c t o r , D a n e 216, 238, 2 4 6

E d d y , E r i n 170

Fifer, T i f f a n y 123,180,210

F r y e r , R. A l e x a n d e r 141, 2 0 4 -

D i c k i n s o n , Jacob 2 4 2 Dickinson, S h a n n o n 139, 261 I Diekevers, Sarah 1 8 0 , 1 8 1


D o d o v a , Petya 87

Eisaman, Elliott 88

Filler, A n d r e w 193

Fu, W a l l a c e 4 7

Doenges, H i l a r y 115

E i s i n g e r , B r i a n 214

Fineout, Alison 88

F u l l e r , E r i k 214

D o h e r t y , Rachel 139, 2 3 0

E l l i o t t , Eric 188

F i n g e r , A n n a 221, 223

F u l l e r , J o r d a n 141

Dombkowski, Christopher

Ellis, C a t h e r i n e 139

F i n n , Jane 51

F u l t o n , A m y 141

139 D o n a h o e , A n n a 139

Ellis, J a c q u e l i n e 177,191

Firlit, Andrea 140,253

F y l s t r a , M a r g a r e t 8 9 , 261

Ellis, K e l l y 2 4 5

Fischer, Julia 170

D o n a h u e , E m i l y 261

E l l i s o n , M a t t h e w 123

Fisher, A l l i s o n 261

D o n k e r s l o o t , S t e v e 139

E l m o r e , C i y o n n a 231

Fisher, A m y 1 4 0

D o o m , Peter 175

E m e r s o n , M a r i a 139

Fisher, A r i n 1 3 2 , 1 4 0

D o p i t a , A m y 87

Emling, Brian 88

F i s h e r , A u d r e y 140, 239, 253

Dopp, T y l e r 139

E m m e n d o r f e r , D a n i e l 115

F i s h e r , Jane 115

Dorado, L i l i a n a 50

Engel, Nicholas 234

Fisher, Sara 1 4 0 , 1 9 9

Dorr, Rachel 265

E n g e l s , D r e w 175

Fisher, Sarah 1 4 0

G a g l i a r d i , A n n a 123

Doud, B r o c k 115, 2 0 4

E n g e l s m a n , L i n d s e y 170,171

F i s h n i c k , R o x a n n e 123

G a l a n t o w i c z , M a a r t e n 141,

D o u g h e r t y , M e g a n 87, 2 6 4 ,

Engers, W a d e 182,183

Fitz, Lauren 140

Engineers W i t h o u t Borders

F l a v i n , R o b e r t 226

Galbreath, Briana 89

F l e t c h e r , D a v i d 175, 2 6 6

Gall, Sarah 115 G a l l i v a n , Sarah 8 9

265 D o w , Laura 21, 2 4 , 213


G 211

Downs, A m a n d a 139,230

E n g l i s h , E l i j a h 175

F l o r i a n , M e g h a n 77, 8 8

Drake, A b i g a i l 1 2 2 , 2 6 1

E n g l i s h , E r i k a 123, 236

F l o r i p , N i c h o l a s 175

G a n a p i n i , V i n c e n t 216

Dreyer, J o l i n e 223

E n n i s , Leah 139

F o g e l s o n g e r , K a r l y 140

G a n e n k o , Y u l i y a 123

Driesenga, K e r r i 87

Enochs, Deidra 1 4 0 , 1 9 9

F o l k e r t , Eva 58, 201

G a n t a , J o h n 258

Droppers, Jacob 115,174,175,

Ensz, Kelsey 1 4 0

F o l k e r t , Jason 41,123, 230

Garcia, C h r i s t i n e 194

Erb, M a t t h e w 174,175

F o l k e r t , Peter 1 4 0

Garcia, K e l l y 141

Droppers, N e i l 175

E r i c k s o n , B r e t t 115

F o o t b a l l 174

Garcia, M a d d i e 199

Drost, Shayna 185

E r i c k s o n , C h r i s t o p h e r 123,

Forbes, M i c h a e l 8 8 , 1 0 5

Garcia, M a d e l e i n e 123


Dudley, L i n d s a y 139


Dudley, S h a n n o n 139

Ester, K a t i e 214, 230

D u i m s t r a , Kelli 199

E s t o c h e n , M e g h a n 115, 239,

Duits, Spencer 175, 2 5 0


F o r d , P r e s i d e n t G e r a l d R. 4 7

Garcia, T r a c y 123

Fore, M e g h a n 1 4 0

G a r d n e r , C a i t l i n 141

F o r e s t e r , Lee 50

G a r d n e r , D a n i e l 183

F o r r , A a r o n 12,141, 216

Gardner, John 141,196,197 Gardner, Kevin 62 G a r l a n d , M i c h a e l 141,196

Dula, B e t h a n y 139

E u r i c k , K y l e 175

F o r r , S a m u e l 175, 2 5 0

Duncan, K a t h r y n 139

Evans, T i m o t h y 4 6

F o r s y t h , Ciarra 141

Dunn, M a u r e e n 58 Dunn, Susan 6 2

Evenhouse, A m y

F o r s y t h e , E l i z a b e t h 141

Garrett, Donna 62

Evenhouse, Kyle 140, 254

F o r t , R e b e k a h 141, 223

Garrett, Heather 209

Dusenbery, J o h n 73

E v e n h o u s e , M e g 140, 216,

F o s t e r , A n d r e w 141

G a r r o d , S t e p h a n i e 141

Duthler, Nicholas 250



D w y e r , Esther 115

E v e n Y e a r N y k e r k 218

Dyke, T r a v i s 87

E v e n Y e a r Pull 216

F o s t e r , V a l e r i e 123, 245

G a r t n e r , Jessica 123

Foust-Christensen, Stephen

G a r y , Ryan 123


Dykema, M a r k 226

Everse, P h i l i p 1 4 0 , 2 5 4

F o w l e r , S t e p h a n i e 123, 261

D y k e m a , S t e p h a n i e 139, 223

Ezeoke, A n d r e a 140

Fox, E l i z a b e t h 141,199

Garza, A l i s o n 142 Gates, C h r i s t o p h e r 2 5 4 Gates, K e g a n 12,142, 216 Index 273

G a t l i f f , Brian 211, 242, 243 Gazan, Jacilyn 89 Geerlings, Jenna 89

G o l d s b y , K u r t 142 G o l f ( M e n ' s ) 203

Graduation 24

Golf ( W o m e n ' s ) 2 0 0

G r a h a m , K i r s t e n 143

Geerlings, L a u r e n 142

G o l o m b , N a t h a n i e l 89, 2 0 2 ,

Geerlings, M i c h e l l e 1 4 2 , 2 4 9

G r a n i t z , Leah 143 Grant, W i l l 246

Gendron, Michelle 57,89

203 G o m b i s , A m a r i s a 89

George, Erik 193 Geswein, Lauren 142

Gomez, Breanna 249 G o m e z , Febe 142

Gray, K r i s t e n 71

Gibbie, Tara 142

G o n t h i e r , D a v i d 25

Gray, Seth 115

H a i g h t , B e n j a m i n 143

Gibbs, Janis 55 Giegler, S t e p h a n i e 217

G o n t h i e r , Peter 25, 6 2

G r a y b i e l , Jared 143

Haines, Katie 143

Gonzales, A l f r e d o 72

Grebe, Keija 143

H a l l , E m i l y 70, 71, 235

Gier, Kara 2 4 9

Gonzalez, Brizeida 142

Greczek, A l e x 9 0 , 2 5 0

Gier, Krista 2 4 9 G i e r u m , K o l l e e n 261

G o o d c h i l d , T h a d d e u s 175,

Green, A d a m 143

H a l v o r s o n , L a u r e n 9 0 , 239, 261

2 6 6 , 267 G o o d r i c h , Steven 175

Green, A n n 169, 261

H a m i l t o n , B r i d g e r 143

Green, Charles 14,15

H a m m i n g , Tara 1 4 4 , 1 9 9 H a m o n - P o r t e r , B r i g i t t e 50

Gigler, Alissa 142


G r a n t , W i l l i a m 164

H a c k e t t , H a n n a h 124

Graves, N i c h o l a s 9 0

H a g a n , R u t h 124, 217, 253 H a h n , Cara 143

Gillhespy, Kris 175

G o o r h o u s e , Jordan 8 9 , 1 7 2

Green, Ross 143

Gi l l i l an d , Jake 123, 217, 250

G o r d o n , F o r r e s t 115,193 G o r d o n , K i m b e r l y 186

Green, Sara 143 G r e e n a n , D a n i e l 188

G i l l m o r e , Jason 4 7 Gilson, B r e n n i g a n 142


H a m s t r a , C h r i s t o p h e r 180, 183 H a n c o c k , A n d r e w 100, 217,

G o r d o n , T h o m a s 115

Greene, Philana 1 4 3 , 1 8 6

Glas, A b r a m 183, 228

Gordon, Tonisha 124,268,

G r e e n w a d e , Kate 9 0

Glaser, S c o t t 188

Greer, A a r o n 143,183

Glassman, Jessica 142

269 Goris, M i c h e l l e 142

236, 2 4 6 Hanna, Kristen 9 0

Greshel, K r i s t e n 9 0 , 219

H a n s e n , E d w a r d 55

Gleason, B e t h a n y 115, 213,

G o r n o , Steven 196

G r e v i n g , H o l l y 177,191

Hansens, S t e p h a n i e 239,265

Gorskey, M o r g a n 9 0

Harburn, Shannon 90,260, 261 H a r b u r n , Stacey 124, 239, 261

253 Glennon, A m a n d a 220

Gorsky, B e n j a m i n 142

G r e y b a r , S t e f a n i e 9 0 , 239, 261

G o b r o g g e , Eric 142

G o r z e n s k i , M i c h a e l 142

G r i f f i n , E m i l y 253

Goeb, Joseph 174,175, 2 0 4 Goetz, Kristen 142

Gosses, Sara 142,177,191 G o u l d , J o h n 258

Griffin, M a t t h e w 12,124,250 G r i f f i t h , A l e x a n d e r 132

G o e t z i n g e r , K a t h e r i n e 35, 89

G o u l o o z e , N i c h o l a s 175

G r i f f i t h , N a t h a n 12,143, 216,

H a r m e r , Lauren 253

G o k e y , H a l e i g h 142,191

G o w m a n , Abigail 143,239,

250 G r i m w o o d , Cami 9 0

Harper, Emily 9 0

Grinnell, David 90,193 Griselain, M a r i a n n e 50

2 6 4 , 265 H a r r i s , J e n n i f e r 30, 9 0

G r o e n , Breah 9 0

H a r r i s o n , C h r i s t o p h e r 144,

Groeneveld, Elizabeth 9 0 Grose, S h a w n 2 0 4

172, 250 H a r r i s o n , K i m 91, 201

Grossman, M a t t h e w 208

H a r t , W i l m a 71

G r o t t , M a r i s s a 18, 253

H a r t l e y , A l l i s o n 144


Harkes, Lisa 9 0

H a r r i e r , S t e p h a n i e 91,239,

G r o v e , Jenna 253

H a r t l e y , N i c o l e 91

G r u e n b e r g , A s h l e y 261 G r u e n b e r g , K i r s t e n 9 0 , 261

H a r t m a n , Keegan 144 H a r t s e l l , Lydia 191

G r u m m , L a u r e n 9 0 , 219

H a s a k a m p , K a y t i e 257

Gruys, T r e v o r 143 G u e r n s e y , Ashlea 116

H a s h i m o t o , Rachel 144 Hatcher, Jeffrey 246 H a u c h , Laura 116

G u e t z k o w , A m a n d a 143 Gugino, Nicole 9 0

Havens, Sharon 91

Gugino, Tod 47 G u i j a r r o , A m a n d a 199

H a v l i k , Sarah 1 4 4 , 2 0 9 H a w k i n s , A l l i s o n 124

G u i j a r r o , Erika 199 G u n d e r s e n , Joanna 124

H a w k i n s o n , Erin 91 Hayes, T i f f a n y 214

G u n d e r s o n , M i c h a e l 143

H a y n e s , A d d i s o n 116,250

G u n t h e r , F r e d e r i c k 143 G u n t h e r , F r i t z 258 Guy, D a n i e l 124

H e a d a p o h l , Joshua 144 H e e r e n , Stacey 217

G u y , J e f f r e y 9 0 , 211, 2 4 2 G u z d z i o l , Gina 143, 2 2 0 , 253

H e i l m a n , Brielle 144 H e i m , Brian 212, 250 Heisel, E l i z a b e t h 223 Heisier, James 25,51 H e l l e r , Z a c h a r y 116 H e l l n e r , M a g a r e t 116 H e l l n e r , M a r g a r e t 116 H e l m i n i a k , A n d r e a 169



Helmkamp, Kendra 116 Helvie, Karla 116, 239/ 2.57 Hemenway, Stephen 55, 78, 79

Henderson, Julie 186,187 Hendricks, Jessica 91 Hendrix, Lynne 51 Heneveld, Haleigh 216, 239, 249 Heneveld, Katherine 116 Henn, Cayla 177 Henry, Sara 91 Hensel, Joseph 175 Herbert, John 172, 242 Herington, Sarah 116 Herman, David 144 Herrick, James 51 Herrick, Laura 144 Herrman, Benjamin 183 Hertel, Lori 46 Hertz, Gregory 124 Hess, Kali 245 Heyboer, Philip 144,182,183 Heydlauff, Jacob 144 Heylmun, Clayton 246 Hickok, Andrew 213 Hicks, Christina 144 Hicks, LaToya 144 Hiddema, Tyler 175 Higginbotham, Claire 144, 210 Hile, Allison 91 Hile, Stephen 91 Hillman, Judith 46 Hills, Daniel 22 Himes, Lucy 144,194 Hinkle, Kelsey 16 Hinkle, Nicholas 183 Hinson, Julian 144 Hinton, Natasha 144 Hipps, Amy 91 Hledin, Maria 46,47, 57 Hobson, Stephen 144, 216 Hockey Team 211 Hodson, Robert 59 Hoekman, Bethany 92 Hoekstra, Anne 176,177,191 Hoernschemeyer, Zachary 196, 217 Hoesch, Karl 92,183 Hoezee, Amber 168,169 Hofelich, Alicia 92,229 Hoff, Robert 238, 254 Hoitenga, Catherine 144 Holbrook, Hilary 124, 217 Holden, Peter 250, 251 Hollenberg, Julia 92 Hollis, Crystal 145 Holt, Daniel 188 Holt, Maxmillian 175 Holtman, Jeffrey 167,183

Holton, Jacob 182,183 Holtrop, Maya 116 Homakie, Krista 11,124,132, 217, 219 Homecoming 14,15 Hong, Sunkyo 145 Hoogerwerf, Colin 145 Hoogerwerf, Steven 61, 67 Hoogeveen, Ashley 145,199 Hoogstrate, Katie 145, 249 Hooley, Allison 145 Hoople, Adele 145 Hoover-Cypher, Kayla 124 Hope Democrats 232 Hope Republicans 233 Horeni, Steven 237 Hostetler, Christine 145, 249 Howard, Amy 124 Hoyer, John 58 Hoyle, Monique 92 Huber, Jolene 214 Huber, Zachary 196 Huck, Amanda 93,176,177 Hudnall, Scott 93 Hughes, Morgan 73,186 Huisman, Whitley 145,191 Huizen, Gregory 228 Huizing, Zachary 174/175 Hull, Russalle 249 Humberstone, Mark 228 Hummer, Stephanie 93 Hurd, Lydia 145 Hutchins, Amanda 124,261 Hutchins, Kristen 124,172, ^53 Hwang, Yooyeun 51

I Ibarra, Rocio 145

Ibbotson, Scott 93,250,251 Ichesco, Jeffrey 204 Immink, Jill 169 Immink, Katie 116,198,199 Inman, Mary 67 Inter-Fraternal Council 238 Intramurals 26 Ippoliti, Ruth 93,172 Irvin, Marie 145 irvin, Michael 146 Ivanoff, Jennifer 116 Iverson, Jena 146 Izenbaard, Nicole 93

J Jackson, Christen 124 Jackson, Laura 177 Jacobcic, Nick 208 Jacobs, Amanda 116 Jacobs, Cheryl 93 Jacobs, Kellye 146 Jacobsma, Kelly 58 Jager, Brett 93,188,189 Jager, Eden 253 Janbaih, Hussein 116 Janowiak, Gabriel 175 Japan May Term 40th Anniversary 72 Jara, Jacqueline 146 Jara, Ryan 178,193 Jarosz, Andrew 93 Jatzo, Brittney 28,124 Jeffery, Jessica 146 Jekel, Rachael 146 Jelenek, Joshua 146, 202 Jenkins, Erin 31, 215 Jennifer Granholm 232 Jensen, Brady 172, 250 Jensen, David 58

Jobson, John 70,71 Joe, Jessica 265 Johansen, Anders 175,266 Johnson, Alyssa 93 Johnson, Andrea 116 Johnson, Ashley 93, 249 Johnson, Danielle 220 Johnson, Eric 93 Johnson, Fred 55 Johnson, Holly 146 Johnson, Jana 146 Johnson, Kathryn 116 Johnson, Kristen 77,169 Johnson, Kristin 93, 261 Johnson, Laura 93 Johnson, Laura 93, 245 Johnson, Lauren 146 Johnson, Lindsey 226 Johnson, Nathan 124 Johnson, Randell 246 Johnson, Ryan 124 Johnson, Sarah 180 Johnson, Trygve 231 Johnston, Deirdre 51 Johnston, Jennifer 146 Jolink, Susan 236 Jones, Brent 175 Jones, Jessica 124, 230 Jones, Sarah 146, 257 Jonkman, Anna 223 Jordan, Linda 51 Joseph, Ashley 116 Joyce, Abby 253 Juday, Alisa 116 Judson, Timothy 204,242 Jurik, Sarah 186 Jurmu, Peter 125


Kadzban, Andrew 226 Kaffka, Michael 236 Kalajainen, Whitney 93 Kaliszewski, Megan 257 Kaliszewski, Melinda 146 Kallemeyn, Lisa 228 Kalleward, Daniel 250 Kaminski, Carla 58 Kappa Beta Phi 260 Kappa Delta Chi 256 Kappa Eta Nu 263 Kasperson, Hannah 146 Kasten, Joanie 146 Katerberg, Bethany 44, 45, 93, 214/ 229 Katner, Meghan 146,199 Katterheinrich, Kayla 116, Index


209, 235 Kaufman, Kristen 170 Kay, Jonathan 116,178

KC, Shova 93 Keech, Rachel 93 Kegerreis, Jean 169 Keiser, Charles 94 Keiser, Lauren 125,221,223

Keller, Andrea 180, 226 Kelley, Michelle 58 Kelley, Ricky 125 Kellogg, Jenny 146 Kelly, Colleen 209 Kelly, Michael 246 Kelly, Ryan 242 Kenemer, Aaron 178,179, 192,193

Kennedy-Dygas, Margaret 59 Kenny, Lauren 125 Keogh, Daniel 242 Kerr, Alex 175 Kessie, Kaitlin 146, 216 Kessler, Molly 146, 223 Khoury, George 125 Khousakoun, Tiffany 146, 185

Kibbey, Sarah 125,191 Kiefer, Jack 175 Kiekover, Allicen 147 Kiel, Katie 94 Kierczynski, Trevor 254 Kierczynski, Troy 254 Kilbourn, Melissa 125, 253 Kimmel, Caitlyn 147 King, Brandon 117,183 King, Brandon 258 King, Stephen 147 276


King, Zachary 178,193 Kingma, Brett 238, 242 Kingma, Travis 125,196 Kinsey, Bryan 125, 266 Kipp, Julie 55 Kippley, Denay 191 Kirby, Sarah 94 Kirinovic, Matthew 213, Kimberly 147 Klaus, Matthew 175 Kleczynski, Peter 147 Kleiman, Ellen 94 Kleiman, Kevin 147 Klein, Jamie 94 Klein, Ryan 188 Kleinheksel, Harvey 52 Kleinheksel, Megan 117 Klimkowski, Claudia 117, 214 Kline, Bryan 172 Klingler, Rebecca 186 Klooster, David 44, 45, 55 Klooster, Elizabeth 245 Klotzbach, Sarah 147 Klug, Fallon 10,147, 220 Klunder, Nicole 94 Klupchak, George 175 Knapper, Stephanie 147 Knecht, Stephanie 94 Knight, Robert 175 Knighton, Aaron 208,216 Knoll, Ross 117 Knooihuizen, Charles 94, 246

Knowles, Suzanna 170 Knox, Courtney 186,191 Kobia, Mutua 94 Kobia, Samuel 24 Kocsis, Julie 147, 234, 235 Koedyker, Mari Jo 125

Koenig, Daniel 217, 246 Koenke, Joshua 147 Koerner, Whitnee 147 Koetje, Kimberly 94 ^ Koetje, Linda 51 Kofron, Julie 170, 253 Kohl beck, Pierson 147 Kohsel, Myra 55

Kolak, Rebeccah 94, 257 Kolanowski, Michael 175 Kolba, Jennifer 147 Konfara, Stephanie 94 Koning, Jill 95 Konny, Sydney 95, 209 Koon, Ryan 175, 266 Koon, Sarah 125 Koopman, Douglas 70 Koopman, Leah 191 Koopmans, Jonathan 217 Koopmans, Leah 95,177 Kooy, Collin 178,193 Kooyers, Marissa 147,194 Kopas, Craig 188 Kopke, Kaitlyn 186 Kornack, Rebecca 147, 216 Kortas, Joshua 175 Kortesoja, Andrew 147, 246 Kosiba, Scott 147 Kosta, Abby 95 Kovalyuk, Marina 117 Kowalk, Melissa 125 Kozyra, Erik 175 Kramer, Chelsea 95 Kramer, Kristin 147, 261 Krassow, Jessica 229 Kratz, Steven 147,188 Krause, Julia 148 Krauth, Dan 52 Krcatovich, Brittany 148

Kreps, M. Dean 58,174 Kreuze, Elizabeth 191 Kring, Donald 125, 202, 203 Krohmer, Elizabeth 125 Kronemeyer, Cullen 242 Krouse, Laura 70, 71 Krueger, Brendan 125, 217 Krueger, Brent 47

Krupczak, John 54 Kryger, Matthew 95, 258 Kucera, Lauren 95 Kuhnlien, Tara 216 Kuiper, Nora 125,190,191 Kuiper, Rachel 95 Kukla, Madeline 51 Kunzi, Amy 125, 217 Kurti, Stephen 125,182,183 Kwon, Youngmee 95

L Labaza, Matthew 148 Lacrosse (Men's) 208 Lacrosse (Women's) 209 Ladomersky, Erik 174,175 Lajiness, Brian 95 Lajiness, James 95 Lamer, Joshua 148 Lampen, Lisa 71 Lamphear, Brenna 125 Landes, Perry 71 Langdon, Hope 148 Lange, Eric 148 Lange, Lindsay 186,190, i9 1 Langille, Scott 88, 95,192'

193/ 21째 Langshaw, Victoria 96 Lankheet, Kayla 148,169 Lapham, Matthew 202, 203 LaPorte, Joseph 62 Larsen, Anne 50 Larsen, Samantha 148 Larson, David 96 Larson, Matthew 175 Lathrop, Rebecca 96, 228 Latimore, Ritchie 125, 237, 258 Lauber, Rachel 96 Lautz, Bethany 96 Lautz, Caitlin 126 Lawrence, Elizabeth 148 Lawrence, Lindsey 148 Lawton, Cara 117 Layman, Jeffrey 178,193 Layman, Meghan 148, 216, 253 Le, Andrew 59,246 Le, Rachel 261 Leach, James 59 Leadley, James 246 Leads, Caitlin 209 Leary, Ashley 194,195 Leavenworth, Lucas 237 LeBien, Max 148 Lee, Andrew 148 Lee, Miriam 96 Leger, Anne 148,245 Leger, Nicole 239 Leigeb, Megan 148 Leikert, Colleen 148 Leland, David 254 Leman, Michael 126 Lemieux, Sarah 229, 257 Leppink, Daniel 250 Levata, Luka 126 Lewis, Brietney 230 Lewis, Christopher 126, 235 Lewis, Huw 59 Lewis, Meaghan 148, 245 Li, Shuchen 96 Liang, Andrew 96, 218, 237, 258 Lieberman, Bethany 261 Lien, Molly 97 Lilly, Kristina 253 Lincoln, Ryan 21, 60, 213, 214, 233 Linder, Karen 148, 223 Lindow, Ronald 183 Lininger, Bradley 126 Linton, Amy 148, 209 Lis, Christina 126,190,191 Lithio, Daniel 117 Litscher, Robin 126 Little, Jonathan 148 Liverance, Krista 149,199

Livingston, Kristen 97 Livingston, Noah 77, 97, 226 Lockard, Jeannette 97 Lockwood, Anne 126, 253 Lockwood, Bradley 258 Lodge, Lillie 149 Lokers, Sarah 201 Lombardi, Kevin 126 Love, Sunshine 149 Loveless, Adam 175 Lubbers Rennovation 60 Lucar-Ellens, Diane 50 Lucas, Brett 175 Lucas, Emma 149,177,191 Luchies, Cassandra 97 Lucio, Adrian 149 Ludwig, Kali 249 Luenberger, Kari 19, 97, 230 Luidens, Donald 71 Luidens, Karen 126 Lunderberg, Justin 149 Lunderberg, Maria 55 Lunn, John 51 Lutke, William 204, 205 Lynch, Laura 149 Lynch, Mallory 97 Lynes, Chelsea 126, 245 Lyons, Shyle 97

M M'bayo^amba 55 Mack, Shanna 126 Madden, Julie 149 Mader, Catherine 62 Magoon, Adam 97, 242 Maiuri, Jacqueline 97 Malone, Isabel 126 Malpass, H. Laura 221 Malpass, Helen 117 Malvitz, Stephen 196,197 Mandel, Heather 253 Mannenbach, Emily 126 Manning, Jacob 175 Marchetta, Stephanie 149 Marcus, Charles 226 Mariano, Larissa 97 Marino, Jen 253 Marinos, Jennifer 149 Markby, Shauna 245 Marod, Melanie 97 Marr, Elisha 71 Marsh, Elizabeth 149, 239, 257 Marshall, Anna 97 Marshall, Melissa 149 Martin, Herbert 51

Martindale, Steven 202, 203, 242 Martinez, Juan 149 Martinez, Monica 253 Masalkoski, Cody 33, 48 Masghati, Sonya 170 Mast, Elliott 217, 250 Mast, Meredith 249 Masten, Chazz 175 Mastenbrook, Jennifer 117 Mastenbrook, Kyle 175 Masterton, Katherine 11, 214, 229 Matre, Kathryn 228, 253 Matson, Bradley 97, 231 Mattson, Peter 97, 258 Maxon, Keri 230 Maxwell, Kathryn 223 Maxwell, Rachel 149,185 May, Alexandria 149 Maybury, Christopher 36, 126 Maybury, Greg 231 Maybury, Kyle 149 McAlister, Timothy 175 McAuliffe, Michael 149, 229 McCabe, Matthew 117, 216 McCarthy, Courtney 149, 261 McCarthy, Erin 117 McCarty, Makana 266 McCombs, Bruce 46 McConnell, Amanda 97 McConnelly, Emily 117 McCormick, Megan 117, 253 McCray, Laura 126 McElgunn, Francis 149 McElgunn, Patrick 208, 216 McGlynn, Kelly 149 McGowen, Jessica 150 McGrew, Alicia 220 McKee, Elizabeth 150 McLean, Kathryn 97 McLellan, Brian 126 McMahon, Kevin 172, 242 McMahon, Patrick 172,173, 242 McNamee, Meghan 126,221 McNeil, Amanda 126 McNeil, Ashleigh 170 McNeil, Devin 172 McNutt, John 217 Meek, Lindsay 97 Meeker, Laura 150, 210 Meengs, Samuel 12,150,183, 216 Meier, Trisha 180,181,253 Mejeur, Alison 98,176,177 Mejeur, Megan 150 Mejia, Sarah 150, 253 Melchiori, Bryce 150

Mellott, Brandon 175 Mendiola, Dalen 98 Merlihan, Michelle 245 Mernagh, Patrick 150, 254 Mers, Michael 175 Merz, Carilyn 150,180 Meyers, Jeffrey 150 Mezeske, Barbara 55 Mezeske, Richard 51 Michalowski, Erin 150 Midgley, Rebecca 150 Miedema, Chelsea 150 Miedema, Hillary 98 Miedema, Leanne 12,150, 216 Mignin, Sarah 98,217,253 Mikols, Joelle 249 Milauckas, Katie 98 Milburn, Jamison 98,257 Milestone 235, 288 Mill, Kevin 175 Miller, August 214 Miller, Benjiman 178,193 Miller, Brandon 172,179 Miller, Brian 98 Miller, Cassandra 150 Miller, Courtney 209 Miller, Dustin 150 Miller, Kristin 150, 253 Miller, Lindsey 98 Miller, Mary Claire 98,249 Miller, Melinda 150 Miller, Molly 249 Mills, Alison 229 Mills, Emily 117,184,185, 245 Minkus, Jeffrey 126,193 Minkus, Matthew 127 Misovich, Michael 54 Mix, Katharine 150,180 Moak, Lauren 127 Moeke, Hailey 150 Moerdyk, Jonathan 117 Moes, Deanna 151, 245 Mojzak, Kathleen 180 Molenaar, Ellen 170 Molnar, Samantha 151 Moloney, Katie 23,151, 245 Moore, Christine 253 Moore, Jordan 175 Moore, Katherine 151, 220, 221 Moore, Lissa 98 Moore, Rachel 98 Moorehead, Matthew 98, 246 Moores, Leslie 98 Moos, Camden 175 Moran, Curtis 151, 204 Moran, David 254 Morden, Christine 98 Index


M o r e a u , J e n n i f e r 151 M o r e h o u s e , Brian 1 8 6 , 1 8 7 M o r e h o u s e , Dean 1 8 6 M o r g a n , J o n a t h a n 151

227 N e u m a n n , N i c h o l a s 127 N e u m a n n , Paul 175/ 2 0 4 Nevenzel, Derek 1 0 0

Olsen, Rebecca 2 4 9 Olson, Elizabeth 1 5 2 , 1 9 4

Parker, D a n i e l 153

O l s o n , Grace 127

Parker, Leticia 2 6 8 , 2 6 9

Olson, K r i s t i n 7 7 , 1 0 0

Parks, K y l e i g h 153, 2 4 9 Parlberg, Jake 2 5 4 Parr, N a t a l i e 101

^ O m a n s o n , Sara 1 7 7 , 1 9 0 , 1 9 1 O M a r a , A s h l e y 152

Parker, L a u r i e 101, 223

M o r g a n , K a t h e r i n e 151, 2 4 9 M o r k , T o r i 151 M o r n i n g s t a r , Laura 127

N e w e n d o r p , B r e t t 151 N e w m a n , Richard 2 2

M o r r i c a l , E t h a n 151

Nicodemus, Nancy 100

O m i c r o n Kappa Epsilon 2 4 3 O o s t e r h o u s e , Elisabeth 1 0 0

Parsons, Jessie 1 5 3 , 1 8 0 P a r t r i d g e , T i m o t h y 188

M o r r i s , Chase 2 4 6 M o r r i s o n , Carl 178

N i c o l a i , Kendra 1 6 9 , 2 5 3

O o s t e r h o u s e , M a t t h e w 127,

Nielsen, Sara 1 5 1 , 2 1 6 , 2 5 3 Nielsen, Z a c h a r y 151

234 O o s t e r i n k , Katie 213

Pascoe, M i c h e l l e 153 Pashby, Alicia 101

Nieves, Alicia 151

O o s t e r i n k , Sarah 1 5 , 1 9 , 2 9 ,

M o r r i s o n , Kristen 58,191,


Nichols, Aimee 1 0 0

Passmore, K r i s t e n 101 Pastrick, A n t h o n y 101, 2 0 4 Patnott, John 5 8 , 1 8 0 , 1 8 3


Morrison, Maggie 229

Nitz, Christy 1 0 0 , 257

M o r t z , Alex 258 M o s h e r , Kyle 117

Nixon, Marni 169

Oostveen, Nicholas 1 0 0 , 1 7 5

Noffke, John 118,175 N o l l , A s h l e y 127

Opdyke, Andrew 2 0 8

Patnott, Megan 57,101 P a t t e n , Alicia 101

O p d y k e , Jamie 1 5 2 , 1 8 0 , 2 6 1

Paul, D a v i d 153

Moss, Niki 2 4 5 M o s t r o m , D u s t i n 151

N o r d s t r o m , N i c o l e 151, 2 3 0 ,

O r a n g e , Kristi 214, 2 5 7 O r i e n t a t i o n 10, 2 1 4

Pautler, Allison 2 0 9 Paver, T i m o t h y 2 0 8

M o s t r o m , Steven 175, 2 5 0 M u i r , C o u r t n e y 151

N o r m a n , Andhra 223 N o r r i s , A m y 100

O r l a n d o , E l i z a b e t h 152, 261 Ornee, Jonathan 226

Pavlak, G r e g o r y 1 3 , 1 2 7 , 2 1 7 P a w l o s k i , A r y n 153

M u l d e r , Jack 6 2

N o r r i s , Ryann 2 6 5

Orr, Joseph 100,172,173, 246

Payne, E l i z a b e t h 213

M u l d e r , Jeffrey 9 8 , 2 2 8

N o r t h u i s , M a r k 177,178,179,

O r t i z , Joy 51

Payne, Joshua 1 0 1 , 2 1 9 , 2 3 1

O s b o r n e , Kelly 5 0

Payne, Kelly 2 4 9

Osburn, Tyler 2 0 8

M o s s , N i c o l e 117

M u l d e r , Joel 175 M u l d e r , Jordan 217


191,193 Nostrant, Hunter 152,193 Novak, Amanda 169

Osburn, Zachary 127,188

Payne, M o l l i e 253 Payne, Ryan 2 0 8 , 2 4 2

M u l d e r , Melissa 5 0

N o v a k , E m i l y 152, 216

O s t e r b u r , Lucas 183

Pearson, M a r k 5 8

M u l d e r , N i c o l e 117

N o w a k , R o b e r t 175

O s t e r m e i e r , Shane 2 1 4

Pearson, M e g a n 153

M u l l e r , Lauren 2 4 9

Nuiver, Lauren 1 5 2 , 2 4 9 N u m m e r d o r , Jack 175

O s t o s h , A m a n d a 152

Peaslee, G r a h a m 55 Peck, D u s t i n 101

Nyboer, M o l l y 177,191

O u m e d i a n , Daniel 2 0 2

P e c k e n p a u g h , Jackie 2 4 9

Nykamp, Katharine 3 4 , 1 0 0 N y k e r k 16

O v e r b e e k , A m b e r 152

Pedigo, S a m a n t h a 2 2 6 Peku, A n a 101

N y q u i s t , D a n i e l l e 152

Owens, Emily 261

N y s t r o m , Q u i n n 127

O x e n d i n e , Jeanne 152

M u l d e r , Kristen 2 4 9

M u l t e r , Sarah 1 7 7 , 1 9 1 M u n k , Jonathan 12,217 M u n o a , Phillip 6 7 M u r p h y , Patricia 58 M u r r a y , Patrick 151 M u t h e n g i , Josephine 9 8

O t t e n , Chelsea 152

Overweg, Andrew 226

Myers, David 67




O ' B r i e n , O l i v e r 2 0 8 , 215

Paarlberg, Jacob 1 5 2 , 2 1 6

N a h r a u s , Beth 1 9 9

O ' B r i e n , Pat 5 8

Paarlberg, M a t t h e w 101

Nakajima, Fumihito 50 N a t h a n , K a t h r y n 51

O'Shaugnessey, A s h l e y 177 O a k l e y , Kara 152

Paas, M i c h a e l 175 P a e t z m a n n , G l e n n y c e 152

Neal, Thea 9 8

O ' C o n n e l l , B r i a n n e 152

Page, Karen 1 9 4 , 1 9 5

Neckers, Scott 9 8 , 2 4 6 N e e d h a m , B e n j a m i n 151 Neil, Kendra 127

O ' C o n n e l l , D e b o r a h 1 0 0 , 219

Page, T r o y 153, 2 1 0 Pageau, K a t h e r i n e 101 P a g e a u , S h a n e 127

Neil, M a t t h e w 1 0 6 , 1 8 8 Nelis, Ryan 1 2 7 , 1 8 2 , 1 8 3 Nelson, C h r i s t i n e 58 Nelson, Elise 257 Nelson, Leif 151 Nelson, Riley 217, 2 5 0 Nelson, Steve 4 6 Nelson, T i m o t h y 117

O ' C o n n e l l , K a t h r y n 127 O d d Year N y k e r k 219 O d d Year Pull 217 O ' D o n n e l l , Sean 152 O e g e m a , J o n a t h a n 218, 2 2 6 O f f r i n g a , Kayleen 152 Ogles, Jonah 3 6 , 1 0 1 , 215 Ogles, Samuel 127, 231 O g l e s b y , Erika 118, 218, 237, 244

N e m e t h , Roger 71

O j i b w a y - G i f f o r d , L e n o r e 152

Nestle, H o l l y 9 8 , 1 7 0 , 1 7 1 N e t t l e t o n , Laura 127 Nettleton, William 88, 98,

O l d f i e l d , L a u r e n 118, 2 4 5 O l e n d e r , Kelli 127



O l m e d a , Jessenia 152

Palar, Lindsey 153 Palkowski, A n d r e w 2 0 8 Palkowski, M a t t h e w 2 0 8 Palmer, A m y 153 Pan, Peter 118 P a n - H e l l e n i c Council 2 3 9 Pandian, Beula 231 Pannapacker, W i l l i a m 55

Pell, Erin 153 Penner, M a r y - C l a i r e 153, 216, 249 Pennings, T i m o t h y 58 Perovich, A n t h o n y 62 Pessetti, Staci 153 Peterson, Calista 118, 218, 237 Peterson, Cassandra 1 0 2 Peterson, J o n a t h a n 55 Peterson, Laura 1 0 2 P e t t i g r e w , Samuel 153 P e t t i t , T a y l o r 153 Peurach, S t e p h e n 153 P f r o p p e r , Eric 2 6 6 Phillips, T o d d 127 Phi Kappa A l p h a 2 4 7 Phi Sigma Kappa 2 6 7 Phi T a u N u 251 Piagnarelli, A m a n d a 102,

239, 249 Pickard, Lani 118 P i c k h o v e r , S u m m e r 102, 245 Piers, C h r i s t i a n 1 3 , 1 9 , 1 0 3 ,

217, 238, 246

Papes, N i c h o l a s 153 Papple, E m i l y 118

Piers, James 71 Piersma, T r a c y 127

Pardo, Laura 51 P a r k , J i H o o n 51

Pierson, Joel 103 Pierson, Preston 153,193, 2 54

1 i

Piester, Claire 153,180,181 Piippo, Richard 59 Pikaart, Michael 47 Pillot, Anna 220 Pillow, Sara 103 Pincombe, Megan 103 Pineda, Anedia 153 Pinter, Dylana 118 Pitcher, Benjamin 103 Pittsley, Molly 154 Pitzer, Megan 223 Pizzimenti, Anna 154,265 Plamondon, Danielle 154,


Quada, Chelsae 154 Quick, Alexander 154 Quinn, John 50 Quiring, Adam 154 Quisenberry, Brooke 154



Plasman, Thomas 254 Plaunt, Adam 127 Ploch, Christopher 154 Poel, Nathan 154 Poindexter, Chelsey 154 Pointer, Nikita 73, 245 Polet, James 154 Polet, Jeffrey 67 Poll, Robert 204 Poll, Stephanie 103,253 Poll, Stephanie 169 Pom Pon Team 220 Ponkowski, William 103 Popchock, Andrew 59, 254 Pope, Chantal 154 Popovich, Sarah 239, 265 Portfleet, Dianne 18, 24, 25 Porwoll, Nicolle 154 Posma, Brittany 201, 239,


Rector, Chad 175,193 Rees, Rachel 128 Reest, Brittaney 180,181 Reeverts, Tally 104,235 Regnerus, Jessica 199 Regula, Elise 128 Reid, Stephen 104, 211 Reimink, Jesse 188 Reincke, Katherine 128,186, i53 Reishus, Julie 155,223,239,


Raatjes, Aaron 103

R a b a u ^ J o h n 103,246

Racey, Tyler 118 Radabaugh, Kara 103 Radler, Andrew 250 Rak, Gloria 103 Raley, Kevin 154 Ralston, James 128,178,179, 192

Ramirez, Christopher 154 Ramsden, Kendall 118,213, 2-39/ ^45 , xl

Relay for Life 18, 215 Remillet, Jeffrey 155 Remy, Cydney 155 Reniff, Ryan 175 Rensi, Michael 128 Rentner, Christine 104 Reschke, Kent 128,178,193 Residential Life 212 Reus, Lauren 128,180,181 Reusink, Lauren 253 Revers, Danielle 104, 232 Rexford, Rosemary 104, 226 Reynolds, Geoffrey 54 Reynolds, Ross 155 Reynolds, Ryan 175

Richert, Elizabeth 118 Richmond, Brad 59 Richter, Rachel 155 Ricketts, Michael 58,175 Rickey, David 155 Riddering, Camille 155 Rieth, Travis 155 Rignalda, Adam 246 Riley, Chris 258 Rillema, Jessica 155 Rinek, Christopher 104, 210 Ringnalda, David 155 Rinker, Benjamin 242 Rinkinen, Joseph 155 Rivera, Ricky 118 Rivers, Allison 128,245 Robbins, Tyler 155 Roberts, Anna 249 Roberts, Courtenay 38,104 Roberts, Merry 104, 257 Robertson, Heather 104, 229 Robins, Daina 71 Robins, Ty 258 Robinson, Katie 176,177 Robinson, Laura 128 Robrahn, Katie 214, 230 Rodgers, Michael 204, 205 Rodriguez, Esperanza 155


Post, Kristen 177,178 Potter, Nicole 220 Potts, Brent 30 Powers, Carolyn 128, 216 Powers, Janet 67 Praamsma, Meredith 118 Prast, Abigail 213 Prater, Andrea 253 Pratt, Sarah 103 Pressler, Mary 154, 257 Previch, Frank 154,193 Previch, Jessica 177,191 Prince, Nicole 103 Prinns, Jesse 254 Probst, Megan 128 Proper, Christopher 103 Prutzman, Amy 103, 223 Prutzman, Grant 128, 246 Pscholka, Angela 253 Puff, Michael 154 Pull 13 Puis, Brian 154 Purtee, Megan 78,103, 235, 236

Pusinelli, Lisa 214 Pustelak, J.P. 214 Pyle, Jennifer 103

Randall, Angela 199 Randel, Julia 59 Randolet, Jacquelyn 128 Rankins, Jessica 103 Ransom, Travis 118,229

Reynoso, Manuel 155,185 Reznich, Gregory 183 Rhem, Catherine 118, 245 Rhodes, Richard 20,175, 238,

Ray, M a t t h e w 154,183

Rice, Jennifer 253 Richards, Erin 128 Richardson, Bethany 118 Richardson, James 155/183 Richardson, Matthew 128,

Ray, Richard 58 Raymond, Kelly 155 Read, Michelle 155 Reagan, Rebecca 155 Reardon, Jeffrey 175 Recknagel, Cameron 155,


2 0 4 , 217, 2 5 0

Rodriguez, Joanna 104,221, 223 Rodriguez, Jonathan 155/175 Rodriguez, Steven 104 Roehling, Patricia 67 Roeschley, Sarah 229 Rogers, Lance 175 Rogowski, Allison 257 Rojeski, Laura 104, 244, 245 Rolin, Amanda 175 Rollefson, Amy 156

Richardson, Scott 188 Index


Scholten, Donald 202, 242 School for Scandal 35 Schopp, Lee 172 Schrader, Bart 156,185 ^ Schrader, Matthew 156,204, 242


Roose, Michelle 156 Root, Craig 172,173 Root, Erica 156 Roschek, Kevin 174,175 Rose, Emily 223 Rose, Kristin 104, 220, 253 Rose, Matthew 156,182,183 Rosema, Benjamin 172 Rose and the Rime 49 Ross, Katie 128 Roth, Alison 156,194,216, 253 Rubin, Jami 209, 253 Rubio, Barbra 128,132, 227 Ruby, Chad 204 Ruch, Dustin 104, 213 Ruch, Mitchell 156,183 Ruda, Erik 128 Ruffino, Gerardo 38,100, 236

Ruffino, M. Carmen 231 Rugenstein, Matthew 174, 175 Ruggio, Jessica 156 Ruiter, Brandon 237 Rumohr, Bain 105,172 Runnion, Kimberlee 156 Russell, Karen 229 Ruszkowski, Michael 156 Ruud, Jason 156 Ryan, Katherine 216 Ryden, David 67 Ryerson, Elizabeth 156, 220 Rykse, Jenna 213 Rynbrandt, Scott 105, 238, 242

Ryzenga, Brittany 249



S Sabo, Cindy 71 Sacred Dance 223 Sadogierski, Samantha 156 Saeneboutrath, Daniel 175 Salamango, Daniel 175 Sanderson, Eileen 156 Sanford, Elizabeth 47 Sapp, Melissa 105, 253 Sattler, Matthew 205 Sauerman, Rachael 105,170, 171, 253

Saurman, Jessica 156 Sayer, Nathan 118, 258 Scamehorn, Jennifer 156 Scatterday, Emily 128 Schaap, A. Paul 53 Schaap, Stephanie 118 Schaedig, Laura 191 Schaefer, Kelly 128,170 Schaftenaar, John 246 Schaftenaar, Robert 129 Schakel, Peter 55 Scheerhorn, Mary 62 Scheeringa, Amanda 118, 1 8 4 , 1 8 5 , 245

Schellenberg, Robert 258 Scherer, Laura 118 Scheuerman, Kara 119 Schipper, Rebekah 71 Schlotz, John 196 Schmid, Kathleen 156 Schmidt, Andrea 156 Schmidt, Lauren 156 Schmidt, Matthew 246 Schmidt, Rebecca 58,169 Scholl, Meghan 177,191

Schrock, Caitlin 129 Schroeder, Karena 185 Schroeder, Kirsten 157 Schrotenboer, Chelsea 129 Schrotenboer, Katherine 157 Schubert, Arthur 157 Schueneman, Andrew 254 Schuiling, Steven 208, 246 Schuiteman, Emily 157, 253 Schuler, Cameron 246 Schultheis, Christine 129 Schultz, Randall 253 Schulze, Jeanine 249 Schumaker, Erin 223 Schurr, Danielle 170 Schut, Malyn 157, 230 Schutt, Jeremiah 175 Schwabauer, Chad 242 Schwartz, Jennifer 105 Schwiebert, Ausable 172 Scott, Douglas 172 Scott, Michael 157 Scott, Mishelle 105 Scott, Rachel 157, 216 Sears, Leigh 170,171 Sedjo, Megan 105, 217, 252, i53 Seely, Matthew 129 Segawa, Hazuki 50 Seib, Allison 157 Seifert, Elizabeth 157 Semon, Chelsea 157 Sergienko, Maxim 105 Serrano, Andy 175, 266 Servais, Meghan 219 Sexton, Rebekah 105 Sexton, Ryan 157 Seymour, David 129, 246 Seymour, Joseph 193 Shaffer, Stephen 157 Shaheen, Sarah 239, 253 Shannon, Kathleen 129 Shannon, Timothy 157 Shaughnessy, John 67 Shaw, Drew 175 Shaw, Krystal 157 Shea, Kelly 129 Sheets, Ryan 202, 203 Shelton, Chaz 175,193 Shepherd, Dale 175 Sherman, Katelyn 157 Sherry, David 157, 216 Shetler, Kara 157 Shier, Sarah 129, 216 Shiffler, Ashleigh 119

Shin, Richard 157 Shirk, Jason 72 Shoaf, Brynne 19, 249 Shooks, Robert 105 Short, Chelsea 209 Shott, Matthew 157 Shrier, Sarah 209 Shugart, Jessica 119 Shumaker, Louise 71 Shuman, William 105 Sicard, Emily 129 Sierzant, Charles 258 Sietsema, Jonathan 99,105 Sifnotis, Amanda 157, 220 Sigma lota Beta 252 Sigma Sigma 244 Silva, Luis 158 Silver, Aaron 105 Silver, Michael 47 Simmons, Heidi 119 Simon, Caroline 62 Simon, Matthew 105 Sina, Kelly 33, 245 Skaff, Elizabeth 107 Skaff, Jeffrey 158 Skinner Organ Restoration 65

Slattery, Amy 158, 230 Slaughter, Gloria 58 Slaughter, Jeffrey 107, 246 Sleder, Benjamin 175 Sleeman, Debra 199 Sleeman, Michael 199 Slenk, Nora 169, 253 Sligh, Sarah 265 Slot, Vickie 62 Slotman, Mark 129 Slover, Michael 158 Slusher, Kevin 175 Smith, Amy 129 Smith, Ashley 107 Smith, Benjamin 175 Smith, Brandon 129 Smith, Bryce 175 Smith, Casey 175 Smith, Erin 158 Smith, Haley 158,191 Smith, Katherine 158 Smith, Kyle 107,192,193 Smith, Lisa 107,180,181 Smith, Mackenzie 107 Smith, Matthew 183 Smith, Molly 188 Smith, Nicole 158 Smith, Raymond 188 Smith, Richard 71 Smith, Robyn 129 Smith, Ruth 158 Smith, Ryan 175 Smith, Shaun 254 Smith, Steven 58,172/ '|73

Smith, Traci 47 Smyth, Erin 158 Sneller, Cassie 158, 201 Snellen, Holly 107, 200, 201 Snow, Ann 223 Snyder, Heidi 214 Snyder, Mackenzie 177,191 Snyder, Scott 204 Sobania, Justin 258 Soccer (Men's) 173 Soccer (Women's) 171 Social Activities Committee (S.A.C.) 230 Soderstrom, Luke 175, 266 Softball 198 Solle, Laura 213 Sommavilla, Katherine 158, 253 Sommavilla, Scott 204 Sommers, Renee 180 Son, Anh 159 Sonneveldt, Austin 159,242 Sosenheimer, Briana 159 Sosolik, Sarah 129,170 Soukup, Amy 159 Southwell, Anna 107 Spargo, Kimberly 159 Sparks, Lauren 218 Spears, Alexandra 129, 245 Specht, Ryan 217, 250 Spielvogel, Christian 51 Spires, Chip 226 Spitters, Scott 159 Splinter, Casey 177,191 Sprik, Jonathan 237 Springett, Andrea 159 Spring Fling 37 Spruance, John 159 Srain, Jatana 220 St. John, Patrick 107 Stacey, Kathryn 107, 245 Stack, Alexander 12,129, 217 Stadola, Joseph 22 Stanley, Jessica 159 Stanton, Krista 107, 223 Stark, Laura 232 Statema, William 107,219 Stauffer, Austin 159,208 St. Clair, Courtney 159 Steel, Lauren 159,180 Steeves, Molly 107 Stegeman, Nicholas 159 Stegenga, Nicole 129 Steinbach, Kelsey 159 Steiner, Carol 107 Stephens, Nicole 159, 235 Stephenson, Chelsea 119, 218, 245

Stephenson, Darin 58 Sterley, Emily 119, 253 Sternberg, Brian 159

Sternisha, Emily 107 Stetson, Steven 175 Stevens, Peter 159, 254 Stevenson, Sara 119 Stewart, Joanne 47 Stille, Samantha 12,194,195, 2.17, 253

Stock, Brittany 159 Stoel, Michelle 159, 253 Stoepker, Peter 159 Stokes, Jessica 119 Stolz, Anne 185 Stoops, Kristin 107 Storr, Ryan 107, 266 Story, Sarah 107 Stoughton, John 58 Strauss, Christopher 107, 242 Straw, Brian 129, 232 Striker, Alexandria 160, 216 Strippoli, Annalisse 160 Stritzke, Laura 16,17,160, 218

Strock, Steven 160, 202 Student Congress 231 Stults, Jennifer 219 Stuppy, David 160 Sturtevant, Deborah 71 Sullivan, Colleen 129,217, 253 Sullivan, Katherine 46 Sultz, Daniel 178,193 Sulz, Daniel 178 Summers, Ryan 178,193 Sundberg, Erin 253 Supp, Whitney 160 Sutfin, Erin 160 Sutton, Chelsea 160 Swan, Paul 130, 217, 250 Swanson, Debra 71 Swarthout, Debbie 46 Swearingen, Keith 107 Sweas, Karin 130, 209, 217, 253 Sweers, Angela 160 Sweet, Megan 160 Swenson, Kellie 160 Swift, Jeffrey 130,185 Swimming (Men's) 182 Swimming (Women's) 181 Swing Dance Club 222 Szczepanek, Kristi 33

Talsma, Tessa 160,180 Tammi, John 71 Tank, Melyn 130 Tanouye, Laura 199 Tapper, David 160 Tassoni, Christina 160, 245 Taylor, Allen 160 Taylor, Erin 239, 269 Taylor, Joy 130 Taylor, Stephen 47 Teets, Brandon 254 Templeton, Allison 130 TenHaken, Vicki 51 Tennis (Men's) 197 Tennis (Women's) 195 Terada, Toshiro 62 TerHaar, Lindsay 160 TerLouw, Erika 130 TerLouw, Ryan 178,179,192, 193

Terpstra, Katie 130 Terpstra, Kyle 130, 258 Teusink, Joshua 160,185 Teusink, Scott 108 Teusink, Tiger 194 Thayer, Kate 170

The Shape of Things 34 Thomas, Ashley 160 Thomas, Cassandra 170 Thomas, Laura 108, 217 Thomas, Rachele 12 Thomas, Stacy 30,119 Thomas, Whitney 33, 48 Thompson, Alison 130,217 Thompson, Esther 130, 219, 223 Thompson, Heather 160 Thompson, Jennifer 261 Thompson, Keith 175 Thompson, Stacia 160 Thorington, Joshua 108,175 Tidmarsh, Christopher 161 Tieche, Elizabeth 161, 261 Tillman, Julie 261 Timmer, Jordan 246 Timmons, Emily 108 Timpner, Ashley 130,209 Tindell, Candice 161 Tintle, Nathan 58 Tobert, Conrad 161, 216, 242 Tobert, Daniel 216, 238, 242 Todd,Jason 178,193

T Taber, Jacob 180,182,183 Tableman, Leslie 176,177, 190,191



Toepper, Matthew 172. Toledo, Sara 161 Tompkins, Steven 175, 204, 266 Tonn, Kevin 161 Toren, Daniel 161, 250 Torres, Shannon 161 Towner, Emily 161 Tozer, Cody 161,183 Track (Men's) 192 Track (Women's) 190 Trebilcock, James 172,242 Treiber, Aaron 161,193 Treloar, Natalie 220 Trent-Brown, Sonja 67 Tresey, Patrick 175 Tresslar, Daniel 30,172,173, 246 Tresslar, Elisa 170,171 Treumuth, Jenna 108,253 Trieber, Aaron 193 Trojniak, Keith 208 Tromp, Jonathan 161 Tseng, Gloria 55 Tsukamoto, Naomi 46 Tubbergen, Kayleigh 161 Tucker, Abbey 186 Tuinenga, Jennifer 108 Turner, Bryan 175 Turner, John 246 Turner, Wanda 261 Two Rooms 33 Tyler, Jeff 67 Tyler, Sara 130,191 Tyner, Claire 19,108,177

u Uhlenbrauck, Arryn 161 Ullman, Joshua 175 Ummel, Aislinn 108 Undergraduate Research Celebration 56 Underwood, Kenneth 130, 238, 258, 259 Urivez, Jessica 161 Urling, Heather 130,180

V Vagle, Michael 108 Valentine, William 246 282


VanDokkumburg, Kevin 175 Valleau, Julie 108 VanDop, Rebekah 119 VanAndel, Jesse 161 VanDort, Luciana 162 VanArendonk, Sarah 162 VanDrie, Allison 108 VanAssen, Deena 108,169 ^ VanDuinen, Katie 161 Vanassen, Deena 253 VanDusen, John 161 VanBeek, Allison 130 VanDyk, Kristi 161 VanBeek, Matthew 204 VanDyke, Rachel 162 Vance, Katharine 58 VanEerden, Douglas 242 VanDahm, Melissa 119 VanHaitsma, Kristin 46 VandeGuchte, Nathan 193 VandenAkker, Samantha 108 VanHamersveld, Rachel 119, VandenBosch, Kevin 20,174, 231 VanHeest, Jaime 161,216 175 VanHeest, Peter 162 Vandenburgh, Andrea 119 VanDenend, Jon 162 VanHeukelom, Bob 71 VanHeukelom, Evan 130 VanderBroek, Charles 183 VanderGriend, Christina 162 VanHorn, Nathanael 246 Vanderheide, Marcus 188 VanKempen, Peter 85,109 VanKempen, William 162 Vanderhovel, Nicholas 162, VanLaan, Julie 130,217 216, 258 VanNest, Elissa 119 VanDerKolk, Nicole 162 VanOordt, Erin 162 VanderLinden, Charles 162 VanOostenburg, Matthew Vanderlugt, Dani 253 162 VanderMaas, Megan 199 VanderMeer, Emily 191 VanOostendorp, Kylee 130 VanderMeer, James 58 vanOyen-Witvliet, Charlotte VanderMeer, Jennifer 108, 67 VanSickle, Kimberly 108,214 190,191 VanderMeer, Sarah 162 VanStedum, Daniel 266 VanDerMeulen, Amy 119, VanTimmeren, Rachel 109, 213, 214 213 VanderPloeg, Sally 162 VanVoorst, Nicholas 162 VanWieren, Glenn 58,188 VanderPloeg, Trudi 46,71 VanWormer, Tabitha 163 Vanderprov 237 Vanderslice, Emilie 22,108 VanWyk, Lyndsey 220 VanderSluis, Bethany 108 VanZanten, Sarah 131 VanderStoep, Jill 58 Van Beek, Allison 170 VanderStoep, Scott 67, 232 Van Dahm, Melissa 230 VanderVeen, Gina 162 Van Houten, Joan 46 VanderVeen, Morgan 162 Van Til, Kent 67 VanderVeen, Steve 51, 70 Van Weiren, Emily 249 VanderVelde, Matthew 204, Van Wylen, Gordon 69 205 Van Zanten, Brian 177,178 VanderVelde, Michael 204, Van Zyl, Gerrit 52 205 Vargas, Diana 109 VanderVelde, Paul 178,193 Vasko,Joseph 109 Vandervelde, Rick 177,178 Velderman, Allyson 163 VanderWeele, Michael 238, Velderman, Roger 54 258 Veldman, Roger 66 VanderWeide, Katie 108 Verduin, Kathleen 55 VanderWoude, Benjamin Veritas Forum 76 162 Vernon, Sarah 119, 245 VanderWoude, Sarah 162 Vespers 23 VanderYacht, Andrew 175, Vicencio, Victoria 239, 257 266 Vickery, Jessica 119 VanderYacht, Gordon 175 Victory, Rachelle 163 VanderZouwen, Anna 108 Vienna Summer School's VanderZouwen, Nicole 162 50th Anniversary 79 Vander Bie, Ross 108 Villarreal, Melissa 71 Vandestreek, Tara 109,213 Vincensi, Barbara 62 VanDette, Robert 130 Vipond, Jeremiah 119,237

Vis, Colin 163, 246 Vis-Gross, Kathy 169 Visiting Writer's Series 44 Visser, Karly 119 Visser, Richard 172, 246 Vlietstra, Justine 163 Vogelzang, Christina 163, 180,181 Vogelzang, Cynthia 70,71 Vogelzang, Ryan 182,183 Volbrecht, Peter 211 Volleyball 168 Von Koenig, Jonathan 109, 238, 258 Voskuil, Vicki 62 Vought, Emma 131 Voyles, Alicia 184,185 Vredenburg, Jeffrey 163,196 VredeVoogd, Courney 213, 218

w Wade, Emily 170, 253 Wadsworth, Anna 109,175 Wagner, Bethany 163 Wagner, Lara 109, 219, 257 Wagoner, Jessica 163, 221, ^3 Wahmhoff, Timothy 175 Walker, Kallie 163,194 Walkowicz, Katherine 109 Wallin, Bethany 261 Walsh, Emily 109 Walstra, Rachel 110 Walter, Patricia 62 Walters, Kensley 119 Walvoord, Jennifer 59 Wandell, Emily 110,177 Wandell, Kathryn 110,235 Wander, Sarah 163, 221, 223 Waples, Ashley 228 Warner, Joshua 120 Warner, Kyle 254 Warner, Ronna 131 Warner, Sara 163 Warner, Sarah 131, 261 Warner, Tyson 193 Warren, Kevin 163 Warriner, Bryanna 163,199 Warsen, Stacy 186 Waterson, Kenneth 110 Waterstone, Kathy 59 Waterstone, Kyle 110,182, 183 Water Ski Team 210 Wauzzinski, Aric 163,254

Webbert, Samantha 131 Webster, Erin 177 Webster, Grant 246 Webster, Sara 131 Weener, Seth 178,179,193 Wegemer, Emily 248, 249 Weidenhaft, Elizabeth 131 Weigel, Drew 175 Weingartner, Emily 216 Weir, Heidi 120, 260, 261 Wellemeyer, Kathryn 110 Weller, Claire 163 Wells, Rachel 120 Welsch, Aaron 163,183 Wendt, Luke 110 Wendt, Rachel 191 Werley, Danielle 163,194 Werley, Megan 110 Wescott, Stephanie 265 West, Emily 163 West, Tim 218 Westcott, Ashley 11,131 Westra, Andrew 217, 250 Westrate, Emily 163 Wethers, Kinsey 110 Wettack, F. Sheldon 47 Whitehouse, Faith 177 Whitford, Nathan 164 Whitman, Lucas 175, 238, 250 Whitney, Rachel 164 Wicander, Leah 110 Wichman, Bethany 110

Wilkens, Matthew 242 Wilkins, Stephanie 164, 239, 245 Willett, Melissa 131, 221 Williams, Betsy 164 Williams, Blair 164, 216 Williams, Kate 164,180 Williams, Lacey 164 Williams, Sarah 221 Willming, Morgan 120 Willson, Whitney 164,180 Wilm, Clinton 131, 217 Wilson, Aaron 175 Wilson, Boyd 67 Wilson, Emily 110 Wilson, Erica 19, 28,131, 212 Wilson, Justin 164 Wilson, Meghan 164, 249 Wilson, Ryne 246 Winchell, Heather 180 Wind, Meghan 111 Winek, Kirsten 111 Winer, Meghan 169 Winfield, Jordan i n , 242 Wingate, Jacob 131,262,263 Winn, Andrea 111 Winne, Jonathan 164,208 Wissink, Jonathan 184,185 Wissner, Yvette 131 Withers, Teressa 111 Witkowski, Nicolas 12,193, 216 Witten, Jenna 120

Wolthuizen, Ann 164 Wonderful Town 32 Wood, Alexander 111 Wood, Daniel 131 Wood, Ellen 186 Woodard, William 164, 208 Woods, Andrea 164 Woods, Rebekah 177,191 Woodward, Bill 216 Woodworth, Kyle 164 Wooley, Wesley 185 Woolpert, Patrick 111,188 Woolsey, Daniel 50 Worrel, Benjamin 111, 230 Wright, Christopher 164 Wright, Lauren 165 Wright, Sarah 253 Wright, Steven 165,210 WTHS 236 Wu, Jean 120 Wu, Xing Wen 111 Wuis, Dustin 204, 205 Wulf, Callie 165, 249 Wyatt, Leah 131 Wynne, Brianna 131


Yahraus, Beth 165

Yeiter, Megan 165 Yelding, John 51 Yoder, Haley 165 Yonker, Lyndsey 111 Yost, Brian 58 Young, Jennifer 55 Young, Lindsay 111 Ytterock, Jonathan 165

Zeitter, Michelle 165 Zelinski, Alexander 165, 216, 254 Zeluff, Nathan 120 Zendler, Brent 19, 246 Zendler, Nicholas 178,193 Zessin, Jan 58 Zessin, Peter 165, 204 Zetterholm, Kristi 165,170, 191 Zienda, Justyna 104,111 Zietter, Michelle 230 Zigterman, Kaitlynn 165 Zita, Jonathan 120 Zmyslo, Stephanie m , 220 Zoellner, Kelli 177 Zoerhof, Joshua 175,185 Zoetewey, James 67 Zupancich, Nicholas 131,246 Zuzga, Andrea 165 Zwier, Gavin 165 Zwingelberg, Karl 249 Zych, Courtney 131

All photos used In the index section were provided by t h e Joint Archives o f Holland. These pictures were selected t o represent typical Hope College scenes, t h o u g h t h e y occured long before most of us came t o Hope.

Wiebe, Todd 58 Wiersma, Nathan 164 Wiersum, Matthew 178 Wiest, Brian 110 Wightman, Sarah 164 Wigton, Sarah 110 Wigton, Theresa 131

Wixson, Matthew 120, 226 Wizner, Daniel m , 214, 219 Wolfe, Tyler 188 Wolter, Amelia 164 Wolterink, Scott 52 Wolters, Karla 57,198,199 Wolthuis, Lucas 178,193

Yamaoka, Thomas 202, 203 Yamoka, Thomas 120 Yan, Andrew 67 Yanney, Elizabeth 165 Yapp, Mark 120, 246 Yarbrough, Quinette 131 Yehling, John 111 Index


A m e m b e r o f t h e class o f 1973 poses in f r o n t o f t h e a n c h o r w i t h h e r b r o t h e r s .




ir\n • ii After this year's last set of exams had been graded and theCinal applause had faded from the graduation stage, as students carried the last of the boxes out to their cars, the year had already begun its own recollection. The ultimate goal in creating a college yearbook is to provide a tangible document depicting an entire year in the life of a school. This year, however, our goals were set higher. Not only did we seek to recall the year's epic moments. We also wanted to remember what happened on Hope's campus before this year's students ever considered spending the pivotal years of their lives here. Though these eight months may have been monumental in our own lives, this yearly rotation of Orientation and Homecoming, Fantasia and Spring Fling has happened many times before, and will continue its sequence long after we are gone.





Next fall will solidify the reality of taking the first steps beyond Hope for the seniors of 2007. However, the conclusion of another summer will also bring new beginnings for the Hope students who will be returning to campus or spending a semester abroad. As this book draws to a close, plans are well underway to welcome an entirely new generation of Dutch to campus w i t h the incoming freshmen class of 2011. Marcus Aurelius once said, "The present joys of life we doubly taste by looking back w i t h pleasure on the past." This book seeks to provide a lasting recollection that we will be glad to dwell in more than f i f t y years from now, or want to relive as little as six months after graduation.


During graduation, members of the class of 2007 search for their family members in the audience



Celebrating 90 years The 9 0 t h volume of the Hope College Milestone Yearbook was printed by W a l s w o r t h Publishing Company, located at 306 North Kansas Avenue, Marceline, M O 64658. The 288 pages were submitted using PDFs on Walworth's Yearbook Connect uploading system. Pages were created on an iMac computer using Adobe InDesign CS. Our proofs were disposable Laser Pro. Our cover is litho khaki linen four color, designed by Tara Diegelman for W a l s w o r t h Publishing Company. All pages were printed on 8o-pound Legend Matte. Binding is 9x12 Smyth Sewn. Student portraits were provided by Appleyard Photography of South Haven, Michigan. Digital images were taken on a Canon Digital Rebel EOS. Body copy was set in AWPC Times. Headlines were set in Copperplate Modern. Captions were set in Skia. Folios and sub-headlines were set in Skia. All historical Hope College photographs were provided by the Joint Archives of Holland. The photo on the left shows the staff of the 1977 Milestone yearbook. This photo appeared on the colophon page in the 6 0 t h edition of the Milestone. First year co-editors, Meghan Beachum and Megan Purtee, would like t o thank our hardworking student staff, our supportive advisor, Emily Hall; our always-helpful sales rep, A n t h o n y Perez; and our customer service rep Jill Fowler. This book would not have been possible w i t h o u t all the hard w o r k put in by the awesome staff of the Student Development Office at Hope College. W e would also like t o thank Wilma Hart for all of her knowledge and experience, and for helping us pass it down f r o m editor t o editor. We hope you have enjoyed the 2007 Milestone. Our feelings regarding the completion of this book can be best expressed t h r o u g h recalling the closing words w r i t t e n by Karry Ritter C79) the editor of the 1977 book: " N o one but a yearbook editor can fully appreciate the w o r k and w o r r y t h a t go into the making of a yearbook. Likewise, no one but a yearbook editor can fully appreciate the support and assistance given by students, faculty and friends... " W o r k i n g for the Milestone is hardly a glamorous or financially rewarding job. Staff members sacrificed many hours of their o w n time so that this book could be produced. They deserve your thanks, as well as. mine." For more information about the Milestone, please visit our web-site;

t h e Milestone Meghan Beachum • Megan Purtee Co-Editors in Chief 1

Kayla K a t t e r h e i n r i c h • Student Life Editor Jason Cash & Tally Reeverts • Academics Co-Editors Katie W a n d e l l • Sports Editor Nicole Stephens • Senior Section Editor Lisa Harkes • Underclass Section Editor


Chris Lewis & E m i l y M i l l s • Groups Co-Editors E m i l y M i l l s • Greeks Editor Lara W a g n e r • Copy Editor Ashley D e H u d y & Julie Kocsis • Photo Editors



•Hi , i , < f | r i JI; VJ I I ' I yir y-'t.


J .


! J i .1 }<<***



? f M i • i'- ^

• U H ^ U