Milestone 2003

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Orientation group #9 relaxes in the shade. Roommates Erin Lokers and Susanne Morton said "Orientation was a great way to meet people and get accustomed to college life." (Photo courtesy of Student Development)

Orientation group #49 engages in a group discussion about diversity. Orientation groups played games that introduced topics such as stereotyping to new students. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)

Freshmen crowded into the Dow Gym for Playfair, a fun night which gives you the opportunitiy to meet people at an extremely fast pace. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)


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Sophomore Orientation Assistants Tara Baase, Brooke Leman and Lindsay McGrath help move new freshmen girls into Dykstra. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)

New freshmen Nicole Pach and Rebecca Rooy, with the help of an OA, begin putting up their loft. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)

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New students put their handprints on the huge banner that will be brought out for their graduation in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)



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U C a v v w y a - , Orientation rolls out the red carpet

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Orientation weekend kicked off F r i d a y FYS class, a n d their resident assistants. .jarfbrninrf w h e n n e w students a n d their S a t u r d a y night w a s full of m y s t e r y a s parentsl^egan d r i v i n g u p to their respecn e w students were led b y their RAs to t i v e residence h a l l s w i t h v a n s , borrowed t h e Dow for something called P l a y f a i r . trailers, a n d even a few U Hauls. StepW h e n t h e y walked in t h e y found t h e m ping out of their vehicles, parents a n d stuselves r u n n i n g t h r o u g h a h u m a n t u n dents were greeted b y s w a r m s of m e n a n d nel of Orientation staff who were clapwomen in w h i t e shirts w i t h t h e Orientaping a n d cheering for t h e m . P l a y f a i r tion logo, "Your Debut in Orfilled t h e n i g h t w i t h f a s t a n g e a n d Blue." These s t r a n g paced games designed to help ers b e g a n u n p a c k i n g cars, s t u d e n t s m e e t lots of n e w a n d most of t h e surprised stupeople q u i c k l y . A f t e r dents' belongings were a t their P l a y f a i r , most new students, doors before t h e y h a d found along w i t h t h e Orientation t h e i r w a y to t h e i r n e w s t a u headed to t h e DeWitt " It's like homes. The s t r a n g e r s in patio for t h e a n n u a l l u a u w h i t e better k n o w n a s OriStudents danced t h e n i g h t s u m m e r camp, entation Assistants, were a w a y Hawaiian style. college styla" t h e r e to guide a n d direct new F r e s h m a n N o a h D a v i d Lein students a n d parents. T h e y said It's like s u m m e r camp, F r e s h m a n were p a r t of t h e Orientation college s t y l a " NoahDavid Lein staff, which consisted of OriS u n d a y slowed things e n t a t i o n D i r e c t o r s seniors down a bit, w i t h a worship P a u l J a c k s o n a n d Beth Otto, \ service in t h e Chapel Opening Convocation a n d time for Assistant Directors, a n d Orifreshmen to s a y bittersweet e n t a t i o n Assistants. E a c h n e w student w a s assigned to a n goodbyes to proud parents. T h e n e w students t h e n a t e dinner a t Bultman's BackOrientation g r o u p led b y two Orientation y a r d Barbeque a n d headed over to t h e Assistants -who answered questions, led iceKnickerbocker for "Orange a n d Blue for breaker activities a n d g a v e tours of c a m You," a series of skits p u t on b y t h e Oripus. Orientation w a s a b u s y a n d excite n t a t i o n Directors a n d Assistant Direcing time for new students, a s well a s t r a n s tors to show t h e freshmen w h a t life a t fer students, to meet m a n y n e w people Hope is all about. a n d s t a r t getting involved in college life. M o n d a y c a m e a n d Orientation weekF r i d a y nigkt j a m m e d w i t h t h e Orientaend w a s winding down. S t u d e n t s m e t tion E x t r a v a g a n z a which included h u l a w i t h their n e w l y assigned advisors, h a d hoop contests, e n t e r t a i n m e n t a n d m u c h their last Orientation group meeting with mora their OAs, h u n g out w i t h their RAs, a n d S a t u r d a y w a s f u l l of activities. In t h e h a d t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to go to t h e Activim o r n i n g t h e resource room w a s open in ties F a i r to check out w h a t kinds of exM a a s to help students get a c q u a i n t e d to t r a c u r r i c u l a r prospects t h e c a m p u s h a d local b a n k s a n d t h e residence h a l l l a u n to offer. Orientation closed with Groovin' d r y s y s t e m a m o n g other things. There in t h e Grove a g a t h e r i n g - t y p e worship were also s e m i n a r s p u t on b y v a r i o u s s e r v i c e held in t h e P i n e Grove. Kim academic d e p a r t m e n t s a b o u t choosing a W a l k e n h o r s t t h o u g h t of t h e weekend major, a n d m a n y meetings n e w students "The d a y s were long a n d c r a z y b u t t h e a t t e n d e d w i t h their Orientation group. friendships I m a d e were worth it."

Orientation 11

lesAOZs Tradition a n d ' T e a m work unite for the 105th Pull

^(A\ Each Pull t e a m did literally thouLast five minutes of Pull on either side sands of push-ups, a n d thousands of of the Black River, eighteen y o u n g men sit-ups. T h e y r a n m a r a t h o n s in the strain with their last ounce of strength b l a z i n g a f t e r n o o n s u n a n d in t h e in m u d d y pits. Eighteen y o u n g women f r o s t y morning fog. T h e y spent hours beside them scream hoarse words of enin or alongside dirt pits, perfecting couragement. In these final five minw h a t it means to be a Pull team. T h e y utes, the teams m u s t hold onto t h e rope learned the utmost in teamt h e y h a v e pulled from their work. Sanders said, "Duropponents in the past three ing Pull y o u come to a point hours while the judges m a k e where y o u a r e no longer a their final measurements. For The sophomore team, b u t a f a m i l y , i i o v e one team on one side of the everyone in t h a t f a m i l y . I class of 0 5 river, the experience is compulled m y tired b o d y to ing to a n end. For one t e a m wins t h e 1 0 5 t h p r a c t i c e e v e r y d a y for on the other side of the Black Pull b y 1 8 feet them. It's easier to go when River, a new page is being y o u h a v e 8 9 other people turned over. a n d 1 0 inches there to support you," For the past three hours, .. The coaches give t h e c a l l these two t e a m s h a v e On either side of the Black strained h e a v e d a n d lockedRiver, eighteen pullers roll in a s one. One puller, one slowly out of their f i n a l strain. Eighmoraler, one body', w h a t a Pull t e a m teen moralers offer their final words must do to be victorious. One h e a v e out of encouragement. On either side of the of synch, one call a second too l a t e Black River, one coach addresses his means one wasted opportunity. Sevent e a m w i t h t h r e e words "reel it in," teen cannot prevail against eighteen. m e a n i n g v i c t o r y , or "die off slow," E v e r y b o d y on either side of the rope m e a n i n g defeat. On one side of t h e must do his/her job perfectly all t h e Black River there was ecstasy as the t i m a Ben Sanders, two - y e a r 0 5 puller, 0 5 Pull t e a m celebrated the realizasaid, 'Winning Pull requires perfection tion of a goal worked toward for the That's w h a t three weeks of practice a r e past y e a r . On the other side of the for." Black River there was h e a r t b r e a k as For three weeks. Pull was the o n l y t h e freshmen of t h e 0 6 Pull t e a m thing on eighty peoples' minds. T h e y sat faced t h e disappointment of defeat. in class drawing ropes in their notebooks, For 06, preparations for next y e a r t h e y woke u p a t 3 AM in the middle of h a v e a l r e a d y begun. For 05, there a call set, as t h e y a t e their spaghetti in could be no sweeter ending to this exPhelps t h e y pondered the resemblance perience t h a n dancing in the river a t to a certain bundle of m u d d y threads. the end of Pull d a y .

1 2 Student Life

At an intense moment the injured freshman puller Matt Parker gets words of encourgemet from his moraler Tisa Thompson. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

After 3 hours of heaving and holding sophomore puller Ross Coleman and moreler Erica Miedema congratulate ecah other. (Photo by Sidra Tees)


THE. •



Covered in mud and sweat Jared Gall works hard as the '05 anchor. (Photo by Sidra Tees) '06 Anchor moraler Betsy Huizenga gives calls to Brain Hammer. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier) With intenseity, junior coach Tony Gawron gives commands to the '06 Pull team. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

In the final strech of the 105th Pull the '05 pull team prepares for another heave. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Pull 13

T h e C l a s s of 2003. (Photo courtesy of Nora Staal)

Tracy Forbes smiles proudly as the c l a s s proc e e d s to their seats for the ceremony. (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

Mortar Board President Andrew Chapin pres e n t s the senior class c h o i c e for t h e H.O.P.E. award winner. (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

Dr. Ruf and H.O.P.E. award winner Dr. Luidens lead the processional into the stadium. (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

1 4 Student Life

Tim B r o w n o f f e r s the blessing to the graduating class. (Photo courtesy of Nora Staal)

Christina Van Regenmorter, Mark Thelen, and Nora Staal pose together after the ceremony (Photo c o u t e s y of Nora Staal)


( l/iA-tty

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The Class of 2003: Different yet the same

f .


^r^te^Jevi \f&vi

In the fall of 1999, a then record like on-line registration and grades. class of incoming Freshman g a t h On M a y 4, 2 0 0 8 the class of ered on t h e c a m p u s of Hope to 2 0 0 8 shared one last moment tobegin o r i e n t a t i o n . O r i e n t a t i o n gether as more t h a n 6 8 0 students turned to t h e first d a y of class, walked across the podium a n d rethe first d a y of class to t h e first ceived their diplomas. month, t h e first m o n t h Encouraged to prioritize to the first semester, t h e their lives b y Rev. Eufirst semester to t h e first gene Sutton a t the Bac"He [Dr. Johnson] y e a r , a n d t h e first y e a r c a l a u r e a t e service, the w a s b y f a r one of soon became four. Along seniors were reminded t h e best, most t h e p a t h of t h e fresht h a t even though t h e y m a n class of 9 9 to t h e motivational, a n d a p p e a r different t h e y graduationg class of 0 8 are all the same t r u t h f u l speakers m a n y things changed. through Him who creI h a v e heard." Students switched m a ated aLL At the gradua-Senior Olivia jors, transferred in a n d tion c e r e m o n y comStewart o u t of Hope, s t u d i e d mencement speaker Dr. Fred Johnson of the Hisabroad, a n d some chose t o r y department left the students internships in t h e a r e a . M a n y with this message*. "For four y e a r s seniors look back a n d remember y o u sought t h a t challenge (of t h e Pull, Nykerk, Hope vs. Calvin graduating) a n d met it. You leaned basketball games, literally dripf o r w a r d into t h e h a r d blowing ping with sweat, tears, a n d a volwinds of change, traveling the disu m e level unlike a n y other. Other tance one carefully-placed a n d destudents will remember dance contermined step a t a time, reaching certs, choir a n d s y m p h o n y conthis location a n d moment t o d a y certs, p l a y i n g frisbee golf in t h e strong, skilled, a n d more prepared pine grove, or looking for a pet for the lives y o u a r e about to liva" squirrel The class h a s also seen The class of 2 0 0 8 left the changes on campus such as t h e stadium with smiles a n d tears as new science building, t h e ground t h e y turned the page in their book breaking for the DeVos Fieldhouse of life. as well as some smaller changes

Graduation 1 5

V~ÂŁJ31^ Nykerk tradition continues with some new surprises F

glimpse of sadness t h a t I experienced on To m a n y people, N y k e r k is j u s t another S a t u r d a y night," s a i d senior A m y weird tradition. To those who h a v e in" Huizen, 0 5 c h a i r elect. vested time a n d e n e r g y to keep t h e t r a T h e winners of t h e N y k e r k Cup perdition alive, N y k e r k is so m u c h more formed a well developed program. E v e n t h a n t h a t . Sure t h e competition is a y e a r song girls performed it's O n l y a three hour long event, t h e practices t a k e Paper Moon" a n d t h e e v e n y e a r p l a y u p w h a t little leisure time college stushook things u p a bit w i t h a d i f f e r e n t l y dents h a v e left, t h e cheers c a n be h o k e y organized d r a m a called a n d t h e traditions d a t e d Yet, "Clua" T h e p l a y w a s based each y e a r t h e competition on t h e boa r d g a m e of t h e draws people to p a r t i c i p a t a same n a m e and written b y How does a tradition t h a t is junior p l a y coaches M a r jorie a n t i q u a t e d continue to s t a y " I'm still in shock Behm a n d Rebecca B a r r y . alive? The answer is peopla E v e n y e a r oration coaches, People w h o b e l i e v e t h a t because u s u a l l y juniors Meridith De'Avila N y k e r k develops friendships, t h e sophomores do a n d Leslie Skaistis, coached e n h a n c e s school spirit win! f r e s h m a n A n n e Bast in her through e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r indeveloped oration "Beneath volvement, fosters class t h e Surfaca" The freshmen u n i t y , a n d inspires f r i e n d l y -Senior S a m a n t h a worked h a r d in preparation competition. These people a r e Hyde for N y k e r k b u t w e r e still t h e reason t h e longstanding surprised w h e n t h e y overtradition remains. t u r n e d t h e sophomores on This y e a r ' s N y k e r k Comc o m p e t i t i o n n i g h t . "When t h e y a n petition boasted a fresh, c r e a t i v e show nounced t h a t 0 6 h a d won, we couldn t from both classes involved. Odd y e a r believe it! I'm still in shock because u s u p l a y presented "Peter V a n d e r P a n in a l l y t h e sophomores do win," beamed D u t c h y D u t c h y L a n d a d a p t e d for S a m a n t h a Hyde, coach of even y e a r N y k e r k b y senior p l a y coaches song. Jordana Blondin and Anne Organizers of t h e N y k e r k CompetiOppenhuizen. The sophomore song w a s tion were pleased w i t h this y e a r ' s p a r "Grease", a m e d l e y a r r a n g e d b y senior ticipation a n d results. "The little things coaches E r r y n J e n k s a n d C o u r t n e y t h a t c a m e up, t h e stressful m o m e n t s Beechick. Sophomore o r a t o r J e s s i c a were completely erased due to t h e a b u n H e n n e m a n rounded out t h e odd y e a r d a n c e of good things t h a t occurred. W e group a s she delivered "Kick off Your formed a new p a t h for t h e N y k e r k t r a Shoes." The sophomores e n j o y e d their dition to begin on.. f u r t h e r i n g t h e prinN y k e r k preparation despite their disapcipal t h a t N y k e r k is a f r i e n d l y compepointing loss. "Nykerk h a s been one of tition, a n d while one y e a r does h a v e to t h e greatest experiences of m y time a t win, e v e r y o n e w a l k s a w a y w i t h t h e Hope. The friendships t h a t I h a v e m a d e gratification t h a t everyone won because a r e amazing, a n d I know t h a t t h e y will t h e y h a d p u t so m u c h into it," said senot f a d a All of m y great memories of nior H i l l a r y Noordeloos, general chair of N y k e r k will d e f i n i t e l y o u t l a s t t h e t h e competition.

16 Student Life

'05 Play girls entertain the audience with a spirted dance. (PR Photo)

'06 Song Coaches Annie Gonzalez and Sam Hyde smile with joy after winning the Nykerk Cup. (PR Photo)

Smiling, '05 Orator Jessica Henneman presents her speech "Authenticity Defined." (PR Photo)


Miss Peacock, Christina Judson, "attacks" Miss Scarlet, Jennica Avery, during the '06 Play. (PR Photo)

'06 Play reacts with shock at the "death" of Wadsworth. (PR Photo)

After many hours of work, '06 Orator Anne Bast recites her speech "Beneath the Surface." (PR Photo)

N y k e r k Cup 17

Jessa Timmer, Jessi Yokas, Lindsay Brown and Laurie Scharp enjoy great company and good food at the Homecoming Hoedown. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Alex Eaton and Peter Gilliot swing dance at the Homecoming Ball. (Photo by Elizabeth Shaw)

J* Suliman & Saw t VMWWH . us oot

Ross Coleman dressed for fun at Teusink's farm for the hoedown. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Dance Marathon promotes their fundraising event with prospective student Megan Elizabeth Bocks catching a ride, (Photo by Liz Famer)

1 8 Student Life

Stephanie Springer smiles as she finds her way through the giant hay maze. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

President and Mrs. Bultman show spirt as they ride in the Homecoming parade. (Photo by Liz Famer)

Homecoming celebrates tradition and fun

Homecoming weekend started with Junior Quarterback Phil Butler great f u n on a w a r m evening a t threw a n 8 8 - y a r d pass received the hoedown. The weekend festivib y Joel Solomon to break t h e ties ended on a r a i n y S a t u r d a y school record. The men played beevening with the homecoming b a l l fore a crowd of 4 , 3 6 1 to reach a The Homecoming weekrecord of 1-1 in t h e conend was a time for a l u m n i ference. to come back a n d rememThe cheerleaders h a d ber college times, while a few additions as " Homeoming is a current students m a k e a l u m n i went down on t i m e to m a k e n e w memories to l a s t a life the field to show them memories a n d tima how t h e y h a d done it. relive old times" T h e hoedown h a d Seniors Nate Moore m a n y f u n activities a t a n d Brenna Bosma were Teusink's f a r m . Students crowned the Homecom-Elizabeth S h a w h a d a c h a n c e to r u n ing King a n d Queen during halftime. T h e y through a giant h a y were choosen out of the m a z e , m a k e delicious 8 finalists voted on b y smores, dance to t h e m u the student body. sic, ride on t h e h a y ride a n d p l a y The festivities ended Saturwith t h e f u n b a r n y a r d animals. d a y with t h e Homecoming Ball Apple cider a n d carmel apples were held in the Haworth Conference a high point as well Center. M a n y students went out S a t u r d a y w a s packed with for a nice dinner to show off their lots of f u n . The d a y started as the elegant formal attire. T h e y parade m a d e its w a y down College danced the night a w a y with a A v e n u e turned the comer a t 1 Oth, live swing band a n d a DJ. Homethen took its final t u r n a t Columcoming was a fun-filled weekend bia. The p a r a d e w a s filled w i t h t h a t b r o u g h t e v e r y b o d y toschool spirit from all kinds of stugether f r o m n e w s t u d e n t s to dent organizations. pride-filled alumni. The football t e a m won a close v i c t o r y of 4 2 - 4 1 over Kalamazoo.

Homecoming 19

Sarah Luneack as Julie Jordon looks over her husband Billy Bigelow played by David Ovies after he was killed in fight. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Katherine Grambau and Andrew Myers sit together as a couple at the annual clam bake. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Billy Bigelow, David Ovies, works the carousel and entertains the town people. (Photo by Ryan Graves)


Carrie Pipridge, Ann Mathias, sings about the joy of marrying Mr. Snow. (Photo by Ryan Graves) Dan Kwiatkowski, as Enoch Snow with family Andrew Meyers, Grace Pollert and Michelle Walker. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

2 0 Student Life

The wailers came into town and stayed long enough for a dance with a few town girls. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Cast and crew put together a wonderful fall show



In l a t e November, Carousel dressing room. T h e c a s t got debuted a f t e r a m o n t h or so along v e r y well a n d it showed of h a r d work in rehearsals. on s t a g a However, t h e credit T h e c a s t w a s privileged to can't all go to t h e actors, bework with Kerry c a u s e Carousel w a s a n d J o h n Danger for blessed w i t h a n ext h e music a n d choret r e m e l y talented a n d Music, choreograwonderful crew. o g r a p h y . T h e y took phy, m a g i c a l a few weeks to learn W i t h o u t t h e work of horses a n d a spint h e crew, t h e perfort h e music a n d t h e n n i n g carousel all m a n c e would n e v e r a few more weeks to on stage a t DeWitt, h a v e been possible, l e a m t h e dances, a n d t h e b a c k drop w a s w i t h lots of practice amazing, a s well a s t h e y danced memot h e spinning Carousel rable n u m b e r s such on s t a g a The cast a n d crew a s "Blow High, Blow Low," a n d were given a great review a n d t h e m a g i c a l horses c a m e to were a c t u a l l y invited to perlife to t a k e Julie for t h e ride form a t t h e American Colleof her dreams. The cast spent giate Theater Festival but a lot of t i m e together a n d bewere u n f o r t u n a t e l y u n a b l e to c a m e v e r y close, either helpgo. All t h e cast shared the wish ing their p a r t n e r s w i t h dance t h a t it didn't h a v e to end. moves, p l a y i n g Euchre in t h e green room, or k n i t t i n g in t h e

Carousel 2 1

Co-ed waterpolo was a popular sport, which provided students with a chance to compete in the water without having to swim. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Taking a rest from racquetball. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier) There was fierce competition in co-ed volleyball. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Getting set to smack it. Co-ed volleyball teams showed the spirit of competition. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

2 2 Student l i f e

IM racquetball kept all its participants on their toes. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

The red team hurries to block the goal in coed waterpolo. (Photo by Nora Staal)

t K ^


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IM Sports teams enjoy good competition and good fun 1 ÂŁÂŁÂŁ>


Almost 8 0 i n t r a m u r a l sports cam pu? wide to people of all skill are active on campus, and somelevels to be involved in a sport where between class, homework t h e y loved, or m a y b e one t h a t a n d other activities, w a s j u s t for f u n . students found time to M a n y students who compete for f u n in p l a y e d a n d loved sports such as co-ed sports in high school I n t r a m u r a l s is a soccer, ultimate fnsbee, find t h e y j u s t don't g r e a t w a y for intertube w a t e r polo h a v e time to be instudents to s t a y and mora Teams are volved in college sports. involved in t h e open to everyone assoI n t r a m u r a l s was a sport t h e y lova.. ciated with the college, great w a y for these including students, facstudents to s t a y involved in t h e sport u l t y and a l u m n t This t h e y love without the means t h a t a t some intense practice schedule and point in their college career, apcommitment of a v a r s i t y team. proximately seventy percent of Some students p l a y because students h a v e been involved t h e y love the sport, the compewith i n t r a m u r a l sports. About tition and the challega Others half the student body particip l a y because it is a great w a y pated in a t least one intramuto get a w a y from the stresses of ral sport, and m a n y played two college life and get some exeror morel cise a t the same tima The i n t r a m u r a l program provided opportunities

IM Sports 2 3

f3w^v/ '

n&liaAj&zui ' Halloween isn't just just for kids ki

w a s h a n d a loafau T h e n i g h t w a s Halloween w a s a t i m e of s c a r a g r e a t t i m e for a l l f u l l of snacks, ing, c o s t u m e wearing, a n d a n prizes, a n d lots of dancing. excuse to e a t lots of c a n d y for J u s t a f e w blocks down f r o m s t u d e n t s on c a m p u s . T h e e v e n t s t h e p a r t y , s c r e a m s could be h e a r d of Halloween included t h e Hallowcoming f r o m Voorhees. een p a r t y p u t on b y SAC Voorhees H a l l held their a n d Greek Life i n t h e a n n u a l h a u n t e d house, DePree P a r k i n g Lot, t h e p u t on e n t i r e l y b y resi"My f a v o r i t e p a r t Voorhees Haunted dents of Voorhees. E v e r y House, a n d y o u n g trickis t h e f u n t h a t we one who left t h e house or t r e a t e r s v i s i t i n g resih a v e together." seemed to look o v e r their dence halls, a p a r t m e n t s s h o u l d e r w o n d e r i n g if a n d cottages w h o v o l u n someone w a s following teered to pass o u t c a n d y . -Junior H i l l a r y them. T h e r e w e r e lots of kids Shepard Junior Hillary w h o visited c a m p u s , a n d Shepard, t h e coordinator it w a s a g r e a t experience -P of t h e h a u n t e d h o u s e said for both t h e s t u d e n t s a n d t r i c k " M y f a v o r i t e p a r t is t h e f u n t h a t or-treaters a l i k a w e h a v e together. It's a bonding SAC's Halloween p a r t y in t h e experience... w e get t o g e t h e r to DePree p a r k i n g lot w a s a costume show people t h a t w e a r e c r a z y a t p a r t y for students to c o m e b r a v e times." T h e m o n e y raised b y t h e t h e cold, a n d compete for best cosh a u n t e d h o u s e goes t o w a r d s t u m a T h e c o s t u m e contest w a s maintaining and improving won b y a g r o u p of s t u d e n t s w h o Voorhees a s well a s f u n d i n g for dressed u p a s a shower, complete the haunted housa w i t h shampoo, conditioner, b o d y

2 4 Student Life

The Winners of the costume contest show off their prize and their costue: a shower. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

Once you step in the Voorhees Haunted House, you can never go out! (Photo by Ryan Graves)


Fast food guru Dave Thomas and Wendy even showed up at the Halloween Party! (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

Nate Olson displays his lobster outfit at the SAC Halloween party (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

A Voorhees Haunted Hall participant gets ready to scare the guests. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Some new Sigma Sigma "women" show off their moves at the Halloween Party! (Photo By Kelly Hargrove)

Halloween 2 5

Michelle Button and Tara Darter c l e a n i n g up a l a w n in D u l a c , Louisiana. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Button)

P a i n t i n g a h o u s e in Dulac. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Button)

R e l a x i n g in f r o n t of the "mushroom rock" in Alabama. (Photo c o u r t e s y of J e n n i c a Skoug)

! G e t t i n g into s o m e trouble in Louisiana. ( P h o t o c o u r t e s y of Michelle Button)


Students don't exactly get the comforts of home on mission trips, but they didn't mind sleeping wherever there was room. (Photo courtesy of Jennica Skoug)

2 6 Student l i f e

Karen Schuen, Melissa Pikaart and Gina Petrovic on the plane for Tucson, Arizona. (Photo courtesy of J e s s i c a Nelson) NelNelson)

1v\. a- 0(A-t Spring Break trips take students around the country, and the world



As Spring break approaches each Jesus' love b y s e r v i n g others. y e a r , t h e question of where to go Building relationships w i t h t h e d r i f t s t h r o u g h m a n y people's c o m m u n i t y members was a highminds. For m a n y t h e light for m a n y people. a n s w e r is simple a M a n y people go on these mission trip through the mission trips w i t h t h e "1 s a w God working campus ministries prcr goal of helping others. through the people However, through relag r a m . This y e a r over within m y group as 2 8 t e a m s t r a v e l e d to tionships with t h e comwell as t h e commuu r b a n a n d r u r a l destim u n i t y , m a n y people n i t y members...' t a k e a w a y m u c h more nations nationwide as t h a n t h e y g i v a Humilwell as a few internai t y , h o s p i t a l i t y , love, tional trips. -Sophomore Jessica a n d compassion a r e just T h e p l a n n i n g for Nelson a few of t h e attributes these trips s t a r t s a t t h e t h a t were t a k e n from beginning of spring sethe c o m m u n i t y . mester/" each group meets once a Sophomore Jessica Nelson comweek u n t i l t h e trip so t h a t memments, T saw God working through bers feel comfortable around each the people within m y group as well other. Then, during t h e trip, comas t h e c o m m u n i t y members in m u n i t y service for u r b a n settings Tuscan, Arizona. It w a s a good could include working with t h e experience a n d I a m looking forhomeless, working in soup kitchw a r d to going on another mission ens, working in teen centers, a n d trip next year." This week-long trip m a n y more projects. R u r a l trips is a unique experience t h a t is a could include repairing houses, great opportunity to help others painting, working with people a n d a n d grow in y o u r own faithu other activities. Through these trips, students were able to show

Spring Break Trips 2 7




Images brings international talent and culture to campus

acts included in order of their perA Reflection of Cultures, formance! Traditional South Asian the talent show put on b y the inWedding Dance, Christmas Songs t e r n a t i o n a l students a n d their from Germany, 'The Captive" 8- I friends, came back a f t e r a y e a r Love You" Russian Poin hibernation to bring e t r y b y Alexander a little taste of culture Pushkin, "Momotaro" a to t h e H o l l a n d a r e a . Images brought Japanese Fairytale, Images w a s sponsored "Todo A M e d i a Luz" students together, b y the International South American tango, Education department using their t a l "French Potpourri" a a n d the Fried Internaents, building comedy song, "Barlima" t i o n a l Center. All t h e friendships a n d A Love Song from Nepal proceeds from the event helping families a n d A Reggae D a n c e went to Heifer, a nona r o u n d t h e world from J a m a i c a . In t h e profit organization t h a t middle of the show there helps f a m i l i e s in 4 8 w a s a fashion show countries a r o u n d t h e where the students lit u p world. Images brought t h e c a t w a l k dressed in the g a r b students together, using their talof their n a t i v e countries. Followents, building friendships and helping the fashion show t h e acts in ing families a r o u n d t h e world. t h e second half of the show were. Images was a w a y for Interna"Salsa Con CoCo," "Mind y o u r Lantional students to reach out to guage" a n Intercultural Skit, "Din their own c a m p u s c o m m u n i t y Da Da" a n African Dance, "Unsung a n d the wider c o m m u n i t y of HolSongs," "Fragmented" b y Migjeni, land Michigan. Images took place "Winter" b y Langush, Poradeci A November 2 this y e a r , a n d was Violin Performance "Eskista" a n one of the m a i n events put on b y Ethiopian Dance "Fencing Lessons" the International Education dea French comical skit, a n d "Fusion" partment, This year, 16 acts were an intercultural dance t h a t performed, with performers reprebrought Images 2 0 0 3 to a n end. senting 19 different countries. The

2 8 Student Life

The Images cast takes their final bow a f t e r t h e show. (Photo by Nora Staal)

" F e n c i n g Lessons," a French comical skit, was one of many skits in I m a g e s t h i s year. (Photo by Nora Staal)

David Pridmore and Radika Rupasinghe perform together in a skit. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Divia Ganta waltzes across stage in ethnic costume. (Photo by Nora Staal) "Fusion," an intercultural d a n c e e n d e d Images. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Gerald Ajega and Christina Kyles dance during the opening n u m b e r of Images. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Images 2 9

President Bultman dances with a girl from the DeVos Children's Hospital during Dance a r a t h o n . (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Morallers had the job of m a k i n g sure their danc ers were as com fortable as could be while remaining on their feet for 24 hours (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)


Jenga, along with other games, kept students, kids, and faculty o c c u p i e d during part of Dance Marathon. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)



G o i n g along with the Wild West theme, this cow pointed the way to Dance M a r a t h o n in Phelps Cafeteria. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier) T a k i n g out s o m e stress in the gladiator pit. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

8 0 Student Life

Playing with the kids during the 24 hour Marathon. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

/" 0Y~ Dance Marathon sets another record in money raised for DeVos

irch 7 a n d 8, over 5 0 0 Hope College s t u w h a t 1 will experience while dancing for 2 4 a n d staff took over Phelps Cafeteria for hours." t h e sole purpose of s t a n d i n g on their feet for 2 4 E a c h y e a r t h e a m o u n t of dollars raised consecutive hours. While students on a n y other for t h e Children's Miracle Network a t DeVos d a y a n d for a n y other reason would p r o b a b l y grows exponentially. This y e a r we continnot choose to p u t their m i n d a n d bodies through ued to set n e w records a s we iumped from t h e such a test, t h a t weekend t h e Hope c o m m u $ 5 0 , 4 2 5 , 8 7 raised in 2 0 0 2 to a n incredible n i t y lined u p to help t h e kids a t $ 6 7 , 6 3 8 . 3 0 . This soar in f u n d s DeVos Children's H o s p i t a l is a t r u e credit to t h e i m p a c t This y e a r ' s D a n c e M a r a t h o n , D a n c e M a r a t h o n is h a v i n g on in o n l y its 4 t h y e a r a s a n orgaour c o m m u n i t y . It is a n oppor"This event...has nization, invited t h e c a m p u s a n d t u n i t y for us to extend our f a m c o m m u n i t y to j u m p on a covered to be one of t h e i l y a t m o s p h e r e a n d work towagon a n d follow t h e t r a i l b a c k gether in f a i t h a n d hope to give most e m o t i o n a l l y to t h e Wild West. W i t h t h e help of b a c k to t h e c o m m u n i t y . It a l uplifting a c t i v i a few balloons, large a m o u n t s of lows for students to raise funds paint, m a n y cowboy c u t o u t s a n d a l l y e a r long b r a v i n g cold conties someone c a n three large i n f l a t a b l e g a m e s t h e ditions a n d s c a r y date-auctions be involved in." cafeteria w a s t r a n s f o r m e d into a to help a child smile in t h e midst western p l a y l a n d for kids of all of c h e m o t h e r a p y a n d o t h e r sizes. W h e n y o u passed Phelps -Kris t m e Umlauf painful treatments. And t h e kids t h a t weekend y o u r a t t e n t i o n w a s a t DeVos help u s too', t h e y h a v e i m m e d i a t e l y d r a w n to t h e 1 2 feet t a u r f h t u s t h e t r u e m e a n i n g of t a l l C o u n t r y Fresh cow t h a t stood HOPE. pointing e v e r y o n e towards t h e action. T h e ac"This e v e n t t h e students of Hope College tion w a s of fun, g a m e s a n d HOPE a s t h e a t m o p u t on, h a s to be one of t h e most emotionally sphere inside combined t h e seriousness of c a u s e uplifting activities someone c a n be involved w i t h t h e j o y of a child-like spirit. in," 2 0 0 3 Morale Co director Kristine Umlauf As t h e dancers saddled u p for a long night, s t a t e d "The sincere g r a t i t u d e in t h e eyes of bands, a local d a n c e c o m p a n y m o r a l e games, t h e children, their siblings, a n d their p a r e n t s line-dances a n d e v e n some c a m p u s t a l e n t were sent chills down m y spina Out of t h e pure packed into t h e 2 4 hours to help keep their generosity of our h e a r t s we assisted t h e m in spirits u p a n d minds e n t e r t a i n e d Moralers stood coming t h a t m u c h closer to achieving their dreams. It is all for t h e kids a n d w o r t h e v e r y b y their sides, r e a d y to give a n encouraging second of t i m e p u t into it." E v e r y dancer, word or helping h a n d to m a k e s u r e t h e y k n e w moraler, committee member, organization a n d t h a t t h e y could m a k e it. However, if y o u h a d D r e a m T e a m director left his or her own perasked a n y o n e a t D a n c e M a r a t h o n w h a t their sonal touch on t h e M a r a t h o n this y e a r . All m o t i v a t i o n was, it would h a v e been t h e stories t h e p l a n n i n g a n d f u n d r a i s i n g time a n d h e a r t told b y t h e miracle children. One dancer s t a t e d p u t into m a k i n g a difference showed on t h e "Seeing all t h e children smile a n d knowing t h a t faces of those kids. So, w i t h t h e m e m o r y of t h e y a r e h a v i n g fun, m a k e s m e feel like I a m w h a t happened t h a t a m a z i n g weekend still m a k i n g a difference. While I m a y be strugfresh in our minds, we now look towards a n gling to keep going for 2 4 hours, I remind m y other promising y e a r a n d into t h e eyes of self t h a t these children go t h r o u g h struggles t h e n e x t child m a t needs a little HOPE. a n d p a i n e v e r y d a y . Their families a r e going t h r o u g h a lot more struggles a n d p a i n t h a n

Dance M a r a t h o n 8 1

(l^<z^ L






v - o j ^ t

Theatre brings a new subject to campus ^ L/K

mance, discussions led b y panels the first p l a y of t h e spring of faculty, students a n d staff took semester, the Hope College Theatre place with audience members t h a t Department brought a t r u l y wished to s t a y . In addition, t h e challenging piece of work to t h e p l a y also helped to inistage. The L a r a m i e t i a t e s e v e r a l lectures Project is based on over a n d round-table discustwo^hundred interviews sions dealing with such conducted b y t h e Tecissues a s s e x u a l i t y , tonic T h e a t r e Project ...The t i m e w a s prejudice, religion, h a t e with residents of right a n d t h e a u a n d love t h a t h a v e been Laramie, W y o m i n g foldiences were p r e v a l a n t in t h e comlowing t h e hate-crime ready. m u n i t y today. In choosm u r d e r of M a t t h e w ing the play, the theatre S h e p a r d This w a s a n d e p a r t m e n t k n e w it event t h a t made nawould be both a risk a n d tional and internaa challenge to put this tional headlines. Hope's p l a y on in the community, but it cast included eight students, freshwas f i n a l l y decided t h a t the time men through seniors. Each played w a s r i g h t a n d audiences were a v a r i e t y of characters with difready. W h a t resulted was a p l a y fering opinions a n d v a r y i n g det h a t brought a thoughtfullness grees of involvement in the event, a n d h u m a n i t y to a tragic event from news reporters, to professors, a n d asked the audience members bystanders to friends a n d f a m i l y to respond to both the work a n d of both the victim a n d the m u r each other. derers. Following e a c h perfor-

3 2 Student Life

Tim Heck and Dianna DeFillipo as friends of the accused talking to P e t e r B e c k , playing a company member. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre department) Erik Slaxvik as Aaron McKinny gets interrog a t e d by an o f f i c e r , played by Patrick Kearny. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre department)

Cast m e m bers w a t c h as the stage crew does a light test for the s c r e e n . (Photo courtesy of t h e Theatre department)


Michaun Burton as one of the few "out" g a y s in town. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre department)

Officer Reggie, played by Rachel C a r r o z z i e r e cele b r a t e s with her daughter Marge, played by Dianna DeFillipo, because she's not infected withthe AIDS virus. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre department)

Romaine Patterson, played by Emily Casey, using huge wings to block the anti-gay Fred Phelps, who protested at Matthew's funeral. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre department)

The LaLmmie Project 8 3

The VanderProv gang awaits their next c h a l l e n g e . (Photo by Michelle Button)

Making faces at the a u d i e c e is s o m e thing VanderProvers do well. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

A n n e Bast gets her groove on. ( P h o t o by

Rachel Achtemeier)

J. Barrett Wernlund and Lewis Ford look pensive. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier) Virginia Smith picks the best s p o t . ( P h o t o by Rachel Achtemeier)

Jane Bast bares her t e e t h . ( P h o t o by Rachel Achtemeier)

3 4 Student Life

I'l/pJl r

Rtf/b Oft VanderProv celebrates its fifth year with new competitive shows

sparked more interest, creating a n n i t s f i f t h y e a r a t Hope, even bigger crunch for seating. anderProv h a s become as m u c h W i t h the advertising campaigns, a p a r t of Hope College as Frisbee unique posters a n d other publicGolf, a n d just as much fun. M a n y i t y stunts, V a n d e r P r o v is a l students c r a m themselves into w a y s packed. W i c h e r s to e n j o y t h e Dedicated to h a v i n g m o n t h l y performances f u n a n d getting laughs, t h a t this talented group t h e g r o u p is a l w a y s of comedians h a v e on "They do a g r e a t h a v i n g a good time. F r i d a y nights. Students Similar to the popular job coming u p sometimes a r r i v e over TV show 'Who's Line is a n hour before it s t a r t s w i t h stuff on t h e it Anyway?," students in order to ensure t h a t IstA*,' J I h a v e the oppotunity to t h e y h a v e a good seat participate in the show for t h e show. From t h e -Sophomore as it happens. "It's remoment t h e cast memMichelle Button a l l y f u n n y a n d I enbers e n t e r t h e room, joyed going a n d laught h e y aren't disappointed. ing a lot. T h e y do a Every year, great job coming with stuff on the V a n d e r P r o v m u s t find those spot." said sophomore Michelle people t h a t c a n r e a l l y t h i n k on Button. their feet. Taking it upon themAlthough the group does hold selves to continue t h e tradition practices during the week, the acthis y e a r were* senior J a n e Bast, t u a l shows are still extremely inj u n i o r A m y Sporer, j u n i o r v e n t i v e a n d improvosationaL Rebecca Miller, sophomore Louis Adapting to the skit or "game" and Ford, s o p h o m o r e J . B a r r e t t h a v i n g audience participation as W e r n l u n d f r e s h m a n Anne Bast, p a r t o f t h e show's format is w h a t f r e s h m a n Ginger S m i t h , a n d h a s been c r u c i a l to m a k i n g a l u m n i D a n Lannin, Josh Tibbe, VanderProv the immense success a n d Andrew Lotz, t h a t it is now. W i t h these two In addition to t h e u s u a l percomponents, V a n d e r P r o v will formances, this y e a r also included hopefully continue to provide stutwo unique competitions, one with dents f u n a n d relief from college a t e a m f r o m Chicago a n d t h e stresses for another five y e a r s other with Calvin's group. These and mora shows added some v a r i e t y a n d

VanderProv 8 5

V 0\A)^y^iAl Defining their status and fostering dialogue /A^V^tK

tee, overseeing e v e r y step of the en's Issues Organization is programming, bringing in speakopen to all students. T h e y work ers, organizing a n d publicizing to question social political a n d events. This y e a r WIO sponsored economic barriers t h a t stand in its first Campus Wide t h e w a y of all people Clothing Swap. This but women in particue v e n t invited all stular, in hopes of creating dents to get rid of their a dialogue t h a t will We work to quesunwanted clothing and r a i s e consciousness tion social, political s w a p it for someone about the m a n y forms and economic barelse's. The goal of this of oppression h u m a n beriers t h a t stand in e v e n t w a s to foster a ings suffer. Their work the w a y of all sense of c o m m u n i t y on c a m p u s facilitates people but women among students, helping this dialogue through a in particular.. each other supply basic number of events t h e y needs while recycling. organize a n d w e e k l y The left-over clothing meetings a t Timmer was donated to a local charity. Cottage the Women's Issues OrIn the spring WIO held its a n ganization housa n u a l Outstanding Hope Women The Take Back the Night vigil Honors Brunch. E v e r y y e a r t h e y is held in the fall a n n u a l l y to regive a certificate of recognition to member survivors of sexual asthe female student, faculty, and sault on Hope's campus. Each staff member with the most votes y e a r WIO sponsors a Gender Isfor Outstanding Hope W o m a n of sues Paper Contest offering a prize the Year. Each woman who reto the student with the best paceived a nomination was invited per about a gender related issua to attend the brunch. WIO is a n integral p a r t of the Women's Week planning commit-

3 6 Student l i f e

WIO held weekly meetings at Timmer Cottage, their official house. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Ribbon tying in p r e p a r a t i o n for Women's Week. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Take Back the Night Vigil participants marched around campus with candles. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Lighting vigil candles for Take Back the Night. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Fall s e m e s t e r WIO President, Katie Klein, speaks at Take Back the Night. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Pumpkin carving for Halloween was one of many events at Timmer Cottage. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Women's Issues Organization 8 7

John and pose ture. Kristi

Gallagher the g u y s for a pic(Photo by Creswell)

r Senior Lynette Whemer and her date dance the night away, enjoying good music a n d g o o d friends. (Photo by Sidra Tees) Some upper-

classmen stop dancing for a quick p i c t u r e tog e t h e r . (Photo courtesy of Kristi Creswell)


Freshman Tasuku Nishino break dances for an a u d i e n c e of a p p l a u d i n g onlookers. (Photo by Sidra Tees) Freshmen girls hang out while dressed to the nines for Fantasia. (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

Junior Megan Jewel dances the night away at F a n t a s i a . ( P h o t o by Sidra Tees)

3 8 Student Life

Aid & vuj-l^avttgjpi HE\/eviln ^ Students dance the night away at Winter Fantasia


i.e a n n u a l W i n t e r F a n t a s i a u p with a s n o w y hillside backfestivities, sponsored b y t h e g r o u n d for f r e e snow globes Student Activities Committee a n d k e y chains. were held a t t h e Am w a y F r e s h m a n E r i n Lockers exG r a n d P l a z a Hotel pressed t h a t , "from t h e food to t h e music, on S a t u r d a y Februa r y 15, 2 0 0 3 . T h e everything at Fant a s i a w a s great." t h e m e for this y e a r It is a time to E v e r y o n e there w a s w a s "An E n c h a n t e d get dressed u p dressed to t h e nines in Evening," to go along a n d show off suits a n d floor length w i t h t h e Valentine's y o u r dance formats. The dessert D a y weekend E v moves. t a b l e w a s garnished e r y y e a r students w i t h chocolate a n d look f o r w a r d to W i n mocha covered ter F a n t a s i a because strawberries and it is a b r e a k f r o m cookies a s big a s y o u r f a c a e v e r y d a y college lifa This T h e d a n c e floor w a s packed e v e n t allows s t u d e n t s to w i t h people g r o o v i n ' a n d d a n c e a n d socialize in a safe, m o v m ' to t h e sounds of t h e welcoming e n v i r o n m e n t . It D.J. Hope students a n d their also is a t i m e to get dressed dates were h a v i n g a blast, b u t u p a n d show off y o u r d a n c e t h e night of f u n h a d to end a t moves. If d a n c i n g w a s not some point, so slowly e v e r y y o u r thing, t h e r e were seatone left u n t i l j u s t a n e m p t y ing a r e a s for c o n v e r s a t i o n s dance floor remained. a n d also a photographer set

Fantasia 39

P (L.0

y I ^

G* 0 d


Gospel Choir sings, parties and praises //Wr5ÂŁ5<5^


'ne of t h e m a n y opportunities a r e a a n d periodically led worfor involvement a t Hope is t h e ship for t h e Gathering service 1 S O - m e m b e r Gospel Choir. a t Hope. T h e choir's h i s t o r y T h e choir is directed dates b a c k to 1 9 7 0 b y C. J . Grier, s u p w h e n Gospel Choir ported b y a m a r v e l w a s formed a s a n exous t e a m of h e l p e r tension of t h e Black 'Who s a y s t h e students who orgaStudent Union. The body of Christ nize t h e large group. choir seeks to honor Student leaders incan't h a v e a God through cluded Courtney celebratory Christian p a r t y , y'alT?" Brewster, B r e e a n c a contemporary and Reed, K e l l y N i t z , Gospel music. Though Courtney Shattuck, t h e group is large, soRebecca Linton, S a prano Jamee m a r a Webb, T a r a M i s t r y , Oostendorp loved t h a t t h e Chris Avery, Susana choir "feels like a f a m i l y " a n d Rodriguez, a n d Joel Solomon. h a s enjoyed t h e o p p o r t u n i t y E v e r y M o n d a y night, t h e to m e e t n e w people in t h e choir's practice filled t h e chapel choir. Energetic songs accomw i t h worship. A s m a l l enpanied b y a full b a n d a n d semble also learned n e w songs motions combine for a u n i q u e with more complex harmonies. Gospel Choir s t y l a After a l l Gospel Choir performed several 'Who s a y s t h e body of Christ concerts a t c h u r c h e s in t h e can't h a v e a p a r t y , y ' a l l ? '

4 0 Student l i f e

Gospel Choir rocking the chapel during Gospel Fest. (Photo courtesy of Gospel Choir) Praising the Lord in complete adoration during the Gospel Choir Concert. (Photo courtesy of Gospel Choir)

Gospel Fest dancers.

(Photo courtesy of G o s p e Choir)

Willie Ziegenhagen as C h r i s t at the Gospel Choir Concert. (Photo court e s y of G o s p e l Choir)



Director C.J. Kingdom-Grier leads Gospel Choir during their spring concert. (Photo courtesy of Gospel Choir)

Brewster leads Gospel Choir during Gospel Fest. (Photo courtesy of Gospel Choir)

Gospel Choir 4 1

Dan Kwiatkowski plays the role of Pithetaerus as he listens to the p r o p h e t Keith J a n o f s k i . (Photo courtesy of the Theatre Department)

The Bird Chorus, consisting of J e s s i c a B o d t k e , Ashley Boer, Emily Casey, Alyssa Garcia, Clarissa Gregory, Erica Hess, Heather Janofski, Megan Jewell, Kate Pierri, Corrie Smith, and Kendra Stock, meditates on whether or not to go a l o n g w i t h Euelpidesand Pithetaerus' plan. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre Department)

Lisa Warmus sings to the a u d i e n c e in t h e role of P r o c n e . (Photo court e s y of the Theatre Department)

The chorus, led by Josh Brandenburg, belts out a chorus. (Photo courtesy of the T h e a t r e Department)

Jessica Trakimas as Iris sparks a love interest in D a n Kwiatkowski's Pithetaerus. (Photo courtesy of the Theatre Department) Reginald Haney as E p o p s rec e i v e s a message from E u e Ip id e s , played by Jared DeBacker, and Pithetaerus. (Photo courtesy of the T h e a t r e Department)

4 2 Student Life

Man and gods go Cuckoo

13^ Cosrvl^ ^WffA

The Birds, a n a n c i e n t Greek c o m e d y b y Second Messenger. Aristophanes, w a s performed b y t h e T h e gods comprised of J e s s i c a Hope College T h e a t r e D e p a r t m e n t April T r a k i m a s a s Iris, Eric V a n T a s s e l l a s 2 3 t h r o u g h April 2 6 . It w a s directed Prometheus, Josh R u m p s a a s Hercules, b y J o h n T a m m t T h e Technical DirecM a t t Schwabauer a s t h e B a r b a r i a n God tor w a s P a u l Anderson, a n d t h e Stage a n d N o a h D a v i d Lein a s Neptune, M a n a g e r w a s A m a n d a Weener. Rounding out t h e cast w a s t h e Bird In T h e Birds, P i t h e t a e m s Chorus, p l a y e d b y Jessica a n d E u e l p i d e s decided t o Bodtke, A s h l e y Boer, E m i l y l e a v e t h e i r n a t i v e c i t y of Casey, A l y s s a Garcia, Clarissa Gregory, Erica Hess, Athens a n d find a better life T h e problems beH e a t h e r Janofski, Megan for themselves. T h e y r e a c h Jewell, K a t e Pierri, Corrie t h e r e a l m of t h e birds a n d gin w h e n t h e h u Smith, a n d Kendra Stock. p e r s u a d e Epops, t h e Bird m a n s f r o m below The p l a y , which w a s King, to m a k e his kingdom a n d t h e gods from based on a n a r r a n g e m e n t into a walled c i t y called b y W a l t e r Kerr, called for Cloud Cuckoo-Land a n d cola b o v e decide to music b u t didn't include it. lect t r i b u t e s f r o m a l l w h o i n t e r f e r a Consequently, t h e musical wish to pass through. The direction w a s t a k e n over b y p r o b l e m s begin w h e n t h e Andrew Meyers, who wrote h u m a n s from below a n d t h e original music for t h e play, gods f r o m a b o v e decide to t u r n i n g it into t h e second musical of t h e interfera y e a r along w i t h Carousel The musiT h e v a r i o u s peculiar c h a r a c t e r s cians included Andrew M e y e r s on k e y were p l a y e d b y 3 0 different students. board acoustic guitar, Mike Dominiak Leading t h e cast were D a n Kwiatkowski on k e y b o a r d Josh Brandenburg on lead a s P i t h e t a e m s a n d J a r e d De Backer a s guitar, NoahDavid Lein on percussion. Euelpides. Josh R u m p s a on bass guitar, a n d Corrie T h e Birds included Glim Alimov a s Smith on violin. Trochilus, Reginald H a n e y a s Epops, The crew h a d their work cut out for Lisa W a r m u s a s Procne, J o s h them, a s Hope College's version of The B r a n d e n b u r g a s t h e C h o r u s Leader, Birds w a s to t a k e place in t h e present A d a m S h e r r e t t a s t h e Bird C a p t a i n / a n d in a j u n k y a r d . Scenic Designer J o h n Lawyer, a n d D a v e Paarlberg as the Anderson, P r o p e r t y Designers Rachel Priest Bird'Herald. Jamieson a n d Richard S m i t h Costume/ The H u m a n s were Mike Dominiak M a k e u p H a i r Designers Michelle Bombe a s t h e Poet, K e i t h J a n o f s k i a s t h e a n d Abigail Youngerman, a n d Lighting/ Prophet, Z e p h y r Miller a s t h e P e a l EsSound Designer P e r r y Landes created a t a t e Agent, Rachel H u t t a s t h e T a x c r a z y , y e t u n i q u e a n d believable world. Inspector, J o n a t h a n W h i t e a s t h e First Messenger, a n d S t e p h a n Combis a s t h e

The Birds 4 8

13 l^ejr<d Students gather to celebrate as the college Flings into Spring

TIt was the last d a y of classes, a n d

As t h e stresses a n d worries of e x a m s loomed a h e a d for students, the quiet morning Pine Grove was t h e y took one last chance to get being transformed into a lively some of those feelings out. Spinc a r n i v a l for students. Members a r t Frisbees were t h e souvenir for of the Social Activities Committhis y e a r a n d appealed tee were out e a r l y to set to m a n y Frisbee Golfu p for t h e i r a n n u a l ers on campus. Numerevent t h a t h a s been a Spin-art Frisbees ous other opportunities recurring hit with t h e a n d Bonzai Bikes were provided for stustudents. Students witdents to release some were some of t h e nessed t h e e v e n t t a k e apprehension and shape on their w a y to newest a n d most stress. Among these opm o r n i n g classes a n d popular a t t r a c portunities were some chapeL tions to this y e a r ' s old events like a boxThe F r i d a y afterSpring Fling. ing ring a n d obstacle noon off allowed s t u course. New a t t r a c dents to e n j o y their first tions for this y e a r were t a s t e of s u m m e r w i t h Sumo wrestling a bungee basketthe games, live band a n d outdoor ball competition a n d the favorite barbecue. M a n y students of t h e day, Bonzai Bikes. Not o n l y brought out their blankets a n d was there a perpetually long ling couches to complete t h e familiar for t h e Bikes, but a Hope College picture of a beach p a r t y in t h e Student set a new record as well! Pine Grova Sounds of the celebration echThe Phelps catering crew was oed throughout the campus all d a y out once a g a i n to provide t h e long. The celebration didn't stop lunch a n d dinner meals, barbecue when the events were over, hows t y l e . As s t u d e n t s a t e t h e i r ever. Some students went to the lunches, t h e y listened to t h i s beach, camping, or various other year's live band, Oregon Dream activities, extending their break for Child. W i t h a n upbeat 80's feel a s long as possible before heading this band was a n excellent backto the l i b r a r y or other quiet places drop to the activities t h a t were to begin s t u d y i n g for t h e week set u p around this u s u a l l y peaceahead. ful setting.

4 4 Student Life

% The Pine Grove was filled o n c e more with students enjoying s o m e free time before finals began. The beautiful weather made the event another huge success. (Photo by Nora Staal)

'*• wSSk

Barry Teshima accepts an award on behalf of his team for finishing first place in the first a n n u a l "Push." (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Two students release some pre-exam stress in the ring. (Photo by Nora Staal)

I'm gonna get you! Rob Sweas lunges at the c a m e r a . (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

David Boersma points ahead as he is pushed toward the finish line. (Photo by

John Lajiness grits his teeth and sends his opponent flying to the mat. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Rachel Achtemeier)

Spring Fling 4 5

S t u d e n t s listen i n t e n t l y to the speaker during a campus peace rally. (Photo by Ryan Graves) Making signs for a p e a c e rally. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

t e i s m s Iraqi citizens pull down a statue of

Saddam Hussein after A m e r i c a n troops

capture Baghdad. (Photo courtesy of

Jane Dickie reads to students during a peace rally in the pine grove. (Photo by Ryan Graves)


President Bultman's house displays the national, as well as college, colors proudly. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Americans Died m Vietnam ^03,000 Wounded Numerical statistics beg the question of the v a l u e of w a r . (Photo by Ryan Graves)

4 6 Student Life

^ald ft hot



Operation: Iraqi Freedom Stirs Student Movement

\f&vi ^ As students were wrapping up their war on Iraq when there isn't actuSpring Break adventures, h a l f w a y a l l y a war in Iraq I hate to see around the world fellow Americans w a r coming out of a s t a g n a n t began a campaign designed to libereconomy such as it is right now. I'm ate the people of Iraq and defend a firm believer in the idea that viodemocracy. On March 19, lence only brings more President Bush ordered a violence, I don't like the idea of war one bit, es"decapitation" a t t a c k on pecially when it looks Baghdad in hopes of The world will catching Saddam Hussein like we're the aggressors changa.. but the and we pretty much off guard. The a t t a c k world will keep are the imperialistic served as the beginning of aggressors right now," a n air and ground camturning... Some students parpaign that lasted for more ticipated in a protest in than forty days. Central Park in March. Throughout the The protest was part of months leading to the war a nationwide event to voice some on Iraq, m a n y students were inpeople's opinion on the conflict. There volved both on and off campus dewere also numerous war-related bating protesting, and trying to unevents on campus, such as a warderstand the military action against themed poetry reading in the Kletz , Iraq. Kelly Wieghmink thought we a candlelight vigil in the Pinegrove should go to war with Iraq because and m a n y pro- and anti-war discusshe thought t h a t Saddam needed to sions. be stopped. "If we hadn't done it, the The world will change for betrisk was too great," Wieghmink said ter or for worse but the world will "the evidence looks really strong that keep turning. It is our job to ask queshe's up to something, so I think t h a t tions and understand how the actions he should be stopped." of some do not represent the actions However, not all students of all y e t the actions of a few affect s h a r e d t h e s a m e t h o u g h t s as the lives of us all. Wieghmink, Ben Falk said, T think it's f u n n y how we already call it a

Conflict in t h e Middle East 4 7

Operation Iraqi Freedom CO


v <0^

Men soccer champs



-CO- j T ^ / v K


• s




G w r v - m t

/) 2


s e

M „




F i e W uh ou "

vos F ^



rG, f rOo' u o d W


'03 Graduates


Singers honored at NATS


^ O, Elvis is a calculus natural ^o^x&oW /Af/V\

4 8 Current Events


e a K i a 9








, ^




SAC prorframs honored

Ifn ^ S


<\ ^"





\ /


Max Boersma


a a w eeki Asian Awareness W



C. Kendrick Gibson







I <2i4H[3

H.0.P.E Award presented to Dr. Luidens Ne

Model UN

W^ ea/e


i di^-eM vz&d-lwtj, /]aclv~

Women swimming champs Hope sets enrollment record

y ?

Veritas Forum

CdtM^lpla- e^rf\0o(eÂŁ> Current Events 4 9

V <2-y0 f I


^oyl^o/^ov^e> 1^1 C-11^

f' \r££>l^/)A<?JA 2 3 (j- 1^7

Vl^oio3 130-13^

5 0 People

Divider 5 1














Nairobi, Kenya


Bryan, OH


Chem./French, Rel

English Sec. Ed


West Olive

Dimnet Chapel has become a staple in the lives of many seniors. (Photo by Ryan Graves)


5 2 Seniors

Special Ed

Schoharie, NY

/ApHUS^*- Av/v^ftvaA^. Language Arts Comp





Bus. Admin./Philosophy




Eng.AA/om. Studies


Pttwie. A



s l w

Exercise Sci./Psych



£ ^boU-ev

Spanish Sec. Ed


Studio Art/Art History


Wheaton, IL


£ : v u 3


Paw Paw


Bus. Management

Utica, NY


Carlsbad, NM




Grand Rapids


Special Ed






Fine Arts Comp


4 ^(Ao(\^v\.

Randolph, NY




Byron Center

Studio Art

Mt. Vernon, IN



Fine Arts Comp


Findlay, OH

13V^VI Management

\ v^o^\3


Spring Lake


West Branch

Bus. Mgmnt

Traverse City

Seniors 5 3



Dolton, IL





Granger, IN


Grand Rapids

Studio Art


3 r






l cwa-









Grand Blanc


International Stud

Naperville, IL

\ r\*f •• rvj.





Special Education


Special Education

^ ^ ( b d l v ^ i c v



Computer Science


Religion Youth

Grand Rapids



Comm./Eng. Comp

Grand Rapids



Mus. Theatre


Orland Park, IL

5 4 Seniors




Grand Rapids




Spring Lake






Arlington Heights, IL


t y05>l^a-

Physical Education





Mt. Vernon, OH







7: Cdfc


Science Composite




North Oaks, MN



Boyne City



Lima, Peru

0 U

Vetev y .

Language Arts Comp



Indianapolis, IN






Galesburg IL

13^ A/ 0V~(?- ^ i c n A Dimly lit, the Kletz is alive with sound. The clanging of dishes in the kitchen, students chatting in line as t h e y wait for their orders, the clicking of the keys on someone's laptop, the whir of the coffee machine. The scene on this night is familiar to m a n y Hope students who use the Kletz as a place to get out of their dorms and meet with friends. From across the room students can be heard greeting friends t h e y haven't seen in a while. "Heyl How h a v e y o u been? I haven't seen y o u in ages!" 'I've been busy,"

"We should get together sometime." Even the conversation could be from a n y o n a The smell of coffee fills the air. At the high table under the tree a boy and a girl are sitting eating ice cream. They can barely see each other's faces in the low light, and their voices are low as t h e y discuss their hopes and fears for the f u t u r a After Hopa Neither knows, but each hopes the other can help give some direction. A band begins to warm up. Students file in and take a place to hear the music. The two students sitting under the tree get up to leave as the band beings to play.

Seniors 5 5 •

M o w -






Yarsonnor, Liberia

Language Arts Comp



Findlay, OH



Special Ed

Nykerk Executive Boad. (Photo courtesy of Kristi Creswell)

5 6 Seniors






^ .





Language Arts Comp

Orinda, CA


Des Moines. IA


Dance/Elmn. Ed


Rochester, NY


Japanese Comp/Religion

Traverse City




Rochester, NY


Battle Creek



/ A w v



Span./Poli.Sci./Sec. Ed


Grand Rapids




Psychology/Phys. Ed


C<yv v T e . Cockvcw.

Special Ed


Business Admin



Language Arts Comp


Special Ed


if^&vevi Ciavit-


^y&Mi-fev Mathematics


Special Ed









Woodstock, IL

olr^A Cd\lrt5>



Indianapolis, IN





Comp. Sci./Mngmt



Language Arts Comp

Downersgrove, IL

Seniors 5 7


Science Comp


Howard City







Special Ed

Cincinnati, OH


Grand Haven


Fine Arts



Big Rapids

< l4?^A-vVn PeHwvt


Language Arts Comp


Lemont, IL


Grand Rapids

Span./Poli. Sci



Orland Park, IL

Pembroke Pines, F1


Computer Science

St. Clair

\^evi ^XeU^yv^o-


Westmont, IL

Vocal Music Education



Grand River, OH






Harper Woods


Rocklin, CA




Athletic Training


Schaumberg, IL



North Oaks

5 8 Seniors


R &


XWt Vy\4PM$(i Exercise Science


Music Ed



Language Arts Comp


Dance Performance



( jTevtKir/ev" Pu^v^c*Special Education

St. Louis, MO


ulla- TBo-tjovy


Summit, NJ

S.S./Sec. Ed

Mialand Park, NJ






? y)elo-Mev

Dance Ed

Mt. Vernon, OH

History/Social Work

Muncie, IN

Soc. Work/Span

Pasadena, CA

Studio Art/Art History


/^Adi^a- ÂŁlWov-<A W h e n Spring Break rolls around, Hope students a r e sorely in need of a break. T h e destination m a y be h o m e a mission t r i p or a road trip with friends. For f r i e n d s M e g a n P r a a m s m a , B e t h a n y M a r t y n o w i c z , A m a n d a Miller, Liz D a h m , a n d Melissa Gifford Spring Break m e a n t broadening their horizons on a road t r i p to Texas. Along t h e

w a y , t h e y escaped t h e w i n t e r y Michigan weather, visited a n Air Force Base learned to c o p y a southern accent, a n d honed their b a r g a i n i n g skills in a n a u t h e n t i c M e x i c a n m a r k e t . M a n y hours were spent together driving, relaxing in crowded hotel rooms, a n d discovering new places provided t h e perfect backdrop for friendship building a n d m e m o r y m a k i n g . Woo Hoo Texas!

Seniors 5 9

/Wyfemex fwreil Special Education


1 3 ^




Albany, NY





Grand Haven


f <L^OVK

West Branch




Social Work


Elmn. Ed./Spanish

Senior Coaches gave commands on Pull Day. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Senior Anchor Coach Nate Moore helps sophomore Jared Gall rewrap the rope. Nate was involved in Pull all four years of his college career. (Photo by Nora Staal)

6 0 Seniors


Special Education





Comm./Eng. Comp

Lone Tree, IA

A ^ y




Wildwood, MO




St. Joseph



English/Sec. Ed



Language Arts Comp


I (z*-V~oLdiCs





Social Studies Comp


Bio./Bus. Admin




Economics/Poli. Sci

Laporte, IN

Tffl/i '/fMm ; 1 ii{fj ///7///;////

i yo^cfrcta- &$$ovoi French Normal, IL






Studio Art




Western Springs

Social Work


Political Science

Bronx, NY

'I L^tido-

Language Arts Comp

Grand Rapids







Pamona, CA

y .



Greencastle, IN


Social Work


Seniors 6 1





Grand Rapids




Special Education



International Stud./French








Three Oaks

Eng./Comm. Comp

Frankfort, IN


Language Arts Comp




Exercise Sci/Psych

West Olive







Language Arts Comp






Suffield, CT


Grand Rapids

Social Work

Grand Junction




62 Seniors

Sociology/J apanese


Psychology/Poli. Sci















Allen Park


La Grange


Business Mngmt

Traverse City


South Holland, IL


A/ ^ava-







Royal Oak

Business Mngmt


H l w H



IAJ S<zÂŁ>3loa-

Language Arts Comp



On J a n u a r y 2 5 , 2 0 0 2 , a p p r o v a l for c o n s t r u c t i o n of t h e n e w science building w a s g i v e n b y t h e Hope College Board of Trustees. Constr u c tio n b e g a n in M a r c h a n d a form a l groundbreaking ceremony was held M a y 2, 2 0 0 2 . Construction of t h e n e w Science Center w a s t h e largest m o r t a r a n d bricks e n d e a v o r in t h e histor of t h e college T h e n e w building will be t h r e e stories h i g h a n d consist of a large, g r a s s A t r i u m on t h e roof. T h e r e will be m o r e c o m m o n a r e a s for s t u d e n t s t h a n t h e c u r r e n t Peale Science Center h a s . Classes will be held in t h e n e w

building beginning in f a l l of 2 0 0 8 w h i l e t h e old p a r t of P e a l e is rennovated T h e $ 2 6 million for t h e n e w building a n d $ 1 0 for t h e r e n n o v a t i o n c a m e f r o m t h e support of "Legacies'. A Vision of Hope w h i c h is a n on-going f u n d r a i s i n g campaign. S t u d e n t s a r e looking forw a r d to using t h e n e w building. Chemistry student Dave W e a t h e r l y said T m r e a l l y excited for n e x t y e a r , a n d I t h i n k t h e n e w facilities a r e incredible!"

Seniors 68 /

Friends Libby Sturrus and Ryan Graves say their last farewells before Graves heads to New York for an internship. (Photo by Jessica Honeyset)


Barrington. IL





Studio Art

Grand Haven





64 Seniors

Science Comp

Tinley Park, IL



Barrington, IL





Poli. Sci./Sec. Ed




Computer Science






Grand Rapids









Comm./Creative Writing



Karachi, Pakistan

Hist./Sec. Ed

Clinton Township


A W y


Arlington Heights, IL


Soc. Studies Comp


^v\A-ov\cla- V^zvi^Sftvo1-



i ^t A /VUSVK KV Biology

Ann Arbor


Traverse City

Social Studies Comp





Fair Oaks


Indianapolis, IN












Columbia City, IN

Seniors 65










Chicago, IL





Social Studies



Farmington Hills

Free Soil



L v w


Fine Arts Comp


Political Science


Language Arts Comp



. yef&yGa-


Language Arts Comp






Learning Disabl


yvAlavte. L&wa

Wheaton, IL

Science Comp


Fine Arts Comp




Music Education



N ^A-€14 French

Mequon, Wl

66 Seniors

Computer Sci



Flushing, NY


/ l A A c A e i / \ £ >









/A^rtkw Grand Rapids


Social Studies Comp



Fine Arts Comp


Fine Arts




XWt A'Wm Chemistry

Grand Haven

Fine Arts Comp

Park Ridge, IL


P t


/ / W W t w


Naperville, IL

Art History



Biochemistry.., ...Houston, TX

Science Comp


^{(Avo^ 1 Sitting in class, I begin to d a z e off. I look out t h e window a n d long to be outsida The sun is shinging it's t h e first w a r m d a y of spring a n d I'm stuck in class. Professor X is rambling on about something, I stopped t a k ing notes a f t e r ten minutes. Now m y note^ book is covered w i t h doodles of flowers a n d stick figures - m y best a t t e m p t a t a r t . The grounds crew is c u t t i n g grass outside our

window - Professor X looks a n n o y e d a s he tries to t a l k louder t h a n t h e mower. I see m y r o o m m a t e w a l k i n g b y frisbee in hand. I w a v e a n d get called on, oops. Hesitating, I give m y opinion on t h e point I t h i n k w e r e covering a n d s a v e myself b y asking a n intelligent question. M a y b e 1 should p a y more attention... I wonder if there's time to go to t h e beach before dinner.

Seniors 67



Musical Theatre


Ann Arbor






Findlay, OH

Exercise Science




Ann Arbor

Language Arts Comp

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Indianapolis, IN




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Cedar Grove, NJ

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Dance Ed./French

Computer Science



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Language Arts




Ventura, CA

Nate Moore and Katie B a u m a n share a smile the during Homecoming parade. Nate was crowned Homecoming King later that day. (Photo by Liz Farmer)

Dan VanSlett and Brenna Bosma ride Cadillac style in the Homecoming parade. Brenna was crowned Queen at halftime of the football game. (Photo by Liz Farmer)

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Queens, NY

/A?v^vt^ Language Arts Comp Traverse City




L a w a -




Grosse Pointe





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Aj oovcJeloaS'


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Metamora, OH

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Ptv^i A/v^pyJfp Poli. Sci./Psyc Grand Haven




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Social Work

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. J O'Vt-tl'-QA OWZ Religion




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Science Comp


13^ fA^ki One student's experience w i t h Intern a t i o n a l Education'. This y e a r when I c a m e to hope I found out t h a t I w a s going to h a v e a J a p a n e s e r o o m m a t e a g u y b y t h e n a m e of R y o M a t s u z a k u He t u r n e d out to be m y best f r i e n d Through R y o I w a s introduced to a world t h a t I m a y not h a v e h a d otherwise I m e t so m a n y of t h e i n t e r n a t i o n a l students it was a great t i m e W h e n y o u h a n g out with people

70 Seniors

from different cultures y o u see a different side of t h e world t h a t m a y be different t h a n how y o u m a y v i e w t h e world I would encourage e v e r y o n e to t a k e t h e w a l k across t h e pine grove a n d visit Fried Intern a t i o n a l Center, S t u d y abroad so y o u c a n give a different experience to a student in a n o t h e r p a r t of t h e world so t h a t t h e y might be able to h a v e t h e s a m e experience t h a t t h e international students a r e giving our American students here a t Hope College








Three Oaks

l ova- P (*ÂŁrtort

A ^ n e . V(Mitey6>OA

Exercise Science

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Kyfe- Veteye*



Span./Mngmt./lntl. Stud






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CA-Vu^ne- VofJeirs



V dlavd



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Moscow, Russia

Senior Vince Scheffler works with a trainer to stretch out before the Homecoming game against Kalamazoo. (Photo by Liz Farmer)


- "'Tft*?: '•


Boyne City






Political Sci./Engl

. -


Seniors 73

The last m o n t h of t h e program w a s devoted to a n independent s t u d y project. The following is a n account of m y experiences in Timbuktu, located in Mali, which w a s one of our stops during our two week excursion. Back a t Hope College once again, it is sometimes h a r d for m e to believe t h a t less t h a n a y e a r ago I w a s in Mali, a n d m y d a y in T i m b u k t u seems like a dream. It w a s t r u l y a n a m a z i n g semester, a n d I learned more about t h e c u l t u r e w a y of life, a n d language through living d a y to d a y t h a n I ever would h a v e h a d I been back on campus. From T i m b u k t u a n d b a c k again, those few months in Mali a r e a p a r t of m y life t h a t I will never forget.

Sprinrf semester 2 0 0 2 , 1 spent m y time Kludying abroad in Mali, a land-locked c o u n t r y a n d a former French colony located in West Africa, The program w a s offered t h r o u g h t h e School of I n t e r n a tional Training KIT), a n d focused on t h e issues of gender a n d development in Mali. Throughout a sixteen-week period I a n d seven other students from universities across t h e U.S, studied in Bamako, Mali's capital city. Residing with host families, we spent several

for one week a n d later on a two-week excursion across t h e c o u n t r y .





Battle Creek



Special Ed


LA Nursing

Temecula, CA

Special Ed


Computer Science


Political Science


k J Eng./Sec. Ed

7 4 Seniors

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Social Work

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ikL f^VtAAJ Greenville



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j Nova-





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^ a v o k

Social Work


l o&obt

Mt. Vernon, OH



L.A. Comp

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Chem./Sec. Ed




Political Science



Political Science





Span./lntl. Stu....Stewartstown, PA




Bio./Athletic Training

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I eÂŁ^tey

Cassopolis Language Arts Comp


Lake Zurich, IL

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Seniors 75 1

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1 ey





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^ eyy^tva-

Washington D.C

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I ow/)

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VdwicWvat V^r&toA. Communications Grand Rapids

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iAliL. \Il55eV

South Holland, IL




olwi VeHistory.






3 -• The Anchor has been a piece of Hope's campus since 1964. (Photo by Ryan Graves)





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Seniors 77






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Eng./Sec. Ed

Spring Lake



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Political Science

^r/Kfy Biology






Political Science








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Exercise Science


Social Work

After t h e last d a y of e x a m s in t h e spring most people go their separate w a y s back home to work, relax, or t r a v e l for t h e s u m mer. However, some people s t a y on c a m pus for another m o n t h t a k i n g a M a y term class. This is a good experience to t a k e a class t h a t would n o r m a l l y t a k e t h e entire semester, a n d condense it into one month.

78 Seniors








West Olive

There a r e a v a r i e t y of classes offered for M a y term including some off campus n a tional a n d international classes. Classes usu- a l l y meet e v e r y d a y for three hours. However, there is still time to work or h a n g out in t h e evenings. Since t h e class o n l y lasts four weeks, t h e time goes b y r e a l l y fast a n d it is worth it.









Evansville, IN

Elk Rapids





l/Oevon/uvu?/ Social Stud. Comp Milwauke. Wl





Exercise Sci



A/fcA-f/eSocial Studies Comp







K w w A a -


White Lake



Oakbrook, IL



Grand Haven




Athletic Training




Sterling, IL




Highlands Ranch, CO


Seniors 79


0 0


Aerial Dance lights up the Knickerbocker stage. (Photo by Nora Staal)

10 Hanging out in V e n n e m a are Shea Tuttle and Rebecca Rasdall. (Photo by Nora Staal)

8 0 Seniors

Senior Chad Carlson in midair after shooting a layup. (Photo courtesy of the Anchor)

Life as a senior

As a n entering f r e s h m a n in t h e fall of 1 9 9 9 , 2 0 0 3 seemed a n e t e r n i t y a w a y . Now four y e a r s a n d a million changes later, we a r e a b o u t to g r a d u a t a Pros a t t h e "college thing," we h a v e t a k e n out student loans, s a t t h r o u g h C u l t u r a l Herit a g e lectures, a n d w r i t t e n papers on e v e r y topic k n o w n to m a n . W e find ourselves properly well-rounded adults, like liberal a r t s g r a d u a t e s ought to be. We ' v e learned a b o u t t h e world a n d ourselves t h r o u g h science religion, a n d d a n c e classes, a s well a s t h r o u g h o u r friends a n d those 1 0 0 1 c a m p u s organiz a t i o n s w e h a v e p a r t i c i p a t e d in. W e h a v e found our individual voices, learned h o w to lead a n d tapped into our c r e a t i v i t y , a l l t h e while s t u d y i n g for t h a t s t a tistics test into t h e wee hours of t h e morn-


The mighty Dutchmen rush onto the field at Holland Municipal Stadium. (Photo by Liz Farmer)

ing. T h r o u g h it all, o u r l i v e s h a v e changed. W h e n we were freshmen, we half k n e w w h a t we w a n t e d u n t i l Sophomore S l u m p hit. T h e n a s juniors t h e f u t u r e s t a r t e d looking brighter. As seniors, u n like in High School, we seemed too b u s y to "rule t h e school" a n d instead spent time a p p l y i n g to jobs, g r a d u a t e schools, a n d fighting off Senioritis (Homework... what's homework?). All too soon, we a r e splitting in different directions. W h e t h e r it's to dance in New York, begin teaching 7 t h Grade or become a Peace Corps volunteer in Afr i c a t h e class of 2 0 0 3 h a s formed h a p p y memories of our time a t Hope knowing we h a v e learned i n v a l u a b l e lessons a n d experienced priceless times.

Senior Amy Baltmanis shoots to score. (Photo courtesy of the Anchor)

Jennifer Knapp rocks out during the fall concert in Dimnet Chapel. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

Seniors 81

•p o v - ^ : 3

/VWi^ ^ooozy

V^o/v^evi o ^ooozv *6 (^ * focfacA ZZ-ZI \^o!le^hc4t ^ 0- ^ 1

tAvAoUt \A)o/v^ev\. 3

^ A- ^^


V^o/iA-evv C\ro33 CaAdt^r^ /l/WoW

Cv033 CcKA^tvY


//Wi^ ^I/JC/K/kck^ 8 2 Sports

Vis/irt^ 100-101


IaWk^j/i 3




\A)o/i^evi 3 ^a€=(^e£ho4\ 104- 7 0^~ //Wl ^ ^ba€i^t^(A\ 10 b-lO^f ^oi[14^ 7C>8"-10^ \f^o/\A^]A 3

/ A m •

* X, i .



i v~oeU-


i\ r a v k p i

\r leld

\r lAoi










n ^ m

I ev\Ai3>

11 11^

//Wi ^ i €J4Kt^ 7

7 2-7 Divider 8 8

Dutchmen rush the goal against a swarm of opponents. The Dutchmen ended their home season 10-0. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

This men's soccer season is one t h a t will be remembered for

were t h e o n l y t e a m to not concede a single goal to their

m a n y y e a r s to c o m a The record-breaking y e a r for t h e F l y -

opponents d u r i n g t h e t o u r n a m e n t . These g a m e s were experi-

ing Dutclimen w a s a tremendous finish to a g r e a t career for

ences t h a t will be remembered forever b y t h e seniors, a n d

f i v e seniors a n d a n exciting beginning for a talented fresh-

should give t h e r e t u r n i n g p l a y e r s a t a s t e of w h a t this t e a m

m a n class. The t e a m finished t h e season w i t h a final record

is capable of accomplishing in t h e f u t u r e

of 17-5-1, setting a new school record for wins in a season.

None of these successes would h a v e been possible without

The D u t c h m e n also tied t h e Hope record for most

all 2 8 players, y e t it is a n honor for t h e en-

goals scored in a season w i t h 7 3. The National

tire t e a m w h e n certain individuals receive im-

Soccer Coaches Association of America recognized Hope's o u t s t a n d i n g season b y rewarding them with a national ranking. The Flying Dutchmen ended the season ranked 2 3 r d a m o n g all NCAA Division III teams. E v e r y p l a y e r on t h e t e a m will tell y o u t h a t more t h a n a n y of t h e records, t h e most import a n t accomplishment of t h e season w a s e a r n -

"The t o a m owes a great deal of this success to t h e incredible f a n support..."

ing a bid to t h e NCAA Championship T o u r n a -

p o r t a n t recognition for their accomplishments. The t e a m h a d four p l a y e r s n a m e d to First T e a m MIAA". seniors M a r c u s Voss, M a t t M a r g a r o n , B r y a n t Loomis, a n d j u n i o r Ed Huebner. Receiving Second T e a m honors were senior Tim Kelly a n d junior Steve Leper. Voss w a s also voted t h e AlLAmerican First T e a m Goalkeeper b y t h e NSCAA a n e x t r e m e l y high honor. The D u t c h m e n boasted a 1 0 - 0 home record

m e n t . The D u t c h m e n received t h e a u t o m a t i c bid to t h e t o u r n a m e n t w i t h its first MIAA

-Senior B r y a n t Loom is

m a k i n g it t h e first time t h a t a Hope soccer

Championship since 1 9 9 7 . The o p p o r t u n i t y to

t e a m h a s ever h a d a perfect home record The

participate in t h e NCAA T o u r n a m e n t h a s been

t e a m owes a g r e a t deal of this success to t h e

a d r e a m for t h e seniors who led t h e D u t c h m e n towards rees-

incredible f a n support t h e y h a d this season. The t e a m could

tablishing Hope a s a n a t i o n a l soccer powerhouse.

a l w a y s count on t h e crowd to s t a r t a D u t c h m e n c h a n t

The F l y i n g D u t c h m e n not o n l y m a d e t h e t o u r n a m e n t ,

w h e n e v e r t h e y needed i t A highlight of t h e season c a m e a t

b u t m a d e its m a r k b y beating some of t h e best t e a m s in t h e

t h e second home g a m e w h e n t h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n defeated

c o u n t r y . The first t o u r n a m e n t g a m e w a s a n exciting 4 - 0

t h e * 8 r a n k e d t e a m in t h e nation, Wisconsin-Oshkosh. The

win a t home a g a i n s t Dominican of Illinois. This w a s t h e

f a n s were so excited t h a t t h e y rushed t h e field to join t h e

largest goal differential of a n y g a m e t h r o u g h o u t t h e entire

p l a y e r s in celebration. Some of these c r a z y f a n s even drove

t o u r n a m e n t . The t e a m followed this win u p w i t h a 2 - 0 win

all t h e w a y to Wisconsin d u r i n g t h e NCAA T o u r n a m e n t to

a g a i n s t WisconsirrOshkosh on their h o m e field Hope even-

cheer on t h e t e a m in t h e snow with their shirts off. All of the

t u a l l y lost to W h e a t o n College in t h e Regional Champion-

p l a y e r s sincerely appreciated t h e awesome f a n s a n d hope

ship in a shootout a f t e r b a t t l i n g to a 0 - 0 tie. The D u t c h m e n

t h e tradition continues.



Dutchmen recapture their place as crsoccer power-house

13^ 8 4 Sports


Freshman Geoffrey Meyer looks right field for a pass. Meyer's contributions at forward helped lead the Dutch to the record goals scored in a season. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

Men's Soccer: Jeremy Ruberg, Marcus Voss, Chris Clark, Kyle Nevenzel, Adam Chaffee, Tyler Basler, Tim Kelly, Ed Huebner, Eric Plewka, Chris Sterling, Bryant Loomis, Kevney Dugan, Aaron Viles, Geoffrey Meyer, Devin McNeil, John Boote, Todd Chappa, David Gonthier, Karter Klingenberg, Travis Jonker, Dan Olson, Matt Margaron, Steve Lepper, Phil Lepper, Michael Parker, Landan Webster. Coaches: Steven Smith, Lee Schopp, Geoff Rodocker. (PR Photo)


/VtoM hiw-a-

Ol'cJei. ^a.vv>â‚Ź>


Junior Donny Hart surrenders his body to the crowd on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Supportive fans brought life and excitement to the Dutchmen's incredible season. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

Men's Soccer 8 5

Pu^(3ACcMvi/i Y^Av^o^oo

l §



















V^cAovv^a-i'-oo 2

Sophomore midfielder Dawn Gillam controls the play of the game by moving the ball up field. Speed and ball movement are in her favor as Grove City stares on. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

















it zwmh

Senior goalie Mary Ayres steps out of her box to sweep the forward off her feet. A powerful, outgoing keeper can make or break defensive play. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

8 6 Sports


Women's Soccer: Mary Ayres, Lauren Hinkle, Lauren Stieper, Marie DePetris, Katie Hughes, Danielle Nave, Erin Bradley, Tess Scholz, Stefanie Haba, Katie Armbruster, Linnae Klompmaker, Emily Tyler, Catie Neidlinger, Kate Dornbos, Dawn Gillam, Stephanie Bylsma, Negeen Masghati, Laurel Albonico, Stephanie Koenke, Erica Pagorek, Leah DeWitt. Coaches; Leigh Sears, Lindsey Engelsman, Gretchen Tanis, Kate Thayer.

Freshman midfielder Negeen Masghati outruns her two opponents and looks to pass. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)


w a s a n a m a z i n g season for rough s t a r t t h e y o u n g t e a m found its c h e m i s t r y a n d won 11 of their coach Leigh Sears a n d t h e F l y i n g last 1 8 games. One highlight D u t c h soccer t e a m . Personal for t h e t e a m this y e a r c a m e goals were met, records were in October w h e n t h e F l y i n g broken a n d school sports hisD u t c h gained sole possession t o r y added a p a g a Individuof first place in t h e MIAA a l l y Tess Scholz w a s n a m e d It w a s a n t o t h e NCAA A l l - R e g i o n a m a z i n g sea- soccer standings. T h e t e a m continued to succeed on t h e t e a m . Tess w a s t h e f i r s t son for t h e field a n d t h o u g h t h e y didn't m e m b e r of t h e t e a m to be F l y i n g Dutch. t a k e first t h e y finished a n o m i n a t e d since 1 9 9 8 . As a close second to t h e defending t e a m t h e F l y i n g D u t c h finchampions of Albion College, ished second in t h e MIAA, T h e f u t u r e looks bright t h e best finish since 1 9 9 8 . for F l y i n g D u t c h soccer. 1 9 W i t h a n overall 1 2 - 7 of t h e 2 1 p l a y e r s will be r e t u r n 1 record t h e t e a m a m a s s e d 11 ing for t h e 2 0 0 8 season w h i c h conference wins w h i c h topped t h e promises to be a good o n a T a k i n g previous school record of 9 wins. a m o m e n t to look b a c k a n d reflect Following t h e lead of t e a m capon t h e season t h e t e a m w a s proud. t a i n s Danielle Nave, a n d M a r y T h e D u t c h continued t h e success Ayres, w h o w i t h goalie L a u r e n of last y e a r s t e a m a n d t h e outH i n k l e posted s i x s h u t o u t s t h i s look continues to be promising. season t h e t e a m grew tighter a s t h e s e a s o n progressed. A f t e r a

Women's soccer breaks records, has a ball 13^


Women's Soccer 8 7

The dutchmen falls hard, if he falls at all. Today's ball carrier carried long and hard before being ousted 'from his feet by the opposing team. (Photo by Liz Farmer)


| m a g i n e doing something for t h e Last ten y e a r s of T a k e a look t h r o u g h t h e eyes of junior Phil •yrnir life a n d h a v e it, in w h a t seemed like a n Butler', this p a s t season h e established, broke, or instant, be t a k e n from y o u to n e v e r be r e t u r n e d tied e v e r y Hope passing record a q u a r t e r b a c k c a n to y o u a g a i n . I m a g i n e pouring e v e r y t h i n g t h a t h a v e a n d h a s a legacy t h a t h e o n l y h a s one more y e a r to add to. T a k e a look t h r o u g h "is y o u " a n d being forced to w a t c h it junior M a t t Beaver's eyes a n d y o u l l walk a w a y a n d imagine knowing see a leading linebacker w h o h a d a t h a t it will not t u r n a r o u n d a n d come "Imagine in tackles in one season back. I m a g i n e t h a t y o u a r e one of pouring every- career-best a n d who headed u p a n a l r e a d y t w e n t y - t w o seniors w h o will n e v e r thing in y o u a m a z i n g line-backing crew. P u t on p l a y a down of football for Hope Colsenior Joel Solomon's glasses a n d lege a g a i n . and being y o u l l see y e t a n o t h e r season filled For these t w e n t y - t w o seniors a n d forced to watch w i t h records. This season Joel broke t h e Hope College football f a m i l y , this it walk t h r e e different records on his w a y to y e a r w a s approached w i t h g r e a t a n becoming t h e first receiver in Hope's ticipation. This w a s going to be t h e away..." h i s t o r y to surpass a t h o u s a n d y a r d s y e a r . This y e a r , this team, a b o v e a n y other y e a r or team, h a d more t a l e n t -Senior Joel Solomon receiving in a single season. Moreover, t a k e a look t h r o u g h all of t h e a n d leadership, a n d e v e r y b o d y k n e w senior's e y e s a n d you'll see two first it. For t w e n t y - t w o seniors this w a s it, place finishes a n d two second place finishes, two for t h e Hope College football f a m i l y , this w a s a League titles a n d a National play-off berth. long t i m e coming. However, in t h e e n d it will not be t h e broken After all of t h e hype, some m i g h t s a y t h a t records or t h e league titles t h a t y o u will see if t h e 5 - 5 season t h e F l y i n g D u t c h m a n h a d w a s a y o u look into a n y one of t h e D u t c h m a n ' s eyes, disappointment t h e y o b v i o u s l y aren't looking a t b u t r a t h e r a g a m e t h a t t h e y all love a g a m e t h e season t h r o u g h t h e e y e s of t h e p l a y e r s w h o t h a t m a n y will p l a y again, a n d a g a m e t h a t filled H o l l a n d M u n i c i p a l S t a d i u m w i t h blood, some will g r e a t l y miss. It is t h e g a m e called footsweat, a n d more t h a n a few t e a r s t h r o u g h o u t t h e b a l l t h a t t h e y p l a y e d a n d in t h e end t h a t s all p a s t four y e a r s . If y o u t a k e a look t h r o u g h t h e t h a t r e a l l y m a t t e r s to t h e m , t h e f a c t t h a t t h e y e y e s of these p l a y e r s y o u m i g h t j u s t find a different picture t h a n w h a t y o u imagined. played.

^ Vl-p-pevzvtt


Reflection on years well spent: on h gridiron and off the field

13^ J o<d ^OIO/^om 8 8 Sports

T* • *

nic 9f

Dutchmen run the punt back for an unbelievable gain! Many times this season the work of the Dutchmen offense kept them in the game. (Photo by Liz Farmer)














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Matt Aldrich, Nate Barnett, Matt Beaver, Dan Bloemers, Chris Bode, Chad Booker, Brian Boom, Pete Breckner, Murry Burgess, Paul Burgess, Phil Butler, T.J. Carr, Josh Carter, Andy Crane, Eli Cryderman, Mitch Cumings, Josh DeHaan, Mike DeHaan, Ryan DeMaan, Joe Diekevers, Brandon Doherty, Andy Doupe, Jeff Eldersveld, Nick Erdman, Colin Fenton, Dustin Fiddler, Brian Fielhauer, Jared Ford, Jeremy Freed, John Freyermuth, Rob Fron, Josh Frushour, Tony Gleason, Scott Greenman, Brian Hackney, Dan Hansens, Paul Hoeksema, Travis Jager, Scott Jeschke, Kyle Jewett, Tim Keur, Joe Kik, Kent Knudsen, Seth Kovarik, Chris LeClair, Todd Limback, Ryan Lippert, Caleb Martz, Andrew McKay, Ryan McPherson, Aaron Mehl, Joe Mendenhall, Andy Mercer, Aric Miller, Jason Misner, Nate Morley, Phil Morse, John Narlock, Mike Pavelich, Mike Peters, Jon Ploch, Jon Pobuda, Josh Powell, Matt Pridgeon, Frank Radcliff, Josh Rinehart, Bill Rozema, Joe Rumbley, Bryan Scheffers, Dan Schofield, Matt Schreiber, Jake Schrock, Joe Shaffer, Shaun Smith, Andy Snyder, Joel Solomon, Nathan Sorensen, Joel Teft, Derek Temple, Aaron Thomson, Matt Thome, John Toth, Scott Travis, Ben Troost, Kyle VanDenHeuvel, Ken VandenOever, Dan VanDis, Joe VerSchueren, Mike Verwys, Jeff Walburn, Caleb Walcott, Gabe Warren, Lucas Watts, Caleb Weisbarth, Ross Williams, Brady Wilson, Phil Wilson, Dan Zomerlei, Tim Zweering.

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Junior quarterbaqck Phil Butler sets up a pass to throw off the defense. He leaves the opponent behind as he takes off down the field. (Photo by Liz Farmer)

m Football 8 9











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Lady Dutch starting line-up gets fired-up for the game ahead. Nothing works better than a little team spirit before a challenging match. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Mick)

9 0 Sports

Junior setter McKenna Troyan sets up senior middle blocker Laura Hahnfeld for the kill. Teamwork makes this game a big win for the Dutch. (Photo Courtesy of Alexis Mick)

Back Row: Coach Dunn, Coach Hensen, Anna Eriks, Martha Luidens, Kara VanAssen, Laura Hahnfeld, Lindsey Schaap, Katie Hall, Caitlin Deis, Lindsey Brink, JJ, Coach Jen Gerig, Coach Christy Gerig. Middle Row: Alexis Mick, Sara Homakie, Shawna Buche, Dana VandePol, Amy Tehar, Kim Mosley, Jamie Sable, McKenna Troyan, Julie VanderSlice, Kelley Hutchins. Front Row: Meredith Mick, Erin McNary, Stephanie Buck, Natalie Hoogeveen, Julie McGowen, Megan Tripp, Tracy Winston. (PR photo)


Seniors Martha Luidens and Laura Hahnfeld step up to the net and take control with an oustanding block. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Mick)


ient a t h l e t e c a n often be a difficult rola in t h e b a c k row, digging a n d passing t h e whole t i m a Hours of practice, long bus rides, weeknight a n d Senior Alexis Mick a n d f r e s h m a n S h a w n a Boche weekend g a m e s a n d s t a y i n g a h e a d in t h e classshared this responsibility t h r o u g h o u t t h e season, room a r e a l l p a r t of w h a t is expected of discovering w h a t t h e n e w position w a s all e a c h m e m b e r w h o h a s t h e honor of being about. While this m i g h t seem to be a concalled p a r t of a n y college athletic t e a m . The fusing role to onlookers, Boche s t a t e d "The a t h l e t e s on t h e women's v o l l e y b a l l t e a m i n t e n s i t y of p l a y i n g a l l defense for a n n e v e r t h o u g h t twice a b o u t t h e difficulties entire g a m e " w a s her f a v o r i t e p a r t of this of it, however; instead t h e y embraced t h e challenging rola o p p o r t u n i t y to p l a y together a n d continue O v e r a l l one of t h e most i m p o r t a n t in t h e o u t s t a n d i n g trajdition of Hope Colaspects to t h e success of this y e a r ' s t e a m lege V o l l e y b a l l w a s their u n i t y . T h e t e a m h a s t h e repuS t a r t i n g t h e season o u t w i t h t w o wins t a t i o n for being e x t r e m e l y close a n d t h e y over Tri-State a n d Olivet m e a n t a n excitcontinued t h a t this y e a r . U s u a l l y w i t h a ing outlook to t h e upcoming season. Three large n u m b e r of n e w p l a y e r s on t h e rose a r l y conference losses to Kalamazoo, A l m a ter, t h e r e a r e problems getting t e a m m a t e s a n d A d r i a n caused t h e D u t c h to r e e v a l u to work together, b u t for this t e a m it w a s a t e their goal to go u n d e f e a t e d in t h e conno problem. I n s t a n t l y t h e y all seemed to -^Senior M a r t h a ference for t h e season, b u t t h e y q u i c k l y click a n d b y t h e end of t h e season, t h e y recovered w i t h two wins over S a i n t M a r y ' s Luidens w e r e a t e a m closer t h a n most. Senior M a r t h a Luidens said "Because of t h e c a a n d Albion. A s t r o n g s h o w i n g a t t h e W i t t e n b e r g Ohio t o u r n a m e n t split t h e conm a r a d e r i e present on our team, w e were ference p l a y u p in t h e rn iddla T h e D u t c h able to bring t h a t to t h e court a n d t r u s t our t e a m m a t e s to fulfill their roles to t h e best of w e n t 8 - 4 a t t h e end of their r e g u l a r season p l a y , their ability," a b o u t t h e team's willingness to work including conference p l a y a n d a 3 - 1 showing a t together. t h e C a l v i n Midwest T o u r n a m e n t . T h e end c a m e Out of this togetherness c a m e m a n y individual too q u i c k l y w h e n Hope lost to A l m a in t h e semihonors in t h e conferenca Three seniors received Allfinals a t t h e Conference T o u r n a m e n t . Conference honors including M a r t h a Luidens on first A n interesting c h a n g e in t h e rules this y e a r team, K a r a V a n A s s e n on second a n d Alexis Mick m e a n t a n e w position on t h e court. One p l a y e r , on Honorable Mention. The t e a m honored Luidens labeled t h e libero, designated b y a n opposite color a s their most v a l u a b l e player, K e l l y H u t c h i n s a s j e r s e y from her t e a m m a t e s , p l a y e d o n l y defense best t e a m p l a y e r a n d S a r a H o m a k i e a s most imfor t h e entire game. This p l a y e r w a s not allowed proved p l a y e r for t h e y e a r . to s e r v e nor p l a y in t h e f r o n t row, b u t specialized

"...We were able to bring t h a t to t h e court a n d t r u s t our t e a m m a t e s to fulfill their roles to t h e best of their ability."

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Fourteen women join together with

DAI'S common goal, unity ...

Volleyball 9 1

Sophomore Ryan Shedd takes his fun and drives the ball through. Long drives and careful green work help the Dutchmen succeed this season. (PR Photo)

though this was a morale booster for the ere a r e teams t h a t work well together team, it wasn't enough to h a n g on to their ^ d there a r e teams t h a t create a lasting favored spot in the leagua The men's team bond t h a t forges all members into one body. came in second this y e a r a t the fall MIAA This y e a r the men's golf team experienced t o u r n a m e n t . T h e y were j u s t 4 a bond t h a t made a lasting impresstrokes over Olivet's score. The close sion on all of the teammembers. Serace m a d e for a n a i l biter f i n a l nior c a p t a i n J e f f r e y Melville comround. Sophomore J u s t i n Spyker mented "In m y three years, this t e a m was named the Season Medallist for was without doubt the most selfless Division III men's team. The Dutch a n d committed team 1 h a v e been a look forward to two more y e a r s with part of. There was both genuine respect the medallist on their team, Spyker a n d friendship between all members was named to the All-MIAA first involved." team a n d his teammates freshman Successful teams begin with the Alden Hoksberger a n d sophomore close-knit relationships t h a t characR y a n Sheddwere were named to the terized the t e a m this y e a r . Their sucsecond team. cess was dependent upon this c a m a -Senior Jeffrey Although the fall season did raderie a n d on the effort t h a t t e a m Melville not boast a fourth win for the Dutch p u t towards achieving their goals. the team is stronger because of their While the team fell short of capturing u n i t y , "Knowing t h a t the other four their fourth MIAA championship t h e y or five players are counting on y o u to make a r e expectant of success in the Spring. "We the best score possible keeps y o u t r y i n g on look forward to a spring t h a t shows promisd a y s y o u don't h a v e it. Being unified only ing strides for each golfer to c a r r y into next adds to the desire to t a k e each shot a n d sucy e a r . Also, we look forward to supporting ceed because it is harder to let down a friend J u s t i n S p y k e r ( 0 5 ) on his a t t e m p t to t h a n someone y o u dislike" stated Melville q u a l i f y as a n individual" s a y s Melvilla Finally, the team wouldn't be where t h e y The season was characterized b y first a n d a r e without the help of their coach a n d second place finishes b y the D u t c h m e n The friend, "Since coach Ebels took the job hope r i v a l between the Dutch a n d Olivet came h a s been on a n upward climb in both the to a climax as the finals approached. At MIAA a n d the national division III standthe tournament immediately preceding the ings, His care for our well being and concenMIAA tournament the Dutch ousted Olivet tration on the m e n t a l game a r e invaluable from the first place spot b y 8 points. Altraits we much appreciate

"There w a s both genuine respect a n d friendship between all members involved"



Men's Golf comes together in fri endship and respect 9 2 Sports

Junior Jeff Melville, captain of the men's golf team shows why he's the leader. With a shot that landed him near the hole his putt is easy to make. (Photo courtesy of PR).


/VteM h w - a -



Back Row: Coach: Robert Ebels, Patrick Looman, John Falatako, Jonathan Wendrick, Jeff Melville Front Row: Kody Taylor, Ryan Shedd, Jason Heeringa, Justin Spyker (PR Photo)

Fifth Place

of 15

First Place

of 7

Fourth Place

of 7

Fifth Place

of 7

Third Place

of 12

Third Place

of 8

Second Place

of 7

Third Place

of 7

Sophomore Justin Spyker watches his opponent drive the ball. You have to wonder what it's like spending so much time in conversation with an adversary. (PR Photo)

Men's Golf 9 3



/ alfatm





a v v ^


11 th place

of 18 teams

2nd place

of 8 teams

3rd place

of 18 teams

2nd place

of l'9 teams

3rd place

of 5 teams

3rd place

of 8 teams

1st place

of 5 teams

3rd place

of 5 teams

2nd place

of 8 teams

Sarah Scholten ('04) drives the ball long to lead her team to a second place finish at the MIAA Championships this past fall. The beauty of the course only added to the trip for the women on the team. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Scholten)


Freshman Julie Pollock and sophomore Jill Pinter sit in their cart waiting for tee time. The sky is blue and course ready for a winning day for the Dutch. (Photo courtesy of Julie Pollock)

9 4 Sports

Front Row: Brittanny Philo, Amanda Glas, Marianne Brown, Jill Pinter, Sarah Zuidema Second Row: Katie Schonfeld, Julie Pollock, Sarah Scholten, Emily Colenbrander, Noree Logsdon, Coach Tom Smith (Photo Courtesy of PR)


e motto for this y e a r s women's golf t e a m w a s

The women's team waits around for their turn to tee off on the sunny green of Albion's home course. The friendship, fun and fellowship of women's golf is always present. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Scholten)

Hope senior a n d




T e a m w o r k is t h e f u e l t h a t allows c o m m o n

Collenbrander a c h i e v e d All-MIAA first t e a m

people to produce u n c o m m o n results."

honors b y finishing t h i r d in t h e seasonal s t a n d -


Women's golf t e a m w a s a group of t a l ented athletes, b u t m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y , t h e y were a t e a m t h a t f o u n d success t h r o u g h t h e support of one another. This y e a r ' s t e a m goal w a s to be competitive in e v e r y t o u r n a m e n t m a k i n g sure t h a t t h e y were a l w a y s n e a r t h e top of t h e leader b o a r d

After l a s t season's come

b a c k v i c t o r y a t t h e MIAA c h a m p i o n ship, t h e D u t c h k n e w t h a t a n y t h i n g w a s possibla

D u e t o t h e a b s e n c e of

Hope's p r e v i o u s top golfer, L a c e y

ings a t 8 2 . 6 . Collenbrander finished in

" Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results." -Junior Sarah Scholten

t h e t o p t e n in e v e r y M I A A e v e n t . T e a m m a t e s S a r a h Scholten a junior, a n d B r i t t a n y Philo, a f r e s h m a n , gained All-MIAA second t e a m recognition finishing s e v e n t h (87.2) a n d n i n t h (88.6) respectively in t h e standings. I n nonconference e v e n t s t h e D u t c h m a d e a strong showing in a pair of t o u r n a m e n t s in W e s t e r n Illinois hosted b y Knox a n d M o n m o u t h Collega From a field of 1 8 t e a m s t h e D u t c h tied for 3 r d a t K n o x

W i c k s a l l t h e t e a m h a d to w o r k e v e n

a n d in a field of 1 9 t e a m s finished 2 n d

h a r d e r to s u s t a i n t h e success of t h e pro-

a t M o n m o u t h o n l y to T r u m a n S t a t e

g r a m a n d ended u p exceeding a l l expectations.

a Division II school The F l y i n g D u t c h also cap-

T h e y h a d t h e best o v e r a l l stroke a v e r a g e for a

t u r e d t h e A q u i n a s I n v i t a t i o n a l title, w h i l e

F l y i n g D u t c h s q u a d since t h e beginning of t h e

sweeping t h e medals w i t h S a r a h Scholten fin-

program, w i t h s e v e r a l highlights t h r o u g h o u t

ishing a s medalist, a n d M a r i a n n e Brown a n d

t h e season. The Hope College Women's golf t e a m

E m i l y Collenbrander c a p t u r i n g second a n d third

h a s n e v e r finished lower t h a n second place in

place. Success is often a m e a s u r e m e n t of effort

t h e MIAA since t h e s t a r t of t h e program, a n d

a s well a s achievement. This y e a r s women's

this season w a s no exception. Second-year coach

golf t e a m fits this definition of success, because

Tom S m i t h lead t h e D u t c h to a second place

t h e y g a v e their best effort while exhibiting great

finish in a v e r y t o u g h a n d competitive M I A A


Women's golf unites to continue thei r pattern of success

Women's Golf 9 5

The Flying Dutchmen bow for a word of prayer before beginning their race. Traditionally, the women pause before they begin to acknowledge the Creator who gave them their speed. (PR Photo)

a n d more confident runners. P a c k r u n rough t h e scorching h e a t a n d bitter n i n g helped to create strong friendships cold snow, t h e t h i r t y - e i g h t ladies in ora n d strong runners, even a s t h e race a n g e persevered Captains Kristen Post lengthened from a 5 k to a 6k. a n d K a t h r y n V e l d m a n enthusiSenior Captain, Katie Veldman, a s t i c a l l y led t h e t e a m through" ...when race h a d this to s a y about t h e seao u t b o t h practices a n d meets. time came, son, I t w a s a growing y e a r for C o a c h N o r t h u i s , Coach B r i a n our t e a m . A m i x of r e t u r n i n g VanZanten and Dr. they were consistent runners, upperV a n d e r V e l d e guided t h e t e a m ready to go. classmen who r e a l l y improved w i t h their strong r u n n i n g knowlfrom y e a r s past, a s well a s some edge a n d their a b i l i t y to m a k e F m really talented freshmen. There were e v e r y o n e smile. proud of them some challenging injuries to overThe season s t a r t e d off w i t h a come for some women, b u t when b a n g a s t h e women battled it out for that." on t h e trails close to h o m e a t t h e -Senior Kristen Post race time c a m e t h e y were r e a d y to go, I'm r e a l l y proud of t h e m Bill V a n d e r b i l t I n v i t a t i o n a l . for that," W i t h f i v e of t h e first six finishOn a n d off t h e course t h e men's a n d ers, including senior Leticia G r a n d i a women's t e a m s r e a l l y became a f a m (19'.36), f r e s h m a n C h r i s A l c e n i u s ily, A highlight e v e n t for t h e women (19'.40), senior Katie V e l d m a n (19'41), w a s t h e a m a z i n g dinner t h e men's t e a m senior Kristen Post (19'.43) a n d junior m a d e for them, including entertainment! Rachel Rierner (20'.05), Hope conquered The women were pleased to finish t h e race. t h e MIAA season in second place imT h e season improved e v e r y d a y proving from last y e a r , V e l d m a n put w i t h t h e entire t e a m consistently edgit best when she said "Cross C o u n t r y h a s i n g closer to t h e t o p positions. T h e m a d e college v e r y f u n for m a I'm rewomen chose to work together, spurring a l l y going to miss this team," one a n o t h e r to become stronger, faster

Women's cross rebuilds the^eam wi h amazing friendships \r

9 6 Sports

avyoi 13

Freshman Katie Tinkhan gives her all at the VanderBilt Invitational. Running on a home course gave the Dutch women an advantage against their opponents. (PR Photo)


/ATAA ol^io


l - a v ^ l ^

/ a x a a


First place

of 5 teams

Fourth place

of 5 teams

Second place

of 8 teams

Second place

of 7 teams

Fifth place

of 8 teams

Third place

of 7 teams

Second place

of 8 teams

Twelfth place

of 31 teams

k. 'i



First Row: Jennifer Folkert, Kimberly Franklin, Katie Tinkham, Sarah Reese, Rachel Riemer, Lana Krolikowski, Leeta Dore, Jessica Sievert, Abby Buchwalter, Stephanie Witmer, Julie King Second Row: Asst. Coach VanderVelde, Sarah Sanderson, Rachel Burton, Megan Vivian, Megan Willett, Veronica Farley, Sara Jongekryg, Rachel Smith, Amy Blum, Jamie Elliott, Keri Apostle, Emily Nelson, Amanda Kistler, Asst. Coach Brian VanZanten Third Row: Coach Mark Northuis, Emily Ward, Julie Carrier, Martha Graham, Tina Pike, Lisa Schowalter, Leticia Grandia, Katie Sherron, Katrina Alvesteffer, Courtney Clum, Christine Alcenius, Katie Veldman, Kristen Post, Manager: Jennifer Price (PR Photo)

The women take off and running at the sound of the pistol. The dual meet against Alma brought good times and happy faces at the end of the race. (PR Photo)

Women's Cross C o u n t r y 9 7


2nd place

of 5 teams

4th place

of 5 teams

//^xaa cma.

3rcl place

of 7 teams

1st place

of B teams

5th place

of 6 teams


3rd place

of 8 teams

/ A X A A

3rd place

of 7 teams

12th place

of 33 teams




Senior co-captain James Grosse stays far ahead of the rest. James' senior leadership was evident in his times as well as his spirit. Cross team unity was built through leaders like him. (PR Photo).





Bill Vanderbilt accepts the honor of handing out the award to the first place runner at the invitational held annually in his honor. Coach Northuis gladly relinquishes the award to his distinguished guest. (PR Photo)

9 8 Sports

Front Row: Tyson Warner, John Gallagher, Donovan Hornbeck, Ryan Weaver, Justin Blazek, Kurt Koehler, John Cain, James Grosse, Lee Kiessel Second Row: Asst. Coach Brian VanZanten, Peter Schaafsma, Mike Benko, Sean Derby, Greg Borst, Kyle Barnes, Craig Bigger, Peter Derby, Kyle Morrison, Eric Jongekryg, Asst. Coach Vandervelde Third Row: Coach Mark Northuis, Dmitri Brown, Shawn Gerbers, Jeff Webber, Kyle Williams, Al Slenderbroek, Michael VanHofwegen, Joseph Phillips, John Hoffman, Matt Casillas, Manager Jennifer Price (PR Photo)


Juniors John Gallagher and John Cain fight to stay ahead of their Dutchmen teammates. Dutchmen took a strong lead against Albion and Olivet in on this home course race. (PR Photo)

The men's Cross C o u n t r y season started The beginning of the season the team sls m a n y h a d before it, heading off to was undefined a n d h a d no real identity. c a m p . T h e r e w a s one u n c e r t a i n t y As the season progressed so did the character of the team. though the top runners for Hope The end of the season was soon h a d graduated a n d m a n y won" The end of the a reality a n d Hope h a d one objecdered who was going to fill their season was soon tive! Run the race set before them. shoes. There were some strong rea reality and The MIAA championship was a turning runners a n d the freshman tough race with each runner pushclass seemed to be stacked with Hope had one ing themselves as h a r d as possible talent. After a rough week of twcr objective: 'Run to do his best for the team. The a - d a y practices, a n d fun-filled result was a third place finish bebonding activities t h e t e a m rethe race set behind Albion, a n d e v e n t u a l Returned to campus with less uncerfore them.'" g i o n a l c h a m p s C a l v i n . Hope t a i n t y . If a n y h a d left w i t h placed seven runners on the Alldoubts, t h e y were quickly being -Senior Shawn Gerbens MIAA second team. Freshmen Juserased t i n Blazek, Greg Borst, T y s o n As the t e a m prepared for the Warner, R y a n Weaver, a n d Kyle Willseason a h e a d some of the new faces were iams were among the seven. Other hongoing to h a v e to step u p to m a k e Hope a orees were Juniors Peter Derby a n d Kyle stronger team. Through h a r d practices Morrison, The team was h a p p y with its a n d m a n y set goals, the men's XC team performance, a n d the results g a v e the began to grow in strength a n d with each Dutchmen a firm foundation for the next other. year. A group known a s t h e "Varsity" At the end of the season o n l y the m a d e themselves known to the entire memories remain. As time passes the reteam. The members of the "Varsity" m a y sults of these races will not be remembered not h a v e been the most talented runners but the team u n i t y and f u n times defion the team, but t h e y still made the team nitely wili stronger.

Remembering the unity

Men's Cross C o u n t r y 9 9

Coach Patnott coaches Junior Ross Geurink in practices. Perfecting strokes is key to swimming success. (PR Photo)

finish a t t h e MIAA championship. Hope's 1 8 8 d a y s . This is t h e l e n g t h y commitp e r f o r m a n c e w a s k e y e d b y t h e record m e n t m a d e b y e a c h m e m b e r of t h e br e a king swim of senior t r r c a p t a i n D a n men's swim t e a m . T h e season s p a n s Bouwens a n d fellow tri-captain 1 8 8 d a y s , f r o m mid-September B r i a n Slagh, a l o n g w i t h Chris to m i d - M a r c h a n d is filled w i t h H a m s t r a l a n Kobes, a n d D a v i d t w o - a - d a y practices a n d 5'.30 Omee, w a k e u p calls. From Orientation "Stand toNine members of t h e t e a m weekend to g r a d u a t i o n S u n d a y gether, Fight c o n t i n u e d on f r o m t h e l e a g u e each m e m b e r w a s focused on t h e together, Unite meet to represent Hope a t t h e t e a m motto, "As Ona" NCAA Division III C h a m p i o n The y e a r began with a together AS ships hosted b y E m o r y Univerwide v a r i e t y of preseason t e a m ONE." s i t y . Hope finished t h e c h a m p i r i t u a l s t h a t helped to build t e a m onships 1 3 t h in t h e n a t i o n w i t h u n i t y prior to t h e first d a y of 8 swimmers a c h i e v i n g a t o t a l of p r a c t i c e T h e c a m a r a d e r i e estab- -Swim T e a m Motto 2 0 AlTAmerican performances. lished would be especially imporW h i l e some o n l y m e a s u r e t a n t to overcome t h e loss of t h r e e success b y t h e win-loss column a n d n a All-Americans f r o m last y e a r ' s s q u a d t i o n a l rankings, e a c h m e m b e r of t h e a n d t h e m a n y o t h e r obstacles t h a t men's swim t e a m would declare their would arise in a n d out of t h e pool endeavors t h r o u g h o u t t h e season a defiHowever, no obstacle would d e n y nite success. The life-changing experit h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n of a c h i e v i n g ences e n j o y e d b y each t e a m m e m b e r g r e a t success this y e a r . T e a m members w e r e b o u n d a r o u n d a single t h e m e . m a n a g e d t h e strenuous schedule of class "Stand together. Fight together, Unite a n d t r a i n i n g w i t h o u t t h e benefit of t h e together, AS ONE!" m a n y breaks e n j o y e d b y t h e a v e r a g e student. For t h e m a j o r i t y of t h e team, t h e season concluded w i t h a second place

I \rchvQA Men's Swimming united and domin ed by unity

1 0 0 Sports

Many sports have super f a n s to i n s p i r e them in moments of intensity. The swimming team has their own unique "Flying" Dutchmen. His support was crucial to the team's success. (PR Photo)








\^c>4cM^a-^oo161.5 CMvivi Vo^aw^a-^oo Vev<i£>ov\.













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Timing is everything in the world of water. Perfect strokes are d e m o n s t r a t e d here at the League Championships by an outstanding Hope swimmer. Perfect strokes are developed through hours and hours of practice as a team. (PR Photo)

Men's Swim T e a m : Travis Barkel, Dan Bouwens, Matthew Cook, Jamin Dreyer, Ross Geurink, Chris Hamstra, Jeff Heydlauff, Robert Knecht, Ian Kobes, Chris Lininger, Adam Lyng, Brad Norden, David Ornee, Chris Roecker, Jeff Seymour, Brian Slagh, Matt Stolz, Jake Taber, John Vinke III, Matt Waterstone, Matt Zuska (PR Photo)


Men's Swimming 1 0 1
























Women in the water rise early to compete at the league meet. There's nothing more difficult than that first jump in the water. Once you're in, you're in. (Photo courtesy of Haley Martin)


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Aside from the league meet, the swimming formal is the highlight of the social season. This group of athletes enjoys their dinner at Lawry's Steakhouse in downtown Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Haley Martin)

1 0 2 Sports


Swim Team members in the pool after the league championships. Team members listed in alphabetical order. Audrey Arnold, Lisa Baran, Stephanie Buck, Lindsay Close, Lisa Ekdom, Melissa Erickson, Lindsay Fach, Karl Foust, Jennifer Franklin, Sarah Keenan, Haley Martin, Brynne Moore, Meagan O'Neil, Kelly Parker, Laura Rippberger, Rebecca Schewe, Jessica Schmidt, Michelle Smith, Sarah Smith, Erika Steele, Jennifer Strach, Melissa Sulok, Ashley Tillman, Erin VandenBerg, Erica VanGilder, Emily Veneklase, Erin Wickens (Photo courtesy of Haley Martin)

Swimmers take in a well deserved breakfast after a morning workout. The new IHOP was a favorite stop. (Photo courtesy of Haley Martin)

ie women's swim t e a m opened medley r e l a y a n d 8 0 0 freestyle their MIAA season s t r o n g l y w i t h r e l a y . J u n i o r Michelle S m i t h won a v i c t o r y over Saint Mary's. t h e league c h a m p i o n s h i p for t h e From t h e n on t h e y contint h i r d y e a r in-a-row in t h e 500-yard and l , 6 5 ^ y a r d ued in their tradition of exf r e e s t y l e Senior t e a m m a t e cellence w i t h o n l y two losses Women's E r i n V a n d e n B e r g finished t h e entire season. T h e F l y r u n n e r u p in both eventscL ing D u t c h ended t h e y e a r b y swimming J u n i o r A u d r e y Arnold succ a p t u r i n g their t e n t h Michia n d diving cessfully defended her conferg a n Intercollegiate Athletic c a p t u r e their ence crowns in t h e 1 0 0 - y a r d Association women's swimand 2 0 0 - y a r d backstroke ming a n d diving champion1 0 t h MIAA Sophomore K a n Foust w a s ship in t h e l a s t 1 2 y e a r s , t r o p h y in 1 2 r u n n e r u p to her t e a m m a t e a n d t h e 2 0 t h in school hisin both events. Arnold also years. t o r y . In t h e competition, qualified for t h e NCAA Divicoach J o h n P a t n o t t ' s F l y i n g sion IIII championships w i t h D u t c h topped a field of six a second place finish in t h e t e a m s finishing with 5 8 8 2 0 0 - y a r d individual medley points. R i v a l C a l v i n ended (2'.09.37). Senior Kelly P a r k e r rer u n n e r u p w i t h 5 2 1 . 5 points folpeated a s league champion in t h e lowed b y K a l a m a z o o 2 9 8 , A l m a 1 0 0 - y a r d a n d 2 0 0 - y a r d breast4 2 4 . 5 , Albion 2 2 0 a n d S a i n t s t r o k e T h e F l y i n g D u t c h h a d sevM a r y ' s 2 0 6 , respectively. e r a l conditional q u a l i f y i n g perforT h r e e Hope s w i m m e r s were m a n c e s for t h e NCAA Division III double w i n n e r s a n d t h e F l y i n g championships which will be held D u t c h c a p t u r e d t h r e e of t h e f i v e in A t l a n t a , GA. relay events ~ 2 0 0 and 4 0 0

Women continue their tradion of excellence

Women's Swimming a n d Diving 1 0 8

Junior Greg Immink easily drives past Northw e s t e r n College d e f e n s e in his q u e s t for t h e hoop. (PR Photo)


t h e "games won" a g a i n s t school r i v a l students r e t u r n f r o m C h r i s t m a s b r e a k C a l v i n Collega T h e h i g h l y publicized there is a different spirit in t h e a t m o s p h e r e g a m e s were, a s a l w a y s , down to t h e Some a t t r i b u t e t h e c h a n g e in a t t i t u d e to buzzer. Hope fell to t h e Knights t h e r e f r e s h i n g h o l i d a y or t h e 7 0 - 7 4 in t h e first g a m e of t h e t h o u g h t of s t a r t i n g anew. Others believe t h e feeling is blown in b y You can't miss season. However, t h e D u t c h m e n c l a i m e d a resounding v i c t o r y winds off t h e l a k e shore. Most t h e infectious w h e n t h e two n e x t m e t in t h e would agree, however, t h e exciteenthusiasm Civic Center, T h e tie w a s split a t m e n t coincides w i t h t h e q u i c k l y t h e season t o u r n a m e n t g a m e approaching Flying Dutchmen competitive held a t K a l a m a z o o Collega The basketball season. W h e t h e r college basketDutchmen came through with you're a wildly outspoken ball provides. a n 8 1 - 8 0 v i c t o r y in o v e r t i m a superfan, or t h e a l l - s t a t e s t a r t C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s this seaing center, y o u c a n ' t miss t h e inson go to senior Don Overbeek. fectious e n t h u s i a s m competitive n a m e d MIAA most v a l u a b l e college basketball provides. p l a y e r a s well a s a n All-MIAA T h e D u t c h m e n proved t h a t first t e a m member. Brothers Chad a n d t h e y were w o r t h t h e h y p e b y delivering Jeff Carlson, a senior a n d f r e s h m a n rea n o t h e r o u t s t a n d i n g season. T h e o v e r a l l spectively, along w i t h junior t e a m m a t e record w a s 2 3 - 5 w i t h a 1 0 - 2 record in Greg I m m i n k were given All-MIAA sect h e conference This score p u t t h e D u t c h ond t e a m honors. The students a n d over m e n in a co-champion position w i t h Albion 2 , 3 0 0 g a m e attendees look forward to College Highlights of t h e season were t h e n e x t season. c r u s h i n g v i c t o r y a g a i n s t A l m a College 1 0 1 - 5 1 a n d a c h a n c e to pull a h e a d in

Catch the spirit of college athletics through intense competition

1 0 4 Sports


Sophomore Travis Spaman takes the intensity up a level. Although an underclassmen, his experience helped give the Dutch much needed depth. (PR Photo)











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Men's Basketball Team: Athletic Trainer: Annie Gonzales, Coach Glenn VanWieren, Greg I m m i n k , T r a v i s S p a m a n , D a a n e Griffith, Andy Phillips, Matt Taylor, Josh Bauman, Jason Mejeur, Jack Klunder, Jeff Carlson, Cody Fleming, Charlie Kleinheksel, Kyle K l e e r s n y d e r , C h a d C a r l s o n , Mike VanHekken, Don Overbeek (PR Photo)


Senior Chad Carlson drove for the h o o p with no regrets as he stormed through his last s e a s o n as a Flying Dutchman. With a younger brother to carry on the family game we c a n h o p e to s e e more of the Carlson e x c e l l e n c e . (PR Photo)

Men's Basketball 1 0 5

VistoU/Wvuim /i/WyW


Alhtad Olwei


















Senior Amy Baltmanis c o m e s around for a lay up in one of the many wins the Lady Dutch put up against the Knights. Baltmanis was a four year letter winner and captain. (PR Photo)


โ ข o ' M -Wl* 1 '- - l l i f ' V - 1

^2 uv 41 n\ K'*


Senior Amanda Kerkstra shows why she was voted the MIAA Most Valuable Player with her intensity near the hoop. Kerkstra broke 8 school records in her career at Hope. Her leadership will cert a i n l y be m i s s e d both on and off the court. (PR Photo)


Women's Basketball Team: Coach Brian Morehouse, Bria Ebels, Kathi Grotenhuis, Colleen Corey, Amy Baltmanis, Ashley Plowman, Kelly Taylor, Student Assistant: Susan Taylor, Melissa DeBoer, Adelynn Vilmann, Katie Nienhuis, Amanda Kerkstra, Gracia Kamps, Linda Ebels, Lauren Jensen, Jennifer Layne, Megan Noll. (PR Photo)

1 0 6 Sports


Fans go crazy as the Lady Dutch take the court against the rival Knights. It was an undisputed Dutch victory. (PR Photo)

a l l d u e respect m a i n t a i n e d for d i s p l a y e d c onsiste nc y a n d conquered challenges t h a t developed Other t e a m s previous Hope Women's Basketball , teams, the 0 2 ' ' 0 8 season was were disrespectful a n d inappropriate but u n d i s p u t e d l y t h e greatest season Hope women o v e r c a m e t h e ridicule a n d finished t h e job t h e y on record. T h e t e a m began t h e 'We played... c a m e to do. Consistency a n d conseason w i t h t h r e e p e r f o r m a n c e for t h e simple quests were o n l y two of t h e u n i goals', win t h e M I A A t a k e first f a c t t h a t God f y i n g v a l u e s of this successful a t t h e MIAA league t o u r n a m e n t t e a m . T h e f i n a l v a l u e is e m p h a a n d m a k e a distinguished r u n a t g a v e us t a l sized throughout, b y all m e m the National Championships. ent... to conbers, "Never h a s a t e a m loved to These goals, t h o u g h lofty, were tribute to a smile a n d l a u g h together so freexceeded over t h e course of t h e q u e n t l y a n d so often. This deL a d y D u t c h season. T h e o n l y team." scribes o u r c a m a r a d e r i e , " e x goal r e m a i n i n g w a s one of e v e n -Senior A m a n d a plained Kerkstrsu g r e a t e r significance! t e a m u n i t y . Kerkstra Win-loss records a r e r e m e m T h e t e a m consisted of 6 seniors, bered b y p e n n a n t s h a n g i n g on 1 junior, 4 sophomores a n d 4 t h e walls of a g y m n a s i u m . Medals of freshmen. "Watching us p l a y y o u sportsmanship dangle in t r o p h y cases would see heaps of smiles, high fives, a n d to symbolize t h e a t t i t u d e s t h a t beckon a n occasional chest p u m p . W e absochampionships. T e a m members cherish l u t e l y h a d a riot playing, m o r e import h e r e a l m e a n i n g of t h e season, "We t a n t l y w e h a d a riot p l a y i n g together," p l a y e d not because we were t h e g r e a t said senior A m a n d a Kerkstra. est b u t for t h e simple f a c t t h a t God g a v e No women's b a s k e t b a l l t e a m in t h e u s t a l e n t wild enough to contribute to h i s t o r y of Hope College h a s completed something", a t e a m . A t e a m who wore a season undefeated. This t e a m p l a y e d 1 5 jerseys for 3 2 collegiate a t t e m p t s consistently a n d set a n e w s t a n d a r d for to be t h e greatest, a n d we were" f u t u r e women of Hope College The t e a m

The Lady Dutch reap the benefits of true teamwork

Womens' Basketball 1 0 7

National Cheerleading teammates experience life as a kid again during a break from the competition. (Photo Courtesy of Ashleigh Sartor)

t h e t e a m was forced to t a k e a step a successful a n d fun-filled up. Although all girls s t u n t c a m p experience in August, ing h a d not been one of Hope t h e ccred cheerleading squad ollec^e cheerleadin< College was excited a n d determined The strengths, the girls definitely to m a k e a second r u n a t t h e met the challenge and National Championships cheerlGading m a n y altered position from held in Orlando, Florida a t t e a m is looking f l y e r to base. W i t h a great W a l t Disney World Resort a t another dance, elite s t u n t sequence in J a n u a r y . W i t h high great y e a r a n d impressive p y r a m i d s , hopes of c o m p e t i n g w i t h a h e a d of t h e m . t h e t e a m m a d e it to t h e n a their s q u a d of sixteen, t h e tional finals a n d placed sevteam started the long a n d teenth. Returning from s u n n y dious process of q u a l i f y i n g Florida the t e a m jumped ima n d t h e n creating a routine mediately back into g a m e cheerfrom scratch. Upon getting accepted ing for a great basketball t e a m a n d to compete in t h e Division 11 semicheered t h e m on into t h e NCAA finals in Orlando, t h e t e a m wont o u r n a m e n t . T h e cheeerleading dered if it would even be possibla t e a m lost three seniors this y e a r , T h e y faced m a n y setbacks between b u t with t h e m a j o r i t y of t h e t e a m getting accepted a n d t h e a c t u a l perreturning next year, the formance. Ending u p with a squad cheerleading t e a m is looking a t a n of four g u y s a n d twelve girls comother great y e a r a h e a d of them. peting in t h e s m a l l co-ed division.


l ÂŁ K oA

P- M Id

The Cheer team makes a second run at National Championships

1 0 8 Sports

A close-knit squad of sixteen begins their practices early as they dream big. Football games were excellent stunt practice times. (Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Sartor)



Cheerleading squad: Meredith Albers, Kelly Bauer, Eli C r y d e r m a n , Katie D e Y o u n g , Ashley Farr, John Freyermuth, Tony Frucci, Sara Jared, Betsie Jetter, Tony Kreucher, Carmen Nee, Ashleigh Sartor, Chiara Savage, Kristin, Sheehan, A n n e Slaughter, Teasha Smith, Melissa Snyder, Kelly Steeves, Sarah Stowell, Aaron Thompson. (PR Photo)

-- l A I

Cheering forms a unique bond that helps individuals blend both inside and outside the gymnasium. (Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Sartor)

Cheerleading 1 0 9


-5 33.5













Even the fast and the furious need a little break. (Photo courtesy of Coach Chavis)


^ 4 X 100 relay runn e r s are s c h o o l record holders. Juniors Christiana Watkin and Heather Ludwick and seniors Karen Clark and Brooke Costing grip the baton that helped train their b o d i e s to e x c e l lence. (Photo courtesy of Coach Chavis)

1 1 0 Sports

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^ v.--::..

Women's Track Team: Christine Alcenius, Alyssa Alsum, Katrina Alvesteffer, Jennifer Beers, Amy Blum, Laura Borovsky, Amy Clark, Karen Clark, Holli Cooper, Katelyn DeYoung, Martha Graham, Andrea Gramm, Beth Hansen, Melissa Hirsch, Amber Inman, G e n a J o r g e n s e n , J u l i e King, Lindsey Kuipers, Heather Ludwick, Rosa Morales, Brooke Costing, Jessica Costing, Allison Pawlowski, Tina Pike, Kristin Post, Jennifer Price, Liz Reimink, Angela Saxton, Emily Schlitz, Jennica Skoug, Rachael Smith, T e a s h a Smith, Allison Trotter, Melissa Turner, Kristine Umlauf, Kara VanAssen, Kathryn Veldman, Megan Vivian, Maureen Warfield, Christiana Watkin, Stephanie Witmer (PR Photo)

Junior Christiana Watkin stretches for the finish line. Her race is almost complete and she s t r i v e s to run it well. (PR Photo)

r s o f t e n difficult to v i e w i n d i v i d u a l sports in a t e a m setting. If e a c h a t h l e t e is striving to excel in his or her own event, h o w c a n we v i e w it a s a t e a m competition? T h e simple a n s w e r is evidenced in this season's t r a c k a n d field results. Good times in one two, or e v e n t h r e e e v e n t s will not q u a l i f y t h e t e a m for a n y c h a m pionships. Along t h e s a m e line individual s t a r s will not c r e a t e a w i n n i n g season. However, a good t e a m is comprised of a group of dedicated athletes s t r i v i n g to better themselves for t h e good of t h e w h o l a This cooperation is w h a t wins championships. From t h e first Spring Break meets in A t l a n t a G a to t h e f i n a l M1AA C h a m pionships this g r o u p functioned a s one u n i t . Hope finished t h i r d of n i n e t e e n t e a m s w i t h 7 7 points a t their initial tourn a m e n t . From this point f o r w a r d e a c h a t h l e t e strived to better her t i m e b y j u s t one second f r o m one conference r a c e to t h e n e x t . T h e times began to f a l l a s each w o m a n t h o u g h t of t h e good of t h e whole

t e a m . T h e success w a s evident. D u a l meet records for t h e D u t c h posted o n l y one loss to conference champions, Calvin College. T h e 4 - 1 record proved to be t h e f i n a l result of t h e t o u r n a m e n t a s welL At t h e MIAA T r a c k a n d Field Championships, Hope took h o m e a n impressive 1 4 9 points followed n e x t b y Adrian with 48, Alma with 43, and Albion with 39, a n d Olivet in last place w i t h 6 points. C a l v i n w a s t h e league champion. T h e season w a s a resounding t e a m success. Special recognition w a s a w a r d e d to f r e s h m a n M a u r e e n Warfield for setting a school record in t h e pole v a u l t (ICK) ft). F r e s h m a n Christine Alcenius also ousted t h e previous D u t c h record holder in t h e 3 , 0 0 0 meter steeplechase w i t h a t i m e of 1 r . 4 8 . 3 6 . This y o u n g t a l e n t bodes well for t h e L a d y D u t c h r u n n e r s in t h e f u t u r a Next y e a r ' s athletes expect even g r e a t e r i m p r o v m e n t in t h e regular season meets.

'This cooperation is w h a t wins championships!"

(?â‚Ź> Ov\ÂŁs Individuals drive themselves to benefit something much greater

WomGn's T r a c k a n d Field 1 1 1

chance to s h a v e a little time off t h e meet -ew t e a m s h a v e a s a d i v e r s e l y t a l e n t e d before it. D u t c h m e n r u n n e r s c a m e in a t h l e t i c m a k e - u p a s t h a t of a t r a c k a n d w i t h a 3 - 2 record w h e n t h e conference field group. D i s t a n c e r u n n e r s , sprinters, season w a s completed. T h e tough j u m p e r s a n d throwers combine to C a l v i n team, a n d e q u a l l y comform one cohesive u n i t . To f u r p e t i t i v e A l b i o n College, w e r e t h e r complicate m a t t e r s , t h e colDespite t h e strong in both t h e regular sealege a r e n a often requires its a t h rebuilding a n d son meets a n d t h e f i n a l c h a m p i letes to r u n more t h a n one e v e n t . o n s h i p r u n . D u t c h m e n placed t h e stiff comIt is w i t h these challenges t h a t third overall w i t h a score of 7 2.5. t h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n entered petition, t h e I n d i v i d u a l season perfort h e i r 2 0 0 8 season. T h e t e a m ' s D u t c h m e n m a n c e s d r a m a t i c a l l y improved goal w a s to succeed in u n i t i n g t h e broad r a n g e of t a l e n t s a n d to conh a d a winning b y t h e end of t h e season. There were m a n y i n d i v i d u a l records sistently improve individual season. w o r t h n o t i n g . However, t h e r e times f r o m meet to meet. Despite were two o u t s t a n d i n g times t h a t t h e rebuilding a n d t h e stiff comqualified for t h e NCAA Champipetition, t h e D u t c h m e n h a d a onship meet. A senior m a d e his t i m e in w i n n i n g season. t h e f i n a l meet of his f i n a l season. Ed In M a r c h t h e competition began a t Perez m a d e his m a r k in t h e 4 0 0 meter t h e E m o r y Spring B r e a k I n v i t a t i o n a l hurdles w i t h a t i m e of 5 8 . 9 8 . Perez s Hope finished w i t h t w e n t y - e i g h t points, t e a m m a t e , sophomore Peter Derby, t e n t h o u t of t w e n t y - e i g h t t e a m s . T h e capped off his second y e a r a t Hope w i t h Spring B r e a k I n v i t a t i o n a l served a s a a q u a l i f y i n g score of 1 4 . 5 8 . 7 8 in t h e s t a r t i n g place for a l l athletes. T h e rest of 5 , 0 0 0 m e t e r r u n . T h e D u t c h m e n will t h e season w a s a building block for t h e u n d o u b t e d l y look to his leadership in f u MIAA championships. E a c h meet w a s a t u r e seasons.

Men of the field work together to m ake individual success a team effort

1 1 2 Sports

H o p e r u n n e r s pace themselves around t h e c u r v e to k e e p ahead of the Albion runner. Home meets offered the Dutchmen fans a chance to support the team on beautiful spring afternoons. (PR Photo)















• 1 J."


Men's Track Team: Kyle Barnes, Craig Bigger, Justin Blazek, Greg Borst, Vance Brown, Murry B u r g e s s , J o n a t h a n C a i n , M a t t Casillas, Alfred Chimoski, Peter Derby, Sean Derby, Mark Dondero, Ben Freeburn, John Gallagher, Tony Gawron, Scott Greenman, Jim Grosse, Daniel Halloran, John Hoffman, Kristopher J a m e s , N e a l K a r s t e n , Kurt Koehler, Jon Kot, Landan Lapjam, Kyle Morrison, Pat Nolan, Steven Ojala, Edward Perez, Brendan Ryan, Cletus Short, Albert Slendebroek, Matt Svoboda, Joel Teft, Ben Troost, Kenny VandenOever, Ben Walker, Tyson Warner, Ryan Weaver, Jeff Weber, Kyle W i l l i a m s , Phil W i l s o n , S t e p h e n Yarbrough, Travis Young. (PR Photo)

Senior Ed Perez finishes his race with unwavering determination. Albion r u n n e r s s t r i v e to keep ahead. Perez qualified for the seco n d t i m e for t h e NCAA National Meet this season. (PR Photo)

Men's Track a n d Field 1 1 8

I lifted



/VtoM ollvet


f l v












6', 2











Junior Eric MacKenzie swings through completely on a ball that's out of the park. Calvin Knights on the bench just watch as he takes his bases with confidence. (PR Photo)









4 51 r r r -



& fekv

Coach Fritz and his assistants watch the g a m e with intensity. Players support their teammates by paying attention to each play, studying each reaction, and cheering them on. (PR Photo)

1 1 4 Sports

Men's Baseball Team: Kenny Bart, Mike Billingsley, Kyle Blackport, Nate Brandsen, Zach Buchan, Jon Deming, Jon Edmondson, Casey Glass, Nate Grizinger, Jordan Hal, Russ Higgins, Mike Howes, Josh Hundt, Clisby Jarrard, Justin Kribs, Bruce Lund, B.J. Maas, Eric MacKenzie, Andrew Parrish, Kenny Papes, Aaron Quimby, Todd Riksen, Brett Schlender, Kyle Trapp, Mike VanBeek, C h r i s t i a n Viel, A n d r e w V l a s a k , Matt Widenmeier. (PR Photo)

Junior Eric M a c K e n z i e accepts congratulations from Coach Fritz as he runs home. Coach player relationships are essential to player dev e l o p m e n t (PR Photo)


erica's F a v o r i t e Pastime". Baseball. d i v i d u a l s f a l l f l a t . A l t h o u g h Hope E v e r y o n e loves to w a t c h it. People all boasted four players-of-therweek in a over t h e c o u n t r y c r a v e t h e large stadium seven-week season, combined w i t h a atmosphere filled with noisy fans, pitcher-of-the-week honor during g r e a s y food a n d t h e bright s u n opening week t h e y definitely u n The Dutch of a s u m m e r d a y . In fact, wasn't derstood w h a t u n i t y m e a n t . it baseball t h a t kept spirits high Individual statistics a w a r d s baseball teaTn during times of w a r a n d strife? showed college placed t h e D u t c h m e n twice in all This hailed pastime is something field categories. All-MIAA first t e a m s around t e a m members included', seniors e v e r y American c a n "talk" w i t h B.J. M a a s , C a s e y Glass, K y l e affluence. Some even go so f a r a s the country Blackport, Mike V a n B e e k a n d to s a y t h a t knowledge of t h e w h a t it r e a l l y M a t t Widemier. Second t e a m g a m e carries over to their p h y s i takes to exceL held even more Dutchmen', freshc a l skills on t h e diamond. T h e m a n J o n Edmonson, sophomores D u t c h m e n baseball t e a m showed Kyle T r a p p a n d Jon Deming, a n d college t e a m s a r o u n d t h e counjunior K e n n y Bart. The MIAA t r y w h a t it r e a l l y takes to excel most v a l u a b l e p l a y e r a w a r d w a s also a t America's F a v o r i t e P a s t i m a given to Mike V anBeek. Coach Fritz's b o y s h a d a n o u t W i t h a slew of seniors graduating. s t a n d i n g 1 6 - 2 season within t h e conferCoach Fritz will look to t h e underclassence a n d a 2 0 1 5 overall score. T h e two m e n to fill in t h e obvious v a c a n c y left losses c a m e e a r l y on to A d r i a n a n d b y his senior talent. While t h e depth of Olivet/ h o w e v e r t h e losses w e r e n o t his t e a m will be tested, his r a n k s a r e enough to rob t h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n of expected to continue t h e D u t c h m e n t r a their league championship. T e a m w o r k dition of athletic excellence. p l a y e d a m a j o r p a r t in t h e astounding success of t h e team/ w i t h o u t cohesion, in-

Baseball enjoys an incredible season, the last for many rostered I



Baseball 1 1 5

Senior first base Julia Eagan readies herself to receive the ball. M a k i n g plays at first was a crucial part of the Lady Dutch defensive s t r a t e g i e s . (PR Photo)

n a m e n t . T h e t o u r n a m e n t ended a s a T h e season s t a r t e d slowly for L a d y D u t c h t h r e e r w a y tie for second place in t h e cons o f t b a l l Used to e n j o y i n g unquestioned ference. As a result, Hope ended their seasuccess, t h e t e a m doubled its a b i l i t y to son in f i f t h place b u t t h e y h a d compete. Although t h e t e a m lost beaten everyone ranked above m a n y k e y seniors, t h e y still h a d t h e m in a t least one league a w e a l t h of experience on b o a r d match. Next season Four f r e s h m a n were infused into T h e conference r a c e w a s t h e group! E m i l y Adams, M e g a n will be one of closer a n d t h e D u t c h broke e v e n Drooger, K e l s e y Guisbert, a n d returned sucfor t h e season. W i t h six seniors Lobby H a m m o n m a d e their collegiate debut this season. Coach cess a n d reju- g r a d u a t i n g , t h e t e a m will need a l l t h e experienced a t h l e t e s to Wolters took t h e y o u n g t e a m a n d venation. t a k e t h e lead. One p a r t i c u l a r see n h a n c e d it so t h a t n e x t season nior will be most sorely missed will be one of returned success a n d pitcher A n d r e a A d a m s h a s led rejuvenation. Hope women's softball to m a n y L a d y Dutch were 7-7 victories over her f o u r y e a r caw i t h i n t h e conference this y e a r . reer in t h e l e a g u e Her absence will be T h e y split t h e double header w i t h C a l v i n felt most a s s u r e d l y . Other k e y seniors in two v e r y close games. Again, t h e D u t c h were", t h i r d b a s e m a n J e n B o e r s m a , split w i t h Olivet a n d St. M a r y ' s in a n centerfield Angie Bunker, first b a s e m a n other two double headers. T h e resounding Julie E a g a n a n d outfielders K a t h i victories c a m e l a t e in t h e season to Grotenhuis a n d Kristi Ridge, Wolters will K a l a m a z o o a n d Adrian where Hope swept work w i t h underclassmen infielders to both games. Because of t h e incredibly tight replace this loss, b u t t h e t e a m will s u r e l y r a c e for t h e championship, Hope w a s not be u p to a conference title n e x t spring. included in t h e M1AA Softball f i n a l t o u r -

A CI03^ f Softball feels the heat of a iq ht finish

3^ 1 1 6 Sports


Junior short-stop Kelly Kraft enjoys her time on first as she looks to make a steal. Being a multi-faceted player, offensively and defensively, is crucial in a competitive softball

















v ^ o b w - a - ^ o o





Women's Softball Team: Coach Karla Wolters, Candace Graham, Kara Sayger, Allison Miller, Cristi DeGraff, Megan Drooger, Jen B o e r s m a , A n d r e a A d a m s , K r i s t i n Barncord, Kelly Kraft, Lauren VandeKopple, Emily A d a m s , J u l i a E a g a n , A s h l e y VanMeter, Kristi Ridge, Megan Sheehan, Libby Hammond, Angie Bunker. (PR Photo)

Freshman pitcher Megan Drooger makes a splash d u r i n g her freshman year in the infield. Demands of pitchers, both mentally and physically, are intense during the eight-week softball s e a s o n . (PR Photo)

Softball 1 1 7 i
























Freshman first singles player, Anneliese Fox, stormed the court this year with a victory at the MIAA championship tournament. (PR Photo)



โ ขtt.


Junior singles

second player,

Stephanie Springer, makes a backhand dig to return her opponent's well p l a c e d shot. Due to the weather, all home matches w e r e indoors this season. (PR Photo)

1 1 8 Sports

Women's Tennis Team: Coach Karen Page, Priya Malviya, Erin Bradley, DeannaClouse, Anneliese Fox, Stephanie Springer, Jennifer C o l e m a n , K o r t n e y D e V i t o , Kristen Daniels, Anna DeHaan, Lauren Engel, Assistant Coach Tanis (PR Photo)

Senior Captain Jennifer Coleman listens as Coach Page discusses a play. Mental toughness and determination play an important role in each point. (PR Photo)

Its been suggested t h a t t h e most difficult M e a g h a n Clark to be n a m e d t h e M1AA skill in a n y sport is t h e tennis s e r v a Timg r a n d champion. Leadership from upi n g precision, direction, v e l o c i t y a n d balp e r c l a s s m e n w a s provided b y j u n i o r a n c e m u s t be in perfect h a r m o n y S t e p h a n i e Springer a n d senior in order to execute a proficient J e n n i f e r Coleman. The D u t c h record in t h e conservice. Repeat this process over It h a s been f e r e n c e w a s 7 - 4 . T h e M1AA 1 0 0 times in a m a t c h a n d suggested t h a t championship p u t t h e women in y o u ' v e entered t h e world of a tennis p l a y e r . Add complex strokes, t h e most diffi- a t f o u r t h which w a s consistent w i t h their league standing. Overquick footed v o l l e y s a n d t h e ever cult skill in a l l t h e season record w a s 11-8. popular overhead and you're a n y sport is All-MIAA honors were given to t h i n k i n g like a n a t h l e t a two t e a m members f r o m Hope, Hope women's tennis practiced t h e tennis F r e s h m a n Anneliese Fox received t h e skills required to p l a y t h e s e r v a t h e first t e a m a w a r d a n d junior d e m a n d i n g g a m e of tennis. M e n Stephanie Springer received t h e t a l toughness developed over t h e second t e a m a w a r d season. T h e t e a m h a d o n l y t h r e e Coach Page looks forward to n e x t y e a r u p p e r c l a s s m e n on t h e s q u a d . T h e other a s a her freshmen g a i n v a l u a b l e g a m e seven w o m e n were comprised of m a i n l y experience, sophomores develop into leadfreshmen. These w o m e n m a d e a r e m a r k ers a n d h e r two juniors prepare for their able impression on t h e season, especially final hurrah. f r e s h m a n Anneliese Fox a t t h e first singles position. As a f r e s h m a n , Anneliese won t h e championship m a t c h a g a i n s t Kalamazoo's

A young team led by a few upperclassmen and a young star

Women's Tennis 1 1 9

der to oust t h e Hornets. T h e t e a m won e r y few a t h l e t i c t e a m s a t Hope College Vei two. F r e s h m e n A n d r e w Phillips a n d c a n s a y t h e y h a v e h a d a perfect season. A n d y R u e m e n a p p won t h e two singles T h e 2 0 0 8 men's tennis t e a m finished t h e flights. Both doubles m a t c h e s r e g u l a r season w i t h a 5 - 0 record were clinched b y t h e Hope including a v i c t o r y over Dutchmen. K a l a m a z o o College for t h e first V e r y few a t h T h e r e s u l t of t h e g u t t i m e in f o r t y - o n e y e a r s . T h e 7 letic t e a m s a t w r e n c h i n g t o u r n a m e n t loss w a s 2 win over t h e Hornets this p a s t a ccrchampionship. Hope won t h e season w a s a l a n d m a r k accomHope College M1AA l e a g u e m e e t s a n d plishment! The men's overall c a n s a y t h e y K a l a m a z o o took t h e t o u r n a m e n t record w a s a n d e q u a l l y impreshave had a prize b y a m e r e 8 points. Neversive 1 5 - 4 . W i t h o u t a loss in t h e conferperfect season. theless, t h e D u t c h m e n destroyed a f o r t y - o n e y e a r tradition t h a t ence, t h e D u t c h w e n t i n t o t h e w a s m e a n t to be broken! GLCA season t o u r n a m e n t w i t h A w a r d s for t h e season go hopes. A f t e r t h e p r e l i m i n a r y to Senior D a n M a n n a s MIAA rounds were over, t h e D u t c h m e n Most V a l u a b l e P l a y e r . His receipt of this a d v a n c e d to t h e finals in all singles flights a w a r d m a r k s o n l y t h e t e n t h t i m e in a s well a s first a n d t h i r d doubles. W i t h 8 MLAA h i s t o r y t h a t a D u t c h m a n w a s m a t c h e s to aid their race, t h e prospect of given this honor. Senior M a t t B r a d l e y m a k i n g h i s t o r y w a s on t h e horizon, A received t h e Stowe S p o r t s m a n s h i p win a t t h e t o u r n a m e n t m e a n t a n all out Award. All MLAA first t e a m members conference v i c t o r y for t h e F l y i n g D u t c h were" s e n i o r M a d d B r a d l e y , j u n i o r men. K e v n e y Dugan, a n d senior D a n M a n n . U n f o r t u n a t e l y , a n all v i c t o r y w a s All MIAA second t e a m w a s a w a r d e d to not on t h e docket for t h e D u t c h m e n . Hope j u n i o r Erik Frost. needed to clinch t h r e e singles titles in or-



Flying Dutchmen break a winning streak with a big win

1 2 0 Sports

S e n i o r first s i n g l e s player Dan Mann approaches the net for a volley. Dan had a singles career and d o u b l e s career that many up-and-coming athletes can hope to model. (PR Photo)


h e l m













v e f c h a a )









Men's Tennis Team: Matt Bradley, Robbie Dody, Kevney Dugan, Erik Frost, Mark Johnson, Dan Mann, Derek Phelan, Andy Phillips, Nate Reed, Andy Reumenapp, Jason Wagenmaker. (PR Photo)

Doubles teams s p e n d an e n t i r e season building relationships and w o r k i n g together. The most rewarding season is a winning won with well-developed friendships! (PR Photo)

Men's Tennis 1 2 1

Alicia Abood College East


Meredith Albers Brumler


Michael Andrlik Brumler

Berwin, IL

Audrey Arnold Venema

Richmond, IN

Norissa Aukerman College EastSouth Windsor, CT

Marjorie Behm Welmers Cottage


Carol Belman Smith Cottage .. St. Peter. MO

Heidi Bender Hoffman Cottage


Peter Binnie Cook

Whitewater, Wl

Melinda Bisson Cook





As juniors, students look back a t t h e preceding y e a r s a n d wonder where t h e time went, realize t h a t t h e y h a v e grown u p a n d also t h a t t h e y h a v e one y e a r u n t i l t h e real world hits t h e m like a brick w a l l Some realize t h a t t h e y need to get their grades up, while others realize t h a t t h e y h a v e done t h e work a n d get a n e a r l y case of senioritis. Some get involved a n d m a k e a n a m e for themselves, others sit idly b y pretending t h a t t h e y will never grow u p a n d let t h e time slide b y b u t all m u s t realize a t some point t h a t t h e real world is comming upon t h e m a n d t h e y c a n do nothing a n d let it win or t h e y c a n prepare for it a n d hit t h e ground r u n n i n g on their own two feet.



Caryn Bladt Vicksburg

Bergen Cottage

Emily Blake College East

Grand Haven

Daniel Bloemers Fraternal Cottage


Amanda Boboltz Deutsches Haus


Kellie Bolick



Grand Rapids

Sara Bolkema Brumler Apartments . Flushing

Sarah Bolman Welmers Cottage


Lindsay Bosak Cook


Courtney Brewster Cook

Chicago, IL

Jeremy Brieve Off Campus


Bradley Brondyke Off Campus


Dmitri Brown Columbia Apts


Derek Broyhill Columbia Apt... Grand Rapids

Katherine Budris College East.... Libertyville, IL

Rebecca Byker Welmers Cttg


Jonathan Cain College East.. Des Plaines, IL

Victoria Carlson Hoffman Cttg

Wilmette, IL

Jessica Carollo Columbia

Rochester Hills

Candice Chavez Brumler

Glen Ellyn, IL

Asuka Chujo Welmers Cottage


Andrea Cleary Vandrezer Cttg .... Palatine, IL

Lindsay Close Kraker


Deanna Clouse Van Drezer Cttg


Carrie Cole Off Campus


Dyan Couch Brumler m






Rebecca Creagh Brumler


Kristi Creswell Brumler

Grand Rapids

Emily Cronkite Brumler


Kathleen Davenport College East

Gainsville, FL

Matthew Davis Kraker

Park Forest, IL

Meridith De Aviia College East


Charles DeBruler Cook


Lisa DeCamp Hoffman Cttg


Gavin Deming Hawkinson.... Hickory Corners

Dawn DeVries Reeberts

Elgin, IL

Seth DeVries Hawkinson

Fishers, IN

Amanda DeYoung Cook


James Doherty Westland


Wylie Douglass Cook

Libertyville, IL

Kristin Dowedite Livonia

Styker Cottage

Tiffany Drendal College East


Anna Eriks Cavanaugh


Julie Esch VerBeek Cottage... Ann Arbor

Elizabeth Farmer Off Campus


Dave Fischer Cook


Erin Forbes Brumler

Cincinnati, OH

Joshua Fosburg Kraker


David Foster Polk Cottage


Elizabeth Foster Off Campus

Battle Creek

Megumi Fukunaga Ross Cottage




Cassandra Gerst Kb/ten

Buffalo Grove, IL

Shannon Gervel Delphi Cottage . Naperville, IL

Laura Gibson College East


Carrie Goeb Vennema

Grand Rapids

Stephan Gombis College East.. Countryside, IL

Maxine Gray Cook


Jessica Gumbs College East.... Grand Rapids

David Gutierrez Cosmopolitan

Pella, IA

Joseph Gutowski Poll Cottage


Heather Hahn Cook

Valparaiso, IN

William Hamm Brownstone

Scotia, NY

Colette Harris Cook

Chicago, IL

Anna Helvie College East

Ann Arbor

Lynne Herwaldt Gilmore


Rebekah Hinkle VanDrezer Cottage Greenville

Cheuk-Ting Ho Kappa Delta Chi.. Hong Kong

Joy Hofmeyer Van Zyl Cottage .. Oelwein, I A

Micah Holden Reese Cottage


Sara Holleman College East


Maria Hoogendyk Ross Cottage


Garrett Hrlic Cook


Andrew Huisman Off Campus


Randi Ihrke Parkview


Nancy Jackson Brumler

Cedar Rapids, I A

Megan Jager Kollen




Elizabeth Jetter College East... Greenville, OH

Eric Jongekryg Columbia Apt

West Olive


Jill Kalajainen Williamston


Fatu Kamara Brownstone

Prospect Hgts, IL

Chad Kettner Off Campus

Grand Rapids

Kristin Klunder Berger Cottage


Aileen Koliboski Kleis


Michelle Konfara Hoffman Cttg Farmington Hills


Nathan Kooistra Brownstone .... Burnsville, MN

Christopher Koopmans Kraker


Mike Kopchick Columbia

Grand Flapids

Danielle Koski Reevert's Cottage .... Owosso

Matthew Koster Kraker


Sandra Kraima Cook


Donnie Krumrie College East

River Valley

Katie LaMonica College East

Palatine, IL

Julie Laskowski Mast Cottage North Liberty, IN

Kimberly Lauver Cook

Clifton Park, NY

Naomi Lawson Cook Hall


Sara Luneack College East


Brandon Maatman Centennial

Grand Rapids

Karina Machado Van Zyl Cottage .. Hudsonville

John Mackinnon College East


Molly Majestic Champion

Dover, OH

James Manojlovich Cosmo





Haley Martin Cook

Battle Creek

Cory Mc Call College East


Megan McDowell Van Zyl Cttg

Centralia, IL

Anneke Meeter Hoffman Cttg .... Brooklyn, NY

Allison Miller Zuverink Cottage


Rebecca Miller Off Campus

Toledo, OH

Tara Mistry Brownstone .. Schaumburg, IL

Stephen Moreau Kraker


Lindsay Morris Vorhees


Daniel Morrison Brownstone


Kyle Morrison College East


Patrick Murphy Cook


Ann Myers Taylor Cottage

Forest Hills

Audrey Nauta Off Campus

Grand Rapids

Todd Neckers Cosmo

Grand Rapids

Alicia Abood and friend enjoy some down time together. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Junior guys do their best impression of farmers for the Homecoming Hoedown in the fall. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)




Mark Nichols Centurian Cttg. Grand Rapids

Shelley Nieboer Cavartaugh Apt


Kelly Nitz Reeve rts


Brad Norden Off Campus


William Norden Dublin, OH


Laura Nordheim DeGraff Cttg. Mount Pleasant

Julie Ourard French House


Robert Ondra Cook

Schenechtady, NY

Ben Onken Brownstone

St. Joseph

Sheri Oppenhuizen Welmers Cttg .. Grand Rapids

Junna Otake Japan

Avison Cottage..

Jessica Patrick Midland


Valerie Patrick Lansing

Hoffman Cottage

Laura Pearson Plainwell

Off Campus

Rachel Peckenpaugh Delphi Cottage . Naperville, IL

Derek Phelan Howell

College East

James Poledink Detroit


Phillip Pratt Flint

Off Campus

Jennifer Price Battle Creek


Pamela Proos SIB Cottage



Kelly Rabe Bergen Cottage


Bethany Ransom Kleis Cottage


Susana Rodriguez Cook

Chesterton, IN

Matthew Rose Vennema Apt

St. Joseph

Jodi Ross Off Campus




Stephanie Ross Brownstone .. Mount Pleasant



Erin Rupert Welmers Cttg

Travers City

Mike Ryckman Brownstone


Lidia Sanders Off Campus


Michele Schaap Lansing, IL


Karen Schuen College East


Amie Senyk Cook


Melissa Sexton Voorhees


Jeff Seymour Gazelle Apt


J. Layne Shoaf Welmers Cottage


I Justin Shorb Off Campus


Cletus Short Poll Cottage

Evanston, IL

John Siehling Columbia Apts


Anne Slaughter Vennema



Michelle Smith Ver Beek Cttg... Olympia, \NA

Melissa Snyder College East.. Mishawalka, IN

Rachel Soulliere Off Campus


Timothy Speyer Visscher Cttg.... Byron Center

Stephanie Springer Diekema Cttg .. Bloom field Vil.

David Stefanich Cook

St. Joseph

Christopher Sterling Promethean Cttg


Matt Stolz Cook

Pleasant Lake

Laura Stufflebam Off Campus

Centralia, IL

Cara Tarantino Kleis Cottage

St Joseph

Sara Tatge Parkview.... Crawfordsville, IN



Tyler Thompson Cook

Reed City

Abby Timmer College East


Jaclyn Timmer Bergen Cottage


Leland Toering Off Campus


Lindsay Townsend College East

Lombard, IL

Liz Tyndell Delphi Cottage


Dan Vagle Cook


Nathan van Hofwegen Hawkinson Cttg ... Spencer, I A

Amy Vanderhyde Cook


Katherine VandeLind Off Campus

Grand Rapids

Amy Vander Molen Off Campus


Kayleen Vannette Kleiss Cottage


Ellen Vigants Parkview


Carrie Vivian Zuberink Cottage


Christiana Watkin Cook


Kia Weeldreyer Durfee


Tesha Wehrmeyer Kraker


Grace Whitmer Off Campus

Naperville, IL

Joanna Wiens Hoffman . International Falls, MN

Abigail Wierenga College East


Julie Wilcox Zuverik Cottage


Sarah Wilkinson Brumler


Holly Winstanley Cook


Lisa Woloszyn Cook

Oaklawn, IL

Brian Worrel Reese Cottage




L rt

Brenda Young Dorian Cottage


Amy Zwart Bergen Cttg

Grand Rapids

Nakisha Zwyghuicen Parkview


Christina Zylstra Zuverink Cottage.... Byron Center

Natalie Zylstra Delta Phi Ctg . Lake Worth, FL

Tiffany Zylstra Brumier

Batesville, AH

Junior '06 Pull Coach gives commands during the three hour traditional tug-of-war. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Junior Scott Robertson interviews for WTHS during Orientation weekend. (Photo courtesy of Student Development)






1^3 4

\^oy^ ^ew^oc-vo^

lM.eyf\ro4,^yvict^ Cola^lI CeyttiAv^icM 136 Vo\navi 13 f V Y-o/^ek^ztm 13*6 1 3 ^

(^avv^/v^cL- Vl^l


3/KC U1


^iV^Wlv^ 140

l/OTH^ 161

1B /lA/v^ey^^ovhaw 1A1

O^Jctdoov Ad\/evt

Vl^l 1A1^ Co3/v^(yvo\ctaw 1 A3

CIlA? 160

1^U Z-6*- C\^0-2y0t-

/\v~C&dlCvA. 1AA


^ > 1



C l ^ l r





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u o l / ] a \ ? c a ( ? -

l^) 1 ^ / •

l x c r v v ^ i w - a -

l ~ y





Co^v-^>3 1^5 Alyl^o^ Vl^l O/v^-e^o^ 1A ^ \!ol^tt^jzy s/lo^ If^A AAOI^OV 1fy3 Vl^i ^1^/^(7- 1A1 fJ\\ejf*tov\£^ I^PLo?oe> 151

f V(?4:eyvio4 1A

\^cA?ctc>*t A


HtAyv^omrt^ 1^0

1 3 2 Greeks & Groups


05~a/'y/W/^- Vtl

Fa no



Ov-levtioetlovi 7^^ '\^£>lcles^tlcA L-l^Zs

7 f 7"

/ / W i ^ - Lo-c.\ro33<Ls 7 7 u












'o ^0 43 aX.V£:

7 S' ^

^(?U~<zy~ ^ol^olctv3 7£M f^ov^tav ^boc^rd 1 Cl^A? 1 % b ^o-o^rejpi Vc^A-oe^ 1 &



P\rcH3<^ 7 ^ f

A/ {AV^elf? Cl^vl^tlOLVi h el\(AK)3l^ly 1 ^ 0






V o/v^^ 7



Greek Council meetings can get pretty heavy in debate. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

Kappa Chi's are intrigued by the discussion. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

The Kappa Beta Phi c o r n e r of Panhel. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

The Alpha Gama Phi's making a final decision for the big debate of the meeting. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

1 3 4 Panhellenic Council

The PanheUenic Council plays an important and active role on Hope's campus. We take part in fostering harmonious and efficient inter-sorority relationships while promoting a cooperative spirit between sororities and the college community. Our role is to be a liaison to the administration and a resource to our chapters in order to unite the strengths of both. We also govern and educate the chapters in order to strive for excellence in scholarship, service, and ideals. Furthermore the Panhellenic Council encourages individuality and chapter and community growth b y creating a n atmosphere of m u t u a l respect and open communication. This Panhellenic Council has taken part in several successful events over the course of the school year. Some examples include a v a r i e t y of service projects, sweater and jewelry sales, the allGreek pig roast and barbeque, the campus-wide masquerade ball and the all-Greek hockey g a m a In addition to these events the Panhellenic Council has participated in multiple leadership conferences to enhance Greek-life on campus. For instance, some members attended the Indiana Greek Leadership Conference while others attended the Mid-American Greek Council Association. Both of these events h a v e improved our leadership skills not only in the Greek community but also in all areas of lifa ,This past y e a r has been stimulating and exciting. We look forward to continuing and improving our role on campus and among all Greek organizations. The Panhellenic Council consists of members representing each sorority including'. Alpha Gamma Phi. Becky Wieferich, Emily Liang, Kemery Twining/ Delta Phi'. Emily Little Meghan Betka (Push Chair, Katie V a n D a m (Secretary)/ Kappa Beta Phi'. Elizabeth Headworth Emilie Preseau (President), Grace Whitmer, Emily Collenbrander Kappa Delta Chi'. Emily Scott, Melissa Blush Laurie McNamara (Treasurer)/" Sigma lota Beta'. A m y Ford (Vice-President), Pam Proos, Lindsay White/ Sigma Sigma. Melissa Wagar, Tami Bovenkerk Kendra Baron, Advisor. Amber Garrison.

The Interfraternity Council. Back row: Loren Kronemeyer, Ryan Brinks, Brendan Ryan, Adam Miller, Dan Winter, Chris Nuiver, Mike Nelsen, Mike Dunlap. Front row: Stephen Yarbrough, Matt Boes, Mike Polk Missing: Paul Rabaut, Geoff Bremer, Noah Weiss (Photo Courtesy of IPC)

The I n t e r f r a t e r n i t y Council is a group comprised of two representatives f r o m each of t h e six fraternities on c a m p u s a s well a s four additional m e m b e r s to fill t h e roles of t h e executive b o a r d Its goal is to govern a n d u n i t e t h e Greek c o m m u n i t y a n d specifically t h e Fraternities. IFC is hot o n l y a k e y link between t h e different c h a p t e r s b u t also between t h e Greek m e n a n d Hope's f a c i l i t y a n d staff, IFC also works in collaboration with t h e Greek Judicial Board to uphold policies a n d rules. A large portion of IFC's responsibilities come during t h e first p a r t of t h e spring semester w h e n t h e y m u s t p u t together t h e Men's R u s h a n d New Member Education programs. One of our biggest accomplishments this y e a r w a s t h e re-writing of our constitution d u r i n g t h e f a l l The creation of a mission s t a t e m e n t helped u s establish m a n y a c h i e v a b l e goals for u p coming y e a r s . IFC e n j o y e d v e r y productive f a l l retreats, a s well a s co-sponsored t h e H a l loween P a r t y a h d ' t h e ' All-Greek Barbeque along w i t h Panhellenic Council In t h e spring IFC will help r u n Holland's A n n u a l V o l u n teer Appreciation Dinner.

Paul Rabaut and Ryan Brinks thinking their last thoughts before the v o t e . ( P h o t o by Kelly Hargrove)

Brendan Ryan and Dan Winthrop add their o p i n i o n s to the meeting. (Photo by

Kelly Hargrove)

CjOUMCA Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council

awA L-ov^evx. K v~ey I n t e r f r a t e r n i t y Council 1 3 5

The Centurians having an open barbecue at their cottage. (Photo courtesy of the Centurians)

T h e members of A l p h a T h e t a Chi believe in brotherhood, service, a n d c h a r a c t e r . As Greeks t h e y participated in m a n y c a m p u s functions including t h e a n n u a l homecoming parade, in which t h e y shared a float w i t h their sister sorority. K a p p a Beta Phi. Along w i t h chilling out w i t h t h e brothers for barbeques or l a t e n i g h t f a s t food runs, t h e y also e n j o y s e r v i n g t h e surrounding c o m m u n i t y . R e c e n t l y t h e y helped raise a w a r e n e s s for t h e Multiple Sclorosis w a l k a n d a r e p l a n n i n g a c a n drive to help feed those less f o r t u n a t e t h a n ourselves. T h e C e n t u r i a n f r a t e r n i t y consists of a e x t r e m e l y diverse group of people, ^ h i c h is w h a t t h e y believe to be one of their biggest strengths a s a n organization. Members of t h e f r a t e r n i t y a r e involved all over c a m p u s f r o m S t u d e n t Congress to sports to N y k e r k a n d t h e P u l l Although t h e y m a y not be t h e biggest f r a t e r n i t y on campus, y o u can't r e a l l y go a n y w h e r e without seeing red black, a n d w h i t e

Matt Cooper and Biz H e a d w o r t h just chillin' before the parade. (Photo courtesy of the Centurians)

Centurian and Dorian homecoming court Katie Bauman and Nathan Moore. (Photo c o u r t e s y of the Centurians)



The Centurians and the Dorians get together for the homecoming day parade! (Photo courtesy of the Centurians)

1 3 6 Centurians

r* *-*•*•




Dorians crowd in a huddle of purple and yellow at Spring F l i n g in t h e P i n e g r o v e . ( P h o t o c o u r t e s y of t h e Dorians)

T h e K a p p a Beta Phi sorority, otherwise k n o w n a s t h e Dorians, pride themselves in thier c o m m i t m e n t to fellow sisters a s well a s others in t h e c o m m u n i t y . T h e y s t r i v e to be a diverse a n d strong group of w o m e n w h o a r e respected b y their c o m m u n i t y for t h e v a l u e s t h e y s t a n d for a n d d e m o n s t r a t e b y their actions^. As a s o r o r i t y this y e a r t h e y h a v e p a r ticipated in D a n c e M a r a t h o n , their a n n u a l c o m m i t m e n t to t h e AIDS walk, a n d rec e n t l y collected supplies for a local rescue mission along w i t h their brothers t h e Cents. T h e y , of course m a n a g e to m a k e t i m e for p l e n t y of d a t e nights, formals, sisterhood p i z z a n i g h t s a t Fricano's a n d t h e 1 c a n o e t r i p w i t h t h e i r brothers, ann amo; m a n y other activities. For a l m o s t a n y o r g a n i z a t i o n 6n c a m pus t h e Dorians a r e u s u a l l y a c t i v e p a r ticipants, including^ OAs, Nykerk, t h e Pull, Greek Life Gospel Choir, a t h l e t i c teams, a n d a m u l t i t u d e of others. T h e K a p p a Beta Phi s o r o r i t y is associated w i t h s i m p l i c i t y of m a n n e r , s t r e n g t h of purpose a n d b e a u t y of c h a r a c t e r , j u s t a s their m o t t o h a s set forth.

Sarah Kloster and

Kristin S c o f ie Id showing the Pi's some

dance moves (Photo


Kelly Hargrove)

The Dorians get together for sisterhood bonding and

laughs. (Photo


Kelly Hargrove)

Brothers and Sisters since 1992

Dorians 1 8 7

Daniel Berhanemeskel, Matt Boes, and Serge Badiane showing some brotherhood. (Photo Court e s y of t h e Prometheans)

Takaya Ueno, Walter Nelson, Chris Sterling, and alumnus Prakash Ojha h a n g i n g out on the front steps of the cottage. (Photo courtesy of the Prometheans)

D a n i e l Berhanemeskel eating some of the famous Alpha K a p p a Pi C u r r y Chicken in the cottage basement. (Photo courtesy of the Prometheans)

Utsab Khadka, Serge Badiane, and alumnus Leecox Omollo watching Da Ali G Show. (Photo courtesy of the Prometheans)

1 3 8 PromGtheans

.pha Kappa Pi, also known as the Promethean Fraternity, was founded in 1 9 9 6 as an alternative to other fraternities on campus. It was created with the ideals of academic excellence; openmindedness, and community and encourages its members to maintain a t least a 3.0 grade point average and be involved with discussions about political and social issues. According to fraternity president Matt Boes, "We encourage our members to grow mentally and socially b y giving them an avenue to learn about issues t h a t concern all people in a global sensa" The Prometheans are the most diverse fratern i t y on cam pus, with half of the members from countries other t h a n the United States, This fact provides the members with access to cultures different from their own, shown b y participation in Images, the a n n u a l International dinner, and even just hanging around the f r a t e r n i t y cottaga Members come from such countries as Nepal Senegal K e n y a J a pan, the Netherlands, Cyprus, J a m a i c a Ethiopia and m a n y mora The f r a t e r n i t y was more active socially this y e a r t h a n &/er befora The members feel t h a t the f r a t e r n i t y has gained a position of equality among the rest of the Greeks on campus, something the fraternity has been striving for since inception. Members were involved in the soccer team, various academic honors groups, the Interfratemity Council the Model United Nations, the Japanese club, the Republican and Democratic parties. Residential Lifa the J a z z Combo, Symphonette, and m a n y other activities around campus, helping to gain a higher profile forr the f r a t e r n i t y on campus t h a n ever befora The Prometheans look forward to a y e a r of new faces, and hope to gain even more visibility next y e a r as t h e y strive toward their ideals.

_ e f r e s h m a n class of 1 9 6 0 founded A l p h a G a m m a Phi because enrollment w a s increasing a n d sororities were becoming too large to t a k e on big n e w m e m b e r classes. T h e sense of sisterhood a n d friendship h a s been one of t h e ideals t h a t A l p h a G a m m a Phi h a s fostered from t h e beginning. T h e s o r o r i t y took their n a m e f r o m t h e Greek words, Anchor, Stability, a n d F a i t h a n d chose t h e colors Green a n d Gold There's sometliing about t h e Green Ones..." W i t h their outgoing n a t u r e these women a r e seen t h r o u g h o u t t h e c a m p u s a s h a v i n g somet h i n g different a b o u t them, something special. T h e y a r e a n o r g a n i z a t i o n t h a t is 4 5 y e a r s s t r o n g a n d growing stronger e v e r y year. sir tradition is echoed in t h e i r motto, Triendship, Anchor of our strength." This c a n be seen in activities t h a t A l p h a G a m m a Phi t a k e s p a r t i n ^ k k e Walk,..ibr v\^armth a n d D a n c e M a r a t h o n . T h e y also find t i m e to tie into p a s t friendships a t e v e n t s like Homecoming, w h e r e m a n y graduates, y o u n g a n d old r e t u r n to visit t h e sorority. A l p h a Phi c o n t i n u e s t o bond t h r o u g h f o r m a l s , d a t e nights, retreats, camping, hayrides, a n d girls night out. W i t h a l l of these special qualities t h e y h a v e built u p a r o u n d friendship a n d h a v i n g f u n together, these w o m e n h a v e crea t e d strong friendships w i t h i n t h e sorority.

Alpha G a m m a Phi's Homecoming float came in thrird place this year. (Photo courtesy of Alpha Gamma Phi)






Alpha Gamma Phi date night consisted of dinner at Hooters and a night of dancing. (Photo courtesy of Alpha Gamma Phi)

Greeks stand for something a little bit different

Alpha G a m m a Phi 1 3 9

Jenny Rinker, Mary Micelli, Heather Qualman, Jillian Pettijohn, and Jen Rohuff show their support for the Flying Dutchman! (Photo courtesy of the Sibs)

Michelle Mandel, Lauren Bransen, Jenny Rinker, and Kirsten Winfield on Spring Break. (Photo courtesy of the Sibs)

C a n ' t h e l p but smile at the Sibs fall B a r b e c u e ! (Photo courtesy of the Sibs)

Senior Sibs at the Christmas Party! Final Christmas with the sisters. (Photo courtesy of the Sibs)

1 4 0 Sigma Iota Beta Sorority

The 8 0 members of t h e Sibylline sorority h a v e found love in t h e u n i q u e close-knit bond of sisterhood Sigma I o t a Beta w a s founded in 1 9 1 9 a n d h a s remained t r u e to its ideals of "Friendship, Love a n d Loyalty." The women displayed their leadership in a wide v a r i e t y of c a m p u s a c t i v i t i e s t h i s y e a r including'. Pull, Cheerleading D a n c e -29, S/VC, Project T e a c h D a n c e M a r a t h o n , V a r s i t y sports, Gospel Choir, PomPons, a n d m u c h m o m The Sibs also reached out t h e c o m m u n i t y p a r t i c i p a t i n g in such activities as'. Alzheimer's walk. Race for t h e Cure W a l k for W a r m t h a n d other local service / rSL m , I ^ \ projects. This y e a r t h e Sibylline sorority a n d their brothers of t h e E m m e r s o n i a n f r a t e r n i t y sponsored a local f a m i l y in need d u r i n g Christmas. T h e Sibs also planed activities t h a t give t h e m a c h a n c e to strengthen their friendships w i t h each other a s well a s activities t h a t help build relat ionsl i ips witl i other Greek organizations. This y e a r some of their activities were", a n a n n u a l canoeing t r i p w i t h t h e Arcadian f r a t e r n i t y , Halloween t h e m e d a t e night, girls r e t r e a t in Pentwater, a n d t a k i n g some l u c k y m e n to their Spring formal. T h e memories a n d friendships m a d e will forever be embedded In t h e h e a r t s of each m e m ber long a f t e r their g r a d u a t i o n d a t e

Yard work time; the brothers try to help out in the area in anyway they can. (Photo courtesy of the Emersonians)

The Emersonian F r a t e r n i t y , also known a s Phi T a u Nu, is a local f r a t e r n i t y a t Hope College, It w a s founded in 1 9 1 9 a s a l i t e r a r y society a n d evolved in 1 9 2 9 to a social organization. I t h^L&served t h e c a i n p u s comm u n i t y a n d its m e m b e r s for over 7 5 years/ Tradition h a s a l w a y s been a v i t a l p a r t of a l l f r a t e r n a l organizations a n d E m e r s o n i a n is no exception. There a r e over 6 0 0 a l u m n i of Phi T a u Nu scattered t h r o u g h o u t t h e world inv o l v e d i n a l l t y p e s of professions, m a n y of w h o m r e t u r n t o t h e Emersonians e v e r y y e a r . T h e leadersnf this y e a t w e r e President'. A a r o n Johnson, Vice President* Brian Scott, Parliamentarian*. K e n Bart, Recording Secretary* P a u l Gleason, A l u m n i Secretary*. T r a v i s Ruch, Treasurer*. Eric M a c K e n z i a

Even if it is just chillin', the brothers always have a good time together! (Photo courtesy of the Emersonians)


B r o t h e r s are there for one another always! (Photo courtesy of the Emersonians)

( vo^ctltykA Love and loyalty can all be found right here!

EmGrsonian Fraternity 141

Lindsay Kennedy, Laura Nicols, Liz Tyndell, Rachel Peckenpaugh, and Kami King get together at VanAndei. (Photo courtesy of Delta Phi)

When the Delphis get together with their brothers at the Cosmo/Delphi Homecoming informal, there is bound to be lots of fun! (Photo courtesy of Delta Phi)

The Delphi cottage girls at the Biannual Canoe Trip down the Manistee River! (Photo courtesy of Delta Phi)

Get rush started right, the 80's way! All the Delphis that lived in th cottage got dressed up to give a skit during Rush 2003. Katie Boss, Shannon Gervel, Rachel Peckenpaugh, Katie VanDam, Jessica Kooistra, Bethany, Buzanis, Liz Tyndell, and Natalie Zylstra. (Photo courtesy of Delta Phi)

1 4 2 Delta Phi Sorority

The blue house on the hill is home to the Delta Phi sorority, founded in 1 9 1 0 and the second oldest sorority on campus. Along with 9 8 years of traditions has come strong friendships and unbreakable bonds of sisterhood These bonds are a part of all t h a t they do. The Delphis h a v e made themselves a permanent fixture on campus as a n active part of Dance Marathon and h a v e expanded their enthusiasm past the organization to become a part of m a n y campus groups. While an important part of the sorority is based in service, their efforts reach far beyond the campus community. This y e a r t h e y participated in outreach programs a t the Holland Civic Center, held canned food drives for the Holland Rescue Mission, collected clothing supplies for Women in Transition, and participated in the a n n u a l Walk for W a r m t h Outside of programs to benefit others, the Delphis designed events to cultivate friendships within the sorority and throughout the Greek Community. Planned events with other organizations and weekly business meetings make up the social norm for these women. The Ddphis h a v e two formals a y e a r in which t h e y get to spend some q u a l i t y time together and Co-Lib meetings with their brothers the Cosmos, where t h e y a r e able to continue traditions built long ago. Date Nights, Canoe Trips, and retreats h a v e made this y e a r exciting for Delta Phi. Along with excitement of sisterhood this y e a r was a sort of celebration for the ladies in n a v y . After not taking a new member class the y e a r before, t h e y were faced with a unique situation, and rose to the challenge of recruiting dedicated women who would c a r r y on the traditions of Delta Phi. Rush started in J a n u a r y and the Delphis were On the Road Again" and off on a Road Trip to recruit and get to know some outstanding women on campus. They were triumphant in their endeavors and were thrilled to welcome 2 5 new members into the sisterhood t h a t t h e y all hold so dear. Ending the y e a r as a success was a great accomplishment for friends but for these Delta Phi sisters it was inevitabla



Time away from Hope the wilderness always brings brothers closer. (Photo courtesy of the Cosmos)

The oldest group on c a m p u s is t h e Cosmopolitan f r a t e r n i t y . The Cosmopolit a n f r a t e r n i t y ^ w a s founded in 1 8 9 0 as a l i t e r a r y society. The Cosmopolitan's letters a r e Phi Kappa A l p h a Their colors a r e Lincoln Green a n d Pearl W h i t a W h e t h e r t h e y a r e hanging out in t h e Cosmo house p l a y ing Frisbee golf, or u p n o r t h on a ca-

Man you can see for miles! What a great place to hang with your brothers. (Photo courtesy of the Cosmos)


p, t h e y e n j o y spending t i m e with their brothers. T h e y pride t h e m selves on friendship, progress, a n d t r u t h . Their student leaders this past y e a r were Billy Norden - President, Nate VanHeest - Vice President, Pic Cnossen - T r e a s u r e r , a n d M a t t B u u r s m a - Secretary. The Cosmopolit a n f r a t e r n i t y looks forward to their

Greek Life Cosmo Leaders. (Photo courtesy of the Cosmos)

1 1 4 t h y e a r of brotherhood a t Hope Collega




Delphi and Cosmos together!

Cosmopolitian F r a t e r n i t y 1 4 3

Just chillin' with the brothers. (Photo courtesy of Arcadians)

Getting the g u y s in t h e boat on land can almost be more difficult t h a n in t h e water! (Photo c o u r t e s y of Arcadians)

Homecoming we come, if you can handle us! (Photo courtesy of Arcadians)

would do a n y t h i n g for this fraternity, a n d I know m y brothers would do the same. You can't find t h a t a n y w h e r e else. It's a b e a u t i f u l thing." T h e Arcadian F r a t e r n i t y started in 1 9 4 6 a f t e r W o r l d W a r II. T h e founders w a n t e d to hold t h e principles of t h e Tri Alpha, The Arcadian s letters a r e Chi, P h i Sigma which s t a n d for service, love a n d wisdom. Their tight-knit brotherhood of 2 1 members strives to uphold all of these virtues in all t h a t t h e y do. T h e y were involved in m a n y activities this past y e a r including" AAUW Book D r i v e Holland Rescue Mission food drive Parent Auction a n d Dance M a r a thon. T h e y also did m a n y f u n activities t h r o u g h o u t t h e y e a r w i t h other Greek organizations such a s IM football with the fciigmas a n d K-NU with the Sibs. According to Jeff Price, "Being a n Arkie h a s changed m y lifa The friendships I've m a d e will last a lifetima Being involved in this f r a t e r n i t y h a s shown me w h a t t h e brotherhood is all about.


Nothing says brotherhood like a friendly game of pool! (Photo courtesy of Mike Dunlap).

1 4 4 Arcadian F r a t e r n i t y


Kappa Chi fall retreat! (Photo courtesy of Kappa Delta Chi)

The K a p p a D e l t a Chi s o r o r i t y strives for pledging honor a n d giving friendship. T h e y a r e a diverse group of women w h o g i v e b a c k to t h e c o m m u n i t y b u t also like to kick b a c k a n d h a v e a good t i m a T h e y were f o u n d e d in 1 9 6 2 , a n d still s t r i v e /to follow t h e principles a n d s t a n d a r d s t h a t t h e inintial founders \ set forth. Friendship is t h e basis for t h e s o r o r i t y . T h e bonds b e t w e e n each m e m e b e r a r e ones t h a t will , n e v e r break. Memories of "flaming skibbies," Spring Breaks, "doing it for a dollar," initiations, candle lights, a n d so m a n y m o r e a r e w h a t t r u l y live on in e a c h K a p p a Chi's h e a r t .

Sisters enjoying the formal! (Photo courtesy of Kappa Delta Chi)



Dance the night a w a y with the girls at f o r m a l ! ! !

(Photo c o u r t s e y of Kappa Delta Chi)

L-OJlVla, \r


Focusing on love and friendship in their group. PU4/^P

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority 1 4 5

Dance Marathon participants and members of the Dream Team. (Photo courtesy of Sigma Sigma)

S i g m a run ners racing for a cure! (Photo c o u r t e s y of Sigma Sigma)

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with your sisters! (Photo courtesy of Sigma Sigma)

Can't help but dance the night away at the fomal in Chicago! (Photo courtesy of Sigma Sigma)

1 4 6 Sigma Sigma Sorority

The Sigma Sigma sorority is proud to be one of the strongest Greek organizations on campus. Origin a l l y founded as the Minerva Literary Society the sorority was started in 1905. A y e a r later, the name Sorosis Society was adopted and was later shortened to Sigma Sigma, Their formal colors are gold and red and informal colors are white and red Their motto, "Strength and Honor" is something they take v e r y seriously and t r y to live up to through each member, new and old The women of the Sigma Sigma sorority represent a well-rounded group when it comes to their educational decisions. Their interests v a r y from premed a n d prelaw related majors, to dance and other performing arts. They pride themselves on m a n y things, including contributions to m a n y extracurricular activities around campus. This y e a r the sorority earned the most money as a n organiz a t i o n for D a n c e M a r a t h o n , t o t a l i n g over $7,000.00/ this was one of the most memorable events for the sorority this y e a r . Along with the money raised t h e y also had five sisters on the Dream Team, the major planning committee for the event. Aside from Dance Marathon, t h e y also participated in Habitat for Humanity, Walk for W a r m tlx can'food drives. Race for the Cure and m a n y other community service events. Sigma Sigma can only hope for as positive a future a t Hope's campus asits past has been. They share great times and memories a t formals in Chicago and Grand Haven, date nights around the city, fund raisers, and of course the a n n u a l spring rush program. One attribute t h a t sets them apart from the other Greek organizations on campus is the immense level of diversity t h e y display as a group. During the past spring rush t h e y added 19 new women, increasing the total number of actives to 64, They hope to welcome more and more wonderful new women into the organization who can help to c a r r y on the ongoing traditions of excellence and exuberance.

They told us to dress up, they never said suits! (Photo coutesy of OKE)

T h e F r a t e r n a l s o c i e t y w a s established in 1 8 8 4 in Schenectady, New York a t Union College, Ten m e n w h o believed in t h e purs uit of friendship, love a n d t r u t h founded it a s a l i t e r a r y society. In 1 8 6 4 , F r a t e r a l u m n u s . Dr. Philip Phelps, J r . brought t h e F r a t e r n a l Society to Holland w h e r e it h a s been a n influential p a r t of t h e c a m p u s a n d c o m m u n i t y ever since. While t h e y a r e v e r y a c t i v e socially with Homecoming a n d W i n t e r formals, canoe trips a n d a n n u a l e v e n t s such a s Hogbash, t h e y a l w a y s keep in m i n d t h e i m p o r t a n c e of enriching themselves not o n l y t h r o u g h friendships, b u t also t h r o u g h a c t i v e i n v o l v e m e n t in t h e c o m m u n i t y . This y e a r t h e y p u t on a t w o - d a y T h a n k s g i v i n g f a i r for t h e CASA kids a n d often volunteered a s a group for H a b i t a t for H u m a n i t y . T h e y c o n t i n u e d t h e i r a n n u a l H o m e c o m i n g R a f f l e to benefit res e a r c h of P a r k i n s o n ' s disease in h o n o r of Frater a l u m n u s S t u P o s t .raising over a thous a n d dollars this y e a r . Also, t h e y were t h e top f u n d - r a i s e r a m o n g t h e f r a t e r n i t i e s for Dance M a r a t h o n b y raising over $ 2 , 2 0 0 . 0 0 . F r a t e r s s t r i v e to be leaders a r o u n d c a m p u s as t h e y a r e i n v o l v e d in such activities a s t h e Judicial Board a n d I n t e r f r a t e m i t y Council E x e c u t i v e Board a s well a s Hockey, Footb a l l Baseball a n d t h e PulL T h e y hold w e e k l y l i t e r a r y meetings to conduct business, s h a r e serious a n d h u m o r papers, a n d s t r e n g t h e n friendships.


Brothers hanging out at the formal. (Photo courtesy of OKE)

Nothing says brother and sister love better than through pizza! (Photo courtesy of OKE)

Sorosis and Fraternal Societies

F r a t e r n a l Society 1 4 7

Hanging out at a service project are Dyan Couch, Danielle Koski and Brian Murphy. (Photo courtesy of APO)

m M O



I Jannelle Dame carrying a bag of rice to the food pantry fo Women in Transition. (Photo courtesy of APO)

Annie Gonzalez, Regan Walton, Jenelle Dame, Kim R o c k w e l l , Lindsay David and Dyan Couch b a k i n g for an APO event. (Photo courtesy of APO)

The New members from Spring 2003 pledge class: Holly Winstanely, Laura Boerema, Martha Hunyadi, Jennifer Shuck, and Adam Hamilton. (Photo courtesy of APO)

1 4 8 Alpha Phi Omega

Since its establishment on c a m p u s in 1 9 5 9 , t h e members of A l p h a Phi O m e g a a coed n a tional service f r a t e r n i t y based on t h e principles of Boy Scouting, h a v e been diligently volunteering their t i m e a n d their h e a r t s to m a k e Hope College t h e Holland c o m m u n i t y , a n d ult i m a t e l y our nation, a better p l a c e T h e students w h o m a k e lOp t h e -Hope College chapter come f r o m all different backgrounds, a r e in v a r i o u s stages of their college careers, a n d h a v e a wide v a r i e t y of academic interests. The members a r e united b y their passion to s e r v e their desire to develop leadership skills, a n d their wish to h a v e fellowship a n d f u n with t h e people t h e y a r e working with! Some s e r v i c e p r o j e c t s t h a t Alph? Omega members h a v e participated j u s t this p a s t semester include, working w i t h Women In Transition, H a b i t a t for H u m a n i t y a n d The H u m a n e Society, sponsoring a dancer in Dance M a r a t h o n , b a k i n g a n d delivering cookies to n u r s i n g h o m e residents, p u t t i n g on a b a k e sale for Y o u n g Life hosting a science workshop for c o m m u n i t y Girl Scout troops, a n d m a n y more! T h e y a r e c u r r e n t l y in t h e process of bringing R e l a y for Life to Holland a n d a r e responsible for hosting a n d organizing t h e Red Cross Blood Drives t h a t h a v e been a p a r t of c a m p u s for so m a n y years.

The Phi Sigs go skiing for the weekend! (Photo courtesy of Phi Sigma Kappa)

S u n d a y , November 1 0 t h 2 0 0 3 , 2 1 m e n were officially accepted into t h e first N a t i o n a l F r a t e r n i t y on Hope's Campus'. Phi Sigma Kappa, Nationally, Phi S i g m a K a p p a w a s founded on M a r c h 15, 1 8 7 3 a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y of M a s s a chusetts, a n d now consists of 1 1 5 , 0 0 0 m e n coming from 9 0 C h a p t e r s a n d Colonies nationwide including f i v e C h a p t e r s in t h e s t a t e of M i c h r gan. The E x e c u t i v e board w a s headed b y Presitian Veil, w i t h B r a d l e y B r o n d y k e Vice President, A n d r e w Mercer a s Secretary, T i m o t h y S p e y e r a s Treasurer, C h a d Booker a s Inductor, a n d Mitchell Cumings a s Sentinel In addition to t h e E x e c u t i v e Board e v e r y m e m b e r of t h e f r a t e r n i t y is a p a r t of a t t e e w i t h specific duties a n d responsibilie Phi S i g m a K a p p a F r a t e r n i t y w a s able $ 1 4 0 0 jfor D a n c e M a r a t h o n . Four brothr Heerspink, Mike Peters, D a n Hansens, ers, a n d N a t h a n Barnet, danced in t h e e v e n t while more t h a n fifteen other brothers helped out w i t h security. S e v e r a l m e m b e r s of Phi S i g m a K a p p a h a v e also been involved in efforts to bring Rel a y for Life to Hope, a s well f u n d r a i s e r s to help Grace Episcopal C h u r c h T h e group h a s also been aiding t h e sound technicians set u p for Chapel services M o n d a y , W e d n e s d a y , a n d F r i d a y , a s well a s for t h e G a t h e r i n g on S u n d a y evenings. Also, d u r i n g t h e l a s t weekend in F e b r u a r y , t h e original 2 1 men, plus 1 7 n e w l y associated members m a d e t h e first a n n u a l brotherhood r e t r e a t to Cadillac, M l for a weekend of skiing a n d meetings. After a grueling meeting in which a constitution w a s developed t h e members adjourned to C a b e r f a e P e a k s to ski for t h e rest of t h e weekend.

The Phi Sigma Kappa national crest. (Photo courtesy of Phi Sigma Kappa)

F. E T I '

GrL/M*.: T

" •" 4i -  S*

Can't go wrong with road trips with the brothers! Everyone in! (Photo court e s y of Phi

Sigma Kappa)

The National fraternities at Hope College

Phi Sigma Kappa 1 4 9

Getting at the right angle. (Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity)

Hammering it down. (Photo c o u r t e s y of Habitat for Humanity)

\ P u t t i n g up t h e siding. (Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity)

Habitat for Humanity sponsored a Spring Break trip to Phenix City, Alabama. (Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity)

1 5 0 Habit for H u m a n i t y

On M a r c h 15th, 2 0 0 8 , t w e n t y - t h r e e Hope students took off for P h e n i x City, A l a b a m a , w h e r e t h e y would be spending their Spring Break, No, this w a s n ' t a Hope mission trip; this w a s a H a b i t a t for H u m a n i t y trip. D u r ing t h e week, t h e y worked alongside v o l u n teers from Russell County, A l a b a m a a s well a s students from t h r e e other schools to raise two n e w H a b i t a t houses from their f o u n d a tion to their shingles. W h e n t h e y were off t h e job, t h e y were v e r y h o s p i t a b l y received b y t h e local supporters of Habitat, from whom t h e y g r a t e f u l l y a t e lots of chicken a n d green beans. / \ However, t h e Hope H a b i t a t crew is more t h a n j u s t t h e 23-or^so students t h a t go on t h e week long spring b r e a k t r i p each y e a r . S t u d e n t s c a n be i n v o l v e d in a n u m b e r of w o r k d a y s t h r o u g h o u t t h e school y e a r , along w i t h e v e n t s such a s cardboard-box night in t h e Pine Grove a n d Habifest. All students a r e welcome, w h e t h e r t h e y a r e experienced in construction or h a v e n e v e r picked u p a h a m m e r . T h e Hope HabTtat crew works in affiliation w i t h Lakeshore H a b i t a t for H u m a n i t y , t h e local c h a p t e r of this worldwide v o l u n t e e r organization. H a b i t a t ' s mission is to e l i m i n a t e s u b s t a n d a r d housing b y providing affordable, decent l i v i n g conditions for families or individuals in f i n a n c i a l need! "A h a n d up, not a h a n d out." Doesn't t h a t sound like something w o r t h working for?

Jars of Clay: Steve Mason, Dan Haseltine, Matt Odmark, and Charlie Lowell, perform at an Opus and Veritas Forum reading. (Photo courtesy of Opus)

W h a t do hundreds of stories a n d poems, a few orders of Chinese takeout, a n d a popular Christian b a n d h a v e in common? Opus. T h e l i t e r a r y m a g a z i n e got to a slow start, w i t h t h e f a l l edition not a p p e a r i n g u n t i l e x a m week of first semester. "There were two editions e s s e n t i a l l y r u n n i n g a t once t h e f a l l edition a n d a special V e r i t a s F o r u m edition, which slowed t h e process," said j u n i o r Editorin-Chief Meridith De A v i k u I t w a s w o r t h it for De A v i l a w h e n she w a s a b l e to s h a r e t h e stage w i t h J a r s of C l a y w h e n t h e y m a d e a surprise a p p e a r a n c e d u r i n g a r e a d i n g for Veritas F o r u m in J a n u a r y . Otherwise it w a s business a s u s u a l . In addition to t h e first two, a t h i r d spring edition w a s published. "Each edition of Opus goes t h r o u g h stages. First there's t h e submission deadline w h e n 1 compile t h e a v e r a g e of 1 5 0 submissions. Then t h e staff reviews e a c h piece which t a k e s u s a solid d a y with o n l y a b r e a k for lunch. Then t h e accepted work is compiled a n d designed this is t h e h a r d e s t part, really, because of a l l of t h e details t h a t need a t t e n t i o n . Then it goes to press a n d w e wait!" described De Avilau The results of t h a t work a p p e a r m y s t e r i o u s l y l i t e r a r y surprises for students to find in residence h a l l lobbies a n d Phelps Dining H a l l tables.


Meridith De Avila, Editor-inChief of Opus, reads a poem at an opus reading. (Photo courtesy of Opus)

Steve Mason of J a r s of Clay plays guitar at the Opus/Veritas f o r u m reading. (Photo by M e r i d i t h De Avila)

f Habitat for Humanity and Opus

Opus 1 5 1

One job the staff accomplished in Missouri was designing the cover to this year's Milestone with the help of artist Jamie Chambers. (Photo by Anthony Perez)

rn f.



Milestone staffers enjoy a night of bowling while visiting the Walsworth Plant in Missouri.

Freshman Student Life editor Liz Shaw works on a deadline. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Sidra Tees, Cathy Martyn, Steve Van Dyk, Kristi Creswell and Kelly Hargrove check out a 3D yearbook cover. (Photo by Anthony Perez)

1 5 2 Greeks 8- Groups

This y e a r s Milestone staff consisted m o s t l y of n e w members while also boasting a few veteransi however, a l l worked h a r d to produce t h e book a n d took g r e a t pride in their work. T h e s t a f f w a s headed b y CcrEditors-lnChief sophomore Sidra Tees a n d senior Steve V a n D y k w h o m o t i v a t e d directed helped a n d encouraged the staff. T h e editorial staff consisted of senior Photo editors R y a n Graves a n d Nora Staal, j u n i o r Sports editor Kristi CresweU, f r e s h m e n Student Life editor Liz Shaw, Greeks a n d Groups editor Kelly H a r g r o v e People editor J i l l A a r d e m a , Academics editor C a t h y M a r t y n , Copy editor E m i l y Cornell a n d sophom o r e I n d e x editor Jessica Nelson. E a r l y in t h e y e a r some members of t h e staff took a t r i p to t h e W a l s w o r t h Publishing p l a n t in Brookfield Missouri. T h e y toured t h e p l a n t a n d got a first-hand glimpse of how books a r e printed a n d assembled T h e y also m e t with a r t i s t J a m i e Cha mbe r s w h o helped design t h e book's cover. W h i l e t h e r e t h e y also h a d f u n going bowling a n d h a n g i n g out w i t h Milestone Alumnus, a n d W a l s worth r e p r e s e n t a t i v e Ant h o n y Perez, Staff members h a d to b a l a n c e activities s u c h a s Resident A s s i s t a n t positions, sports, m u s i c groups, t h e a t r e , a n d i n v o l v e m e n t in other c a m p u s groups along w i t h t h e t i m e t h e y devoted to Milestone, The staff spent l a t e nights a n d long d a y s in t h e office finishing u p deadlines, b u t in t h e end e v e r y t h i n g c a m e together a n d w a s a l w a y s r e a d y on t i m a

Senior Editor-in-Chief Nick Denis talks to freshman Campus Beat editor Angela Dykhuis about her articles. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Some of t h e h a r d e s t working people on c a m p u s c a n be found w e e k l y in a b a c k office of DeW itt. T h e y a r e t h e Anchor Staff. E v e r y week t h e y brought u s t h e news of Hope Collega T h e y m a k e countless phone calls, conduct interviews, f i x computer problems, w r i t e edit, a n d l a y o u t pages for e v e r y issue of t h e paper. Editor^-OiiefJSlicfe-Denis r e l a t e d "Working on t h e Anchor took a lot of dedication. W e a l w a y s p u t out t h e best we h a d It w a s f r u s t r a t ing a t times, b u t t a u g h t m e a lot a b o u t responsibility." T h e staff h a d bi-weekly meetings, e v e r y S u n d a y a n d W e d n e s d a y n i g h t to organize a n d p l a n for t h e w e e k l y paper. T u e s d a y s were deadline nights/ t h e staff spent most of their T u e s d a y nights in t h e Anchor office f i x i n g stories, editing picturs, a n d working towards their f i n a l l a y o u t s . Denis a n d t h e rest of t h e staff u s u a l l y sacrificed a few h o u r s of sleep those nights to m a k e s u r e t h e paper w a s off to t h e Zeeland Record for p r i n t i n g before going h o m e a n d to bed W o r k i n g on t h e paper took h a r d w o r k long hours, a n d lots of dedication f r o m a l l i n v o l v e d It w a s n ' t e a s y p u t t i n g out a w e e k l y c a m p u s paper, b u t this y e a r ' s staff accomplished it, a n d we look f o r w a r d to t h e f u t u r e of t h e Anchor.

Senior Production editor Chad Sampson works on layout and graphics for the weekly edition of the Anchor. (Photo by Nora Staal)

Senior Editor-inChief Nick Denis consults a staff member on the phone while reading over his article. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

L Milestone and Anchor work hard to produce campus publications

MilestoriG / A n c h o r 1 5 3

Volunteer services helped students give children a good Christmas with Operation Christmas Child. (Photo courtesy of Volunteer Services)

Hope students filled Easter baskets provided by Volunteer Services for CASA kids. After seeing the kids' faces, it's all worth the work! (Photo courtesy of Volunteer Services)

Jenn, Susan,and Gina the student directors behind the service. (Photo courtesy of Volunteer Services)


Hope students spend the day with senior citizens on Make a Difference Day. (Photo courtesy of Volunteer Services)

1 5 4 Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services helped t h e Hope C o m r n u n i t y provide campviK v o l u n t e e r activities a n d m a t c h i n g individual students w i t h p e r m a n e n t v o l u n t e e r positions. T h e y a r e focused on getting students more interested in t h e comm u n i t y a n d fostering a more p e r m a n e n t c o m m i t m e n t to volunteerism. Their office is c o n t i n u a l l y growing a n d e x p a n d i n g to become a m o r e comprehensive volunteer p r o g r a m t h a t will be able to better serve t h e campus. This y e a r w a s highlighted b y s e v e r a l large volunteer activities. On October 2 6 t h t h e y participated in National M a k e a Difference D a y , w h i c h is sponsored b y USA W e e k e n d N i n e t y stadgnta voluriteered to spend t h e d a y a t seven iocal rest homes w h e r e t h e y met a n d interacted w i t h t h e residents p u m p k i n painting, cookie decor a t i n g b a k i n g b a n a n a b r e a d p l a y i n g games, ^ n d giving m a n i c u r e s . T h e d a y w a s a h u g e success for thd both t h e students a n d t h e residents a n d encouraged m a n y students to v o l u n t e e r a t rest homes on a regular basis. In November, Volunteer Services sponsored Operation Christm a s Child w h i c h is a d r i v e to collect shoeboxes flull of C h r i s t m a s presents for children in t h i r d world countries. T h e drive w a s publicized b y t h e Chaplain's office, a n d a c a m p u s goal w a s set for collecting f i v e h u n d r e d boxes. T h e c a m p u s m e t a n d exceeded this g o a l leading to t h e f u l f i l l m e n t of o v e r 5 0 0 children's C h r i s t m a s wishes. T h e spiing semester began w i t h t h e first ever bone m a r r o w d r r ^ e on Hope's c a m p u s . T h e drive allowed students to be placed on t h e National Bone M a r r o w Registry t h a t is used to s a v e t h e lives of t h o u s a n d s of people eve r y y e a r . T h e d r i v e v^as succesgful-gind placed over one h u n d r e d students on t h e registry. T h e semester continued w i t h students v o l u n t e e r i n g in rest homes a t V a l e n t i n e ' s D a y a n d t h e n w o r k i n g w i t h H a b i t a t in M a r c h to prepare for t h e spring building season. The y e a r concluded w i t h t h e a n n u a l E a s t e r Basket project for CASA students. This project allowed c a m p u s organiz a t i o n s to p u t together baskets for underprivileged children t h a t m a y n o t otherwise receive a n E a s t e r Basket. T h e c a m p u s donates a t least one h u n d r e d baskets e v e r y y e a r for this project.

Class Representatives. (Photo courtsey of Student Congress)

The p r i m a r y goal of Student Congress is to serve a s a mediator between t h e students a n d t h e administration. Those who serve on congress s t r i v e to provide t h e student body w i t h a f o r u m where their ideas a n d opinions c a n be ar t ic u l a t e d a n d expressed. St u d e n j b - O m g r ^ s - c o n s i s t ed of t h i r t y - f i v e representatives elected b y their peers. Cottages, residence halls a n d commuters a r e a l l represented in t h e voting body of congress. Members h a v e t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to serve a s student liasons w i t h f u l l v o t i n g privileges to c a m p u s boards a n d committees. Representatives also h a v e t h e opportunity to serve on t h e Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for distribu t i n g t h e student a c t i v i t y fee funds. This p a s t y e a r , Student Congress orchestrated a succesful T h a n k s g i v i n g Food Drive, p a r t i c i p a t e d in D a n c e M a r a t h o n , helped organize t h e J a r s of C l a y concert a n d brought a debate on t h e pertinent issue of media violence to campus, a m o n g other projects. Student Congress hopes to continue this record of service to t h e student b o d y in y e a r s to c o m a

Executive Board: J e r e m y Brieve, Comptroller; Brian Rimmke, President; and Andy Imdieke, Secretary. (Photo courtesy of Student Congress)

Student Congress members. (Photo c o u r t e s y of Student Congress)

The Hope Community and the Holland comuunity

Student Congress 1 5 5

F r i e n d s J a c k Lin and Jean Wu hang out after dinner in Phelps. (Photo c o u r t e s y of J e a n Wu)

i its s i x t h y e a r a s a n official club, Hope's A s i a n Prospective Association w a s involved in social a s well a s educat i o n a l a n d o u t r e a c h programs. Their mission w a s to aid in t h e estalishment of d i v e r s i t y on c a m p u s a n d to promote awareness of Asian-Americai i history, experiences, issues a n d perspectives. This y e a r , HAPA sponsored a n ice c r e a m social K a r y o k e night, a Korean Angela M a t u s ia k shows Travis Goldwire how to use chopsticks. (Photo by Jean Wu)

barbeque, Asian Awareness Week, a n d a trip to Chicago. T h e y also worked with other groups, including Hispanic Student O r g a n i z a t i o n / L a R a z d a Unida a n d Sigma L a m b d a G a m m a to pufe7 on a n I n t e r n a t i o n a l Food Fair in Phelps cafeteria HAPA w a s a s m a l l b u t v e r y closeknit group, who laughed, studied, stressed

HAPA sponsored an International F o o d Fair at Phelps. (Photo courtesy of Jean Wu)

a n d cried together. T h e y look forward to reaching out to more students in t h e f u t u r e , both w i t h a n d w i t h o u t Asian h e r i t a g a E v e r y o n e is welcome.

HAPA members shopping in the bookstore. (Photo courtesy of Jean Wu)

m 1 5 6 HAPA

The four founders: Susana Rodriguez, Tara Salo, Cassie Prusinski, and Jean Wu, at Paint a Pot. (Photo courtesy of Susana Rodriguez).

On April 9, 1 9 9 0 , S i g m a L a m b d a G a m m a N a t i o n a l Sorority Inc. w a s founded a t t h e Univ e r s i t y of Iowa, This s o r o r i t y w a s founded to provide social a n d a c a d e m i c s u p p o r t to L a t i n a s a n d w o m e n of a l l c u l t u r e s a n d b a c k grounds. Their principles a r e academics, comm u n i t y service, c u l t u r a l a w a r e n e s s , social i n t e r a c t i o n m o r a l s a n d ethics. S i g m a L a m b d a G a m m a is n o w t h e l a r g e s t L a t i n a - b a s e d m u l t i c u l t u r a l oriented s o r o r i t y in t h e n a t i o n . S i g m a L a m b d a G a m m a is not o n l y t h e first n a t i o n a l sorority, b u t also t h e first c u l t u r a l l y based Greek o r g a n i z a t i o n on Hope's c a m -



Lisa Ortiz,

Susana Rodriguez, and Lidia S a n d e r s at the International Food Fair. (Photo c o u r t e s y of


Sigma L a m b d a G a m m a Colony, Golores Isperanza/Colors of Hope is c u r r e n t l y wort \g on a c h i e v i n g c h a p t e r s t a t u s w i t h i n the n e x t two y e a r s . T h e y h a v e participated in D a n c e M a r a t h o n a n d I n t e r n a t i o n a l Food F a i r t h i s spring. T h e y h a d severed p r o g r a m s this spring including a Body I m a g e s e v e n in c o n j u n c t i o n w i t h t h e c o u n s e l i n g center) a s t u d y b r e a k for t h e residents in Cook HalU a n d a dinner with their brother f r a t e r n i t y Sigma L a m b d a Beta International Fratern i t y from Grand V a l l e y State University. Their goal is to p r o m o t e diverse c u l t u r e s b y s h a r i n g t h e m t h r o u g h f i v e principles. Motto'. " C u l t u r e is Pride, P r i d e is Success/ C u l t u r a es Orgullo, Orgullo es Exito."


Wu, Jean Lidia Sanders, and Susana Rodriguez at Dance Marathon. (Photo by Susana Rodriguez)

Vl\/ÂŁVÂŁ>es HAPA and Sigma Lambda Gamma foster learning and togetherness 13^



Sigma Lambda G a m m a 1 5 7

Angela Matusiak at the food fair. (Photo courtesy of LaRu)

Abbie Gonzales holding Keynote speaker Teresa Gilliams' baby at the GLCA conference (Photo courtesy of LaRu)

Carmen Hernandez at the food fair (Photo courtesy of LaRu)

This spring, the Hispanic Student Organization officially changed their name to "La Raza Unida". The new acronym is LaRu. It translates to "People United," T h e y wanted to change their n a m e m a i n l y because it's not just for Hispanic/Latino students. It's open to a n y o n e on campus who is interested in embracing the Latino culture on Hope's campus and in the Holland community. They are here to support and promote the multicultural needs on campus pnd-profnote-diversity This y e a r t h e y sponsored several campus-wide events in conjunction with Multicultural Life! The Hispanic Food Festival in Phelps and Cook with band "Los Banditos," the Cesar Chavez Address with Keynote speaker Senator Vaide Garcia "Cesar Died Today" a Baile (Dance) in the Kletz, and "A Slice of Rice Fnjoles and Greens" in the Knickerbocker which was a humorous and emotional mix of stories t h a t gave insight to the Asian American, Afican American, Latino, and Deaf American experience using theater, music and dance. The highlight of the y e a r was being able to host the GLCA. Black and Latino Conference on Hope's campus this year. Seven of the twelve GLCA schools were present a t the Conference. There were two amazing keynOteepea,kers; m a n y sessions discussing issues raging from stress, religion, culture and m a n y others. The group this y e a r was small but close. They had several group activities including bowling night and several dinners both out to restaurants and potluck. They are hoping to get their organization known more on campus. They h a v e a lot of plans for the future. Their goal is to lean more about others, their culture and themselves and h a v e fun doing it, "Por Mi Raza Habla El Espintu,"

Jesse Snyder, Rosa Morales, and Susana Rodriguez at the Homecoming Parade. (Photo courtesy of LaRu)



1 5 8 La R a z a U n i d a

BSD after their first place win in the homecoming parade with the "Harlem Renaissance float." (Photo courtesy of BSU)

. Student Union is a n organization of a b o u t 3 0 m e m b e r s a n d m e m b e r s h i p is s t e a d i l y Increasing. Their 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 8 e x e c u t i v e board was'. President - M a x i n e G r a y , Vice President K r i s t i n a Kyles, S e c r e t a r y - A i y a n n a Byrd, T r e a s u r e r - Colette Harris, Public Relations A n t h o n y Gawron, N e w s l e t t e r C h a i r - Kelli MurreLL a n d Social Activities Chair - S a m a r a Webb. BSU h a s a desire to educate students on their group's i m p o r t a n t a n d v a l u a b l e mission a n d m a k e a positive i m p a c t on c a m p u s . T h e y increase a w a r e n e s s on c a m p u s t h r o u g h e v e n t s regarding their own issues a s well a s those on c a m pUS

*One / ofr their a n n u a l e v e n t s is t h e "Mixer," \

which w a s held d u r i n g t h e Great Lakes College Association conference t h i s school y e a r . T h e 1 2 t h A n n u a l GLCA Black a n d Latino confera n educational a n d uplifting event ence Hope h a d t h e pleasure of hosting F r i d a y Nov e m b e r 1 s i t h r o u g h t h e 2 n A GLCA Schools inv o l v e d p a r t i c i p a t e d in w o r k s h o p s a n d round table discussions. O v e r 7 b students p a r ticipated in order to m a k e it a success. For t h e first t i m e BSU also participated in t h e N a t i o n a l Black S t u d e n t Union Conference in L a k e G e n e v a Wisconsin. President a n d Vice President were in a t t e n d a n c e a t t h e incredible conference. Kristina Kyles s t a t e d It w a s inspiring to see t h a t w e were not alone in our struggles w i t h BSU, a n d t h e r e were others t h a t h a d gone t h r o u g h similar situations a n d offered testimonies a s proof t h a t our work is not in vain." This is t h e t y p e of a t t i t u d e t h e Black S t u d e n t Union pursued success w i t h this y e a r a n d continues to in t h e future!

Tonzia Bour, Emily Cronkite,

Courtney Brewster, Glinda Rawls, and Samara Webb. (Photo courtesy of BSU)

Maxine Gray,

Jennifer Young, Kristina Kyles, and Aiyanna Byrd at t h e Nat i o n a l Black

Student Union Conf e re n c e . (Photo courtesy of BSU)

HSO/LaRu and BSU

Black Student Union 1 5 9

'"Life can only be u n d e r s t o o d backwards, but it must be lived forwards." Kerkgaard.' A quote found on the wood the Outdoor Adventures Club is chillin' on. (Photo courtesy of OAC)

4-, s'f



Climbing the dunes is really fun, but can make you tired very

quickly. (Photo courtesy of OAC)

Can't help but sit back and enjoy the sunset! (Photo courtesy of OAC)

•J* •**.

Where is the fun in leaves if you can't get in them? (Photo courtesy of OAC)

1 6 0 Outdoor A d v e n t u r e Club

T h e Outdoor A d v e n t u r e s Club h a d a n excellent third y e a r , OAC w a s v e r y a c t i v e leading a n e v e n t n e a r l y e v e r y week. All of t h e club trips a r e open to a n y Hope student a n d a r e a g r e a t w a y to explore some b e a u t i f u l p a r t s of Michigan, meet n e w friends, a n d e n j o y signific a n t discounts for m a n y of t h e activities. Fall b r e a k s a w OAC t a k i n g seven students, one m a t h professor, a n d one b r a v e Welsh Corgie u p to L a k e Superior Provincial P a r k in Ontario for three d a y s of backpacking. While t h e r e t h e group s a w multiple bears, o s p r e y A g a w a Falls, beautiful coastline a n d t h e m i g h t y Sand River. Other trips in t h e f a l l included rock climbing a t G r a n d Ledge canoeing t h e Pere M a r q u e t t e River, b a c k p a c k i n g in t h e M a n i s t e e National Forest, hiking S a u g a t u c k Dunes, a n d bicycling a l l over west Michigan, W i n t e r trips included cross-country skiing a t Pigeon Creek, d o w n h i l l s k i i n g a n d snowboarding a t Bittersweet, a n d rock climtr i n g a t Inside Moves, S p r i n g trips included m o u n t a i n biking Cannonsburg, c a m p i n g a t Sleeping Bear Dunes, a n d a n o t h e r paddling trip on t h e Pere M a r q u e t t a All students a r e encouraged to sign u p for a n y t r i p a n d c a n be notified of u p c o m i n g e v e n t s b y b e i n g o n t h e e m a i l l i s t oi oac® hopaedu.

Getting ready to go on the air. (Photo by Brad Brondyke)

For 8 9 .9 WTHS, it w a s a record y e a r . W i t h a record n u m b e r of D J s topping a t 6 3 for first semester, t h e station m a i n t a i n e d a n a v e r a g e of 6 0 D J s t h r o u g h o u t t h e y e a r . Radio shows ranged f r o m c o u n t r y , h i p h o p Christian rock, classical to a t o t a l request f o r m a t a s D J s experimented w i t h different f o r m a t s a s t h e y practiced t h e a r t of livB-^roadeasting. One D J took his show a step f a r t h e r . F r e s h m a n J a s o n B u m s organized a live broadcast w i t h g u b e r n a t o r i a l c a n d i d a t e Dick P o s t h u m o u s d u r i n g a r a l l y in t h e Kletz. "Jason c a m e to t h e e x e c u t i v e staff for permission a f t e r h e h a d a l r e a d y contacted Posthumous' public relations staff a n d h a d even begun to c o n t a c t other candidates. T h e d a y of t h e interview, a l l of t h e candidates stopped b y to get a n i n t e r v i e w in!" said j u n i o r Meridith De Avila, P r o g r a m Director for first semester. T h e biggest challenge for t h e radio statiph staff occurred a t t h e semester's c h a n g a First semester General M a n a g e f P e b e k a h Oe^ema ( 0 4 ) left for New York a n d De A v i l a stepped in a s M a n a g e r . D u r i n g t h a t switch things got a little bit c r a z y . P e b e k a h organized a B attle of t h e Bands competition a n d u n f o r t u n a t e l y , I w a s n ' t able to see it t h r o u g h . There were a few c o n t a c t n u m b e r s lost in t h e e x c h a n g e a n d a f t e r t a l k i n g to Eric Alberg a b o u t s e t t i n g e v e r y t h i n g u p a t t h e Knickerbocker, w e felt t h a t w e wouldn t be able to present t h e show t h a t P e b e k a h a n d t h e bands would h a v e desired"

9 M e F u k u n a g a and Lindsay Pollard t e a m i n g up on



their radio show, brondyke)


Adam Heyns, Underwriting Director, reviews the query letters to send to local businesses. (Photo by Brad Brondyke)

Do what inspires you!


S a r a Burns cuddles up, ready to share food and fun. (Photo courtesy of SAC)

SAC goes Krispy Kreme style. (Photo c o u r t e s y of SAC)

1 6 2 Greeks & Groups

In t h e fall of 2 0 0 2 , The Social Activities Committee (SAC) was honored b y t h e Mid-American Rerfion of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) for continuing "Excellence in Programming," t h e highest honor bestowed upon a school in a seven s t a t e region. Criteria for t h e a w a r d included effective use of resources, promotion of t h e program to students, s t u d e n t i n v o l v e m e n t in planning a n d implementation, clari t y a n d achievement of t h e program's goals, a n d effective program e v a l u a tion. 1 T h i s y e a r , SAC m e m b e r s h i p reached a n all-time high with twenty-one chaired positions a n d ten additional subcommittee members. Leading t h e committee were seniors S a r a Barber anxi returniilg director M a r y Chambers, who, with t h e entire committee, organized, planned, a n d implemented a n a v e r a g e of three social programs a week. The social calendar began with a m e n t a l i s t a t t h e c o n c l u s i o n of Orientation's "Week 0' Hope," Other activities during t h e fall semester included t h e Labor D a y Picnic, Drivei n Movie, t h e All Campus S q u a r e Dance, a t r i p to Six Flags Great America, a Halloween p a r t y , comedians, a n d coffee house performers. Homecoming weekend, "Hope.. Timeless Through the Decades," began with the a n n u m Homecoming Hoe-down a t Tuesink's F a r m a n d was followed b y

SAC President Mary Chambers mows it up. (Photo courtesy of SAC)

the Homecoming p a r a d e a n d Homer coming Ball where students danced the night a w a y to a live swing b a n d Other fall events included'. AlFCollege Sing, a Chicago h o l i d a y shopping trip, the Llh ristm as Movie E x t r a v a g a n z a a n d All Campus F u n Night, where one l u c k y s t u d e n t won a f r e e t r i p to Disney World! The spring semester w a s j u s t as packed w i t h e n t e r t a i n m e n t . The h i g h l y anticipated J a r s of C l a y concert kicked off 2 0 0 3 , which w a s cosponsored b y SAC a n d Student Congress. The remainder of t h e semester included activities such a s Siblings' Weekend, F a n t a s i a a t t h e Am w a y Grand Hotel, Air J a m , a baseball trip to Detroit, a n d Spring Fling. Some of t h e weekly activities a t tended b y students were t h e Wednesd a y night Coffee Houses a n d t h e weekend film series. All in all, t h e social calendar a t Hope is packed e v e r y y e a r a n d t h e Social Activities Committee will continue to bring y o u fun, innovative, p r o g r a m m i n g w i t h a n emphasis of bringing t h e c a m p u s together for good clean f u n .

SAC gets together for a group dinner in Nashville. (Photo courtesy of SAC)

Students planning social events on campus

Student A c t i v i t y Committee 1 6 8

For Halloween, the kids got to c a r v e pumpkins! Some liked the gooey insides better than others! (Photo courtesy of CASA)


Nina Healy helps her CASA student make a pine cone turkey for Thanksgiving, an activity set up and run by the fraternities on campus. (Photo courtesy of CASA)

Liz Gibson helps her C A S A stud e n t w i t h her


(Photo courtesy of CASA)

The Mayor of Holland came and read us a story from one of the books that he gave to all the children. He also took the time to answer questions and even sign the books for all the kids! (Photo courtesy of CASA)

1 6 4 Greeks a n d Groups

Children's After School Achievement is a program t h a t gives at-risk children more attention b y pairing them u p with a Hope College volunteer to tutor them. Most of t h e students a r e picked u p a f t e r school a t their school b y students driving college vans, others h a v e their parents drop t h e m off. The afternoon is broken into 3 parts', homework, reading, a n d enrichment. The tutors work oneon-one w i t h t h e i r s t u d e n t s on their homework a n d read with them, a n d then either p l a y a g a m e p l a y on t h e computers or do on of t h e e x t r a activities planned for t h e d a y . All CASA kids a r e so s m a r t , it is a m a z i n g to w a t c h their progress while working with a tutor. All t h e tutors t a k e a lot of pride in their kids. The kids will bring in tests t h a t t h e y did well on.

Kerplunk!!! On the last day of CASA all the kids and tutors are treated to dinner at the Kletz, and it is one last day for fun with your tutor! (Photo courtesy of CASA.)

a n d even a college student who sees t h e m twice a week can't help b u t being e x t r a proud of them. Being a CASA t u t o r is v e r y rewarding/ e v e r y o n e there is a volunteer a n d is giving three or more hours of their week to a child a n d t h e kids r e a l l y respond to it. The t u t o r s r e a l l y connect w i t h their students/ a f t e r t h e initial s h y n e s s passes, t h e kids r e a l l y open u p a n d aren't a f r a i d to t a l k to t h e college students. Some CASA tutors a n d students s t a y together for y e a r s , a n d u n f o r t u n a t e l y some t u tors can't fit it in their schedules to do it e v e r y semester. But even one semester m a k e s such a big i m p a c t in t h e lives of y o u n g students on both sides of t h e table.

For Valentine's Day, CASA tutors helped their students make homemade Valentines for their close friends and family. They were beautiful! (Photo courtesy of CASA)

CASA tutors and s t u d e n t s become good

friends throughout the

semester. (Photo courtesy of CASA)

CASA tutors helping kids

CASA 1 6 5

Dick P o s t h u m u s , R e p u b l i c a n canidate for Governor with Amy Zwart. (Photo courtesy of Hope Republicans)

4 Republican f l o a t for t h e Homecoming

' m TOD

parade. (Photo courtesy of Hope Republicans).

Hope Republicans brought speakers to campus, attended election parties in Lansing, promoted v o t e r registration, a n d m e t biweekly to discuss c u r r e n t politics. T h e y sponsored a n a n a l y t i c a l u p d a t e t h i s s p r i n g on t h e w a r in I r a q a n d brought Senator W a y n e Kuipers, Congressman Pete Hoekstra, Justice Robert Y o u n g S e c r e t a r y of S t a t e Terri L y n n Land, L i e u t e n a n t Governor Dick P o s t u m u s a n d R e p r e s e n t a t i v e Bill H u i z e n g a to c a m p u s this y e a r . There were a b o u t 7 5 members in Hope Republicans. T h e y believe, "The proper function of g o v e r n m e n t is to do for t h e people those things t h a t h a v e to be done b u t c a n n o t be done a s well b y individuals, a n d t h a t t h e most effective government is government closest to the people" (The Republican Creed) Some of t h e most enjoyable moments of t h e y e a r were a t t e n d i n g t h e Lincoln D a y Dinners in Kent a n d O t t a w a Counties. T h e y were a b l e to h e a r K a r l Rove, Bush's strategist a n d advisor, a n d J a c k Oliver speak a t these dinners. T h e y also heard A l a n Keyes, t h e former Ambassador to t h e UN, speak a t Grand V a l l e y S t a t e University. X

Hope Republicans for P o s t h u m u s for governor. (Photo courtesy of Hope Republicans)

Hope Republicans: (from left) Becky Knooihuizen, Amy Zwart, Keri Apostle, Kerry VanLaan, Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, Brittany Gasper, Jeremy Brieve, Josh Wiersma, and John Kran at the Kent County Lincoln Day Dinner April, 2003. (Photo courtesy of Hope Republicans)

1 6 6 Hope Republicans


Poster made at the Candle-light vigil once the war started. (Photo by Ryan Graves)

The Hope Democrats s t a n d for democratic v a l ues t h a t a r e in line w i t h t h e n a t i o n a l p a r t y . T h e y a t t e m p t to get out t h e v o t e because t h e y feel t h a t v o t i n g is a civic responsibility. D u r ing their meetings t h e y h a d visitors such a s t h e League for W o m e n Voters,, a n o n - p a r t i s a n group t h a t wishes o n l y to get out t h e vote. T h e y were v e r y - m v o l v e d in two campaigns, the Granholm governorship a n d Shrauger's c a m paign for Congress. As helpers, t h e y a l o n g w i t h t h e c a m p a i g n m a n a g e m e n t class, w e n t door to door to get out t h e v o t e posted signs for t h e c a n didates, w e n t to raUys—including one in Detroit for Jennifer G r a n h o l m in which Bill Clinton w a s t h e k e y n o t e speaker. ""Seeing Bill Clinton speak w a s v e r y exciting. H e is a p r o v a c t i v e speaker w h o l e f t m e inspired," s a i d E l i s a b e t h v a n H o u w e l i n g e n . T h e y a l s o helped set u p Granholm's visit to Holland over Homecoming weekend. T h e y find it v e r y i m p o r t a n t candidates to come to W e s t Michigan. There were a p p r o x i m a t e l y 7 0 people invloved in Hope Democrats on c a m p u s . First semester w a s filled w i t h c a m p a i g n duties w h e r e a s second semster t h e y concentrated more on t h e w a r issua T h e y w e n t to s e v e r a l peace rallies in conjunction with A m n e s t y I n t e r n a t i o n a l T h e y held our own peace vigil a f t e r t h e w a r started. Also, e v e r y F r i d a y for t h e last m o n t h or so t h e y h a d a peace d e m o n s t r a t i o n between 1 0 . 8 0 a n d 11 pm.

Hope Democrats march in the homec o m i n g parade ( P h o t o c o u r t e s y of the Hope Democrats)

Some Hope Democrats taking a break during the p i z z a party with Judge Ed Post. (Photo courtesy of Hope Democrats)

V dctice> (M The power of voting...

13v| Kelly Hope DGmocrats 167

The '05 pull team embraces at the announcement of their victory. (Photo by Steve Van Dyk)

Anchor Jared Gall and moraler Becky Knooihuizen anticipate the announcement of the winners. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

'05 Puller, Ben Sanders, gives his all with the support of his moraler, Katie Fields. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

'05 Pull Team: Josh VanDop, Cynthia Blaszak, Landon Lapham, Angela DiFuccia, Ross Coleman, Erica Miedema, John Hecksel, Hannah Allen, Russ French, Jessica Mumford, Matt Baer, Lindsay White, Jon Fosburg, Lisa Hoogerwerf, Adam Rodriguez, Jen Rottluff, Andrew Stoepker, Katie Caulfield, Chris Lam, Kelly Vance, Brian Mulder, Abbi Halfman, Rob Scott, Molly Hamel, Taylor DeRoo, Laura Ellis, Ben Sanders, Katie Fields, Kyle Gier, Krista Hughes, David Boersma, Kat Weller, Aaron Beeson, Quinn Ellsworth, Jared Gall, Becky Knooihuizen. (PR Photo)

1 6 8 Greeks a n d Groups

Pull', h o w c a n this simple word h a v e such a n i m p a c t on so m a n y ? To t h e people w h o do p a r ticipate it is more t h a n a n event! it is their life for t h e weeks of t r a i n i n g leading u p to t h e big d a y , Pull D a y . 1 0 5 y e a r s ago a tradition w a s bom. There is no e x p l a n a t i o n behind w h a t m a k e s Pull w h a t it is, a s Andrew Stoepker, two y e a r ' 0 5 puller, p u t it, "When t h e t e a m becomes one a n d t h e walls t h a t were once u n c o n q u e r a b l e h a v e been demolished y o u k n o w t h e m e a n i n g of The PulL" This tradition links 1 0 5 y e a r s of odd y e a r pullers a n d m o r a l e r s together t h r o u g h sweat, tears, blood dedication, a n d h e a r t a s t h e y r e a c h for t h e win on Pull d a y a n d for those t h r e e powerful words-"Reel it in". Through three weeks of fierce training, odd y e a r strives tcr w a r d t h e u l t i m a t e goal of becoming one fire one h e a r t , one f a m i l y . This y e a r odd y e a r accomplished t h e g o a l As sophomores, t h e class of 2 0 0 5 brought a fire to Pull d a y t h a t h a d been building for a n entire y e a r a f t e r suffering a loss a t t h e h a n d s of 0 4 in 2 0 0 1 . Jessica M u m f o r d two y e a r 0 5 moraler, conveyed this fire saying, "I would definitely s a y t h a t I felt more r e a d y this y e a r . . . this y e a r we were t h e t e a m t h a t h a d w a t c h e d t h e rope go to t h e other side of t h e r i v e n w e were t h e t e a m w h o t r u l y u n d e r s t o o d w h a t t h e y m e a n t b y n o w or never... I didn't wonder which w a y t h e rope

After three hours of pulling, the Black River feels so good! (Photo by Steve Van Dyk)

w a s going to go on Pull d a y , I k n e w t h a t it w a s our t i m e to reel it in." Last y e a r a s f r e s h m e n we k n e w v e r y little a b o u t w h y our coaches felt so strongly about odd y e a r traditions a n d odd y e a r pride Sophomore y e a r is w h e n e v e r y t h i n g c a m e together a n d t h e a t m o s p h e r e w a s e n t i r e l y changed The pain of loss h a d been soaking m for a y e a r a n d w a s r e a d y to be released J o s h VanDop, two y e a r 0 5 puller a n d f u t u r e odd y e a r c o a c h explained t h e importance of experience w h e n h e said T h e first y e a r we took leaps a n d bounds finding out w h a t Pull w a s a l l about/ sophomore y e a r w e took e v e n bigger leaps a n d bounds in m a t u r i n g a s a t e a m a n d accomplishing t h e g o a l E v e r y d a y w a s a l e a r n i n g experience in which I learned more a b o u t odd y e a r t r a d i t i o n s - b u t m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y sacrifice, friendship, leadership a n d cooperation," T h e simple fa5t~4hat Pull-is a "tradition" isn't t h e o n l y t h i n g t h a t keeps people coming out to be pullers a n d moralers, it is t h e deep sense of f a m i l y a n d togetherness Pull brings to a l l who participate. Pull s t a y s w i t h t h e p a r t i c i p a n t s long a f t e r t h e a d r e n a l i n e of Pull d a y is over. It is something t h a t b u r n s inside of pullers a n d moralers forever. I n t h e words of V a n Dop, T h e b e a u t i f u l t h i n g a b o u t Pull is t h a t e v e n t h o u g h t h e e v e n t is over a n d t h e goal is accomplished t h e pride a n d sense of t e a m a n d f a m i l y still r e m a i n s a n d will continue to r e m a i n .

Josh VanDop and Cynthia Blaszak team together to keep the '05 fight going. (Photo by Sidra Tees)


'05 Moraler Katie Caulfield keeps her puller, Andrew Stoepker going during a hard pull. (Photo by Sidra Tees.)

(A, Loâ‚Źft '05 Pull rejoices as they conquer even-year

f'A/ C^tKc^ %{aâ‚Ź>2'ok~ ' 0 5 Pull 1 6 9



"Pull huh, what is it good for? Straight up rippin' rope, say it again!"

In one brief moment, Sean Thurmer shares a joyous moment with his moraler, Katherine Skaff. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

'06 Pull Team, Fearless and determined to never quit!

Elizabeth Huizenga gives her puller, Brian Hammer his calls and supports his continual determination.

1 7 0 Greeks a n d Groups

On S e p t e m b e r 2 8 , swells of emotion surged t h r o u g h f o r t y pullers, f o r t y moralers, a n a nineteen coaches of t h e even y e a r , odd y e a r r a n k s of t h e 0 5 a n d ' 0 6 Pull Teams, Three weeks of intense preparation culminated in t h r e e e x h a u s t i v e h o u r s welded to a m a s sive h e m p cable stretched between t h e b a n k s of t h e Black River. T h e r e according to custom a n d tradition, t h e b a t t l e of e n d u r a n c e w a s to yield one victor a n d m a n y memories. As both t e a m s a r r i v e d a t t h e site on t h a t b e a u t i f u l a u t u m n S a t u r d a y afternoon, t h e focus a n d m e n t a l readiness w a s evident. E a c h side w a s r e a d y to w a g e their u l t i m a t e battle— a b a t t l e over m u c h more t h a n a length of ropa Evidenced b y t h e crowd in a t t e n d a n c e t h i s e n c o u n t e r w a s c l e a r l y one t h a t t r a n scended t h e sense of pride between 0 5 a n d 0 6 . Present to cheer were a l u m n i from decades a n d generations preceding. Some reminisced q u i e t l y between themselves, while others, clad in faded t-shirts proclaimed their own pull efforts y e a r s prior a n d stationed themselves n e x t to their" pit, e n c o u r a g i n g t h e i r p r e s e n t - d a y counterparts. "It w a s so m u c h more t h a n t h r e e hours on t h e ropa B a r e l y being able to m o v e a f t e r t h e first practice arid some how looking forw a r d to t h e n e x t practice a n d not knowing w h y , it becomes a p a r t of y o u The intense pride, t h e f a m i l y y o u gain, a n d t h e memories m a k e it all w o r t h it. Not to mention t h e feeling y o u get knowing t h a t t h e puller from y o u r pit 6 0 y e a r s earlier is proud of y o u no m a t t e r win or lose a n d y o u don't e v e n k n o w him. It is bitftfer t h a n a n y o n e involved in it," s a i d A n d y Slvultz, ' 0 6 Puller. As w i t h each of t h e a n n u a l contests before it, this Pull's s t o r y w a s told not o n l y on t h a t colorful S a t u r d a y afternoon, b u t during t h e s p a n of t h e t h r e e weeks prior. It w a s during t h a t t i m e t h a t dedicated coaches worked to w e a v e individual personalities a n d p h y s i c a l e n d u r a n c e into a f a b r i c which would w i t h s t a n d t h e e x t r e m e test of t h e ropa "Some v i e w Pull a s j u s t a g a m e of t u g - o f w a r . I've found it to be so m u c h more t h a n t h a t . In Pull I've found t h e t r u e v a l u e of t e a m work a n d t r u s t . perhaps even more t h a n a n y other sport. Pull is a n indescribable experience!" said Katie Schonfeld 0 6 Moraler.

'06 Pull Team: Nick DeKoster, Melissa Ipema, Matt Parker, Tlsa Thompson, John Rink, Rebecca Rooy, Peter Wright, Julia Jones, Pat Mears, Shannon McKay, Jeremy Cox, Lisa Bailey, Andy Shults, Rachel Borgeson, David Leland, Stacey VanDam, Seth Teater, Anne Schuster, Mike DeYoung, Kylee Tamminga, Paul Kelly, Amy Sisson, Kyle Stob, Erin Lokers, Chris Kaiser, Beth Smit, Sean Thurmer, Katherine Skaff, Darren Murrey, Ashley Boer, Krissy Anderson, Brian Holda, Kristen Ignaczak, Jesse DeBoest, Kathleen Schonfeld, Brian Hammer, Elizabeth Huizenga, Shawn Evers, Ryan Jackson, Jillian Hamilin. Coaches: Mike Ross, Laura Jurgensen, Zach Zimbelman, Donny Hart, Danielle Travis, Rachel Peckenpaugh, Tony Gawron, Barry Teshima, Adam Throop, Katie VanDam, Katie Boss.

Time for studies a n d social life became precious a s p r e p a r a t i o n s consumed t e a m m a t e s on both sides of t h e c h a s m . Time for sleep w a s e v e n more dear, a s e x h a u s t e d pullers nursed s t r a i n s a n d a b o u n t y of blisters from working a n d re-working t h e duct t a p e on t h e vasts t h a t m a d e t h e m one w i t h t h e rope. "When I w a s on t h e rope I couldn't feel t h e blisters or pain, I j u s t felt one purpose. P u l l w a s such a worthwhile experience r e g a r d less of t h e pain a n d suffering, said "Peter Wright, 0 6 Puller. M o r e t h a n a l l p h y s i c a l preparations, however, w a s t h e i m p o r t a n c e of t h e bond created between coaches, pullers, a n d moralers. Time together a t t h e rope e a t i n g s t u d y i n g a n d strategizing forged t h e kinds of friencr ships born ofp u r pose nourished b y struggle a n d surpassingboth v i c t o r y a n d defeat. T h e bond t h a t w e lormed t h r o u g h Pull h a s created deep relationships a n d t r e a s u r e d memories," said Brian H a m m e r , 0 6 anchor. Yet, a f t e r weeks of instruction, sacrifice, a n d g r u e l i n g workouts, t h e Pull c a m e down to t h r e e h o u r s of e n d u r a n c e a n d s t r a t egy. A n d a s t h e r e so often m u s j / b e t h e r e w a s o n l y one victor. T h e 0 5 t e a m denied 18' 10" of rope to their e v e n y e a r opponents, a n d were t h u s entitled to t h e ceremonial postPull b a t h m in t h e fall-chilled w a t e r s of t h e Black River. A n d so it w a s t h a t 1 0 5 y e a r s of Hope tradition became one m o r e episode of h i s t o r y . However, like each of t h e contests before t h e real s t o r y lies not in t h e outcome, b u t in t h e h e a r t s of t h e individuals w h o pushed t h e m selves to t h e limits of their endurance. Bey o n d t h e ritual, b e y o n d t h e passing of t h e torch f r o m class to class or even generation to generation, is t h e sense of fulfillment t h a t is derived f r o m s t r i v i n g - o r s t r a i n i n g - to achieve a common purposa

After a hard pull, and a great run, the '06 team goes to the river to congratulate the '05 team on their victory. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Through pain and anguish, Darren Murrey keeps pulling and giving his all, with the never ending support from his moraler, Ashley Boer. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove)

The '06 team pulled together to hold off the odd year pull team. (Photo by Kelly Hargrove.)


' 0 6 Pull 1 7 1

Odd year Orator; Jessica Henneman. ( P h o t o by K r i s t i Creswell)

Kristi 0 um mings and Jessica Henneman take a break from oration

practice (Photo


Kristi Creswell)

Nykerk Executive Committee: Hillary Noordeloos, Kristi Creswell, Lisa Hardy, Cory McCall, Kimberly Roush, Annie Hilbrecht, Kristina Martinez, Abbie Gonzales, Kendra Slotten. (Photo courtesy of Kristi Creswell)

• '< •

* * * * *

Odd year Play: Jordana Blondin, Anne Oppenhuizen, Krista Diephuis, Rebecca Marcus, Lacy Peterson, Anna DeHaan, Martha Hunyadi, Samara W e b b , Lydia Riddell, Jessica Nelson, Elizabeth Johnson, Holli Cooper, Ellen Dudeney, Nick Denis, Dan Hendricks, Chad Sampson, Tom LaRoche, Jim Sorge, Jason Wagenmaker. (PR Photo)

1 7 2 Greeks 8- Groups

C r a z y . E x h i l a r a t i n g . Spontaneous. Electrifying. These words j u s t begin to tell w h a t ' 0 5 N y k e r k Spirit w a s a l l a b o u t this y e a r . There were still t h e s a m e morale boys, p l a y girls, orator, song girls, a n d coaches, b u t t h e feeling in t h e a i r w a s all a b o u t h a v i n g f u n a n d being c r a z y . SING IT! W i t h - t w o energetic coaches, seniors E r r y n J e n k s a n d C o u r t n e y Beechick, leading t h e w a y t h r o u g h a "Grease Medl e y " Song w a s f u l l of life. Cheers like RED HOT kept t h i n g s upbeat, while exciting props such a s glow sticks m a d e t h e m shine. However, t h e greatest thrill of a l l w a s t h e s u r p r i s e ending , w h o could forget t h e DYNOMITE domino? SAY IT! T h e "Queen of Spunk" m a d e this y e a r ' s Oration, y o u guessed it, f u l l of spunk! Orator Jessica H e n n e m a n took artistic steps to get h e r c r e a t i v e juices flowing on her topic, "From t h e Inside Out." C r a z y things like w a l k i n g in a p a t t e r n on t h e a r m r e s t s in W i n a n t s Auditorium a n d Morale Boys bringing h e r a n d Coach Kristi Cummings p i z z a g a v e those 1 0 h o u r rehearsals refreshing breaks.

Odd Year Song: Erryn Jenks, Courtney Beechick, Chrysti Agre, Betsy Ash, Katherine Barr, Tessa Beukema, Melissa Blush, Laura Boeroma, Andrea Brooks, Carrie Camp, Kari Chase, Cassie Colegrove, Tara Darter, Katie Dekker, Brianna DeSalvio, Emily Doran, Liz Doran, Jenni Folkert, Brittany Gasper, Angela Haberlein, Elizabeth Headworth, Erin Hess, Katy Hoenecke, Krista Huges, Amy Huizen, Jessica Johnson, Michelle Knapman, Theresa Leed, Sarah Lesnau, Emily Liang, Emily Llewellyn, Stephanie McCann, Nicole Morell, Annie Otto, Candis Parrish, Andrea Pratt, Breeance Reed. Emily Robinson, Kim Rockwell, Amber Ross, Stephanie Ross, Erin Sanborn, Emily Schmidt, Gretchan Schmidt, Emily Schwartz, Laura Steed, Bard Stodden, Shea Tuttle, Ashley Williams, Kristen Zwart, Justin Janik, Eric Jones, Matt Zwier, Chris Avery, Robert Bode, Eric DeBoer, Mike Nelson. (PR Photo)

PLAY IT! I t is h a r d to s u m up, in j u s t a f e w words, h o w wild a n d c r a z y t h i s y e a r ' s P l a y , "Peter V a n d e r p a n f r o m D u t c h y D u t c h y Land," was. Cluck w a r m - u p s , C a l v i n jokes, sleepovers, D e n n y's, a n d set p a i n t i n g j u s t begin to show h o w r a n d o m a n d f u n t h e girls a n d coaches, seniors J o r d a n a Blondin a n d A n n e Oppenhuizen, m a d e this y e a r ' s P l a y . M a n y memories w e r e m a d e because of these e x c i t i n g experiences. W e m u s t n o t forget t h e ones behind a l l of t h e m e m o n e ^ a n d f u n , t h e dedicated s e v e n Morale a n d P l a y Boys. Their skits, t h o u g h sometimes c h e e s y m a d e t h e girls l a u g h a n d b r i g h t ened e a c h r e h e a r s a l . T h e s o n g s t h e y s a n g touched t h e girls' h e a r t s a n d posters m a d e t h e girls feel special a n d loved. The Nykerk Breakfast brought highly a n ticipated n e w s to see w h o would be i n v o l v e d in t h e n e x t t w o wild a n d c r a z y y e a r s of Odd Y e a r Tradition. 0 7 Coaches include E m i l y Llewellyn a n d A n n i e Otto for Song, Gretchen ^ e h m i d t a n d Jessica H e n n e m a n for Oration, a n d L a c y Peterson a n d A n n a D e H a a n for P l a y . T h e incoming E x e c u t i v e m e m b e r s a r e A m y H u i z e n a s C h a i r Elect, Rebecca M a r c u s a s S e c r e t a r y , a n d Jessica Johnson, S a m a r a Webb, a n d Britt a n y Gasper. These w o m e n w i t h t w o y e a r s of Odd Y e a r T r a d i t i o n behind t h e m will e n h a n c e N y k e r k Spirit altogether.

The odd y e a r Playboys playin'

around. ( P h o t o by K r i s t i Creswell)

Odd year play performing. (Photo courtesy of the Anchor)

13OVVl -to 1 3 ^ 1 / 0 ^ Odd year shows spirit awA



'05 Nykerk 1 7 8

hut V

06 Nykerk goes all the way


{ Even year Oration, Anne Blast p e r f o r m s her speech. (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

The winning cup and a few mascots! (Photo by Kristi Creswell)

T h e Hope College f r e s h m e n class of 2 0 0 6 showed t r u e h e a r t a n d spirit "From t h e Inside Out" a t t h e 6 8 t h A n n u a l N y k e r k Cup Competition, T h e f r e s h m e n class practiced diligently for a m o n t h on their song, p l a y a n d oration before stepping into t h e limelight. D u r ing this t i m e t h e y not o n l y e n j o y e d c r e a t i n g comedy on s t a g e working on e x a c t articulation, a n d d i s p l a y i n g "BIG WOMAN SOUND", t h e y also e n j o y e d c r e a t j h g long-lasting friendships a n d bonds w i t h t h e other e v e n y e a r N y k e r k women. \ ' 0 6 Song, directed a n d supported b y their two v e r y own "Big Women", S a m a n t h a H y d e a n d A n n i e Gonzalez, s a n g w i t h class, "It's O n l y a Paper Moon." T h e girls ' bright smiles lit u p t h e darkness a s their white-gloved h a n d s created a v i s u a l spectacle! "The long h o u r s of practicing t h e s a m e m e a s u r e s over a n d over r e a l l y paid off w h e n t h e spotlight w a s on u s a n d we were able to i v e it a l l w e h a d " f r e s h m e n participant, Imily B l a u w said. ' 0 6 Song girl M a r y Verheulen, claims, "I n e v e r k n e w it w a s possible to smile for t h r e e hours straight!" As t h e n i g h t w e n t on, f r e s h m e n orator, A n n e Bast, encouraged u s to face our


Even Year Song: Smantha Hyde, Annie Gonzalez, Liz Aldernik, Heather Amundson, Amy Baird, Emily Blauw, Jennie Boone, Meredith Carlson, Megan Chambers, Jenny Crisman, Jamie DeVries, Jessica Dibernardo, Ann Durham, Heather Dykstra, Melissa Dyson, Eiise Edwards, Lesli Fisher, Jenny Gable, Julie Gezon, Brenna Gianeskis, Paula Grahmann, Jillian Hamilin, Catrina Hart, Betsy Huizenga, Laura Kadzban, Jessica Klein, Heather Lam, Heidi Lam, Corissa Lamphear, Katie Lewis, Lauren Lochner, Suzzy Lockwood, Rachel Maidens, Amy McEwan, Katey McGrath, Bethany Metters, Liz MicKalich, Erica Costing, Erin Poll, Julie Pollock, Kristen Pratt, Elizabeth Preston, Katie Rnda, Jami Reitsma, Krista Rottschafer, Susan Scholten, Liz Shaw, Jenny Shuck, Jennica Skoug, Rachel Streelman, Mag Stuart, Katrin Sweers, Jessa Timmer, Ashley Tittle, Ashley VanArkel, Shelby VanArkel, Rachel VanderGiessen, Meghan VanEck, Mary Verheulen, Erin VonEhr, Rachel Voorhees, Jana Wagenmaker, Lisa Walters, Dana Ward, Hillary Wiard, Katie Wright, Katherine Yanney, Marty Jordan, Wylie Douglass, Gregory Borst, Jason Burns, Nicholas Erdman, William Flavin, Dean Gibbie, Steven Haack, Aaron Hawn, Brian Isherwood, Christopher Meeusen, Andrew Taylor. (PR Photo)

1 7 4 Greeks 8- Groups

Even Year Play: Rebecca Barry, Marjorie Behm, Erica Hess, Christina Judson, Kellyn Rumpsa, Jennica Avery, Carolyn Fields, Allison Dishnow, Rachel Achtemeier, Jessie Higgins, Julia Jones, Liz Gibson, Sarah Roddis, Vicki Orefice, Jessica Romig, Rebecca Shubert, Scott Hinze, Mike Polk, David Pridmore, Michael Dominiak, Peter Gillotte, Joseph Kopp, Nathaniel Makowski, Thomas Matthews, Austin Mitchell, Andrew Moore, Eric Van Tassel!, David Weatherly, Adam Witt, Kevin Yurk. (PR Photo)





Even Year Play ladies hanging our backstage before their

performance. ( P h o t o by K r i s t i Creswell)

fears a n d get personal b y getting "Ben e a t h t h e Surface," A n n e comments, "Participating in N y k e r k w a s a v e r y rewarding experience for m e in t h a t working one on one w i t h m y coaches (Leslie Skaistis a n d Meridith De Avila), I was able to obtain different perspectives on lifa Also, I felt t h a t N y k e r k w a s a great o p p o r t u n i t y for u s y o u n g w o m e n to c a r r y t h e responsibility of presenting c h a r a c t e r a n d i n t e g r i t y to Hope College a n d its c o m m u n i t y . " L a u g h t e r w a s added to t h e song a n d oration in t h e m a r v e l o u s p e r f o r m a n c e of "Clue" b y 0 6 P l a y . T h e P l a y coaches, Rebecca B a r r y a n d M a r j o r i e Behm h a d a g r a n d t i m e writing a script chalked f u l l of satirical p o r t r a y a l s of some of t h e q u i r k s a n d characteristics of Hope College a n d Holland Michigan, b u t t h e y h a d e v e n more fun, a s did t h e audience, w a t c h i n g the ' 0 6 P l a y girls perform this spect a c l a T h e class of ' 0 6 did such a phen o m e n a l job t h a t t h e y broke t h e sixteen y e a r f r e s h m e n class losing s t r e a k a n d took h o m e t h e N y k e r k Cup! S u z z y Lockwood a Song a s s i s t a n t coach s a y s , "Winning w a s j u s t a s m u c h of a thrill as knowing t h a t w e did t h e best w e could!" Good luck n e x t y e a r ladies!

Kristi Creswell a n d n e w executive committee member. (Photo courtesy of Krisit Creswell)

A few of the nykerk song girls warm up some moves for the preformance this e v e n i n g (Photo by Ryan Graves.)

0 6 Nykerk 1 7 5

Orientation Assistant Directors waiting to lead the OAs o v e r to P l a y f a i r . (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

OA's help the freshmen move in on their first day at H o p e . (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

Hannah Allen and other OA's help unload a freshman's car outside Cosmo Hall. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

Orientation Staff 2002.

1 7 6 Orientation Staff

I t w a s a w a r m F r i d a y m o r n i n g in August w h e n n e w students a r r i v e d on c a m p u s for Orie n t a t i o n weekend. One aspect of t h e weekend most people don't ever get to see or experience is w h a t goes on a l l s u m m e r before Orientation, especially t h e week before n e w students a r r i v a Two Orientation Directors, seniors P a u l J a c k s o n a n d Beth Otto, spent all s u m m e r on c a m p u s organizing, planning, creating, a n d just g e n e r a l l y preparing to lead Orientation A week before t h e n e w students arrived. Orientation Assistant Directors a r r i v e d to finish p r e p a r a tions a n d t r a i n t h e OAs, J u n i o r E m i l y Cronkite said a b o u t h e r experience, "Being a n AD w a s h a r d because w e were doing last m i n u t e detail stuff, such a s getting n a m e t a g s printed a n d m a d e t h e f i n a l student packets prepared a n d delivered m a k i n g s u r e t h a t someone is covering e v e r y e v e n t for set u p a n d t e a r down, etc. However, w i t h Orientation in f u l l swing, all of our h a r d work paid off." A few d a y s later, t h e Orientation Assistants c a m e for two d a y s of intense t r a i n i n g to get t h e m r e a d y to lead their s m a l l group discussions, icebreakers, etc. Most people p r o b a b l y t h i n k t h a t Orientation j u s t happens, b u t a g r e a t deal of work goes into it f r o m a terrific staff w h o v o l u n teered their t i m e to m a k e s u r e n e w students h a d a g r e a t experience a n d first impression of life a t college.

D u r f e e Hall RD M a r i e B u r k h o l d e r a n d R A s Kia Weeldryer, Tim Sorge and Tony Bordenkircher prepare for the arrival of new students. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

W h a t do K a t i e Couric, M i k e Ditka, H i l l a r y Clinton a n d S h e r y l Crow a l l h a v e in common? T h e y were a l l RAs resident a s s i s t a n t s in college! U n d o u b t e d l y one of t h e highlights of t h e college experience is l i v i n g w i t h y o u r peers in dorms, cottages, a n d a p a r t m e n t s . From D y k s t r a to Durfee, Kollen to Kraker, P a r k v i e w to Poll a n d W y c k o f f to ^Nfeknersr-^lope offers a n a r r a y of housing options a l l w i t h one v e r y imp o r t a n t common d e n o m i n a t o r - t h e PA. Residential Life's Mission S t a t e m e n t declares t h a t t h e d e p a r t m e n t seeks to "create a residential living e n v i r o n m e n t t h a t engages individuals in t h e development of their h u m a n potential" respecting e m b r a c i n g a n d celebrating t h e uniqueness of students in t h e c o n t e x t of c o m m u n i t y . RAs' responsibilities include p l a n n i n g a n d organizing c o m m u n i t y development activities (beach outings, dinner w i t h t h e Bultmans, panel discussions on dating, a n d m a n y more), enforcing Hope r ^ l l p g A ^ l i c y (visitation hours, alcohol/drug violations, quiet hours, etc), m e d i a t i n g r o o m m a t e conflicts, a n d s h a r i n g d u t y responsibilities. T h e job is h a r d l y a l l work thought RAs form close bonds w i t h both their residents a n d fellow staff members, a r e compensated for their work m o n e t a r i l y , l e a r n e x t r e m e l y i m p o r t a n t leadership a n d career skills, a n d most import a n t l y , h a v e fun!

s t i r H::-' Âťiw>ts*CoW Yearof 200?-?00J

Van Vleck staff D e e A n n Maynard and Jessi Yokas begin checking new students into t h e hall. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

Gilmore RA's

Christen Conner, Stephanie Buck and

Hillary Dykema plan fun things for their residents to do. (Photo c o u r t e s y of Public Relations)

avtet K / W The leaders on campus

Residential Life Staff 1 7 7

Gotta get the team pumped up! Let's go win boys! (Photo courtesy of Men's Lacrosse)

V, '

/ JA

wgtet' / I




Plow past the d e f e n d e r for

victory! (Photo courtesy of Men's Lacrosse)

The dutchmen trying to regain the ball but they aren't the only ones that want it! (Photo courtesy of M e n ' s Lacrosse)

The Men's Lacrosse t e a m h a d a p r e t t y good y e a r . Their record this season was 8-5. T h e y competed as a n independent team, b u t will be joining t h e Cent r a l Collegiate Lacrosse Association of the US Men's Intercollegiate Associates next season. Their captains, Patrick K e a r n e y Billy Norden, a n d David B r a m l e y led t h e t e a m to second place in t h e Wooden Shoe t o u r n a m e n t this y e a r . Some of t h e Most V a l u a b l e P l a y e r s this past y e a r were, t r a n s f e r students, J o n Kot a n d Greg Elizondo. Patrick K e a r n e y led t h e scoring with 8 1 goals, a n d Bramely, Kot, Elizondo, a n d Tim Barlow ^ e r e all top scorers. Norden anchored the best defense t h a t Hopehas-hadtQ y e a r s . Men's Lacrosse o n l y lost t w o m e m b e r s to graduation but both m a d e huge contributions a n d will be sorely missed". Fred Bergman a t goal a n d M a t t W o r k m a n a t defensa

Lacrosse, being the oldest American Sport, is a team effort. Hope's team knows how to work together. (Photo courtesy of Men's Lacrosse)


1 7 8 Greeks a n d Groups


1 On the line and ready to go! (Photo c o u r t e s y of Men's Lacrosse)

Switching direction to throw off the other team. (Photo courtesy of M e n ' s Lacrosse)

Looking for a team member to p a s s to. (Photo courtesy of Men's Lacrosse)

Men take care of business on the field

Men's Lacrosse 1 7 9

Jess Johannsen on the sideline, ready for action! (Photo courtesy of Women's Lacrosse)

T h r o u g h o u t t h e p a s t n i n e m o n t h s we h a v e become better athletes, we h a v e become better t e a m m a t e s a n d we h a v e become better people. This w a s a n incredible experience." Lacrosse once used b y N a t i v e Americ a n tribes to settle t r i b a l disputes and h a r d e n y o u n g people for war, is known a s America's oldest sport. Also called the f a s t e s t g a m e on t w o feet, O t t a w a , Menominee, Miami, Chippewa, M a s o u t e n , S a u k , Fox, a n d H u r o n , p l a y e d in t h e deadliest m a s s a c r e to ever occur on Mich igan soilrbrough t on b y a lacrosse g a m a Though t h e massacres a r e less prevalent, t h e spirit of t h e sport lives on, a n d h a s experienced a strong resurgence in t h e l a t e r half of our century.

Jen Bassman, Lindsay Bosak, Susan Taylor, Jericho aai ' Moll, Kayleen Vannette, Amanda Kinney, and Jess \ Johannsen pose in Calvin uniforms when the two rival teams joined forces for a fall tournament. (Photo cour- n n tesy of Women's Lacrosse)

. ": "w-


1 8 0 Women's Lacrosse

Jericho Moll, Kayleen Vannette, Lizzy Bramley, Mary Ellen Kearney, and Allison Dishnow ready to play! (Photo courtesy of Women's Lacrosse)

Hope W o m e n ' s Lacrosse h a d a n a m a z i n g season in 2 0 0 8 . In o n l y their second y e a r , this rookie t e a m took third in their division with fallball win against t h e Knights, t h e F l y i n g D u t c h brought themselves within t h e Western Collegiate Lacrosse Leagua D u t c h Lacrosse continued to pull in t h e 'W's a n d suffered o n l y two losses, one in sudden d e a t h overtime to Calvin a n d t h e other to n a t i o n a l l y r a n k e d Michigan S t a t a The W o m e n of Hope's Lacrosse team, shared enthusiasm, support, dedication, a n d friendship. T h e y h a d such a n a m a z ing y e a r , a n d it w a s t r u l y a n hbnor for t h e m a l l to be able to work w i t h such a n outstanding group of women. T h e y can't w a i t for n e x t season. Fire Up Dutch!

Bless the Lacross players. (Photo courtesy of Women's Lacrosse)


m m i

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Women's Lacrosse 181

Katie Shepard and Maegan Hatfield rake l e a v e s on 15th street. (Photo courtesy of I.VE League)

Amy Quillo, Elizabeth Husa, Rosanna Sutton, Erryn Jenk, Stacey Zokoe, Krissy Schantz, Jennifer Jury decorating for the holidays at Resthaven. (Photo c o u r t e s y of I.VE League)

Some of the raking crew: Amy Quillo, Leigha McCallum, Maegan Hatfield, Amber Whitehouse, Krissy Schantz, Stacey Zoekoe, and Rosanna Sutton. (Photo Courtesy of I.VE League)

182 I.VE League

Founded in 1 9 9 2 , I.VE League w a s n a m e d i n h o n o r of I s l a V a n E e n e n a a m , former D e a n of W o m e n a t Hope Collega I.VE League is a fellowship of Hope College students dedicated to developing leadership skills a n d learning a b o u t t h e roles of women in our c o m m u n i t y . E v e r y member h a s t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to m a k e these objectives a r e a l i t y t h r o u g h t h e coordination of service projects, discussions w i t h o u t s t a n d i n g f e m a l e professionals a s well a s t h e support of a n d interaction w i t h fellow I.VE League members. Some e v e n t s this p a s t f a l l were, joining w i t h t h e Center for W o m e n In T r a n s i t i o n (CWTT) a n d C a m p u s A s s a u l t Awareness, Response, a n d Education (CAARE) in t h e Clothesline Project to raise awareness a n d understanding a b o u t abuse a g a i n s t w o m e n b a k i n g Halloween cookies for t h e children a t CWIT to decorate, c r a f t i n g w i t h residents a t W a r m Friend a s p a r t of "Make A Difference Day", c l e a n i n g u p beaches a t t h e Beach Sweep, a n d m a n y more!

Elizabeth Sturrus and Allison Watt, members of WIO, advertising tor W o m e n ' s Week. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

This y e a r the Women's Issues Organization planned Hope's a n n u a l two weeks of women's programming with the intention of highlighting the work of women, encouraging feminist dialogue, and raising awareness about women's h e a l t h issues. The keynote speakers were Jennifer Baumgardner and A m y Richards, and SARK, Jennifer and A m y are the authors of Manifesta a book written for and about the culture t h a t surrounds the new generation of feminists who follow the second wave' feminist generation. They spoke to the Hope College audience about w h a t it mean^tol5elalfemiriist in the current era and the continued need for feminist work in our society. SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) the inspirational artist and author, is known for her highly popular books E a t Mangoes Naked and Wild S u c c u e n t Woman. She spoke about living creatively, and w a y s of finding the necessary time and resources to realize y o u r dreams. Women's Week h a d its 2nd a n n u a l Juried Women s Art Show. It was a highly successful exhibition of artwork made b y female f a t u i t y and students, invited to submit work to be juried exhibited in the DePree Art Center Corridor Gallery, and prized b y a panel of judges. M a n y women submitted a wide v a r i e t y of media including sculpture, painting, photography and multrrnedia pieces. The counseling department held a workshop on body image) and WIO organized the Women's Health Fair, bringing in a number of organizations raising awareness about all sorts of women's health issues including breast cancer, eating disorders, and domestic assault. The two weeks were topped off with the WIO y e a r l y Taste the Irony Bake Sale raising funds for donation to a Holland area women's shelter.


Learning about women's health at the

Women's H e a l t h Fair. (Photo courtesy of WIO)

Women could ask questions and find new and interesting informat i o n at t h e

Women's Health


during Women's Week. (Photo c o u r t e s y of WIO)


Seeking Solidarity: Revisioning Our Roots

Women's Week 1 8 8

Baker Scholars: Adam Chaffee, Andy Imkieke, Christine Diestl, David Rye, Leigha McCallum, Steve Hulst, Ana Santibanez Zamora, Donald Hart, Jill DeVries, Jill Kalajainen and Steve Moreau. (Photo courtesy of Baker Scholars)

Baker S c h o l a r s at President Bultman's house. (Photo courtesy of Baker Scholars)

1 8 4 Baker's Scholars

Vhis w a s a y e a r packed w i t h exciting a n d m e m o r a b l e e v e n t s for t h e Hope Bakers. I n t h e f a l l t h e y w e n t on a brief t r i p to Chicago a n d in t h e spring t h e y w e n t for a n extended trip to New York, Both trips enabled t h e c u r r e n t Bakers to meet w i t h former Bakers a n d experience w h a t g r e a t o p p o r t u n i t i e s t h e y h a v e been afford to t h e m since g r a d u a t i n g from Hope a n d t h e Baker p r o g r a m A m o n g t h e activities done throughout t h e y e a r , a few m e m o r a b l e dinners s t a n d out for t h e Bakers', dinner w i t h G e r r y Haworth, founder a n d CEO of t h e H a w o r t h Corporation dinner w i t h M a r k S u w y n f r o m t h e Louisiana Pacific Corporation, a n d dinner w i t h Don M a i n e former Chancellor of D a v e n p o r t Univers i t y . T h e activities of t h e Bakers a r e geared towards providing a u n i q u e spect r u m of business experiences b e y o n d those a v a i l a b l e in t h e classroom. This is t h e e a s y p a r t . Getting selected to be a Baker Scholar is a n application comprised of questions a n d essays. On selection d a y t h e Bakers meet e a r l y for a b r e a k f a s t w i t h t h e applic a n t s a s well a s t h e selectors who a r e esteemed business members of t h e comm u n i t y . T h e selector p a n e l interviews e a c h a p p l i c a n t a n d selection is based on academic excellence, q u a l i t y of c h a r a c ter, a n d m o t i v a t i o n . U s u a l l y o n l y t h e top f i v e students a r e picked f r o m t h e declared m a j o r s of business m a n a g e ment, accounting, a n d economics however this y e a r s o u t s t a n d i n g applicants could o n l y be reduced to six.

Mortar Board w a s established in 1 9 1 8 as a n a t i o n a l honor society for outs t a n d i n g college s e n i o r s . T h e r e a r e 2 0 5 chapters located throughout the United States a n d our chapter h a s been in existence since 1 9 6 1 . The mortarboard is a symbol of ancient honor a n d distinction which carries certain a n d serious responsibilities. In e a r l y universities, students who adopted t h e clerical or monastic robes did so as a sign t h a t t h e y were devoting their lives to the profession of learning, in recognition of which t h e y received certain privileges. This is t h e recognition which we give along w i t h t h e responsibilities, of which t h e m o r t a r b o a r d is our sign. However, M o r t a r Board is more t h a n j u s t academics. Members of M o r t a r Board members also work together to improve t h e c o m m u n i t y a r o u n d t h e college. E v e n t s such a s spring p a r k s clean-up, pumpkin c a r v i n g with CASA, a n d a developmentally disabled prom promote growth a n d strength within the community. Members also give back to t h e school though t h e W e a r i n g of t h e Blue breakfast, a n d t h e H.0.PX1. (Hope Outstanding Professor. Educator) award, given to t h e most outstanding teacher a t Hope, as voted b y t h e g r a d u a t i n g class.



Honoring the scholars around campus

M o r t a r Board 1 8 5

He shoots, he scores! The team celebrates the goal! (Photo courtesy of Hockey Club)


Hope's stick handling is excellent. (Photo courtesy of Hockey Club)

An extraordinary save by Hope's Goalie! (Photo courtesy of Hockey Club)

Teamwork is crucial for a win! courtesy of Hockey Club)

e Hope College H o c k e y Club began in the 1 9 9 6 - 9 7 season. The t e a m p l a y s in t h e Michig a n Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC) with other club t e a m s f r o m t h e a r e a . After a few rough y e a r s , t h e t e a m began to be able to put u p a good fight a g a i n s t other a r e a colleges. Since t h e a r r i v a l of Hope H o c k e y A l u m n i Coach Chris V a n Timmeren^-OSXitithe 2 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 1 season, t h e t e a m h a s m a d e drastic improvements. E a c h y e a r since t h e s t a r t of his career, t h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n h a v e g r e a t l y improved their records, a n d this y e a r Chris got his fiftie t h win. Last y e a r ' s t e a m s k a t e d to their first ever w i n n i n g season a t 1 5 - 1 3 , a n d finished 5 t h in t h e Division III Club H o c k e y National T o u r n a m e n t in A t l a n t a Georgia, Hope knew t h a t t h e y were t a l e n t e d a t t h e beginning of t h e y e a r , a n d set out to best t h e records set last y e a r , a n d win its first ever National Championship. x This season w a s b y f a r t h e best in Hope H o c k e y h i s t o r y . T h e D u t c h m e n finished t h e y e a r w i t h a record of 2 5 - 6 - 0 . T h e regular season w a s highlighted b y a 9 - 1 v i c t o r y over C a l v i n College a t h o m e in f r o m of 1,000* fans, a n d a n o v e r t i m e v i c t o r y of t h e n undefeated D a v e n p o r t U n i v e r s i t y . Hope won its first ever MCHC L e a g u e T o u r n a m e n t C h a m p i o n s h i p


1 8 6 Greeks a n d Groups


Time for a team huddle. (Photo courtesy of Hockey Club)

with a 4 - 2 v i c t o r y over Calvin, a n d w a s voted t h e n u m b e r one t e a m in t h e Midwest for Division III. This m e a n t t h a t t h e D u t c h m e n were given a n u m b e r one s e a t in their b r a c k e t for this y e a r ' s Division 111 N a t i o n a l T o u r n a m e n t in Muskegon, Michigan. T h e t o u r n a m e n t w a s comprised of t h e best 1 6 t e a m s of t h e 8 5 Division III t e a m s a r o u n d - t h e natiori. After cruising t h r o u g h their first g a m e w i t h Virginia Commonwealth University, t h e Dutchmen faced two tough b a t t l e s f r o m College of t h e C a n y o n s of V a l e n c i a CA a n d t h e U n i v e r s i t y of Georgia, Hope persevered w i t h tough defense, a n d pulled off t w o victories b y o n l y one goal each. T h e semi-final o v e r t i m e v i c t o r y over t h e U n i v e r s i t y of Georgia g a v e Hope t h e c h a n c e to win t h e N a t i o n a l Championship. I n t h e f i n a l g a m e Hope faced r i v a l Muskegon C o m m u n i t y College, b u t w a s not a b l e to come a w a y w i t h t h e v i c t o r y . T h e D u t c h m e n o u t p l a y e d a n d outshot Muskegon, b u t struggled to p u t t h e puck in t h e net. I n t h e e n d Hope w a s forced to settle for Runner-Up. T h e National T o u r n a m e n t t r u l y w a s a spectacular end to a g r e a t y e a r , a n d t h a t success will s u r e l y follow t h e D u t c h m e n in t h e y e a r s to c o m a




A shot from Hope's team is blocked by a visiting d e f e n d e r . (Photo courtesy of Hockey Club)

A visiting player intercepts the pass. (Photo c o u r t e s y of Hockey Club)

Flying Dutch Hockey Team the MCHC League Tournament Champions

Hockey Club 1 8 7

Getting the car ready for the homecoming parade! (Photo courtesy of Sacred Dance)



Dance in the n a m e of the Lord. (Photo c o u r t e s y of

Sacred Dance)

Look upon the L o r d in e v e r y t h i n g y o u do. "Never Be Shaken" performing at Holland Christian High School. (Photo courtesy of Sacred Dance)


, dance is a form of worship to offer praise a n d t h a n k s to God t h r o u g h dance. R o m a n s 12". 1 s a y s , "Therefore I u r g e y o u brothers a n d sisters, in v i e w of God's m e r c y , to offer y o u r bodies a s living sacrifices, h o l y a n d pleasing to God w h i c h is y o u r spiritual a c t of worship." Sacred d a n c e is a place w h e r e Christians can come d a n c e beforajhe-tord^offering their bodies a s living sacrifices, h o l y a n d pleasing to God T h e hope a n d p r a y e r of Sacred D a n c e is t h a t others m i g h t be led to worship b y their praise a n d t h a n k s g i v i n g to God t h r o u g h dance. W h e n members of Sacred Dance, worship t h e y {do not p u t on a performance, b u t t h e y d a n c e for a n audience of o n e t h a t God alone would be praised a n d be pleased F r e s h m a n P a u l a G r a h m a n n said "1 e n j o y e d t h e opportun i t y to use m y t a l e n t to worship Almost f i f t y students g a v e u p their S a t u r d a y mornings to rehearse a n d fellowship in a student-led BiBle-study. Oneg a piece w a s completed it would be performed a t t h e chapel services or on S u n d a y mornings a t Holland a r e a c h u r c h e s . T h e pieces t h a t w e r e p e r f o r m e d t h r o u g h o u t this y e a r were". Spirit of t h e Lord Let It Rain, Worlds Apart, Jesus, Lover of M y Soul, E v e r y Season, R e f i n e Me, N e v e r Be S h a k e n (Psalm 62), More T h e n J u s t E n o u g h For t h e M o m e n t s I Feel Faint, All I W a n t To Do, H a n d s a n d Feet, Praise Song, a n d Liquid

The Sacred Dance troupe. (Photo courtesy of Sarcred Dance)


1 8 8 Sacred Dance

Silent Praise, worshipping God with their hands at Gospel Fest. (Photo courtesy of Silent Praise)


Silent Praise started in 1 9 9 6 , a n d bec a m e a n official Hope College student group in t h e spring of 2 0 0 1 . Silent Praise w a s started a n d still aims to worship Goc^through ^ m e r i c a n Sign L a n g u a g e to be witnesses for God a n d expose t h e c a m p u s a n d surrounding c o m m u n i t i e s to t h e deaf c u l t u r e . T h e y went to local churches a n d performed a s special music, participated in Gospel Fest a n d t h e Gospel Choir's spi ~ mat lent Praise this y e a r . Their director was S a r a Zwart, their treasure w a s

f T e a c h i n g new signs at C a m p Blodgett. (Photo courtesy of Silent Praise)

eig, Esch, Christerr~0OTrfier, a n d A m y Wing. This past y e a r , t h e y went on their first retreat to C a m p Blodgett. It w a s a great opportunity for e v e r y one to get together to h a v e some fun, fellowship, a n d learn several songs in preparation for t h e semester.

Learning takes concentration, what better place than

C a m p B l o d g e t t to learn! (Photo c o u r t e s y of Silent Praise)

All JfOY~ 3 Through Dance and Sign Language

Silent Praise 1 8 9

Kathy W y n g a r d e n with Resthaven residents on Makea - D i f f e r e n c e Day. (Photo courtesy of NCF)

n /

$ HOPE :dllege

trI i SiK ' J' DeeAnn Maynard, Kathy Wyngarden, Laura Cowen, and Erin Hughes hanging out in the Nursing House. (Photo courtesy of NCF)

Kari Weaver and Laura Cowen at R e s t h a v e n on Make-a-Difference Day. (Photo courtesy of NCF)

Nurses' Christian Fellowship (NCF) is p a r t of I n t e r V a r s i t y Christian Fellowship, NCF started on c a m p u s about four y e a r s ago when a group of nursinrf students desired to h a v e a chapter a t Hope College. T h e y meet once a week to fellowship with other n u r s i n g students in a non-academic setting. T h e y h a v e a Bible s t u d y a n d follow a s t u d y book published b y I n t e r V a r s i t y Press. T h e y share p r a y e r requests a n d p r a y together. T h e y also t r y to participate in service activities. In t h e f a l l t h e y helped out with Make-aDifference D a y b y going to Resthaven. T h e y m a d e b a n a n a breaa a n d pumpkin bread with t h e residents while getting to know t h e m a t the same tima Their goal is to s h a r e Jesus Christ with each other a n d t h e world both personally a n d professionally t h r o u g h nursing. T h e y t a l k about how we share Christ in our nursing practice, how we c a n s h a r e His love w i t h patients a n d families, a n d how t h e y c a n grow in their personal j o u r n e y w i t h Christ. Some students participate on a n intermitt e n t basis based upon thair schedules a n d some a t t e n d w h e n t h e y h a v e special p r a y e r requests. The informal n a t u r e of t h e group makes it a m e a n i n g f u l experience even for those who participate intermittently. K a t h y W y n g a r d e n is t h e f a c u l t y advisor, a n d Erin Hughes was t h e President of NCF for this academic y e a r .

DeeAnn Maynard, Kathy Wyngarden, Laura Cowen, and Erin Hughes making cards for newly accepted nursing students and graduating seniors. (Photo courtesy of NCF) m

1 9 0 Nurse's Christian Fellowship


The 2002 Beach Party at tunnel many people can we fit in the hamburger? (Photo by PCS)

Fellowship of Christian Students is a non-den o m i n a t i o n a l group of students w h o come together once or twice a week for r e g u l a r meetings w i t h speakers a n d praise & worship a n d p r a y e r meetings. There a r e u s u a l l y a b o u t 1 5 students w h o come e a c h week to develop friendships a n d grow together in C h r i s t T h e y h a v e a n n u a l r e t r e a t s a s well a s beach p a r ties a t T u n n e l P a r k a t t h e beginning a n d end of each school y e a r . There a r e service projects about once a m o n t h w h e r e students come together to serve t h e c o m m u n i t y or t h e c a m pus, Some g r e a t memories a r e t h e beach p a r ties'. grilling h a m b u r g e r s on a grille t h a t refused to light, ice c r e a m sandwiches, a n d "carrot a r i " retreats', h a v i n g b r o u g h t no sleeping b a g to a c a m p w i t h A - f r a m e cabins it begins to snow. H a v i n g snow ball fights, m a k ing grilled cheese sandwiches, p l a y i n g games/ a n d meetings! P h a r a n a W e d n e s d a y n i g h t p r a y e r , worship a n d wonderful speakers. Senior Night. It's a terrific group a n d a whole lot of f u n l e a r n i n g m o r e a b o u t Christ a n d each other!


What is a good groups without snow ball fights? (Photo courtesy of FCS)

W i n t e r Retreat at Camp

Brethren Heights. (Photo courtesy of FCS)


Following God in all ways!

Fellowship of Christian Students 1 9 1

; sa


Just sit back and let the wind take you away! (Photo courtesy of Hope Sailing)

First step: get the boat into the water! (Photo courtesy of Hope Sailing)

O k a y , so t h e boats don't alway stay straight up! (Photo courtesy of Hope Sailing)

Sailing on the windy seas. (Photo courtesy of Hope Sailing)

1 9 2 Sailing Club

This tough group of men a n d women do not limit their boating to w a r m weather. While t h e rest of Hope is huddling under blankets, this student operated organization heads to Wisconsin, Lansing a n d various other places for sailing regattas. The sailing club w a s re-established in 1 9 9 5 a n d h a s been flourishing ever since, Hope College hosted its own r e g a t t a in 1 9 9 6 . The season starts in tHe fall as club members head out to ktawa B a y Y a c h t Club to practice several hours a week before t h e races. The races generally t a k e place on the weekends. The sailarg^race Lasers like those pictured which were graciously donated b y t h e M a c a t a w a B a y Yacht Club. Although sailing experience is helpf u l all students a r e free to join t h e club a n d sail for Hopa

Men and women Ulitmate Frisbee Team! (Photo courtesy of Ultimate Frisbee)

The 2 0 0 2 - 0 8 Men a n d Women's Ult i m a t e Teams m a d e Hope College Hist o r y once again. The women's t e a m finished its second season a s a n official team, a n d t h e y m a d e a lot of progress in doing so. T h e y played well a t t o u r n a m e n t s a n d began a regular practice schedule. The t e a m is growing a n d is t a k i n g a large step in establishing itself a s a solid club team. The men's t e a m h a d its best season in t h e h i s t o r y of Hope College, The t e a m was not o n l y a dominating force a m o n g division three schools b u t also took on t h e v e r y best schools from Division 1. On Top of being a great t e a m no one will forget the f u n t h a t the team h a d a t Huckfest, t h e LSU tournament, a n d Arctic Vogue (everyone's f a v o r ite tournament). It w a s a great y e a r with lots of memories t h a t will go with t h e m throughout lifa

T h e girls c a n s t a n d on their o w n as t h e y p r o v e d for the second year! (Photo courtesy of Ultimate Frisbee)

The ultimate team! (Photo c o u r t e s y of

Ultimate Frisbee)

av\oi Sailing and Ultimate Frisbee...for land and sea lovers!

Ultimate Frisbee 1 9 8

Liz T y n d e l l a n d A l e s h a H u b e r remember to always face the audience and smile. (Photo courtesty of Poms)

After n e a r l y W o y e a r s of p l a n ning, t h e Hope College Pompon T e a m took t h e floor on December 8rd, 2 0 0 2 for t h e first t i m a T h e t e a m h a s been t h e vision of iiors H e a t h e r Q u a l m a n a n d T y n d e l l since t h e y m e t each other d u r i n g their first y e a r a t H o p a After two y e a r s of h a r d work, n u m e r o u s meetings, a n d a p p r o v a l hearings, t h e two were f i n a l l y able to m a k e their d r e a m a r e a l i t y in October w h e n t h e y h a d t r y o u t s for t h e first t e a m ever. T h e s q u a d consisted of sixteen women who, t h r o u g h o u t t h e c o u r s e of t h e s e a s o n , p o u r e d countless h o u r s into practicing a n d perfecting routines to be performed a t t h e men's h o m e V a r s i t y Basketball games. In t h e end,

E Diana Brudzewski and Christy Churchill preparing for tryouts! ( P h o t o c o u r t e s t y of Poms)

The Pompon team s h o w s off their kickline at halftime! (Photo courtesty of Poms)

Pompon Team: Diana Brudzewski, Christy Churchill, Erica Hess, Alesha Huber, Julie Karger, Alex Kealey, Jilian Mikols, Kristin Meullner, Anna Pusinelli, Courtney Saltarski, Stephanie Szydlowski, Kirsten Werley, Ashley Williams, Katie Zuhr. (Photo courtesty of Poms)

1 9 4 Poms Team

We are ready for the game! Can't wait to get out there and show everyone what we are all about! (Photo courtesty of Poms)

all their h a r d work paid off, a s t h e women were welcomed a n d received b y t h e c a m p u s a n d Holl a n d c o m m u n i t y with a b u n d a n t praise a n d encouragement. While performing a n d t e a m support a r e t h e m a i n objectives of t h e Pompon Team, t h e w o m e n also spent t i m e getting to k n o w each other better a n d introduced a few m e n into t h e rigors of Poms wheri t h e group invited t h e m to perform w i t h t h e m for a r o u t i n a T h r o u g h o u t t h e season, t h e group performed a t f i v e men's g a m e s a n d a t Dance M a r a t h o n . While t h e y feel t h e t e a m ended its first season a success, t h e women of t h e Hope College PomPon t e a m look f o r w a r d to y e t a n o t h e r c h a n c e n e x t y e a r to prove themselves on t h e field.

Can't help but make friends with your fellow Pom team! (Photo courtesty of Poms)



College PomPon Team readies to t a k e t h e floor. (Photo c o u r t e s t y of Poms)

"pf Pompons heat up the halftime show!

Poms Team 1 9 5

For over 7 5 0 students, t h e end of this y e a r m a r k e d t h e h a l f w a y point of their college careers. The sophomore class spent the y e a r getting involved both a c a d e m i c a l l y a n d socially. Most declared t h e i r m a j o r s b y t h e end of t h e y e a r , feeling proud relieved a n d m a y b e e v e n a little a f r a i d T h e y ' r e finished w i t h core classes a n d a r e m o v i n g into t h e r e a l m of t a k i n g o n l y those classes t h a t c o u n t t o w a r d their individual majors, m a k i n g friends w i t h t h e d e p a r t m e n t secretaries a n d getting to k n o w a l l t h e professors in their chosen aresu T h e y ' v e also t a k e n a d v a n t a g e of t h e social activities a r o u n d campus, getting involved a n d for some e v e n m o v i n g into leadership positions. After two y e a r s on campus, t h e y ' v e g o t t e n to k n o w t h e ropes. M a n y sophomores got involved in activities t h e y n e v e r tried a s freshmen a n d began to find their niche in t h e c a m p u s c o m m u n i t y .

w h e t h e r t h a t be t h r o u g h Greek Life t h e Pull, N y k e r k , t h e a t r e , d a n c e , m u s i c . Student Congress, sports — either v a r s i t y , club or I M — a n d t h e list goes on. Most sophomores still lived in residence halls, b u t h a d t h e a d v a n t a g e of knowing most of t h e people a r o u n d t h e m before t h e f a l l semester s t a r t e d Roommates became good friends or, u n f o r t u n a t e l y for some enemies a s t h e y e a r passed b y life lessons, s u c h a s t h e f a c t t h a t sometimes best friends don't m a k e t h e best roommates, were l e a r n e d T h e women or m e n in t h e h a l l s became each other's support group for t h e ups a n d downs of t h e y e a r . As sophomore students began finding their place a r o u n d campus, both in t h e academic a n d t h e social w o r l d Friends c a m e a n d went, classes were added a n d dropped m a j o r s were decided a n d c h a n g e d b u t t h e experiences t a k e n a w a y were a l w a y s worthwhila

Christial Agre Dykstra Erlanger, KY Laurel Albonico Cook Spring Lake Denisa Alexandrescu French House Romania Olim Alimov Cook Younkers, NY Hannah Allen Kollen Howell

npln w Katrina Alvesteffer Cook Whitehall Keri Apostle Phelps Hall Muskegon Johnah Archer Cook Randolph, NY Kristin Asimakoupoulos Kollen Naperville, IL Hannah Augustine Phelps Elburn, IL

1 9 6 SophomorGs


Megan Augustson Off campus.... Beaver Dam, Wl Luke Austin Cosmopolitan ... Las Vegas, NV Chris Avery Durfee Macomb Tara Baase Gilmore Lake City Serge Badiane Senegal Schuppert Cottage

Anne Baker Voorhees Katrine Baker Phelps Warren Baker Voorhees Kristin Barncord Gilmore Katherine Barr Phelps

Wheaton, IL Indian River Mount Pleasent Granger, IN Grand Rapids

Charity Barton Gilmore Wheaton, IL Michelle Barton Troy Diekema Cottage Tyler Basler Cosmo Auburn Jennifer Bassman Kollen Scotch Plains, NJ Michelle Bauder Cook Hudsonville

Kelly Bauer Phelps Sarah Bauman Kollen David Bellows Durfee Chad Benson Phelps Meri Berghorst Phelps


Traverse City Lakewood CO Rochester, NY Grand Ledge Zeeland

Tessa Beukema Phelps Chicago, IL Krystal Beyer DeGraaf Cottage Alpena Mike Billingsley Phelps Birmingham Nate Bisbee Scottsdaie, AZ Wyckoff Lacey Blackport Kollen Hudsonville

Cynthia Blaszak Phelps Stephen Blevins Cook Rebecca Bloemers Kollen Amy Blok Scott Robert Bode Phelps

Lake City Grand Blanc Caledonia Spencer, I A Poulsbo, WA

Sophomores 1 9 7

David Boersma Cosmo Holland James Bolt Cosmo Spring lake Brian Boom Durfee Coopersville John Boote Durfee Holland Anthony Bordenkircher Durfee Little Rock, AR

M Jessica Bos Kollen Lindsay Bottema Gilmore Martha Bouwens Cook Lauren Bransen Kollen Andrea Brooks Gilmore

Grand Rapids Spring Lake Zeeland Park Ridge, IL Elk Grove, CA

Kelly Brown Phelps Rochester, NY Linsday Brown Van Vleck Boise, ID Melissa Brown Van ZyI Cottage... Nonvalk, OH Anna Brownson Kleinheksel Cottage.... Holland Abby Buchwalter Cook Hopewell, NY

Chris Buck Phelps Stephanie Buck Gilmore Tonzia Buor Scott Murry Burgess Phelps Joshua Burkhour Cosmo

Sara Burns Van Vleck Andrew Bussler Phelps Michelle Button Gilmore Emily Cable Scott Lauren Caluory Kollen

Emily Campbell Gilmore Jamie Campbell Dykstra Julianne Carrier Phelps Daniel Carter Wyckoff Kathryn Caulfield Kollen

Vicksburt Fort Wayne, IN Holland Byron Center Jenison

Naperville, IL Holland Haslett Columbus, OH Traverse City

Glenview, IL Harrisvillle Ann Arbor Troy Naperville, IL

198 SophomorGs

'r • ' •

Kari Chase Gilmore Matthew Chatelain Kollen Bridget Chervenka Lichty Alfred Chimoski Kollen Christina Churchill Kollen

Windfield, IL Portage Grand Rapids Suttons Bay Barrington, IL

Christopher Clark Cook Holland Richard Cnossen Cosmo Grand Rapids Cassandra Colegrove Voorhees Morganville, NJ Stefan Coltison Voorhees Holland Christen Conner Gilmore Fort Wayne, IN

Mattew Cook Cook Colleen Cooney Phelps Holli Cooper Kollen Shellila Cooper Cook Amanda Corbett Kollen

Wyoming Radcliff. KY Cassidy City Holt Grand Rapids

Katie Corstange Kollen Kalamazoo John Cowen Cosmo Dexter Andrew Crane Yonkman Cottage Ceder Spring Madeline Crist Phelps South Whitey SD Mitch Cumings Kollen Holton



Jonathan Currey Wyckoff Crystal Dahike Kollen Jenelle Dame Lichty Tyler Danek Durfee David DaPrato Voorhees

'V' •.y:-'

Tara Darter Dykstra Jade Davis Kollen Jill Davis Lichty Jared DeBacker Belt Cottage Eric DeBoer Durfee

FowlerviHe Antigo, Wl Holland East Chesening Richmond, IN

Romeo Battle Creek Wyoming Jonsville Holland

Sophomores 199

Nicolas DeBoer Poll Cottage Anna DeHaan Phelps Ben Dehaan Phelps Michael DeHaan Durfee Amanda Dekker Gilmore

Danville, IL Grand Rapids Cadillac m s l m

Jenison Holland

Katherine Dekker Phelps ... Menomonee Falls, Wl Ryan DeMann Kollen Kentwood Bryan DePotty Wyckoff Kentwood Kortney DeVito Kollen Okemos Krista Dlephuis Kollen Rochester, MN

Brianna DiSalvio Phelps Quyen Do Kollen Emily Doran Van Vleck Liz Doran Kollen Lori Dowdy Kollen

m m m

Homer Holland Mundelein, IL Mundelien, IL Muskegon

John Drake Phelps Rochester Hills Heather Drumm Hastings Lichty Ellen Dudeney Cook Booton, MA Haley Dulaney Brownstone ApartmentsNewago Garrison Dyer Ann Arbor Wyckoff

Hillary Dykema Gilmore Grand Rapids Christopher Dykstra Durfee Lansing, IL Joseph Dykstra Kollen Zeeland Lisa Elenbaas Hamilton Cook Meaghan Elliott Kollen Brighton

Laura Ellis Gilmore Quinn Ellsworth Kollen Jillian English Gilmore Lindsay Fach Voorhees John Falatko Durfee

Aurora, IL Portage Grandville Rose City Pleseant Lake

2 0 0 Sophomores


' w i

Valerie Falstad Voorhees Ashley Farr Kollen Katherine Fields Kollen Lisa Filler Phelps Jennifer Folkert Phelps

Michelle Folkert Phelps Lewis Ford Phelps Drew Forsyth Scott Karl Foust Cook John Freyermuth Kollen

Timothy Fry Kollen Jaquelyn Funk Phelps Helen Fylstra Dykstra Ashley Galat Gilmore Jarred Gall Kollen

Holland Jenison Kalamazoo Fort Wayne, IN Zeeland

Hudsonville Zeeland Vicksburg Plymouth Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Muskegon Hinsdale, IL Haslett Saline

Divya Ganta Phelps Oman Sarah Gardner Phelps New Castle, PA Amanda Gardynik Howell Kollen Zachary Garrett Spring Lake Cook Brittany Gasper Phelps Owings Mills, MD

Lacey Gaubatz Phelps Dana Genow Gilmore Kyle Gier Durfee Melissa Gifford Van Vleck Katherine Gignac Kollen

Amanda Glas Diekema Ctg Anthony Gleason Kollen Mark Gleason Kollen Megan Goff Lichty Travis Goldwlre Scott

Canton Grand Rapids Holland Normal, IL Washington

Kalamazoo Allegan Ann Arbor Traverse City Grand Ledge

Sophomores 2 0 1

David Gorno Off Campus Henry Gould Cook Candace Graham Kollen Katherine Grambau Phelps Andrea Gramm Gilmore

Holland Zeeland Hudsonvllle Kalamzoo Bremen, IN

Lindsey Greene Jackson College East Clarissa Gregory Portage, Wl Kollen Daane Griffeth Grand Rapids Durfee Rachel Groggel Kollen Grand Rapids Sandra Guenther Germany German Cottage

Carol Guess Voorhees Fort Wayne, IN Angela Haberlein Phelps Interlochen Marcy Halk Phelps Walker Samantha Halladay Voorhees Reed City Molly Hamel Phleps Grand Rapids

Daniel Hansens Kollen Midland Sarah Harris Phelps Glenview, IL Stephanie Hartsell Phelps Bloomfield Hills Emily Hatcher Kollen West Dundee, IL Jonathon Hausler Cosmo Marshall

Brittany Havens Phelps Rockford Paul Hayes Cosmo Grand Rapids Elizabeth Headworth Phelps Ionia Nina Healy Voorhees Northfield, MN Erica Heeg Dykstra Pekin, IL

Katherine Helmer Kollen Bloomfield Hills Jennifer Henke Kollen Rensselaer, IN Jessica Henneman Voorhees Ludington Nicole Herbst Voorhees Menomonee Falls, Wl Jessica Hermann Cook Midland

2 0 2 SophomorGs

Katrina Herron Voorhees Jeffrey Heydlauff Durfee Kari Hildebrandt Phelps John Hile Scott Rachel Hilla Kollen


Davison Chelsea Greenwood, IN Ann Arbor Howell

Rebecca Hillyard Lichty Rochester, NY Adam Hilton Brumler Holland Matthew Hinzmann Kollen Buttons Bay Paul Hoeksema Kollen Grand Rapids Kathryn Hoenecke Phelps Grand Haven

Heidi Hogeboom Kollen Daniel Holleboom Phelps Kelli Hoogerhyde Gilmore Lisa Hoogerwerf Gilmore Holly Hopley Gilmore

m k :

Grand Rapids Grand Blanc Wyoming Holland Algonquin, IL

Wi Amelia Hosford Van Vleck Jessica Hosteller Kollen Alesha Huber Kollen Katie Hughes Phelps Krista Hughes Dykstra

Amy Huizen Lichty Steve Huizenga Phelps

Bath Zanesville, OH De Forest, Wl Paw Paw Rochester Hills

Jenison Zeeland


minczA/ Samara Webb takes a break during Dance Marathon to hold one of the children sponsored by the annual fundraising event. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

Sophomores 2 0 8

Martha Hunyadi Lichty Kelley Hutchins Kollen Rachel Hutt Van Vieck Elizabeth Irvine Phelps Katie Jakobcic College East

Kristopher James Phelps Rachel Jamieson Lichty Keith Janofski Wyckoff Renee Jehl Van Vleck Lisa Jewell Kleis Cottage

Kalamazoo Livonia Marion, NY Rochester, NY Nunica

Wheeler Orchard Lake Marquette Fort Wayne, IN St. Joseph

Lauren Jewett Zionsville, IN Cook Audra Jobin Phelps Spring Lake Christopher Johnson Kollen White Lake Elizabeth Johnson Van Vleck St. Anthony, MN Jessica Johnson Phelps Marshall

Jonathan Johnson Reese Cottage David Jorgenson Scott Stephanie Judd Cook Elizabeth Jury Kb/ten Peter Kachur Cosmo

Andrea Kaffka Phelps Jacob Kain Cook Gracia Kamps Gilmore Jeremy Karel Kollen Julie Karger Cook

Fremont Byron, IL Frankenmuth Dewitt Niles

Naperville, IL Williamston Hudsonville Grand Rapids Zeeland

Krista Kawiecki Gilmore Midland Karen Kaye Off Campus Saugatuck Alexandra Kealey Kollen Merton, Wl Mary Kearney Gilmore Clinton Township John Keim Phelps South Bend, IN

2 0 4 Sophomores

Timothy Keur Durfee Audra King Gilmore Harrison King Durfee Julia King Dykstra Julie King Phelps

Hudsonville Caledonia Lake Odessa Ann Arbor Jenison

Kyle Kleersnyder Durfee Alto Amanda Klepper Lichty Traverse City Jack Klunder Durfee Hopkins Robert Knechl Durfee Grand Rapids Rebecca Knooihuizen Kollen Grandville

Joshua Koning Phelps Erin Koopman Kollen Seth Kovarik Cook Kerrie Krahn Kollen Katie Kresnak Cook

... Kalamazoo Byron Center Traverse City Plainwell Petoskey

Andrew Kroli Arcadian Cottage ,, Caledonia Loren Kronemeyer Kollen Grand Rapids Kathryn Kuipers Byron Center Gilmore Rachel Kuiphof Holland Kollen Aubrey Kurtze Carson City Voorhees

Jeffrey Kurtze Belt Cottage Tiffany Labon Scott Kirsten Lafean Gilmore Lindsay Lagios Phelps Chris Lam Durfee

Sarah Lamer Lichty Jennifer Lampani Gilmore Nicole Lantz Cook Landon Lapham Phelps Thomas LaRoche Wyckoff

Elkhart, IN Memphis, TN Port Huron Traverse City Kalamazoo

Zeeiand Grand Rapids Dyer, IN Whitehall Hudsonville

Sophomores 2 0 5

Kyle Lawton Durfee Tamika Lee Ross Cottage Theresa Leed Kollen Brooke Leman Gilmore Kimberly Lesmes Kollen

Holland Nunica Snyder, NY Elmhurst, IL Fredonia, NY

Sarah Lesnau Kollen .... Washington Township Glenn Lester Phelps St. Joseph Emily Liang Alpha Phi Cottage .. Fairview, IL Jim Librizzi Phelps Orland Park, IL Matthew Lillrose Cosmo Chicago, IL

Christopher Lininger Cook Stacey Lizzo Phelps Emily Llewellyn Kollen Kristen Lodden Gilmore Jennifer Lowe Phelps

Kalamazoo Naperville, IL Fremont Ada Holland

Amy Lubbers Gilmore Kentwood Adam Lucas Off Campus Alto Bruce Lund Kuyper Cottage Reed City Morgan Machledt Phelps Indianapolis, IN Gabe Macias Phelps White Pigeon

' -ik: Jaime Madigan Gilmore Priya Malviya Kollen Michelle Mandel Kollen Rebecca Marcus Phelps Christopher Marlink Off Campus

Ann Arbor Holland Wheaton, IL Holland Zeeland

Bethany Martynowicz Van Vleck South Holland, IL Caleb Martz Kollen Big Rapids Kristen Marvin Gilmore Mount Pleasent Abbie Matthews Van Vleck Fort Wayne, IN Krystal Matthews Van Vleck Indianapolis, IN

2 0 6 Sophomores

John Maxwell Phelps Manton Allison McCabe Kappa Chi Cottage Fenton Stephanie McCann Phelps Midland Christopher McGarvey Peoria, IL Wyckoff Lindsey McGrath Gil mo re Wheaton, IL


Christina McNeely Gilmore Aaron Mehl Durfee Nathan Mejeur College East Heather Mentzer Cook Andrew Mercer Kollen

Derek Meyer Durfee Andrew Meyers Wyckoff Mary Miceli Kollen Meredith Mick Gilmore Erica Miedema Kollen

Amanda Miller Van Vleck Daniel Miller Voorhees Jason Misner Kollen Jericho Moll Kollen Brynne Moore Lichy

Nicole Morell Phelps Caitlin Morrill Cook Joshua Morse Scott Phillip Morse Kollen Helen Motorna Voorhees



Brian Mott Phelps Brian Mulder Wyckoff Jessica Mumford Smith Cottage Elizabeth Murphy Lichty Carmen Nee Gilmore

Countryside, IL Battle Creek Kalamazoo Wichita, KS Bessington, IL

Allendale ChurchviHe, NY Aurora, IL Roscommon Zeeland

Coopersville Colchester, IL Kalamazoo Anchorage, AK Holland

White Lake Grand Rapids Cadillac Dearborn Heights Kiev

Zeeland Midland ... Kalamazoo Horton ... Kalamazoo

Sophomores 2 0 7

Jonathan Negley Off Campus Mike Nelsen Cosmo Jessica Nelson Gilmore Kelly Nelson Cook Megan Niergarth Cook

Holland Grant St. Joseph Rockford Traverse City

Addison Noreen Dykstra Hersey Ashley North Voorhees Brighton Chris Nuiver Kollen Grand Rapids Daniel Olson Durfee Mason Daniel Opperwall Durfee Grosse Point Park

Kate Orbaker Phelps Williamson, NY Catherine Otto Phieps Byron Center Sarah Overacker Gilmore Nunica Christopher Paglino Cosmo Troy Candis Parrish Mandeville Cttg ... Traverse City

Margaret Parrish Kollen Scott Parrott Durfee Eric Patterson Phelps Holly Patterson Gilmore Katie Paturalski Gilmore

Grandville Zeeland Fort Wayne, IN Kalamazoo Buchanan

Jessica Nelson and Lacy Peterson as Wendy and Peter Pan in 05 Play of the Nykerk Cup competition. (Photo courtesy of Public Relations)

J. Barret Werlund shows off his manners during VanderProv. (Photo by Rachel Achtemeier)

2 0 8 Sophomoreg

Jonathan Paulus Wyckoff Midland Elisabeth Pellinen Phelps Minneapolis, MN Mike Peters Kollen Northville Gretchen Peterson Gilmore Carmel, IN Larissa Peterson Phelps Hudsonville




Gina Petrovic Kollen Kyle Pett Phelps Jillian Pettijohn Kollen Melissa Pikaart Lichty Tina Pike Van Vleck

Jill Pinter Van Vleck Ashley Plowman Kollen Grace Pollert Kollen Stephanie Post Phelps Megan Praamsma Off Campus

Scottsdale, AZ Holland Grandville Zeeland Rochester, MN

Belleville Mulliken Ada Midland Holland

Andrea Pratt Phelps Traverse City Cassie Prusinski Kollen Niles Anna Puslnelli Gilmore Western Springs. IL Allison Rapaport Kollen Mount Pleasant Ryan Rapp Phelps Grand Rapids

Jasmine Rave Dykstra Dell Rapids, SD Alexandria Reed Kollen Lansing Breeanca Reed Phelps Holland Amanda Reenders Gilmore Grand Haven Octavia Reese French House Detroit


Jennifer Rigotti French House Dinah Rios Scott AN Rizzo Kollen Emily Robinson Voorhees Jessica Robinson Gilmore

Rudyard Holland Holland Grant Grand Haven

SophomorGs 2 0 9

Kimberly Rockwell Lichty Jenison Adam Rodriguez Cosmo Holland John Rodstrom Phelps Mount Vernon, OH Kristin Roedema Kollen Grand Rapids Steffanie Rosalez Lichty Alma

Amber Ross Kollen Stephanie Ross Dykstra Katherine Roth Phelps Jennifer Rottluff Kollen Emily Rupchock Kollen

Peter Rusche Kollen Brendan Ryan College East Andrea Saldivar Kollen Tara Salo Cook Demetri Salvaggio Oggel

Erin Sanborn Voorhees Ben Sanders Cosmo Pannha Sann Cook Kristin Saper Phelps Ashleigh Sartor Lichty

Amanda Schafer Lichty Laurie Scharp Phelps Bryan Scheffers Phelps Richard Schildhouse Kollen Emily Schlltz Kollen

Amy Schluslar Kollen Emily Schmidt Lichty Gretchen Schmidt Kollen Daniel Scholfield Kollen Megan Scholten Lichty



Schiller Park Chicago, IL Lansing Naperville, IL Niles

Grand Rapids Petoskey Warsaw, IN Houghton LaFayette, OH

Amherst, OH Evanton, IL Holland Ada Plymouth

Zealand Lincoln, NE Portage Niles Potterville

Lapeer Decatur, GA Decatur, GA Chester, NJ Zeeland

2 1 0 Sophomores


Nick Schomisch Kollen Martinsville, IN Matthew Schreiber Durfee Grand Haven Jacob Schrock Kollen Clarkville Hannah Schroeder Holland Lichty Nichole Schroeder Kollen Mason

Wendy Schroeder Phelps Michael Schuiling Kollen Daniel Schulte Cosmo Erin Schutter Off Campus Emily Schwartz Kollen

Midland Aurora, CO Ada Hamilton Commerce

Matthew Schwieger Kollen St. Clair Rob Scott Phelps Naperville, IL Trinity Scurto Gilmore Lake in the Hills, IL Shelly Sedgwick Scott Indianapolis, IN Katie Seifert Phelps

Joseph Shaffer Cook Ryan Shedd Patterson Megan Sheehan Kollen Kyle Shepherd Off Campus Sarah Sheridan Kollen


Muskegon Coldwater Hudsonville Oak Forest. IL Muskegon

Andrea Sieklucki Gilmore Kalamazoo Josh Silko Durfee Michigan City, IN Neil Simons Cook St. Joseph Matt Slack Phelps Kalamazoo Albert Skndebroek Kollen Howard City

Rachael Sloop Welmers Cttg .. Comstock Park Samantha Smith Kollen Hudsonville Sarah Smith Cook Dearborn Kevin Smittie Cook South Haven James Sorge Durfee Bloomfield

Sophomores 2 1 1

Travis Spaman Durfee Allegan Eva Spiece Brumler Whitehall Nathan Sprik Cosmo Grand Rapids Justin Spyker Patterson Cottage Portage Heather Spykerman Gilmore Holland

Katie Stacy Voorhees Emily Stange Lichty Mary Stark Lichty Laura Steed Van Vleck Kelly Steeves Kollen

Laura Sterling Phleps Erika Stevens Cook Rebekah Stewart Kollen Sarah Stowell Kollen Mari Stuppy Kollen

Whitehall Lapeer Onsted Traverse City Clarendon Hills, IL

Walworth, NY Andover, MN HudsonviHe Lake Odessa Dowagiac

William Sumner Pheips Midland Matthew Svoboda Voorhees Grand Haven Paula Swanson Lake Zurich, IL Lichty Janelle Swisher Kollen Dowagiac Stephanie Szydlonski Van Vleck Muskegon

Mike Tacchella Kollen Nicholas Tacoma Kollen Sarah Taft Phelps M. Erin Tagg Voorhees Anthony Taylor Cook

Sturgis Cedar Springs Linden Renfrew, PA Harrison

Sidra Tees Gilmore Watervliet Abby TeGrotenhuis Gilmore Greencastie, IN Christina Thompson Phelps Holland Jamie Thorley Kollen Hillsdale, IL Matthew Thome Kollen Vermontrille

2 1 2 Sophomores


Hannah Thurston Scott Beth Tichler Cook Seth Timmer Cosmo Victoria Toben Kollen Liz Tofari Gilmore

Germany Morrison, IL Byran Center Troy Eureka, MO

Joseph Tolton Schuppert Cottage Midland John Toth Kollen Northville Kyle Trapp Durfee Ada Rachel Trautwein Kollen WheatonJL Virginia Trover Voorhees Lafayette, OH

Joe Turbessi Off Campus Shea Tuttle Vennema Takaya Ueno Cook Kristine Umlaut Kollen Abby Uphaus Gilmore

Nunica Aurora, IL Osaka, Japan Plymouth Jackson

Matt Van Der Wende Midland Wyckoff Joshua Van Dop Voorhees Gahanna, OH Pamela Van Dort Cook Midland Michael Van Hofwegen Phelps Spencer, IA Ashley Van Meter Gilmore Jackson


Nicholas Van Slett Phelps Germantown, Wl Jenna Van Wagoner Gilmore Plymoth Shanna Van Zyl Gilmore Grand Island, NB Jordon VandeBunte Kollen Alto Lauren VandeKopple Gilmore Belmont

Kyle VandenHeuvel Cook Holland Zachary Vander Meeden Cosmo Grand Haven Brad Vanderberg Wyckoff Lemont, IL Corie VanderVeen Kollen Grand Rapids Tyler VanderVen Kollen Grand Rapids

Sophomores 2 1 3

Gerald Vander Wal III Cosmo Wyoming Daniel VanDis Kollen Kalamazoo Julie VanKalker Kollen Caledonia Phillip VanLaan Lowell Wyckoff Joshua VanNamen Cosmo Cumming, GA

Maureen Yanovitz Kollen Peter VanWylen Durfee John Veldt Cook Emily Veneklase Vorhees Nicholas Vidoni Kollen

Ann Arbor Holland Wayland Grand Rapids Lisle, IL •

Andrew Vlasak Oggel Grosse Pointe Jason Wagenmaker Phelps Grand Haven Michelle Walker Kappa Chi Cottage Brighton Regan Walton Voorhees Lafayette, CO Le Wang Phelps New York, NY

Audrey Waples Lichty Traverse City Lisa Warmus Gilmore Rochester, NY Matthew Waterstone Cook Holland Corlnne Watters Phelps Mason Nate Weaver Cook Grand Rapids

Samara Webb Phelps Andrea Wellman Cook Andrew Wells Phelps Kirsten Werley Kollen J. Barrett Wernlund Phelps Brown

Lansing Portage Midland Holland Deer, Wl

Ashley Weston Lichty Petoskey Lindsay White Kollen Traverse City McGregor Whitney Kollen Suttons Bay Julie Wiant Gilmore Rochester Hills Anna Wlckstra Gilmore New Era

2 1 4 Sophomores


Joshua Wiersma Durfee Ashley Williams Kollen Ashley Williams Phelps Ross Williams Kollen Samantha Wilson Kollen


LaGrange, IL Northville Elkhart, IN Travers City West Olive

Timothy Wilson Phelps Amelia Wing Gilmore Stephanie Witmer Phelps Lucas Wolfe Parkview Deb Working Phelps

Hudsonville Maple City Muskegon Cedar Springs Zeeland

Kristin Woroniec Phelps Jean Wu Van Vleck Matthew Wyngarden Off Campus Jennifer Yamaoka Cook Stephen Yarbrough Off Campus

Fenton Livonia Holland Zealand East Lansing

David Yetter Wyckoff LaGrange Park, IL Jessica Yokas Van Vleck Oelwein, IA Travis Young Kollen Holland Abigail Youngerman Royal Oak Lichty Daniel Zomerlei Durfee Byron Center


/ Katherine Zuhr Kollen Matt Zuska Phelps Kristin Zwart Lichty Timothy Zweering Durfee Elizabeth Zylstra Gilmore

Des Plaines, IL Lake Forest, IL Kalamazoo Hudsonville Byron Center

Sophomores 2 1 5


Cl^ejAA-l^rtsr^ CIUP 1-1


131313 U 7





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Vetfoty^t/^evti Pl^(yto3 13 0-13^ 216



Divider 2 1 7

T h

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N p

P u

Some students spent the summer teaching science camps for elementary students. (Photo courtesy of Chemistry Dept.)

Local elementary students attended science c a m p s held in Peale Science Center. (Photo courtesy of Chemistry Dept.)

Professor Todd G u g i n o helps a student with his project during scicamp. ence (Photo courtesy of Chemistry Dept.)

2 1 8 Chemistry Camps

This summer, I found myself in a great o p p o r t u n i t y to develop c u r r i c u l u m a n d t e a c h s u m m e r science c a m p s a t Hope College. From t h e m o m e n t school w a s over for t h e y e a r , I s t a r t e d c u r r i c u l u m development for t h e s u m m e r science camps. I w a s p e r s o n a l l y in c h a r g e of "How Things W o r k " a n d " E n v i r o n m e n t a l Sciences." These c a m p s m i g h t h a v e been a g r e a t opp o r t u n i t y for children to learn things t h e y were interested in, b u t I feel a s t h o u g h I did most of t h e learning this siimmer. Even t h o u g h I a m h a l f w a y t h r o u g h college now, I believe this job t a u g h t m e a lot more t h a n a n y education class h a s . T h e first four weeks I found myself doing a lot of reading a n d searching. W e h a d to find a week's w o r t h of m a t e r i a l for e a c h c a m p we were focusing on. In order to find good activities, I brainstormed a n d wrote down s e v e r a l things I w a n t e d t h e Dr. kids t o l e a r n d u r i n g t h e week. K r u p c z a k f r o m t h e Physics Department, aided m e in developing t h e c u r r i c u l u m for t h e "How Things Work" camp. He teaches t h a t s a m e class d u r i n g t h e y e a r to college students, a n d h a d some v e r y resourceful ideas. W h e n I h a d f i n a l l y found enough c u r r i c u l u m to fill t h e t i m e for t h e camps, I t h e n h a d to w r i t e u p all of t h e activities so t h a t kids could follow t h e m . Then t h e kids c a m a I could see t h a t I w a s l e a r n i n g a g r e a t deal from t h e kids. I found myself m a k i n g a m i s t a k e w i t h one child b u t correcting t h a t m i s t a k e later in t h e summer. Teaching methods were also a n o t h e r t h i n g I g r e a t l y improved upon. W h e n I signed u p for t h i s job, I w a s n ' t s u r e w h a t I w a s in store for. I feel a s t h o u g h this s u m m e r h a s t a u g h t m e a lot a b o u t teaching, kids, a n d curriculum development. This job w a s a lot h a r d e r t h a n a conventional s u m m e r job, b u t it w a s definitely w o r t h it!

Working together, creating new environments

awA TrHBeta is the bridge between students and f a c u l t y of the biology department. "It is a n organization where hkermnded people can get together, pool ideas and h a v e a good time," said TrHBeta president R y a n H a m b y . This national b r ology honor society whose Alpha E t a chapter has existed on Hope's campus since 1950, is a n assimilation of biology majors and minors who enjoy getting involved in biology beyond the classroom and labs. The members plan service, social and academic-oriented events t h a t are then available to all biology majors and minors. This year, the club sponsored m a n y social events, including a l u a u in the greenhouse and dinners a t f a c u l t y houses. T h e y also participated in Little Science Club, a club r u n b y the Chemistry department, but devoted a couple S a t u r d a y s to biology-related activities. Tri-Beta interacts with the c o m m u n i t y b y inviting the kids in to learn about biology and h a v e f u n doing it," said TriBeta vice president J o d y M u r r a y , who organized the biology portion of Little Science Club. "Overall Tri-Beta promotes u n i t y among the f a c u l t y and students of t h e biology department through the social events and activities. I t s important to get to know the f a c u l t y and feel comfortable around them t h e y are our greatest academic resource during these four years.

/f\?-ol^aAo Two kids mixing chemicals during summer science camp, (Photo courtesy of Chemistry Dept.)

Chemistry students, devoted their time to teaching the scientists of t o m o r row. (Photo courtesy of Chemistry Dept.)


Tri-Beta Officers Jody Murray, Aaron Johnson, Karina Machado, Ryan Hamby, Matt Teusink, Isabel Le. (Photo courtesy of Tri-Beta)

Tri'Beta 219

/" ov-t^


Education and expression through music

Senior Alyson Payne performs Act 1, Scene 5 from "The Ballad of Baby Doe" along with A b b i e Matthews,

Carmen Rabbitt, Sara Luneak and

Rachel Trautwein. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Sophomore Hillary Dykema performs Rondo from "Sonata for Horn and Piano" by Heiden for the DeVos Musical Showcase. (Photo by Sidra Tees.)

W e a v i n g t h r o u g h t h e corridors of N y k e r k H a l l on a n y given d a y a r e t h e sounds of musicians a n d singers practicing a n d ensembles rehearsing. There a r e m a n y m u sic ensembles on campus, including! Orchest r a W i n d S y m p h o n y , Symphonette, J a z z Ensemble, A n c h o r Band, College Choir, C h a p e l Choir, W o m e n ' s Chorus, College M u s i c u m , a n d m a n y c h a m b e r groups. Most of these groups rehearse two or t h r e e times a week, a n d h a v e a t least two concerts per semester. Some groups, such as J a z z E n s e m b l e Anchor Band a n d Chapel Choir perform a t special e v e n t s both on a n d off c a m p u s . J a z z Ensemble performs before e v e r y Visiting Writers Series, t h e A n c h o r B a n d spends h o u r s p l a y i n g a t v a r i o u s athletic events, a n d Chapel Choir performs a t local churches a n d also does a t o u r over spring break. S y m p h o n e t t e which is a n elite a r m of t h e Orchestra also goes on tour, a l t e r n a t i n g e v e r y other y e a r between a spring b r e a k t o u r domestically a n d a t o u r of Europe d u r i n g M a y . Performing ensembles a r e filled with m a n y different kinds of students. Music m a j o r s a n d minors, both performance a n d education, a r e involved in m a n y groups, b u t so a r e non-music majors. "I like being i n v o l v e d w i t h ensembles because e v e n t h o u g h I'm not a music m a j o r I e n j o y it a n d it challenges m e to practice a n d keep g e t t i n g better," s a i d f r e s h m a n Kristen

Symphonette violinists rehearse before their big concert. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

2 2 0 Academics

Sophomore Cari Chapin performs a flute solo accompanied by Lisa W a l t e r s . (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Ingaczak, Music is a n a r e a t h a t brings diverse people together to work towards a common goal a n d s h a r e incredible experiences. T h e highlight of t h e y e a r for t h e music d e p a r t m e n t is t h e a n n u a l Showcase a t DeVos H a l l in G r a n d Rapids. Most of t h e groups mentioned a b o v e perform, b u t t h e concert also f e a t u r e s solos a n d c h a m ber groups w h o h a v e to go t h r o u g h a n audition process in order to be selected for t h e concert. Around 1 0 0 0 people including parents, friends a n d interested students flock to DeVos H a l l to see t h e Showcase e v e r y y e a r . Senior J o s h B r a n d e n b u r g performed a v o c a l solo a t t h e Showcasa He expressed, "Devos w a s a g r e a t experience. You get to w a l k on s t a g e a n d give y o u r h e a r t to t h e audience. No m a t t e r w h e t h e r y o u a r e doing a serious piece or a comedy, it's still y o u t h a t y o u ' r e g i v i n g t h e crowd. It is y o u telling a story, g i v i n g a l a u g h or j u s t e n t e r t a i n i n g someone for a few more minutes. There is no feeling in t h e world like stepping on stage a n d knowing t h a t e v e r y e y e is focused on y o u w a i t i n g for y o u to m a k e t h e n i g h t light up. For m e performing is more t h a n j u s t showing w h a t I c a n do, it is showing w h o I a m a n d w h a t I a m m a d e of."

Senior Josh Brandenburg sings "Mama Says" from the musical Footfor the loose DeVos Musical Showcase. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Senior Nick Toben plays "Serenade, Opus 10" by von Dohnanyi along with the string trio at DeVos Musical Showcase. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

Music Groups 2 2 1

Choreographer Jessica Nelson smiles with her d a n c e r s P a u l a G r a h m a n n , A n n a Pusinelli and Sidra Tees. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nelson)


C a l m i n g their nerves before going on stage. (Photo by Sidra Tees)

2 2 2 Acajdemics

T h e D a n c e d e p a r t m e n t p u t s on t h e Student Dance Concert twice a y e a r . It is a showcase of student talents. Students a r e provided w i t h t h e u n i q u e opportun i t y to explore choreographic a n d performing t a l e n t s a s well a s production elements t h r o u g h a self-produced, s t u d e n t choreog r a p h e d concert. T h e y h a v e f u l l reign over t h e dances t h e y choreograph, including t h i n g s like music, length, dancers, a n d t y p e of dance. As concert time approaches, students a r e responsible for signing u p to c r e a t e a w o r k a n d Tor holding auditions for their cast. T h e y conceive a n d rehearse their work w i t h assistance a n d guidance from department chair Maxine DeBruyn and faculty member Steven l a n n a c o n a Stud e n t s a r e responsible for cost u m e s a n d m a y get t h e opport u n i t y to design a simple lighting plot for their w o r k As s t u d e n t choreographers begin working w i t h their d a n c ers, t h e y h a v e to go t h r o u g h two ajudications w i t h p r o g r a m directors DeBruyn and l a n n a c o n a T h e first consisted of showing t h e directors t h e choreo g r a p h y t h a t h a d been set a t t h a t point a n d receiving advice a n d suggestions f r o m t h e m . The second w a s like a n audition, a f ter w h i c h t h e directors decided






Student Dance Concerts light up the stage w h e t h e r t h e piece would a p p e a r a t t h e Knickerbocker concert or a t t h e Studio concert. T h e pieces in these shows v a r i e d f r o m l y r i c a l j a z z to solo modern, to drama-inspired production n u m b e r s . One f a v o r i t e piece w a s senior Peter Beck's age Love, I t incorporated dialogue a n d silence into t h e t r a d i tional d a n c e piece. This piece w a s v e r y different f r o m t h e pieces n o r m a l l y seen a t a d a n c e concert, There were, of course, m o r e t r a d i t i o n a l pieces l i k e I am

-i >•

Woman choreographed b y Jessica Nelson, w h o s a i d "Choreographing w a s a g r e a t experience. M y girls were awesome!" or 7 -

11 Coffeehouse choreographed b y Jeff K u r z a These concerts provided a n excellent o p p o r t u n i t y for d a n c ers a n d audience m e m b e r s a l i k a The dancers h a d t h e c h a n c e to choreograph a s t h e y s a w fit, to dance in pieces t h e y helped create, a n d to be involved in m a n y different forms of dance. T h e a u dience w a s privileged to see t h e D a n c e D e p a r t m e n t in its f u l l glory, diversified a n d powered b y students.

Warming up before the fall concert. (Photo courtesy of the Dance department)

Student Dance Concert 2 2 3

avyoi P \ r O ^ I O M A year of pizza, discussion, and excellence o1- /








Senior Lindsey Root p r e s e n t s her research at the Midwestern Psychological A s s o c i a t i o n in Chicago. The paper submitted by her and Amy Sato was selected as one of 16 Regional Award winners. (Photo courtesy of Psi Chi)

Professor Mary Inman stands by the poster she produced with her students Rosa Morales (left) and Joy Pope (right). They presented their poster at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Psi Chi)

I T h e E f f e c t s of Religion on Marital Satisfact

Psi Chi is t h e N a t i o n a l Honor Society in Psychology/ it w a s founded in 1 9 2 9 for t h e purpose of encouraging, s t i m u l a t i n g , a n d m a i n t a i n i n g excellence in scholarship a n d a d v a n c i n g t h e science of p s y c h o l o g y . M e m b e r s of Psi Chi h a v e to be inducted into t h e p r o g r a m . D u r i n g this school y e a r , Hope's c h a p t e r of Psi Chi held t w o inductions, one in November a n d one in M a r c h . A n y s t u d e n t interested in P s y c h o l o g y is allowed to a t t e n d meetings, b u t o n l y those i n v i t e d c a n a t t e n d t h e induction. Besides t h e inductions, this y e a r ' s Psi Chi c l u b held m o n t h l y m e e t i n g s . T h e meetings consisted of p i z z a professors a n d d i s c u s s i o n of P s y c h o l o g y . T h e y a l s o b r o u g h t outside speakers. This y e a r t h e speakers t a l k e d a b o u t m d u s t r i a l organi" z a t i o n a l Psychology, research a n d statistics, a n d a b o u t t h e P h i l a d e l p h i a Center P r o g r a m . Dr. Roehling Dr. Motiff, a n d Dr. M e y e r s of Hope's P s y c h o l o g y D e p a r t m e n t also g a v e personal s t a t e m e n t s a n d t a l k e d a b o u t g r a d u a t e school a n d Intuition'. It's Powers a n d Perils, respectively. M a n y of t h e m e m b e r s also presented their research a t v a r i o u s conferences including Hope's U n d e r g r a d u a t e Research Conference a n d t h e Psi Chi Midwestern Regional Convention P r o g r a m . T h e y also p a r t i c i p a t e d in Dance Marathon, with treasurer R y a n Cox a s t h e i r l o y a l dancer. I n t h e past, Psi Chi h a s visited g r a d u a t e schools, gone to t h e F r e u d exhibit a t t h e Field s M u s e u m in Chicago, r u n a CD drive, a n d m u c h m o r a I n t h e f u t u r e t h e y hope to do some m o r e g r a d u a t e school visits a n d o t h e r f u n stuff.

Heather Swope and Mike Brown present their research at the National Council for Undergraduate Research. (Photo courtesy of Psi Chi)

2 2 4 Psi Chi


The Pre-Law Club Steering Committee: Erica Viegelahn, Jeremy Brieve, Sarah Wilkinson and Brian Manning at one of their morning JPs meetins with Dean Miller. (Photo courtesy of Pre-Law Club)

The y e a r w a s f u l l of forums, discussion panels, a n d guest speakers for t h e Pre-Law Club. T h e Pre-Law Club Steering Committee s t a r t e d t h e y e a r off bright a n d e a r l y meeting several times a t 7 a m a t JP's w i t h t h e D e a n of Social Sciences, N a n c y Miller, to help p l a n J i m Wallace's visit to c a m pus. At t h e s a m e t i m e t h e committee w a s also b u s y organizing visits f r o m t h e President of t h e Michigan Bar Association, Bruce Neckers a n d M i c h i g a n S u p r e m e Court Justice, Robert Young. T h e Steering Committee weren't t h e o n l y ones b u s y on t h e P r e - L a w Club, M a n y m e m b e r s were t a k i n g a d v a n t a g e of t h e c a m p a i g n season a n d p a r t i c i p a t i n g in internships a t local p a r t y h e a d q u a r ters. Pre-Law Club m e m b e r s worked dilig e n t l y calling voters, distributing signs, passing out l i t e r a t u r e a n d e v e n going doorto-door in t h e r a i n to inform local citizens a b o u t t h e November 5 t h election. Some members e v e n helped out w i t h t h e r a l l y for Dick P o s t h u m u s a n d t h e v i s i t a t i o n hosted in t h e Kletz on November 1. Spring semester found t h e club doing some "spring cleaning" a n d setting u p new m a i l i n g lists a n d working on ideas to u p d a t e t h e Political Science D e p a r t m e n t ' s LSAT supplies. T h e club members did t a k e t i m e out f r o m a l l their work to h a v e some fun, though. T h e y hosted s e v e r a l discussion panels on topics such a s t h e LSAT a n d Video Games a n d Violence. T h e club ended t h e y e a r w i t h a dinner a t Pietros w h e r e t h e y hosted Chief J u s t i c e Robert Holmes Bell of t h e United S t a t e s District Court of t h e Western District of Michigan. Next y e a r , t h e club is looking forw a r d to being able to host more c a m p u s wide speaking events a s well a s free w e e k l y help sessions Tor students p r e p a r i n g for t h e LSAT.

Pre-Law Club hosted Supreme Court Justice Robert Y o u n g for his last speaking event of t h e c a m p a i g n season. (Photo courtesy of Pre-Law Club)


Jeremy Brieve, Sarah Wilkinson, Matthew Schweiger and Steven Gendrikous stuff c a m p a i g n flyers at the Ottawa County Republican Headquarters. (Photo courtesy of Pre-Law Club)

Pre-Law Club 2 2 5 i

College h a s m a n y diverse purposes/ perhaps one of t h e most i m p o r t a n t is t h e opportun i t y for y o u n g people to grow a n d c h a n g a It affords its participants t h e chance to get their feet wet t h r o u g h hands-on t r a i n i n g in their fields. For m a n y t h e a t r e students, student t h e a t r e productions provide this place for t h e m within t h e t h e a t r e department. E a c h y e a r t h e t h e a t r e f a c u l t y puts on f o u r m a i n s t a g e productions. These shows a r e designed, directed a n d produced b y a d u l t professionals. While these p l a y s provide opportunities for m a n y actors a n d student technical staff, t h e n a t u r e of a n y p l a y limits t h e n u m b e r of students t h a t c a n get involved. M a n y y o u n g actors, directors, designers, a n d stage m a n a g e r s a r e therefore left without t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to t w e a k their skills. This is one of t h e m a i n functions of student produced playsi t h e y provide students w i t h t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to utilize their own artistic abilities, a n d learn to produce p l a y s independent of a d u l t professionals. The m a i n reason students decide to produce their own p l a y s is to fulfill t h e credits required to g r a d u a t e for e v e r y thea t r e m a j o r . In order to fulfill t h e requirement, students m u s t produce a p l a y of their choice, with a s m a l l budget provided b y t h e college, while also filling a n o t h e r production role such a s actor, designer, or director. T h e producing student in t u r n finds other students to fill t h e production roles. This gives y o u n g designers a n d actors a c h a n c e to practice their class work in a tangible, practical w a y . This y e a r three p l a y s were produced including Miss Julie b y Strindberg, prcr duced b y Peter Beck, Twelfth Night or As you Will b y Shakespeare, produced b y P a t r i c k Glaub a n d R y a n Graves, a n d Parallel Lives b y G a f f n e y a n d N a j i m y produced b y Katie Carlston. E a c h of these



Students experience new-found freedom

I^y ^Av^^tlvi V&oov-v^ap l a y s w a s different in s t y l e a n d time period g i v i n g a d i v e r s i t y of s t u d e n t s t h e chance to shine in their best a r e n a . For instance in t h e past four years, f a c u l t y h a v e o n l y directed one of Shakespeare's p l a y s . This m e a n s t h a t if a student w a n t e d practice with Shakespearean l a n g u a g e or s t y l e but h a d o n l y j u s t a r r i v e d a t Hope t h e y would be out of luck. F o r t u n a t e l y t h e student production of Twelfth Night provided a n occasion for such students to utilize their knowledge of Shakespeare. "1 r e c e n t l y h a d t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to direct Parallel Lives b y Mo G a f f n e y a n d K a t h y N a j i m y for Katie Carlston's senior project. The experience w a s completely irreplaceable to me" said Kristin Tiscomia, "You c a n n o t t e a c h someone how to produce a p l a y r u n a production meeting or comm u n i c a t e c l e a r l y w i t h designers. The o n l y w a y to learn these skills is b y doing them." Peter Beck h a d a similar experience w i t h his direction of t h e classic erotic t a l e of Miss Julie. Peter described t h e experience b y s a y ing "Working on a f i n a l project w a s a culm i n a t i n g experience for m a J u s t a b o u t eve r y t h i n g t h a t I h a d learned in t h e a t r e u p to t h a t point w a s utilized a n d proved ext r e m e l y helpful." Student produced p l a y s on c a m p u s a r e a w a y to encourage independence a n d artistic freedom in y o u n g adults. T h e y encourage students to use their strengths a n d their imaginations in p l a y production. No idea is discouraged no m a t t e r how c r a z y . Instead, students a r e given t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to learn about themselves a n d t h e kind of a r t t h a t t h e y w a n t to produce, Tiscornia added "When I t h i n k b a c k on all t h e things I h a v e learned a b o u t myself t h r o u g h thea t r e a t Hope College I learned t h e most while being involved in student productions.

Student Directed Theatre 2 2 7

A fellow dancer helps sophomore Jessica Nelson with her make up before the show. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nelson)

Molly Hamel does a traditional tap dance on a platform. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nelson)

2 2 8 AcadGmics

Since 1 9 7 4 , t h e Hope College dance departm e n t h a s presented its a n n u a l f a c u l t y d a n c e concert. On M a r c h 6-8, DeWitt T h e a t r e w a s h o m e to D a n c e 2 9 . Although t h e r e a r e m a n y opportunities for students to perform w i t h companies such a s Aerial D a n c e Theatre, I n S y n c D a n c e Theatre, Strike Time, Sacred D a n c e a n d s t u d e n t d a n c e concerts, t h e a n n u a l f a c i l i t y concert is t h e big e v e n t for t h e d a n c e department. T h e concert is a representation of each f a c u l t y member's choreography a n d s t y l a A t t h e beginning of e a c h spring semester, t h e f a c u l t y hold open auditions for a l l interested students. T h e audition process is a n all d a y , competitive experience w h e r e students c a n choose which f a c u l t y m e m bers to audition for, a l t h o u g h it is recommended t h e y a t t e n d a s m a n y auditions a s possibla Freshmen m a y be c a s t in o n l y one piece, while all other students m a y be c a s t in two, b u t t h e r e is no g u a r a n t e e a student will be cast. F o r t y - n i n e students were c a s t to p a r t i c i p a t e in D a n c e 2 9 . As u s u a l D a n c e 2 9 presented a v a r i e t y of works. T h e concert opened w i t h t h e t a p work" 1 9 2 7 Time-Steps 2003," created b y Rosanne-Barton DeVries. T h e piece included v i n t a g e chorus c h o r e o g r a p h y b y Leonard Reed a s well a s original choreogr a p h y w i t h live video projection. Next w a s "Forever W i t h o u t E n d . As It Was," a mode r n piece set in t h r e e sections b y J u l i o E n r i q u e Rivera, A m a n d a S m i t h presented a classical b a l l e t piece en pointe titled "Albinoni," Closing t h e first a c t w a s a cont e m p o r a r y j a z z piece set d u r i n g t h e first semester b y R a y Tadio. Since Tadio o n l y t a u g h t for t h e fall semester, h e set his piece, "Over The Top", before Christmas break. T h e second a c t opened w i t h a scene of h a y bales a n d c o u n t r y f a r m a n i m a l s for D a w n M c l l l h a r g e y - W i g e r t ' s j a z z piece "Bluer Pastures." Steven Tannacone m a d e


( vo^ctlcM.

of Vavuj^

Annual faculty dance concert lights up the stage use of six c a r tires a n d two dancers for his modern piece "On T h e Road Again.. Again... Again... Again.." T h e second ballet piece featured in t h e concert w a s "Captured in Passing (En Passant)," choreographed b y M, Linda G r a h a m , E a c h dancer w a s a life-sized p l a y i n g piece for a chess g a m a Concluding t h e concert w a s a modern work titled "Not All Islands Are Surrounded B y Water," created b y guest choreographer A v i Kaiser. E a c h y e a r , a guest choreographer is i n v i t e d g i v i n g students a n o p p o r t u n i t y to w o r k w i t h world-renowned a r t i s t s . This y e a r ' s g u e s t w a s A v i Kaiser, w h o h a s t r a i n e d performed a n d worked e x t e n s i v e l y w i t h s e v e r a l companies in Israel a n d E u rope. He collaborated w i t h Sergio Antonino to create his piece for D a n c e 2 9 . Kaiser a n d Antonino visited d u r i n g t h e f a l l semester to set t h e c h o r e o g r a p h y . J u n i o r Kathleen D a v e n p o r t e n j o y e d working w i t h Kaiser p a r t i c u l a r l y for t h e w a y h e allowed e a c h dancer to t a k e p a r t in t h e f o r m a t i o n of t h e work. She reflected T felt t h a t I h a d ownership of t h e piece since m u c h of t h e m o v e m e n t w a s built a r o u n d u s a s dancers. A v i asked u s to bring in m o v e m e n t , pictures, music or ideas t h a t w e felt a connection to. I brought in a few pictures t h a t w e built a n entire section a r o u n d " The f a c u l t y d a n c e concert offers s t u dents a n o p p o r t u n i t y to p a r t i c i p a t e in a professionally r u n production, a n d to work with v a r i o u s members of t h e dance f a c u l t y and/or t h e guest choreographer. The departm e n t hopes t h a t e a c h s t u d e n t w h o participates will e x p a n d their d a n c e experience a n d l e a r n f r o m their participation in t h e concert. Kathleen D a v e n p o r t achieved this goal in working w i t h A v i Kaiser. T felt t h a t we were inseparable from t h e piece t h a t we were a p a r t of t h e piece a n d it w a s a p a r t of us."

Dancers share a good luck hug before dress rehearsal. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nelson)

This d a n c e r performed original c h o r e o g r a p h y by Rosanne-Barton DeVries while her feet were projected on a screen above her. (Photo court e s y of J e s s i c a Nelson)

"1927 TimeSteps 2003" was the only tap piece in Dance 29. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nelson)

/ f Dance 2 9 2 2 9

Art Department: Steve Nelson, William Mayer, John Hanson, Del Michel.

Academic Support Center: David James, Jacqueline Heisler, Lisa Lampen, Janet Pinkham.

Athletic Training: Kirk Brumels, Meg Frens, Tonia Gruppen, Patrick Hulst, Richard Ray, Sandi Karafa, Michael Seger, Monica Merkley , Dawn DeVries, Kemery Twining, Annette Gonzalez, Katie Stark, Holly Patterson, Holli Cooper, Ashley Van Meter, Emily Schlitz, Joe Dykstra, Ben Bradley, Tonya Hermenitt, Kelsey Guisbert.

Biology D e p a r t m e n t : Front Row: Lois T v e r b e r g , Debbie Swarthout, Timothy Evans, Donald Cronkite, Thomas Bultman. Middle Row: Kathy Winnett-Murray, Jewel Reuter, Kimberly Risley, Leah Chase-Waller, Kevin Eckerle, Greg Murray. Back Row: Chris Barney, Dan Gerbens.

Campus Ministries: Front Row: Barb Osburn, Jill Ver Steeg, Paul Boersma. Back Row: Tim Brown, Lori Bouwman, C.J. Grier, Dwight Beal, Tim Heneveld.

2 3 0 Academics

\ Communications Department: Front Row: James Herrick, Mark Lewison, Back Row: David Schock, Christian Spielvogel.

Chemistry Department: Front Row: Stephen Taylor, Maria Burnatowska-Hledin, Leah Chase-Walker, Joanne Stewart, Michael Seymour. Middle Row: Willian Mungall, Elizabeth Sanford, Michael Pikaart, Kenneth Brown, William Polik. Back Row: Todd Gugino, Graham Peaslee, Brent Krueger.


Computer Science Department: Ryan McFall, Michael Jipping, Herbert Dershem, Steve Zylstra.

CIT: Front Row: J e r e m y M e y e r , J o n B r o c k m e i e r , Brad Bouwkamp. Middle Row: Steve Bareman, Abraham Anaya, Cheryl Shea, Maria Tapia, Kate Maybury, Steve Elsbury. Back Row: Kris Witkowski, Kevin Mendels, Carl Heideman, Margie Wiersma, Rebecca Robrahn, Pauline Rozeboom, Jeff Peston.

Counseling Center: Rick Dernberger, Jeanne Lindell, Kristen Gray, Jody Sheldon, Gayle Schumaker, Ziyah Dock.

Department Photos 2 3 1


Dance Department: Front Row: Julio Enrique Rivera. Middle Row: Dawn Mcllhargey-Wigert, Maxine DeBruyn, Linda Graham, Steven lannacone. Back Row: John Dayger.

Economics Department: James Heisler, Herbert Martin, Lynne Hendrix, Kendrick Gibson, Vicki TenHaken, Tom Smith, Victor Claar, Brian Poter, Christina Ritsema.

E d u c a t i o n D e p a r t m e n t : Front Row: Barb A l b e r s , Leslie Wessman, Nancy Cook, Yooyeun Hwang, Jeanine DeH'Olio, Marty Swank. Back Row: John Yelding, Susan Cherup, Baars Bultman, Richard Mezeske, David Zwart.

English Department: Front Row: Willian Pannapacker, Curtis Gruenler, Myra Kohsel, Rhoda Janzen. Back Row: John Cox, Peter Schakel, Natalie Dykstra, Jackie Bartley, Barbara Mezeske, David Klooster, Jack Ridl.

Geology Department: Front Row: Edward Hansen. Back Row: Lois Roelofs, Graham Peaslee, Jonathan Peterson, Brian Bodenbender.

2 3 2 Academics

/ History Department: Front Row: Janis Gibbs, Fred Johnson, Albert Bell. Back Row: Marc Baer, Neal Sobania, Jeanne Petit, G. Larry Penrose, James Kennedy.

Kinesiology Department: Front Row: Joyce Otto, Eva Dean Folkert, Meg Frens, Maureen Dunn, Richard Ray, Anne Irwin, Karla Wolters. Back Row: John Patnott, George Kraft, Steve Smith, Mark Northuis, Ray Smith, Stuart Smith, Kirk Brumels, Dean Kreps. r


•t;:; ' 1 ftttt




International Education: Neal Sobania, Habeeb Awad, Amy Otis, Kendra Williams.

Math Department: Front Row: Timothy Pennings, Aaron Cinzori. Back Row: Darin Stephenson, Jody Lalani, Janet Anderson, Todd Swanson, John Stoughton, Rolland Swank, Dyana Harrelson.

ri Modern and Classical Languages Department: Front Row: Kelly Osborne, Hersilia Alvarez-Rut, Ion Agheana, Maria Claudia Andre. Back Row: Andy Nakajima, Sander DeHaan, Sylvia Kallemyn, Brigitte Hamon-Porter, Jeremy Billedeaux, Diane Lucar, John Ouinn.

Department Photos 2 3 3

Music Department: Front Row: Stuart Sharp, Charles Aschbrenner, Huw Lewis, Richard Piippo. Middle Row: Margaret Kennedy-Dygas, Linda Dysktra, Mansoon Han, Linda Strouf, Brad Richmond. Back Row: Robert Hodson, Mihai Craioveanu, Brian Coyle, Steven Ward.

Nursing Department: Front Row: Kathy Wyngarden, Paulette Champonniere, Susan Dunn, Debra Sietsema. Back Row: Mary Scheerhorn, Tamara George, Melissa Westerhof.

Philosophy Department: Front Row: Caroline Simon, Andrew Dell'Olio. Back Row: James Allis, Anthony Perovich, Joseph LaPorte.

Physics/Engineering Department: Front Row: Joseph Kaloust, Janice Pawloski, Mark Little, Michael Misovich. Back Row: John Krupczak, Roger Veldman, Peter Gonthier, Paul DeYoung, Kevin Gardner.

Political Science Department: David Ryden, Jack Holmes, Annie Dandavati, James Zoetewey.





L I! Illilii | i i



f Public Safety: Front R o w : M i k e Lafata, Erin B r i g g s , T o d d


L y n e m a , L i s a D a l m a n . B a c k R o w : L o r i C a r s t o n , Lali Brunink, S t e p h a n i e W o l t e r s , S h i r l e y L a r s o n , A m y Quillo,

V a n d e r S t o e p , Pat R o e h l i n g , L o r n a H e r n a n d e z - J a r v i s , T h o m a s Ludwig, Mary Inman.





G e r m a i n e Klug.


frey Tyler, B o y d W i l s o n , J a n n y P o w e r s , S t e v e n B o u m a -

S o c i o l o g y / S o c i a l W o r k D e p a r t m e n t : Front R o w : J a m e s Piers, D o n a l d L u i d e n s , S o n d r a Franklin. B a c k R o w : Melissa Villarreal, D e b r a S w a n s o n , D e b r a Sturtevant, R o g e r

Prediger, S t e v e n H o o g e r w e r f .

N e m e t h , Lisa L a m p e n .

R e l i g i o n D e p a r t m e n t : F r o n t R o w : Philip M u n o a , B arry Bandstra, A l l e n V e r h e y . B a c k R o w : L y n n J a p i n g a , Jef-

Student Development: Front Row: Cindy Sabo, Kristen Gray, Amber Garrison, Lisa Robel-Oriz. Middle Row: Ellen Awad, Louise Shomaker, Kristyn Bochniak, Terri Schamper. Back Row: Bob V a n H u e k e l o m , Ginny Koole, Wilma Hart, Dale Austin, Cindy Vogelzang, S e a n Fochtman, Richard Frost.

T h e a t r e D e p a r t m e n t : Front R o w : R i c h a r d Smith, D a i n a Robins, Perry L a n d e s . B a c k Row: J o h n T a m m i , Michelle Bombe.

DGpartment Photos


Jill Aardema Dykstra Fishers, IN Andrew Abela Voorhees Lansing Rachel Achtemeier Van Vleck Dubuque, IA Emily Adams Vorhees Hudsonville Christine Alcenuis Voorhees Norton

Elizabeth Alderink Dykstra Coopersville Matthew Aldrich Phelps Lake Odessa Kara Alexander Dykstra Hamilton Brandon Alleman Wyckoff Morrice Susan Allen Dykstra Auburn Hills



U 0 oi^-

The college freshman experience

S&s&l 'Sveyeirt Hope is t h e college 1 f i n a l l y chose A n e w book is open - m y l a s t one did close OA groups FYS, Phelps food a n d more Being a f r e s h m a n is a l l b u t a bore! Getting lost, c r a m m i n g , all-nighters a r e g r e a t H a r d classes, long papers - don't t u r n t h e m in late! Roomies a r e f u n - c o m m u n i t y b a t h r o o m s a r e better W h y don't m y p a r e n t s send m e a letter? W e c a n ' t forget our first N y k e r k a n d Pull Consuming h u g e pizzas til we're full b e y o n d fulL W e ' v e t a s t e d n e w freedom u n l i k e b a c k a t h o m e W h i c h feels f a r better t h a n reading this poem. Our l o y a l t y is anchored in g r e a t orange a n d blue I'm h a p p y 1 chose Hope h o w a b o u t y o u ?

2 3 6 FreshmGn

Amanda Boden Dykstra Ithaca Kristen Anderson Dykstra Ionia Rebecca Anderson Dykstra Midland Edan Antonetti Kollen Wauconda, IL Heather A m u d s o n Dykstra Eau Claire, Wl

Rebecca Aquino Dykstra .... Lake in the Hills, IL Allison Arend Voorhees St. Joseph Katie Armbruster Dykstra Wooster, OH Katherine Arnold Dykstra Sawyer Laura Arpke Dykstra Clarkston

Emily Ausema Dykstra Steve Austin Phelps Jennica Avery Vorhees Amy Back Dykstra Vanessa Baggio Gilmore

Lisa Bailey Dykstra Lindsey Baird Voorhees Janell Ball Dykstra Kyle Ballard Wyckoff Daniela Banu Kollen

Lisa Baran Dykstra Travis Barkel Durfee Jessica Barker Voorhees Kyle Barnes Kollen Brian Barry Scott

Thomas Barton Kollen Mary Beal Dykstra Jonathan Bell Scott Merodie Bend Dykstra Rebecca Berry Dykstra

Grand Rapids Whitehall Rochester, NY Brookville, IN Glenview, IL

Hudsonville Grant Lansing Manistee Romania

Lyon Zeeland Ada Eastport Plymouth, IN

Saline Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Roberts. Wl Carlock, IL



Amanda Best Kb/ten Lindsay Best Dykstra Ryan Beuschel Scott Craig Bigger Kollen Mike Billingsiey Phleps

Hopkins Oxford Sparta Cadillac Birmingham

A u t u m n Bills Dykstra Flushing Aaron Bir Phelps Grand Rapids Jennifer Blackman Scott Crete, IL Sarah Blankenship Dykstra .. Hoffman Estates, IL Justin Blazek Wycoff Kalamazoo

Jessica Blease Dykstra Erin Block Kollen Jason Blout Holland Amy Blum Dykstra Chris Bode Durfee

Jessica Bodtke Dykstra Ashley Boer Kollen Jacob Boers Kollen Keri Boeve Kollen Michael Boone Wyckoff

Ada Kalamazoo

Saline Grand Rapids

Grand Junction Modesto, CA Grand Rapids Wyoming Fruitport

Phoebe Booth Kollen Chelsea Rachel Borgeson Dykstra Grass Lake Laura Borovsky Van Vleck Livonia Gregory Borst Durfee Hall Jenison Benjamin Bradley Kollen Taylors Falls, MN

Erin Bradley Dykstra Hastings Elizabeth Bramley College East.... North fields, IL Jill Bramos Dykstra Harper Woods Nathan Brandsen Scott Holland Kristine Brandt Kollen Olive

2 3 8 Freshmen

Peter Breckner Phelps Andrew Bredow



Rockford Terry Brietzke Scott Bridgeton, MO Emily Brooks Voorhees Alma Katherine Brown Dykstra Macomb

Derek Brown Phelps Lakeview Emily Brown Voorhees Dunlap, IL Diana Brudzewski Dykstra Dearborn Kimberly Brumley Dykstra Grand Rapids Zachary Buchan Kollen Cedar

Shawna Buche Dykstra Saranac Tyler Buell Scott Heights, IL Adrianne Bulthuis Dykstra Grand Rapids Paul Burgess Kollen St. Joseph Kevin Burnham Voorhees York, ME


Jason Burns Durfee Brian Bussema Phelps Zachary Bush Phelps Erika Byker Dykstra Michael Camp Phelps




Adriana Canche Scott Matthew Carey Wyckoff Lynn Cargill Dykstra Hall Meredith Carlson Dykstra Elizabeth Carlson Dykstra

Ludlngton Richland Ludlngton Hudson vllie Holland

Holland Galesburg Hart Deerfleld, IL Slldell, LA


Emily Casey Dykstra Wheaton, IL Matthew Caslllas Scott Grand Rapids Molly Caesar Kollen Holland Megan Chambers Dykstra Adrian Kelly Charland Dykstra Naperville, IL



Zach Christman Wyckoff Lori Clark Kollen Amy Clark Van Vteck Adam Claus Phelps Rachel Cline Dykstra

Gregory Kalamazoo Midland Grand Rapids Grandville

Courtney Clum Dykstra Howell Rachel Cochrane Dykstra Watertown, Wl Meghan Coffey Scott Alexanderia Bay, NY Kenneth Cooke Voorhees Williamsburg Sara Cooper Dykstra Dowagiac

Shelllla Cooper Cook Holt Emily Cornell Dykstra Grapevine, TX Daniel Costello Off Campis Holland Jeremy Cox Cosmo... Grosse Point Farms Kyle Cox Durfee Chelsea

Jennifer Crlsman Dykstra .... Downers Grove, IL Ell Cryderman Voorhees Caledonia Sean Daenzer Scott Clemens Elizabeth Dahm Van Vleck EssexviHe Elizabeth Darrow Dykstra Cheboygan

Clustermates Jill Aardema, Jessica Bodtke, Stefani Langeland, Melissa went apple-picking together in the fall. (Photo courtesy of Jill Aardema)

2 4 0 Freshmen

Nicholas De Koster Kollen Hudsonville Mike De Young Kollen Holland Karie De Young Dykstra Hudsonville Jesse DeBoest Kollen Lemont, IL Debra Degraff Dykstra South Holland

Laura DeHaan Dykstra Josh DeHaan Kollen Marie DePetris Van Vleck Sean Derby Wyckoff Graham Dethmers Kollen

Mattawan Fremont Troy Cadillac Danville, IL

Jamie DeVries Dykstra DeWitt Leah Dewitt Gilmore Holland Ana Diaz Dykstra Zeeland Jennifer Diekever Dykstra Hudsonville Joseph Diekevers Voorhees.. South Garden, CT

Allison Dishnow Saline Lichty Ryan DiStefano Durfee St. Clair Shores Jamin Dreyer Scott Holland Robert Dody Cosmo White wall Michael Dominiak Dearborn Wycoff

Mark Dondero Kollen Valerie Doran Gilmore Leeta Dore Dykstra Andrew Doupe Kollen Megan Drooger Scott

Taryn Drost Dykstra Katie Dunkin Dykstra Ann Durham Dykstra Holly Dustin Dykstra Chanel Duval Voorhees

Grand Rapids Glen Oak, NY Tustin Pinckney Holland

Charlevoix Dublin. OH Fremont Contoocook, NH Barington, IL

Freshmen 2 4 1

Angela Dykhuis Off Campus Heather Dykstra Dykstra Jennifer Dykstra Van Vleck Melissa Dyson Lichty Alex Eaton Dykstra


/ f x

Grandville Hudson vllie Nov! Traverse City

i i . J


\\ Bria Ebels Gilmore Holland Linda Ebels Dykstra Falmouth Amie Ecker Kollen Petoskey Jonathan Edmondson Cosmo Grand Rapids Elise Edwards Scott Elgin, IL





Lisa Ekdom Gilmore Holland Joseph Ellis Scott Marne Lauren Engel Dykstra Traverse City Nicolas Erdman Phleps St. Joseph Melissa Erickson Dykstra Montrose, CO

Andrew Essink Durfee Holland Shawn Evers Cosmo Cedar Lake, IN Candice Evenhouse Dykstra Lombard, IL Jessi Everett Dykstra Okemos Megan Fausett Dykstra Grand Rapids

Dustin Fiddler Durfee Lesli Fisher Voorhees Rebekah Fleck Dykstra Travis Fortney Scott Anneliese Fox Dykstra

Ada Holland Lancaster, KY

Kara Fransisco College East Jeremy Freed Voorhees Kathryn Frens Scott Ronald Friend Durfee Courtney Frisinger Voorhees

Alegan Alma

Elk Rapids Morrice Holland Livonia Coldwater

2 4 2 FreshmGn



Joshua Frushour Phelps Alma Sarah Fry Dykstra Royal Oak Steve Fugitt Phelps Grand Rapids Jennifer Gabkart Scott Spencer, IA Jennifer Gable Dykstra Mequon, \NI

Aaron Gadowski Kollen Farmlngton Hills Alyssa Garcia Dykstra Belmont Julie Gezon Dykstra Jenison Brenna Giacherio Scott Union, OH Beth Gianeskis Gilmore Schaumburg, IL

Dean Gibbie Durfee Fremont Elizabeth Gibson Dykstra Avon Lake, OH Peter Gillotte Durfee Glen Arbor Ashley Glickman Dykstra .. Western Springs, IL Matthew Goetz Phelps Holland

Amanda Gonzales Scott Detroit Paula Grahmann Scott Verona, Wl Karis Granberg-Michaelson Kollen Oakland, NJ James Grandstaff Durfee .... University City. MO Michelle Graves Dykstra Flushing

Myra Green Dykstra Laurel, MT Scott Greenman Kollen Brighton Christina Griggs Dykstra Ada Cyrus Groeneveld Phelps Grand Haven Kelsey Guisbert Dykstra Farmington

sill mm

^ 9 1


Williams Guy Kollen Adrian Steven Haack Wyckoff . Arlington Heights, IL Stefanie Haba Dykstra Clarkston Jordan Hall Durfee Jenison Gabe Hall Kollen Coopersville

i n 4rsl STAT

Freshmen 2 4 3

Brian Hammer Kollen Williamsburg Peter Hammer Laurel, MT Wyckoff Elizabeth Hammon Dykstra Allegan Mark Hammond II Kollen St. Louis Reginald Haney Wyckoff Harvey, IL

Elizabeth Hansen Dykstra Ludington Kara Harden South Haven Lichty Kelly Hargrove Dykstra McHenry, IL Kristen Harris Dykstra Newberg, OR Catrina Hart Voorhees Allegan

Nicole Hass Dykstra Amber Hauptman Dykstra Kimberly Hauser Dykstra St. Aaron Hawn Scott Brandon Hazen Durfee

Spring Lake Sachse, TX Charles, MO Midland St. Paul, MN


Paul Heeg Scott Jason Heeringa Cosmo Jonas Heirman Scott Marie Hempel Gilmore Tonya Hermenitt Dykstra

Westerlo, NY Holland Marshall St. Joseph Plainwell

Erica Hess Dykstra Howell Amy Heuer Kollen Carbondale, CO Rachel Hiatt Dykstra Rochester, IN Jessica Higgins Dykstra Wheaton, IL Jesse Higgins Phelps Columbia Heights, MN


Holli Hill Kollen Kelly Hill Dykstra Katie Hinkle Dykstra Cara Hoekstra Cook John Hoffman Voorhees

Pella, IA Ada Mesick Holland Scotia, NY

2 4 4 Freshmen

l COll.'Of

..., f f * H

Jessica Hofmeyer Dykstra Jenison Alden Hoksbergen Kollen Holland Brian Holds Kollen DeWItt Sara Homakie Dykstra Cass City Natalie Hoogeveen Voorhees Orange City, iA

Jenna Hoos Scott High Ridge, NJ Elizabeth Horstman Grand Rapids Lichty Brad Houzenga Durfee Fulton, IL Emily Howard Scott Columbus, OH Brian Howard Kollen Traverse City

Michael Howes Durfee Alma Elizabeth Huizenga Vorhees Zeeland Joshua Hundt Kollen Lansing Megan Hunt Scott Holland Kristen Ignaczak Dykstra Park Ridge, IL

Jennie Intveld Dykstra Melissa Ipema Dykstra Ryan Jackson Kollen Rob Jackson Durfee Jennifer James Dykstra

Carson City Lock port, IL Canton Holland Kalamazoo

The snow is falling, t h e sun is just visible students a r e waking for e a r l y class a n d there is a certain peace around campus. Soon t h e "crunch crunch sound of snow under feet will be heard. Noses t u r n red hands dig into pockets a n d paces get buried in scarves as students w a l k to class. Winter takes over for about four months of t h e academic year, teasing those who grew used to snow d a y s in high school a n d torturing students used to a w a r m e r climate. Move m e back to Texas! s a y s freshman Jill Aardema Jill along with lots of students, feel t h a t winter snowfalls a r e beautiful when looked a t from inside For some winter is t h e best time of y e a r . Students t a k e weekend ski trips, build snowmen outside their residence halls, go sledding a n d h a v e snowball fights in t h e Pine Grove. "I've gone skiing since 1 was seven a t M a m m o t h Mountain. The closest places to campus where skiing is possible a r e Bittersweet a n d C r y s t a l Moun tain. I h a v e been to both of these places a n d C r y s t a l Mountain oners hills a lot more like mountains, said senior Terah Moraitis. Winter is unavoidable in Michigan a n d causes more t h a n a few problems. E n t r y w a y carpets e v e r y where a r e soaked a n d covered in snow from people stamping their boots, road salt stains everyones pantlegs, a n d ice threatens to humiliate y o u as y o u w a l k to class. Winter is both beautiful a n d bothersome but everyone must face it a n d remember t h a t spring will come.



Heather Janofski Dykstra Sarah Jared Scott James Jeltema Durfee Sarah Jeltes Dykstra Mariah Jimmerson Dykstra

Marquette Petosky Saugatuck Ada Lewistown

Mark J o h n s o n Kollen Grand Rapids Jenna J o h n s o n Dykstra Gaiesburg Julia Jones Dykstra Big Rapids Vanessa Jones Gilmore West Bloomfield Sarah Jones Dykstra Eastpointe

Saka Jongekryg Dykstra West Olive Gena Jorgensen Dykstra Williamston Elizabeth Jorgensen Dykstra Beaverton Christina J u d s o n Dykstra .. Hoffman Estates, IL Christopher Kaiser Durfee Columbiaville

Gabriel Kalmbacher Phelps Heather Kamps Dykstra Serene Kanaan Scott Rachel Kapenga Dykstra Neal Karsten Phelps

Indonesia Muskegon Portage Hamilton Zeeland

Paul Kelly Phelps Roscommon Lindsey Kennedy Kollen Traverse City Erin Kenney Dykstra Grosse Pointe Shores Utsab Khadka Scott Nepal Young Kim Kollen Chile

Joseph Kirk Scott Rockford Amanda Kistler Voorhees Ludington Keiko Kito Brownstone ... Yamato, Japan Jessica Klein Dykstra East Jordan Chip Klienheksel Durfee Zeeland

2 4 6 Freshmen

Karter Klingenberg Durfee Holland Linnae Klompmaker Kollen Holland Bethany Klunder Kollen Caledonia Kent Knudsen Durfee Ludington Claire Koen Scott Saratoga, CA

Stephanie Koenke Dykstra Troy Elizabeth Koning Dykstra Holland Joseph Kopp Kollen Farmington MN Robin Koppenol Dykstra Coopersvllle Jessica Kragness Off Campus Saugatuck

Anthony Kreucher Scott Orchard Lake Abigail Kuper Dykstra Colorado Springs, CO Amy Kurkiewicz Dykstra Rochester Hills Matthew Kuyper Phelps Holland Youngmee Kwon Dykstra Ann Arbor

Audrey Laarman Dykstra Lindsay Lagios Phelps Heidi Lam Gilmore Heather Lam Gilmore Angela LaMonica Dykstra

Holland Traverse City Portage Portage Inverness, IL

Carissa Lamphear Gilmore Grand Rapids Julie Lancaster Voorhees Troy Kerri Langdon Dykstra McHenry, IL Stefani Langeland Dykstra Coopersvllle Katherine Larsen Dykstra Lake Bluff, IL

Eric Laug Durfee Spring Lake Jennifer Layne Gilmore Kalamazoo Christopher LeClair Voorhees Grand Haven Ellen Lee Dykstra Wheaton, IL Jamie Leeuwenburg Dykstra Grandville

Freshmen 2 4 7

NoahDavid Lein Cosmo Kewadin David Leland Phelps Ypsilanti Phillip Lepper Cosmo Midland Kathleen Lewis Dykstra Grand Ledge Jack Lin Scoff Jackson Heights, NY

• • • :piL - mp m



Jennifer Lindensmith Kollen Warren Ryan Lippert Phelps St. Louis Michale Litteral Cosmo Jackson Lauren Lochner Dykstra Troy Suzzy L o c k w o o d Dykstra Kentwood

Noree Logsdon Kollen Dixon, IL Erin Lokers Gilmore Grandville Amy Lomasney Dykstra Lockport, IL Gretchen Longstreet Dykstra Hudsonville Sarah Loomis Dykstra Fredonia, NY

Brian Lowell Kollen Grand Rapids Crystal Lucas Dykstra Kalamazoo Kathleen Ludewig Scott Syracuse, NY Michelle Lunn Scott Holland Elizabeth Lynch Kollen Rogers City

Jill Aardema and Melissa Ipema show off matching shirts and Hope pride. (Photo courtesy of Jill Aardema)


2 4 8 FrGshmen

Mallory Lynch Dykstra Genoa City, Wl Jaime Madigan Gilmore Ann Arbor Katherine Madison Voorhees Charlevoix Rachel Maidens Dykstra Hudsonville Nathaniel Makowski Detroit Wyckoff

Benjamin Mannino Kolien Lansing Benjamin Manting Durfee Spring Lake Lauren March Kolien Lafayette, IN Cathy Martyn Dykstra Wheaton, IL Stephanie Martz Kolien Woodland

Negeen Masghati Dykstra Napeiville, IL Meghan McCambridge Dykstra Northville Sarah McDonald Dykstra East Lansing Amy McEwan Dykstra Canajoharie, NY Sarah McGiness Dykstra Lake City

Julie McGowan Scott Winthrop Harbor, IL Kathryn McGrath Dykstra Fremont Andrew McKay Kolien Evart Katie McKee Dykstra White Pigeon Laura McLaughlin Kolien Ann Arbor

Eliza McManus Gilmore Devin McNeil Kolien Kristen McPhee Van Vleck Patrick Mears Phelps Mary Meeker College East

Rochester Hills Lansing Mason Des Plaines, IL Traverse City

Christopher Meeusen Durfee Grand Haven Bethany Metters Kolien Bloomfield Hills Brandon Mersman Phelps Holland Kimberly Meulenbelt Dykstra Holland Elizabeth Mickalich Dykstra Shelby Township

FrGshmen 2 4 9

Julia Miller Scott Kathleen Miller Voorhees Zephyr Miller Dykstra Emily Mills Dkystra Jillian Miols Kollen

Petoskey Kalamazoo Lansing Hudsonville Redford

Bertha Miramontes Spanish House Mexico Austin Mitchell Voorhees Hubbordston Dana Moes Gllmore Highland, IN Sarah Mol Dykstra Wyoming Andrew Moore Scott Hungary

Erlcka Morales Dykstra Holland Kristin Morin Dykstra Grand Rapids Nathan Morley Durfee Grand Haven Steven Moore Kollen Grandvllle Susanne Morton Gllmore Highland Park, IL

Kimberly Mosley Dykstra Hillsdale Wesenyelesh Mulat Scott Ethopla Megan Mulder Dykstra Haslett Jennifer Mulder Gllmore Jenlson Stephen Murphy Scott Evanston, IL

Adam Murrell Durfee Midland Kelli Murrell Scott Falrborn, OH Darren Murrey Phelps Schoolcraft Sayaka Nakatsuji Van Vleck Nagasaki.... Japan Jonathan Narlock Kollen Saginaw

Ross Nave Wyckoff Kalamazoo Emily Nelson Scott Mt. Morris, IL Tasuku Nishino Phelps Kamoawa, Japan Megan Noll Dykstra Lake Orion Oliver O'Brien Vorhees Traverse City

2 5 0 Freshmen

Meagan O'Neil Dykstra Troy Ashley Oberg Dykstra Haslett Steven Ojala Brimley Wyckofl Nathan Olson Phelps ... Hoffman Estates, IL Nixon Omollo Scott Kenya

Erica Oosting Dykstra Fremont Victoria Orefice Dykstra Grand Rapids David Ornee Scott Zeeland Benjamin Osburn Durfee Holland Elizabeth Otton Voorhees Grand Rapids

Nicole Pach Gilmore Erica Pagorek Gilmore Matt Parker Kollen Jessica Parker Dykstra Andrew Parrish Phelps

Chicago, IL Munster, IN Troy Saline Holland

Aaron Paul Durfee Whitehall Michael Pavelich Bloomfield Wyckoff Allison Pawlowski Dykstra Pinckney Joseph Peretin Voorhees Ludington Ashley Perez Van Vleck Honeoye Falls, NY

Juliann Peterson Dykstra Livonia Mitchell Peterson Kollen Battle Creek Andrew Phillips Durfee Sturgis Brittanny Philo Voorhees Greenville Katie Pierri Gilmore Mundekein, IL

Joseph Pitcher Durfee Gowen Matthew Pridgeon Kollen Montgomery Kirsten Pless Dykstra Rockport, MA Jonathon Ploch Cosmo Bloomfield Mitchell Plosz Phelps Big Rapids

Freshmen 2 5 1

Erin Poll Dykstra Holland Julie Pollock Dykstra Midland Kevin Pomeroy Phelps Rudyard James Post Scott Bloomfield Leah Post Dykstra Palos Heights, IL

Lance Postma Kollen Holland Joshua Powell Cosmo Palos Heights, IL Aaron Powell Kollen Palos Heights, IL Krlsten Pratt Scott Flint Elizabeth Preston Dykstra Quincy

Casey Preuninger Voorhees Manchester Jeff Price Commuter Holland Kurt Pyle Wyckoff Zeeland Michelle Quabius Kollen Cedarburg Sarah Quesda-Lubbers Scott Queretaro Mexico

iiSiiSi Darcy Quick Gilmore Ian Quinn Wyckoff Katie Randa Dykstra Patrick Ratliff Kollen David Rawlinson Vorhees

Kristyn Recchia College East Nathan Reed Kollen Julia Rees Dykstra Sarah Reese Van Vleck Carrie Reif Dykstra

Winfield, IL Detroit Naperville, IL Ray Okemas

Roch Hills Glen Arbor Traverse City Ann Arbor St. Joseph

Elizabeth Reimink Dykstra Hamilton Jamie Reitsma Dykstra Dyer, IN William Rekshan Kollen Marquette Ellen Reynolds Scott Aurora, CO Jennifer Richardson Dykstra Kalamazoo

2 5 2 Freshmen


Kristi Richardson Dkystra Cadillac Alison Rickey Dykstra Richmond, IN Ryan Riemer Durfee Ludington Andrew Rienstra Durfee Grandville Robert Riksen Kollen Holland

Jonathan Rink Jr. Kollen Holland Laura Rippberger Kollen Sylvan la, ,OH Andrea Ritter Dykstra Geneva, IL Abigail Rockwood Dykstra Muskegon Suzanne Rogier Vorhees Highland, IL

Jessica Romig Dykstra Craig Root Durfee Rebecca Rooy Gilmore Maureen Rosner Voorhees Hannah Ross Dkystra

Three Rivers Holland Shelby Mattawan Lexington, OH

Lindsay Rotman Lichty Zeeland Krista Rottschafer Gilmore Grand Rapids Kimberly Rowden Scott Chicago, IL Rachelle Ruark Phelps Canton Lynnae Ruberg Dykstra Brighton

Keeping u p with a fad t h a t h a s recently been hitting big cities, t h e college held its first a n n u a l speeddating event mis y e a r . The event, put on b y I.VE. League was led b y J e n J u r y , who came u p with the idea from a TV show, w e were t r y i n g to think of a fundraiser for Dance M a r a t h o n a n d I thought t h a t speed-dating would be fun." Held in t h e M a a s Center, t h e night began with each w o m a n being assigned to a numbered table. The table was decorated with a white tablecloth Hershey kisses a n d a candla Romantic music played in the background while t h e men, identified b y a lettered n a m e tag, rotated among the women h a v i n g a short conversation before progressing to t h e n e x t t a b l a A whistle was blown e v e r y four minutes m a r k i n g the end of one "date" a n d signaling for each person to circle y e s or no corresponding with the person t h e y h a d just met. The fundraiser drew 19 singles from Hope 8 men a n d 11 women. The cost was $5 per person a n d the event lasted about a n hour a n d a half. At t h e end of t h e night, I.VE. League members read over the sheets of paper a n d looked for a n y m u t u a l matches." Participants then received a n email t h a t night which included the n a m e email a n d phone number of their matches. I.VE, League was proud to announce 1 0 0 % success, with e v e r y participant receiving a t least one yes. Junior Lindsay Close stated t h a t she was glad she went. "I h a d a good time, 1 got to meet some new people and I even h a d some matches!"

Freshmen 2 5 3

Jeremy Ruberg Kollen Cleveland, OH Andrew Ruemenapp Kollen Petoskey Kellyn Rumpsa Dykstra Grand Rapids Alesha Ruscett Dykstra Spring Lake Shannon Russo Dykstra Shelby

Joseph Ryan Phelps Darien, IL Audrey Rykman Dykstra Lancaster, OH Jaime Sabol Kollen Novi Courtney Saltarski Dykstra Kentwood Tiffany Sampson Dykstra Algonac

Kye Samuelson Scott Maplewood, MN Sarah Scoggin Dykstra Buchanan Chiara Savage Dykstra .. Woodland Park, CO Angela Saxton Scott Dowagiac Rebecca Schewe Van Vleck Berkley

Brett Schlender Kollen Stevensville Jessica Schmidt Dykstra Schererville, IN Susan Scholten Gilmore Allendale Tess Scholz Dykstra Portage, IN Kathleen Schonfeld Kollen Howell

William Schramm Dufee Laingsburg Kendra Schussman Phelps Seymour, Wl Amy Schuster Dykstra Schaumburg, IL Matthew Schwabauer Durfee Lakehurst, NJ Keirsten Schwanbeck Van Vleck.... Williamsport, PA

Ashley Scott Dykstra Okemos Eric Sedelmaier Wyckoff Kaleva David Sedjo Wyckoff Spring Grove, IL Laura Shaw Vorhees Wheaton, IL Liz Shaw Dykstra Tulsa, OK




Emily Shebak Dykstra Northville Darren Shelter Phleps Goshen, IN Elizabeth Shlpman Grosse Pointe Kb/ten Rebecca Shubert Dykstra Nov! Jennifer Shuck Lichty Greencastle, IN

Andrew Shults Durfee Rebekah Shyne Scott Shana Simon Dykstra Amy Slsson Dykstra Katherlne Skaff Voorhees


Jennica Skoug Scott Jenny Slager Dykstra Beth Smit Dykstra Jenny Smith Lichty Corrie Smith Gilmore

Virginia Smith Van Vleck Jenny Smith Dykstra Sona Smith Scott Teasha Smith Kollen Rachael Smith Dykstra

Grand Ledge Muskegon Granville St. Joseph Flint

Portage Portland, ME Shelbyville Wixom Holland

Grand Rapids Otsego Chicago, IL Allegan Portage

Katie Smith Dykstra Sumner Amanda Smits Gilmore Jenison Alexandra Snyder Dykstra Rochester Hills Esley Stahl Van Vleck Chicago, IL Sarah Sterling Voorhees Metuchen, NJ

Lauren Stieper Gilmore Dearborn Kyle Stob Kollen Alsip, IL Kendra Stock Dykstra St. Charles, IL Lindsay Strahle Kollen Fenton Rachel Streelman Gilmore Jenison

Freshmen 2 5 5

Rebecca Strutt Dykstra Des Moines, I A Amy Strzyzewski Gilmore Midlothian, IL Margaret Stuart Dykstra Rockford Lori Sullivan Kotien River Forest, IL Shawn Sullivan Kollen Ann Arbor M ' \ \ \ S'r * Johanna Swanson Dykstra Lawton Robert Sweas Cosmo Chicago, IL Katrin Sweers Scott Grant Kylee Tamminga Gilmore Grand Rapids Katherlne Taylor Vorhees Holland

Kellee Taylor Voorhees Bath Andrew Taylor Phelps Flushing Seth Teater Durfee Grand Rapids Derek Temple Cook Whitehall Ashley TenHaken Dykstra Leesburg, FL

Amy Ter Haar Dykstra Kentwood Audrey Tetro Dykstra Jenison Christina Thomas Scott Grand Rapids Tisa T h o m p s o n Dykstra Reed City Jamie T h o m p s o n Voorhees St. Joseph

Sean Thurmer Scott Ashley Tillman Van Vleck Jessa Timmer Van Vleck Katie Tinkham Van Vleck Ashley Tittle Kollen

Denae Torpey Kollen Giao Tran Off Campus Scott Travis Cosmo Megan Tripp Scott Ben Troost Phelps

Battle Creek Birmingham Hudsonville Big Rapids Kentwood

Rosebush Holland Unionville Holland Holland

2 5 6 Freshmen


:5 •


Allison Trotter Dykstra Haslett Cassandra Tubbs Kollen Holland Kristlna Turner Dykstra Redford Melissa Turner Gilmore Grove City, PA Emily Tyler Dykstra Rochester

Darren VanBeek Durfee Orland Park, IL Stacey VanDam Kollen Wycoming Dana Vande Pol Dykstra Grandville Kenneth VandenOever Phelps Portage Timothy Vander Laan Kollen Orland Park, IL

Danae Vanderlaan Dykstra Jenison Julie VanderSlice Gilmore New Era Megan VanderVeen Dykstra Allegan Jodi VanDyke Dykstra Grand Rapids Meghan VanEck Scott Grandville

Rachel VandeGiessen Dykstra Flemington, NJ Julie Valleau Saugatuck College East James Van De Wege Durfee Holland Abigail Van Kempen Gilmore Holland Stephanie Van Stee Kollen Grandville

Eric Van Tassel! Wyckofi Anna Van Wyck Van Vleck Ashley VanArkel Dykstra Shelby VanArkel Dykstra Kerry VanLaan Lichty

Spencer, iA Mears Grand Haven Grand Haven Caledonia

Donald VanAntwerpen Phelps Muskegon Jamee Vanoostendorp Van Vleck Zeeland Rhonda Veldhof Off Campus Holland Mary VerHeulen Scott Walker Michael VerMerris Kollen Ada

Freshmen 2 5 7

Megan Vivian Dykstra Erin Von Ehr Litchy Rachel Voorhees Dykstra Lndsey Vugteveen Dykstra Jana Wagenmaker Gilmore

Mc Bain New Buffalo Brielle, NJ Jenison Muskegon

Caleb Walcott Wyckoff Brookfield, Wl Kim Walkenhorst Dykstra Rochester Hills Lisa Walters Dykstra Channahon, IL Rebecca Warber Dykstra Jenison Dana Ward Gilmore Mason

Maureen Warfield Kollen Adrian, IN Tyson Warner Wycoff Kalamazoo Gabriel Warren Kollen Woodland David Weatherly Kollen Shelby Township Ryan Weaver Kollen Saline


•:i: • :

Jeffery Weber Dufree Grandville Christine Weber Kollen Oak Forest, FL Devin Wehmrmeyer Scott Holland Caleb Weisbarth Kollen Byron Jessie Werp Kollen Zeeland

Kelly Wheeler Dykstra Angel Fire, NM Jonathan White Scott Holland Carrie Whitfield Dykstra Bingham Falls Rebecca Whitman Dykstra Ludington Hillary Wiard Dykstra Tecumseh

Erin Wickens Voorhees Clinton Twp. Amy Wiegand Dykstra Sylvania, OH Jennifer Wierenga Dykstra Holland Kyle Williams Wyckoff Plainwell Antoine Williams Scott Holland

•. v ; -



Philip Wilson Kollen Brady Wilson Voorhees Lindsay Wilson Gilmore Katharine Winkle Dykstra Tracy Winston Van Vleck

Fruitport Jenison Zealand Allegan Lansing

Daniel Winter Scott Stevensville Gabriel Wise Durfee Free Sail Lisa Wlsnlewskl Scott Arlington Heights, IL Adam Witt Cosmo Kansas City, MO John Wright Phelps Ann Arbor

Katie Wright Dykstra Brookston, IN Peter Wright Durfee Scottsdale, AZ Julia Wylle Dykstra Powell, OH Katherine Yanney Dykstra Wheaton, IL Jennifer Yarmer Dykstra Fennville

Kevin Yurk Durfee Carlynn Zahn Lichty Ryan Zletlow Scott Sarah Zuidema Dykstra Rachael Zwar Dykstra

Schoolcraft Belolt, Wl Muskegon Grand Rapids St. Joseph

Friends hung out together at the Homecoming Hoedown at Tuisink's farm. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Achtemeier)



CoWV031-^(L£> i7t

U ) 1-




lE!y3l\(yi UjA


Cl^l 'Lb^ Gl^l Pk ^'l^/v^c?- 'Lbb VMo^Vk Ul\f


2 6 0 Greek Composites






Cl^i l^f ^

K ^ p p ^ 1 3 ^ 6 * - Pl^l



Alyl^c*- ^aw^/v^c- Vl^l PAc Vl^l

164 A / u

K^pp^- ^



2 - 6 S'

Divider 261

Seniors Gerald Ajega, Daniel Berhanemeskel, Matthew

Motto'. Prepared in m i n d a n d resources Colors*. Grey, Green a n d Black Founded! 1 9 9 6 Number of Actives*. 1 7

Boes, Kurt Koehler

Juniors Stephen Adair, Titus Munteanu, Brian Murphy, Walter Nelson, Mike Polk, Chris Sterling, Joseph Tolten, Rich Van Voorst

Sophomores Serge Badiane, Geoffry Flooding, Takaya Ueno

Freshmen Utsab Khadka, Nixon Omollo

2 6 2 Alpha Kappa Pi

Seniors Jen Barret, Eve Bushouse, Lindee Claerbout, Meg Davis, Mary Dunlap, Sara Gray, Meg Heiden, Ashley Hutchinson, Carly Jugenitz, Alexa Kaly, Sonja Lytle, Beth Montagno, Jenni Roth, Sarah Utterback, Nadine Vidoni, Melissa Wagar, Neile Webster

Juniors Melissa Bailey, Tami Bovenkerk, Julie Brownell, Mary Beth D'Agosta, Diana Frazier, Colette Harris, Becky Hillegonds, Laura Jurgensen, Maureen Murphy, Sara Page, Jenna Rabe, Michelle Schaap, Heidi Snoap, Lindsey Townsend, Danielle Travis

Sophomores Emily Arbut, Kendra Baron, Lisa Bauer, Amanda Corbett, Lindsay David, Krista Diephuis, Quyen Do, Rachel Hilla, Kate Jakobcic, Anna Raveschot, Octavia Reese, All Rizzo, Paula Swanson, Kristine Umlaut, Catherine Visintainer, Kirsten Werley


Mottn Strength and Honor Formal CobiR Red and Gold Informal Colors! Rod and White Flowen YgHow Rose Jewel Pearl Founded 1 9 0 5 Number of ActiveX 6 4

Kristine Brandt, Alexandra Bratschie, Molly Caesar, Amie Echer, Amanda Gonzales, Amber Hauptman, Julie Miller, Leah Post, Alesha Ruscett, Jaime Jo Sabol, Courtney Saltarski, Katie Schonfield, Lindsay Strahle, Kylee Tamminga, Katie Winkle

I Uln

mm* Sigma Sigma

2 6 3

IT ยง

1 u .

Seniors Adam Chaffee, Todd Edema, Michael Grant, Devon Quinn, Timothy Stowe, Dave Thomasma, Eric Terpstra, Scott VanTimmeren

Motto*. Friendship, Love a n d T r u t h Colors*. Blue a n d Yellow Founded! 1 8 6 4

Juniors Dan Bloemers, Ben Carlson, Chris Hagen, Adam LeClaire, David Miller, Ryan Mulder, Mike Postma, Trevor VanDyke, Mike Zeilstra

Sophomores John Caldwell, Will Farrar, Nate Grinzinger, Russ Higgins, Loren Kronemeyer, Chris Nuiver, Peter Rusche, Demetri Salvaggio, Ross Williams, Dan Zeilstra

Freshmen Jacob Boes, Taylor deRoo, Karter, Klingenburg, Todd Riksen, Jeremy Ruberg, Brett Schlender, Juan Seidel, Dan Winter

2 6 4 Omicron Kappa Epsilon

Seniors Monica Armstrong, Emelie Apostle, Leslie Aronson, Sarah Calmes, Abbie Gonzales, Erica Krolik, Laurie McNamara, Susan Nichols, Anne Patterson, Megan Vanderkamp


Motto*. Pledging Honor, Giving Friendship F o r m a l Color*. Gold Colors*. M a r o o n a n d W h i t e

Cheuk-Ting (Cherry) Ho, Emily Scott

Flower*. W h i t e Rose


Founded*. 1 9 6 2

Melissa Blush, Alison McCabe


Kappa Delta Chi 2 6 5


Seniors Andrew Ball, Rob Bartlett, Jeffrey Bloem, Matthew Boyle, Geoffrey Bremer, James Jabaay, Donald Jones, David

Motto'. Service, Love, a n d Wisdom

Pesci, Joseph Postma, Jason Roh, Peter Terveer

Colors*. Blue a n d W h i t e


M e a n i n g of Colors*. L o y a l t y , P u r i t y

Michael Dunlap, Michael Mulder, James Sheely

Founded! 1 9 4 6

2 6 6 Chi Phi Sigma

Sophomores Mike Blink, Andy Crane, Jon Hecksel, Andrew Kroll, Eric Post, Ryan Shedd, Kody Taylor

Seniors Meghan Betka, Jessie Blacquiere, Elizabeth Bos, Anna Chappel, Christen Davids, Lindsey Feenstra, Betsy Jonker, Macare Kelly, Kami King, Liz Knooihuizen, Emily Little, Sarah Little, Carrie Meulenberg, Laura Nichols, Libby Nienhuis, Jenny Nyenhuis, Amy Reynolds, Amy Sato, Sara Steele, Lindsay Walton, Abby Wright


U n i t y Makes Strength ^

Colors*. Blue a n d Gold

Juniors Katie Boss, Emily Broekhuis, Bethany Buzanis, Shannon Gervel, Sarah Gonzales, Betsie Jetter, Jamie Klotz, Jessica Kooistra, Abby Kulick, Courtney Laarman, Emily McMullen, Dana Nicholson, Megan Peace, Rachel Peckenpaugh, Amy Rottman, Martha Sorenson, Sara Tate, Liz Tyndell, Katie VanDam, Abby Wierenga, Natalie Zylstra

Founded'. 1 9 1 0

1: m i i i liP m





Delta Phi 2 6 7

b 1

- 4







Motto*. Love, Honor a n d Success Colors* M a r o o n a n d W h i t e Founded! 1 9 4 6

Aaron Johnson, Brian Batchelder, Kyle Hackney, Corey Adomitis, Michael lannuzz, Clisby Jarrard, Ryan Kerstetter, Matthew Kirby, Justin Kribs, Mike Miner, Patrick Murphy, Lloyd Quimby, Benjamin Smies, Eric Smies, Adam Stachecki, Noah Weiss, Matt Widenmier, Rob Wise, Michael MacPherson, Casey Glass, Zach Blacquiere, Mitch Holdwick

Juniors Jed VanderMeulen, Eric MacKenzie, Kaiser Shen, Kenneth Bart

Sophomores Peter Kachur, Mark Gleason, Michael Nelsen, Travis Ruch

268 Phi Tai Nu

Seniors Meghan Adamson, Sarah Anderson, Diane Asher, Leslie Canfield, Jennifer Coleman, Amy Ford, Grade George, Andria Hundt, Amy Johnson, Jessica Lange, Emily Mannakee, Meghan McGovern, Sarah Messina, Katherine Moore, Hillary Noordeloos, Miriam Northcutt, Jamie Riemersma, Rebecca Rottenberg, Karly Savara, Emily Selden, Kristin Sheehan, April Sipe, Kathryn Stephan, Elizabeth Winne, Julia Wood

Motto' FriendsMp, Love


and Loyalty

Lindsey Brink, Candice Chavez, Erin Dehaan, Amanda Dykstra, Audrey Exo, Kimberly Hornbeck, Christina Lay, Ann Myers, Pamela Proos, Heather Qualman, Carmen Rabbitt, Hope Roobol, Kelly Rowland, Ashley Stoneburner, Abby Whitenight, Andrea Winters, Marissa Zvonar

Colors'. S k y Blue and


Chaste Gmy

Meredith Berry, Rebecca Bloemers, Lauren Bransen, Angela DIFuccia, Katherine Eisenga, Katherine Gignac, Sarah Hartman, Katherine Helmer, Jessica Hostetler, Megan Jager, Lauren Jewett, Kimberly Lesmes, Michelle Mandel, Mary Miceli, Jessica Mumford, Kelly Nelson, Margaret Parrish, Jillian Pettijohn, Jennifer Rinker, Jennifer Rottluff, Andrea Saldivar, Sarah Sheridan, Sarah Stowell, Kelly Vance, Lindsay White, Kirsten Winfield, Katherine Zuhr

Flower. Yellow Rose Founded! 1 9 1 9

Freshmen Emily Ausema, Amanda Best, Lori Clark, Kate Dunkin, Elizabeth Gibson, Jillian Hamlin, Erica Hess, Claire Koen, Audrey Laarman, Angela LaMonica, Jillian Mace, Laura McLaughlin, Elizabeth Mickalich, Meagan O'Neil, Lori Sullivan, Audrey Tetro, Allison Trotter, Becca Warber, Jess Werp, Katherine Wright




Sigma Iota Beta 2 6 9


IX Juniors

Motto*. Do u n t o others a s y o u would h a v e t h e m do u n t o y o u Colors*. Silver a n d Red Cardinal Principles*. Brotherhood, Scholarship a n d C h a r a c t e r

Christian Viel, Tim Kolnitys, Chad Booker, Brad Brondyke, Jung Koral, Lee Heerpsink, Nate Sorenson, Ross Coleman, Jeff Seymour, Kenneth Rogers

Sophomores Brian Fielhauer, Tim Speyer, Seth Kovank, Rob Fron, Kyle Trapp, Aric Miller, Mike Peters, Joe Rumbley, Caleb Martz, Matt Chatelain, Mitch Cummings, Todd Limback, Dan Hansens, Andrew Mercer, John Toth, Brian Hackney, Jake Schrock, AaronThomson, Aaron Mehl, Ryan DeMann

Freshmen Mike Billingsley, Greg Elizondo, Andrew McKay, Gabe Warren, Paul Burgess, Josh DeHaan, Nate Barnett

2 7 0 Phi Sigma Kappa

Seniors Amanda Drozer, Dani Grammerstorf, Jessica Housman, Amanda Neucks, Branda Page, Becky Wieferich


Motto'. Friendship, Anchor of our S t r e n g t h

Kemery Twining


Colors*. Forest Green a n d Gold

Bridget Chervenka, Cassie Colegrove, E. Rhys Dudeney, Jessica Johnson, Emily Liang, Stephanie McCann

Flower. Yellow C a r n a t i o n


Founded 1 9 5 7

Karis Granberg-Michaelson

w m mm l j t m

T -

app • K"

Alpha G a m m a Phi 2 7 1



w Seniors

Motto*. Simplicity of M a n n e r , S t r e n g t h of Purpose, B e a u t y of

Katie Bauman, Kristin Bryant, Brenna Bosma, Lily Buor, Emily Colenbrander, Alicia Daniel, Jacinta Gifford, Joy Pope, Emilie Preseau, Amanda Romig, Jody Schwarck, Melissa Spors, Abby Vollmer, Yvonne Williams



Alicia Abood, Dana Brown, Sarah Campbell, Jen Heidt, Anna Helvie, Sam Hyde,

F o r m a l Colors*. L a v e n d e r a n d Gold

Tarantino, Grace Whitmer, Laura Winterton, Brenda Young

I n f o r m a l Colors*. Purple a n d

Hannah Allen, Colleen Cooney, Ashley Farr, Emily Hatcher, Biz Headworth,

Sarah Klooster, Aileen Koliboski, Cory McCall, Kim Roush, Kristin Scofield, Cara

Sophomores Alesha Huber, Rachel Jamieson, Emily Llewellyn, Carmen Nee, Leigh Ann

White Flower*. Yellow Rose Foundcdl 1 9 2 1 / 1 9 8 8

2 7 2 Kappa Beta Phi

Papajcik, Candis Parrish, Emily Schwartz, Kelly Steeves, Janelle Swisher, Erin Tagg, Anna Wickstra

Freshmen Candice Evenhouse, Jessi Everett, Kelly Hargrove, Catrina Hart, Ashley Oberg, Ashley TenHaken, Ashley Tittle, Cassandra Tubbs

Seniors Nate Moore, Will Weiss


Motto! Brotherhood, Service a n d

Benjamin Byl, Matt Cooper, Scott Hinze, Adam Miller, Bryan Monty, Derek Phelan



Colors*. Red, Black a n d W h i t e

Ben De Haan, Wylie Douglass, Mark Nichols, John Potter, Brendan Ryan, Steve Yarbrough

Founded! 1 9 6 6

Freshmen Jason Burns, David Weatherly, Adam Witt



I m






I5 - <

i._ —

Alpha T h e t a Chi 2 7 3


11 i

i il! yi i. p

106 Class Brian Champion

1 1 0 Class

Colors*. Lincoln Green a n d Pearl White Founded'. 1 8 9 0

Jason Dunn, Josh Egedy, Muhammad Karimuddin

111 Class Fred Bergman, Travis Beynon, Ryan Brinks, Matt Buursma, Tim Folkert, Eric Goltz, Dave Gutierrez, Donny Hart, Tom Hoesch, Chris Ledtke, Steve Lepper, Jay Manojlovich, Justin Mast, Todd Neckers, Billy Norden, Leiand Toering, O Ty, Aaron Viles, Brett Vredevoogd, Joel Werlund

1 1 2 Class Tyler Basller, Kent Biggs, David Boersma, James Bolt, Luke Brenner, Josh Burkhour, Ric Cnossen, Stephen Gombis, Patrick Nolan, Paul Rabaut, Adam Rodriguez, Ben Sanders, Adam Throop, Seth Timmer, Trip Vanderwal, Nate VanHeest, Bo VanLaan, Joshua Vannamen

2 7 4 Phi Kappa Alpha


i A/ J? h


Aardema, Jill 152, 236, 240, 248, 294 Abela, Andrew 2 3 6 Abood Alicia 122, 127, 2 7 2 Achtemeier, Rachel 175, 236, 2 5 9 Adair, Stephen 2 6 2 Adams, Andrea 52, 117 Adams, Emily 117, 2 3 6 Adamson, Meghan 52, 2 6 9 Adomitis, Corey 268 Agheana Ion 2 3 3 Acrre, Crystal 173, 196 Ajega Gerald 29, 52, 2 6 2 Alters, Barb 2 3 2 Alters, Meredith 109, 1 2 2 Albonico, Laurel 86, 196 Alcenius, Christine 97, 1 1 0 Alcenuis, Christine 236 Alderink, Elizabeth 236 Aldemik, Elizabeth 174 Aldrich M a t t h e w

89, 2 3 6 Alexander, Kara 236 Alexandrescv,

Demisa 196 Alimov, Olim 196 Alleman, Brandon 236

Allen, Ashlea 5 2 Allen, H a n n a h 168, 176, 196, 2 7 2 Allen, Susan 2 3 6 Allis, James 2 3 4 Alsum, Alyssa 1 1 0 Alsum, E r y n 5 2 Alvarez'Ruf, Hersilia 2 3 3 Alvesteffer, Katrina 97. 110, 196 Ambrose Matthew 52 Amundson, Heather 174 A n a y a Abraham 231 Anderson, J a n e t 233 Anderson, Kristen 171, 2 3 7 Anderson, Rebecca 237 Anderson, Sarah 52, 269 Andre M Claudia 233 Andre T i f f a n y 5 2 Andrlik, Michael 122 Antonetti, Edan 237 Anubdson, Heather 237 Apostle Emelie 52, 265 Apostle Keri 97, 166, 196 Aquino, Rebecca 237 Arbut, Emily 2 6 3 Archer, Johnah 196 Arend Allison 2 3 7 Armbruster, Katie 86, 2 3 7 Armstrong, Monica 52, 2 6 5 Arnold Audrey

Arnoldink, David 53 Aronson, Leslie 53, 265 Arpke Laura 2 3 7 Arwady, Rand 5 3 Aschbrenner, Charles 2 3 4 Ash Betsy 1 7 3 Asher, Diane 53, 269 Asimakoupoulos, Kristin 196 Audustine H a n n a h 196 Augustson, Megan 197 Aukerman, Norissa

122 Ausema Emily 237, 2 6 9 Austin, Dale 2 3 5 Austin, Luke 197 Austin, Steve 2 3 7 Avery, Chris 155, 173, 197 Avery, Jennica 17, 175, 2 3 7 Avery, Joe 5 3 Awad Ellen 2 3 5 Awad Habeeb 2 3 3 Ayres, M a r y 53,


13 Baase T a r a 10, 197 Back A m y 2 3 7 Badiane Serge 138, 197, 2 6 2 Baer, Marc 2 3 3 Baer, M a t t 1 6 8 Baggio, Vanessa

^37 Bailey, Adrienne 5 3 Bailey Lisa 171, 237 Bailey, Melissa 2 6 3 Baird A m y 1 7 4 Baird Lindsey 2 3 7 Baker, Anne 197 Baker, Arianna 5 3 Baker, Katrina 197 Baker, Warren 197 Balduck Andrea 5 3 Baldwin, Sara 5 3 Ball Andrew 2 6 6 Ball Janell 2 3 7 Ballard Kyle 2 3 7 Baltmanis, A m y 53, 106 Bandstra B a r r y 235

Banu Daniela 2 3 7 Baran, Lisa 102, 237 Barber, Jessica 5 3 Barber, Sara 53, 155 Bareman, Steve 231 Barendse Eric 5 3 Barkel Travis 101, 237 Barker, Jessica 2 3 7 Bartlett, Rob 5 3 Barlow, Tim 1 7 8 Bamcord Kristin 117, 197 Barnes, Kyle 98, 113, 2 3 7 Barnet, Nathan 149 Barney Chris 2 3 0 Baron, Kendra 134, 263 Barr, Katherine 173, 197 Barrett, Jennifer 53, 208, 2 6 3 Barry, Brian 2 3 7 Barry, Rebecca 1 7 5 Bart, Kenneth 114, 141, 2 6 8 Bartlett, Robert 266 Bartley Jackie 2 3 2

102, 122 Arnold Katherine 237

Index 2 7 5

Barton, Charity 197 Barton, Michelle 197 Barton, Thomas 237 Easier, Tyler 85, 197, 2 7 4 Bassman, Jennifer 180, 197 Bast, Anne 17, 34, 174 Bast, J a n e 3 4 Batchelder, Brian 53, 2 6 8 Bauder, Michelle 197 Bauer, Kelly 109, 197 Bauer, Lisa 2 6 3 Bauman, Josh 1 0 5 Bauman, Katie 53, 69, 136, 2 7 2 Bauman, Sarah 197 Baumbach Matthew 5 3 Beagle Travis 5 3 Beat Dewight 2 3 0 Beal M a r y 2 3 7 Beaver, M a t t 8 9 Beck, Peter 54, 2 2 3 Beechick, Courtney 173 Beelen, Kristen 5 4 Beers, Jennifer 1 1 0 Beeson, Aaron 168 Beeson, Amber 5 4 Behm, Mariorie 122, 1 7 5 Bell, Albert 2 3 3 Bell J o n a t h a n 2 3 7 Bellows, David 197 Belman, Carol 1 2 2 Bend Merodie 2 3 7 Bender, Heidi 1 2 2 Benko, Mike 9 8 Benson, Chad 197 Berghorst, Men 197 Bergman, Fred 54, 178, 2 7 4 Berhanemeskel Daniel 54, 138, 262 Berry, Meredith 269 Berry, Rebecca 2 3 7

2 7 6 Index

Best, Amanda 238, 269 Best, Lindsay 2 3 8 Betka Meghan 134, 2 6 7 Beukema Terfsa 173, 197 Beuschel R y a n 238 Beyer, Krystal 197 Beynon, Travis 274 Bigger, Craig 98, 113, 2 3 8 Biggs, Kent 2 7 4 Billedeaux, J e r e m y 233 Billrngsley Mike 114, 197, 238, 270 Bills, Autumn 2 3 8 Binnie Peter 122 Bir, Aaron 2 3 8 Bisbee Nate 197 Bishop, Bradley 5 4 Bisson, Melinda 1 2 2 Blackman, Jennifer 238 Blackport, Kyle 54, 114 Blackport, Lacey 197

Blandford T a r a 5 4 Blankenship, Sarah 238 Blaszak Cynthia 168, 197 Blauw, Emily 1 7 4 Blazek Justin 98, 113, 2 3 8 Blease Jessica 2 3 8 Blevins, Stephen 197 Blink Mike 2 6 6 Block Erin 2 3 8 Bloem, Jeffrey 2 6 6 Bloemers, Daniel 89, 123, 2 6 4 Bloemers, Rebecca 197, 2 6 9 Blok A m y 197 Blondin, Jordana 54, 1 7 2 Blout, Jason 2 3 8 Blum, A m y 97, 110, 2 3 8 Blush Melissa 134, 173, 2 6 5 Boboltz, Amanda 123 Bochniak Kristyn 235 Bode Chris 89, 2 3 8

w m Âť .

Blacquiere Jessie 267 Blacquiere Zach 268 Bladt, C a r y n 1 2 3 Blake Emily 1 2 3

Bode Robert 173, 197 Boden, Amanda 237 Bodenbender, Brian 232

Bodine Jennifer 5 4 Bodtke Jessica 42, 238, 2 4 0 Boer, Ashley 42, 171, 2 3 8 Boerema, Laura 148 Boeroma Laura 173 Boers, Jacob 2 3 8 Boersma, David 45, 168, 197, 2 7 4 Boersma Jen 54, 117 Boersma Paul 2 3 0 Boersma Rachel 5 4 Boes, Jacob 2 6 4 Boes, Matthew 54, 135, 2 6 2 Boeve Ken 2 3 8 Bolick Kelly 1 2 3 Bolinder, Jesse 5 4 Bolkema Sara 1 2 3 Bolman, Sarah 1 2 3 Bolt, James 198, 274 Bonfiglio, Carolyn 54 Booker, Chad 89, 149, 2 7 0 Boom, Brian 89, 198 Boone Jennie 1 7 4 Boone Michael 2 3 8 Boote John 85, 1 9 8 Booth Phoebe 2 3 8 Bordenkircher, Anthony 198 Borgeson, Rachel 171, 2 3 8 Borovsky, Laura 110, 2 3 8 Borst, Greg 98, 1 1 3 Borst, Gregory 174, 238 Bos, Elizabeth 2 6 7 Bos, Jessica 198 Bosak Lindsay 123, 1 8 0 Bosma Brenna 54, 69, 2 7 2 Boss, Katie 142, 171, 2 6 7 Bosscher, Brandon 54 Bottema Lindsay 198

Bottema Rachael 54 Bouma-Rrediger, Steven 2 3 5 Boor, Tonzia 159 Bouwens, Daniel 54 101 Bouwens, M a r t h a 198 Bouwkamp, Brad 231 Bouwman, Lori 2 3 0 Bovenkerk Tami 134, 2 6 3 Boyle Matthew 54, 266 Bradley, Benjamin 238 Bradley, Erin 86, 118, 2 3 8 Bradley, Matthew 55, 121 Bramley, David 178 Bramley, Elizabeth 181, 2 3 8 Bramos, Jill 2 3 8 Brandenburg, Joshua 42, 55, 221 Brandsen, Nathan 114, 2 3 8 Brandt, Kristine 238, 2 6 3 Bransen, Lauren 140, 198, 2 6 9 Bratschie Alexandra 263 Breckner, Peter 89, 239 Breclaw, Diana 2 9 4 Bredow, Andrew 239 Bremer, Geoffrey 55, 2 6 6 Brenner, Luke 2 7 4 Brewster, Courtney 41, 123, 159 Brietzke Terry 2 3 9 Brieve Jeremy 123, 155, 166, 225 Briggs, Erin 2 3 5 Brink Jennifer 5 5 Brink Lindsey 90, 269 Brinks, R y a n 135, 274

Brockmeier, Jon 231 Broekhuis, Emily 267 Brondyke, Bradley 123, 149, 2 7 0 Brooks, Andrea 173, 198 Brooks, Emily 2 3 9 Brown, Colin 5 5 Brown, Dana 2 7 2

Brumley Kimberly 239 Brunick, Lah 2 3 5 Bryant, Kristin 55, 272 Buchan, Z a c h a r y 114, 2 3 9 Buche Shawna 90, 239 Buchwaiter, Abby 97, 1 9 8


Brown, Derek 2 3 9 Brown, Dmitri 98, 123 Brown, Emily 2 3 9 Brown, Katherine 239 Brown, Kelly 198 Brown, Kenneth 231 Brown, Linsday 198 Brown, Marianne 94 Brown, Melissa 1 9 8 Brown, Mike 2 2 4 Brown, Nathan 5 5 Brown, Rebekah 5 5 Brown, Tim 14, 230 Brown, Vance 1 1 3 Brownell Julie 2 6 3 Brownson, Anna 198 Broyhill Derek 1 2 3 Brudzewski, Diana 194, 2 3 9 Bruggers, Daniel 5 5 Bruins, Emily 5 5 Brumels, Kirk 2 3 3

Bumham, Kevin 239 Burns, Jason 161, 174, 239, 2 7 3 Burns, Sara 162, 198 Burton, Rachel 56, 97 Busema Brian 2 3 9 Bush, Z a c h a r y 2 3 9 Bushouse Eve 2 6 3


Buck Chris 1 9 8 Buck Stephanie 90, 102, 1 9 8 Budris, Katherine 123 Buell Tyler 2 3 9 Buis, Peter 5 5 Bulkeley, Meredith 55 Bulthuis, Adrianne 239 Bultman, Baars 232 Bultman, President James 30, 4 6 Bultman, Thomas 230 Bunker, An me 56, 117 Buor, Lily 5 6 , 2 7 2 Buor, Tonzia 1 9 8 Burgess, M u r r y 89, 1 13, 1 9 8 Burgess, Paul 89, 239, 2 7 0 Burkhour, Joshua 198, 2 7 4 Burnatowska-Hledin, Maria 2 3 1

Bussler, Andrew 198 Butler, Phil 8 9 Button, Michelle 26, 35, 1 9 8 Buursma M a t t 143, 2 7 4 Buzanis, Bethany 142, 2 6 7 Byker, Erika 2 3 9 Byker, Rebecca 1 2 3 B y ! Benjamin 2 7 3 Bylsma Stephanie

86 Byrne Cynthia 5 6

C o Cable Emily 198 Caesar, Molly 2 6 3 Cain, J o n a t h a n 98, 113, 1 2 3 CaldweU, John 2 6 4 Call Adam 56

Calmes, Sarah 56, 265 Caluory, Lauren 198 Camp, Carrie 1 7 3 Camp, Matthew 5 6 Camp, Michael 2 3 9 Campbell Emily 198 Campbell Jamie 198 Campbell Sarah 272 Canche Adriana 239 Canfield Leslie 56, 269 Canterbury, Lisa 56 Carey, Matthew 239 CamilL Lynn 2 3 9 Carlson, Ben 2 6 4 Carlson, Chad 1 0 5 Carlson, Elizabeth 239 Carlson, Jeff 1 0 5 Carlson, Meredith 174, 2 3 9 Carlson, Victoria 123 Carlston, K a t h r y n 56 Carollo, Jessica 1 2 3 Carr, T.J. 8 9 Carrier, Julianne 97, 198 Carrozziere Carla 57 Carrozziere Rachel 57 Carston, Lori 2 3 5 Carter, Daniel 198 Carter, Josh 8 9 Casey, Emily 42, 239 Casillas, Matthew 98, 113, 2 3 9 Caulfield K a t h r y n 168, 1 9 8 Caulk, Sarah 5 7 Ceasar, Molly 2 3 9 Chaffee Adam 85, 184, 2 6 4 Chambers, M a r y 57, 1 6 3 Chambers, Megan 174, 2 3 9

Champion, Brian 274 Champonniere Paulette 2 3 4 Chapin, Andrew 14, 57 Chapin, Cari 2 2 1 Chappa Todd 8 5 Chappel Anna 2 6 7 Charland Kelly 239 Chase Kari 173, 198 Chase-Walker, Leah 230, 2 3 1 Chatelain, Matthew 199, 2 7 0 Chavez, Candice 123, 2 6 9 Cherup, Susan 2 3 2 Chervenka Bridget 199, 2 7 1 Chimoski Alfred 113, 199 Christman, Zach 240 Chujo, Asuka 1 2 3 Churchill Christina 194, 199 Cichoky, M a r y 5 7 Claar, Victor 2 3 2 Claerbout, Lindee 263 Clark, A m y 110, 240 Clark Christopher 85, 199 Clark Karen 57,

110 Clark Lori 240, 269 Clause Adam 2 4 0 Cleary, Andrea 1 2 3 Cleland Kelly 5 7 Cline Rachel 2 4 0 Clinton-Barnett, Nathan 89, 270 Close Lindsay 102, 123 Clouse Deanna 118, 1 2 3 Clum, Courtney 97, 240 Cnossen, Richard 143, 199, 2 7 4 Cobb, Rodney 5 7 Cochran, Carrie 5 7

Index 2 7 7 i

Cochrane, Rachel 240 Coffey, Meghan 240 Colburn, Leslie 5 7 Cole Carrie 128 Colegrove, Cassandra 173, 199, 2 7 1 Coleman, Jennifer 57, 118, 2 6 9 Coleman, Ross 13, 168, 2 7 0 Colenbrander, Emily 57, 94, 134, 272 Collins, John 5 7 Coltison, Stefan 199 Compson, Justin 5 7 Conner, Christen 189, 199 Cook, Matthew 101 Cook, Nancy 2 3 2 Cooke, Kenneth 2 4 0 Cool Mattew 199 Cooney, Colleen 199, 2 7 2 Cooper, Holli 110, 172, 199 Cooper, M a t t 136, 273 Cooper, Sara 2 4 0 Cooper, Shellila 199, 2 4 0 Corbett, Amanda 199, 2 6 3 Corey, Colleen 106 Cornell Emily 152, 240, 2 9 4 Corstanrfe Katie 199 Cortez, Lisa 5 7 Costello, Daniel 2 4 0 Couch D y a n 123, 148 Cowen, John 199 Cowen, Laura 1 9 0 Cox, Jeremy 171, 240 Cox, John 2 3 2 Cox, Kyle 2 4 0 Cox R y a n 57 Coyle, Brian 2 3 4 Craioveanu Mihai 234 Crane Andrew 89, 199, 2 6 6

2 7 8 Index

Crawford Katherine 57 Crearfh, Rebecca 124

Cressler, Clayton 57 Creswell Kristi 124, 152, 172, 175, 294 Crisman, Jennifer 174, 2 4 0 Crisman, Sarah 5 7 Crist, Madeline 199 Cronkite Donald 230 Cronkite Emily 124, 159, 176 Cryderman, Eli 89, 109, 2 4 0 Cumings, Mitchell 89, 149, 199, 270 Cum rmnrfg, Kristi 58, 1 7 2 Currey, J o n a t h a n 199

P d Daenzer, Sean 2 4 0 DAgosta M a r y Beth 2 6 3 Dahlke Crystal 199 Dahm, Elizabeth 240 Dalman, Lisa 2 3 5

De Yountf, Mike 241 DeBacker, Jared 42, 199 DeBoer, Eric 173, 199 DeBoer, Melissa 106 DeBoer, Melssa 5 8 DeBoer, Nicolas 199 DeBoest, Jesse 171, 241 DeBoest, Kate 5 8 DeBruler, Charles 124 DeBruyn, Maxine 232 DeCamp, Lisa 1 2 4 DeCraff, Cristi 117 Degraff, Debra 2 4 1 Dellaan, Anna Danek Tyler 199 118, 172, 2 0 0 Daniel Alicia 58, DeHaan, Erin 2 6 9 272 DeHaan, Josh 89, Daniels, Kristen 270 118 DeHaan, K a t h r y n Daniels, Megan 5 8 58 DaPrato, David DeHaan, Laura 199 241 Darrow, Elizabeth DeHaan, Michael 240 89, 2 0 0 Darter, T a r a 26, DeHaan, Sander 173, 199 233 Davenport, Kathleen DeHann, Josh 2 4 1 124, 2 2 9 David Linday 1 4 8 Deis, Caitlin 9 0 Dekker, Amanda David Lindsay 200 263 Davids, Christen 58, Dekker, Katherine 173, 2 0 0 267 DeKoster, Nick 171 Davis, Jade 199 DeLange Susan 5 8 Davis, Jill 199 DeU'Olio, Jeanine Davis, Matthew 232 124 Delozier, K a t h r y n Davis, Megan 58, 59 263 DeMaan, R y a n 8 9 Dayger, John 2 3 2 DeMann, R y a n De Avila Meridith 270 124 Demeulenaere De Avila Meridith Thomas 5 8 151, 161 Deming, Gavin 124 De Haan, Ben 2 0 0 Deming Jon 1 1 4 DeHaan, Ben 2 7 3 Denis, Nick 153, De Koster, Nicholas 172 241 DePetris, Marie 86, De Mann, R y a n 241 200 DePotty, Bryan De Younrf, Karie 200 241

D a m e Jenelle 148, 199 Dandavati, Annie 234

Derby, Peter 98, 113 Derby, Sean 98, 113, 2 4 1 Dernberger, Rick 231 deRoo, Talor 168 deRoo, Taylor 2 6 4 Dershem, Herbert 231 DeSalvio, Brianna 173 Dethmers, Graham 241 DeVito, Kortney

118, 200 DeVries. Dawn 124 DeVries, Jamie 174, 2 4 1 DeV ries, Jill 184 DeV ries, Seth 124 DeW itt, Leah 86 Dewitt, Leah 2 4 1 DeYountf, Amanda 124 Deyoung, David 58 Deyoung, Karissa 58 DeYoung, Katelyn 109, 1 1 0 DeYoung, Mike 171 DeYoung, Paul 2 3 4 Di Salvio, Brianna 200 Diaz, Ana 2 4 1 Dibemardo, Jessica 174 Dickerson, Kirsten 58 Dickie J a n e 4 6 Diekema Ken 5 8 Diekever, Jennifer 241 Diekevers, Joseph 89, 2 4 1 Diephuis, Krista 172, 200, 2 6 3 Diestl Christine 58, 184 DiFuccia Angela 168, 2 6 9 Dishnow, Allison 175, 181, 2 4 1 Distefano, R y a n 241 Dizeyer, Jamin 241

Do, Quyen 200, 263 Dock. Ziyah 2 3 1 Dody, Robert 121, 241 Doherty, Brandon 89 Doherty, James 124 Doherty, Julia 5 8 Dolislager, Michael Dominiak, Michael 175, 2 4 1 Dondero, Mark 113, 241 Doran, Emily 173,

200 Doran, Liz 173,

200 Doran, Valerie 2 4 1 Dore Jessica 5 8 Dore Leeta 97, 2 4 1 Dornbos, Kate 58, 86 Douglass, Holly 5 8 Douglass, Wylie 124, 174, 2 7 3 Doupe Andrew 89, 241 Dowdy, Lori 2 0 0 Dowedite Kristin 124 Drake, John 2 0 0 Drendal Tiffany 124 Dreyer, Jamin 101 Drooger, Megan 117, 2 4 1 Drost, T a r y n 2 4 1 Drozer, Amanda 59, 2 7 1 Drumm, Heather

200 Dudeney, Ellen 172, 2 0 0 Duffey, Sean 5 9 Dugan, Kevney 85, 121 Dulaney, Haley 200 Dunkin, Katie 241, 269 Dunlap, M a r y 2 6 3 Dunlap, Michael 135, 2 6 6 Dunn, Jason 2 7 4

Dunn, Maureen 233 Dunn, Susan 2 3 4 DuPuis, Dan 5 9 Durham, Ann 174, 241 Durham, Corrie 5 9 Dustin, Holly 2 4 1 D u t r a Jennifer 5 9 D u v a l Chanel 2 4 1 Dyer, Garrison 2 0 0 D y k e m a Hillary 200, 2 2 0 Dykhuis, Angela 153, 2 4 2 D y k s t r a Amanda 269 D y k s t r a Christopher 200 D y k s t r a Heather 174, 2 4 2 D y k s t r a Jennifer 242 D y k s t r a Joseph 200 D y k s t r a Natalie 232 D y s k t r a Linda 234 Dyson, Melissa 174, 2 4 2

Egedy, Joshua 59, 274 Eisenbrandt, Kara 59 Eisenga Katherine 269 Ekdom, Lisa 102, 242 Eldersveld Jeff 8 9 Elenbaas, Lisa 2 0 0 Elizondo, Greg 178, 270 Elliott, Jamie 9 7 Elliott, Meaghan 200 Ellis, Joseph 2 4 2 Ellis, Laura 168, 200 Ellsworth Quinn 168, 2 0 0 Elsbury, Steve 2 3 1 Engel Lauren 118, 242 English Jillian 2 0 0

Estes, Melissa 5 9 Euers, Shawn 2 4 2 Evans, Colleen 5 9 Evans, Timothy 230 Evearitt, Matthew 59 Evenhouse Candice 242, 2 7 2 Everett, Jessi 2 4 2 Evers, Shawn 171 Exo, Audrey 2 6 9

Fach Lindsay 102, 200 Falatko, John 93, 200

Farrar, Will 2 6 4 Farrell, Adrienne 60 Fausett, Megan 242 Fedak Ben 6 0 Feenstra Londsey 267 Feenstra Natalie 60 Fegan, Brock 6 0 Fenton, Colin 8 9 Fiddler, Dustin 89, 242 Field Greg 6 0 Fields, Carolyn 1 7 5 Fields, Katherine 168, 201 Fielhauer, Brian 89, 270 Filler, Lisa 2 0 1 Fischer, Dave 1 2 4 Fisher, Kelli 6 0 Fisher, Lesli 174, 242 Fisher, Sally 6 0 Flaherty, Necia 6 0 Flavin, William 174 Fleck Rebekah 2 4 2 Fleming, Cody 1 0 5 Flooding Geoffry

262 Fochtman, Sean 235 Folkema Rebecca

60 Earfan, Julia 59, 117 Eaton, Alex 18, 25, 242 Ebels, Bria 106, 242 Ebels, Linda 106, 242 Ebels, Robert 9 3 Echer, Amie 2 6 3 Ecker, Amie 2 4 2 Eckerle Kevin 2 3 0 Edema Todd 2 6 4 Edmondson, J o n a t h a n 114, 242 Edwards, Elise 174, 242

Folkert, E v a Dean 233 Folkert, Jennifer 97, 173, 2 0 1 Folkert, Michelle 201 Folkert, Timothy 60, 2 7 4 Forbes, Erin 1 2 4 Forbes, Tracey 14, Erdman, Nicholas 89, 174, 2 4 2 Erickson, Melissa 102 Eriks, Anna 90, 124 Erikson, Melissa 242 Esch, Julie 124, 189 Essink Andrew 2 4 2

61 Falk, Ben 4 7 Falstad Valerie 200 Farley, Veronica 97 Farmer, Elizabeth 124 Farr, Ashley 109, 201, 2 7 2

Ford A m y 61, 134, 269 Ford Jared 8 9 Ford Lewis 34, 2 0 1 Forsyth Drew 2 0 1 Fortney, Travis 242 Fosburg Jon 168 Fosbura, Joshua 124

Index 2 7 9 k

Foster, David 124 Foster, Elizabeth 124 Foust, Kan 102, 201 Fox, Anneliese 118, 242 Frank, Kyle 61 Franklin, Jennifer 102 Franklin, Kimberly 97 Franklin, Sondra 235 Fransisco, Kara 2 4 2 Frazier, Diana 2 6 3 Freebum, Ben 1 1 3 Freed, Jeremy 89, 242 French, Russ 1 6 8 Frens, K a t h r y n 242 Frens, Meg 2 3 3 Freyermuth John 89, 109, 2 0 1 Friedrich Carol L 61 Friend Ronald 2 4 2 Frisintfer, Courtney 242 Fron, Rob 89, 2 7 0 Frost, Erik 121 Frost, Richard 2 3 5 Frucci, Tony 109 Frushour, Joshua 89, 2 4 3 Fry, Megan 61 Fry, Sarah 2 4 3 Fry, Timothy 2 0 1 Fugitt, Steve 2 4 3 F u k u n a g a Megumi 161 Funk Jaquelyn 201 Funkanga, Megumi 124 F y l s t r a Helen 2 0 1

Gabkart, Jennifer 243

2 8 0 Index

Gable Jennifer 174, 243 Gadowski, Aaron 243 Galat, Ashley 2 0 1 Gall, Jared 13, 60, 168, 2 0 1 Gallagher, John 38, 98, 1 1 3 Ganta, D i v y a 29,

201 Garcia Alyssa 42, 243 Gardner, Kevin 2 3 4 Gardner, Sarah 2 0 1 Gardynik, Amanda 201 Garrett, Z a c h a r y 201

Gendrikous, Steven 225 Genow, D a n a 2 0 1 George Gracie 61, 269 George T a m a r a 234 Gerbers, Shawn 61, 98 Gerig Christy 6 1 Gerst, Cassandra 125 Gervel Shannon 125, 142, 2 6 7 Geurink Ross 101 Cezon, Julie 174, 243 Giacherio, Brenna 243

Gibson, Kendrick 232 Gibson, Laura 1 2 5 Gielczyk Ben 61 Gier, Kyle 168, 2 0 1 Gifford J a c i n t a 61, 272 Gifford Melissa 2 0 1 Gignac, Katherine 201, 2 6 9 Gillam, Dawn 8 6 Gillotte Peter 18, 175, 2 4 3 Glas, Amanda 94, 201 Glass, Casey 114,

268 Gleason, Anthony

201 Gleason, Caleb 6 1 Gleason, M a r k 201,

268 Gleason, Paul 141 Gleason, Tony 8 9 Glickman, Alison 6 1 Glickman, Ashley 243 Goeb, Carrie 1 2 5 Goetz, Matthew 243 Goff, Megan 2 0 1 Goldwire Travis 156, 2 0 1 Goltz, Eric 2 7 4 Gombis, Stephan 125, 2 7 4 Gonthier, David 8 5 Gonthier, Peter 2 3 4 Gonzales, Abbie 61, 158, 172, 2 6 5 Gonzales, Amanda 243, 2 6 3 Gonzales, Sarah 267 Gonzalez, Annie 105, 148, 174 Gonzalez, Victor 61 Gormley Jennifer Garrison, Amber 235 Gasper, Brittany 166, 173, 2 0 1 Gaubatz, Lacey 201 Gawron, Tony 13, 113, 171 Geer, Meghan 61

Gianeskis, Beth 2 4 3 Gianeskis, Brenna 174 Gibbie Dean 174, 243 Gibbs, Janis 2 3 3 Gibson, Elizabeth 164, 175, 243, 269

61 Gomo, David 2 0 1 Gould H e n r y 2 0 2 Graham, Candace

117, 202 Graham, Linda 2 3 2 Graham, M a r t h a 97, 1 1 0

Grahmann, Paula 174, 188, 222 243 Grambau Katherine

20, 202 Gramm, Andrea

110, 202 Grammerstorf, Dani 61, 2 7 1 GranbergMichaelson, Karis 243, 271 Grandia Leticia 61, 97 Grandstaff, James 243 Grant, Michael 264 Graves, Michelle 243 Graves, R y a n 61, 64, 152, 2 9 4 G r a y Ellie 61 Gray, Kristen 231, 235 G r a y Maxine 125, 159 Gray, Sara 62, 263 Green, M y r a 2 4 3 Greene Lindsey 202 Greenman, Scott 89, 113, 2 4 3 Gregory, Clarissa 42, 2 0 2 Griffeth, Daane 202 Griffith Daane 105 Griggs, Christina 243 Grinzinger, Nate 114 264 Groeneveld Cyrus 243 GroggeL Rachel 202 Crosse James 62, 98, 1 1 3 Grotenhuis, Kathi

62, 106 Gruenler, Curtis 232 Guenther, Sandra 202 Guernsey Brandon

62 Guess, Carol 2 0 2 Gugino, Todd 2 3 1 Guisbert, Kelsey 243 Gumbs, Jessica 125

Gutierrez, David 125, 2 7 4 Gutowski. Joseph 125 Guy, Williams 2 4 3

H A Haack. Steven 174, 243 Haba Stefanie 86, 243 Haberlein, Angela 173, 2 0 2 Hackney, Brian 89, 270 Hackney, Kyle 268 Hagen, Chris 2 6 4 Hahn, Heather 1 2 5 Hahnfeld, Laura 62, 9 0 Haik Marcy 2 0 2 Hal Jordan 1 1 4 Halfman, Abbi 1 6 8 Hall, Gabe 2 4 3 Hall Jordan 2 4 3 Hall Katie 9 0 Hall Lindsay 6 2 Halladay, Samantha 2 0 2 Halloran, Daniel 113 Hamby, R y a n 62, 219 Hamel Molly 168, 202 Hamilin, Jillian 171, 174, 2 6 9 Hamilton, Adam 148 Hamm, William 125 Hammer, Brian 13, 171, 2 4 4 Hammer, Peter 2 4 4 Hammon, Elizabeth 244 Hammond Libby 117 Hammond Mark 244

Hamon-Porter, Bngitte 2 3 3 Hamstra, Chris 101 Han, Mansoon 2 3 4 Haney, Reginald 42, 2 4 4 Hanning, Brian 62, 225 Hansen, Beth 1 1 0 Hansen, Edward 232 Hansen, Elizabeth 244 Hansens, Daniel 89, 149, 202, 2 7 0 Hanson, John 2 3 0 Harden, Kara 2 4 4 Hardy, Lisa 62, 172 Hargrove Kelly 152, 244, 2 9 4 Harrelson, D y a n a 233 Harris, Colette 125, 263 Harris, Kristen 2 4 4 Harris, Sarah 2 0 2 Hart, Catrina 174, 244 Hart, Donald 171, 184, 2 7 4 Hart, Wilma 2 3 5 Hartman, Sarah 269 Hartsell Stephanie

202 Hass, Nicole 2 4 4 Hatcher, Emily 202, 2 7 2 Hatfield Maegan

182 H a u c h Jessica 6 2 Hauptman, Amber 244, 2 6 3 Hauser, Kimberly 244 Hausler, Jonathon

202 Haveman, T r a c y

62 Havens, Brittany 202 Haverdink, Sara 6 2 Hawn, Aaron 174, 244 Hawn, Hilary 6 2 Hayes, Emily 6 2

Hayes, Paul 2 0 2 Hazen, Brandon 244

Henneman, Jessica 17, 172, 2 0 2 Henry, Sara 6 2


Headworth Elizabeth 134, 136, 173, 202, 2 7 2 Healy, Nina 164, 202 Hecksel Jonathon 168, 266 Heetf, Erica 202, 240 Heeg, Paul 2 4 4 Heerinoa, Jason 93, 244 Heerpsink Lee 2 7 0 Heerspink Lee 149 Heideman, Carl 231 Heiden, Margaret 62, 2 6 3 Heidt, Jen 2 7 2 Heirman, Jonas 244 Heisler, Jacqueline 230 Heisler, James 2 3 2 Hekman, T r a c y 6 2 Heller, Grant 6 2 Helmer, Katherine 202, 2 6 9 Helvie, Anna 125, 272 Hempel Marie 2 4 4 Hendricks, Daniel 62, 1 7 2 Hendrix, Lynne 232 Heneveld Tim 2 3 0 Henke, Jennifer 202

Herbst, Nicole 2 0 2 Hermann, Jessica 202 Hermenitt, Tonya 244 Hernandez, Carmen 158 Hernandez-Jarvis, Loma 2 3 5 Herrick James 2 3 1 Herron, Katrina

202 Herwaldt, Lynne 125 Hess, Erica 25, 42, 175, 194, 244, 269 Hess, Erin 1 7 3 Heuer, A m y 2 4 4 Heydlauff, Jeffery

101, 202 Heyns, Adam 161 Hiatt, Rachel 2 4 4 Higgins, Jesse 2 4 4 Higgins, Jessica 175, 2 4 4 Hitftfins, Puss 114, 264 Hilbrecht, Annie 62, 172 Hildebrandt, Kari 203 Hile, John 2 0 3 Hill Holli 2 4 4 Hill Jennifer 6 3 Hill Kelly 2 4 4 Hilla Rachel 203, 263

Hillegonds, Becky 263 Hillyard Rebecca 203 Hilton, Adam 2 0 3 Hinkle, Katie 2 4 4 Hinkle, Lauren 8 6 Hinkle Rebekah 125 Hinz, Daniel 6 3 Hinze, Scott 175, 273 Hinzmann, Matthew 2 0 3 Hirsch Melissa 110 Hitesman, Amanda 63 Ho, Cheuk-Tintf 125, 265 Hodson, Robert 2 3 4 Hoeksema Paul 89, 203 Hoenecke, K a t h r y n 173, 2 0 3 Hoesch Tom 2 7 4 Hoestra Cara 2 4 4 Hoffman, John 98, 113, 2 4 4 Hofmeyer, Jessica 245 Hofmeyer, J o y 1 2 5 Hogeboom, Heidi 203 Hoksbemen, Alden 245 Holda Brian 171, 245 Holden, Micah 1 2 5 Holdwick Mitch

268 Holleboom, Daniel 203 Holleman, Sara 125 Holmes, Jack 2 3 4 Homakie, Sara 90, 245 Hoogendyk Maria 125 Hoogerhyde, Kelli 203 Hoogerwerf, Lisa 168, 2 0 3 Hoogerwerf, Steven 235 Hoogeveen, Natalie 90, 2 4 5

Index 2 8 1

Hoos, J e n n a 2 4 5 Hopley, Holly 2 0 3 Hombeck, Donovan 98 Hombeck. Kunberly 269 Horstman, Elizabeth 245 Hosford, Amelia 203 Hostetler, Jessica 203, 2 6 9 Housman, Jessica 63, 2 7 1 Houzenrfa, Brad 245 Howard Brian 2 4 5 Howard Emily 245 Howes, Michael 114, 2 4 5 Hrlic, Garret 1 2 5 Huber, Alesha 194, 203, 2 7 2 Huebner, Ed 8 5 Huff, Sara 6 3 Hughes, Erin 1 9 0 Hughes, Katie 86, 203 Hughes, Krista 168, 173, 2 0 3 Huisman, Andrew 125 Huizen, A m y 173, 203 Huizenga Betsy 13, 174 Huizenga, Elizabeth 171, 2 4 5 Huizunga Steve 203 Hulst, Stephen 63, 184 Hundt, Andria 63, 269 Hundt, Joshua 114, 245 Hunt, Megan 2 4 5 Hunyadi, M a r t h a 148, 172, 2 0 4 H u s a Elizabeth 182 Hutchins, Kelley 90, 155, 2 0 4 Hutchinson, Ashley 63, 2 6 3 Hutt, Rachel 2 0 4

2 8 2 Index

Hwang, Yooyeun 232 Hyde, Maren 6 3 Hyde Samantha 272 Hyde, S m a n t h a 174


Jared Sarah 109, 246 J a r r a r d Clisby 64, 114, 2 6 8 Jehl Renee 2 0 4 Jeltema James 246

Johnson, Fred 1 5, 233 Johnson, Jason 65 Johnson, Jenna 1Q 246 Johnson, Jessica 173, 204, 271 Johnson, Jonathan 204 Johnson, Mark 121 246 Jones, Donald 266 Jones, Eric 65, 173 Jones, Julia 171, 175, 2 4 6 Jones, Sarah 2 4 6 Jones, Vanessa 246 Jongekryg Eric 98,


J a b a a y , James

I t


Jackson, Brent 6 4 Jackson, Nancy 125 Jackson, Paul 11, 176 Jackson, Rob 2 4 5 Jackson, R y a n lannacone, Steven 171, 2 4 5 232 Jacobsen, Kimberly Ice, Karen 6 4 64 Ignaczak Kristen Jager, Megan 125, 171, 2 4 5 269 Ihrke, Randi 1 2 5 Jager, Travis 8 9 Imdieke, Andrew Jakobcic, Katie 204, 64, 1 5 5 263 Imkieke Andrew James, Daniel 6 4 184 James, David 2 3 0 Immink Greg 1 0 5 James, Jennifer Inman, Amber 64, 245 110 James, Kristopher Inman, M a r y 224, 113, 2 0 4 235 Intveld Jennie 2 4 5 Jamieson, Rachel 204, 2 7 2 Ipema Melissa 171, J a r u k Justin 64, 240, 245, 2 4 8 173 Irvine Elizabeth Janofski Heather 204 42, 2 4 6 Irwin, Anne 2 3 3 Janofski, Keith 42, Isherwood Brian 204 174 Janzen, Rhoda 2 3 2 Japinga Lynn 2 3 5

Jeltes, Sarah 2 4 6 Jenks, E r r y n 64, 173, 182 Jensen, Lauren 106 Jeschke, Scott 8 9 Jetter, Betsie 109, 267 Jetter, Elizabeth 126 Jewell Isabel 6 4 Jewell Lisa 2 0 4 Jewell Mecfan 38, 42 Jewett, Kyle 8 9 Jewett, Lauren 204, 269 Jimmerson, Mariah 246 Jipping Michael 231 Jobin, Audra 2 0 4 Johannsen, Jess

Jongekryg, Sara 97, 246 Jonker, Betsy 267 Jonker, Travis 85 Jordan, M a r t y 174 Jomensen, Elizabeth 246 Jorgensen, Gena 110, 2 4 6 Jomenson, David 204 Judd Stephanie 204 Judson, Christina 17, 25, 175, 246 Judenitz, Carly 263 Jurgensen, Laura 171, 2 6 3 J u r y , Elizabeth 204 J u r y , Jennifer 65, 182

180 Johnson, Aaron 141, 219, 2 6 8 Johnson, A m y 2 6 9 Johnson, Branden 65 Johnson, Christopher 204 Johnson, Elizabeth 172, 2 0 4

Kachur, Peter 204,

268 Kadzban, Laura 174 K a f f k a Andrea 204 Kain, Jacob 2 0 4

Kaiser, Christopher 171, 2 4 6 Kalaiainen, Jill 126, 184 Kallemyn, Sylvia 233 Kalmbacher, Gabriel 246 Kaloust, Joseph 2 3 4 Kaly, Alexa. 2 6 3 Kamara, F a t u 126 Kamps, Gracia 106, 204 Kamps, Heather 246 Kan, Charlene 6 5 Kanaan, Hussam 65 Kanaan, Serene 246 Kapenga Rachel 246 Karel Jeremy 2 0 4 Karger, Julie 194, 204 Kaiimuddin, Muhammad 65, 2 7 4 Karsten, Neal 113, 246 Kawiecki, Krista 204 Kaye, Karen 2 0 4 Kealey, Alexandra 194, 2 0 4 Kearney M a r y 204 Kearney Patrick 65, 178 Keenan, Sarah 1 0 2 Kehrer, Jason 6 5 Keim, John 2 0 4 Keller, Andy 6 5 Kelly, Macare 65, 267 Kelly, Paul 171, 246 Kelly, Tim 8 5 Kennedy, James 233 Kennedy, Lindsey 142, 2 4 6 Kennedy-Dygas, Margaret 2 3 4 Kenney, Erin 2 4 6 Keohler, Kristie 6 6 Kerkstra Amanda 65, 106

Kerstetter, R y a n 65, 2 6 8 Kettner, Chad 126 Keur, Timothy 89, 205 Kezlarian, Joelle 6 5 Khadka Utsab 138, 246, 2 6 2 Kiessel Lee 9 8 Kik, Joe 8 9 Kim, Young 2 4 6 King, Audra 189, 205 King, Harrison 2 0 5 King, Julia 2 0 5 King Julie 97, 110, 205 King, Kami 65, 142, 267 King Miriam 6 5 King, Sara 6 5 Kingdom-Grier, CJ. 41, 2 3 0 Kinney Amanda

180 Kirby, Matthew

268 Kirk Joseph 2 4 6 Kistler, Amanda 97, 246 Kito, Keiko 2 4 6 Kleersnyder, Kyle 105, 2 0 5 Klein, Jessica 174, 246

Klein, Katherine 37, 65 Kleinheksel Charlie 105 Klepper, Amanda 205 Klienheksel Chip 246 Klingenberg Karter 85. 2 4 7 Klompmaker, Linnae 86, 2 4 7 Klooster, David 2 3 2 Klooster, Sarah 137, 2 7 2 Kloostra Paul 6 5 Klotz, Jaime 142 Klotz, Jamie 2 6 7 Klug Germaine 2 3 5 Klunder, Bethany 247 Klunder, Jack 105, 205 Klunder, Kristin 126 Knapman, Michelle 173 Knecht, Robert 101, 205 Knecht, Shannon 65 Knooihuizen, Liz 267

Knooihuizen, Rebecca 166, 168, 2 0 5 Knudsen, Kent 89, 247 Kobes, lan 101 Koebel, Ashley 6 6 Koehler, Kurt 98,

113, 262 Koen, Claire 247, 269 Koenke, Stephanie 86, 2 4 7 Kohsel M y r a 2 3 2 Koliboski, Aileen 126, 2 7 2 Kolnitys, Tim 2 7 0 Komejan, Doug 6 6 Konfara Jeffrey 6 6 Konfara Michelle 126 Konintf, Elizabeth 247 Koning, Joshua 2 0 5 Kooistra Jessica 142, 2 6 7 Kooistra Nathan

126 Koole, Ginny 2 3 5 Koopman, Erin 2 0 5 Koopmans, Christopher 126 Kopchick Mike 126 Kopp, Joseph 175, 247 Koppenol Robin 247 Koral J u n g 2 7 0 Koski, Danielle 126, 148 Koster, Matthew

126 Kot, Jon 1 1 3 , 1 7 8 Kovanik Seth 2 7 0 Kovarik Seth 89, 205 Kraft, George 2 3 3 Kraft, Kelly 117 Kratfness, Jessica 247 Krahn, Kerrie 2 0 5 Kraima Sandra

126 Kran, John 66, 166 Kreps, Dean 2 3 3 Kresnak Katie 2 0 5 Kreucher, Anthony 109, 2 4 7

Kribs, Justin 114,

268 Krolik Erica 66, 265 Krolikowski, Lana 97 KroU, Andrew 205,

266 Kronemeyer, Loren 135, 205, 2 6 4 Krueger, Brent 2 3 1 Krumrie Donnie 126 Krumseig Anna 6 6 Krupczak John 234 Kuhl, Karen 6 6 Kuipers, K a t h r y n 205 Kuipers, Lindsey 110 Kuiphof, Rachel 205 Kulick Abby 2 6 7 Kuper, Abigail 2 4 7 Kurkiewicz, A m y 247 Kurtze, Aubrey 205 Kurtze Jeffrey 205, 2 2 3 Kuyper, Matthew 247 Kwiatkowski, Dan 20,42 Kwon, Younrfnee 247

L I Laarman, Audrey 247, 2 6 9 Laarman, Courtney 267 Labon, Tiffany 2 0 5 L a f a t a Mike 2 3 5 Lafean, Kirsten 2 0 5 Lagios, Lindsay 205, 2 4 7 Laiiness, John 4 5 Lalani, Jody 2 3 3 Lam, Chris 168, 205

Index 2 8 3

Lam, Heather 174, 247 Lam, Heidi 174, 247 Lam, Keith 6 6 Lamer, Sarah 2 0 5 LaMoruca, Angela 247, 2 6 9

LaPorte Joseph 2 3 4 LaRoche, Thomas 172, 2 0 5 Larsen, Katherine 247 Larson, Shirley 2 3 5 Laskowski, Julie

126 Laug, Eric 2 4 7 Lauver, Kimberly

LaMonica, Katie



Leman, Brooke 10,

206 Lenon, Juliane 6 6 Lepper, Phillip 85, 248 Lepper, Steve 85, 274 Lesmes, Kimberly 206, 2 6 9 Lesnau Sarah 173, 206


v s m m

Lam pan i, Jennifer 205 Lam pen, Lisa 2 3 5 Lamphear, Corissa 174 Larnphere, LeAnne

66 Lampheur, Carissa 247 Lancaster, Julie 247 Landes, Perry 2 3 5 Langdon, Kerri 2 4 7 Lange Jessica 66, 269 Langeland Stefani. 240, 2 4 7 Lannuzz, Michael

268 Lantz, Nicole 2 0 5 Lapham, Landon 113, 168, 2 0 5

2 8 4 Index

Lawson, Naomi 126 Lawton, Craig 6 6 Lawton, Kyle 2 0 6 Lay, Christina 2 6 9 L a y n e Jen 106, 247 Le, Isabel 2 1 9 Leben, Chandra 6 6 LeClair, Christopher 89, 2 4 7 LeClaire Adam 2 6 4 Ledtke. Chris 2 7 4 Lee Ellen 2 4 7 Lee, Tamika 2 0 6 Leed Theresa 173, 206 Leeuwenbum, Jamie 247 Lein, NoahDavid 1 1, 2 4 8 Leland David 171, 248

Lester, Glenn 2 0 6 Lewis, Huw 2 3 4 Lewis, Kathleen 174, 2 4 8 Liang, Emily 134, 173, 206, 2 7 1 librizzi, Jim 2 0 6 Lillrose Matthew 206 Limback Todd 89, 270 Lin, Jack 1 5 6 , 2 4 8 LindeU, Jeanne 2 3 1 Lindensmith Jennifer 2 4 8 Lininger, Christopher

101, 206 Lippert, R y a n 89, 248 Litteral Laura 6 6 Litteral Michale 248

Little Emily 66, 134, 2 6 7 l i t t l e Mark 2 3 4 Little Sarah 2 6 7 LiuShen 6 6 Lizzo, S t a c y 2 0 6 Llewellyn, Emily 173, 206, 2 7 2 Lochner, Lauren 174, 2 4 8 Lockwood S u z z y 174,248 ' Lodden, Kristen 2 0 6 Lorfsdon, Noree 94, 248 Lokers, Erin 10, 171, 2 4 8 Lomasney, A m y 248 Longstreet, Cretchen 248 Looman, Patrick 9 3 Loomis, B r y a n t 66, 85 Loomis, Sarah 2 4 8 Lowe Jennifer 2 0 6 Lowell Brian 2 4 8 Lubbers, A m y 2 0 6 Lucar, Diane 2 3 3 Lucas, Adam 2 0 6 Lucas, Crystal 2 4 8 Lucker, Sarah 6 6 Ludewig Kathleen 248 Ludwick Heather 110 Ludwig Thomas 235 Luidens, Donald 235 Luidens, M a r t h a 66, 9 0 Lund Bruce 114,

206 Luneack Sara 20,

126 Lunn, Michelle 2 4 8 Lynch, Elizabeth 248 L y n c h Mallory 249 L y n e m a Todd 2 3 5 Lvntf, Adam 67, 101 Lyons, Derrick 6 7 Lytle Sonja 67, 263

/VI /]A Maas, BJ . 114 Maatman, Brandon

126 Mace Jillian 269 Machado, Karina 126, 2 1 9 Machledt, Morgan 206 Macias, Cabe 206 MacKenzie Eric 114, 141, 268 Mackinnon, John 126 MacPherson, Michael 67, 268 Madigan, Jaime 206, 2 4 9 Madison, Katherine 249 Maidens, Rachel 174, 2 4 9 Maitner, Jeffrey 67 Maiestic, Molly

126 Makowski, Nathaniel 175, 249 Malocha Kellie 67 M a l v i y a Priya

118, 206 MandeL Michelle 140, 206, 269 Mann, Dan 67, 121 Mannakee Emily 67, 2 6 9 Mannino, Benjamin 249 Manoilovich James 126, 2 7 4 Man tinrf,Beniamin 249 M a r c h Lauren 249 Marcus, Rebecca 172, 2 0 6 Margaron, Matt 67, 8 5 Marlink Christopher


Martin, Bethany 67 Martin, Haley 102, 127 Martin Herbert 232 Martin, Holly 6 7 Martinez, Kristina 172 Martyn, C a t h y 152, 249, 2 9 4 Martynowicz, Bethany 2 0 6 Martz, Caleb 89, 206, 2 7 0 Martz, Stephanie 249 Marvin, Kristen

206 Mastfhati, Negeen 86, 2 4 9 Masick, Andrea 6 7 Mast, Justin 2 7 4 Mathias, Anne 20, 68 Matthews, Abbie

206 Matthews, Krystal

206 Matthews, Thomas 175 Matusiak, Angela 156, 158 Maxwell John 2 0 7 Maybury, Kate 231 Mayer, William 230 Maynard, DeeAnn 190 McCabe, Alison 2 6 5 McCabe, Allison 207 McCall, Cory 127, 172, 2 7 2 McCallum, Lemha 68, 182, 1 8 4 McCam bridge, Megan 2 4 9 McCann, Stephanie 173, 207, 2 7 1 McClellard Scott 6 8 McCluskey Sarah 68 McDonald Krista

68 McDonald Sarah 249

McDowell Mecran 127 M c E v o y Sarah 6 8 McEwan, A m y 174, 2 4 9 McFall R y a n 2 3 1 McGarvey, Christopher 2 0 7 McGiness, Sarah 249 McCovem, Meghan 68, 2 6 9 McCowan, Julie 249 McCowen, Julie 9 0 McCrath K a t h r y n 174, 2 4 9 McGrath Lindsey 10, 2 0 7 M c K a y Andrew 89. 249, 2 7 0 McKay, Shannon 171 McKee, Katie 2 4 9 McLaughlin, Laura 249, 2 6 9 M c l l h a r g e y W igert. Dawn 2 3 2 McManus, Eliza 249 McMullen, Emily 267 M c N a m a r a Laurie 68. 134, 2 6 5 M c N a r y Erin 9 0 McNeely Christian 207 McNeil Devin 85. 249 McPhee, Kristen 249 McPherson. R y a n 89 Mears. Patrick 171. 249 Meeker. M a r y 2 4 9 Meeter. Anneke 127 Meeusen. Christopher 174. 2 4 9 Mehl Aaron 89. 207, 2 7 0 Meisch Laura 6 8 Mejeur. Jason 1 0 5 Meieur, Nathan 207 Melville, Jeff 9 3 Mendels, Kevin 2 3 1

Mendenhall Joe 8 9 Mentor, Heather 207 Mercer, Andrew 89. 149. 207. 2 7 0 Meronek Helen 6 8 Mersman. Brandon 249 Messina Sara 68. 269 Messink Clare 6 8 Metters. Bethany 174. 2 4 9 Meulenbelt. Kimberly 2 4 9 Meulenberg Carrie 68. 2 6 7 Meullner. Kristin 194 Meyer. Derek 2 0 7 Meyer. Geoffrey 8 5 Meyer. J e r e m y 231 Meyers. Andrew 20. 207 Mezeske, Barbara 232 Mezeske, Richard 232 Miceli, M a r y 140. 269 Michel Del 2 3 0 Micheli, M a r y 2 0 7 Mick Alexis 68. 9 0 Mick Meredith 90. 207 MicKalich Elizabeth 174 Mickalich Elizabeth 269 Mickelich Elizabeth 249 Miedema Erica 13. 168. 2 0 7 Mikols. Jilian 1 9 4 Miller. Adam 135. 273 Miller. Allison 117. 127 Miller. Amanda 207 Miller. Aric 89. 2 7 0 Miller. Daniel 2 0 7 Miller. David 2 6 4 Miller. Julia 250. 263 Miller. Kathleen 250

Miller. Rebecca 35, 127 Miller, Zephyr 2 5 0 Mills, Emily 2 5 0 Miner, Mike 2 6 8 Miols, Jillian 2 5 0 Miramontes, Bertha 250 Misner, Jason 89. 207 Misovich Michael 234 Mistry. T a r a 127 Mitchell Austin 175. 2 5 0 Moes, D a n a 2 5 0 Mol Sarah 2 5 0 MoU, Jericho 180, 207 Monstrola Jason 68 Montagno. Beth 68, 263 Monty, Bryan 2 7 3 Moore, Andrew 175, 250 Moore, Brynne 102, 207 Moore, Katherine 68. 2 6 9 Moore Nathan 60. 68. 69. 136. 273 Moores. Lisa 6 8 Moraitis. Terah 6 8 Morales. Ericka 250

Morales. Rosa 69, 110, 2 2 4 Moreau Stephen 127, 184 Morehouse, Brian 106 Morell Nicole 173. 207 Morin. Kristin 2 5 0 Morley Nathan 89. 250 Morre, Steven 2 5 0 Morrill Caitlin 2 0 7 Morris, Holly 6 9 Morris, Lindsay 127 Morrison, Daniel 127 Morrison, Kyle 98, 113, 127 Morse, Joshua 2 0 7 Morse, Phillip 89, 207 Morton, Susanne 10. 2 5 0 Mosley Kimberly 90. 2 5 0 Motoma Helen 207 Mott. Brian 2 0 7 M u k h a m m a d Umar 69 Mulat. Wesenyelesh 250 Mulder. Bnan 168. 207

Index 2 8 5

Mulder, Jennifer 250 Mulder, Megan 2 5 0 Mulder, Michael

Al K

266 Mulder, R y a n 2 6 4

NevenzeL Kyle 8 5 Nguyen, Kieu 6 9 Nichols, Laura 69, 267 Nichols, Mark 128, 278

Northuis, Mark 233 Nuiver, Chris 135, 208, 2 6 4 Nyenhuis, Jennifer 70, 2 6 7 Nykamp, Dirk 7 0

Otis, A m y 2 3 3 Otto, Annie 173 Otto, Beth 11, 176 Otto, Catherine 208 Otto, Joyce 2 3 3 Otton, Elizabeth 251 Overacker, Sarah


Overbeek Don 105 Ovies, David 20, 70




Oberg Ashely 2 5 1 Oberg, Ashley 2 7 2 O'Brien, Oliver 2 5 0 Oerfema Rebekah


Mixmford Jessica 168, 207, 2 6 9 MungaU, Willian 231 Munoa Philip 2 3 5 Munteanu, Titus 262 Murphy, Brian 148, 2 6 2 M u r p h y Elizabeth 207 Murphy, Maureen 263 M u r p h y Patrick 127, 2 6 8 Murphy, Stephen 250 Murray, Greg 2 3 0 M u r r a y Jody 69, 219 Murrell Adam 2 5 0 Murrell Kelli 2 5 0 Murrey, Darren 171, 2 5 0 Myers, Ann 127, 269 Myers, David 2 3 5 Myslaiek Megan 69

N a k a j i m a Andy 233 Nakatsuji, S a y a k a 250 Narlock J o n a t h a n 89, 2 5 0 N a u t a Audrey 127 Nave Danielle 8 6 Nave Ross 2 5 0 Neckers, Todd 127, 274 Nee Carmen 109, 207, 2 7 2 Netflev, J o n a t h a n

208 Neidlinger, Catie 8 6 Nelsen, Michael 135, 173, 2 6 8 Nelsen, Mike 2 0 8 Nelson, Emily 97, 250 Nelson, Jessica 27, 152, 172, 208, 222, 228, 2 9 4 Nelson, Kelly 208, 269 Nelson, Steve 2 3 0 Nelson, Walter 138,

262 Nemeth Roger 2 3 5 Neucks, Amanda 271

2 8 6 Index

Nichols, Susan 69, 265 Nicholson, D a n a 267 Nickel Matthew 6 9 Nieboer, Shelley 128 Nienhuis, Katie 106 Nienhuis, Libby 267 Niemarth, Merfan

208 Nishino, Tasuku 38, 250 Nitz, Kelly 1 2 8 Nolan, Patrick 113, 274 Noll Megan 106, 250 Noordeloos, Hillary 69, 172, 2 6 9 Norden, Billy 2 7 4 Norden, Brad 101,

128 Norden, William 128, 1 4 3 Nordheim, Laura 128 Noreen, Addison

208 North Ashley 2 0 8 Northcutt, Miriam 70, 2 6 9

Oiala Steven 113, 251 Oldham, Stacey 7 0 Olivarard Julie 128 Olson, Daniel 85,

208 Olson, Nathan 25, 251 Omollo, Nixon 2 5 1 Ondra Robert 128 ONeil Meagan 2 6 9 0'Neil, Meagan 102, 251 Onken, Ben 1 2 8 Oostinrf, Brooke 70, 1 10

Costing Erica 174, 251 Costing, Jessica 70, 110 Oppenhuizen, Anne 70, 1 7 2 Oppenhuizen, Sheri 128 Opperwall, Daniel

208 Orbaker, Kate 2 0 8 Orefice Victoria 175, 2 5 1 Omee David 101, 251 Omee Jonathon 7 0 Osborne Kelly 2 3 3 Osbum, Barb 2 3 0 Osbum, Beniamin 251 Otake J u n n a 1 2 8

P? Pach Nicole 10, 251 Parfe, Branda 70, 271 Page, Karen 118 Page Sara 2 6 3 Pageau. Brian 70 Parflino, Christopher

208 Pagorek Erica 86, 251 Pannapacker, William 2 3 2 Papaicik Leigh Ann 272 Rapes, Annie 7 0 Rapes, Kenneth 71, 114 Parker, Jessica 251 Parker, Kelly 71,

102 Parker, Matt 13, 171, 2 5 1 Parker, Michael 85 Parrish Andrew 114, 2 5 1 Parrish Candis 173, 208, 2 7 2 Parrish Margaret 208, 2 6 9 Parrott, Scott 2 0 8 Partick Jessica 128 Patnott, John 2 3 3 Patrick Valerie 128 Patterson, Anne 71, 265 Patterson, Eric 208

Patterson, H o l l y

208 Patton, T a r n 7 1 Paturalski. Katie

208 Patzy, D a y a n a 7 1 Paul Aaron 2 5 1 Paulus, J o n a t h a n 209 Pavelich, Michael 89, 2 5 1 Pawioski, J a n i c e 234 Pawiowski, Allison 110, 2 5 1 Payne. Alyson 71,

220 Peace Megan 2 6 7 Pearson, L a u r a 1 2 8 Peaslee, G r a h a m 231, 2 3 2 Peckenpaugh Rachel 128, 142, 171, 267 Pellinen, Elisabeth 209 Pennings, T i m o t h y 233 Penrose L a r r y 2 3 3 Peretm, Joseph 2 5 1 Perez, Ashley 2 5 1 Perez, Eduardo 7 1 Perez, Edward 1 1 3 Perovich A n t h o n y 234 Pesci, D a v i d 2 6 6 Peston, Jeff 2 3 1 Peters, K y l e 7 1 Peters, Mike 89, 149, 2 0 9 , 2 7 0 Peterson. Gretchen 209 Peterson, J o n a t h a n 232 Peterson, J u l i a n n 251 Peterson, Larissa 172, 2 0 9 Peterson, Mitchell 251 Petit, J e a n n e 2 3 3 Petrovic, Gina 26, 154, 2 0 9 Pett, Kimberly 7 1 Pett, K y l e 2 0 9 Pettijohn, Jillian 140, 2 0 9 , 2 6 9 Phalen, Derek 1 2 8

Phelan, Derek 121, 273 Phillips, Andrew 105, 121, 2 5 1 Phillips, Joseph 7 1, 98 Philo, B r i t t a n y 94, 251 Pierce. J a m i e 7 1 Pierri, K a t e 4 2 Piern, Katie 2 5 1 Piers, J a m e s 2 3 5 Piipo, Richard 2 3 4 P i k a a r t , Melissa 2 6 , 209 P i k a a r t , Michael 231 Pike, T i n a 97, 1 1 0 .

Polik, William 2 3 1 Polk, Mike 1 3 5 . 175. 2 6 2 Poll Erin 1 74, 2 5 2 Pollard L i n d s a y 71,

161 Pollert, Grace 2 0 , 209 Pollock J u l i e 94, 174, 2 5 2 Pomeroy, Kevin 252 Pope, J o y 71, 2 2 4 , 272 Porter, B e t h a n y 7 1 Porter, Brian 2 3 2 Post, Eric 2 6 6 Post, J a m e s 2 5 2

Pratt, A n d r e a 173, 209 P r a t t , Kristen 174, 252 P r a t t , Phillip 1 2 8 P r e s e a u Emilie 71, 134, 2 7 2 Preston, Elizabeth 174, 2 5 2 Previnger, C a s e y 252 Price, Jeff 2 5 2 Price, J e n n i f e r 97, 98. 110. 1 2 8 Pridgeon, M a t t 8 9 Pridmore, D a v i d 29, 175

Qualman, Heather 140, 194, 2 6 9 Quesda-Lubbers, Sarah 2 5 2 Quick D a r e y 2 5 2 Quillo, A m y 182, 235 Quimby, Aaron 114 Quimby, Lloyd 2 6 8 Quinn, Devon 2 6 4 Quinn, l a n 2 5 2 Quinn, J o h n 2 3 3

R v R a b a u t , P a u l 135, 274 Rabbitt, C a r m e n 269 Rabe, J e n n a 2 6 3 Rabe, Kelly 1 2 8 Radcliff, F r a n k 8 9 Ramsey, Katherine 71 Randa, Katie 2 5 2 Ransom, B e t h a n y


* 209 Pinkham, J a n e t 230 Pinter, JiU 9 4 , 2 0 9 Pitchel, Joseph 2 5 1 Pizidrfeon, M a t t h e w 251 Plasman, James 7 1 Pless, Kirsten 2 5 1 Plewka, Eric 8 5 Ploch J o n a t h o n 8 9 , 251 Plosz, Mitchell 2 5 1 Plowman, A s h l e y 106, 2 0 9 Pobuda, J o n 8 9 Poledink, J a m e s


Post, Kristen 71, 97,

110 Post, Leah 2 5 2 , 263 Post, Stephanie 2 0 9 Postma, Joseph 2 6 6 P o s t m a Lance 2 5 2 Postma, Mike 2 6 4 Potter, J o h n 2 7 3 Powell A a r o n 2 5 2 Powell J o s h u a 89, 252 Powers, Christine 7 1 Powers, J e n n y 2 3 5 Powers, Rachel 7 1 Praamsma, Megan 209

Proos, P a m e l a 128, 134, 2 6 9 Prusinski, Cassie 157, 2 0 9 Pusinelli, A n n a 194, 2 0 9 , 2 2 2 PyleKurt 252

a Quabius, Michelle 252

Rapaport, Allison 209 Rapp, R y a n 2 0 9 R a s d a l l Rebecca 7 2 Ratliff. P a t r i c k 252 Rave Jasmine 2 0 9 Raveschot. A n n a 263 Rawlinson, D a v i d 252 Pawls, Glinda 1 5 9 R a y , Richard 2 3 3 Recchia, K r i s t y n 252 Reed A l e x a n d r i a 209 Reed Breeanca 173, 209 Reed N a t h a n 121, 252 Reenders, A m a n d a 209 Pees, J u l i a 2 5 2 Reese O c t a v i a 2 0 9 , 263

Index 2 8 7

Reese, S a r a h 97, 252 Reif, Carrie 2 5 2 Reunink, Elizabeth 110, 2 5 2 Reitsma J a m i e 174, 2 5 2 Rekshan, William 252 Reumenapp, A n d y

Robel-Oriz, Lisa 2 3 5 Robertson, Scott 131 Robins, D a i n a 2 3 5 Robinson, E m i l y 173, 2 0 9

Rohuff, J e n 1 4 0 Rom id, A m a n d a 72, 272 Romig, Jessica 175, 253 Romsaas, Rachel 7 2

121 Reuter, Jewel 2 3 0 Reynolds, A m y 72, 267 Reynolds, Ellen 252 Rice, B a r r y 7 2 Richardson, J e n n i f e r 252 Richardson, Kristi 253 Richmond Brad 234 Rickey, Alison 2 5 3 Riddell L y d i a 1 7 2 Ridrfe, Kristi 72, 117 Ridle, J a c k 2 3 2 Riemer, Rachel 9 7 Riemer, R y a n 2 5 3 Riemersma J a m i e 72, 2 6 9 R i e n s t r a Andrew 253 Rigotti, J e n n i f e r 209 Riksen, Robert 114, 253, 2 6 4 Rimbo, Deborah 7 2 Rimmke, B r y a n 72, 155 Rinehart, Josh 8 9 Rink, J o n a t h a n 171, 2 5 3 Rinker, J e n n i f e r 140, 2 6 9 Rios, D i n a h 2 0 9 Rippberger, L a u r a 102 253 Risley, K i m b e r l y 230 R i t s e m a Christina 232 Ritter, A n d r e a 2 5 3 R i v e r a Julio Enrique 2 3 2 Rivette, Chad 7 2 Rizzo, Ali 2 0 9 , 2 6 3

2 8 8 Index

Rottluff, J e n n i f e r 168, 2 1 0 , 2 6 9 Rottman, A m y 267 Rottschafer, Krista 174, 2 5 3 Roush, K i m b e r l y 172,272 Rowden, K i m b e r l y 253 R o w l a n d Kelly 269 Rozeboom, P a u l i n e 231 R o z e m a Bill 8 9 R u a r k , Rachelle 253 Ruberg J e r e m y 85, 254. 2 6 4 Ruberg, L y n a e 2 5 3 R u c h T r a v i s 141,

268 Ruemenapp, Andrew 254 R u m b l e y , Joe 89, 270 Rumohr, Luke 7 2 Rumpsa Joshua 38, 7 2 R u m p s a Kellyn 175, 2 5 4 Rupchock E m i l y Robinson, Jessica 209 Robrahn, Rebecca 231 Rockwell K i m b e r l y 148, 173, 2 1 0 Rockwood Abigail 253 Roddis, S a r a h 1 7 5 Rodriguez, A d a m 168, 2 1 0 , 2 7 4 Rodriguez, S u s a n a 128, 157, 1 5 8 Rodstrom, J o h n 2 1 0 Roecker, Chris 1 0 1 Roedema Kristin

210 Roefer, M a t t h e w 7 2 Roehling, P a t 2 3 5 Roelofs, Lois 2 3 2 Rogers, K e n n e t h 270 Rogier, S u z a n n e 253 Roh J a s o n 2 6 6

Roobol Hope 2 6 9 Root, Craig 2 5 3 Root, Lindsey 72, 224 R o o y Rebecca 10, 171, 2 5 3 Rosalez, Steffanie

210 Rose, M a t t h e w 128, 156 Rosner, M a u r e e n 253 Ross, Amber 173,

210 Ross, H a n n a h 2 5 3 Ross, Jodi 1 2 8 Ross, Stephanie 129, 173, 2 1 0 Roth Jenni 2 6 3 Rotman, L i n d s a y 253 Rotn, K a t h e r i n e

210 Rottenberg Rebecca 72, 2 6 9

210 Rupert, Erin 1 2 9 Ruscett, Alesha 254, 2 6 3 Rusche, Peter 2 1 0 , 264 Russo, S h a n n o n 254 R y a n , Brendan 113, 135, 2 1 0 , 273 R y a n , Joseph 2 5 4 R y c k m a n , Mike 129 Ryden, D a v i d 2 3 4 Rye, D a v i d 1 8 4 Rykman, Audrey 254

Sable, J a m i e 9 0 Sabo, C i n d y 2 3 5 Sabol J a i m e 2 5 4 263 Saldivar, Andrea 210, 2 6 9 Salo, T a r a 2 1 0 S a l t a r s k t Courtney 194, 2 5 4 , 2 6 3 Salvaggio, Demetri 210, 2 6 4 Salveter, Stephanie 72 Sampson, Chad 72, 153, 1 7 2 Sampson, T i f f a n y 254 Samuelson, K y e 254 Sanborn, Erin 173,

210 Sanders, Allison 7 2 Sanders, Ben 168, 210, 2 7 4 Sanders, Lidia 129, 157 Sanderson, S a r a h 97 Sandoval Alvaro 72 S a n f o r d Elizabeth 231 Sann, P a n n h a 2 1 0 Saper, Kristin 2 1 0 Sartor, Ashleigh 109, 2 1 0 Sato, A m y 72, 2 6 7 Savage, C h i a r a 109, 2 5 4 S a v a r a K a r l y 73, 269 S a w c h u c k Elisabeth 73 Saxton, Angela 110, 2 5 4 Sayger, K a r a 1 1 7 S c h a a f s m a Peter 73, 9 8 Schaap, Lindsey 9 0 Schaap, Michele 129, 2 6 3 Schafer, A m a n d a

210 S c h a k e l Peter 2 3 2 Schamper, Terri 235 Schantz, Krissy


Scharp, Laurie 2 1 0 Scheerhorn, M a r y 234 Scheffers, B r y a n 89, 2 1 0 Scheffler, Vince 7 8 gchewe, Rebecca 102, 2 5 4 Schildhoiase, Richard

210 Schiltz, E m i l y 2 1 0 Schlender, Brett 114, 2 5 4 , 2 6 4 Schlitz, E m i l y 1 1 0 Schluslar, A m y 210 Schmidt, E m i l y 173, 2 1 0 Schmidt, Gretchen 173, 2 1 0 Schmidt, Jessica 102, 2 5 4 Schock, D a v i d 2 3 1 Schofield Daniel 89, 210 Scholten, Merfan 211 Scholten, S a r a h 9 4 Scholten, Susan 174, 2 5 4 Scholz, Tess 86, 254 Schomisch Nick

Schumaker, G a y l e 231 Schussman, K e n d r a 254 Schuster, A m y 2 5 4 Schuster, A n n e 1 7 1 Schutter, Erin 2 1 1 Schwabauer, M a t thew 2 5 4 Schwanbeck, Keirsten 2 5 4 Schwarck. J o d y 73, 272 Schwartz, E m i l y 173, 2 1 1 , 2 7 2 Schweiger, M a t t h e w 225 Schwieder, M a t t h e w

211 Scofield Kristin 137, 2 7 2 Scoggin, S a r a h 2 5 4 Scott, A s h l e y 2 5 4

Semienko, O x a n a 73 Sexton, Melissa 1 2 9 Seymour, Jeff 101, 129, 2 7 0 Seymour, Michael 231 Shaffer, Joseph 89,

211 Sharp, S t u a r t 2 3 4 Shaw, L a u r a 2 5 4 Shaw, Liz 1 52, 174, 2 5 4 , 2 9 4 Shea Cheryl 2 3 1 Shebak, E m i l y 2 5 5 Shedd R y a n 9 3,

211, 266 Sheehan, Kristin 74, 109, 2 6 9 Sheehan, M e g a n 117, 2 1 1 Sheely, J a m e s 2 6 6 Sheldon, J o d y 2 3 1

211 Schonfeld Kathleen 171, 2 5 4 Schonfield Katie 94, 263 Schowalter, Lisa 9 7 Schramm, William 254 Schraw, Joel 7 3 Schreiber, M a t t h e w 89, 2 1 1 Schrock, J a c o b 89, 211, 2 7 0 Schroeder, H a n n a h 211 Schroeder, Nichole

211 Schroeder, W e n d y

211 Schroyer, Daniel 7 3 Schuen, Karen 26, 129 Schuilmrf, Michael

211 Schulte, Daniel 2 1 1

Scott, Brian 1 4 1 Scott, E m i l y 1 3 4 , 265 Scott, Rob 168, 2 1 1 Scurto, T r i n i t y 2 1 1 Sedelmaier, Eric 254 Sedgwick, S h e l l y

211 Sedio, D a v i d 2 5 4 Seidel J u a n 2 6 4 Seifert, Katie 2 1 1 Selden, E m i l y 2 6 9 Seldon, E m i l y 7 3 Senneker, Danielle 73 Senyk, A m y 1 2 9

Shelter, D a r r e n 2 5 5 Shen, Kaiser 2 6 8 Shepard Hillary 2 4 S h e p a r d Katie 1 8 2 Shepherd K y l e 2 1 1 Sheridan, S a r a h 211, 2 6 9 Sherron, Katie 9 7 Shipman, Elizabeth 255 Shoaf, J, L a y n e 129 Shomaker, Louise 235 Shorb, J u s t i n 1 2 9 Short, Cletus 113, 129 Short, Jessica 7 4

Shubert, Rebecca 175, 2 5 5 Shuck, J e n n i f e r 148, 174, 2 5 5 Shults, Andrew 171, 2 5 5 S h y n e Rebekah 255 Siehling J o h n 1 2 9 Sieklucki, Andrea

S m i t h Richard 2 3 5 Smith Samantha


S m i t h S a r a h 102, 211 Smith Shaun 89 S m i t h Sona 2 5 5 S m i t h Steve 2 3 3 Smith Stuart 2 3 3 S m i t h T e a s h a 109, 110,255 211 S m i t h Virginia 34, Sietsema D e b r a 255 234 Smits, A m a n d a Sievert, Jessica 7 4, 255 97 Smittie, Kevin 2 1 1 Silko, Josh 2 1 1 Snoap, Heidi 2 6 3 Simon, Caroline Snow, Joseph 7 5 234 Snyder, A l e x a n d r a Simon, S h a n a 2 5 5 255 Simons, Neil 2 1 1 Snyder, A n d y 8 9 Sines, J a m i e 7 4 Snyder, Jesse 1 5 8 Sipe April 7 4 , 2 6 9 Snyder, Melissa Sisson, A m y 171, 109, 1 2 9 255 Snyder, Noel 7 5 Skaff, K a t h e r i n e S o b a n i a Neal 2 3 3 171, 2 5 5 Solomon, Joel 7 5, Skorupa, C a l l y 7 4 89 Skoug J e n n i c a 2 6 , Sorensen, N a t h a n 110, 174, 2 5 5 89, 2 7 0 Slack, M a t t 2 1 1 Sorenson, M a r t h a Slager, J e n n y 2 5 5 267 Slarfh, Brian 74, Sorge J a m e s 172, 101 212 Slaughter, A n n e Soulliere Rachel 109, 1 2 9 129 Slendebroek Albert Spaman, Travis 98, 113, 2 1 1 105, 2 1 2 Slentz, Elizabeth Speyer, T i m o t h y 74 129, 149, 2 7 0 Sloop, R a c h a e l 2 1 1 Slotten, Kendra 1 7 2 Spiece, E v a 2 1 2 Spools t a Lindsey Smarszcz, Rachel 75 74 Smies, B e n j a m i n 74, Sporer, A m y 3 5 Spors, Melissa 75, 268 272 Smies, Eric 74, 2 6 8 Sprik, N a t h a n 2 1 2 Smit, Beth 171, Springer, Stephanie 255 18, 118, 1 2 9 S m i t h Corrie 4 2 , Spyker, J u s t i n 93, 255 212 Smith, J e n n y 2 5 5 Spykerman, S m i t h Katie 2 5 5 Heather 2 1 2 S m i t h Michelle S t a a l Nora 14, 75, 102, 1 2 9 152, 2 9 4 Smith Morgan 7 4 Stachecki, A d a m , S m i t h R a c h a e l 97, 268 110,255 S t a c y Katie 2 1 2 Smith R a y 2 3 3

Index 2 8 9

StaJnl E s l e y 2 5 5 Stange, E m i l y 2 1 2 Stark, M a r y 2 1 2 Steed, Harold 7 5 Steed, L a u r a 178,

212 Steele E r i k a 1 0 2 Steele S a r a 2 6 7 Steen, Todd 2 3 2 Steeves, Kelly 109, 212, 2 7 2 Stefanich, D a v i d 129 Stephan, K a t h r y n 75, 2 6 9 Stephenson, D a r i n 233 Sterling, Christopher 85, 129, 138,

Strzyzewski, A m y 256 Stuart, Margaret 174, 2 5 6 Stufflebam, L a u r a 129 Stuppy Mari 2 1 2 Sturrus, Elizabeth 75, 1 8 3 Sturrus, Libby 6 4 Sturtevant, Debra 235 Sullivan, Lori 2 5 6 , 269 Sullivan, S h a w n

Swarthout, Debbie 230 Sweas, Robert 4 5 , 256 Sweers, K a t r i n 174, 256 Swier, Annie 7 5 Swisher, J a n e l l e 212, 2 7 2 Swope, H e a t h e r 75, 224 Szydlonski, Stephanie 2 1 2 Szydlowski, Stephanie 1 9 4

Talbott, S a r a h 7 5 Tammi, John 2 3 5 T a m m t n g a Kylee 171, 2 5 6 , 2 6 3 Tapia Maria 231 Tarantino, Cara 129, 2 7 2 T a t g e S a r a 129, 267 Taylor, Andrew 174, 2 5 6 Taylor, A n t h o n y

212 Taylor, Katherine 256

262 Sterling, Sterling, Stevens, Stewart, 231 Stewart, 75 Stewart,

Laura 2 1 2 Sarah 2 5 5 Erika 2 1 2 Joanne Olivia 15, Rebekah

212 Stieper, L a u r e n 86, 255 Stob, K y l e 171, 255 Stock Kendra 4 2 , 255 Stodden, B a r b 1 7 3 Stoepker, Andrew

2 9 0 Index

212 Temple Derek 89, 256 TenHaken, Ashley 256 TenHaken, Vicki 232 Tennant, Emily 75 Ter H a a r , A m y 90, 256 Ter H a a r , Meredith 76 T e r p s t r a Eric 7 6, 264 Terveer, Peter 2 6 6 T e s h i m a B a r r y 45, 171 Tetro, A u d r e y 256, 269 Teusink M a t t h e w 76, 2 1 9 Thelen, M a r k 14, 76 Thiemkey, K a t h r y n 76 Thomas, Christina 256 Thomas, R e b a k a h 76 Thomasma Dave 264 Thompson, Aaron 109 Thompson, Christina


168 Stolle, Kristen 7 5 Stolz, M a t t 101, 129 Stone H i l l a r y 7 5 Stonebumer, A s h l e y 269 Stoughton, J o h n 233 Stowe, T i m o t h y 264 StoweU, S a r a h 109, 212, 2 6 9 S t r a c h Jennifer 102 Strahle, L i n d s a y 255, 2 6 3 ^ Streelman, Rachel 174, 2 5 5 Strouf, Linda 2 3 4 Strutt, Rebecca 2 5 6

TeGrotenhuis, Abby

256 Sulok Melissa 1 0 2 Sumner, W i l l i a m 212 Sutton, R o s a n n a 75, 1 8 2 Svoboda M a t t h e w 113, 2 1 2 Swank M a r t y 2 3 2 S w a n k Rolland 233 Swanson, D e b r a 235 Swanson, J o h a n n a 256 Swanson, P a u l a 212, 2 6 3 Swanson, Todd 2 3 3

Taber, J a k e 1 0 1 T a c c h e l l a Mike

212 T a c o m a Nicholas

212 Taft, S a r a h 2 1 2 Tagg, Erin 2 1 2 , 272

Taylor, Kellee 2 5 6 Taylor, Kelly 1 0 6 T a y l o r , K o d y 93, 266 Taylor, M a t t 1 0 5 Taylor, Stephen 231 Taylor, S u s a n 106, 180 T e a c h m a n , Kiersti 75 Teague, F r a n k i e 7 5 Teater, Seth 171, 256 Techter, Kelly 7 5 Tees, Sidra 1 52, 212, 222, 2 9 4 Teft, Joel 89, 1 1 3

Thompson, J a m i e 256 Thompson, Josie 7 6 Thompson, Tisa 13, 171, 2 5 6 Thompson, T y l e r 130 Thomson, A a r o n 89, 270 Thoreson, S a r a h 7 6 Thorley, J a m i e 2 1 2 Thome, M a t t h e w 89, 2 1 3 Throop A d a m 171, 274 Thurmer, Sean 171, 256 Thurston, H a n n a h 213 Tichler, Beth 2 1 3 Tillman, A s h l e y 102, 2 5 6

Timmer, A b b y 1 3 0 Ttmmer, J a c l y n 130 Timmer, Jessa 174, 256 Timmer, Seth 2 1 3 , 274 Tinkham, Katie 97, 256 Tittle Ashley 174, 256 Toben, Nicholas 7 6,

221 Toben, Victoria 2 1 3 Toenntf, Leeland 130 Toering, Leland 2 7 4 Tofan, Liz 2 1 3 Tolten, Joseph 2 6 2 Tolton, Joseph 2 1 3 Tomo, Derek 7 6 Torpey, Denae 2 5 6 Toth J o h n 89, 2 1 3 , 270 Townsend, L i n d s a y 130 Townsend Lindsey 263 Trakimas, Jessica 42 Tran, Giao 2 5 6 Trapp, K y l e 114, 213, 2 7 0 Travis, Danielle 171, 2 6 3 Travis, Scott 89, 256 Tripp, Megan 90, 256 Troost, Ben 89, 113, 256 Trotter, Allison 110, 257, 2 6 9 Trover, Virginia 213 Troyan, M c K e n n a 90 Trutwein, Rachel 213 Tubbs, C a s s a n d r a 257 Turbessi, Joe 2 1 3 Turner, Kimberly 76 Turner, Kristina 257 Turner, Melissa 110, 2 5 7

Tuttle, S h e a 173, 213 Tverberg, Lois 2 3 0 Twining, K e m e r y 134, 2 7 1 Tyler, E m i l y 86, 257 Tyler, J e f f r e y 2 3 5 TyndeU, Liz 130, 142, 194, 2 6 7



Ueno, T a k a y a 213, 2 6 2


Umlauf, Kristine 31, 1 1 0 , 2 1 3 , 263 Uphaus, A b b y 2 1 3 U t t e r b a c k S a r a 7 6, 263

V V adneGiessen, Rachel 2 5 7 Vagle, D a n 1 3 0 V a l i e a u Julie 2 5 7 V a n De Werfe, J a m e s 257 V a n Der Wende, Matt 2 1 3 V a n Dop, J o s h u a 213 V a n Dort, P a m e l a 213 V a n D y k , S t e v e 7 6, 152, 2 9 4 V a n Hofwegen, Michael 2 1 3 V a n Hofwegen, Nathan 130 V a n Kempen, Abigail 2 5 7

V a n Meter, A s h l e y 213 V a n Regenmorter, Christina 1 4 V a n Slett, Nicholas 213 V a n Stee, Stephanie 257 V a n TasseU, Eric 175, 2 5 7 V a n Voorst, Rich

262 V a n Wagoner, J e n 213 Van W y c k Anna 257 Van Zyl Shanna 213 VanArkel Ashley 174, 2 5 7 VanArkel Shelby 174, 2 5 7 VanAssen, K a r a 76, 90, 1 1 0 VanBeek Darren 257 V a n B e e k Mike 1 1 4

Vance, Kelly 168, 269 V a n D a m , Katie 134, 142, 171, 267 VanDam, Stacey 171, 2 5 7 V a n d e Kopple Lauren 117 V a n d e Pol D a n a 257 VandeBunte Jordan 213 VandeKopple Lauren 2 1 3 VandeLind Katherine 1 3 0 VandenBerg, Erin 76, 1 0 2 Vandenberg, Jeff 76 VandenBerg, Kristen VandenHeuvel Kyle 89, 2 1 3 VandenOever, Kenn e t h 89, 113, 257 VandePol D a n a 9 0 V a n d e r Laan, Timothy 257 V a n d e r Meeden, Zachary 213 V a n d e r Molen, A m y 130 V a n d e r W a l Gerald 214 Vanderberg, Brad 213 V anderGiessen, Rachel 1 7 4 Vanderhyde A m y 130 Vanderkamp, Megan 2 6 5 Vanderlaan, Danae 257 VanderMeulen, Jed

268 VanderSlice, J u l i e 90, 2 5 7 VanderStoep, Scott 235 VanderVeen, Corie 213 VanderVeen, M e g a n 257

Index 2 9 1

Verwys, Mike 8 9 Vidoni, Nadine 77, 263 Vidoni, Nicholas 214 Viegelahn, Erica 225 Viel Christian 114, 270 Vigants, Ellen 1 3 0 Viles, Aaron 85, 274 V i l l a r r e a l Melissa 235 Vilmann, Adelynn

VanHal Bryan 76 VanHeest, Nate 143, 2 7 4 VanHekken, Mike 105 V anHofwegen, Michael 9 8 V anHouwelingen, Elisabeth 7 7 VanHuekelom, Bob 235 VanKalker, Julie 214

VanNamen, Joshua 214 Vannamen, Joshua 274 Vannette, Kayleen 130, 1 8 0 . Vanntwerpen, Donald 2 5 7 V anoostendorp Jamee 2 5 7 Vanovitz, Maureen 214 VanSlett, D a n 69, 77 VanTimmeren, Scott 264 VanWieren, Glenn 105 VanWieren, M a r i a 77 V a n W y l e n , Peter 214 Vega John 7 7 Veil Christian 1 4 9 Veldhof, Rhonda 257 Veldman, K a t h r y n 77, 97, 1 1 0 Veldman, Roger 234 Veldt, J o h n 2 1 4 Veneklase E m i l y 102, 2 1 4 Ver Steeg, Jill 2 3 0

V a n L a a n , Bo 2 7 4 VanLaan, Kerry 166,257 V a n L a a n , Phillip 214 VanMeter, Ashley 117

VerHeulen, M a r y 174, 2 5 7 Verhey, Allen 2 3 5 VerMerris, Michael 257 VerSchueren, Joe 89

Von Eitzen, Ben 7 8 Von Eitzen, J e r e m y 78 Voorhees, Rachel 174, 2 5 8 Voss, J a m e s 7 8 Voss, M a r c u s 8 5

Vanderven, Kerstin 77 VanDerVen, T y l e r 214 V a n d e r w a l Trip 274 VanDis, Daniel 89, 214 VanDop, J o s h u a

168 V a n D y k e , Jodi 2 5 7 V a n D y k e Jolene 76 V a n D y k e , Trevor 264 V a n E c k Meghan 174, 2 5 7 VanEngen, Andrew 76 VanGilder, Erica


2 9 2 Index

106 V i n k e J o h n 77,

101 Visintainer, Catherine 2 6 3 Visser, Julie 7 7 Vi v i an , Carrie 1 3 0 Vi v i an , M e g a n 97, 110, 2 5 8 V l a s a k Andrew 114, 2 1 4 V oelker, Lindsey 7 7 Vogelzang, Cindy 235 Vollmer, A b b y 78, 272 Von Ehr, Erin 174, 258

Vredevoorfd Brett 274 Vugteveen, Lindsey 258

I/O i/j W a c k s m a n , Mitch 78 W a g a r , Melissa 78, 134, 2 6 3 Wagenmaker, J a n a 174, 2 5 8 Wagenmaker, Jason 1 2 1 , 172, 2 1 4 W a l b u r n , Jeff 8 9 Walcott, Caleb 89, 258 Walkenhorst, Kim 11, 2 5 8 Walker, Ben 1 1 3 Walker, Michelle 20, 2 1 4 Walters, Lisa 174, 258 Walton, L i n d s a y 267 Walton, Regan 148, 214 Wang, Le 2 1 4 Waples, A u d r e y 214 Warber, Rebecca 258, 2 6 9 W a r d D a n a 174, 258 W a r d E m i l y 78, 97 W a r d Steven 2 3 4 W a r f i e l d Maureen 110, 2 5 8 W a r m u s , Lisa 4 2 , 214 W a r n e r , T y s o n 98, 113, 2 5 8 W a r r e n , Gabriel 89, 258, 2 7 0 Wassink Jenna 7 8 Waterstone Matt h e w 101, 2 1 4 W a t k i n , Christiana 110, 1 3 0 W a t t , Allison 1 8 3

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Wilkinson, S a r a h 130, 2 2 5 Willett, M e g a n 9 7 Williams, Antoine 258 Williams, A s h l e y 173, 194, 2 1 5 Williams, Carrie 7 9 Williams, Kendra 233

Williams, K y l e 98, 113, 2 5 8 Williams, Ross 89, 215, 2 6 4 Williams, Y v o n n e 79, 2 7 2 Wilson, Boyd 2 3 5 Wilson, B r a d y 89, 259 Wilson, Elizabeth 79 Wilson, L i n d s a y 259 Wilson, Philip 89, 113, 2 5 9 Wilson, S a m a n t h a 215 Wilson, T i m o t h y 215 Winfield Kirsten 140, 2 6 9 W i n g Amelia 189, 215 Winkle Katherine 259, 2 6 3 W i n n e Elizabeth 79, 2 6 9 W innett-Murray, Kathy 230

W i n s t a n e l y , Holly 148 W i n s t a n l e y , Holly 130 Winston, T r a c y 90, 259 Winter, Daniel 135, 259, 2 6 4 Winters, Andrea 269 Winterton, L a u r a 272 Wise Gabriel 2 5 9 Wise Rob 2 6 8 Wisniewski, Lisa 259 Witkowski, Kris 231 Witmer, Stephanie 97. 110, 2 1 5 Witt, A d a m 175, 259, 2 7 3 Wolfe Lucas 2 1 5 Woloszyn, Lisa 130 Wolters, K a r l a 117, 233 Wolters, Stephanie 235 Wood J u l i a 2 6 9 Working, Deb 2 1 5 Workman, Matthew 79, 1 7 8 Woroniec, Kristin 215 W o r r e l Brian 1 3 0 Wright, A b b y 2 6 7 Wright, J o h n 2 5 9 Wright, Katherine 174, 259, 2 6 9 Wright, Peter 171, 259 W u Jean 1 5 6 , 2 1 5 Wylie Julia 2 5 9 Wyngarden, K a t h y 190, 2 3 4 Wyngarden, Matthew 2 1 5

Y a n n e y , Katherine 174, 2 5 9 Yarbrough, Stephen 113, 135, 2 1 5 , 273 Yarmer, Jennifer 259 Yelding J o h n 2 3 2 Yelding Nichole 7 9 Yetter, D a v i d 2 1 5 Yokas, Jessi 2 1 5 Young, Brenda 131, 272 Young, T r a v i s 113, 215 Youngerman, Abigail 2 1 5 Yurk Kevin 175, 259

Xhuizen, Zwygh >lakisha 131 Na Z y l s t r a Christina 131 Z y l s t r a Elizabeth 215 Z y l s t r a Natalie 131, 142, 2 6 7 Z y l s t r a Steve 2 3 1 Zylstra Tiffany 131

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^ i Y a m a o k a . Jennifer 215

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Thai Motorists Get Massages

Death Not An Option

Thailand's Health Ministry announced plans to provide free massage services at more than 20 gas stations on major inter-city highways and around the capital city of Bangkok. The initiative was meant to relieve motorists' stress and decrease the number of highway deaths.

Mayor Gil Bernardi, of the French Mediterranean town, Le Lavandou, banned local residents from dying after a court order rebuffed his plans to develop a new seaside cemetery. Bernardi found the edict to be "remarkably well followed," as he awaited a decision on his appeal.

% m



j k . Photo by Alex Wong/Gelly Images

Trans-Atlantic Jet Setter

Nation Loses Time

Spanish Count Alvaro de Marichalar set a world record by completing a 5,200-mile, four-month journey across the Atlantic on a jet ski. Marichalar trained for a year before setting out from Rome for Miami on a nine-foot watercraft with a support ship and crew of six bringing up the rear.

It is a common complaint that there is not enough time in a day; however, for the people of Venezuela time is actually slipping away. Clocks in that country are ticking too slowly because a nationwide power shortage is weakening the electric current. Each day, electric clocks lose 150 seconds.

Former President Jimmy Carter was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to further human rights and democracy, find peaceful solutions to world conflicts and encourage economic and social growth. After serving as president from 1977 to 1981, Carter founded the Carter Center, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the human condition. w

The Miss World competition was moved from Nigeria's capital, Abuja, to London after violent protests broke out in Nigeria. The protests began after a Nigerian newspaper printed an article that questioned why Mohammed would not have approved of the Miss World competition and said he probably would have married one of the contestants. fe-

* I'hoto by Scoll Barbour/Gelly y

A ! ' Photo Bjoern Sigurtlsocn, Pool

ri a IP-,

' Two Guatemalan twins who had been joined together at the tops of their heads returned home five months after doctors separated them in a 22hour operation. Healing the Children, a nonprofit organization, arranged for the girls and their parents to come to Los Angeles for the surgery, and the doctors donated their services, y

Nearly 200 people died after a bomb was detonated in a popular tourist area in Bali. Terrorist network al Qaeda claimed responsibility on its website for the bombing. The act of terrorism severely hurt the Indonesian island's economy as tourists traveled to alternate destinations.

fe # 1

Jury trials returned to most Russian courtrooms for the first time in 85 years as a result of legislation passed through parliament by supporters of President Vladimir Putin. The law amends the criminal code with 3,500 changes that emulate the Western model of a fair trial.

V- — 'sf; Clujto


Nearly 1,000 people died when a Senegalese ferry traveling off the coast of Gambia capsized and sank. Investigators said overloading was the key cause of the disaster, which occurred when passengers moved to one side of the ship to take cover during a storm.

Photo by Pascal LeSegreoi

In a historic speech before the Italian parliament. Pope |ohn Raul II strongly urged Italians to have more children to turn the tide against the nation's declining rate of birth. He also called on government officials to show prisoners leniency, when appropriate, by reducing their sentences.


Violence raged in the Ivory Coast after rebels failed in their coup attempt and took control of the northern part of the country. After the northern rebels signed a truce with the government, new rebels attempted to take control of the west. Hundreds of people died during the year, and more than 600,000 fled their homes. fe.

Tensions were high after North Korea began to use one of the nuclear reactors it had iigreed to shut down in 1994. North Korea claimed it had to restart its nuclear program to provide power because the United States had stopped sending the country shipments of fuel oil. The U.S. said it only stopped shipping oil after North Korea started to work on its nuclear weapons program. ^

How do you think going to war with Iraq would affect your daily life?

ti r

•holo by ( lum;4^£ig-Jun/Gctty Images

Hu Jintao, who has plans to help China's poor, took over as China's Communist party chief from |iang Zemin in the Communists' first orderly succession since 1949. China also allowed the United Nations unconditional access to investigate its treatment of human rights, a move the United States said meant China was sincere about improving its human rights record. ^


)N i m

Photo by Scott Nelsofi/Cetly Images

A raid on a theater in Moscow proved deadly for more than 100 people after the Russian government pumped gas into the building to end the threeday hostage situation. The gas was intended to subdue the Chechen hostage-takers, who were holding 800 people; however, some of the hostages died because they were weakened by hunger and exhaustion. ^

P u


A i J



Concerned that Iraq could assemble nuclear weapons, the U n i t e d Nations required Iraq to disclose and disarm its weapons of mass destruction. W h i l e the United Nations conducted weapon inspections in Iraq, the U n i t e d States prepared to go to war. Questions remained about how long the weapon inspections

w o u l d take and thousands of people protested the war in more than 220 cities a r o u n d the country on a weekend in January. M e a n w h i l e , the U.S. sent almost as many aircraft carriers and troops into the Persian G u l f as w e r e there d u r i n g the 1991 Persian G u l f War.



|ohn Allen Muhammed and John Lee Malvo were accused of carrying out a string of sniper shootings that killed 10 people and wounded three others during a three-week period in the Washington, D.C., area. Victims, who were selected at random during the killing spree, ranged in age from 13 to 72.

\ ,> '

Nine Pennsylvania miners emerged one-by-one from a small, dark, flooded chamber 240 feet below the surface after being trapped for more than three days. The ordeal began when water from an adjacent abandoned mine burst through a breached wall and filled the shaft in which they were working. Rescuers worked around the clock to free the men, who surfaced relatively unscathed. A


Memorial services were held around the country on the anniversary of Sept 11, which President George W. Bush proclaimed Ritriot Day. One year after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the sluggish American economy still felt the effects. News about Afghanistan diminished, but al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden were still in the news. Debate continued about what should be built at the Ground Zero

site, and colleges were asked to turn over personal information about their foreign students and teachers to the FBI. The country continued to pursue Osama bin Laden and other threats to national security in its War on Terror. Sometimes the war was subtle, and sometimes it was very noticeable. The Immigration and Naturalization Service began to fingerprint and photograph men who entered the

United States from 18 Middle Eastern countries. Bush signed a Homeland Security bill into law that created a new federal department devoted to preventing future attacks and allowed commercial airline pilots to carry guns. The director of the FBI announced that his organization had thwarted almost 100 terrorist attacks since Sept 11,2001. He said some of the attacks were intended for U.S. targets.

The Roman Catholic Church was immersed in a scandal Involving forbidden sex and molestation, as well as widespread cover-ups at the hands of some of its most prominent officials. At the center of it all was the Boston Archdiocese, where Cardinal Bernard Law resigned under pressure from allegations that he withheld knowledge of priests sexually abusing children. ^



U»Tj^ • K b *


** TmUS urlellolle'L'.S. Customs Service Cleftx Im.i Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The West Nile virus captured the nation's attention during the summer as it spread from coast to coast. The mosquito-transmitted virus, which leads to fever, head and body aches, and sometimes encephalitis or meningitis, killed approximately 250 citizens In 2002. ^ TheHomeiavd

—a 1




• •' KM 1

MlRByllniiH H


\V>0 ^.L

i w. Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images |

i navoc on me afes, destroying of acres than in year. One of the was in Colorado, Services worker ig an enormous a letter from her


Did you watch the first season of American Idol?

Kelly Clarkson was voted the first American Idol and won a $1 million recording contract in the summer's most-watched TV show. The show's success spawned talent searches on other major TV networks, as well as a second season of American Idol, a book and a movie.


a) Every week 19% b) Once in awhile 33.1% c) Never 48%


AP riinlo/Lmv Nic holson

Chicago danced its way to 13 Oscar nominations, more than any other film in the 2003 Academy Award race. The musical earned the coveted Best Picture nomination and acting nominations for four of its stars, including lead actress Renee Zellweger, supporting actresses Catherine Zeta-|ones and Queen Latifah, and supporting actor John C. Reilly. Director Rob Marshall was also nominated. ^

Martin Scorsese's epic Gangs of New York grabbed a second highest 10 Oscar nominations. Including Best Picture and Best Director, in the 2003 Academy Award race. Lead actor Daniel Day-Lewis earned a nomination and the movie also earned Oscar nods for Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Original Song, U2's The Hands Thai Buill America. •

New Line Cinema

it was a year of sequels as Harry Poller and Ihe Chamber of Secrets and The Lord of Ihe Rings: The Two Towers hit theaters. The Two Towers outperformed its predecessor in its opening weekend, and later earned six Oscar nominations. The Chamber of Secrets was on target to match the success of the first Harry Potter movie.

AP Photo/Pontus Lundahj


m Jk

jf? * i : mmmf




H AP PholoAVarner Urns.

Even more television airtime was devoted to the reality TV bandwagon this year. Reality series debuts this year included Joe Millionaire, which had the highest-scoring new scries debut of the season. The Bachelorelle, The Osbournes, and High School Reunion. A.

What was your favorite movie this school year? 1

Lord of the Rings: ' The Two Towers

2. 8 Mile 3. XXX

Spiderman sold a record number of DVDs the first weekend it was available in stores. The movie also broke the record for biggest opening weekend ever in theaters, a record previously held by Harry Poller and the Sorcerer's Stone. A


Celebrity Stalker For President My Big Fill Creek Wedding, a romantic comedy about a Greek woman who falls for a non-Greek man, became the biggest inflepentlenl film release ever in the U.S. Hie movie cost only $5 million to make and grossed more than $200 million at the box office. • •



Nicole Kidman found herself facing a $200-million defamation lawsuit filed by a man accused of stalking her. Matthew Hooker, who had been placed under a restraining order for his harassment of the actress, claimed the stalker label was detrimental to bis 2004 presidential campaign.

A l ' I'hulti/Rci'd S.ixt)ii I ' h o l d b y S e l l , ! s l i m A r l / / ( i d l y Iiii.i^cs


: it nI * ' lW

W h a t was your favorite TV show this school year? 1. Friends 2. The Simpsons 3. The Osbournes

Don't Blame The Winston Man Raymond Leopold, the Winston Man model who appeared in cigarette ads In the late 70s, filed a federal lawsuit, seeking $65 million in punitive damages from the R.J. Reynolds Co. Leopold cited the remorse and stress he has suffered from the role he played in contributing to smoking-related illnesses in people influenced by the ads.


Nature In Swimsuits National Geographic made headlines when it released its first swimsuit issue, albeit not as revealing as one competitor's annual look at the scantily clad. A special collector's edition sold only on newsstands, the issue chronicled the swimsuit over the last 100 years.

Photo by Vinf o Burt i/tictty Images

rsm* v



kf ' •

The Osbourne family, with a smash reality TV hit after its first season on MTV, seemed to be everywhere in 2002 with merchandising and book deals totaling in excess of $20 million. Along the way. The Osbournes won an Emmy, the family hosted the '!0th Annual American Music Awards, O/yy was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and Kelly recorded her first album.

Spies and espionage were all the rage on TV with shows like FOX's 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland and ABC's Alias with Jennifer Garner. Both in their sophomore seasons, the shows captured a wide audience and consistently finished strong in the weekly Nielsen ratings.

^ .

M A few surprises took place at the 54th Annual Emmy Awards as some old favorites and a newcomer won trophies for television excellence. Friends finally took home the prize for Best Comedy after eight years and four nominations, while star Jennifer Aniston won her first Emmy as Lead Actress in a Comedy. Michael Chiklis grabbed the Lead Actor in a Drama award for his role on FX's The Shield. Another big winner was NBC's The West Wing with four Emmys, including Best Drama. HBO and NBC received the most honors with each earning 24 awards. In addition, Oprah Winfrey was honored with the first Bob Hope Humanitarian Award which was established to recognize Hope's pioneering and humanitarian efforts. •

hot off the wire I Photo by Vince Bucci/Cetfy


Die Another Day became the biggestopening James Bond movie ever, earning an estimated $47 million its first weekend to break the record previously held by The World is Nol Enough. The film starred Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and Oscar-winner Halle Berry as a female agent. 4

After a 16-month hiatus, HBO's smash mob hit. The Sopranos, returned for its fourth season. The delay was attributed mainly to creator David Chase's meticulous crafting of every show, from script to music to final edit. Meanwhile, Chase hinted that the fifth season might be the show's last.

First-time novelist Alice Sebold conquered the New York Times bestseller list with The Lovely Bones, which hit number one and stayed on the list for more than 30 weeks. A tale of rape and murder, readers found the story to be less about tragedy and more about the resiliency of the human spirit.

V'' /



« i»4 *

J Y T- - \


X'- •


r. •„ l . t



/ L S f

/ a H f jr ,


Each member of 'NSync tried a project ^' s o w n - ) u s , i n Timberlake released a solo album, Joey Fatone performed in a Broadway musical, Chris Kirkpatrick designed clothes. Lance Bass trained for a Russian space mission, and |C Chasez began recording his own album. •




)\ Alv*x \yong Cii'tly Images Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images

What was your favorite album this school year?

R&B vocalist Ashanli took home eight trophies from the Billboard Music Awards, winning each category for which she was nominated. She was also named the best new pop/rock and hip-hop/R&B artist at the American Music Awards and Choice Breakout Artist at the Teen Choice Awards. Ashanti also received five Grammy Award nominations. • •

1. The Eminem Show 2. Nellyville 3. 8 Mile



It Kind Of Sounds The Same The British musical group The Planets introduced a 60-second piece of silence on its latest album, creating controversy with representatives of the late composer John Cage, who was credited with writing 433 (273 seconds of silence). Lawyers threatened to sue for violation of copyright, but failed when they could not specify which 60 of the 273 seconds had been copied.

i Elvis' Hair Has Left The Building

Christmas Carol Court

George & John Philip To The Rescue

An anonymous bidder paid more than $115,000 for a large, vacuumpacked lock of Elvis Presley's hair in an online auction hosted by Illinois-based MastroNet Incorporated. The King of Rock's former barber. Homer Gilleland, had collected the hair. He gave it to friend Tom Morgan, who then put it on the auction block.

Fifty-five traffic violators in Columbia, Tenn., avoided paying fines by belting out their favorite Yuletide carol. Those lucky enough to draw the last court date before Christmas were given the choice of singing a carol and donating five canned goods to a local food bank in exchange for having their tickets dismissed.

Legendary composers Gershwin and Sousa were enlisted to help the Boston transit police drive away delinquent teens loitering in one of the city's hightraffic subway stations. Authorities began piping in a mix of show tunes and marches to the dismay of area youth, who have since found other places to hang out.

init Y

Photo b\ S|H'iu »•'PL

Rapper Jay-Z went back to school as a principal during his 10-city Principal for a Day tour. Local radio contests determined which schools he visited to promote education and his Blueprint 2 CD. At each of the schools, he performed the daily duties of the principal and spoke to the student

John Entwistle, bass player for The Who, died of a heart attack at age 57 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Also known as Thunderfingers, he died just one day before the group was to begin a North American tour. ^



Bruce Springsteen's The Rising climbed the charts with stirring songs that focused on the people affected by the Sept. 11 attacks. The tribute album, which was his first studio release of all-new material since 1995, struck a chord with a grieving public and served as a cathartic diversion.

Photo by Mark MaSfiPtlely Images



Columbian superstar Shakira w o n awards in every category for w h i c h she was nominated at the first Latin MTV Video Music Awards, including best female artist, best pop artist, artist of the year, video of the year, and best artist f r o m the n o r t h region. The top male artist honors went to Juanes, a folk rock singer f r o m Columbia.


I f vl/

Published by Riverhead Books, Kurt Cobain: The Journals sparked a whole new debate on the life and death of the troubled, yet influential, musician. An 800-page volume, the book consists of 23 of Cobain's private diaries, written from 1987 up until his suicide in April 1994.

Michael Jackson caused an uproar by dangling his 9-month-old baby off a four-story balcony in Berlin as he greeted fans. The pop star later offered an apology, saying he got caught up in the moment and would never intentionally endanger the lives of his children.

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Bee Gees' singer Maurice Gibb died at 53 from a heart attack. Gibb sang with his brothers in the Bee Gees for more than 40 years and also played bass and keyboards for the band. Their soundtrack to the 1977 movie, Saturday Night Fever, is often credited with launching the worldwide disco

Elvis set a personal record this year, 25 years after his death: he had his first album to debut at number one on the Billboard chart. RCA records released Elvis 30 #1 Hits for the 25th anniversary ofThe King's death, which jumped immediately to number one in the U.S. and 17 other countries. •

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Who was your favorite musical artist or group this school year? 1. Eminem



2. Avril Lavigne


3. Nelly

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Jam Master Jay died after a man entered his recording studio and shot him during a recording session, jay, born Jason Mizell, was 37. Mizell was a founding member of pioneering rap group Run-DMC, which he helped form with Run, Joseph Simmons, and DMC, Darryl McDaniels. A

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A. Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne • ^ and Michelle Branch were the new kind of pop sensations this year as teens turned away from the music popularized by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Lavigne's debut album Let Co was the third biggestselling album of the year, and Lavigne was nominated for five Grammy

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Richard Harris, classically trained actor of stage and film, died at age 72. Already an accomplished performer, he became known to a new generation of moviegoers playing the headmaster Alhus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films. •

Actor Christopher Reeve announced that he could move his wrist, feet and fingers seven years after he was paralyzed in a horseback riding accident. Reeve credited his improvement to years of physical therapy and never giving up. •

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Sen. Trent Lott made national headlines after he made comments favoring a presidential candidate who had run his campaign on a platform of segregation. Lott stepped down from serving as the Republican Party's majority leader, and Sen. Bill Frist was voted the new Senate majority leader. •

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Who was this year's best actor? 1. Vin Disel 2. Mel Gibson 3. Eminem

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It was a successful year for actor Denzel Washington, who made his debut as a director with Anlwone Fisher, a film about a foster child confronting his past. Washington was also named Enlcrlainmenl Weekly's Entertainer of the Year.

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A 55-year-old West Virginia man won the biggest Powerball jackpot ever. Andrew "Jack" Whittaker opted to receive all his money up front - about $112 million after taxes. Whittaker planned to donate 10 percent of the money to pastors and to rehire employees whom he was forced to layoff earlier in the year. •

Great-Grandpa Turns In Badge

B Rap artist Eminem was the year's topselling musical artist. The Eminem Show sold more copies than any other album, and the soundtrack to II Mile, a movie that starred Eminem, came in at numl>er five. The Eminem Show won a Grammy as the top Rap Album, as well as received four other nominations. He also won four American Music, two Billboard Music, and four MTV Music Video awards. •

Milwaukee, Wis., Police Lt. Andrew Anewenter, one of the country's oldest active police officers, retired at the age of 86. The great-grandfather earned a salutation from President George W. Bush for more than six decades of decorated service in law enforcement.

You Ate How Many?

Consider That Coaster Conquered

Some Like It Hot

New York Subway conductor Eric Booker gobbled down 21 baseballsized matzo balls to set a record and win the 6th Annual Matzo Ball Eating Contest sponsored by a local deli. Booker won a $2,500 gift certificate in the charity event, which benefits metropolitan-area soup kitchens.

After 104 days of riding one of the largest and fastest roller coasters ever built, Chicago University instructor Richard Rodriguez succeeded in breaking his 15th world record. During his 10-hour days aboard Germany's Expedition GeForce he read newspapers, listened to music and talked on his cell phone.

Inga Kosak bested 80 other contestants from 10 countries to win the first World Extreme Ironing Championship. Participants were judged on their ability to iron under the highest degree of difficulty possible, such as ironing while bouncing on a trampoline, while surfboarding and while hanging upside down from a tree.

W h o was this year's best actress?

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1. Jennifer Lopez 2. Julia Roberts 3. Halle Berry

The national news media began calling Reese Witherspoon America's Sweetheart after the film Sweet Home Alabama broke the record for the biggest-opening for a romantic comedy. The record was previously held by Runaway Bride, which starred Julia Roberts. •

Al* Photo/Chris Pizzdlo


Time magazine named Cynthia Cooper, Coleen Rowley and Sherron Watkins its Persons of the Year. All three women chose to confront their superiors about cover-ups going on w i t h i n their organizations, and their efforts were leaked to the media. Cooper let W o r l d C o m know about its


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phony bookkeeping practices, Rowley told the FBI that it had neglected to look into a potential terror suspect who was later involved in the Sept. 11 attacks, and Watkins informed Enron officials that some of the company's accounting methods were improper. A


I A jury found actress Winona Ryder guilty of shoplifting more than $5,500 of clothes from a Beverly Hills' Saks Fifth Avenue store. Ryder's case received ongoing media attention for months. Ryder's sentence included performing 480 hours of community service, attending counseling and paying $10,000 in fines and restitution. ^


Fred Rogers, better known as Mister Rogers of the PBS program. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, died at age 74 of stomach cancer. A cultural icon to generations of children, he viewed his shows as a way to reach young people and give them a foundation for a good life. M

Lance Bass of 'NSync lobbied to be the first celebrity in space and even began training at the Johnson Space Center. Plans to join a future mission to the International Space Station were derailed when his sponsors were unable to raise the $20 million fare.

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Questions arose about whether Martha Stewart sold ImClone Systems stock based on illegal inside knowledge. Stewart claimed she had no idea the stock's price was soon to fall when she sold it, but a congressional panel continued to investigate Stewart's trades. M

Esther Eppie Lederer, otherwise known as advice columnist Ann Landers, died at age 83. A flagship of the Chicago Tribune, the Ann Landers feature was one of the most widely syndicated newspaper columns in the world, appearing in 1,200 papers and reaching nearly 90 million readers daily.

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In a single game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made up for nearly 20 years of being the NFL's bad joke by routing the favored Oakland Raiders, 48-21, in Super Bowl XXXVII. With the league's number one defense, a muchimproved offense and riding the intensity of first-year coach Jon Gruden, the Bucs rolled through the regular season to win the NFC South. They won on the road against Philadelphia in the conference championship game to earn the franchise's first trip to the Super Bowl. In becoming World Champions, Tampa Bay buried the past and helped earn its defense a place as one of the best ever alongside the 2000 Ravens and Pittsburgh's "Steel Curtain" of the 1970s. -4

Former NBA standout Magic Johnson was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Johnson, who scored more than 17,000 points in the NBA, and led the LA Lakers to five championships, first retired from basketball after he tested positive for HIV in 1991. After returning to play in a few games during the '95-'96 season, he retired again. •


^ v ;• AP Photo Winslow Townson

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The Anaheim Angels won games six and seven of the all-California World Series, edging out the San Francisco Giants. Threats of a late-season baseball strike had fans wondering whether there would be a series, but the strike was averted with a new labor contract that included a revenue-sharing plan and a drug prevention program.


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AP Pholo/Kevork Djansezian

\P PholfvKevork Dianse/i.m

Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas died of a heart attack at 69. Unitas was the first to throw for 40,000 yards, and broke nearly every NFL record for his position in his 18-year career. Unitas, who retired in 1973, still holds the record for completing at least one touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games, a record set during the 1959-60

What is your favorite sport to watch? a. Football 39.9% b. Basketball 23.8% c. Baseball 8.4% d. Soccer 7.6% e. Wrestling 4.4%

Tennis star Serena Williams continued her extraordinary run with a win in the Australian Open, where she defeated older sister Venus in the finals. It was her fourth-straight Grand Slam victory following wins at the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. She was only the sixth woman ever to win four consecutive majors. •



Baseball games around the country turned into memorial services on the one-year anniversary of Sept. 11, with American flags flying at half-mast in every ballpark and the words "We Shall Not Forget" lighting up every electronic message board. At 9:11 p.m., all games were suspended for a moment of silence and a video presentation in memory of those who died in the attacks. ^ •

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A Devoted Fan, Even In Death

Let Go Of My Lego!

Ouch, That Stings!

Pittsburgh's Paul Wellener was a lifelong football fan and, thanks to his family, his unbridled passion for the game has followed him even in death. When Wellener, a Steelers season ticket holder for 42 years, died unexpectedly, his family found a fitting marker for his grave: two weathered seats from the Three Rivers Stadium auction.

Somebody has quite a conversation piece — or maybe just a big pile of Legos. Thieves at the annual sports equipment Super Show in Las Vegas made off with a replica Stanley Cup trophy, which was made entirely of 6,000 Lego bricks. The replica cup was on display to promote the company's new line of Lego NHL Hockey sets.

Two competitive adult dodge ball leagues have formed in San Francisco during the past year. The first of their kind, the San Francisco Bombardment Society and the Bay Area Blood Warriors schedule matches with rules similar to the popular playground game.

That Kid's Got Guts

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1. Kobe Bryant 2. Alan Iverson 3. Lebron James

The Ohio State Buckeyes won their first college football national championship since 1968 in a double-overtime game in the Fiesta Bowl. The Buckeyes defeated the heavily favored Miami Hurricanes, 31-24, in a game that many national publications touted as the best college football game of all time. The win ended Miami's 34-game winning streak. •

Rookie defensive end Dennis Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals revealed that he started dominating the gridiron at an early age, beginning his high school football career at age 6. As a 5-foot-7, 170-pound second-grader, Johnson came off the bench to play in several games for Harrodsburg (Ky.) High School going head-to-head with opponents three times older than him.



W h o was this year's most noteworthy athlete?

After 13 seasons, Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys holds the National Football League's all-time rushing record, surpassing the late Walter Bayton's previous record of 16,726 yards. After the season ended, there was talk that Smith's salary and age would keep him from returning to the team. In February, team owner Jerry Jones released him. ^

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Ted Williams, baseball's last major league player to bat over .400 in a season, died at 83 of cardiac arrest. News of his death was soon overshadowed by a legal battle between his children, who disagreed about whether his body should be cremated or cryogenically frozen. -4

Notre Dame's first-year football coach Tyrone Willingham, the first black head coach in school history, led the Fighting Irish to a 10-2 record and a spot in the Gator Bowl. The season included an eight-game winning streak and an impressive turnaround from the previous year's 5-6 record.

Although her kick was blocked, Katie Hnida became the first woman ever to play in a Division 1 -A football game when she attempted an extra point in the Las Vegas Bowl. Hnida's team, the New Mexico Lobos, lost the game to the UCLA Bruins, 27-13.

Augusta National Chairman Hootie Johnson started a maelstrom of controversy with his angry response to a letter requesting that the prestigious Georgia golf club, home of the Masters Tournament, admit women. Johnson stood firm in his opposition through the resulting media frenzy and criticism.

Annika Sorenstam completed the most dominant season the LPGA Tour has seen in nearly four decades by winning 13 times around the world, including a major. En route to shattering her own scoring record, the 32-year-old Swede finished out of the top 10 only three times.

AP Pholo/Ron Frehm

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The :-) turned 20 this year. IBM researcher Scott Fahlman first typed the smiley face in an online message in 1982.

Wake up, Sleepyhead! A 16-year-old German student invented a bed with an electric motor that gradually raises the bed's mattress for five minutes after an alarm goes off. After five minutes, the sleepyhead has to get out of bed or be forced onto the floor.

Consumers began to wonder whether hybrid cars would become mainstream after General Motors Corp., the world's largest auto maker, announced it would offer hybrid cars, pickups and sport utility vehicles. Hybrids use a mixture of electricity and gas, making them more fuel-efficient. •

Researchers found out that duct tape removes warts just as well as freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Just apply, wait six days, remove the tape, soak the area in water, scrape the area with a pumice stone, and apply again. Experts say the tape irritates the warts and triggers the immune system to attack them, and they say this approach does not hurt.


Photo by Bryan Milclinl/Ciplly Inures

This year, Mississippi became the first state ever to have an online computer in each public school classroom.

Reporters writing about the new lames Bond movie Die Another Day received self-destructing DVDs to preview the movie's scenes. A letter from the movie's fictional character Q accompanied the discs, warning that the content would only be available for 36 hours. After that, Q wrote, the disc makes a nice coaster.

Companies continued to cram gadgets into cell phones, eliminating the need for people to carry PDAs or computers along with their phones. The new generation of phones can take digital pictures, access the internet, send and receive email and instant messages, and download video games and ring tones. •

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( i d l y Images

I New studies revealed that ribonucleic acid (RNA) is capable of taking charge of the genetic process, commanding gene activity, or even deleting entire sections of DNA. Researchers hope that RNA will play a vital role in the war against cancer and other diseases.

A worm called Sapphire was unleashed on tens of thousands of internet servers, resulting in the shutdown of computer systems, a blackout of automatic teller machines and a bog down of web traffic. The author of the worm, if caught and convicted, could face harsh punishment under new U.S. anti-terror legislation.

A fossil unearthed in Africa was dated at between 6 and 7 million years old, pushing the date of the earliest known human ancestor back more than 3 million years. The nearly complete skull, nicknamed Toumai, had some apelike features, but the shape of its teeth and lower face suggested human ancestry.


The Kroger Company, the country's largest grocery chain, tested finger imaging at three of its Texas stores as a new way for customers to pay for their groceries. When customers signed up for the program, their credit or debit card information was linked to their fingerprint, so they no longer needed to take their wallets to the store. The Penn Cambria district in Pennsylvania allows its students to pay for their lunches in the same manner. It is one of about 35 districts trying the biometric program. Other schools across the nation used the system in their libraries. •


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Environmentally friendly cars powered by hydrogen made their debut in Los Angeles when the city's mayor signed a lease for city employees to try five of the cars. Automakers said this was an important first step, but the cars probably will not be sold to the general public for another 10 years. ^

So That's How It Works The dynamics of the stadium wave were calculated and published in a scientific journal by a University of Hungary professor. TamasVicsek used mathematical models written to study the spread of forest fires and applied them to the wave. His analysis shows it only takes a few dozen fans to trigger a wave. It will move clockwise at a rate of 20 seats per second and is usually about 15 seats wide.



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Coloring The Cosmos Astronomers Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry finally got that nagging "What color is the universe?" question answered. The color is Cosmic Latte. The color-naming contest evolved from the scientists' speculation of what color the universe would be if all its light were taken together. Their initial findings said light green before they finally settled on beige.


Just What The Vet Prescribed

No Prey? Then You May Pass

Kyoto University researchers discovered some primates, specifically certain varieties of lemurs, eat plants containing poisonous tannins prior to giving birth. Tannins in small doses naturally increase milk production and veterinarians use them to prevent failed pregnancies. Scientists say this makes the lemur the first known animal to self-medicate when pregnant.

Computer programmer Boris Tsikanovsky developed software to stop his cat. Squirrel, from dragging prey into the house. Squirrel, whose special collar allows her to exit and enter through a magnetized door, often hides dead mice and birds in the furniture. So, he developed imaging software linked to a camera by the door that will not allow Squirrel to enter if her profile shows something in her mouth.

Tablet PCs hit store shelves this year. These new laptops allow users to handwrite their messages directly on the screen instead of typing them, making them a popular choice for taking notes in classes and meetings. The average price; about $2,200. ^ A

Tom Christerson celebrated the oneyear anniversary of his artificial heart transplant in September. He died six months later. Christerson, 71, was the longest-living AbioCor recipient so far. The AbioCor heart, a softball-sized pump made of plastic and titanium, runs on batteries and fits within a patient's chest. ^

I'holo by C.iin/Golly Images

A Northern California town sold on eBay for almost $T.8 million. The owners of Bridgeville, Calif, decided to auction the town on eBay after their conventional attempts to sell the town failed. The town includes a post office, a cemetery and more than a dozen houses and cabins. <4

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I'holo h \ | K \ i(i Mc Nou/Cit'llv Images

Almost one fifth of U.S. counties used electronic voting machines in November, the highest percentage to date. The change was prompted by lawmakers' concern about Florida's ballot controversy in the 2000 presidential election. A •


Bratz dolls outsold Barbie as America's best-selling fashion doll for six months in a row. In response, Mattel created My Scene Barbie, a newer doll who wears platform shoes, low-rise jeans, more makeup, and midriff-baring shirts. ^ ^


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PAID OFF: $20,000 AS Of HOVtUBlR 10. NÂŤ


People desperate for money turned to the internet to cyberbeg. One woman was able to pay off her $20,000 credit card debt in just five months with the contributions she received from people who read her website and sent money.

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The Institute of Medicine changed its recommendations for Americans' diets and exercise regimes. Under the new guidelines, everyone should participate in at least one hour of physical activity each day and should eat a recommended percentage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. McDonald's cut the amount of bad fat in its fries. Chicken McNuggets and other products after a New York man sued McDonald's and three other major fast-food chains for allegedly making him fat. A few weeks later, a lawyer sued McDonald's on behalf of obese children. The suits were later thrown out by a federal judge who said the law is not in place to protect people from their own excesses. The cases argued that the fast-food chains never gave a clear warning about the foods' danger. MA




Matthew PovtoiVGcllv Images

Several stars crossed over from one entertainment genre to another, the most common of which involved musicians making movies. Actress/pop star Jennifer Lopez was one example. She starred in two movies this year, released a top-selling CD, opened a restaurant and even launched a perfume. Other stars crossing over included Eminem and Kid Rock making their film debuts. ^

Hewlett Packard introduced a personal computer that works like a TV. The computer comes with a remote control and a TV tuner, and users can play and record TV shows and digital music. ^

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