Milestone 1978

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-.J Front Row: Richard Kuhrt, Mike Baldwin, John Jellema, Jeff Vaughn, Bob Shoemaker, Chuck Meeusen and Jeff Allen Second Row; Dave Van Hoven, Milt Slkkema, Mike Eldndge, Ken Capisciolto, Gary Hatchlns, Juan Ramirez, Paul Knoll, Gord Herwig, Kurt Beerboom and John Peachie. Third Row: Coach Glenn Van Wieren, Steve Sayer, Pat Malone, Rob McBride, Dave Siber, Dave Johnson, Renze Hoeksema, Joe Delleria, Kurt Bierbaum, Amir Tavakoli and John Cough.


Soccer Places First

i I

The 1977 soccer team finished an impressive season placing first in the MIAA with a league record of 9-1 and an overall record of 12-3. Highlighting the season were wins over such powerful schools as Michigan State and Calvin. The team broke the old school record by winning 12 games. Leading the scorers for Hope was Jim De Julio with 13 goals. Named as team MVP was Gary Hutchins. Named to the All Conference team were Jim De Julio, John Clough, Juan R a m i r e z , Gary H u t c h i n s , and Renze H o e k s e m a . Named to the second team were Kurt Beerboom and Dave Johnson.

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Soccer / 21


2 2 / Field H o c k e y


Field Hockey Bouncing back from a disappointing season in 1976, Women's Field Hockey Team finished the 1977 season with an MIAA record of 5-1 and 83-1 overall. Named as team MVP was Karen H a r t j e and m o s t i m p r o v e d player was Wendy Knecht. Named to Team One of the Michigan Colleges Team were Sue Gebhart and Karen Hartje. Named to Team Two of the Michigan Colleges Team were Barb Herpich, Vickie Visscher and Pat Lunderberg. Also named as an alternate was Lois Lemo. C a p t a i n s for next year's team are Sue Gebhart and Beth Van Klompenberg.

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Front Row: Kris Sackett, Wendy Knecht, Sue Gebhart.






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' ! ' ' P* iV- i l1^ » /4

Beth Van Klompenberg. Jayne Zelenka. Second Row: Vickie Visser. Pat Lunderberg. Mary Allen, Anne Blackwell and

Field Hockey / 2 3




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Football Places Second In MIAA

The 1977 Hope College Football squad finished a record breaking season with a 4-1 record placing second in the MIAA. Among the record breakers for the 1977 season were Quarterback Mark Boyce setting a new career touchdown record with 33, leading ground gainer Fullback Bill Blacquire with a record breaking career total of 1,715 yards and Freshman Greg Bekius with a perfect 21 for 21 extra point conversions. Team MVP was Junior Bill Blacquire. Senior Mike Skelton received the Allen C. Kinney Memorial Award.

Runners Tie For First

i ZJ\

Suffering their first defeat in seasons, the Hope College Cross Country Team tied with Calvin for first place in the MIAA with a 5-1 dual meet record. Hope placed third of nine schools in the Hope I n v i t a t i o n a l , f i f t h in the Depauw Medley and 28th of 52 teams of the NCAA Division II meet. Repeating last y e a r ' s p e r f o r m a n c e , Lou H o e k s t r a and Dick N o r t h u i s were named to the All League Team along with George Moyer who made it for his first time. Most Valuable Runner was senior George Moger and named as next year's team captain was junior Mark Ongley.


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*30 1T


28 / Golf


Golfers Tie For Second With placings such as second in the Hope Invitational and second in the Purdue-Calumet Invitational the Hope College golf team finished the 1977 season with a record of 4-2, tied for second with Adrian. Sophomore Lou Czanko was named to the All-League team and also had the top average for the team. Mark Leonhard was named to the MIAA honorable mention team.

Golf / 2 9



Despite a disappointing 12-19 finish the 1977 Women's Volleyball Team did well against many tough teams. Coach Sandy Parker said " E v e n t h o u g h we lost to m a n y schools, we played teams that were very talented and did respectably well against t h e m . " The season was highlighted with a third place finish in the WMIAA Tourney and a fifth place finish in the state tourney. Named as team MVP was senior Sharon Kooistra and sophomore Jean Wilkening was named as most improved player. Jos Mand was elected captain for the 1978 team.

Tront Row; Cheryl Burke, Sue Ahlgrims, Tammy Schurling, Nancy Roberts. Second Row: Chris Ventre, Sue Stohoe, Mary Ellen Auferheide, Sharon Kooistra, Jos Mand and Coach Sandy Packer.

Volleyball / 31

Front Row: Jim Bedor, Byron Prielipp, Bart Rizzo, John Abe and John VanderKolk. Second Row: Trainer Dave Van Hoven, Cal Kortman, Mike Sutton, Paul Garmirian and Coach George Kraft.

32 / Wrestling



The 1978 wrestling team faced a tough year of having to rebuild with only 5 returning lettermen and a small team. Injuries plagued the team from the beginning with Wayne France out for the season with a leg injury and Cliff Nicholson receiving a broken rib in practice, leaving him out for the season. The team had an overall mark of 211 and were shut out in league 0-4. Mike Sutton and Paul Garmirian were voted 1979 co-captains. Bart Rizzo received MVP honors.

Wrestling / 3 3

Basketball 78'


Under the new leadership of head coach Glenn Van Wleren the 1978 Basketball team finished the season 11-10 and had a league record of 5-7. The 12 man team welcomed back six returning lettermen.

Basketball / 35

3 6 / Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball / 3 7


W W H | | **


First Row: Mark Stevens, Nick Hodgman, Bruce Vander Schaaf, Greg Van Heest, Dave Barfels. Second Row; John Neville, Steve Elman, Doug Ruch, Delwyn Dozeman, Gord Herwig, Coach Larry Green.

• V•

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:V- ;v r-


The tennis team ended a winning season with 10-7 mark. The team, coached by " D o c " Green finished with 3-3 mark in the MIAA. The 10 member team welcomed 5 returning lettermen. The team spent 7 days in Tennessee and Georgia playing 6 matches.

Tennis / 3 9


i , •"'>*

4 0 / Women's Tennis

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Vt ^ ',-

Women's Tennis

Women's Tennis / 41

4 2 / Track


Women's Track


Women's Trock


Baseball '78'

4 6 / Baseball


Coming off a league title from last year, the 1978 baseball team found it hard going as they finished the year with an overall record of 8-24 and a league mark of 5-7. The team spent spring break in Tennessee and Georgia in preparation for the regular season. The team welcomed back nine returning lettermen to a team of thirty.

Baseball ' 4 7

Front Row: Sharon Kooistra, Pam Bulthouse, Vickl Visscher, Ann Mulder, Sarah Norden and Connie Rietberg. Second Row: Coach Ann Irwin, Sue Gebhart, Ann Boluyt, Cindy Gano, Nancy Kropf, Sue Allie and Norma Geerlings.

4 8 / Softball





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Lacrosse •




The Hope College Lacrosse Club welcomed back an experienced team with a crop of new hopefuls. They played a 16 game schedule mostly against NCAA Division I teams. The spring trip down south launched them into their winning season. The team was again coached by Hope graduate Tim Van Heest.

f ' i i f i i i W fflilMTwMi flit Front Row: Jim Stokes, Richard Van Hassel, Doug Burns, Mike Welch, Denny Griffin, John Peachie Second Row: Don Williams, Steve Heneveld, Joe DeVette, Eric Rollins, Tom Kempers, Bill Anderson, Brad Helmus Third Row: Dave Wneden, Gale Easton, Scott Morey, Craig Garfield, Ed Jorae, Greg Van Heest, Jim Ausema, Brian Stauffer, Mike Disher, Fred Van Reesoma, Tom Keaton, Coach Tim Van Heest

Lacrosse / 51


Front Row: Jill Clegg, Marie Montanari, Sandy Wells and Joyce McDermid. Second Row: Sue Ahlgrim, Robin Milsos, Man Flanagan and Coach Mary Grondin.


Cheerleaders mvf.t Football Cheerleaders Kathy Button (Captain) Debbie Hoffman Edna Cueilar Krys Bush Diane Lound Deb Grochowski Jayne Blemly Beth Ackerman Shelly Driesenga Arthur Kurtze Craig Schumann Mark Van Mater Clark Kuipers Basketball Cheerleaders Sarah Cady Jane Deyoung Kim MacDonald Paul Deyoung Chris Brauning Sam Aidala Maxine De Bruyn (Coach)




1 1 1

Orchestra VIOLIN; Rachel Huttar Marianne Walck Susan Ahgrim Priscilla Battels Mary Jo Bertsch Ann Hilbelink Kathy Hofstee Judy Jansma Tom Kennedy Nancy Kerle Sandra Ritchie Lynn Thorn burg John Traylor Rick Vander Meulen Deb Warnaar VIOLA: Laurie Van Ark Anne Mulder Nancy Ritchie Fern Shoemaker Vickie Wilson CELLO: Stephen Eliason Phyllis Athoy Jane Giacobassi Karyn Harrell Gretchen Nelson Gaye Rudis Marjorie Suydam Cathy Van Mater Cherry Overway Karen Willis BASS: Robert Baker Jude Bergsma William Davros FLUTE: Maria McMullin Mary Hilldore Carol Vandenberg Jane Visser

OBOE: Gail Haldeman Ellen Bijkersma Mike Eldridge CLARINET: Betty Bice Sandra Blodgett Mary Manahan Linda FVIe BASSOON: Barbara Pell Janet Shimmin HORN: RandyWeener Mary Burton Lynne Maxwell Laura Press Nancy Weaver TRUMPET: Paul Van Schouwen Eric Rollins Marc Cormack TROMBONE: Scott Bradley Darrell Vande Hoef Noel Wing TUBA: Dirk Doorenbos TYMPANI AND PERCUSSION: Tom Langejans Rick Vander Meulen HARP: HeleneZwghuizen ORCHESTRA MANAGER: Stephen Eliason

PICCOLO: Jill Lowman Susan Ward FLUTE: Maria McMullin Sarah DeWitt Gwen Kitchens Lisa Kronquist Sally Manahan Marie Montanari Phyllis Montanari Mary Reinecke Barb Smith Twylia Taylor Cynthia Toellner Lynn Winkels Susan Ward Lori Wolf OBOE: Mike Eldridge Susan Ahgrim BASSOON: Janet Shimmin Gail Warnaar CLARINET: Sandra Blodgett Duane Babinski Lori Crivello Beth Harvey Beth Kragt Mary Manahan Kim Middleton Eleanor Shoemaker LuAnn Timmer Cyndi Vander Schaff Julie Working ALTO CLARINET: Barb Hamstra BASS CLARINET: Susan Edcomb Ray Vande Giesoen CONTRABASS CLARINET: John Seeger TUBA: Mike D'Oyly Dirk Doorenbos


6 2 J Honors



6 4 / Cosmopolitan

%: .v

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|fc7 3 *3f, 'SJ r ' ' . •

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fjk, ;• Sat-*- *r





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7 tgs . " ^ !* • t A * -.

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IIMhI l!K l l dU Ui 03 C


,! , l




LL Froternal



6 6 / Arcadian



CL J 1




0 E E LU Emmersoman / 6 7

6 8 / Knickerbocker

Centurion / 6 9



Sigma Sigma

Kappa Delta Chi / 7 3

7 4 / Alpha Gamma Phi

Delto Phi


Alpha Phi Omega


Pan-Hellenic Board


Pan-Hellenic Board

Interfraternal Council / 7 9

Black Coalition

Psychology Club

Student Activities Committee

Organizations / 81

Spanish Club

German Club

8 2 / Organizations

Association Of Computing Machinery

v «»9.

i V^"


Barbell Club

0) Q .



84 / Organizations

V iVj

!• - i

•V * ! t '

Organizations / 85

Eta Sigma Phi

Biology Honors

8 6 / Organizations

American Chemical Society

Phi Beta Kappa

Organizations / 8 7


Ministry Of Christ People

8 8 / Organizations

Organizations / 8 9



9 0 / Organizations


Anchor Staff

Milestone Staff

Organizations / 91

Large Cast Combines Many Talents

Behind the glittering excitement of the Cirque De Paris in the Hope College Theater production of Carnival lay the efforts of nearly one hundred people. Carnival, a charming and colorful musical, opened the season in splendor, c o m b i n i n g the talents of people from all areas of the campus and community. Directed by John K. Tammi, Carnival charmed the audience with its spectacular, captivating style to pave the way for another fine season.

9 4 / Carnival

CAST Jim Taylor Elizabeth DeVette Carolyn McCall Michael McFaden Robert Schultz Hevm Kelley Kirk Hoopingarner Eric Fitzgerald Jonathon Hondorp, Tom Picard, Vince Ramick, Eric Gitzgerald Pam Kammoraad Princess Olga Pam Spring Gladys Zuwicki Nanette Bian Gloria Zuwicki Susan Boundy, Cathy Hondorp Harem Girls Bob Namar Strong Man Judith White Wagnerian Soprano Clowns Eileen Doyle, Mark Farnsworth, Cindy Fowler, Dan Huizenga, Holly Jeffrey, Phil McCullough Thom Lennox Tightrope Specialist Michael Smit Angelo Jon Atkins, Kay Hubbell, Tim Malefyt, The Amazing Popovskis Martha Nordstrom Susan Boundy, Debbie Grimm, Debbie Kite, Bluebird Girls Lynn McKinstrie, Pam Spring Nanette Bian Dog Trainer Jon Atkins, Phil McCullough Jugglers Nugget Bian Nugget Maggie Rice Maggie Carol Bechtel, Beth Latham, Alan Murray Volunteers Donna Doherty Stilt Walker

B. F. Schlegel The Incomparable Rosalie Lili Grobert Marco The Magnificent Paul Jaquot D. Glass Roustabouts

Cornivol / 9 5

Longest Pull Ends In Draw


The longest pull in the history of the school lasted three hours and fifty-one minutes. It was said the teams were evenly matched and in the end the decision proved it. After weeks of practice and hours on the rope the pull was declared a draw. This longest pull in history is also one of the most controversial. Many will always wonder how much longer it would have taken for victory on one of the sides.

Pull /




Homecoming "77"

Homecoming / 9 9


.1 1

I Masque / 101

I Frosh Take Cup

Before a standing room only crowd at the Holland Civic Center the 1977 Nykerk cup was captured by the freshman class. The s o p h o m o r e s presented "Movin On" as their song and staged "Pinochio" as their play. The freshman song, a revised version of "My Corner of the Sky," is from the broadway play "Pippin," and "Winnie the Pooh" was the play for the class of '81. Changing the tradition of the oration this year two orators represented each class instead of one.

Nykerk / 103

Christmas Vespers

104 / Christmas Vespers

Christmas Vespers


Faces At Hope

Faces / 107

Life With Father J


' v--:


Junior Kathy Button was crowned queen of the college's May Day festivities. Kathy was selected in a campuswide vote of the student body. Named to the May Day Court were: Leigh DeWolf, Beth Knecht, Jill Nihart, Kim Proos, Jean Reynolds and Sheri Vander Werp.

M a y Day / 111

11 2

D a n c e IV

I Dance IV

Donee IV / 113


11 4



Graduation / 115

1 1 6 / Wheels of Hope


Wheels Of Hope


Wheels O f Hope

1 17

Geology Summer Trip

1 1 8 / Geology Summer Trip

1 20

Speaker Series

Speaker Series



Sharon Adcock Susan Ahlgrim Timothy Alicki Patricia Arnold •»- ; I

Phyllis Athey John Atkins Mary Aufderheide James Ausena

Mark Baeverstad Garth Baldauf Becki Balok Ron Banderbeck

Pnscilla Bartels Pamela Barton Wanada Baxter Pamela Beane

David Beard Keith Beck James Bedor Pat Beltman

SeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniors 1 24 / Seniors

Tim Bennett Bill Bergstrom Mary Jo Bertsch Katherine Beuker

Ellen Bijkersma Stephen Bishop Dave Blasch Nancy Boers

Seniors / ^25

Jeffrey Boes Linda Bos Katie Bosch Terry Bosch

Brad Bose Mark Micheal Boyce Brian Bradley Scott Bradley

Duane Bras Jan Brock James Bruggink Sally Brumels

1 26

/ Seniors

William Bryker Tom Bultman Doug Burns Andrew Busard

m m Diane Bussema Gary Camp Bob Cebelak Gini Checkley

Kevin Clark Ken Cook Marc Cormack Mary Jo Coughenour

Douglas Crew John Criscuolo David Crisman Janet Cross

Lois Crounse Beth Daubenspeck Philip David Barbara Davis

Seniors / I 2 7

Dave De Bell Doug De Boer Jack Dekker Robert Delaney

Doug DeLeeuw Joe Dellaria Jo-Dea DenUyl Dave De Pree

Nancy De Pree Drew Deters Joel De Vette Don De Young

Peter De Young Kenneth Dibl Emily Dickerson Judy Diephouse



Carol Donahue Ramona Donetz Eileen Doyle Mike Drahos

%4 128 / Seniors

Kent Droppers Judy Dunlap Laurie Dunn


Peter Dussault Scott Dwyer Jeff Dykenhouse

James Dykstra Kris Dykstra Paula Dykstra

Seniors / I 2 9

Lucy Eberhard Becky Eldrenkamp Stephen Eliason Clara Espinosa

Larry Evans Diana Faller Paula Felker Kathy Forman

Bill Fortney David Fowler Kathleen Francis Janet Gabriel

130 / Seniors

Carla Gainforth Sara Gaylord Barbara Geeting Clark Gerrish

Beverly Gibson Mary Grant John Gray Laurie Griffin

Reinhold Grosse Brian Guth Ruth Hakken Gail Haldeman

Seniors / | 31

Jim Hammond Todd Harburn Bill Harrison Karen Hartje

Kenneth Hasek Kirk Haverkamp Alice Hayes Paul Hayes

Brad Helmus Amy Henrickson Bruce Herman Craig Higgins

Elaine Hildebrand Brian Hipwell Louis Hoekstra James Holwerda

' 32 / Seniors


Michael Hong Steven Paul Hook Lori Hosteller Paula Houghton

James Howard Reinhard Hug Jack Hunt Robert Hunt

Jocelyn Johnson Peggy Johnson Kevin Kelley Tom Kempers

Jim Kenyon Arthur Kerle Helen Keyes Dan Kieda


Seniors / | 3 3

Karen Kirschner Amy Klapp Marky Klapthor

Tharlo Klaver Randy Kleiman Doug Knapman

' -

1 34 / Seniors

• VH-V; •



Colleen Kohute Sharon Kooistra John Kostishak Linda Kraay

Dave Kragt Cheryl Jean Kremer Jane Kuizenga John Kullman

James D. Laman Bob Laning Robin Larson Mark Leehouts

Sarah Lehmann Thomas S. Lenox Nancy Leonhardt Sallye Laventhal

Tim Lont H. Andrew Loree Jill Lowman William Lundell

Seniors / 1 35

Debra Lupkes Diana Lutterbein Tom Maas Nancy MacKinnon


Debbie Mallory Peter A. Manting Margaret Mappes Kathy Martin

I Kathy Mason Lynn Mast Lola Mazza Lois McConnell

Joyce McDermid Karen McElban Chris McGuigan Judy Lynne McKenna

Maria McMuilin Michael McPoland Richard Medema Sharon Mill

J 3 6 / Seniors

Amy Mills Kari Moreland Barbara Moolenaar Scott Morey

Deborah A. Mulcahey Mike Murray Jody Mutshler Marcia Myaard

Rocky Myers Monica Naines Robert L. Namar Robert Niedt


Seniors / I 3 7

Tony Nieuwkoop Deborah Nitsch Martha Norden

' " • O W " i

Ann Northuis Gary Oegema Gary Oster

Charles R. Otto Susan L. Overway Steven Paffrath

' 3 8 / Seniors


k . \ / A



Carol Patterson Carol Petrie Paul Pettys James E. Picht

Scott Pentier Jean Poppen Anne Powell Linda Pyle

Natalie Quiring Julie Raabe Gary Rae Kim Ramirez


^ Vv.

Gary Ramsden George Edward Ranville Martha Ratering Larry Redder

V Linda Redford Phil Rewerts Todd Richardson Kim Risser

Seniors / I 3 9

Sandy Ritchie Eric Rollins Gaye Rudis Sherri Rushmeyer

Elias Sanchez Shelia Sawyer Meral Saylor Jeff Schaffer

Jeff Schmidt John Scholten Daryl Scholtens John Schrier

Dave Schroeder Jon J. Schrotenboer Lorie Shier Fern Shoemaker

Kathy Shoemaker Glenn Shoup Mike Skelton Ann M. Smazik

140 / Seniors



Michael John Smlt Craig Smith Daniel Smith Lorraine Smith

Raymond Smith Robin Scott Snow Brian Stauffer Paul Stears



Kim Stevens Kathy Stratton Takashi Sugie Marjorie Suydam

Venessa Tait Kathleen Tatz Dewey Thompson Mark Van Arendonk

Laurie Van Ark Wayne Van Dyke Richard Van Hassel Gregory Van Heost

Seniors / 1 41

Mary Van Heest Tarn Van Nguyen Paul Van Schouwen Marilyn Van Wyk

John Vande Waa Douglas Van Den Berg Marcla Van Den Berg Rick L. VanderBie

John VanderKolk Dale Van Der Pol Karen Vander Roest David Van De Roovaart

Maribeth Vander Ploeg Dave Vander Velde Deb Vander Velde Eric Vander Yacht

% Audrey Veldman Vicki Viening Gary Voshol Mark Vredeveld



Marianne Walck Wanda Marie Walker Dave Watkins

Suzanne Watterson Julie Weaver Bryan Weber

Randy Weener Sandra Wells Mary Ellen Wernette

Seniors /


1 44 / Seniors

Kathleen Wettack Donald White Jonahtan Whitney Sandra Wiederhold

Larry Alan Wildschut James Wilkins Bob Williams Kim Williams

i Noel Wing David Wissink Mike Wejda Karen Woldman

Michael Wolfis Edward Worden Maude Worthington Gary Yager

Janet Young Shirley Yzenbaard Margaret Zevalkink Laurie Zoet

Seniors / 145

John Abe Beth Ackerman Brad Ackermann Robert Acri Ryan D. Adolph

11 Brian Akker Mary Beth Allen Clifford Amels Kathy Anderson Bob Angle


William Ashby LuAnn Athey Duane Babinski Robert Baker Ken Bauman


Elizabeth Becker Elizabeth Benes Valerie Bentley Audrey Bergsma Ann Nanette Bian


Ellen Blauw Jayne Blemly Alyson Blue Monica Bodzick Mark Boelkins



Robert Boeve Shirley Bolhouse Pat Bonga Cristine Boon Bruce Bos Gayle Bos

Rick Bosch Mayrie Boyce Cindy Breunlnger Dave Brines John Broadbent Becky Brookstra

Milton Brouwer Beth Brown Debra Brulninks George Van Ness Burbach Carol Jo Burge Cheryl Burke

Shen Burkhart Michael Burley Paul Busman Sandy Busman Lynn Butcher Kathy Button

Kathy Butts Grady Julius Byrd II Keith Cahoon Julie Carlston Carol Cellura Mark Chockley

Randall Clark Jill Clegg Coleen Cochran Gretchen Coffill Mitch Dadd Paul H Daniels

Carl R Daudt Ann Davenport James Davidson Donna Delhagen Harold M Delhagon Cheryl DeMaagd

Juniors / 147

Robert De Vlieger Jeff DeVree Chris DeWitt Lila Diemer Henry Dolley

Norman Donkersloot Michael D'(yly Barb Drake Katherine Dreyer Shelley Driesenga

Kurt Droppers Joy E. Dulmes Nancy Dunn Bill Dykema Cindy Dykstra


Doug Dykstra Laura Earle Gale Easton Susan Edgcomb Bonda Edwards

wmmmm Mike J. Engelhardt Jan Ergerzinger Richard Farkas Bonnie Ferguson Andres Fierro

Mary Flanagan Scott Fletcher Richard Foreman Wayne France James French


Gary Gan Susan Gebhart Scott Gensemer Debbie Gerger Susan Gibbs

1 4 8 / Juniors


John Gibson Sally GHman Vickl Glenn Robert Glover Nan Goetzke

Debbie Grochowski Carl R. Gumina Greg Gurtler Tersa Harrison Ronald Heiby

Cathy Heise Deb Hess John Hoekstra Cindy Hoffman Catherine Hondorp

" H I

Dave Hoos Mark Howard Steven Jelensperger Cal Jellema Sandy Jenkins

Tom Jennings David Jurgensen Sue Kalemyn Dave Kammeraad Alice Kane

Sandy Kelly Scott Kiel Heather King Michael B Klamer Steve Klem


Elizabeth Knecht Paul Knoll Donna Kocher Dan Kolean Douglas Koopman

juniors / 149

Sherrle Kornoelje Melody Kowalski Beth Kragt Lauri Kremers Arthur G. Kurtze III Nancy Lampman

jK. A* Fu

Tom Langejans Phil Larink William Lawson David Leenhouts William Leonhard Barb Lievense

Laura Linn Randy Lohman Diane Lound Greg Lundie Kim MacDonald Michele Mainwaring


Sally Manahan Matthew Manecke Marvin Martin Rocco Massimiano Pam Matthews Carolyn McCall

Mary C. McDonald Kelly McLain Matt McMally Cindy McOwen Lori Medema Bob Miller

Debbie Miller Mimi Miller Ann Miner Robin Mitsos George Moger -Marie Montanari

Richard Neevel Jill Niehart Linda Nordstrom Kathleen Norman Karen Okker Mark Ongley






Melissa Orquist Dave Oswald Kent Pagel Marilyn Paine Mary Dana Papageorge

'' Y,.y'


Jennifer Parker Richard Paske Sharon Pearse Penelope Peck Julia Perez

Ericka Peterson James Peterson Thomas Pierson Janet Poppen Steve Prediger

Kimberly Proos Pat Pulver Sheryl Radike Juan Ramirez Bonnie Ras

Doug Reed Jean Reynolds Ann Marie Rezelman Thomas Rigterink Pamela S. Ripperda

Junior J I 151

Dale M Roberts Frank F. Roblson III Todd Rosen Sarah Rosse Glennyee Rasscher

Jane Santefort Peter Scheer Barbara Schlosser Tamera Schling Robert Schultz

Steven Scott Nancy Sells Mark Seyfred Don Shlppy Ann Simpson

Beth Skinner Jonathan Smeege Bill Spagnuolo Lynne Spencer Marcia Stegman

Veronica Steigenberger Nancy Stienler Susan Stokoe John David Stout Conrad Strauch

Leah Sunderlin Heidi Sur Robert Synk Rae Syswerda Lynn Thornburg

A Robert Titus Cynthia Toellner Carl Toren Robert Torresen Stephen Vandop

1 5 2 / Juniors

Klmberly Van Duyne Deborah Van Hoeven Catharine Van Nater Brad Van Putlen SuAnn Van Skiver

i Barb Van De Vasse Jan Van Den Berg Chris Vander Kuy Bruce Vander Schaaf Sheri Vander Werp

Chris Ventre Sherie Veramay William Ver Hulst Christopher Visscher Jane Visser

, f

John Voorhorst Celaine Vouma Peter Warnock Carol Warren Al Watson

liul' l:i 1

Robert Watson Steven Watson Mary Weener Cheryl Weeter Linda Wesseldyke

Kim Westfall Todd Whitefleet Mary Wickert Donald Williams Mike Winchester

Randy Wormmeester Karen Wortley Scott Wregglesworth Bob Zendler

Juniors / 1 5 3

s o

Chuck Aardema Sam Aidala Barb Allan Bill Anderson Lorl Anderson Peter Arnoudse


Rodney Austin Karen Babinez Vicki Bailey Amy Baker Linda Baker John Barbay



George BaumGartner Karri Bearss Ken Bekkering Kristin Bennett Sally Berger John Beuker







: :x:S -S>S»




xiSfesssseSsT m



Karl Bierbaum Tom Bigelow Andrew Birner Beth Bischoff Judy Bixby Sandy Blodgett

i •*.. f y

Leigh Boelkins Sally Boers Rod Bolhous Ann Boluyt Katheryn Booher Bob Bos

Robin Bost Kelley Bowman Bill Bradford Judy Brown David Bruins Cindy Bryce

Cheryl Burchett Martin Burg Stacy Burris Sheryl Busman Jane Buter Carol Lynn Caldwell

1 5 4 / Sophomores

Henry C. Campbell Ken Capisclolto Doug Cecere Amy Chamberlain David Chan Holly Chapman

Randy Coffill Kelly Coleman Lynn Comstock Doug Congdon Mike Conti Judy Cook

Jeff Cordes Brian Cote Adel Crowell Edna R. Cuellar Lou Czanko Leslie Daniels

Lynn Davis Jerry Decker John DeHaan James DeJulio Tom Delaney Kris DePree


Thomas DePree

' " V





>1 1 Tl

Brian DeRoos

Lynn Devendorf

Sophomores / I 5 5

Lon DeWitl Kevin DeYoung Brenda Dlerman Rob Dorazio Mark Douma Patricia Drake

Julie Drozd Chuck Eckman Michael Eldridge Jennifer Elliott Julie Ellis Mark Ennis

Bret Frsk Eric Fitzgerald Robert Flaherty Gary Foote Cindy Fowler Chris Funkes

Cindy Gano Nancy Geldersma Greg Geissow Chris Goldschmidt Marcia Greenlee Suzanne Greulich

, Gregory Griffin Debbie Grimm Craig Groeneyk Brenda Hafner Debbie Hall David Hamann

Earl Hamann Shelley Harnden Karyn Harrell Kathy Hartger Paul Hartje Chris Hartsuiker

^•56 / Sophomores


!?• Mi - J-t

- •


Chris Hasbrouck Ruth Ann Hascup James Hawken Rog Hegg Ann-Mane Helmus

Gordon Herwig Paul Hickman Ann Hilbelink Roland Hill Steve Hmkamp

Nick Hodman Jim Hoekstra Taylor Holbrook Demetra Holly John Holmes

Karen Hoogerwerf Carla Hoover Paul Hospers Barb Houtman Sue Howell

Pek Ju Hsu Gary Hutchins Kristina Hyde Connie Isley Abby Jane

William R. Jellison Pam Jordan Thomas Walter Kasten Thomas B. Keizer Doris Kellom

r *

Jim Kessel Tim Kinney Connie Klundle Wendy Knecht Chris Knigge

Sophomore* / 157

Barbara Knceppe Cathy Krapf Karen Kuhn Peter Kuiken Jennifer Lehman Lois Lema

Mark Leonaard Debra Link Keith Lohman Alan J. Lough Janis Lundeen Glenn Luthur

Pamela Loveless John MacKinnon Tim Malefyt Geneva Molone Kevin Mariani Gary Markert

Susan Marvin Lynne Maxwell Paul McCullough James McEalheny Michael McFaden Fred Medendorp

Debra Meeuwsen Marie-Laure Meridjen Mick Meyer Pamela Gail Meyer Brad Millxer Dave Miller

Melanie Miskotten Carol Mohrlock Jeanne Moore Ann Moored Doug Morton Ann Mulder

158 / Sophomores

Barb Mulder John Munro Steve Muyskens Hamldreza Naghieh Kim Nagy Nancy Nearpass

Paul D. Nedervelt John Neville Jennifer Nielsen Ronni Nivala Diane Noort Paul Nora

Rich Northuis Jack B Nuiver Pamela Nunez Karen Nyenhuis Kathy Nyenhuis Mike Nyenhuis

Susan O'Connell Mendeth Ortquist Bruce Osbeck Kim Osterman Ronald Overhiser Bill Patterson

i Lisa Pauker John Peachey Steve Peachey Greg Pedelty Deborah Peery Barbara Pell

Jack Petiet Kathrina Picha Bruce Pifer Moira Poppen Vivian Potter Kimberly Pnncing

Sophomores /


Amy Rathbun Ronald Relmlnk Keith Reschke Marianne Rice Connie Rietburg Nancy Roberts

Lisa Rogoskl Tom Schaap Lynn Schack Eric Schaefer Judy Schaffer Pattl Schrotenboer

Katherlne Schultz Craig Schumann Tern Sellers Gene Shanahan Sue Sharp Shelley Shepard

Kathy Shlflett Milton Slkkama Ralph Skaio Steve Smallegan Renata Smart Julie Smith

Kathle Smith Kathy Souders Sylvia Sprang Allison Staat Karl Stegenga Cathy Stelner



David Stevens James Stokes Amy Strainer Charlie Swleringa Jun Taguchi Twylla Taylor

Paul Toren Gary Wayne Tucker John V. VanArebdonk Mark Vanderby Doug VanMuelen Mary Beth Van DIs

3(/ vii, Ifi


1 6 0 / Sophomores

Wi HM*

4B M J

William Van Doornlk Gary Van Dyke David Van Dyken Lyn Vaneyl Ellssa VanGent

Dave Van Hoven Mark Van Mater Tracy VanMouwenk Ruth Van Slooten Becky Ver Hoeven

Susan Vollmer Deborah Walker Patricia Walker Wendy Walker Dree Elizabeth Ward

Jill Weerstra Jeffery Welch Joe Welch Lisle Westfall Jeff Wetherbee

Brenda White Judith Gay White Jean Wilkening Abigail Williamson Kerri Wilson

Steve Wissink Kathy Woldman Lori Wolf Joe Wolff Richard Zoulek

Sophomores / 161

Tim Aalsburg Steven Aarema Susan Allie Thomas Amels Doug Andrews Jayne Arnoldink

Susan Arwe Audrey Bailey John Barrington Earl Beam Carol Bechtel Kathy Beck

Greg Bekius Bntt S. Bengtson Diana Beyer Roger Biemel Meg Biggerstaff Deborah Blair

Susan Bliss Joanne Blodee Jeff Boeve Sue Boeve Theodore C. Bosch Mary Botkm

Dave Braschler Chris Brauning Karey Breher Britt Brewer Chuck Brooks Charla Brower

David Brown Edward Brown Carolyn Bruggers Mary Burton Kurfis Busman Glenn Bussies

Sarah Cady Jim Camilleri Michelle Carlson Cindy Carm Rene Carrillo Glen Caudill

FRESHMEN 162 / Freshmen

Cathie Christian Debra Clark Dawn Clemense Mike Coeling Bob Conklin Bruce Cook

Sallie Copenhaver Steven D. Cowley Lori Crivello Paul Damon William Davidson Bill Davros

Steven DeBruyn Jane Decker Kristin Decker Dan Deffenbaugh John Ted DeJong Nathaniel DeJonge

Gary DeKoekkoek Steve DeLoof Philip DeMarr Deidra DePree Sarah DeWitt Scott DeWitt

Mary DeYoung Michael Disher Dirk Doorenbos Delwyn Dozeman James Drew Brian Driesenga

Randy Durband Joan Kay Dykema Marianne Dykema Karen Dyhuis Nancy Dykstra Sandra Dykstra




Deb Earid Jeannette Eberhard Tim G. Emmet Todd Erickson Janet Evans Paul Field

Joan Florio Calvin Folkert Leslie Fowler David D. Fox Lori Fox Tom Frakes

Freshmen / 1 6 3

Tom Franks Suzanne Galer Jolene Gallagher Brynne Ganger Peter Raymond Gaylord Doug Gebhard

Mike George Judl Glannasca Bill Godln Clark Godlng Becky Goldberg Karen Gonder

J i m Grant Joe Graves Cheryl Gray Susan Griesmer John Gumpper Susanne Hagan

Ron Haight Daniel J. Hakken Beth Harbey Douglas Harris Brian Den Hartog Barbara Herpich

^ >.



Patti Hill Mary Hilldore Jeff Hockersmith Jim Hodges Tina Hodge Jeff Hodges

% lilf tA Sarah Hoffman Kathy Hofstee Jeff Holm Jonathan Hondorp Donald Hones Liz Hiosington

Kirk Hoopingarner Jeryl Houston Fred Howard Vicky Howard Meredith Hull Jean Hunt

1 6 4 / Freshmen

Dick Hurrelbrink Steve Hyma Bill Ingram Sheryl Israel Timothy Paul Jasperse Jon Jellema S'lIM/速'

Vi Dale Jennings Kim Johnson Mariyn Johnson Phil Johnson Robert Johnson Robin Johnson

Mary Ann Jousma Lori Kanitz Carmel Karachy Anne Jarsten Cathy Keast Richard Kiernan

Laura Kirkey Gwen Kitchens Steve K ladder Cathy Kline Jan Klomparens Connelius Knutson

'hi Roger Kolk Kent Komejan Rick J. Kooiker Kathy Koops Larry Kortering Sally Kortering

Calvin Kortman Greg Kotecki Kevin Kraay John Kramer Judy Kramer Paul Krecke

n Lisa Kronquist Richard Kuhrt Laura Kumor George Kuntz Deb Kunzi Mark Laman

Freshmen / 165

Bill Langejans Patricia Laning Beth Latham Elizabeth Latimer Steve LeFevere Burton A. Leland

/ Ross Lersten Thomas Leventhal Jay Lindell Janet Lootens Kathy Lowe Steve Maas

Ian Macartney Cindy MacKeller Thomas Madden Debra Malewitz Mark Malone Jim Markle

Susan Martle Sue Markusse Carlos Martinez Rodney Matthews Mary Mattison Sandra McClure

Perlum McCready Brian Mclntyre Elaine McKey David McKinney Kirk McMurray Mary B. Medendorp

Charles Meeusen Pat Melton Kim Middleton Sue Miller Phyllis Montanari Kim Mooi

Ron Moolenaar Nola Morrow Alan Murray Dave Musser Karen Nattress Lori Nevlezer

166 / Freshmen

, ^ ,v 1. Âť

f •1

Cynthia Nelson Hoa Nguyen Diane Nielsen David Nieuwkop Sue Norbury Sarah Norden

Beth Northrup Eric Nyhof Joel Otting Roxie Overway Jon Parker Evelyn Frances Parry

Bill Patmos Deborah J. Pearson Betty Peterson Cynthia Petrides Nancy Piatt Diane Plasman


Byron Prielipp Terri Proos Dai Dee Pun Ruth Pyle Ann Radke Paul Ranville

%*«r '•*_


Raymond V. Rathbun Lora Rector Michael Scott Rice Robert McKenzie Ricker Pete Rink Nancy Ritchie

Marguerite Rizzo Robert Roos Doug Ruch Joel Russcher Diane Sadler Amy Sasamoto

Steve Sayer Jaci Schermer Jan Schippers Richard Schlott Jan Schmidt Pamela Schmidt

Freshmen / 167

Linda Schotte Cindy Schroeder Ronald Schut Deb Sellers Mike Shields Eleanor Shoemaker


Lori Sievert Christine Simpson Karen Smant John Soeger Don Spoelhof Mark Stevens

John Strain Jeannine Strainer Kathy Stratton Derk Strauch Cindy Swart Bernie Swenson

• Barb Tacoma Tami Tammen Vicky Ten Haken Garrett John TenHave Nancy Ten Have Deborah TerHaar

Bao Thien Do Ross Thornburg Elisabeth Thornton Martin Tilley Nancy Torresen Ellen Travser

Terri Turpin John Van Alsten Craig Van Arendonk Cynthia Van Ark Carol Vandenberg Suzanne VanDenBrink

&& \

Gaye VanDen Hombergh Kay VanDer Eems Scott Vander Meulen Phillip Vander Haar Julie Vander Ploeg Matt Vander Molen

168 / Freshmen

Thomas VanderStel John Vander Ven Sally Vander Werp Nancy Vande Water Sheri Van Dyke Jocelyn Van Heest

Carolyn Van Houten Jim Van Kampen Virginia Van Nostrind Phyllis Van Tubergen Jeff Vaughan Jeff VerBeek

Jennifer Ver Heist Faith Ver Lee Mark Viquerat Sue Vincent Kay Vossekuil Joel Votaw

A Ken Wagner Joel Walters Michael Walters David Wang Carrie Warchenbach Susan Ward

j ii


Joan Warden Debbie Warnaar Linda Waterman Janet Watson Nancy Weaver Nancy Webb


Carol Webster John Webster Sue Weener Scott Whltefleet Terrl Whitney Karens Wills

Vickie Wilson Lynn Winkels Jerl Wisslnk Dan Wolf Marcla Wolffis Cindy Wright

Freshmen /


Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty




Harold Bakker Glen Bareman Leslie Beach Alan Bedell

Harvey Blankespoor Patricia Blom Rena Mae Bonem Harry Boonstra

Wayne Boulton Allen Brady Gordon Brewer Irwin Brink




Robert Brown Keith Browning Elton Bruins James Bultman


Faculty / 1 7 1


Fred Coates Mark Cook Roger Davis

1 72 / Faculty

Mark DeRoo Steven Derr Russell DeVette

Robert DeYoung Jane Dickie Lament Dirkse

Sidney Downey Starla Drum Alberta Dykstra


D Ivan Dykstra Jay Folkert Paul Fried



Harry Frissel Robert Gentenaar James Gentile Michael Gerrie


1 74 / Faculty


Lawrence Green Eldon Greij Stephen Hemenway

Williams Hillegonds Steve Hiligan Bruce Himebaugh

Paul Himelwright Jantina Holleman Jack Holmes

m,,. i^ 1 •

Timothy Hulst Jon Huisken Charles Huttar

Faculty / 175

Norman Japinga Eugene Jekel Arthur Jentz F. Bruce Johnston

. •

Peter Jolivette David Klein Maryam Komejan Anthony Kooiker









• .^'r.j

J George Kraft Thomas La Baugh Sang Lee Harvey Leland

Tom Ludwig Don Luidens Roger Luttrell Joseph MacDaniels


Focolty / 177

James Malcolm David Marker Jeanne McCarthy

Delbert Michel Nancy Miller Terry Moore

Susan Mooy James Motiff Anthony Muiderman

Ronald Mulder David Myers John Nordstrom

• • • V

1 7 8 / Faculty


Jacob Nyenhuis Robert Raima Sandra Rarker


t -

Richard Reterson James Riers Orestes Rino

Foculty / 179

A. James Prins George Ralph William Reynolds

Roger Rietberg Robert Ritsema Peter Schakel

Vernon Schipper Jack Schubert Antonia I. Searles

Peter Semeyn Frank Sherburne Preston Slee

1 8 0 / Focufty

Raymond Smith Charles Steketee Gisela Strand

Elliot Tanis Nancy Taylor Henry Ten Hoor

Bill Vander Bilt Claire Vander Meulen David Vander Wei

F. Phillip Van Eyl Paul Van Faasen Kurt Van Genderen

Faculty / 1 81

John Van Iwaarden Elaine Van Liere James Van Putten

Gordon Van Wylen Allen Ver Hey Judith Vickers

1 82 / Faculty


Dennis Voskuil John Watson Hubert Weller Merold Westphal



Sheldon Wattack Donald Williams James Zoetewey Myra Zuverink

Faculty / 183

Aalsburg, Timothy 162 Aardema, Charles 154 Aardema, Mary Aardema, Steven 162 Aardema, William Abe, John 32, 146 Ackerman, Beth 146 Ackerman, Roger Ackerman, Brad 146 Acrl, Robert 146 Adcock, Sharon 124 Adolph, Ryan 146 Agnew, William Ahlgrlm, Susan 31, 53, 124 Aidala, Samuel 154 Akker, Brian 146 Alicki, Timothy 129 Allan, Barbara 154 Allbaugh, Thomas Allen, Jeffrey 20 Allen, Mary 23, 146 Allie, Susan 48, 162 Almalki, Mohamed Almy, Jeanette Alsdorf, Susan Amels, Clifford 146 Amels, Thomas 162 Anderson, Carol Anderson, Kathryn 146 Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Lon 154 Anderson, William 51, 154 Andrews, Douglas 162 Angle, Robert 146 Anker, Paul Anthony, Thomas Appell, Kenneth Armstrong, Lora Arneson, Barbara Arnold, Patricia 124 Arnoldink, Carol Arnoldink, Jayne 162 Arnoudse, Peter 154 Arwe, Susan 162 Arzamendi, Mike Ashby, Wiliam 146 Ashley, Deborah Assink, Dale Athey, Luann 146 Athey, Phyllis 124 Atkins, John 124 Atole, Gail Attanasio, Stephen Atwood, Andrew Auferheide, Mary 31, 124 Ausema, James 51, 124 Austin, Rodney 154 Baas, Sarah Babinec, Karen 154 Babinski, Duane 146 Baeverstad, Mark 124 Bagheri, Hamid Baghen, Vahid Bahkali, Imad Bailey, Audrey 162 Bailey, Vicki 154 Baird, Debra Baier, Marc Bakale, Roger Baker, Amy 154 Baker, Chris Baker, Linda 154 Baker, Robert 146 Baldauf, Garth 124 Baldauf, Richard Baldwin, Michael 20 Bale, Catherine Balok, Rebecca 124 Bank, Patricia Banta, David Barbay, John 154 Barrington, John 162 Barry, Peter Bartel, Hugh Bartels, Priscilla 124 Barton, Pamela 124 Basnett, Barbara Bast, Robert Battjes, Thomas Batts, Barbara Bauman, Ken 146 Baumgartner, George 154 Baxter, Roberta

Baxter, Wanada 124 Beam, Earl 162 Beane, Pamela 124 Beard, David 124 Bearss, Karl 154 Bechtel, Carol 162 Beck, Kathy 162 Beck, Keith 124 Beckeman, Jeff Becker, Elizabeth 146 Bedor, James 32, 124 Beekman, Lu Beereboom, Kurt 2 0 Bekius, Gregory 162 Bekkering, Kenneth 154 Beltman, Patti 124 Benes, Elisabeth 146 Bengtson, Britt 162 Bennett, Kristin 154 Bennett, Timothy 125 Benson, Scott Bentley, Valerie 146 Bere, Bruce Berger, Sally 154 Bergsma, Audrey 146 Berstrom, William 125 Bermudez, Ana Berry, Keely Berry, Lynn Bertsch, Mary 125 Beuker, John 154 Beuker, Katherine 125 Beyer, Diana 162 Beyer, Eileen Bian, Nanette 146 Bice, Betty Biemel, Roger 162 Bierbaum, Karl 154 Bierman, Richard Bigelow, Thomas 154 Beggerstaff, Margaret 162 Binder, Andrew Bingel, Bradford Birner, Andrew 154 Bischoff, Beth 154 Bishop, Bruce Bishop, Stephen 125 Blaak, Abram Blacquire, Willian Blair, Deborah 162 Blanksma, Laurie Blasch, David 125 Blauw, Ellen 146 Blauwkamp, Christi Blemly, Jayne 146 Blodee, Joanne 162 Blodgett, Sandra 154 Blom, Joel Blue, Alyson 146 Blyston, Mike Blystra, Calvin Bocks, Elizabeth Bocks, Gwendolyn Bocks, Helen Bodzick, Monica 146 Boelkins, Leigh 154 Boelkins, Mark 146 Boer, Larry Boer, Marl in Boers, Nancy 125 Boers, Sally 154 Boes, Jeffery 126 Boeve, Jeffrey 162 Boeve, Robert 147 Boeve, Sue 162 Bolhous, M. Rodrick 154 Bolhouse, Shirley 147 Bolhuis, Dan Boluyt, Ann 48, 154 Bonebugh, Nancy Bonga, Patricia 147 Bonnette, John Booher, Kathryn 154 Boon, Cristine 147 Bos, Bruce 147 Bos, Patricia 147 Bos, Robert 154 Bosch, Kathleen 126 Bosch, Richard 147 Bosch, Terry 126 Bosch, Theodore 162 Bose, Brad 126 Bose, Julie

Boss, Brian Boss, Dale Boss, Gayle Bost, Robin 154 Botkin, Mary 162 Botsis, Beth Bouma, Celaine Boundy, David Boundy, Susan Bouwens, John Boven, Anne Boven, Louis Boven, Peter Bowers, Philip Bowman, Kelley 154 Boyce, Mark 126 Boyce, Mayrie 147 Bradford, Barbara Bradford, Thomas Bradford, William 154 Bradley, Brian 126 Bradley, Scott 126 Brady, Michael Brandt, Wayne Bras, Duane 126 Braschler, David 162 Bratschie, Steve Brauning, Christopher 162 Bredeweg, Steven Breher, Karena 162 Breuninger, Cynthia 147 Brewer, Brett 162 Brewer, Scott Brines, David 147 Brinks, Keith Brinks, Marc Broadbent, John 147 Brock, Janet 126 Brondyke, Barbara Brondyke, Ronald Brooks, Brion Brooks, Charles 162 Brookstra, Rebecca 147 Brouwer, Charla 162 Brouwer, Darwin Brouwer, Milton 147 Brouwer, Susan Brower, Leah Brown, Beth 147 Brown, David 162 Brown, Jill Brown, Judith 154 Brown, Kathy Brown, Paul Brugger, Gary Bruggers, Carolyn 162 Bruggink, James 126 Bruininks, Debra 147 Bruins, Dave 154 Bruins, Mary Brumels, Sally 126 Brummel, Eric Brundige, Carlene Bruner, Brenda Bruursema, Scott Bryce, Cyndi 154 Bryker, William 127 Buck, Douglas Buckley, Eric Bueter, Michael Buhl, Susan Buhro, Deborah Buhro, William Buikema, Ronald Bulthouse, Pamela 48 Bultman, Thomas 127 Burbach, George 147 Burchett, Cheryl 154 Burg, Martin 154 Burge, Carol 147 Burgener, Brian Burgess, Bruce Burgess, Charlene Burke, Cheryl 31, 147 Burke, Sandra Burket, Carla Burkhart, Cheri 147 Burley, Michael 147 Burns, Douglas 51, 127 Burris, Stacy 154 Burton, Mary 162 Busard, Andrew 127 Bush, Krysten

Busman, Kurtis 162 Busman, Paul 147 Busman, Sandra 147 Busman, Sheryl 154 Bussema, Deborah 127 Bussema, Diane Bussies, Debra Bussies, Glenn 162 Butcher, Lynn 147 Buter, Jane 154 Button, Kathy 111, 147 Butts, Katharine 147 Buursma, Norman Byl, Jeftrey Byl, John Byl, Lawrence Bylsma, Laurie Byrd, Julius 147 Cady, Sarah 162 Cahoon, Keith 147 Caldwell, Carol 154 Camilleri, Jim 162 Camp, Gary 127 Campbell, Henry 155 Campbell, Marilaine Cannady, Robert Capisciolto, Kenneth 20, 155 Capizzi, Jeanne Cares, Paul Carlson, Douglas Carlson, Michelle 162 Carlston, Julie 147 Carlstrom, Marybeth Carn, Cynthia 162 Carnahan, Sharon Carrillo, Rene 162 Carson, Martha Cartwright, Craig Cash, Phyllis Caterio, Patty Caudill, Glen 162 Cebelak, Robert 127 Cellura, Carol 147 Cevallos, Manuel Chalice, Karen Chamberlain, Amy 155 Chambers, Russell Chan, David 155 Chandler, Janet Chapman, Holly 155 Cappell, Stephen Checkley, Virginal 127 Chen, Chunmm Chetney, Rorick Chockley, Mark 147 Chodos, Julie Christian, Catherine 163 Christofferson, John Cioffi, Kim Claerbout, Daven Clark, Debra 163 Clark, Kevin 127 Clark, Randall 147 Cleason, Debra Cleason, Kitty Cleason, Vicki Clegg, Jill 53, 147 Clemence, Dawn 163 Clinger, John Clinkenbeard, Beth Clough, John 2 0 Clune, Laurie Coats, Eli Cochran, Colleen 147 Cochrun, Steve Coeling, Michael 163 Cottill, Gretchen 147 Cotfill, Randall 155 Coleman, Kelly 155 Collado, Thelma Collins, Kevin Comstock, Lynn 155 Coney, Joann Congdon, Douglas 155 Conklin, Robert 162 Conte, Mark Conti, Michael 155 Cook, Bruce 163 Cook, Judith 155 Cook, Kenneth 127 Cook, Mark Copenhaver, Sallie 163 Cordes, Jean

Cordes, Jeffrey 155 Cordes, Joy Cormack, Marc 127 Cornetta, Jamie Cortes, Veronica Cote, Brian 155 Coughenour, Mary Jo 127 Covino, Christine Coward, Meta Cowley, Steven 163 Cox, Bruce Cox, Cathleen Cox, Marilyn Cram, Rodger Cranmer, Jean Crew, Douglas 127 Cribbs, Michael Criscuolo, John 127 Crisman, David 127 Crisvello, Lori 163 Cross, Janet 127 Crounse, Lois 127 Crowell, Adel 155 Cuellar, Edna 155 Cupery, Dennis Curtis, Russell Czanko, Louis 155 Czerkas, Keith Dadd, Stephen 147 Dalman, Ronald Damon, Paul 163 Dangremond, Sue Daniels, Leslie 155 Daniels, Paul 147 Dannecker, Kathleen Daubenspeck, Beth 127 Daudt, Carl 147 Davenport, Ann 147 Davenport, Laurel David, Philip 127 Davidson, James 147 Davidson, William 163 Davis, Barbara 127 Davis, Lynn 155 Davros, William 163 Dean, William Deaton, Donald De Boer, Douglas 128 De Bruyn, James Decker, Adelia Decker, Gerald 155 Decker, Jane 163 Decker, Kristin 163 Deffenbaugh, Daniel 163 De Graff, Norman De Graw, David De Haan, John 155 De Haan, Marguerite Deighton, Kevin De Jong, Beth De Jong, John 163 De Jonge, Nathaniel 163 De Julio, James 155 Dekker, Douglas Dekker, Jack 128 Dekoekkoek, Gary 163 Delaney, Carol Delaney, Robert 128 Delaney, Thomas 155 DeLeeuw, Douglas 128 Delhagen, Donna 147 Delhagen, Harold Dellaria, Joseph 20, 128 De Loot, Stephen 163 DeMaagd, Cheryl 147 Demaar, Philip 163 Denboer, David Denhartog, Brian Denuyl, Jo 128 De Pree, David. 128 De Pree, Deidra 163 De Pree, Nancy 128 Ce Ridder, Steven Deroo, Mark DeRoos, Brian 155 De Sousa, Louanne Deters, Drew 128 Dethmers, Nancy Devendorf, Lynn 155 DeVette, Elizabeth De Vette, Joel 51, 128 De Vette, Steve DeVlieger, Robert 148

DeVoogd, Glenn De Vree, Jeffrey 148 DeVries, John De Vrou, David DeVuyst, Lawrence De Weerdt, Jan De Weerdt, Tom DeWitt, Christopher 148 DeWitt, Lori 156 DeWitt, Sarah 163 DeWitt, Scott 163 DeWoif, Leigh 111 DeYoung, Dirk DeYoung, Donald 128 DeYoung, Jane DeYoung, Kevin 156 DeYoung, Kristine DeYoung, Mary 163 DeYoung, Paul DeYoung, Peter 128 DeYoung, Robert DeYoung, Todd Dibi, Kenneth 128 Dickerson, Emily 128 Diemer, Lila 148 Diepenhorst, Ruth Diephouse, Judy 128 Dieterle, Paul Dieterman, Brenda 156 Diggelmann, Steven Dmgman, David Disher, Michael 51, 163 Do Bao, T. Doherty, Donna Dolley, Henry 148 Dolley, Noah Donetz, Ramona 128 Donkersloot, Norman 148 Donnelly, Jacqueline Donohue, Carol 128 Dood, Mark Doorenbos, Dirk 163 Doot, Shane Doran, Deborah Dorazio, Robert 156 Dornbush, Menzo Douma, Mark 156 Douma, Marvin Dow, Robert Doyle, Eileen 128 Dozeman, Delwyn 163 Dragovich, Richard Drahos, Michael 128 Drake, Barbara 148 Drake, Patricia 156 Draper, Paul Drew, James 163 Dreyer, Katherine 148 Driesenga, Brian 163 Driesenga, Shelley 148 Drooger, Jurt Droppers, Kent 129 Droppers, Kurt 148 Drozd, Julie 156 Druskovich, Carl Cruskovich, Sally Dulmes, Joy 148 Duncan, Max Dunlap, Judy 129 Dunn, Laurie 129 Dunn, Nancy 148 Dunning, Michelle Durband, Randall 163 Durham, David Dussault, Peter 129 Dwyer, Scott 129 Dykehouse, Jeffrey 129 Dykema, Joan 163 Dykema, Marnanne 163 Dykema, William 148 Dykhouse, Debra Dykhuis, Karen 163 Dykstra, Cynthia 148 Dykstra, Doughlas 148 Dykstra, James 129 Dykstra, Kris 129 Dykstra, Nancy 163 Dykstra, Paula 129 Dykstra, Sandra 163 Earle, Laura 148 Easton, Gale 51, 148 Easton, Pamela Eberhard, Elizabeth 130

Eberhard, Jeannette 163 Eckman, Charles 156 Edgcomb, Susan 148 Edgel, Kim Edlng, Lon Edwards, Bonda 148 Ehmann, Stephen Eilers, Joanna Elsenbise, Claire Elder, Linda Eldrenkamp, Becky 130 Eldrldge, Michael 20, 156 Ellas, George Ellason, Stephen 130 Elliott, Jennifer 156 Ellis, Brian Ellis, Jeffrey Ellis, Julie 156 Emmert, Andrew Emmet, Timothy 163 Engel, Pamela Engelhardt, Michael 148 Enlow, Ellen Ennls, Mark 156 Ergenzlnger, Jan 148 Erlckson, Todd 163 Erlks, Mark Esplnosa, Clara 130 Essenburg, Jodi Essenburg, Marcla Evans, Janet 163 Evans, Larry 130 Faasse, Sandy Faller, Diana 130 Falor, Amy Farhat, Sara Farkas, Renee Farkas, Richard 148 Farnham, Barbara Farnsworth, Mark Feder, David Feenstra, Jeffrey Felker, Paula 130 Felton, Sharon Ferguson, Bonnie 148 Ferguson, Bradley Ferguson, Virginia Field, Paul 163 Field, Timoth Fierro, Andres 148 Figueroa, Claudine Figueroa, Mervyn Fike, Matthew Fisher, Harry Fisk, Bret 156 Fitzgerald, Eric 156 Flaherty, Robert 156 Flanagan, Mary 53, 148 Fletcher, Richard 148 Flight, Vera Florio, Joan 163 Folkert, Calvin 163 Folkert, David Foote, Gary 156 Ford, Charita Foreman, Richard 148 Forman, Barbara Forman, Kathryn 130 Fortney, David Fortney, Willian 130 Foster, James Fowler, Cynthia 156 Fowler, David 130 Fowler, Leslie 163 Fox, David 163 Fox, Lori France, Wayne 148 Francis, Barbara Francis, Kathleen 130 Franks, Thomas 164 Frasch, Lily Frazza, John Freisatz, Glenn French, James 148 French, William Frey, Patricia Friedburg, Susanna Fries, Anne Fritz, Debra Frontz, Kenny Funckes, Chris 156 Gaarde, Steven Gabriel, Janet 130

Gainforth, Carla 131 Galer, Suzanne 164 Gallagher, Jolene 164 Gallant, Daniel Gamber, Lori Gan, Gary 148 Ganger, Brynne Ganley, Delia Gano, Cindy 48 Ganson, Evelyn Garabrant, Janet Garcia, Robert Garfield, Craig 51 Carmirian, Paul 32 Gaylor, Peter 164 Gaylord, Sara 131 Gebhard, Douglas 164 Gebhart, Susan 23, 48, 148 Gebrehiwot, Tareke Geerlings, Norma 48 Geeting, Barbara 131 Geldersma, Nancy 156 Gelpi, Steven Gentile, Glenda George, George George, Michael 164 George, Richard Gephart, Greg Gerger, Deborah 148 Gerrie, Marietta Gerrish, Clark 131 Giacobassi, Jane Giannasca, Judi 164 Gibbs, Suban 148 Gibson, Beverly 131 Gibson, John 149 Giessow, Greg 156 Gilbert, Ryan Gilman, Sally 149 Giusto, Robert Glenn, Vicki 149 Glover, Robert 149 Godin, William 164 Coding, Clark 164 Goeman, Donald Goen, Billy Goetzke, Nan 149 Goldberg, Rebecca 164 Goldschmidt, Chris 156 Gonder, Karen 164 Gould, Craig Couwens, Thomas Gram, Clark Grant, James 164 Grant, Mary 131 Graves, Frank Graves, Josph 164 Gray, Cheryl 164 Gray, John 131 Gray, Susan Greene, Perry Greiner, James Greulich, Suzanne 156 Griesmer, Susan 164 Griffin, Laurie 131 Griffin, Brent Griffin, Dennis 51 Griffin, Gregory 156 Griffin, Timoth Grimes, Janis Grimm, Deborah 156 Griswold, Rodney Grochowski, Debbie 149 Groendyk, Craig 156 Grosse, Reinhold 131 Gruber, Karne Gruenwald, Lynn Gumina, Carl 149 Gumpper, John 164 Gurtler, Greg 149 Guth, Brian 131 Gutwem, Barbara Gwillim, Thomas Hafley, Daniel Hafner, Brenda 156 Hagan, Susan 164 Hahn, Janine Haight, Ron 164 Hakken, Daniel 164 Hakken, John Hakken, Ruth 131 Haldeman, Gail 131 Hall, Debra 156

Ham, Suzanne Hamadanchi, Mohsen Hamann, David 156 Hamann, Karl 156 Hammar, David Hammond, James 132 Hamstra, Barbara Hamdel, Karen Hamko, Mark Hamsen, Paul Hamson, James Haradon, Matthew Harburn, Todd 132 Harlow, Scott Harmsen, Nancee Harnden, Shelley Harrell, Karyn 156 Harris, Douglas 164 Harrison, Tersa 149 Harrison, William 132 Hart, Peggy Hartger, Kathy 156 Hartje, Karen 132 Hartje, Paul Hartman, John Hartsuiker, Christyne 156 Harvey, Beth Hasbrouck, Christopher 157 Hascup, Ruth 157 Haven, Susan Haverkamp, Kirk 132 Hawken, James 157 Hayes, Alice 132 Hayes, Paul 132 Hector, Mary Heffner, Douglas Hegg, Roy 157 Heiby, Ronald 149 Heise, Catherine 149 Hekman, Fred Helbing, Sally Hellenga, Brenda Helmus, Annmarie 157 Helmus, Bradford 51, 132 Hendrickson, Dan Heneveld, Steven 51 Hennip, Paul Henriksen, Melody 132 Henry, Patricia Hernandez, Michael Herpich, Barbara 164 Herr, Myra Herron, Sandara Hertel, Alice Herwig, Gordon 20, 39, 157 Hess, Deborah 149 Hesselink, Demetra Heusinkveld, David Hichwa, Diane Higgms, Craig 132 Higgins, Mark Hilbelink, Ann 157 Hildebrand, Elaine 132 Hildebrand, Katherine Hill, John Hill, Patience 164 Hill, Roland 157 Hilldore, Mary 164 Hilliker, Jim Hillringhouse, Mark Hilson, Pamela Hinga, Marvin Hinkamp, Steven 157 Hipwell, Brian 132 Hockersmith, Jeffrey 164 Hodge, James 164 Hodges, Jeffrey Hodgeman, Nickolas 39, 157 Hoeksema, Candace Hoeksema, Margot Hoeksema, Renze 2 0 Hoekstra, James 157 Hoekstra, John 149 Hoekstra, Louis 132 Hoffman, Howard Hoffman, Laura Hoffman, Lucinda 149 Hoffman, Peter Hoffman, Sarah 164 Hotstee, Kathy 164 Hoisington, Elizabeth 164 Holbrook, Taylor 157 Holcombe, Gregory

Holdeman, Paul Holly, Demetra 157 Holm, Jeffrey 164 Holmes, John 157 Holt, Barbara Holwerda, James 132 Hondorp, Catherine 149 Hondorp, Jonathan 164 Hones, Donald 164 Hong, Michael 133 Honig, Steven Hoogerwerf, Karen 157 Hook, Steven 133 Hooplngarner, Kirk 164 Hoover, Carla 157 Hoppe, James Horn, James Hornecker, Kenneth Hospers, Mark Hospers, Paul 157 Hosta, John Hostetler, Lori 133 Houghton, Paula 133 Houston, Jeryl 164 Houtlng, Thomas Houtman, Barbara 157 Howard, Frederick 164 Howard, James 133 Howard, Victoria 164 Howell, Susan 157 Hsu, Pek 157 Hubner, Louis Hudson, Todd Hufford, Karen Hug, Reinhard 133 Huggins, Steven Huizen, David Huizenga, Daniel Hull, Meredith 164 Hulsebos, Mark Hust, Steven Hungerink, Chris Hunt, Jean 164 Hunt, John 133 Hunt, Robert 133 Hurford, Patricia Hurrelbrink, Richard Hutchms, Gary 20, 157 Hutchins, Greta Hutchinson, Paul Huttar, Charles Huttar, Rachel Huyser, David Hyde, Kristina 157 Hyma, Steven Hyman, Jenny llami, Koorosh Immmk, Gary Immmk, Keith Ingham, Barbara 165 Ingham, William Ireland, R. Timothy Isley, Connie 157 Isreal, Sheryl 165 Jackson, Lary Jacops, Debra Jalving, Mary Ellen Jansen, Cheryl Jansma, Judy Jasperse, Timothy 165 Jayne, Abby 157 Jeffery, Holly Jelensperger, Steven 149 Jellema, Calvin 149 Jellema, Jonathan 20, 165 Jellison, James Jellison, William 157 Jenkins, Sandra 149 Jennings, Dale 165 Jennings, Lynne Jennings, Thomas 149 Johnson, David 20 Johnson, Glenn Johnson, Karen L. Johnson, Karen L. Johnson, Kimberly 165 Johnson, Margie Johnson, Marilyn 165 Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Peggy 133 Johnson, Philip 165 Johnson, Robert 165 Johnson, Robin 165

Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Timothy Jones, Carol A. Jones, Carol I. Jones, Eric Jones, Reginald Jordan, Pamela 157 Joseph, Christopher Jurgensen, David 149 Kadow,John Kallemyn, Sue 149 Kammeraad, David 149 Kammeraad, Pamela Kane, Alice 149 Kanitz, Lori 165 Karachy, Carmel 165 Karadsheh, Adli Karadsheh, Dina Karsten, Anne Kasmersky, Nancy Kasten, Thomas 157 Keast, Cathy 165 Keaton, Thomas 51 Keech, Randy Keefer, Katherine Keith, Mark Keizer, Thomas 157 Kelley, Kevin 133 Kelley, Sandra 149 Kellom, Doris 157 Kempers, Thomas 51, 133 Kempker, Mary Kennedy, Cynthia Kenyon, James 133 Kerle, Nancy Kerr, Alyca Kersting, Robert Kessel, James 157 Keyes, Helen 133 Kibben, Jeff Kieda, Daniel 133 Kiel, Scott 149 Kiernan, Richard 165 King, Heather 149 Kinney, Timothy 157 Kirby, Pamela Kirk, Bradford Kirkey, Laura 165 Klrschner, Karen 134 Kitamura, Alan Kitchens, Gwendolyn 165 Kite, Deborah Kladder, Stephen 165 Klamer, Michael 149 Klapp, Amy 134 Klapthor, Marky 134 Klasing, Randal Klaver, Tharlo 134 Kleiman, Randall 134 Klen, Martin Klem, Stephen 149 Kline, Cathy 165 Kline, Kathleen Klomparens, Craig Klomparens, Janice 165 Klungle, Constance 157 Klyn, Ronald Knapman, Douglas 134 Knecht, Elizabeth 111 Knecht, Wendy 23, 157 Kneer, Barbara Knigge, Christina 157 Knoll, Nancy Knoll, Paul 20, 149 Knoll, Rochelle Knoll, Valerie Knudsen, Jeffrey Knutsen, Cornelius 165 Kocher, Donna 149 Koeman, Diann Koeppe, Barbara 158 Kohute, Colleen 135 Kolean, Dan 149 Kolk, Roger 165 Komejan, Jerry Komejan, Kent 165 Komejan, Maryam Kooiker, Rich 165 Kooistra, Sharon 31, 48, 135 Koop, Kristin Koopman, Douglas 149 Koops, Katherine 165 Kopach, Stephen

Kornoelje, Sheryl 150 Kort, Kevin Kortering, Larry 165 Kortering, Sally 165 Kortman, Calvin 32, 165 Korver, Keith Kosten, Edqard Kotecki, Gregory 165 Kraay, Kevin 165 Kragt, Beth 150 Kragt, David 135 Kramer, John 165 Kramer, Judith 165 Krapf, Cathy 158 Kratzer, J. Annette Kratzer, Judith Krautheim, Karl Krecke, Paul 165 Kremer, Cheryl 135 Kremers, Lauri 150 Kronquist, Lisa 165 Kropf, Kris Kropf, Nancy 48 Krueger, Richard Kubacki, Steven Kuhn, Karen 158 Kuhrt, Richard 20, 165 Kuiken, Peter 158 Kuiper, Jay Kuipers, Doanld Kuipers, Kimberly Kuivila, Kathryn Kuizenga, Jane 135 Kulesa, Michael Kullman, John 135 Kumor, Laura 165 Kuntz, George 165 Kunzi, Debra 165 Kurtze, Arthur 150 Ladha, Silvia Lafontaine, Patricai Lafountaine, Louis Laing, Virgmai Lake, Carole Laman, James 135 Laman, Mark 165 Lamb, Robert Lamere, Nichole Lampman, Nancy 150 Land, Tern Lane, Diane Lane, Laurie Lange|ans, Thomas 150 Langeians, William 166 Langridge, Lynne Laning, Patricia 166 Laning, Robert 135 Laning, Marcia Lapres, Michael Larink, Philip 150 Larsen, Robin 135 Lasich, Polly Latham, Beth 166 Latimer, Elizabeth 166 Lawrence, Janet Lawson, Christopher Lawson, William 150 Layman, David Leak, Brian Learned, Carol Leaski, Kris Kebbin, Martin Lebbm, Veronica Lee, Andrew Lee, Bonnie Lee, Cynthia Leenhouts, David 150 Leenhouts, Mark 135 LeFevre, Stephen 165 Lehman, Jennifer 158 Lehmann, Sarah 135 Lelsten, Ross 166 Leland, Burton 166 Lema, Louis 158 Lemmens, Kimberly Lennox, Thomas 135 Leonahrd, Mark 158 Leonhard, William 150 Leonhardt, Nancy 135 LePoire, David Leventhal, Sallye 135 Leventhal, Thomas 166 Lever, James

Lewis, W. David Llevense, Barbara 150 Liggett, Jennifer Lightweis, Stephen Llndell, Jay 166 Llndower, John Link, Debra 158 Linn, Laura 150 Liplnski, Rosemary Liu, Marlene Loch, Jordon Lock, Terrence Lockhart, Harold Lodholtz, Dean Lohman, Keith 158 Lohman, Randall 150 Lokers, Scott Long, Barbara Lont, Timothy 135 Lootens, Janet 166 Loree, Andrew 135 Lorenz, Stephen Lorlnce, Margaret Loudermllk, Henry Lough, Alan Lound, Diane 150 Lowe, Kathryn 166 Lower, Jan Lowman, Jill 135 Lubbers, Margaret Ludwlg, John Lundeen, Janls 158 Lundell, Julie Lundell, William 135 Lunderberg, Jon Lunderberg, Patricia 23 Lundie, Gregory Lupkes, Debra 136 Lupkes, Richard Lusky, Ann Luther, Glenn 158 Lutterbein, Diana 136 Lydens, William Maas, Steven 166 Maas, Thomas 136 Maassen, Lois Maat, Charles Macartney, Ian 166 Macbeth, Scott MacDonald, Kim 150 Macias, David Mackeller, Cindy 166 Mackinnon, John 158 Mackmnon, Nancy 136 Madden, Thomas 166 Mainwanng, Michele 150 Malefyt, Elise Malefyt, Timothy 158 Malewitz, Debra 166 Mallory, Debra 136 Malmquist, Karen Malone, Geneva 158 Malone, Mark 166 Malone, Patrick 2 0 Manahan, Mary Manahan, Sally 150 Mancinelli, Diane Mand, Jocelyn 31 Manecke, Matthew 150 Manning, Mark Manning, Larry Manting, Peter 136 Mappes, Margaret 136 Manani, Kevin 158 Markert, Gary 158 Markle, James 166 Markusse, Susuan 166 Marshall, Gregory Martens, Paul Martens, Tamalyn Martin, Katherme 136 Martin, Marvin 150 Martin, Michelle Martin, Steven Martin, Wendy Martinez, Imelda Martinez, Kristina Marti nex, Serrano 166 Martle, Susan Marvin, Susan 158 Masghatl, Masoomeh Masghatl, Masound Mason, Kathryn 136

Massimiano, Rocco 150 Mast, Lynn 136 Matthews, Pamella 150 Matthews, Rodney 166 Matthews, Valerie Mattimore, Steven Mattison, Cheryl Mattlson, Mary 166 Maxwell, Kenneth Maxwell, Lynne 158 Mazza, Lola 136 McAlear, Robin McBrlde, Robert 20 McCall, Carolyn 150 McCarthy, Jeanne McCarthy, Kathleen McClure, Sandra 166 McConnell, Lois 136 McCready, Perium 166 McCredie, Susan McCullough, Paul 158 McCullough, Phil McCullough, Stephen McDermid, Joyce 53, 136 McDaonald, Carl McDonald, Mary 150 McElban, Karen 136 McElheny, James 158 McFaden, Michael 158 McGregor, Terry McGulgan, Chris 136 Mcintosh, Lawrence MclnTyre, Brian 166 Mclntyre, Jack McKay, Rebecca McKenna, Judy 136 McKey, Elaine 166 McKlnney, David 166 McKinstrie, Lynn McLaln, Kelly 150 McMahon, J. Gerard McMahon, Laura McMullin, Maria 136 McMurray, Kirk 166 McNally, Matthew 150 McNamee, William McOwen, Cynthia 150 McPoland, Michael 136 Meadley, Ronald Mears, Molly Medema, Lorl 150 Medema, Richard 136 Medendorp, Alfred 158 Medendorp, Mary 166 Meeusen, Charles 20, 166 Meeusen, Thomas Meeuwsen, Debra 158 Melton, Patricia 166 Mendrek, Scott Merhar, Kristen Meridjen, Marie 158 Merrow, Clifton Mervak, Timothy Meyer, Michael 158 Meyer, Pamela 158 Meyers, Denlce Mlddleton, Kimberly Mill, Sharon 136 Millard, Vickl Miller, Bradford 158 Miller, David 158 Miller, lla Miller, Mimi 150 Miller, Robert 150 Miller, Steven Miller, Susan 166 Mills, Amy 137 Mills, Mitchell Miner, Ann 150 Ming, Joellen Minnema, Kara Miskotten, Melanle 158 Mltsos, Robin 53, 150 Moerland, Karl 137 Moermond, Linda Moger, George 150 Mohrlock, Carol 158 Mokma, Diane Mol, Lynda Molenaar, Daniel Molenhouse, Robert Mollien, Brenda Molnar, Anthony

Montanarl, Marie 53, 150 Montanarl, Phyllis 166 Mool, Kimberly 166 Moolenaar, Ronald 166 Moore, Jeanne 158 Moored, Ann 158 Moored, Susan Moralez, Maria Morey, Scott 51, 137 Morford, Craig Morikawa, Judy Morren, Jayne Morrow, Nola 166 Morsink, Marcia Morton, Douglas 158 Moser, Joanne Motheral, Gregory Moucka, William Mowat, Rex Muhlels, Renate Mulr, Deborah Mujeni, Noreen Mulcahey, Deborah 137 Mulder, Anne 48, 158 Mulder, Barbara 159 Mulvaney, Douglas Munger, James Munn, Josephn Munro, John 159 Murray, Alan 166 Murray, Michael 137 Musser, Rebecca Muyskens, Henry Muyskens, Patricia Muyskens, Richard Muyskens, Stephen 159 Myaard, Charles Myaard, Marci 137 Myers, Isaac 137 Myers, Thomas Naber, Andre Nadeau, Paula Naghieh, Hamidreza 159 Nage, Judith Nagy, Kim 159 Naines, Monica 137 Namar, Robert 137 Nattress, Karen 166 Near, Jack Nearpass, Nancy 159 Nedervelt, Paul 159 Neevel, Richard 150 Nelson, Cynthai 167 Nelson, Gretchen Neville, John 39, 159 Nevlezer, Lorl 166 Nguyen, Hoa 167 Nguyen, Tim Nicholson, Clifford Niedt, Robert 137 Nielsen, Diane 167 Nielsen, Jennifer 159 Nieuwkoop, Anthony 138 Nieuwkoop, David 167 Nihart, Jill 111, 150 Niles, Thomas Nitsch, Deborah 138 Nivala, Ronni 159 Noble, Mark Noordhoff, Samuel Noort, Diane 159 Nora, Paul 159 Norbury, Susan 167 Nordby, Margaret Norden, Martha 138 Norden, Sarah 48, 167 Nordstrom, Linda 150 Nordstrom, Nancy Norg, Brad Norman, Cheryl Norman, Kathleen 150 Norrls, Kim Norris, Michael Northrup, Beth 167 Northuis, Ann 138 Northuis, Richard 159 Nunez, Pamela 159 Nutter, Paula Nyboer, Lawrence Nye, Pamela Nyenhuis, Karen 159 Nyenhuls, Kathy 159 Nyenhuis, Leona

Nyenhuis, Michael 159 Nyhof, Eric 167 Nykamp, Ross Oegema, Gary 138 Okker, Karen 150 Olbrlch, Gall Olsen, Sonja Olsen, Steven Ongley, Mark 150 Oonk, Timothy Oppenhulzen, Mark Ortquist, Melissa 151 Ortquist, Merldeth 159 Orwig, Sarah Osbeck, Bruce 159 Osburn, Paul Oster, Daniel Oster, Gary 138 Osterman, Kimberly 159 OSulllvan, Donall Oswald, David 151 Otterness, Paul Ottmg, Joel 167 Otto, Charles 138 Overhlser, Ronald 159 Overton, Laurie Overway, Roxanne 167 Overway, Susan 138 Owen, Lynn Paffrath, Stephen 138 Pagel, Kent 151 Paine, Marilyn 151 Palma, Fern Palmer, David Palmitier, Scott Pancy, James Panek, Timothy Papageorge, Mary 151 Parish, Lenora Parker, Jennifer 151 Parker, Jon 167 Parker, Thomas Parry, Evelyn 167 Parsekian, Patricia Paske, Richard 151 Pater, Pamela Patmos, William 167 Patrle, William Patterson, Alexander Patterson, Carol 139 Patterson, William 159 Patton, Thomas Pauker, Lisa 159 Peachey, John 20, 51, 159 Peachey, Steven 159 Pearse, Sharon 151 Peasley, Steven Peck, Penelope 151 Pedelty, Gregory 159 Peery, Deborah 159 Pell, Barbara 159 Pender, Daphne Pennlman, Donald Penzien, Doanald Perez, Julia 151 Peterman, Glen Peters, Jay Peterson, Anthony Peterson, Betty 167 Peterson, Chris Peterson, Encka 151 Peterson, James 151 Peterson, Mary Peterson, Richard Peterson, Scot Peterson, Talma Petiet, Jack 159 Petracek, Joseph Petrldes, Cynthia 167 Petrle, Carol 139 Petroelje, Cindy Petty, David Petty, Karen Pettys, Paul 139 Ptaff, John Pfeiffer, Tim Phelps, Barbara Piatt, Nancy 167 Picard, Thomas Picha, Thomas Picht, James 139 Pickering, Christine Pierson, Thomas 151

Pifer, Bruce 159 Plasman, Diane 167 Plesuchenko, Kathleen Poll, Corla Pollnow, Peter Pontler, Meral Pontler, Scott 139 Pool, Jeffrey Pool, Marilyn Poppen, Bonnie Poppen, Janet 151 Poppen, Jean 139 Poppen, Moira 159 Potter, Kenneth Potter, Vivian 159 Powe, Anne Powell, Anne 139 Powers, Carold Pracejus, David Pratt, James Pratt, Paul Predlger, Steve 151 Press, Laura Price, Ann Prlelipp, Byron 32, 167 Prins, Robin Proos, Kimberly 111, 151 Proos, Terri 167 Pruitt, Douglas Pulos, George Pulver, Patricia 151 Pun, Dal 167 Puschel, Karen Pyle, Linda 139 Pyle, Ruth 167 Ouackenbush, Dale Ouarles, Mimi Quay, Bruce Queller, Zllia Quiring, Natalie 139 Raabe, Julie 139 Raak, Melissa Macosky, Pamela Radike, Sheryl 151 Radtke, Ann 167 Radtke, Nancy Rae, Gary 139 Rafatian, Kamran Rainey, Sandra Ramaccia, Luanne Ramlk, Vincent Ramirez, Elsa Ramirez, Juan 20, 151 Ramirez, Kim 139 Ramsden, Gary 139 Rannow, Michael Ranvllle, George 139 Ranvllle, Paul 167 Ras, Bonnie 151 Ratering, Mark Ratering, Martha 139 Raterink, Mike Rathbun, Amy 160 Rathbun, Raymond 167 Ravesloot, Nancy Ray, Roddy Rector, Lora 167 Redder, Larry 139 Redding, Ann Redford, Linda 139 Reed, Dennis Reed, Douglas 151 Reed, Jeffery Reed, Tony Reeverts, Rita Reld, Barbara Reimlnk, Raymond Reimlnk, Ronald 160 Relnecke, Mary Reschke, Keith 160 Rewerts, Phillip 139 Rewitzer, Jeffrey Reynolds, Jean 111, 151 Reynolds, Michael Rezelman, Ann 151 Rhoades, Jay Rhodes, John Rice, Marianne 160 Rice, Michael 167 Richardson, Todd 139 Ridl, Elizabeth Rietberg, Constance 48, 160 Riggs, Charles

Riggs, James Rigterink, Thomas 151 Rink, Peter 167 Ripperda, Pamela 151 Risser, Kim 139 Ritchie, Nancy 167 Ritchie, Sandra 140 Ritter, Karry Rivera, Rebecca Rizzo, Bart 32 Roads, Laurel Roberts, Dale 152 Roberts, Fred Roberts, Nancy 31, 160 Robins, Robert Roblson, Frank 152 Roelofs, Roger Rogoski, Ann 160 Rollason, Lori Rollins, Eric 51, 140 Romaine, William Roos, Robert 167 Rosen, Todd 152 Rosso, Sarah 152 Roth, Amy Roush, Diane Rozeboom, Sharon Ruch, Douglas 39, 167 Rudd, Tim Rudis, Gaye 140 Rushmeyer, Sheryl 140 Russcher, Glennyce 152 Russcher, Joel 167 Ryan, Edward Sacked, Kristin 23 Sadler, Diane 167 Saiewski, Stanley Saline, Bradley Salisbury, Lonnie Salmon, Duane Sanchez, Elias 140 Sanchez, Rebecca Santefort, Jane 152 Santmga, John Sasamoto, Amy 167 Sasamoto, Eddie Sasamoto, Kenneth Saunders, Jeffrey Savage, John Sawyer, Sheila 140 Sayer, Steven 20, 167 Scarbrough, Paula Schaap, Thomas 160 Schabel, William Schack, Lynnette 160 Schackow, David Schaefer, Eric 160 Schaffer, Jeffrey 140 Schaffer, Judith 160 Schang, Barbara Scheer, P. Matthais 152 Schermer, Jacquelyn 167 Schewe, Kenneth Schipper, Jim Schipper, Randall Schippers, Jan 167 Schlosser, Barbara 152 Schlott, Richard 167 Schmidt, Jeffrey 140 Schmidt, Jonathan 167 Schmidt, Pamela 167 Schmidt, Warren Schneider, Gerald Scholle, Linda 168 Scholten, John 140 Scholtens, Daryl 140 Schoonmaker, Laurie Schra, Kathy Schrler, John 140 Schroeder, Cynthia 168 Schroeder, David 140 Schroeder, Randy Schrotenboer, Jon 140 Schrotenboer, Loren Schrotenboer, Patti 160 Schulhng, Tamara 31, 152 Schultz, Katherine 160 Schultz, Robert 152 Schumann, Richard 160 Schutt, Allen Schut, Ronald 168 Rchuurmans, Sus Scott, Duncan

Scott, Ros Scott, Steven 152 Seeger, John Seiberling, Catherine Seiberling, Thomas Seiberling, William Seifert, Charles Seitz, Kevin Sellers, Theres'a 160 Sells, Debra 168 Sells, Nancy 152 Selwyn, Laurie Seyfred, Mark 152 Shanahan, Eugene 160 Shand, Gregory Sharp, Susan 160 Sharpe, Richard Shearer, Darcy Shelburne, Jack Sheldon, Cheryl Shepard, Shelley 160 Shepard, Timothy Sherman, Mark Sherretz, Diane Shields, Michael 168 Shier, Lorie 140 Shiflett, Kathy 160 Shimbo, Masaichi Shimmin, Janet Shippy, Donald 152 Shoemaker, Eleanor 168 Shoemaker, Fern 140 Shoemaker, James Shoemaker, Kathleen 140 Shoemaker, Robert 20 Siderius, Jeffrey Siebers, Martha Sievert, Lori 168 Sikkema, Milton 20, 160 Silber, David 2 0 Simpson, Ann 152 Simpson, Christine 168 Sivertson, Eric Skaio, Ralph 160 Skelton, Michael 140 Slater, Brent Slater, Bruce Sloan, John Slone, Raeanne Sluggett, Jeffrey Smallegan, Steven 160 Smant, Karen 168 Smart, Renata 160 Smazik, Ann 140 Smeenge, Jonathan 152 Smit, Michael 141 Smith, Barbara Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Julie 160 Smith, Kathleen 160 Smith, Leslie Smith, Lorraine 141 Smith, Raymond 141 Smith, Robert Smith, Sherman Snow, Robin 141 Snyder, Daniel Soeter, John 168 Soubly, David Souders, Kathy 160 Sousley, Timoth Spagnolo, Achilles 152 Speck, Michael Speidel, Michael Spence, Robert Spencer, Lynne 152 Spoelhof, Donald 168 Spoelhof, Gordi Spoelhof, Karen Sprang, Silvia 160 Spring, Pamela Springsteen, Carol

Staat, Alison 160 Stagg, Geoffrey Stallings, Charles Stark, Derek Stauffer, Brian 51, 141 Stearns, Robert Stearns, Robert Stears, Paul 141 Steffens, Gregory Stegeman, Marsha 152 Stegenga, Charmaine Stegenga, Karl 160 Steigenberger, Veronika 152 Steiner, Catherine 160 Stephenson, Margo Sterk, Karen Stevens, David 160 Stevens, Kim 141 Stevens, Mark 39, 168 Stevenson, Elizabeth Stick, Rex Stiehler, Nancy 152 Stoepker, Ruth Stokes, James 51, 160 Stokoe, Susan 31, 152 Stout, John 152 Stout, Thomas Stowe, Colleen Strain, John 168 Strainer, Amelia 168 Strainer, Jeannine 168 Strating, Steven Stratton, Kathleen 141 Stratton, Kathleen 168 Strauch, Conrad 152 Strauch, Derk 168 Strengholt, Marc Suchecki, Kent Suder, William Sugg, Cari Sugie, Takashi 141 Sullivan, Timothy Sunderlin, Leah 152 Sur, Heidi 152 Sutton, John Sutton, Michael 3 2 Suydam, Marjorie 141 Suzenaar, Max Swanson, Barbara Swanson, Janet Swarf, Cynthia 168 Swenson, Bernie 168 Swiering, Charles 160 Synk, Robert 152 Syswerda, Rae 152 Tacoma, Barbara 168 Taguchi, Jun 160 Tait, Vanessa 141 Takahashi, Kikuko Tammen, Tami 168 Tamminga, Lois Tan, Beechin Tannehill, Grace Tatu, Cheryl Tatz, Kathleen 141 Tavakoli, Amir 2 0 Taylor, Calvin Taylor, Karen Taylor, Philip Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Twylia 160 Tenhaken, Valorie Tenhaken, Vivian 168 TenHave, Garrett 168 TenHave, Nancy 168 Terfa, Samuel TerHaar, Deborah Teslik, Freda Thomas, Gretchen Thomas, Kirby Thome, Gloria Thompson, Dewey 141 Thompson, Lera

Thompson, Robert Thornburg, Lynn 152 Thornburg, Ross 168 Thornton, Elizabeth 168 Throndset, Rhonda Thurston, Reid Tienstra, Yolanda Tilley, Martin 168 Tiskus, Paul Tittle, Janet Tittle, Jeffrye Titus, Robert 152 Toeller, Cynthia 152 Tomizawa, Takeshi Topp, Andrew Toren, Carl 152 Toren, Paul 160 Tornga, Charles Torresen, Nancy 168 Torresen, Robert 152 Toth, Paul Tracey, Mary Tran, Hue Trask, David Trayser, Ellen 168 Tucker, Gary 160 Turner, Fred Turpin, Terri 168 Tuuk, Lyunda Underwood, Lake Upchurch, Brent Vaca, Robert Vanalsten, John 168 Vanalstine, Nola Vananrooy, Janice Vanarendonk, Craig 168 Vanarendonk, John 160 Vanarenkonk, Mark 141 Vanark, Cynthia 168 Vanark, Dawn Vanark, Joseph Vanark, Laurie 141 Vanark, Mae VanBaal, Rudolf VanCoevering, Judith VanDahm, Dale Vandegiessen, Raymond VandeGuchte, John Vandehoef, Darrel VandenBerg, Carol 168 Vanden Berg, Douglas 142 Vanden Berg, James Vanden Berg, Marcia 142 VandenBerg, Martha Vandenberg, Mary VandenBil, Jennifer Vanden Brink, Suzanne 168 Vanden Homgergh, Gaye 168 Vandenoever, Linda VanderBeck, Ronald VanderBie, Rick 142 VanderBy, Mark 160 VanderEems, Kathryn 168 Vander Haar, Philip 168 VanderHoek, Michael VanderHooning, Robert VanderHulst, Debra VanderHyde, Keith VanderKolk, John 32, 142 VanderKooi, Joan VanderKooy, David VanderKuy, Christine 153 VanderLaan, Jill VanderMeulen, Claire VanderMeulen, Douglas 160 VanderMeulen, Marc VandrMeulen, Scot 168 VanderMolen, Matt 168 VanderMolen, Virgina Vanderoovaart, David 142 VanderPloeg, Julie 168 VanderPloeg, Kristin

VanderPlolg, Maribeth 142 VanerPol, Dale 142 VanderRoest, Karen 142 VanderSchaaf, Bruce 39, 153 VanderSchaaf, Cyndi VanderStel, Thomas 169 VanerVeen, Kiane VanderVelde, David 142 VanderVelde, Debra 142 VanderVen, John 169 VanderWall, Paula VanderWerp, Sally 169 VanderWerp, Sheri 111, 153 VanderWoude, Elizabeth VanderYacht, Eric 142 Vandstreek, Wesley VandeVrede, Kent VandeVusse, Barbara 153 VandeWaa, John 142 VandeWater, Nancy 169 VandeWege, James Vandis, Mary 160 VanDonkelaar, Karen VanDoornik, Fred VanDoornik, William 161 Vandop, Lauren Vandop, Stephen 152 VanDrunen, Susanne VanDuyen, Kimberly 153 Van Dyke, Gary 161 VanDyke, Sheryl 169 VanDyke, Wayne 141 VanDyken, David 161 VanEenenaam, Susan VanEyl, Evelyn 161 VanGent, Ellissa 161 Van Hassel, Richard 51, 141 VanHeest, Gregory 39, 51, 141 VanHeest, James VanHeest, Jocelyn 169 VanHeoven, Deborah 153 VanHouten, Carolyn 169 VanHoven, David 20, 32, 161 VanKeulen, David VanKlompenberg, Beth 23 VanKrimpen, Tammi VanLente, Michael VanLiere, Patricia VanMater, Catharine 153 VanMater, Mark 161 Van Mouwerik, Tracy 161 Vannostrand, Virginai 169 VanOostenburg, Mark VanOostenburg, Paul VanPutten, Brad 153 VanReesema, Frederik 51 VanSchouwen, Paul 142 VanSkiver, Sue 153 VanSlooten, Elizabeth 161 VanSlooten, Ruth VanSlyke, Kim VanTubergen, Phyllis 169 VanVliet, James VanWieren, Douglas VanWieren, Shirley VanWyk, Marilyn 142 VanWylen, Ruth VanWynen, Thomas VanWyngarden, Robert Vaughan, Jeffrey 20, 169 Veldhuizen, Paul Veldman, Audrey 142 Velting, Ptricia Veneklasen, Gail Ventre, Christine 31, 153 Veramay, Sherie 153 VerBeek, Jeffrey 169 VerHelst, Jennifer 169 VerHoeven, Rebecca 161 VerHust, William 153 Verlee, Faith 169 Vetter, Kurtin Viening, Vicki 142

Vigil, Jose Vincent, Susan 169 Viquerat, Mark 169 Virgen, Phillip Visscher, Beth Visscher, Christopher 153 Visscher, Linda Visscher, Michael Visscher, Steven Visscher, Vickie 23, 48 Visser, Jane 153 Vlietstra, Marc Vollmer, Susan 161 Voorhees, Henry Voorhorst, John 153 Voorhorst, Paul Voshol, Gary 142 Vossekuil, Kay 169 Votaw, John 169 Vredeveld, Mark 142 Vukoje, Joanne Wagenaar, Frank Wagener, Kenneth 169 Wagner, William Walchenbach, Carrie Walchenbach, Paul Walck, Marianne 143 Walker, Deborah 161 Walker, Patricia 161 Walker, Wanda 143 Walker, Wendy 161 Wallgren, Jennifer Walma, Robert Walters, Joel 169 Walters, Michael A. 169 Wang, David 169 Ward, Dree 161 Ward, Stephen Ward, Susan 169 Warden, Joan 169 Warnaar, Deborah 169 Warners, Arlene Warnock, Peter 153 Warren, Carol Warren, Holly Warren, Kenneth Washington, Melody Watterman, Linda 169 Watkins, David 143 Watson, Alfred 153 Watson, Janet 169 Watson, Kevin Watson, Robert 153 Watson, Steven 153 Watterson, Suzanne 143 Wealton, John Wear, Paul Weaver, Julie 143 Weaver, Nancy 169 Webb, Nancy 169 Webb, William Weber, Bryan 143 Webster, Bruce Webster, Carol 169 Webster, John 169 Webster, Nevin Weener, Mary 153 Weener, Randy 143 Weener, Susan 169 Weerstra, Jill 161 Weeter, Cheryl 153 Wehner, Connie Welch, Gerald Welch, Jeffrey 161 Welch, Joseph Welch, Michael 51 Wells, Sandra 53, 143 Welsch, Diana Wennink, Victor Werkema, Donald Wernette, Mary 143 Wesseldyke, Lynda 153

Westerhoff, Karen Westerlund, Thomas Western, Raymond Westfall, Kimberly 153 Westfall, Lisle 161 Westrate, Kenneth Westveer, Gene Wetherbee, Jeffrey 161 Wettack, Kathleen 145 Wettack, Pamela White, Brenda 161 White, Donald 145 White, Judith 161 Whitefleet, Scott 169 Whitefleet, Todd 153 Whitney, Jonathan 145 Whitney, Terri 169 Whittake, Mark Wick, Martin Wichert, Jane Wichert, Mary 153 Widerhold, Patrcia Wiederhold, Sandra 145 Wierenga, Brenda Wierenga, David Wierenga, Richard Wilkening, Jean 161 Wilkie, Robert 145 Wilkins, James 145 Williams, Donald 51, 153 Williams, Kim 145 Williams, Paul Williams, Robert Silliamson, Abigail Willis, Karen 169 Wilson, Kerri 161 Wilson, Victoria 169 Winchester, Michael 153 Wing, Noel 145 Wingeier, Laura Winkels, Lynn 169 Winnie, Pamela Wissink, David 145 Wissink, Jeri 169 Wissink, Steven 161 Witzel, William Wojda, Michael 145 Woldman, Karen 145 Woldman, Kathy 161 Wolf, Daniel 169 Wolf, Lori 161 Wolff, Joseph 161 Wolffis, Craig Wolff is, Marcia 169 Wolffis, Michael 145 Wolthuis, Richar Wood, Timothy Worden, Edward 145 Working, Susan Wormmeester, Carol Wormmeester, Randall 153 Woronowica, Mandi Worthington, Maude 145 Wortley, Karen 153 Wregglesworth, Scott 153 Wrieden, David 51 Wright, Cynthia 169 Wright, Elizabeth Yager, Gary 145 Young, Janet 145 Yzenbaard, Shirley 145 Zea, Tamara Zelenka, Jane 23 Zendler, Robert 153 Zessin, Dave Zevalkink, Margaret 145 Zingman, Michael Zoet, Laurie 145 Zomermaand, Conley Zomermaand, Michael Zoodsma, Dale Zoulek, Richard 161








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