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Peace On Earth

Goodwill Toward Men



Hope College, Holland, Michigan, Dec. 19 1928

Number 72


Christmas Parties Dramatic Club P L A Y I N G IN I O W A Among Students Cast ch()gen

Eclectic Lights,, KLEPTOMANIAC AT LARGE . . .

LEAVE Dec. 14 to 22—Hope Varsity basketball trip



Several Requests Sent to Santa

HOPE TEAM O F F ON Although this may seem hard to believe, we speak from authority. ., Before this publication of the AnLast Friday afternoon the stu- c h o r w e n t t o p r e s s W( . r e c e i v e ( i s e v . dent body was offered a good e r a | , c t t e r s f r o m H o p ( l i t c s w h i ( . h chance trt show its school spirt. w e w e r e a s k e d t 0 s e n d o n t o R a n t a BASKET BALL TRIP

Dec. 20—Societies Dec. 20—Knickerbocker Ladies' Nite Dec. 21—School closes 12 noon for Christmas vacation

There was perhaps a 25 Rer cent Claus, suggesting to him what they response - to give the boys of w a n t e ( | f o r C h r i 8 t m a 8 , the Varsity Basketball team a send ^ Amon(, these reque8tg we off on its trip through the middle L(.fln B o s c h ( t h e s i I e n t ) a s k i n ) f west, playing for Hope. ..Banty,. f o r a ticket

J a n . 1—Hope vs. Boter's at Grand Rapids

The band played several old favorites, while the farewells wore being made. How reserved and unemotional some of them were!

J a n . 4—Hope vs. Kazoo Normal, here

Jan. 8—8 A. M. School opens New Year



Especially those of Martin, De Young, Vanderbosch, and Becker (she was in Grand Rapids). Coach Schouten led the way, with four boys in the big Packard, while Walter "Dimples" De Velder was at the helm of the "Ark," a s the old Buick sedan is affectionately dubbed by the team. Good luck, boys! And if you don't win a game or two, you'll be "playing the game," so why worry? The Basketball team left Friday on it's trip to the Middle West. It has games scheduled for every day except Sundays. The schedule is: Fri. at Kalamazoo. Sat. nt Naperville — Sautherland Co. Mon. at De Kalb—De Kalb Norma lTues. at Decorah—Luther. Wed. at Sheldon — Sheldon Jun'ors' T hurs. at Orange City. Fri. at Cudahy. Sat. a t Orange City—Independ• ^ ^ ' e n T s t The men who went were: De Pree, Martin, De Velder, Van Lente, De Young, Cook, Deephouse, Becker, and Vanderbush. They are going to travel in two of coach Schouten's cars. Thfe trip will give the team a much needed chance to practice and also an.opportunity to get better acquainted with each other so that each may know the other's weaknesses and play accordingly. None of the teams are to be very easy. The Southerland Company was expected to be one of the easiest but it is composed of exMichigan and Illinois men who will give the team a good fight. As soon a s the team enters Iowa many of the men will be acquainted with their opponents who have promised them the fights of their lives. May the best team win. The schedule was arranged by De Vilder who manages the trip. It's success is due largely to his work and plann n ' £-


permission to speak in chapel, Marcotte (cupid) f o r a bow

Re0 an{j



Spyker asks to



t 0 stand under the mistletoe in "Skimmy's" presence.' j o a n Van der Werf asks for a Fraternal pin. L u c i | | e W a l v o 0 r d a s k s f o r a man a n y kind! T i t u s Van Haitsma asks f o r a p a i r 0 f 0 y e r a l l s and a big brush broom. "Noisy" De Cook begs for some of Lee's silence. Marian Anderson asks for a new giggle. Everett Poppink, so in earnest that he even offers " S a n t y " a reward for the return of his Fratern a l pin. Bill Beswick asks f o r still another girl. Although there are many more requests of a similar nature, too numerous to mention, we sincerely hope that Eunice Hyma gets her diamond, Margaret Boter her ced a r chest, and "Banty" his new hymn book and megaphone, and we wish you all a very merry Christmas.

The fourth number of the Redpath Lyceum l e c t u r e course, the Royal Hungarian Orchestra of Buda-Pesth was generally conceded to be successful. The Carnegie Sijfll fast Tlluf^'day accommodated the largest number of people at any Lecture Course this fall, in spite of a steady downpour of wet, wet rain. The concert opened with Strausse's "Beautiful Blue Dan-, ube," well played by the ensemble \ young reporter was scouring of violins, 'cello and piano. Conthe campus f o r a Christmas story, sidering the novelty to most of us "Ah me!" quoth he, "these students of the Hungarian cymbalon, lookthink of nothing but vacation. Is ing something like a baby grand that the t r u e Christmas s p i r i t ? " piano, and which we were told had gQ f a r Hope College has not 123 strings, the number given by seemed very attentive to the anniMme. Baloosa were enjoyed and versary of the manger birth. Ocher efforts were appreciated. The casionally there is a rumor about instrument sounded like a cross an extra long vacation but the between a harp and an overgrown reason given is that some ultrazither. Some of her numbers wore religious people dislike to travel "Hungarian Songs," "The S t o r m / ' on Sunday. However, we notice and "Dixie." that those same folks think nothing The surprise and treat of the of driving to Grand Rapids on the evening was the singing of Mme. Sabbath to see a show. , Russian opera singer, soTrue, the Y. W. is selling greetprano, who gave us a number of ing cards; people are talking about Russian and some Ukranian folk the last minute rush; social groups songs. Messenet's "Elegy," accomare planning parties; Christmas panied by the ensemble, made a fine Savings Clubs have been paid; impression. In native Russian and Margaret wonders whether . she Ukrainian costumes, she made a shall get George a scarf or a book; pretty picture, and we are sorry George ponders over the possibility we could not have seen her dance of Margaret's accepting a bracelet, some of her native folk dances, of • j i r • * H u t that is not real Christian which there was just a suggestion I V J M L I V O spirit. Men and women may study in the last ensemble number, the Bible and sociology but they conchief hit from "Countess Maritza." ... tinue to ignore the suffering fellow L A N M N G BIG I A i m The date of the next and last Lyb e i n g w h o is their n e i g h b o r T h e y ceum l e c t u r e course has been set . , , , continue to "sell their souls cheap" ahead to J a n u a r y 18, instead of the The Knickerbocker Society held f o r a l i t t l e leasure 5 14th, as was planned. This will be their winter elections recently. The • the amusing comedy of young mar- new officers are: ried life, "The First Year," to be Pres., William Beswick to Serenade the Dorm. Which they presented by a competent cast. Vice-Pres., Johann Mulder did, with astounding success. The Sec'y, Harold Dykhuizen melodious notes floated up to the Treas., Marvin Meengs stricken inmates with soothing Janitor, Arthur Nienhuis softness, and lulled them to a Last Friday night, the boys sweet slumber. The Dorm "goils" unanimously decided it was timemuch appreciated the a r t f u l music.


Debaters Report Advancement


Mr. Edward Hooker, debate coach, reports considerable progress on the thought development of the question of "Shall we have the j u r y ? " Preliminary trials are now in order. The first one was held Monday, the I7th, and the second preliminary will be held the Monday a f t e r vacation is over. Final trials will take place before examinations. Plans are being made to have one or two of the prominent business men of the city, in a legal way, address the group.


Christmas is coming! If you don't believe it, ask the various societies and organizations about the campus. Nearly all of them are showing their realization of the fact by blossoming out in this festal season with either "Ladies' nights" or Christmas stags. The Alethians are planning a p a r t y in their room. Delphi will have one a t the home of their former member, Sarah Lacey. S. G. A. a r e invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Van Danslaar for a Christmas party this evening. Cosmopolitan entertained their lady friends at a charming formal p a r t y the night of the twelfth; Knickerbocker has its ladies' night this week T h u r s day. Whether this is all a reaction from the recent twelve week e>:ams and release of student teachers, or an actual realization of the coming of the Yuletide season, is uncertain. Anyway, folks, there's only four more days in which to do your Christmas shopping! KNICK X-MAS PARTY Tomorrow night the Knickerbocker men will celebrate the Christmas season by entertaining their f a i r guests with a party. First, will be a short program of humor and musical numbers a t the Literary Club Parlors. Santa Claus will hand out presents, liberally and graciously, to the lady friends, and to those boys who deserve them. Then the Yule-tide joy-makers will adjourn to the Knick Hall to gather round the fireplace, and enjoy more music, humor and light refreshments. JUNIOR-SENIOR PARTY Among the parties scheduled for the Christmas week is the JuniorSenior Party of the F r a t e r n a l Society to be held at the " F r a t e r n a l Home," on Christmas night, Dec. 25. The lady friends of the upper class F r a t e r s will be entertained by a real Santa Claus who will drive up to the door in a life-size sleigh to deliver g i f t s to the boys and girls who have behaved themselves this year. The evening will be spent in playing games, a f t e r which light refreshments will be served.

ANCHORSTAFF ELECTION Don't forget to remember the coming Anchor staff election! The nominations for the various positions were in the paper last week. Any other nominee may be added to the list by the support of twenty subscribers. The election will occur immediately a f t e r the holidays. Let us think about this, and be sure to express our opinion by casting our votes. Remember the success of next year's Anchor depends upon this election, and t h a t is important, not only because we ourselves like to get an interesting "newsy," wide-awake paper every week, but because other schools a s well are often apt to judge our college by the type of paper we produce. o We are sorry t h a t Miss Ross has been out of school so long on account of illness. Let's hope we see her back well and strong a f t e r the holidays. We're also looking for all those students who have been taking a few days vacation ( ? ) in bed.

A1 Bentall and Don Wade wish all the success in the world to the person who so cleverly stole their books. A1 hopes you flunk the "Dramatic Course," and Don earnestly desires you take a course in "European History." They would like to report that th« person who stole their books is known, but they do not propose to lie in their endeavor to apprehend the crook. If you happen to have the books snugly hid away in your room the owners will indeed be grateful if you'll return them and no questions will be asked. However if you decide otherwise, and propose to use them when you take these two courses, your punishment shall be sufficient. Be honest with yourself . . . can any good come out of CLUB ROOMS ARE T H E SCENE stolen books? Remember there is nothing "Dramatic" about stealing OF SMART SOCIAL eight dollars ($8.00) worth of AFFAIR books, and Al and Don will finish your "History" insofar as they are EVENT IS ANNUAL concerned, if they run across you. • • • A detective play has been chosen by the drama class for presentation this year. Rumor has it that Ten Cate is to play the detective and that Gladys Huizenga and Bern De Pree are cast in the role of sister and brother. We're sure Maurice Markus will make an unsurpassable villain. The play will probably be put on before the middle of February.


Cosmopolitans Entertain With Formal Party

The Women's Literary Club rooms presented an attractive appearance last Wednesday evening as gay couples arrayed in party gown and tuxedo began to gather for the so-called "Ladies' Night" of the Cosmopolitan society. Cosmopolitans had set aside Wednesday, the twelfth of December, to entertain the f a i r guests with the annual formal party of the society. Under the management of President Kenneth Hyink and Lawrence Vregdevoogd who had secured Dr. « n d Mrs. Van Zyl to act as chaperones, the party proceeded with an atmosphere of general enjoyment pervading the entire gathering. A reception c o m m i t ^ J jp tfre persons of President Kenneth Hyink, Lawrence Vregdevoogd, Alvin Vanderbush, William Jansen, and Alfred Bentall, assisted by Misses Julia Van Dam, Verna Brouwer, Grace Koeppe and Wilhelmina Walvoord and Dorothy Blekkink, allowed nothing to remain in the minds of the guests as to their welcome. A f t e r enjoying a brief social time together the group was addressed by the President, who informed the assemblage that each of the couples could obtain a packet a t the centrally located post-office. Having thus received their programs, the numbers followed without f u r t h e r announcement. The first number on the program was given by a quartet, consisting of Messrs. Fresema, Wm. Kuiper, Jansen and Austin, who sang the number entitled, "Friend 0 ' Mine.V An encore followed this n u m b e r Abraham Autor next shared with us his glorious adventure by reading a paper he had written, which cleverly brought out the feeling of liberty he experienced in his new surroundings as compared with his old Arabian environment. A piano solo, "Serenade by Schubert," was given by Alfred Bentall and the last number was a dialogue, given by Messrs. Fresema and Austin. Encores followed both these numbers. The program was fittingly brought to a close by remarks f r o m Cosmopolitan Lawrence Vregdevoogd. Light refreshments were served by a corprf of waitresses from the High school and a f t e r again enjoying the carefree companionship t h e assemblage reluctantly disbanded a f t e r singing the Cosmos Song.

AS YOU READ this the boys are somewhere out "where the tall corn grows," playing for Dear Old Hope, If only the registration from Iowa increases next year the trip will have been a success, tho they lose every game. We girls like you Iowa boys and we want you to know it before it is too late. •


"INCIDENTALLY, Mr. Toonin believes that the Eastern women in European garb compare most favorably with the best in America." AMEN! *



THIS SOUPY Michigan weather is getting on everybody^ nerves. We don't blame you in the least f o r going home f o r Christmas. We wish you all a m e r r y one. May it be the best you have ever had, and when you are on the train just think of this: "The past we've left behind us boys, The days and nights of f u n . Farewells will all be spoken, •*1 'Ere the setting of the sun.".-;

Nature Talks ON T H E SPIRIT O F N A T U R E Have you ever, my friend, sUrted for a hike on a crisp October day when the brown and yellow leaves are drifting earthward, and the sky is all a t r a n s p a r e n t blue; when the blazing red of the sumac and the golden wealth o'f the goldenrod are flaunted , in every fence porner and hedge, when the crows caw from the c6rn patches and squirrels garner their portion with wise foresight of the leaner, days to follow. I fancy that the heady exhilaration that I feel is known to all nature lovers everywhere, f o r one of the rarest attributes of nature is her universality — she is ever at hand to divert and instruct, will we but do her the courtesy to pause and contemplate. I t is not merely the poetic fancy t h a t revels in communion with the things of the out-of-doors — trees and streams and hills with all their myriad f o r m s of life; but there is f o r everyone a lasting strength and inspiration to be gained, a n evei growing wonder a t and appreciation of the wisdom and versatility of the Master Workman. One comes to realize better the immutable consistency and harmony of the vast whole;, one learns a quiet insight into causes and effects, a sure philosophy of optimism t h a t is invaluable, f o r one finds j o y — the joy of contemplating supreme a r t Perhaps some people get a breath of the fine and lasting beauty I speak of when they stand before a Raphael, or listen as a Kreisler performs * with magic touch, but there is much more t h a t one can learn — a n d feel — a s he stands on a woody slope where the air is spicy with the resinous t a n g


of pines and the grey tmnks of the beeches are intermingled with the darker hues of the maples and oaks. It is not only that there is the highest art in the symmetry of a living tree, a sympathy (Lat, some(ConUnued on last page)


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Gems of Literature

Chips from the Chapel


Do Your

— 0 . Y.

STAFF Eva Tjrsse

Editor Associate Editors.. H umor — Alt Campus Sports Exchanges. Current Erents-

R E P O R T E R S (revised) Head Reporter. Gordon Van A r k ; Reporters. Paul Brower, Alice Brunson. Tillie Masselink, Cynthia Palmer, Margaret Beach. William Clough, H. K. Smith, Don Martin. BUSINESS S T A F F Herman Kruizenga .Lois De Wolfe, Raymond McGilvra

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Circulation Managw.




A MERRY CHRISTMAS! I t is t r u e t h a t our chapel is did n o t seem to a r o u s e the stuf r o z e n music, b u t it is even more — d e n t r y to a n y p r o f o u n d e r i n t e r e s t a n d i t i g a c a p t u r e d bit of sunset. T h e t h a n before, yet the whole a r r a n g e -

And for the New Year we wish you life — life fuller bigger and better than you have ever known it. Serene life, sun's red, cooling into t h e c a t - g r e y v n n r h p f t p r ^plf and t h e world Eaffer life, of an e m p t y sky, reproduced in at peace W i t h your better self and tne W r . g , s l a n t i n g up into a tiled P close to the world and yet withdrawn. Generous, busy life. ^ c arving o f a In other words, a Happy New Year! sunset. An a r t t h a t snatches f r o m

Wise men bend low For wise men know What means this baby mild: A father's love Toward sinful man A mother's for her child. ITS COLLEGIATE! Missed you last hour, where were you ?" "Sh not so loud; I was sick." Time and again do we hear this repeated on our campus. "I've got to skip first hour for that awful exam comes second." "I don't feel like sitting through another class—guess I'll just go home. "Lands I know we'll have a quiz next hour — I've got to skin" * ) i



i. j

r -

Guess I can skip a coup e 0 C asses aj, 0 to them every day this week. "Half of the teachers don't take the roll anyway, so we might as well skip." Do we think the professors care if we are not in class? —












B R E A K F A S T IS T H E BIG CHRISTMAS MEAL IN J A P A N Carols, g i f t s , and religious observances a r e f e a t u r e s of the J a p anese C h r i s t m a s , according to Miyo Tase, o u r f r e s h m a n f r o m Nippon, A l t h o u g h t h e c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s of the C h r i s t m a s celebration are practically the s a m e a s in America, the observance itself is not so genera l l y carried out but is found only in churches, mission schools and o t h e r C h r i s t i a n centers.

HONORARY DEGREES "What's in a name?" It all depends.on what the name signifies. But according to a number of students, and quite a number at that, even one of the professors who discussed it liberally in the classroom, an honorary degree is merely a name and does not stand for a title actually earned by hard . ^ ... ... . , work. Of course it signifies something entirely different than an A.B. or an M.D. It has more meaning and more honor connected with its presentation than any degree gained through scholastic attainment. Any scholar with ambition and diligence can earn an A.B., and once having earned such a degree, he is placed in a class of people who are entitled to a little more respect and a few more privileges than the aver-

t h e i r stockings to be filled, but the g i f t s are placed by S a n t a Claus a t t h e i r bedside. New Y e a r ' s is a mor e widely celebrated f e t e day. Pine branches a n d bamboo decorate t h e doors of t h e houses in token of good luck, and a big meal a t b r e a k f a s t time is a f e a t u r e of t h e d a y ' s p r o g r a m , T h e American custom of calling on f r i e n d s d u r i n g the d a y is p a r a l leled in J a p a n . Special celebrat i o n s a r e held in schools, temples. and g o v e r n m e n t offices, where speeches of New Y e a r g r e e t i n g s a r e made, and everyone joins in a song


Boter's A Few Suggestions: Neckwear Scarfs Shirts Pajamas Belts Handkerchiefs

m o s p h e r e a n d w h a t could be mor e y e x p r e s s i v e t h a n "Music t h a t g e n t l i e r on t h e spirit lies, — T h a n t,re a eyelids upon tired e y e s , " — ' 8 p o e t r y a t its best. T h a t is t h e expression only a genius could lt is a Pve! Pearl a m o n g t h e g e m s of English l i t e r a t u r e . Then t h e r e is B r o w n i n g ' s '*Women and Roses," "Rabbi Ben E g r a , " " M y L a s t Duchess," Coleridge's " V a l e of C h a u m o n t , " " Y o u t h a n d A g e , " L o r d Byron's " B r i d e of " B r i d e of Abydos,'" a n d "Mani-


Burns' "Cotter's Saturday N i g h t , " Henrich Heine's " F e a s t of B e l z h a z z a r , " and countless o t h e r g r e a t p o e t s and a u t h o r s t h a t h a v e contributed v a s t l y to o u r E n g l i s h l i t e r a t u r e w h e t h e r in t h e o r i g m a l or by the t r a n s l a t i o n . But I c a n n o t neglect t h e t r e n d of t h e m o d e m poetry of America, I t is t r u e t h a t with t h e exception of E m e r s o n , Lowell, and Longfellow, I h a v e neglected all of o u r American a u t h o r s and poets. Men like B y r a n t , H a w t h o r n e , I r v i n g , Holmes, Poe, and Sidney Lanier, hut it is impossible now f o r me to do justice to them all*, or even t o p r o p e r l y q u o t e those I h a v e a l r e a d y

P. S. Boter & Co. I

Coats Furs

S a n t a Claus is a s real to J a p a n - m a d e f o r t h a t one p a r t i c u l a r day. mentioned. U.I J — a- s- to American, A Still I m u s t mention W a l t W h i t -• ese children but T^ r a n s l,a- 1t— e d1 bl— y Miyo, it* goes some^ they do ^ h i m ^ degcf . nd t h i n g l i k e t h i a : m a n , J o y c e Kilmer, and G j r l Sand-

Don't we have stamina enough \o attend class in the regular manner? » —• • ^ t h r o u g h t h e i r chimneys, because Why spend money for classes that we do not even adorn? they a r e only a few inches wide. The "skipping wave" seems to have hit our college and Charcoal is t h e popular J a p a n e s e hit it hard. If a student doesn't want to go to class, he sim- f u e l ' 8 0 l a r * c A i m n e y s a r e un. . . .. . . , , necessary. T h e children do not h a n g ply stays away and eases his conscience by numberless excuses—notice that "excuses" was used instead of "reasons." It «eems to be the person who can manufacture the "contest" excuses for the professors, who has the most brains. Such alibis, both original and stale, as are presented upon the return of the strayed sheep to the classroom! Do we think the teacher doesn't see through them ? In the collegiate vernacular, "Don't kid yourself." Just because the honor code failed to pass the student body, is there any reason for assuming that our sense of right and wrong can be killed by the mere words, "0, we don't have an honor system!" . Isn't skipping class merely an obi • j r i. i.* o * Mrs. J o n e s : "Does your d a u g h scure kind of cheating? t e r U v e a t h o m c ? .. What are we going to do about this "skipping disease M r s S m i t h ; o h no! T h e y aren.t which is so prevalent and so contagious just now? Are we m a r r i e d y e t . " merely going to continue staying from class and cudgeling our brains for two different excuses — one for the students, Mother: " J u n i o r , you didn't wash y o u r f a c e this m o r n i n g . " and the other for the professor? If we want to skip, let's Efficiency E x p e r t ' s Little Boy: go home and do it in the proper manner — the president will " N o m o t h e r ; I h e a r d you s a y we sign discharges any time after ten-five in the morning. were going to have g r a p e f r u i t f o r breakfast." Contributed.


the connotatio„8 which the

T h e r e is one more E n g l i s h poet I c a n n o t b u t a d m i r e , one who i a l r e a d y quoted, and a l w a y s e n j o y because of t h e b e a u t y of his struct u r e a n d the f a n c i f u l flight of his s e n t i m e n t a l i m a g e r y . T h i s is Alf r e d Lord T e n n y s o n , the a u t h o r of "Locksley H a l l , " "JCing A r t h u r , " " I n M e m o r i a m , " " M o t h e r I d a , " and countless o t h e r w o r k s of poetic genius. T h e r e is one, " T h e Lotus E a t e r s , " t h a t I read a n d reread with a l w a y s t h e sa me f a s c i n a t i o n , t h e sa me s y m p a t h e t i c appreciation. " T h e r e is sweet music here thac softer falls * T h a n petals f r o m blown roses on the grass. Or n i g h t d e w s on still w a t e r s , bewalls ttween w ®e" w a , , s . f Of shadowy g r a n i t e , in a g l e a m y —pass. Music t h a t g e n t l i e r on t h e spirit lies. T h a n tired eyelids upon tired eyes." W h a t a s o f t , calm, melodious a t -



. .


g l a s s e s themselves s u g g e s t in t h a t t h e r e is a window f o r each apostle. T h e rose and chancel windows were, with t h e i r recondite pictures, explained in a p a s t issue of the Anchor. Of i n t e r e s t is t h e f a c t t h a t an eighteen y e a r old a r t i s t designed t h e windows. T h e minor twelve windows will be of elaborately simple m a t e r i a l , probably ready enchiselled. dedicated to twelve prophets, apost i e s or heretics. Some of the stained windows are T h e facsimilies of our chapel windows on display some days a g o now in, and t h e result is inspiring.

Once angels sang And shepherds knelt Before a baby's form; The sky was bright, The earth made light — It was the Christmas morn.


m e n t of the windows is uniquely simple: the twelve m a j o r windows have their own i n t e r p r e t a t i o n s be-

N a t u r e her colorful palette and m e t a m o r p h o s i s it into a h u m a n conception of such a p a s s i n g beauty is a c o n s u m m a t e a r t , indeed. T h e a u t h o r advises t h a t t h e phrase " a t h i n g of b e a u t y is a joy f o r e v e r " be imposed on the corner stone a s a s u b s t i t u t e f o r the platitude al-



Christmas Shopping

(Continued f r o m last w e e k )

.Earle Langeland, Russell Smith ".Ida Townsead, Henry Steffens, Evelyn Welmers Eleanor Ver W e j John Nauta, Leonard Willett Evelyn Steketee

" I do hope you keep your cows in a p a s t u r e , " said Mrs. Newlywed a s she paid t h e milk m a n . "Yes, m a d a m , " replied the milkm a n , "of course we keep ttiem in a pasture." i "I,m


K l a d f " gushed Mr6. New-





t u n z e d milk is much the best.


A lady called u p h e r g r o c e r by telephone t h e other morning, and, after



n l e v e r Kive y o u ..




**At the b e g i n n i n g of t h e y e a r »• h u r g . W a l t Whitmifrill W e c o n g r a t u l a t e the e m p e r o r ' s course all acquainted with, since reign.

such w o r k s as " C a p t a i n , My Cap-

May peace and prosperity be long t a i n , " "Ode to t h e W e s t Wind," a n d and e v e r l a s t i n g . " Blades of G r a s s " are m a s t e r p i e c e s of t h e i r kind. ^ His c o n t e m p o r a r i e s and l a t e r followers took u p his style — used it and in m o s t instances disfigured i t s beauty, m a l t r e a t e d its s t r u c t u r e , i t s polish and culture. Joyce K i l m e r is, however, one of t h e b e t t e r disciples of W h i t m a n ' s style.


"I am sick of those riotous roses of r a p t u r e Of sibilant, s e r p e n t i n e lips. Of the wine c u p And m u r d e r

Man in E l e v a t o r : " F o u r t h floor, And all t h a t Mid-Victorian stuff. please." I will sin large, p u r p l e sins, O p e r a t o r : " H e r e you a r e , son." A m e r i c a n and new." "How d a r e you call me s o n ? Then we have Carl S a n d b u r g , You're not my f a t h e r . " who o f t e n d e s p e r a t e l y abuses t h e " W e " , I b r o u g h t you u p didn't s t y | e w i t h c r u d i t y a I l d u n n e c e s 8 a r y r o u g h n e s s of expression. Still t h e r e is ever p r e s e n t t h a t g r i m Customer: " W h a t became of spectacle of d a r k reality a s in his your new delivery c l e r k ? " " S i n s of K a l a m a z o o , " "Chicago." Grocer: "Well, he used to be a u « i .« .1. . , , o r to " A C o n t e m p o r a r y B u n k chauffeur, a n d t h e idiot crawled u n - s h o o t e r . . . To m e one of the best of der our horse to see why it Sandburg's attempts is his wouldn't go." " G r a c e s , " an almost philosophic uu . "i • | i t i . i outlook upon h u m a n life, and its "How s t r i k i n g l y this reminds me * , ' ". camouflage of h u m a n superficialof the words of the poet," reity. marked t h e boarder, a f t e r comply"I d r e a m e d one man stood a g a i n s t i n g with a third request f o r butter. a thousand, "What words?" One m a n d a m n e d a s a w r o n g " L i f e ' s b u t t e r passing d r e a m . " headed fool. Visitor: " S o r r y I couldn't g e t One y e a r and a n o t h e r he walked the s t r e e t s to your wedding." And a t h o u s a n d s h r u g s and hoots Film s t a r : " N e v e r mind, I'll Met him in the shoulders and , n t h e r ^ ' ° ^n" m o u t h s a s he passed.


,. Why





" i t probably will m a d a m , " said steamroller over t h a t field?" t h e m a n a t the o t h e r end of the " I ' m r a i s i n g mashed p o t a t o e s

He died alone • And only t h e u n d e r t a k e r c a m e to his f u n e r a l . F l o w e r s g r o w over t h e g r a v e s anod in t h e w i n d s ; And o v e r t h e g r a v e s of t h e thousands, too. F l o w e r s g r o w anod in the wind. « « «

But only the true genii, the proven successful of this class w i r e ' " y ° u a r e ta^n®' 10 a n u n ' t h i s y*** " can ever hope of being rewarded with such a coveted honor- d e r t a k e r " u t t l e w i m ^ ^ 9 m e the but. ary degree. It is to be admitted that the college which awards " W h a t ' s t h e m a t t e r , Mrs. B a a r ? " t e r . " the degree, usually receives remuneration in the form of t h e g r o c e r asked t h e young bride Mother ( r e p r o a c h f u l l y ) : if w h a t , finance for college uses, and that there is a strong tendency in w h o had stormed into his store. W i l l i e ? " "If you can reach i t " many of the higher institutions to let this be the main factor " I , v e b e € " c h e a t e d " was t h e reply. F l o w e r s and the wind u v. v j. n • -i. » ordered macaroni f o r d i n n e r and the presenting of such honors. Yet no college or university a l l t h e d e U v e r y ^ b r o u g h t m e "I beg your p a r d o n , " said t h e F l o w e r s anod over t h e g r a v e s ooff would dream of giving such high praise to any wealthy per- w a . s a ^ t of e m p t y s t e m s ! " UP the dead. charity solicitor a s she came into son who had never accomplished a thing for the progress of the store, " b u t would c a r e to h e l p P e t a l s of red, leaves of yellow, s t r e a k s of white, civilization, for the good of his community, or. for social ad- "I h e a r 3rour c o o k h a 8 rath?f a the W o r k i n g Girl's H o m e ? " M a s s e s of p u r p l e s a y i n g — " C e r t a i n l y , " replied t h e u n m a r w c e m e h t . For, really, those are the reasons for such honordisposition." ; I love you and your g r e a t w a y of . ta. • ia ii u u , .. . Yes. If she can t get u p a flir- ried clerk. " W h e r e a r e t h e y ? " hold-up you think man t a t i o n ^ „ ing.. ^It isn'tV «all « •a « t.u.m that tutu att IlittU l kinanf t h e rni 8he s U r t a mill V m-u R game. Do juu forgetting." could accompush any of the above mentioned without expend- m a s h i n g t h e potatoes." A noble t h o u g h t expressed in a A t r u c k Rft a m e a t wagon on ing all his time* effort and a great deal of his money? our s t r e e t t h e o t h e r d a y . It d i d n ' t m o s t peculiar m a n n e r ! Boy: " W h y c a n ' t I h a v e h u r t t h e t r u c k much but it knocked T h e s e a r e some of m y g e m s of For such a sacrifice, he is presented an honorary degree, prunes?" the liver r i g h t out of the wagon, l i t e r a t u r e , g e m s I h a v e copied into which is nothing else than an expression of appreciation and Mother: "I haven't any." ^ the f o r m of a book which I m a y thankfufaiess for some noble work, the results of which the The smaller a m a n ' s mind, t h e read and reread whenever I desire. Boy: "But daddy pruned • the longer it takes him to make it up. (Continued on Page 8) college has felt. tree yesterday,"


ROSE Cloak Store

Basketball Practice Has Started at Hope. Outfit Yourself at

Where All Sportsmen Meet.

Hope College Fellows

W e appreciate your patro, , Trtrmfiirr ready to to f _ *y8 ^ady giv;e the Best in Quality and

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Service. Sib Pressed While Yti Wait. E x p e r t s in H a t Q e u n g

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t h e

a n c h o r

Page Three air of especially good eats, a Christmas tree, stockings hung by the fire place, a party, and heaps

C A M P U 5

It Is the Old Story

of other good t h i n g s .

you jealous? open.

But we Sure Mean It


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




H a v e you seen Don W a d e ' s l a t e s t acquisition? I t ' s a dog, no, only a picture of one and very realistic





A n o t h e r s h a k e u p in Voorhees d i n i n g hall and everyone f o u n d himself a t a different table. All seem happy, however, with their new families. , , # o . . . , S u r p r i s e ! s u r p r i s e ! s u r p r i s e ! Yes, the whole basketball team was t h e r e , plus their girl f r i e n d s . No one has said yet he w a s sorrv Dean Martin had a birthday; ' • » •


(Succewor to W. R. Stevtnson)

Ruth Kennell wishes to have the impression corrected t h a t diamond r i n g s are only worn on t h e third finger of t h e l e f t hand. H e r vacation plans a r e all m a d e she says,

Elgin Watches for Ladies and Gentlemen

T h t Oldest and l e s t in th# City 32 Wt t 8th St.



. ^

You are invited to use the Banking facilities of '


THE FIRST STATE BANK The oldest and the largest Stale Bank in the County


For Your


and becoming engaged is not ineluded this time. • • • A J a p a n e s e t e a and sale w a s held in Voorhees y e s t e r d a y a f t e r nood. C h a r m i n g articles w e r e on display and delicious r e f r e s h m e n t s served. So t h e cash box m a k e s a pleasing jtogle. • Residents on second floor of Voorhees a p p r e c i a t e the f a c t t h a t one third floor resident a s l e a s t h a s effected a soundless t y p e w r i t i n g system. If very m a n y mor e sound absorbing devices a r e invented we f e a r Voorheesites will feel out of place in the unheard of stillness. * * * ' So the chapel is going to have some windows, we perceive. We heard a lot about them and so a r e surely glad to note the beginning of their a r r i v a l . •



Season's Greetings

Dresses $15.00 Negligees, Lingerie Scarfs, Costume Jewelry Hosiery, Handkerchiefs and Flowers



'on: Hemm n wa , s ,; K > ' "Men w Women." An excellent h



t h e

1)631 F r

a n 8 l a t e


you lived in Voorhees HaM you a Z l H u T ** ^ know w h a t t h a t signified. Ant v L ,.d' • oUjer poor u n f o r t u n a f h a s received • her proofs. And of course they "Tkp c j ] V P P rnu , a r e n , any go.Kl. I s n ' t it a t r a g e d y t e r f ^ H u g h W ^ t h a t we weren t all born b e a u t i f u l ? NOVEIvS*

Call for Appointments 2071


'eCtion ^ t r

" O h ! They're a w f u l ! J u s t look a t t h e m ! Do I look like t h a t ' " If

Beauty Shop in Connection



The l i b r a r y h a s a g a i n been enriched by a n u m b e r of new and

But Don s a y s , "One look a t him e L , ! and you'll supply those." Wkhm.f . . , Without





Mrs. H o s k e r m a d e a v e r y able s u b s t i t u t e f o r Miss De Pree in the l i b r a r y a couple of d a y s last week.





M e r r y C h r i s t m a s , everybody! We artlficlal m a y be a little previous, but don't J 8 * 8 * t U ; T the holidays, mind t h a t f o r it only m a k e s it a . * ' * Mll,,.k K m c k s ! Voor little more sincere. So e n j o y your . f o u n d t h a t the vacation and we hope S a n t a won't y . to®, were profic ent ln the art overlook your letters. Best wishes ' ot f o r lots of sleep, lots of f u n , and no w o r k ! *



Paalman f0r

"Let Flick Do It"


COME Fris't Book I

Now, a r e n ' t



Jeane's Shoppe

e n c h Short . including

Best Christmas Wishes


„ ,

. ' '


F r o m The



e m


. a Devil's


Island" toKnn 6 y Mrs Miles Alan „ * . . ^ n< ™ e l f b - v M a r g a r e t Wilson and Zona Gale.^ BIOGRAPHIES: Mr T n mK' 0 ;«• ui ^ ^tere s i 0V t " C his Kahn M T ' T " ! r . c. Tamburlaine the ^ „ S o m e t h , n K d i f r ^ n t - "Mark T w a i n by A l b e r t Bigelow Paine, his

"A College Lunch Room"

" We have Your Christmas Candies" Your Choice in


. . ,Very

dcllghtful mod t y


f that he,










a u t h o r s

Bulk or Box Candy



P P - A book to i n t e r p r e t and ap-

E ^ ' f v o m ( K , e r n , i t € r a t u r e better, ASSAYS: J o h n E r s k i n e , a u t h o r of " T h e >r va ^ | t e Life of Helen of T r o y , " h a s a g r o u p of essays on E n g ,ish ,iterar y masterpieces: "The Deli ht » of G r e a t Books." Very ^ ^ J o r Sophomore lit. students, POETRY: Carl S a n d b u r g ' s "Good Morning, A^nerica," should interest many. Franc is Thomson's complete Wor cs ' » T h r e e Vols. V a c h e l L i n d s a y ' s complete volu m e of !nasica, poetry. n e w ^ooks by A m y Lowell, MISCELLANEOUS: . T h e R i s e o f American Civilization," by Charles & M a r y Beard.




that have gone before have shown appreciation oi the interest and courteous attention that we make a part of our printing service.






• P P a r d ' s " H e a r t of T h o r e a u ' s Journa, M in ' which a r e included heretof o r e unpublished selections Walden poet. she


ill t h e p t t o e o u g .


Two volumes of the latest " R e -


C H U N ' S RESTAURANT Where Food is most like Mothers"


TAVERN BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP-Permanenf Waving ! Marcelling, Hot Oil Trettmeplf, Bobbipg. Shsmpooihg. Messagin?

MtDicuring and Flngtr Wavl .g a Specialty Call Se78 far Appoint imtits

TH<» Q P A • u .J* • *i0US D r a m a . " me b . A. is holding i t s anThese f p w will mvo nual C h r i s t m a s m e e t i n g a n d p a r t y of tonight. A s h o r t t i m e a g o one of have been added its m e m b e r s s u g g e s t e d t h a t the '




we'll leave h e r f a t e to your imagi-

"A Gift that Only You Can Give" Portraits will give you the utmost value for the money expended. Do your Christmas Shopping now at the

The Lacej; Studio 19 E. 8th St. [upstair*]

phone 5 3 3 8

What To Give Her? This store has the answer. Here you will find a large array of gifts suitlable for any woman or girl. May we assist you?

nation. I t is j u s t a n o t h e r e x a m pie of the folly of ignorance. T h a t the meetings of t h e S. G. A. a r e e n l i g h t e n i n g and instructive no one can deny. T h i s also holds f o r the informal meetings held twice daily in Voorhees reception room. •




( C o n t i n u e d f r o m P a g e 2) They a r e c o m f o r t i n g to fall back on in depression, f a s c i n a t i n g when in need of s y m p a t h y . The m o s t b e a u t i f u l of p a s s a g e s ar e t h e s e which I can come to f o r c o m f o r t when in sorrow, f o r t h e fullest expression of my happiness j o y f u l exultation, these which

,>ortray the

» r e a t » universal, wholesome expression of my s e n t i m e n t s , these which c o m f o r t and console — f o r a f t e r all, w h a t is Life — but a laugh and t e a r !

SON be yours through all the year. E



E. 10th St. Camplata Service that Satyaias Hatland, Mich

"We want you to feel at home with us."

Nick Unema

"O. K."

Electric Shot Repair Shop

That's what they all say,

231 River


Opp. Past Office




The French Cloak Store We Cot Your Hair the Way You Like It FORTNEVS BARBER SHOP R m t of OIIIm

Call I7M for A p p o l „ t m . n t f-


You Must Visit Our

Wish Yott'All

"Gift Shoppe"

A Merry Xinas

Huizingas Jewelry


Jewelers since 1900 V



A C h r i s t m a s club of all those not going home f o r t h e holidays is bei n g organized. R e p o r t s a r e in the

P h o n e 4411



One Scotch m e m b e r of o u r fac^ u l t y r e p o r t s t h a t she h, a s m o s t. of. h e r C h r i s t m a s shopping completed which consisted chiefly in a b o u t a dollar's worth of cards. One b r i g h t student inquires, " A r e they to be sent C.O.D. or p o s t a g e d u e ? "

The Style Shoppe 28 Weat 8th St.


the many " 0 ^ ^ " Z

A Happy New Year


Page Pouf

A Few Suggestions for Your X-mas Gifts Any m m or young n a n will be proud of these useful articles. Such as a Suit Sweater Overcoat Umbrella Leather Coat Traveling Bag Bathrobe Suit Case Raincoat Hal or Cap Our Prices Always Right


receiving any of Shirt Ties Muffler Gloves or Socks Handkerchiefs

w f r l M S i l t A a A.S

According to direct dope f r o m their camp, Alma is not expected to cut much of a figure in M. I. A. A. basketball circles t h i s year. Only t h r e e veterans are back, but one of these is an all M. I. A. A. choice. Coach Campbell is intending to use his f r e s h m a n s t a r s of last year to fill in the gaps. While Alma may not consider themSelVes to be a serious contender for the title, still any team expecting first honors in the pennant chase will have to do some f a s t stepping t o boat the Presbyterians.

Best Holiday Wishes TO ALL

JOHN J. RUTGERS P. S^—Have you made all your Xmas purchases?

The Weal Dry Cleaners "The House of Service"

Cleaning and Steam Pressing Auto—Call Delivery—Service HOLLAND, MICH.

REEFER'S Restaurant For

Ladies & Gentlemen Grand Haven






awetnwf be taken as a basis of relative merits of the two teams. Hope was plainly not in form. A f t e r their little j a u n t into the wilds of the midwest Hope's team should be able t o offer much more opposition. Remember w h a t happened last year?

Hope resumes athletic relations with Calvin this year a f t e r several seasons of omission. Calvin has been in the habit of producing t e a m s of M. I. A. A. caliber and this year is no exception. Calvin's rOontinued rrom l i t P«««) defeat of Olivet Thursday indicates the s t r e n g t h of the G. R. Dutch- how, never pars, regardless of the shape of the tree; or in the wonmen. • • • derfully blended olive green on the Olivet, by the way, is placing a back of a pine siskin. The spirit s t r o n g bid for the Association of t h e whole — even a s a trained championship. With f o u r veterans musician seeks to follow the varyback and some promising sopho- ing spirit of a masterful composimores, Olivet is ready to t h w a r t t i o n — is so alive, so t r u e to the most refined sense of proportion any t e a m ' s drive for t h e flag. * * * and color and feeling—so infinite Two Michigan football s t a r s have in its conception, t h a t human efbeen honored with places on the f o r t s are seen in t r u e r comparimythical Ail-American eleven son — not in a way derogatory to picked by Grantland Rice. Brazil whatever effort we may find power of U. of D. was given the utility within ourselves to exert as we back position and Commerening of strive to live a meaningful life, but U. of M. was placed a s tackle. in a manner t h a t should show us Both men were outstanding s t a r s our own littleness, b u t not (and with their respective teams. This here is the wonder of it to m e ) in is the seventeenth time t h a t a U. a w a y t h a t creates a feeling of of M. player has been given an All impotence and makes one feel that American berth. Seems to be get- he is unable to know himself a working p a r t of a kingdom so vast, ting a habit. « « • but rather he catches a new spirit, Olivet's alibi seems to be motor an ethereal breath of understanding and assurance t h a t can do trouble. * * much to send one back to the p a t h s of civilized endeavor with a W a l t e r Pezet, an all-association grounded conviction t h a t makes of two years, has been chosen to lead Alma's football eleven of 1929. him find less cause f o r disquietude He is a junior and also plays bas- in the seeming perplexities with ketball. ' which we so often feel ourselves • • • hedged about and restricted, even Hope's defeat by Western State to the point of groping bewilderNormal last Thursday should not ment.


Nature Sketches

Phone 2 4 6 5

College Av«. and 6th St.








Hot Lunches " W e s e r v e e i t h e r hot or c o l d "

We wish to extend to the students of Hope College the seasons greetings. May they enjoy their Christmas vacation fully and return to their studies after New Years Day with a new vigor for 1929

Green Mill Cafe Holland, Mich.

1 *


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Nefo Wear —

CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS For F a t t e r , Brother

Q A new day! A new year! A new start for all of us! That you make the most of it and profit by it is our sincere wish.

For M o t h e r , Sister

or F r i e n d

or F r i e n d

Holland Shoes Neckwear Gloves Belts


Q Among our assets we like to count the only one that money cannot buy—your good will.

Arch Preserve Shoes Shoe Buckler Hosiery

Q And so at this holiday season we extend to you our best wishes.

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Established 1872 Your Anchor printer for 35 years.

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For Things Musical

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M i — ' iw 'I — i — ni i

i mm



Arnolds Confectionery our hot Fudge Sundaes

Jet us send Mother her Christinas flowers O

N Christmas mornings surprise Mother with a beautiful gift of flowers—a token of your love a n d appreciation—a tender message that words never quite express.





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