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F A V O R r w r r p i M r r A V U K LNIEKING W A D I n m i IDT

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H O P E COT.LEOE. HOLLAND. MICHIGAN, WrdnoMlnr, Doocmber 16. .925


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the members 22 r e m | d e ( l n

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The annual winter term elections of mft orit J y o f m e n , « societies have


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O R A N G E A N D B L U E V P A R F A ^ A I N * 1 ? Ei / i l l E i A l j / l l l l


or .he spoke* of a w h e e l - t r o m this W I | I T \ K p ; p I i A C E I N . S o C I E T , E S ' T , h e U i - ^ ' . e Kme^onlanH KnlckV I C T O R I O U S 3 5 - 1 0 direction and from that direction— THIS YFAR erbockers and F r a t e r n a l s held their • v r i w w u OO I V ASSOC IATIOX INION LKADS a | | who possibly could, turned them* elections Thursday night. The ^ d • C H A P E L OX FRIDAY selves In the direction of one hub. dlsons elected la«t week while the A L B E R S AND VANDEN HRIXK Ellmlnations for the MORNING debating cosmopolitans and Dlckenslons will STAR IN BATTLE W I T H AMEHA d a B o o n e h a d Invited them to her 8 , , U a < , , l r e t o 1,6 h e l d W d n e r t a even home f o r a Jolly reunion! We were « » y - hold their elections soon. ICAN S E A l f c H S Under the supervision of the As- ^ ln B , tonight, In the various societies. A l l o w i n g a r e the elections: w e couId nut hKvp a 1 0 # % ftt. soclation Union a decision In regard t e n ( l a n c e b u t 8 0 m e m U H t 8 t a y a w f t v Because of the large g r o u p of stu. I n a r o u g h n n ( 1 rolllcWng c o m e n to the world court has been made by b e e n u 8 e o f g e 0 K r a p h l c a l 'lents Interested In debating this year Emoreonlans H o r e defeated the Amer.o.i.i Scatlny an(, the entire student body. The ques- others « ,because of " f a m i l y " Interests . 11 has been necessary to hold two . romnnnv M Wyk. Pres.—A. Van » n> of 01 Grand *.»ran(i itn-*!.*na 4 not*. Frldav r i itia> tlon under vote was that the United for , , eliminations. The first eliminations, T>™ A nlcht bv thp soorp of Ha-to Frnm no longer are their Interests cenMce-Pres.—A. \Merenga. " ' g n i , o> m e score or I'rom States should enter the world court t e r e d l n t h c „ f l n e o i . s u p e l . . f i n e . . held this evening, will be staged In the first It seemed thai close game Sef __H StJlth of international justice with t h e l h e ( i l a a s o f , 2 2 the various society halls and will be t r e a s . — O . Cllquennol would t a k e place, t u t In t h e second Iftirding, Hughes, and Coolldge modi" Part of the regular program for hnlt the visitors forgot to play basw l t h the ^ f n I . m h o U B e fol. a K ()f A l . ( , h l v e a _ u . K l a a a e n . floatlons. The entire vote has not yet Judges have been pro^ ketl.all and consequently failed to H n o t h e r 8 u o ( , e ! w f u l o l ( , . { a 8 h . that evening. nt A r m 8 _ R aowenl, been tabulated but thus far the vote . , . . vided and ratings will be made. Those . tallv s m r p s , . ioned party could be added to t h t . o * n^uicn. stands 26! In favor and 72 against, r e c o r d s societies holding debates are the CosP r a t e r . m l In t h e first half Albers seemed to Smilea hand8hakeg and a per centage of 77.7. The remainder l a u g h t e r 8 b e B a n t h e e v e n l n K _ mopolltans, Addisonian*, Knlckerbockp rrhen De ree 1)e t h e o n l y m a n w h o c o u I d flnd the of the votes will be counted up and , . . , , , ers, Fraternals, and Emersonians. ,r. ^ ^ ,ina. f a O * our pleasing hostess invited us to \ ice-President—-C. i ntema. nasket. Hope outplayed t h e Seaters final results will be published a t a ^ With the Introduction of th-s to ^ dInlns rooni_KladIy dld Sefi,y_^ 0eerllnf?fl hut the wag averse pa8slng later date. Votes similar to this, w p , method Professor Lubbers has solv. . . to t h e oul| A chlt ken Tl ea8 Ten Brlnk thl u t h e loop the hnlf c n d e d a r e being taken all over the country » 4 ed the problem of getting a fair ratm OM , a 4 4 Tn„itni. lrtM v , . dinner with plenty to eat, what more , .. .lanitoi (1»> lot)—N. Tanis. 4. and the matter of entering t h e court , ing of the debators before the holln0t 1 In tlie secon<l half will be brot before this session of )U * U < ^ V hen evei^ ^ a y 8 Three members f r o m each Knirkerborkor Hope ran more 0 n e X rtS 0 eaVe 1 6 eastin Congress. ), ^ e H ( ) c i e t y w i u f H c e the second ellmlnaPresident—A. Neevel. nearly to form, \ a n d e n Brink startM e m e 0(1 t h i n s s 0 , Y b y 8 i n k , n At present, debates and r a t h e r 1 0 ( > m ^ a 8 a P e n * too soon which will be held immediateVice-President—N. Vander Hart. & t w o dazzling e lonfi: 8h()tH ln heated discussion are being held ^ S U ( 1 ' " a n i e s a s 8 I ) n l)Jlttei. Sec'y—V. Ten Cate. succession, and his a f t e r the holidays. At present there 4l ( e t e n i I > o l , 4 n e o u w 8 ) e e c 8 throughout the states. In a debate " * l ® . ^<>lun eight PI K a p p a Delta members, T r e a s u r e r — E . Fell. were followed by one by Poppen. t( ,>Ul 0 1 Cal1 n g f 0 l t h between United States Senator Irvine ^ n " , thc K. of Archives—G. De Konlng. Meanwhile Hope's defense was worka i H O t trying out f o r places on W U K L U

L U U K i


L. Lenroot of Wisconsin and Clarence Darrow, noted Chicago criminal law- ' "



- f 4/



yer many Interesting facts were brought up about the court. Darrow

rillTTn/^TI vtilUlvC/rl

claims t h a t the court Is In conjunction with the league of nations and putting It In his own words he says It was "not worth the fuse" being made about. It. However Senator Lenroot maintained absolute Independence f r o m the league and cited various cases backing his statements, Lend Chapel In conjunction with the considering a world court the Association Union conducted chapel exercises Friday morning. Under the leadership of Hermlna Reinhart, president of t h e V. W. C. A. and Ted Essebaggers, president of the V. M. C. A., the exerclses were conducted. Rutherford Hulxenga rendered a solo and was accompnaied by Adean Van Arendonk. Roy Nattress led the opening exercises and the singing. —o


CAMPUS XEWS Dld you notice the incieased attendance at the last basket ball g a m e ? Letter Kuyper has recently accepted the position of general publicity m a n ager for the Athletic association. Several Sophomores seem to m a j o r in public speaking Lester DeYoung says It's his most difficult subject. The Sophomore sinters of the



Sybillene society were in their glory Friday afternoon. F o r once they enjoyed supreme power. - .lim Ten Brink has been elected Sonohomore basketimll manairer for 'or 11 U K 1 i • 25-28 season. Jim has had lots of experienre and should put out a good A . . 1. ^ icam considering the m a t e r ^ l he has. y f t e r the game last Friday n.ght,



C M ? A VC

r A M U K Ol t A K u D U


"The Tm mortality'of Influence," was the t h e m e of Dr. Davidson's informal talk to the Home Volunteer group la«t Friday. "We speak," said he. "of life as a shadow, a shade, and it is gone, like a house which has decayed, but your influence and mine goes on till the sun goes out." The speaker stated that no sweetness is wasted in desert air. but everything whether good or bad asserts itself again. Mr. Davidson talked of a minister's conscious influence, but he emphasized the unconscious Influence, " t h a t subtle thing," as being of the most permanence. One of the into*-

squad this year, S. Albers, D. Ynterna, R. Van Dyk, T. Esaebaggers, P.


J a n i t o r (by lot)—W. Beswick.








little scoring.


Wessellnk. J. Wabeke, B. Bruns, and | v p D A 11/171 D I / ^ T I T D C C W. Tuttle. l/l%» K A f f U I l v l U l \ £ i d

wajS ' done by the guards, Vanden Brink and

Besides this, there will be ellmlnatlons for the girls squad and the Freshmen squad In the near f u t u r e . Rapid progress is being made In forenslcs this year and with the addltion of Frosh and glrte squads, stud e n t i n t e r e R t h a s become deeper. With ^ ^ o f t h e e n t | r e student body reach H o | ) e . a r e c o r ( i s should again ^ standard ^ , rrr>%xio


C A M n A N


T h e






polnt makIntff


c a m e

down the floor and succeeded In mak^ 6: o o d t h e i r f h o t s . For the visitors, Cooper and Stewart played the best, Summary— . Lubbers L.F Steward Kleis R.F Keegstra Poppen C Hoogenhyde VandenBrlnk L.Cf / Van Ea Albers R.G Hessel Field Goals: Albers 5, Vanden Brink. 4, Kleis 2, Lubbers 2 Ponnen Van Zanten, Steward, Cooper 2. F r e e throws: Lubbers, Kleis 2, Poppen, Albers, Keegstra, Van IDs. 1 Referee: Prlns. in

LAST L E C T U R E COURSE NUMBER V E R Y DESCRIPTIVE —' — La«t week Tuesday evening a large audience listened with pleasure to the entertaining lecture given by Mr. W h e r a h i k o Rawel. This gentleman is a native of t h e Samoan Islands which a r e located In the Pacific ocean. They a r e a bit lonely and secluded but n a t u r e has richly endowed them beauty and grandeur. M u r m u r j n ^ s t r e a m s , . high mountains, and p a | m trees grace the picturesque ian(^8cape " j ) r Rawel related In detail t h e . u, c j j a r a c t e r , m a k e of dress, food, arts, of the people M c u s t o m s , and beliefs ^ o m he dearly loves. They are a f ' .

" An opportunity has been given all young men who desire to pl iy basket ball to participate in a league t h a t has recently been organized. itiere m e nine teams in the league, each i3 named a f t e r a state. It goes wit.iout saying that these games only occasionally produce brilliant plays. Yet

8 e



y Hope Reserves , ^^oes 36 24. The Wa8 m08 ^ ^ 8UcceM'ul er ' ^ ' a a s e n ' ®ekkenl , ' ' a k k e n * The Shoes were 0 land

pr r0U p i c a r e - f r e e and happy, and their .. u J * u nn " t h e 8 e C O n d h a l f j 0 y f u | emotion overflows spontaneous- j fu , r a n t 8 ^ r e a k and reducekken wa8 jy | n t 0 the bits of song they love to ^ # the Indithe Re8erves wh,le out-of-doors be!>. ' ainp S c h o o l is h e l d wen neath t h e shady palms, and Samoan „ .. * ^ 'or 06 children like all others are very In^' 0 , qulsitive and curious about many p R F v f F m r c 8 V I S I T things. G HOSPITAI, Mr RaweI pald a 8nlend|d trIbuto , . . , . 4 to foreign missionary work. With Throuirh thP pniirf«»flv nt tu* »«. inr , ;. , .u ouen tne courtesy of the a u f , deep respect, he mentioned the white thorlties of thft P.nttpmx'nrth Purdue—G. Steketee. . , u« , , u , . L u t t e i u o r t h Hospital pastor and his sister who a r e doing at Grand Ranids th#» Pro Ki'om now on the race Is f.)r the , ,, . 0 41, •« P . the Pre-Medic Club , such noble work among the natives was shown t h r u t h e buildlmr ' Th« v.hlch s o W t> t h e t h e r e K v e n l n t h e m o s t c h a n d l e r a l d Dr H reg_ c o n d u c t o r 8 champions. , r.u 1 n u u # 1 u ' * c n a n < I I e r a n d Dr' Hi0nS C h r i s t , a n i t y h n s f o u n d It8 w a y - Veldman explained many interesting The stage setting and the native things to the budding doctors After An English class a t the college of . . • , 4 . . " " u m g uoctoi-s. Artei a h ^ custom of the Samoan created just the hospital tour, the members e a t h William and Mary Is to debate: "ReiW™* a , * memoeis gatn the right kind of atmosphere. In our ered for a stag at Hotel Rowe A e o n . solved. That Co-eds should pay half ^ ^ l ^ Z L e ^ n a 0 w e im<|gIned oun|elvea eroua turkey When Myron Kasteen wont home ' h e expenses Incurred during social ^ t . h e S a m o a n I s l u n d s a n ( 1 b e c o m l n g a 8 h o i . t / ^ T The t

esting statements made was that when we reach judgment, we shall be judged not only for our acts but also o u l . influence. 'phe talk was closed by a stirring appeal to make influence count in a person's life, to live not only the or( l i n a i . y s p a n o f l j f e h u t through many generation, to come by exsrttng a CO( i nke influenrp innuence. o () n nsundav evenine- DorPrnhPi- 11 unn a > evening, ijecemher 13, the College in , ; , e uGirls' n i 8 <Glee , , o p nclub u h 8 ^inir nn k in „ o p e ohm-ch. "Angel Voices. Ever Sfng'ng" and "Peace Poi foi-t Vnm.*" .J UOie * a n t h e m s they rendered. Miss W I H H Ardean Van Arendonk uveal a** nn AiemionK pieslded ..t the organ.

there is much interest and fun derived from them. The teams a i e cuptalned the following men. Minnesota M. DeYoung. Iowa ^ an Wyk. . Wisconsin Huenink. Michigan Buys. Chicago—Fell. UUnols-Bovenkerk. Northwestern—Keizer. Ohio—W. Buitendorp.

Peter De Rulter's c l i m a t e s had a f,,,- Thanksgiving, h.. left his ring In engagements." surprise party In honor of his birth- W n u p u n , w h e n h ( , g 0 0 8 h o m e c h l , 8 t . "

WOn<, r


hC W








M E R R Y C H R I S " l l m hl', ™AS Southern Seas. Hospers. M e t of the Pre-Medlc men laok '• *" ' The audience found Dr. Rawel a spent the evening In Grand Ranids. Marguerite Mlpse, who spent last „t it. By rights this should go in the Thc Anchor extends to all t h e g r e r t - d o | | g h t f u l entertainer. His aimpllclty 0 week nt her aunt's home because of "Newly Engaged" colitmn—If there '"«» <>' tills season, with a wish that o f n i a n n e i . a n d h i 8 sincere devotion to Illness, ta back at Voorhees again— W e r e one, at the Howe of the year, the spirit of humanity Impressed everyone. Jovial MEN'S G L E E CIAJB SINGS wHI and happy. is fond of potatoes, goodwill may Indeed llll .he hearts of w | t and h u m o r mingled with h e a r t M l i x Houmes

J r ' i o . the occwTon

n, ,q

acquainted with the people who love speakers were (T M De Young C L , p De ^ ^ T c ' A be called the A m e l . l c a n 8 of t h c Y n t e m a




M arl

% **

. ».. * n t J r t f t | n , d i h e r S h p s a , ( , 8 h e Suessed she was because all. We wish evorylKMly "A Merry f r i t pathos. He spoke English very The Hope College Men's Glee club 11 s Bhe u" ! T hi ' H T " V " ' was forced to leave Ireland due to Christmas." well and his large vocabulary contain- m a d e their first public appearance . unday night. Helen \ an Es enjoyed the potato famine. How many yea-s And may the new year be a happy ed many choice adjectives which ha this year at Hope church December, meeting her particularly, for she a B O ? "Holy )mCi T l l e f l U I ( l l l l r , l a s s r o l l e m KOOIl u R e d fl,eely de8crlblne hl8 teIand 6thTwo a n t h e m 8 were , U found out that this lady was an old | i | r f i v timo fAf n ««tv u o w c o "K riuiy tn ,IM H t! liu 0 "f luii (ii> seems tunc for a n e u home and frends. F a t h e r , With Praise" and "God In pmyma.e or ner rather. "Strange that we creator™ of the year. But . h e ehance to ...rn lo ,1 We would not fall to mention with Love" both a r r a n g e d by Rhys-HerKllda Den Herder and O r e t c h . n petty ways . . e * page. Is quite worthwhile. Ma- honor the splendid musical selections bert. A very a p p r e c l a L audlenco Behiends weie weaiy Xmas shoppers Poor prisoners behind these fleshy all find reasons for happiness In this furnished at the beginning of the greeted the singers In Grand Raplda last Saturday. They program, by the Hope College orThe Men's Club have made rapid bars II0,V , . o a r were so absorbed In their s h o p p i n g - Can sometimes think us thots with There will be no Issue of t h c An- chestra. We a r e proud of this group progress thus f a r this year Several

'• •


" i r d T d „ T « j, J r r v £



'" 1 • b ' a "






of the outer "f tlie new year will appear January Kollen, and we hope to listen to their Club, several Freshmen having sue,3,

music often.

cessfully paeeed t h e Voice




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CHRISTMAS. ___ ( l ; e r l l iaiiic Dykliul/cn, '20: There are



Exchanges man> t


Bh0Uld h0W a P 0 P er : ;Theh et - Z,, ,mhe l, (l,, ; :f ; abou o l 7 , . x n«a n from the weed" while 433 do. f l professors. Blx ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ e

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Wlersma . Reporters




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and " 0 n J " " '

have acted a

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because no profssor cares to recomXV



mend a student, if this student will gotneday m a k e him regret he signed

Say, do you have a dollar for your the recommendation. student council fee; let me take your order for the Milestone; you are




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'one of the twenty per cent who ^ ^ christian colleges there didn't buy an athletic ticket, do you to be found a have the live spot now? Not to men- are of those students tlon the Anchor subscription, the small percentage college could do better lecture course ticket and Y. M. and whom Some undesirable things Y W. dues. The soliciting becomes without. happen from year .to year. And yet Is monotonous. general «»w.. atmosphere because the tne geneitw . ,111 find flnd that a n d t h e 8 e students live In close The average person will that f r l e n d l y relation with the o t h e . s In the course of a year• he contri- ^ r>niiai>R. . . rrv.«..Q butes to nearly all of these causes. no action is taken. There is phPatlnS cheating


r r : r p,fty




lecture course?" Her: "No, I expect to be out

and y





She: "Nolu»dy asked me either." •,

of t h e





a s l e e p

toyH in youl.

arms. to real

fifty showens, an equipment room, and a bsiseball diamond.—The Crimson

"Bcaliorty" Hughes, '2S:









niake chapel


and A very Merry Christmas

X - M a s Shoppers

Hcatlons and entertainments, would sportsmanship. If such offenders are 0 us not protect them »26: be a panacea Indeed, both for the discovered let c ... , managements and for the individual from the findings of the authorities £ e a r Uncle E d ( i s o n ) : i )U t stand back of those who are dothe neighbors are out scout4„ViiW. students. # One person will raise the objecilon i n ^ t h e l l . best to make the college a n i n g f o i . t h e y u l e log, I take it to be timely that I mako my Christmas I don't have anything to do with ^i, r j pince to live In. athletics, 1 haven't seen a game this christian Colleges have a duty ot wishes known. About the most useful year; why should I buy an athletic j-edamatlon-true. On the other hand thing lhat you could give me Is some ticket? Another will say—I a m in t j l e l i i n e i i a a c o m e to cease tolerating sort of a machine, not $ "Death-ray Holland four hours a day, I don't go 8 0 l T i e 0 f the things existing In Amerl- Machine," but an "Incapacitating Mao


Stop at the Model

t h a t

GILBERTS CHOCOLATES The best Chocolates made.


It Pays to Trade at the Model"

a p p r o v a l

o f

ivom Moor to floor. Now as you will be thoughtful of this request, the dove will flit back to Its roost in Wlemma's room, and the Pllgilm Home will re-assume its atmosphere of quiet dignity. o Jcanc Van Zyl, '28: wonder how many peopie people KUUW know Ii wonder just what they do want for Chrstmas. Are not our wishes usually selfish desires? Do our Christmas gifts make us happy? In the mad rush and haste of the world today many people do not stop to think what Christmas means, what the real Christmas spirit should be. Do gifts and pleasure mean more to us on Christmas Uian the thot of what happened hundreds o f . y e a r s

let our Christianity be the genuine article, not just an attitude we take in "Y" meetings. We can m a k e our Hope t h e hope of our church not onl> but the hope of the world. (This article Is a resume of present hit or miss systems. It would "Cleaning Up a College," by mean equal taxation, a saving to the H e r m a n Sweet, In Ed. Re. for average student and relief to aisociaNovember, '25.) tion m a n a g e r s .

ago. They do to some. Holly, Christmas trees and Santa are Claus characteristics of t h e spirit of tod Christmas spirit of today; do they symbolize the real meaning of symbolize the real meaning of Christmas? Just what do people think Christmas means? W h a t do people want for Christmas? Few stop to think just what they io want. It

A c o m p u l s o r y club such as we sugost is rather novel and so would K need much careful thot before !t could be put In concrete form. Hut In most ways it looks better than our

Model Drug Store

C4) iie^e

our land and false leaders. If faculties and administrations would thc e w o u i d make an effort to weed out m \ degenerates, the parasites and moru destructive agitators we believe t h e h e s t students would be right behind them. Studont'.J, let's clean up our school, j j 0 t . s 1 ) g t out cheating and "knock| n | r" a n d other practices that art hurting our school spirit. Let's mak«* l t a 8 C hool that will bring out real pep. not forced on all occasions. Let's

baseball team, and a Y. M. and a Y. W., and everything else." Such an Illustration would have its analogies In every strata of society. It shows the result of advertising and advertislng of the best sort. It Is one way of providing thatastudentenjoys some quiet definite tho Intangible beneflts made possible by student assessments. With this Idea In view, collecting from every student for college purposes becomes not a hardship but a legitimate tax.

Come in and See our Wonderful Display

Is to accomplish some- disturbance during quiet hour. Please t h i n g W o r t h while. If Its graduates are m this thing out with an efficient cart o . h e t h e r i K h l k i „ d of leaders, then r l a i ; e , so that it can readily be moved w e m u s t r e m o v e those whose influ- a h o u t and put into action. Some escalInterfering with the progress a t i n g device would expedite a move en(.e

t h e

X-mas Wrapping.

<f A

1 lb., 2 lb, 3 lb. and 5 lb. boxes—80c. to $7-50

to io mass meetings. n i c c t . u s c 1 don* have time cea.. If stu- Chine." something that would numb a n A l l e g e s and universities. . i i 1.1 . . . v, 1 1 K e o ' i lrinc chords of to care about student activities; why dents persist In gambling, in breaking f o i . gome time the vocal Vleckites. This T H I S apparatus should I pay council dues? Or again c o n e ^ e r l ,ies, and in other evil prac- l h e y a nin Vleckites. —I don't go to "Y", so why should I t i ( . e s t h e y should be dismissed from would be a boon In suppressing the lews thoughtful i inmates who cause pay? Apparently good reasoning. — 0 U I . campuses.

traveled everywhere. Finding out In- o f t l l ( . pi-oup. Men and womon with cldently that we were students at ^juped moral and social conceptions. Hope, he Immediately added. "Hope educated and turned out Into the " s h e ? '' w o l . i d with the university degrees and has a football team, doesn't higher education upon And we could have added to that. "Yes, "Ye?, and a basketball team, and a t h e n i become dangerous elements in


A very happy vacation

and arouse the ire of the student body I j 0 s t , 4. A record by some Eastern Colthings might begin to happen. For 1. is the students who must remedy lege that will surpass all western tthis h l 8 conumoi.. condition. -It is absorb to pro- c o l l e g : e s p U t together, so my fi'end ^ group of evil-doers from the ««s (iu j r t" Res wick and I may win an ( . ( ) n s e q u e n ( . e s of their misdeeds on the a ,.jr U m ent when talking on the superpfoup loyalty or good | 0 r i t y of Eastern Schools. p|.oun(|H 0f


Jewelry Store

wishes all Hope Students

school of recognized standing. l a V e a hout. but one which will not If the "gang" should get too bold • ) . e g u ] t l n a (..^e o t " l o v e ' s Tjibour



The First State Bank


„ Enough sleighsful of good food s o w e m a y h a v e o n e good meal a day undermine even wworse undermine school school ,at the "Old Ladles Home." (No onm . s e tthat hat morale and spirit. Yet these students ^ dear Santa ) are allowed to stay and are turned 3 0 n e o f t h o g e S W e e t Cleopatra's out aa the products of a Christian f i , o m T u r k e y , i hear my room-mate

l^ast spring on the way to Grand Haven, w e . picked up a typical tramp.' His knowledge of Holland was 'far from definite— it couldn't have been, for he seemed ,to have


White. Dear Santa Claus; Just a reminder to let you know what I would like you to brlnr me 'Tarheels" and "Wildcats" are just for Christmas. 1. A new water system for N'an 1# A Father" may v l e c k ao a ..pilgrim

Well, arrange club jinn the class w en, then, uifii, let's ici " some — class room, ruum, "knocking." breakwhereby he can pay in a lump for nerhaps other other things t r a l n i n B a n d perhaps such of them us are necessary and get a worth while reduction. Undoubtedly, careful consideration should be given to the arrangement of this club as to—just what shall be Included and how much shall be the share of each. After this Is decided, then the easiest way would be to collect the sum with the tuition at the beginning of eacu oi each year. An additional activity" ff?e Ity" f'-'e of from eight to ten dollars, dollars. covering as the case might be student council and Y" dues, athletics, pub-

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with all your

This fall the University of Iowa Is On waking life again the building a new Held house which will .icxt day. I believe 1 would lie far include nine tennis courts, a liaskethappier than If I had gotten all the ( i o o r a n ( j indoor golf room, a big girl presents in the whole world regulation size gridiron, 5,000 lockers,


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play until you re so



things dent, has renectnly been re-establish-



She: "Are you going to the next

The authorities of the Tnlversltv of North Carolina are being severely criticised criticised for for letting letting their their glee glee club dub ^ ^ at Hampton Normal ^ ^ ^ v l r p glnia, a negro school

Statistics ^ ^ , p U piis, become aware of their o u t a n ( l find just everything >ou i believes Ir largest l h a t ^ejleves In the equality Thpv nee that the;r under about the largest .nupil's nature. They see that the.r , w a n t e d under about the two races. » ^ you had ever seen. thoge w h o a r e w a n t e d in chr:filniafl tree

Business Manager who



prize. This was the first time In the

.lames Ten Brink Head Repo ^ ) , o s l t i 0 n H open to college gradu- M u y h e it's a nice big doll and a hugg J The oldest journalism class In the Arlyne Haan; Harriet Hennevel . ^ when these profes- ( ) r b e t t e r n n electric railroad, with a Natul.nUv United States, ' founded In 1869, at John Mulder; Hester Ossewaarde. • r c [ o m m e m l H t u a e n t H for posla n d electric lights, and e v e r y — i tvuwo , o l i d with nure jov Washington and l^ee University, at Business .tons, they will recommend those ^ To ^ even the time Robert K. i-ee was presiOerard C. Tool



history of the university that a Of these. 3 . 2 ^ n((i prize.—Wilwoman has won this Unmette Collegian.

for his

r Sandrene Schutt Campus t j o n i l i i t y demands that Anne Meengs •< Alumni everywhere give proper consideration J u s t ( . a n ' i keei. you Irom peeking n o for Bomething « c Uusaell Damatra Sports to their teacheiM. The second reason, v e r y c i 0 8 e t of aa warning, warning. Iss Hg , i n t a cc ll aa uu ss may hidden there« John Dellell, Peter Wesselink-.Humor perhaps more of may have a nnta Hermlna Reinhart Exchange that humbleness — before superiors is a f o r y o u A r n \ then to go o > 1 for later iaus Kathryn Keppel Cam-pusology i ) r li m e r| .eeqq u li H8 li t ee later, life. In- l l pe a w aa kk ee listening for Santa ia Aaron Ungersma Questions H t r U ( . t o l . s o n 8 eelng the humbleness ^ six o'clock to IU flnally about



versity to gain the Drunton Memorial

EXCHANGE Reports from Vassar college show ^ ^ ^ not uge the








Sll.'.s «

A young Scottish girl, Janet Nlven, beat all the men students

Is unfortnate whether committed w h l c h i W ould like, o f ( ( ) i n ^ e * rea ' Intentionally or not. I think that If I c o U * ^ Now. there are several reasons why w h : U v v a n t e d - e v e n to us n B

Department Edllors



Intentionally In their manner, but the

Dwlght B. Yntema

you want Tor Christmas?" has t a k e n and Davidson college. the real meaning of from many Christmas.


Hope aludents In general do not nssunie d i s r e s p e c t f u l a t t i t u d e s In t h e during l ) r e 8 e n c e 0 f their Instructors, but,

every Wednesday

.—-— Subscription...

see ma t h a t the old question " W h a t do football teams of Carolina University


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I *






Scribbler's Column -Firllck 15; Hope 58 Am. Seating Co. 10; Hope 35. Dec. 17 Pending.

Ai >-

Jan. Jan. Jan. Fell. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FeT». Mar.

"BRICK BATS AND BOUQUETS" Tho first picture which this topic brings to my mind is that of Jiggs burling a brick-bat at Maggie. Of course, that would be practically impossible, but it would make an interesting change.

1 G. R. Bethany^, there. 8 Manchester here. 22 Kazoo Normal thero 5 Albion, there. 10 Ind. Y, here, pending 17 St. Mary's, here. 10 Kazoo Normal, here. 2(» Manchester, there 27 Concordia, there. 27 Karop College, there.

MILESTONE MINTS • l h e Milestone stalf takes this op^ o it unity to wish the students and faculty a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. Matt Peelen considers >our glossy prints a worthy Christmas gift. The Milestone editors pres(•nt a gift In the form of an Increased Jieal to produce a good book. Senlors. Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen get those glossies In! Early cooperation is appreciated. -o


Alumni News

For clear cmpreKension of any subject, an accurate definition should bo given. 'T.rlck-bat" ta defined by Webster's Dictionary, as a "fragment of brick." To state it more clearly: "A brick-bat is that part of a brick or bricks, in which the forces of cohesion. so essential kio the malntenanoe of unity in any Inelastic particle 0 f matter, has been totally or partially destroyed, so that the -mid part or fragment of brick has no distinct physical connections as it .had earlier possessed In Its original "status quo" in relation to the unit considered." i believe this definition has dlsslpated any ambiguity or uncertainty which the former definition might have presented. * .i.- , , , , But Tut this is only the denotation of . . . the word "brick-bat. This word is rich In connotations. What do you think of when you have t h e word "brick-bat" in mind? Naturally, those of you who are not acquainted

Dr James De Pree of Sioux Center, Iowa, celebrated his 80th birthday anniversary recently.

He Is the sec-

end oldest alumnus of Hope college living today. He Is still remarkably active and frequently preaches for congregations In need.


o Dr Willis J. Potts h a s been awarded a fellowship in surgery by the Hush graduate college of the versity of Chicago.



gleter.) Hut you will now ask, "What connection have bouquets to brick-bats?" A very close relation a s I will now

s u , , J e ( t w111

endeavor to show. The qsual order of progression Is "first the brick-bats; then the bouquets." For example, do you remember that tragic Incident which huppened in Italy; when Vesuvius hurled a 12 pound brick-bat' thru the window of Galllus Castrano,. which struck Galllus In the dorso lumber region of his anatomy, causing bromohyperldrosls, and ending finally in death? And do you remember how, soon after this, we saw Galllus surrounded by many bouquets and griev-

' Immediately aning friends. ' — " I "'e have a brick-bat on our Of course, every rule has Its excepm l m , w e 1,16 t h i , , k l " ~ " f " 'brick-bat." t i ( ) n an( My only reply is, "Try It out! In* *s n o e x c e l ) t ^ ) n t ( ) t h t > vestlgjtte! Have someone drop a i'ule. Brickbats In Ireland are not brick-bat on your mind, or as close followed by bouquets. There the order to it as possible on the top of your brick-bats, more brick-bats and skull. If your mind Is In your head more brick-bats, et cetera, ad Inflnlt-


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them and return to our subject.

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8 to 11 A. M. 2 to 5 P. M Sat. 7 to 9 P. M

Anne Elcnbaas is teaching In the Hnltion. It may mean anything which in Dulcc, New possesses a high co-efticlent of kinetic school r«>i Indians energy, so that Its effect upon any Mexico? Swantina De Jonge is studying resisting force will be very great. Arabia and plans to do mission work To state a concrete example; It may

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Citz. Phone *

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nThis subject

has great


I may have brought bear upon it, I feel to do justice to It.

Therefore, I wish to conclude


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Amalekite. Oh! had 1 but only known That she would do this deed, I would have bled me to her feet.

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There for my life to plead,

in Arabia? mean a pair of good fists moving with Jane Welling is teaching In a high great acceleration. Let us call that When 1 had raised her ire 11 school in Tiffin, Ohio? • moving through a distance d, s i Ina light mood of play, rAbaham Dulmes is taking a mod- that it acquired a velocity xyz In the 1 <"d not know that whe would do,

consin? " " Walter Roughgarden Is attending the New Brunswick Theological school? Delia Vander Kolk and Amanda Zwemer are teaching in Cedar Springs? John DeMaagd is attending Prince-

What force is required to stop this. Alter lengthy calculations I find lhat 3-67 horsepower is required; this is equivalent to about 2 donkey power (with short ears). This force is expressed in the foot, pound, second system of measurement. It can be



She but this morn to me approached As was her wont each day. To sit and prate with me awhile And bring me a bouquet.

Already^ Amalekite's voice sank low His blood flowed o'er the sand. "I did not know she had," he gasped, ton Theological school? pressed in the cider, gal., second sys"A brick-bat In her hand." Simon Heemstra Is teaching in tho tem of measurement as approximateWilliam





H'llmert is Instructor




T. This brings up an interest- That which she did today.



Capital $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits $140,000.00


Myrtle Hundley is working tor her "lirlck-bat" in its connotation can drawing a moral from this small Master's degree at the University of mean much more more than that treatise which can best be e x p r . w . Minnesota? which I have stated in my simple de- in a light mood of play,

leal course at the University of Wis- time

Three experienced Barbers. Hair Bobbing a specialty,

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where It belongs, and endeavor thln,i



chological moment. Place your head directly under the weight so that your eyes may be in the line of travel of the weight so that you may see If it comes down in a straight line as it should. Now quickly release tho weight, count slowly to ten while watching the weight fall, then remove your head quickly to one side in order not to interrupt the experiment. This experiment Is very accurate and one time is usually sufficient. However if carelessly done, two times may be necessary. ( R e f e r » the manual of Physics by Pott-

something else. Hut only people who can but think Ities and altho Uniof one thing at a time would have a little light to given that reply, so we will Ignore my Incapability

Did You Know That



ly the equivalent


two kicks and an

m ice cream cone.

Latin in the Northwestern Classical

course, many other investigatois

Academy, Orange City, Iowa? .Teanette Moos and Uuth Hoekstra are teaching in the Holland Christian H gh School? Jeanctte Do Jonge. Natalie Heed, Katharine Wasscnaar, and Amy P.oone are fnstructoi^ in Ibo Cass City

have also worked along this line and they report that lhe results vary. Mr Jonah (better known as Adrian Ter Louw) gave a very Interesting report w h i c h suggests transmutation of matter, for he stated that he saw several ^tars forming intermittently (in the

Dr.W.E.Weanwell's Inter-collegiate

Basket Ball /Shoes

STUDENTS Get a Real Haircut in a Real Shop


Cosmopolitan Society, L. D. P., '27.

o First Hopclte: How can T find tho college orator? Second Hopalte: You go up to every man you meet and say "What Is the sum of two and two?" If he says "four" he is not the college orator. If he says "three" he Is probably a sophomore. If he replies as follows, lie is the orator: I have but i a m | ) 1)y w h l c h my feet are one guided, and that Is the lamp of experlence. I know of no way of judgm g of the future but by the past, A n d judging by the past I believe 1 confidently and without can s.,y fear of successful contradiction tluit w h e n the second digit of our numcri c n l 8 y 8 t e m is added to a like digit

H'gh school? clrcumabient ether) during the Harvey De Wecrd is teaching his- course of the experiment. tory in the State Agricultural College. The only invalidating circumstance Ft. Collins, Colorado? to Mr Jonah's senatlonal report Is Cynthia Melpolder Is doing social that the reports of his contemporary Vrcrvice work in Kalamazoo, Mich.? Investlgators varied considerably Florence Klow is teaching in the from his. Let me suggest to these school for Indians In Winnebago, Neardent young Investigators to conbraska^ tinue the good work. I can assure them that we are all Interested and Rccclpe for High Marks will gladly assist them as much as To a large amount of ambition a d d possible. the inevitable result Is four. the necessary sense of humor and A wonderful experiment somewhat 0 stir slowly. Then shake In plenty of similar to the one just mentioned and He (at 2 A. M.): "Well, I mu.-t brilliancy. Be careful not to stir too which will give just as good results j, p 0 ff •• rapidly or a "swelled head" will reIn a much shorter time Is conducted ghe: "That's what T thought the sult. When the mixture begins to in this manner. first time I mot you." thicken, add some hard effort and a Lift up a Vs pound weight slowly o pinch two of "pep." V B H I H H B I H After it has almost solidined apply and a t a u n i f o r m speed to a h e i g h t - I f you were I would you a c c e p t

dressing made of two parts of atten- of five feet. Observe t h i s very c a r e - b i m V tlon and patience and one of good fully a s a g r e a t e r h e i g h t m i g h t spoil "if 1 « * r e you I d a c c e p t a n y b o d y . the experiment. The weight Is lifted ——o conduct. on scholar- slowly in order not to m a k e It dizzy. Doctor (examining Freshman girl Garnish with medals Then lie prostrate upon the-floor with for gym. —"You have acute appendlship and serve cold. This is the best recipe for high a release button In your hand in or- c.itls. der to release the weight at the payM. V. B.: "Freshie." marks.

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r y A


Page Four


Humor 00 W. 14th Avenue, Schuylervllle,

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f /

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nil a dream but I love to sit back an.l dream of that wonderful night when we were la«t together, when you, dear, you played those sweet strains from Berlin's "Hebrew Rhapsody" on your keyboard harp. And I shall remember always, forever, eternally, dearest that last ""Farewell" we played together, I on my guitar, you on your beloved piano.

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That night, lover, I truely realized how much I loved you and now—how I long for you—you, only you. P.ut I won't have to wait, long dear, will I? The raise I asked the boss for is coming and wo on I'll be making $3.98 a day. True, dearest, that Isn't such a very h'gh salary but we're going to to live on love, anyway, are'nt we.' And, oh, sweetheart, I have some good news for you—it came just today. The thing I have been writing you about—how happy we'll be now. Ves, it arrived, honey, it arrived. And oh. next to you, l love the author of this book better than anyone else in the world. Imagine, he sent me his book free of charge, gave me free advice on postal rates and all. I can't understand why they do not place hr • work in the city library where children like Winter, Hinkamp and such might get a chance to look at the polished illustrated descriptions, and you should see, loved one, tho beautiful furniture, Mr. Sears Roebuck offers for only $4.98. Such lounging chairs and oh what a wonderful understuffed cowhair daven-. port; and he promises to furnish our whole home from attic to cellar for only $427.38. Isn't he a dear? Through bim we shall live like king and queen (of hearts).

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I could continue to write all night of this new friend of ours but my whole life depends on you, not on him I could write of business but what Is business compared to my love for you. Would that my poor heart could utter my love for you! Would that my willing pen could express my love for you! But, lover dearest, my love Is infinite,, boundless, limitless. It cannot l.e expressed. Will you love me this way always too? I hope and pray so and with this prayer in my heart I'll close, my one and only. And remain. Yours forever, John DeBell and Peter Wessellnk,

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L L_ I E S







Now during the period of our noble Alma Mater this age old tradition is being kept up by "Nail" Keizer, alias The Byron Center Lover, and Clyde Qeerlings, alias "Ardean "s Own."


$15.00 to $75.00

Geo. H. Huizenga & Co.

In the la«t edition the special feature of this column was a letter to the lovelorn young gallants of our campus, taking as our example the Byron ('enter Lover. This week we received a special and urgent request from Ardean's Own, that other unfortunate, who with "Nail" has stepped across the great divide where single bleswedncss can no longer be enjoyed. He asked us to write what we considered a model love letter. The followlng Is the answer to his request, a letter to one's sweetheart, after engagement. For the benefit of Garry Vander Borgh and his Sheba this letter is copyrighted and patented—to be used only with the permission of the authors.


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Miss De Pree (In motherly tones) — "Henry, I wish you would use your napkin at the table. You have butter smeared from one- ear to the other."

J. J. RUTGERS CO. 19 West 8 t h St. .»•

Mackerbarth: That's all right, Miss DePyee. If you want a machine to go fast you've got to grease it." Loving and Patient Reader:



Hoekstra's Ice Cream CREAM OF UNIFORM QUALITY 65 West 8th St.


Phone 2212


S (

/ OR Distinctive Stationery, U n i q u e Prot f i g r a m 8 and M e n u s , or F i n e Papers, t h e m Holland P r i n t i n g Co. can serve y o u b e s t . Holland's Finest Printers

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