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Dec. 20 Last Day

Anchor Election

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Milestone Glossies


Hope College. Holland, Michigan, Dec. 12 1928


Number 71

VIOLINS A TRUE KNIGHT NEW ANCHOR STAFF TO BE Degree Is Conferred On The Lyceum Course brought "— And a knight came riding." ELECTED AFTER HOLIDAYS many to hear Harry Farbman. as Mr. Brower said it wasn't T. Beaver Our Guests Only, There were, of course, hundreds on a horse. The glee club girls had NEW SYSTEM OF ELECTION Wilhelmina Walvoord quite a thrill when they discovered NETHERLANDS AMBASSADOR that the kindly old man sitting beAND OTHERS ENTERTAINED tween Mr. McLean and Rev. Hager at Convocation was a full AT BANQUET fledged Knight of Orange Nassau, so made by no less than Queen On Tuesday evening, December Wilhelmina herself. A number of 4, Hope College was greatly the girls sought to learn something honored by having His Excellency, of the cross which Dr. William Dr. J a n Herman van Roijen, amLeveredge Brower wore during the bassador of the Netherlands to the ceremonies, and uncovered a fairy United States, representing Queen tale come true. Sir Knight reWilhelmina of Netherlands a t membered the visit of Hope's Glee Washington, D. €., as a guest. His Club to New York City a few years Excellency was honored by an ago and said he'd like to borrow honorary degree of Doctor of Laws this year's club. Alth6ugh eightyas were also William Leverich two years old he is a youth in Brower and Charles A. Hunk, eldspirit. His smile is enough to ers of fhe consistory of the Collegbelong to any maiden's gallant iate Reformed Protestant Dutch hero. Church of New York City. Dr. o Van Roijen delivered an address on the League of Nations in which he praised the work of the League, and hoped that the United States would join it soon. Rev. Dr. Malcolm J . McCleod, President of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America and Pastor of the St. Nicholas Collegiate Church YOUNG VIOLINIST CARRIES of New York City, spoke on the CROWD TO ENCHANTChristian College, which stands f o r MENT culture. Dr. Edward D. Dimnent presided at the meeting, and conCarnegie Hall was well filled ferred the degrees before a gatherwhen the music lovers of Holland ing of over 1000 guests. welcomed the return of Harry Before the evening meeting, a Farbman on December sixth. Marbanquet was held a t the Warm garet Engler accompanied the vioFriend Tavern at which the facullinist ably at the piano. The artties of Hope College and Western ist's program consisted of three Theological Seminary, i n v i t e d groups — the first, Ciaconna, by guests, and Council Members atVitali and Bach's Prelude E Major, tended. Charles M. McLean of Holfor violin alone; second from Conland, vice-president of the board of certo E Minor by Mendelssohn, Trustees of Hope College officiated Allegro, molto appassionato and as toastmaster. The speakers inAndante and allegretto non troppo, ^clujled Dr. John Vander Vries, a A l k g i o miilto-vlvaee; Oird, NocHope graduate" and now dfttrtct turne by Chopin, Guitarre by Mosmanager of the United States kowski-Sarasate, Achron's Hebrew Chamber of Commerce at Chicago, Melody, and Spanish Dance by SarMr. John Vennema and Attorney asate. Gelmer Kuiper of Chicago, formerThe fourth number on the Lyly of Grand Rapids, all graduates ceum course will be on Thursday, of Hope College. The Dining Hall December 13, and will be presented was very beautifully decorated with by the Hungarian National Orthe American and Dutch flags. About 150 guests were in attend- chestra. ance. Other distinguished guests who came from the east with Dr. Van Roijen and Dr. McCleod were Rev. Albertus T. Broek, of Tarrytown, ALWAYS N. Y., President of the Board of The directors of the College Glee Education of the Reformed Church in America, Dr. Willard Dayton Clubs were unfair in deciding there Brown, secretary of the Board of should be no State Glee Club conEducation, and Rev. Cornelius B. test this year because "Hope AlMuste of New York City, educa- ways Wins." Who ever heard of tional Secy, of Hope College in the such a ridiculous argument? Following this we could easily say: East. "Here we won't play Football anyHope was greatly honored by the more." However, there is one other presence of these distinguished guests and honorable graduates on scheme which will meet the apher campus. Gov. Fred W. Green, proval of all thoughtful men. Why Senator Arthur Vandenberg, and not have a Fall Football Festival Mayor E. C. Brooks of Holland, where each team can practice on sent their congratulations to Dr. the field, being restricted only by van Roijen which Dr. Dimnent read a time limit. After the practice at the convocation Tuesday night. all the teams will go through one play in unison. The separate teams will then be given a written criticism prepared by a single competent critic and which will not designate any superiority or inferiority because according to the other directors, "Hope Always . . . " * * * Wednesday, Dec. 12 CHAPEL NOTES Cosmopolitan "La-

Enthusiastic Crowd Greets Farbman

"Eclectic Lights

dies' Night."

Thursday, Dec. 13 8 P. M., Course:


Hope Versus Kazoo at Kazoo.


Tuesday, Dec. 18 7:00, Y. W. C. A . M How May Others Know I am a Christian"—Martha Van Buren. Y. M. C. A.—"How Shall We End the Year"—H. Freeman



WE HOLLANDERS were disappointed in one phase of the convocation. There were many students of note present just itching for an excuse to "get their Dutch up." *

Friday, Dec. 14 7:30, Societies meet

Campus: Suzanna Schoep The following are the nominaEvelyn Steketee tions for the next Anchor Staff as Exchanges: • it now stands: Donald Martin Editor-in-chief: Louis Scudder Earle Langeland Business Manager: Russell Smith Lois De Wolfe Gordon Van Ark Raymond McGilvra Henry Steffens Assistant: Associate Editor: L. Damstra Alice Brunson W. Meengs Paul Brower Subscription Manager: Leonard Willett H. K. Smith Myra Ten Cate R. Notier Donald Wade C. Van Leu wen Sport Editor: Further nominations can be made Bernard Arendshorst by submitting a name whose nomiDorothy Haan nation is supported by twenty subE. Vander Belt scribers. Alumni: The election will occur immediBemardine Sieber ately after the holidays. It has • Margaret Westveer been proposed t h a t the* Student Humor: Council appoint the Staff, because Myron Leenhouts of former lack of support on elecW. Kuiper tion night, but this has not been L. Hogenboom decided upon. Consider well!

A. D. D's. Dr. Nettinga Don New Gives Lecture Sweaters To the Home Volunteer Group last Friday evening Dr. Nettinga gave the first of two lectures on the Reformed Church in America. His subject was "The Origin and Growth of the Reformed Church in America." The history of our church, while not spectacular, is very interesting. The present Reformed church is the union of two movements of immigration. The first group of immigrants came in the flisi half of the 17lh ctniury and the second group in the middle of the 19th century. The first group settled in New York and in New Jersey and the second in western Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. The churches of these two groups were united by Dr. Van Raalte and the leaders in the East. Those who settled in the East came mainly for economic reasons, while those who came to the West came seeking religious freedom. He also gave several reasons for the slow growth of our church. His lecture was one which brought much enjoyment and knowledge to those who were present. This week he will lecture on the character and accomplishment of the Reformed church. o 4 4


That "Y" is a very active organization on Hope's Campus is very much evidenced by the inviting announcements that are given in regard to the meetings as scheduled for each week. Newcomers in a college often are under the impression that Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. are groups of "goody-goodies" who gather to discuss some uninteresting topics of the day. However,' after listening to the announcements as given in chapel one readily concludes that Hope's "Y's" are not only very active and alert, but also very upto-date in handling^modern youth's From all appearances we are go- problems. ing to have a girls' Dormitory in the tower of the Chapel, else why are they screening it in?


"Royal Hungarian Orchestra."



Rev. Muste Leads Chapel Rev. C. B. Muste, educational secretary of Hope College who is in charge of Hope's interests in the East, and pastor of the "Reformed Church on the Heights," of Brooklyn, led in the chapel services Wednesday morning. Having read the chapter concerning the rich young man who came to Christ and yet let one thing keep him from entering the Kingdom, he referred in a short but very inspirational message, to Achan who, he said, measured by his beautiful garment and wedge of gold, not the value of his God, but of himself; and to Judas whose thirty pieces of silver was not his valuation of Christ, but of himself. Mr. Muste was also herd to give the convocation address at the beginning of the year.


dates and grapes. Hundreds of people are seasonably occupied in picking, sorting and packing dates, one of the chief products of the country. Mr. Toonin remarked about the new freedom of the country in many ways; he considered the better educated classes much more tolerant of the Christians, and new customs, such as the Europeanizing of the Moslem women's dress. He was greatly surprised here, however, a t the remarkable freedom of the women in the college. In his country coeducational schools are unheard of, and women never travel about in the evening, even in groups, without escorts. Incidentally, Mr. Toonin believes t h a t the Eastern women in European garb compare most favorably

wishes to announce through the columns of the Anchor that he will have his reply ready for the triumvirate next week he has appointed Miss Heyboer as his Secre-

Mr. Kamil Toonin, Hope freshman from Basrah, Iraq (formerly Mesopotamia) has some interesting comparisons to make between Holland, Mich., and his native country. Winter is not as cold as in Michigan there, and most of the people have never seen snow, but the weather is usually a disagreeable damp cold. Once in a few years in a severe cold spell, people will die from the cold, mainly due to lack of protection. At this season most of the people will have returned to the towns and cities after the harvest season,


in September and October, for with the best of America,

There are ladies left in this world of bustling business women. One such was entering a subway train the other day when a guard shouted in her ear, "Step lively!" She gave him a proud look. "I have no wish to tarry, sir," she said, and entered with dignity.


"He laughs by the summer stream. Where the Lilies nod and dream; who know little about the violin, As through the sheen of water cold and clear. but the audience was made up mainly of violinists and musicians, He sees the chub and sunflsh darting sheer." both teachers and students. An I think I shall never forget the interesting incident called the attention of many when a feeble old first time I read the delightful man, a teacher, and a small pupil poem of Maurice Thompson's enof seven years made their appear- titled "The Kingfisher," from which ance on the campus. Both were the above lines are taken. Perhaps bent on hearing the instrument because it represents associations they loved well played by an art- so vivid and undying to me, perist. The older perhaps had once haps because the poet has voiced held as much attention with his a bit of the unutterable felicity of precious well used instrument. The the woodsy unblighted freedom of young boy saw beautiful dreams of the hills and streams where the the time when he should hold great kingfisher dwells — perhaps, well, audiences spell bound by his skill, as a Spanish would say with an indeed he longed for the day when eloquent shrug, "quien sabe?" (who he would be large enough to dis- knows?). At any rate I learned card his miniature and play a reg- the poem and many, many times ular size violin. Age was puzzled, I have repeated it to myself, alhad lost its way and the child was ways with the keenest exhilaration leading him to Carnegie Hall. of the spirits, for always I am carWhich of the two appreciated the ried in memory to the hills and music more in comparison to his valleys of New York State, where capacity is hard to say. But both flows the French Creek of historileft that night with a smile on the cal fame, winding its way through lips and a tear in the eye. God the fertile farmlands toward the had given both a love for the beau- distant Allegheny river. The creek, as I have known it, tiful. is not merely a stream of water, rough or smooth as the case may CHRISTMAS CARDS be, but is a live, animated creature, a thing of moods, of passions, and Before you buy your Christ- so many of its qualities are so esmas cards, be sure to look over sentially human that it well rethe supply carried by the Y. pays a careful study, not as one W. C. A. You will not be would study a biological specimen, let us say, but as one studies unsony. knowingly perhaps, a close and The "Y" girls are selling much loved friend. beautiful cards at reasonable There are stretches of water in prices. the old creek that represent it in a quietly pensive mood — when it moves along with scarcely a ripple, lapping the blue flags and arr o # lemf «t it^ -mai^nt with unconscious intimacy, reflecting the movements of the clouds in its depths like a serene mind taking cognizance of hallowed reflection F. S. SERENADES GIRLS' a little of the intangible essence DORMITORY AT of life to guide when rougher eleLATE HOUR ments intrude and chafe the spirit. Even so is it with my friendly old The annual "Fraternal" serenade creek. Oh, I have lived with it was made at Voorhees Dormitory and loved it too long not to know last Friday, when the Fraters sang — for again, leaving behind all of fine romantic selections to the peerits poise it takes a leap downing heads above. Beneath the chilly ward and flashes against a precistars rang out "Sweetheart of Sigpice in a sudden unrest of spirit — ma Chi," "Sonny Boy," and simthe waters become turbid, they ilar dramatic hits of the season. whirl about uncertainly, something The Tremolo on the violin was no has upset the evenness of the way, exaggeration, for the temperature and if perchance a bowlder prowas far better for radio broadcasttrude its head, the waves play over ing than for nocturnal vocalizing. it petulantly, as if seeking a defiThe event being celebrated was nite cause for their unrest, yet not the election of society officers for sure just where lies the snag t h a t the second of the three terms. has caused the commotion. The "Fraternals" new officials are: Otto precipice itself looms cold and unYntema, president; Nellis Tanis, perturbable, a hundred feet of alvice-president; Bernard Arendsmost perpendicular clay and bowlhorst, secretary; and Henry Stefder towering above the flood and fens, treasurer. These will officilooking down with calm indifferate until the end of the next twelve ence upon the turmoil below. Yes, weeks. Titus Van Haitsma, a Hopethe creek and the cliff have become ite who enrolled from the distant very real and quite human to me. land of Zeeland, now reigns in But the mood changes again, and splendor as "Janitor." He adthe creek slips quietly beneath the dressed the Dorm girls during the outspread branches of some giant "serenade, making a brief but forcesycamore to form a still, dark, ful speech. pool, where the light is toned to a The "Fraternal Home" now has a mellow gray effect, and the suncandy store where members and shine stealing through the broad visitors can procure all the well leaves of the sycamore, dapples the known bars. surface of the water and lends an atmosphere of misty enchantment to the place. The water is very dark and cool here and though it Emersonian Literary Society held is apparently so quiet, yet the dark its winter election Friday, and depths teem with life; there are a f t e r the meeting had officers' big yellow bass who waty for their prey and waterboatmen ply their treat at the Green Mill Cafe. trade on the surface, or a solemn New officers are: waterskater takes his way along President, Clarence Diephouse the margin of the pool. However, Vice-Pres., Herman Harms the world is too full of interestSecretary, Earle E. Langeland ing things to allow of too long or Treasurer, Elwin Van den Belt deep brooding, and suddenly, with Sergeant at Arms, Chas. E. Roa boisterous, carefree laugh the zema stream springs from the cover into Keeper of Archives, Harry K. the sunlight, and such a rollicking, Smith gushing old stream it now appears! Seldom does one see a more spontaneous gaiety, the whole tenor of its way is simply a buoyant. light heartedness, as though it revelled in At the Addisonian Society meetits very wildness and freedom with ing, Friday, officers for the second an exultant gladness t h a t knows term were elected. They are: no bounds, and a t such times the President, Donald Hicks blue of the York State skies is reVice-Pres., Sidney Hiersma flected back with the warm richSecretary, Henry Bast ness of a- thousand sapphires, and Treasurer, Jack Gulick .the water a s it dances over the Custodian, Miles Peters


Emersonian Election



The Athletic Debt Diggers after just having emerged from a most successful football season have plunged into the basketball season with much enthusiasm. Through their untiring efforts during the past season they made enough money to give amply to the Athletic Association besides buying sweaters for themselves. Their plans for the coming season are being laid along similar lines and with the aid and co-operation of the HOPE Basketeer fans, much HOPE is being held for the swelling of HOPE's Athletic Fund. The girls in their new orange sweaters with blue "H's" looked very becoming and prosperous at the game Monday nite, all will agree. The best wishes of the student body is with you, "GIRLS," so "go to it!"

"Nature Talks"

Addisonian Election

Keeper of Archives, Edward L bowlders and pebbles that mark its way throws into the air tiny rainSwarthout (Continued on Pa«e 4)



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Husband: "I wonder when youH learn to make a cake like mother used to make?" Head ReporWr, G o r J u n V . n A r k ; Reporters, P a u l Brower, Alice William Clough, H . K . Smith, Wife: "Probably about the time Masselink, Cynthia P a l m e r , Margaret B e a c h ^ artin. you make an income like father used to make." BUSINESS STAFF H e r m a n Krui/enK". • • • mind McGilvra Business Manager " Z Z Z Z - Z Z L o i s D e Wolfe, Raymond Motor Cop: "Say, I've chased «m Assistants— .Harman Lang Circulatioa Manager. Harry Smith you over a mile to tell you that Assistant you're going-over sixty." Motorist: "Bad news travels fast, A N HONOR C O D E doesn't it." Had D i o g e n e s v i s i t e d W a s h i n g t o n and L e e u n i v e r s i t y in . . * search for an h o n e s t man, t h e Greek philosopher would h a v e ended" h i s j ^ ' a n d f o u n d d e l i g h t in t h e confidence t h e ^ A H t t l e boy, just - t u r n i n g ho,ne R E P O R T E R S (revised)

mw .


* i







"Well, I've found a penny toward it," said the old man. "Do you know," said a man on the train, "I'm beginning to beHeve in fortune telling?" "Why," asked his companion, "did something come t r u e ? " "Yes," was the reply, "the other 'hiy a fortune teller told me I would have money left me, and today, after paying my wife s dressmaker's bill, I've just thirty-seven cents left." »-ra




f o i m a n y 0U1S. oovprnl m o n t h s f A n overcoat h u n g in a cloakroom for s e ^ J ; it w a s taken down, d u s t e d and replaced. I h e o w n e i E a c h d a y it w a s laKen aowii, uuoccu a i m — would come f o r it s o m e day. T h a t honor code w a s e s t a b l i s h e d at t h e school by Gen. Robt E L e e w h e n he b e c a m e president in 1869. U n d e r i t s t u d e n t s a r e l e f t t o t h e m s e l v e s d u r i n g e x a m i n a t i o n s and c a n




and p e r f e c t e x a m p l e b e f o r e t h e reading e y e s of H o p e s - denIy a coin w h d to drop An dueut p n t buuuj'. odv it up. . i , old man stooped, and ^ picked i n o» u It is s o m e t h i n g well worth a f e w m i n u t e s of reading and "Has anyone lost a dollar, lie oondering. Can Hope be cited a s an e x a m p l e of a p e r f e c t l y inquired anxiously. F 6 _j. ; i i Nine passengers hurriedly working Honor Code, or e v e n t h o u g h t h e code is verbal, of an sean•ched. their pockets and shouted; "1 have." Honor and Code? o T h e a v e r a g e American of today p r o t e s t s t h a t t h e cares

Gems of Literature (Continued from last issue) By 0 . Y.

After Shakespeare comes Bacon Francis Bacon — who did for . . j i a i his more prosperous brother. The knglam anc con men k of her fur coat and Immedihis more prosperous brother. The rwigiuim unu *T.". of her fur coat a n mme llul1 other day, annoyed by his brother's thought what ^ Vo a^irej^ ^ a t p l y l s t a r t pcrspiring." refusal to leave his private office France the first genuine scien • • • ... u;.„ iK,, ,.i„nb nmi anitor tist — the first real , exponent Commercial Traveller (to propri„ . , of s e e him, the cloak and suiter . i n g checkers p i to him on the reason following the dull, scholasetol he found play insisted on S eak ng . . „ tic canonical superstition of the f r e n d n b a c k o f s t o r e ) ; D o le h o n e ; t o r e ) : u o telephone w i t h frien(1 in b a c k of s Middle Ages. Yet a man like you know there are two customers "i s that you, Sidney?" asked the Bacon could write in his "Essay on i n the store?" cloak and suiter. Adversity," — "Virtue is like preMerchant (who keeps right on . . Y e S | j a n l Mr came cious odors, most fragrant when C , S S they are incensed or crushed, for "You may not remember me; prosperity doth best discover vice, g 0 away." * * * . , t this is your brother Nathan. I but adversity doth best discover

come and go at will. Cheating on e x a m i n a t i o n s is un nown. P e r h a p s t h i s is bringing up an old and discarded issue, but n e v e r t h e l e s s t h e r e can be no h a m in bringing t h i s t r u e J




s t u d e n t s h a v e in t h e i r fellow men. asked how he liked to go to school. »lou t s A m i d n i g h t lunch table, well s t o c k e d and bearing a card H e re piied: "I like to go and I like ' <' batteries, 1 don't with a schedule of prices, is m a i n t a i n e d in a dormitory. In to come, but it's the staying stayi One of the partners in a big t h e m o r n i n g t h e table is bare e x c e p t f o r a c i g a r box of coins like." ^ t Wall Street banking house —- an w h i c h t h e s t u d e n t o w n e r collects. I t i s all profit, f o r t h e r e "Say, old fellow, it's strange to investment banker worth many milis no overhead. see you going around in that old lions — has a brother uptown in Barrels of apples and boxes of p e a n u t s are likewise sold l i g h t c o a t this chilly weather, while the cloak and suit trade. The two f W H p l n v n n r s p l f " clans bv s t u d e n t s w o r k i n g t h e i r w a y your wife is wearing a swell new brothers see very little of each on t h e "help y o u r s e l f " plans by ; othel. although the cloak aml fu t h r o u g h college. T h e o w n e r s report good profit wjth^ no | ' ™ ^ " a U I have to do is to suiter often calls at the office of o— , , .u tfiocnn -1w e lel , an l o s s e s, attributed to t h e f t . Football b a d g e s worth $ « . w e r e sold during one g a m e and t h e m o n e y stood unattended


Letter Tells of

Coats Furs

virtue." ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ How true it is as Lord Byron so ^ ^ ^ n o t u p m u s i c a l l y e x p r e s s e s 5t i n h i s . , s t a n . , date . . these days. There was an 7 ' a s ifor o r Mimic" to music, i here "There's not a joy the earth can 8 u d d e n c r y f r o m l h e gar( enf w . . M o t h e r G e r . give like that it takes away, b was la in ' , ,,, T * j u11 , When the plow of early thought aid's crashed, shouted his older declines in feelings dull decay, brother. T i s not on youth's smooth cheek, — the blush, alone which fades so fast, friendship that America had shown B u t t h e t e i u j e r b i o o m 0 f a heart toward China in the past and, espe- g K o n e » e r e y o u t h itself be past."

eral civilization if w e are too lazy to t h i n k ? N o really creat i v e work h a s resulted f r o m a n y t h i n g e x c e p t t h e v e r y h a r d e s t kind of conscious t h i n k i n g . A n d y e t t h e American public ,, •« 11? i.u i •!. • 4- ; 4-u« <1/iViinovi* rvf a flatters itself t h a t it can m a i n t a i n t h e intricate machmery of civilization i t s h a r d - t h i n k i n g a n c e s t o r s h a v e built up, w i t h only e a t i n g , a n d d r i n k i n g , a n d n o t w o r k i n g . It h a s been said t h a t t h e " g r e a t e s t thrill in t h e world comes with an inspiration." T h e A m e r i c a n y o u t h claims h e is .• , 1 ... f . i : f 0 u n f i *uQf fViora i« n o t h r i l l Ipfi

, h a d s p e n i i h h holiday in Chang- w a s h i s ( i e s i r e t h a t f r i endly rela- of the Khorassan," "Lalla Rookh," sha, the capital of our province, t j o n s b ( l restored and perpetuated and numerous other famous Perand it was the most wonderful between our countries and China, sian lyrics. holiday eve. observed here in this | ! e g r e a t , y deplored the fact that Here is a tale of love, of human clty 10 10 Kl w a s " the rise of Communism had led to devotion — free from superfluous

Perhaps if h e tried a little conscious c i e a t i v e t h i n k i n g , he m i g h t find t h e thrill he is s e e k i n g . T h e reason w e do not think m o r e m a y be due to our in. . --I i• i • j umi • herent laziness. T h o m a s Edison h a s said T h e r e is no e x p e d i e n t t o w h i c h a m a n will n o t r e s o r t t o o b v i a t e t h e n e c e s s i t y of hard th i n k i n g ." Are w e really a s lazy a s all t h a t ? W i t h o u t t h e d r e a m e r t h e w o r l d would c e a s e t o e x i s t a s such. W e speak not of t h e pure v i s i o n i s t but r a t h e r of t h e

^ n d every effort was made to !?af? i r t y a n ( | ^hut many of us had been aesthetic blindness of the lover, the people to rejoice in the hope obliged to leave China for our "It was a scene of mirth that o r f a rea and w o n d e r f u l n ° * * f f safety. But, now that war was drew a smile from even the Saint 4 future. We Americans naturall\ over it was the desire of the Chi- Banou, ^ / s h o u l d work and live As through the'd admiring werc thinkinK o( our own Fourth July a n d various emotions bere in peace and quietness. I wisn throng she went with stately steps 0f thrilled our breasts. Rather than y o u c o u i d h a v e s e e n a ii t h e ( i e c o r a . along. theorize about the importance of t j o n s a n ( | ^ e thousands that came And counted o'er that all might the ,,a > \ 1 am4 ^ ^omg to tell l o r; .. cc . t ! l 0 n e w g o v t , n o r . CCC the rubies of her rosary.

left for thought.

A n d now we find t h e s t u d e n t , w h o s e busi-

n e s s it is t o think, complaining t h a t he, too, is overburdened w i t h routine.

In a n t i t h e s i s to t h e s e claims of b u s y n e s s , t h e r e

c o m e s t h e s t a t e m e n t published recently in a m a g a z i n e of sci^ ((rp ^ t h p Qiirmlv nf a v a i l ence t h a t Today, Til the L r t l m F S t a t e s , t h e suppl> ot able e n e r g y is equivalent to s i x t y m a n - p o w e r for e v e r y man, w o m a n and child. T h e r e is n o w leisure for all to think, but t h e millions prefer t h e m o v i e s . " H o w can w e e v e r e x p e c t t o m a i n t a i n our rposition a m o n g t h e n a t i o n s a s t h e f o r e m o s t in t h e s c i e n c e s , a r t s , a n d in g e n -

satiated with the affairs of life, and that there is no thi HI lett.

The t h i n k i n g m a n is h a p p i e s t w h e n alone, f o r solitude g i v e s him t i m e t o think. P e r h a p s t h i s explanation will s e r v e tt oo indicate h ee reason h ee American oeonle prefer indicate tt h leason w wh h vj tt h American people preter tt h n et

Basketball Practice Has Started at Hope.

(^Vrin(rpH V lull

u n i t e d un(lel . t h e N a t i o n a l i s t flag. m u c h ( l e s t r u c t i o n o f f o r e i g ] 1 p r o p . p a a s i o n





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P t f o u r o c l o c k i n th(? a f t c r n ( ) o n ut none m , g 1 M1 1 e '' ^0, ( > we were present at a big union smile that lurked beneath her veil e „wn conclusions. But these con a ; e r m e e t i n g i n the city church " ' if I remind . „ , ^ . T^ Allah A l l l h fforbid! orbid! For who woul11 elusions will mean more where all of the Christians of ' ou t h a t f o r two ears t h , s c y wait her y >' ^ Changsha met in a prayer and blessing at the temple's > a n ( l t l s ,)r<) gat — ^ vni(.e have been t e p r a ; s e s e r v i c e T h c p r a y e r service ^ antl f re, n celin a d w h a t hol ^ ^j . - ° fore.gners K f Kwho " last d an hour and a half but there to kiss the ground >' man she would ever run knelt upon,

dreamer with e n o u g h cold, logical t h o u g h t behind his d r e a m s ^ to m a k e t h e m a reality. W h e n he d r e a m s t h i n g s are created. A n d d r e a m i n g is t h e m o s t pleasant kind of t h o u g h t .

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A t t i t l l H P S cially, during the year which had How lacking we are in the apjus^ c | o s e ( j Then he asked the preciation of our comforts, our whole audience to rise to show to friends, or our dear ones until they Changsha, China, u s w h o were Americans the grati- are gone and we can live up to October 12, 1928. t U ( j e 0 f china for these recent tok- them no more. How would it be Dear Friends: ens of friendship. After this one possible to enjoy happiness withT h i s h a S b e e n a WCek of r a t h c r , of us was asked to make a brief, out first experiencing. unusual events and I thought you r e s p 0 n s e perhaps, this means lit- — Sorrow! might be interested to know that t l e t o y o u ^ b u t i t m e a n g m u c h t o "Comfort! Comfort scorned of October tenth of 1!>2S vsa.s far dif- ut{ w | 1 0 g ^ | | remember the bitter devils! f e r e n t f r o m l h a t o f th c u 0 p,ec( (1 This is the truth the poet sings. . ' ' ' attitude of the past months. The sorrow's crown of sorrows n(? ar8 hlle t h i ' ^ - ^ ' ' ; " ^ I" the afternoon we were greatly day of the Chinese Republic, is ob- l , r i v ii < .„ tH i t o kg invited to a recenIs remembering happier things." .f t t h e g o v e r n o r . s y a m e l l s e l . v e i i c v o l , y y e a r throughout the [ i H n Such is Tennyson's interpretation i a n d , the nature of the festivities -phere, in the presence of thou- of sorrow — joy and happiness. One of the greatest lyricists of differs materially from time to s a n ( j s 0f p r 0 minent Chinese, all the time - T h e n ' t t 00 » t h c celebration is foreigners resident in this com- all time, with the exception posdifferent in different paits of the munitv were uubliclv received by sibly of Henrich Heine, is Thomas ';>v£^or ^ ^ > country T h i s w a s t h c flrst t i m e that t h e a u t h o r of ,.The P r u p h e t

of ordinary s u b s i s t e n c e t a k e s o m u c h t i m e t h a t he has none


met you in our father's house."


^ V l o ' d r a w your





we[ ; no emba


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crowded places. H e IS a f r a i d to be alone With himself f o r were in the city found it wise to o f t h e ! , e pu, e s e Christians h a v e If once by luckless chance he k n e w s h e lookt (1 f e a r t h a t h e m i g h t have to t h i n k . Of this, Aristotle has said, remain in hiding, so strong was seen rt a n t di ys of i)ersecution and * and smiled as he f e e , n o t h o r s (,o! "The man of n o v i r t u e or ability is his own worst e n e m y , and ^ j » against all the so-called t h e : . a r ., ( | L . ep i y grateful to God for "

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reall v l ^ ' n m m i n i 1 1 ^ - n r k i n ^ t h e q u : " t 1,11(1 p e n c o o f t h e s e p r e s " ^ I c M ® o r e 18 i n h ' s 1 year communism was still hoiking e n t d a y g Refreshments followed betrayal of blind, fanatic devouthavoc in many a Chinese home as t h e m e c t ; ness. "Truth and Beauty—Beauty A LETTER well as in schools, ho.spitals, and . . " . . and Truth," as Keats savs, "that is t. Latl m the evcnin ^ t h e r e w e r e SEVEN—ANCHOR—W " I hardly k n o w w h e t h e r y o u would m y w r i t i n g to churches. Not so in 1928. lfl 1 disposed presume on on tmh ee b e rW e ^ w e r e aena(ri l y r i 8 e r a o^n O c t^o - wcorr od ® - . , ' ! ( ' w ° r k s l{n{ j th® all you know on earth, andt hall you yvou* o u , yv ee tt Ii feel teel sstromrlv trong y d i s p o s e a ss oo if aa rr to to presume w d 8 thronged the streets that n c e d t 0 k n o w ! „ Keat8 e rich old relation w h i c h e x i s t e d between us a s to e x p r e s s m y earn- g r o u p s o f 8 t u d e n t s h e i . e o n t h e wer 2 sc gay with lanterns and col- l ) o e t i c g e n i u s w h o c o m p o s e ( 1 4 4 E n d y .

is afraid of solitude." A r e y o u afraid of s o l i t u d e ?

e s t hope t h a t y o u will not a t t a c h too much i m p o r t a n c e to campus in the ceremonies attendy o u r disappointment, w h a t e v e r it m a y have been, at t h e re- ing the raising of the Nationalist cent examination.

I believe t h a t 1 a t t a c h q u f t e u s m u c h



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c!lar!r ed m a B i c






Hope College Fellows


of t h e h a l



of t


past 1



and if such a f r u i t is in a n y w a y traceable to Kugby, t h e n I , ^ ^ ^ 1.1 i,r..i i. — I • j , .. „ sum^ of thehistory history of China dura m proud and t h a n k f u l t o h a v e had s u c h a man a s m y pupil. ing the past eighteen and T h o m a s Arnold ( L e t t e r to a S t u d e n t . ) then at some length the

. "e"

i t

eat poet of English literature, to of ™ the «"• ^


W 'e Tappreciate your jpatro" " , "!

the great-

T h e n we h a v e Shell


n age

. l " ,?re P ® .the Be8t


P u b l i ^ " M a y d i v i r f d e L ' w i t h " t h e most tatellec6thoUBan<, ^ tual vocabulary. We have his M year8 * , "Ozymandias," a marvelous satire With sincere greetings and good l n v e r 8 4 ! j . . E n g l a n d o f i8 1 9," his




°se unhcarld'

^ of


a Are sweeter, therefore ye soft on;„


i s in m y j u d g m e n t a credit to t h e school, i n a s m u c h a s i t At nine o'clock there was a big s h o w s t h a t t h e m e n w h o g o f r o m here t o t h e U n i v e r s i t y do patriotic meeting at the church and t h e i r d u t y t h e r e ; and t h a t is t h e real point which alone t o m y representatives of the school sang mind reflects t h e honor e i t h e r on individuals or on s o c i e t i e s : a n d d e l i v e r e d "^dresses. Theipas-


¥ melodies are sweet, but " Heard


self g r e a t injustice, and t o think t h a t his efforts h a v e been cheers with great enthusiasm, we who have experienced something



p e e0opie. Posters decorate all o n t h e f o a m . . P Pieuecorau, an Qf p e r i | o u s s e a g | i n f a i r y i a n d s wal1 ^ a n d ^ a t € 8 ' b u t n o l o n ^ r forlorn," those dreadful - anti-foreign ones. , t , a n d t h e «0de to a Grecian Pul>lic "fat"" lecture on street U n ^

n o t h i n g but w h a t you know q u i t e well a l r e a d y ; still a m o m e n - ^4 " J ® ' i ' ' | J ^ , , ' . , . He. Perhaps it is too early to conJ uh-siang High school was in Lnit a r y f e e l i n g of disappointment m a y t e m p t a m a n to do him- c a g 0 , a s t y e a r a s h e l e d t h c gratulate China, but those of us,

effort, a hundred t i m e s more t h a n

We Call For and Deliver


prl nc pal of t h c

attended by no proportionate f r u i t . I can only s a y , f o r one, 'night have imagined ourselves on t h a t a s f a r a s t h e real honor of R u g b y is concerned, it i s t h e <" ">at American Uni-

13 E. 8th St.


1 o f

I a m s a y i n g the country flourish for ten thou- ^ n l t i o n a l sins dem.unced^n d

Phone 5328

mion," "Ode to a Nightingale," . . . th/eo days and every.« T h e s a m e t j l a t o f t t i m e s hath

Then there was singing of

value a s is reasonable to u n i v e r s i t y d i s t i n c t i o n s ; but it woudd n a t l o n a l a n t h c m s a n (l tliiee rousing , . .. . . ,. • * , ^ T cheers for the new China, ending be a g r i e v o u s evil if t h e g o o d of a m a n S reading f o r thr^e what was formerly reserved y e a r s w e r e all to depend on t h e result of a single e x a m i n a t i o n , for the Emperor, the "Wang Shui" affected as t h a t result m u s t e v e r in s o m e degree be by c a u s e s "Wang Shui," which means "may independent of a man's intellectual excellence.

o m l

D. Schaftenaar, Prop.





0 g

' Yours truly,

Nettie R. De


"Indian Serenade."

t But the most

SerV, Ce


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Ruth Kennell has heard that she is going to have a surprise for Christmas. She hopes it is a dog but is a f r a i d that it's a diamond. Everything considered we can't help but hope it's the latter for surely t h a t would be the less harmful for the rest of us.

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Several students went to Grand Rapids, Wednesday evening to hear Sousa's Band.

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The men have had their turn, so now it is up to the girls to amuse. Yes, the girls' societies are holding their initiations this week. Didn't you enjoy t h a t little added amusement at the game Monday night? • » •




Oh yes! Voorhees Hall helped to entertain about twenty of the fellows attending the older boy's conference. It is said t h a t some of our younger dormites exhibited unusual interest.


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An honored dinner guest at Voorhees one evening last week was Master Junior Lubbers. Come again, Bobby, maybe Grace will have another aeroplane then. • • »


HOPE1TES: You are invited to use the Banking facilities of

We are glad to see Miss De Pree back again in the library. No, we can't get along without her. » • »


We hope to see soon all the students who've been indulging in the flu, too.

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You didn't know some of our f a culty were going on the stage, did you? We are assured that if you had seen Mr. Lubbers and Mr. Raymond a t the last meeting of the Century Club, you would believe it. What will the constituency say? » • • Have you noticed the relieved and happy expressions on the faces of some of the Seniors recently, and also quite the opposite in others? It is merely t h a t the first twelve weeks of practice teaching is over and the second begun. • • • We thought Voorhees wasn't going to have any more serenades. But the F r a t e r s fooled us and came around with a fine one Friday night. •


Miyo Tase has received a g i f t of one hundred beautiful Japanese •5» prints, copies of the old masters. Of course, we envy her. •


Onions, onions, who wants an onion ? No, not one, but to the consumer of twenty goes the first prize with twelve ranking second. This was the record set in Voorhees dining hall.

The Laccy Studio 19 E. 8th St. [upstairs]


Other guests a t Voorhees Hall were Kay Mentink, '28, and Violette Koeppe. *

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While we are at the subject of the vacation t h a t is past we will say also that Miss Essie Eerie of Cincinnati was the guest of Miss Gibson. A luncheon was given in her honor by Miss Gibson, and Miss Boyd entertained a t dinner. • * •

Candlts, Fancy Sundaes, H o t Fudge Sundaes, H o t Chocolate, Toasted Sandwiches, Johnson's Chocolates

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R t i r of O l l l . t

heesites we wish to announce that the dorm indulged in two Thanksgiving dinners. Two good meals a year, Mr. Diekema!


t h e business m a n .


For the benefit of those kind people whose sympathy is continually being displayed toward Voor-


Manicuring and Finger Wavi

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First and foremost we congratulate the student body on its success with the faculty concerning the matter of Christmas vacation. Seventeen whole days! — and we trust, they won't be wasted. « « *




"That, my boy," said the forger of coins to his son as they passed the Mint, "is my principal competitor."

"Let Flick Do It"


Money may talk, but it nevei gives itself away. *

Hope Students have proved to themselves beyond their own expectations that "the Paris way" offers a better cleaning service


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This Changing World To-day, you can see big buildings erected noiselessly—by electric welding. The structural steel worker is dropping his clattering hammer for the elearic arc. Silently, swiftly, rigidly, economically, buildings are being fabricated by electric welding, which knits steel with joints as strong as the metal itself.

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SKILL In the first game of the 1928-29 court season the Hope basketball teams defeated the Seventh Reformed Church of Grand Rapids by a score of 28-14. The game, although not particularly closely contested, was interesting enough to watch. The Hope College squad had an immense advantage in that they had available over twenty men, any of whom could be substituted at any time. The first team that appeared for Hope was made up of Martin, Van Lente, Klay, De Pree, and De

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P I C K - U P S By Percy Kuted

Y O U ARE WELCOME! Our city correspondent has notified us t h a t the sport-writer of one of the city dailies has published an all-city team. We wonder in silent awe at his audacity; however, we understand that he is a College Freshman — that may account for his lack of convention. • • »

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The cheering problem for the year has been solved. One moment of listening to the yelling of Hicks and Co. at the last game was enough to convince anyone of the superiority of that group. Boys, the apple dumpling is yours. * « *



It is a pleasure — a very great great pleasure — to note t h a t two members of our faculty are not Scotch. For f u r t h e r information Velder. This proved to be the fast- see the Junior who put up chairs est combination of the evening and or Mr. Laughlin. * * « considerable of the scoring was done by this aggregation. HowOur representative in Copenhaever, in a short time a second team gen informs us that Nurmi has consisting of Tigelaar, De Young, turned pro. This takes one of the Vanderbush, Becker and Cook, ap- best distance men out of the amapeared and made a splendid effort teur field and we sure hate to see to continue the fast work of the him go. Professionalism seems to former team; and they succeeded take the kick out of athletics bein a very creditable manner. From cause we look down upon the felthis time on the various combina- low that turns his athletic ability tions of men were tried. into money; and we admire the felThe first half was characterized low who turns his musical ability by swift, smooth, steady playing by or any other ability into ready the Hope squad, while the Grand cash. Is our attitude really f a i r ? • • • Rapids group seemed to be ut a loss to cope with the speed of thc "Heinie" Steffens was selected as Hope men. However, at the begin- center on the second M. I. A. A. ning of the second half the Grand eleven. Martin, Japinga, Klay, Rapids group seemed to rally, and and Cook were given honorable did some very clever, and rapid mention. There were some good scoring for several minutes. But in results of the past football seaa short time the Hope team sub- son, it seems. » • » dued our visitors, and the game ended as Indicated by the score. The basketball team will be leavThe Hope scoring was as follows: ing for their pre-Xmas trip in a Floor Shots Fouls few days. We certainly wish the Martin ? boys lots of luck and hope that Van Lente they won't be lost in the primitive De Velder wilds of Iowa. Cook = I Becker De Pree 1 Vanderbush 0


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„ *

(Continued from page 2) ecstatic, the most beautifully constructed of them all is the "Sensitive Plant," a delicate, fragile description of human emotions. "And when evening descends from the Heavens above. And the earth was all rest, and the air was all love, And delight though less bright was f a r more deep, And the day's veil fell from the world of sleep.

Nature Talks

in the percentage of college students whom we are privileged to serve

(Continued from Pu^e I.

bows of an iridescence only matched by the superb coloring on the neck and back of the starlings that search for food on the banks. We wonder what we will find around the next bend — see, — there where the pine tree to.wers — and we wonder as we turn away what it is that the stream whispers to • • • the pine as it washes against its Then the pied-wind flowers, and roots, something delightful I know the tulip tall — and next time we come for a And narcissi, the fairest of them hike, perhaps we shall have time all, Who gaze with their eyes on the to stop and listen and so learn the secret. stream's recess, Till they die of their own sweet loveliness." . . . a superb and almost divine inspiration of twilight in a garden of Nature's own. What a wealth of beauty and power would Shelley have experienced had he lived at Nishapur with its hanging flower gardens and the splendor of the Oriental East! (To be continued)

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