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The Anchor t a k e s p l e a s u r e in presenting h e r e w i t h to its m a n y adm i r e r s a C h r i s t m a s f r u i t cake of j o u r n a l i s m ; a m i x t u r e of seriousness and l a u g h t e r ; sophistication and inspiration; all p e r m e a t e d , we hope, w i t h the g a y leaven of the holiday spirit.

Cheer Up, Zero's Nothing



Recently s t a t e officials m a d e an inspection of t h e boys' dormitory and declared t h a t two fire escapes would have to be built. T h e administration believes t h a t this will Majority Choose Teaching, Ministry, Business, be unnecessary since the n u m e r o u s w a t e r fights which occur m a k e the Chemistry building so d a m p t h a t it would be impossible for a fire to s t a r t . FurHINKAMP IN CHARGE thermore, the Bastille now has a m o n g its m e m b e r s one of the P r o f e s s o r Paul E. H i n k a m p , colmost competent of fire chiefs to lege pastor, recently announced the protect them, R o b e r t H a y n e r . following as a s u m m a r y of the inWith two g a m e s to be played f o r m a t i o n g a t h e r e d by him r e g a r d during C h r i s t m a s vacation, let's ing the religious s t a t u s and vocahope our b a s k e t e e r s don't g e t too tional p r e f e r e n c e of the m e m b e r s of the f r e s h m a n class. This survey m a n y candy canes in t h e i r socks. is based on personal conferences If only Les Vanden Ilorg would held with 145 new s t u d e n t s . have pumped a bicycle to Grand Those coming f r o m the city of Rapids and back, the Anchor might Holland n u m b e r 45); those f r o m the have presented him a gold-plated rural routes n u m b e r 19; t h o s e f r o m canary. outside of Holland's postal jurisdiction n u m b e r 77. Whenever P r o f e s s o r G r e e n w a y of 70f/i> Church Members Western State T e a c h e r s ' College is The number of those who have asked w h a t his profession is, he become communicant m e m b e r s of usually a n s w e r s , "I polish billiard some church is 101. This is almost balls, but it is o f t e n very h a r d to 70 per cent of the total number, a get a n y t h i n g into t h e m . " Undoubtdecrease of 2.5 p e r cent f r o m last edly more than one p r o f e s s o r is all year. Practically all are r e g u l a r balled up at times. a t t e n d a n t s at church services and Every time one of his s t u d e n t s Sunday school. Two-thirds m a k e was tardy to his classes in organic Bible reading a daily practice; the chemistry at K a l a m a z o o College, rest are somewhat less r e g u l a r in Dr. L. F . S m i t h obtained a candy this r e g a r d . Daily p r a y e r is the bar. Twice this semester Dr. Smith practice of nearly all. There are 27 who have had exhimself was t a r d y . The result — perience as r e g u l a r teachers of Dr. Smith served the class an oyster supper T u e s d a y evening at Sunday school classes, while 17 his home. Hope c h e m i s t r y s t u d e n t s have had experience a s substitutes. are a n t i c i p a t i n g a chicken dinner Almost 50 have held offices in f r o m Dr. Van Zyl in t h e near Christian E n d e a v o r societies or their equivalent. As to a t t e n d a n c e future. at Y. M. and Y. W. meetings, 60 A class in radio b r o a d c a s t i n g a t report r e g u l a r a t t e n d a n c e and 23 Drake university conducted some irregular. Many of those not atexperiments a n d discovered t h a t tending live short distances outside the best way to make a sound like of Holland, and r e t u r n home each a kiss on the a i r was simply to kiss day a f t e r classes.

By Talented Artists

Press has P r o f . ComThe date of George Frederick you do not Handel's " M e s s i a h " is set f o r Tuesw a r n s the day, December 17, to be given, as is customary, in Memorial chapel. Statistics indicate t h a t 200,000 It will be s u n g by the Holland children now a t t e n d i n g school in Choral Union, comprised of the the United S t a t e s will probably be- chapel choir and the Holland Civic come criminals. Goodness only Chorus, and soloists well known in knows what t h e o t h e r s will be- their field. They are as follows: Miss M a r j o r i e McClung, soprano; come. Miss Beatrice Brody, contralto; Two s t u d e n t s are w o r k i n g their A r t h u r K r a f t , tenor; Raymund way t h r o u g h the University of Koch, bass. A selected orchestra New H a m p s h i r e by r u n n i n g a will accompany. trouser p r e s s i n g establishment. We In marked c o n t r a s t to last y e a r ' s p r e s u m e t h e y find t h e business p e r f o r m a n c e of the " M e s s i a h " a t profitable. I n the old d a y s all a which only s t a n d i n g room was acollegian would do to p r e s s his vailable, reserved s e a t s will be givt r o u s e r s w a s to place t h e m be- en to the s t u d e n t s upon p r e s e n t a tween the m a t t r e s s a n d bedspring tion of activities tickets a t the (Continued on P a g e 8) door.





Library Acquires Works Impossible to Buy Under Budget








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Jappinga Wins Place O n A l l M . I. A . A . Team Hope Co-Captains Named on Second Squad; Scots Place 4 F r e d J a p p i n g a , p l u n g i n g fullback and kicker and p a s s e r deluxe, w a s awarded the fullback berth on the mythical All M. I. A. A. t e a m selected by the conference coaches. When the final selections f o r the M. I. A. A. mythical elevens was complete, Hope college found t h a t three of h e r players had received the honor of being chosen the best in the league, one on the first team and two on the second team.

the back of t h e hand. It seems A m o n g the denominations repret h a t a kiss on t h e back of the hand sented, either as communicant sounds more like a real kiss than a members or a d h e r e n t s , 100 are Rereal kiss itself. formed, 18 Christian Reformed, 11 Methodist, 4 P r e s b y t e r i a n , 2 BapProfessor W. (J, W o r k m a n of tist, 2 L u t h e r a n , 2 Episcopal and Emory university in A t l a n t a . (Ja., 2 Wesleyan Methodist. P r o t e s t a n t became very much wrought up beReformed, Associate Reformed, J a p p i n g a S h a r e s Berth cause he hypnotized one of his stuCongregational and Open Bible dents who remained in the trance J a p p i n g a shares the fullback church each have one r e p r e s e n t a three days. Only three d a y s ? The position with Allman of Albion tive. professor certainly is a piker. He who was chosen l a s t y e a r as the More to Teach should see some of the Hope stubest fullback in the M. I. A. A. Vocations p r e f e r r e d a r e : Teach- while Fred, then still a sophomore, dents. ing, 56; gospel ministry, 11; chem- w a s placed on the second team. "Don't m a r r y a girl who's late istry, 12; business, 11; medicine, This year F r e d ' s fine playing won for dates," w a r n s Dr. A l f r e d Adler, U; journalism, 5; law, 4; f o r e s t r y , him a place on the t e a m along with noted Viennese psychologist. Well, •N medical missionary work, music, Allman. w h a t the n a u g h t y , n a u g h t y word architecture, s t e n o g r a p h y , dentistThe selection is a f e a t h e r in J a p t h a t Dr. N y k e r k won't allow us to ry, civil engineering, electrical pinga's cap because, without a print, are we going to m a r r y ? engineering and mechanical engidoubt, Allman is a fullback of no La Anchor, 56 frosh admit they neering, 2 each; advertising, li- mean ability and to be rated on a are going to be t e a c h e r s ; 11, min- b r a r y work, accounting, dietetics, p a r with such a versatile player, isters; 12, chemists, etc. Hut not aviation and u n d e r t a k i n g , 1 each. in fact, a one man t e a m , is in it(Continued on P a g e 7) one of the 145 will own up to the self a high honor. However, Allfact that he's going to be presm a n is a senior, so watch Fred ident. Are our f r o s h b a s h f u l ? Or, Messiah Sung Dec. 17 next year. maybe, t h e y ' r e all Republicans. Hope's captains, George HeerThe Grand Rapids monickered Dr. Nykerk ma. " B u t m a k e certain omit one of the m ' s , " venerable dean of men.

Number 6

Hope College, Holland, Mkh., December, 11 1935

Volume L

F i r s t Team LE—Wilson Block, A l m a . L T — J o e Newell, Kalamazoo. LG—Leo W a s h b u r n , Alma. C—John Somers, Kalamazoo. RG—A. Stanich, Hillsdale. RT—Melvin Fuller, A l m a . R E — B r u n o N a r d i , Hillsdale. QB—W. Survilla, Kalamazoo. LH—Riley Block, A l m a . RH—Clayton Linton, Hillsdale. F B — R o b e r t Allman, A l b i o n , and Fred J a p p i n g a , Hope (tied).

Milestone Pictures Discussed at Meet

First T e a m Selections Have Stood Out All Season The following were awarded honorable mention: Backs — George Finley, Kazoo; J o h n Gilbert, A l m a ; J o h n Robbert, Hope; Maurice H o g a n , Hillsdale. E n d s — R a l p h Breadon, Hillsdale. Tackles—George Matthews, Albion; Robert Mack, Alma; Tom Weeks, Albion. Guards—Ekdal Buys, Hope; Sidney Katz, Kazoo; Charles Cameron, Kazoo; Eldon Tooker, Albion; Merton Daglow, Hillsdale; Max Dean, Alma. All M. I. A. A. t e a m .

Pictures to Cost One Dollar; Would Last Student Four Y ears

Wilson Block, Alma

The class of 1928 played t h e p a r t of S a n t a Claus when it p r e sented a g i f t to t h e college l i b r a r y recently. At its reunion held d u r ing commencement week of t h e p a s t year, the class donated to t h e l i b r a r y an a m o u n t a p p r o x i m a t i n g $285 f o r a n y p u r p o s e the l i b r a r i a n m i g h t consider u s e f u l to t h e s t u dents. " T h e generous and unexpected g i f t m a d e it possible f o r t h e lib r a r y to acquire some splendid books. I t w a s decided t h a t p e r h a p s t h e wisest way to spend a g i f t of this kind would be t o p u t it into general and r e f e r e n c e works t h a t would be of p e r m a n e n t value a n d usefulness, otherwise impossible f o r the l i b r a r y to obtain under i t s b u d g e t , " explained Miss A g n e s Tysse, librarian. This plan w a s c a r r i e d out a n d the following books were chosen and a r e now available f o r use: Dictionary of N a t i o n a l B i o g r a p h y . 22 vols, and s u p p l e m e n t s . E w e n : Composers of today. F i r k i n s : Index to plays, a n d suppl. F i r k i n s : Index to s h o r t stories. 2nd ed. F i r k i n s : Index to s h o r t stories. Supplement. O x f o r d History of Music. 7 vols. Stevenson: H o m e book of m o d e m verse. Stevenson: H o m e book of q u o t a tions. D u n b a r : Complete poems. Russell: Collected poems of A. E . S a n d b e r g : Selected poems. T e a s d a l e : Rivers to the sea. Y e a t s : L a t e r poems. U n t e r m e y e r : M o d e m American poe t r y . 4th ed. U n t e r m e y e r : M o d e m British poetry. 3rd ed. Clark: World d r a m a , an anthology. 2 vols. Cohen: One act p l a y s by m o d e m authors. Cohen: More one act p l a y s by mode m authors. Shay: F i f t y more contemporary one a c t plays. S h a y : Twenty-five s h o r t plays, international. S h a y : T r e a s u r y of p l a y s f o r women. S m i t h : Types of f a r c e comedy. E a c h of the volume contains a book plate b e a r i n g t h e legend HOPE C O L L E G E LIBRARY. G I F T O F T H E C L A S S O F 1928.

A versatile p l a y e r , although not h e f t y . Capable of causing oppone n t s plenty of trouble t h r o u g h his a g g r e s s i v e tactics and his defensive Individual pictures f o r students work. were discussed at the Milestone Joe Newell, Kalamazoo staff m e e t i n g T h u r s d a y , Dec. 5. Newell, a t h r e e letter m a n in The suggestion was brought up football a t Kalamazoo h a s been a t h a t student pictures be taken dur- t o w e r of s t r e n g t h in the H o r n e t ing the f r e s h m a n y e a r to last f o u r line this year. Not a flashy player, years, t h u s doing a w a y with the Newell, however, w a s a s t e a d y one bother of h a v i n g a new picture and did much to bolster his side of taken every year. T h i s plan would the line and open u p holes f o r the necessitate the t a k i n g of only one backs. M.I.A.A. Coaches Oppose picture f o r t h e f o u r y e a r s in colLeo W a s h b u r n , Alma lege. A f t e r an explanation of the Round-Robin Schedule A n o t h e r player whose s t r e n g t h details of the plan by P r o f e s s o r lays in his s t e a d y field play a n d in inga and Ken V a n d e r Velde, were Clarence De G r a a f , f a c u l t y adviser, his ability to open holes f o r A l m a ' s The round-robin schedule p r o named tackle and g u a r d respectiveit was accepted almost unanimous- fleet backfield. posed f o r f u t u r e M. I. A. A. f o o t ly on the second t e a m . Both have ly by the s t a f f . J o h n Sommers, Kalamazoo ball g a m e s h a s invoked a b u r s t of been s t a n d o u t s on t h e Hope line all U n d e r this a r r a n g e m e n t the stuS o m m e r s took t h e center job in criticism from t h e conference season and the Anchor dopester dent would be entitled to two sit- a w a l k a w a y . No one in t h e M. 1. coaches and a t t h e m e e t i n g of M. doped t h a t they would find places t i n g s a t the p h o t o g r a p h e r . He A. A. could a p p r o a c h him in abil- I. A. A. officials held l a s t week, the on the first team. would be allowed his choice of the ity both on the offense and defense. proposition w a s t a b l e d until a l a t e r Alma college, M . I . A . A . champs, two proofs. The cost of the work meeting. A1 Stanich, Hillsdale u n d e f e a t e d and untied this year, would be one dollar f o r every stuStanich in being selected All M. T h e proposed p l a n would elimplaced f o u r men on the team. Kaldent. This plan would eliminate the 1. A. A. is only following in t h e i n a t e a g r e a t deal of outside comamazoo and Hillsdale had three cost and b o t h e r of h a v i n g a pic- f o o t s t e p s of his illustrious b r o t h e r . petition and would provide f o r places on the t e a m while Albion t u r e t a ke n every y e a r and would Al, however, deserves a place on some of the conference schools to and Hope placed one m a n apiece. create a m u c h b e t t e r looking an- t h e t e a m because he w a s b y f a r m e e t twice in o n e season. T h e Five Repeat nual since t h e p h o t o g r a p h s a r e re- t h e best on Hillsdale's line. m a i n objection w a s to t h e f a c t the Five m e n who in 1934 received touched several times. Senior, Melvin Fuller, Alma plan would do a w a y w i t h a lot of a place on the h o n o r t e a m a g a i n junior, sophomore a n d f r e s h m e n A s k a n y lineman in the M. I. A. t r a d i t i o n a l g a m e s between natural r e p e a t e d in the 1935 selections. The p i c t u r e s would all be of u n i f o r m A. who w a s the b e s t m a n a g a i n s t rivals who w e r e not members of Block b r o t h e r s of Alma, Bruno size. A n o t h e r a d v a n t a g e to t h e stu- w h o m he played and h e l l prob- the M. I. A. A. Naturally these N a r d i and Clayton Linton of Hills- dent would be t h e f a c t t h a t these ably n a m e F u l l e r of Alma. games are a big drawing card and dale, and A l l m a n of Albion w e r e pictures could be m a d e in a n y Bruno Nardi, Hillsdale coaches feel that by eliminating t h e p l a y e r s chosen two y e a r s in q u a n t i t y , if so desired, and used as A l o n g w i t h Block, Nardi gives them the schools would suffer succession. g i f t pictures. financially. (Continued on Page 5 )




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E December 11, 1935 HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR




ArcRubber Banded

"GENIUS Conducted by SYLVIA H U X T A B L E

BURNS" IV. (This shows fine feeling) TRUTH




Santa and Satan



Patronize with a Purpose


IIF r-




|l I

By K a t h l e e n Donahue The t r a d i t i o n a l C h r i s t m a s orato-

rio, the " M e s s i a h , " is scheduled The editor of t h i s column takes Eternal truth— pleasure in p r e s e n t i n g to its read- We search f o r thee in all t h e move _ 1 t h i s y e a r f o r T u e s d a y , December Dear E d i t o r : j ers a little anthology of c a m p u s 17. ment of t h e universe. A f t e r the astounding response to literature and verse. Some of it is F o u r distinguished soloists have EDITORIAL S T A F F Immortal t r u t h — the wholesale invitation for an light in tone and some is serious; We search f o r Ihee beneath the b e e n engaged. Miss M a r j o r i e McEQITOR-IN-CHIEF Z " L all-collegiate Dutch-date p a r t y is[the whole is proof t h a t " g e n i u s layers of this ageless e a r t h , c l u n g will sing s o p r a n o . Miss McASSOCIATE ^ sued by t h e Anchor last week n o , ^ burn„ ^ Hope: Enduring t r u t h c l u n g t a n a t i v e of G r a n d Rapids other conclusion can be d r a w n than j H ^ N K E B m T O R V a n d e r Laan t h a t Hope college is s t a r v i n g for We search f o r thee in all we know ^ , f m who t h in ha(le of S h a k e s p e a r e ! a tru H E A D L I N E BDITUK - • • Mnndv of lives long passed ""<1 « B r a ' l u a t c o f U - . o f M - w h 0 parody) ASSIGNMENT EDITOR O r V i l l e Hino more campus activity, i h e cooperAnd yet we find thee not unless h a s studied in Leipzig, s a n g in ation shown and t h e f r i e n d l y spirit YOUTH TYPIST We see in them the Being that is G r a n d R a p i d s recently a n d was advanced by the p a r t i c i p a n t s i " T h e w i n K S o f l o v e a r e n o t s h o r n DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS a over all— heralded by critics a s g r e a t e r t h a n this indicate t h a t , . p v e n ^ t f r o m the M n i ^ i o n . M a r y Janc V a u p c i l : J l u „ n i . E t h e l V e n d e r Z a . . ; C A - M ^ The God who m a d e the stars, t h e l J c p s o n o{ the M c t r o . a chance, Hopeites are willing to | Editorial. JoJin V a n d e r M c u l c n ; F,at urn. Angclyn I^nte; f ^ n . J y . dorm earth, and m a n ' s immortal soul. ^ •f S y l v i a H u m b l e ; Muiu. K a . h l c e n D o n a h u e : . I V . e , V ..ul.-u l e r : C .1 . loosen uj) and make Hope a single Into the a r m s beneath. She is Elizabeth Nieusma, ^ p o h t a n . Miss McClung ably assistS i o r , , . R e n i e r P a p e . a a y a n d R u c l l V a n T a . e n h o v e . ) . -W. IVcr U l . n u n . >.«».(.. social unit instead of a bunch of kissed . . . ed the civic chorus in the " M e s s i a h " Esther B u l t m a n . cliques who attend the college. I Twirp Ki^spn SPECIAL REPORTERS V. I two years ag3, b u t it is said t h a t functions as if each group were '' C u r n o l i Uf Hi*-zee Lord of youth, it is blessed Ixstrr Wolteiink T a v i l I l o l l e m a u Andrew I.ampen one up in a rubber band and laH a i o l d \\ eidner Winter trod the s t r e e t outside a s she is now even m o r e capable. RII*»<1 V a n l a t e n h o v e l.cMer \ ' . i n ' l a t e n h o v e To destroy degrees; bring to n a u g h t Willi.!tu Foppinlc S v K ia U n l i a b l e H i l l I )r d r o o l beled. Jean Roitschacfer Paul Boyink anxiously a s a wanton. The alto soloist is Miss B eat r i ce IVW Reigtn Harold Nobel The d r e a m s of parents, t h e pleas Mary Giod Rill Arendshorvt coul(l There are two m a j o r all-student T h r o u g h the window we B r 0 (iy. Although comparatively of profs. Miss Metta J . Ross FACULTY ADVISER functions every year, the frosh see g r e a t j a g g e d snowflakes slash^ ^ g r a d u a t c j f r o m The ideals of tradition, and the B U S I N E S S STAFF m i x e r " and the " Y " all-college ing the pitiful face of t h e street• wills of deans. Raymond Boot , , ' . 1M. S. C. in 1932, Miss Brody is p a r t y . Practically everyone turns hrrht Time Timo was not ffor us. US. ' B U S I N E S S MANAGER light. Love is above the laws of m e n ; Charles Bertsch L o v e flickered like an icon-lamp, not without exp-rience. S h e has out to these, and f r e q u e n t l y friendASSISTANT F o r laws a r e made to govern sin. Andrew Lampen ships are struck up between perCIRCULATION MANAGER and a m a d o n n a hid her face. a p p e a r e d several t i m e s with the — A n o n y m o u s , '37. sons who, because they belong to You laughed, and thin splinters I j j e ^ r o i t sympnony o r c h e s t r a and different classes or societies, might of black glass tinkled on moonlit the same caliber, othL.rs 0f II. never have noticed one a n o t l v r . s h e was a w a r d e d first prize in the (By the jray a u t h o r of t h e now- ice. But two such functions are not You smiled. . . . 0 f r a i l dark a r t ; s ^ . » contest in G r a n d Rapids f a m o u s Fleetie-Belle) enough f o r any campus. What t r a n c h e s s t r a n g l i n g the ^ e a v y " j i a s t y e a r sponsored by t h e MichPOOR W E ! Hope needs is a series of them i g a n f e d e r a t i o n of music clubs. In all good schools t h r o u g h o u t the hearted sky . . . throughout the year. Then you stirred in the chair ^ ^ ^ ^ be s u n g by land. F r a t and sorority p a r t i e s are At least in all the r e s t ; and sighed, as wearily a s sand pl.c!.idcnt of the lovely, but they include p r i m a r i l y The girls s t a y out till 'leven o'clock dunes slide across grey n p p l e s . Columbia school of music Mr. '.he same individuals all the while, Gee! How some fellows are blest. You tilted the s i n n e r s head of orJinarily sings for largcr and the number of non-society But Voorhees lights are ordered you, and I thought of s p e n t waves, ! ^ is k n o w n t h r o u g h o u t m e m b e r s is g r o w i n g constantly. and stale wine, and cold w a t e r 1 . ^ ^ unusually out Are these who do not g e t many Before the moon h a s risen; crawling over green pebbles. ^ fluent ds orator.o ^ p a r t y bids or who belong to no I ask you now. Is this a dorm Then you spoke, and y o u r words ^ ^ will'shoulder the organizations to twiddle their were a s heavy as h,Us, cold and ^ ^ ^ .s n o o f Or just a female prison ? t h u m b s every social evening simply bare, anc o as a r e g r e , f e a t h e r w e i g h t load. H e is a p o p u l a r On F r i d a y n i g h t s and S a t u r d a y s because they bear no s t a m p of soBut when I kissed you . . Ol „ rt f r o m Twelve bells should be the line; HERE seems to be more than a striking coincidence in called "elitehood" upon t h e i r r a d i a n t release, a n d loneliness * u i m But t h a t will never happen h e r e 1 you have not h e a r d Mr. Koch n the fact that there is a mere shuffle of letters between brows ? me ting like snowflakes on blue Till nineteen ninety-nine. before, we can a s s u r e you t h a t this the words Satan and Santa. Satan has advantageously usee —Anonymous, '38. velvet! Spirit a t the games would go —Anonymous, '3G is not the only time you will h e a r Santa and the Santa idea to accomplish his devihsh purpose up 10() per cent if the students c o i r u him for he is coming later in the Through the use of t h a t idea, he has skillfully P ^ ^ VI. had a bit of a chance to express III. course with Charles Wakefield Christian's blessed season of Christmas. Everyone will ad NIGHT (Evidently there is more than Cadman. the fact that Christmas is petering out in a religious sense themselves as Hopeites. With the splendid big f r a t e r n i t y The moon one a d m i r e r of Mr. N a s h ' s verse on Xmas is the word. But what does "X" stand f o r . With t h i s a r r a y of soloists, with houses and the home-like women's t h e campus, and it seems to us this glares coldly t h e chapel choir and civic chorus To me it stands for the mundane character of th.e work dorm t h a t we have, it seems we out of a dimly-starred night c should have a reply in k i n d ) : c o n s t i t u t i n g the choral forces, and It stands for the simple fact that we love material thing could swing some remarkable demthrough a trembling black lace of M E N : AN A P P R E C I A T I O N with a selected f e s t i v a l o r c h e s t r a , more than we love God. This s e e m s to be very much in evi- ocratic p a r t i e s which would not bare branches. Mr. Maybe, who is conducting the dence. The papers of the land measure the suc- lack t r u e college a t m o s p h e r e and The thing I never can figure out Scattered clouds race goallessly ensemble, should have no difficulty CHRISTMAS cess of the Christmas season by the increased good organization, with small cost is: Are men s m a r t or j u s t a like my t h o u g h t s before I sleep. in producing a t h r i l l i n g p e r f o r m SANS percentage of buying over that of the past year. to the students. This might mean bunch of dumb bunnies? —Anonymous, ' ance. CHRIST We ourselves measure the success of the day the sacrifice of some society par- Because, honestly, some of the V I I . by the size of the Christmas tree and the gilts lies, but wouldn't it really be things they do and say a r e f u n Mr. Snow has been seriously ill THE DREAMER'S REVERIE underneath. These, 1 know, are familiar and emphasized facts. worth i t ? nier t h a n the Sunday f u n n i e s : with a sinus infection. T h a t is Ruth B u r k e t t . But should these be emphasized as much as the fact t h a t They tell you all the asinine details They will s a y : " H e is dead. why we have had s t u d e n t o r g a n i s t s The woodpaths whereon he walked we are losing our God consciousness? Even in this Christian of some asinine original joke a t the console f o r t h e p a s t two college of ours has not a lackadaisical attitude towards reli- Frozen Assets And then when you're practically And was wont to sing weeks. We a p p r e c i a t e their efforts. gion crept in? Christ seems to be simply some person who Dear E d i t o r : going down for the third time A r e threaded now with moss, Mr. Snow is r e c u p e r a t i n g slowly lived nineteen hundred and thirty-five years ago Our ideas During the p as t few winters the they expect you to laugh until And over all the daisies spring. and will not r e t u r n f o r some time. of what His coming meant are so hazy. We sing the beautitul s t u d e n t s of Hope college have had Yes, he is dead. you croak: Christmas carols with very little zest. Are we no longer im- no opportunity f o r outdoor exer- They talk to you fatuously for " H e never really lived. Choirs f r o m S t u r g i s , Benton pressed by the facts? Are the truths expressed in them out cise in the vicinity of the campus. His life was welded t h r o u g h with H a r b o r , South H a v e n , Muskegon, precious hours when you have of date? Wouldn't it be a good idea to page through tne Of course, they may go s k a t i n g on Kalamazoo, Calvin college, and dreams. neither time nor inclination. hymn book and reabsorb the sentiment of the carols. Shall Black lake with its undulating, Hope college make u p the w e s t e r n Which, s t r a n g e , have e n d u r e d ; we reread the Christmas story and try to catch its ful sig- shanty-town surface. The lake is And if you want a bid to t h e f r a - To him, they were realities, Michigan festival chorus which will t e r n i t y p a r t y or you'd like to nificance? Having done this, we'll be able to fill the chape positively unfit for enjoyable skatAnd from reality his soul secured. s i n g the Messiah in Kalamazoo h e a r Bing Crosby croon a t the ing, and so f a r as s k a t i n g is conn e x t F r i d a y . The b a s s and tenor with the jubilant strains of: % movies without charge, all you But he never lived." sidered second n a t u r e to a good soloists a r e the s a m e as will sing Joy to the world I my Lord is come; can do is listen with an a i r of P a s t this loved, now ghostly flesh Dutchman, may we s u g g e s t the here, R a y m u n d Koch and A r t h u r Let earth receive her King; womanly and interested r e s i g n a - The oak will cleave t h e e a r t h . erection of a s k a t i n g rink? K r a f t . T h e l m a VonEisenhauer And through its restless ru stlin g tion. Let ev'ry heart prepare Him room. f r o m Detroit is t h e s o p r a n o and Our football practice field would Will heave my ghostly m i r t h . Still, if they're nice dressers, and And heav'n and nature sing! provide an excellent and natural In the friendly r a i n ; f r o m t h e sing- Gladys Scott, Chicago, will s i n g t h e John Piet, President Y.M.C.A. not crowing Atlas specimens but contralto solos. spot upon which a s k a t i n g rink ing night still reasonably good and h e a l t h y , could be built. The method would o Will climb my h a p p y cry — -oL a s t Monday evening the pupils be simple and of little expense. A With enough of the w h e r e w i t h a l to For if I have never really lived. of Mrs. F e n t o n , of Mrs. K a r s t e n , go places with, but not neces- Then can I never die. ditch could be dug around the insarily wealthy. side of the track and the dirt —Sylvia H u x t a b l e , '38. and of Miss Lacey a p p e a r e d in reHERE do you buy your clothes? Where do you eat? thrown o u t w a r d m a k i n g a bank of Then I'll admit (and I'll s w e a r to N o t e : M a n y students a r e under cital in W i n a n t s chapel. Some of Where are you going to do your Christmas shopping. dirt about 18 inches high. The it if you ask me to, t h o u g h the impression t h a t only versa is t h e students will h a v e to practice These are some of the questions which leading Holland mer- field could then be flooded with swearing is a g a i n s t my convic- acceptable f o r publication in this h a r d e r and a p p e a r a t a f e w m o r e recitals, b u t o t h e r s p r e s e n t e d a chants are asking Hope college students. For it ^ through w a t e r f r o m the nearby h y d r a n t to tions) then, they do have per- column. Be advised t h a t all creditable showing. their advertising t h a t our three most important c ^ 1 ^ e ^ ' a required depth and allowed to sonality about t h e m — l i t e r a t u r e — essays, sketches and Lester V a n d e n B e r g was p a r t i c lications are made possible — "The Anchor, The Milestone freeze. This method has been suc- And personally, I don't see how I stores — will be considered. The u l a r l y o u t s t a n d i n g a m o n g the voice cessfully used in various cities and and "The Student Guide." only criteria is originality. could do without them. pupils, a l t h o u g h t h e others, E l e a n You have a personal responsibility to these Hope boosters is not merely theory. —Anonymous, '36. S. K. H. or S t r y k e r , G e r t r u d e Young, RobIt seems t h a t this would be a when you go downtown to make a purchase. If your college e r t A r e n d s h o r s t and Oliver Van publications mean anything to you, you will, whenever pos- possible project f o r t h e N.Y.A. stusible, direct your patronage to a store which advertises at dents and they could also t a k e care NEW TITLE FOR DR. NYKERK H U X T A B L E H E A D S W R I T E R S A s have n o t e w o r t h y points—space • limiting us to m e r e mention of of the rink and keep it cleared of the college. t h e i r existence. A new title has been added to Sylvia H u x t a b l e and Cornelius snow. As an alternative, volunteers Put yourself in the position of soliciting advertisements. W i t h t h e exception of B a r b a r a You go to a merchant to ask him to repeat a space which ne could be called and we feel sure the long list of honors bestowed Hoezee were elected president and h a t t h a t the necessary number could L a m p e n , who did n o t equal h e r rented in last year's Milestone. t < T upon our venerable dean of m e n . vice-president respectively of the u s u a l accuracy, and Shirley Shaw, SOLICITATION would be just dandy," he replies, "but \ be obtained. In browsing t h r o u g h several old newly organized W r i t e r s ' Club w h o it seems has o f t e n played WITHOUT have had no student business all year. Hans Brinker S k a t i n g Club. copies of T h e Grand Rapids P r e s s which convened f o r t h e first time b e f o r e and r e a d t o public audiREPRESENTATION Where would you find a snappy comeback last week Wednesday. A b o u t 25 ences, t h e o t h e r s w e r e [younger to that remark? You would simply have To the H a n s Brinker Club, the we came across an article describstudents a r e m e m b e r s of t h e o r g a n - a n d less experienced. A f t e r m o r e Anchor's sincerest appreciation f o r ing Dr. N y k e r k a s an a u t h o r i t y on to swallow hard and peddle your wares somewhere else. ization. The p u r p o s e is serious lessons, -more tedious h o u r s of a recherche suggestion. To p ^ r p e t punctuation. In doing so, t h e a r criticism of creative w r i t i n g . Jose- practice, and a f e w more public In every case it is not possible to patronize our advertiseis. u a t e i n t e r e s t in the movemeut, all ticle said t h a t Dr. Nykerk is phine Boyce read a n original story appearances they will no doubt But there is hardly a first rate Holland concern whose adverstudents willing to support an at- known around the c a m p u s a s P r o tisement does not appear in one of our college publications. and Anchor verse w a s also dis- ascend to t h e higher p l a n e of comt e m p t to effect t h e p l a n are asked f e s s o r Comma, a title of which h e Therefore, patronize with a purpose. An ounce of appreciacussed and criticized. parison with college students! is very proud. to contact t h e EM. Ed. ^ssocialod gollco.iatfjirfss ^ 3 1934 (MMONAT^^^j^^S) 1935 » -

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tion is worth a pound of good will.



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December 11, 1935

THOMAS' BASKET IN FINAL MOMENT DEFEATS JUNIOR Hope Passing Is Ragged at Times, But Shows Possibilities; Fouls Numerous

POPPINK PACES HOPE A one-h^hded side court shot by Thomas,.'Sophomore forward, that split the meshes in the closing seconds of play enabled Hope college to eke out a 29-28 victory over Muskegon junior in the opening f r a y of the '35-'36 season. It was a thrilling see-saw battle with the lead changing hands throughout the entire second frame. The Dutchmen stepped out to an early lead but led by Dyer, Muskegon forward, the Jaysees put on an exhibition of sharp shooting that gave them a 17-14 lead at the intermission. The Blue and Orange (juintet found the range in the second half and pulled abreast of the Muskegon team near the end of the game. Trailing by one point with only seconds to go, Thomas put the finishing touches to the game by his sensational goal. The game was a typical opening tilt replete with fouls and inaccurate shooting, yet both teams i hcwed spurts of mid-season form. Although ragged at times, the passing of the Hope team gave promise of a smooth offense and f a s t breaking game. Dyer, Muskegon forward was high scorer garnering a total of 15 points. Poppink, lanky center, paced the victors with 11 points closely followed by Thomas who collected five goals. In the preliminary game the Freshman triumphed over the Cosmopolitans by the score of 3918. Marcus shone for the frosh with 12 points and Martin led the Cosmos with 7. Lineups and summary: Hope Nienhuis rf Thomas If Poppink c Van Zanden rg Robbert Ig Barber Ig Heeringa rg Total..

...11 Muskegon Junior r* Dyer rf i Davis . . If 4 Gudelsky 0 If Schopf 1 c Burrows rg 0 Johnson 0 lK


7 1 1 0 0 2 0

LIFT BAN ON FROSH SPORTS A f t e r a three-year ban on frosh athletics, the M. I. A. A. board of athletics has passed a rule allowing freshmen to compete with other schools in all branches of sport. The frosh have been granted permission to play six basketball games with other college quintets and independent teams outside of t h e conference squads. This policy will be an added inducement for freshmen to come out and make an athletic team. EIGHT TEAMS TO COMPETE IN FRATERNITY C O N F E R E N C E Rpresentatives from the various fraternities met last Monday and drew up extensive plans for the ipening of the Inter-fraternity league Monday evening, December IG. The Freshmen, although they will be competing with various teams outside of the college, will be represented in the league. An independent team has been organized to fill out the list and make it an eight team league. The league will be composed of the usual five fraternity teams, two frosh teams and the Independents. All games will be played on Monday nights from 7 to 10 o'clock. Three games will be played each night at intervals of one hour. The gym will be open to spectators as usual. The championship Cosmos team of last year will stack up against the Fraters, rurjner up to the Cosmos for the championship last year, in the opening tussle of the year Monday night. The league race is expected to be a nip-and-tuck affair this season due to the well-balanced teams of practically equal strength which compose it. The Cosmos, with a veteran team, are favored to cop the coveted bunting again this year.

Girls Organize T e a m s in Y.W.C.A. Hoop League

1 2 "We want to play, too!" At last 0 Hope's co-eds are being given a 2 chance to participate in competitive 2 sports. An athletic program is be2 ing sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. Last Tuesday evening six basTotal 4 12 9 ketball teams were organized under Referee: Van Wingen, W.S.T.C. the direction of Vera Damstra and Wilma De Young, members of the Hope Teachers Attend "Y" cabinet. The names of the State Education Meets teams and their respective captains are as follows: "Berries," June Dr. Wichers recently attended an Kieft; F.L.H.'s, Hildegarde Bos; informal meeting of the Michigan "Tops," Ruth Fisher; "SparkChapter of the North Central asso- plugs," Myrtle Beeukes; "Squaws," ciation. Hindered by no by-laws or Gladys Moerdyke; and "Nertz," constitution, discussion was free Ethel yn Schaap. Other seasonal sports will be and diversified. The main topic was played during the year. The project "the recruiting of students," some I is not confined to members of the schools feeling that much inducement and enticement was being Y.W. All girls of the college are welcomed to join. used by several institutions. Professors Vander Borgh and Winter were present at a gathering of education instructors from the state colleges. Discussion revolved around the suggestions of Druggist aptitude and graduation tests for would-be teachers, patterning after 32 East Eighth St. the medical tests now in existence. HOLLAND." MICHIGAN


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New Regulations Govern Awarding of Hope Letters At a recent meeting of the Hope Board of Athletics, new regulations were formulated and passed regarding the awarding of letters and sweaters to those who have earned them. In the f u t u r e there will be no m a j o r or m i n o r sports; all athletics will be on an equal basis. Letters will be awarded only upon the recommendation of the faculty committee of athletics. Awards Vary A suitable sweater will be awarded to each player the first year he wins a varsity letter. For football the type of sweater will be a shaker-knit pull-over, navy blue in color. For basketball, a shakerknit coat sweater, burnt orange in color. For tennis, track, and golf, a jersey knit coat sweater. The letters will be awarded on the following basis; football, any man who has played 100 minutes in five-eighths of the games scheduled, of which three games are in the M. I. A. A. basketball; any man who has played 200 minutes in five-eighths of the games scheduled of which six shall be in the M. 1. A. A. t r a c k ; any man who has won one point in the M. I. A. A. field day meets, or eight points in any dual conference meets. Tennis, any man who has won one point in the M. I. A. A. field meet or who has played in threefourths of all t h e scheduled matches; golf, any member of a championship field day meet, or who has played in three-fourths of the scheduled matches. Blankets will be awarded to seniors when financially possible, who have won their varsity letter in their senior year. 20 To Receive "H" Exactly 20 members of this year's varsity football team will receive their letters and sweaters at the last chapel service before the Christmas recess.

Dutchmen Meet Strong Non-Conference Foes

-BY With one victory under their belts, the Hope quintet prepared f o r a strenuous siege of non-conference foes. F o u r more games remain before t h e ' D u t c h tangle in their first conference scrap with Hillsdale. Two games with Ferris and lone games with Western State and Ypsilanti will prove to be ample tests f o r the M. I. A. A. school. Ferris has a strong team again, composed of six veterans and flashy new men. The Bulldogs have been greatly strengthened by the return of Freeman, s t a r of two years ago, and the addition of Burns, who starred at Grand Rapids South in his prep days. The team is short but extremely f a s t and uses the quick break to its advantage. Hope takes on Ferris this Thursday at the Armory and travels to Big Rapids for a return game Jan. 6. Western state, Hope's second opponent, ranks as one of the best teams in the country and, as the game is to be played on the spacious court of Western, Hope's main object will be to keep the score down as low as possible. On Jan. 3 Hope will entertain Ypsilanti at the home court. The Ypsi game always stands out as one of the best games of the year and another great battle is expected this season. Ypsi has suffered one defeat and t h a t at the hands of the University of Michigan. They are: Captain Heeringa, Vander Velde, De Weerd, Kooiman, Leetsma, Gross, Mahan, Buteyn, Van Tatenhove, Tysse, Buys, Robbert, Klomparens, Jappinga, Lokand Ver Schure. The following freshmen w i l l receive numerals for football: Anderson, Boyink, Brooking, Leetsma, Marcus, Maxam, Vander Hill, Wishmeier, De Groot, Heneveld, Hop, Scheerhorn, Vanden Berg, Van Wyk, Weidner, and Van Kley. A gold football will be awarded to the captain of the varsity and one to the man who has shown the best spirit on the ball club, Don Kooiman.

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Although football is over f o r the majority of schools, the annual battle in the Rose Bowl is yet to be staged. We don't know what your guess is but we pick S. M. U. by a coi^ple of touchdowns . . . George Heeringa, regular guard of last season, was unable to report for basketball practice until a few days ago due to a knee injury suffered in the football campaign . . . When Calvin plays Hope, fans will have to take their lunches with them if they want good seats. All the Christain Reformeders in town will be out to root for Calvin now t h a t Muyskens, former Holland Christian high coach, is teaching the rudiments of basketball a t Calvin . . . Barber, who starred against Muskegon last Thursday attended G. R. junior last year and was high scorer of the J. C. team although he played a guard position . . . Left overs from football; — Ken Tysse and Roger Leestma brought forward the suggestion that as long as a gold football is given to the man with the best spirit, why not give a tin one to the biggest "goldbricker" on the squad . . . Don't worry, Buys, it hasn't been passed by the board . . . Muskegon, who Hope downed in the season opener, defeated Alma Saturday, 32 to 21. Which goes to prove that Hope may prove a dark horse in the race this year . . . Thomas started his varsity basketball career auspiciously by dumping in the first basket of the season for Hope. He also put on the finishing touches of the game by a sensational last minute goal t h a t won the game in the closing seconds . . . This Saturday Hope will play on the largest court in the state when they tangle with Western a t Kalamazoo . . . The high death rate due to football this season has again started the coaches thinking. 30 athletes were killed while playing football, which is a new high for recent years . . . In a game between Ypsilanti and Michigan university, Jablonski, Wolverine forward, scored a basket for the Ypsi team. Was his face red? . . . Bill Poppink brought his injured arm around in shape this year by tossing a football around when his duties as football manager did not occupy all his time. Some credit should also go to Marg — right. Bill? . , , Klomparens, who as yet has not reported for varsity basketball has the largest hands on the squad. He can pick up a basketball in one hand and throw it like a baseball.


BASKETBALL RACE BITTER DOG FIGHT THIS YEAR—HINGA Albion and Hillsdale Favored; All Teams Are Conceded Chance at Title

HOPE DARK HORSE? " I t ' s going to be a dog fight from s t a r t to finish!" That is what Coach Hinga thinks of the '35-'36 basketball campaign in the M.I.A.A. The Hope mentor continued by picking Hillsdale or Albion as the favorite to cop the championship, but he predicted it to be one of the toughest races in the history of the conference, with the winner suffering a t least three defeats. Champs May Repeat A review of the material of the colleges proves Hinga's predictions to be more than probable. An a r r a y of veterans on all the M.I.A.A. school quintets promises a battle from s t a r t to finish. Hillsdale, last year's champions, built around Stanich, presents a team t h a t appears to be as strong as the aggregation of last season. Three of the members are well above six feet. The one fact t h a t may eliminate Hillsdale f r o m repeating is t h a t three of the regulars are sophomores and, although they all are outstanding players, they are lacking in experience. Hillsdale has played one game and was defeated by Adrian in a close game, but as the latter is exceptionally strong, little is shown by the defeat. Kroeze Bolsters Albion

Albion, the other favorite, is as formidable as the team that last year lost to Hillsdale in the championship playoff. Presenting four veterans and several sophomore stars, the Methodists are looking for an M.I.A.A. championship. These hopes are by no means dimmed by the addition of Kroeze, who played with Grand Rapids Junior college last season. The tall center, who was rated as the best pivot man in the Junior colleges of the state, connected for 11 points in Albion's opening game against Notre Dame. Albion has already suffered two defeats but these were a t the hands of two national ranking teams, Notre Dame and Michigan State. Olivet, despite the numerous rumors of ineligibility of Comet stars, should have anything but a weak team. F e a t u r i n g Arthurs, brilliant forward, Herbert and Heynes, star of last year's campaign, the Comets can be counted upon to furnish plenty of opposition. Kalamazoo, who finished in a tie with Hope last year, has a nucleus WILL BELITTLES DEGREES of four veterans around which to build. Survilla and Chapman are Now that the brave deeds and f a s t hard breaking forwards around words of Will Rogers are being whom a smooth passing attack is systematically unearthed for those built and although Kazoo is not who loved the man, we might quote rated so strong as Hillsdale or Althe quip of Will's which is the only bion, the Hornets will prove a one we remember: source of trouble to the bther It came a f t e r he had been grant- teams. ed an honorary degree at some colAlma Strong lege. Said the comedian: "I knew Little is known of the strength they gave college degrees for near- of Alma except that they are bound ly every kind of ignorance, but I to be tough to beat. With Block didn't know they gave a n y for my playing his usual brilliant game kind." and aided by several veterans, the Scots appear to be as strong if not stronger than the 1934 outfit. Hope can be regarded again as a dark horse of the league. Besides five returning veterans, the Dutch are greatly strengthened by the ret u r n of Teed Van Zanden and the HEATERS. THERMOSTATS, AL- addition of Barber, f o r m e r Grand COHOL, OIL, BATT., CHAINS, Rapids Junior star. Hope, without FLOOR MATS. DE FROSTERS. a doubt, has potentialities of a A T LOWEST PRICES championship outfit, but whether these potentialities will be realized Telephone 3539 is another question. 60 E. 8th S t



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ORDER IN COURT? Shadows of Past Stir Bio Upstarts NOT MUCH, WHEN FROSH ARE TRIED Biological u p s t a r t s in the second


—Apologies to Ed. Reed . '

11/*****< l-u


'if * 4**


floor laboratories of Van R a a l t e a r e reminded in their more selfc o n g r a t u l a t o r y m o m e n t s of the days when K a m m e r a a d w a s still in school, or of the period of MarK I R K W O O D I S F R E E D cotte and Mooi, and, a little l a t e r , of B e h r m a n n ' s time. The I t a l o - E t h i o p l a n f r a c a s had A s s i s t a n t s a r e kept in line by n o t h i n g on the f r e s h m a n t r i a l Mon- r e f e r e n c e s to B o o t and the day evening, Nov. 21. T h e super- bacteriologist-nurse a g g r e g a t i o n MUil:fluous g u n fire and bell ringing h e a r s of E d w a r d s and De Young. nearly rendered the trial inaudible. And so, they a r e b r o u g h t to an " O r d e r in the c o u r t ? " Well, not u n d e r s t a n d i n g t h a t today " N i c k " much. However when some degree K a m m e r a a d is an a s s i s t a n t in of order had been obtained by clerk zoology at Yale, t h a t Reo Marcotte E k Buys, the h e a r i n g proceeded. and Roy Mooi a r e seniors in D u r i n g the first case on the court medicine at the U. of Michigan, docket f o r Nov. 21, Gordon Pleune and " V i v " B e h r m a n n is an assisttook the s t a n d unsuccessfully to ant in physiology a t the same defend himself a g a i n s t the charges place. of u s u r p i n g the privileges of the Set Pace For N u r s e s rooster and h a v i n g a superiority H a r r i e t Boot is in t r a i n i n g at complex. BailitT V a n d e r Velde was Chicago P r e s b y t e r i a n while Anne of no assistance as a witness be- E d w a r d s and E di t h De Y o u n g are "They m u s t be feoinft steady —she's wearing his pin!" cause he knew very little about doing the s a m e t h i n g in New York roosters — hens being his special- P r e s b y t e r i a n hospital. P R I N C E T O N F R O S H FOR C O E D S F R O W N ON C I G A R S M O K E R S ity. Witness Lucia A y e r s stated Then t h e r e was Carl Walvoord t h a t d e f e n d a n t Pleune w a s no fun and all t h a t he did to the cats. Princeton, N. J . — I n the opinion Madison, Wis/—Specifications at all on a date because all he did T h e r e used to be some of his of the serious-minded class of 1940 f o r yet a n o t h e r in the endless list w a s "fiddle a r o u n d . " The next wit- kittens still around the F r a t e r at Princeton, t h i n g s to be desired of model college youths have been ness f o r Mr. Pleune was Dr. Sex- house while their " p a p a " was f a r at t h a t university a r e music with d r a w n u p by University of Wistus P u m p h a n d l e who was a pretty- a w a y a t Rush medical. dinner and dinner without scram- consin co-eds and here they a r e : gay old rip and a bit of a hat Gerald R o t t s c h a e f f e r g r a d u a t e d bled eggs, l a r g e r cream pitchers at The No. 1 g e n t l e m a n f r i e nd knocker-offer. in c h e m i s t r y from Hope and took all times, the addition of co-eds and smokes a pipe, uses no conscious Clerk Affectionate his M a s t e r ' s in it a t Michigan. Yet abolition of classes. line, dances well, drinks only in Otherwise, say the f r o s h , the moderation, doesn't try to get a Bob P e a n u t - v e n d e r Wishmeier, by some odd chance he is held up d e f e n d a n t in the second case, took as a model biologist because he is place is all right. date a t the last minute, and reo the cake f o r horse-play and p e a n u t a s s i s t i n g in t h a t subject at Michs t r a i n s his r a m p a n t emotions. t h r o w i n g b u t he didn't take the igan and will take his Doctor's in MI ACE TO M E E T J A N . 17 Most f r o w n e d on were two r a r e stand in his own defense. When it. Also a t Michigan are Dick Van species: the collegiate type and the s w e a r i n g in witness M a r g a r e t Dorp in the Museum of Zoology The M. I. A. C. E., Michigan c i g a r - s m o k e r . Allen, Clerk Buys f o u n d it a and Roy C h a t t e r s in botany. Both Intercollegiate Association of Colpleasant t a s k to eliminate the held a s s i s t a n t s h i p s . Highest Quality lege Editors, organized this year Van Schaack at Hopkins f o r m a l i t y of placing her hands on by E d i t o r William 0 . U r a n e c k of Groceries and Meats Though t h e r e have been few the book — he held them instead. the Olivet Echo, will convene f o r When K a t h y H a i g was called, Buys botany m a j o r s at Hope, those t h e r e the first time J a n . 17, 193G, a t M o l e n a a r & D e Goede did not use the oath, j u s t the were came out very well. Hope's 46 Eait 8th Street Olivet. words, " W e all know you do." Miss only fellowship at the f a m o u s F r a n k M. S p a r k s , editor of the H a v e Your Eyei Examined H a i g re-enacted a very touching J o h n s Hopkins is held by a Grand Rapids Herald, will deliver by scene on a p a r k bench which went botanist, E v a Van Schaack, who the keynote a d d r e s s and preside at W . R. S T E V E N S O N a long w a y to prove the charges will receive her Ph. 1). this year. the business session. The Anchor Optometriit So you see, they have tall tales Ed. and an associate will a t t e n d the of promiscuous billing and cooing. Following the case of t h a t cozy with which to scare the boys and 24 EAST 8 T H STREET conclave. guy Wishmeier, Miss Mildred Kirk- girls ups t a i r s . A f t e r all, isn't a wood found her plea of insanity Hope college p r o f e s s o r well nigh and muteness effective in f r e e i n g inextinguishable on the subject of her of the charges of u n d e r m i n i n g illustrious g r a d u a t e s ? o the tower of Babel and u s i n g her D o Y o u r Last M i n u t e Shopping HARVARD NOT LIKE HOPE eyes effectively. Suddenly the lights went out — it must have been some at P e r h a p s it's the climate. kind soul who realized the audience A n y w a y romance seems to have could no longer stand the glare of a hard time a t H a r v a r d . Ek Buy's shirt. A " H a r v a r d Men's Guide" has Freshmen Boo Cleaning and P r e s s i n g Expert Workmanship been published there, listing for In the next case M a r y Good, the benefit of the students, names resplendent in a blue checked of all the " r e c o m m e n d e d " debs in all kinds of creation by Worth, literally "took" Boston. Was H a r v a r d i n t e r e s t e d ? TAILORING, ALTERATIONS. REPAIRING t h e s t a n d in her own defense. Miss Not one book w a s sold. For Ladies and Gentlemen Good, suspecting collusion between At Reasonable Prices Said the H a r v a r d i t e s : " W h a t is her lawyer M a h a n and attorney the guide W h a t is a del)? F u r L o k k e r - R u t p e r s Co. Second Floor V a n d e r Meulen, called in John Van thermore, where is B o s t o n ? " Wyk. The f r e s h m e n displayed their usual e n t h u s i a s m and intelligence by a p p l a u d i n g all action favorable to the f r e s h m e n and booing down H o l l a n d ' s F i n e s t C o n l e c i i o n e r y a n d Ice C r e a m P a r l o r invites you to t h e holiday any opposition. 2 6 W e s l 8th Street Phone 9605 specials w h i c h w e are The final ca.->e on the court's p u r r i n g o u t all t h i s m o n t h H O M E - M A D E ICE C R E A M docket was t h a t in which Mr. Gerh a r d t Hoffius tried n vain to defend himself a g a i n s t the charges of exhibiting Ethiopian tendencies ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIRING as shown by over-eating. The main 230 River Ave. Holland Mich. issue as proved by much profusion Opposite Post Office of s t a t e m e n t and babbling of witnesses was, according to defense a t t o r n e y C a i V a n d e r W e r f , the f a c t t h a t Hoffius h a s the a p p e t i t e of a rhinoceros with a t a p e worm. T h e H o w e v e r w e a r e a n d a l w a y s a i m t o be witnesses in Mr. Hoffius's behalf FAMOUS MALTED were Harold Weidner and Dr. W A R M F R I E N D S of H o p e College MILKS Vergeer. T h e l a t t e r s t a r t l e d the j u r y with exhibit A — mainly a A Meal in itself pickled t a pe worm. Mr. V a n d e r Werf presented his case ably b u t evidently not to the satisfaction of — G o to— the senior j u r y a s Hoffius w a s Hot Drinks Sandwiches unanimously voted guilty.

Senior Jury Decrees Hoffius, Good, Wishmeier, Pleune Guilty of Charges

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Cliambpr of An essential branch of any progressive c i t y ' s activities is its C h a m b e r of Commerce. I t fills the g a p between t h e official city body and p r i v a t e e n t e r p r i s e . It is looked to f o r l e a d e r s h i p in the promotion of commerce and i n d u s t r y . Holland is well on t h e way to ind u s t r i a l r e c o v e r y . S u p p o r t your C h a m b e r of Commerce and let's finish the job.





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I t is all g e n t l e s p o o f i n g , no doubt, b u t most e n t e r t a i n i n g — t h i s s t o r y t h e c o l u m n i s t in the s t u d e n t p a p e r a t the U n i v e r s i t y of Illinois is telling. A state senator, returning f r o m the capital to his home t ow n, w a s met a t the s t a t i o n by an a n g r y c o n s t i t u e n t who berated him f o r not c u t t i n g down t h e f u n d s allotted to t h e s t a t e university. "Don't you k n o w , " crackled the citizen, " D o n ' t you know t h a t a t t h a t school, men and women stude n t s have to m a t r i c u l a t e t o g e t h e r . Y e s s i r ! F u r t h e r m o r e , they h a v e to use the sa me c a m p u s ! "

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The tremendoui growth of this inicitntioa if indicatiTe of merited •uccess. We believe in higlier education — tberefore we believe la Hope College.

Page 5


December 11, 1935 J U S T TRY IT AT T H E DORM

Aptitude Test Takes Eight Hope Pre-Meds

Lend A n Ear To The P. E. A . —


We learn by remote control that the girls in a certain boarding Canadian t u b u l a r Skates $ 3 75 house a t the University of Wisconsin now have placed little Men's & Women's Shoe Winter blizzards have once again placards up beside ihe phones in Hockeys $4.75 blasted the barriers of Hope colthe house. The placards say, lege conservatism to introduce a Baxter H o c k e y s "Gentlemen guests will please not new fad on its campus. It's someStream L i n e d answer calls." thing for the girls, something a It is a development of an emA l u m i n u m Finish bit snappy, flashy, dashy, and barrassing situation of last spring. rashy — ear muffs — red, green, or C l a m p Ice Skates $ 1 . 2 9 & up One day the dean of women called black, take your pick, buy a pair the boarding house and a deep for 35 cents and automatically bemasculine voice answered, "Third come a member of that growing Floor." society, the P. E. A., "Protect the E a r s Association."

Not So Eerie As It Sounds

Such false and true questions as "The most popular translation of They can be used as nightly prothe 'Rubaiyat' of Omar Khayyam tection against the winter zephyrs was made by Lord Byron" and No Waiting Necessary for that have the annoying habit of "The seismograph is an instrument Male Hopeites with playing t a g around one's ears. Ask used in medicine" contrasted with Dates Burkie—she puts her hair in curl- "Mrs. Moody defeated Helen Jacobs ers and says her muffs simply save f o r the Women's Singles Championthe day for her; I should say they ship at Wimbledom last year" and More historical movies have been save her for the night. shown recently than in previous Many a man's a-waiting Moreover, they can spare one ) go out Dutch-treat dating." years," met the astonished gaze of many embarrassing situations. — But the sign on the bulletin the eight pre-medics who expected Suppose you were asked to pay a quiz on anatomy or physiology in board which carried this little back that two-bits you borrowed their medical aptitude test Friday couplet did not state the exact This is no idle scheme. There is last week and your allowance truth last week. The men were doafternoon. much more to it than appears on hadn't yet shown up. E a r muffs Though the first section required ing very little waiting around, if the surface. Most of us are Dutch would eliminate any necessity for a wealth of general information, a n y , — they actually went Dutchand would never purchase anything hearing the request. They would the succeeding sections got down to treat dating, in droves, every night that couldn't be made to serve sev- also prevent one, to some extent, brass tacks and really "went to from Monday until Sunday. eral purposes. These muffs, now, from picking up bits of news susThey went with girls they'd town" with the boys. No one finoffer numerous possibilities. For picious enough to pass on to someished in the allotted time of an never been with before; they went instance, they cover up many pro- one else—a possible means of dowith girls they'd always wanted to hour and a half. truding defects in one's cranial ing away with gossip? Miracles go with; perhaps some of them Spelling bothered m a n y , the have happened. region. went with girls they'd never wantscientific vocabulary even more, ed to go with, but now at least while the section on logical deducM.I.A.A. TEAM STANDS OUT tions left everyone writing f o r the they know how the females feel MRS. WAYER ADDRESSES sometimes; they went with girls water boy. The last section conC. W. L. (Continued from Paze 1) they've always gone with; and sisted of experts on the physioprobably some of them went with Mrs. J a m e s Wayer, wife of the the M. 1. A. A. a pair of fine flank- logical action of various thyroxine girls they never want to go with pastor of First Reformed church, ers both offensively and defen- derivations and in the crania again. At any rate, they went, and addressed the Christian Workers' measurement of a full term foetus sively. they seem to have emerged f r o m League Friday afternoon. She gave The answers were in the text Walt Survilla, Kalamazoo the ordeal with chins up. a survey of foreign missionary Survilla was a real field general. and could easily be worked out in Men Coy work. Miss Adrienne Tyssen led He combined a fine running attack twenty minutes each. The compliBright and early Monday, co-eds the song service ajid was in charge with passing and kicking ability cation arose when the willing workaegan chasing, and male Hopeites of devotions. ers tried to answer twenty times and could receive passes with the the number of questions in some began taking on a coy, flirtatious best of them. thing under twice the necessary attitude and well-shaven counteRiley Block, Alma nances. Tuesday night there may time. Block was Alma's quarterback have been several more men at The same test which Prof. Kleis but was given a place at halfback " Y " than there would have been, gave here is given to over 15,000 when Survilla was named for that had not "certain someones" attendposition. The Block name is with- students throughout the country as ed; also, a particular corner in a prerequisite to entrance into out a peer in the conference. medical school approved by the town was much-frequented t h a t Clayton Linton, Hillsdale evening. American Medical Association. Linton, although not a great ball Wednesday more than 50 a m p l M Prof. Kleis has given the test carrier, was the best blocking back for about six consecutive years anc went to see Will Rogers in a I n Old in the M. L A. A. This fact alone in that time only two women have Kentucky," f o r which they h a d i p ^ assured him a place on the team. taken it. Friday, again, no woman cial rates. Having met a t UlB Robert Allman, Albion participated. F r a t e r house beforehand in order Allman for the past two years to attend the show in a body, this S m a r t A p p a r e l for M e n has made the M. L A. A. This year party adjourned to the he and Jappinga were rated equal- COEDS HAVE FINAL WORD house to purchase and to c< Phone 9883 1 9 W . 8 i h ly. Allman has been the bulwark Philadelphia, Pa^.—A question milkshakes and cookies toj of the Albion eleven ever since he naire skirmish recently embroiled afterwards. has been with the team. Holland Thursday, a f t e r the basketball men and women on the University game, many gentlemen were swept of Pennsylvania campus. The Daily Pennsylavanian s t a r t off their feet and down town f o r ed it by asking the men whether a bite before being allowed to rethey preferred pretty girls or s m a r t turn to their homes; and unto the ones, slinky or fluffy evening dress- end of the week, the ambitious, es, and other questions of import- "self-supporting" females w e r e busy keeping the fellows wonderance in higher education. The girls countered with a ques- ing who was to be next. tionnaire for women students Week Big Success which began: Of course, F r i d a y was a big "Do you like intelligent men or night, with soph femmes skating the typical college boy?" about in company of their very

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own "choices," and with scads of men going out on a f t e r - f r a t dates who never go, usually — although a group of Voorheesites was seen to swagger out of the dormitory quite independently Friday, f o r a little " s t a g " evening of their own. On the whoie, however, worn-out the "stronger" sex may be this week, last half-a-fortnight of f e m inine-assertiveness has been declared a success by its sponsors, the Anchor; and the general consensus of opinion is t h a t Dutch Treat week gave the girls an exc e 11 e n t opportunity to express themselves. Of course, there was t h a t group of blushing gals who were "too b a s h f u l " — and who are already looking forward to next year!

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Wishes for Hope College and The Anchor the Success it Merits


December 11, 1935 HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Page 6



Benevelolent Spirit O f Hope DR. PARK SPEAKS Debaters Hear Professor Yntema TO STIR STUDENT Jabs Santa For 30 Counts INTEREST IN EAST Conservatives Battle Radicals

Diekema Cross & TenCate

Hope's Chemistry club will meet a t a regular session a week f r o m today. Papers by Chem-clubbers Bernard De V/itt and Calvin Vanon Constitutional Powers Margaret A 11 e n,— Something der Werf will bet featured on the Dear Santa: program. China's Collapse, Modern JaI am the Spirit of Benevolence green. Prof. Otto Yntema addressed the Dick Smith—An anchor for his -opan, Western R e t r e a t Attorneys-al Law of Hope College. I wish you would C.W.L. HEARS MEREDITH Men's debate club at their meetThree Major Issues Boot. bring all the little students what ing in debate in Coach R. SchackBob Wishmeier—A baby bunting O f f i c e — o v e r First S t a t e they want for Christmas. I am goson's room Monday afternoon. He The Rev. Mr. Meredith addressed and f u r bonnet. Winter is upon us. ing to tell you what some of them Bank ADDRESS WIT-SPICED spoke on the historical view of Mary Good—A stable equilibrium. the Christian Workers' League last need and told me confidentially that Holland, Michigan the debate question. Dr. Vergeer—A publicity agent. Friday, November 22,. at its reguthey wanted but don't tell them I "If I am able to stir up interest The question is: Resolved, That Holly de Motts—The Gladsign. l a r weekly meeting. His subject, in the f a r E a s t , my purpose is the congress of the U. S. be em-i told you because they might not Pape—A reserved parking space " W h a t It Is to be Led of the Lord," accomplished," said Dr. No-Yong powered to override the decisions like it. Here they a e. is of vital interest to young people. NICK DYKEMA Thelly Kooiker — A decrease in at Voorhees. Park, H a r v a r d graduate, noted of the Supreme Court calling an act Ben Ver Steeg was in charge of Corteville and Joeckel — A marthe distance between here and Batauthor and lecturer, in a brilliant The Tailor of congress unconstitutional. the devotions. The special music riage license. address in chapel Tuesday mornA typical scene was presented tle Creek. was a duet by Inez Von Ins and Paul Webinga—Piano lessons. ing, Dec. :5. Dr. Park was successThe E d — P e a c e f u l Sunday nights. S U I T S — $23.50 up last Wednesday with President Jay Dorothea De Boer, accompanied by Ollie Wishmeier—A career. ful in this mission for he combined Hush, acting chairman, at the meetProf. W i n t e r — M a y his new 19 y2 WEST 8 T H STREET Lydia De Vries. OUbM, — Rod Van Leeuwen—A few more wit with instruction in his forceful ing. The speakers were Peter Van- grandson be the source of as much presentation of the situation in the den Berge and Harry Boer, the, joy and satisfaction and as many hours off. Louise Hooper—A whoopin' good f a r East. affirmative, and Ekdal Buys and stories as Peter. IF you are not going h o m e He clearly portrayed the three Bill Westveer—Much success in time. Ernest Tirrel the negative. major phases of the problem: the Homer Lokker — A permanent for t h e holidays— Pete Vanden Berge hooked his his new undertaking. a collapse of ancient China, the Eleanor Stryker — A cellophane residence in Kalamazoo. thumb in his pocket and propoundretreat of Western powers from The college in general—More of ed, "If the Supreme Court takes the wrapper f o r his pin. Eastern territory and the rise of that old Hope Spirit! liberty to call economical decisions The Lamb—Another elephant. The Author—A bodyguard. modern J a p a n . Special Rates to S t u d e n t s of the congress unconstitutional it Klomp—A renewed confidence in Japan Dominant This is all I can think of right is a falacy of the government." the eligibility of Hope girls. "The coming of the white man now, Santa, but I'll write you again Slill Time for Your Ernie Tirrel, the first conservaMyrt Beeuwkes — A continued to China upset the great Celestial next year, if I am still able to one tive of the afternoon, placed I performance. Christmas Photographs Empire," he stated. The foreigners arm across his chest and mumbled, . G l a ( j y s Y a n Lare—Much joy and write. Thanking you much, I remain, taught the Chinese how to smoke "The f r a m e r s of the constitution Holly this season. opium. The resulting Opium war knew human weaknesses and expeor do I ? Maurie Klerekoper—A miniature caused the downfall of the royal rience." ' fire alarm box watch fob. empire. The republic which was Then the next radical, Harry Jim Barr—Another bathing cap established has proved to be weak Boer, stepped to the platform and because the old one's worn out and ineffective. Western powers sputtered, "The Supreme Court is from too much usage under the realized China's condition and not concerned with the usefulness shower. began to expand at her expense of the laws but rather with their Spense Hulse—A car of his own. and J a p a n taking advantage of her Neckwear Overcoats SILVER GOLD constitutionality." It's pretty cold now to bum to plight, invaded Manchuria. Dr. Then Ek Buys capped the heated Grand Rapids and rented cars run Scarfs Park said. "The great result is Suits argument when he shoved one hand into real money. that the whole government of China FABRICS KIDS in his pocket and boomed, "ImAl Cook—Someone he can truly Gloves Sweaters is manipulated by Japanese con- measurable accomplishments can be call his "Queenie." trol." accomplished by the unbiased deLucille Buter — More scavanger During the past eighty years, cisions of the Supreme Court hunt prizes. Japan has risen to an important which are socially good." De Dee—A persevering nature. 50 East 8lh Holland place in world affairs, and has beJohn Olert — Better luck next Holland 28 W e s t 8th come the dominant nation in the time. f a r East. Dr. Park declared that H o p e M a y S e n d T h r e e

Send Your Photograph

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to Volunteer Movement her victory in the Russo-Japanese war marked the major retreat of The religious organizations on the Western powers from the East. the campus have been notified, At the time of the World war, through literature sent to the colJapan was left alone. She completed building up her army and 1 lege pastor, of the Twelfth Quaand succeeded in routing drennial convention of the Student German influence. • Volunteer movement to be held in , Indianapolis from December 28 ea en "eague ' through January 1. Hope's enrollIn conclusion, Dr. P a r em m e n t convention is limited phasized the fact that the failuu L ^ r e e representatives. The fiveof the League to stop J a P a n s L j a y meet lists speakers of national aggression in China is a P 0 ' n t j a m i international importance. which is closely related to important problems of the western world. When Mussolini and Hitler saw the stand which Britain and France took in regard to Japan, they dared to ignore decrees of the League. o

63 East 8th St.

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Lester Vanden Berg of Central Lake, Michigan, won second place in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. amateur hour contest over a WOOD broadcast. Placing in the contest wins a cash prize of five dollars for young Vanden Berg, and an opportunity to try out in the semi-finals, which will be held next spring when the present run of Sears, Roebuck & Co. amateur programs is completed. Winning also netted the baritone singer a featured part in the regular program of the Grand Rapids Peninsular club Monday evening, November 25. Vanden Berg hitch-hiked to Grand Rapids from the Emersonian house, where he stays while attending college, and then back again to ask his Emersonian pals how "it sounded over the air." Vanden Berg is known as the "Singing-hayseed" a r o u n d the house. He is in his sophomore year at college.

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December 11, 1935 FROSH SURVEY RECORDED (Continued from P a c e One) There are 12 who are undecided as to their vocation. A steady increase in the number choosing teaching as a profession should here be noted, the last three years showing 26 per cent, 33 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively. There is an extraordinary wealth of musical talent in the freshman class.


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Falls, Fancy Skating Warden Makes Voorhees Hall Feature Soph Party Safe for Feminine Inmates be otherwise than well trained? Flash! Smoke and flames pouring Moreover, last Friday she appointfrom the windows of Voorhees hall ed six efficient fire marshals, who dark clouds of ashes swirling are responsible f o r the conduct of upwards! The crisp winter air is the girls in their corridors. Marpierced by the horrified screams of shals Adrienne Tyssen, Betty Goehon-lookers, who are f o r the most ner, Jennie De Vries, Mae Van part inhabitants of f r a t e r n i t y Hartesveldt, Wilma Van Hoef and houses. Without is utmost confu- Florence Vis are planning extension and consternation—men yell- sive manoeuvers. It was stated t h a t ing, cars honking, sirens shrieking. drills will begin next week. The first difficulty is in the chute But notice well that the sirens are itself. It appears that this innovaattached to the approaching fire tion, which created more of a stir engines and do not refer to the on the campus this fall than did devastating inmates of the blazing even the freshman girls, has a disbuilding. tressing leak. Hence rust, destrucFor within, on the contrary, there tion, and distaste for the girls. In is only cool-headedness on the part trepid Marshal Tyssen, however, of the girls. True to the standards has solved the problem in fine style. of Hope college co-eds, they retain The freshmen shall scour the chute their charm and grace even under thoroughly—cheerful prospect! the stress of the direst circumA more serious difficulty has stances. In perfect order and with arisen, however. Supposing the fire military precision, each girl takes breaks out in the region of the fire her place at the chute and calmly escape, what then ? Foresighted in descends. There are no collisions everything, our fire marshals are — no calamities. Each girl is fully planning to train the girls to deequipped with all necessary items scend the stairs in an orderly and valuables. One by one they fashion. What a thrilling sight emerge from the fire escape, well'twill be, to see these fine girls poised women. marching calmly down the stairs The Fire brigade under the crisp orders of the chief How- is this miracle possible, you and marshals! No shrieks, no gigask ? The answer is simple. Voor- gling, no whistling—just silent, hees Hall has been converted into composed girls faithfully carrying a fire brigade; and with Dean Dur- out orders (for once). fee as warden, how could the girls

2 0 6 River

Holland, M i r h .





" D i c k " the Shoe Doctor


De Vries -

Pantomime, Grand March, Refreshments on Program Plain and fancy skating and falling were enjoyed by 80 sophomores at Virginia Park roller rink F r i day night. Amusing features were Meller Drammer, in charge of Miss Marjorie Moody, and impromptu falling on the floor by various sophomores. Miss Norma Claus started the general downfall by striking Jack Leenhouts just below the knees, bringing him down gracefully on Andy Nyboer. Soon a f t e r w a r d Miss June Pomp obligingly tried to butt her head through the brick wall to avoid collision with another skater.

Clear C h u t i n g

30 W e s t 8th Sr.


Page 7



Electric Shoe Hospital

Provisions are being made in the event of any rebellious or hysterical girl — although we wonder if that is necessary in Voorhees hall. At any rate, it is rumored that Marshal Goehner has a gag and ropes concealed in her room. Thus, in anticipation of any such calamity as imagined above, the inmates of Voorhees hall need f e a r nothing. Under fearless, composed leadership all will be clear sailing, or rather, clear "chuting."

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"The American athletes are definitely faced with the choice between diplomatic practicality and the support of ideals."

19 East Eighth Street, P h o n e 9 4 0 4

Wishing You

It is considered likely, however, that the mass of American students, and particularly, of course, student athletes, are in f a v o r of participation. Prevailing opinion is that those groups opposed to U.S. entrance are the most articulate.

'TThe agitators f o r withdrawl are supported in their denouncement of Nazi despotism in sports as well as politics," says the Revealille, "by the narrow requirements imposed f o r membership on the German teams. According to some reports, Negroes, Catholics, and Jews are barred and some Protestants excluded under the ruling that all German Olympic athletes must be Nazi club members. The question isn't so clear-cut as all that, says The Rice Thresher, Rice Institute, Houston, Tex., but lies between diplomacy and ideals. "If the American athletes are to adhere strickly to their belief in t r u e sportsmanship,^ we don't see any other move but to withdraw. But t h a t is where the diplomatic side enters. Suppose we did t h a t ? Such a stand would have a definite bearing both on international and domestic political and social harmony.


2 3 East Eighth Street

Madison, Wis.—Opposition * t o United. States' participation in the 1936 Olympic games t o be held in Berlin is being strongly voiced by college editors throughout the country in spite of an announcement by the American Olympic Association declaring definitely for entrance, an Associated Collegiate Press survey reveals.

Louisiana State publication, don't think so.

Holland. Mich.

2 8 W . 8th Sr.

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Columbia University has been ' one of the leaders in the movement to keep American athletes out of the games, and a number Phillips Abell and Homer Lokker of student councils have adopted then exhibited contrasting con- resolutions against participation. tacts with the floor, Abell falling "The storm of protest t h a t has flat on his face during the Grand greeted the decision to hold next march. Lokker fell on the reverse year's Olympic games in Berlin," side of his anatomy in a charactersays the Long Island University istic comic-strip descent, with his student paper, "is a tangible rearms and legs waving upward. minder that the American people Other falls were numerous but will not remain silent in the face seldom painful, except to the ego o f . . . .mistreatment of a religious of the descendant. minority. Nazi protestations to the A f t e r r e f r e s h m e n t s , Meller contrary are belied by t h e re)rammer, a pantomime, was playports in the press of continued ed by Miss Margaret I^mke in the persecution of Jews, Catholics, and dual roles of Maggie and Cin- discontented minority groups. It derella; Miss Henrietta Bast as is ridiculous to suppose t h a t the 5 atrick; Miss Patsy Ver Hulst as Hitler regime will forego such perthe sun; Miss Ruth Koskamp of secution, an integral p a r t of its the freshman class as Manuel de fascist regime, simply because it Populo; Miss Fern Corteville and has to play host to a few hundred Miss Claus as the curtains and athletes." Vliss Moody as the reader. The Daily Princetonian disagrees. Miss Moody also awarded huge According to this paper, the anollypops to Prof. Otto Yntema as nouncement by Avery Brundage, the most promising beginner, to president of the American OlymGerrit Hooker for his rink superpic Association, t h a t the United vision — general class opinion States will poftitively efcter the favored those thrilling hand-in-hand games "comes as a satisfying reskating periods during which lief to intelligent Americans who Hooker extinguished the lights — feared that bigoted political preand to Miss June Cook as the best judices and old world hatred might girl skater. muster force enough to make the Mayo Hadden was in charge of country's entrance a matter of bit- ~ arrangements, and Homer Lokker ter controversy." of transportation to and from the "The sportsmen of this country rink, which is three miles west of are unanimous in their desire to the city limits. enter the games and will not tolerProf, and Mrs. Otto Yntema and ate the use of clean American sport Mr. and Mrs. I). Zwemer were as a vehicle to transplant the bitchaperones. The Three Musketeers ter feelings, engendered in this provided music. country by individuals who have Clay Tellman, sophomore presi- never learned the lessons of amadent, announced t h a t the class will teur sport," says the Princetonian. have a sleigh ride this winter. Editorial writers o f the Reveille,

for the coming Christmas parties Phone 2822



Rusty's Place

and a Prosperous New Ye^r

Du Mez

Best Pie in Town



5c a Slab


Opposition Too Strong for Extemp Speakers




CORNELL MAN ISOLATES CANCER PRODUCER Ithaca,N.Y.—What may prove t : be another milestone on man's long road toward a cancer cure hasbeen uncovered by Dr. W. F. Bruce, instructor and research worker in the chemistry department of Cornell University, who has isolatec a new material called the most active substance now known for the production of cancer.

The Christmas Y.M.-Y.W. meeting will be in charge of Prof. Paul Hinkamp. An illustrated lecture on the life of Christ, entitled "On a Midnight Clear," is scheduled f o r the evening. Since the meeting falls on Tuesday, December 17, a date corresponding with that for the presentation of the oratorio, "Messiah," the meeting will probably This new substance—a hydrocarbe changed to Monday, December bon called methylchloranthene— 16. If the change is effected, official was discovered while Dr. Bruce notice will be given later. was pursuing an investigation b2The first meeting of the new 2un by English scientists. They year, falling on J a n u a r y 7, will be had discovered that the skin canin charge of Mr. Fred B. Freeman, cer so prevalent among workers state secretary of the Y.M. organiwith coal tar is caused by a particzation, who had originally been ular hydrocarbon occurring naturscheduled for the November 12 ally in the coal tar. meeting. "This Y.M.C.A." will be "It is necessary,"' says Dr. Bruce, his topic. "that a rational :, iea of the cause Ruth (Dutch Treat) Burkett led of cancer be obtained before a cure the exchange Y.M. meeting last can be instituted. Positive proof week. Her topic was "My Philoso>f the ability of the new substance phy of Life." Scripture was read to initiate cancer has been demon- by Edna Mooi, and Margaret Lastrate d. man led the song service. Barbara From the nudical point of view, Lampen, a student in the school of the field of cancer research has music, favored with two selections been characterized by a leading in- on the piano. vestigator as 'hard and stony This week's meeting was led by Dr. Stanley Kleinheksel ground'. Therefore, the work of th? Mr. Harry Kelley of Grand Rapids. Accepts Position at organic chemist would appear to It took the form <»f a social service offer a new and encouraging meth- open forum discussion. Socony od of approach to the problems of Dr. Stanley Kleinheksel, brother this field." of Dr. Harvey Kleinheksel of the -o O u r Line of Hope Chemistry Department, has recently accepted a position on the research staff of the SoconyVacuum Oil Company of Newwas never more complete, All York, where he will begin work Hope students should appreciate arranged liom 10c to $5-00. Jan. 1. the piivilege of having heard Dr. Upon graduation from Hope in It will pay you to look over the se NoYong Park speak to them on 1929, Dr. Kleinheksel was awarded December O. It i^ quits? possible lha splendid title-} and authors: a fellowship in the department of Paul H u t c h e n s ' they failed to realize the promichemistry at the University of nant position which this man holds Illinois. Here his research was conR o m a n c e of F i r e in our modern world. The doctor cerned with illinium, the rare is a Harvard scholar, an author T h i s Way Out metallic element discovered by Dr. and a lecturer on Oriental subHopkins of the University of IlT h e Silver T r u m p e t jects. linois in 1926, notable as the first Microbe Hunters As an author he possesses a element to be discovered by an Maik Twain-1 ike humor. He wrote Bulfinch Mythology American scientist. "Oriental V i e w of American Later Dr. Kleinheksel transferOil for t h e Lamps of China red to the University of Michigan Civilization", "Making a NewOnly Y e s t e r d a y as a teaching assistant in chem- China", and "American Relations istry. Upon completion of his re- with the F a r Kast". T h e American Gov't Today

Though the Hope College representatives did not give us another opportunity to celebrate a glory day, they did very well in the finals of the Michigan extempore speaking contest. The contest was held at Michigan State college November 26. Hope was represented by Miss Ruth Fisher and ^ l a r r y Boer. The topic for discussion in the women's division w a s "Social Security", and for the men's \v:i; "The Italio-Ethiopian Situation" and "The Presidential Possibilities for 1936." Fir.^t place in the women's contest was won by the speaker from Wayne university, and the Battle Creek college speaker won in the men's finals. Miss Fisher placed seventh and H a r r y Boer fifth. In the estimation of coaches he Graff and Shackson, this contest was the most interesting of any they have attended. The clear thinking of each contestant OP these important subjects was the highlight of the contest. o

Dr. No-Yong' Park Is Noted Scholar


For ten years Dr. No-Young search on an involved electrochemical problem, he was granted Park served as a lecturer on f a r the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Eastern questions f o r various universities and colleges. He was BIOLOGY BARBS the prize-winning student in interDr. Vergeer has been busy plant- national relations and ci'inpete! ing and fencing grounds for his with American students in their new house on liHh street. We hear own language. Above all, he is an he's having a built-in bed in his autl/ rity on Oriental subject . A iist of his lecture topics is as study. After working so hard on his various deep subjects, the walk follows: A m e r i c a n Relations with F a r Kast, Coming Struggle to the bedroom is just too much! in Eastern Asia, Japane.-e KxpanPerhaps many of you have won- >ioii and World I V a c , and Comdered what the purpose of the odd mercial Rivalry in the Pacific. little extension on the east side of F r a n k M. Debatin. Secretary of Van Raalte is. The first floor is ;he Washington University Assoused as a weigh room by the quan- ciation of St. Louis is quoted as titative analysis students, w h o j saying "No-Yong Park gave us a every winter don gloves and over-j it lightful and coloi ful eivsc ntnti'm coats in order to keep warm while j of the situation in the F a r East. they master the technique of man- His 1( cture was delivered in excelipulating the delicate balances lent English and enlivened by housed there. The second floor was spontaneous humor. He gave us designed for the propagation of the most stirring message about plants as it is five degrees warmer) world affairs since Norman Angell than the first floor. The aquaria a n d j spoke to us." f r o g and turtle cages are also -o housed there. The doors to the DR. CLICK ON FLUNKING main laboratories are to be left There arc iw-o, and just two open this winter to prevent a repetition of last year's catastrophe reas-jns why freshmen flunk out of when the turtles froze in the ice' college—says Dr. L. L. Click of the and most of the more delicate • University of Texas. 1. Either freshmen get too plants were killed (with the odd exception of the massive tropical j •cared of their studies. plant presented by the city green-1 2. Or they don't get scared enough and go to sleep. house).

World's Greatest Writers Ask M e Another U n k n o w n Ethiopia C o v e r e d Wagon D a y s and many others just as good



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Jas. A . Brouwer Co. 212-216 River Ave.


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For practical Chiistmas gifts A Beautiful Assonrr.em of Robe?, Lingciie, Gloves, Etc. IS West ijtihth Sr.






a Holland Institution

The Tavern is a t your service for any social functions, banquets and parties.



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ruined the last one. And why can't Holland have a nice, big, rumbling earthquake ?

Someone was overheard to remark the other day t h a t t r y i n g to study in the college library was good training f o r war correspondTwo fields of biology very similar ents. in their ecological relationships Cry of the anguished juniors: were considered by the Biology "It takes a heap o' livin' before club November 25. Bacteriology you have a house of your own." interested Miss Olive Wishmeier who presented a very carefully preProcrastination is the spice of pared paper on the mechanism of education. "The Wassermann and Kahn tests Suggested as fitting close to mafor Syphillis." The intricate theory of im- jority of chapel services: Brahm's munity was the basis f r o m "Lullaby." which the actual technique of the If all the professors were laid tests was discussed. Miss Wishmeier end to end, you'd see a lot of patchobtained much of her material on ed shoes. the comparative value of the two tests from papers presented before Pome—For a Young; Thing the Michigan Public Health conferYou can t r y and t r y ence held a t the Lansing laborTill you're way p a s t thirty. atories of the state Department of But you'll never get a man Public Health earlier in the month. While your neck is dirty! She and several other senior o biology students were f o r t u n a t e in Overheard in the library: attending this conference with Dr. R. Burkett (pouring over a book Vergeer of the biology department. of Who's Who): "You know, I'd "Mike" Vander Laan then delved like to marry a man named Dinsinto parasitology f o r a discussion more. Then I could have a little of " T h e Schistosomes," the minute girl named Elsie." Haig (ditto): "I'd rather marry parasitic flat worms of the human blood stream which cause so much a man named Bobbey. Then I could distress in Egypt and the f a r E a s t . have twins."

Wishmeier, Vander Laan Discuss Syphillis, Schistosomes

Vaupell's MEN'S SHOP

6 8 East 8 t h St.


Biology Club Hears Educational Papers


G o o d Eats a n d Q o o d Coffee

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A f u s e blew out while Bill Haysom was toasting a sandwich a t the Addison p a r t y last F r i d a y evening, and f o r ten minutes night reigned, while an unlockable fuse box downstairs in the K. P. hall w a s broken into and restored to health. The p a r t y was a hard times one, with everyone dressed in picturesque old clothing and a n atmosphere of gay "depression" abounding. A f t e r playing m a n y games and enjoying a social time, the partygoers formed a "breadline" for sandwiches, pickles, cider, cookies and apples. The f e t e was in charge of committee: B|ll and Pete Veltman, Bill Haysom and Ed Van Eck. Chaperones were Professor Welmers and Mrs. Welmers.


l l - ' s i e j y , Gloves. Lingerie, H a n d k e r c h i e f s , Scaifs, P u r s e s



Tuesday came the Knick bids, heralding a gala Christmas event at the Knights of Pythias hall a week f r o m tonight, under the chairmanship of ( m u t a n t ) Cornie De Boer and committee of Jack Ridenour, Les Van Tatenhove, and Hugh De Pree.

Christmas Suggestions—

• ~

Jack Colby is chairman of the Cosmopolitan party, which will be held a week from tomorrow evening at the Warm Friend Tavern. » • »

At the Women's Literary club on November 22, Phi Tau Mi threw a party under the capable direction of Dick Smith of Delmar, New York. The first number of the evening was a scavenger hunt which began and ended at the Lit club, At 4:00 November 26, the day with car containing Les Vanden before Thanksgiving vacation beBerg, Marge Moody, Paul Ter gan, Sorosis, Dorian and Delphi Avest, Lucile Buter, Harold Elenhad teas. The Sorosis t e a was at baas, and Kathryn Stronks coming Barbara Lampen's home; the Dorthrough on top for individual ian one in the Dorian room—and prizes. it was called exceptional f r o m the After the hunt, the party went standpoint that every member was downstairs in the clubrooms, where present. The Delphi t e a was held a skit concerning Miles Standish, in the Delphi room, and was given Professor Snow directed by Lee Mahan, made by F r a t e r pin-wearer Lucille Buter everybody laugh. Then Bob Hayimmanly impossible and "follows ner and Harold Elenbaas played a and Emersonian pin-wearer Fern through" to a successful finish. His trumpet duet, and Lary De Cook, Corteville. intimate associates know him as J a y Peters, Howie Kronemeyer and Sorosis gathered f o r a 4 o'clock one who always takes more than Les Vanden Berg warbled together meeting last Friday afternoon, and his share of responsibilities, men- — accompanied by Paul Webinga. all the girls from outside the dorm tal and physical. Perhaps he realLunch consisted of turkey sand- brought box lunches to be eaten izes now- that he cannot and should wiches, pumpkin tarts, chocolate a f t e r the meeting in the Sorosis not do everything but it has been turkeys and coffee, a f t e r which room. Great f u n was experienced. a painful lesson. President Stan Joeckel of Pompton At any rate the college wishes Lakes, New Jersey, made a few reCAMPUS COMMENT for him as -poedy a recovery as is marks, "sarcastic and otherwise." (Continued from Page 1) possible under the circumstances. The final number of the evening at night and the job would be was a magician's act, presented by nicely finished by morning. But that method is a washout now. a Mr. Congleton. Prof, and Mrs. Kleinheksel were Why, the students don't stay in on hand to keep the Emersonians bed long enough even to flatten on the straight and narrow f o r the out the pants. evening. Everybody seems to warm up * * * around Christmas time except the Will Rogers, starring in In Old Hope janitors. Kentucky, was highly lauded by a party of more than a hundred Our neighbor on the PWA can't Dutch-treaters, a week ago tonight. afford a Christmas tree this year After congregating a t 7:00 at the so he's going to get himself lit up F r a t e r house, the mob surged instead. ' " town-ward and nearly tied up t r a f by buying Furniture What the well dressed coed will fic. When the great comedian's final for Christm-is wear (Hope version); A fraternity scene had flickered into eternity, pin. the body of Hopeites adjourned to The Useful Gift the Cosmopolitan house, where the A new girls' dormitory must be Anchor, which sponsored the affair, built at Intermountain college in for the Home sold refreshments. Helena, Mont. An earthquake

that it has a H o p e College, an institution of such l.igh



W a n t s to congratulate this city on being able to boast




For the past few weeks student organists have been at the console trying to fill the vacancy left by Prof. Curtis Snow who has been seriously ill with a sinus infection. He is apparently on the muchtrodden road to recovery, but he will have to take each step slowly and carefully—probably not resuming his various activities till a f t e r the New Year. Hope college knows Mr. Snow as an individual having an unusual vigor and a persistent spirit. He sometimes undertakes what seems

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December 11, 1935


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