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Hope College Anchor Hope College, Holland, Mich, December 7,1932

Volume XLV




HOPE MEN WIN CONFERENCE HONORS Medical Aptitude JIM ZWEMER AND L. JAPINGA Civic Chorus and Test Scheduled PLACED ON FIRST ELEVEN FOLDS OF HOPE'S SORORITIES U. of M. Orchestra to Give "Messiah" PRE-MEDIC S T U D E N T S WILL DAMSON AND NORLIN ARE SATURDAY IS BUSY DAY FOR T A K E EXAM FRIDAY ON SECOND TEAM Dutch Treat Week PLEDGES Mr. Snow Gives SYMPHONIC CONCERT WILL The Medical Aptitude test which BE A F T E R N O O N F E A T U R E Breakfasts, Luncheons and BanTaken Advantage Slagh and Meengs Receive Honis administered each year by the Sunday Afternoon orable Mention. quets Included in the The people of Holland are indeed Association of American Medical Of By Hope Girls Programs Vesper Recital favored to have the University of Colleges to the pre-medic students At a recent meeting of the coachNEW GIRLS RECEIVED INTO

The Cozy Inn at Virginia Park greeted the Aletheans and their ten new pledges Saturday morning. The pledges are Adelaide Deelsnyder, Adrienne Tyssen, Agnes Patterson, Anne Frissle, Anna Dethmers, Jennie DeVries, Harriet Laman, Marion Haird, Geneva Lowe and VVilma Van Hoff. While a delightful breakf a s t was being served, the air tingled with happiness. A dinner was held in honor of the new girls at the Women's Lite r a r y club S a t u r d a y evening. A clever p r o g r a m followed the toast. Group singing of popular songs proved a fitting ending for the happy excitement of the day. From one section of the town to another the Sibs journeyed in order to get their new pledges. The following girls were taken in; Gene Van Kolken, Roberta Zibbell, Carol Thompson, Marion Van Huis, Florence Vis, Ruth Barendreght, ^ l i c e Vander Riet, Irene Williams, Evelyn Van Dam, Lois Vander Meulen and Dorothy Eckerson. A f t e r the tiock was gathered it led its way to the Warm Friend Tavern and enjoyed a delightful breakfast. In the evening the new girls were given a supper in the Sib room, a f t e r which they all went to the movies. The Sorosis pledges include Ada Berghorst, Evelyn Kingsbury, Dorothy Mae Kleis, Kuth Muilenberg, Elinore I'ierrepont, J e a n Rottschaetfer, Ella Stibbs, Cornelia Tysse, Mae Van Hartesveldt, June Van Peursem, Margaret Van Kaalte, Helena Visscher, Olive Wishmeier and Muriel Chard. The


OFFERS STUDENTS OF HOPE O P P O R T U N I T Y TO HEAR GOOD MUSIC Another very interesting Vesper Recital was presented last Sundayafternoon by Mr. W. Curtis Snow. The program opened with the "Concert Overture in A," by Maitland, an American composer of Philadelphia. " L a r g o , " by Wolstenholme was the next number. "Largo," although written by Wolstenholme. is written in the style of HamK-l. It is a very lovely movement taken from "Sonata in D Major." The next number, "Toccata in C," by Bach, was perhaps the heaviest number on the program in that it is one of the two biggest things that Bach ever wrote for organ. This was followed by a very pleasing "Noel" by Mulet, the rather humorous "I'organo primitive" by Von, and "Cavatina" by R a f f . Following this group came the very modern number of the prog r a m — " P a s t e l " by Karg-Elert, contemporary German composer. These Pastels need to be heard a number of times in order to gain an appreciation of them, but one hears in them some very lovely passages. The program closed with Rheinberger's Fugue in G.

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President and Wife Entertain Students Thanksgiving D ay



The women have an unusually hard subject for debate this year. It is: "Resolved, that representatives in the lower house of congress and t h e state legislatures be elected by and in proportion to membership in occupational groups." Miss Shirley Payne is acting as coach of women's debate. Those who are competing for places on the teams are Edna Helmbold, Nella De Haan, Evelyn Wierda, Adrienne Tyssen, Freda Vander Schoor, Marian Wray, Margaret Rottschaeffer, Ha/.el Dick, Mildred K o o i m a n, Beatrice Visser and Louise Kieft. Several practice debates have been held thus far and plans for practice debates with other colleges are being made. On J a n . 20, Hope's affirmative team meets Alma's negative there, and on the same day Albion's a f firmative meets Hope's negative here. Let's all come and give the debaters support and encouragement. They need it!

President Wynand Wichers and Mrs. Wichers entertained thirtyfour students of the college who were unable to return to their homes for the Thanksgiving vacation on Thursday evening, Nov. 24th, at their home. A delicious supper was served at six-thirty and the remainder of the evening was spent in playing games, the chief one being auction. A f t e r the intellectual ability of the college students had been tested by various contests, songs were sung and the group journeyed homewards. o P R O F E S S O R BOYD IS HOSTESS TO S E V E R A L GIRLS O F H O P E Miss Laura Boyd was hostess to a number of the women students who were unable to go home for Thanksgiving at an informal tea S a t u r d a y afternoon, Nov. 26th, at the Boyd residence on North Shore drive. Guests included Mis& Ella Baschker, Miss Elizabeth Gaehner, Miss Anne Edwards, Miss Pauline Bush, Miss Dena Rensink, Miss Edith De Young, Miss Anita Furbeck, Miss Setsu Matsunobu, Miss Leona Peelen, and Mrs. Harriet E. Godfrey, m a t r o n at Voorhees dormitory.

Yea Hope!

Michigan Orchestra of 70 members as their guests next week Monday and Tuesday. The organization will appear twice on Tuesday, Dec. 13 in Hope Memorial chapel, first, in the afternoon at 3 o'clock in a symphony concert under the direction of Mr. David Mattern and again in the evening a t 8 o'clock as accompaniment for the Holland Civic Chorus' presentation of the "Messiah." In the evening the chorus and orchestra will be under the direction of W. Curtis Snow. If the crowds of the last two years are any indication, it is expected that the chapel will be filled for this performance. The soloists will be Miss Marjorie McClung of Grand Rapids, soprano; Mrs. Gudekunst of Grand Rapids, contralto; and Mr. Jack Bos of Holland, bass. The afternoon concert, which is to s t a r t at 3 o'clock, is one which no one can afford to miss. It is an opportunity which the people of Holland have never before been privileged to enjoy. A large and appreciative audience will make possible a fine rendition of the numbers to be presented and will go a long way in making the whole (Continued on Page Three)



The Anchor wishes to make amends f o r one of the errors in the last issue. We stated that one hundred new students attended the "Variety N i g h t " program sponsored by the Y.M. Only half that number were present. It was nice, though, because there was extra helpings of pie al a mode for everyone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

of the various pre-medicai colleges in the country is scheduled to take place Friday afternoon, Dec. 9, 1932. This examination is now one of the normal requirements for admission to a medical school, and all students intending to enter a medical school in 1933 have arranged to take the test on the above date. It is not necessary that all premedical requirements be completed at the time th^ test is taken if these requirements are only completed in time for entrance to medical school.The test will take approximately one hour and a half. A fee of one dollar is required from each applicant to d e f r a y expense of the committee. o-


GREAT AID IN RELIEVING FI- es of the conference, an AllNANCIAL DEPRESSION M.I.A.A. football team was selected, also a second team and several For the first time in the history players given honorable mention, of Hope College a tradition has Hope was given credit of being been broken—utterly disregarded! the smartest ball club in the conFor an entire week the girls of the ference. Our boys all deserve a campus have been free as birds— g r e a t deal of credit for their splenfree to choose, free from their in- did showing this year. This distinchibitions. This week of emanci- tion was duly earned for, outpation is comparable only to that weighed in every game they played, victorious day many years ago the boys of the Orange and Blue when the women of these United fought gallantly for every point S t a t e s received the privilege of the they received. ballot. All conference teams were repreThere have been many benefits sented on the coaches' M.I.A.A. and advantages derived f r o m this team. Hillsdale, conference cham"noble experiment." The very fact pions, received f o u r positions; that the idea brought f o r t h so Hope, Albion and Kazoo each many results ^ alone proves its placed two, while Alma placed but worth. It was also a very potent one. factor in relieving our present "fiSeveral of the men on the con• • • • * nancial depression," for with ference team were shifted f r o m .Y. W. BAZAAR "Dutch T r e a t " week has come—as their natural positions to fill places * Are you a w a r e of the fact * never before—a loosening of purse which the coaches thought them * that there a r c only twelve ¥ strings, an emptying of socks, and capable of filling. "Louis" J a p i n g a * more shopping days before * a common sharing of our earthly was chosen quarterback on the team * C h r i s t m a s vacation? if you ^ possessions. New friendships have due to his spectacular runs and hia * are looking for distinctive g i f t s * been formed and old ones have been excellent generalship on the field. * bring that Christmas shopping ' strengthened. "Louis" is one of the outstanding * list with you to De Vries & 1 If this campus ever feels again men in the conference and one of + * Dornbos on Eighth street any the pinch of financial embarrass- the greatest football players ever * time between 9 a. m. and 9 ment together with a desire for to don O r a n g e and Blue football * p. m. this coming Saturday and ^ many and more "dates," there will uniforms. " J i m m i e " Zwemer, co* find just the things you want 4 probably be inaugurated another captain-elect of Hope's team, was * at the J a p a n e s e Bazaar, spon- * "Dutch T r e a t " week. chosen at l e f t guard on the team. * sored by the Y. W. C. A. There ' J i m ' s ability to break through the * will be on display a large line * opposing t e a m ' s line and nail men * of J a p a n e s e novelties—and * behind the line of scrimmage duly * practical g i f t s , too— ranging * earned him his position on the line. * in price f r o m five cents to two * Schroeder of Albion and W a r n e r * dollars. The Y. W. girls would 4 of Kazoo were selected f o r the end * like to have you come to see * positions, Clark of Hillsdale and * the a s s o r t m e n t regardless of * Inglio of Kazoo the tackle posiMEYER HAS * whether you buy or not. Make " MISS N E L L A tions, Zwemer of Hope and Wilkas PREPARED DELIGHTFUL * it a point to see what there is * of Alma the guard positions, while PROGRAM * to see at De Vries <t Dornbos * Stanich of Hillsdale received the * Saturday, Dec. 10. center berth. In the backiield Wednesday night, Dec. 7, there "Louis" was placed a t quarterback, will be the f i r s t of a series of facMobily of Hillsdale and W a t t s of ulty recitals. This will be a piano Albion at t h e halfbacks, while Dunrecital given by Miss Nella Meyer. lap held down the fullback posiMiss Meyer is well known to the tion. Dunlap was chosen captain of students and townspeople as a the conference team due to the f a c t member of the Conservatory facthat he w a s the most consistent ulty here, and a large audience is ground gainer in the conference. has been making a study of the expected. Co-Captain Norlin of the Hope Russian question for some time and Her progtam will consist of numteam was chosen as one of the that he is hopeful a way may be bers by the old masters, and also tackles on the second team, while found to stimulate American trade a group of modern numbers. Ed Damson held down left end on by resuming relations with that This interesting p r o g r a m is as the same team. country. The policy of non-recogni- follows: "Louis" Meengs was given hontion was established 14 years ago Sonata Op. 78, F sharp Minor orable mention as was "Milt" by President Wilson. Beethoven Slagh, Hope's hard-working center. Allegro maunon troppo o Because G r e a t Britain has reAllegro assai cently renounced its commercial Prelude Op. 28, No. 12 There is only one week and * Chopin * t r e a t y with Russia, American busi- Nocturne Op. 32, No. 1 Chopin * a half l e f t before Christmas * ness men argue that we could take Etude Op. 10, No. 9 Chopin * vacation. I t won't be long now • over the British trade with Russia. Mezurke Op. posth Chopin * before t h e lowans. Easterners, • Senator Borah has long advocated Impromptu Op. 29 ..T. Chopin * Wisconsiners and Chicagoers * this plan. Recently he said, "There Intermezzo E flat minor, Op. * will be able to see papa and * 118 .j. Brahms can be no real peace in Europe, * m a m a again. It's going t o * Intermezzo B minor Op. 119 there can be no disarmament of Brahms * seem good to go back to t h a t • any moment, particularly land dis- Rhapsody Op. 79, No. 1 Brahms * "little old street where old * * faces meet and g r e e t you in * a r m a m e n t , until the Russian prob- Marche from "The Love of Three Oranges"' Prokofieff * the same old way." The Christ- * lem is settled. There can be no * mas spirit is in the air and it * Prelude f r o m the Suite " P o u r economic health or stability in Eule Piano" Debussy * sorta m a k e s you feel like every- # rope or in the world, so long as Ein Idyll Medtner * thing's o. k. and life is good, * this gigantic power is struggling Etude en F a r m e de Valse * doesn't i t ? * (Continued from Page 3) Saint-Saens

First Faculty Recital Will Be Given Tonight

Important Issues Before Congress — Will the U. S. Recognize Russia? ROOSEVELT PLANNING AN INE X P E N S I V E IN AUGUR AL As December 15 draws nearer the world war debt controversy grows heated. Both England and France have sent pleas to Washington renewing demands for suspension of this month's payments and asking for revision of the whole w a r debt structure. President Hoover and Secretary Stimson have been poring over these long cablegrams, but as yet there are no indications t h a t the American government will change its position that the payments must be met. Congress solidly answers " N o " to all requests. Friends of Governor Roosevelt say t h a t a f t e r he has assumed the presidential office, one of the first problems he will consider will be the m a t t e r of possibly recognizing Soviet Russia. It is known that he

Beat Calvin!

Yea Hope!


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E n t e r e d at t h e P o s t OfTice a t HoHand. Michigan, as Second Clags M a t t e r . Accepted for m a i l i n g a t special r a t e of postage provided for In Section 1103 of A c t of CongreBB, October 3, 1917. Authorized October 19. 1918.

' E^Uor Assistant Editor Athletic Editor Fraternity Editor Sorority Editor Organization Editors Campus Editor Interest Reporters


STAFF Preston Van Kolken Gertrude Holleman ^ v i n g Decker Mark Brower ... Julia Walvoord Harri Zesarius, Marian ^ ray, Victor lurdo N ,la ^ L »aan J»m Nettinga. Ruth HurUett

Reporters—II. RottschafTer, M. Dreffman, S. Price, B. Visser, A. \N itanek. L. De Pree, J. Bosnian, M. Verduin, J. Van Vessem, C. Walvoord, R. Muilenburg, J. Leland, E. Vander Poel. E. Harris. —

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager

Edith De \ o u n g

Assistant Advertising Manager

Vivian Behrmann


»• Kingnoidus


The curtain has fallen and Hope's recent football season is j u s t a memory. T h e team finished t h e season with four victories, two ties and two defeats. Figuring games won and lost the season was indeed a successful one. However, there was something more, something g r e a t e r than objective success t h a t made this past season so outstanding. "The Hope team plays clean ball and each individual of t h a t team displays the true Christian personality of the college which he represents." When praise of this kind is spoken by a leading college president, then we may rest asured t h a t football at Hope is accomplishing more than t h e mere a r t of developing football players. Coach Hinga is to be highly complimented f o r the fine, sportsman-like leadership which he gave the men who worked so faithfully on the gridiron for the college during the past three months. The team deserves a grand ovation. Hope is proud of her coach, and proud of her team. Yea, coach! Yea, t e a m ! — AND B A S K E T B A L L Out goes football — in comes basketball. Next week Hope will play her first home game. An enthusiastic s t u d e n t body will rise to their feet when the Blue and Orange basketeers make their first appearance. A pepped-up Hope s t u d e n t body will yell and sing and cheer! Our team will fight like real, thoroughbred athletes. They'll give everything f o r the college which they represent. Victory SHALL be theirs! J u s t as the team fights — so m u s t the team in t h e stands. J u s t as the team plays cleanly and sportsman-like — so must the student body. Be COURTEOUS to and considerate oi the visiting team and referee. Cheer like real Hopeites. Cheer f o r victory — but — be COURTEOUS from the opening play to the end of the game. Y. W . C. A .

Y. M . C. A . One-fourth of




Hope college have the intention of e n t e r i n g some form of active religious work, according to a reli-


Y.W.C.A. m e e t i n g of


vember 29 was opened with a song service






Miss Alyce Mansen. Miss Ann Ed-



I like men, They stride about, They reach in t h e i r pockets And pull t h i n g s out. They look i m p o r t a n t , They rock on t h e i r toes. They lose all the buttons Off t h e i r clothes. They throw away pipes. They find them a g a i n , Men a r e queer c r e a t u r e s ; 1 like men. Dorothy E. Reid. • » • A BIT O F N O R T H L A N D • • • A bit of Northland, Wild and f r e e , A s u m m e r breeze And s t a r s for me; A sandy shore, And deep blue sky, Or mossy bank On which to lie; Balsam's f r a g r a n c e On A u t u m n ' s wing. Oh f a d i n g summer, Come again! —Dorothy Sonnega. —o-

t h e r e w a s a race of m e n long antid a t i n g the Indians known to h a v e existed on this continent. • • • We a r e not giving bacteria s u f ficient credit f o r the p a r t they play. They are the food supply of mud.iat and ocean-bottom animals. In the f e r t i l i t y of t h e soil, fixation of nitrogen in nodules of liguminous plants, p r e s e r v a t i o n of ensilage ahd milk by lactic f e r m e n t a t i o n , microbes play i m p o r t a n t roles. Now man is u s i n g this cheap, effective e n e r g y in different fields. Microbes are used as chemical r e a g e n t s in the delection and recognition of certain c a r b o h y d r a t e s . •

The IdealDryCleaners

AutO Delivery SemCe


Golden snow m a y be seen in late w i n t e r in the m o u n t a i n s of Glacier National P a r k . T h e snow is covered by insects of brilliant c a n a r y yellow. They have no w i n g s but catapult themselves t h r o u g h the a i r by m e a n s of a s p r i n g i n g organ, a candai f u r c u l a . »


Between classes the H o p e College c a m p u s h a s been the scene of m a n y gruesome, s t r a n g e , f a i r y talish, and u n p l e a s a n t c r e a t u r e s , r a n g i n g f r o m j a n i t o r . Red Riding Hood, to an extremely uncouth f a r m e r . We can no longer s a y t h a t Hope is not cosmopolitan! »


It is r a t h e r confusing to m a k e a distinction between t h e Sophs and F r o s h since T h a n k s g i v i n g vacation. »

W h a t h a s caused all the black eyes exposed to the world at l a r g e d u r i n g the past w e e k?

Gas w a s first used f o r light one hundred and sixteen y e a r s ago this month.

» , •

"Seven o'clock, Wednesday n i g h t , Voorhees! All right, I'll see you t h e r e . " Anyway, Ede DeYoung Divinity Guild m a i n t a i n s t h a t Dutch T r e a t Week Dr. Winfield B u r g g r a a f f of W e s t - is quite a w o n d e r f u l innovation. • • « ern Theological s e m i n a r y w a s t h e A f t e r a few p r e l i m i n a r y activispeaker at the Divinity Guild meeting held on Wednesday a f t e r n o o n , ties on F r i d a y , if you had been November 30. The main t h o u g h t around S a t u r d a y you would have of his speech was t h a t one should seen such e m b r a c i n g t h a t would not go into the m i n i s t r y if one have made even Albert Holland P r o f e s s o r Carl Voetgtlin of U. S. | could help it. He cited the many jealous! • » » National I ns t i t ut e of Health, re- 1 difficulties t h a t occur in a minisR e i n h a r t Van Dyke of the colpor t s p r o g r e s s along three lines of t e r ' s life and outlined a good minlege, while recently in Chicago, was chemical investigation l o o k i n g ister's qualifications. He decried toward the cure of cancer. Cell al- the f a c t t h a t m a n y young men wish a guest of t h e Moody Bible Instibumen can be broken down in the to e n t e r the r a n k s of the m i n i s t r y tute. • • » presence of nitrogen and built up f o r no a p p a r e n t r e a s o n s whatsoin the presence of enough oxygen. Several Hope men s p e n t the ever. Maurice Snyder, the new secSince cancer is considered to be r e t a r y of the organization, was in T h a n k s g i v i n g vacation out at J i m certain cells t h a t multiply unre- c h a r g e of the meeting. He led the Zwemer's cottage, which is located strictedly and to use oxygen f a s t e r s i n g i n g and read the s c r i p t u r e les- way out north, a good w a y s f r o m t h a n other cells, this knowledge is son f r o m the sixth c h a p t e r of e v e r y t h i n g and everybody. The felof importance. In seeking" a chemiIsaiah. The closing p r a y e r was ofcal to check cancer g r o w t h , iron, fered by Prof. Paul E. Hinkamp. lows let loose and there wasn't any m a g n e s i u m , cobalt and zinc were The next m e e t i n g of the Divinity inhibition t h a t w a s n ' t satisfied. found to have no effect. Copper in Guild has been set f o r the a f t e r n o o n T h e r e comes a time in the life of minute a m o u n t s checked cell diviof December 15. All interested are sion, but of all the chemicals tried, every real he-man when the desire urged to a t t e n d . only the lead salts were found to to be f r e e and just do as he pleases have an injurious effect upon the must be satisfied and—well, more cells. Lead salts, however, are too power to house parties. d a n g e r o u s to the person. Reports were also made upon the relative • • » SUPERFINE acidity of the tissues. The maligDr. Wichers left for New York n a n t tissues were acid even in the Monday where he will a t t e n d t h e e a r l y s t a g e while normal tissues Reformed Church Board of Educaa r e slightly alkaline. » » » tion meeting. Road builders n e a r Clovis, N. M. have found arrow points associated riiir.iiijii:niniinMuanjnBaa.iiiiiiiiiiiniiniimnmunii«iiiinnui!innnonnBiinimHi with fossil animal r e m a i n s t h a t give some support to the idea t h a t 5 0 0 Sheets, 75c.

L a s t S u n d a y evening, N o v e m b e r 27, t h e S t u d e n t Volunteers sent a d e p u t a t i o n to Dunningsville. T r a n s portation w a s provided by t h e Dunningsville church. The d e p u t a tion h a d c h a r g e of the C h r i s t i a n E n d e a v o r m e e t i n g which w a s well a t t e n d e d c o m p a r a t i v e to t h e m e m bership of t h e church. T h e talk f o r t h e e v e n i n g w a s skilfully handled by Miss L a u r a G u i g e l a a r , while Ella Boschker acted a s chairm a n f o r t h e evening. Special music was rendered as a duet by Adrienne T y s s e n and Ethel Boot, accompanied by Beatrice Boot. Adelaide Deelsnyder w a s a c c o m p a n i s t f o r the s o n g service. A f t e r t h e Christian E n d e a v o r m e e t i n g we enjoyed the evening service, which was conducted by Mr. Van Horn, a f o r m e r Hope g r a d u a t e , now a t t e n d ing N o r t h w e s t e r n S e m i n a r y . T h e m e m b e r s of this delegation were well pleased with the results and are anxiously looking f o r w a r d f o r more work.

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hours of inorganic chemistry, 4 semester hours of organic chemistry, 8 semester hours of biology or zoology, 8 semester hours of physics and 6 semester hours of English may make application for enrollment. Applicants from colleges requiring 120 semester hours for graduation may be admitted with 60 semester hours.

T h e February college graduate who complies with the requirements for admission can become a doctor of dental surgery with the Marquette University Class of 1935 by enrolling in the proposed mid-year class and attending summer school for 12 weeks in 1933 and 6 weeks in 1934.

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. yl



Science Note Book

ALL H A I R C U T S 25c wards read the s c r i p t u r e lesson, a f t e r which the Misses Ethel Leest- imiiiimiiiiininuiiiiiiuiiiiiniiiiiiuirinusinviKiivmiHnHiinvunuiininiiiHnvi ma and Mildred Klow rendered a vocal duet. A lively discussion on the ideal of " P e r f e c t Living" was then led by Miss E d i t h De Young. Last night Dr. E. I). Dimnent addressed the V g r o u p s at a joint p r e - C h r i s t m a s meeting. T h e ingenuous discussion on " A n Ideal C h r i s t m a s " was t h o u g h t provoking DENTAL SCHOOL and an inspiration to all who atTo the young man and woman tended. rvilh interest in health service On December l.i the Holland Civic chorus, under the direction Enrollment Feb. 1 and Sept. 21 of P r o f . W. Curtis Snow, will renin the 3-year dental course which folder " T h e Messiah" by Handel. The lows two years of pre-medical or predental liberal arts college work. r e g u l a r Y meetings will be disUndergraduates with 64 semester hours of pensed with on t h a t evening in acceptable credits — at least 8 semester order to give all the s t u d e n t s the

gious census kept by Rev. Paul E. Hinkamp, college pastor, and revealed last Tuesday evening at the Y.M.C.A. meeting, at which Rev. H i n k a m p addressed the grhup on "The Conservation of Hope College Traditions." Although this percentage is hut one-third of that of the years, when Hope college was yet in its childhood, the speaker felt t h a t the Christian influence was still active on the campus. When Rev. Hinkamp was student at the college, baseball was the m a j o r s p o r t outside of cross-count r y and basketball as a sideline. Hope's participation today in football and basketball is recognized by outsiders as a specimen of t r u e s p o r t s m a n s h i p . Rev. H i n k a m p sug- o p p o r t u n i t y to hear this magnifigested t h a t " m o r a l victories" a r e cent oratorio. the desired ends sought by the student in intercollegiate and intra- JiKigaainunuiiiinfliumnmimimimnnmiiiifmMwiiiiniinirfwmMiniMiui m u r a l clashes. But, t h e question, " W h e r e are the Phone 2465 o r a t o r s and d e b a t e r s of f o r m e r y e a r s who took honors in s t a t e and national- c o n t e s t s ? " s e e m s unanswered today, claimed the leader. "77ie House of Service' T h e i n t i m a t e f r i e n d s h i p of society g r o u p s and amiable competition Cleaning & Steam Pressing w e r e acknowledged Jjy Rev. Hink a m p a s being of an a d v a n t a g e to the student. In conclusion, scholasticism a t Hope is credited at o t h e r schools College Ave & 6th, Holland in an over-average r a t i n g .


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Fo r Gocdncss Sakes

acters, Mike Van Leuwen and Ele- pie, inexpensive inaugural in keepnore Pierrepont, (what, mentioned ing with the spirit of economy. It a g a i n ? What a girl!). Blackness, is said that he does not favor callTHE "JOURNAL" OF except for the reflection of the ing National Guard troops from (Continued f r o m P a g e One) LOIS VANDER MEULEN twinkling stars on balmy Lake distant points at great expense to Michigan! Says the heroine to the the taxpayers, but that he does not Sorosites had b r e a k f a s t at the Friday, Dec. 2 hero, " P u t your knees together, object to the use of troops centered home of Arloa Van Peursem in I'm sinking." in and about Washington. Zeeland and in the afternoon they Synce I fynde mysellfe syckke, rent Events," by John Peeler; vocal W h a t a man Korstanje! "I got SOROSIS journeyed to Grand Rapids to see and noing fulle welle t h a t t e profFe solos by Milt Spaan and an ap'dough. I got 'bucks.' I never CIVIC CHORUS AND p r o p r i a t e hu m o r o u s paper on "Death Takes a Holiday." A f t e r Rytterre will throwe f y t t e s whenne chase a f t e r the women. Ask any U. OF M. ORCHESTRA Sigma Sigma sisters met once "Deer H u n t e r s , " by Henry Kinke- the play a tea was served at the hee l e m s t h a t t e mye jurnalle bee one of them with whom I have gone TO GIVE "MESSIAIT more to p a r t a k e of merriment and ma. Critic's Report was made by Women's Club of Grand Rapids so f a a r behynde, I trow itte is yn- out with, and they will say I'm joy on Thursday evening, Dec. 1. in honor of the new members. deed tymellie thatte I kech uppe the most independent fellow they Harold Fairbanks. Devotions were led by S. M. (Continued from P a g e One) have ever gone out with. I never now. A f t e r eagerly receiving a list of The Cosmos have challenged the Stryeker. "Sigma Sigma P a r , " lynne Wyllyams hadd a bunche call them up. They all call me F r a t e r s for the much prized "Ve- thirteen new Delphians the old project a success. The p r o g r a m will written by S. Hudson, conveyed an nitian Bowl" in such favorite par- members, disregarding all rules for of usse frosh f e m m e s ' ' a t t e her up." Some boy! We wonder what include a piano concerto by Moinstructive thought to the society. lor g a m e s as checkers, bridge and silence, went hastily to a rtBmber housse the other evenyng. Wee he has. We wonder whether he can zart, played by Mr. Harold Gelman, S. Verduin rendered in her own chess. (Poker is excluded at this of rooms in Voorhees hall and madde candye and as ushwal Muri- take it. Is he a great man; ask pianist. It will be interesting to the sweet way one of E d g a r Guest's him. t i m e ) . The Cosmos championship claimed the inmates f o r their own. clle haddc a boye f r y n d to annoye Holland audience to know t h a t Mr. poems on Friendship. basketball team will this year be There followed a mad rush about our synstter revelrie. Ollivarre IMPORTANT I S S U E S B E F O R E Rudolph Nichols, Hope College " N a m e It," by S. Pellegrom and coached by Len S t e f f e n s with Hei- town in order to claim the rest of hadde the famyllie jalloppie and CONGRESS—WILL U. S. graduate of last year, is included Johnson proved to be a heartnie Tempos as manager and Tony the group and the fourteen happy she tookke mee homme so erlie RECOGNIZE RUSSIA? in the personnel of the orchestra. rending duet with a lot of harmony Mi stretta as assistant. Prospects girls who had caused all the com- t h a t t e I even beatte mye momme The orchestra is composed of 23 and hand technique. (Continued f r o m P a g e One) again appear for a team of- last motion were carried off for break- inne, who lostee much sleeppe, violins, 8 violas, 8 celli, 6 basses, f a s t a t the Warm Friend Tavern. thynking me stylle too bee out a t t e year's caliber. to escape her thralldom. And this 3 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 English horn, Delphi The place cards around the table one t h y r t t i e (and mee sngglie inne will last so long as she is treated 2 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet, 4 basincluded the names of Mipa Beck- bedde all the t y m m e ) . as an outlaw among nations." "The sons, 3 trumpets, 5 F r e n c h horns, Emersonian A French theme was chosen by er, Myrtle Beeuwkes, Ruth Burkett, Uppe in the mornynge and too greatest developing market in the 3 trombones, 1 tuba, percussions, Last week was "hades week" for the Sophomores when, on the eveV era Damstra, Katherine Donahue, pyckking uppe beechynuts inne the world for American goods is in and harp. the pledges of the Maroon and ning of December first, they preRuth Fisher, Elizabeth Goehner, f r o n t t e yardde erlie. Mennie carrs Russia, and this market is ours The p r o g r a m is as follows: White. The f r a t e r n i t y neophytes sented the final p r o g r a m to the old Catherine Haig, Marian Klaasen, ywentte bye more thanne onctte. under any reasonable policy. Our Academic Festival Overture crawled in and out of windows, on Delphian group. D. Van OostenFrieda Vander Schoer, Thelma To bedde erlie and verrie tyred, conditions encourage us to seek forentering or leaving the f r a t house, Brahms brugge led devotions. A f t e r the Vroom, Agnes Van Ostenburg and mye backke ayking myghtillie. eign markets wherever they may Excerpts f r o m "The Valkyrie" performed menial and sometimes business meeting D. Dekker reE m m a Zagers. A f t e r the breakUppe in the A.M. and dyscovered be f o u n d . " difficult tasks for their masters, Wagner viewed current events and D. Verf a s t was completed and each new myselffe to have pynkke toothConcerto f o r Piano Mozart who had laid down cash for them hey read a paper on Joan of Arc. girl had been called upon for a brushe. To bedde that evynyng feelIt is reported that PresidentCapriccio Espanole at the auction block, and reached A f t e r 0 . Van Oss had entertained short speech, the group sang the ing myghtie punk . . . elect Roosevelt is planning a simthe grand climax on Wednesday Rimsky-Korsakoff with a group of piano selections Mye bellovedde brother Jackke Delphia songs and disbanded. At night, when, a f t e r a short business by French composers, a play enhomme too-daye alle 12:45 they departed for Grand commes meeting, the entire society adjourntitled "Vain Ways" was presented agogge. For, quoth hee, n e w er Rapids, where they attended a pered to the " O g g l e " house and enby D. Scholton, D. Mulder and 0 . formance of the W r i g h t players. beefor hath Hoppe's studentte gaged bodily in their "yearly dozen I.atfi they went to the home of Van Oss. The meeting was brought bod ye com me so verrie nere to or so" to the tune of whacking Alumnae Hazel Paalman, where to a close with singing led by D. synging twoo hymmes atte onctte. paddles and responding yelps oi ihey We-re served a delicious supVan Oostenbrugge. 1 havve frenche and other thyngs "ouch!" On Friday night the an- 1 H V . On December second the Deltoo st ddye and a testte for hysl-'or the Dorian girls the past nual formal invitation stag ban- week-end was one filled with exphians, anticipating a delicious teric, and Waynne Kyng is playin quet was held in the Masonic tem- citement, joy, and kisses worth the pot-luck supper, gathered at the so methinks I hadde bette quitte ple when thirteen pledges became sum total of fifty cents. The seven home of Anne Jackson. A f t e r a for now. full members in the fellowship of girls that were chosen were Pauline * * 68 East 8th St. meal which fulfilled all expectaBush, J a n e t Derks, Edna Helmbolt, Emersonian. The program consist- Leona I'eelon, Leona Schipper, tions had been served them, the MUDDY W A T E R S ed of a talk by Alumnus Harvey Doris Van Lente, and Lois Van group began the business for which Zommeron. Early S a t u r d a y mornthey had g a t h e r e d — t h a t of select- Hoffman on "The History of Emer- ing the old members dashed around x Dance, v.i., "To leap about to the sonian," a vocal number by Freshing new Delphians. The list was Holland and hauled six of these sound of tittering music, preferably finally completed and the girls de- man William Vander Veen, "Home sleepy girls from their cradles and on the Range," with "Without a took them to the Green Mill Cafe, with a r m s about your neighbor's parted to spend a restless night of Song" as an encore, and "The Phil- where a very special b r e a k f a s t was wife or daughter. There are many waiting for an eventful tomorrow. nnnin-HiH: osophy of Emers on" by J a m e s Van served to them. The other newly kinds of dances, but all those rerf^HSEEEnnn-E msmmm. elected member was not in Holland quiring the participation of the two Vessem. The affair was the "best Addison and the girls decided that she must ever," and the new members were be here for the evening, so the girls sexes have two characteristics in The meeting of Dec. 2 was called given a rousing welcome and thus set out for Corinth to get her. Do common: they are conspicuously SELLES JEWELRY STORE you know where Corinth is? Does innocent, and warmly loved by the to order by Vice President Heer- ended the trials and tribulations of your "boss" know where Corinth vicious."—Ambrose Bierce's Devil's sma. Mr. Gerrit Rientjes acted as the pledges for this year. Expert W a t c h andjewelry Repairing is? The Dorians know now and Dictionary. they are going to tell you a secret. chorister, while Mr. Kenneth Hicks If you» should decide to go there T i s an old saying, "The good Fraternal presided at the piano. The proand your car gats overheated and must suffer with the bad." Some g r a m was very interesting. The you lose the cap of your gas tank, first number was given by Mr. VirThe regular F r a t e r meeting of just stoj) at the Chevrolet g a r a g e consolation should be given to three gil Bradley, which was entitled Friday, December 2, was opened at Byron Center and they'll save " c a m p u s " girls. We take the great" J e s u s as a Teacher," the Fresh- with p r a y e r by F r a t e r Gaston. Fr. you lots of worry for just one dime! est pleasure in introducing "The A f t e r miles of excitement and man prize Bible essay of '32. "Noolcie" Maring as chorister and worry were piled up very high the Campus Co-eds"; Cornelia Stryker, Mr. Tsugno Hidaka then gave a Fr. "Wookie" Vanden Belt as tick- girls found Lois Van Zommeron's M a r g a r e t Stryker, Elenore Pierrepaper, "My Home Customs." This ler of the ivories, tried unsuccess- home. Her mother served the girls pont. President, Vice President and was followed by two selections, fully to get harmonious music in with a lovely, yumm yumm lunch- Secretary, respectively, of the new eon and Lois came back fro Holland "That Beautiful L a n d " and "The the song service. Fr. Pres. Muilen- so t h a t she could attend the Dorian "Campus Organization." We are Little Old Red Shawl," rendered by berg opened the meeting with a banquet hekl at the Warm Friend open to suggestions as to whom a q u a r t e t , composed of Mr. Rient- few quotations on duty. Fr. Van Tavern that evening, a banquet at consolation really should be given, jes, Mr. Paul Van Pernis, Mr. Ger- Leuwen read an archive number which the girls were thrilled by the co-eds themselves, or the causes SERVICE toasts, speeches, and music. A f t e r who wear trousers. QUALITY ald Heersma and Mr. Henry En- entitled " E a r l y History of F r a t e r - the banquet the society went to A particular Sunday night! Six glesman. Mr. A b r a h a m Naoum nal Society at t'nion College." It Helen Shaw's home where King in a car! The old refresTiment concluded with a humorous paper. was written by one of the founders Cootie and Queen Game reigned until the hour when Mrs. Durfee deplace, the Oval! Yes, "she was like At the ensuing business meeting of t h e ' society in 1834. Fr. Boone creed that the girls should be at the splash of waves on a dark night the following officers were elected gave some excellent humor, both home. on a lonely beach!" Leading charin content and expression. Fr. for the new t e r m : President, Mr. Nelson Urick; Muilenberg, pinch-hitting for Fr. vice president, Mr. Kenneth Hicks; Van Kolken, who was sick, played (SERVE IT AND YOC PLEASE ALL) secretary, Mr. Gradus Aalberts; a few numbers on his trombone. A serious .paper by Fr. McLean, t r e a s u r e r , Mr. Paul Van Pernis. 133 and 135 Fairbanks Ave. Phone 3886 "Communism in America," conCOSMOPOLITAN . y f cluded the program. It was an ex-




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Cosmos held their weekly meeting Friday evening, opening with some post-Thanksgiving singing, led by Howard Hartough. This was followed by yells under the direction of F r a n k Dykema. P r a v e r was offered by John Buiteyn. * The program consisted of "Cur-

cellent paper in every detail and will without doubt be entered into the archives. The new F r a t e r song, intermission, and a short business session followed. F r . Plasman was given the honorary job of custodian of the Venetian Bowl. Fr. Meengs closed with prayer.


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Inter-Fraternity Hope Basketeers F o o t b a l l Squad Hope Plays First Open Season at * Season Will Open Elects Co - Captains Home Game Next Next Monday Western State Thursday Night For the 1932 Season JIMMY ZWEMER A N D CARROL CALVIN NORLIN ARE THE MEN HONORED Last F r i d a y a f t e r n o o n the O r a n g e and Blue football team met and elected " J i m m i e " Zwemer and Carrol Norlin co-captains for the p a s t season. Zwemer and Norlin, better known as " t h e gold-dust twins," have completed four years of football on Hope's teams. Both were m e m b e r s of Freshmen team of "29 which captured the conference championship. Each has completed t h r e e years of varsity football also. Both men, although not so large, have been a powerhouse of s t r e n g t h in the Orange and Blue line. Time and again they have broken through the opposing line and thrown men for losses as well as opening holes f o r the Orange and Blue backfield. They were honored, also, by the conference coaches, Zwemer being chosen on the All-Conference first team, while Norlin was selectetl for a berth on the second eleven.



N e x t week T h u r s d a y night the O r a n g e and Blue will open their home basketball schedule, meeting Calvin here. Hope has defeated Calvin six times in succession, twice each year for the last three years. Calvin will be out fighting hard for a victory as will be the O r a n g e and Blue to win their seventh s t r a i g h t victory over the Calvinites. Calvin has several v e t e r a n s of last year's squad, a s well as some capable Freshmen material. This game is one of the highlights of Hope's schedule. It is one of the games which means much to the team and also a g r e a t deal to the rooters. It is r a t h e r early f o r such a crucial battle, but both teams a r e practicing daily to get in the best condition for the battle. A capacity crowd is expected to ! attend for this g a m e is of g r e a t interest to Hope followers.


F r i d a y night the O r a n g e and Blue will open t h e basketball season a t Western S t a t e . This will be the initial battle f o r the Hope five while Western S t a t e has one victory already to its credit over Olivet. All prospects point to a successful season for t h e O r a n g e and Blue. Six v e t e r a n s of last y e a r ' s squad, N e t t i n g a , Visscher, Dalman, Nykerk, J a p i n g a and Slighter, will be on the team again this season. Kors t a n j e , Bonnette and Van Zanden are the most promising candidates of last year's 'Freshmen t e a m . Hope will be outclassed by a large margin when they meet the .State five. S t a t e has a very s t r o n g team t h i s year, "having several vete r a n s of last year's t e a m on their squad. Last F r i d a y night they met Olivet, conference champions of last year, and defeated them 56-5. Olivet was able to make j u s t one field goal, which is quite a record in any man's game. This game will be more or less of a prelim to Hope's regular schedule. Coach Hinga will, no doubt, give his entire squad a chance mainly for the purpose of finding where each m a n ' s ability rests.

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P la n s a r e nearly completed f o r the opening of the i n t e r - f r a t e r n i t y league f o r the f o u r t h consecutive season. The initial contests will be held next Monday evening. At a meeting of the m a n a g e r s , it was decided to have the five f r a t e r n i t i e s ^ o m p e t e f o r the championship cup with the W e s t e r n Semin a r y team completing the bracket, but not figuring in the title ratings. ^ The following rules were drawn up by the m a n a g e r s at a recent m e e t i n g : Anyone who has been out for v a r s i t y this year and quits f o r any other reason t h a n being cut f r o m the squad will not be eligible. There shall be ten p l a y e r s on a squad and each f r a t e r n i t y must play each opponent twice. Great interest has been shown in the league during its three previous years of existence. The Emersonians won the first championship, while the F r a t e r s and Cosmopolitans won the title in the following years. All indications point to a hard s t r u g g l e for the championship as all the teams have ample material f r o m which to choose their lineups.

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