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We Wish You a Merry Xmas

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Christmas Gifts


o ur ]J oliuay lin 0f ('alende r;-; nnd 1\l bu•••=--· \Ve tak e P ostals a11d Penny Picture•. , and tlH' lw:u..l -

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Holland, Michigan


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i\urQnr N@oprrn in Dru •• VOLUME~

walt lr of Olnutrttt!i


( A Story ) .




A. Vcen ker. 'Ill ·



Blanche A. Howell ·

WE STOOD BY THE W INDOW <A Poem > Henry K. Pasma, '11)




A Word of Appr eciation A Contr ibut ion





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I .

D e cem ber , 1908 AND A LITTLE CH ILD

1. ·1_

1B -

ELL · w rep ealing- iaintly S<>llH' \\'ht•r e in the di s tan ce . wlt e n I~ (>O(I wa:-- n·lcasc.:d fr o m the pun is hmcnt eLl b. ~omewhen· th re was mcrrtJncnt and c h im ing nf hell ~- l >nt n u t within the u·r<..·at "Tim wall s n f Jo li e t ... _........_ •J pri:on ; n n t in the g-nm. hanl - hcan c n c d heart of tht• cnn\·ict. 13 ()()(,, fn r six days ju:"t pa:--t. had been ••11 hr ca cl and \\"<Her in one o f the puni s hlll L'llt cell~. l i e had h cc n \' inlcn t. and ahusi\'<~ t o nc q f tht· warden s. l l c wa ~ a "to ug-h 'un ." l n J o liet pri :-:nn tH> o ne was more clo~cly watched in· all the s ullen gray-coat rank ~ . ":\ l erry Ch r istJttas! " so m t· o ne chanted in hi :' t'ars a . he "' h ufllcd into lin<..' with his mat es o n th<.: parole ground. A l"ttcllaug-h fnl ln \\' ccl . as if it wer e a good j o ke to ha\·e a :\ Jerry t ' hristmas in that g-lo my pri '-'o n. lhll the man- h e wa ;-; ~ till a man-with the r u und hadg<.: marked " H (){)()" t >ll hi~ gray jacket. startcu pert:l pt ibly at th e so und o f the two w o rd::; in his car~. L· ntll'r t h e h ard ma. k ) f his sullen fac ~c methinglikc pai n w o rk e d dimly . \\ ' hen had he hl·a rd th os two w o rd l> e it r c? \ \ ' h o had :--aid them in his car? .. Fro nt rank. 1 \\' O pace s t o It ft-march !" The go,·e r n o r of the pri:"on '-' trocle about. g-i\·ing- lo w-\·o iced o rder s t o the g-uards. ll is k een . s han~ n fa ce was s n ftcn e d a l ittle ))\· the Christmas "peace. good \':ill" t h at had crept i nto it. He laug-h e d out c h eerdy . and n o w and then s p o ke a kind \VOrd t so me numbcr<.:d c o n ,·ict in th e lines. .\ t ~ ight o f B (l{)() th e ~ te rn li n es ti g h tened abo ut hi s lips a g ain. The hri tma






Til E


'"' J> .·t J,,, ,),n ttt. {·llarlc_,. _.. h e llHllterL·d t• , 1no k· ,·;un· =-- 1h'<1. .. ,,· ,.C' th t IH.'a re-:t \\ankn . "Il l'':-- a -.lip Jwry t~lll.'- l hl'rL:._ hJ,,,,t) in . . ,.. , .c, l,,· tt cl \\.;11'" . t' \'l' t I )( I ~ty. .'\ :-- lt ct\\' hL•'ll Cl'k hr:~ h.: ( hn ... l llla-:. I11:-' .. I le · =-' a t h 11 ~- .' · g- r 11 w k d t 11 ~ · " a n k n ~ u r: i h . .. T "· • ' 11 • t 110\\':l\·~ di:--c u n\· t.• ni L· n c~.: ml' \\'·l'n Itt· ~· ·\'"'· Th :..· ,· a in't lid .,,,it spilt in 'im. "\\' L·II . kc <·p :t lt>r lkr lllt a \\·llik l••ng···r. t ' ln r J,. , . \\ ' a tch n ttl :-- h :t r p. I lc 'II h c t~ll t 111 a Ill a tLL' r " i :-. i x 111 "tllll-. n •"' ...

\\ ' hat':-- ..;i.x mc•nth--· tilrll.' '" n il lt' : L'ar:-- and :t lt :tl i ~- l:ut I~ (l(.)(l kit llll (.' XIllt : ttitll l. I k ll:td ltl ll ,;.! ..... ! JtC \.' l."<::t,L·d ltl h II n iT the mnnth=-- n n hi ... tint!' •r:--. It did lltl l 111:lli 1.T •IIIL' \\':ty "r a n n th~.· r tint he ,,·a-: a l me1:0:t "ellll. .. ThL' o ld cl<.:-: pair and nu mh n~.·~=-- in hi -: ltl' <trl ltn cl ck:\d\.·Jh·d h npe ion~ ~i 1tc ·. Th e cJn,· l::lggL' d nn in ;-;id\.· thL· \\':tlb u f the pri--1>11. ttt :'ide it \\'1\:-' ~lt.·rry ' hri ~tllla:-', :md thL' pcupk m:uk ml'rry :ltn u ng thL·ir U\\'ll. In th ~.· af l l l'lltll lll thl' e h i~.· f wa rdl'll ap prnached thl' CIJll\'i L·t in the hlul' cap with tht: lll1 1111H·r I~ (lOf • on hi .: jacke t . with a llll'~=--:tg-L· fr(lm th e g'''''l'rtl • •r. I k wa::. \\'1\lltl.'<\ at th e 111tlin nffil'l' . .. J1 ()()()" ~ trOdl' aJnn!_!· h1.•:' id L' l lt t· \\' tlrdl'n indirfcr ~.· nth· . It did 111\l nccur tel hi 111 t•' \\'lln ckr at thl' lltltt:-'ual :--umntutJ-.. It cuulcl 11 11 ly llll' illl : -.tlllt <.: lll'\\. pnni:--hl11l'Jtt - it did n 't matlL' r. l;ut thL' ' had ar r i,~.· cl at tlw nffic<: . . \ Iittl t· child \\'a-. :-'ta n dill!-!. th ·rL· h ·:'idt· a calm - fan·cl ~i:'tL' r o f c harity. ThL' run,·ict :--ttlrL· d at hPth in dull \\'tllltkr. nut at th l• :-'U lllld ui the c hi ld':-' \'Oil'C he :- tartL·cl \' inkntly. ":\ lt•rn· C hri :'tll1a:'. da d th · !" =-- he !'a id :'h\'1 ,· in h i;-; e:1r. The =--kndcr little fig-ttn· h ad c ru:--:--1.: d tn h im a nd :'l ipjh·d a ;-;mall brcl\\' 11 h and intn hi :'. "\\'t•ll't _,.,,u :-.ay ' .\ l ~.· rry Chri ... t mn;-;· back. dacl<h· ~ I t ,,·a:-- :--uch a pi e L·'-· l) i \\'or k tu gel h ~.· rv. [ gues=-- ,·o u'd n cn:r think h o \\' hard it " ·a.- til gl·t an t~rckr tP CPlll ! It wa:' tht• ~i ~ tt.· r \\'h n did it. Yt>tl :-- <.'l'. :--IH: prntlli-.~.:d m o ther lt> bring- me. ~ l ot hL•r' ;-; d e:t<l." f-n r a Jl H mettt th L· rc wa:-. ~ ilt· n rL' 111 th~.· di-.mal rtHHll. Th e g' Yernnr turned a\\'ay tn g-azL' o ut ni th e \\' indtH\' ancl thv \\'arden· ~ r ug-h faC L' =--o itcned . The chilcli.-h ,·nice h cg-an ag-ain: ".She tried t<) \\' ait. dadd y-g u L'~=' you'd nL'\' L'r think h o \\' h ard :'h t· tried ! Dut \\'hen ;-; h<: kil L\\. ~ hl' ClHlldn't. ~ h L· g-1>t c\·erything n·ady fo r you, and to ld me tn \\'etit ni:-- tL·ad . l ' 111 \\'niting- nn w. dndcly- i t':-; hl11 L':-'4>1ll ·- you 'd n e ,· ~.·r think Jt,,". lc n snmc it i: ! l~tt t 1 kt.'L'Jl co unt in .~· th~.· d a,·:-- ufi. l ~ n·r y

• • ..




nig-ht I cr fl~:-- ()Ill' o iL n~\(rdy. :-- pn-: , yuu kn n \\'- thL·rc:'s o nly ·t h llndrt.•cl a nd l'i g-ltty -:'L' ' · ...·n kit. ThL'rL' \\'(lll't ),c IHtt a hundn·cl ;wd ~: i;.!'Jtt,· . . -~ix t<lll i!..•. llt . :tftL· r )·,... . cnJ ... .. l'd nut. ~ l 11t her alway:-- kept cu nnt - my. th t' H' 11:--l'd t,, he thPtJ-.ancl :' nf days • •nl' t ! Y 1111 L. a 11 I , l' g- i 11 t (I c .x 1H.' c t \\' h l 11 l h l ' r c · :-- nnl .' a h un d r c d an· l'i~h t ,· -:--ix . \\ ' hen it·, !lill Y n lll' da,· kit -IllY. think of that. dad<h· ! ~ l ot l11.· r u sl'd tn . .\n · I kn,,,,. ju:--t \\'h at T'm ~n in g- t(l dn tiH·n - ju-.t cxacth· ! ~ J c,thL-r nnd I u-.ed to practin· tn;_!·t:t lwr. I gut.'=-'=' y •Ht' cl 11 <: \T r gttt·-... : hc•w many ti me::.. ~ Ih' l e d d llll' j l1 ._ t h (l \\' 1 \\'a "' lll t i d :- lt p I h 1.' k i t r IH.' ll a 11 • 11 t l h c k1.·ttlt- :ti l n ·ady t• • h o i!. an· h ~,· :-ttrc tn rt.' llll' ll111L'r the c hai r ynu :d\\·a: s lik L·d t n :--it in - an· thL' g-·ra nium. ( l. daddy. mother ·tn· I u-:L·cl tel hupe -.nit \\'t Htld lH· in h ln11111 that day! . \n' the "'lPJ>lT-m e.. thl'r :--hu\\' t..d me h P \\ t n lllttkc nlllAin'. you kno w . ;111d hro il thL· :-'tl.'ak and . . . ct th~.· cup-.. an' plate;-; on tidy . ThL·rc wa:-;n't an~Jhing mot h e r didn't !--h o w 111<: nl1 o ttt. \\'hen =-- h e ic•und s hL· cnuld n't wait. Shl· ~aid i<• r me tn put un her \\'b ite apr()n and ~trctch up tnll. an · =--m ilL·. I g-ue:-~ ynu'd ll l'\C r think hn\\ m u c h \\' (.' practi~.·cd ! T hL· Ja-.t tinw mother cried n little. Inn that was h ~..· can.'t: :-- he \\·as :--u tirL·tl. I cried. t oo. lt \\'a~ that ni g h t tlllllhcr clil.'d . 1it's \'l'l'_\' lcmc:-.nme n nw. daddy. l>tll : I'm ,,·aiting-. Y t>u 'll C<>lllL' rig-ht h o me. \\'Cln't y o u. daddy ? Titat \\·a-: why :-: h e ,,·ant <.' d th e ~i :'tl'r tn bring mel o Ill :1 k L' =' u n·.


Till' gi·cat h ard fing-er ' had cl n..;~,d areHlnd tht· small hrow n 11 11<.':--. Th<: tL·nr:-. WL' rl· trailing; o \·L' r the r() ugh check;-; o f H (>06 . T h e :-i'i~ t e r ·=-- cal m ian· \\'a ~ hrnkc n into lin L·:' o i \\'l'l' ping-. ' "I 'm tlll):-'l l\\'<:h·e n o \\' . da d dy. Y u u mu s tn ' t mind h o \\' littl · I am - I can :-;tretch up tall! . \n' you'll laugh t o ~cc h n \\' I can k L'L' P h u u -:c fo r y o u. Th ere '=-- a lady o n the t hird llt)nr IHlp::--1 ll lL' \\'hen I fc1rget h n \\' mother :';tiel to do . 1\·c got a hundred an· cighty-~ix days m n n • t n practice in. daddy. :\ u \\· \\'nn't ,·ou sa,· '.:\JerrY C hri :-'tma~? · .. ' .. ... .. If h e '!':tid ·L nn o n e h eard but the c h ild. li e caug-ht h e r to hi m and huri~.· d hi ~ fact.· in h e r :-;o ft h air. The ~o und i hi · -:nl>bing- :-;cL·mcd t o fill tht: r uo m . Thl· ric\\' year came and g-rew on familiar terms with the \\'ll rld. Spri ng- crept into thl.' ka\·c:-; anc\ turn cl them !"'r ccn, a nd l' \'Cll thl.' file::. o f g ray-co ated co n,· ict s at their qu arryi n g drc\\' in tTt c warm. S \\'CCt breath :; a n d. in their \\'ay. rej o iced . Thl' h eart f u u e u f th 111 lightened \\'ithin him a s day fo l-




lti\\Td da\'. ( )n tl 1 l' \\:111, I I i hi .... l' L' Il h . .· l't'Cl'' ' d cdr L':tl'lt lllh ' a~ it pn .. ;cd. and cnuntcd l'tt .~erly thn"'L' th:u \n·~·l' kit. T hL': rr re\\' \ T n· il'\\'. Il l· t>ra ctin·d til , h t~llll' - l'Cilllll~~~- n\· u· and ~ I on.' r . a lone in hi..;; cel l. 1t kl'JH hi lll happy :•nd 'qit<.·ttl'd t 11.· ticrn·. a n gry lig·h t in hi~ l'.' l'=-'· Il l· ~n· -.,· I' :1n:ahlv and qnil.'l n m c111 .r~ h i.... m a t L' ". T!n• \\' Cl ·rlt-tb talh·d ni ; l in ;tlll : t '~"\' llH' llt . I <~l\\11 :tt th e littk < )n ~umttH·r cl:-t ,. 1~ r~nr1 .. \\'l'll t lllll. h c It 1' t i 11 t h l' :-- u h u r h . c ' i t h t • L' it y a cIt i I d \\'a:-- \\' ~~ i t i 11 ~ f 11 r h i 111 The J'l)(llll \\"a-.. tid ied :tPcl tilt• kl'ttl.....· :t-hniling. nn•l in tltl· =' 11 n 11 , • \\'in d n w t he ::!<.' r :tn i 11111 \\ :t :-; :tll in h lc 'II 111 • . \ 11 <.: " ' I i flo h ~d i>l'f.!'llll-tlte :-=nmiHl' :--h~l'ln\\' " ni ~ he pri:'clll p:t!--"l'd frcntl hi :-: :--onl. l ie \\' :1:- nn J, ,n :..,. r "I~ ( ,· J( ,_ .. l l v \\":1"" man :li1tcl!t;.!' 11ll'tl. and a child ':-: fa ith and lcl\'c ~tn: ng-th etl\: cll,itll . · A. V KENKF.R , ' 10



h :t d "\\ l ' pl 111 ill· a f h.' r 111 i lc r '' <.' r t h c 1n rill red \\'al l ' r"' '(' ·ttH' d l";tth te l kan.· till' irail ;:,!irl. and by fair nwatl:-' and i•· ul ... trug-~ll'd in \:ti n tc• \\' l'l''l tiH· tin_,. fct•t irc1111 tht• hard ··,:trl\\·:t , .. \\ ' . th lilac! h ·•11 ~~~a i n:--t the 1>1:1~1. and \\'hite face 11tr-..ltt•d with t il l' t'. h ili ra ti•111 lli the CIIJill>:tl. :--Ill· fr~ttg-ht h t•r \\it_, . ;tl • lll ~!· th•' · l•ricJ ~..·c. " h t· clun ·"' ..· 111 th1..· h ll"'l' iron -. J\~..· ·tcltin••' ....... ;--.. tru .. "' ·' th:t l ... llJlJl•'rtl·cl it. and J,~r , J : l·d cl~t\\' 11 itllcl thL· :-- \\'irling h I:u· i.. " a !\' r ... t I 11 ·1 l t' h u r 111 • d ;1r • . 1111 d t lw a h 111 11 H · Jib 1 If t 11 c.: -..lrtll'lllrt'. Til(' h• ,pck..:. .... " ' "" 11i tltt· -..ur;.,!in~· \\:ttL· r ... a' thl'_\' n 1... h e d • •n 11 ' ' 'L' .... " a II n \\' <•d :t i h 1111 cl red i l' ,,. r I> l' ~ • 111 c1 h y t h ~. · h .... h i n ~~· " :1 ' · L'... c' i t It <: g- r e ~ 1 t I a k ,· . t h a t h •,Jll' ll' .. :-- nt·" :-- :-- <.'l' 111e d t c1 lind iJ-... t·••lttll , rp:trt i n til , ~~l l'l' that l~.:ant· d i:tr cllll rl\l'l' them . ~udd,· ll1 _, . 1 t'•llnpl'IIL-cl hy a i•n'l't' .. 1w cnuld JHlt h:l\t' l'Xplainl'd . thl' g·irl turnl'd :1nd J(l"kvcl tilt" tht· l ' \ ~,·..;; ni a 111:111 " h" '1 1~~ "I 'tar in :--. ..- at 11 l' r. .. Y "t1 ~ \ r '11 ? I In \\' d :t r C' d \ ' I ) 11 <: r lllll' ~ · · , .~,q-~c· ttin!,!· . in IHr C111rtJi·•n. Jt, . ... trvng-th ,,j thl· g-:tk. the ~ irl I''" 'I.' Jl l·d hl·r h ol d 1 11 ircnt 'li PJl"rl ·r:--. c11tly tn hL· :'\\'l'IH ,· ith a iL·:triu le i"rn· nga in:--t tht· lllan. Th l' raging iur~ 11i the -tllrt ll p:t :-- ... t·rl: 1111. fL>a,·ing in : t ... path :1 111an cl:t,ping 111 hi-: :rm' :t \\'hite . ian.·d .~i rl. "Y"\1 'L.'l': cka r. t'\' l'l1 thl' d c· tlll' l11 .... itl'l' tn. Ill" 111\\' yrm thl· iu til i I_\' ni· _, 1 lll r , 1ppo:--i 1 intt. .. ~Itt · "trugt!'ll'd tn rt•lc a-..c h er:--<'lf. :tncl ,.t' r_,. g·l'lltly he kt ht·r ~·n. \\ ' it h nu t a \\'nrc! -;he tunwd In rctr:IC t h t•r . . . h'p~ . a ncl hy hc.:r 'idl· t!tl..' Jll:tll \\':tlkl'd in -..ilcnre. :--t~·:111 _, ing- lwr hy the ann \\'llL'll the wi ttcl C:lllll..' in gn·at gtt:'t'-' acre,-. ... till' npcn 'Jl:ti.." l :--. ~ilc·ntl~ they \\';tlkt·d thrt~ugh tht• early \\'int<.' r twilig·ht tt11til the'·_, rl';u: ht·d tht• girl'~ Jt, ,I11L'. \\'hl'll thl· man ~poke (11 hc.: r. I It 'll





T in1t r u't·lllck nn C h ri:'tlll:t:-- l'\' <.' a girl \\'ith a \\'hitc. o.: harply chi:-;t•lccl i::cl' \\'nlk~.·d wit h quick JH'f\'tHt:' .:--l l p ~ d u \\'11 Rin: r o.:treet. to\\'ard t h e ri,·e r. < >hl i,·iou:-: t n l' \' LT_\'1 hin_g· abou t IH.'r. :--he p a'-':'Ccl the hug-,· mill-: and f u r n it u r c factoric~ wh nse tn \\·e ri ng- smokt· : tacks helclwd iorth black cloud:-- uf :--moke th at were =--ca t t 1.. r ed by the fu r y n f tilL' \\'l'~t \\'ind altn o:--l hdorc t h e y harl h el' n thn t"'t o ut into th t• \\' Or iel : o n thro u g-h lt >n g- lant•s ,,f w nnd y '111t' ll in g- ltJJn hc r ya n b. the g-i rl ~pe el : p<t:'l ug-ly . d irt y s trt·et:' \\'here tumblin g; \\'l'at lwr b eat ~· n s hanti c:' huclclh:d t ogether a:-; t lt 1Htg-h f11r mutual prc)tectiun: h er, the broke n pa,· ' tlH:nt =-- \\'idl·nccl n tH int11 a h:u·,J. fine h io-hwa,· ....... - <rra,·elcd from thl· d<.' L'J> pit :' th a t y;l\\'lll'd nn eit h er :'id e lik ~..· g·rca t monntain ca ,·cs : a kw rncb farthl·r n11 th e hi g-h blu ff~ . \\'ith !'ide~ eaten nu t by !_!Ta\'l' l dig-;..!'l' r" . cea:-.L·d abruptly and sa nk a\\'ay i11t 1> the thid' I>L·d ni 1kad nt s ht·:-that l>la nk t·tcd th e treadtc rll ll=-' mar=--hc:' t hrough thL· Jnpghitt c r n w nth=-- o i wint e r: =--tn· t c hin g- a\\·ay fnr a quarter of a mile the hi g-h\\'ay had the <l ppca r ;t n ce i dykL·~ r i=--it tg· nut nf the :{\\'attlP=-'· rl<lnkcd o n l'ilher =--idl' by manlttl cl lh p nplar . . . that p< in tul s kyward w it h \\'arning- fin g-l'rs. and markt•d thl· lclcati o n of th e :\c w If a,·cn bridg-l' fo r miles annt nd the cnuntry. r\s th e g irl h astened farther n ut intn thl· upen. the wincl



"TnnJCliT' '"' · dl·:tr. 1'm t'lllllin~ t11 h:1\' l' thi:-' thing ~dth:d IIJI(.'l' and f1,r all. \\ ' hic h :--hal l it hl·- happitH•....... •1r mi:'t' ry for tl lL' ? l n (' h r i ~tnt a:-' day n 111 r g- i it... ..: h 11 ttl d he i c1r t h l ' I> c ~ t . ;t n cl n•~t {qr thL· \Uit-... l. T h ink. ckar. r1i tltl' cotht'rllll' l1 l'e"' 11i ,·rmr d l'l' i ._ i I I J1 , " . \ n~·l'l' .

!nnniliatio n. l'tlltlempt. anrl dl..'fianl'l' hurtled :ti..Tc•:-- .... thL· girl·, Jllind in quick "'lll'CL·:--.. . ic,n. The mt•mory of ltt: r -..ccli'Jl :tn.:l ll'ltr ~ d <1 :-' it had lda zt•d ic •rt h \\'hl'n :-- h e had turned tn i:tr·· l'ltilip .~tOn l·hur't c111t th<.TL' 1111 thL· hriclg-"' · and it ... 1!1'-tttntant•nu:-- di:'appe ·trancc at till· {llttl'h ni hi . ;; arm-; :tl~tntt her. al ttl•t:--1 irt·n zi<·d thv g irl :1 ........ Jtt• Ia,· f:tl."t' cltl\\'ll\\'arcl




JJ ,'IH.':-.l 111 t he.: \"t•n on h t' r w h i tl' h c d t h a t 'hri ... tma!"- v\t'. t·c•rc . .\largarct \\ ' ayi1L'. i 11 =' p i t c 1 1 i l1<: r t k t t' r 11 1 i n a t i · , n t t1 ~: n d their ir i L' tHI ~h ip o n the mnrt"ll\\' , kth'\\' 11 11\\" tlt:tt ht·r wh,,k hcino· ,..... wa s cn· .. inn· ....... out for tlw Jon: . tht· undi,· i.Jt·d d \ ,. , , ti t~ n. tiH' l iic. the ,·ery 'Plll (,j a tll:\11 that :'h · knvw \ l l h t· \\"t•a k . a m a n whom ~he ielt tn he ultt•rly uttwnrth_,. l)i a trttl.' \\'l lllt:tn· .... J,)\.l'. Twcllt\·-iour h o ur:" l:ttt•r with i t attll"l.'" --d and ian: \\ltittt' t' t·l1 titan u~ual. tht· g irl s·tt IJci11rc :111 np ·n lin· . th e m:tn :--ttHHI ht· fnrt' a \\"incJ«,,,. lrltlk in g g-J,,.,ntily tl\ll at the 11•\\Trin!.!· cn!d Q"nl\" clmtd:' f a :--k\· tlwt :-ot'<: lllt'd lit n nh· j,, r a ...,Jt·c·t st••rtl;-c-lcHHI:: that knt·\\· !_!'Did ~ 11 lining·. elnttcl-.. th :tl lt l'ld 1111h· th e J>=nent c:--... oi ll' ar-... " • \ Jl cJ :'I) l h i :: j :' l I ) )) (' _\"f) ll f (j II ;\I ( k C i ' i I I Jl ~ Y I ) 11 :t d Ill i l th a t ynu J,,,.L. me. a nd 'l't in the :'atilt' ;-;c nt e n ct· you :'ay that T'm llt) man. that T am a \\'l'akling-~ fin\\' l'•Htl cl you bring y cm r high thought;-; dtl\\' 11 t n"· lt' \' L'I ar all ? 1\'L' ttdd _\"tllt h C' f" r v t h a t " n u h f) I cl m y f u t u n· i n y (Ill r It ;-u1 d ..., . \\ · 11 i c h :-- h a II it he. g-nnd o r t·,·il ? an y• •ll ian· yc)ttr g-n·at ( ;.,d \\'ith thi .... to "o u r c r c d i t ? \ \ · i t h y "ll r Jq '· c I ~ h al l Ih' c a p ~l h 1l' c 1f t h t· he. t th a t there i ~ in any man. Y nur pre:-: vnt dt·ci--ion \\'ill h elp m e tn ~0 dr)\\'11. dn\\'11 lc' the depth:--. and tP drink th e ,·cry drct.r~ of ci,·ilizati n n . Y nu'rL' making- nf llll' . a ' hri:-:un~,:' g: i it t c' t h at c t c rna l d: ll n n a t ion y n u h c I i t· ' · c i n . '· T h c g i r I. \\' i t h 11 a 11 ct-., d i n c h l' d a 11 d 11 a i I :-- t' a t i n g· t 111 ' • t IH : \\'hite 11 •;-; h. rn..; e and ~t,lnd h ~ fore thL' gl t) \\' ill~- fire . ''l'hilip St on(' hur;-;t. you ha,·c c.:nndl'llllll'd your;-;t·li. Ti ynu \\'Crc \\'eak before . ycHl :He contL·mptihle n cl\\'. Onh· :1 CO\\'a rd stoo p~ tc lay hi ~ future at thl' feet 1lf a \\' l'ak \\'llllJan and mutter::. 'Ynur:-> t< nwkc . <1r mar.' .\ man hring-:-- h ;" pa--t ancl ~a,·:" . n i it. ':\ l ine to huild . on.' .\nd nf hi :-: futnr l' lw "a'·'· . '\\' ith nHt. o r n ot. 111\' life ~hall h t· ;o; u c h that ' '"tt ...,hall bt· proud to han~ been ib -i ll "piratilln ?- l ~n: n· ni,·ht -, :-.hall th:tnk Ill\' Cod that o n thi;-;. lli:- hirthcJa,· . IJ c g-a\l· llll' ~tren~t h tu n·~ist the fcariul JH \\'Cr y o u ha\ L; held ·n't'r me. ancl ·that i han~ C:-'Capctl the certain dc~tructi n n that \\'Ould ha,·e h tTI1 mine. had T c ntnt:'ted my future t11 your pa--t. li I t' \ "t •r h:t\'1.: Jo , ·ed y o u. y o u may he :-- urc t h at the glimp:' t· 1\·c had• (.)i y1nt t o ni~ht ha~ lcit nothing- otlH:r than a feeling- of pity that a cn·aturc made in tlu.• likl' nl'=-'" of hi ;-; 'rc:1tor :--h.,ulcl h an· s tt n ken ;-;, 1o \\'." Philip .'tunehur;-;t did not lthlk up . .\ moment latt' r th ;.· do r clo=--cd ~Pftly. and h L' \\'a :' alone. I~L . \:\ L II E .\ . II( )\\' I·: LL.




·· llNr.



ily ID'l7r lllllittbntu ..

HENRY K. PASMA We stood br the window, weary Love and I, She gazed toward the lingering South, whi le a moody sigh Betrayed the distress of her heart; and her plaintive voice asked , "Why,


Whither, 0 swallow. 0 hope-winged swallow, why didst thou fly?"


We stood by the window; whirling snow flakes fell, A North wind mocked the chim es of the s hi vering vesper-bell; "Ah heart," quote s he, "they have come, I know it well . Phantoms of hate to bury my hope in the meads of AsphodeL"

We stood by the window, we lingered far into the night, Listless Love her sorrow-filled eyes lifted up to the myriads bright Bright stehar-fires, soft murmured she, "Oh. could they light, Like beacons upon a stranger coast, my weary spirit's flight." We stood by the window, waiting when tardy day, With numb, ruddy fingers unfolded Earth's festive array; Pale sunbeams stTew glittering gems o'er the g arment, far and away; ·• Oh surely," mused sad Love, "such splendor becomes a holiday." " She opened the window, wondering; - but on the sill No twitertng swallow a lighted; nature, reposeful, lay still Far leaned she out, sad Love, and listened, till faintly a thrill, A, thin silver pealing of bells floats tremulously over the hill. Then tur~ed she away from the window; a joyous Christmas-bell Sang the sweet Angel-song to h er heart, new hopes her bosom swell; Spa ke sh~ "Lie buried, 0, Pleasure, in the m eadows of Asphodel, Hark, thedoy of my Soul is coming from blessed Judea's hill."

: .. .. _



• ,



Published by THE ANCHOR ASSOCIATION, Hope Coll ege, Holland, Mich. BOARD OF EDITOR1


Ed ito r - i n -Ch i..r PJ·:TEH II . 1'1.1-:l' :\ 1·: 'rY.I AIR i. taDL Ed i tor ·

L Ol':J I

A I II III n l E el i I o r

Milt on J . H ufl m an. "llfl ~ Ol'il' l.\' F:tl i LO r Hu r r y P . •\ n ltt·r-. ltl

E x~ha n l! t


( ; , ·o r ~t'

ll i h la( '. S L• · ~• ' II I : lll . "P'J

Bu im·.., \ icto r



1-:olil o t' :i S l'lwll t~ n .

' II

i\1 j, ,. IS a t :L .\I. Ut•n li , ' I:!

l·~lli t o r

.J v h n H . \\'ur·n:.h ub.

Suh t r i JILi<'n )Jan al!Cr

'l'c uni'> 1-:. Go uw •os.

l\J j-.,


··:--tnnt'' m a ,· h a ,·e a ttra c t u l a ic \\' t o lrc lp tt ~ in n tt r e ffo rt . b ut alm os t \\'iti1 o ut exc e pti o n th e r e \\'a s re spo n se, .to th e o p po r tunity t o h elp th e c liege pape r. hec au ~ t hey had a feclin a o f r e~ p o n s ih i li t y ~o r its s ucc c~ s. TlH' m o :-;-t una tt racti,·e \\'Ork c onn ec t e d \\'it h th e program w as as c h ce rfull y r e nd e r e d a s th at in,·nking-• p e rs o nal pl ea . ure. .\11 sc n ·ices \\' e r e g-ra t uitn u ~ . fo r c ,·en · stu de n t goo d. h a d a nd in di ff c.:r e n t . \V it h u t rt.: CTa r<l tl) rae~~ c )lo r o r J) r ,·in u s co n d iti o n o f ~e n· it ud e . p ai d th e ir h a rd ea rn e d t\\' c nty-fivc Cl' n ts t n g;et in:-;icl e a nd g-i,·e th ei r n \\'n s h n \\'. Th e g-irl s o f t he : ) ros i ~ . o c id y in a dd it io n pa id fo r t h e c..• t'ttirc ex p c n . e o f th ei r nu m b e r . T say th at we a rc h a ppy aml th a nk ful i ~ p u tt in g it mi ld ly, hu t t h e ~ n c h ~ r d oes \\· ish t o ~e x pres!-' i ts t h a nks to all th o s e w h mad e t h ts fccl in rr o f JOY .111 u s possibl e },,. th ei r unse lfis h \\' Ork.


H<'nr·~· " · Pa ... m u . ' Ill


A t h lt•Lic E ll i Lo r .l anw:. Uy l• ·u m. ·w

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~la n a f,!r' r

A ~t .

B lc l>l>i nlc 'n'l

B u.., l nt-=-s MaOUJICr

.lt•ao .\ . \ 'i'i. ' 10


J~tl<lrt:~s all commun i ca t i o n~ to 1'111-~ .\:->t ' llnu . li tl Jie Collc~c. ll olla n tl . .\l khi~ao. 1· o r A lln·ni-.i n l! I< a ll'' app ly LO B u ... ! n .... , i\la n:tf,!t· r·. EnL ·r •d a t. Lh c Po L O rllc~· a t. H olla n d. t\l ich il!ao. as ccontl- cla~ .., m a i l rna u .:r.

J\ ~nntribution 1Bnx

rn w

i\ Rforb of i\pprrrintiou \IL' tT\' ' hri :' tlllas a nd a llap py : \ l' \ \ Y l'a r tn l ' \ l' J'\ 'b o ch ·. D ut tit l 'r l' i'"' 11 • ' IIL'l.' tl o i w a i t i11 <•• u nt i I 'II r i~ t ma: t bc..· m e rr.' ur unt il th l' :\ l'\\' Y c..·a r t o ),~,.. h a ppy. Th l r e a rl· plent y 11 i th ing -- t il h l' ll :tp py abn ut o n all :-- it k .... l ,j u :--. .\rl' \\· ~ h :t P P.' ~ :\ 11 d o ll b t o f i t. · · I k \\" h ' a n d \\' It t ' r c i r l · a 11 1 <1<: s t' !.. ' ' \\'c O\\" e n t an\· man. This i:--:--tt c..· l> i t h e . \n c h 11r i"" pulJ li shed 1)\· an a:'sociati• Jn 11ttt u i d c bt. \\ "e lt n p l' tll n ·tttai n happy hy ke e ping- n ut o i d c iJt in th e futu rl'. \\ .h a l ma kl..' ~ th e fact m os t significant to the s taff i:-- n o t ::u mtt ch that \\' L' ll iJ lo nger n eed to \\' o rry ab o ut that (kbt. but that thl' tT \\"a .-. such a gen l' ral ks ir c am u n g th e s tu <knt s t n hl·l p bri n g tha t resnlt abo ut. The genL·ral intL·n·s t cu lllH'C tL·d \\"i t h th l·ir ~

t. .


HE e dito r feel s e no ugh e n co ura g e d by th e spirit

sho wn in regard t o th e :\nch o r t o h o pe that an inn o·,·a t io n he wi s he to bring a bo ut will meet wi t h su c ce:;s. \Y e ha"e n o c au se fo r co mplaint in r e • ganl to n·~ r o n sc to re q u es t s fo r ma t erial fo r publica t io n wh e n w e p e r ~n n a ll y adclres s e <.l ei t h e r student s r pr resso r s : y e t \\' C think that if we gi,·e eY ry tl C an oppo rtuni ty to ffe r :omething ,·o lunlarily w e may h e tt c.•. r .o ur pape r. 'Th e idea is to pl a ce a b o x in Van R a alt e Hal l m to which y o u n; a y dro p any t hing y o u wis h fo r publica ti o n. f co ur:" .• -we dh n ot exp e ct that it will be n ece ~sary at o nce t o e nl a rge o ur .n1 n t hl y e d iti o n in o rd e r t o take care o f a11 th e co py \\" C ma~· ge t in t his way, b ut w e cl o h o pe fo r som e s ugg esti o ns o r pr fi t abl e critici m s a t least. Th e \.ncho r o ught t o h e a s tu c, e n t. ' paper, a nd e y e ryo nc o ught t o feel free t o offe r s o m e thin g tha t will ai el i t in carrying- o ut it .~ purpose. L et u s have ean o ccasio nal j ingle o r tw o o n thing~ that ha p pen ab o u t th e c a mpu ~. The local ed ito r., t oo, w o uld feel grateful io r any item·s c o ntr ibuted . ll e a se ' ig n y o ur n a me if you <.lro p in an a rticl e fo r publication .





A ;-..: ,. II o ..:

Ht·,·. , ·illc Ref, rm -. d

IL ~tl'kct c.' L' ha :' i>l'l'll calkrl by the ' hun:h c1i J 1ipe:.;tun c. \linn.



"lturclt -

Th e " .\luftin \Jan·· ~nme\\ltat rci:D\t.:d llH h~.·ar ~.: rs ' nen· e~. hif..!h-:--trung liy the :--trc.· nue'll" c.·f{tlrt ..; of the jolly hou!'\CI>uildcr~ . . \nd l\1 ! whc.:n Jh'Xl th~.· curtain rn:-;\.· t here :-;t od the ltl\' <.:h· "j<J,,\\.. \lr". lark,·. iault k~--h· ihl\\ ing ttJ the audience. ~ . ~ . \\ ' it h cnu n Iy gran· ~~~ e told the pu rpun of her cnmm g- a ncl of tit\.· prc~enn· oi the :'l'\·cral ··wax-tigg-\.'1':' ... ready to be "w und up and run oil ... \\' ith o ut nl n , ·i ng- a mu"'ck R c.·cl Riding- ]]nod. I loan ni . \rc! \li~~ \luffit, Fl o \\·lT (;irl. ()Jd Fa~hion Sewing\tacltin~.·. _lu -.ticc a n d nopcep \\'\.'rt' COlbl'CllliYl')_\' pre. entCd and d i ..;c.: a nkd. I ~ \ ' \.' 11 ~ignori na ~qua Iina and th<: (;igglcr cn n tr lkd thl'ir .l >rednmi natin g characteri!'\tic:-; tn :-ouch an e xtent that th~·,· n·t'nainecl ~tnicalh· inditrcrc.:nt while in the ~tro n g­ ~·ra!' p of- "l,ctc" and "Jt•h n .: \lr:'. Jarley·~ :-;l·n·ant;o;. The college quartet. t hc.·n rendered a ;o;t•lcction.


·oo. The 'lintt•n . \,·e nul? R\·i,) rtn ed 'lntrch 11! ~v\\':trk. ~ - _1.. i=-- i,u·tu natc in lt :l\·ing' ..:~·cured a :-: it:- p:t ~tor. thL' R\.·,·. .\ . T . l!rn\.·k. :\ Jr. J;rrh ..·k \\':t :-' pa-...t11r (lj the . \ nt~.·rican R~..· ­ in rml·d Church at \'c.·\\· hurg-h. ~ - Y .. ha\·ing labnr u l tiH: r~· i11r fi,·e ,-car=- with rt·markah l~.· :'IICc.·c.·:-....;. Rc.·\·. c;. ll nncklink. 'no. It a-: rL·:-.igned a:- J11J-..-. 1 1Jlli\J'\' t•) Japan herau:'t lli the.· frai l h l'alt h ,,j \ l r:-:. ll l>thklink. O.) .

• •

'()(). \I i:-'~ Ilannah C. ll ud.:jc ni :\k h:c.'l' . I · _, .. i:-- :-p-. nding111 ~· t i me in t h i ~ c it y n \\' in g t 11 t h l' :' c.• r i • n t ~ i lin ~· .' :- u i h ~· r

iatlh·r. Re,-.


John Larcn h a d nu co111pctitC1r f"r ha:--c hall l:turcls. llc pia) ~.·d :--tar g-amt''· a ll alone. That last catch wa~ a w ndc~fu.~ nne. and thc ."inur· hall must ha,·e g-one "some up in the atr. I Iowen r. aftt·r rl'st ing a i ,,. minute.::'. J hn manag-ed to catch it. :\ nd thl' fl tlw la:-;t but not tit l~· a~t f the "~tunt~:· :\1 is;;es l kmi;-; and Y atc~ bro ug-ht the audil'ncc in a rig-ht m o cl t o rccL·i , .e the ;tuhlc n on:',ter-CI t1 h i rmn I Hack-,·ille-a ncl wh e n they caml' t·hc audience i magin\.·d it--l'li tran ~ icrrcd to dear o ld Georgia. \\'hilc c.·,··c.· ry ) Il l' in the h o u ~e became at once rlc~· pl y cngni=--~cd in the mighty .. race·· pr blcm. The dusky

H oe kjc.·. ';.) .

:\[r. Dernanl R tt ~cha <: ier ni thl' \\ · ~.·=-tent Thulltlgic:tl ~m i nary. recently \\'1.' lll tl) ~L'\\' y ,,rk City Ill l'••tti~.·r \\'ith th e F u rcign n ani concerning hi~ appuintntc.·nt ttl tit~· tt>r~·tgn field. K f•l yn. \\'Ito la:-:t y\·ar taught in th ~. · ~~~rth\\T~ tt..' rll Cla=-~ical :\ ~·ndc.·Jlly. i::. nnw with the firm oi Ctlr) ".11 n tt & l"n .. rrnnd Rapid;;. \\'hnk=--ak millitH.' n · i:-- Ill\\\' hi :' lillL'.


\J ,Hul;n tJight. Xn\·cmhlr 23. \\a:' the t' \ Vtllllg' ~d f r tile long anticipated . \ndh >r c.·Jttt.:rtainntcnt. The newly org-ani:t c.·d ll ~tJh: ( ' ttlleg~· C)r~·lle :-- tra "JI<. nul th~: "d11ittg':' .. with an <1\'L'rtun·. Thi =' _n,ung-e~t oi to~·:.:-·uti zat itlll' ()Jl the campu!'\ pnnni :'c.• ..: \\·dl .i,> r the iutun: . . \iter thl' tWt.:rtttrc.•. the founde r , j tilL· .. , ltHI""l' that Jack lntil t" \\"ith ntca!'\url'd ::-te p :'t r o dc.· ,, ,·c.·r the.· :-tag~· :llld. dtanting\1:')_'" IH·gan tn lay tht· ~·~~nH· r nc.· lli the :'trtH.:tun: upnn a ::--ack ni malt. . \nd a \\( tJI<kriul hnu-...c it \\a:'! Thl'n th a t \\onderiul cow ircnn < >n.' ri:-:c.·l. with :-.k~.· l~ black hid e and r~· al h•1rn:'. . \ lank,· count n. · Ia:-::'. cntllllH'll<.:l'd a m,-.... , ~· rinu:- prnet'"=' at t hl' rear departlllcnt ni the.· patient animal. whik a pri c :-.t .. all :'ha,·cd and "horn" kept <l\\'ct_\' irom thl' pur~.· l:t:--:'it· the druid~ and m tsc.· hi .,.,HI:' g(.!Jijn:-:. hiding- in the tlll'adt~\\" :'.

I 'J· The f{ \.·,·. \lot nitc.·rd <>h gin1i. whn :-.p ~ tlt ...;n L·ra l n11mtlt~ in .~m~.:ri ca. lclt t'l'c.'cnth i11r hi " h "lllt.: in J :tpan. \ lr. ( >hg-in1i dl'\'PtL·d Ctlll:'idl'rahk "' hi ...- tint~.·. while.· h ·c.·. in the.· int\.T\.':'t~ oi a -...clt()ul it 1r the hlind in .Japall .


T II 1-: A K C H 0 Rt

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incl i,·idual. wh o ' ' ran f<J r a crap ganH:." \\"<t =-' the per""()llilicaLion of a prn:-:perou s neg-ro. o ne. who ha =-' "power 'm ong- th e io lk :' ... He. wh o wa: "ton =-' low to run for anything-.'' g-lt~ r intt:-ly pnrtray l.· d th e c h arnct rs whi ·h may he :<..:1.: 11 lo unging- on L ight. trcets whan·c. at l~altim o r c , wh e n the mel o n :chot m c rs come in from th e Enstc rn s h o re. R ev .. \. S. \\ "ashin~ton :tnd the H o n. Bill J o hn so n acted tlH: ir part s well. th e las t nam e d dig-nitary ~o lucidly explaining- th l.· kn o tty p oi nt s of th e ra ce prrJblcm. that he nc\·cr n eeckd to ~c o n with hi =-' <..:xplannti u n beyo nd the second p o int. n o th a ucl ic nc e and manag- men l w ere hi ghly ploas<:d wh t· n finally th e "stunts .. wcr fin is h eel ; the fo rmer ex pr •:--s i ngtheir sat i. faction a . t o th e amo unt o f hum o r they h ad r ecci ,·e cl in r etu rn fo r th ei r e ntra n ce fcc; the latt e r g-lad. b ecause o f the s nng- little s um r ea lized. : uffi c i<:nt t co ,·c r th e entire Anch o r debt.






~tu sic ....... . . .. ... . ... . ..... .. .. ... . ..... . ... ... . . .. ... Selected

Hope College Orchestra 7



Violin Duet .. .. . . ............. . ......... .. . .. .. . . . . . .. ... Selected Miss Yates and Miss Remis


The Booster Club of Blackville," ... .. .... .. .... .... . . ....... Newton A Comedy Sketch in One Act.


:\c t profi~ ... .................... ... ...... . .... $rrr.25 Thi:' wipes o ut o ur debt co mpletely. V. \V. DLEKKIXK. Business :\fanagcr.


Music . . .. .. .. . ... ......... .... .. ........ . .. . . .... .. ... .. . Selected Hope College Quartette

7. "Base Ball in Pantomine," ( a home run with the bases full ) . John 5ilver John L. Laven


Inci de ntal cx1\cn ~ · . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Man," (An extravaganza) Messe rs. Laven, Lokkcr, Kleinheksel and Hymn

"Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works," . . . ... .. .... ..... . Girls of Sorosis Society

~oosttr ~~ rec ' ip t: ..................................... $119.75

''The House that Jack lluilt" A Characterization by a Chorus of Men


fllrtnbrrs of tnr

itrport of 1\nrf}or tnttrtainmrnt

'rngrant Overture . .... . . . ........ .. . ..... . . .. ..... . ... .. .. .... . ... Selected Hope College Orchestra


Hon. Bill Johns<fn Running for Judge ........... . ...... .. H. A. Vruwink Abraham Lincoln Washington- Running for Chickens . ... A. J. VanHouten William Dilkins Smith - Running for Anyth ing ...... . ....... E . A. Brooks Charles Augustus Hotfoot- Too Slow to Run for Anything ... . Jas. Dykema James Jackson Much mouth - Running for a Crap Game . . ..... P. H. Pleune Alexander Brutus Thicklips - Pork Chops Inspector... ... ... Geo. De Young Garfield Fussfeathers- A Chkken Inspector .. . .. ..... .. .... N. Sichtennan Horace Wetweather Cutup- Razor Inspector ........ ........ Geo. Scholten ' Rufus Rastus Goggenheimer- Health Inspector .... . . ... . . ... John Vruwink Michael Angelo,Wishbone- An Artist ... . .. . ... . .......... John L. Laven










:-.1 C H 0 I~


,. . -



C\T nin g-. the t.) t h (li .:'\ tl\·c n tl><·r. thL· Fr:tt<:rn ;tl ~ ocict ,· en t ertai n ed th e Co~mopnlitan~ •·~ a ~nr i t ty. Tlt L· b ~t and ~ Hrc:-'t wa\· to dc:-'crihe h n \\' the C\' l'll in g- wa- :-' pent is tn :;a ,· th at a ll h 3~ l a fin e.· tim e. \\ ' h en the l'·•~nltlpulitan-.. arrin.•cl ntrth L h all o f the F ra ternal:-:. the latter \\' L'r · rc.::Hly tn \\'L' krllllC.: them. and g-ood h11 ...-t~ did tlw y prt>\·e lt) he.

.\ maid. n ma n. an o pen fan. .,\ sea t up 11 th e stair. A :'tnle n ki~:'. ~ix w eek:' o f bli:;s. .\ ncl fo rty _yLars o f ca r e.-Ex.

:\f ter all w e r e ~catcd and aiter ~nng~ h ad ht'l' ll :-: t1ng-. n n ex celle nt literary program \\' :t:' rcnd t r L·d h ~· lll<' lllhL· r~ tl i th e Fraternal ,·ocicty. . \t the L'tl<l (li thl' pn ,gratn the ntL'Ctin!.! b ecame inf rmal. Th e fir:-:t thing· L"\'t ryhn dy did wa .. tc • ht1rry l U the ha ck p a rt Of the rOOill and th<.:rl' patl'CIIli Zl' th :tt J> ~t f co mmitt ee:-:. thc re frr ~ hment l'omm ittl'l' .

T o he a p oet :\nd n c n : r kn o w it . JCe whizz . hut th at i ~ :;ad. To be n o p oe t , .And th e n nor kn \\' it. (~ec whi zz. that's just as had . liYct Echo.

F n ll o \\'in g thi :-;, th e h al l "· a~ ckan·d fc,r anion. Till· e ntire co mpan y wa=-- di,· ided int o ~ma l l pnrtiL·:-: :tnd th('ll cc1 n test ga m ,·s \\' e r e held. In some g-anH:s it hecanh.· a c o n tl'st amnng- th e Yariou : gro ups t u :-:el· \\'h o could he till' hc:'t hc.·rd oi certai n kin d · o f a nim aJ.~ . \\ ' h e n the games \\' ere O\'CI'. all gathcrl'd abo ut th L· ptano io r anot h e r half h o ur. • \n o th er plca~an t ftoatttrl' of t lh· C \ "<:11ing wa~ t h at th e ba n d ' a~ ~o unifi L·cl thnt it rcfu:-.<.•d t he broke n up after Jea ,·ing th e h a ll. for it carrit•d it s ft· ~t i,· itic=-' into ot her ~ ph ercs. las ting til l "far in the ni g- ht." O n e w o rd m o re . There ca n be n o hl'ltl·r a nd ki11der fe l·ling b et w ee n the "Frat ~ ·· and ·o:' m< s " than thL·r e l'Xi:--t ~ t oday.

Cosmopolitan Hospitality. Fratern a l Hall. the

o · m o p o litan ~ determined to a l ~o act a~

h o~t.

T h eir g-ue::;t s . o n the eYening n f D l'cem-

a nd e n tertain.

ber 4. \\' e r e . h o \\'c\·cr, the ir lady friend ~. banqu et whi c h pro ,·cd a grand succt.·s:::.


ca•lllnt ~l)lll(.' \\'i.:c 11 11 t el l tl~ . Tn . c ease ou r wanderino· :--. Jll ind . \\ ' Ito is it Jn~ es all the fa ult T hat o ther p<.· pte find ?-Ex.

Tu e~da y

H a ,· ing- so g-reatly enjoyed their recL·nt r eceptHl ll at th e



Fraternals Entertain. ()n



The occa"ion \\'as a Th e hall \\'a ~ prettily

"()h. Tnm." ~ h e !'a id on g-reeting me. Tn tone:; of rrr cat ala rm' /"> "They sai d th at in th e game t o da y Y ,u'd bro k e n y o ur n g h t a rm ." I calmed h e r tender. rrro undl ess fear.- . \\"i th ,·eh emc n cc and ha · tc, _\n d :ju:'t t < pro v e the a rm w a~· sou n d 'li.ppcd it around h er w a ist. So n'cs tling- cl o~e beside me, · h e ' mil ed s w ee tly i n my face; "That's g-reat.'' said she. ··n ot broken. X o r e \·L·n o ut of place:' ; - .-\lmani an.

decorated . and afte r a menu w o rthy of t h eir gue~ts th ey w e re e n tertained by se ,·e r a l Co.'m o p o lita n s in r e~ p n se t • c]e,·c r

'The La ~t gtra w -Iic-t'Th ey say. d ea r, that people who J i ,.e t og-et h e r get to look alike.'' h e -" Then you mu _ t con - ic.l e r 111\' refu s al a ~ final. " -Ex.

toa: ts. .:\lu ic w a. furni s hed hy an o rc h c~ tra c mp o~ccl ~ trictly of Cos m opolitan .







A N l' H 0 R

\ N (' H 0 R


in ha--k<.·t ha ll in ' a"ng :--Cltl·duk. ~nd h :t\ ing. l'llth\:qw..•ntl:. . rill· :t-,llranc "i game-. 11i thL· llighl''l t_, J>L' in ,,·hi l-;1 <1t1r l·;t--kL' l ktll r'-' Jllltati•lll llllbl i>L· lllaintaillL'<i. ll\11' I 11 1L'h ),J ,u•d ,.._ C11ld. lil 'a_, th ·ka--t .if it will ll•'l tingk wlwn lhlll"ll hnn ll r :-.. ;t t "t :tl' l'. h L' it i 11 " a r "r i 11 JW an·. i 11 w 11 r k n r i 11 p l:t. ·. T 11 :t 1 1 11 L' t e a 111 " i II d 1 , i t :' p a rt c a 1111• •t I ' l' d • n 1h Ll' d . t h a t w l' \\·ill do llltr:-. i .... \IIlii' qttl':--ti, ~ n :t11d 111tlll'.


friend in th e t:llc ni \ l oriarity \ 'S. \1 cS\\'iggin ~ay=-' '' it d o n't mak • 110 di i're tH.: h o w much ycz thrys t con,·i n s :-.ome pcn p k . t hl'y'tl be in the ~ amc o pinion s thill." \\'e canntll :-;ay what \\' e re the argunH:nt ;::; that in th e ir failure tu "co n,·ins," wroug-ht thi. bit uf nq~atiYe philt):'Clphy. EY luti o n al w ay:-; will :o;pell my :o;t(:ry. ll O\\'C \.l'r. w e mu:-.t c r o ss : \\'o rcl s with the m ournfu l fencer n f "nuld" l ~r in and with the \\'arning "en garck.'' thru~t at him \\'ith .. if nnt can·! ...:onYi ncc peo ple with words why, heat them, d o thing:-..'' \1 r. ).Joriarit,·· · fri e nd h ad an example o f th e efficacy o i o ur meth o d in th e effo rt o f .:\l c wig-g-in \\'h n . by th l' ntle q f " e~ L':; and n o~e. " had w o n O\'Cr :\l1riarity t o hi s \' le\\' ni the "Thrausmcgrachun av Sow!!".'' O ur . trn ng-e!"t exa mpl e (app lied in athletic ~ ) i~ furni :;hcd by o ur Daskl't l~al l t~am which has demonstrated it ~ rig-ht to the ~ttpport ni a larg- · constituenc,·. The team has h atcn it:-:. way int n p o pular appr Ya l ; i~ has d o ne thing. ; it h a~ bcL: n singularly irec frum that " talkahility about what J 'II do when J meet him." ...:hnracteri~tic o f m o dern artists o f the padded g-k)\"C:' . .\tt e=-'t it!' reco rd. ] f any o n e i~ o f the "~a me >pinio n ~thill" thl'n the trouble li es not in the team·~ method o f con,·incing-. l>ut in the fact that H o p e 's Fi,·e arc n o t in a class \\'ith their hardhead ed o ppo nents. for , the quintet i. n ot cumbered with hind iect and it:-:. fro nt feet arc n ot ad o rned sc,·erally with g-nn dltt ck l' lll b Ie m s. The :'cason of 1900-07 and 1907-0 c lo:-:;ccl with I l o pe the undi:-:;putccl champion o f \\ ·e~ tern ).Jichigan·· in ha!'kct ball. The seaso n o f 190R- l<)O<) pens " · it h a schedule which "wi 11 bL· the stron gest th e team ha s c,·c ry been callccl upon to play.'' That means that the C h ampio n s \'\·ill n eed m o re than en:r the . up p o rt of en~ ry mem bcr f the school. :"\ 1)r cit l'S the "st r o ngl.'!"t sc h cd ule" alone mak c th is cl e ma net. Basket hall at Hope faces a new danger in the acti o n f two l f the local amusement co ncerns in o r ga ni zing ha. kct hall t e am~. 'fhe interest o f the t \\' 11 i ~ thu s diYidcd and o ur games will suffer materially unlc, ~ w e as a uni t make a ~t rnngcr eff rt than last ~caso n when onr team was practically th only Onl' in the city. Ha\·ing then the hampi >ns a~ o ur rc.·pre:-;l· ntati,·es

II t~




I~ i, l·l thaL tit~.· ~ pecUtlllr (.'rtll<.:l:--l' :-. l l ' Ullju:--t ly \\ h'-!11 thL' :--:ty c•ur litL·rary ckpanml'llt iail..; ln k L'L' p l >a c c w i t 11 t h l' ad ' ·e r l i :.- i 11 g :-;e...: t i' 11 1. I 1c r haps i t \\'a..., \ r tt c n f tIt l' pa r 1i<.: ul a r nutll h c r t h l' y h a cl in ,.it'\\' , hut \\' l' ),l·li~,.· ,·~,. that thi . i:' not thL· rule . \\'c p ri cIt- · n u r :--l' h -c :-- 1 111 t h c c h a r a c t l ' r a 11 cl c nntl' 111 s • 1 f uur litl'rary ckpartllll' tll mc1rl· than nn any ''thl'r icattll'L' nf ••ur p<~pl'l". and dur :--lt"llll!-!l':--l aitll:-- ic11· imprtl\' Ull , nt at"l' in thi..: ,. L·r~ din·nillll. Thi ... j..., 11111 --quirming- t11111l.'r ad\ l'I":-L' critici:-'111 Inn it i:' a prlltL·~ t ag-ain-..t a tn11 Cilll1111«111 nH: t h t~d ni '7izing- up a paper J,_, a . . ;llg-k i . . . . . tll'. The ~pcctat••r it:--l·li-'and incidl' l1la lh· tlllr •del iril'IHI. Till· "nil~.·;.:'- lnd l''\. al:--n-\\·c,uld tl (lt like lt) ha,· ~.· th~.· ir :'\e~\elllhl·r numi> l' r:-. Ctlll:-.tiltlll' the critL·ri" n l>y which \\l' :--ht)ulcl judgl' thclll . Thi:' oh'L'n·a1i1111 i:' :-:n :-;elil'\·idl·nt and tru l', a:' tn require n•> iurtlwr C\ll11tlH'llt. \\"l' trtt!- l that L·xdw. ng-l.' l'ditor:-: un our list \\'ill takl· it t11 heart. \\ ·l. fin d it hard tc~ ag-rn· \\'; th tltn:--e l.'Xl.' llang-c L'ditnr:-:. \\" h " L' a II i i l r 11111 i·l' Ic 'c a I Ill' " :-. a n d j t >k l'...; . \ \ • c i a i I t P ' l ' l' \\' 11 u prllfi t:' hy a pnlky which gi,· ~.. ~ tit~.· hl·:--t part oi it:' paper t n :--tall' Ill'\\· , itl'l11 1' 11i littll' g"L' ll ·red intL' rL·:--t. or \\'hich tril.'"' to pr(Jdun· a chiL·i in1itatin11 (l i a cn111i<.: :'upplcmcnt. ThL· IH: w~ and th<' i unn.' ikparlt llL'llt:-; oi thl' cr,JIL·gl· papl't' arl' hy no llll'an:-: ni minor impo rtance. hut thL· litl'rary and cdittlt·ial <kpa rtlll<:lltS arc C1i majnr impnrtann·. C(lmparl' t \\'O paper'-' suc h a:; thl' l'ah· in Collq.~·l· 'hillll':-' and ThL' Tcck and nur p oi nt i:-. ch:~ rly l' \' i<il'nt. The f•,rmc r h a:-; fuur :-;11lid article:'. two pol'lns. and .twn g-ond l'ditorial:': thL' latter cnnknt:; it:'clf \\'i t h a sm~ll f<t'rl'l.'. ThL'=-'C arl' only instanc~.·!' whirh cqu}d ca:--ily be multip!il'd . . \nd whL·n \\"l' sl.'c \\'hat thl' .\ ...:adcmian



Til E



( C rdell) is doing- in the ian· uf diflintlt_, we dnuht wht·thl·r any paper can pl lad a ju~t t'XCll:'C for Jtt•gkcting- tht·ir lit Tar~· ,,·ork a nd producing- a mere ct~llq:v Jtt·w-.papt•r. The : \ drian ·ollcg-t• \\"c,rld ..again f1•rn·:' it~ \\'ay intn l)lJf colutlln~ . \\ ' e :'h o uld likc t<• call tht• attentit•ll iti thn:--l' whn read the exchange~ to t h i~ pap<: r . E n .· ry pagt' hu hhl c: ~ c)\'t' r with c lieg-e spirit and =--h• ,,- ~ ,· cry ciL·arly the amhiticn1 e~i ih :-: tafT t make it tlte hl'=-' t J >O!--~i bk. \ "it·winn· the :--"'fl'al J>rc,n·rt·-.:-........ thi~ paper ha:' made in it:-- l:ts t it·\\' i~" ll l :-. w~.· :-- h•1tlld .... ay that . \ d ria n i~ c ' · id en t I y w a k i 11 g- 11 p 1 n tit c p crs :-- i h i I i t i l'.... u i i t ~ p a p <.: r. Especial !ll('lltion ~hnulcl be made c•i it' arti~tic Ccl\ t•r. They ar th o roug-hly justified in kt't·ping thi:-- cll'-.ign a:-- a p v rman l JJt feature . But when you qttc lt<.: fr(l111 c111r t' Xl·han .!..!l' c<dumn"' \\·hy n ot gin~ u ~ credit for it ?

.. ,.



th \ d tD c •'lltH' ct the ,·erh with the n nun h (H · . " ·hi c h is the nhjt·t·t ht c au :--t' ; t dl'notl'" the thin!!· a cted upon . ~\\'itch i;-; third pl·r-.nn. "' i 1gular ntt1 11 lwr ( tllll:'t h L· a cqJk-cti , -e noun. l>tT:q~c it is plural 111 dTt-ct) and tcrr ibk ca~ l· . " Try drnppin!!· : 111 anick int t~ tlw .\n c h o r h n x in \" an l~ aaltL' I Iall nnrL' in a while and :'i..'C lt nw it feel:'. It':; Your

pajh·r. ... ,) ht·lp it alnng.


\ \"c wi:'h that ~o m

Tht·, · "a" that (; :. nrgt.· llan k:1mp wa~ ,. ,~'ltll!:!' a .'unday :'ch nnl nnn· Ia'! 'lllllllHT. Ju =--t heinrl' di"mi"'"'al the ~ uperin­ tt•ntknt a~kt•d him tc• make a kw remarks. ( ,cn rgt' had the ··catl'gn rical imJH' r <llin•" in m ind . and. whilt• in rmulating hi!' idt·a=-- . made the u:--ttal prci:-tn· tint hl' hardly knew what t o ..:a ,·. .\\\'a_\' back in the rear nf the r no1n a thin ,-o!ce piped. ''Th:,,· :tlllt' ll and thit clown."

oi our t•xdtangt•s \\'nttld l>ru:--lt t!p

th •i r cxchangl list and see ii cn11· nanH' i .... tlh.'l"l' . .\lu s keg-tlll Hig-h and ,rand Rapid:-: I li~h lar in their . an: lllc'"'L irrenu :-..... appearance. \\ 'c think t here llllt ~ t he a g-n·at la x it,. ~~~me where in the manag-ement oi the papL·r~.

~tcgenga had gin·n a d , ciclt·dly amhig-11011 !' tran~lation of


.~ n mt· ( ;fl' t·k . "\\' hy i=-- yn11r En~li :·d t likt• the s quare phalanx:"

' -~

Thl'y ~:1." thyrl' i .... a nw:tt market in t o wn "·here they sell tnug-h meat. \~· t· dn n't kn ow yt•t whl'rl' it i ~ . but anyway ~ t ank,- Fnrtuine Wl' nt th e rl' the o ther clay and a~kcd fo r :--lHlll' Jllt'a t. "Fo r frying- nr hniling- ?" a ~ k t' d the man . "T \\':tnt it tn make ~OillL• .hin g-<.'S fnr th e barn doo r." !"·aid Fnrtuinc.

tGnral.a .-\ certa in girl asked Dr. C< dire,· the utltl'r day if it w a~ true that ca ti ng c u c nm ber~ \\' U ll I d r t·m <l\·e f n·c k ks. . .. \' es ... ~a id h e. "un der certain circtlln:'tance ~ ... "\\' ha t an..· · the circum~tanccs?" "\\' ell," ~aiel he. ''prt; \·it'cd the in:ckks ar c n n the cucumbe r . . " "Roll o n. th u deep a nd clark blue< cc·an. rnll." dl'cl:timcd \ "'a n Dyk in e locutio n cla!'-s . .. Shu11ld~t 1 hnu dry 11 p. 't \\' Otll d lca Ye an awful h o le," muttered a clas~matc.

Dintn L' Jtl. Yankee i::t:'hinn. ~tl'g"L' n ga an ~\\'cred one qu ~ st i, , n with annthl·r. "B cau:::'-· it':; hard fo r the enemy t folln\\' ?" h'-· :;aid' inquiring-ly. a sked

The nt'\\' "con~titutinn o f \ "an \"k ck TTall has renamed the ancient d n micil ~o.· t o \ "an \ "leek If nmc. Th l..' re i:' an L'mhryo J)() L't 1111 the campu~ in the pl..'r:'o n 0 1 1:c..· :--~il..' f-'l'lt1\\·~ . Thi:; i:-- her remark on one of her cla~~matcs: I •

• •

DJanche Howe!] wa~ cutting- the ka ,.i. !' of a nwgazinc. Peering- between two un cut lea,·c~ ~he -.;'tid. "llo\\' in the w orld do they c\·er get th e printing- in th l' rl' ?" :\ young- pupi l o f :\1i ~s' Krell f:\\·nrcd h er with th is g-em of parsmg : ' ' !\ sch oolma'am i~ a Yl'rl> . bt'C;'ttl ~t· ~he denotes action when I t hro w pape r wad!'. Site is in th t· acti,· • ,·oic' ( \'ery acti ,·e), indica ti\'e m oo c). i m perf cct tense t den o te repeated action. he is tran : itive. Switch i ~ t h e con juncti o n

"Thert· ,wa:; a ynu n g- girl onct' \\'ho g-ig-g-led, : \nd alw:tys. in,·ariahly \\'igg-lccl. In the da~~-ronm o ne day , 'he Ia u~hed ~u . t IH.- y ~ay . T h at the scat:' r o und ah n ut her all ii~!:!'lecl." The :\nch11r exte nd s to all it :' r eaders a ~JerrY hri slmas anrl a I fappy Xt•w Yt·ar. \\' L' \\'i·dt to remind all 011r r eader.;; that a ~uitablc pre:c nt inr any of their relati,·cs or ~ weetheart:' WlHtld be a year·~ . ub~criptinn hl the .\ nchor.

l'r ,f. Uru:-: h· ltalking ahnut a


~ tucknt )-"f[c 1~ ~

s lupitl






N l ' II




, ltl· \\ <Jldcl n 't :-LT th t cltlbidl· c.l a h :trn


ii lh·


in .... i<k \\itiJ th e



Irene J: ru:--:-- L'-·· .\'ow. d<·n·t 11 11... tlt nt Ja-..t car . \hi c.·-" Cl'rt · linl~ nflt. I'll hl· '"' ti ttH: . \\ · a~ h e Clr \\·a-.n't hl· ~ .\'k IITtH' l:ru~"l' .



l'rnf. .\',·kerk-".\'o cxcust·. Y ntt can St'l' me at any time: .\'u. <)or-_:" \ . L'I" l l l' < )g-g-l· l-"\ . ~ t n Dn:zL·r·:-- n•:-,taurant."

Il nwc!in··· t•1 ll i:--t •·n· l'r• lit·......... q·- "fl ,, ,,. tll \ll'll di.f "'"" . th l· I 'rwknti:-tl l.iic ln :- ttr:ttn·v ( ·,1111 f1 ' tll_\' p;1:• l"r tl1 :1 1 :td\ L'rti~elll<.'lll thcy'n.· g-c11 paintt: d 1111 t lt c 1\ .. ,·1-, "' < ;ihl"tl t :tr:-..

( h t r i r i L' n d Y a 111 a 1111 H' 1 i ~ ·nu in g- quil l ' a swat h. D u r !n g Than k:-- .~· j,· ing- \·acatinn In· attcnd<.:d a t.:hurch ~~~ci : tl in :\ fu ~­ kcgnn and \\·as fnund in a circk of :'t>lllL' twenty girl:' \\'hO \\'ere talkinf..!· tc> him nhnut-ah-ahout-a-ah-Ilo,,·e,·er yo· a ll • kn o\\' ju:--' :1:-- \\Til ao.; T doc:' su \\'l''ll pass o n to cle n l'x · questio n .

. l'la:'S c;irl. in I'Jt.,·-..i ctl (;l'll~T:tph_, _ "Titl '.' di!..:, cl itcltl'' thrc•ug-lt tile clry and ha r nn l"l ';..!· i •.J J-.. j,q· tlh ptt l j""V .. j n;l\·igat ; n~· tilt· land." l' Cia:--..; <;irl. :tl'" in 1')1\ ..... ical t ; ~·~~ ~r . tph.' - "lll·ttu·r i n n tccl inr It~ lin<.' ltarbflr."

Come in and get acquainted with us. We want every Student to ' feel at home in our store

\ ' ;tn

hcr hu..;ha n d .tl . \nclt .. r t·n l'rt:11111 ll'll\. " . \r <' n·t lltil'<.' \\'<IX fi ~~ttrt:~ real lifL-I ik l· . < )n · \\ r• ll'd :t!tth •.... t thi nk tlt t· ' · \\"<.'rl' h ttma n hci n~..;.'' l .ach·

R. M. D.E PREE & Co., Druggists

t c1

.; .. '·~

L it tiL' gi rl. t n h c r \ mnn 111 1a :1 .... 1.:1\·t· n pL·rl· •r ill-. 111 lti -.. Jn .; ch a ! I p a n t. 1111 i 11 L' . .. Ju "t In o k a t t h: 1t p' " •r I'" '·. 111 ; 1 lll 111; t. I 1, · :.... pl ayin!.!" hall in hi:' ..;·Je<.'p.''

The Middle Ground of Common Sense

"Fu~ sfl'at h cr" \\' l ilt t11 tltL· h ;1rd\\ :tr<.' ' l' '~'l' till' lltltlr cia,· and a:--kl'd in r ;,. ra zor. "Safety razor?" asked th e.· L·krk. ' '.\'o." <tll:'\\'t'n·cl f-tt...,sfvatlwro.... "I dt~n't \\:till 1111 ra :t r1r f•1r ~:ti<.• ty: I want a ra z qr inr ;...,,cia l purpuq·.... :·

Cnndttctnr tn Ji111 Dykt' llta- " \ \ ' l!l·rl' d• t, yc 111 Dyk- "Lct m ·· oiT at ( ·~~lkg-l· :t\· ' llltl'.'' . \ ~k

Dahl c n b ttrg

ll O\\'

ltc enj.,_,·L·tl



Buy yo ur C'loth Ps o n a n economical basis. ciollars pre minm for a Harne.


\ ·t·r llul .... t- "l)n

, .11 11 :1 11 d

e rate pri ces. •

t•1 gn-:

The re are two ways to buy clothes; -one is to see something that attracts you and pay a big price for it, and the other is to find something tha t attracts you and pay a fair price for it. The latter method is the way we sell merchandise. If you want to know wha t "square deal" means in clothes buying, let us sell you your next Suit, Overcoat or a pair of Shoes.

Tlt:ttt k-. g-i,· in!.!·

:\ J r. ()ggL·I r nnt n

tr lg"l' l her:··

\ -. 1 l.-'".\'c), but

\\' C

\Ve don't cha rge extra for reputa-

ti o n o r Clllality, hut we deliver the goods- ft-lll m eas ure-at motl-

dinner. :\!is s 1-.:rd l

Don,t pay fiq, or tPn

slt'l'P tngL· tiHr.' '

l'rnf. 11ru =--~ tn \' ecnkcr- " J),, ""ll think tltt' lwrc, ,,j thi -: 'tory <lid right wh~...·n h e t:nnti llttt ·d ,,.;th hi:-- '' 11rk '' l!ik tltl' lady whom h ;.· I<H'L'd was \\'a it in g irn· him ?" \ 't:enkcr-"~n. I alwa y:-- k:t\"L' 111\' " "')rk ancl gn ."

Notier, ,I

ArR & Van ' 27 \'<'es t L:igl1tl\





• A N c II 0 1.:




Have your clothes cleane.l and



Christmas Cheer •

pressed by us and you'll apr ear at

. .. AND ...

your best fer we can take that suit

f'Iew Year's joy

a.nd remove all spots stains, etc , and press it so that you'll find it hard to tell it from the new article. Try us-- and be satisfied.

The Holland Dry Cleaners Phone I 5 28

--------------------------- ----


to all of Hope's Boys and Girls and Professors and Patrons and Matrons - to their friends and sweethearts, and the entire family group including Tabby in the corner of the hearth. ' Sincerely wished,

H. Van der Ploeg

Office 9 East Eighth Street

For vuur home made caudie Fresh every day, go to the

Holland Candy Kitchen

P. ' - ] g i\·e smiles away and incidently ~ell Books aud 1. tati oncry to keep alive so I can keep on smiling. Come and get a smile anti c heer up at my book shop 48 E. Etghth St.

26 E. Eighth St.


and BON BON .·. Try mar hot. and <·old drinks. TLey are delicious. Comuinat iou lunc he served at. all hour .



'Ve have everything in the line of


Salt ana smoKco


J. l .l. Den Herder, ~2

Cjtizens Phone 56.

River street

The Only First Class Barber Shop in Holland.


24 West Eighth Street

F. CHARTER, Proprietor


Hair Cutting ..... . .......... . ..... . ... . ......... .. ... 15c Shampoo ........... . ............ .. . . ................. lSc Razors Honed ............. ........ . ... .. . .... ......... lSc Electric Massaging ..... . ..................... .. ... .... l Sc Baths ..... ... .......... . .. .... . .. ....... .. . .... ..... . ISc Shaving ..... ... .. .. .. . . . . . .......................... lOc

All Work Guaranteed







THE SWEETEST PRESENT !•'or a box of choice candies go to

Th6 ralaG6 Of SW66t~




C i tz Phoue 4 ;n.



.. "




I> 0












~ !-

published in the Holland language in the


United States.

Has the largest circulation of any paper

nr r

~ a a

known upon application.


0 A 1V S A lr E 1N


}" 0

-R a!nmpany






D Y l{ EM A





Y 0 U ill 0 N E Y



I i I • a --..~~~-----~~lit-~~--~---· Adverti sing rates made



H 0 L LA N D ,



K N 0 \Y

The p ri ze toa. t o f the wor ld-is the mo: t d ·lieio us murscl knowu to the a rt of bakin g? Try them ~nd be con ,. i ncc>d.

AU kinds of skates from 6Sc to $5.00




Rin•r tit .







C. A. S;tevenson, The




1:3 agen t for L . E. Waterman and J ohn Holland Fountain Pens

$1.50 PER YEAR. MRS.


There's No Strain on Your Purse Strings We carry an asso~t:nt that has a range in pn"te to suit every purse and the same pnce _m· ducements are offered on the cheaper goods as on the m ore expenstve. Watc hes from $1.00 up. Watch our window.

If you buy and watches of us.


Home Baked Goods and Candy


Hardie, the Jevveler, I


HAMILTON & VAN CAMPEN, Props. Mr. F. M. Van Campen who bas made the photos for Hope College graduates for several years, is again with the Hamilton Gallery. He will put forth his beat efforts to maintain the reputation of the studio for high class work.



The Students Tailor Shop


Hamilton Art Gallery 79 Canal Staeet

Cor . Eh:bt.h streeL and Ceot.r3lnveouc -

Trousers and Overalls for sale Cleaning and Repairing neatly done. Call a.n d see u s.

Grand Rapids, Mich.

. "'

Tfi F.



Ttl F.

Graham & Morton Lin6


I' C 11 Q R


For .Up-to-date Picture Framing




The only Steel Steamship Line between



Cltit'ago, St. ~Josej)ll, Be11tOtl Hclrbor, H oll£tll<l, S(t tt~ctt.ttcli, a Intet~ior l\1 icl1 igclll & N ()J't l1er•• l11diana Poittts.

!-Jicture Store, · 52 K bth St.





'Vitl1 Savings Department. <Japi ta 1 $50,0( '''· OU


{. _




.t Schedule:



Corner Eighth 'Street and Central Ave. .


ltollaud, Michigan


For a nil!e,

Ire~ h

00 TO

bnx o f

Chocola1es C. Blom, Jr . BonBons We Appreciate Your Trade -

AN D -

The Candy Maker.

H olland, Mich.

18 W . Eighth S t. ,

Oar Fountain Is Still R u nning


B6nton Harbor and St. Joseph Divi· sion, three trips each way daily. Holland Division, two trips each way daily.


. -.

Ghds. D. Smith, Druooist 5 East Eighth

Holland, 'M ich

t~ee t ,

Citize ns Phone 1295.

Close connections are made with the G . R . H . & C. Ry. and with all Steam Railroads.

. J. S. MORTON, Pres. and Gen . Mgr., Benton Harbor, T\Jit'h. W. H. MORTON, Asst. to Pres . , Chicago, Ill. H. MEYERING, G. P. & F. Agent, 1hicago, Ill. CHAS. A. FLOYD, Agt., Grand Rapids, ~li ch . FRED ZALSi\IAN, Agt., Bolland, ~1i ch .



Boone's Livery, Bus and Baggage Line .

HORSES BOUGHT AND SOLD . 209 Central Avenue.



tit '

Citizen Phon e 34.

B ell Phone 20




• t









• •• •


. 'l I











. .,- , '


_,.. '

COURSES Classical


Scientific English·Modern Language Biologic



Theory Compositign

Wes t ern




Theo/l)gi c al





of the Reformed Church of America is located in Holland adjoining the College Campus. Corps of Experienced Instructors

.' . ~,. ,

. LOCATION . On the Pere Marquette Railway, 160 miles from Chicago, 26 miles f rom Grand Rapids. ExPENSES MODERATE. For further information or year book aRply to PROFESSOR












LL . D .,