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Ancient. and Modern La.n~liHJ:C~ :Lrtfl Llt c>r:ot llrt•..:: Ln~f c. Rhetoric u.nd Elucutlnu ; MJLthcmu.tlcs Phys iC!' and A l-l rOIIIII IIY ; ( 'llt'rotl..:r.ry :Lnd Guulo;.ty; TIH' ntnltl!;klll

TUBBERG . EN&; ZANTING 29 W. 16th Street

Th6 · ctllrtpntc., UU eJ t)


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in B kyt'les and Sundries. £( 'IIUln•t.l uou f{ t ' O\' Cred C'ltlzcns .Phone Ill':". ..

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Solenocs: Philo ·uphy; <.::Lc rl'd• ·raturo: Uco;.ta·aplly, lll!•tory. Civil Oon-t'rumcut IUtd Pedtt,;ogy; Orawln~ and ~Ju..;l· .


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corps of Experienced Instructors. 2~


Expenses Moderate,-Ft•r fur t u er informutlon or ( ' :tt a .ln.~-~ nC' apply to



KOLLEN, LL.D., Pres.

Delivery in cit)•.



u.s full and

LOCATION :-On the Pf'rc !\turquctt e railway. 160 wiles rr"rn c ' ll ku;(O, from Urand Ruplds.

Cit z. Phone 43·

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V.A.N .DEH VEER. PROP. tf..~~-o.~.o·~:.. ~~.~ .

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CIT~ l<il~ oT~-ea~nd ~~!l~sK ET


Tl\eologlcal Departtnent. The Western Theoln).! ic:Ll Seminary lrn..; u t·ma rs e u t practical u.s Its s is ter · ., anin:Lrl (· ~ In 1 h e W•l:<t.

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\Vith a fin e line of Books, Fountain P ens. Photo C'a~e and Albuu1s Toilet, Hhaving alHl :\lanknre 'et:-; \Vo k Boxes, Unff aod Collar Box~::; atul Stationery . ~- R

. BRINK. BOOK¥- AN, !!08 l{lv!-r Bt, H ol lan •. l\lh•lJ.





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I FLORIDA OR.A.J:q G ""EJS , I I DATES, NUT S A N D I I CANDY i I I 1 B. Steketee, Phone No. 14 1

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I . i 1Holland City News 1 I $1.00 a Year II Job c mmer Printino I I i Bool{,

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Y oung People and Foreign Missions. t\wa:-<led t ho Mrs Fumu ·I :O: Joan F o rcill n ;\lis!' ioo Prize. Gom m •o r.e ment1906 .









The nine tee nt h <·en tnry h as bee n a gl ori ous c·Pn tury of mission~ry mo ~·c lllt' ll t. \\~e look b;w k to th e fPc hie h g inning of mi ss i o n~ Ill the e•gh t 'e nth cent ury, whe n an unkno wn worl J opposed 'hri tianity ; we \'i Pw the resultH !,[ Lhe nineteen t h cP n tury with its mis::;iona ry forces ext nded o ver almos t t he whole eart h ; we stand today with the Yi ~ tas o f this th e twentieth cent nry alreacly open hefor<' liS . And the heathen worl J is our opportun ity as n e ,·e r befor e 1 n t be world ' · h is to rv .. Fifty ycarR ag o m en prayed for 0pe n doors . T o-day m os t of thesC' d onr s are O] l n . J{orea has sp urned Buddhism and invi tes missiona ry e ffo r t. The an cient fai th is tottt)ring in lndia. K owher e, pc rh 1l p. , is conf'rssion of hrist mor e diffic ult, yet Jla t i,·e con ,·c rt ~ arc f:1st i n cre:~s in g. In C hina, th o s uprem e moment for mi Rion s has come. The eyes of tb e world are tu rucd towarJ China . Sbc plr acls for e Yan cy lizn t ion , a n d h or d oor is open to AnteriC'a as it i to no other nati on. Jn J a pan , Christ ianity wields no s mall inllucncc. l g nn d n is hc ing m an ·elo nsly opened to the g ospel. 'Ve may even Lope th at. Tibet will s oon nnlock h er g a tes. In the 1 utlan fier<·e fa natici. m i relaxing its h old. [n I onth Ameri ca n om anis m is lo~ ing its in fi ueucc. In th e isla nus o f th e racifi c, paganis m is weakeniug. EvC'n in Arabia our n ohle band of work ers Jlnd g ol de n opportuni t ies fo r .~e n· i cc . \Yi t hin the last ccn t ul'.\' the 1 cript ures h ave b een tranRlated in more than four hnrHlreJ languages . Col por teurs have becon1e an

·l entt'r th e~ gjh}(• pn•p:tr(':' the wa,·. The tr:lll::~l :t fi••ll o f till' t;!IJIP in tlw h:trlmrn u . tollgnt'" c,f Af~it·a ancl .L\Riiltic· nat in n :-; h:tR ofll' ll tnl' 11 a lift• tinw. Th P tw<'ntit>tlt c·Pnltlr~' mny prc~~Ho n n:-.~i~tt· d l1y 1lt0 h •. t c.ialllll'lpC' r:-;, c. tl1 0 trall~­ laH•.t ~<:ripture::.." ,'11C' h an• hut a ft w of th man.'· nppnrtnnit ic~. In yj w tltPn of ;wc·c·s~ihl e fit>ld~ o f labo r an1l ,,·pakPn in g oppn~iticm , in ,- i ~ w of t lte marvel n u"' ~uc·ce. R attcndi ng Hi hi <' d i. tri Inti io n , we rt:'l'ngnizC'an t•anwst cu\1 to renewed cnt hu sia~li l' miHsinn w ork in


\rhl~ l"(' tli f' lllj~-;j(lll~ll"_\"


the t\n•n ti eth C'cutury. 0 r •at oppnrtuuit 1Ps bring (Treat. rc~ponsihilities. But the hnrdnn of r es pnnsi hilit.v d nps not wt>i gh h c:n -ic·st. on th<' pr . e nt hf'roic hantl of mi:-.~ionary w ork e rs. The ~lat'etlouinn YiRion hl'C'k OnR to the yoll n .~ p eC1p le. to ct s. 'l'h rC' ~\Hiltld h <' a Yi tal c·o nu e<· t inn h t w •c:>n yonng pt•op lc and for " ign m ission:o;. Yon ng pt'ople nPecl fure ig n mission .; fnr ig n mission ::; n cPd ~· on n~ people; and t h<> <·hllrt·h needs yonll" peopiP whn nrl' thoroughly int e r :-;t ·din fo re ig n

. .


The aim o f moc.lern 0clncation is dcYcloptnPttl, in tc:>llrd.llally. morall.v, and ~piritnnlly. A ,·as t nnmbe r o f nnr yo11n:.r people haYe h e ·nme thoro11gltly acc.ptai n tl-"d with the Tlusso-.J a pan ~e war and its Rignifit·ance in mod rn l' i,·i lizat io n . But thC'. c ,· ery y ou ng men ancl wo mPn are entire ly ignonu11 of one of the great es t, m o,· •mentf' of histo n~ which has h ce1t C'arri<'<l on for twe ntv centnrie~ to improve and hcttc r the w o rld, to forward its c·n Iig h te n rne nt, nam ely, foreign m1 sions Anrl yC't, foreign mission work is C'lo~ely rontH.•cted with many of the courses ma. tcrecl in ou1· highf'r inRtitntinn . Hi tory is insepa rably link e d with it. SC'i,)n cc lt ns prpfitcd hy it. Geo~raphy has b een changed b~· it. Thu. it mntt r:o; not whnt w e think of mi:SsionH. we n eed to Lecome th or ongltly :u·quainted with •



;\o biography is so inspiring to youth as that of the for eign mis~i onnry . The re is hen,ism, nch·enturc, sacrifice, and d eath. There is glorious \'ictory. • nch litPrature broad ns on ' sy mpathi es an<~ the r l'aclc r is inspi1·ed with a lm·e fo r hi £ llowmen. Bnt greater thaa thP ecl\l(:ational Ya1ne of mi. :)ions is its m o ral antl spi ritnal ,·alue. It is a lamentable fact that so many . tud e nts in tltrir c·onr~e of s tudy are tempted, e YPn, to tl on bt the eternal vcrit.ies o f Cl od an<l His worcl, and graclunte from coll gcs and mtiver s ities withont that faith in a liYin g n,·ior whic·h th ey once

<'h_er~sh£'~~- ,:\·lt~t hc~tC'r r<'m ccly fnr suC'h an c ,·j( than the study of mts. IOtt~.. If an.\'tl1111g <'an dPstro.'· sc· ptici:.;m, it is r eality." ""e nt--cd mt ~tcms to strcngtlwn and rC\·i,·ify onr spiritual life. nut af we cmt. id ·r fo r·pign miH. inns o nlv as a cure for onr pert-\onal nc•ed s, it might seem hut a ReHish ent<'rprise after all. The wc)l'k of mi. ssons t·e_CJ ••ires Sf>lf-clenial. NinctPen h111Hlrecl y ear . ago t!1e c~!nm~ncl was gt \'en, "(}o therefore and make disciples of all nattons. t et to-dny th ·re are millions who have n ever yet he:u·d the name of Christ. For the sake of tho e l oRt. ones, and for the sake of the )laster, foreign m is ions need youn CT people. ~li s~ i .ms

req uire youtltfttl \' i,go r. Not that onr older peop]e ha,:e I ~ s part than o :tr yonng people, bul the young people must h_~ Ill terestml in ti m P. t n give t.lte <'an. e th i r n tm0st n pport. ~11 Alflll w o rk ~lllllRt h e s urportc<l by fre h rC'C'I'uit fnr the field. 'Vm. Carey was still yo u ng \vhen he resnh ·e(l to he ami s ionary. .Jacob !hamht•rlaiu was hut nin cte n wh •n h e 11ledCTC'(l himself to fm·e ign mi . ~ iouR. 'Ym. P t>hlman at the a _.qe of twenty-four of'fered himself a ,·olttntee r . The heathen are dying ten thou. and a rlav for lack of more tni ssionarics. Imagine, if you ran, three hundro(i millions in ltina withont a L·~wior, fo rty ntillinns in Japan, two-hundred and eighty Ill iII inns in I1Hlin, and ight million 1\lohamn1edans in Arabia; and t hpse are but the fields of nur own Reformecl church. Ont of l'\·cr.v 1 hnu a ncl of Americ·an :youn,..,. people ono goes to carry the goo• I lt~l i ng~ ac ros~ the sea, and they n eed hundreds. NPxt. to t h r 11 e el of ,·olunteers C'Ome the n ec:>d of financial supp o rt from thn youu~ p oo pl . 'Vi t h th e prese nt income in the missionarv t n;\asury we l'Ull not h op<" for rapi rl a ch ·ancement. ~- av more than thi s, w e seem to be doing we ll wh e n w e h old fast tow~~ w e ha,·e. But matt\' a ycuug ruan and w oma n ha plenty of money [or for ,~l , money f,,r rlrc. s, mon ey fnr amnsPments, m oney for a good e~l ucn.t10n, m o ue.'· for travel, and on 1~· a nir /.:e/ Ior the fo rPign missaon colledi,1n. Oh, it i a s hame that as the fiscal year dran·s n Aar its cl ose the Refl>nne<l hurc h Board must becr the c hurc h es to send t.heir gifts lest. the Fomign :\fission Funds sn ffor a d eficit o f ten thou nnd dollars! Do I say too muc·h wlaen I ny t.hat the young p eople are to blame? H the six milli o n young p eople of America. would g i,·e oa an ave rage fifty cents a yenr their contribution~ woulu swell to a grand totttl of three rnillion dollars.




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.... ... ,, 1 •.11 tl tt• r,• :u ·, · ,, ,, •r t ·i ~ lll lllltldr, ·cl tr tilli llll ' 111 J' It t : 1:· ... · -.., , . \' i tit I ' tl tt ' l"t' .ll't ' l 't lll i ltlt• .-,.; liJlJlll i'IIIIJilil'_.: rur .... ·n i,·,·. ,, ,. ...,·q ·,. .{ '" t , · ''IIP I I\t'!lll \' h, •,·:tll "'•' Wt ' ar, • n r •l i nt r rc•<.;t 1'd . \\',,d ., 11 •I ~' , , 1 ' ·h,·... 1· 1 I"'' ,.,,.11 lt • ·~ ll·t· l to pr:ty llwt tl: ' l.11rd n f t IH' 11 .1n ,· ·~1 111.1 , - t 'll• I I •rt It 1'1'. 1 pt•rs . r h1' \\' \' I" k , If I! II ..:-.i •It' i ..: I IJ I' '.\" ll I' k I) f I Jt I' I ·ltlll'l ·l1 :l !I d I Jt (' \'~ I'Y \'it:dity ,,f ti ll' cl llll\ la dl' I'''IHI' •ll l it · mi;..;sio nary ~u·ti,· it.''· On r l'illtr,·lt •'=-' ar~.· ~,, r·h· i11 ltt' l' d ,, f ."•• li lt .:.! Jll'• pit· wl ao an• tlt u ro 11gldy ittlt•n •s lt'd i1 1 f,w,•i:..!ll llti,:.:i tHI"' Tl11' t·h :l ravlt·r o f tlw t·ltun·lt of tl 1 ra 111 n~ depe n d:' up,1n it:' ."''" t h f11 l lllt' tnl w r~. I r tlt,·y It a,· ' •·at~ glt t tla c ntis=-i\llaar_,. ::;pirit tl~t.• \'l11an·h ,, r tlt1..' twf'nlit·th t·(•ll tnr.'· will h a J' !a,· t " ., ... "


tni s~innar.'· n rgani t.:ttil ' ll. li' Jl t1 1. WC' dan • uo t ~ay what it :-. •·•n:dition will he. If thl' Y''i lll:..! pt•o pll• ar' intC'n· ·t •d, natnrally tl•" ir pareut~ will lw . allll a Jh' \\' <:u llllt"\i:tslll will add m ·1,., , · igt)l' tot lt r ''·" rk . If our y n uug p 'oplt' ~o tr •ed 1\t rPign tui ~l->io tas a11d f<•l'l'ign miHsions n<'cL1 ~·onng penpl ', wltat ar " tit ·y d oing ahont it':' \\' c point to you11g mi .~::u n nari t• · in the fi .ld; yo un g m r n wh o 1uitdt t Jta,·e be·otne p:1. tr >rs of large t·IPtr<·hp::; at. hom , YOilllg W O IIll'll o [ int c• llt·•' tunl attain111cnts ar \\'o rking :wrnss tit• ~l':l. Tit· C'lltltu:-:i ;t~t n among yt)l)l}n' r opl e for rni~~iOIIH is gmwing Le t th wo rk nf Uh ri~t.ian En,lranJr S oeif' ti es, EpwC'rih. L<•agtH':-i, R11nday ~t·hoo ls antl espe,· ially th' , tudent Yolu11tPC:'l' .Ji on·lll{'nt bt·nr witu t'f:.s to

tlt i fact. \Ye may take tho 'hristian E11d ca \·1) r nR a typf' o f cm r yo ung p eo ple'S SOC' i ct ic=' Q rgani 7.t.'(l lWC'll IV · fo n I' .\ '('<l I'~ a~o. J' 1'0111 its \' ' l'V . start Christian. Endea n•r ha!-i h ~u i 11 terc• ·ted in the wid e w nr lcl. The organizatio n wlti t' h pret'od ed the Ci rst s 01· i ty, a n d whi<:lt to a certain extL•nt mc rgn1l into it, was a missio n l'in·lf', antl nti ~R i ons has always hacl a pn >min nt. pia ·e in l':nclca\'o r "'"rk. "Fn r C'ltri:--t. and the 'hnr ·It" i8 a n1i ~siona rv .. m otto. 'J'h • mon c ..\· "'rri,· "' e n ))\·.. th e St)<:ie ties goes thro ug h the d "nominational treasury for tlte clu11Th wo rk. ~

I: ~..· l t~ rtlH'd

vlllln·h, tlu' mis:-:i o n \\o rk of IP•r a ll l ·:llcl!~ :t\' l)l' ~: wi.·t it•r. is r., .. t '"' I ll! lSI p.t r t. II !ldt•r tIll· :l11:-.pi1'(':-i nr I he' 1l.. ~. .I' 1'1 ~.-' l 1 ) l l '• ll' ) I) 1111 n •y I ' ' I •JI 1 I ' '. 1gtJ . ' . ...i~l. ' ))ll' liii'V(' . I Jtllll I rt•d <JJ lf l · ,\ ' s '\' l' ! lly - fh· ' ol' o11r :-.. t ·i~..· lil';.: han' t'll ll jil'ntll ·d ill 1l 1i:-: wprl\ :: nd d nring th l' lnsl y pa;-,·olllrih u tf'd ;:;. t )., '.Jl.i"\tl Ill ft~ n· i:..:. ll t 11 i:-.:-i 1111 s. Tl 1e sr::Li t• u:-. s11pport~..d an• 'lti i •H JI', l 11dia; J;:dtr~·i n . .\ml 1in: :: ud .:\l or i::ka, .lapa11 . Hut It ·re, lc h'. at tin Jt ·::. inl t •fl •~t ~1'1 1 \\" R cold a 11 d rw~..·d...; n ·,-i,·ill,!..!· I n .\ pn' I o f I I· . . 11:; .n·;ar ·II was llt'l 'l':-.:--a r ,\ · 111 urg t · t . IJ lil t! )' O llll~ pco p l 11<1l L.l f.,rs:tl. LIH· g tooc l \\' 'l J · l ll'gu 11 , and t ~; ti n • dilft•rc:ll L :-.m·il'liLs l~..·ttt•rs \\'l'rC S l' tll l>t•ari ll,!! , , till' fo ll tl\\ 1' 1 1·-Y I IH ' ~ :-- : I .gt • : ... ,,I \. I) I • • • • .• lP. 1 tllttJg C'Oj llt' s .\lt::;.·tnllan· L caglll' 1:-. appru a1 ·hi11g t il e l'l t•~c · of i is list'.d yt•:t r witla lw o 1ilit it's: In





I . 'f',l ,., lllll'lt'i l' it!' .' •:ar's \\'orl, , ~, .. l ing ~ ' av I , l!HI:i, 1·l t•Hr o f' d ·l ,!, with t !w .\l:t~lt · r':-: l'alt:-\C' n nlaalllpt: r •d by !ack 11f fnr~d::;. , \\'ith a:-: mu d t w n rk dotH' n:-; la.•r •lolorc.


To b• <:' •IIIJll'll t•d to cln a Lltcl ll'<!ll·l clcdlar-5 l! f'S tlt : ltl IJ(' f,. rp· ttJ sa,\· II) thtt· ,' ....i\"• •\I a-.; t t·r, ' L " ~'• I t 1l( ' -"''""r.! pt'tl p !t· ,,r J! lt' l~ ro · fqnued <·lllt r•·lt arl' lt••t so trtth·lt illll·rc ·:-.l •·d i11 Thy .!..d o~ r.r, a ••d Tit\· ,~ . ' _.atue 1 u o l ~r l prc<·i tlll:-. lt> t1Jt' lll. \\'!a i.·lt :--! ta ll i 1 Ia··:'" 1

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Lin k eci clnscr pe rhaps than arty o th e r You n_g Pc nplf' 's Hoc ict.Y to active for r ign mission work is tho ~ 'tucl •nt Vol1tntr•c r Mtn-ernenl. The. e organiz"d C hri::Jl ian ~t11cl ~ 111 ~Ion~ me n t.s ar~ t•h a radC'rist ic o f this gtmcratinlL l TJl''"a rds of twcnty-(ivC' hundred F\tu.J f' n t volunteers ha ,·e gone to foreign field:-;, unci th e missilln st udy work t•nlis ts the inte re ' t of snm0 h11nclreu th o nsa nd y ou ng peoplf'. It is a rec ruiting age n cy, ancl it ., <'h ie ( nbjed is to e nr1)1l qualified student volunteers to meet t he suceessiYe demanrls of the ' 'arions mi . si rmary boards o f our country. 'I'hrough students the move me nt has e ndeav ored to a~:;si~t the 'hurc h in her finam·ial troub les. olleges have been persuad .....t tn support their own re presentative o u t he fi eld; some vo luutt:PI'-s ha ,·c gone as self upporting missionarie. ; others l1ave int e re. I •d th ·ir h ome church . May \ve not loo k f orwanl and praye rfull y h ,, pe that their m otto- "'L'he E''<lll1:!:C li ~nti on of the \V orld in thi s -ten eration" - may fill the s t11dc nt of o ur Ame rican colleges with u sense of the fearful need of the C.: h rit:'tlcss nations and inspire 1 hem with cheerful con secration to the ~la slt> r 'o service? 'fhe 'C variou Yo n11g PPop lc's 'lrgani~a.tiu n s r C'p rc c ut a part o{ young people's wo rk for fo reig n missio ns. S omc t hiu.O' bas hoe u d one. llut o h., how little, bo w very litt l' it sce m:::t in the face of the tre mend o us n eed! H o w many mi:5sionaries you ng pt~ople tni gh t send if they we re to become h eart and snul in ea rn e~t about it! But year after year Irum many of o ur c hnr hcs lll)t one man or woma n goes to bring the ra m ~ of ,Jcs ttd to t hose that do nnl kno w J [i m. Do fo reign 1nis io ns n e~J young peo ple'? -, hall we h 1p'! \Y c> ulcl t.hat Keith Falco uc r's w o rds mi g Itt tt~ ll c h a r esrons i ,.e t·hnrJ in O\'o ry yo uugheart,- "\VItil e \'aHteontincnt ' arc s hro ud ed in al11wst utt e r darkness, and hundred s of milli n ns . ufier the ho rrl)r ~ of h •a t.l t ~ lli4m or of Islam, the l>urd •u o f p rot)[ li -'s u pun yo u to s l1 ow that t.l1" ci rcumstances in whic h Go l h as placC'd y rm \H' rc 111 'alii hy llim t.o keep you out of the fore ign mis · ion field ." ~ •Uie U. Do J ~ng, 'O(j.

Egypt Educationally.


Tl w ~t· l •• ul l ::t ~"~ l. t·tll lt•r 1 ·:~ ~ j•l \\ !:;~ t il l.:t:-- IHc 11 •• r 1: ;,: , :tt ·l)tlt <• rt·unldry, :t pnwu lul t·i ,d i;:i l:g <lJ.. ••,·y . :\ t•l :1 t:lli\1 J ' l'll· · du<: l. huL frn lll f'11reig 11 ~,J il , i l J, ; :~- I <.>L' ll l'-il lt 't'l'~:-- f n lly 1r.-:. ~ ;.;.!!li• · d and i:, ••njoyilt;.{ il p r•1 \ 1.'1'11i a l g t'.I\\' Lit i11 tl 1i:-. t'llllg• •tl i: d t· lit iW· :--:('h.,ul lift• \\' : •~ ,·i rt ilall .' l.lll l ·, · :~i ..., t t · tli. '' 111'11 ~. I •·L ;tl ol l llt d .\ l i fonndt•d tl1' p r.-.. .,··tt l d yn:t"'l.'·; i 11 · l• :·d. it 1111'l \\' iti1 IH1l i1t:i ' l l lc ·,,l il'CI~t ' lll 'Ill d lll'il •g t ilt: li:·s: l1:dfu/' i!t t' l!li l1 l'C'i ll ll l' \'. It \\ :t , t.llh' wl l t 'll d tret: t :11 111 iudl l'l'l.·l ( 'itri - i11 kL· nt·t•-, \ \ VIC .lll·u lt r-•Il l to i t::r lljlul l t h~.·t 'lll tlltry t!ta t p •r, ·vt •ti ., ll· p r·•~ i-.·.~ ~· wa:-' :nadt·. T he l:llrop;:a n ,.,,J,, IIi<·::; i11 :·:2.,· H .:.In"'' : u pto ,·it.h • ~t l l!•l· Wl..i t fo r t it.· c·d ll l'a ti oll of tl 1cir 0\\'11 t·lli ldr,•tt; lh'i: l·,·, lirL·,·i,, L;(·tll ''". ;.nd FrL' IH· h ( 'atlJUlit· . •·h!•nl=-- \\'1. n · l1l' l'l' a 1td IIH·tt' L·:, l au l ist~l' d , Lu i t! 1L =--t"' ('Xl'l'l t•d ~<·an· · l y tl ll)' i ,JJ itlt·llt 't' ll l111 ll t h, · J ·:gy pl i:U I~ }li'IIPt' l' vdlw;tti nnally. T n t •, I hi.! Huma n ( 'a lltoi iL· ~a ·lt t~11i :-\ g ll ltt'r ·d i 11 :-:.11 11 1t : a t in ! l' l,il d n •it , IH tl C'l!j uy in ··· .... u fls idit s J'n ,:u furt•igll " ' ' l'nllll('lll :o-. au d a i11 ti11g oft :t i. m •r politi cal e11 J::;, t ltc t'IIUill ty • ~ ~ a nHt11:r.\ tt• t·e in·d a lllilli llll tlll o f bt: n d il. \\'l w n t ill' .\ ll tC'rit·a n Jl i:--~ i uH ( till.' m i s :-. ic · n ~. of t Ia · l -ll it t·d I' ll:'· hyt c•ri an dtu rl'h " r ~ ~· I'll• .\ uw r ic:l} t ltt·rl'f •r hcr.ra11 it"' "' 'rl' i11 L ' .) I , it. Juu:tcl •du t·a lil'lt at a n :ry lo w t•bh , an d l'cntld lind < 11 · c·Otir:lgt•ns t' llt in 111 o st plac· s l l t'<·a u:--c t1f tl . ' 11011 - ·x i~t P I H.l.' o l H ltc t:l w ~,n· :, . Edu,·at in n has alway...- IJt'C!I t ile il a ll d·lllait! o f tltt' (' \-at:gt ·l i:-.tit· \\' u rk of the t·ltun·h . Al lt• tt C'.'a a lt nt ll lll <.• .·d tnn l111 a -;ll r w o~~. tl•l' 1'11 1''~ J'ltiJ II(.' J' or C'ah·i11; i\ IJd S() ill () IJJ' furt•igtl fid d, \'(.': ·y , d ct !il'l' till' arri,··,l v f lltissi o nari t•s upc11l the iid d. • tltt~·; tti • l lla l w t~ r k w : ,.:; lJI'.~ I I II . 'l'h0 chid dilli t' u lly iu cl jJC IIill g .·L'Iwo ls was til • seen ring of l<.'.tl'lt .rt-'; p artic ularly \\'a ..; lhi:-; tnt,.· "f l a ·L •r:-. fo r J,!i rl:-\ . . \t that ti 111t' no \\ tHll an ('Ould be fou 11cl in th e t·i ty of C a iro, tlt e t·a J•i ta !, "1 111 l't•ld d r ead, l'1 lll ·,•cpwntly th e· 1ui s~ i ou a ri ·s t!. t"tn~t-h·• ·l:i \\' t'l'l' IL·a t·ht>r:-> as \H'LI as pr••:tda l: r:-i, until a prnpP r t e.t~·! • i t l ' ' l'·> r ·u ('111d d l!c :--n ppl i •d . Tlw wo rk \\'<tS na t.urall.· l w gnn a t. l'u i ro a nd :\1 ·xan dria li r:-.t ..:\1 tile• "ntl o f l• n y(':tl'~ we r ead uf fjy ' Sl·ltools lw,·i11g an ('tnn ll m nl ,, f -1:?:) pupil~. l u t h 'I H•g iuni 11g n ( t lu· foll nwi ng .'·', 1~ (j.;, a n i I! f<' r es tiug du ·aLio n a l \\'ll rk was IJC.!..!'Il lt ~ .j {) 111 i l" · J'art lh· r u p t !tt· ri\C•r. At A :-;i 11 t, a ei I. · \\' hid t•I H> \\' f u l'ltlS t he t'CII t ·r o [ o ur :-.l rtH ~ g :-1. ,.h 11 n ·h liftl in E g ypt, a tlli::,tii ouary was lu ·at.Bd ; he arri,·ed llwre in i-'l' b (II






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l l11• t•n llt•.!..!< ' d . p! u nta. '·t lf l! .t·.·e llh' lt :;!' \"Cll l_'" ar rnllll ~ter:-;. e itlh·r p :t ... t. •r:-. n r prc'. lt lt·•rs in !lw ll .ttin· P n 1lc•:.;tant l'llltrt·b, s ix an• in tiH• :: :i11i ---iry o f •1 i l11· r (•hri . . s i ·t ll l~tl dtc•-.. ;n l·:.t!y p l, li rt ,·-n 11 .trc t •a.dw r s in · ·.~· · ~n li t ·.tl , "· rd !:'-• r ~l·J,,H :fs, ni11e arc p by ... it·i;~lts or l:St udcu ls o! llll'dlt' liH' , lflt't't ' .tn• p itartll ' ll' i :--t~ o r s ! llriP II H ol' I• Jt.JI"Illat; \", 0 11 . _i ~ a.


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Tlt C' j>t't ialul'/'"d tiH• tni ...:'-'!1111 Ita: !tad in vit ' \\" it t t it,• f11 111ldi11;~ 11f tit is ill :-;li i·!tioll i ~: ' ·Tel 11r ' Jla n • .;,."' "' ,--.. ''" nH'Il f" c Ji,·i "" . ...... liJ tri dtt , int llig( n ', cullur "'d Ji,·t•s . to trai11 lt"'· tdvrs i ;t ·• l. w ali • ll l , i11 J,u ~ ill <':-..... and socit>ty, :t_! td to IH<'p:trt' t ll t 'll for t ltl' wc11· k ,, ('till' ( 'lt ri ... :i .lll lllitt· i: try. It · cour:-.ct,f s lud.\·, fu uudt·. l 0 11 th ~ g n •.1l truths of ( ' J,ri :;;L'::; won ! :wd I lis tlHHality. pn"·id ed a lilJ •!·:d , llH'Ittal and nltlral trainin g Sll <'h as L'l>t rld not IJ~ u lJt: in t•d in any P I It e r . t"lt nll l. iu J·:uypt ·· Tltis ohj •d fta,·illg b t'll •ra• rgc.•lil'al ly t: tainl :titlf·d by till' lll : . . .:-ointJ. lltrnug h it ~ f;wult~·. in .\ s:-.i1 1t c·o ll(·gP, flt P n ·.o t!l s r ~/ l il t' t( '' '' '~· 11a , 1·, IJy tit \ l) lf'. g" or (ltHI. l )Cl' ll l 'OITl ·S l l<lllt lill•~' ''" l'll(' lJ lll'<I I"Y itl• ' · . "' 0 ~

rt'l·<.•i ,·ing Ia. I y ear's r<' pn rtl flllclth ;ll its sl11d 'lt ts ha ,·v ll t' t'll drawn Ir u m a ll p .trls ,,r 1·::.!. · pt. i'l •irlt ·t•n of tlt L' I'•Htrl t•t• tt pro\ itu·e. · arc r eprc:-;cnL •d, <tad n tt\! ltutlll r•·d tm ·n:-; and ,· ill a~t'l-.. ~i11t·f:> tl 1 • · openi ng of the t•nll '"•g · 111on• tlJn lt l ,fiiH ) di iYt>rt' ltt indi\·id11al '-' It a \· · . b een in its(·)a s:o;CS. ' J ' ft e-;t• lta\· f~ I"L'l ll1'11 d l 11 tJtvir l' '~! )('t' li\· t~ ]'l<ll't'S (•a rr_,·in g n lJI Pssin g witlt th t· tn . ~ · tlnr;dly inn. t'rlltlllry \\b n · :--1 1 tna n_,. poor pc>oplc• an• fo li nd , a ll 11! lltt•sc• ~l tt d . · nts ha\· • not t '' llllld f' t 1 •d the who le t•u ll cgo 'tll tr:5c; 1. ,') ui tlw;:; • lt ave d un .·o, rcl · •tn u g





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Tll t) ~l' whn :1\':tilcd th .·tll -..c'l \'1''-' or t lH' t l tw:: !i· · no~ l privill',!.!l':-: the fnrc ignPr laas h el:lnu t lo Lit ' Ill h:tv' pro Rpt• n •d. au · I i11 t 11 rll ltn ,·C' year by ~·f•a r hrc ut .~ ltl itllltll'ilf'l 'l-> to brarnpon IIH•ir,·n 'l tlf r.\"l!i t 'll that <'mdtl not be l'tlltlli (' I':H·t,•al. Tl1c• C'n pts ( q f wlt •• tn th c·rn arc• snmp ()( IO,IlnO) I uwn p J'() fi I C'd h ~- tiH·~··' i II~ II ('j W f'S I h •g:t t i n·l_,.. () 11 1 () r llJ' pn sit ion to and coml'<'litin 11 with t h.•. t·lt •)•lls of th e Anw ri t·:!Jt 7\l i~F ic,n th e.v han~ built up a lltllnlwr nf!--t·honls. .\ lltllld ·C' I' 1:f .\ s~i11t I'0 ] 1~.!.!<' ,! .!ratluat es and ot!H rs ha,·d l :llt .! .{llt in tla ~C' sc·lwnls and tlo still l v tt·h . ~ .Lt'lralh· th • Ill r. l => •~r.l.lll n f :-.tndi ~,.•..; is n nl ot 1rs h11t th ;\t nf lit•' g !wf' rnm nt. :\•> d n niJt, hnw ,•Yf'r, lllth·l t gn,,d is :l<Tntup · li shed i11 a:1 e fl!wali•> n:d w l~·· I si i•J; tld lik tcl :1 dd ht·r<' th e \\'<H'l' don e h.' th e pre~ent g o ,· ntm ~ nt i'tH' th r I·:.~ ,· pti:lll pr n pl '· l lwing t0 the ahsPnce of :-;tatistit·s I c·ann o t d n thi s l'~:c·t'pl in :t ...!t'll f' r:tl wny. Rn !lie· , it to say that O \'L'I' ~i nc·p tho tlc~c·tl p:wc·y o f t hr c·o111l try hy thP british, all<'lltinn hn~ hC'<'O g i\'C'11 to th e C'tluc·ation of th r· prn plf'. At firs t. s iLlW progress \nts m:ulc•, lwt clnring ti H'5t-! l:tst f<'W ~·l·an;; a r~a~onah l C' nch·an C'e has L'll:tr:td<'riz cl t1H' \\'t'rlc TILC' :'cl i nistry o f Public· In lrtH: ti nn h:tR hcc·om · a po,,·nr in th e c·ounl r_y. l),n·ing the p:1st ~·pn.r, 10!11, it 'had nnd<·r its dirC'<'L man:J ,!!C'mt>nt , or undc•r inRp~r·t i •Hl , OY'I' 1-!fi,O()() pnpils as a~·1i11~t :?7.1 Hlt l in 1000." lt sltnn ld lw acl<lt•d, howl'YCr, as an l·: n.rdiRh gt•nt!C'mnu ohsen·e~. tl1at this advan ce;. i~ Phit>ll." in the town~ . and that P]PmC'ntary ,.C' I'IIHt 'lllar cdncation ill th e ,·illnrr<'. . till IPa V('S ant H· h to h t• ch' .~ irC'tl. ~ 'o ]fl n ;-. o· ns t.he tf'nchitlg in tlw' Kuttah~" n r ,·il !a r::(' s r·hnoll'. is I ilSL'd alonc> on the K oran, su h stnnt ial prn '!re~s t·nn st·nt'c-C'ly h e C'X JH'c·l (·l l. Tit !-':tm g 11tJemnn J!O!'..:. Oil to :·;:ly that ;til ('ll('OIIl':l_!:!illg f •Otlll'l' ill th C' fJ Ullnnk is tltC' c·h:lllging altitude o f J·:!!.'·ptinn pnhli · opi11i o n with rcgarcl to fC'mal<' c•,htcnlion. Ten y<'nn:; ngn the icl en. of gi,·ing in st ru ction to girls wa~ getwrally rPgardcd with inclifTc r e n<'e, if n ot with 1 t~~it i,·e ~~

~tnl ipnth~·. and e,· n ~o r Pent I~· ns ] !)t)O the nnmhcr of scltonl. und ~r gO\·e rnment eo ntrol atlentlrd hy gtrlH wa~ o nly :!71 and th numhc r of pnpils ~ .0.)0. Hy IDOJ. th e numlJer o f RC'hooll-' had ri .• en t o 1,7-l S and the nnmhcr of pupil atl<'lllling th e m to 10,·1fi2. Jn thP Training (; hnu! fo r w n m ' 11 11111'.5t'S nn<l mid\\'iY<'S the r e are at prPRcnt thirty r eeei,·i n g lllt'itructir)n. \\.l1 e n th <' po~ itio n in thn ~o ·ial scale whi<'lt wom en in l ~gypf.. h,n ·c alway!:! he ld j consid e red, th<' P fa<'ls are most signifieanl. '-

I n cmwln ~ i ll n may 1 not c·all your en ti o n to t h ..: significance o f tr!l tiH· ahm·e m e nti o ned data fo r the educat io n n f the Egyptians'? :\ Jand, \\'lll'r " half n cent nry n rrn ,·irtually n othing was d one for the C'Uncn.t io n o f its peo ple , i:i now nncl e rgoi ng a r e mn rkablc tran · format inn. The ,,·o rk elH'OllTag d and per~ e \' Cri ngly ll phelu the Am eri ·a11 -;\1 is::;~on and nhseq uently su pp1emen ted by other age nc ies lin. n f lat.e )C'nrs al~oenthu , ed thegm·ernm ent a1Hl it . ur.rre d on and s ti mu lat ell by English. inflne nce nncl powe r, is ·hanging its pri!~ <' iple o f e('lecti<:i. m by whi ('h hu t fe w were h euefitPd, to the Pro tC'slant we. t 1·11 prin<'ipl" of allrui m '"h )reby all arc hl es~ed. .And titus f o r J·:gyp t already a brighter day ha dawn eu, wh c r ·in its peo ple, Httmbe ring millio n , will e r elong ta te the l,t ~.~:.:.sing:; guarante t1 th e m , and whe r e in. those o f G od's sen·ants wbo ha,·e S(mgltt to hcrulJ the ·e will r ejoice with t he m in t heir fruiti on. J. Kntidenier '8G.


.-\m c ric·an :\lissi,m, Cairo, Egypt.

Heathen at Our Door. T he .\ mPri <·an I ' unday ''chool rni on is an organization Compo. N l n J busin ess men wlt o~(' purpo e is to o rgnnize ~ unuay •-'ch0ols and to tell tl1e Gospel sto ry in the rural distrids and out of the \\':1)' plal'c::~ of onr c·o11nt ry. They ha\'() th ei r missiouaries in e Yer y ~tate in tho 11i o n , and in many of the C'Ollllti e~ of each slate. The~· h a.\'e a nttmher o f tni~.;;io na riPs " t work jn o ur o wn s tate of )fichigan , espeeially in thP n nr tlt e rn cotnttic~. whe re the land i sparsely settled a n d oppo rlunitif'. to r hearing t he Go~ pel are fe w . Durin~ th' pa - t ~ umm e r o n e nf th •ir mi . ionaric was at w o rk in ~.ranisfce 'IHIItly. ) le ft)Hnd the rural cli:-tricts in a SnU condition . Chn rc hes were fe w, an<l ei t her ·l o~ed n p o r ,·ery p0o rly atte nded. •~unuay , e lw() l ~ had h ecn Ol'J:l..nize<l in se\·eml of th e countr.v sc: ltoolhou~e. , hut h :tcl die1l o nt he<'auso there w e re no ,br.istians to t.e~wh th e <.;}ac; ·u:;. The evenincr~ we re spe n t in <lan ces whi ·h lastecl till duyligh L on . ' un tl a y m"rmng. Baseball and ex-



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!·:.!.!Yi ti :11 1""' tlll'lll .·rln·~

Tn cmwln ~ ion may I n ot <:all you r att e ntion to th · significance of ult tlH· abo,·<' m en ti o ned data for the eel ucation o( tho Egyptians? :\laud , wh t.•P lta!f n century n(l'o ,·irtually n oth ing wa d o n~ for the edu('nli t> n of it s people, is now und ergoing a r emarkaule transformation. The work e tH'lHtrag d and porseYerin g ly upheld by the A mericnn ~l i s,·~on and u hsccptent ly supple mented by other ngencies l~:~ s n f lat.e yc:HR al·o en th used the government ancl it. urged o n and s timulntetl h.r Euglis h inflnence and pow·e r , is ·hanging its pri!!C'iple o r e ·lcdit.·i . m by \\'hich hut few were benefited, to the Prot.e:-\lan t w ~. t 1·n prineiple of altruism '"'h r eby all are blessed . And thus for E.!!YPt alreatly a brighter day ha dawned, whe rein its peo pl e, numbering million , will erelong ta "t e the l1lecising:; _gllaraotcecl t.hem, and wher ein tb nse o f God's sen·ants who h a\·e so ught to h erald th ese will r e j oice with them in. their fruiti on. J. KrniJe nie r '~G. Amc ric·an_~li . sion, Cairo, Egypt.

h:n-e 11111 r 'lll :l illt' l ntli'P~JH ' n~i,· c. 'L' h n.;l~ wh n h :t \' \' :H·ailt•, ltl~o · m..;rln·q ,,r t !tr C'clll<':' li· ·n .d pri,· i l c'.!.!P~ tho fo rt.: ign Ar la as held out to Ll1 'Ill l1 :n · ~ pru"pe re tl. au · I iu f 11 rt1 h n,·r· .'•enr h.v y (':ll' hnHt .~ltL ill fl ttt oict•s l.n lwa r npnn th c•ir c·nll tllry n: t•n tl 1:11 c·ould 111>l be 'I) Jilll t•r:H ·t.,~d . Tl1 ' opts (of wh t~ m t.hl· I'C' :t l'• ' :-\llllW (}(){), C) ()) !Ja.\'C~ profitrd hy tJt p~,p i n!lt!C'iH'C'~ n,•gntin: l,\·. 011 1 nf' OJ'J'O si!io n t o and c·ompt'tit io 1t witlt tiH•st ·h •l• ' ' ~ of th e :\m <' ri <·:!ll ~l i~F i c llL they Jtnn~ buil t ll}' n 1111111hPr of~t·hon l s. .\. llttml .c- r of :\ s~iul c·olle::P in th C'~f' st·ltunls a n cl .... .Q"racluares and ot!lf•t·=-- h a,·\! I :Ji t!.dtt . cln st ill t.., wh . );.t.tura.ll\' tit ..! p r.lgr.\m n f ~tn di l~=-' is unt ou r s b11t that nf dt•' .!F,!n·rrrt:n nt. ~ n d n niJt , lt n \\'t' \'C'I', 11\tt. · h gor1d is nc·t·omp · lis l1ed in n :l c rltwati t)n :tl ,,. t~·· I ~ho: tld li ke l 1l ndd h t•n' th wnrk clone b.'· th e pre:-,e nt. gov rnm ~· n t f,lr I he I •:.~,·pt.ian pr'n pl c. ( lwing t o the :\hsnnce of s ta tist i t'S I c·antwt. do thi ~ c~~<·<'Pl in :t !!l'tl ('ral way. I 11fli (' f' j(. tO Sa~r that 0\'l'l" Si llt' P lit O ll(:l'llp:-tttc·~· Of' dt O ('()llllll'.\" h,\· thf' hri tis lt . altt•nt inn ha.· he<' n g i \'C'Il to the C'cltH·at ion o f t ht· penpl e. At first: s low p ro,qreRR \\·as made•, hn t clnrin g tlt C'sl! last f<'''' ~··a rs a rea~ona.hl<' ad ,·an C'O ita!'; clt:tr:l ·t(' riz cl t h <' wt• rk. 'l'h<' )I i n ist ry o f Puhli f' ln c; trw·ti oll Ita. hcc·om ·a po"""<'l' in th e C"Onntry. l111ring th e p:tst y p:u, 1!10 1, it " h a d nndc•r it s dirN·t n HllW J!C'mfnt. m· 11ndC'r in spcc·t:o:l, O\' r 1·!0,0()() pnpils ns n~: 1 in st :?T.Ilfll) in 1900." lt should hf' aclfl ,•d , howP\'e r , as an J·: n .~li sh gc•nt!C'nUtll nb;('tTeQ. that tltis ad\ 'illl t'f' i~ clli\·n .' · in th e town :-:;. nnd that p]Prncn tary n'rllat·lllar cdncat io n in th e ,· i llaq<'~ still IP:tn•s lllll t' h to ht' d (•.,irC'<l. , 'o )qng as tho tf":H: Ili ng in t lto I'Ku tta h=--," or ,· i lln~l' s r h ooh;. is hn:;;cd nlonc> on the K oran , s nh. t:~n tial prng rec;s l ':l ll s<:nrc·<'ly h e xpN·Ic·d. Th e s am e gcnt lPnum ~Ot':-' o n to H:tV that. an <'tlC'Ottra ;~in g fen tm·t· in till' o utl nnk is the C'lt:ut .t ring attitud e of E !!y ptinn publ ic opini on wit It r <'ga r<l to fe mal e Pdnc nl inn. T on yean~ a_gn tho id ea of gi,·in g in s tru c ti on t o Th r

gi rl s wa.., genPr:tlly re:qnrd ed with indifTerenee, if not with pn. it i,·e ~t ill ipa lhy, and C\'C'n ~0 rec·e ntJ~· :lS ] !){)0 the lllltnh Cl' o( SC' honl. und e r gon~ rn m n t (' O il t rul at te n <l r.d by gt rh; wa~ o n Iy 2i I and the nnmhPr of pnpib ],0:) 0. H.'· I 001 th ~ numlJcr o[ srlt nol s had ri nen t o 1,7 JK antl the nnmhor of pupil attC'nding th c n1 to ](l,~l (i2. In thP Training e]wol for wom n nnr;o,es nnd Inidw i,·<' · t here nre at pr<'.cnt t.hirty rec~ i,· ing m !:itru ct ion. \\-!ten th o po~iti on in th0 socia l ~wal e \\'hi c~l wome n in l~gypt h.t,·c a lway~ held i. con s id e re d . th<' P ftw ls are m ost. s ig nifi t·a nt.


Heathen at Our Door. Tlt t..! .\ nt f" ric·an 1 ' unday 1 'ch ool "( nion is an organi7.a.tion eomp nscd nr l n t s i ll CS:-1 men wlto-.;;e purpose is to org nnize ~ unuay Sch ools a.nd tn te ll tl 1e Gnspel story in the rural distri c·ts a nd out of the way pi a . '8 nr 0 111' ·onntr.\·. They hnYO th •ir mis ionaries in e \·ery :-~tate in tho -tt in n ,nncl in manv . o[thecoultlic o f eachstate. TheY. ha,,.e a number o f m i. -;io naries at w or k in our ow n s tate of :Jii 'higan, espet.:ially in th e n orthern cnuutio., whe re the lnncl i spar sely settled and npporlun i rif's lor hearin g the Go~ pol are fe w. Dttrill " tit.• pa ~ t Rt lllllll e r o n e of th 'ir mis. ionarics was at work in ~.rani tPe cm tnly. H e ft) ttnd the rura l districts in a snd condi t io n . Churches wor fe w , and eit her clo~etl n p o t· ,·ery P')orly attended. unua, c h oo h:) had h CJl org:tnized ill SC\·eral o[ the countr,v sehool h o 11sC~, but had died o n t bef'a ttso the re wor e n o 'hristinns to te:tc h the dac;sl3s. The S.tturcln.y eve nin m~ we re spent in dances whi ch las tccl til l day lig h t. on ."' und ay m"rlllng . Baseball and exI'




uhe .?rnchc r , . , :· ~ · , " ... . , .... . , 1 •

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\i:tllisl .·<· is :l l :tr~t · Sl' tll• •l ! ll ' tll. Th ('I'C' ;\ l't ' :1h•Hll S• 'H' tll .\' c·l!ildn' n c·!lrnll t•d i !t lilt' da,· . s c·lt " c•l. Yc •l tl1c'rt' i~ nnl one ('hri .·lian inll lf• tl c·iglll,,,r!lll•••ll •) Ia :, ,. IIJI ~ll : t · 1 :ty ~ ·iPt•! \\'t trk . :\fn t' lt 1"'.:;:; \\';t :; it pps.;ihlc• f'nr tlt c' tll I n gc•l illl_\'II IH' 111 c·•t!l t• · I · • rl tc' llt tu lwld n m eC'Iing or to lak C' c · ftar~c nf a ~nnd<t.'· ~ ft ,.,; f. Tlt(l sam' !'t>!: diti o n pn·,·aiiC'd at {,o, ,cJ ric · lr'~ ( 'rn<.; . . ill.!!. a fc·\\· t11il c·s f urlll('r 1111. .\ t ll e ttl'\'. in ~~·rin~dalc• l·m·n-...ltip, tla• tui:-:< n n:ll'\' lc•t lltcl 111:111." nf tJt pC'n pl c Jj,· jl1_q ill 0 11(' -I'O·l ltl sh.t:tti 'S . () f lltf' tl cn •· • bll s illf''-'S pl;~ , ·cs in l!t c tmnt, Oil( \\':t...., :t sal nn n. I:a :•P hall :u:d d: :ll t·i n g \\'1' 1'C' •I ll' •uti y attr;wt.ions. 'l'hl'l'l' w:ts un t'l1ri sti:nt i n II H· l'ttl ir,• c·cnlttlltlltity , :t !td no r(•li g io ns ,'<'1'\'i<·t·s \\'{'!'(' .,.<'r 1lrnu g lll of. l 11 ll arl :tll. (1J~•() IJ hl\\'1 !. hip,\\':\'-; 0 11 t' }l lll'\' lt wil)l IIIII: Ill ' tllb ' 1', :tlld sill' foil 11 ld t 11 all • ~ttl. ~u ru ly It •r • wa.· a fi ·lei tlt at 11 • ·d ·d a tnis..._;, ,n ary. In !tis d:1i ly tramps tlH' mi ;-;:--it):Jilry nwt lll:tll.\' w!111 lt :1d tl c: t :tl ft':tdt·d a n•ligi11:ts s<.'n·i<'t' fp r ~t· ,· c· r:d y t•ars. )Ially lt:ul 11 11 l l!IJ I\•, and .·onH' kii C'\\' not \':l t:tl :t Hihlt• wa:-;. Ju l'l ,•a.;· tnl •l ll l m ct " !tip \\' :t ": :t wntn:tll wh o '-''lppo...;cd tlt:ll t lt P J:il tlr wa.;;a " '"'" fn r:-~ . lrtl!"". :tll'll!ta t t in• ~ ' \\' T c•:-;lad t 'Ill \\':ls :t fo r c·ltildr•'ll In , 'pri ,,!.,!d:d .· \\·: p : :l h •." s~ \- l' ll lf'C'i l .n':lr..; o ld w!t n hn.l 11 ··;~· r Ill' tr. ) lit ~' :,f , ,n· o f till• t 'ro.;s. Yl"l !It\' p C'op le \\' f·rt· glad to tal k of tlt <' ir soul':-. \n·lf.u·p and to J1 •a r of a ~:n· i o11r's Jo\'('. \\' lt•tt t!J ,• mis~i o uary fu11nd tinr· · IH! ,.; · itl'd tlw ~nnda,· ~~·ll t H l ls i ll tlt r• Jarrr,,r \' ill.l" .-... ..--.. '"' a11d f " \\ 'IIR and r •l<tted t·ondil!r tns as lt l' !t ad fllllll d tltc•lll. To ll(':Hiy all or tltt' lll tl H•s thin u s \\' l' I'C' llllkllo\\'11, 1 lt n n .~ lt c .·i ... ting s• > tJ('ill' at ltand. H111 a ft.:\\' l'Oll s c'tTill<' •l ( 'ltri-.:lians n-illill!!h- o ll't'I'C'· I tit · ir s <: n ·ic·<.' .· in l.;eeping ttp til t' . ·und:ty :--;<·!Hu rls wlt il'h tiH• mi....,si(lll:try had urg:u 1i Zf' tL Tltns \\·as ltt• <'llt·n ttrng·l·d t o c·arry 011 tlte \\'o rk , tl1ottglt qft l' tt di-.:appoin kd and dist· t• ura ~..:\•<1 hr:·a 11 s • " [ tlt e Ill nny 1 ri a I:-> a 11 d d i 11 it' 11lt i C':->.



\\'lterp ,·,• r P· •ssi hie•, llH'<·I i ll .~s \\ n • h,·ld. In g <' tH' r a I : ht> 111 •c•ti !1 qs \\'~n: " ·c·ll a i kndPd, t !t o ug h I !1 and intwc sn re ly a p p<•:t n~d :1:-; if g .llll c re d i a irrtttl lit " lli.! !hways a11d hy -,,·ny . . ~1<'11 \\'C tnld l'lt tn <.' ill tiH.' ir s hirt sic.' •nu;;; h(Jys wit It barr ff' et and ln11s ll'd l1 :1 ir Yc•t ti H'.'' to:> lt!ld son!~ for wlt! t·lr C' lrri.-;1 di c, J. It was a. n ·a l p ll'as ttr to t,•Jl 1 ,,f ( ltri:-;t ' · Ion• t > i l u~ "''' p' •n pl' wlt c) k nu \\' s 1ittleof that lD,·r, and

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1: t! <":~'r• t111 • "'''<·!i · g ." r·· .·ott kl illll':-. t li st ·cll tl':t~ in~ . l) l h ' ill\) !' lti n :..r 1111• ttc i:-.:- illtta ry "-i:!i'l t· ! ,. s l•t :tll l l t l ' lll l' \' :1 11 1~'\ '11 11 ~ f ,ll. 1 1ta: ' \'~· ll i: r .'..!. I I,• I l'i tl lljtt•:l :t r •.r:;, r! :· • x llli h•..;, , l npp i 11~ :tl t·\·cry h oi ;-.;: · l•t :~i \ ,' l1i :tll llO!lll:·• !ill ' ltl. Ten :1 h t.• wa l kc•d illl \ ' (' lllil< •.- fa rtlt .• r l.l il ~ · t r L·tl, ,• Hlld n· l llr: t~ •d i 11 l! t r1 .· f ur tlt r t' \' t' lli•t !.! ll H'( 'Ii ll!!. _\~ ll!t <rltP \\<I"' .\'C'I .pn •:-.'11 1 It(• li e t it<' Lll'' . J:1111 p ll tt ( '11 11 1:lill •.J (li J 0111 • ) ftt~d ;t ~·!ti · IIIIC· \·. :u :tl 111 ! 1' \\'iilt !II ;t ,.J,i t:t'll'_\' ..\l tr• r r i tt.!.!l!.! I lls• .·c· Jt ~~. .f -!11.11 - 1' !a• ll :t nd \\'. ti:: tl!,! j•:tli ·til ly f.n· a h :t!l l:ct'll' I •oi l' 1!1\'ll (', l lll •'. :-~ ) l ltr• !IIi.'\' . lt: td .J' i\t'll :t !t:tnl d .t.'·':.; \\'urJ.: l:l :td lr··=---. f tlt r lllt'!l. !J!tt i'·· r .; it \\':t 11111 all in \':ti •t. l> t: ri n~ it i ~ trips t!tr:,:t.!.!) t tl~t· n•ll::t .'· tJ il' ::,;....,,..,j,,: .:t ry wa s t·ttti n· l.\· d t'l'l' !t tf c•i ll 0 11 t ft~· )H'Ojtf:• f t ,J' f:~tt.f :lltd j,,J..:'ill_t:'. ~di t H·i i llH.'.' it \\';1.' un t nnlil afl l•:· tlu· l'\'L• nin~ t c H " 'Iin ~ t lt:t l !J,. I t tl '\\' \\'i•t'l• · I: \\' <lS Ln spt't td ll w lli,!.dtr. () n O!lv ut·r:<t ~i t t n lt C' \\'.t S t'cl tllpt·llvl f,, a k ft> l' JlC'I'Ill:=-' ·i11 11 l1t•r> p i11 a lt a y !11! 1. .\ I :1 1l n ti l'' l' lit llt' It ,• i n1 11 1d 1ti llt ·elf in :t s n u1.ll \·ili a.! !''· :tf l L' I' d ar k , \i·illt a tltntl d c•r t-.lll rt t t , ·,nil ttg Hp. and n•>l :1 s i :lt:!IC' :u· r p t:tilllant•t) lll'a r. <HIL'It Itt• \\' :s a l:: t.•...;! n•;:cl y lu drnl' I>\· t l1•' \\'a\·..;id t• frotn \\' •'t rine:-;s. Y\'1 ir: \\':t :~ al l wi !i i n c.. l\· . . . 'tHlt t n•c l for 1l w :\l:tsl <.' r':-. s a kf' . ll n t jlL' J' lt :! p"' :~1111 1 • ul y o q Ut\' n ~ ki 11 g, '' .\ r tlwn · "' ' p r c':tt·IJ.' r:-- , ll'' Cltris ri:tll \\· u ri. •r;o; t lw r,.;·• Tl tt· r u arl' a f t •\\' g ·c >.rd wcr r kc•rs. :u :d :.1. Ill! t il Itt" I' or nl lll •r.; who (•:til thc•m .;p i \'l':-, pn·:ll· lt c• r::;. Tl tP ~e la:-.1 :! l l' ofte n \\'PCH I-t: ui! C' r nr fann , ,.. witlt lit I h· n t· 11 0 c·dn t·a t i•tn . Ti ll' Jk ' llt) )c• d el tit l l l't'"' JlCt'l tltc ' Jll as I h<·,\' l!SIIally lll:t kt • ; t ).!rl' II d t•a ) 11f nni:->L' and . . . ay notltiug. B<·=-- id cs thi!' , Lil ,• -.f' tt tl' ll arc• n lt r· n i :11.• t rr: d. 'l'h L· ir m ot i,· ' i.· t> fl <.'ll at fa 11ll. )nc n f llt L'"'P tlH· n a::-. kt d p:• r 11 1!s-.i '" fc.• r !tis IJro tlt •r lo pr .t(·h, tltal jl ll tiglll kc<'p !tim lrtt lll g u ing o il' to g ' t drllnk. Tlmuglt ~lauisll'C' r·n11nt y n.l o nc lt:1<.; lwC' ll pictnr ,I. t ltf' . .lll ll' ccmditi o ns tuay IJt' fo und iu nearly all of o u r nn rt!t e rtt t'tl llnti<.·s. JR jj 11 01 tittl e th a t \\'l' , 'ltri:-;Lia ns, wak t• up It> lite l ac- 1 tltal \\'t• m u t IH' mi~~i c mari es at lwlltt ' if \\'l' c:tll:t ••L g 11 Lr1 ~o nH.' f nn• i g n J a n d ·~ :\l ny the d : 1\· s uo n cu nu• wiH·n. t \' 'II ns in th o fir-. ! l'C' Iltlll'\', . <·\· n.· C' lrri--ti:tn will l,u a t lli .·~i n n a ry, :ttlJ tlt t,)tt tlw 'br ·L !u·c• u at o tn· ,.._. ry J,>o r w ill110 ), Jtl£o..;l' li\' t' itJ darknt::,s. A . 'J'. J .atl talt, '( c!J. lt l •l s l lil t It• o ppqrt n ni ty to

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17 l>r... :\1. %\\' C'II tP t·, ', ' / , is d ' \'o ting four m o ntlts in rh c• i n l<'l"t H

Hope's Alumni Missionaries. 1 , '11"'"• lt·n·t' lll •'ld<' I I.IIl( Jl o tH<' • I .111 I'· '()() • '''l tHI 1fr:-; • • • \lr · lfoud 0· . . 1v o f tIt ' .fa pa n ·~<' 1angungt~. . ..... • 1-!llo,l pt~ngre ~~ l ll _the ~~ '.ll . j i 11 :-;p\· •n nt t) tlth=-- o f h ard ~tudy b •ft,r • II •r. 1inkwntcs that~h. I . I ll'•l'ti,·o wnrk antollg tit • ~ t o n · tn t's ta\ e t n n I l)ur.Japanc~e mt~ ' , . 1\\·l e t w•h t•a rllt • n' t>.l rt:-~ t tat lw:-;p ttas. t ,l . l l ~ ll' , ...::.·l ttthc w ounl et ~~~ t LL: t ., . I ··st't ·Ln s o r ku n w ahnn t 'hn :-; t, \\'l' r 1 ~ >hll ' rsan"' HI . • · ,·cry few o i tc·s~ itt (Treat n c •d o f t.h' nti . ·io nary . f~c l that Japants s t HL· ,· U.

\'nluu t~cr :\l on:>ll i L'Ill. 1[ c Ita:; beeJt tl J IJ ln iltl t·d a:-, 'l'nt,·elliug ~CtT•!ta ry aud Ita alrcndy ,·is it c d lll:UJy t·olh·g ·s. ( )n ~ov. 21, Dr. .%\\' ' Ille r spoke to rlw ::,tud cut· nf ll upe l'tdlege o u tla• o f the St.ud<'nt

H t) tH1 '

:->ubje ·t, "Ti te M oh:u1 un cdan l' rublem, nnd o u Xm·. :!:!, he cuuKidc•red with tl wmthc Cjll '::; t.i un uf " Life \ro rk ."


AA . ·e in a h o no, in Chiang- •b iu, 'h~ti l t o u , . I til ~ Ko il llliiHt. firs t IH~ s ifted

lk~ot ll\ b ll: l113 T·. n(T re ' 1

":\lr. and ":\Irs.

. n, .tnt .. the rums o £ t ,u · pt o . • fl •w er s o r rrras~ seed . 1• t ft' ' 11 . ·t to l)\tt 111 <lit\ t. ;-:, before they can ex pcc ll . . l th e ru'ttu,; and one . ·~ver lnt,·o been p antet .Witt , . S tn:lll treeS, ho\\ e 1 · . g CTU ' l\' •t Ulld Uall::tJl,l . }>lllll • n, g t ng g n , 0 • • . o f these Jays o ran ge, p e at, . .I I . t ., r l "-llit· . l!I HWII lU t lC 1 (Ill ) ..L l . trees will be seen .llt f Lt}l J:,TI U P.' J 1

Oldahnm:t. IJ:l\' ' ·I l •anLl l)<tl ~on age at ('I1 in11loll, . . the h s t m o uths, :till ' · and :\I r !-i. 1\..or wbeen comple.t~d dtt.'.'';ltgbrir.,.h~~r ltoth~::) and pro JK'd~. Th yare atling ar " w o rtun g '~ Jt. • ' E o ·i ty whit·lt will no d\luht pro\'e a te mptin g to or ganlZO ._t J . . . s k • Tb H.efurmed Ch u r .h at 'lin. ble. ~tng anc1 a 1t e l) l 't n tl c tr wor . . . . . numu c r.' antl StlCllgi 11. ton lS gJ.·owulg tn

The n e w

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. . ·ournc of J. ran E ss, iut o A thnllmg acc~unt o f tllte J'l· • .1 . y \rah , was publi;..; b d in t lte ton ' of t le u a uau I dl th e uuexp l ore ern " l . , l i cri v('s u s so tu c idt•a of t te c:> • I \ . r I& X e·rl ctetl Ara Jl tl. las t nun1lJet o - c:' <.1 1. f the (T reat work ~ ull t.o ,;~cone c·oLLraae of our misswnary an a ~u o o in Arabia.

R t• \· .. \ . L . \\'arn s hui s , 'U i', wri t •s iu g luwing terms of the j ) rt >g ress of nus ·io n \\'Ork iu 'ltina. At a rC('t! llt co11len.:uce oi tJte si x ~lj s::;i olls in th e co untry, a 'uutlay-schuul l'ni •lll \\'as urgaui ~~dJirJ·t Jl)}· tLo pro,·iu(·e of Fukien, b ut whi c h pro111is<·:s lo includ e Lite whvl e Empire. 'l'ho purpo ·e o f tLe U nio11 is thP atln111 ·e <JJ, tuHJays ·!tool worK. 'l'he l •' uki cn Praye r U11 ion i;:; t.laily prayi11g fur a gtcat ble sutg upull the gospel mes..~age. H e ,·. \\ arus huis pu illt:; LO Lli tj awak e uiug o f (.'hina. I1·om the "sleep o f age ·,' all(.i her tre n•eu<lo u::; forwarJ tu.ovcnwut iu the last fclw years.

I >r. Otto ha::. an ite m in Lis c irc ular .le tte r of October whid.t shtH\' ~ h o w hi~ eat·u e::; t e fiu rt:; a ~ a llleUi<:al Jll j iouary IIHI(: times cannot bring hi;:; patients to Uw Great Phy i ·iau. li e ~ays LJwt, ·u .J u h oau , a patient uf s ix years bat;k, wlw was au An wy llleJ.· ·LaLt, w.l:s Sl) rrrate ful for his Lcaling that h e presettled Dr. OLLe with a prese u t of dozen~ of <:ake ·, hunJ1·etl~ of eggs, tllt l l tLou:s~utd~ of Jire•ra.d\:ors, et<.;. , un hi s bi r thuay. llut tho u rd1. ho is sn ,.,.J'.tteful he is uuwilli11g tu a c ·opt 'hrist. Dr. Utt.e says. '· ' u ·h ueeu o ur



'0 I . I ~[rs \Yah·oord r m·IJ ctl :K a ga ·a kt , · , ,\Ill · · · ·ll ··1 tlt . ~.ut.on• . ,epte mLer 10. ~Ir. W ~1VO') l·J i::. pr prre.,~tug \\ '' Jalnm o ' as teacher ·In -.L•.... erns · ~~ eDllll ary • L.tis work ,.. . 1\ \\ ah·oon1,

In addition to iho3e mcntionc~l abm·e , Uopv h:1;:; the following a ltunni now on t.h fi.!l. l : (n ln lia, H. J!ui ~ in · ra, U. [1 . Ilu iz illga. and J . J. Banning;l.. ltt Jap:tn, K tl m ..~gu Kimura, :\ ru Ohgimi , Tatll el ·ne .:\[atsd a, .\ . ltman:;;, H. \-. , '. P 'e ke, ~Ir. aiHl ::\Irs. A. Picler ·, :\lr. ancl ~{rs. G. lioauelink, A \V d nJun l , anti 1>. C. fl.,tig h. In .\rabia, J. 8 . :\lo ~ rdyk, anti in OkLauoma, 'l'. )lulJ 1' , P. ~Iar ilj e, anc.l L. L. Legtor::J. 3



i \.XCI l()R.

Published byTHEANCHORASSOCIATION, iiope Co lfc~e , tio!!anrl , ~k h.


Editnr· in·('hi •f A-..·. i-..L:tnt 1-:tli tor:. I A~t·:tl Ed itot·-, s,wi<•t,\ ' Editor J'. lumn i Etl i L•H' Sub-,l·riptinn .\ l : tn:t~tC r H u -. il1l''-" ~lana i! ·r

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ll. ll\ l,·t ra J·:l i.wlte tll l :rtH•' Il t:t l • . \ :• n altl•· r ·~ · \ 'j ... .,,. ,l(' t'. I C. " i'' I'll\\ ~I i ...,. l; t• 1.. 1t r , _,,. i,l j ...... ~l:t rtl :t l h-.l q ; .: .I . I'






Yu nl, , · r

A tltlt·l':'"' alll'Ollllltllnku l ion-..1 11 '1'111·: :\ :>: • ' l !~ llt . Hopt• 'Olll';!l'. ll u ll1111• 1. . l h ·lt 11!:t ll . l•'pr .\ •h ·l· r· Hal •''- app l~ ;n Jlu-..tll• '"'": •l :·n:t:.t · t· . . J :n H·rt:d :ll Lh • l ' O;o. ( IJlh I ' a t H o! l:t nd . ;\l tl'lll,.!:J II, :a... :-l'l' «ll1d -t');t-. ... 11 1.11! lll:t I 1'1'.

\\'h c•tn·'·<'r :-;tnd. ttls ar' illL·I itH'Il l11 r" trtark on the C'xt:ccu iug h·n.nil1 :w . l di ili <·t tlf\· . of tlt · h "'"'')ll:o;, lit e 11l l't llb •rs o f the fat:ullv. often io~drd g' in a t':llllj l: tri:;;.,n I> ' I w f' ll w la a t i. do!I L' at lfnpc and what i:i rl o: rv al otlt••r in:-titution:o;. How d u<':-1 il••pc l 'U itlJlUJ'' with oth•r in:-.t i l: t t i 1 Ht ~ in tn =s..;i•Hlary Plr,ll·t'! Jbny (-;dlf •nl ~ n 0 l ,-ery mn ·la la r....:e r tlt i!! l l lopl'. :11Hl l m·;rtc•d tli d so \' flry fa1 away, . upport their cHYH mi..;;-i•llt ::ry. Tlri:-: ttH:ans :111 ou tput of abo ut ix or Sf'Y<'II ltu ndn•d d <~llnr·s a ~-~ ·.t.r. Oth.•-ltalf or l\\'d-lltinl s o! this amount i:;; rai=-- ·d by t lt c slrt•lc ·ttls nltd the rentaining ltalf or one-third is in t:id r·ntally rais •d l •y tlte fal'lllty. Ito,,· .lo · llop , l'Otnpare with that: Dr. .%\\·1 · llh' l' lr:t n ail <'t!qtt ,·d tc) h •ti P!" t 'O IHlitioll .~ at li Ll J"C' t'nlleg f' hy 1H'l '~0utinrr l., tllt' stndeJJt:-;, bnth in di ,·idu.llly u11d c·olltC'Iin•ly, rni :-;sitJns a-; a. life work; II\• t-r ati11q an iu tc re~l in the \,.ori el'. ~tu ­ dt't lL \-~ )lnnt t'<' r '.ll ri'l• t"l' ll 'l' lo be lt eld in Jt'ciJl uary· next at Xasb,·ill r•, Tcnttt'~"i!'l' ; nnd b.' · s etting a m u ,· m nL on foot to inL'r ase tho 1 tni ssi"nary <' !~·ort of I fop l1l ge, and to di rect it e \·cnttta lly l t~ \\·ard rh ,• " " JlP";·t o f it .; ow n 1ll l.·nu)nar.L

Hope a Missionary College ? Th • stains of missi o ns al H ope Co lle~e was gc·n tl_,. hrnn g lt t l •l ligltt durin g a ,- i ~ i L or !Jr . • ·. )[. Z wcm l'. ll U \\' Tt·an · ll itt·~ ~ ('l'l' tar. . of the F;tmlent Yol11nt cer ~.lm·emeut. lfnpu l )(m s f: it :.:.t>lr as a llli:.:.:.:.ionury c:olleg , autl s he It as r ca on!=\ fo r dt•i ng so. ~n t r lt ' li t i rl .' · of h e r alumni L:n·e se n ·cc.l iu tho m issio n field, nwtty o f wlrollt ar' worthy o{ fa,·orahlc m e ntion. And. Li ll it would be wi...;, l'or ll <•(H' a l o to h eed tho warning, "L •1. bim that tlti11 k •t it lt c s t:lltdt•tlt , t:tll' heed lest he fall." Of the t\n) hrttHlr d and fift_,. s tn d C' rtts ll n\\' ill the college only three ha,·e firmly purposed that only "tit ('lear leatl iug o( U od shall pre,·ent tht>ir going to lh t forC>ign field ," a lthough it is only fair tn add thai omc ·e,·en o r t•i.~lt t :t !'l' "tit i 11 kinrr abo ttt i L." .\ ud what aro tltt•. e twu lnm dred a11cl fifty \'OIIng people no\\' d oing, as a iJt,tJ,,-, f11r tlrt> cause uf mi ' Si'l ll~'? TI H·_,. mak e an anuual contribution of ·· ti:).' II) f1)r the sp rcad i!lg <.Jf t1tP lm• 1'el. \\Teare not i1wline•l to belie,·e thaL tlti . is •tl! thr.'· ea1·c• In gin·, bnt for the pas t half a d ozen years no mure I nt:l bl'<'ll us k •d f o r. nlll l t:nnsequent ly no rnorc is g i,·en. If oH ly a hi g he r id L•al i: sl'l h •l'o re th em, there i... no dottbt oi a dec1deJ ad ,-auto iu lll i s~ i onary g i ,. j ng. ~



The Lectures. . 'in<'C' t!J C' ln.· t i"S11l' of The .\ nl'lllw wo ha,·e h a<l tho ccond a.ncl third nttrlt 1tt'r:' of IIH• I P<'fur <.:onr.'L'. I ,._ K e pp 1 p re~ ·11te«l iu au illll ~l;·.t ft•d !t •t ·l qrc• H'C' IW=-' ancl sight~ in tho Xethl' rhnd s, where lrC' lt:1•.; nt t· lt• .1n t·XIc ' lt"'in• tn~ 1r. l>r. Knppcl is a plain s peak in ~ rll:llt . h:r t ), ,. ntu, c·..; m 11• l'0 1l st ·i n tJ ~ ol' rcse n ·n forl· ; and , in a lectnr~ , .f tlt ~' kiild !t" g.t\' t', p la! 11 :llhl nnacl ll rtH•d language .i s Hndouhted]_,. th e l.,·s :. It i-.; uupl\·a~: :11t. tn . :ty t it · lt':t nl. n-h l' n the .· pcaker irn p· >'l' ~ lri..; n n- .1 Jl!'I'S•IIlali:y np•'ll l!t ' :wdi<·1n·<·, thus takiug away tit •ir i1111 r1 ""' from th ~t·ctH'S ltc pr<'~<'ltl ·. This f.ndt Dr. KepjJt'l a,·oid <'· l with :trllnira!dt• g(lod. '11. e. Jli. p id ar . wpre mn rrnifi CC'II I, •ue r i'i no mi . l. tk c· :tl)'> l lf tha t . .\ nd there w~t . a method nhl>Ht tlt C' ir m·.Jernfl,rL'·"'III;J f! n n 111at ~:1\·n nn idea o f n ;tity to tl1e whol :-:;· · rt c~ . l> r :\t·pp•• l i.· n: l • of n nr O \\' ll lmy s a11• l WI' arP pnHH1 of

I f,• i ~ an ;·x:t!: tple nf the s '·<':tl lccl "lO<·al ta lent" refin ed by t ran~ I a1n·ll:td . hi m .

I• .!1

-----fsa h ' l lt:lrghi ll ll l'f'<· ltr•r c1 htai 111'd th· Ptllhn siaslic· a cll.ll il:;l tion o f h l•r a 11 di c• 11 t·e. A lfo llnnd andi ' ll i 'C i ~ lu1nl In pl t'ilSl' 111 tnl t• rDn•:ati ,· · r•.uli ll!.{, lt :.t,·ing hoc·o nt :wew . . t.1m cd l c• till• hi g lt C' l art hy he'aring such read r~ ns ;\fnt lt. l\·i ii C' li' J o w cr~. Catlu·ritH' l·:ggl '· t,on. and n t h<'rs. Mr::;. Bee<' he r. ho w\·,-t' r. s lttn\'('d lw rsP I r with o ut a pt• r in her C' bm; n pruf •::;:5ion . :-.;Itt• <' II\" lo ped ,·'ltakC'spPar 's .. As Yo n Lik e lt'' in an atmnspltc•ro of roman <.:e and poll r,v, that ga,·c I he Ji st(' nc r a. ne w ins ight in to th e "p('rennia! j oy ::;" o f t h ' \\"orl <l' great ~t poet. He r· po rtrayal o f th_e t wu fair cou ins i~1 tlt c fo rc.~ t of .c\n.) e n wa~ hut litt.lC' short o f rea l l1fe. :\lr ·. 13L·e ·It r IS a st ttd nt o f Jil e mlnre and nf lifo anrl sltnw <l admirahl o disc rimination in her choi(:O of subje<·L. I [ardly an y nthc r pla,· o f ~hakospc•aro wo ull h e s o well . uitou to hor ta. tes and he r po wC' r. . · .\. Yo n Like Jt" i stro n fY in its woma n e le m r n t., attd \Irs. 13cech 1· is s l ron g in th e portrayal of w01ne n. :\[orom·cr s h e is not hnis t.en>Us it~ her reading, whi e h is aying a groat <loaf. Hho d ocs not tear a. pal::iS JOn to tatters. hnt. c] p pif!ts li fe -o,·e ry day I if<.', mixed with a goodly s harC' n f p oetry and . eutimc nt to ma~ e it interest ing anu attru ·ti \·c.


On , 'aturday, Novetnher 2.-, "Kella llolke boer sueClimb ed to a 1inge rin l1' illuess. 1'he hatl reached the age of se,·euteen yenrs, and had already gi,·en s ufficient e,·i-

rle n<'e of an amiable dis position and a s i ncer e fai th. As a member of the C c lass of last year she had shown her• elf a dilige n t anrl dc•,·oted student. Hhe was a faithful memue t· o[ the Yo ung" omen's Chris tian Association, and the Yacancy she caused is felt in th e weekly meetiugs. The funeral occurred on 'Veunesday, November ~9. a t whieh a large number of students were present, while th e Y . \V. C . A . attended in a body.

The alumni mourn the d eath of another of their m embers. Rev. AlLert Kuiper passed away at th e h ome of his par ~u ts at Kalamazoo, ;)lich ., Nov. 21. Rev. Kui pe1· ITrad 11atecl from H o pe College in 1, 03, and complet 'd the 'l'heologieal Course at the X ew Brunswick Heminat·y in l SDG . flo a 'C'epted a call from the Reform ed chur('h of H awtho rne, N. Y ., aucl In bo red there until ahout a year ago when ill h ealth fo rced him to r etire from active work. H e was calle d away when l1e seemed to have o nl.r begun his career. The Anchor extend s its sympathy to the fri eud::1 and r e lati ves who mourn t h e d eath of Rc\·. Kuipe r.

.. "lJlur

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Among the Societies. Jllp \llh' t'

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J. wd L·nln t u ::; hn t t lw rv :t n·

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Tit • 11 r; ti n u •·.Jr>a ll 11 f . \ rv'' i 11 I h:• ('l(f \'ii, · ....,' ,, . - in-.i _dll ntt d l':l I' • f nl s I tl d \'. T h (! l ' X , . J'(' :-' i fi ll, '.\\'It[' II t I I( . ··d l :t d " "' II r 1\\ i I i :..'. I: t I! l ' '. I r •~ l t lt t' l'," I. I'~ Ul j II d S II S II f :1 ·"' j I I I j l. t I' ( ' X j ll' t •- j ' II I I j I' . ~.J oi .' - j, f •11-.. j 11 his ora tion on '·TI H· .I t'\\·.· .'' 1




TJ 1c hu .·in e!'s ma u: tgt· r:-. o f' !Itt • C't t' ,, f .\II,:tny . \ t· . t~lr·!n ~· -It•'"' con:: ; ide mhlc ahility. \\'(' 11o lit ·c :-nnw l i l'll ·t·n 1 :t·.u·-. "' a :l\!' t'l i:-Pm •nt:-; j 11 th , ~ t )\' C' Ill h r· r l l ' l llllh•r. I t :d:-oo !Ia..; ~11 1 :tl'ii:-t il· tk-.i~n at t !1o Ilea.! o [ tit full II,\' t"o lut trlt. The Orangt' ant! /Itt Pllr/'lt• lt as n. trlllt (llt'

J tlC ' IIH Jd

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Ti l' l 'l:iJ a..,. Srll'i t .·; j-.; in a fl t lll l'i .-:l t i JJ IT ('CII t•li tioll , ha ,-j., u ..' l tll PJtd H' r ...,ltip n f :-. i ~ I ('C'tl. TIJroiiLdl p r i,·arc• :-.III H·WI'i p ti PIIS JtiO Jit·y !I ns IH' l !I rai sl'd l tl llt ;tl\p S·•llH' ll l'('C;..;..::Il·~- i illf 'l'I H' (' It l l' lll ' in tJJ C' ~(·c· i l ty lt nll. Tit ' \\'t ·l'kl,Y prog ram. l 'tl ll :-. i :--1 ,,f ll llt ll !H' r-., :-.tll ·lt :ts lla.: fql io win g : ! ;,·I J:llt ·:-.. ~~ ra ti tdl~. •;..;:-.·;ys, Jl·•·i l :tii •llt", a nd C'\ 1( t np•lll' ~! ·('d'ht·=-> . Till' <'rili l· isll t=-> of Prl) f. Ha :l p , wlt u i:-. .1 11 ll ,IIPI' .: ty ll l l ' lllh"r of ti ll' s•wiP ty. a rl"' ,. •ry hc•lpfli l. Tlw l •l lln ri 1.g at ' t h l: tdlil·,•r s fur li n· ......._

1 1l11 · 1t.

p l'<'~l' !1 I t l ' 1'111 : ]•n·,id C' ttl - .\ nd rC'n- ~l l'gt

11 g:1.

\'i l·C' prc· . . . i·l ' 11 L I' It iIi p .J 1H t kt·r. S...•c l't'l.t ry a nrl T l'l '. l ..:; n l'l ' r ·-.J o ltn .fan it •n·- l 'o rne! ius )ludc r.

:l t'1':1 ll ,...! i !l g

th ah:mni d ·parlnH' II l. \ r l'

a ·lmir • thl ll C'af

l'0\'(' 1'

, ,f' I hl• .~Ol llll! c'JJ I

• 1 1' Jl:li'"IIIJ ..... , 1\: :tll . :1-: .

It :-; ~ ~ ~~ ri l' s_ <t r ' l'h n r L l>nt illl l' l'• '-- l in g . "T ~tc

Thanb:;gi ,·ill g C a nt c•" in tit <' Ori, j..., a l!l':t p hir· l1i1 11f

d e:·wri pt ion. l·:xt r:ll' t frn:n

:l. "Cil f i lll C' :t l : tl 1<.' 1t

r: "f.:t-;( IIi '..!': II

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a ~~ •lt-

d •la t l' l \·,·n i t·< ':; Ur.t11 •l C':tnal. dri n l...i n!! i1 al l in. :111 ·1 Iii',• llt: \'t' r E'.'IIIC'Il ~() f tdJ IJ p{'tl l'l '. " - l·:x_ .\li ~;s

:\li l·P - '' Th e' <1 nlltl lh hlk tt-11 =' a ,,r :-:alt. " .fa,·k--''l•rC'alt•r thin gs lta ppc'n, W,llk up th . .

:-< IJ'•'l' l,

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tlll_\' llllllt h


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tl ta: L ·l ';..; wi ft> I l! l' th' d

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•I •. Jt nn ,·-" 111 o ni.,n


C'll tr l:tlr ' d :t \·.

~!r!..: t iJ I'l l 1

T t>:w lwr - ·•.r,.J ,tuty, \\'h a t ,.,.""' tit ,• ha til, whi,:lt l'\'l'!1 tllm· hrill.!..!'=-' lc•a r...; 1 ) 1l tll' ,.,.L':-.·:· '

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i:-; :-·tt'l' ll .l!t .. h.''-


\\"l •t: ll I nd.lll r. " 1·: '\.

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"Y,,:tr ntt"~ lll'.\' nr r n ur lift•.'' g r•'" -h 'd t he· f,,l 1 l · J'•1 I. "TakL' 1111' li fl'. .. t'I' "P" nd •d th e l r i:-- lt nt:lll , " l' t•t llll"~ l h'Y fn r llH''


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•· \Y it,, g a·:l' tlt t' hride a,,·:ty?' ' l kr li t1h• l l r n tltl' l'. I ll' ~ l on d ri ...... n·ltt • ll' r~..' nh' ttY ;HH l ye lll·ll. " ll•trr.dt. :' 1:0:. Y 1ll t , . l,

Th e nwmhc rs ,,r tll c :\kliplll t!: c ~nC"ir t.'· ar cn:T_,·ing o n d, ir work thi :-; l ' I'll\ witl1 a /.e<tl nnd l':.tilltful ll l' !-: tlt a f p rr~m i l--c~ a \t ·r.' · pro~ p l~ rou"i ~!tt l J,J,·a-.ant fut t n·~..'. TII C' ('llllst ir uti' '" Ita:--. l.:ec n <":tn·Jn l ly r ,,· j:-;l•d h > m rN t!t c n · d ~ o f till S'•t·ic t.\·. .\ttr:wtin• mt :. i1·:.l and litv nt n· ...· nJ.. r .t .t·o~. f l' tl i tl\.'S Inn' h l'e n i:tll'•ld 'l t' ' ' l in to th<' rC'.g nu ns . . \ tt011tin 11 i:, at pre:;(• nt d ire ·tl' d <·:--pl't:ial ly , ,, t nt pnl\' iJt g :u'td hC'anfi f'yi11 g tltc ~t~ei t•ty lw ll. Til t' most ~tl'll Cl-t l' n·,, rl s , _lt o \\·,·c r, are d -.,·nt•·d to rui s iil g the ti t:twlanl o f th • prr,g ra nts [lltd o ( th e !=;\)l'ic·l y in g"C'Ill' nd , an d with IIH· ,·im and . inl·t·t·ity rltat now , ·!J :H:tt·l c r;z •::; ti t' lll C1nbc rs m11dt work \\'ill I>L' :tl't' pl iFitL'd. ..\ l th e first l'C'g ular nLc •Ling o f tl1 l! tur:u tlt t..: foJJ ,m i !!g' ofi i1 · 1s \\'t' r e l\.!<:tC'd: Pre:-:id c11l- - ] f. _\ , Yn t\\' illk. \"i cc )'l'cs idl'lli - - J f. 1:. \ .Pl' tlkc r ~ C'L: l'l: I:J ry - ~ . S . ~i c: htcnnan . 'frea~n r ·r- 0 . I) .j t l :t ff . , 'l' rg.•a nt--.J. \ \'i ·h r.·. :Jlarshal- F. J)c K oey C' r.

~ tt""' I g11t

i n t lt1 ' mi . l.l lt• ,,f ll tl' lt it11 at la ~ t :" - Ex.

\\'or!·! Thi s y en r,



or I h F ml ....... , ';flC'i <· l y I his th o F . s. th:t l h e r ·tlll~ l':tn wor k

hpeJ ''"' mn!lo

to ~ I ww tL.c fn c nd s of

• ~- 1


and :tl:~o play, t\\·O~l.!>,r- ight o f the thirty-tltn•e Frnt •rs asscmhl<.'d with th e ir fri e nds to 111iug le lll C' nime nt and toil. 'I 'll~ IJnll was d ecorated for the occasion, and in anticipation o ft hat Clft. r •prated y e t i11gcnious joke, a large u pply o f lamps foil ed lit o plan ~ o f a fe w '·Jlre:--." marauder~. A nu·i 'cl prog ram wa.· rr ttcl c r '< l. u f wlti~· l t the singing by the F. ~- a lee Ill b wm; a plca~ i II 0" fcatu r ' . A ftrr refreshments \Vcre se1Ted the r e maind e r o f tlt e(• \·c nin ,...,rr wa · deJightfully spent in playi11g games anJ in singing songs.


Dvl~erno, The TtJilor 4 I [:. Ei(J 1\ tl\ - tree t.



rr the weather remains fa\-t)l'ahle for a fe w rnor o d:n-s .. th ~ "Gym•• will be r oofed over. :?\1ollerna to J on ker -" \Vhy do you study Greekr•• ''Ho r can talk to Dimneut in case I run O il to him in tltc other w orld_,, . One of the boys complained t hat they always had to \\"Ork, whe re ttpon Prof. Sutphc11 r em::u·ked: '\ 'ome will Jta,·o Jo worJ~ harder in tLe next world. ,, llankamp- "l)lcnse don't pull o ut any m or e of my hai t· than there is.,


Ovc r LOf{I{C r & l~lll'flCr ~0. '.s


Jottings. Wm·k on t ho artifi<·ial pon1l is progres. inrr rapi dly. ~ o d o ub t many a. m erry hcmr will be s pe nt. 0 11 it whe n t lae surfa<.'c s it all lw frozen o,·er.


'mne Iac:ulty mom bor:-; arc in terc::stcd in triC"hocysls t hai r-l'dl l-' ).

Prof. ~ ·yk erk io goiug to build a fine new h o01e J·ight !!



Dr. K a llen bas ins talled a burgla r alarm. Prof. )Jykcrk say- that he alwa~·s keeps his engagements. must ue j.hat h e k c 'j) tltem to hi mself.


The follo wing ha,·o been appoiuteu a our spctial c:orresJ1onueu ts: Paul Do Kruif............ . . . . . . . raugc City. ~li .A1ma lJc Yotll1g .............. Ana Aruo r . George De K ruif . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . ... 0 Ji ,.e t. Anno Dykema ••••.......... .. .... Yp iJanti . ~1 i Blan che H owell ... ............. . Lowell. John llocl\ je ....... . .... . ....... nJilwaukcc. ::\Jj s Thco Thurber .... .. .. .. ... . . . ilion tagne. IIc nry Vruwink .... .... . . ...... Ri,·ersiJc, 't'l.l. 1\Jao Bru:sse . ... .•. ..... ...... ... . Aun .\rbor. These appniutmen ts ecm to meet with uui \'Crsal ·ati faction to all parties COllCCl'lleU. 0

R.ottschaefer and- another han, g on e into a Yery trustful trust.

partner~hip to fot·n•

Prof. Boer - "G i"e me a. Rimile, usiog the word dttl/. , 'ch.:>lten- 'Dull as \Vcu nli ng:• Durn ides are all the go wi th some follows, althoug h it m uk s them look like daddy apes. 'l'he 1 .eruors . pursue an e I ed .1,.o (:') eo ur ·c.

. 111

Prof. l\Iast bas not yet succecrled in dist:d ,·erin,q any bra.iu cell..; some of the oniorl::i. llo uses alco holic material to domon~tm.te.



\\ e think llottschacfer needs someone to waru hint wJ wn the c~r i coming. lie might happen to 1ni s the uine o'clock wltich would result in a bungling rc~..;i tation for someone iu etLic:s tho next morning.

The s now hnllle~. ; turo for the first time on DeJem Ler !Jth.

t 'j

We can correct defecte of v·i.sion and uive you pleasure in seeing.

Yan Rtreon, "Misner and Dykstra wero suddenly taken ill just before the night. of the F. 1 • party. , t.range coincide nce! Nidwls tells the truth. His girl wouldn' t go. '\hen it comes si ,·e ocrasions, as, that something olse true when k e rosene

to perpetrating the same joke on three succesfor instance, soc·ioty parties, it F\Cems to show should be cut be.oitle wires. This is especial! y lamps are being used.

The eniors are taking a course iu


Eyes Optical Examined Specialist 24 E. Eighth Street Free " ROLLU'"D .

0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


xiord English.









Prof. Boers-" 'cholten, how clid Hamilton and Je!Tcrson get dlong together in the !il-st Cabinet?" , 'cholten-"They fought like roosters."


No. G Enst 8th St. Mic A.




On Saturday, De ·. D, Dr. l{ollcn recei,·ed a telegram stating

that Carnegie had consented to raise the gift for the gymnasium to $30,000. Three cheers for Andy!


Capital $50,000.00 Cor. 8th St. and Central Ave.




DIEKEMA, President.

t j t ~

oF a ~iclur11 $ramo or 97/irror Don' t Fail to call on us. We have all the latest and largest line or ·or any in the city. Ycu can fmd anything in t he picture line at TROMP'S PICTURE STORE.

f f

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uou. 'E no






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C incinnati. 0 . Bnffulo. N. Y , Atlanta. Ga .. L~tCt·o~se. Wi~ .. 'l'exnrkana. T e x .. San Fntnci:-;<.·o, Cal.

-----------------------------------------------------~OTICE:! :F•:rt:=~..F:f!;! A $30 S·uit of Clothes made to

order to be given away .Tanuary

1, 1906.

coupon given for every One Dollar purchase . at

Sr T,Lil'~N.

Cl\ ts.


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E. Eiglt 11t Sl.


Tailo rs, Hatte r~ and Furnishers

Hoo k0a H~, Writing De k , Office Chairs. A fnll lin e of ~,nrnitnrA, aud a nice lin~ of HOLIDAY GOODS.

Nt•w Orh•an:< 'It :en~''

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.... lliNCJ( & CO., 58-60 E. EIGIITH., T.

pcJulclinf) & l~n.l

Sa"'itary Plumbing H o t \V a te r Heating

.:·.; q to ::=ton l •Cr uwuth salnry a..:;~nred o m· ~raclnate m11l~r bond. Y ou <lon 't pay ns nut i l yon ha..- a pn:-;iti(ln. Larg-e.·t system of t •lt-~l'avh dwoll-! it1 f~nclor::.etl hy all rail way ufticint·. Op ntlo1·s (([ll'CL!I~ i11 <lemn 1/(J. .AJJJl'l'i<·n Lntli l':-< al ·o tultuitt "tl. ~VrHe for ·atalogn e.

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ICE CREAM East E i ght

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Spaulding'S Official Atl\letic

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C ANDIES, FRUITS .. .. ~.... .~ and N U T

J. C BnOWN .!'\



Damson & GaiKin B.·1 I{B"D GOODS

d o no l knmv wha t goml t hings yo u can get at

• '. 1\ . :\L\H.TIX'

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Th e c h oises t a r.d m o~ t comp lt- te line o f Xrnas Can d iL'S. St ecial prices i n qn::tntitics to SunJay c;ch o0ls and so ci c ti r~ .


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N\erru xmas

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21 East Tenth Steet. Holland.

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F:. B. f:Jta, Students--Waiting Is Death!

~J H'l'l a I Acl'"ll1111 nd ;lll• "'" 1 o l1 11 ardl 11~


136 East Eighth St.


I(LOOSTER~iAN The Student Tailor Shop

Cl <'a ni11 g and H<'pairing )\ en tl y nncl Qui ·kly Done. Tro usc r R a ntl ),· rall , fc1r. ale. Cn l I and sec u s .

L.tvtng.s · o·tvtngcy · ~



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No one really lives unl ess he gives himself, or part of himself. \\ h c:n y c: u g in", give what is worth whilP.

~ ~ ~



! Good Books are always




* worth giving. ~ @ t VANDER PLOEG'S ! ~

You g e t them at




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The only line of . tccl Pa. :->t' nrr r. ' teams hip:-; pl y in~ IJt•lwPt'll ( ' lt i·arro, Rt, ,J o~C' ~)h , Be n ton 1 fnrh o r, Tlolland. 'rand Ha pi d ... ~a11 ga ­ t n ·k, )[ucalawa, O ttawa Bca <: h and 'en trul :\lit·lt ig an. The Popular East Shore Summer Resort Route

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D l\l S r O~-GfL\ ~D

IL\PIJ>:-; Silt HT 1.1:\t·: L PaY . 'ltica go daily n a . Ill · , and ;"{ P· Ill . Lmn-e H olla nd daily 0 a.m. & f) p. lll. C'111tn ~c t io ns nrc m ndt• wi tJ, t h e Tntc rurl mn Ry. at Maeatawn and 11. 11a n d f,, .. nrancl l!npid ~ and , nugatu ·k. ~T. JOS f~l'll lH\'lS I X L enx Chic·ago dai ly U::i(l n. 111 . , lL::~o p . m . . I :.!::m ntH ilt, ~~~ ndays CXl'Cpte cl. Lea,·e . t. .Jo CI h daily 7 ::30 a. m . daily, 1 'nn<lay ~ e xe •pt d . 7: 3( p. m. and 10:00 . m. dail y. LA K'l·~,' ~PI·JfUO rl I>IYif--\1 0 ~ The o nly dire t r o ttte to Lake Hupcri or point::;. Doa t." lean• C ltic·ag') every Sa turday at 11 a . m . JS-The right is resen ·cd to hangc thi s scl wdnle without uotit·l' . •j . H. jfo rtn n, • 'e<·'. ·. & Trca. .r. H . Graham , Pres. & Cc e tt. jf g r . Fred Z nlsrn;Ul L oca l Ag' t., ITo llan c] , :\I ic lt




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H. IL IOHAN. Tha Coli••• S h oaman, 0 nvluate In the B ont 3 1111 ~h•w A rt.


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TJ IE 1!1·::·.:'1' HRE.\FF:\ . T 1·'00 I> :\1.\ DE H'R ! TE I J! REG'l' to tl1e :Jlill {or it WALSH-D E ROO MILLING AND CEREAL CO. 1 ftdla•o~l, Jfich.

,\-c• kE'€'(> En·ryrhing in the l!n


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208 R i ver Street.

an· l'ight

St wl'i:al .\ tt1·nti11n c: h\·n 111 B P:Jl'llinl.! Ho \1...,,.


Ola. •. PluJto G1'01tps, l ie11 .'"' .d IIUt te tt'l' D evelop i llfl and P.rintinr/. You will fi nd It will pa y you to oall ot 4S Wast E i ahth Str-:tct.



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Ja1nes 0. Scott,~.



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The Lokker-Rutger Company t• • .\1 Jt..:l f IC, .\ ' .