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Olivet Game Will Wind Up Hope Seasor


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36 Dsys Until Christuss Buy Your Hope Sesl Csrds From the Y. W. C A.

H o p e Collefe. H o l l i p d , M i c h . N o v a m b t r 1 8 . 1 9 3 1

Delphi and Knicks Head Scholarship List of Societies

The official report on the average standings of the college . societies VICTORY WILL GIVE HOPE for the first six-weeks period shows THIRD PLACE IN CONFER that the Delphi Society leads the ENCE RATING entire group and that the Knickerbocker Society heads the f r a t e r n i t y EXPECT LARGE scholarship list. The girls' societies FOLLOWING rated higher than those of the men. These reports will be issued a f t e r 'Hope Will Fight to Top Off Grit 1 each six-week period as a p a r t of Season With Win Over the pan-hellenic movement. Strong Team o


i vahiw




On Tuesday evening, November

^ " ^ ^ d e n t Wichers spoke to I t h e n,emberS of the M. C. A. The S A T U R D A Y ' S P 0G meeting opened with a song service BROADCASTED OVER a n d Scripture r e a d i n g A f t e r a gea | W W j A N D W 0 0 D i



se At nine o'clock on Friday m o m - | s o t n n t e n c e prayers, Rudolph MANY LISTEN IN ing, November 20, Dr. Daniel I Nichols played violin | •us, ^ u v c i u u c r ^u, u r . uaniei * — vtwo j excellent u i u i i Poling, well known and beloved I s 0 , 0 8 » accompanied by Richard P a r t of Nationsl Advertisine leader of youth, will address the N i e s s i n k - D r ; Wichers entitled his Movement for Liberal students and faculty of Hope in I address: " L i f t e r s , Not Leaners."! A r t s Colleges w a s the Memorial Chapel. Dr. Poling is inspirational and in the Middle West in connection h n s t r u c t ' v e - H e said t h a t Hope Col-1 Hope College was well renre Ntxt Saturday Hope goes down with the nation-wide drive of the l e g e n e e d s lifters, men who w W sented by speakers and musical orto Olivet to battle it out with that Allied Forces for Prohibition, of 8 t f n d on the right and lift ganizations in the National Liberal team for the coveted third place in which h e l i s the chairman and or^ " l i g h t He said that A r t s College boosting program on the M. I. A. A. standings-. If the ganizer. 'Bhis drive has as its pur- w e m u 8 t first lift ourselves and Saturday evening. Members of the Dutchmen do bring home the ba pose the mobilization of prohibi- t ^ e n w e be able to lift others. I faculty and student body took p a r t con, it will mean that Hope has tion sentiment throughout thrmio-hnnt • the thp I And above all, we must lift f o r i in advertising Hope College over made her best showing in confercountry and the recruiting of new God. various radio stations. i ence football competition since she "drys" to back up the eighteenth Between 7 and 7130 p.m. a state .1 entered the association. amendment in the 1932 election. Dr. program f o r Michigan was broadI Olivet promises to be a formidaPoling will probably speak on a casted from Station W W J in DeThursday evening the new girl: I ble foe and has to date quite an imsubject relative to this work in ARMISTICE PROGRAM troit. Hope's contribution, was a | posing record. The books show vic- and the members of the Delphi Sowhich he is engaged. GIVEN IN CHAPEL four minute address by Dr. E . D. jtories over Kalamazoo, Detroit ciety were entertained at Voorhees o Dimnent on the subject "Chrisfian a • i i / Tech., Detroit City College, Man- lall by Mrs. Durfee. The reception! REV. RANDALL IS Education." He spoke of t h e place 0 /Chester, and Defiance. And while she room was beautifully - l e c o r a t e d L ^ ' T r I " " 7., " S P E A K E R AT WEDNESDAY a n d i | , h i p v v A M P r . atI P c e a small Chrstian A v n 1 has been defeated by Hillsdale and with chrysanthemums and Ootob., Z ^ r l r r * ,' V ^ haS the GUILD MEETING | SENIOR MEETING ^ T T I Alma, fewer points have been roses. Mrs. Durfee welcomed the T ! tK the offered by the ColFRIDAY L ( > v e r s t a t i o n WOOD a t Grand I scored against her than again&t new girls saying that she was glad f " Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 11, ChaPe [Rapids , 1 ^ • — between — •• 9:45 and o«u 10:16 xu:io any other school in the conference. to see them again a f t e r an interval the Divinity Guild held its regular ot 0 l r effe ct,vel plans are going forward f o r the h e r representatives of Hope Colof some weeks. Delphian Ruth , y rendered a selecThe reports are that she has a weekly meeting. „ Vice-president annual fre&hman trial to be held Mege played a part. The p r o g r a m very powerful line which is well Geerling., president of the society, ^ 7 ^ ^ T a s Henry Van Raalte had charge of Monday night, November 23. Senior opened by the singing of the "Orbalanced by some fine backiield m, .. called upon to read a commemora- devotions, and a f t e r the song serv- officials have been duly chosen, and ange and the Blue" by t h e Hone The devotmns were m charge of t i o n p o e m w r i t t e n b y D r H material. Probably her biggest ce re rorn the third chapter of everything is in readiness for the College Girls' Glee Club D r Nythreat is Sullo, the quarterback who Delphian Mildred Koonman, and roll o f C h i c a g 0 T h e a d ( | r e s s o f t h e \ : ® • ' was an all conference man last was caHed by Delphian Marion Den morning was then delivered by John. A season of sentence prayers administration of justice. Richard kerk then gave a s h o r t ' introducyear. Also at left half they have a Herder. The first number of the Mayor Ernest C. Brooks, Mayor followed. The speaker of the a f t e r - Niessink will sit in the Judge's tory talk and announced the other noon was Rev. Joshua Randall, chair, and iBob Notier and Louis numbers of the program. Two viosensational sophomore called Jodi0 s ok<; r 0 P °f t h e ^ r pastor of the Methodist church of Damstra will prosecute. As has Hn numbers, " A r i a " by Bach a n d way who has been doing great H Skdlern. She played "Pre- w h i c h t h e | a s t w a r w a ; i s u p p o s e d t o this city. Rev. Randall gave an adbeen heretofore announced, the trial "Tambourine" by Gounod were things this season. ude m C Minor by Chopin. Then have been fought and he closed by dress on bringing the world to Jewill be carried out in all seriousness, rendered by Mrs. Van A n t w e r p However, baring injuries and Delphian Geerhngs outl.ned the in- u r K i n ? t h a t w e s t r i v e t o flnd a n ( J sus. The meeting was closed with Offenders will not be considered violin instructor a t Hope Collece with cwscent weather conditions, we teresting history of Delphi a son? and prayer by Rev. Randall, guilty until w , found by the honor-J accompanied by Ethel LeestBuTat should be in third place next Sat- read the society's creed. Later, Del-' — Sunday evening, the Divinity able jury, and they will be given | t h e piano. The Girls'Glee O u h t h w urday evening. phian Hazel Paalman favored with Guild plans to send out a gospel every opportunity of defending s a n g t w i selections "Indian D a w n " o several delightful vocal solos. Actpnm themselves. The members of the by Zamecnik and " T h e Snowcompanied by Delphian Zella Skil| j u r y are Ruby Aiken, Bemice Mol- Storm" by Rogers. A ten-minute lern, she sang "Until" by Sanderson, lema, Geneva Dogger, Ruth Geer- talk on the "Liberal A r t s College" "Mah Lindy Lou" by Strickland, lings, Iva Klerk, Velda Blair, N a t was then given by President WichMAKE P L A N S FOR PARTY IN and "The Owl" by Wells. Brouwer, Lloyd Wathin, Ronald ers, who stressed the influence of a NEAR F U T U R E After the program, the meeting ,Fox,' Nick Cupery, Harald Belling-1 -ocjimg- Liberal mineral A r t s College in American was adjourned to the serving of Ge0rgre Painter Tar lif At the meeting held in the Y. M delicious refreshments. The reRESHMAN TRIAL OFFICIALS ^ - ^ e *>r promoting leadership, re18 act as Clerk ALSO SELECTED AT ^ . ^ t h e C ( > u r t ' ^ e ^ e n t , snd culture. SUPERSTITION IS CONQUERED mainder of the evening was spent C. A. room at 2:00, Friday, Nov. . I and finrt order Ar/ta*- will nr111 be .V.« kept ). a by I Bailiffs II i p „ i i : „ . x,. ... svcLnK acquainted. ttc»|uaiiiieu. ^Candy a n u y ami in getting and i 1 3 ' t h c Freshman class decided not MEETING AT COUNTRY CLUB ng 1S to ave an Harry Frieama and Waddy SpoelL a n j , ' Paalman t w K y san K a r m e l k o r n also played their ^ y definite time for future FROLIC ^ « t w o numbers entitled, "Out of 8tra At the senior class meeting last part amidst the chattering of the I but rather to hold them a s t,le »» . h . , „ Freshmen „ Wednesday afternoon, president occasion may demand. Friday the thirteenth may bring social hour. A f t e r singing several rhe other offenders must be placed i n l o • j i. * ^arge, ti^asurer's report, given by George Painter appointed several misfortune to some folks but not to songs, including the Delphi a n d ! ' ^ ? e Anthony Mistretta, showed that a important committees. The seniors the hands of the committee before Fraters and their guests. For in Hope songs, the meeting ended. 8 6 1,1 .,T' very .small balance will remain on the Class play committee are Thursday, if they are to be con,id- T h f t n l r O U T spite of the ill-omened day and o 7 1 ~ S S , ' ™ a f t e r the bills are paid unless Lillian Sabo, Richard Niessink, " • ' • " I " ' " - ' - w date, the Fraternal Armistice partythe tin boards for other announcements Vera Van Duren, Albert T a r r a n t , members of the class who have not was one of joyous revelry for all program. • paid their dues do so shortlv Mis^ chairman, and Kay Skillern. Ivan and instructions. concerned. Especially was it well EXCERPTS FROM "HO HUM" I ) o r o t h y I ) u l m e f i r e a ( i o Johnson was appointed to take care spent for Frater Don VandeniBelt I will make you a tailor-made i n t h e a b s e n c e o { M a r i a n w of the caps and gowns. and his guest. Miss Isabelle Van suit for a milk-cow or work horse. c ] & 8 8 secretary. Appointments of duties for the Ark, who succeeded in finding the —Stockton (Cal.) Independent. | A committee* of Sherwood Price freshman trial were also named. treasure which had been hidden and Earl Goozen was appointed by The judge will be Richard Nies(Don and Isabelle alone know .the class president, Victor Turdo, sink; prosecuting attorneys, Bob where) on the spacious golf course. Miss Dorothy Morrison who was to investigate the possibility of Notier and Louis D a m s t r a ; clerk, Shortly a f t e r seven the group sat down to a tasty dinner and to en- injured by a fall from a horse last holding a skating party at some A1 T a r r a n t ; bailiffs, H a r r y Friesjoy the entertainment of a lively week, ie* in St. Joseph's Hospital time in the future. ema and Waddy Spoelstra. The PROSPECTS FOR SUCCESS ARE and covered sufficiently to see her I . . o five-piece orchestra. When there BETTER T H A N EVER j u r y will consent of the following OLUNTEERS P R E S E N T T H R E E was no longer anything left of the friends.—Morristown (N. D.) News. BEFORE twelve members: Harold Belling„ • . , D I F F E R E N T S I D E S O F MISMiss Edith de Young spent the delicious apple pie and when the ham, George Painter, Ruby Aiken, m0re a n0rma Pre c a u t o " I SIONARY ACTIVITY week-end at Grand Haven, MichiAfter this week's football game last drop of coffee had proved good, Bernice Mollema, Nicholas Cupery, gan a t the guest of Miss M i l d n d a t Olivet the interest of the Hope the F r a t e r President, Carl WalGeneva Dogger, Ronald Fox, Ruth To relieve congestion, take AsA trio of leaders presenting a Kooiman. They attended a Christvoord rose and introduced the first Geerlings, Lloyd Wathen, Iva sport enthusiasts will s h i f t to bastoria ferry every 15 minutes,—Adv. ^ r ' 0 of subjects, treating a trio of mas Endeavor convention. ketball. Hope h a l always been repnumber, an "extempo" by Frater • • • » n 1 d-.-j— xt v I fields resulted in an inspirational Klerk, Nat Brouwer and Velda resented by a strong basketball Preston Maring on " A n Evening in cn Queensboro Bridge, N. Y. Blair. Miss Marion Wray spent the Sounds to us like a complete cure. and educational meeting for the team and this year should prove no Zeeland." F r a t e r Maring's account » • • 0 week-end with Miss Sally Sterksn. Student Volunteers last Friday S E V E N T E E N YEARS AGO exception. In f a c t , prospects s r s of the trials of an initiate trying to Coroner Finds Driver Had Taken afternoon. Miss Sterken's home is in Grand TODAY possibly a bit brighter than they obey orders was altogether delightRapids. Only Four Lessons Before Hitting Ethel Boot reviewed Dr. C. V. have been f o r the past two years f u l . Next, F r a t e r Howard Schade, Car. — Headline in Connecticut Cheng's article on "The Christian (From the Holland Evening Senan^ it is not a t all improbable t h a t ably accompanied by F r a t e r News. Miss Millie Schuppert was the Movement in China in 1931"; Abra- tinel of Nov. 12.) a real classy quintet will represent Charles Van Dommelen, interpretguest of Miaa (Ethel Leestma over Seme people have a knack. ham Norman, "Educating the Hope college will be one of the the Orange snd (Blue this season. ed " F a t e " by Hamblen, and respond" * * * Saturday and Sunday in Grand Arab," by Dr. Van E s s ; and Setsu three Michigan colleges in the proed in stirring fashion to the enF r o m last year's varsity squad Rapids. We have the same eggs f o r sale Matsunobu, "Harvest A f t e r Many posod new t r i a n g u l a r debating • • • core, "trade winds." Coach Hinga will have i r Waddy" we had last winter. Come and see Years," r e f e r r i n g to the life and league which is being formed f o r Then F r a t e r James Tysse toast- us.—Pyote (Okla.) Clarion.,, Spoelstra, Dalman, Cupery, SlighSeveral fiopeites atended the work of Miss Jennie Kuyper, mis- the promotion of debating and ora- ter, Zwemer, Van Haitsma, Beavered cleverly on the origin of the University of Michigan-Michigan If we do, it will be just a friendly sionary to J a p a n who lost her life tory among college students. superstition about Friday the Wigerink brothers, Tysse, Norlin, State football games a t Ann Arbor during a n earthquake, and with Another Isurel was added to the Hoffman snd Painter. Besides these on Saturday. Among those, who vifrit. thirteenth. lAnd lastly, F r a t e r s whom Setsu was personally ac- crown of Hope last night when veterans there s r e several "Sophs." J a m e s Nettinga and Preston Van went were: Ruth VanDykt, J e w Henry C. Jacobs took first place in who will make their first bid for Herman, Vera Van Duren, Osorge Kolken, attired in khaki uniforms, e •yone dared ill-luck to do its quainted. Next Friday's meeting will be in the E a s t e r n Inter-stste oratorical vsrsity berths, nsmely: Dalman, portrayed musically the meditstions "darndest" by passing beneath a Painter, Helen Johnson wivl Herb the n a t u r e of a farewell to Miss contest a t Columbus, Ohio. Mr. J a - Nettinga, Nykerk, Steffens, Vis- Marsilje. of s pair , of doughboys. P r a t e r ladder on his way out. With this Charles Van Dommelen also accom- final gesture of defiance, the F r a - Jean Wslvoord, formerly of their cobs was not only representing scher, Kruiienga, Van Peursem nied this number. And then by ternal Armistice Day p a r t y was number, now under appointment to Hope college, but also Michigan's and Van Kolken. With this wealth o o m T f o ^ China a s a missionary nurse. She representatives against eight other of material to work with iT "five to y of doing; the job up brown, ev- adjourned. Dec. 11th when the season opens will address the group. states. ' -• •t . be feared" will be ready to take the with a game against Ferris.

At the meeting of the Milestone Staff last week Wednesday a committee was appointed to decide upon a form of publication f o r this year which will require only the amount of money provided by the blanket fee plus the small sum which may be derived from advertising. The choice is to be made between three forms — a humor ma azine magazine, \ t * 1 ^ . a sketch-book, or a "conI j r i r l S j Sensed" Milestone. Those who were placed on the committee are HerROGRAM AT VOORHEES IS bert Marsilje, chairman Arloa Van Peursem, Jewel Winslow, anc GREATLY ENJOYED H a r r y Zegerius.

President Wichers • Hope's Radio Addresses Y.M.C.A. on Debut Highly "Lifters, Not Leaners"!

vr»iTTo 1

OF P H O H l H i T i n v Ut- r K U H I B I T l O N


Nwmber 21

Dr. Poling to Committee of Give Address Four to Decide Here Friday on Milestone WORi n


Delphians Entertain

Freshman Trial Plans Nearing Completion

i m

o r t a n


Freshmen Meet For Business

Fraters Defy Fri., 13, Jinx At Banquet

Seniors Name Committees


Hope's Court Season Will Open Dec. 11


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EnUrad at the Poat Office at Holland, Michigan, aa Sccond Claaa Matter. Accepted f.or mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1108 of Act of Congress. October 8, 1917. Authorised October 19. 1918.

Alethea — A Friday the thir-

STAFF Editor ABsistant Editor Head Reporter Sports Humor Alumni E d i t o r Sororities Fraternities Campus


teenth program was presented in

Ivan C. Johnson Helen Pelon Joan Walvoord Herbert Marsilje, Preston Van Kolken William Austin Ella Roggen Bernice Mollema Mark Brouwer Vivian Behrman

Reporters; Marie Verduin, Jean Bosman, Edith De Young, Christian Walvoord, Lois De Pree, Alma Plaake, Martha Vanden Berg, Ethel Leestma, Lillian Sabo, Sherwood Price, Margaret Rottschaefer, Beatrice Visser, Frank Visscher, Hilda Lanting, Gertrude Holleman, Marian Working.

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Melvin F. Dole Assistants: Vivian Behrman, Edith De Young, Margaret Rens, .Harold RingenoldusJohn Chamberlain. Circulation Manager Mayford Ross Assistant William Heyns


Sometime this week a committee of four will meet to decide which of three f o r m s the 1932 Milestone is to assume,— t h a t of a h u m o r magazine, a senior booklet, or a condensed It is the privilege and duty of the J u n i o r Class

to make the final choice, but a few comments are apropos. We mentioned first a humor magazine, which in our opinion is the first one to be discarded.

Must we resort to humor for

the best expression of our College life and t h o u g h t ?


the Milestone must be limited in its size, its contents should be of the highest quality, and it aim of a nobler n a t u r e than a series of jokes, however good they may be. If the Milestone is to take a non-pictorial form, a serious literary publication would be more acceptable than a humor sheet. The idea of a senior book is essentially selfish, and we believe the class will hesitate in using blanket fee money for such an individual class project. It is the Hope College Milestone we are considering, so let it represent the entire student body. The condensed Milestone form is the most logical and sensible of the three suggested types. We believe that every student will sympathize with the staff's effort to keep expenses down to the minimum, and a few derogatory comparisons with f o r m e r Milestones will be made. Group pictures can be used effectively and economically. Our final point is this:—size does not always imply excellence. We know that the Milestone of 1932 can be made of such quality t h a t it will be able to defy comparison. o

INTELLIGENCE—89.5% The change that was recently made in the m a r k i n g system was supposed to e l i m i n a t e t h e n a r r o w n e s s o f t h e numeral method. The change to the present system has been a forward step, but it is not perfectly satisfactory in that it has not been fully carried out. We a r e ostensibly using the letter system

• ; •' •••'

•/' v''

' .f , •'/ 'a'ii/1"' '•••si

•'._ • .* •

' • •


'; ' • •'- ' •• • A • • ,'^VS!ra58EBl





but the idea

of numerical

r a t i n g still

dominates. It does not seem logical that one student's intelligence can be given a rating of 94 while another's can be 95. The advantage of using letters rather than numbers lies in the fact that under this system a student's marks fall into a more general class, and rating is excellent, good, average, poor or tailing. A mixture of two or more systems would seem to make for confusion.

the Alethea Society room last Friday. It was a most f o r t u n a t e time

to know what it was all about. • The shelf now seemed empty, but tucked away in one corner, S. Van Dyke found a poem, " I i — f o r Girls." I t was a paraphrase of t h a t popular poeih " I f " by Kipling. The Sorpsites bade each other adieu till they meet again next week a t the home of S. Arendshorst. •

considering the date.


Golden Rule of the various religions. A long and important business meeting was then held, which was cheered somewhat by a surprise treat by S. Winslow. Trying to talk with one's mouth full of carmel com isn't supposed to be a rule of good etiquette, but the Sorosites decided to forget that for one evening. When the business meeting was concluded, the Sigma sisters adjourned to their "What-Not Shelves" f o r the program. The first number, under the direction of S. Huizenga, was a "Silhouette," or a shadow operation. They didn't know S. Pellegrom was such an accompli sed surgeon. "The Music Box" was a delightful musical skit presented by S. Bosman, S. Keppel, as the charming little girl, and S. Smith, her French doll who came to life.

Suits, Coats and Plain Dresses D r y cleaned n o w $




A l l goods called for and delivered.


The Sibs met in their which ' included SIBYLLINE room Friday night plans f o r the new girls' program full of enthusiasm was opened by the president a f t e r pep. A f t e r the business meeting, which the program was presented. Sibs gave vent to some of their feelings in song. This week's proBeginning a t the bottom of the gram was an impromptu one, which ladderprograms the first number the results showed. Two papers was devotions led by Martha Van from the Archives were read and der Berg. Next came the "Story of impromptu humorous speeches were given by Sibyl Lois Ketel, Sibyl Superstitions," a paper by Laura Ruth Winstrom, Sibyl Lucy Rader Guigelaar. and Sibyl Mildred Essenberg sang "Good news" was a true enough a solo. The meeting closed with the news report of the activities on the Sib. song, Hope song, Michigan campus and the rest of the world song and America. o by Ella Boschker. Evelyn Den Uyl and Margarite Oudemool played a piano duet. The fifth and last rung of the ladder was a most dramatic "Springy Skit" presented by the most talented Aletheans. The CosmopolThen all adjourned to hear the COSMOPOLITAN itans met on Civil Chorus Oratorio. Thursday and Next week's meeting will be held Friday nights last week but no ofat Evelyn Den Uyl's home, Friday ficial business was transacted. eve., Nov. 20. That which was done, was all done • • • at the expense'of the Frosh. After Delphi — Mrs. Durfee, assisted three or four days, however, they by the Delphi Literary Society, en- appear almost as good as before. tertained with a reception for the Because of these itights. the Frosh new girls Thursday evening, No- did not seem particularly mischievvember twelfth. ous so the fellows had to go withMrs. Durfee, in her cordial way, out amusement over the week-end. expressed a welcome to the girls. Knickerbocker — The Pledges of Delphian Ruth Geerlings, president the Knickerbocker Society supplied of the society, then greeted the the numbers for an interesting guests in the name of Delphi. meeting Thursday night. A rapid Devotions for the evening were survey of the current events in the in charge of Delphian Mildred Koomian. • Delphian Zella Skillern fa- political and economical world was vored the audience with a piano given by Earl Goosen. He quoted solo. Prelude by Chopin. The Del- many figures and facts which tendphi Creed and the standards of the ed to throw an optimistic beam on society were presented by Delphian the present economic situation. Ruth Geerlings, followed by p i e Sherwood Price very brilliantly concluding number, a group of vocal acquitted himself before the society solos, sung by Delphian Hazel Paal- in a paper, "The Grass On the Other Side of the Fence." Beside man. A f t e r the program a social hour displaying fine skill in composition, was enjoyed during which time the his paper showed the results of society was given an opportunity much labor and convinced us that to become acquainted with the new "the grass on the other side of the fence" was not the only verdant girls. « • • spot to be found. Jack Van der Dorian — The Dorians had a real Meulen gave a very pleasing renditreat Friday evening a f t e r they ar- tion of a "Spanish Dance" number, rived at the home of Beatrice Van and then played as an encore a Keulen in Grand Rapids. Devotions popular melody. John Keene were in charge of Marjorie Atwa- showed much originality in a very ter, a f t e r which a business meeting humorous paper, "Around the was held. A dainty lunch was then World with Magellan." served on small tables decorated Next Thursday night the Pledges with candles. When the cars are going to treat the Society to a stopped in front of the dorm and show and a lunch. the girls piled out, everyone exMiss Thelma Vroom has been ill pressed her enjoyment of the meeting as one of the best of the year. with an attack of sinus trouble. • • • She is getting alone nicely. o Sorosis — Sorosis met on ThursMiss Payne, accompanied by Mis& day evening for their regular meeting. S. Den Herder in leading devo- Ross, went to Muskegon last Friday tions, gave a comparison of the evening to judge a debate. The

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The "What-Not S h e l f next yielded a book which proved to be a review of "Green P a s t u r e s " by S. Johnson. This play has caused considerable comment, and it was very interesting f o r t h e girls who were not so f o r t u n a t e a s to see it,

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HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Miss P i t t a p a t t ^ p i t t a p a t t a p i t Her sister, Grace, her only attenda n t wore an exeremely long-fitted, nile g r e e n satin green dress, flesh colored stocking and nine green satin slippers.—^Bergen.

mi • • • The origin ot So-usa's n a m e happened this w a y : T h e initials of his real name a r e S. 0 . Hia connection with the United S t a t e s A r m y resulted in his t r u n k s being lettered S. 0 . U. S. A. G e t i t ? — E v e n i n g Graphic. Now wait, don't h u r r y us . . .


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"You sometimes find a pearl in an oyster stew," remarked the waiter, pleasantly.

LaughGo's Restaurant

But the customer only g r u n t e d : " I ' m looking f o r oysters."—Louisvville Courier-Journal.

o Solving the Help Problem " W e kept a cook for six whole weeks this y e a r , " said Mrs, Trim. " W e were cruising on a houseboat and Bridget couldn't swim."— Boston T r a n s c r i p t .

o F r a n k Thorn line, wanted by Cincinnati police fur allegtd stock swindle, has been located in Los Angeles, w r i t i n g scenarios.— Medina ( 0 . ) Sentinel.

r Accurately adjusted glasses are essential for proper results, genuine comfort.

W. R.Stevenson Optometrist

ZOERMAN For Good H a r d w a r e 6? Paints P h o n e 3 7 0 6 — 1 3 W . 16th St.

Take him on both countr-. »


• • • Superior, W i s . — A ^Superior woman was s t u n g by a bumble bee on Main S t r e e t today.—The World. T h a t ' l l t a k e h e r off her high A m o n g some of the people "Miss horse. S— has painted was the Viscountess Curzon. She h a s pained a numO. K. All But— ber of well-known Americans as It was kit inspection, and the solwell, and once was commanded to diers had t h e i r t h i n g s laid out on the royal palace.-—Evening World. their beds. T h e orderely walked inTo pain the well-known q u e e n ? to the room and approached P r i v a t e • • » Brown. We Do Not T e a r Your Clothes " T h r e e s h i r t s . B r o w n ? " he asked. With Machinery, We Do It Care'"Ye&, sir. O n e on, one in the fully By Hand.—'Sign in a laundry wash, and one in the box," replied window. the private. Which is so much nicer. "Two pairs of b o o t s ? ' "Yes, s i r ; one pair on and one Wanted—Reliable orchard man pair in the b o x . " or steady job. Don't have more than "Two pairs of socks. B r o w n ? " two children if you can help it.— "Yes, s i r ; one pair on and one Hood River (Ore.) News. pair in the box." You tend to your f r u i t . "Good! Now, where is the » » * b o x ? " A dispatch f r o m Moorehead, "Dunno, sir; I've lost it." Minn., s-aid Red River Valley f a r m ers will love heavily because of potatoes damaged by freezing in the fields.—Minneapolis J o u r n a l .


The minister said t h a t the church widows were a disgrace to he parMan t u r n s to woman in his dark ish and it was time somebody washhour. ed them.—San Francisco E x a m i n e r . «

There a r e (lock.

Page Three




Kind Offer Refused F i r s t B r i g h t Lad, "I w a n t an introduction to the Miller girl." Second Ditto, "I'll introduce you

COZY INN Special Dinner Fountain Service nmfflmomiuii.aiin

V isscher-Brooks Gold Guarantee Automobile Insurance For Local Claim Service Phone 4616

11 i 1 1' f i i i ' •Trm^mTt^CTg^ffTTTTTTmrniTTTTT^mmny

Gruen, Bulova and Elgin Watches at SELLES JEWELRY STORE Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing


in any

"No, I want to make a good imD a u g h t e r s of the Union Veterans pression r i g h t f r o m the s t a r t . " of Pomeroy, remembered 100 old * * * o E-oIdiers with a pound box of candy The largest indoor s w i m m i n g pool —Pomeroy ( 0 . ) Democrat. Whatn in a N a m e in New York—drilled and piped Jim, "I don't mind looking a f t e r J u s t barely remembered them through solid rock f r o m a depth of your horses, but I don't w a n t to be you might say. "• • • 500 feet, atfording patrons the opcalled the h o s t l e r . " portunity of sw imming in the water Distinguished looking widow Tom, "Oh, t h a t ' s all right—I'll you drink at home.—Hotel Adv. cheerful, affectionate, appealing call your our stabilizer." o If t i n y find any morbid pleasure wt ight 134. musician, poetess, can Hubby, " C o n g r a t u l a t e me, dear, I in that. make a husband supremely happy • * * was reappointed." as 1 wear a smile that shakes a I will not be responsible for debts man's h e a r t Out of his bosom.—Adv Dumb Dora, " H o n e s t l y ! " only made by myself. H a r r y Nixon. in M a r r i a g e Bells, Bridgeport Hubby, " H h h * " 2-I'M Penn.—Adv. in Kansas City Conn. (iuick Grower Tinus. A good trick, but we'd get tired Yes, you will, baby. of it. A little girl who had ben l e f t to watch the soup w a s presently heard to sing out, "Oh, mother, come quick, the soup is g e t t i n g bigger than the p o t . "


B. H . W I L L I A M S Watch Repairing

Groceries and Meat




P a r a d i s e Lost Again

Puritan Beauty Shop Kraker Hotel Bldg.

TELEPHONE SERVICE a Low Cost Christmas Gift

for the FAMILY Each m e m b e r of the f a m i l y will w e l c o m e a gift of T e l e p h o n e Service.

The Anchor

Or, if you have a telephone, t h e additional privacy, c o m f o r t and convenience provided by an Extension T e l e p h o n e will be appreciated. T e l e p h o n e service is protection — in c a i e of fire, s u d d e n sickness or other e m e r g e n c y , and t h e cost is low. For further i n f o r m a t i o n , or to place a n order, call t h e T e l e p h o n e B u s i n e s s Office. Installation will be m a d e at a n y t i m e you specify.


" W h a t ' s this, h o n e y ? " said Mrs. Youngbrides hus-band as he speared a slab f r o m the dish. " L u c i f e r cake, d e a r . " "I thought you said you were going to make angel cake." "I was, but it f e l l . " — S t r a y Stories. -oHigh Cost of Oxygen "Did you t a k e my advice and sleep with the window open to cure your cold?" "Yes." '"Did you lose your c o l d ? " '"No, I lost my watch and my pocketbook."



Red Lion Sandwich Shop iHHIiiaylSlHH:::

NO Suit of Clothes Is Cheap If It Does Not FIT Properly In every JERROLD Suit is tailored that Fit, Style and Service that men want—every suit is guaranteed and the price is just:

Referred to Emily Post Ortonville, Minn.—Special: The worlds champion e a t e r of sweet corn is Edward Kottwitz, of Ortonville, who a t e 37 y e a r s at one aitting. Those who witnessed him set the " r e c o r d " say t h a t he ate without napkin and did n o t once g e t his ears or hair mussy.—Iowa p a p e r .

$14.70 $17.90 $22.50 THE JERROLD COMPANY


M a k e it a weekly letter Home


1111 INIIll II II iiilllllii llllllllllllllllllllllllll

Holland's Finest Ice Cream Parlor


Your Family will appreciate


Morses' or Gilberts Chocolates

M a g n a n i m o u s Pop F a t h e r , "Yes, my boy, I'm a selfmade man." Son. "Gee, Pop. t h a t ' s w h a t I admire about you. You always take the blame f o r e v e r y t h i n g . "

Cor. Central Ave.& 16th st.

Out-of-town Students

Jewelry Repairing

26 W . 8th St.

Nykerk and Slager, Props.

Phone 2596

JEWELER 24 East 8th

Incriminating A negro was pleading his own case to save the price of a lawyer. He called the chief witness to the stand and said, " J o s h u a , where was I when we stole those chickens ?"

Central Food Shop

Every day except Saturdays

ll|||i||||||||||||||||||||||| M



Special Finger Wave With Shampoo 50c.


Sleeping It Off


Frankfort-on-iMain, G e r m a n y — J a m e s T h o r n t o n w a s m a r r i e d to Elena M u m m von Schwarxenstein, heiress t o t h e M u m m champai^rn millions. A t h r e e - d a y siesta w a s declared in celebration.






Pour .

Thanksgiving Day

Stationery Special

28 W e s t 8 t h S t .

12 Sheets 12 Envelopes

© w h e n o u r Pilgrim Father^ w e n t o a t for t h e i r Thanks-


S4 E . 8 t h f t .




Makes Yonr Beauty Scintillate

©-And (ate bi§ chance^ on £ettin£ losf. o r - -


$viti£ Tiirkey t h e y for had to t r a m p m i l c $ i nt c o l d o r Sla^hy weather--


Nichols Beauty Solon F o r t h e "Frat" Parties or t h e Formal Dinners *

Vera Steketee, Prop. Ph. 2704

13th St. A M a p U


Dr. Paul V. Wynn "But sfill, th

Osteopathic Physician

Fellows Take Notice


of P e r m a n e n t P r i c e C h a n g e s t o C o l l e g e S t u d e n t s O n l y —at the—



G e n e r a l P r a c t i c e — P h o n e 4698 Res. 2032


U p t a i r s in the Jerrold Store, 6 0 F . 8 t h St.

H o u r s : — 9 : 3 0 to 12:00 a. m.

C L E A N E D A N D P R E S S E D - S u i t or O v e r c o a t 8 9 c Trousers 39c P R E S S E D — S u i t or O v e r c o a t 3 9 c Trousers 25c S h o p o w n e d a n d operated by College S t u d e n t .

1:30 to 5:00 p. m. 7:30 to 9:00 p. m. 2 8 W . 8th St. H o l l a n d , Mich

0 - h a v i n g "some red skin plunk an arrow on comfortably and a ^reat m a n v other UTUE

to-aay all






Holiaud Printing Co. School and College Printing Stationery


Class Book Paper

46-48 W. 8th Street Telephone 3992 7



Cor. College Ave. a n d 8 t h S t .

Help the Team win

Cornelius Huizenga COLLEGE BARBER SHOP Its





b a r b e r a n d h o w to smile.

331 College Ave.

Jos. B o r g m a n , M a n a g e r





' • ' v V

: £ .

- -^'rroTftT-



> • i £•'/$: yk'ii

•' • ;<V-'

'The Soft Watt r Laundry" W e t Wash, Rough Dry

D. Schahenaar, Prop. We Call For and Delivr

13 E. 8ih St.

.v' V . • '•


SOME folk never have a chance to go broke because they have never been anything else.

Issue of the

Phone 6442


Quality S h o ^ Repairing. T h a t ' s Our Business " D I C K " T H E S H O E DOCTOR


Peoples State Bank



Finished W o r k

will be omitted. Instead If it is done with heat of the issue after It can be done better the Holidays with as in former years





Michigan Gas & Elect. Co.

no Anchor Next Week

Third Place Saturday BEAT OLIVET

Always the Latest in Footwear H a v e you seen the N e w



*-• •HH-iiUiiiiiHiniiiinHiiiiliirriiiHiHnLHiHiH::::

Boost The Y. W. C. A. Christmas Bazaar

Patronize THE ANCHOR Advertisers


December 5 wwmawmHmimininiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiBg



Profile for Hope College Library



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