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• The Curator of t h e Hope ColMrs. Durfoe WINIICS to meet * * lege Museum at h o m e on t h e » * all the new *lrte—Frosh, » * Soph, ffunior or Senior, a t * r x r s r A L OPPORTUNITY OFFER- * f o u r t h floor, Van R a a l t e Hall, • FLOATS O P ALL T H E COLTiEGK ED TO LOCAL AUDIENCES * Tuesday, November 17, and • * 7:30 Wednesdny nlffht. Very • ORGANIZATIONS F E X T I H K * Thursday, November 19, f r o m 1 • * important. « KAZOO COLLLEGE CHAJLKS U P P E P PARADE * to 5 P. M. The biggest number on the Hope SCORE O F 34 TO 0 IN Lyceum Course will appear Monday, ARMISTICE F R A Y Armistiee Day saw Hope College November 2.3, when Claudia Muzio -ocelebrate Its first home-eomlng with will a p p e a r at Carnegie hall. This Presenting an aerial attack that the most enthusiasm that has ever will be the first opportunity that the was practically Invulnerable, and getl«een displayed in any gala day with students of Hope and the people of ting more than their share " o f t h e the poKsihle exception of Glory Day. Holland will have to hear such a breaks In the game, Kalamazoo colAll of the exercises were under t M talented person. Tickets may be selege won the Armistice day game fro^n •supervision of the Student Council. cured at Hulzenga's Jewelry store at L A K E S I D E INN S E R V E S AS SOSECOND NUMBER P R O V E S AS the Orange and Blue by a 34-0 count. The big feature of the occasion w a j $2, $2.50 and $3.50. CIAL MECCA P O P U L A R AS F I R S T Only one of the five touchdowns the parade which included all of the Following are a few facts and testiregistered by Kazoo cahie as the reorganizations on t h e campus. The Following the usual custom, the monials of her ability as an entertainsult of straight football. Three were On Monday evening, November y, er: line of march was formed on Twelfth F r a t e r n a l society celebrated Armthe direct result of a splendid aerial street in front of Van Raalte Hall at the Redpath Lyceum Bureau presentIn private life Muzio Is naive and istice day at Lakeside Inn. Although attack, the like of which has not 12:30 o'clock. The line p a r a d e J ed to the students and townspeople, unaffected to a degree; she has none the football g a m e in the afternoon been seen on a Holland gridiron in north down College avenue, west down the light opera, "Sweethearts". of the airs and graces of the average with Kalamazoo college dampened the m a n y moons, and the other the reThe general trend of the plot cen- prima donna—in fact she is simplic- Hope spirit, the F r a t e r n a l Eighth street, south over River aveparty suit of a 26-yard run by Black, stelnue to Ninth street, west on Ninth tered about a beautiful young prin- ity itself, and her sweetness and af«- showed the brighter lining. Over thirkid- fability, her desire to please, have ty F r a t e r s and their fairer friends lar passer of the Celery -city squad, .street to Central Avenue, south over cess named Sylvia, who was in infancy. D a m e Paula endeared her to her associates and chaperoned by Professor and Mrs a f t e r h e scooped up a Hope fumble. Central avenue to Twelfth street, west napped F o u r of the touchdowns were put ovafter discussion, deto River avenue, north on River ave- brought her up a s her own daugh- the public alike. She uses no m a k e Raymond, er In the first half and one came In nue to E ' g h t h street, east over Eighth ter, and employed her as a laundress. up, dresses in the plainest costumes, cided the g a m e was a moral victory; the fourth period. The third session street to Columbia avenue, south to Sylvia was in love with a soldier, but yet her beauty shines forth all the then they turned to the menu and ensaw Barnard's men held scoreless. the campus where t h e students gave a young prince, while traveling, met more brightly. Her success is the re- tertainment for celebration. Hope had only one chance f r o m her and fell in love. - When Sylvia sult of genuine merit, and for t h a t several pep yells. After the luncheon, the evening wa* found that her soldier lover delight- reason is a substantial and enduring in charge of F r a t e r President George which she might have scored. Late In Many organizations presented clevci' the fourth quarter. Klels nabbed a ed in another maiden's fancy, she ac- one. One hears her in "Tosca" and Damson. A few Introductory refloats which were particularly apcepted the -prince's offer of marriage, "Aida", when her wonderful voice m a r k s were m a d e by the president forty yard pass f r o m Damson a n d propriate for the event. Numerous continued to Kazoo's twenty yard and in due time her title and pos- pours itself out with a dramatic in- and, the speaker was introduced, threatw were directed against the stripe. Three plays gave H o p e h e r sessions were restored to her. tensity and volume which fills t h e F r a t e r Dwight Yntema. After a few Kazoo football squad which played The comedy provoked a great deal big auditorium and then one hears witty phrases the speaker discussed downs and with the ball only a f e w Hop« a f t e r tho parade. The Cosmofeet f r o m the line, Reedy Intercepted of merriment. The enthusiastic and her as Violette, with her limpid the purpose of ^ m i i s t l c e day and politan society appeared with a small a Hope pass and carried the ball out amused audience responded with roulades and cascades of melody, t h e elaborated on its brief history. "Zoo including a goat and a skunk and of danger. much applause. flexibility and nuance of her tones Music was the chief talent of the advertised: "We've got Kazoo's goat." P e r h a p s the thing t h a t started K a leading itself to the florid music as evening. A quartet composed of The music in "Sweethearts" comand "We'll skunk Kazoo." A gaily zoo on her t r i u m p h a n t m a r c h was even a coloratura voice could not. It F r a t e r s Wabeke, Geerllngs, Luidens posed by Victor Herbert was beautidecorated car loaded with cheering early in the first quarter when Black would seem then t h a t she had reach- and Huizenga furnished several seSorosites represented the Sorosis so- ful, melodious, and charming. Very supposedly recovered a Hope f u m b l e ed the acme of her art, until you hear lection. However Crepe-de-chine and ciety. The Emersonian society ap- fine talent was displayed. Among the and scored a f t e r a twenty-six yard An- her In recital—then you feel t h a t In Cheesecloth m a d e their appearance peared ready to throw Kazoo into a favorite selections were " T h e dash. Right a f t e r this, Kazoo c a m e the H e a r t h , " this field she v has reached her zen- between the musical revue in the small auh-wagon which accompanied gelus", "Cricket on over for another six points and a goal Her versatility is remarkable, person of F r a t e r s Gebhard and Rit"The Monk's ith. their float. Dutch Cleanser maids de- "Sweethearts", and kick. After the latter Black opened for in every branch of her art, chie with l1 rater C. Damson concludQuartet." termined to clean-up Kazoo a p p e a r e l up his brilliant passing attack, and whether d r a m a t i c or coloratura, she ing the trio which presented a clever o for the Dorian society. Appropriateheaves of twenty and thirty yards inplaylet. seems to be the best. SPECIALS ly decorated cars appeared in the to t h e arms of excellent receivers "Claud a Muzio is the superlative F r a t e r Muilenburg proved to be Marriage is an oft discussed quesposition occupied by the Knickerbockwere a common thing. Meulenburg. Max interpreter in our day, among the the attraction for t h e next few moer society. Wounded Kazoo was le-l tion at V o o r h e e s . O. Davis, Reedy and J.-Davis seemed few good ones, of the p a r t of Violet- ments giving an "interpretation of behind a horse and buggy which was Houmes concluded the debate evening always able to snatch his passes just ta. She Is statuesquely perfect, ex- Oriental music," accompanied by conducted by the Delphi society. A saying, " F a t chance I'll have." ahead of the Hope player covering Crater J . De Pree. Under unusual them. -ofloat in the form of a ship, filled with circumstances the "sheik" amused his (Continued on Page 3) H a n d power showers have been esFraternal members, proclaimed: Hope braced In t h e last half and audience in a very capricious way. "Hopeites Ship in Victory." The Siby.- tabl.shed In Voorhees Hall. Ask Helen made much yardage t h r u the line and Latest song hits, Including "Sodium1 ne society presented a highly decor- Guhl. around the ends. Kazoo was unable Bicarbonate" were rendered by F r a ated car. A car arranged in the f o r n to pierce the Hope line for any -oers Geerllngs and Huizenga accomof a boat celebrated for the Dickenlengthy gains, and had it not been It hat) been discovered t h a t Grape panid by F r a t e r Geerllng's harmonica sions. The Aletheana followed with a Nuts have other uses t h a n breakfast for t h e aerial g a m e it Is doubted and guitar. After a brief time was "Spirit of '76" squad and the Addison- food. Again we refer to Voorhees. w h e t h e r she would have score'd more GAINS SIXTH PLACE ON MUDDY spent In games lead by F r a t e r Ritian tank advertised t h a t It would t h a n thirteen points. -oTRACK AT EAST, LANSING chie, the F r a t e r song was sung and crush Kagoo next. All of the c l a s p s Black was easily Kazoo's ace with The latest in neckbands is a permanother a n n u a l Armistice party was paraded with their banner and the Davis and Reedy not f a r behind. J a p listed In F r a t e r n a l records. Seniors appeared swinging their anent green. Yellow is forecasted for With the crack of the gun the best inga and Kelzer went best In t h e a cen.i- young man. — o canes. The preparatory school waa r u n n e r s from eight of the largest colHope backfield, while the whole MILESTONE STAFF OF '25 o also represented and the Mellphone leges In Michigan started off to contest Hope line worked against t r e m e n CONGRATULATIONS ENJOYS PARTY AT G. R. dous odds. and Mlnervia . societies presented for honors on the five mile cross*




floats. y Tt.e success of the parade w a i largely due to the college band which appeared in special uniforms of Orange and Rluo. This organization wh'ch started Its work this fall was largely responsible for the unprecedented enthusiasm which t h e student body has displayed at the foot ball celebrations^^— —r—0

T h e Anchor Staff congratulates the iinclerclassiiien for the two editions I hey have put out. At first sight, t h e Frosh p a p e r indicated that the class of '29 was far f r o m being bleached out. But this eonfosslon in the clioice of paer was not siihstantlated by t h e rest of tlieii work. We liked the spirit and the exccution t h a t the edition showed. F o r backgrounds, the second-year men did not feel conipelled to resort to color. The Sophs, edition was full of affairs of Hope. In a year, the nieinbers of tlie class have caag.'it the school spirit and so bi-jviiie t r u e Hopeites.

country track at East Lanaine. Ypslwon





o „ T h u r s d a ^ ^ . the Milestone

secured •dxth place. Kinney was Hope's leader securing fifteenth place. Capt. Klk. who won first place In the eliminations was amonfc the leaders of the race at first and would have accredited himself had :t not been for a fallen arch.

staff of 1 925 celebrated the production „f the 1925 edition by a theater party The fifteen bookmakers drove to , Grand Rapids and enjoyed a real . dinner at the Morton House. After . j u d a 3 neai.ly mn(Je a w a y w i t h a „f c e l e r y i t h e KI,0Up a ( , J o l l r n e ( , t o t h e , ^

When this Infliction came upon him he had to Hit down on a tree stump and calmly watch twenty men go part him. As it was, he got up and ran and finished twenty-fourth. Had Klk been in trim Hope would 1 kely have nosed out Michigan State College. Great ciMlt should be given to our men who won a place even with such strong competition.

Repent to learn w h a t not to do In c a , one Is married. All agreed t h a t the M lestone Job was not so bad a f t e r all The personnel of thp iqok tltji U Cornelius 6 m T Stnff w a s a8 fol|owg: pe r 8 , Chester Yntema, J e a n n e t t e Veld j a m e s Dp p r e e J o h n D e B e l i man, K a t h f y n Kennel Annn T TI S ^ J o h n A I ™ S M '

Last s u m m e r fifty Yale men were employed a t the Ford Motor company plant. They earned about $375 each and obtained valuable training by going through one department a f t e r a n other. They studied Industrial management, sociology and engineering And f u r t h e r , the regular staff The courae was very dimcult beproblems first-hand. The value to the t h a n k s the underclassmen f o r t h e students Is reported by them to have willingness they have shown to m a k e cause of the mud. The Hope men to greatly exceeded their own high ex- a " s t a b at It." and incidentally to give partlc pate in the meet were Cat Klk Kinney. Fleldhouse. Luben, Van Kss,' pectations. t h e regulars a rest. and Cllquennol.

(Conclna.d on P ^ . s) 0

' sni


, 0 f

ale thc

Milestone h a s re" ' « « * publicity. Per-


8tnden,S . ****"* MlnU, B u t . T ' ^ " •" Sny your Iohs . ' * >' P ^ n t In? Sugffostions f r o m t h e i n d e n t s and I r T " ' 0 "1,, ^ 'tIadl,' Peoe,vedh Dt . S!.? " I " ^ ' * ,0 " ^ ^ With the co-opof c lon THE Anchor t h e Annal ' " to flu In t h e * b,a,'k »•'" ^ . P It In t h e

The Auxiliary Staff: R u t h Nlbbel . mk. Sarah Fredericks, Edith Klerk < TTofi n ^ • wmi Pl! J ' Zu. r WI1 am "UKhe8' «* 0 16 an 3 George W r i g h t " ^ ' *



1 W >,,ld


t h e '26 Milestone.




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A. D. D.'S


the rest of such delightful foollshnesb. while serious for t h e m o m e n t and perhaps very condemnable, only go to Published every Wednesday during show t h a t where t h e r e Is Hope t h e r e the collegiate year by t h e Students of Is life. Hope •ollege. J u d g i n g by this past, we won't have Subscription $1.60 Per Year to worry m u c h about the rest of t h e year . Football pep Ks easily conveited STAFF Into basketball and baseball pep and Editor-in-Chief Dwight B. Yntema other varieties needed, perhaps, even AHBo'clftte Editors— more. And when t h e classes can beat Anna Mae Tysse their swords Into plowshares, we mav Nell Van Oostenberg expect some very Intensively cultiD e p a r t m p n t Kdltor* Handrene Schutt Campus Anne Meengs Alumni Kusseil D a m s t r a Sports J o h n De^ell, Peter Wessellnk .Humor Hermlna R e l n h a r t Exchange Kath'ryn Keppel Cam-pusology Aaron Ungersma Questions m.'.n Wlersma.... Statistics Hcporters J a m e s Ten Brink Head Reporter Arlyne H a a n ; H a r r i e t Henneveld; John Mulder; Hester Ossewaarde. Business Gerard C. Pool Business Manager Jacob Klk. Carl Bovenkltk Assts Eliot Weler Subscrption Manager


GALA DAYS " A f t e r pride cometh the f a i r ' ( o r words to t h a t effect) «.1<1 t h e old poet and It seems to apply at H o p e - ^ v e n today. The hats which were awry on worried looking f o r e h e a d s f r o m the scratching for ideas of something both patriotic a n * " H o p o t l c " before, looked cocky during, but hid mortllied eyes a f t e r the a r m i s t i c e - K a l a m a zoo parade. Some buried their sorvated land. rows at t h e annual F r a t party. Oth-oers contented themselves with the OX BWIXO P U N C T T L A L fact t h a t even if we did " c o u n t our T h e r e is an unwritten law in the chickens'" and s k u n k s " b e f o r e they mind of Hopeites which says t h a t were h a t c h e d " we had o u r pleasure tardiness be disregarded. A few of the in the doing of it. Then, again we professors go to t h e trouble to lav reminded t h e townspeople t h a t t h e r e down specific rules stating t h a t cerHtm was a coiiege a m o n g t h e m tain extra work must be done In order T h e F r e s h m e n tried to Instill t h a t a , fViav to remove a trady m a r k . The m a j o r i - iiip'i dpcncr the next dftj h0n idea deeper tne ne 7 ty of the professors, however, a r e toe dnfTpd their ties and caps. Having f .HmMJnir itkind-hearted to punish a tardy per- now no other means of a t t r a c t i n g at • i frtrmt* i t h e son In any other way t h a n t h a t of tpntion their voices informed tnc . . ty,.,* th.a kidding. Now It Is natural t h a t ev- nasserbves on "main street that the Dwkw'a m*. ery student much prefers kidding to "Gang's All Here. er extra outside work as a punishment der we noticed t h a t they all for being tardy. If t h e r e are some who back in chapel on Friday never have been and never will b? T h u r s d a y was t e g a a ^ tardy, p e r h a p s t h e y are In favor of t h e Milestone staff of 2 5 . w h e n t h e 5 levying a heavy p u n i s h m e n t on t a r d - "Met the W i f e " at t h e Regent t h e a t iness, because to t h e m tardiness s e e m s p.. o n i i ate the turkey at t h e Mor, . e T ., most unnecessary. Most people, tnn hotel In Grand Rapids.. L e t s glv1« /-.u • nn,i f n n n l e ' however, a r e t a r d y some time or t h r e e cheers for Chet and Connie. t m e e ^ ^ or other, consequently, t h e m a j o r ! t / R u m o r has it t h a t some of t h e u n desires t h a t the present system of der classmen and girls also rejoiced handling tardiness continue. at t h e " U s t ' c k " last Friday. With a It to to those who are in the habit musical comedy at t h e lecture . ..f of being tardy repeatedly t h a t this ar- musical course, and the last open meeting of •i uoo KAAn ticle is directed. It Is no u n c o m m o n the girls' societies, well this h a s been thing to see the s a m e person t a r d y for •a novel and busy week, n esce p a s . two c l o s e s every day. Occaslonallv o these t a r d y ones a r e excusable but i r usually they are t h e direct result of a delayed chat with a f r i e n d in thc

W h a t are t h e A. D. D's? It's not a little secret society piling up pennies *or ltaelf' n o r a g r o u p of girlS t r y " Ing to m a k e a little money for t h e m selves as some on t h e c a m p u s seem to think. Let us Interret the title A. 13. D . - A t h l e t l c Debt UI B «or. The proceeds f r o m frost bites and Ued Hens and hot dogs don t go to buy UH pretties but to buy sweatees for the teams; basket ball, foot bal, baehall or t r a c k . Ami If a f t e r t h a t t h e r e is still money left it goes toward the athletic f u n d . So don t be a f r a i d to send your s p a r e nickels and dimes into t h e A. D. D. treasury. It s one more t h i n g you can do for Hope. o SKMINARY ADDS TO IIAZKNBURG COU.FX TION contributions to recent * mi^i Hope Museum Is a showcase filled Africa coiwlth flouvenIrs of S o U t h _ letted a n d . presented to T h e Western Theolog cal Seminary by Mrs. Hazen. ^ , berg. The collect on was handed ov11 i e1, t o ^he College Museum and added ^ ^ Hazenberg collection there, on a o c o u n t of t h e b e t t e r fncllltles f o r d;s. p]ny






Carte du Jour An optimist is a man who buys a red-barreled pen for fourfifty, imagining that people will think it's a Parker Duofold.



A Complete Stock of

Collection, given to the Museum PARKER DUOFOLDS MUZIO SeminThenloKlcal • Some people Insist t h a t genius Is and • bern not made while o t h e r s Insist The following books have been r e . . . with equal determination t h a t It Is CONKLIN P E N S cently presented to t h e library of t h e ^ t h e result of environment. Hut in P. ological D e p a r t m e n t : Piemel s Ana*.on sale a t * , ^ Claudia Muzio we have a combinaomy. presented by J e r r y De Vrles of tion of both, t h a t m a k e s an IrrlslstRush Medical School; God or Gorilable personal t y . ' F o r Claudia Muzlo's la, by Dr. Alfred McCann, p r e s c n t e l , family Is one of p r o m i n e n c e In tho by Roelof L a n t l n g of the Medical > musical world. Her f a t h e r and mothSchool of l T . of M. N. E. Cor. 8th St. & River Ave. er were musicians of more than " I t Payi to T r a d e at The Model." average ability, her great aunt, FelIclta Gavlrato, was for m a n y years | the opera Idol of Italy. But besides i this she was from h e r babyhood reared In a musical atmosphere. Her Prof, P a u l E. H l n k a m p h a s been nursery was the painted garden and hall. a member-at-large of PI This reason for being t a r d y Is not "In October sales by Sears Roe- elected the canvas castle of t h e opera platexcusable. If these tardy people con- buck & Co., were $30,374,605, a G a m m a Mu, National Social Science form. Her truly wonderful voice retinue to follow with present practice, it monthly figure not exceeded since the Honor Society. PI G a m m a Mu m e a n s Do you have trouble in ceived the most c a r e f u l training. Her is most certain t h a t before t h e school fall of 1919 when October sales " s t u d e n t s of Social Science' a n d is American debut was m a d e in Decemlooking for a long time at ber 1916 a s Tosca, and she was hail- y e a r is over the faculty shall m a k e amounted to $3:i,3r)6,444S, those of a n organization whowe purpose .s the close w o r k ? Do you sufed as the greatest Tosca since T e r n - and enforce a r u l e for t h e curing of November to $31,351,707 and those encouragement of t h e study of soclefer from headaches, or do of December to $81,127,270." ty and of Aocial problems in t h e light ina. She has since had t r i u m p h a f - this mania of tardiness. you get drowsy a f t e r -o of scientific t r u t h and by m e a n s of If the students desire to win thc ter t r i u m p h In t h e rules of ^ u d a , During October Montgomery Ward scientific methods. P r o f . H l n k a m p reading for a time? If so L* A more du Tre Re, Pagllaccl, Mon- confidence of their fellow s t u d e n t s a .it! favorable recognition from t h e i r proand Co's sales amounted to $21,904.i much pleased with this h o n o r H no Vanna and I^a Prophete. The Consult us about your Eyesight. 8j2. which c a m e as a surprise f r o m t h e fessors they m u s t cultivate t h e habit middle west had Its first opportunity o . oflicials of the society >who have into hear Muzio last season. Now we of being punctual. "As between the two concerns, vestigated his qualifications for t h e are being accorded the r a r e privilege Montgomery Ward and Co. is un- honor. P e r h a p s in t h e f u t u r e a c h a p . OPTOMETRIST of hearing Muzio right in our own doubtedly growing the faster. Last ter of PI G a m m a Mu may be or(Optical Specialist) home town, without any necessity of October was t h e 4r)th consecutive g a n i z e d at Hope composed of students traveling to Chicago or New York to 24 E. 8tb St. Holland, Mich. m o n t h in which their sales were w h o have a t t a ' n e d a high degree of gain a r a r e treat. It Is Indeed so greater t h a n in t h e preceding year, scholarship a n d have distinguished great a privilege t h a t we are fiot Do you know t h a t : Ann Westerhoff has been ill for sev- while It is only the 14th in which tho themselves in social studies. quite a w a k e to w h a t It means. We s a m e could be said of Sears Roebuck 0 must t a k e care lest we allow some- eral days? & Co." Rev. J o h n Wesselink. D. D., waa InHelen Van E s s spent last Saturday thing worth while to pass us by, be—o augurated as President of . Central cause we do not appreciate w h a t is in Grand R a p i d s ? "According to the figures of the College. November 4. Addresses were F r a n k l i n H l n k a m p went to Chicago happening In our midst. F o r Muzio IH not only a wonderful singer In that last Monday to m e e t a f r i e n d — w h o is National Foreign Trade Council t h e given by Rev. William B a n c r o f t Hill, total volume of International t r a d e Is i) t i)>f and Rev. Willard Dayton whe can astound us by her range and she. Cupid? Miss E l k e n h o u t went h o m e for the about what it was the y e a r before tho B 1X)W n. D. D. I n a u g u r a l ceremonies her vocal power, but her voice Is a war. F o r the fiscal year ending J u n e W ere in c h a r g e of Rev. H. M. Bruins. beautiful one as well, warm, sweet week-end ? 15 t h e conclusion of the inaugural, " J i m " and "Bevle" took two of their 30, 1913, total exports of the and caressing with a dramatic qual$15,president delivered his innexv friend* out to Miss Boyd's Sunday a f t - leading nations amounted to ity that captivates every audience. 800,000,000. while for t h e fiscal year augu,..,! address. The services were - Opportunity comes to us often in ernoon ? Helen F e h n e r entertained her girl ending In 1925 they have aggregated j i e | j | n ^ e First R e f o r m e d church unrecognizable forms and It Is gone $15,0X8,000,000—a decrease of only 0 f Peila, Iowa, and at its conclusion before we realize that It has been friends for the w e e k - e n d ? a reception was held in f h e college Mr. Vander Rorgh's car Is st 11 hold- 5 per cent. presented to us. but when It a p p e a r s gymnasium. in such a glorious guise a s Muzio we Ing Its own? The greatest gainer in dollars hay Why did all t h e Voorhees girls h u r cannot blame anyone but ourselves if Thc m a r r i a g e of Miss J e a n e t t e Ten we allow It to slip away uncaptured. ry home from t h e football g a m e last been t h e IT. S. whose exports have shot up from $2,484,018,000 in 1913 Some h u r Brink and Rev. Stanley Schipper, L e f ' s w a k e up ourselves and wake Wednesday a f t e r n o o n ? class of *22 took place October 2S. up the town, and find out before It's ried home to get ready for t h e F r a t e r to $3,243,400,000 in 1925. They will m a k e their home In Allegan too late w h a t m a n n e r of wonder we party and others to attend Helen F e h Percentage Increase In export t r a d e ner's birthday party. Helen had some where Mr. Schipper was installed as have In our midst. from 1913-1915: birthday, as t h e slang phrase goee. The pastor of t h e Reformed church, Oct. o Canada postman deserved his salary and more 30.* SO F A R J a p a n just for bringing In Helen's ma:l t h a t o W h a t is the rest of the school year China 37'/c Rev. Albert Oosterh'of of Chicago t o i n g to be like? A foollsn question day. 35% has accepted a call to the Reformed This week-end Mr. and Mrs. Van Australia —yet a pardonably curious one U. S 30% church at E a s t Overlsel to succeed The one noteworthy achievement cf Donselaar went to Grand Rapids and F r a n c e 24% Rev. A. H. Strabbing. Mr. Oosterhof t h e c u r r e n t year to "football pep". Of left their house In care of Mildred R a 1 Italy I * # is a g r a d u a t e of Hope college and course, like measles It had to cor»i m a k e r , Florence and Mildred Dulmes, India W Western Seminary, and has been ;V sometime—but we are glad It Alice L a m m e r s and Polly Schutt. NatArgetnina " / * minister for 30 years. to • finally h a s come. The team, good urally, they enjoyed themselves 1 ——o o enough on Its own merits, has show-i their heart'"? content. Percentage decrease in export t r a d e Prof. P a u l E H l n k a m p recently The Milestone staff spent last Thursit appreciates s u p p o r t by Its wlll npgave two lectures a t the Women's ness to fight. With two victories, one day n'ght In Grand Rapids. They from 1913-1925: ^4% Literary club. The subjects of his tie, one defeat and one disaster, the made a real night of It! A f t e r a t u r - Russia , G e r m a n y ' 4 7 % lectures were, "Philosophy—What season may be considered successful— kev dinner at t h e Morton House they Holland and Dutch E a s t Indies 47% and W h y . " and "Monism—Pro and IIOLLAND CITY N E W S we like t h e nerve of t h e Athletic asso- adjourned to the Regent and saw Belgium 34% Con." P h o n e 5050 Book and J o b Printers, ciat'on for sche'dullng four home "Meet the W i f e . " Great Britain 6 % % O The girls of t h e E t h ' c s class are goo games. In these figures 1925 exports have Valparaiso University is having a Davidson College. N. C.. Malcalester. ' n e to have a special meeting with The p a r a d e wasn't so bad. was It? been adjusted to 1913 values so as to "gmHe Girl" contest which Is to do- St. Paul. Minn.. W h e a t o n . 111., and Dnrfee. On t h e campus, t h e r e h a s been M and termlne trte co-ed who has the sweet- Hillsdale. Michigan have had a HomeMareraret Fllpse i?ent the week-end m a k e t h e comparison simpler mu^b «rood and nnturallv a lit-

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(Continued f r o m Page 1) MUZIO TO SING



quisitely elegant—from every point One thing for which t h e students of view the modern ideal of an incarnation of Violetta. We must r e a r e Kiatefu) wns the spirit shown by turn to the days of Gemma Belthe people of Holland. There was a lincioni, or, more recently, Rosina large crowd of city people at tho Storchio, to find t e r m s of comparison * game—by f a r the largest t h a t ever for the impersonation of Claudia attended a gridiron contest of the Muzio, although it is personally a n d Ideally diverse. In the a p p a r e n t Orange and Hlue. The folks of Holsimplicity of every utterance of Muzio land liberally mipport our court teams t h e r e is a caress t h a t fascinates one. and now they have shown their will- She never fails to impart t r u t h of acingness to support a football team. tion to the inflection of her singing voice, which almost seems to speak, Although this is the last game on and to the moving appeal of her the schedule, the season was highly glance and the n a t u r a l charm of her successful, and great promise is gesture, she adds the beauty of shown for a 1926 Orange and Blue melody which flows from a throat of E l e v e n . Capt. Damson, Vander Hart, gold. One could write a hymn of triVer Meulen, Esse baggers and Kelzer umph of this interpretation. And are the m e m b e r s of the squad who the brilliant audience of the Colon to have donned the moleHkins of Hope seized every clim«(t*tlc moment for the last time. The first two have shower enthusiastic and deafening a p played consistently for four years, plause upon Muzio. After the . first while Essebaggers and Ver Meulen act, seven or eight curtain calls, t h e have hung up two years of service. audience wanted Muzio alone, and Kelzer Is a new comer on the squad when she appeared alone, It. conbut he showed up very well In the tinued to acclaim her."—I^JI Patrla, last two games. Buenos Aires, J u n e 7, 1!»25. Claudia Muzio, prima donna, f a m Lineup and s u m m a r y : country and Hope Kalamazoo ous throughout this Damson L. K. Watson Europe, was accorded an oviatlon Oowena L. T. Harsch which has seldom, If ever, been givVanderllart L. (J. Prior en an artist In Chattanooga, w h e n Kole C. Oleason she appeared in concert in the MemBeautiful, c h a r m Fell U. O. Ija Crone orial last night. Kssebaggers U. T. Schrier ing in manner, possessing a m a g i a ficent voice which she ably comHill H. K. tfurst VanZantcn Q. 1!. Decker mands, the large audience received Klels L. H. Reedy her with enthusiasm which steadily program Damstra R. H. J . Davis mounted as the brilliant proceeded, each number more comJaplnga F. B. Zelncr Touchdowns: J. Davis, 2; O. Davis, pletely entrancing the audience until Black, Berry; Points a f t e r touch- at the close hundreds of men and women rushed to the orchestra pit downs goals: Black 4 in 5. Substitutions: Kazoo—O. Davis for shouting "brava, brava", and with Watson, Black for Decker, Watson loud handclapping called the star for Hurst, Meulenburg for Watson, back to the stage, where she graciBerry for J . Davis, Iddlebury for ously sang not one, but many songs. The program was varied and the Prior, Brady for U'i Crone; Hope: rendition of the n u m b e r s not only Masselink for Kole, Kelzer for Damstra, M. Peelen for Kssebaggers, De showed the flexibility, strength, and Jcmge for lOsselrnggera, W. Peelen for beauty of the voice, but the artistic temperament of the singer was exFell. Referee: J. Miller, r . of M.; Um- hlblted as she interpreted the t h e m e Claudia pire: R. Conger, l ? . of M.; Head- of the arias and ballads. wide linesman: M. lllnga. Kazoo; Quarters Muzio possesses a voice of range, with resonant, deep tones and 15 minutes. high, clear notes, like the echo cf a beautiful bell. Reserve force back V. W. C. \ . of the voice, giving the Impression of Mrs. Winifred DuiTee, Dean of Wo- never tiring, is noticed immediately men led the V. \V. C. A. meeting, the prima donna opens her lips in Thursday, November 12. Her subject her first song, and the same quality waw "Why Am I Here." Before \ n e is noted at the conclusion of her protalk. Mendelssohn's "Midsummer's gram. On account of this reserve her N ght's D r e a m " was played as a duet force, felt by those who hear by Margery Du Mez and Sarah Lacey. sing, it is predicted that, although great Also. Bible texts relative to the sub- Claudia Muzio has attained ject were read and sentence prayer* triumphs, she is not by any means at the zenith of her career and beoffered. The subject, "Why Am 1 Here," cause of her youth will, in the future, Mrs Durfee said might he approche-l gain new laurels outranking her presfrom many angles: "Why Am 1 ent unqualified success. That the singer has unusual interHere at Y. W," or "Why Am I Her-3 at Hope College," or "Why Am I H e ^ pretative ability and personal magin the World." Kvery one of these netism is evidenced by the fact that questions every girl should ask her- although her program was sung, alself personally. She should remember most entirely in F r e n c h and Italian, that C.od has a plan for everybody, the spirit of the various numbers was even tho His guidance may sometimes caught by the audience, composed of seem miss ng. She should con«ecratO many of Chattanooga's highly eduherself to the service of the Ore it cated musicians, but in the large majGuide, and, do the work she r e ^ ' y ority by people who love music for feels she ought to do, and He had made music's sake and have either forgothex for doing. Then more and moro ten or never acquired fluency In lansh^Kvould feel assured of the divine guages other than English. Muzio was unusually generous with approval of her and her life. encores responding a f t e r t h e first o — The Cambridge University, Eng- number, the Aria, "Rltona Vlncltor" land, d e b a f n g team, consisting of ("Alda") with "Estrallta", arranged M/ssrs. Ramsey, Lloyd and Devlin, Is from the Spanish by F r a n k LaForge. In t h e United States from October 6 All of the encores until the close of to November 23. At the University ol the program were given In Spanish, Chicago and at Hillsdale, they debated French and Italian and were for the to Chatthe subject, "Resolved that the future most part entirely new Following the of t h e h u m a n race depends more upon tanooga audiences. last aria "Mia Plccirella" (Salvator fences than on the arte and huAt t h e University of 111- Rosa) by Gomez, old favorites. In"Flow It was, "Resolved, That this cluding "Long, Long Ago," pities its grandchildren." At Gently, Sweet Afton" and " T h e Lilac i l i t B ' Mlll ken University the sub- Tree", were given. was, "Resolved ,That this house is * One of the most c h a r m i n g and opposed to the principle of prohlbi- gracious things the prima donna did during the evening was to repeat 'tlon." The subject f o r debate at the "The Cuckoo" by L e h m a n n . When ^ M t o A n » 8 t a t e College was, "Resolvthe song waa first sung t h e singer f S T O a l Democracy Is a Failure."

was Interrupted by r u d e hand-clapping before the number was finished. As this song has been sung on other occasions in Chattanooga and as It could be plainly seen t h a t the number was not concluded, t h e untimely handclapping was a breach of good taste. However, Mpzlo proceeded to the close of the song and when recalled graciously s a n g the number through again much to the pleasure and admiration of the thousands of people who had not been guilty of bad manners. Muzio Is not only gracious and generous when appearing before her audiences, but she is kind and considerate of those whom she meets off stage. Pleased with her reception In Chattanooga she declared after the performance last night it was her earnest desire to return at an early date. Large numbers of ardent admirers rushed to greet her back of stage and with charming friendliness she met them all and autographed their programs as requested. —o-


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leader showed t h a t


in the colleges

and especially in the larger universities of our country religious faith was more



be weakened


strengthened. General statistics were quoted to support this stand. The leader then brought out the point t h a t the weakening of religious faith in our colleges was due mostly to individualism and specialization, a f t e r which he showed that this faith could he regenerated by taking religion, the cause of more history than any other one thing in the world, and giving it the place it deserves In our college and university curricula. An interesting general discussion followed "Tubby's" talk. It was clearly brought out that one of the best instruments for strengthening religious faith In colleges was a Godfearing faculty. A short plea for subscribers for the "Collegiate", a paper published for students who are interested in the Christian work of our colleges, was made by Roy Nattress. The meeting closed after the singing of "Blest Be The Tie That Binds'" and the pronouncement of the benediction.



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