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OffidoMHiblication of the Studenta of Hope College at Holland

A r m y T r a i n i n g Contingent •

Brought To Full S t r e n g t h

Vesper Service to Be Held on Sunday

Novemobar 10, 1 9 4 3

Seniors Honored by College Who's Who

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A Vesper Service will be held in the chapel on November 14 a t With the arrival of the last four p. m. The program will incontingent of men from the French Club Will Have clude two organ solos, "Jagged various basic training centers Peaks" by Clakey played by Marge and star units to which they Formal initiation Friesma; and a Bach Chorale, " 0 were previously assigned, the Formal initiation of new mem- Man, Bewail Thy Grievous Fall," group of A.S.T.P. soldiers at bers is in order a t French Club by Anna Ruth Poppen. The Girls' Glee Club will sing two numbers, Hope college has been brought this evening. The biographies of twelve A reorganization meeting of Pa "Prayer for Peace" and "Thou God outstanding Hope seniors will to full strength. The whole program will follow a of All Nations." " 0 Praise Ye" e t t e and Masque was held Wednes be included in the annual 252 in Group day, November 2nd. Elections of serious vein of thought with Con- will be rendered by the Chapel WHO'S W H O AMONG STUoirtcers was held. The executive The unit was originally to nie Crawford giving a news report Choir. Betty Fuller will give a DENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES committee includes J o Fitz, presi have numbered 253, but one on France Today and M I R K Lichty harp solo, "Adagio Cantaible" by AND UNIVERSITIES publication dent; Ev Schiffner, vice president of the men obtained an ap- speaking on the French Under- Beethoven. She will be accompaand co-secretary-treasurer, Audrey it was announced this week by nied by Miss Burrows. The piano pointment to the dental school ground Movement. Miss Burrows Scott, with Miss Metta J . Ross act H. Pettus Randall, editor. solo, "Etude in Bb" by Liszt, will be at Ann Arbor and has left to will sing and Jan Bogart will lead played by Frieda Grote. Those selected for the honor ing as faculty adviser. group singing. are Vivian Tardiff, Mary take up his studies there in a There will be vocal solos by Rose At this meeting the aims of the Blair, Norma Lemmer, Lois Refreshments are to be served Winstrom and Louis Vande Bunte. similar army unit. There will club, and plans for f u t u r e meetings Hinkamp, Rose Winstrom, were drawn up. be 152 men assigned to term- after the intellectual portion of the An organ and piano duet, "Ave MaMarge Emery, Melba Dings, evening is over. ria," by Schubert, will also be inThe main project of the year is one work in basic engineering O Dorothy W i c h e r s , Marge cluded on the program. B e t t y Introducing Rose W i n s t r o m , to present a t least one good one-act and 100 men will begin term Friesma. George Claver, HarVan Lente will be at the piano and play for the public and it is hoped Queen of Hope's Campus. Rose is land Steele,and Roger Koeppe. two of a more advanced naMarge Friesma at the organ. a Michigan girl, bom in Flint, and that a three-act play can also be FACULTY COMMITTEE ture. now lives in Zeeland. A f t e r gradu- produced before the end of the year. Nominations for selection were The Hope college unit has been could be added to Hope's collection ation this June she hopes to teach Under the guiding hand of Miss made by the college registrar. organized on the cadet system of "best." He was accompanied by physical education and has taught Ross the members are planning to Professor Thomas E. Welmers in which means that the students will gym classes here on campus. Myra Kleis. buy a textbook of the Stage and consultation with other members be under the charge of officers seAs her look of glowing health inPvt. Cox played popular songs Combined Efforts of begin a real workshop. These pros of the administration on the basis lected from their own number. Opdicates, Rose is an athlete and was on his trumpet accompanied by pective "Ham"lets are planning to of character, scholarship, leaderportunity will be given each of the Army and Civilians Make awarded the "Jack Schouten medal" Pvt. Adams. The Three Stooges, men to act as an officer of some for high athletic attainment her form small companies willing to ship. in extra-curricular activities, Pvt. Bridgwater, Pvt. Tinker, and sort during the time they are on Bang-Up Time sophomore year. She enjoys bas- present productions to the group and potentiality for f u t u r e usefulPvt. Wilson, wove a laughing path the campus. For the present, temketball, volleyball, track, bowling in the near future. ness to business and society. Only At 8:30 on November 6, the through the whole p r o g r a m . With the quality and quantity seniors graduating in June, 1944, porary officers have been appointed — all kinds of sports and plays Boogie-Woogie was upheld by Pvt. until such time as selections can Gym of the college held an enwith a vib. W.A.A. claims her as of enthusiasm shown at this meet were eligible. Heasdel at the piano. Finally a prexy. ing we can all look forward to ask be made on the basis of ability and thusiastic group of "partyThe purpose for the national black-face skit in which Pvt. Black ing some member for "two re publication is to serve as an outmerit. To the musical life of this camgoers," interested in seeing and Pvt. Wilson hoed their way served seats in the center, please standing honor in which deserving Capt. Morgan what a joint effort of army through the corn finished the pro- pus, Rose has made many contrib- real soon. Capt. Homer L. Morgan heads utions through her beautiful singstudents, a f t e r displaying merit in and college would produce. gram. the administrative staff as Coming voice. She is a member of the college and accomplishitg their Refreshments Served The p o p u l a r New York manding officer and is aided by Glee Club Sextet, Chapel Choir, goals, may be given recognition However, that wasn't the end of First Lieut. Laurence S. Reed of stage show "Hellzapoppin'" musical Arts, and president of without having to pay some fee the fun. A.D.D. and W.A.L. served Glee Club. Johnstown, Pa., as executive offi- was used as an elastic theme and to establish a reference volume refreshments. It goes without saycer, Second Lieut. John E. Moore which would and did allow for A very v e r s a t i l e p e r s o n of authoiitive information on the ing that both college and Army of Troy, N. Y., as adjutant. First "Queenie" also holds the office of great body of America's leading deviation from the regular went for this. October 16 found Elmendorf Sgt .Leslie M. Parrish of Winfall, Who produced such a master- secretary of W.A.L., secretary- Chapel, New York City, the scene college students. trend of programs. For their Ind., Tech. Fourth Grade Richard piece? Pvt. Ernie Black organized treasurer of English majors, and of the military wedding of two F R E E PLACEMENT BUREAU W. Hintz of South Bend, Ind., Pfc. part the college offered an hithe Army; Alcor and Blue Key president of Delta Phi sorority. former Hopeites, Ensign Lorraine Albert Gorchoff of Chicago, Pfc. larious rendition of the meloIn her free minutes Rose says, One of the services of Who's Who headed the college group. Timmer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Earl W. Hill of Genesee, Pvt. Wil- drama, "Little Nell." J a n e "I knit." She also likes to listen to is a f r e e placement bureau which The men of the campus had John Timmer of Muskegon, anc liam Hovenga, Jr., of Holland, and aims to help students bridge the Waldbillig, Helen Wilhelm, charge of the Gym. Of course, the good music, but doesn't care to Lieutenant Fred Bertsch, son Pvt. John S. Huwiler of Grosse Harriet Maatman and Shirley Frosh were assigned "cleaning up." sing in opera. Her ambition is to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bertsch, Park span between college and the world Pointe Farms. "be the best of whatever I can be," of business. The publication office Road, Holland, Michigan. The detachment has representa- Otteman were Pa, Little Nell, which is like Rose who is known The Rev. Arthur Boynton offici maintains a detailed file of stutives from all parts of the United Constibule, and villain, refor her modesty and friendliness. ated. Nancy Boynton, L o m e ' s dents' records to which all business States, including some Alabama spectively. Miss Burrows sang " y " NEWS Teaching may be her profession, roommate at Hope, was bridesman concerns in the United States and boys who have never seen snow. but Elkie Milenberg is the lucky her Klara Kluck o p e r a , or In addition, and Charles Daniel Bertsch, broth Canada may refer. They were sent to Holland from SENIORS LEAD YW man she's "pinned to," and we'll students selected for the publicaburlesque chicken opera. Hope er of the groom, acted as best man Camp McCIellan, Ala., Camp FanThe YW meeting led by the Sen- bet she won't grow a long gray Both bride and groom were in uni tion may indicate their preference non, Tex., Camp Hood, Tex., Uni- also claimed Cpl. John Kleis' iors last night was the first in a beard teaching school. for the firms with which they form. versity of Mississippi, Sacramento ability to lead a song-fest. Her likes and dislikes are few. series of class meetings. The theme A f t e r the wedding, a reception would like to be affiliated and the Junior college in Sacramento, Cal., On the Beam for the senior meeting was based She hates to have her picture taken for friends was given a t the Boyn- placement bureau sends his comChaffee J u n i o r college and the As everybody expected Cpl. on the development of the Y tri- (and they're so hard to find; Elkie ton home. Later in the evening, a plete record there. The service is University of Michigan. Kleis lived up to his past rep- angle — Body, Mind, and Spirit. has 'em all!), poor posture, and few friends were entertained a t the already planning to help selected Persis Parker led the group with thinks that it's awful to have to students who enter the armed utation and a rousing sing was the Hotel New Yorker. devotions and singing. Special mu- "sit here and tell the activities SENIORS AND FROSH forces re-adjust themselves to outcome. The switchboard operaThe bride, an Ensign in the sic was presented by a senior trio you've been in." She likes "most The annual Senior-Freshcivilian life a f t e r the war. tor in the monologue turned out to composed of Dorothy Wichers, El- things to eat," and the Christmas- WAVES, is stationed in Washingman Tea will be held in the be none other than Rose "O'Day" len Jane Kooiker, and Rose Win- New Year's season with all its ton, D.C., and is assigned to Comhome of Dr. and Mrs. Wynand Seith, fresh from Brooklyn. munications. strom. Fritzi Colenbrander spoke carols and spirit. Wichers on Friday, NovemThe Glee Club Sextet sang two —tlose Winstrom, Queen of our on the development of the Body, The groom has been home f o r ber 19, from thaee to six numbers, "Smoke Gets in Y o u r ten days. While here, he enjoyec Barbara Reed on the development Campus, long may she reign! o'clock in the afternoon. The Eyes" and "Make Believe" in their -o . the thrills of hunting by bagging of the Mind, and Norma Lemmer tea is sponsored by Hope usual polished style. A riotous oppresented the development of the College Faculty and their German Club Theme Is nve pheasants and one r a b b i t He Alpha Chi is planning to have eration was performed by O w e n Spirit. left Thursday, November 4, for the a meeting this week to discuss rewives. Every senior and Koeppe, and Carl Koenig as Hiro"Autumn in Germany" east, where he is awaiting f u r t h e r organization. Mr. B a s t , faculty every freshman is invited to hito and Hitler with "Musilini" De The German Club meeting is assignment. adviser, has been investigating the attend. Neve the victmi. This completed BRANDLI SPEAKS TO YM scheduled f o r seven-thirty tonight Both Lorrie and Fritz were out- number of pre-sem students enthe college contribution. Wilbur Brandli addressed the in the Thesaurian Room. standing while on Hope's campus. rolled and he feels that a moderSince "everybody" included the YMCA last night. He based his Spike Sawitzky will be in charge J u s t a few of L o m e ' s activities ately small but very active group Army, it should be said t h a t their talk on Delinquency, tying it up of the program, assisted by Mitzi and honors were Alcor, Anchor may be formed of the remaining half of the program went over one with his summer experiences a t the Bode and Audrey Scott. The theme Editor-in-Chief, member and pres- pre-sem students on campus. hundred per cent. It was agreed by Ford Republic. Wes Dykstra led of the meeting is Autumn in Gerident of Sibylline and All-College A good example of the aim of all who heard the vocal solos, the opening song service. Special many. Group singing of German Three outstanding freshmen reWho's Who. Fritz was also Anchor Alpha Chi was written in the Mileceived "citations" at the Student "Without a Song" and "Lindy Lou" music for the evening was a vocal folk songs and refreshments will Editor-in-Chief, president of Blue stone of 1943: Council meeting last week Tues- sung by Pvt. Roy Berry, that they solo by Dick Vriesman. close the meeting. Key and made Senior Honor Roll. The student f o r the Christian day; for grave disregard of initiaministry in the chaotic world of totion rules, Eleanor Holleman, Betty day and the even more chaotic Van Lente, and Lou Vande Bunte world of tomorrow is faced with were awarded green "campaign ribmany problems. To aid f u t u r e minbons" to be worn on their "pots" Carnegie Gym "ain't what it set up a canteen to service the | Lucius who must keep things rollLouie Mandnelll transport the sters in overcoming practical probfor the remainder of the subordina- used to be!" "sweet-tooth" needs of the soldier jin® smoothly and be sure the sol- food from the kitchen. ems of ministry and thus to make tion period. As a warning to all a 0 tieir spiritual service more effecUnder the direction of E. Paul as well as his personal necessities. { ^ ' e r 8 P a 8 8 ' n " ^ t e d time — Manciaelli Busy frosh. President Steele says, "Any12 seconds f o r each soldier. tive, Alpha Chi, or the Messengers one who has trouble keeping his McLean, formerly psychology-soci- This is operated by "Duff" Wade, When M a n c i n e 11 i eats and of Christ, hear addresses and disFive Co-eds pot on at any time will be gladly ology professor here, the gym has of the Wade Drug stores, with the Five co-eds do most of the dish- breathes is a question. When not cussions relating to the professional supplied with a green string for been transferred into the mess hall aid of the Alcor girls. ing-out of food. If Rose Winstrom in the transport command, he is life and problems of the ministry." that purpose by the Council." for the men and officers of Hope's Of course, in any mess hall the is "slinging the hash," Pinx Mulder first assistant to Russ Kraay, chief Anyone wishing f u r t h e r informaOf more importance were various A.S.T.P. u n i t College employees most important item is the mess will undoubtedly be topping it with of the pot-washing division. The tion concerning Alpha Chi may see other activities taken over by the and student workers have trans- (food to you). Headed by Mr. Mcthe gravy and pushing you along to other side of the washing division Rev. Bast. Council. Under its sponsorship was formed the familiar interior into a Lean, a staff of twenty people, colJ u n e Pyle to get your vegetables. is held down by three men in the the Community Chest drive, which much different scene. lege students and otherwise, serv- Joan Droppers (minus green) will gym basement The set-up is at English Majors Will was successfully completed last The wooden stage elevator and ices the soldiers. always have a delicious salad f o r the bottom of a dumb waiter which week. Another major issue was most of the stage trimmings have Kitchen boss and dietician is your tray, and you can depend on Discuss "China" Tonight D I C K Hine pulls up and down, actarmy representation; it was decid- given way to cafeteria steam Mrs. Francis Birthisel (the P r a t Eleanor Davis foij a good desert. ing as go-between from the pile At seven-thirty this evening, at ed that the army students were to tables, refrigerators, pantries and er's Aunty B.) who produces the Not to be outdone by the women, of dirty trays to the stack of clean Miss Rosa' home the English Mahave their own representatives in a "help" table which atoiris in the menu items with the help of Mrs. f o u r men also aid on "the line." ones. The washing is done by a jors' Club will hold its monthly the Council and thus also have a center of the stage. From this Davis, former Emmy house-mothGeorge Claver spends his time power dish-washing m a c h i n e meeting. voice in the affairs of Hope. Also, point, one can view the many tables er, and Weldon Hutchison. The latmaking coffee and hoping you will "driven" by Harland Steele, who China is the theme of the prothe date of the traditional "burn- and benches which now cover the ter is an able negro cook from take milk. When Joe DeNeve is not supplies Everett Pickse and Syl gram, in keeping with the all-year ing of the green" was set; on De- old basketball floor. The arrange- North Carolina, former assistant setting out doughnuts or cereal, he Scorza with all the dishes they program scheme of The United cember 11 the freshmen's "purga- ment is divided into five rows, one chef a t the Castle Hotel. is getting the bread row set up so can dry. Nations Contributions to W o r l d torial period" will come to a close. for each platton, with the section Cafetnia Style t h a t Ralph Sanford can stand Probably the most widely worked Civilization. Beginning as of late, all announce- cadet officer seated at the head From the kitchen, the food is guard, seeing that yo« take only man is Stu Poel who does a little Fritzi Jonkman will give a paper ments made by Dr. Wichers in of the row. Two larger tables in placed on the cafeteria line where two slices. This is, of coune, after of everything but pays most of on The Contributions of Confuchapel will be posted f o r refer- the front of these groups seat the It is picked up by the aoldlers who he has poured hfs fruit Juices Into his attention to the storage depart- cianism, June Pyle a book review ence; this practice was designed commanding officer, his staff and pass by with their small metal convenient little paper cope. Then, ment as its goods are dispensed of Lin Yutang's book, The Imporas a student aid, and, under Owen other cadet and personnel officers. trays which have segregated sectoo, Harold Schuller is always for kitchen use. tance of Living, and Anna Ruth Koeppe's management, it should Canteen Installed tions for each individual item. Stu- hanging around to "spell" someone Carnegie gym "aint what it used Poppen a demonstration of Chiprove valuable. In the rear of the gym has been dent overseer of "the line" is John whose arm is tired and to help to be!" muaic.

P. & M. Players Plan Big Evenfs

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Ail-Around Ability

Rose Winstrom

College Mixer

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Former ANCHOR Editors Married

Alpha Chi Plans to Continue Meetings

Council Enforces "Bis Stick" Policy

A.S.T.P. Causes Changes in Carnegie Gym


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Hop* CdUg* Anchor

Hope College flBchor Member

"Ugh" Means Good Morning; Chivalry

Associated Golediale Press

Here it is Wednesday again, and you know what that means - - five ROGER KOEPPE 1 prj i^'nTTnRQ classes, one free hour! Wouldn't MARY BLAIR } CO-EDITORS it be nice if the weeks had only Tuesdays and Thursdays ? Alas and Melba L. Dings .T. ^..Business Manager a-hag, what is to become of me? Surely this isn't a groove in rut's clothing. . STAFF Just to show you that the Army Associate Editors Connie Crawford, Helen Wilhelm comes first, VV gals have no cause Feature Editor Rose Seith to worry about the shortage of Society Editor Marie, Jenkins alarm clocks. Every 7 a. m. the "Camp to Campus" Editor.. Evelyn Shiflfner soljers from across the way go Typists Ruth Joldersma, Barbara Van Raalte cadence-counting up to chow — Circulation Manager.. Elaine Scholten h u p-h o o p-h ep -horp, 1-2-3-phew Assistant Business Manager Peggy Cross phew. Then comes the faral column right when the command "harch" floats right up into the Publiibed every two w**kt during th* •chool jr*«r by Ih* tiudanU of Hop* ColUg*. E n u r e d M Mcond d u a matter a t th* port offlo* of Holland. Miehifan, a t epaeUl rata rooms of the sleeping ( ? ) beauties of poctage provided for in Mction 1108 of Act of Congr*M. October S. 1917, and (!) with sech gusto that it usually authoriied October 19. 1918. blows the blankets right off their beds. Mail subscriptions, one dollar per year a Ugh" Address — The Anchor, Hope College, Holland, Michigan Telephone 9436 Follows much scurrying around to be at breakfast at 7:14^ so PRINTED AT OLD N E W S PRINTERY you can save a seat for your roommate. No one utters a word at the table. "Ugh" means good morning, pass the toast, may I be excused, etc. There is an old saying that "All is fair in love and war." Eight bells and all's not well. My This is more truth than fiction but must be qualified. We roommate "snatches me by the don't want to make the qualifications but we would like to ha-ah" and drags me off to chapel, my coat and books trailing behind. make a few observations and then ask a few questions. It's a mad race down the aisle and Murray Snow usually makes it. I Last year there were a goodly number of Hope girls who live for the fatal day that Rev. had frat pins or diamonds or who were "going steady" with Henry pulls the curtains too soon fellows off the campus. To the best of our knowledge, ALL and Mil Vander Linden gets caught of these girls accepted dates to such all-college functions in the middle. Then comes the as the Mayday Banquet; MANY of these girls accepted occa- struggle to climb over all the peosional dates to avoid "boredom"; NONE of them consistently ple into my seat and fill in the XVi inches left for me. dated the same fellow over a period of weeks or months. Some Engineer Wanted even preached quite vociferously about the merits of being It's a fine thing when the speak"true." As f a r as we are concerned, and this isn't Mr. er bellows so loud you can't even study or sleep. Why doesn't someAnthony, everything was as it should have been. one besides Dick Hine complain However, we don't choose to argue the relative faults or about the bad lighting? Audrey merits of last year's "system." We would like to ask why Scott is working on a project — serving individual candles as you the sudden arrival of 250 well-filled uniforms should sud- come in. But how can you do that denly change the "system?" Why didn't the 250 civilian and prop your eyes open with sixfellows who were at Hope last year rate the same "chance" inch rulers both at the same time. or "opportunity" as the 250 army fellows who are at Hope After two years Jo Fitz is still this year? Since when has a uniform changed a person? waiting coyly at her seat so she can just happen along at the same Does a khaki pants either add to or detract from anyone's time Len does. personality or character? Certainly if it does, it shouldn't! First hour — ah, yes! It's bad enuff to have to be up first hour, When standards are changed to meet occasions rather but when you have a class and than occasions changed to meet standards, then we have have to listen to Martha Felton hypocrisy. Either last year's "system" is right, or this year's arguing in Spanish with Mrs. Prins is, or neither is. But, both can't be right! We don't choose — yeow! Somebody suggested we award La Senorita the purple to decide but we are convinced that whether a man is dressed heart for her patience with certain in khaki or blue serge has absolutely nothing to do with it. individuals. Nor does any so-called "patriotic duty." Mail Next Then comes the mad dash to the All is NOT fair in love and war because human hearts are dorm to get the mail. Course, you involved. Individuals must decide for themselves what is find the rest of the gals sitting defair and what isn't. If what is unfair one year becomes fair jectedly on the bottom step, while the next, someone is bound to get hurt. Again we ask, "Do the two elected spotters report the progress of our friend the postman. clothes mean so much?" At this point he is exchanging morning chatter with Mrs. Van Jones across the street. The only alternative is to wait till you hear Concerning our Mission Drive of last spring. Miss Gibbs has the bell in the science building and then tear back to Van Raalte, race recently received a letter from Zilda Heusinkveld, acting princiup the squeaky steps, and try to pal of Annville Institute. The letters follows: sneak into your second hour class. With "hem!" from Prof. De October 11, 1943. Graaf and glares from your felDear Miss Gibbs: low classmates, you settle back in The books on the list which you sent have arrived and they

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all check. Two more books came in this morning's mail — "A Day in Old Rome," — Davis and "Autobiography of Earth" by Bradley. The Fast two were not included on the list but they also came from McClure & Co. Our library is attracting a good deal of attention in the community. During the summer the walls were redecorated. That led us into an awful mess for the walls had had several coats of calcimine which had to be washed off before the work of painting could begin. Now the walls are painted a mist blue and the woodwork has all been sanded and refinished. The old book shelves were replaced temporarily and new ones will be^built when the weather will halt the outdoor work. Since we have had such a nice variety of reference material added, I think it might be well to use any remaining funds for fiction. There are many calls for some of the newer books which we do not have. "For Whom the Bells Toll" and "How Green Was My Valley" and others of this type have been asked for. 1 have sent out boxes of books to twenty-five rural schools to supplement their reading. During the summer I made up the boxes of twenty-five books to a box, and we keep them circulating. We get a great number of children's books and do not need more of that type. I am telling you this so you can see how much the library means to the communities about as well as to our students. A project is underway now to reach children in the districts where teachers could not be secured. Attending to the needs of the library as well as teaching five subjects and doing the work of the principal fills my days more than full, and if I am not as prompt as I should be in giving you reports you perhaps can understand. Thank you so much for your interest and help in building our library. Sincerely yours, ZILDA R. HEUSINKVELD.

7 6

Isn't Dead; Have You Read Your Mail? your second row seat and the first blunder is to drop all your books on the floor. You smile weakly at "Mr." Vanden Berg, who unwillingly stoops to recover them, only to bump heads with Roger Patterson who tries to beat him to the draw. Chivalry is not dead. Coat Removing After listening to enuff to find the subject of today's lecture, no. 17%, you decide it's much too warm and set about to remove your coat. Both your neighbors jump to alertness and give a yank so hard you're sure your arm went right along with the sleeve. Then you settle down to watch the army play football out on the practice field and only by the steady drone of the Prof's voice. But this ecstacy lasts only a few minutes; prof decides to pull down all the shades and put on the lights. Now what? You can usually struggle through the ordeal of trying to read your' mail in class. Course, it's a good thing you haven't any today, cuz J a n Bogart, who sits in front of you, is absent. So you open your notebook and proceed to fill a page with your best Wednesday doodles. Just as you're dozing off the clang of the bell makes you jump right out of the seat, grab your books, and run into the hall before you realize class hasn't yet been dismissed.

A n AaSaTaPa Fellow Keeps

Correspondence With " J o e " Dear Joe: You wanted me to keep you up on my adventures or, to be more exact, my lack of adventures. Here goes a new chapter. It all started out as a rumor. Even after we'd been given tags marked " H o p e College" to tie on our barracks bags, there were still some diehards who insisted the whole thing was a rumor. And where are they now? Texas A. and M. Life here is wonderful. Nothing like — oops — we're under strict orders not to mention the name of that nasty place. Anyway, we get up at 6:45 with breakfast shortly afterwards. "I'm not going to repeat menus. You'd desert from the Navy, and they'd get me for giving aid and abetment. After breakfast we march to two hours of something called "Math Refresher." That name, is very misleading. How can I be refreshed

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Twins Mil and Mae are extremely partial to \ e Olde Commons Room lately. Those squishy chairs are comfortable, and then, too — Mae feels at home there on account of the furnishings once graced the halls of yonder frat. (Yup — Ray was a Cosmo.) Dr. Vergeer is in dire need of advice from somebody. The problem of teaching Ruth Ellison the difference between a Private and a Corpuscle is ever more difficult. Overheard at the All-College and You-know-what M i x e r : "Aren't yo* all downright happy to be unwal I flowered?" And jeeps! — weall sho'nuff are! And this is sho 'nuff all the penorama through the courtesy of your Tattler this issue! S'long.

Ebelink's Flower Shop F.T.D. Service

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on stuff I've never seen before? The G.I. bookies are giving 5-3 odds that at the rate we're going, we'll have completed over half our course just by being refreshed. Other interesting items are the co-eds on the campus. Why they call them co-eds is beyond me. Except for us A.S.T.P.'s there's practically no one for them to be "co" with. In the afternoon we work out in a Physical Training period of about an hour and a half. That's all there is to the day. Irving Berlin must be wrong — "This Can't Be the Army." Really though, the most alluring thing about this place is Sunday. There's so much to do. You can go to church, eat, nap, write letters, take a long walk, study (how did that get in here?), go home or to a nearby city, read, windowshop, or listen to the radio — in general, a thrill-packed day. Your pal, . ABBEY.


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Your faithful old Tattler has really been1 Tattlering this week, so here we go with a yo ho ho and Wasn't Freida's recital wonder- a bottle of coke! f u l ? She did a beautiful piece of work and we sure are proud of One of the grade A duets around her. campus these days was Rosie and Our November Muscial Arts Club meeting is but a week off. Ellen her favorite Lieutenant. Mutterings Jane Kooiker is in charge of the from an ASTPer — minus — program and reports that D i c k chevrons: "Doggone! Everywhere Vriesman will sing, Betty Van I'm outranked. Maybe I'm just Lente will preside at the piano, the rank." sextet will give us a song fest, and Jeff will play his violin. Maxine But evidently this observation is Den Herder is writing the music off-center, 'cuz all the twosomes paper. Invitations have been sent out indicate that these "nawthem" cuto new members and for their ben- ties find them very unboring. Some efit — we meet the third Wednes- little fudge-face at Voorhees must day of every month. Don't forget have built a better mousetrap, or — the 17th! is mantrap more fitting? The Bell The Music Department, I hear say, is still haunting the Bible de- Wonder in Van Vleck is a busypartment. If we get any more item, too, as that G-I Dixie lad grey hairs over where we can pours delicious honey-chile words carry on our musical operations — into Janey Waldbillig's willing ear. we'll look like our great grandAnd the Bilkert twins are the proud mothers. In closing I'd like to report that owners of a b u z z e r that never the only singing Mr. Cavanaugh is sleeps! With "sojers" manning the doing these days is yelling gun- magic button, of course. Also — nery commands at his crew. He Doris Frederick's log book reads, says he's sure his "Commence Fir- "Sighted s o l d i e r , side-tracked ing" could split the new chapel same." curtain right down the middle! P.S. — The Vespers Sunday — The possibility of "figger" woes Be sure to come. looms in P i n x Mulder's future. Feeding the face a la army fodder is dangerous. • Each bean is so terribly alive and appetizing, and every meal is so definitely scaled to a husky appetite.

demands smartness, beauty and fine quality. You'll find them all in GeaaU*

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Q. Are MBaby Bonds** still avail* able? A. No. They have been succeeded by Series E War Bonds, the terms of which are substantially the same. Q. In what denominations are Series E Bonds available? A. They are issued in denominations of - $25, $50. $100, $500, and $1,000 ( m a t a r i t y value). Q. How may I keep Stamps while I am accumulating them?

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Delphi "Vergadering" at 7:30 last Friday night, Nov. 5, introduced a lot of new talent. After the regular business meeting, Delphi sisters swung into step and marched straight to Holland, under the leadership of Jayne Smies and Velma Glewen, co-chairmen. The programs were made up in Delphi's traditional gold and blue and were in the form of a tiny Dutch shoe. Upon our arrival in Holland, amid the atmosphere of big red and yellow tulips, noisy wooden shoes and trim, painted windmills, the meeting began with "Eredienst Oefeninger," Dot Kooiker's reading of the 24th Psalm and Jeanne Cann's s i n g i n g of the Lord's Prayer, accompanied by Marge Emery at the piano. Irene Lundie's "Zevaarwegend," "Occupied Holland" gave everyone food for thought. Delphi was surprised and-proud to discover one true Dutchman in its midst, when Joyce Van Oss honored the meeting with several nursery rhymes given in the tongue of her fatherland. Delphi sisters were glad to bid welcome to Betty Ten Have as she rendered a few Tulip Time festival dance steps, dressed in true Dutch costume from the top of her real Lutch cap to the toes of her wooden shoes. The meeting closed with everyone sjnging the Delphi song. SIBYLLINE "And so they were married." Who? Lots of people in general, but Lorrie Timmer and Fritz Bertsch in particular. Sib's Friday night meeting was in honor of this big event in the life of one of its alumnae. After Jean de Ruiter led devotions, Fritz Colenbrander expounded her ideas on War Marriages in a serious paper which delt with thoughts prevalent in our minds these days. Appropriate music in the form of " 0 Promise Me" was sung by Betty Christie. To change the atmosphere from the serious to the lighter, "Shirl" Otteman took the floor to read her "NavyWoe-Is-Me-Blues" which turned out to be a mixture of slightly off the wave-length poetry and prose. Before the wedding reception there's always a wedding. Friday night was no exception. Amid the usual wailing, scattering of flowers, and blushing bride — a mock wedding took place; so that there was sufficient cause, aside from the real wedding being celebrated, to become enthusiastic about the inviting food of the reception which followed. The Sophs of the society received their first big thrill of the semester in watching the trays of empty glasses slide out of the room in the hands of the Freshmen.


A review of "Mail Through the Ages" was humorously presented by Jan Bogart, Inc. Aiding in the skif was Mary Liz Aldrich as a Greek messenger c a r r y i n g on winged feet an ancient communication. Milly Scholten was garbed in appropriate costume and came galloping in as the "pony express," and Nat ("The silver-winged monotone") Bosman represented a crippled postal employe who had just completed mail deliveries at Voorhees. Following a critic's report by Viv Tardiff, Sorosites all joined in the singing of the sorority songs. The previous week's meeting carried out the seasonal Hallowe'en theme with Elsie Parsons in charge. Spooks, pumpkins and black cats on a harvest moon listed Elsie's devotions as "Spirit Moves." Betty De Vries presented a paper on the origin and history of the weird festival and Viv Tardiff illustrated her news report with a colored map of the world battlefronts. Entertaining with a humorous duet were Hayseeds Norma Lemmer and Dotty Wick who sang "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," as a lovers' moonlight serenade. f Laughs of "ghoulish glee" greeted Rosie Atkins' rib-tickling jingles about her sorority sisters' fates. The tombstone rhymes, enough to turn any spook in his grave, were followed by Phyl Pelgrim's critic's report and the songs. Guests at the meetings the last two weeks have been Alumnae Virginia Kooiker and Anne Timmer, and "Aunty B."

At the time when the lavender of the western sky, and the gold of the setting sun faded into the deepness of the night, Dorian was elevated to the heights of a star. The star of guidance, Gertrude Maasen, stepped forward to offer a bit of reverence to the atmosphere in the form of scripture and prayer. As she faded into the darkness, the star of music, Helen Van Dyke, appeared on the scene singing "Stars in My Eyes." Gracefully she gave way to the star of wisdom, Edith Wolbrink, whose serious paper invoked memories of the bright star upon which we fix our gaze and in which we harbor our hopes for the future. Stars of amusement, Bunny Goff, Gertrude Maasen, Edith Wolbrink and Helen Van Dyke, announced by the lavender and gold star program, injected their bit of humor, with the presentation of "Look Out Hezekiah" by Boscom. All the Dorians formed the star circle and twinkled lightly in singing the Dorian song, led by Ronnie Finlaw, chairman of the program.

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After shivering in the cold for considerable length of time, the members of the Men's Union finally found the key to their room and thereupon filed in to begin their literary-business meeting of November 5. Jay Van Zoeren opened the meeting with an appropriate prayer. He was followed by Adrian Bos, composer of the evening's serrious paper. Bos capably but seriously described "what makes a joke funny"; his theories were carried out by "Syl" Scorza, who delivered a humor paper containing "Advice to an American Navy Man." Wilbur "B." and Jeff Wiersum managed group singing, and the inevitable Koning delivered an impromptu — very impromptu — solo. The



D 0 U B L E 0

bin*" W n « * J J ' * ' '

P"" " * 1

Weather Obnoxious











1 ^ A




POSte<i 0 n




P a y e d in t h e

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to unavoidable cracker box ^ knocking balls

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Sports so far have been exclusively for the freshmen Amazons. Three times a week they drape their classy chassies with brief summer outfits and under the direction of Captain Jack, Lieutenant Rose and Sergeant Pinx they really go to town on a strictly military de luxe routine. They used to be able to display their gainly gams on the football field but since the army has taken over that strategic point and the gym they have been confined to closer quarters in the 2 ft. x 4 f t . gym across the street from army headquarters. But you can't put a good "freshie" down and they really vibrate the floor with "right turns," "forward marches, about faces," and "at eases," that the W.A.A.C. commander couldnt complain about (they keep telling Jack).




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e o ^ i d i n r Hr e Ta l w' a y 8a n d M i " y S c h 0 ' t e n C 0 U l d n , t a g r e e "PO" day to f L l l T ™mefl out with a delightful,-drizzling, dripping,, on day Thi8 Michi the on ";npour weather! The rate is C I Ce < n 0-W a d a y S ) o f «»n 0 15c f vouhave have 0 e o f t h o s * ^ Wieren's stables, , . " « " t ™ rare things called "cars" plus a little hi-speed gasoline, contact Milly. The season is going to open with volleyball this year. That's the game where two teams stand on opposite sides of a high net and take turns knocking each other out. Don't forget to sign up for volleyball nS



8,ore no, v r ^ d S a M P e M t L / l yOU ^

back and aoine Broadcaatin* Company -

* ^

were formally initiated at the meeting of October 29: A. Bos, G. Corterville, R. Danhof, J. De N ^ e , «• • W - . T. Funkes, 0 . Koeppe C, Koning, R. Kraay, M. Krairt W

(Ladie, and ^ " l l ' T e n ! ' bS'y VtTmin™

^ wh#eKn l h e 8 n o w i 8 ^ e p and the temperature 10 grees below the campus co-eds can warm their chilled bones playing a hot game of basketball or bowling. howlinr. They Thev have the t h . same « . m - effect aft am* on —_ your muscles, too. Soon inter-sorority bowling will begin — then things w'nreally sizzle. What with sorority competing and the bowling itself nobody ought to be very cold. An important feature — W.A.A. will pay part of the fee! How's that for a bargain?

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The Thesaurian Society held a devotional meeting Friday, November 5, based on the theme, "Christian Service." Invocation was read in the form of a prayer on service. This was followed by a short hymn sing directed by Genevieve Bussies with Lois Koopman at the piano. Marge Koopman read the scripture, John 13:1-11, after which there was a period of sentence prayers. Marilyn Zandstra gave an interesting review of the book, "Kagawa" by W. Axling. It dealt with the famous Japanese Missionary and the great Christian service he has done for his people. The devotional program was closed with the reading by Betty Jayne Smith, of a poem entitled "Service." The program was in charge of Jean Vander Wege with senior members taking part. After business had been discussed, the meeting was adjourned.


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A letter home, written on Sorosis stationery, formed the program for a regular meeting of the clan Friday night, Nov. 5, when Dotty v/ichers was chief scribe. Chatty snatches of conversation introduced the numbers which opened the devotions by Mary Lou Hemmes. Eejay Kooiker's serious paper urged Sorosites to remember that "War is no time for jitters," and gave several rules for sane wartime living. Maxine Den Herder represented a Hope voice student as she sang "Time Stands Still" for the benefit of wistful-eyed members. Sorosites "sneaked a peek" at the week's news events as Lois Mary Hinkamp gave a concise summary of history-making occurrences. •

L w t Friday W.A.L. sponsored another "Coke-tail Party" in the sorority rooms in Voorhees Hall. After quenching their thirst on Cokes and filling up on potato chips, the students played cards, listened to records, or just sat down for some soulsatisfying talk.


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Page Four


Brown P v t . Dick Brown h a s r e t u r n e d to C a m p C r o f t in South Carolina a f t e r a seven-day f u r l o u g h : " N o w 1 am in w h a t is called a casual company a w a i t i n g r e a s s i g n m e n t , a n d casual it is. 1 sprained an a n k l e (1 hope t h a t ' s all it is) p l a y i n g football and have now spent f o u r d a y s in bed and going b a t s a l r e a d y . " Niel Lampen S2/c, has not s t a r t ed actual flying at T a r m a c T r a i n ing Field, where he is with the N a v y Air Corps, but has been on several "hops," and done much ground work. He is at Glenview, 111., and "marched in the big Navy day p a r a d e in Chicago. I don't believe I ever walked so f a r or for so much time in one period in all my life. We must have walked the whole way t h r o u g h Chicago because I s w e a r it was like walking around Holland fifty t i m e s . " Geelhoed Lt. Kenny Geelhoed, Marine Air Corps, who was married last May to t h e f o r m e r Alice Vanden Berg of Holland, left recently f o r parts unknown. He had been in California all s u m m e r . Cadet Clary Van Liere, at Colorado S t a t e College, says. "This is O.K., but lots of work, six nights a week they kept us tied in a study hall. I have my f o u r weeks m a r k s and now I'm convinced I'm a t least a half-genius. P e r h a p s in f o u r more weeks I'll be a Mortimer Snerd again, but if 1 can take it a n o t h e r seven weeks I'll be O.K. I'll be seein* Holland on or about December 7 — t h a t ' s the s t a n d i n g order of the d a y . "

over the g i r l s ' d o r m .

f o u r times a s long, and ten t i m e s

P f c . Leonard P a p e has j u s t g r a d u a t e d f r o m a r m a m e n t school. He is stationed at Buckley Field, Colo., w h e r e he is i n s t r u c t i n g in t h e use of a m m u n i t i o n s , high explosives, and chemical w a r f a r e .

as h a r d . "

P v t . J o e N o r t h o e k was on man e u v e r s in Tennessee for two m o n t h s . "I t h o u g h t t h a t was a w f u l and it was really tough, but 1 changed my mind when I got down into Arizona, I wished I w a s back in Tennessee. We were on the dese r t 140 miles f r o m Phoenix and as close to H as I ever want to g e t . We never saw any civilians except once a month if we w e r e lucky and got a pass into Phoenix. I had two passes in t h r e e m o n t h s . " J o e is in the Air Corps, stationed at Sheppard Field, Texas. Hoftiezer Henry H o f t i e z e r S2/c, is in Chicago at the Naval A r m o r y . He is very happy to be receiving the ANCOR, for "I never knew what a swell place Hope was until I left it. The N a v y is doing its best to make a radio-technician out of me. They plan to do it in nine months. I think t h e y ' r e optimistic."

Leroy Sandee, A / C , is also " m o s t glad to get the A N C H O R . " He is s t u d y i n g at Selman Field. Monroe, La., where he needs f o u r weeks of pre-flight, six weeks of g u n n e r y , and eighteen weeks of advanced navigation to complete his course. Then, he hopes to get his wings and bars. He was surprised to meet m a n y Hope fellows on the s t r e e t in Monroe, and in his camp, too. " A s for A r m y life, it's all r i g h t , P v t . Ted Vredeveld had to fight but there's too much of it — t h a t a scarlet fever epidemic with little whistle h a u n t s us f r o m morning 'til pink pills so he wouldn't be quarn i g h t : it w a k e s us, it irks us all antined. He shoveled t h r o u g h day long, and it puts us to sleep. slush and snow f o r endurance, and C u t t i n g classes and sleeping in, is burned the m i d n i g h t oil d u r i n g a illegal, which m a k e s it m e a n ! " t h r e e - d a y exam period before he could actually s i n g " H a p p y f u r Midavaine lough days a r e here a g a i n . " He has A / C Bill Midavaine is on the r e t u r n e d to Montana S t a t e College s o f t b a ll team at Seymoor Johnson at Bozeman where he will continue Field, N o r t h Carolina. S a y s Bill, his A.S.T.P. course. " T h e Air Corps is wonderful and Van Dyk 1 have no complaints. The food varies and the cadets a r e swell felLouis Van Dyk, a part of the lows. The studies are plenty tough A.8.T.P. at Baylor University in with no time to study. Restrictions Waco, Texas, has completed two a r e plenty, and P.T. (physical lerniH of his course there. He likes t r a i n i n g ) is like Jack S.'s only it, despite the difficulties. T h e c a m p u s is exceptionally p r e t t y , and much like Hope, in t h a t it has church affiliations. T h e r e a r e both sailors and soldiers, but a limited The Tail or number of girls, due to limited facilities since the Navy has taken 19'/2 W e s t 8fh Street


B a r b a r a Dee Folensbee is a Red Cross Recreation W o r k e r at F o r t Devens, M a s s a c h u s e t t s . " M y d u t i e s a r e a cross between the various activities 1 participated in a t Hope, but my t i m e is most e n j o y a b l e when I play our portable piano for t h e bed p a t i e n t s who cannot leave t h e wards. W e have all kinds of ins t r u m e n t s , records, victrolas, s p o r t s materials, books, i^hich can be borrowed, and then tKere a r e countless other t h i n g s like s c a r f s and s w e a t e r s which we give out . . . I wish the W.A.L. and the sororities could look in on us when we a r e going full speed — every day f r o m 8:00 in the m o r n i n g until 9:00 at night. T h e r e would be much less ' g r i p i n g ' about k n i t t i n g and bandage rolling." Borgman Mid'n




Midshipman School, Johnson Hall, New York, is "a senior midshipman now, having completed about The Navy is a good place for active I am


myself. We a r e located on the campus of Columbia University^ E v e r y Sunday night we a t t e n d the beautiful Riverside Church . . . F r o m the scattered bits of news t h a t 1 receive f r o m Holland, I have gained the opinion" > tiih*—l)ear Old Hope is quite a bit different from t h e good old days. W a r really c h a n g e s many t h i n g s . "

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Ah, distinctly, I r e m e m b e r , it was in the bleak November, And some f r e s h m a n lab-room m e m b e r l e f t his pot outside the door. In stole an upperclassman; pulled a cork f r o m out of a flask, then And poured some n a u s e a t i n g acid on t h a t pot outside t h e door! He laughed a hideous laugh, then — t h a t collegiate man of yore — Nameless here f o r e v e r more. if the lab the stench g r e w s t r o n g e r ; h e s i t a t i n g then no longer, I flung wide the lab-room door and smelled the pot upon the floor. " S e n i o r ! " 1 cried, " I s this your j e s t i n g ? " — then of my f r i e n d requesting, "Will you w e a r t h i s polluted green — tell me t r u l y , I implore — And bow to u p p e r c l a s s m e n s e e n ? Tell me, tell me, I implore!" Quoth the f r e s h m a n , " N e v e r more!"

Blue Key Store W i l l Handle Stationery Blue Key met October 28 a t the home of Cecil Hendrix. M u r r y Snow was f o r m a l l y initiated. At the business m e e t i n g it was decided t h a t Blue Key will c a r r y A.S.T.P. and college s t a t i o n e r y at t h e i r book store. The Student Guide, of which Blue Key is in c h a r g e , will be published about the last of November. Besides the n a m e s and a d d r e s s e s of the college s t u d e n t s , t h e ' S t u d e n t Guide will c a r r y the n a m e s and addresses of the a r m y and " S e m " students.

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Trouble During Hectic Neon Hours Still haven't figured out which is the lesser of two evils — f o u r t h hour class or the hour following. F o u r t h hour class is one t h i n g , (especially when it's Logic) but noon-hour at the Canteen is somet h i n g else again. And how!! When t h a t old bell rings, my feet s t a r t r u n n i n g b e f o r e I'm even out of my s e a t . It takes a lot of practice to dash over to the dorm and throw the hash down the hatch and race over to d e a r old C a r n e g i e in 1 2 ^ minutes flat. The way I t e a r t h r o u g h t h a t g y m door, I don't think it's ever gonna be the s a m e a g a i n , but neither am I. Once we get over to the Mess Hall, where the Canteen is located, we have heaps of f u n t r y i n g to figure out which key fits which one of the t h r e e different locks in the showcases. I t h o u g h t we were living in the age of efficiency but sometimes I wonder. Always forg e t to t u r n the lights on, too — T h a t ' s bad!! Isn't it wonderful to have such a bad m e m o r y ? (Censored.) I t ' s lots of fun p l a y i n g with the cash box, too. S o r t i n g out fifty dollars t a k e s a lot of time. Wish the A r m y ' d pay those fellows in s o m e t h i n g besides pennies — f o r a change (ohhh!). Of course, two m i n o r items bef o r e beginning to sell, are doing the bookkeeping and m a r k i n g prices. Then the s t a m p e d e begins — oh, m a n ! I don't think it h a s a n y beginning, tho' — at least I a l w a y s find myself in the middle of it.

pick it o u t . " Makes me feel like I was doing the f a m i l y shopping. W h a t a f a m i l y ! ! ! Concerning the t o o t h b r u s h e s ; t h o s e who know t h e i r own minds (soljers, NOT t o o t h b r u s h e s ) usually say, " A n y t h i n g but pink." Paddle-pops causes a lot of confusion. On the bag, t h e y ' r e " P o p sicles"; on the sign, t h e y ' r e " P a d d l e p o p s ; " and the Southern boys say " E s k i m o Pies," while E a s t e r n ers s a y " C h e e r i o s " (English influence), and the r e s t of the armysay "Ice Cream B a r s . " One bright lad decided to put an end to all this and calmly announced, " P l e a s e give me some ice cream on a stick." This goes on until 12:55 when we still have to count all the change. You're a s k i n g us what h a p p e n s when we have a one o'clock class? ? Upon investigation, anyone navi n g n i g h t m a r e s or t a l k i n g in her sleep a b o u t "Cough d r o p s ? Green or p u r p l e ? " will undoubtedly be identified a s an Alcor girl! GIRLS! The local ration board needs volunteers to do filing work and help hand out ration books. W o n ' t you give some of your f r e e a f t e r n o o n hours? Any help will be appreciated.

Alcor Majors in A.S.T.P. Canteen

I never knew S o u t h e r n e r s were Alcor a t t e n d e d a waffle su p p er so u n s u r e of themselves. When you given by Miss Litchty on October ask 'em w h a t color toothbrush they 27. The f a c u l t y a d v i s e r s f o r this w a n t , t h e y drawl, "Oh shucks, y'all y e a r a r e Miss Boyd and Miss Oggel. At t h e business m e e t i n g which followed the s u p p e r . Miss B a r b a r a Reed, a s t u d e n t of t h e accelerated wiibt, for Hope Colltgi and The Anchor p r o g r a m , was accepted f o r membership. The m e m b e r s h i p s t a n d a r d tb* Success it Merits is based on scholarship and activities. Alcor h a s begun a new project this y e a r . It is a canteen in the "THE HOUSE OF SERVICE" g y m f o r t h e a r m y s t u d e n t s . Wade's d r u g s t o r e put the canteen in, and t h e Alcor girls a r e w o r k i n g f o r t h e m . A n y t h i n g f r o m candy and ice cream t o shoe polish m a y be b o u g h t a t the c a n t e e n . It is lo2 4 6 5 • W e C#ll For e n d Deliver cated in the mess hall and is open one hour a t noon and two h o u r s CORNER COLLEGE AVENUE AND SIXTH STREET a t night. HOLLAND

Cleaning and Steam Pressing


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dive * • Enlaftemeiii For Chritimat! W c can give y o u wonderful icrvice on enl a r g i n g y o u r P h o t o s , S n a p s h o t s , or a n y P i c t u r e t h a t is in g o o d c o n d i t i o n . T h e q u a l i t y of w o r k m a n s h i p is s u p e r b a n d w e k n o w of Photo.

Friendly g r e e t i n g s l i k e t h e C o « e in and sit down of t h e Newfoundland fisherman and the Hat* a "Cob" o f the American soldier are understood ererywhere. Around the world Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes—the universal high-sign between strangers. •OTTIID UNDEI AUTHOIITY Of

THE C O C A - C O I A C O M r A H Y IT



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" C o k e y s Coca Cola It*< natural for popular names 1 t o acquire friendly abbreviation*. T h a t ' s why you hear Coca-Cola callcd fcok,".


Alcor Girls Have "Pink Tooth BrushI f


Have a "Coke" = Come in and sit down








ten of my sixteen weeks' course. people, t h e r e f o r e

Once upon a lab-day d r e a r y , while I pondered, weak a m weary, Over m a n y a c h e m i s t r y problem which bored me to t h e core — While I nodded, n e a r l y sleeping, suddenly t h e r e c a m e a - s e e p i n g Into the room a smell t h a t I had never smelled before. " T i s some evil stench," I m u t tered, " s e e p i n g t h r o u g h t h e lab-room door; Only this and n o t h i n g m o r e . "

A n E n l a r g e d P h o t o 8 in. x 10 in. Black and W h i t e

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8 in. x 10 in. H a n d T i n t e d i n color


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