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Hope College, Holland. Mich, November 4,1931

Number 19


Turn Back M. I. A. A. Leaders


MOST SUCCESSFUL IN YEARS n;nn;n.N:;E:i:;:::;;EHnnnHHL :L h":;::;:EH2inEE5 Parade and AN A P P R E C I A T I O N Pep Meeting We desire to extend to Lillian Sabo and her Home-Coming ComAre Features mittee our sincere appreciation an« :


c r o w d P E P

a t t e n d s


Clever Stunts and Play Presented by Students Provide Entertainment




thanks for their efforts in making the 1931 Honv. coming the most successful in the history of such celebrations; and to all those who in any way participated or contributed. Hope College Student Council. George Painter, Pres.

Delphi and Sorosis Have Reunions

Top Row—Bob Notier, M a n a g e r ; Gerrit Wiegerink, Bob Freeman, Tom Beaver, Jim Nettinga, Jim Wiegerink, Gerald Nykerk, Andy Ualman, J i m Tysse, Coach Hinga. Second R o w — E a r l Moerdyke, Ron Fox, Jack Plewes, Seekamp, George Painter, Howard Dalman, Louie Damstra, George Van Peursem.

Thrill Great Home-coming Crowd of Fans

The Student Volunteers met on Wednesday, Oct. 28, to receive a renewed interest for their life work. The reports of the retreat followed our song service and COME BACK STRONG I N LAST prayer circle led by Ella Boschker. QUARTER TO MAKE TWO * Marian Boot based her report on TOUCHDOWNS the devotionals used at the retreat. The missionary messages were retold by Lois Marsilje, Martha Van- DALMAN AND J APING A den Berg gave a report on the ARE BRIGHT LIGHTS business meetings and Bernice Mollema related the social events en Pluck and Spirit of the T e a m and joyed. Crowd Overcome Heavy Odds

"The best ever!" seemed to be the concensus of opinion regarding the homecoming program arrangec Hope's homecoming ended in fine for Friday Evening, Oct. 30, am fashion when the Blue and Orange carried out despite the intermittent tied the powerful Hillsdale varsity E N T E R T A I N A L U M N A E AT showers. The parade and g a t h e r last Saturday afternoon a t RiverWARM F R I E N D TAVERN Bottom Row—Chet Slighter, Louie Meengs, Louie Jappinga ing in Carnegie Gymnasium showed view Park. The final score was Ed Damaon. Milt Slagh, Tite Van Haitsma Carrol' the interest harbored by Hope's The Delphi society and their knotted at nineteen all. Hope disNorlin, Jim Zwemer. many graduates and by the citizens alumni enjoyed a dinner at the G U E S T S E N T E R T A I N E D WITH played unexpected power and of Holland. MUSIC AND TALK BY Warm Friend Tavern Saturday evecaught her worthy opponents off Headed by the Hope Band under ning, Oct. 31. Exchanging reminDR. W I C H E R S their feet. Playing an uphill batthe direction of Professor Ritter, iscences kept the room in a hubtle all the way the home t e a m came Members of the Hope College the parade began shortly a f t e r bub during the meal. A short proback with a seemingly reserved Alumni Club, friends of the Col6:30. Eleven floats, representative g r a m added to the delightfulness of power to tie the Green and White lege, and the present junior and of a g r e a t deal of work by the comthe gathering. "Love Sends a Litin the final minutes of play. senior classes attended a reunion mittees of the organizations entertle Gift of Roses" by John OpenHillsdale won the toss and kicked banquet at the new church house of ing the contest, were preceded by a shaw and " S y m p a t h y " — a selection off to Hope who fumbled on t h e secthe Central Reformed Church of large number of students marching f r o m the comic opera "Firefly" by MORNING S E S S I O N S DRAW HOPE ROOTERS WARM UP AT ond play of t h e g a m e and McVicar Grand Rapids at five-thirty last according to class behind the band. LARGE S T U D E N T AND Rudolf Friml were beautifully sung of the opposition recovered to DORMITORY A F T E R BIG Thursday evening. In spite of the The Emersonian float, which was OUTSIDE ATTENDANCE by Delphian Anne Jackson who was place his team in perfect scoring GAME later awarded first place, came rainy weather, over eighty were accompanied at the piano by Delposition. A f t e r six plays Dunlap Evening Discussion Groups present. third in line. Numerous private phian Zella Skillern. Delphians 500 doughnuts and ten pounds of Arranged for Wednesday cars, decorated for ; h e occasion, A f t e r a delicious dinner had been carried the ball over for a touchSarah Lacey and Eula Champion colfee! That's what Mrs. Durfee served by the ladies of the church, down. The kickoff f o r e x t r a point and Thursday brought up the rear. delighted the guests with two piano had to use to feed the numerous and interesting program was ren- was good and Hillsdale led 7-0. BeForming in front of the girls' duets "Polish Dance" by ScharRev. John A. Dykstra, 1). D., alumni, visitors, professors, and dormitory, the parade proceeded dered. President J . G. Riemersma fore the first q u a r t e r was finished, wenka and "Story of the Stork" by who is the Pastor of Central Restudents that flocked to the Koffee presided. Mr. John Van Brook led however, Hope came back and also down Tenth Street past the Cosmo- MacDowell. A f t e r the singing of formed Church in Grand Rapids, Kletz in Voorhees Hall a f t e r the lively group singing, calling on scored seven points. A pass from politan house, which was decorated the Delphi songs, the group adis the guest speaker for the annu- football game last Saturday. various people to perform. A quar- apinga to Damson accounted for with crepe paper and an electric journed. Everyone had a very enal week of prayer. His general first six and the J a p p i n g a ' s toe Mrs. Durfee, very charming in a tet of men led by Professor Paul sign, "Welcome Alumni." joyable time talking over "old theme is " F o r me to live is Christ." added the seventh. During the Second on the crowd's itinerary, times." The following alumnae The services are held on Sunday black dress, greeted the guests at Mc Lean, and a quartet of women the door, making all feel at home s a n g selections. Mr. Van Brook second quarter, a f t e r a continued the Knickerbocker house was be- were present Polly Schutt, Grace] and every school day of the week. immediately. A glowing fire in the also called on the Raymonds and exchange of punts and a f a t a l pendecked with a mammoth orange H McCarroll, Anne Huth, Esther MulAlso anyone who wishes may have fireplace added warmth to the welalty against the locals, Hillsdale the Hingas for a song. before the entrance and a large der, Marion I)e Kuiper, Evelyn a conference with him either in the again scored and the half ended 13come, while the blue and orange football with a red and black setMrs. Marian Struik Blandford, Geerlings, Ann Heyboer, Grace morning or the afternoon of any s t r e a m e r s hanging from the lights 7 in their favor. ting. and alumna of the class of 1918, Koeppe, Dorothy Mulder, Margaret day o f t h e week. On Thursday a added the finishing touch to the air An inspired Hillsdale team took s a n g two beautiful solos accomContinuing down Twelfth Street, the parade passed in front of the Otte, Eunice Hyma, Sarah Lacey, general discussion group is held of Conviviality and good-fellow- panied by Mrs. Van Antwerp. Fol- the field the second half and a f t e r Emersonian House, which was re- Mrs. Wm. Beswick, Adelaide Dyk- with Dr. Dykstra leading and on ship. lowing this, each person stood, told a beautiful kick by Tysse and a 15 splendent with streamers and a huisen, Geraldine Dykhuisen, Vema Wednesday and Tuesday evenings In the dining-room of the dormi- his name, the class he was gradu- yard penalty, which placed them large pennant welcoming the Brower, Doris Brower, Margaret each student is assigned to a smal- tory, doughnuts and steaming cof- ated from, what he was doing, and back on their own ten yard line, the Boter and Alice Boter. ler discussion group. Alumni. fee were served. The guests seated if he was married or not. Some Blue and Green marched down the Excellent music is provided for in four groups seemed to get much On Saturday evening, October 31, When the band began to play the very witty and amusing speeches field, playing s t r a i g h t football all (Continued on Page Three) (Continued on i^aat Page) ambling students departed from sixty-five of the Sigma sisters of were given in connection with this. the way and scored her third touchtheir role of sedate marchers and the past and present gathered in The principal address of the eve down of the day making the score became a swirling mass of exuber- the beautiful Dutch Grill at the ning was given by Dr. Wynand 19-7 in her favor. In this drive the ant collegiates, timing their intri- Warm Friend Tavern for the anWichers, President of Hope Col- Hillsdale team exhibiV)d some of cate oscillations to the cadence of nual Sorosis reunion. After a delilege. He spoke on "Things not in the prettiest offensive football ever the music, providing a novel spec- cious chicken dinner, President the Curriculum" stressing t h a t seen by the local fans. Hope was tacle to the onlookers that lined the Marie Kleis opened the program people should live royally and loy not to be denied, however, and she streets, waiting for the appearance with a hearty and sincere welcome ally. On Friday night of this week the came back in perfect unison to send of the beautiful floats t h a t fol- to the alumnae. Two charming Hope Lyceum course presents the The banquet closed in time f o r Dalman off on a beautiful fiftyvocal duet numbers were then sung greatest of coming Magicians of lowed. those wishing to attend the eve- yard run to a touchdown, which Past the F r a t e r house, decoratec by Jean Herman and Arloa Van the day, Thul'ston haE- chosen Mr. ning p r o g r a m s of the Educational made the score 19-13,—anJ things for the occasion as had been the Peursem accompanied at the piano Birch as his successor. looked brighter f o r the Hope supConvention. (Continued on Page 2) others, went the parade a f t e r leav o Mr. Birch is 29 years of age. porters. The f o u r t h q u a r t e r was ing Eighth Street, to end up at the This is his eleventh annual tour. He one merry battle with Hillsdale gym, where a large crowd of stubegan giving performances at the fighting with f u r y to stop a team dents alumni and townspeople age of seventeen, and is planning a of determined Dutchmen who just assembled, waiting for admittance. world tour the first of the new couldn't be stopped. With but three Carnegie Gymnasium was soon year. minutea to play the Orange and filled, many standing in the rear Blue came through, and a p a s s from Among his fifty illusions are the of the room a f t e r the balcony and J a p i n g a to Dalman tied t h e score following: making a live pony vanmain floor seats had been occupied. Saturday the Sibylline Society ish, walking from his shadow, On Saturday, October 31, the E m - 19-19. Yells led by Marvin Kruizenga and entertained its alumnae at a deliereonians gathered a t Grace Episfloating a young lady in space, cutJim Zwemer played a perfect Vernon Buell dovetailed with sev- cious chicken dinner served in the copal Church f o r their annual stag game at tackle and his work deting a live girl in f o u r parts, driveral selections by the band to work Sibylline room. Several of the and formal initiation. The ladies of serves much credit while Dalman ing a spiko through the head of a up an hilarious spirit. g r a d u a t e members entertained dur- youth. Truly, a man of mystery is St. A g n e s Guild served a delicious and Japinga performed brilliantly George Painter, president of the ing the meal with descriptions of a Editable term for him. meal of corned beef and cabbage, in the backfield. The team as a student council, mounted the plat- their interesting experiences as with hot mince pie a s dessert. A f t e r whole fought and played together in In addition, Miss .Mabel Sperry. f o r m and addressed a few words teachers. Later everyone enjoyed several impromptu speeches by the a beautiful harmony and cooperaone of the company, will entertain of welcome to the alumni present. an "Old-Times" hour. When all members of the football team on tion. Dunlap, Reynolds and Mac with a few numbers played on her He then introduced Corny Vander were "talked-out" the girls took their views of t h e g a m e with Hills- Vicar were the outstanding perXylophone. Naald as m a s t e r of ceremonies. their cars and followed the leader then, one can not believe one's eyes. dale, the f o r m a l p r o g r a m was openformers tor Hillsdale, Albion surA n y t h i n g said in description Student tickets will be on distri- ed with a history of the Emersonian Coach " B u d " Hinga was called around town. Both t h e alumnae and prised Alma by trimming her 13-7 seems cold and inadequate. You bution in the office Thursday a f t e r (Continued on Page 2) Society by John Vanden Belt. Wil- and now Hope it tied with A l m s for ; (Continued on Page 2) wi)l have to see him t o believe. Even noon only. (Continued on Pago 4) v aecond place in the 1C. I. A . A.

Alumni Dinner in Grand Rapids Well Attended

Dr. Dykstra Many Gedunk' Leading Hope at Voorhees Prayer Week Koffee Kletz

Magician Birch to Appear

Friday Evening on Lyceum

Sororities Dine With the Homecomers

Fraternities Entertain Alumni

HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Eotorod at the Post Office at Holland, Michigan, as Second Class Matter. Aeeepted /Cor mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1108 ot Act of Congress, October 8, 1917. Authoriied October 19, 1918.

STAFF Editor..... Head Reporter Sports. Humor t Sororities Fraternities Campus

Ivan C. JohnMn Joan Walvoord Herbert Marsilje, Preston Van Kolken William Austin Bernice Mollema Mark Bronwer Vivian Behrman

Reporters: Marie Verduin, Jean Bosnian, Edith De Young, Christian WaWoord, Lois De Free, Alma Plaake, Martha Vanden Berg, Ethel Leestma, Lillian Sabo, Sherwood Price, Margaret Rottschaefer, Beatrice Visser, Frank Visscher, Hilda Lanting, Gertrude Holleman.

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Assistants: Vivian Behrman, Edith De Young, .Harold RingenoldusJohn Chamberlain. Circulation Manager

Melvin F. Dole Margaret Rens, Mayford Ross


pecially during the new Hope song Who d have thought sculptors PROGRAM IS MOST SUCever lived on Hope's campus. Some CESSFUL IN YEARS proved themselves incomparable. s. ' '" f- Results with gum-toothpicks were very encouraging. The master(Continued from Page 1) piece was the handiwork of Harriet Boot who depicted a jinrikisha and upon to open the program. coolie from China. Hinga's speech, well adapted to The peanut scramble was hard on meet the demands of the occasion, one's ears. Yells f o r Hope and promised the football fans that the Hillsdale clashed a t " H i g h C". In game promised to be an exhibition spite of the tie in t h e afternoon of unrivalled energy and "fight" by Hillsdale boasted the more peanuts the Hope aggregation. at night. But Hope won out in the The Sophomore Class came into pumpkin relay. the limelight when its president, Games and more of them—some Marvin Kruizenga, p r e s e n t e d surprises for and by Alumnae such " W a t t y " Spoelstra and Corny Vanas judging contests. derNaald with tokens of appreciRoasted marshmallows and rosy ation for their services in coaching apples preceded the colorful salad the pull t e a m t h a t won two sucof orange and Black, Boston brown cessive contests. bread sandwiches and the inevitable A clever playlet, "Annual Examcocoa with pumpkin pie a la mode. inations, 1981," directed by HerThe guests and Alumnae were: bert Marseilje, mixed wit with Anna Koeman, Edith Mc Gilvra, d r a m a and- sarcasm to win the plaudits of t h e audience. The new Ruth E v e r h a r t , Evangeline HornHope song was then introduced to ing, J a n e t Kalker, J a n e t Kaper. the alumni. "Flittermouse," a one Marguerite Kinkema and Lucia act farce, provided hearty amuse- Ayers. nkcnt and boosted considerably the stock of Edith Drescher, Ruth Van Dyke, Lillian Sabo and A1 T a r r a n t as comic artists.

Dr. Paul V. Wynn

As a final number. Jack De Witt Osteopathic Physician in .his inimitable manner broadcasted an imaginative football General Practice—Phone 4698 g a m e between the all-Faculty and Res. 2032 the all-Flunks.


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HOPE SPIRIT WINS S a t u r d a y ' s m a g n i f i c e n t g a m e witnessed a t r i u m p h f o r t h a t indefinable quality of o u r college and its people k n o w n a s " ' H o p e S p i r i t . " S o m e t h i n g m o r e t h a n skill or luck w a s needed to overcome t h e h e a v y odds which Hillsdale held a g a i n s t o u r t e a m . S o m e t h i n g kept Hope going when t h e score stood 19-7, and s o m e t h i n g pervaded t h e crowd t h a t cheered t h r o u g h e v e r y s e t b a c k and gain. T h a t s o m e t h i n g w a s H o p e S p i r i t — a n d a r e a l i t y . The new m e a n i n g which t h i s y e a r ' s activities have given to Hope S p i r i t w a s never m o r e m a n i f e s t t h a n at t h e home-coming g a m e . W i t h a f o r c e like t h a t behind t h e m o u r t e a m s can not help but win victories. O u r h a t s a r e off to t h e new Hope S p i r i t . May it •

g r o w s t r o n g e r and finer every y e a r ! o

CONGRATULATIONS A f t e r t h o r o u g h l y e n j o y i n g t h e best home-coming t h a t H o p e h a s ever had, we realize t h a t someone put a lot of time, w o r k , and e n t h u s i a s m into t h e p r e p a r a t i o n s . T h e "Homec o m i n g committee surely deserves the highest c o m m e n d a t i o n f o r t h e i r o u t s t a n d i n g a c h i e v e m e n t . The e n t i r e p r o g r a m of events w a s as n e a r l y p e r f e c t in plan and execution a s one could wish, and we a r e only s o r r y t h a t the c o m m i t t e e d i d n ' t h a v e c h a r g e of the w e a t h e r . W e extend our h e a r t i e s t t h a n k s to Miss Sabo and h e r a s s i s t a n t s ; Kay Skillern, E d i t h Drescher, Bob Notier, Rub Aiken, W a d d y Spoelstra and H o w a r d Schade.

In the meantime the judges had 1:30 to 5:00 p. m. met to decide the winners in the 7:30 to 9:00 p. m. float contest. As president of the Holland, Mich Emersonians, Jack De Witt was 28 W . 8ih St. summoned to receive a plaque as first prize for the e n t r a n t prepared by Laurence De Cook and his committee. The float portrayed a large windmill surmounting the slogan, "You Can't, Beat the Dutch." F r a t e r n a l was given second place for its miniature football field and the inscribed sentiment, "May the Best Team Win." The Alethian float won third. As an appropriate culmination to the festivities, the crowd gathered around a large bonfire provided by the freshmen and gave a few yells defore dispersing. The committee in charge of the program consisted of Lillian Sabo, chairman, Ruby Aiken, Edith Drescher, Robert Notier, Howard Schade, Kay Skillern, and Watson Spoelstra. o SORORITIES DINE WITH T H E HOMECOMERS (Continued from Page 1)

members agreed that the evening had been a most pleasant one. • « • After the glorious football game, RAZZING the Dorians assembled for a pleasOne of the f e w t h i n g s which d e t r a c t e d f r o m the per- ant evening. Devotions were in the fection of o u r home-coming w a s the tendency displayed a t charge of Edith Cunnigin. Followt h e g a m e by c e r t a i n sections of t h e crowd to razz m e m b e r s ing this, Alice Brunson, an alumna, led the singing As Saturday of t h e opposing t e a m . We should not f o r g e t t h a t while viswag. Hallowe'en, the room was deci t i n g t e a m s a r e r i v a l s t h e y a r e a t the s a m e t i m e o u r guests orated most attractively to fit tne and should be t r e a t e d with every m a r k of respect. R a z z i n g occasion. Several games were played in which the alumnae scored is an effective w a y to show disapproval, but it should be used high. The remainder of the evenonly when a p l a y e r ' s a c t i o n s w a r r a n t such a p r o c e d u r e . ing was spent in talking over old T h e r e w a s no call f o r r a z z i n g a t S a t u r d a y ' s game, and t h e times and the events of the day. f a c t t h a t Hillsdale w a s a p o w e r f u l t e a m does not excuse its A f t e r some delectable sweets were practice. We expect o u r men to get a s q u a r e deal when play- served, the meeting was adjourn: d. i n g on f o r e i g n fields. L e t us g r a n t visitors t h e s a m e c o u r t - The alumnae, who vi&ited the society were, Alice Brunson, Mrs. esy. Timmer, Geoi^ia De Weerd, Cornelia DeKleine, Ada Boone, HenriD E L P H I AND S O R O S I S ' past three years, in the social and etta Lamet, Harriet Baron and several other guests. 1 HAVE R E U N I O N S educational life at Stockholm. The e e e concluding number on the program (Continued from F i r s t Page)

—a group of vocal solos by Mrs.

Gordon Van Eenam, a Sorosite of by Esther Koster. Miss Ross, a '20—was very well rendered. The Sorosite of '26, then gave us some meeting was closed with the Sorovery interesting statistics of the sis Song and we bade farewell to activities of our very "active" alumnae. This was followed by a our alumnae, confident t h a t no matgroup of selections on the marimba t e r where their activities may c a r r y by Hilda Lanting, accompanied by them, thoughts of Sorosis will bind Gertrude Holleman at the piano. us together—until we meet again. The speaker of the evening was a Sorosite of the year 1923, now the JAZZING DAME JUSTICE.— wife of Mr. Greunar Heimburger, Neighbor — "Why is your car professor at the Government Uni- painted blue on one side and red on versity at Stockholm, Sweden. Mrs. the other?" Heimburger, in her charming way, Speedy—"Oh ,it'i a fine idea. gave us a very interesting account You should just hear the witnesses of her participation, during the contradicting one another."

In spite of many hideous and gruesome spirits floating about Saturday evening the Aletheans gathered at Josephine Ayers' home for an Alumnae Musical Haunt. The spacious living room was camouflagued into a corn-stalked harvest bin overflowing with apples, leaves, pumpkins and peanuts. Flickering candles did their best to furnish light on the subject with meagre success. After following the candle lighted trail of destiny upstairs and down, the guests were cautioned to discover the instrument they represented by asking questions answerable by "yes" or "no" concerning the names on their backs. Demonstrations proved very amusing es-

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Homecoming Guests

FIRST STATE BANK™ The Oldest and Largest State Bank in Ottawa County Dr. Edw. D. Dimnent, President Dr. Wynand Wichers, Vice President C. Vander Meulen, Cashier Wm. J. Westveer, Asst. Cashier A . A. Nienhuis, Asst. Cashier Member of the Federal Reserve System

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Among the Alumni present for the home-coming events were seen tssmmmsmamammmmamam 1931— Phone 2857 Sady Grace Masselink John Dulmes—"Ireland should be the purpose of conducting a drive Paul Brower t the richest country in the w o r l d ? " to make it» co-eds share the exI # • J o h n Meengs Dave Reardon—"Why is t h a t ? " penses of the all-necessary dates in William Kuyper John—"Her capitol has been order to bear t h r o u g h the depres29 West 16th St. Anne Koeman Dublin for many years." sion together. I t was estimated that Edward Tellman • *^ * the averages college girl had more Allen Brunson "Headquarter for Sherwin-WilJiamg Paints" | W- * Mios Paine—"It gives me g r e a t money to spend t h a n the male. I t Phones W a r m Friend Tavern Harold Klaasen pleasure to give you a 'B' in Eng- seems t h a t there is a danger t h a t Our business is to beautify the home with highest quality Betty Smith :2818 or 2576 lish." the " g r e a t American date'' may lose paints and hardware. E s t h e r Mulder Jack DeWitt—"Aw, make it an much of its color unless this plan Lewis Scudder A' and have the time of your life " is adopted. We carry a complete stock of fishing tackle, electrical supAnne Buth plies and general hardware. Specialists in Arizona is not alone in this a t Marion De Kuiper Sailor—"Help, I can't swim. t e m p t to liquidate the " f r o z e n date EUGENE PERMANENT E v e r e t t Poppink Drop me a line." WAVING asset," f o r the divided payment Evelyn Geerlings Facetious Captain—"Yes, and plan is in operation at present a t Harold Boone Scalp Treatments, Shampooing, you write me some, too." Mill ll'llllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Annapolis, West Point, University Students who changed colleges last Marcelling. Finger Waving, A Vegetarian's Love Letter of P i t t s b u r g h , and several other year— Facial and Manicuring. My Sweet Potato, large institutions. ' Alice Boter WARM F R I E N D T A V E R N * * * Do you carrot all for me? My M a r g a r e t Steketee 2nd Floor heart beets for you. Where have Soup kitchens and shows will be Henrietta Lamet you bean? My eyes are radish established on the campus of OberLester Serier Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing. from weeping and my corn aches, lin College. Hunger-stricken stuOrrin Ensfield f we cantaloupe, lettuce marry. dents will find help through this Alumni of other years— Our onion will make us a happy work which is sponsored by the John Winter pear. You little peach, you are the Student Council. A coffee-house will Alice Brunson apple of my eye. I am plum crazy be situated in the center of the "Boo" Cook Nick Kammeraad about you and have cabbage enough campus and will dispense drinks to Ruth Bolhuis berries f#r us to live on, even if I the hordes a f t e r they have negotiVerna Brower Try The am a poor prime on a small celery. ated the breadline. Melvin Oosting Electrical Shoe Repairing If I don't turnip to-nite, I will Julia Van Oss Food tickets were handed out to lave a mes-sage left in the garden, Anne Hyboer the students a f t e r chapel. There so just cauliflower and she will give Grace Durkhopf will be entertainment to keep the you my direction. Our secret must Prices Reasonable J o a n Vander Werf spirits of these poverty-stricken For not leek out. A r t h u r Van A m d o n k students f r o m sinking too low. But Lovingly, I remain, William Senf don't get excited—this is only a Tom-Ato. Everett Becken campus "mixer," following out the ||i|| Dorothy Vander Schell .There's one good thing about spirit of the depression. ngiif Herman Lang having The Star Spangled Banner Henry Bart College men p r e f e r college women as our national anthem: It's so diffiStanley Van Lare cult that crooners don't try to sing as life companions, according to the Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Beswick it. nation-wide poll of the College M a r g a r e t Otte • • • Stories Magazine. The poll revealec Get your eats at M a r g a r e t Van Leeuwen Wathen—"I learned to dance in t h a t men p r e f e r r e d college girls beone evening." A1 Vander Busch Athletic Shorts and Shirts cause they have " i t , " intelligence Herbert Mentink De Pree—"I thought so." and a knowledge of the higher valo— B e m s Cook ues of li?e. MEATS and GROCERIES Albert Schaafsma Sidelights on Education There were some, however, t h a t Sidney Heersma thought t h a t college did a girl more 11 Theodore Vanderbrink We have the best goods The true spirit of American dem- h a r m than good. A statistician in Geneva Vanderbrink ocracy is invading our American Kansas revealed t h a t figures show Have your new suit made-to-measure at at the right prices" Grace McCarroll campus in a new, unusual way. t h a t the Kansas divorce rate is one Dorothy Muldef Women have long demanded to every five among non-college Lois Breismuller 8th Street equal rights with men and now graduates, and only one to every Roland De Master ^"iHm"~iTI|[i|||||||||||||||||i they must pay for them — on hundred among college graduates. William Jansen the campus of the University of College people have ninety-nine Carle Van Lente Arizona. A Bachelors' Club has more chances of being right. Herman Janssen been formed in this institution for —N.S.F.A. News Service. "Chub" De Vries tompliments of Bill Hilmert Ralph Bielema rest from singing. The final num -o ber was a good laugh. It was a MR. J A M E S DOOLEY GIVES humor paper, "Hope versus CalADDRESS A T DIVINITY —and— ^ Get Yours Now. vin," given by F r a t e r Plewis. GUILD -o Fraternal—Last week Wednes- DR. DYKSTRA LEADING Prices from and up. The Divinity Guild held its H O P E PRAYER WEEK day the F r a t e r s met again f o r an weekly meeting on Wednesday hour of pleasure and fellowship. (Continued f r o m Page 1) afternoon, Oct. 28. Mr. Kenneth Ed. Cotts, 133 E. 8th Sr, The meeting was opened by prayer Hicks had charge of devotions, who, Phone 9463 led by F r a t e r Van Kolken. F r a t e r each meeting. The music is as fol a f t e r the song service, read the Tysse was appointed the critic for lows: Sunday—An Anthem by the thirtieth Psalm. This was followed the program. The first number was Chapel Choir, Monday—A violin with a season of sentence p r a y e r s a paper by F r a t e r Damson, entitled solo by Miss Cornelia, Stryker, and another song. The speaker ol OMnMnmi DBMnDOBHMBHHBBWBHMHni "Modern Advertising." This was Tuesday—A vocal duet by Miss the afternoon was Mr. J a m e s followed by a paper, "Friendship," Herman and Mr. Friesma, WednesDooley, who gave a very excellent given by F r a t e r Gerald Rott- day—A vocal solo by Mr. Shade talk on Matt. 20:26 and 27, which schafer. This was an Excellent and an anthem by the Chapel contain the answer J e s u s gave to piece of work and the first of a Choir, Thursday—A vocal solo by ^ s disciples, and is giving to us series of papers on Fraternal prin- Miss Paalman, and Friday—A today, when they asked Him who ciples. F r a t e r Shade, who has not q u a r t e t by Miss Paalman, Miss would be g r e a t e s t of them in 0 wit ut been able to sing f o r the last half Herman, Mr. Friesma, and Mr. esus' kingdom. Mr. Dooley, in a f Somsen. year, due to a slight operation on most effective and interesting manhis throat, was again able to enterner, pictured the lives of Jesus, tain the F r a t e r s . He sang two Geraldine Borr, Prop. PATRONIZE Booker T. Washington, Lincoln, songs, "Friend of Mine" and " l n and Carnegie, a s illustrations of Phone 2422 17 E. 8th St. victus," and his ability has not OUR eadere — those who had been Gold Guarantee Automobile Insurance grown rusty because of his long ADVERTISERS chosen by God to be of service to the people t h r o u g h prayer and mind. He pointed out that one is HaSHSHSniiSHinnSiHi always " h a p p y in the service of the King," and Mr. Dooley proved this by some very interesting facts of his own life. A lively discussion followed, in which Mr. Dooley's address was highly commended, and in which the fact was revealed that although one's good works are not always praised by people, Christ always appreciates them and blesses the doer. Mr. Dooley then sang a negro spiritual entitled. 19 E. 8th St. Holland "Down by The River Side." The HOLLAND, MICH. meeting was closed with a song and the mispah.

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T h e F o u r t h District of the Michig a n Education Association Instit u t e held an i n t e r e s t i n g and educational series of p r o g r a m s on October 29 and 30 in G r a n d Rapids. On T h u r s d a y m o r n i n g the general prog r a m in the A r m o r y a t which Bishop F i s h e r of the F i r s t Methodist Episcopal Church of Ann Arbor spoke, was especially interesting. Mr. Fisher, speaking on " M a h a t m a Gandhi," showed t h a t Gandhi is- not a f a n a t i c ,but t h a t he holds to his unusual habits and customs because of t h e principals t h a t lie bacK of them. T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n w a s given over to the r e g u l a r divisions consisting of discussions on the E a r l y Elementary, Later Elementary, High School, J u n i o r High School, Rural, and T a r e n t - T e a c h e r . Special divisions on Manual A r t s . Natuix 1 Study, and Home Economics were also held. In t h e evening another general session took place a t which J u d g e Marcus K a v a n a g h of Chicago spoke on " W h y the Law Fails." F r i d a y morning was taken up with E-ection m e e t i n g s and at 2 p. m. a last general meeting was held at the A r m o r y . A f t e r a business meeting and a musical selection by the Junior College Brass Q u a r t e t t e , S t u a r t Chase, an Economist and writer, spoke on the subject <4lA Billion Wild Horses." MANY G E D U N K A T VOORH E E S K O F F E E KLETZ (Continued f r o m P a g e 1) e n j o y m e n t f r o m discussing old times, new times, and especially the d a s h i n g g a m e . Many people were heard to comment on the new spirit a t Hope and t h e increased enthusiasm f o r athletics. A f t e r the reception, a lot of the g u e s t s w e n t on t o u r s of inspection t h r o u g h the c a m p u s f o r Voorhees, Van Vleck and the f r a t e r n i t y houses were open to the public.


Birch's M A G I C


• •


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Intramural Basketball League to Be Formed

• Coach J a c k Schouten is plan• ning an i n t r a m u r a l basketball * league and he is desirous t h a t all * those interested sign up with • him at his office this week or • the early p a r t of next week. • T e a m s will be f o r m e d and hil!, weekly or weekly g a m e s will be * played. This league will give ' m e r e fellows a chance to play * basketball. Sign up today, * men!


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from Page One)

"Meet Your Friends at the Model"

Ham Cough f u r n i s h e d the h u m o r f o r the program by giving several campaign speeches. Bernard Vander Beek played a group of piano solos to give a slight diversion f r o m the task of listening to talks. The last and most serious n u m b e r of the p r o g r a m wa s a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of the Emersonian O a t h to the new members. The meeting was concluded with the new men singing C L O S E MATCH B E T W E E N T H E the Emersonian Song. OLD RIVALS WILL F E A T U R E « • * KAZOO HOME-COMING —Due to the recent This Saturday our fighting Home-coming events, the Knickerbocker Society did not hold its reg- Dutchmen t r a v e l down to Kalamaular meeting, but enjoyed a very zoo to play t h e i r f o u r t h conference busy week in spite of the f a c t . The g a m e of the season. Both squa ds s t a g dinner S a t u r d a y n i g h t w a s will make t h i s trip, since the Hope Western State given in the Knickerbocker Grille y e a r l i n g s m e e t N o r m a l ' s first year men on the and was proclaimed by all to be a s a m e date. most bounteous f e a s t . A m o n g the T h e dope indicates t h a t the g a m e Knickerbycker Alumni p r e s e n t will be a close one. The H o r n e t s were Rev. Vanden Berg, J a m e s and J o h n Ver Meulen, R. Hemkes, Bill s t a r t e d the season well, d e f e a t i n g Beswick, V. Ten Cate, Ray Smith, Grand Rapids J u n i o r , Flint Tech, Allan Brunson, Paul Brouwer, and a Notre Dame B. outfit in theii Louis Scudder and Ed Tellman. first three s t a r t s . In the conference A f t e r the dinner, Rev. Vanden s t a n d i n g , t h e y have a p e r c e n t a g e of Berg, who is a c h a r t e r m e m b e r , .333, having defeated Albion 17-0 gave a short talk on the history and and t a k i n g it on the chin f r o m ideals of Knickerbocker. John Somsen s a n g two numbers, and " W a d d y " Spoelstra made a few closing r e m a r k s . F r i d a y night Mr. Ross, the advance a g e n t of Birch the Magician and his troupe, a t e dinner with the boys at the House, and t h o r o u g h l y delighted and mystified them (even " R e d " De Young) with a number of sleight-of-hand tricks. If he is only the advance a g e n t , t h e Knicks are going to nail e v e r y t h i n g down before Mr. Birch himself comes. • * * Last S a t u r d a y evening, a f t e r a busy and exciting day, The F r a t e r s held a quiet, informal meeting. Many of the Alumni, including several of the faculty members, "dropped i n " for a little chat. Chairs were drawn into the lounge room and discussions began. E v e r y play


Hillsdale and Olivet to the t u n e of 25-7 and

13-0 respectively.

The f a c t t h a t they had defeated Albion





seemed to give them the edge. However, our fine showing last S a t u r day





entirely the


come a p p e a r s to be a toss-up and the boys will certainly need our support f r o m the sidelines.


ever, with a large crowd to spur them

on, the



should b r i n g home the bacon.

of the a f t e r n o o n ' s games and the " s h a k e - u p " in the M. 1. A. A. was discussed. The alumni seemed pleased with the spirit shown by all of the students. At about nine o'clock several F r a t e r s were dismissed to go to the " d o r m " and other places of interests.

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AGAIN F A I L T O S C O R E IN AN EVENLY MATCHED BATTLE In the preliminary g a m e last S a t u r d a y the Hope and Hillsdale F r o s h battled to a scoreless tie. F r o m the spectators' viewpoint the g a m e was uninteresting because no score as made, but the t e a m s were so evenly matched t h a t when a chance to score was offered to one team the other tightened its def e n s e j u s t a bit and the score was t h u s prevented. The g a m e was mainly a punting dual between B o n n e t t e and the Hillsdale kicker. B o n n e t t e ' s toe did some very p r e t t y work and continually kept the Frosh out of da nge r . " S t e a m Roll e r " Te Roller got away f o r some p r e t t y runs around end several times. P e t e r 'Boter played a creditable g a m e at guard. This is the second game t h a t the Frosh have failed to score and that much needed punch and offensive power is an absolute necessity if they hope to win a n y of their rem a i n i n g games. Next Saturday they go to Kazoo with the varsity and later in the season they play the Olivet Frosh. A post-season g a m e f o r charity with the local high school will probably be arraigned later.

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Last S a t u r d a y the M. 1. A. A. cross country championship meet was held at Kalamazoo. Six Hope men sacrificed a homecoming g a m e Phone 4348 so t h a t they might run f o r their school. Their e f f o r t s were rewarded and they captured second place. The Hope r u n n e r s displayed excellent form and their p e r f o r m a n c e showed t h a t they were in perfect condition. The Blue and O r a n g e team consisted of Cupery, Decker, Zegarius, Scholten, V e l t m a n and Ellerbroek. Because of the popularity of football cross c o u n t r y is o f t e n overlooked. It is a g r e a t g a m e , howWatch Repairing ever, and demands long intensive training. Hope is proud of her cross country t e a m even though the g a m e itself is hidden by the g r e a t g a m e of the gridiron. This coming F r i d a y a t 4:00 P. M. the All-College Cross C o u n t r y Meet will be held . The meet shall s t a r t BmrnuHiiiiiiinii: f r o m the campus and chances a r e t h a t tho all-time college five mile record will be broken. A b o u t fifteen men will s t a r t the run and a m e r r y race should ensue.

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Hope Fans Will Frosh Play Flock to See Hillsdale To Kazoo Game Second Tie

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