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55 H O P E COLLEGE, HOLt.AM), JUCHIGAN, NEW CLASS M ACTIVE Acpftrd n? to all a^pearanoen. the claHH of '29 determines to contrihu.e tot his Intangible thlnp known Hope's Spirit.

WEDNESDAY, JfOV. 4, 1995


The Frosh seem .to be well* r e p i a - NEW ST V DENTS T A K E P R I D E IN SBCOXD VICTOpV O P SEASON sented In the Campus Activities. Have PrBLISHINO M P E R WON BY HARD BATTLE ON you noticed the goodly amount of - - W^rr F I E L D "The Wearn' pf the Green" in Hope's "OH .•hurkle t h e Senhiw It « there and seemH to l.e among tlioinwlv.*, "we kiMiW w h a t a / Hope College won its second victory l.»nd? of the season Friday by defeating contivhutlntr no mean talent. You'll h u m i i of gawlw m a k e up tlu- d a a s of Grand Kapids Junior College by a 8-0 find others, musically inclined In Uie «»• Tlielr Intelllgenoe ifwtH s h o u w l "1> «« a claw of typical grcoii.score. The game looked to be a tie OirKV Junior nice Club nn.1 In the

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l?ame, but in the last quarter, a d r o p kick by Tom Van Zanten won t h e game for Hope. A wet and snow-covered field prevented any real spectacular plays although both teams were strong on offense and a little weak on defense Most of Hope's ground was gained by end runs while Junior passed and bucked the line to the.r advantage. J u n i o r College attempted nine passes out of which four were complete; however t h e inability to pass may also be blamed on the wet and muddy field. The star of the game seemed to be Tom Van Zanten. who made several ppectacular runa and also scored all t h e points for Hope. However Kleis also played a fine offensive game, although the wet field prevented him f r o m getting away on some of his long runs which were the winning factors of other gamed; Damstra and Japinga also showed their ability U) buck the line for real gains. The mainstay of the line was VanderHart who repeatedly broke through getting a good s h a r e of the tackles. However the whole line played a fine game which was shown by the fact that » % Junior was not able to put the ball over although twice they were within several yards of the goal line. Hoiden was the chief ground gainer for J u n i o r (fcollege, making mowt of their gHlnes, The game "8f-»nwed" )>aok and forth, Hope getting within three yards of the Junior goal but falling to m a k e a touchdown, as also did J u n ior. The game was very clean thruout there being ony one fifteen yard penalty. ' The g a m e by quarters Is as follows: First Quarter Junior kicked pff tq Hope. Hope ffceiylng the ball qn their twentyy&rd line and advancing It to Hope'a forty yard ine, Here JapingU punt» ed the ball to Junior's thirty yard line. Though ^.uooessful smashes the ball was advanced to Hope's twenty yard line, Hecqnd Quarter Junior advanced the ball to the five yard Ine by means of a pass. However h t n they were held for downs, Van Zanten by mean* of two spectacular runs brought the bplj up to the fifty\

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Men's Glee Cluh. Freshman aid Is evident also In tha






erat|qn behveen the hnsinesp nien of Holland apd the students of Hope, and a ppMt ''Hope for Hollam] and lioiiund for Hope." The bpuk contains the advert amenta of manybuslness houses of Holland.


ITtOSH GIRLS HAZED On Tuesday night the Sophomores at Voorhees Hall gav® a party in llonur (?) of the Freshmen. At nine o'clock, t h e Freshmen were blindfolded and led by responsible


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The Hope College Girls Glee club t a k e courage, knowing t h a t even .if- dents of Hope enjoyed a vacation on doff m a d e its first public a p p e a r a n c e of t e r ^ colors which now Our Instructors listened to l , l t t k e U 8 eaw to ,ook 011 the season at Hope church Sunday >* "P ' still lectures along general educational evening October 25. They gave as r e m a i n the fittest background of all lines, given by prominent men f r o m the anthem "How Lovely Are the w , l ( > «t»nd Just above us. Profensors various walks of life. Among other , Messengers,!' by Mende'.ssohn, . Miss a , | u u|>per i l a ^ m e n , we F r e s h m e n names on t h e program appeared those Ardean Van Arendonk accompanied pHdq In publishing tills Issue 1 on t h e pipe organ and certainly did t* ® A n 0 i o r some fine playing.. Everyone was well pleased with tl^ls first apppar^ ance; the girls give promise of another very successful season. Eleven novitiates were in the llr:e* up on this occasion. The singers were: F i r s t ' Soprano: Cornelia Nettlhga, " B E S T EVKR HKIiD," IS OPINION. Morrison Mable Moeke, Elizabeth ' Helen Van Ebsx. Knickerbocker men held the fli*}t Second Soprano: Gladys Moek stag of the season last Friday, October WUhelmlna Sprlck, Marian Ingham, 30, celebrating the addition of a new



Henrletta Beyers, Anne B a r k e m a . Alto; Sandrene Schutt, Joyco Klaasen, Ruth \ a n Kersen, Edith Weaver, Marian Laepple. DR. SHANNON A P P E A R S IN HOLLAND


Rev. F. F. Shannon, X), of Centrpl Church. Chicago, (Qf Golden Appie Fame) seems to like Holland an well as Holland likes him. He preached the sermon, at. the instullatlon Service of Kev. Thomas W. Uavldwn, a t Hope church on Wednesday. Oct.

of Dr. Charles

m a g a z i n e


/, T t M poet Alfred Noyes.

f r o m




j j r o w n w a g i n t f o d u c « i to t h e gi r ] 8 b y Hermina Reinhart resident of the Y. W. C A She selected d explained the songo to beTun^ ^ e l l T 0 6 nf tho ..e ^ in f * occasion on which they were written i n the evening a joint thB

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^ Van Arendonk. Dr. v , i, i . • • Nykerk presented Mrs. Brown to t h e Many students of Hope also attend- audience.

ed t h e meetings. This wn« advised by I r

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a n y

t h0f,e l W0 a




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K e<iur

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At this meeting t h e s p e a k e r took a*


' <' <» h " ^ h J ^ t example the life of Joaa t i o n a l eph. In her tactful, kindly way she * *•/ , apoke of his temptations as a young r 4Potlphar, otl har man In the hose oof the" P . the

0 * . T ' ^ I N T O N E TO B E L A R G E R AND Egyptian, and drew a line of comparBETTER T i n s YEAR Lson between t h e young J e w and the force to the society. The men met at young people of today. She pointed regular club rooms where the nevv The Milestone of this year Is to b-3 out that Joseph through his obedience n i e n t 0 0 | . t j l e V 0 W 8 0 f t h e society and a bigger and better book, was tho and strength to resist temptation was received their ping after wh,ch aU word passed out by William Maai, able to bring honor and happiness to went ^to the Episcopal church for . . editor for 1925-26. Already some of his farhlly. Mis. Brown like manv what the men declared was the afinest tt .h e m o , . » . . . »n»wn, ime many . , ^ • u n t l n g work Is being done and great Christians, had the happy facpstag t a K t they hey had attended attended in in years. years. .. 1. • ^ ^ ^ Very M u C h l n t e r e S t Ulty of m a k l n e h e r m e 8 8 a e eem A line dinner of chicken with all the 18 e « at" * taken by t h e staff In the fact t h a t tractive and < extremely reasonable ext a8 thttt Su W-th t h a t 81)e al type '' f ^ new f e a t u r e Is to be added this Mrs. Brown la a native of England ot deUcacy w a s 8 t o w e d a w a y ln a rec ' year; pictures and the story of a 3 h e studied i n Switzerland Three uld tlm6 a m l d c on8tant 3okes an<! , pageant to be given by the Hope stua(?0 8 h e c a m ( J t 0 t h t a ( u n o ( a11 k i n d s The ' men, then Joined dents sometime during the latter part spending the first year In California ln w l t h B<)b H e m k e 8 at the of the second term. A pageant was F o r t h e l l U ) t t w o ^ Plnno. given by the students In 1916, and w | t h t | l e B a t t | 4 i

!!Sth. Ur, Shannon spoke on "My Minister." He said he wanted h(3 mlntater to be human, but not too hu-

A fine program followed the dinner, "'nee this will be the first repetition o f 8UC h a n e v e n t !tl t e n 5,eal B the ' ' """ T h e president called on a man from Mart.n, who Milestone will make much of It. new f u l . c e ' ftl.8ti D e a n Another feature will be tennis. In man, a man who was* sympathetic. Hpoke about the first and last impresbut not n hali-feliuw-well-met, H^ s , o n H u t H o | ) e u n ( 1 t h e fil.8t a n ( , . . l a s t . latter years tennis has had little part aaid he wanted him to be well-read. , n K „ , m l ) r w f t l o n s Q r J o t n l n K l h e o r ( , e r . in t h eu Milestone, . but this year the In order to Interpret the One;,.. , ^ . ,®<Htor has Included tennis with other ( ln r S 1 He wanted him to be up With ttrntf, " ' " ' ""1 ' " ' athletic activities Which will enter Inc u 0 but above all tn be linked with e t e m ** ^Is Impressions af- t 0 t h l 8 h o o k . ity. He WRnted hi* minister tu rent Izp" h!? "Job WPS a hard, high and a

M r g.

C. Little, President-

elect of the University of Michigan; Dr o i e n n F r a n k , author, lecturer and

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hoetety ,he



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" '' ' S 'n ' " « o u lust year and went through the * 4 ordeul t h e Freshmen last Wedncwday. He touched upon the good "contact" between the new men and t h e old and also mentioned other points that were fresh In the memory

of all, Blft Hughes, at the h a n d s of Mr, Mulder, suffered ft severe reprl- i M n ( j . . P a c k u p y o u r mand for his esuatlcal conduct In ge?- old Kit Bag, and ting In f r o n t of t h e camera while the smile." '


It was through the

efforts of Dr. Nykerk t h a t t h e students of Hope were able to hear Mrs. Brown. Both audiences were struck with her simple, effective method of v speech. .- . , ^


i n l h e c o r n e r o f t h e campus. Members of Smile, * C n , c e r b o c e P a n d P r a t e m a l Societies a 8X684 Aeal to do w ^ h mak.

new men were haVIng their picture T h e , keynote o f t h ( , evening was taken. After this address John Lloyd s t r u d j t ) y t h e President, " J e r r y " Kollen pleased the society with three p o a l e , w h e n piano solos, receiving great applause m < l h o n t h 8

1 hes tate to d^flW t ^ e Une and much favorale comment. Between the tw«. whei^e «o<l hns nut. \ > r n o n Ten Cate addressed t h e

jjedtoal Advisor.

o—— TRACK M E E T POSTPONED The cross-country run which was atnfe m u c h the succees of tho - -staff dends upon co-operation Mr t 0 h a v ® h e e n h < " l d between Kalamazoo Maat urges that t h e students have C o " e K e and Hope has been definitely - - * - '• ' i their pictures taken early, thus per- Postponed due to t h e premature mlttlng the staff more time In which snow blanket which has covered Ho!"to work, the ultimate result being a l and the past few days. v v better book. —o . | Wednesday night the r u m b l e rf distant t h u n d e r was heard In t h e f a r ended by quoting the • old soldier's


,.the ''g


"lnPU8' 0 ' 8


he spoke to the new t t e n / r i w r h T T T — J o u t l D o k before them as


n u m ln


Q_^— value of a smile. He and whnf they could expect of the AOAll men declared that his WH C J ETY Holland is Indeed the town of Sab- b r o u ^ t In much materia) to nhow the c l p t y . "However." he said, "in all finest stag they ever attended and hath Observance, t^ven t h e traftU; slg- real value of a h a n d s h a k e depended this s o O t y work' Hope is first, the new, men were nals fall to woiH on Sunday, . ^ on the emlle t h a 't went it, and . society Is next, thje other vfellow Is pressed with t h e .







members of the society, what they third and the Indlvdual member Is alW e r e expected to do for the society, ways last."



- - f t



now itnlll t h e nc«t booming of Ure- Kan State Teachers' Association held h u m a n race at t h e price of His own crackers. But finally, brethren, let us in Grand Kapids last week the stu- Son.

nappy oPvt This message, with Us tubllme anWOISNTS P W ^ s e d a l ^ g i ^ . Its personal touch, and Ur, HV NfiW HOOKS Shannon's inimitable delivery, was lo fHwdents- were pieapantly surprised the great doctor's subtle method Ipst week Tuesday when upon lejiv- compliment Pv JMYidaom The Hope students who attended ing the rhopei each was pregentfu) t h e service were thrilled, as usual, by w4th a "Students' Qulde" fqr 193626. This little boo Wet includes the Dr Shannon's stirring words, ^ Q—,—— names of an the facyHy ^nd students wth the college address amj the homo In men. whom men prnnounce as ill;, address of §Hch.. The puppps^ qf UlP I find su much of guodnesp stiUi In men. whom men pronouce divine bopk, as stated on the fiy^l^af js I find SO much of Sin and blot create frjendUnesa apd plfiffep V


() Hophs Into the nelthermost pints ALM) MIOKTS J O I N T Y. M. AND X. of the Dorm. They were hazed first W. C. A. O H O r F ; TALKS ON as a whole, and this was followed by HEALTH SUBJECTS • individual r a t t i n g . The m o d e o f dresl. have gladened the heart of would "We should treasure health," said The Sohomorea eravM a c k Sennett. ^1 amusement. Ask them If they got Mr'.=i. Gertrude Brown before t h e Y. i t . T o p 0 l l 8 h „ t t t h e e v e n l n g . g t o r t u r e VV. C. A. the afternoon of October Thl " »f ^ 3 ' each Frosh was given a Snap and a 17, "not only because it means free,lu,e tV m l,taf,omfor ' h u t w a U h w U , , 0 , , engle-eyc u . Hlte, I. e. a lemon snap, and a frost ^ " ' vMn. but • uvenly-iriiiefa," who today ar.) bite. Ask Frances Selbert If s h e chiefly because it given opportunity "castlns tlie a n c h o r " which shall agrees with Tennyson that "A 'douln- f o r better service." She tfpeke to the girls of the Body as the Temple of Hland u-pcak enabling our class to f u r throne la Ice on Summer Sens." t h e Boul and told them of its subsettl, ,l,0 ^ ^ quent care. She called t h e Bible a f 0 , n t , C ,1,,y 0 f 1,0,8 a , U , r ; ' "",,"w C T i m C M T O Dll l/\V t h e nght of gowns and m o r t a r boards, [ | J U f t n l | Jj t i l J O Y health text book, quoting among SfMU'e prohibits, and It would be qii|fe other verses, "I beseech you therefore, inappropriate as well, to publish liero brethren, by the mercies of Ood, that I lie coin oetlons of the Sophomores ye present your bodies a living sacriwho a r e at present visible only \utli fice, holy, acceptable unto God, . .. hln. t h e aid of a telcfceope. It wouldirt M. S. T. A. CALKS I N S T R r C T O R S wwhich is your reasonable service. TO GRAND RAPIDS .even surprise us if some of the profs ( H o m a n s 12:1.) It was only reasonwere desirous of seeing us bedecked able; she explained, to give our bodies Due to the meeting of the Mlchl- t o t h e with our ornameiital chokers f r o m of G o d w h o bouBht ^ 4«#

football team. Some of our fellows have already had a chance tu she w their stuff. The track team has also received Us contribution f ^ m th-i



'• . , > - • i ... •


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dent whom they call t h e " H u m a n Then to sleep with pleasant d r e a m s Dynamo." He says "The. biggest in- tho somewhat Interrupted by the profluence in business today Is personal- longd ringing of the rising bell which ity. The business personality that pro- does Indeed seem sometimes to have FRESHMAN STAFF and to motes Is the one built up gradually, a bad cold. Rose again Editor-nCbler Glen R. Severance day by day, by doing better and chapel where one Dr. Bandy, I beAMMM'Iair F.dltoiv— serving better t h a n the other fellow. lieve, did announce of a music to Sarah liarey his A long while Is needed to build, but sing "The Inexcusable Lie" to Ruth C, Kennell It will come, not tomorrow nor In a public speaking classes. Head Reporter Helen M. F e h n e r month, nor In a few years. But, In . Abroad then to Van Raalte and A»s'stants— have no time, It can and will surely be devel- there to class. We did Martha Von Buren oped." French this day In order that W3 Georfce KIIley It has been said that all men wero might hear the marks of our Lack fieorjee Klo«te born " f r e e and unequal", but in one of Intelligence Test. There came to Paul Van EKH aspect at least we are treated Justly: us, bringing the papers, Dr. Winters. Campus .Esther Brink We each have just twenty-fou/ I did look for Miss Spring but did not. Humor Mildred De Wolfe hours a day to use. The more com- see her. In truth, the professor .lid Ahimul Ethel HeneveW pletely our hours and moments tiro not have a good opinion of us and Sport..Dean Martin spent for ends worth while, the mor? telleth us so. Thereupon also he did they are converted Into capital of preach an excellent discourse upon In Accepted for mailing at special rate character. Intelligence and power. dustry and perseverance. The good of postage provided by Section 1103, "The germ of greatness,"' Hub- sir should be warned not to cast his Act of October, 1917, authorized Oct. bard says. "Is In every man but we pearls before the swine. 19, 1918. fall victims of arrested development." Home then and to dinner where I Let us give our best to our homes, had tasty food and good talk. In our school, our churches, our town the afternoon there was hard study and country and In so doing we will and I do Indeed agree with King be developing the best In ourselves. Solomon that much study is a weariIf we are developing all the noble ness of the flesh. (liialltles which a supreme behur should Supper at six a f t e r which we did have there Is nothing unattainable go out to hike that we might earn T H E C L A S S O F '29 for us we have 'personality plus." an " H " with a sweater on It. We o stayed not very long, however, It DoDecorative green pots and ties and F R E S H M E N , HO! ing top warm for exercises and the varied green ribbons are no longer sidewalks too Icy. a source of Intense Interest among Fellow "wearers of the green," just So to bed and to sleep, having stavl h e Hope students. The Class of 29 a word: Because of t h e outcome of ed up exeedlng late—till ten o'elocK. has entered and become a part of a certain intelligence te«ts applied to A good day. great institution. The Sophomore the F r e s h m a n class we have been class has enjoyed the duty of making called "average;" very "mediocre." t h e Class of *29 familiar with the col- Average? Probably. Mediocre. lege; Juniors- and seniors have wel- Never! One has only to look over


th! anchor


22 W e i t 8th S t r e e t , Office H o u r i — 8 to 11 A. M 2 to 6 P. M S a t . 7 to 9 P. M

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Molenaar&DeGoede $ H Hast 8th St.

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comed us In their midst. , Now we are established. The novelty of our coming has worn off. Hut to l h e class, this Is still the beginning of college life. We have four years ahead of ua. and looking foreward, th H

NOSE i : t


The White Cross Three experienced Barbers. Hair Bobbing a specialty,

HOLLAND, MICH. Capital $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits $140,010.00

Interest paid on Time ^Deposits c - T S f c L u . u ,


the class to see that it is not an ordinary one. There Is something—a fine spirit that makes It unique. Average? So much the better. "Not a single brilliant s t u d e n t In the clase." Now that statement In Hsell' m a k e s the class unusual. Almost every class has one or two "br.lllant" students at Ito head. We have have a great number of students of equal Intellect. Therefore, the entire class can start together and together reach the top

seems rr long period. Hut 1° u s ' Freshmen, falls the duty of setting new standards. We must carry Hope's banners. We muet be true to her standard. We must progress, for our victory Is Hope's victory. Our spirit has won praise; faculty and student* by dint of hard work. have said that his Is the best class Hard work, of course! Have you t h a t ever entered Hope. VN e must heard Professor Lampen's favorite prove that we are Just that and more theory "To the f a i t h f u l plodders be Better clasoes will come later. They the reward, not to the brilliant v " must be better if Hope's b a n n e r Is to But to work one's powers to the utt>e raised above the standards we most require« strength of character wish to set. But it Is for us to give and that Is what h e Freshman class t h e brot- there Is In ns; to set examples for f u t u r e students to better; to raise the banner one notch higher t h a n It has ever been raised bafore; to make ourselves not merely students. but Hope students. Hope College Is what t h e students make it, and It is for every class to leave it,

has! We have fitted into Hope as If we had always been here. We feel ourselves a part of t h e college and are proud of It. Let us then make Hope not only not ashamed of us, but proud of us. Let us put out men of "best" scholarship, and a good many better t h a n they found It. Freshmen, of t h e m ; "best" athletes; "best" debators; "best" orators; "best" sclentlet us show what here Is In tis. fcrts. When we graduate let them say -oof us that we are a f t e r all the best "PERSONAIilTY" WThy does one person become the All-arund class ever graduated. o — cynosure of all eyes the moment ho appears while another Is compelled to decorate the wall? There is something besides beauty and ability that makes men and women rise In th« world and that one distinctive qualMiss Beatrice Tyner from Mason. Mich., was a visitor at Hope last Friity Is personality. Personality has been defined as day. "the personal charm t h a t comes from a true nature, a courageous Miss Martha Barkema who now heart and an Intelligent head". We attend school In Chicago spent the cannot acquire personality overnight: week-end In Holland. there are fundamentals to It, the sarme o as any other accomplishment. No Miss J a n e t Albers. now a teacher in one can bestow the quality upon us Coopersvllle, spent the week-end at —there Is no "open sesame" to It nor her home In Holland. magic lamp to be rubbed to gain our o desire. And, we must remember that Rev. and Mrs J o h n A. Kempers, we will arrive nowhere in our strug^ Hope graduates and newly commisgles unless we learn the underlying sioned missionaries to Chiapas, Mexprinciples at the start, and. what i ' ico, are listed as speakers at the 43rd more, unless we put them Into prac- anniversary of t h e Woman's Board of the Domestic Mission of the Retice. One of the reasons why we attend formed church of America which is college and why we have athletics, schduled for Nov. 17 In Brooklyn, vocational training and various N. Y. Another s p e a k e r will be Evecourses of study Is t h a t each of us lyn Zwemer who is also a graduate may have training that will help w* of H'ope. desire to develop to our fullest pos-oD1ARY O F A FRESHMAN W I T H sibilities. We must also be very careful of APOLOGY T O SAMTFX P K P Y S our appearance, voice, neatness, m a n Monday: Up a t alx but being very nerisms and language If we desire the power of a pleasing personality. weary, having last night been out In Chicago t h e r e is a bank pres.- to church, I did go back | o bed.

Alumni News




i •A

v In an isolated region, almost inaccessible in winter, this 6500 h.p. hydro-electric plant located on the Deerfield River in New England* starts, protects, and stops itself.


A Self'Startmg Power Plant Dawn—the slumbering city awakens and calls for electric current. Many miles away the call is answered. A penstock opens automatically, releasing impounded waters; a water turbine goes to work, driving a generator; and electric current is soon flowing through wires over the many miles t o the city. This plant starts and runs itself.

The General Electric Company has developed generating and transmitting equipment step by step with the demand for electric power. Already electricity at 220,000 volts is transmitted over a distance of 270 miles. And G-E engineers, ever l o o k i n g f o r w a r d , are n o w experimenting with voltages exceeding a million. A new series of G-E advertisements showing what electricity is doing in many fields will be s e n t on r e q u e s t . Ask for booklet QEK-1.


Power plants with automatic control are now installed on isolated mountain streams. Starting and stopping, generating to a sef capacity, shutting down for hot bearings end windings, gauging available water supply, they run themselves with uncanny precision. Thus another milestone has been reached in the generation of electric power. And with present-day achievements in power transmission, electricity generated anywhere may be applied everywhere. The non-technical graduate need not know where electricity comes from—nor even how it works. But he should know what electricity can do for him no matter what vocation he selects. HODH









COLUMN t h e poison t h a t is c h l o r o f o r m i n g t h e

Suppost a boat b r e a k s f r o m Us vast m j o r i t y of o u r m e n and women, This is t h e . subtle m o o r i n g a n d d r i f t s one h u n d r e d miles young and old. f r o m s h o r e . Will It ever r e t u r n to t h e e t h e r t h a t parlyzes Initiative a n d efport f r o m w h e n c e It s t a r t e d ? ? No, un- f o r t . Wfcen once you c h o o s e your less by wheer accident. It Is t08sed A p u r p o s e and f o r t i f y It by a burning, f r o m t h e t r o u g h to t h e crest of t h e c o n q u e r i n g d e t e r m i n a t i o n , y o u will waves. It :'fl finally dashed to pieces n a t u r a l l y beg.n to s t u d y way*) andNo by t h e r a g i n g f u r y of t h e elements. m e a n s f o r r e a c h i n g y o u r goal. The t r a g e d y of life Is to. be found 1 ! m u t t e r if you have t h e ability of a t h e younjr man or w o m a n who d r i f t s Webster or a Napoleon, you will never


nlmloisly into life, only to be d a s h - be successful without t h e s t i m u l u s ed to piece* by t h e very e l e m e n t s of a great purpose. It is not enough merely to have a which he, by divine r ' g h t , should harness, m a s t e r and utilize in f u r t h - p u r p o s e . It m u s t be legitimate. When a s k e d what his business was Andrew ering him n his course. W h a t is the g r e a t e s t cause of in- Crnegie replied, " I t is my business efllciency in A m e r i c a ? It is a lack '»f to do as m u c h good a s possible." The per ideal of Captain W e b b was to swim cent of t h e people in t h l s - c o u n t r y h a v e t h e N i a g a r a whirlpool. He perished In an u l t i m a t e a i m — a g e n u i n e m o t i v e t h e useless a t t e m p t . B a r n e y B a r n a t o for living! The great t r a g e d y of t h e dlmond king of K l m b e r l e y , had A m e r i c a n 1 fe was s u m m e d up in a few- g r e a t wealth as an Ideal. But when he a

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consecrated purpose. W h a t kind ot a position do you expect ultimately to fulfill?

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j o u r goal in 1 f e ? True, as H a r r i n g t o n



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Ane C o - E d s of Qltvet College subbest, easiest method of a c q u i r . n g t h e mit t h e following a s their Impression College desirable things of life." But you of a college m a n : — F i r s t l y : m u s t first decide what you w a n t . T h e men a r e divided Into t h r e e parts, hat, aim is t h e big thing. All your " w o r k - coat and trousers, of which t h e trous-

Set no m a r k , d r e a m no d r e a m , build this division. They Imagine doubtless no i m a g i n a r y a i r castles, have no d e f - t h a t their faces f o r m the most i m p o r t ' objects and t h e i r feet the inite a m, no vision of a large self and ant But nqt so, The f o r m e r a r e a l a r g e r llfo, and you will be eternally next. t h e y begin to doomed to d r i f t and fail. You c a n n o t qnly noticed when avoid it. If I is t h e law of Uff, T h e sprout whiskers, and t h e l a t t e r only lack of a (leflnite, impelling motive when they a r e a r r a y e d In t a n shoes. h e a r t of A m e r l c n progress.

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tion t h a t he does not k n o w t h e fact t h a t greasing one's hair fad no way to

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had become rich as his d r e a m , he he said, 44 We a r e d r i f t e r s and floaters drwned himself and his w e a r l s o m e the on t h e sea of life, instead of being ness of it all In t h e w a t e r s of To work f o r either pilots a n d captains. W e a r e followers ciouth Atlantic. and failures, instead of leaders and money or f a m e f o r its own s a k e Is u n w o r t h y of a n y m a n . Remember, successes." t h e r e is only one leg t i m a t e p u r p o s e The y o u n g man or w m a n w i t h o u t in life and t h a t is to serve h u m a n i t y an u l t i m a t e a i m is Just like p u t t y . in some way. Such a p e r s o n may properly be en'.led F r i e n d s , let us know t h a t t h e a h u m a n derelict b e c a u s s he d r i f t s things we wish to achieve a r e legitit h o r u g h life without .•» purpose, and mate, practical and t r u l y desirable. t l i e r e f r e without e n t h u s i a s m , w i t h o u t Know ng this, let us proceed u n d e r courge a n d without hope. The person t h e motto of t h e g r e a t general, Hanniwho d r i f t s has no aim, and t h e r e f o r e bal, "I will find a way or m a k e one." sees no opportunities. T h e mind and Let us have lofty p u r p o s e . Let us soul with all t h e i r t h o u g h t s , hopes d a r e to achieve. Let us look ahead, impulse, desires, prejudices and asnot back: up, not d o w n : and press on. p i r a t i o n s a r e but a confused m a s s O u r succors will bo t h e r e w a r d of launtil organized and m a d e effective by bor Intelligently directed. t h e conscious power of an earnest




words by J a m e s Samuel Knox when

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lubricate t h e brains.

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culated to b r o a d e n t h e a p p e a r a n c e of the shoulders and heighten the atmosT h e girls of Voorhees HJall dis-. phere of a big, s t r o n g m a n . T h a t Is t h e played t h e latest modes In b e d r o o m light-weight's greatest care. The ulslippers at s u p p e r on Friday last, tra long, baggy and Happy trousers m u c h to the displeasure of Mrs Oura r e the most m a r v e l o u s of his a p p a r e l , fee, a n d much to t h e discomfort of the marvel being t h a t m e n w h o dist h e girls. carded skirts nearly t w o t h o u s a n d o years ago should he r e t u r n i n g with One day R u t h Kennell was insuch rapid ty to t h a t m o d e of drvan. dustriously engaged in s t u d i o u s p u r T a k e care bojv>—let this be your suit when t h e j a n i t o r knocked a n d guide—the girls a r e w a t c h i n g you J asked, "Is t h e r e a misfit screen — T h e Rcho. a r o u n d h e r e ? " She looked u p astonDr, ft, Clyde Ford In a r e c e n t a r t i ished, and a n s w e r e d , 4 'No, I don't t h i n k t h e r e Is anybody living here by cle in the A m e r c a n Schoolmaster discussed t h e a m i a b l y c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s of that name," t h e Croakers, He statejj t h e y a r e u n r • " o Elsie Boucher celebrated n b i r t h d a y qn Wednesday last. It seonw t h a t Miss Gibson's table Is g e t t i n g the lion's s h a r e of t h e parties. o C a t h e r i n e Learned e n t e r t a i n e d h e r sister Julia a few d a j s last week. o M a r i e W a g e n a a r ' s m o t h e r and sist e r paid a visit to Hope last week, and were entertained at Voorhees

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like h u m a n beings, they can forget t h e r troubles, and also t h e y can f o r -


get t h a t they once w e r e tadpoles. They v a r e s i m o n - p u r e optimists, he continues. for a f t e r being f r o a e n solid f o r


four months they with a song. They hlbitlonists, They they drink n o t h i n g

always t h a w out were t h e first prolive In w a t e r and but w a t e r . T h e y

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gain s o m e good ,t

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P. Van Ess: "What is your vacant period ?" P.. Hughes: "Just before lunch.'"


The Freshman are still green on these subjects: When will lights be put on the posts in front of Winants Chapel? What t h e faculty thinks of us? (Outside of Prof. Winters.) When Indian summer officially opens? When Dr. Pleters will be in

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new home? Why It is that all the Frosh boys


a r e talking F r e n c h ? Why it Is that both Voorhees hull and Dr. Dlmnent's home have the

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OVER JUNIOR FRIDAY, 3 TO 0' (Continued f r o m Page 1)


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_ ^

yard line. A pass to Van Zanten put the ball on the three yard line. Here Hope was penalized Ave yards and an unsuccessful pass over the k ml put the ball on Jun'ors' twenty yard line in the possession of Junior College Junior punted. Third Quarter * Junior kicked off again to iTope, Klels advancing the ball to th? fortyfive yard line where Japinga punted. Holden of Junior returned ball to the forty yard line. Here Kleis intercented a pass hut later Hope was forced to kick. Junior was also forced to kick. Hope's, ball on their own two-yard line. Japlnga punted and J u n i o r a i - . vanced the ball to Hope's eight yard line where again the Hope line held and J a p nga punted out of danger., F o u r t h Quarter, Kleisl Intercepted a pass taking the ball to the flfty-yard line. Two passes failing. Hope again punted. Junior forced to put on their twenty yard. Hope receives the ball on Junior's forty yard line, u d v a n m l it to t h e \ twenty yard J ne where a drop kick by Van ftanfen WOO the game. Hope kicked off (o•Juntos hilt flffer seyer^l • unsuccessful parses Jlinfpr JWHted. / Hope then began Its march down tjie.^ field and only the end of the ffRWP •: sflvpd Junior from being scored v upon. Lineup as follows; D;imson L.E Kssenbaggers L.T Vamlpj'Jijirt ...L.G Kol e.. v.,.^r^-..C....i W. Pelon Oowens K.T


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-iw-itui 11 nil ,1, UJWmW,

If you are following the "dope", heres a red-hot tip"- ~

HJU R.E....... Wadsworth VanZanten Q Schuman Damstra k,H.... Holden Klels R.H Clacheski J a p ng.T F.B t v Zequnic Referee—Hlnga. Holland Umpire Chapman. Holland. Substitutions— Fell. VerMeulen, Kastien.

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