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Have You Heard—

Hope College. Holland, Michigan, Oct. 31 1928



Number 67



f r e q u e n t l y one h e a r s a b o u t t h e c a m p u s s o m e c r i t i c i s m s ^ t h e " A N C H O R , " f o r people find a n undefinable a t t r a c t i o n IN A T f O P N T i n e x e r c i s i n ^ t h e i r " ^ e e s p e e c h " t o t h i s end, w i t h t h e r e s u l t Two Books ill i t h a t o u r poor c a m p u s publication g e t s torn a p a r t mercilessly. I i XT PROFESSOR HOOKER IS IN Dr S. M. Zwemer, former missionW h y should a n y Hopeite, and t h i s m e a n s you, h a v e a r i g h t U6r It JMOW CHARGE ary to Arabia and Egypt, Hope T h o p u CAR WRECKED ON WAY TO to criticise his school p a p e r , when t h a t publication is p u t Alumnu.% has published two new o u t by a g r o u p of people w h o get n o r e w a r d f o r t h e i r s e r v l i l t : iTllICSlOilB 'reahmen. Sophomores, Juniors, HOLLAND books, "The Glory of the Cross" and ices? If we did not h a v e a p a p e r y o u would complain a b o u t , * Seniors! All men interested in dew on the new Mi,e8tone "Acrjaj the World of Islam." t h a t , a n d if we do not c o n f o r m to y o u r s t a n d a r d s ( ! ) of j o u r - • y a t i n ^ i n e € t with Mr. Hooker at 18 c o m i n alon According to news received just nalism, you s h o u t a b o u t t h a t . It is t r u e t h a t only t h r o u t r h K » nuite nicely. The f o u r o'clock Tuesday afternoon! a r t W O r k i8 wel1 s t a ^ t e d The topic for recently, Neil and Christine Webb i m p r o v e m e n t can we show o u r own i n t e r e s t in t h e p a p e r • The ada debate this year, as No one is going to a re b € g i n n i n g t o c o m e i n a n d e v e you ma know are now in Francis E. Willard Hos- b u t w h a t i n c e n t i v e is t h e r e to work h a r d e r w h e n ones s t u d i e s u ^y ' Resolved; That vote against Hoover. g t h e s t a f f i8 a b l e t o a t t e n d t o t r i a l b y J u r y 8 h o u l d pital, Chicago, Illinois, as a result and o t h e r activities a r e calling, a n d t h e " A N C H O R " s e e m s ** ab oli8hed. 18 r u n n , n j ? 8m "It really is odd, this one -legged of a serious auto accident in which to h a r d to get o u t — and is such a t h a n k l e s s j o b f oothly. Although not all the debates that campaign," says Ellery Sedgwick, they u,... were participants. T. It occurred^ HowiPlr thav only thing lacking is sub^ take place are scheduled ——as T h' *e s^t ^uv4d Ve4 V/11 n t s v Ow hWo I 1o\J f f \J e r 11t ^h Xe s ve 1 1c lOeVv* e^r J cYr i t i cV*i X s mI vs 1 al or IeU St h <4 e 1 IT The J jl r* — —" w distinguished editor of the Atlan- on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 9, s a m e ones who prove delinquent in t h e i r own camnua a c t i v i - s c r i p j t i 0 n s ' T h e u p p € r c l a s ! m e n yet. the following meets are altic Monthly in a letter to the New 1928, in Chicago, at the intersec- ties. T h e y d o n ' t even seem to realize t h a t GOOD W I L L I f I f t h e i r d u t y ' b u t s o m e o f ' " p i . 16 Fe b 's negative team at Herald Tribune. "There is ,s tion of Cicero and Jackson Boule- bbetween etween H Hooeites necpssnrv int 0 r 0 =f in our Teams 'J , ; York Her»ld o p e i t e s is necessary O un r Interest l h e *Sophomores and most of the h a V e 8 8UC Ypsilanti. but a single figure (Smith) in it. vard. Struck in the rear fender is poor, and likewise o u r willingness to help o u r p a p e r is in , "t £ " Feb. 8—Kalamazoo's negative You may hate him or you may ove by an unwary truck driver, they a bad s t a t e . All these t h i n g s work t o g e t h e r f o r a b e t t e r "i'®'toine <he b o o k n e e d s SUpp0rt If y o u team at Hope. him, bu it is because of Smith that were turned over one and a half Hope College. L e t ' s have you as one of t h o s e who is b i g 1 Feb. 22—Hope's affirmative team p , i r e n h h e , p r a t h e r than to s p o u t up d 0 at Calvin. now. Don't wait; because only the x: r r % r ^ w r . T a n ? 011 ' ^ ^ " lions will vote against Smith. Mil- broken collar bone and severely ^ " SP ^ • —A Reporter. number ordered will be printed. If Feb. 22—Alma's affirmative team at Hope. lions will vote .for Smith, too, but lacerated right hand which, it is - you want a Milestone, and everynobody is going to vote against found, may be a decided encumone does, sign up now. Although we have lost Visaer, 9 Hoover." McCarrol and Bloemers from our brance to her piano playing. How* * * last year's squad, Ver Hey, Stekeever all depends on the operation tee and others of our former teams which is necessary to the hand. His grandfather are back, and the new "prospects" Neil fared a little better, coming has him trained. ou are very promising indeed for a ^ ^ e scrape with but minor Arthur Smith, «»., Jr., wv-iuvtiMi-viu 30-month-old winning year. ru 8es grandchild of Governor Smith, last ^ ^ The first number of the Lyceum At the first meeting, held last week lifted up his small, lisping Immediately after the accident Course last week Tuesday was a w e e k Tuesday, twenty men were rs ENGLEWOOD CHURCH OFFERS GENERAL SURVEY OF MISvoice and sang "The Sidewalks of ^ ' ^ o ^ b was summoned and she decided success. Rich voices and o u t ' deluding excellent material PRIZE New York" for a "talkie" film at i s n o w i n C h i cago with them. The SION FIELDS real artistry combined to make the f r o m t h e upper classes and also Albany. With Jefferson, the Great t w o H o P € students were returning sc 00 musical comedy one of the best en- s e v e r a l Freshmen. Though FreshDane, nearby he was not afraid. ^ ^ from their home in Silrtown fa . . ID 4 • Columbia, _1 l_ • Canada,% v o ^ n f ^ Nor wasTt. "'balonev" to' him*'lie vmfe A . British ' . M i 3 s i o n a r i e s o n ^rlough from tertainments we have ever enjoyed. " e n m a y not become members of be SpeakerS a t t00k the part We a r € to ^ n g ^ e l e X correctly to the a " d ^ a t their plans are further * Z ' f e d e n a Z l n t ' " ^ ^ I ^ ^ " not known. department. vanous meetings of the Student o f Jimmie, the son, in this version h e a r t h a t some are avdlling themd Just recently, the Ninth Re- Volunteers this year. The club's o f Burns' poem. The mother in 8 e l v e 8 of the opportunity to work formed Church of Grand Rapids tentative plans for the fall include t h e P l a y is in real life the mother 7 i t h t h e squad this year, thus gainoffered the "Anna Hydeman Me- a survey of the different kinds of o f Harry Wood, composer of popu- i n ^ experience and training that A Long Story $40.82. TDf .rl CJU i. m o r i a l B i b l e P r i z e " of twenty-five missionary work now being car- l a r songs. will speak well for next year's. The Treasury Department countMade ohort dollars to the best freshman essay ried on in other countries. But Thomas, the neighbor, stop- M a y " ^ r e yet appear at the meeted the country's currency. It found on "What Did Jesus Think of Him- T h e meetings are held f fi - p i n g f o r t h e e v e n i n ^ » w a s the big inK Tuesday! 18,213,615,127 of which $6,415,083,se An unsophisticated, ignorant ^' Another prize of fifty dolFridav afternoon In a t ^ r a c ^ o n • The moment the funny Materials have been sent for ajx ever 402 was in circulation. If there ars freshman joined a Fraternity and ' ^ divided into a first prize ^ ... little Scotchman nut in hie armaor. from the Conorpsainnai T are 118,720,000 people in the U.S., W e n t t o Hve thirty dollars dollars and and a " ^ o n " that m X s ' Z ) r 2 T r ' ^ 1 " O f ' i v e i n the Fraternity <>f thirty l i r j ^tcaOnT ^ ^ — r " o j " amu^Zi H e h a d n e v e r associat< 1 t n t y dollars has been swe you don't believe U t l £ "a little " 7 . dates for the mission field the P t t>>e audience - a titter that the question will begin at once, Wlth hl8 fe,,ow to the w 11 with his fellows much, never never had had arithmetic ) ' ' s much, >nners of an ora„ . was to swell to a great roar as has also been stated that if m e e t i n s a r e 0 t arithmetic.) f toncal contest of a religious na^ i J p, . the play proceeded. We'll never there is enough demand for a worn, , , elt the strong tie of intimate in miss 0 w k f 0 r g e t T h o m a s ! e n s t e arn friendship urging him on to greater fi Kleinjan is president of the eroun T h e o ' ' P n e w111 ^ organized to Along with these, the most re- T h e m e m b e r s w e r e f a v o r e d j tely y ung laird was very young compete with Hope's men's team. things. Here in the Fraternity m e n of cent benefaction is a liberal dona. * and dignified and has a beautiful T h e women's team will take part, b t i k No, "H" it's for every ba s v e he ver ung or ^ ^ Oit i u f ' ^ ' ^ "o i n t e r a c h o l W time. It "is the beginning of ^^^pe athletes, scholars, social tion by tKe Ffrst Reformed church ^ ho 0 he dau ht m t oover and the end of Smith." unds, sissies, bullies, everything Engiewood, I I. worked for many years in that ^ « e r had a lovely voice ^ s Hoover 0 hat is what smiling Speaker ~~ a n d h e learned to associate with . T h e s e bestowals certainly should c o u n t r y a n d h a s k and she was very graceful and u r sympathy to Frederick Dunw. , . That U of theni B W e n e v e r c o u l d t i r e o f t h e n wold ,28 w h icholas Longworth of the House * y studying each, he students to make the most development. Dr Otte was one of ® ' ' o was called home Nicholas • - w , — cc oo uu l d d e t e c t t h e i r o f th r Representatives said at the start weaknesses and e«r coUege days. • . . . father's singing. this week on acc S g l n g of ' d detect their weaknesses and the the pioneers fof medical missions " " Z "c a 8 ' " r o v- e f , . , " T " * 0f t h e illness f of a speech near Boston recently. strong points; by imbibing these and his life is exceedingly color- u u t P their good taste ° ^ mother who is not expected y 8: m ol of Hoover ve lon observations into his character, he ful and inspiring. ' for ^ Soph-Frosh president — except one, undecided. made himself a better, fuller, more Hoover in Tennessee. four-sided man. Chapel The first year he merely sat and Nominee Hoover made some his"A regular cat fight — except tory. He was the first G. O. P. listened, the second he took a part the meow." Angry freshmen kitnominee for President ever seen in i n the activities and conversations, tens futilely resisted the fierce onTennessee. the third he assumed slight re- slaughts of the raging Soph cats Plans for "Homecoming," * * * .... sponsibilities, and the fourth he led when the cats painted the pretty Nov. 9th and 10th. w i n u , . . M M , - n . Divine i.1* his ^ . . Maternity brothers. The social necks of the kittens green. r D The Kalamazoo game here J"1"-" V. W. last " S i : ~ ."S.' WI1 u t n 18 l on Nov. l10th is oto oe be me the ococIn h h tK T J i T ' ^ e book-worm, the super"My clothes —oh my clothes— Tuesday. She read the story of stragglers entered, and he continSwitzerland recently there athlete and the super-religious t h a t . s a l | j a s k p, , casion of "Home-coming" d Christ opening the eyes of the u e d by telling of a request . J was as a sudden muffled roar in the tho wprp were all hie/>nmro#loe his comrades. He gleaned coil.. mv . . ••J' ?i festivities for Hope C )liege blind man and pointed out how graduate of'28 had made recently Arbedo Valley. The tip of Monte from each the good qualities which pleaded one frightened kitten"" ' At eight o'clock Friday Chnst can open our eyes to un- The young man mentioned that the Arbino, 9000 feet above the level made him a real man, and ultimgntened kitten. night a parade will start from "That's all right honey, just you heard of marvels, just like in a student should learn how to introof the sea, was seen to quiver. One mately a molder of men. Carnegie Hall. The entrants hold still," replied the cat, etc . . . smaller sense an artist can make duce a speaker. Prexy here rerock, then another, bounced and will consist chiefly of floats ^SSSSS9S^8S8SS&SSSSS9SSi etc us see things in a landscape or marked that the need was pracUskidded down the mountain side. from the various societies. faC e t h t W e „ . ". n " e v e r ^ be^e. cal, applicable observation. Book, Finally the whole peak slid clumA scream, a yell — pulled hair is The line of march will be She showed how much more the could not best teach a man how to sily into the surrounding valley. bound to hurt Back and forth "gym" to 12th, 12th to River, Rose Window in the new chapel behave in a meeting. Caxton once A huge cloud of dust spouted upthey swayed. A splash of green River to 8th, 8th to River would mean to those *ho underdeclared books a blessing but caught an unsuspecting bystander ward and for several days hung View Park. stood its symbolism. Hope's President often declares heavily over the scene of the avasquarely in the face. "Oh, pardon At the park will be conThis year is Mrs. Durfee's twen- them a curse because too many lanche. No lives were lost because me." Huh. Scratching, clawing, ducted a pep and mass meetyear ° f s e r v , c e o n H 0P«'3 times knowledge never goes beyond smart Swiss geologists had prepulling, jerking, — lots of fun, ing. The Frosh will also campus and to commemorate the their covers. The doctor who had more kittens painted. dicted the landslide, and warned all oblige by furnishing the maanniversary, the girls presented her to consult his medical books to inhabitants to leave the vicinity. Finally the kittens withdrew in terial for an honest-to-goodwith a basket of flowers and a find out the trouble with his paa block, and the cats stood supreme ness bonfire. huge cake with twenty candles. tient was not prepared for emergmaster of the field — a well-deFor the game on Saturday, Everyone had a Uste of the encies. The customs observed in served honor. all letter men may purchase cake including Rev. Hager and the various public gatherings can not tickets for special reserved men from Y. M. who provided spe- be violated without dire results. . Only two members of the Kazoo seats from Coach Schouten. clal m U a An<i !l___0 only the man who notices esssssssasss&ee&zsssssssi faculty are voting for Smith. things and makes his observations Professor J. Vander Meulen of entirely his own can get anywhere, the Seminary was in charge of dewoman who was ushered out votions in chapel Tuesday morning. f o r entering church during a prayTonight: • • • er, the lawyer who removed his Hallowe'en Albertus Pieters, D.D., former c o a t while appealing before the missionary to Japanf read Scrip- Supreme Court — both perhaps ture and offered prayer in Chapel suffered loss for their negligence of little courtesies. Neither can a Wednesday morning. Friday, 5 P.M.: young man or woman afford to disregard customs in our own chapel, Home Volunteers added Dimnent. Students should Student Volunteers stand quietly in the hall during any 7:30 P.M.: hymn or speech and then take a * "Ouch, ouch!" will be the seat. If prayer is being offered Societies tune of most freshmen and they should step inside until chapel sophomores in a few weeks is dismissed. when each class will be given




f •J

Mrs. Durfee Leads Y. W.


Class Anchors

Tuesday, 7 P.M.: Y. M. C. A. "Except Ye Repent."—Rev. Pyle Y. W. C. A. Missionary Henrietta Kerzer

A "Personal Honor" System?

an opportunity to "wage a war" in print Next week the frtshmen class with Spoelstra as its editor-in-chief, will edit their edition of the Anchor. The following week the Sophomore class will have the opportunity and rare privilege of refuting all the charges that the yearlings may make on them. Paul Browerr with the aid of a capable staff will guide the policies of the sophomore edition.

, ^Dunnent

w* 11




Eva Tjriie


1*0 «



E a r l e Langeland, Ru«$€ll Smith

Associate E d i t o r s -

John N a u t a . Donald W a d e


Evelyn Welmeri


Eleanor Ver Wejr


Ida Tnwnsend. H e n r y Steffena, Fred Wyngarden

f l u m o r

...Leonard Willett


..Evelyn Steketee

C u r r e n t Events....

Our sympathy goes out for the four freshmen who went to Van Vleck the other day to see if they still sold candy on the honor system. •

BUSINESS STAFF Bu^iuesi Manaiicr

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i «i

..Lois De Wolfe, Raymond McGilvra

A ssi st ants.

Htrman Laug

Circulation M a n a g t r . Assistant.


— Harry


R E P O R T E R S (revised) H e a d Reporter, Gordon Van A r k ;

Reporters, P a u l Brower, Alice Brunson. Tillie

M i t s e l i n k , Cynthia P a l m e r , Margaret Beach. William Clough, H . K. Smith, R u t h Van D y k e , Don Martin.

a s i o n of t h e N o r m a n s

Tanis: The Derby and the Grand Tax: Are you going to National. a * • China on your World tour ? Beiswick says that he can resist Freyling: Yes Siam. anything but tempta ion. The Scotchman who licked his glasses after eating grapefruit. • • • An old timer is one who can remember when trash went into the garbage cans instead of magazines. * * * Old maid (at the door): Has the canary had Its bath yet? Maid: Yes, he has, you may come in now. »

Bosch: I was out with a mind reader last night. Boone: Did she enjoy her vacation?



' In t h e p a s t f e w y e a r s t h e s t a r of H o p e ' s Science D e p a r t m e n t h a s b e e n v e r y e v i d e n t l y in t h e a s c e n d e n c y .


t h i s college h a s b e e n k n o w n f o r i t s v e r y h i g h class of classical s t u d e n t s ; b u t m o r e r e c e n t l y t h e Science D e p a r t m e n t h a s b e e n f o r g i n g t o t h e f r o n t , so t h a t n o w m o r e a n d m o r e is H o p e ' s n a m e b e i n g c a r r i e d i n t o t h e w o r l d by t h e g r a d u a t e s in science.

Prof: What are the races that have udominated England since the oiiuimvcu b

Herman Krui/enga

T h e h e a d s of t h e v a r i o u s d e p a r t m e n t s of t h e

s c i e n c e g r o u p , a n d especially t h e h e a d ot t h e C h c m i s t i y D e p a r t m e n t , h a v e been s i n g u l a r l y s u c c e s s f u l in p l a c i n g t h e i r

And some like jangling cymballs Indo shut the ear To those more faint, but rhythmic, sweet and clear. • • • A. N. T., '28. Father: How many students are there at your school? Son: About one in every ten. « * • Algebra: If a boy can row a an hour* down two m iies 8 t r e a m t a n ( i ten miles an hour upstream, how deep is the water. Lately I have come to the conHint: let x equal the no. of frogs. clusion with other great men, that we get pretty much what we deShe: Was the service pretty good serve in this world, — pretty much at the cafe? w j i a t w e p r e p a r e ourselves for. Her: Yes, the waiter was a kid ,Look, at the man whose ». :4; position when he took our order, and an old seems to you particularly splendid man when he delivered it# and lucky. And if you look hard enough, you will see that he deHe was so fond of golf, that he g e r v e s everything he has, through ate winnies because they come in h a r d w o r k a n d t h a t h e h a s r a t h e r

Becker: May I hold your hand? Betty: It isn't heavy, 1 can man- links.

• • • K ^ » Van Lente: I wonder why a Jew Cook: Does your dog chase doesn't play baseball. De Pree: Because a Jew will not cows step on a diamond. Wade: No, he is a bull dog. • • • • • • George Fell says it takes a lot of He: You must be twins, one permoney to get an education even in son couldn't be so dumb. Him: Yes, your honor, one more your home town. — No wonder. "

A n d in t h e u n i v e r s i t i e s t h e m e n

vere handicaps.


In t h e first place t h e r e i s t h e v e n t i l a t i n g s y s t e m in V a n A n y a f t e r n o o n of t h e w e e k t h a t you m a y g o

i n t o t h i s b u i l d i n g you will find a d e n s e cloud of v a p o r o v e r h a n g i n g t h e place. O f t e n t h i s h a z e of m i n u t e s u s p e n s i o n s F

Among the names of the papers A very brief editorial in the Bay they exchange from Kauai we find m a k e s i t i m p o s s i b l e t o s e e f r o m one e n d of a l a b o r a t o r y t o w i n t | 0 W says: "Cash is the jack of the very expressive name of Ka t h e o t h e r . I t is i m p o s s i b l e t o p r e v e n t t h e f o r m a t i o n of s u c h all trades." We Lo 0 Kala; and from Mani, Ka s u s p e n s i o n s a n d still c a r r y on t h e w o r k ; b u t s u c h f u m e s u/jminu; •» Nani 0 Hawaii, Lahainaluna High n e e d n . l l » * * * t o l i n g e r In t h e b n i k H n , . . S J S I K S . a n t i q u a t e d v e n t i l a t i n g s y s t e m p e r m i t s t h e m t o do. It is h a v f i a s u n p o r c h Our athletic association will m o s t u n h e a l t h y , a s well a s b e i n g a n u i s a n c e . W e u n d e r s t a n d , t t please note that athletic tickets t h a t t h e r e a r e t o b e s o m e c h a n g e s in t h e m a t t e r . W e h o p e understand from the Kala- admitting students to all games t h a t t h e y will i n c l u d e t h e i n s t a l l a t i o n of a p o w e r f u l s u c t i o n mazoo College index that four of cost 25 cents. f a n or f a n s , so t h a t t h e a i r in t h e b u i l d i n g m a y b e f r e q u e n t l y their faculty members are in "Who Societies please note that the dues of their Spirit of 8ZI club cleared. * 4.u f * (what that can mean I don't know) O u r second h a n d i c a p is t h e i n a d e q u a c y oi t e wa el s u p ^ v e r y interesting little surprise are 5 cents a month and cover all ply. T h e w h o l e of V a n R a a l t e Hall i s f e d b y b u t a t h r e e - came to us in the exchanges this expenses. q u a r t e r i n c h i n t a k e pipe. A s t h i n g s a r e now, if o n e o r t w o W eek in the form of a high-school • • • o u t l e t s be open a t once t h e p r e s s u r e i s SO r e d u c e d t h a t t h e paper from Honolulu, Hawaii. This The paper makes very interests u p p l y a v a i l a b l e a t t h e ' h u n d r e d or SO o t h e r n e c e s s a r y o u t - pap*' enjoys the widest exchanRe ing reading: -The kamaaina men,supply avaiittuic a t tuc




O t h e r m i n o r i m p r o v e m e n t s , in t h e w a y of i n n o v a -

t i o n s would go f a r t o i n c r e a s i n g t h e e f f e c t i v e n e s s of t h e

W e w o n d e r w h a t t h e S c i e n c e D e p a r t m e n t would do f o r H o p e if i t had t h e c o m p l e t e e q u i p m e n t t h a t w o u l d so facilitate the work?


( F r o m a r t i c l e by P r e s . W r i s t o n , L a w r e n c e College) R i g h t l y conceived, t h e u n i v e r s i t i e s a n d colleges h a v e a common purpose and common interests; they ought, theref o r e , t o look u p o n t h e m s e l v e s a s c o m p l e m e n t a r y u n i t s in a general scheme w h e r e each h a s its significant contribution t o m a k e , a n d w h e r e n e i t h e r t h i n k s of t h e o t h e r in t e r m s of f a i n t contempt or shadowed envy.

Beauty is added to beauty.

I t is i m p o r t a n t t h a t t h e r e s h a l l a l w a y s b e u n i t s of e d u c a t i o n ^ w h i c h a r e n o t i n h i b i t e d b y t h e i r public r e l a t i o n s h i p f r o m a i t y

For drals.


j • ___

The task of secunng a harmomous and sympathet.cprogram between the universities and privately endowed colleges is indeed great, but the next decade should see a decided change.



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r e l i g i o u s e m p h a s i s , b u t t h a t s h o u l d n o t lead t h e m t o d e n o u n c e tiful, symbolic windows which are universities. to be installed. The chancel window, to be in On t h e o t h e r h a n d , u n i v e r s i t i e s h a v e n o t been w h o l l y f o u r panels, will illustrate by a aware ot t h e c o n t r i b u t i o n w h i c h t h e i n d e p e n d e n t college of group picture the story, "Christ liberal arts may have to make. T h e i r attitude of superiority Blessing the Little Children." i /» if i« . 0 ,i v The Rose Window, presented by


Where All Spertsraen Meet.

a y e a r w e h a v e w a t c h e d t h e d e v c l . c o m p o s e d of conveiltional cathedra|

c o m m e n t on t h e u t t e r a n c e of a n individual p r o f e s s o r . S o m e 0 p m e n t of our New Memorial h a v e u s e d t h e label of " t h e C h r i s t i a n College" m o r e n e a r l y Chapel, and only now as it draws a s a n a d v e r t i s i n g m e d i u m t h a n a s a goal t o b e a c h i e v e d , nearer to its completion can we s o m e t i m e s u s i n g i t t o c o v e r c a t a l o g s w a n t i n g in s i n c e r i t y , tegin to realize fully how very,



n o t be « a U 8 e 1 a m not cause people are blind. That my wor ^ 's n o t accePted i s t ^ a t "e* cause it isn't worth-while, not becausc ^ l s n o t appeciated? After all, it is probably, a good. thing that some greater power arranges us as we should be, rather than as we think we ought to be. I believe my enemies' opinions about my deserts are entirely more important and to the point than my friend's.

How quickly a iruly benevolent act Is repaid by the consclnusneM of hnvlnc rtone If!—Hn^en Bnllou

S o m e h a v e been inclined t o d e n o u n c e t h e whole m o r a l s t r u c -


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c u l t i e s m e t by u n i v e r s i t i e s b e c a u s e of t h e i r g r e a t n u m b e r s .

set the standards.

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Soon will be heard the anguishmalihni members at a delightful ed cries at late hours of pitiful initiation victims, as the several sopicnic at Kailua." cieties take their new members We hope the guestahinis enjoithrough the rituals of their orders. annaed (I'm not sure about that Large groups have been taken in last word) themselves. by most of the clubs, with the result that the "reception" committees will be busy accommodating these initiates. Fraternal Society will open her arms ( ? ) to the yearlings on the dates of Oct. 25-26th. The Fraters will use their new home for the initiation. The Knickerbockers will welcome their new boys with an appropriate ceremony some time within the next two weeks, using their old hall for that purpose. The Cosmos and Emersonians, Dickensians and Addisons will hold their initiations as soon as the plans to that end reach completion. Every society desires to make the most of the occasion. The girls' societies will await the annual "election" night, when each co-ed finds a society home. After that the initiations occur rapidly. o

B o t h h a v e o f f e n d e d a g a i n s t t h e s e p r i n c i p l e s . Colleges h a v e o f t e n been t e m p t e d t o m a k e u n f a i r c a p i t a l of t h e diffi-

is consciously affecting the transfer of credits, as they have


poor opinion of his own achievement, or you will find that his pos ition is really not so desirable and that he is an unsatisfactory bluff. Qr look at the one who seems to have hard luck and usually it will be clear that he either deserves his position or that he isn't in a bad state at all. — Luck is funny anyway — what seems like bad luck is often merely a chance to prove ones self and good luck comes, oddly enough, only to those who are ready for that particular brand. But the worst of it is — that means me, too. I'm getting no more or less than I deserve? That is hard to believe. That I am not greatly loved or extolled — is that

Chapel Notes

existing equipment.

t u r e of a u n i v e r s i t y b e c a u s e of s o m e d i s t o r t e d n e w s p a p e r

j Cloak Store

of any we have received so f a r , b e r s of t h e f a c u l t y e n t e r t a i n e d t h e

l e t s is negligible. T h i s c o n d i t i o n s e v e r e l y l e t a r c l s t n e p r o g r e c e j v i n g papers from Oahu, Alasr e s s of t h e w o r k . A s a r e m e d y we s e e e i t h e r t h e i n s t a l l a - ^ p a n a m a f Kauai; Wichita, Kan.; tion of a l a r g e r i n t a k e pipe, o r a p r e s s u r e r e s e r v o i r n e a r t h e Denver, Colo.; Los Angeles, Calif.; New Haven, Conn.; Litchfield, Minroof. nesota, and Garfield, N. J. T h e s e a r e t h e m a j o r d i f f i c u l t i e s u n d e r w h i c h we now labor.



f r o m H o p e a r e s p o k e n of m o s t h i g h l y . A n d all t h i s good w o r k h a s been a c c o m p l i s h e d u n d e r s e -

R a a l t e Hall.

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Some minds are like great harps across whose strings Thoughts pass or linger with a brain and you would be a half-wit. tone that sings; Verna Brower says: Some, like great mountain peaks When I come to school return the sound— at eight o'clock In echoing thunder — whispered I am sleepy all morning; from the ground. But now 1 come to school In some the music is so low and at — one — o'clock.' sweet And I'm sleepy all afternoon f e w c a n heul, i t the buiiy Have a heart "Bud.'

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HEAR Salome Ungersma

Frosh and sophs, or sophs ond frosh, one really couldn't tell which was which last Friday morning. The sophs didn't seem to have any trouble recognizing the 32's even without their green. It has been sugested that next the two classes draw lots and fight in individual combat to the finish. It would be a help at least in solving any problems in overcrowding which may arise. *

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Speaking of things that happen in chapel we are wondering what didn't happen Friday morning. The speed record stands at six minutes. Who is going to break it? Breaking records is the latest American sport, you know. • < Futuristic rooms and comfortable steamer chairs are all well and good, says Loey De Wolfe, but when supposedly peaceful chairs develop the habit of turning into bucking broncos on occasion, life is interesting to say the least — both for Loey and for the people who room under her.

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So morals and manners have been given up by the dean of women. It is interesting to find that the president thinks so, also conclusive proof that Voorhees Hall has never been his place of residence.


To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether 'tis better, after all, to marry And be cajoled and bullied by a husband. Or take up stenography or clerking « * * And slave, alas, for someone else's Didn't you miss some of the husband. Senior dignity about the campus To love, to wed—and by wedding two days last week? Teachers' end Institute is an awfully good exThe struggles and the thousand cuse for a vacation. Most students petty cares attended some meetings though, whether at the Coliseum or Keith s That "slaves" are heir to—'tis a rare vocation makes little difference. Other interesting items include luncheon at Devoutly to be wished for! To love, to wed. the 5 and 10, being really prompt To wed—perchance divorce! Aye, for meetings (meaning an hour and there's the rub! a half ahead of time), and also some of the fellows travelled the For in that dream of bliss what jolts may come "Road to Ruin." When we have cast aside our little jobs THE FOLLY OF PRIDE Must make us wary. There's the sorry tho't As soon as a dog gets the idea in That makes so many spinsters hesitate; his head that he is an exceptional For who would bear the long eterground-squirrel catcher, he is gonal grind. ing to catch less ground-squirrels. As soon as a nut gets the idea that The employer's joke, the chief eterk's contumely. it is the biggest nut on the tree it The insolence of the office boys. is going to fall down and fellow The smoke of last week's stogies 11 nuts surpass it in size. As soon as clinging to the hair, a man gets fed up with the idea that he is the center of the uni- When she herself may quickly end it all verse he needs to break under the By getting married? Who would strain and be the center of attracnot exchange tion at a solemn church service. But such things do not always hap- A dingy office for a kitchenette, pen. Usually such gentlemen live A keyboard for a cookstove, or cradle, to a ripe old age. But that the dread of something This article won't do much good, worse may come perhaps. The person that really needs it will say, "Sure is hitting After the honeymoon—that life of chance somebody on the head. I'm glad it's not applicable to me." Now this From whose dark hour so many have returned article is hitting those on the head who go about on our campus with By way of Reno—fills us with dismay the idea that they are too good or too great to talk to some of their And makes us rather bear the jobs we have fellow students. This is not a mere bomb thrown during an exceedingly Than fly to evils that we know not dark night over a great waste of of. water; this is a shell bursting in Thus cowardice doth make spin"drop-the-handkerchief" circle. sters of — so many. We are not directing this at some Institute News. i we might fear will get an attack of pride; we are plunging it right into the vitals of some whose heads have gone wa,ballooning." As soon as any one individual can walk and hold himself to be better than any of those going to school with him, then that individual needs a good lecture. Some people are so narrow minded in their conception of pride and humbleness that they are slightly topsy. They are so humble, so lowly, and so self-denying that they are helpless. They have waged such a great battle with their pride that now they are ploud of their humbleness. The folly of pride. Too proud to talk; too humble to talk! Deaf and dumb! Statues are nice things to put in corners of libraries. Stiff- long as it is controlled; as soon as legged statues, not of precious it gets farther than that it becomes marble but of conceited human cheap conceit. We don't want meat, are fit things to plant in the cheap things on the campus. Away with pride. corners of starving cemeteries. Personal pride is a fine thing as Central Bay.


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TEAMS WELL MATCHED Last Friday, in the firat home game of the season, the Hope Freshman Football team walloped the Olivet yearlings for a 6-0 score. The game was loosely played thruout, and was characterized by many fumbles. The teams were very well matched, with a slight edge in favor of Hope, perhaps. Up until the touchdown in the last quarter. slow in getting away with an inThe first quarter was Olivet's tended pass and so Schermerhorn best time. They held the Hope of Hope gets thru and throws him men well, and when they got the for a ten yard loss. A couple of ball made consistent gains. The punts are then exchanged and it ball was in Hope's territory most ends up by being Hope's ball on of the time. Hope recovered a ba'l their 37 yard line. Upon failing to fumble of Olivet's but failed to make their yards and punting. Olimake any gains after they had the vet gets the ball on their 27 yard ball. Toward the end of this quarline. Bracey and Chester make ter the Hope men began to take an yards for Olivet and so it is Oliinterest in the proceedings, and vet's ball on their 40 yard line. with the opening of the second They punt. quarter, the ball was in Olivet's territory. Touchdown — Last Quarter Dalman-Oosting Pass Hope opens the last quarter with The first play in the second two passes from their 27 yard line, quarter consisted of two incomone of which was incomplete, and plete passes on the part of Hope, the other netting the yards. Hope which netted the usual five yard tries another pass which was compenalty. But, soon, a blocked punt pleted, and then another which was again gave Hope the ball. Another not, and then punted. Burgle for incomplete pass made a line play Olivet takes ball for enough yards necessary, after which another pass to make it first down on Hope'^ was attempted, but was missed by 25 yard line. Hope again regained Spoelstra. Olivet, upon gaining the ball and punted. On the next control of the ball immediately play Wyngarden broke thru nicely punted. Oosting was substituted and threw the Olivet man for a for Spoelstra. On the second play, considerable loss. On the second Hope made a gain of five yards play Fox breaks up the attempted thru the line, and made their yards pass very nicely, while Fred Wynon a beautiful pass from Dalman garden hits Surrell so hard he is to Oosting. On the next the yards forced out of game. Olivet then were made thru the line, Dalman fumbles, and the ball is recovered making seven yards thru centre. by Van Haitsma for Hope who On the next play Hope completed, runs 33 yards for the sole touchthru a fluke, a nine yard pass, and down of the game. Bowen of Olithe remaining yard for first down vet kicks off and the ball goes into was gained by Dalman thru the play at the fifty yard line. Two line.- Hope loses the ball to Olivet incomplete passes gives Olivet the now, who immediately draw a penball. A series of punts results, alty. On a fluke Hope gains the with Wyngarden breaking thru ball, but on the very next play Olionce to throw the Olivet team for vet regains the ball in the same a loss. manner. On the next play StekeThe line-up: tee is slightly damaged, and so Wyngarden is substituted for him. HOPE OLIVET On the next play Hope recovers anBouwman LE Johnson other Olivet fumble. Steketee LT Bowen Olivet Loses Ten Yards Juist LG Park The third quarter opens by Olivet Beaver C Leary kicking to Hope. The ball is downed Laughlin by Kiehl of Olivet, on Hope's >) Schermerhorn KG RT O'Neii yard line. However, Olivet fails Steggerda Spoelstra RE Kiehl to make the necessary gains for a Dalman Q Surrell first down, so the ball goes to Chester Hope. Beaver punts and shortly Van Haitsma F LH Ball after the Olivet team returns the Damstra Fox RH Brace compliment with a punt which was Officials: Referee—Goebel downed on Hope's 18 yard line. Hope fails to make yards and ball Umpire—Ackland goes to Olivet. An Olivet man is Head Linesman—DeWeerd.


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