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. Coliegti Library. Volume XLIV

Hope Allege, Holland, Mich, October 28, 1931


umber 18



Prayer Week Captain O'Brien Gives "One Man Opens Sunday With Vesper Debate" Here



6 : 3 0 P. M . — P a r a d e s t a r t i n g in f r o n t of Vorhees Hall. 8:00 P. M — P e p Meeting and P r o g r a m , Carnegie Hall. Bon-fire Gathering. REV. JOHN A. DYKSTRA TO BE HE SPEAKS ON CAPITALISM Saturday:— THE GUEST SPEAKER AT VERSUS COMMUNISM AFTER 1:00 P. M.—Frosh versus .Hillsdale Frosh. SERVICES CHAPEL 3 : 0 0 P. M.—Varsity versus Hillsdale. M E E T I N G S AT 11 O'CLOCK During the first hour Thursday 5:00 P . M.—Koffie Kletz at Vorhees Hall f o r everybody. E V E R Y MORNING morning Hope College students en5:00 P. M.—Open House a t all F r a t e r n i t y Houses. joyed an address by Captain J. PerHonal Conferences with Leader 6:30 P. M.—Society Stags. Robert O'Brien, formally of the May Be Arranged for with Committee

The annual Week of Prayer at Hope College will be held this year during the first week of November, under the auspices of the Association Union and Religious Conference. Rev. John A. Dykstra, pastor of the Central Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Mich., will be the guest speaker. The meetings will begin with an afternoon service at four o'clock on Sunday, Nov. 1st. This will be followed by meetings at 11 A. M. each school day that week. Regular chapel exercises will be suspended during that week and the four recitation hours will be allotted forty-five minutes each from 8 o'clock to 11. Dr. Dykstra has chosen for his addresses a series of studies in the Epistle of Paul to the Philippians. His daily topics will be announced on printed programs to be distributed later. Use Philippians in your daily devotions and prepare your mind and heart for the meetings. Dr. Dykstra will also hold personal conferences with such students as would like to confer with him. These conferences are scheduled from 9 to 11 in the morning and from 2 to 4 in the afternoon, in the Divinity Guild Room, lower floor of the Memorial Chapel. If there is any matter of religious faith or life work that you desire to have advice on, let the proper committee chairmen know about it and a time for the conference will be arranged. Prayer meeting groups will also be arranged for during the evenings of this week. Watch the lists and schedules, as they will be posted and be sure to attend where you are expected. Let us all heartily cooperate by regular attendance at all the meetings, and, above all, by earnest prayer for God's blessing upon our whole Week of Prayer program. Your friend, The College Pastor. VAN VLECK HALL TO HOLD OPEN HOUSE FRIDAY AFTERNOON Open house will be held at Van Vleck Hall on Friday, October 30th, from three to five o'clock. Mrs. Ritter and Miss Boyd will be hostesses. Students, faculty, alumni and their friends are cordially invited to inspect this historic building. Van Vleck is the oldest structure on the campus, having been erected in 1857. It one time served as classroom, laboratory, dormitory and president's home. Mrs. Frances Phelps Otte, the first woman to graduate from the college, was born in Van Vleck Hall. In 1924 the interior was completely rebuilt and is now modern in every respect. Lady guests visiting the "Oriental Room" will be priyileged to have their future revealed by a mystic of the Far E a s t

U. S. navy. Because of the men's debate question, Mr. O'Brien chose to discuss the topic, "Capitalism versus Communism." He likes to call his speech a "one-man debate." After the lecture an open forum was held in which both the students and faculty asked numerous questions relative to the- subject which were promptly and vigorously answered by the speaker. Captain O'Brien is a gifted lecturer, humorist, and portrayor of unusual characters. Sometimes he may be heard over international radio hookups. His ability for argument and wit are well known and have won the respect of many. In his lecture Captain O'Brien maintained that communism is not challenging capitalism. It is his conviction that capitalism has a commanding position in the eyes of the nations because of its place in the progressive United States. Communism, however, is only on trial to see whether it will work on a large scale when it has failed in small experiments. Mr. O'Brien said that the Russian communism is actually dependent upon our capitalism. If it were not for our money, our machinery, and our engineers, __ Russia could not carry out her' five-year plan. And while the United States is helping them, the communists are enslaving the masses of people. In Russia there is absolutely no choice of (Continued on Page 2)

Senior Men Entertained by Fraters VIEW MOVING PICTURES OF HOPE-FERRIS GAME On Tuesday evening, October 20, the senior Fraternal men entertained all other senior men at their commodious house on Columbia Ave. There was a good turnout, and everyone enjoyed a social hour before the program proper began. Howard Schade opened by singing an appealing selection entitled "My Friend." He was accompanied by Dick Niessink. Jack De Witt next favored with several varied humorous readings. The boys especially enjoyed the traffic quarrel after the Puritan manner. The feature of the evening came next—the movie version of the Hope-Ferris game taken by Carl Walvoord. It proved both drama and comedy—drama when run through and comedy when run backwards. All marveled at the phenomenal sight of the big stack at Riverview park hooking smoke right out of the sky. The closing number was another song by Howard Schade. He sang "Sylvia" by Oley Speaks. Refreshments of sweet cider and doughnuts were served by the Frater freshmen, and the rest of the evening was spent in games and senior talk.





ENTHUSIASM REIGNS AS PLANS ARE COMPLETED FOR BIG EVENT Parade Friday Evening Expected to be Best Ever Staged at Hope Varsity Ready for Battle With Hillsdale Sat. P E P MEETING AND SOCIETY STAGS OTHER FEATURES ON PROGRAM


Homecoming plans are all made and everything's set for a big week-end! Friday night all floats are to be ready for the lineup at 6:30 P. M. or else they'll be disqualified. All privately owned cars entering or following the floats must contain some kind of decoration. The lineup as drawn by Dr. Wichers is as follows; Dorian Cosmopolitians Emersonians Delphi Knickerbocker Addison Alethian Sibylline Fraternal Sorosis The parade will start from the Dormitory, up Tenth to the Cosmopolitan House, down Central to Twelfth to the Knick House, up to River Avenue to Eighth and down Eighth to Columbia Avenue and down to the Fraternal House past the House and'up to the Gym. The parade will be led by the Hope College Band. The students marching are to march according to class. The judges of the contest are Mr. Vanderborgh, Miss Shirley Paine and Mr. Clarence Kleis. Everybody is to gather at the Gym after the parade and have a good time.. The <Jym will be very becomingly decorated and everything will be short peppy and snappy. Jack De iWitt is going to entertain with a football stunt. A farce in one act entitled "Flittermouse" under the direction of Mrs. Durfea will also be given. The cast includes such well-known comedians as Edith Drescher, Ruth Van Dyke, Lynn Sabo and Al Tarrant. You'll laugh youroslf side! Another stunt will be given by Herb Marsilje. Of course we're going to have lots of singing and good cheers under the able leadership of Cornie Vandernaald and Verne Buhl. We're going to finish it off wiih a gigantic bonfire furnished by the Frosh, and the yells given arjpund the fire to inspire our

football team to a grand victory. Saturday is the big day. The alumni will get a chance to see how large and peppy Hopeites are since they left. The American Legion Band is going to play for us and there are several surprises in store for every one during the halves of the games. • You- mustn't forget the "Koffie Kletz" to be given a t the dorm after the game We have invited the people of Hillsdale to stay over and come to the dorm for coffee and then around to the various fraternity houaes for the open house. Plans for a Homecoming booklet are in the making and these will be sold for ten cents at the game. Also souvenir footballs will be available on the campus beginning Wednesday to be worn at the game. They too will be sold for ten cents by the A. D. D.'s. We might add a word or two of apology for raising false hopes on a sign across main street. After careful investigation and also because of the depression (that had to come to us sometime) that sign will not be there. Sorry! THE COMMITTEE.

Sorosites and New Girls Meet

Hope Trounces Ed. Students Will Attend St. Mary's to the Convention Tune of 39-0 GENERAL A N D DIVISIONAL MEETINGS ATTRACT SENIORS



Last Saturday the Hope gridders romped over a heavy, but inexperienced eleven, representing St. Mary's of Orchard Lake, to the tune of 39 to 0. As usual Hope was outweighed almost 10 pounds to the man, but nevertheless the squad had little difficulty in running up this imposing total even though Coach Hinga substituted frequently. During the first half, when most of the regulars were playing, the Dutchmen collected 27 points. Following the intermission, however, the reserves were prevented from adding more than two touchdowns by a terrific downpour. Hope's first counter came early in the game. A series of open formations had taken them to St. Mary's 39 yard stripe. At this point Japinga galloped around right end to the 1-yard stripe. Three line bucks lost ten yards, and on the last down, Louie tossed a pass to Dalman in the end zone. The kick from placement was wide.

Excellent Programs Reported Store for Those Attendiiif Two-Day Meet

Near the end of the quarter Hope got the next tally when Japinga took a punt in midfield and crossed the goal after squirming through the entire opposing eleven. Louie kicked between the poles for the extra point. Of the other touchdowns, Fox blocked a punt to put Hope in scoring position, while Slagh, Van Haitsma and Dalman did likewise by intercepting passes. The boys from St. Mary's were completely outclassed and never had a chancer However, Newman, their left half, looked good, while (Continued on Page 2)

Hope Delegates Travel to Lansing on "Y" Conference HEAR KIRBY PAGE DISCUSS YOUTH'S RELATION TO WORLD PROBLEMS ' The Y.M. and Y.W.CJV. sent eight delegates to Kirby Page's week-end conference. This conference was held at East Lansing and was sponsored by the Y.W.CA. of Michigan State College. The opening session was held on Friday evening when a banquet was given to all delegates followed by an address-by Mr. Page. The conference held sessions throughout Saturday and also on Sunday morning. Our delegation left on Friday noon, expecting to have an interesting and profitable week-end. The purpose of the conference was to show college students how they could do their part in settling the great problems of the world. The delegates found Kirby P a g e to be an interesting speaker and one who understood world problems. Although the conference was a little different type than they had expected, they were benefitted and understood more d e a r l y the problems that are facing our world.

Friday evening, in spite of Nature's tear-washed face, the new girls were given a smiling welcome by Mrs. Durfee in the third of her series of teas. This time Sorosis entertained in the forpi of a regular meeting with Miss Marie Kleis, the Sorosis president, in charge. Devotions were led by Sorosittf Vera Van Duren. The business meeting was a' clever outline of the history, ideals and ^purpose of the oldest girls' society on the campus, The program consisted of a marimba solo by Sorosite Hilda Lanting, who flayed "Mighty Lak' a Rose," by Nevin, "The Perfect Day," by Bond, and "The Rosary," also by Nevin as an encore. She was accompanied by Sorosite Gertrude Holleman. Sorosite Jeanette Herman and Esther Koster presented a skit which included the singing of the popular songs, "Beautiful Love," and "The Hour of Parting," by the "Sorosis Nightingale." The meeting was adjourned to delicious Senior—"In Siberia they don't refreshments and a social hour. hang a guy with a wooden leg." Miss Ross, a Sorosite alumna, Freshie—"Why n o t ? " wju guest of honor. jSenior—"They use a rope."

Tomorrow and Friday a goodly share of the Seniors will be in Grand Rapids attending the convention of the Fourth District of the Michigan Education Association. All senior education students are excused for these meetings, and although there is nothing compulsory about attendance, most of the embryo teachers consider them worth taking in. A full schedule of general and divisional programs luts been drawn up by the committee. Featured speakers at the general meetings are Bishop Frederick B. Fisher of Ann Arbor, who will address the group on Mahatma Gandhi Thursday morning; Judge Marcus A. Kavanagh of Chicago, who will discuss '"Why the Law Fails"; and Stuart Chase, economist and writer, who will speak on "A Billion Wild Horses." Several excellent musical numbers have also been aranged. The Davis Vocational and Technical High School IBand will play on Thursday morning. In the evening will be heard the Grand Rapids Teachers' Ladiea Chorus, and Dale Gilliland, baritone, Director of Vocal Musk, Central High school. On Friday, at the 1:30 p. m. meeting, the Junior College Brass Quartet will play. Every phase of education will foe dealt with in the special group meetings, and each one may choose the particular meeting or meetings he desires to attend In connection with this convention, will be held the Alumni dinner for Hopeites and friends a t the Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. President Wichers will be the principal speaker a t this affair. o NEW MEMBERS LEAD Y.W.CJL

The program of the Y.W.CJL meeting of October 20, "Expectations and Impressions of Hope College," was entirely in the handa of the new members, mostly Freshmen. Dorothy Dulmer led the opening song service, accompanied by Evelyn Van Bree at the piano. The leader of the meeting, Marian Wray, introduced several Freshman girls, who in turn gave very interesting "expectations and i a p r e s sions" of the religious, educational, and social sides of Hope College. "The Holy Hour," by Kevins, was •next given as a violin solo by Cornelia Stryker, accompanied a t the piano by Margaret Stryker. The leader then gave her own expectations, impressions and conceptions. The meeting was very inteMating in that it gave the old members an idea of what the new members ex-

pected of them and also what they migh 4 expect from the new mem—k might bers in the future. LYCEUM ANNOUNCEMENT Birch A Company, Magicians will be featured aa the third num-

ber on the Lyeenm course. He is vecoffnked by Thurston himself, aa the coming King of Magic. He appears Friday, November, «. afternoon and evening in Cargenie Hall.


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XnUnd at th« Port Office at Holland, Michigan, as Second Class Matter. Accented Cor mailing at special rate of postage provided for In Section 1108 of Art of Coogrws, October 8, 1917. Authorised October 19, 1918.

STAFF Editor Head Reporter". Sports Sororities Fratfnritht Qjinpug

Ivan C. Johnson Joan Walvoord Herbert Marsilje, Preston Van Kolken William Austin Bernice Mollema ...... . Mark Brouwer Vivian Behrman

Reporters: Marie Verduin, Jean Bosnian, Edith De "Voung, Christian Walvoord, Lois De Free, Alma Plaake, Martha Vanden Berg, Ethel Leestma, LiUian Sabo, Sherwood Price, Margaret Rottschaefer, Beatrice Visser, Frank Visscher, Hilda Lanting, Gertrude Holleman.

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Melvin F. Dole Assistants: Vivian Behrman, Edith De Young, Margaret Rens, Harold Ringenoldus John Chamberlain. Circulation Manager H s y f o r d Roes

Western Theological Seminary. He delivered a very interesting and instructive address on the subject, "The Ministry—God's Crucial Calling." Mr. Borr, from his experiences of the two summers he has served churches, pointed out t h a t the ministry is the most glorious profession, and that, a f t e r one has followed that profession for a time, he would never give it up for some position p aying igher waages, He ,T -—* • the oulestion of ^"why" answered contained in the lact t h a t the church members, and others, bring their personal troubles to the minister! by the assertion that the minister is an honest worker of God, through whom the Lord gives comfort and aid to those in trouble. In conclusion, Mr. Borr left the idea of responsibility on the part of the minister, along with Paul's example and advice to be ready to preach the gospel and not to be ashamed of it. After a few moments of discussion, the meeting was closed with prayer offered by Mr. Borr. o

Volunteers at State Retreat in Battle Creek

HopiDg Dial This Home Coining May Be a Success




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OUR TEAM Saturday afternoon will witness our football team in the toughest game of their season. Hillsdale presents the strongest opposition of any eleven in the M. I. A. A., and according to sport dope has a ten to one chance of winning over Hope. But how does this fact influence our attitude towards the game? We believe every Hopeite will answer the question in this way;—the stronger they are, the more glory in beating them. We are proud of Hope's football team and its phenomenal rise to a position of power and respect in our athletic sphere. We can keep it there by making a game fight against the strong Hillsdale team. The student body can make up for the weight disadvantage by concerted cheering at the game. Let's give our team to know that we are right "in there" with them through thick and thin, loss or victory. lH:r

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CAPTAIN O'BRIEN tured in Russia for two cents a box. GIVES "ONE MAN In the United States, the box, to DEBATE" HERE say nothing of the candy, ribbon, and celophane, could not be made (Continued from Page 1) for that price. It is the aim of the communists work for a laborer. The standard to overthrow all existing capitalisof living even of the unemployed tic governments, he said. According American is much higher than that to Captain O'Brien the Amtorg of the employed in Russia. Every Trading Corporation, New York day radios in Russia announce that City, by its own admission, is mainthere are thousands starving in the taining an open book store for the United States. This country has sale of communistic propaganda. never yet taken alms for our poor The open forum proved to be alfrom other countries, while we con- most more interesting than the tinually send alms to Russia. He lecture. Captain O'Brien's unpredicted that it would be a prob- main hesitating rapidity in answering i - O N O h o u r s of s t u d y t i x lem of the next Congress to decide proved that he certainly the strongest eyes. Special whether it will be permitted to lidlestions "know what he was talking trade at all with Russia. c^re should be taken during It was interesting to hear Cap- about." school and collect years to tain O'Brien sav that, if he must MR. ELMER BORR avoid unnecessary strain and choose, he would rather live under to correct defective vision by ADDRESSES THE fascism in Italy than under comscientific means. munism in Russia. His reason was DIVINITY GUILD that in Italy there is a note of popProminent educators ^^ret ular opposition, a partial freedom The weekly meeting of the Diat the press, and choice of a job, thit children's eyes should while in Russia everything is in ab- vinity Guild was held on Wednes- be exanined periodically as solute control of the government day afternoon, Oct. 21. Mr. Henry Through the aid of our country, Van Raalte, vice president, had a precautionary measure. the communists are dumping huge charge of the devotions. A f t e r the H A V l i youk eyes examined quantities of goods on the market song service, Mr. Van Raalte read , Ezexiel 38:1-9. This was followed I by a season of sentence prayers 1 Tlie speaker of the afternoon war our city which had been manufac- Mr. Earner Borr, student of The

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Homecoming! There's a thrill in the very sound of it, a joy in pronouncing it, and a charm in its contemplation. To the students of Hope College homecoming means two days of exciting events,—parades, football games, dinners, and reunions with graduated friends. But to these graduated friends, the Alumni of Hope, homecoming has a deeper significance and a dearer meaning. It is the return to the scene of their happiest years, and among the "memories that bless and burn" is a reverence for all that Hope is and has ben. The present student body owes it to their predecessors to make homecoming as pleasant, as exciting, and as satisfying as circumstances permit. It is our privilege to show the Alumni that Hope is a growing school, and to what degree it has progressed since their college careers. Let us make the most of this opportunity. To the Alumni we open our doors and our hearts, saying, "Welcome home!"

13 E.8th St. SBBBBB



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Last Friday's Volunteer meeting was an inspirational service previous to the retreat. Miss Bernice Mollema was in charge of song service and devotions. The Volun; teers were then quietly moved by an inspirational message given by | Mr. Lester Kuyper of the Seminary. His message was based upon Eugene Permanent Waves Christ's words, "Come ye apart." He stressed the importance of a life of consecration, devotion, and prayer as a preparation for carryShampoo and Fingerwave ing out Christ's command, "Go ye." Final arrangements were planned | for the Battle Creek Student Voluntep" Retreat which was to be Open Evenings Phone 2212 heldSaturday and Sunday, Oct. 24 iSS'/z River Ave. and 25. Those attending the Retreat were Lester Kuyper, Martha Vander Berg, Bernice Mollema, Lois Marsilje, Ella Boschker and Marian Boot. inffiffissHsnnruEHEin This week's meeting will be held this aftemoon ; Wednesday, at 4:30. Jos. Bergman, Manager We are anticipating this meeting, Phone 5442 since it is to be a post-retreat. All interested in missions are urged to attend. o HOPE TROUNCES ST. MARY'S TO THE "The Soft Watt r TUNE OF 39-0 Laundry" (Continued from Page 1) Captain Malinowski shone on the W e t Wash, Rough Dry I line. Finished Work For Hope, Japinga was outstanding and looked even better than in the Alma game. Holland, Michigan Damstra and Van Haitsma. also looked good, while Slagh and Nor- U;E;n!EH;!!HHnn?E!EiESE;nnHnnH;;a;st;H»Hi: lin were best on the line. The summary: Hope 39 St. Mary's 0 Damson L,E Manista Beaver (C) L.T Chiemlewski Norlin L.G.... Dziemian Slagh C Serk Try our Zwemer R.G.. Sienkiewicz Fox R.T. (C) Malinowski Nykerk R.E Fabiszynski Nettinga Q Gromacki Japinga L.H Newman Dalman R.H Kania« Seekamp F.B... Budniak Touchdowns: Nettinga 2, Tysse 2, , Japinga, Dalman. Points from I touchdown: Japinga 2, Slighter 1. Substitutions: Hope, Damstra for Damson, Painter for Beaver, Bitner for Zwemer, Wiegerink for Fox, Van Haitsma for Nettinga, Slighter for Dalman, Tysse for Seekamp. at St. Maiys t Dempsi for Gromacki, Chodukiewicz for Budniak. Officials: Referee, Deakin, Ypsilanti; Umpire, Steimle, Ypsilanti; Head111 East 8th St. linesman, Spees, Michigan State.


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of songs called "The Light of the Moon." In the last number, a short play. "Under the Kleig Lights," the Sibylline girls found much dramatic ability in the work >of the actors Sibyls Schurman, Blair and SchaafAlethea. — The Belles of Alethea sma. The very latest shades in Brown were called together Friday evening for the program presented by and Blue in the latest Models the sophomores. Before the program, the president presided over a long business meeting and discussion. Alethean Veldman led the devoAddison. — With sentimental tions. "The History of Bells," a southern strains and more lively paper given by Alethean Boot proved to be very interesting with a touch tunes, the Addison society opened of humor. Poe's poem "The Bells" the meeting of October the twenty-* was read most effectively by Ale- third. The first number, "Modem Amerthean Van Zee. Then a "Belle from Japan" in the person of Alethean ican Poetry," was given by Albert Matsunobu sang two solos in her Tarrant. He very persuasively native tongue. "The Belle of the showed its value. "It is a poetry of Bell Boys' Ball," a humorous negro the people, a poetry that they can skit was given by Alethean Ayers. understand without knowing of The last number was a short play Charybdis or Cassandra. And it is • Beaucle, Meltons and Double entitled "Tolling of the Bells." The a song of thought primarily rather characters were Aletheans Veld- than of strophes, metres and Textures man, Van Zee, Matsunobu, Boot and myths." The paper was considered worthy of interment among the Ayers. At the call of the lunch bell re- archives. The Addisons were now wafted freshments were served. The programs were in the shape of silver over "Maxwelton's Braes" with the bells. The meeting adjourned after melody of "Annie Laurie." John singing the Alethean and Hope Cotts played his own variations of it on the piano. songs. • • • The third number entitled "Caleb's Courtship," was given byDelphi. — George Berens. This number was Work! Work! Work! tragically humorous. George unNo one dare to shirk. doubtedly has had experience. Sew on the curtains, Visitors Harold DeWitt, Fred Polish the chairs. Norman, and Elmer Bauhahn, who Roll up your troubles, transferred last year from Hope to Throw away your cares. Michigan State, were present. We are all happv The Addison meeting was a deAnd do our work snappy; lightful conclusion for a week of For alumni are coming And now everything's humming. achievement. * * * This was the theme of the Delphi The Emersonian program Friday evening. A short business meeting was EMERSONIAN house was recently honored with held at the beginning of the hour to make final arrangements for home- a call by President iW. Wichers and Dean J. B. Nykerk. It was both an coming. • » » inspection and a friendly visit. The Watch Repairing JEWELER Jewelry Repairing Dorian. — Friday evening the Emersonian Society hereby wishes Dorians went out to Dorothy to thank the president and the White's cottage ami had a Hallow- Dean of Men. 24 East 8th At its meeting last Friday, Vic?een party. The rain and darkness added to the "spookiness" of the President Bert Bossenbroek prescene. A business meeting was held sided. He appointed Bill Clough to then, the girls exchanged ghost direct the singing and asked Sam stories until every one was petri- Vander Beek to add the music acfied with fear. To relieve our companiment. Weldon Rummery strained nerves a pan of apples was yellmaster. "Do We Want Communism?" the was brought in and the girls bobbed for them. Hot dogs, dough- eye-opener of the program, was nuts and coffee were served by the read by Harold Ringenoldus. The officers of the society. Miss Boyd, chairman called the meeting to orour patroness, w a s . t h e guest of der after fifteen minutes of heated dis-cussion. Sam Vander Beek suphonor of the evening. • • • plied the reaction to the first numSibylline. — Friday the Sibylline ber by playing "Fond Whispers," girls met for an "Illumination" and "The World Is Waiting for the Prompt Service Skilled Work meeting. After the devotions by Sunrise,' as piano solos. "BuchmanSibyl E. De Young, the interesting ism," a tragic-comic paper on one 11 W. Eighth St. Phone 4656 Holland, Mich. plans for Homecoming were dis- of the latest religious cults was cussed. The new society stationery read by Bert Bossenbroek and Nick was also introduced to the girls. ' Cupery furnished the humor, enThe program committee then took titled "Mediations of a Senior." Adrian Kammeraad, Henry Holkcharge and Sibyl M. Schurman read eboer, Russ-el Fredericks and Bud an interesting and instructive paper » "The First Light." From this we Slagh were the visitors. learned more about Edison's life At the business meeting it was deand work. "The Beacon Light" read cided to have the informal initiation by Sibyl Blair was a humorous pa- of new members on Wednesday, per on the life history of a street October 28. The formal initiation is Hope you have a good lime while you're here—anyway lamp. Then for the musical touch, tentitively set for Saturday, OctoMickey Essenburg played a medley ber 31, ending the festivities of we're rooting for you and Hope College students always. Hope's Home-Coming celebration. * * • W e invite you all to visit us at our new up-to-date ExFraternal. — A snappy song session, led by "Ed" Damson, opened clusive Star Brand Shoe Store. Always remember "Star the Fraternal meeting, which was Brand Shoes A r e Better." held on Wednesday evening, October 21. George Van Peursem was appointed critic for the program. Rtar of Ollltt v Sport The first number was a paper by "Tite" Van Hitsma, entitled Holland Next t o Fris Bookstore in Everyday Life." Then Always at the service "Science "Benny" Mordyke tuned up his sn:n: of Hope College stu- trumpet and played "The End of a Perfect Day," and "Mood Indigo." dents. These numbers were very well HHnhiniHiiinHiiiiiiiiH::::::::::: played. "This Mechanical Age," a serious paper, was given by "Chet" 10 West 8th St. O other group of friends will ever Meengs. Finally "Cornie" Van der Holland, Mich. mean quite so much to you as FRATERNITIES CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 old classmates. This Christmas, ex-


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Hope Grapples With Hillsdale in Homecoming Game Saturday

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General Practice—Phone 4698 Res. 2032 Varsity Expected to Hours:—9:30 to 12:Q0a. m. Battle Before 1:30 to 5:00 p. m. Hillsdale College 7:30 to 9KX) p. m. Homecoming- guests 28 W. 8th St. Holland, Mich.

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A CORRECTION The College Pastor wishes to call attention to an unfortunate error on the next to the last page of the preliminary reading,, matter to be found on the College Calendar pads which the Association Union presented to the members of the Freshman Class. All having such p§ds please note, on the page entitled "Campus Organizations and Activities,", that the names of the second and third organizations mentioned are incorrect. Where the name "Divinity Guild" is found, substitute the name "Student Volunteer Band," and where the name "Home Volunteers" is found substitute "Divinity Guild." Then the information given will be correct except that the Divinity Guild meets on Wednesday afternoons and not on Friday evenings. There is no longer any organization on the campus by the name "Home Volunteers." The organization formerly so named is now called "The Divinity Guild."

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STUDENT GUIDE APPEARS Monday morning immediately after the chapel exercises an unusually good looking Students' Guide was handed out to the students and faculty by the publishers. According to early reports, this is the finest Guide that has ever been published for Hope. Theodore Schaap, editor, and Harold Hoffman and Raymond Schaap, business managers, are responsible for. its production. The Guides' front cover is graced by a tower view of the Hope Memorial chapel done in photo brown. A fine portrait of Dr. Wichers adorns the first page.. Milton "Bud" Hinga and John "Jack" Schouten also appear in portrait above the athletic schedule. Another new and useful feature of this Guide is a directory of student and faculty telephone numbers. The entire book of forty-eight pages is trimmed in orange. The work was printed by the Holland City News. 1


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ANTICIPATELY OKAY.-—Dear Teacher, I am sure that you will have the amability of excusing Dolores for not assisting to-day to school. I need her urgently here at home in the morning and in the evening we have to went to Silver City. So please excuse Precoisa at the evening too. Thanking you anticipately, etc. —Okay, Calif. "Times."


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Naald presented a wandering humor paper which centered around the titles of popular songs. After a business meeting the Fraters held the annual Freshman auction at which each Freshman was sold to an Upper-Classman. • « •

Knickerbocker. — The pledges to the Knickerbocker Society furnished the entertainment at last Friday's meeting. The group singing was directed by Lloyd Chapman and Bill Van den Berg, following which Peter Boter summed up the events of the past week in a Current Events paper. The unique feature of the evening was a speech by Henry VanDeelen on "Leprosy." Mr. Van Deelen has visited the leper colony at Carville, Louisiana, and related many of the striking

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will be the of Hope College, and her football team will oppose the Blue and Orange eleven at Riverview Park Saturday afternoon. Hilldale has always been a tough spot on the Hope schedule and this year is no exception. The yisitors boast a heavy and powerful team which, so far this season, is undefeated. Victories over Chicago U., Denison U., Oberlin College and Kalamazoo College Bre its accomplishments to-date. Last Saturday Alma was held to a 13-13 tie, by this team from Southern Michigan. The Hillsdale team is composed of veterans, several of whom have gained all M. I. A. A. recognio tion. Reynolds, halfback, and LedCarl Walvoord—"Say, whatcha vina, end, have been on this, honor doing with that magnifying glass?" team for the past two years. Tony—"Trying to make this The Blue and Orange machine is dime look like a half dollar." all pepped up by its recent victory over St. Mary's, and with its famous fighting spirit plus an excellent aerial attack and the heady generalship of Louie Japinga, a merry battle should ensue Saturday. Preceeding the varsity game the Hope yearlings will meet the Hillsdale greenies. After last week's unimpressive exhibition by the Hope frosh the sport doesn't know what to expect from them Saturday. They have been working diligently 80 Engrav»d Shectt since that last disappointment, 75 EnvclopM however, and Coach Hinga hopes to place a freshman team on the field MONOGRAMMED against Hillsdale frosh that will play with the same fight and team STATIONERY harmony as the varsity. Last year the Hills-dale frosh smothered the Hope frosh by the score of 25-6 and $ 3 9 5 this Saturday a chance to even that count will be offered. Probable lineup for Varsity— PERSONAL Hillsdale Hope STEEL DIE Ledvina L.E Damson Clark (c) L.T Zwemer V o l ues up to $ 7 . 5 0 Brooks L.G Fox Smith C Slagh Select your own design Crissman R.G Painter MacVicar R.T Norlin Pellegrim R.E Meengs HOLLAND VanVoorhees Q Japinga Reynolds R.H, Nettinga CITY N E W S Mobily R.H Tysse Dunlap *...F Dalman

MUILENBBRG LEADS Y. M. things which he observed while on fortune in not having to live in this * ON "CONTRARY WINDS" this unusual visit. He pictured con- deplorable state. Bob Dorian fulditions to us which we commonly filled expectations in his humor The Y.M.C.A. held its regular think of as occurring only in Bible meeting last week Tuesday evening. times, and altogether brought to us paper, "The Rise and Fall of Arnie Everett Welmers led the singing, a fuller appreciation of our .good Lenox," being the story of a small town boy at College. which was followed by a season of prayer. Kenneth Hicks then favored the group with two musical selections. The leader for the evening was John Muilenberg, speaking on "We're 100% Lr Hope" "Contrary Winds." These contrary winds are tests that come to every student. John mentioned four which were swearing, religious questions, attitude toward women, and wasting time. A lively discussion fol- 54 E. Eighth St. 13th and Maple lowed. Formerly

Class Book Paper

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