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Volume XXX

HOPE COLLEGE. Hollabd, Miehipo, Wednesday,


To Be FUled

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Of 01: the nope organi1.l\tions hard Fqotball Stock Riae. Above Par; Many lIi t hy the war pcrholl.! the Allrllor Men Seek Bertha on Tea.m Stotl' sll lTer~d til" llIost. No les8 thnll five of tllo e l ~vell men who served on Pootbnll is ot last b~l~ning to look the slall' IS8t year have left HOlle to lik o a rcollt.... More inter~8t and en · take their tllrns at worrying t.he KaIs thl1 !J in ~1II hni! Itp(, 11 shown during till' er's (·ohorta. ~'ormer osso('into editor Peter 'ooper pn !tt wee k than nl nny time previous. At vr(,s~ lIt th ere RTf' nbout tweuty ·liv e i. stntlolled .omewhere ill the .unn~ Arthllr G. Mulder, wll" llI ell I ry i ll~ fur IJl~t th ~ J lIIur e IIlell (' u lIl · SOllthlolld. lubored so effteiellNy ns college report ill~ ont ~:w h lin,\'. Th r IIlfit crinl as :t wh ole look s \' (' r~' foir, :ulll os Soon n ~ cr, is nt CUIllP OU8ter, Battle )reek. t'un r h Ar holltrn i. 01010 to grt 011'( DIIII Micllignn. 08 n private ill the 8alli tary g i \'{~ th e l'Ollili lintt's SOUl l!' ren l eon C' hing deportlllont. JOlIIOS Muilcnhurg, ex·ex· th e t (l U11! wi:! begin to Jn nk RR tho it change editor, is gnining inspirntiorl ~ t nll.l ~ rllr Iolt}tnt'thing. Por !:lome tim (l fro m tho mountain fH'c nery around !'tl Mt B.·l!ollt en lIns heon nbsent bccBtl sr 'OIllP Colly, Deming, New ~:l:exico, On(1 II I hi . I'o ll nre t ioll with the 11011.1111 Fai r is illcidelltn:ly driving on ambulancc' Assol'i nt iull Oil.! his plnee hns b~ell fill · for Sallitary Train No.9. A forme, ,'11 "rr," r nJlllbl)' by Coptoin VnllHRzel. olullllli ediror, Harold E. Veldmnn, ha, T hl· t CRm has b{'(l 1I out and \\'orkinJ.! gOlle to Wasllillgton, D. C. as agoI" ('\"t'r,\' nlt eruoon . S(' rimmoges werr erllment clerk. The ex ·asSi8tRnt busi· lI t·l.) twit'c during the po!St week, renl lIess manager, SilllOIl O. Den Uyl, k form IJci ng showil by SO Il1 ~ ll1~n wh!: keepillg the ex·co:Iege reporter com· 1'011 IH"'rr h,,1 0 fo ot boll suit 011 b~· pUIlY at Bottle reek, \\'hil~ Charl ~s Dr f o r~. Sib'"n l I"oeti re nlld a scrimmago V,ies, tile fortller sllbseription mOllage·. or two with lI o:lalld Iligh npp~ nr s t · \\'as at ~'ort HUllt, Virgillia, wile II la.t lIenrd from. IJ~ 111(1 prlli:rtllll for next weck, We arc proud of tile Anchor's nllo Beenllse of the grc~lIl1ess of the mell :llltl n:Ro 011 Rrrollut of ln ck of mon e,\' repres~lIt Rt ion in the Rrmy and are rer ill th e trf'.3sur.v, the mnnngemrn t htH tnin thot theso men wi!: serve the government they love witb greot cred Iled d('tl to }lilt 011 a light sohedllie. Gnrnes nr(' be i lllr sought with the Knl it, both to themselves ond to Hope. WI' nnlnzoo 'olloge .ee ollti s, the M. A. ('. ore eonfident that, to nse the words of F rr shmclI 311 ft 11 f~ \\' oth l' r tenms in President Wilson, they will .. show all men everywhere not only wbot good 1I 0po's closs. On o glllllO will he plnyed at home soldiers they are, 'but also whot good nnd i f th e ~i.: h li ol shows thllt it wi: men thoy are, keepillg th cm8~lv es fit k ll'k 1Ii1 it .. I pRm filln IH' ill ; I~' n ~ \\'('11 n ond straight in eve~·t hing, and pu" i:1 nlh N \\'n y~ nnn thN w:1I pOfl'lihl,\' h, :11111 «(Inn thrn olul thru, " As it i. lIerrssnry immrcliRtely to fil: ~I' It I'dll h· , 1. TIt(> :\lhl('I :" ASSlwi nti oll i 1 m ill f UJt.l!( :l1l.1 it (' ust R n fillc :ittl, Ihe \'o ('ollri~s ('nused by th~ deporture .s 1l 1l1 t o )!r t n f(' filll tlllWII hNC', so it ' IIf tt1etw former rliitorB Aull mRllogen 111' t tl .""a, rt·adl'rs of Ih{' Aud ,or, I n moetillg of the Anchor A¥oeillition t ur:l Hnl , fill th t· g:lp ill th l' t n' :1 :l ll r~ \\'il l he helti tomorrow e"enlng, 'fhnrA :.1:1.1 l1Iuk .' foo th nll n sl nndi llg ill i'l l ill Iloy, 0 ,· t01)er II. Let every SUh.I·ribel he present. I,e! him obo"e nil he rend) t: n!1 :1 t H op{', to ,·n. t hi. vote Intelligelltly nlld 1111 o pro jud i,· cllly.

Prof. Nykerk Attends Conferenc(

J ah:l R.

Mott and S!lerwood Edd: Among Speakera

Pruf. ,J ll hll n, Kyk l·r k w:u: t':1I\<'I1 I Alulllili F:ditor( '!lic':lgn Wl'd ul'Oltl n.' · to att f' 1I11 :1 t' Ollrl" Lr wi s K ~ fillh(lksel, '18. t' n t't' uf llirf',' IlIlII drt' tt iJ Y lll t' lI nlhl !HOI E. Pun) ~1 ,· L (, llll, ' 1K n': :l rh'.~ "f t il l' Y. ~t. (' ..\. in tll \' ~Il . : 'Ih' Wl'S!. .1 01111 It ~i o tt ulll l ::;11" , j':X L'!llllIg,· Edit or~I is~ I.uui sl! ~1. Bru~ s (', ' IS. \\' (111, 1 Ed.t.,·, I' rO lll i lit' lIt Y. ~1. c. )\ .\Ii .. ~t nr.\' E. Geegh , '20. worktoro.t ill tlds :1 11.1 fort·; J.t1l l' fllllltr il'" '\ I; ~ i'" I/tlit n lt ~i ll{'g!t ~lutln f!er­ \\t'rr' 11I t' pri ll t' j"a: "Jl f' Ukl'riol, ~I ~' rull M. RrockrmR J '20. '1'1,,· 111 ' \\' ItUdJ.! l'1 HllI lI lIlit i llJ,f to $:Iri. Ib r,y .1. lin ger, '20. lI UU,lIIlO fll r " Y " Arllly work ill Ih :· ---:0:--l' h u ll t r~' II l ltl ill ElIrllIJl' wnli uli th orizcli :lilt! tli f' I' l':0 11 1 11I 1,;:j hi : i l~' fo r rni {,! ill~ thl 1111101111 1 \\, ! I ~ u " "j\ l,tl' ti It.\

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Til t' Mun' h' ing m~IIlLC'r~ of tll(~ stnn'

Im\'(' mnli e thr fu :lowing nominntions : A!J ~i !4tnllt Editorl' (>fl'f G. Dnker, '19. ..1 :l1n r s J . BurggrnolT. '19. O"orge Dr Witt, '10. t '''lI ege Ilrpo,tor.J ohn Xil'llhuis, '1R. .Iolll es A. Strgemon, ' IR.



IIIt' lI 1' rt.' fI

Of thii'l hu d:,!t' l $1 1,(IO(l,UOO t( lll' lI t

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alld au otlll' r $ 1 t,IIIKI,OOO :Jlli fl lI).! I I iJo~'s ' ubron I. :!t:i,onU,HOtI wiU hI" u)l t'd iu til t' wurk wilh Ilh' Uu ~s i:lll flrlll Y; $:!,uOO,OO( ill th l' wn r k wilh th l.' Fr(' lIf' h sultli r rs ' $I ,UUO,lIUU w i l l 11(, 11(, \'ot r,1

Howe Travelog Here Today Motlnoe and Evening Perfol1JWl( es To Be G:ven In Ca.rnegle H&ll A 1..\'IlInll II. fl owe Trovel Festivn!


prisor 1< ,11 b,' gh'oll in Cnrllegie Ho :1 th is ott 1,00(1,000 alllolig tllfl ':'ItOO!) fill 11 th is evening. Todn~·I~ pro

l'n IfI I' wor k; :l IHI mru in tlw It nli nll :H II1~' , ~i i{' h i gnn '~ gram is 1I 0t a I'art ot the Hope I,C(' (I"otn \\'ill I", $ 1,~:j (l,1l0Q. 0" O('(oiJel ~ l1r(' C OUTSt' as suc: h, 61H.1 it is difl'ercnt I IIl1d 10 t1l1' rl' wii: 1w n IIlc{' ting Itt frnlll th e Tro \lcl jo"estivnl to he shown

n"tllo ('rr.·k to drllW "I' plnlls for tll lli ~ lIi glll1 '·lI n'l,aigll . TlIe 1101 0 for tll! nnt ional (,Ilmpnigll, nt which ti me th ~ $:15,000,000 will I,e rnt"ell, lIn heen oet for NO" cllllH'r II ·ln. ' Prot. Ny krrk 80i,1 ot th e 'hOlw1 sen ' jt'es ThunHlny morn · illg tllat lIe fell sure tll e prosrribed nmeunt wouM be rniset1.

Inter ill th e se080n. 1'ho,c wh o were at Hope la8t yeol will well remernher the wOlldertul pio . tur.s , hown here loot wiut er. Mr. 1I 0wo hns he'ome wor:d·'omoIl8 tor his high'I·los" reprollu r tioll! of tupelldoll TlAture S('('nes.

Inaugural 8el'DlOll by Famous Hope

Graduate CaptlvaWl Large AUdlence Aa is doubt:e.s kn(}wn to all readen of the AII~ hor, the Rev. Dr. John M. VOllder Meulen, '91, t.he nlost noted pudpit ora tor ever graduated frolll Hope, a 1Il011 considered by 'many one of th~ few great preachers in th e COUll ' tr,\', rocenlly o.eeepted a call to th ~ t'lrst Presbyterian rhurch of Oak Park, Illinois. On Sunday, September 2, Dr. Van Ocr ~feulclI preached his Ilrst sermOIl to his lIew porishiollers. The follow· IlIg extraets fr.om "Our Ohureh Bell," th e official bulletin of the Oak Park , hutrh, go to show that Dr. Ynnder Menlen's nbility as on orator, seholor, and preoeher is' immediately recognized whetber he be West, Earl or Soutb: " fan 't Dr. V'nll<ler lo!eulen, a fin~ :ookillg milll' And he would pass for a brother of our Mr. Evon8." This eom· lII enlt was mode otter th e .nemora"le se r"i!'e Inst Sabboth nt which our new minister 1II0de his debut in Oak Park to 0 large congregatioo, including a nun.bor of visit.ors, and eome oft with flying colors, y~ t 'modestly withal, Q fine exnmple of poise and sel!t·command in a rather d~lieate situation, where so much of our religious enthu.ialm! is 01· :oyed with curiosity. Bllt to get down to the man and bis 1II0888ge: The keynot<l to the e.rvice was struek in fhe- prayer "" lbt a WOt· shillful spi rit in every act. Then we'll f~c'1 that we Dre always in the workshop of Oor! alld nrc oLways stnnding in His preson~e. " Thp ~leoutiful song by th ~ ,·hoir f,olll Gounod'. . . Redemption, " with Mr•. Bmidt '8 8010 giving emphasis to its OPlleol, wa. in harmony with the sermOIl ·based on Mil-it. !l4:2ft, "Heovpn nud earth shall pass AWaY, but"\L word. sha l: n Q~ ,po •• Away." W:hat wns remarkable about th is ,totement Df J esu., 6nt, was It. oudo · ,· ily, R:lifl the pr«-tU"her. But more reIIlnrkoble was It, truth, tor the osser tioll that honve ll and earth would POS" owo.'· hail "om e to pass litera'lIy, 1. Ge· ologica lly; 2. Astronomically; a. Bio:· ogi e.I1.'·. III these three rcolm. of "'ientiOe think ini 1I0W worlds had beell ..ento,1 aillee J .. us' time. But moro important, it wns trup of tho sO<'iologi ".1 olld .pol itloa: aape r ts of a",lety. Th p ,Ie' potism nlld repressions that fettered hum.llity hO"e heell swept away grad .10:1." ill oil th~ ages, olld Jesus, looking dowlI th e corridors of timp, evell to tho ;)rCJ\{lllt gigAn tic struggl~, ('Quid Stl~'J " lI pnHn olld eort.h sholl pns. owoy. " Anti 11I0rc remArknble waR the second pnrt of tho 1ext : "My word o .ho:1 not nwoy." The oll'ly truth that ho , ,tooll lhr te.t tor RgO' is fonnd in thp words of Jesus. AIIII thell the Bi'hle C:o... Here we li "'o"rred th e re.1 Dr. VOI"ler Meulen - the preoeher who ,. wouldn't dore to olTer advi .. about ~ho brillging up ot ehil,lrell, " but who ha(l the ·mothor - .'·es, and the fathers, too-fairly 19ope as he told of his experie1ltCei with hi8 threo,)·enr·old 80n, John, and hoI\' ' ho :od ulld er hi. instrur tlons had I~arn"d to defend his home territory agaillst foreign aggression. We forgot his p:en of lIervousness as he eaptivBted liS with hi. aile spirtual earue.tn~s8, hi. h","or an(l his genuine humanity. It was 8 great day In the lite of onr ehnreh. L~t us 'Pray Ihat It is Ille be· ginning of R great spiritual ministry for Oak Pork an (l the regions 'beyond .


A wiM weAt feature will he on this .---0--yenr's program. The renl worklllgs o( Lyman H. Howe-Oct. 10. Matinee. nllt :itc will 0180 ~)e 8hown. o 3:46; evening, 7:4~Catnegle Hall. O!her fent\lr~A of the evenillg Ineltlll. L)'ID&II K. Ilowe '!'rani r.ttvll Tkketa on sale at Hnlzenga's &tid at Ihe following : 'Tkketa on ..... At HaiaeDla'. &lid at Hope Ten Book Agency. Hope !m Book AI-,. (Continued on Lilt Pale)



10, 191'


llitffUry Itpurtmtnt The Two Johns

was always a chore for tbem to w,nch thsmselY88 away I,om the campus. The panic of 1907 had made It unposlibl. REV. M. VERNE OO<J.EL, PREP. '07 for me to get work In a loeal factory, lUI [ uSl1ally did In the summer, so late Tre edi tor of The Anchor visited me in June I went to Gr81ld Raplda on a at New Po:t. last summer lor a day canvasaing venture. (}r two.1 got to lalklng about Hope 81 Lavan W&8 al)ending his vacation it was in my day. He seemed Pll tieu. reltlng from his atrenuous stud)~ng of lorly illterested in what I bad to su)' the preYiolls sehool·yenr and I worked about John Lavan nod John Vrllwink , only three or four hOllr8 a (lny on an wbo he and T ngreed are the two out . average, so we sow n good deal of standing nth:etes FlOIIe h.s produced . Ho eneh other. Vruwink toiled lolth!ul. asked me to write somet,hing about Iy all summers, first in a fiy·paper lac. tbem for The AnNlo. I refused on tory and then at a carpen tering job. tbo ground that I was too busy, but It used to -all'ord Lnvan and me much lator, having sOllie semi-spore time at deligbt to assume an especially luxur. Illy disposal, I ehallged my mind. ious posture on Lovan '. front poroh as Hope's allol'lion of illtereoUcgiote Vruwin.k passed us OU tile trolloy wbieh athleti ~ s is going to bring out a fa~t was carrying bim home frOOI a day's which I bove always be~1I convinced of, hard work. We had it all planned that but which lark of proper training hlL< When we were rich, Vruwink should kept from being provetl, namely, that work lor us. We planned to pay bim Hope's oth :.ti. material is above tho starvation wages and to make hint ;in average. I cannot ~pcak for the oth. all the dirtiest jobs. letes b~fore my day or since, but while I recall the Fourth of July of tbot I was at Hope, there were certainly 11 summer witlb especial yividnellS. On nllmber of lIlen who with proper tra1n. Lovan's earnest insistence that most at ing woul<1 have qualified without dim. the ercitement Occurred early in the eulty for varsity'!eoms. Aug~st Veenker. morning, Vruwink, Harvey 0ltmon8 !lnd Frarvey Oltmons and Henry Vruwink I got up at four and walked wah him wOllld hn,·. starred on ollllost nny foot, to the bridge. We found one or two ball or basketball teom,-not to men . men sleepily shooLing 011' firs.crackers tlon Stegeman who did star at Chicago 8S tho from a senso of duty, ood dragOr Brooks who wos kept from winning god ourselves bock to tho voronda. of his" C" only by his studies. Nor have tho Hotel Cody and sOllk cross and I mentioned Ed DePree's, nnd Mort yer sleepy into deep chairs. Thereupon Burg 's sensa tional work as guards, or notbing -would do but we Olnst go ea. Pete Pleune's rOOlorkable jumping AS noeing. It tur~ed out that Hllrvey and conter, or a number of other players of I got into ono canoe and Vruwink and extoptional ability. PreltD~ ~tll But to come bal!.k to Hope's two out. LaJ~, i!~ another. beiIW\"t6' proclaim loudly tbat tbe otber ,tondihg st,rs, some noteworthy anal. was loafing on tho job. They stopped ogie. · should he drawn at tbe oulBet. paddling to debate the llOint more Roth were namo(l John. Both came careflllly, and then botb sluldenly com· frolll the same ehnrch, the Bot.hany Re . menced paddling agnin, each unfor. rorllled of Grund Rapids. They were tUllotely <lipping in his paddle vigorous. close friends, alth o a stranger would lyon th e same side of the cOlloe. Over 1I0"or hnvo guessod it for ~beir con tin · it went, with the IUncn and a pocket. 1101 rlrboting. They left Hope within a book fioating down tho river and Har· 'eor ot eoch othlv, starred at rival un i. vey and me splitting Our sidell-to keep versi tie., olld 'both beeomo physieians. up ~he hoy '8 spirits. Vruwink wu roar· I gness thp first tillle I met Lavan ing himself, as be stood on ~ho ·bottom wall ill Vruwink '!t room on the 11rst olld mo<le n grab for the lun'Ch and the Iloor of VallVlerk, the northwest eor· pocket· book, but for Lavou who was lIer. Lnl'all roo med on the oame floor, over a half·foot the shorter of the two Ihe southeast eorner. Vruwink had it WOB no laughing lI1Iatter, he having tD been at Hope for a YMr, ond Lavall swim desperately before be could stand hod .iust arrived to enter the Freshman with bis head above water. In the afl· I·lo.s, whicb was my doss. He wa ernoon Lnvan and 1 ventured out to· seventeen but ho rd:y looked that, was gether. As we returned to the sbore I ra thor timid, alld opporently desired a jumped out, olld not knowing too n...• <1111111. I ha ve nover k 1I0wn just bow it turo of 0 canoe I toid Lavan to atay in happened, bnt we were inseporabl,' while I pulled him OIIhore. Of course Irom the first. fie later developed into as soon RS the keel struck bottom be a rare humorist alld eu t·up, which made went into tho water again and had to him nil interesting companion, anll w< dry himself a socond time. 1 balieye were 1lb1h engrossed in othlet ics. My We wound up the day at Reed's 'Lake. pols of Prep. Se hool ,lay. were gone, The next sohool year, (1908·09) was '0 it Wos lip to Jne to eultlvate new ae· one of the best two buk et·bnll seasons qunintollres dosplte my great age. V·ru· Hopo ever hod. Vruwink broke in as willk, r ""ollid ·8RY, I had not h ere tofor~ center tbot yenr and Lavan made · a been illtimate with. I started to be· fo~w~rd position. The dlimox of tho co mo 80 nt obOllt Ihi. 8ame time, how· seatlon urne when Hope beat Detroit ever. "Y" 37·36, thereby winning the state Vruwink had made the basketball f hampionship. I recall one game which team the yenr b.fore os a gnard, and Hope won by about 120.11, wherein La· he played guard the year I alii writing \'an, oddly enough, failed to make a of-1907-19M. He wo. 110 great star nt buket. It was Vruwink's nineteenth this t ime, nor did Lovan sci Blnrk Lake birtMay, and when he had made nine· on fire by his ball·ploylng the following teen baskets he was going to slOp mak· spri.ng. His fielding was perfect, bul ing them, but his leam -mates kept pass· exoellt for a High Sehool game or two; ing him the ball and he firtished tbe ho failed 10 make a hit. I recall reo game with about thirty 1.0 bls cre<lit. marking olle ,lay to 'some of the fellow8 That was Ihe time the Cre9Cent Fi.ve that Lovan had all tbe Belding style of 'd . t d enjoyed one of its .most famous blow· · I a bIg eaguer. ...." I ea was aeou e • ., I d' Lavon even th en dreome,I 0f b·Ig Ieagu ~ 10Uh. One .of. VruwllIk S fema e a mu· • ball. Lavan pestered the ba!!eball Olan. en made hIm a b.lrthday cake, he h1m· ager far into the next winter {or the self fixed oysters in three. different bO!!eball "H" h. had eDrneli. Most of tityles, the rest of us ~ bipped In for tbe thp players considered it too nnimport· other grUb, and we ate &8 never beforo ant to 'botber with. LAnn &tid Vru· or since. But pONibly you h",e Ilever beard of the Ores~ent Five. Brook. wIIIk otMa IliA In &Iter JNnI UaM DO aw.tIc ~ ner ..... tlllllllO proud entered tbe Freshman claN that year. I roomed .with him tbe second term,-my U to lit tUU lint "K." famlly being out of town,-and we two After !lehool closed tbe boya f.Dally (OoDlirnd -;,; Last Pale)----. -I'd to let off to Grand RapidJ. It







m~t Ant~nr Publl.ahed every Wedneaday du.r ing the lollege year by.tudenta of Bope Oollege

304BD OF BDITOB8 Edllor ...... WALTER A. SOHOLTEN. Allociat. Edho1" •.•.•... Peter Oooper, Lllera., Edllo • ...• Oorlrudo SchuunDlD, Cone,. Repor ler ..•. Arlhur O. Mulder, Alblollc Edllor .•.. n.r.l rd D. Hlkken, Exthan'8 Edi tor ...• Jamel ltutlenhurl. AIGDl.Dl Edllon •• ••.•.. Alice E. Riap,

'18 '10 ' 15 '19 '18 '18 '10

••• . Harold E. Vthlman. '19 Campoa Edlt.on ..••.• Harrill Z. naker, .. .••.. Peter O. Baku, Rapid ,lro Edllo,. .. . KU.ol,. v •• pon, •. John R. DaleDbu" BIIIiD... Depart.aD' Mini, r .•.... ELnnED a KUlZENOA, Au" DUllnoll Vrr... Slmon Den U)'~ Sub,erlpllon Vrr ..... Charle, DeVrl", A.... " 8ub. Mil' ... 0l.Tlncl R. Bee-mil, ..

'10 'U '18 'IG

'18 '19 '19 '19

'lerma - , 1.26 per year 111 advance BIDg!e Oopies - - - - Five Oents Knl.ted II Ih. Po l om ••• f Holllnd, "Ichla~n U lecond-clul meall matter.

himself and to otben' While It would bo diatinet:y revolu· tlonary and highly eonfusiog were mlln suddenly t~ appropriate lumlly names other than those they now po BlOIS there i. no reaBon why porsons whose given uamea nrc di ngreeable to theln Reh '". nnd obnoxlolls to thoir cOlllpanions should uot at on eo proceed to relegate 8uch uPllC ndagos to tb o dark pnst £rolll whellce they came. A perllsal of lhe (( opo catalog affordS IIInny arresting eUldplcs of nalllcs which nre not on:y ludirrous atld ridiculous, but wh ieh may in th e ftlluro prol'e distinct bandieap to th ose upon whom tb ey hnve bee n in · mded. A parent hns nbsolutely no right to jcopnrdizo th e sueees. of his child by ¥nrposi ng UpOIl hllll a penalty for a wrong he hns nel'er co mmitted. no Ita nbsohlloly 110 authority to blackball his offspring before ho has beon given~all opportun ity to tnko Ihe stump in hi. o\\'n defonse. DceaullC upon another c'onti nent, bnck in nncient day., Iti, fnth er nlld hi. grnntlfather nnd bi. grent ·grnllllfnther, and porhaps a thou ,"nl! olher fnlhers before them, bore a n nhsllnl :11111 (ur.-ign Ilame with honol :lutl I'Tcdit i 110 gOOtl reason for 1 rpct · IInt inl{ the ('ognolll cn in n new wor:d or

new itlcllS, in " new RgO. H i, " .Ig nill ,·ont fn ' l thot Pre.idell l II' oo.lroll' Wllsoll nnd Speake,


Students It 's Acting·Sergoa ut T eu nia Prins now.



The most vUa!!' !ng thing 111 the world 11 ObrI.stIanJty. The world Jw, adnnced, advanced 111 what we r egan! as rwJ c1vlllutlon, not by materlal but by spiritual meaDS, ana one ution 15 o PLAY THE GAME ! dlatIngniIhld from another nation by Its idn1.8, not by It. poll8e8Sions; by lo."al ro liege s lullent :on1:8 I< w1l&t It beUevee In; by wh~t It Uves by; by what It II1tends; by tile visions h:t"e Ih e fnlll e of hi. AI",a .Matc. which Its young men dream, and the !'I pfcnll fllr nllll willo. li o wnnts to 8th aclIIevements which Its men of matur· his 'o liege ",ok e 0 lIallle lor herself-a 11:111.0 Ihnt wi I he boll. re"ecled an ti Ity attempt.-WoodrOw WUson.


Krep your eye on the Hope menl -:rt:-

Miu Elitnbeth ITuot spent most of Inst week In hieag. at th e Y. W. C. A. cOllioronee. Miss Hunlsnys she has 80llle wondertul things to tell ua ~on · cerning the eonferene and its plans. - :0: I'rod Do J ongh, Hope 'a piteher for ~ho past two years, nas been making n nnmo for hint. elf pltehing wenderful IIn:1 for the cal'nlry troop at Engle Pass, TexRs.




-:0:}'ridoy ovenl ng tho Meli phonlolls in· itiated their new members. We don't know wbnt they die1 'hut one of tho vic· tilllS admitted tlrnt they met with n l f wnrm rcrrp t ion. ' ,

p. 8. BOTER &CO.


The colleg was . broucled in gloom when it wns learned lhat Mr. Vo. of the" D " rln hnt! departed from Ollr mid st to earry 00 his studies at alvin r:ollrgr. Oood luck, 1.&. Vosl

Whenever in need of Toilet Goods, Candy, Drugs, etc.

- : 0: -

Bert Von Ark ,

('lurk, th e two greAt UI(' U who nt pres Cn 111 r. Clil Ot'C IlPY th e 11I0St pro lilinent posi· lions wit hin th e gifL of tho )leople of the nitc.1 totes, both hnd th e cou rage, nft er th y hnd "O llie t.o years of discre lion, 10 mo,lify their nallle. to suit themsl'l\'c.. Whi le it docs nol f ollo\\ tI.ot ell,"lnlillg th ei r ol· ti oll one will tll·hi c\'(' ('minC'lIf'c, th~se distinguish(,(l utili infllltllltini tute men h:\\"e sel mRII.'" n IIInn n ~OO\l eXA mple.

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tU R t ~r


hos returned trom

where he



cngngetl in

Cnrpent er work on th e new barracks. Bert onyo thnt the rnnn who never lenrned to rUIIB never sowe<1 into a nail.


_ : 0:_

The College Drug Store

III order to ru t down uponse. nntl kee p the eos t of meals nololV as possi. hI e, th e lIIen bonnling at th e dormitory nrc tnking tnrn s nt waitiug on tnb e. A ne,,' rorps or wait ers takes char).!'(' corh week. As yet no ,'asunlli.s hove heen rcportecl. -:0:-



1-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The photographs that please are the' rich old Dutch Sepia

Cor nelius Pre,l DeJongh, '19, IV11h Ih e l. S. I' nvnlr)' nt Engle Pos., Texas, hns heen IIInl10 n fi .. t r:n.8 private. "Bob" Dosker, '19, with the snme troop, in opcn ,'onrpetitioll, won th e po· hunorell. A collego UlRy gnin renow n sition of trlllllp teer. Hope men ecr· ill ",ony ways nlltl one of the chief fa e tninly are r lirnlling the ladder to gener· o tors iu the nttnilllllcll't. of prominen ce is alships. "THE TWO JOHNS" ath:et i. s. By putting out weli· trnined -:0:POPULAR PRICES AND DISCOUNT TO STUDBNTS te.1II nlld playing clllan gam08, a sehool Tues,lay afternoon the Freshman Jomes Whitco mb Hi :o)' once wrot r a call do wou llers in making n reputation girls were ogain entortnined at Voor· Iioo Or two obout "the gQltlen, oltler. for herself. But in order to put OUI hl'f's hall. this time by the enior girls. glories of tho dn~·. gOlle hy. " Tho dny. en"'ient .thlotic tenms ;t is absolutely TIn" ;ng slnrted the big sister move· gone 1)y do 1I0t of rour 0, hold .II of n ~I'eS!!o ry thnt Ih e siud ell is gi"e theil lIIent th e girls wished to beeome oe· th e golden glories. Ralher, il fillnllcinl slIpport to 11.0 Atletie Asso IInninte,1 with th e Freshlllen. Thi s they mu s~ be agreed thot Thoma. Campboll tintio u. M01lflny morning this nS80cin lliil,-to the great j oy e f the FreshiC8. was r ight wh ell he said, " Tha t which tioll st nrle,1 ilS campaign tor th o collee - : 0:was yesterday \\' ill be lodoy-nnd nil linn of th e .lIl1nnl ath:etie fcc frolll Thursday e" cning the" A's" had a the tomorrOW8 of mon as Ihe yestor· ene·h member. elas. (Iarty at Ih . skating rink. Th ey days of hrs fnthors." Mult itudinou s .nd di\'ersified Rerr su rely load a wonderlul time. Since It I. well for us, howe\'er, to loek tI.o excuses ofTered tor the non·paymenl there were on:y three girlS i n th e class, ba k oerasionnlly ill i o the y""to"lay. of te es. One mon argued that he dldn'l oil but three of th e fellows asked girls • and th e yoslereves Rnd Ihe yesteryears of p.y his fee Inst yenr and •• got awa~ from other classes. It was a fine idea history. The hRf'k wnrd look afford. us a new appreeialioll of Ih e golden glorio, with it, "-ond that M dido't intend In RS no one was slighted. The chaperons pny it Ihi. yen r. Avol.er vehemeotl." were M iss Delia 11 ospers and Prof. of today, and the s. <rod momorie of o .r ted that he wos,,·t 00 othlete ao.1 Ludwig J . Eyme. the "times that eo me agoin no more" didn't sec any rca on why he shouh\ - :0:keep our Iheart. strong and brave fo r pny ono doliar to tho •• sociatioo. T he " \Vb)' stay SIngle? Wo IGIve OrecI1tl" Ihe <lays thnt ar c to ce mo. F or alt o. mnn who Inlks that way ought to bl' nli, it is MeOlor~' that wiolds the oa" ef our bllrks as Ihey ra ce down th ( hranded os dis loyol to the Orange an<l So reada an advertisement in the win· Blu e, nlld 8hou:d come under the .ame lIiver of 'fime, dow of the fu rni ture company on It is with groat plensur o, t horefore ent e!:or), us \(Jliser Bill and his g an g. Eiglolh .treoL Th eee fe w simple words Th e girls arc re8ponolillg 1I0bly. Th is that we nunoull c'o to th o rood r. th e 9 2 ..\ 111 to hn ve in t ercst ('Il se\'e: :ll Hopr Anehor that liThe Two Johns" hnv( Ihoul,l be enough 10 lIIa b eve ry man stu.lent •. ~'or in taure, Miss t'lorenee orrivecl for a two \\'eek 's sojour n. Tho c who hn not pnid his fee f ~e l .. hamod . V'yn . II1'0n rcncling tb e magic wercls, It should mAk e him dig down into hi, two outstnnding 1I 0pe ath:"les hurne,! hurried 10 th e dormitory with n smiling jeons for thnt one dolla r which is only UI) the state of ~I h'hignn during I heir eo untenollce. A half hour :ater she yoors nt Hope. Dr. \'ruwink, n \'cri too 0llXiOll8 to be placed in the t :ea~ wns ern tlmerg:ng with a It.'ttN, whif·h tabl e "poem in moleskins, II wos onr ur)' of th Ath:.ti· Associat ion. Wi t h she lI1a i le~ Rt the Po t Offire. It lIIight of the 010 t sein tillating taro that e\'o' Sl'areely OtiC hundred twerrty melf in be well to mention nt this time that glenmtd ia Ihe firmament of ath tics. both co liege an!1 preporatory depart· Max Ceeae, '17 arri ved in Bolland the necc 3ry fo r every Dr. Lnan is sl ill in the spotlight n' ment it hecolII Citz Phone 1582 next day and waa ..en to enter the 19 E. EiC;hth Street man 10 pay hiA fcc if Ihe alhletic ex· " 'basehall 's greatost shortsiop." a t oresaid turnltu re sto re. When bis Rope o\\'es a debt of gratitude to )Ir. penses of the co ming year arc t o be eyes ehRneed to meet these wo rd s Ber· Oggel, the intimate f~icnd of beth l11en. IIH't. Be 0 loynl 11 01" monl PIny th e nard Hakken burried in to a nearby for his interesting n.o cntortnining ta:, gOnlel tol epbone booth, and camo out t hreo· -D. of thoir ca reers here. For th e bene · quarters ot an hour lat or with shi ning fit of th08 wbo do not know hiltn, it eyes and elulle Btep. We sllall give NonOE may be added thnt M r. Oggel him el f i. in brief tho Rctlons of other Rope m on a pulpit ornlor of nfo menn ability, nn d Last yeal the ~.n" of Hope toolt upon reading this one·line advertise· bids fair soon to be a shi nillg light in it upon themael'f'ee to IUpport & mil· ment. Henry Hoeven was so ove r' Skilled Workman and the IDOIt Sanitary the ece lesin ti cal WOha. eOIllO that ho dropplld into amenee's Iletboda Employed 1Iion&ry upon the foreign lIeld. BIJ: o Drug .tore Rnd bought sixteen milk· hundred II1'ty do11an were pledged for UNNEOE88ABJLY HANDIOAPPED leelCY Buter tho aaIaQ' of .John D. ~ '14, hakea for sixteen news·boys who were It theffi Is anyone po cion Ihat principal ot W'h&t II DOW mown as waiting th on for the Grand R&pids News to co me In. Protessor Eyme im· nbove all things el 0 a man Dlny t nl: Hope HIgh 8chDOL To ~ 11.,.. hnn· mediately retratec! his steps and enter· •_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _... dred dollan of tIlIa amount 11&1 been his own that possession in his name. H e ed Peter's fil'o Rnd t on eont s tore. When R~qulrcs this necessnry appurtenan t r collected, !eanng & tetal of OD. hun· Inst leen ho W88 bovering around tb e c~rly in :i fe, he retains it lh roughout dred II1'ty dollan ItII1 to. be paI4'. Your his ~arccr, nnd after Ills 'le~t.h it re o pledgee &re dIM JlOW. FellDw atu4enta, riog eounter. Mila Elthor Mulder at been emhusl·ottc tor mil· once stortod a searell for Myron Broe!<· mains associated with his memory thru we've I ..... II , _ . . lit. . . 7 ... siona. LeI;'. ahow Hope RIP IIdIooI ell14 's ma r hino. Prot. Nykerlt wisbed long generations. Wbat ~an bo mnrr HOURS 8:30 to 12 a. m. 1:30 to 5 p. _. essential, lherefore, lhan that the AP' th&t we're back of ~ III tIM trne ho were forty years younger. Who says that adverti,in, doea not pel1atlon he is iu !Iuty bound to cheri h sense of tbt 'IrOI'd. PIedpt lIhoaJd be p&I4 to 1 _ A. . . ._ pay' be a ao ree of aatiataetion, both to

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The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company WILL GIVE YOU

Miss rna,a Yntema, '16, bas loft for Ohlolgo, TIliDols, "rites 18 fot:owl: Ann Arbor "here sbe expects to take "Our "ork Ia gro"lng right along. post·groduate work t. LaUn at the April Hrat our budget WII $7200 witb nil'e rlily of MlrblJrao. four men in teree. Now it is about -:n:.17,000, and wl.a! is more, it bas been The B v. ,Ilenry Palma, '10, aod fam· raised and we have about a dnoo men lIy, of OOltburg, WI I., arrived \0 Hoi· on our foree. We try to extend our land Thnrsday nlgM to visit for a fow inHncnee lhru tbe ladultrles, schools, dnys with Mrl. }'nslOo.'s parente, Mr. ehurrbos, parks, and th e home,-a big nnd MTS. Barnaby. Mr. Puma. .as ae· worth·whilo Oeid to work in. 1 may be reptell n call extCll(ltO by the Reformed here for lome timo unless tile draft chnroh ot Lynden, Wullillgton and lhe takes nK'. 1 reeeived the first number .Rm ily wi:1 go from hore to the new of tho Lender nlso nnd took time to 'WIield of labor. : rend it n:most fr~m cover to cover. It -:0:ca llIo ns a long·lost frienll" Mr. The stutlents of tho Wcstern Theolog:. J ongownnrdo's addre88 Is 9113 Com . leol mlnory with their friendl were I mrrclol Avonuc, Chicago. eutertained at the home of Dr. nnd Mrs. 1 _: ••_ E. J. Blekkiuk lost week Tue day even · In th o Augolt number of " The Na. Ing. The farulty ot th e Seminnry and ti oonl Geographic Magazine" appear the preoehe .. of tb o city, aod their , n ri ch ly illustrated article entitled \\'1\'08, werc a:so presont. Miss Keppel I .. Mereo the Mystic" by Dr. Samue: tnvorell the gnthering with vocal lolos. M. Zwemer. The article is of great Th e CUl inary Quartet OIBO rendered a timely interest bceanse of tbe recent tow seleHions. After refreshments hnd pOlitienl rhongel thnt hnvo Ibeen tnking hccn 8en'ed by Mrs. Blckklnk, nil di.· 1,Ioee in Ambin os n reBuit of the war bnnded with th e sntisfnction of hnvlD!,! I resulting in t.h e estnhlishment of th r spe nt the cvcning happil y. 1 Kingdom of E: B ej n. ntter this prov·




. Word hns reo c l.~~- n ellnn rl to th c IDee hntl rO"olter! ngalnst the rule ef effo rt tltnt 110'" Dnv\(] Von Stricn re. the Turks • Thn t the nrtiele is written from first ee ntly mnrried Miss LiJ:inu Orbisoo, 0 . . I I t I hOll rl intl, rmntion is shown by tbe lnrt 1111 slonnry W 10 WO! on Ic r WOO)" 0 II ' • · 'I ' O"b' f I that most of the 'beautitul illustration, f IiB. .I.l IS r' 180n \\'DS ormer y 0 rc. ident ot New York City. Mr. Van I that go with it are fro~ photograph' trl cu grnduntetl from 1I0pe nllcgc in i tnk en hy Dr. Zwemer ~"n.self. Somf 190!} nttcr which he enrolled as student 200,000 ~I o hnlllmedan V·lg rlms travcl to

I i

ill the

Theologienl l Mecco eaeh yenr, nnd Dr. Zwemer de· l ' d t i l : clnrc! that the r hief in,lustry of thf enllnnrr· WRS On nine 0 I(! I . . I t' r minis try in 1912 nnd left tor Japan in i rl ty of Meeta, w.th ft popu a .on . . nhout 100000 Is Heefing t h esc pl.' th e fnll of thnt rcnr. The w",!thng tere· . " . . I I • N k' In I grill.s. Dr. Zwemer's arlicle Imngs tho mony wns 110 ICilln l.e. n" J ngnsn I, " • • ' 1'1 Illstory of tlll l worM ·fnlllouR spot up to pllll, tl Ie R(IV. A• V on B ron kl tors t t " • • . . the minute. It eontBllls Inte lllforma · o mc.nllng. I . t. -:0:I tion thnt .s not to be ound In nn~' Conrnd Jongewnarde, '14, Oom· history or eneyelopt!dia.-Holland mllnity crelnry, Y. M. C. A., South Dnily Sentinel.






HOPE Y. W. C. ATOPICS FOR FALL TERM 1917 Sept 20- 0 irl '" Re('eillion. Sept. 27 - \·1·. IH~ r St",ire Marion VanDrutr Oct. Si'rn. Heard and non e Oeorcine hort .. rln :: Oct. 11- The S ~Jl Thlnr .••..• lar.Oohurll Od , 18- ' ' Oth ('l' Studenlll. Today" Irene VanZlntel Oct. 26-"\\'ork of the HOD1f!land Ol Mlil ionary Committel Noy. l -" Clearlnr 11 A((OUnl a" Am eJi I


Noy. II'OY.


SY\\'llIl nl.

Freshles:...J'Why didn't you laugh at the professor 'I joke'" Soph.:-" Didn't bave to. I am go· Ing to drop tbo eour.e tomorrow." . -:0:Prof. Nykerk:...J' What does out of ~ht, out of mind, ~ean'" George DeWltt:-"That thoBe 'l\'bo "'ill not sec II we do are eruy." -:.:Profes or Knoek:-"Whot are you Inughlng aU At me'" Pr.otossor:-" TI.en whot elSt) il there in the room to laugh aU"


.wi Fm 01 TIInDI HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Holland, Michigan

World', L.rcut Direct lalt.llen of F1Ira.ct.



PIOXING '1l!rL If be slaps you on tbe baek With a. hnrd, rosounding whack Wheu. he 11leels you every day, Let hin. go upon his way. . He's. no good.

For the first time Football is eiven a clean slate by the council




If he whlepers praisCft sweet E),'ery time you ehan e ~o meet, ."ntt1!.ring trom noon tHI night, Let him go and Oy his ' kite, He 's no good. If ho WHh That Hide





Joan Pot U 8- " \\'h l"n H,1f Ood. 00" Chri! lin e Vln nult!" l li-.. S.mmi ........... Loul •• nru .., SOB.OSIS SOCIETY HOLDS ANNUAL 22- " At Our Be.''' .. Ornlhit Penninr" RECEPTION 28- ' ' Th e Orar:1! of Gratitude" Henriett a Dulm ..




-:o ~-

The fo :lowing ad has been running in tho" Lost" eolumn of the Sentinel for the pnot t w days:- " Lost-A Illlall suit·easc eontaining ehi ldrens ' dothes from Voorhees Dormitory to Zeelon~ . ~'i nd er 1'1 eo so rot urn to Voorhees Dormi· ~o ry."-Wo would warn one of t~lC girlB not to t,., 80 eareleu with her weorlng apparel. -:0:Lost Spring Bud Hoopers secured a job on a lnrm out ill nakota. The morning after his arrival, promptly ot four 0 'clock, tho farmer ropped ';l0n his door nnd leld him to get up. "Whot /or'" he osked rubbing his eycs. " w" 're goillg to .ul oats," replied the former. " Arc they wll,l oats" osked Rud, " thnt you hs" e got to. sneok up ou in th e tlnrk!"

For your Football Togs W, carry a <full line 01 all Athe/i/tic Good.

tokel you by su"!'rlse a lot at p:eosant Ijes ha"e got a " touchillg" look yr.ur waub and pocketbook, Ho's no good.

If be simply grasps your hand In II way you undenKand And koops quiet and just emiles T rot along wilb bim' fo r mil.s. He'l all rigbt: -Roy K. Moulton.




Miss Peet:-"Yary I have an ideo. You know we frequently read of the soldiers making sorties. Now, why 1I0t mak e up a lot of th o... sorties and send them to the llOor fellows at the froutf"

Doc. 8-" Work Arro.. . h. 1I1"ionary CnmmUte.


Uawk:-uNo, sir."

nre Ogbting for Christ in behalf of humanity. He compared the modern ree' mit with the throe men in tbe fier~' furnoce. Th e Gormons may be able to kill ollr bodi es, bllt th ey cannot kill our pirit.. At the close of the regular meeting, tl,e tollowing m en were e:ect· ed to 011 tbo "aenn eies left by th e boy, who were enlled to th o colors: Trensurer-Elmer R. Lubbors, '20. Cedor Grove, Wisconsin . Serrc tary~~'rC(] Steininger, '20, Woodhaven, New York .

The Sorosis girls delightful:y ellter· tailled the new girl Friday evening at Dec. 13- " 81, Job. Awaitinc UI" V fT O. rlrud e a.burma r. oorhecs nil, the invitations, pro· D ••. 20- " 'fh. Oill 01 OI.ln," grnms, nnrt deeorations giving on aut H.rrie. n.k er umnnl cffect. Ivy ond beautiful A \'ery interesting meeting of the Y. autumn Howers lent n charming nspert W. C A. wns heM in Winan ts OhoJl('1 to the rooms. Thur day afternoon at th c uSlIn: time. Th e tollowing program wal rendere,l : ~1i .. Georgiana Kortering, ' I , wa s in Welcome Addre _ Mi s De:Jn Hospe ... r hnrgo of the nreeting. The topic fo r ViDan Solo-~nss Hnrriet Baker. t hQ ~ay was, ., Expe:'!enres of Nine Alldress....':M.n. \II'. H. Durfee. Do" s at IAIke Oeneva." The leode< Vocal Solo-lfiu Marie Danhof. wo ' a sisted by tbe girls wb o attended Rrndinr-Min Dora Van Loo. the on t erence tI';. po t .lnll" Piano Solo-Mill Amelia ByWasslnk. Mi., Mayme Rloole, '19, gne 8 The final number wu a playlet en· \'Ory cleve r talk on Ihe subject, .. A tit :ed .. Arc You Guilty'" written by typi' ~1 day at Lake Gene,'a." Mis Arlhur C. loetingh, '\5, and direct ed IIrnrlctta Dulmes, '20, Imparted Pro· b)' MiS! f' ronees Bosch, '15. Th e east t essor Dol' " lerture, "Tbo Russian at , harnrters was u follows: Rev olullon." M~88 F1oreneo Wal"oord, Girl8 of the Bota Sigma SOeiety .......... .. 1 , g:I,'e an Interesting rcaume of Dr. Olgn ......................... Mnrgnret Thomasma Fo dlek's :ceturcs. lliss ){arion Von A:'bise ..........................................fTelen B ell Drc! er, 'I , told " What Gene"a Meant Marie ................................... .lIiamie Kl oo te to ru e. " Rutb .......................~ ......Mary Von Putten H is rather a difficult undertaking to Helen ..................................~... Anna Amee:. put nine day into one heur, but then, Pros y.............................. Ethe:yn Vaupell "wonders never oease," and lhe girb Fe:lowl of tbe Gnnrma Frat ..roity ......... _ oro to be congratulated upon tbeir lue· Jim Lewls...................... Elda Van Putten ce~.. Thei r talks WOIO ecrtninly tboro· fln rold Ma.son ...........Marion VanDrezer 11 enjoyed by all present . Henry HiDe ......_ .............Helene Meyer E. R. Y ., '19. Rud Peterson .................... Della Rosperl _ _ _ :0: 10scar Oelsott........................Hariet Baker : RAy Thorjlc ..................Irene Van Zanten Y. JI. O. A. Atl er the progrom refrcwlrmenls w.ere Lut TUOlday evening the Y. M.. C. A. serve,l in a nniqlle llIanner. The g ..1s mODloorl heard an Inspiring talk by ' were arronged in grnupl, an~ t.o euh our Civil War veteran, Peter Gunst, grouJl was gi"en a d.inty basket lIlIed on "ReligioD in Ibe World War." Mr'l "Ith tempting vianda. Groupl Ihen eo~· G~nll .. Id that lo)'a:ly 10 Cbrilt il de· , te ted In eharaael, e,uling mueh memo IIWIdtd from our mell It the front. We menl.

Safety:. For the wife and children, dependent mother, brother or sister; in fact anyone who may be dependent upon your earnine power.. Senlce:· To your fellow men by takine care of your own de· pendents and not forcine them th depend upon the charity of your friends and neiehbors. Satl.r.etl•• :· For yourself in knowine you have done your duo ty by providine coqtforl for those dependen t upon you and in your old aee the same policy will provide a pension for yourself lest you might become dependent.

Your Portrait A Gift that money can't buy. But for you to give. Your Portrait will carry a message that is next to a personal visit. ~


e WOODROW WIL80N ON THE BIBLE Bibles fer Ameflean soldiers and ' soil· to be given by the Selrpture Gilt mission of Pbi:adelphia, will ~arry Ihis toreword by President Wileon: • " Tbo Bible is tbe "ord of lite. I beg that you will read it and find th i out for younelve_read, not little snat~hes bere and there, 'but long 1'115' soges tbat will real:y be the road to the heart of it. "You will find it full of real Dlen and women not only, but ailO of things you ha.ve wondered about and been troulJled ahou~ al: your life, as men have b en alwaytl, arid 'be more you rea!l the more it ,,111 beeome plain to you what'thlngs are worth wbile and what a.re not, "hit things make men happy-:oYIUy, right-dealing, speak. ing the trutb, rca dine. to give every· thing for what they . blak their duty an,l most 01 all, the .nah that they Holiond may bave the re.1 approval of the Cbrist, who gave every1h1ng for them i and thing. that are parnteed to make men uahapPY-llllllhne., cowardice, greed and everything thlt II low and mean. . .. When you have read the Bible yQU "ill know that It Ia the Word of God, beeauoe you "iH have fOUDd it Ihe key to your O"n heart, your own happinell and your 0"11 duty."


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The tIme for Overcoats is Now We han a flu UlortmeDt






( ontinucd from }'irst P4Ige) There II no unbelief; Whoever plantl a seed beneatb the lad And wait. to see It puoh bll'ay the rlod He trll. t. in flod. There I. no unbcllef; Whoe"er says, when r lOlll1a are in the Iky, Bo patipnt, heart; Ifght breakeLb b)' and by, Trust. Ibe Most High.

Meyer's Music House

Gorges alld cascades of Southern .'rance; charcoal and chalk sketches; through tho Cascado JUo.A;taills ill Wu hlngton; I,ogging in Maine; Clill1b· Ing Mt. Blnne; United Rtotes Military Academy at Annapolis; lI'ith Uncle Sn",'s Nell' Navy. :\latinee, :I:JU P. M. Children 15e, Ilareuls al'colllpanying chiltlren :I"c. Evening pertorl1lRll1'e, i:45, 50~ nn -I

Pianos, Organs and Sewing Machines Victrolas $15 to $200 17 East 8th St.

Holland, Mich.


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There I! no unbeli.f; \Vhoe\'er eel, 'ufa th wiuter's field or snow, Th. si lent harvest of tbe future growOot! '8 JJUwt'r lUust know.




Good Ice Cream?

There is


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Don't forget to try our Fruit Ice Cream. Brick or Bulk.

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There is no unbelief; 'rh e heart that Inok. nn \\'hen t he eye · lid. 1'I0le, Anll ,Inre' to \\'hen life bno only woes, timl's ('om fort


There is no unbelief; Pur thus by 41ay nnd

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Waganaar &Hamm Citizens Phone 1470 55 West Ei2hth Street

Th. henrt b)' the faith the IiPI clenY i God knoweth why. - Lizzie York Case ---:0: 00 t4I liMP til peacel God \I &w&O.


to all th e f;tuncnts of Hope. I will be glaLl to mert nil th e f; tudent s at my' office. WIlC'rlrvcr yo u have a fcw minutcs to !' p:ll'l' run up and shake hanlh;.


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We Do




'Films Developed 5c

a Lyman JL Howe Travel FestiVal. Ttcketa on II&le at Huisenga '8 and at Hope Tnt Book Agency.

-Victor BIIIO. a Lyman JL Howe Travel Feetlnl. Ttcketa on B&l. at Huisellla's &Dd at Hope Text Book Agency.

(Co ntinu ed from Pint Page)


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with Lav all and Vruwink and wishillg to write for 80llle basketball garnott alld beillg ill wo.nt of n IUlllle for

our aggregntioll J t uok th e name of the renown cd

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whi c h hnll

hapJlened ill Oil Hope the year befnre

Economic Printing CO.

011 ill Ilotiou ·witlo tunr lctl\'ing lI ope to

wOllder how it happened. Ed Dc Pree also mnd e our trips with us. La,'nn and 1 al so played all a tenm called Ihe I H. V. T.'s, in honor of Hank Van Tongere n, wbich WOll IL couple at games ill Holland alld ana in Orand lIapiils. But tho Crescent Fi" e wns marc thall a basketball team. It WIUI a kind of ill ' torma l trat ornity. We live tellowti reo mained on most intimo.te terms lor years, especially Vruwink aud Lavan aod I because at our being thrown in tbo most witb each other. To chronicle all our doings would fill "0Iume5; let th e recital at one ad,'entllre su ffice (or tid. sketch. (To Be Con cluded XeI t Week)

EDW ,\I( I) Il lW l WER



Wcst . •h . I. nnr

Itfl ~ lon

l.\ I' .. Phone HS5 HC C;IGliran t



PARKER LUCKY CURVE Let us tell you the reason

o. LymI.l1 H. How&-oct. 10.


3:45; evening, 7 :4f>-Carnegie Hall. Ttcketa on B&le at Huizenga '8 and at

Vereeke·Siersma I-Idw. Co. Phone 1049

COl'. Hi,'('1' Ave. & 81h SI.

Hope Text Book Agency.

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We Have Both

Holland City News PRINTERY Ea,tabli.hed 187:/ The Printerl Wh o KnolO How

There are a Few




SAY BOPEITES!! Let US show YOU A "wearable" Suit

A suit that you will feel at home in the moment you slip into it-yet one that will fit you in that most perfect of all ways-



Its Name is

They can be bought at the



Price $1.75



ACHIEVEMENT Twtnty.6ve ytan ago the General E1tdric. Company was founded. Stnct then. dtetricity has sent its thrill through the wholt ,tnKlurt of hfe.


It ha$ set (reo the spim o( research. It ha$ gIven tangIble form ' 0 inven· toon, '" app:tr.ltus of ",finite premion and gigantic power.

l!agtr to tum whttls, to IUt and carry, .And" ha$ gone (orth,cO'Opcrattng with to birush dark. to gather heat••0 hurl tvery industry,tocommand •.!u.sunscen vOICes and thoughu acrGlS 'pact. to force and fetch It fur to SC/'\Ie aU )ltOplc. give tilt world IltW tools for .ts work - de..1riClty has btnt to man', will. By the achievement> whIch thu com' p>ny has aln:ady record d may best Throughout t!u.s ptriod the Gtnenl bt Judged the gre:lter ends It> future EItdnc Company Me hdd tht great ,hill atwn, the dtcper mynencs It ruponllb,lo"u_and. hIgh .deals o( 'ytt ,ball oolvt tn dednf)'mg more ieadenlup. and more o( tht world's work.