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H O P E C O L L E G E , Holland, Michigan, Oct. 4, ( 9 2 2



HOPE GRADUATE GIVES O P E N ING ADDRESS Chapel and Y. M. Room Crowded The spritely spirits of joy and gladness again invaded Hope Campus, f o r smiling faces*were seen ev erywhere as f r i e n d met friend to talk about things t h a t had happened and had not happened It was also a joy to see the beaming faces of the new students who were desirous of sharing the good old Hope spirit and of preparing themselves for a place in the realm of service. This pleasant atmosphere was ideal f o r the opening day as it extended into the opening exercises in Winants Chapel. Q n e could not help feeling t h a t he was drawn into a big family where the ties of love were strong. President Dimnent in his words of welcome expressed this same sentiment when he welcomed all new Hopeites into Hope's family circle. He said t h a t there was a certain Hope spirit, which he could not define but which everyone felt.. It could not be found anywhere else but on the Hope Campus and, indeed, we are happy of being possess o r s of such p fine spirit, f o r it f a d i ates the world over. We were especially glad to have with us Rev. John Van Peursem of the F i r s t Reformed Church of Zeeland, wiho delivered the opening address. He gave an inspiring address and the t r u t h s which he brought out left their impression. He beautifully portrayed to us the life of Daniel, who rose f r o m the low ranks of slavery to the highest place in' the land. He also drew a lesson f r o m this g r e a t Bible character, speaking of the innocence w-hich was f o u n d in Daniel and how this strengthened his life. Innocence is a great mighty challenging f o r c e in life and it is a virtue t h a t resides within. The origin of this g r e a t power, which was possessed by Daniel, could be traced to his prayer habit, for thereby he was brought into close companionship with God. And from this noble character, we, too, can learn a big lesson in t h a t we should keep u p our devotions and keep our hearts alive toward God. All truth asks f o r is a chance in the life of men and women and as Reverend Van Peursem said, it needs everyone of us. "He who finds victory with God in the upper chamber, inevitably, finds vict o r y with Daniel in the lion's den, • whatever may be the name of the lion." The Hope College orchestra has again organized f o r work under the direction of Mr. Tuller of Grand Rapids. From all signs the year holds the promise of g r e a t success. Where Did He Come From? As the crowd was nearing the top of observatory hill, the domes of Yerkes loomed up one by one over the top. A1 V. D. Berg awed by their massiveness—"Gee, these f a r m e r s got big Silos!"

It's never too late to s t a r t something new. The Joint Reception of the Y. Association is always the big college social event of the year. But this time there was no handshaking and bowing f o r such things j u s t don't happen at a beach party. P o r the Y. Cabinets had decided t h a t an informal affair would be worth t r y i n g out. So Wednesday at 5 o'clock two special cars carried the college en masse to its first big party. The new students found t h a t long years ago Mother Nature had scooped out a huge sand hollow f o r the particular benefit of Hope weenie-roasters. The call to supper through Si's megaphone was answered with a rush by the hungry crowd. Half-adozen fires provided enough roasting places to satisfy the hungriest. The after-supper performers by the different class groups were t h e best p a r t of the program. The slopes provided a natural amphitheatre which showed off to J he best possible advantage all the histronic and stunt ability of the best small college in the states. Hope songs and Hope yells echoed round the hollow. Nine o'clock car time brot the end of a perfect day. No casualties were reported beyond a crack in the cable, a few sprained muscles, and a slight depopulation of the woods where the weenie sticks were gathered. The event proved an acceptable 'fore-riftiiiei of xhe n i o r ^ i o m i a i aftah^ that is rumored is to occur later. All college affairs can be successes. They make f o r true college spirit. May we have more of t h e m !

C H A P E L WALLS WITNESS ANOTHER " P E P " MEETING Tramp, tramp, tramp, the frosh are marching. Like a winding, wriggling snake See them follow one by one As forever on they come With a care-free, smiling face. Such was somewhat-the case when the Frosh opened the Urst mass meeting by single-filing to their respective chapel seats. Next they cheered and then the lid was off—Juniors, Sophs and Seniors trying to surpass each other in the volume of their yells nearly raised tlfe shingles. There was a slight disappointment, owing to the f a c t that the student council, books having not yet been unearthed, the freshmen rules could not be read. However, the speakers with their words of welcome covered up all disapointment and stirred up enough college pep to last until Christmas. Midge Do Young welcomed the freshmen co-eds. Being more or less influenced by S. G. A. instructions she could not r e f r a i n from welcoming the man-ly frosh also. " T u t " Baker thon added what Midge had forgotten in her welcome the boys and then proceeded by calling on Capt. "Chuclj* van Zanten gave us a few remarks concerning football, A r t h u r Mulder was next elected to be publicity m a n a g e r of the athletic associaLio^i. Humor soon r e a c h e d ^ t a ^ t o p - n ^ n '

Number 1


HIGHER PRICED,—BUT MORE tic lecture. NUMBERS, EXTRA NUMBERS; by L a u r a n t and company, consisting HIGH CLASS of Mr. Laurant, famous magician and his f o u r assistants who will astound First Number—A Concert, Oct. 9th the audience with their legerdemain work a n d sleight-of-hand tricks t h a t The Lecture and E n t e r t a i n m e n t will compare with the performance Course management 'has made plans of Herman or Keller. 1o stage the best lecture course this • The last number of the course will year ever attempted. /. be the irresistable comedy "Friendly The price is going to be higher, b u t Enemies" staged by Redpath Bmv the lecture course loving public a n d eau's Producing Dept. The Redpath studentry is going to be " g i v e n ' the Co. bears the enviable reputation of goods." Hope doesn't fancy any medstaging productions of the best and iocre exhibition," therefore, it is the highest moral type. " F r i e n d l y Enconviction of the management t h a t emies" has been played b e f o r e many the patrons are willing to pay f o r a college and university city audiences hifgh grade lecture course. heretofore, and comes very highly The first number is a concert num praised. ber given by the Du Moulin-Axtell In the way of lighter diversion an Concert company. It comes Monday amusing entertainment is to be given October 9, and by reason of the Season tickets this y e a r are sellf a c t t h a t some of the most talented ing f o r $3,00 and $4.00, 20T) spaartists of Chicago will appear in this cially reserved seats selling at $4.00. number it promises to be a real Single admission tickets will vary f o r treat. the different numers f r o m $1 to $2. The n e x t number will be a scien- The tickets have been on sale ever tific lecture by Professor Hilton Ira since Sept. 21, and the records of the Jones, one of the most popular lec- business-manager show t h a t they a r e t u r e r s on the American platform to- going f a s t . day. No t r u e Hopeite should f a i l t o Upon an undecided date in De- buy one or two tickets f o r such a cember or J a n u a r y either. Wiljiam high grade lefeture course as is being Jennings Bryan or Dr. Frederick F. staged this year. I t promises to be "The Antiquity of Jokes!" Among Shannon, celebrated preacher, f r o m not only entertaining, but also eduthe various explanations he declared Central church, Chicago, and the cational, and no educational opporthat Adam and Eve staved off a sugillustrious successor to the late Dr. t u n i t y of this kind should be pasaed ar fgamine by raising Caine. Gunsaulus, will pronounce a patrio- up. Finally, giving the co eds the last FOOTBALL PROSPECTS BRIGHT line, we listened to Everdene KuiFOR COMING YEAR per tell a bed-time story entitled "The Crooked Mouth Family." Five Letter Men Back as a Nucleus " A r a b " Zwemer kept, up the college pep in-between-acts, by leading the Football has been a hard game to student body ear-spliting yells. get started at Hope since 1920, but each year we try to develop a better FORMER EDITOR NOW IN BUSINESS team. This year t h e r e are between 25 and 30 men out and with these During the summer P e t e r H. Dc Coach Schouten intends to develop a winning eleven. As yet the team Vries, of Archibold, Ohio, editor of has had only eight days of practice the Anchor last year completed a and with the opening game only a business transaction whereby he beweek distant there remains only two c a m e ^ r o p r i e t o r of Duke's Cafe. Mr. and a half weeks in which to get De Vries during the past school year into condition. This being a r a t h e r took charge of the r e s t a u r a n t evenThis short period considering that other ings for the f o r m e r owner. summer he decided to take complete colleges have five weeks or more. so he purchased the Coach Schouten has learned many charge and place. Appearances show t h a t Mr. of the tactics of " H u r r y Up" Yost DU MOULIN-AXTELL CONCERT ARTISTS. this sumer at Michigan and he in- De Vries is conducting this c a f e with the same neatness and dispatch and tends to use them to develop a Will appear on the Hope College Lecture Course strong team. Most^ of last year's in the samo ibusiness-like m a n n e r Program October 9th at Carnegie Hall. linesmen graduated last J u n e leaving as was always characteristic of his only Doeksen at end. The new men management of our College Anchor are trying for these prospective po- last year. r a t h e r than duplicate their; bath of ticeable t h a t the Sophomores had sitions. There are many promising the upper hand and a t the end 61 last year. HOLD ANNUAL freshmen out including Van den SOPH.-FRESH Capt. Poppen and his band^ of three minutes the Freshmen w e r e TUG O F WAR Brink, Vander Poel,. Vander H a r t , yearlings were also loyalljr supported wading through t h e muddy waters Splash Black river again gives its Damson and Essenberg f r o m Holland and a keen spirit of rivalry was felt of Black River in order to shake High school. With Captain VanZan- approval as another Freshman class to exist. But f o r the presence of an hands with a class who had beaten ten and Vander Meer in the backfield is initiated into college life. abundance of water this spirit would them fairly. Friday a f t e r n o o n found everyone around whom to develop a good have burst into a flame which would Freshmen we admire you f o r the offensive machine t h a t department of —old and young—journeying to- have marred the event. j grit and determination which you the team will be well taken care of. ward the scene of the annual conflict A t a given signal, twenty-two have shown—a spirit which would The important thing to remember — t h e Sophomore-Freshman t u g of firmly entrenched themselves on not admit d e f e a t until you had been is that we can't have a winning team war. The supporters of the Sopho- either bank of the river and the bat- pulled out of your last hole. unless the students suport it. Last mores stationed themselves upon the tle was on. A f t e r pulling f o r 30 minWe know that you will show this year they did not. This year let's north bank of the river, where Capt. utes without any decided advantage same spirit in all the activities of get the real Hope Spirit and pull Riemersma had led his dusky band on either side the teams rose to their the school of which you have chosen together; then we c a n f t lielp b u t of warriors, a band who had vowed f e e t as one man. I t was at once no- to become a part. unto themselves t h a t they would bust win.

HOPE COLLEGE LECTURE COURSE - Season Tickets $3.00 and $4.00 Exchange Course Tickets for Reserved Course Tickets at HUIZENGA'S on and after the 3rd of October



the have all known him l o n g as P r o f e s s o r of Bible. His philosophical heights ^ V t t r n f l l T "Scholar of all scholars, the Teacher and his elevation to the third floor of » • of all teachers, the F r i e n d of all t r u t h seekers, the Scientist of all Van Raalte Hall, we e a r n e s t l y t r u s t , P-AMithtd t v t r j W t d n t t d t j during tht Ool^ , * oli _vn will n o t make him f o r g e t t o come 7Mr h j atudenu of Hope OoiUfo. scientists, t h e Philosopher of all p • • osophers, t h e Wisest of air sages, down occasionally and be f r i e n d s with us, as of old. BOARD OF EDITORS t h e Master of arts, t h e Revealer of Dan W. Do Orafl Edltor-ln-Ohiof a l l a e c r e t g ) t h e L i g h t of the W o r l d . " WTI



Joan Van dor Spok

pQlnt you t o Him,

Assoclato Editor

Harold D u u t n

.AuocUl. Editor




f o r 3erV1

who was

• , Unrvo'o o i m




S a1

. "!-

Roth PoUogrom

Campus Nows E v e r y t r u e HT)pe-ite l e a v e s t h e insti-

Poarl Paalman.

Oampus News t u t i o n w i t h a d e s i r e of t r y i n g t o do




swamina Do Young


Konnetii Van Lento Harvey Da Weerd

Athietdcs Jokes



...nMtoess Mantger


Oirculatlon Manager

11.50 per 7«ar in adranco




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of October. 1917, o'rtborited October i®, l

® 18.

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^ ^ A WORD O F WELCOME ^ Students of Hope; How happy it made me feel t o look into so many new faces a t t h e opening of t h e school y e a r and t o see such a large n u m b e r who r e t u r n to r e s u m e their studies. A larger n u m b e r than ever b e f o r e have come to prepare themselves f o r g r e a t service and f o r finer leadership. We bid you all a cordial welcome, You have come f r o m t h e f a r West, f r o m the Middle States, or f r o m t h e f a r East. Some of you have come f r o m the Atlantic coast, others f r o m the prairies of Iowa and Dakota, still others f r o m large cities a n d a large n u m b e r f r o m our home state, You all have come with one purpose: to prepare f o r a life of service. Some one has said a n u m b e r of y e a r s ago. Good it is now to be alive A n d t o be y o u n g is very heaven. If this w r i t e r lived t o d a y he undoubtedly would change the word "good" into " b e t t e r . " God has w r o u g h t miracles in reg t r d tq education. Only a f e w decades a g o it was t h e privilege of a llnall tainority. Only a f e w did the thinking f o r t h e g r e a t mass of millions. Today education is not the exclusive privilege of an aristocratic minority b u t t h e divine right of an overwhelming m a j o r i t y of children of t h e poor a s well a s of the rich, Whatever may stand in t h e way of the development of body and mind i3 being removed. Students of Hope. Several of you have come h u n d r e d s of miles. The question rises a t once: W h a t made you come h e r e ? If I should ask you this question I would receive diff e r e n t answers. Some would tell me t h a t they have come t o Hope because t h e institution is so n e a r their home and this makes it very convenient. Others would say we came to Hope because of its splendid reputa tion. Still others a n d we t r u s t a large n u m b e r would s a y : We came because Hope offers something that we fail to find in a g r e a t many other institutions. Hope emphasizes not only t h e physicial, the mental and the moral, b u t above all t h e spiritual, Hope believes t h a t " t h e soul of all education is the education of the soul." Hope believes in t r a i n i n g for H I G H E R service and f o r F I N E R leadership. And this is true, Hope believes in an education t h a t takes in the whole m a n : " a body s t r o n g and suppie, an intellect able to think, a h e a r t to love, a conscience t h a t speaks for righteousness, an imagination to appreciate, the b e a u t i f u l , a will, s t r o n g to choose f o r the right." Hope believes in an education t h a t helps you to h e a r the t r u e voice among so m a n y contradictory voices, to select t h e right path amid all the din and confusion of life. Hope believes in pointing out to you the w a y of salvation and of t r u t h , the w a y of service, of life and of immortality. Hope believes in making you acquainted with the principles of the Word of God, t h a t you m a y believe them and practice in your life. Above all other t h i n g s Hope will



For your meals and lunches while in Holland stop at the


HOPE STUDENTS HAVE NEW PROFESSORS INTRODUCED TO THEM 7 u Hope welcomes to its acu > e following new instructors. Mrs. Irene Brusse Ver Hu s , a g r a d u a t e of Hope, is to assist in t e College d e p a r t m e n t of English, and instruct in p r e p a r a t o r y History, rs. V e r Hulst g r a d u a t e d in the class ot 1911. During h e r college days she held the position of editor-in-chief of t h e Anchor. • Miss F r e d a Heitland (graduated f r o m Hope in 1922) f o u n d herse too fond of her Alma M a t e r to bear the thought of separation. H e i t l a n d has had t e a c h i n g experience in P l e a s a n t P r a i r i e Academy a t Meekin, Illinois, a n d the Prepara t o r y School is very f o r t u n a t e in having h e r added t o its staff as teacher of English a n d F r e n c h . Professor F r a n c i s V a n d e r Veen, who succeeds Dr. B r u n o Meinecke as head of the D e p a r t m e n t of Latin, holds the degree of Master of A r t s f r o m the University of Michigan, During the r e c e n t war he saw service as F i r s t L i e u t e n a n t in the U. S. Infantry. The last " n e w " m e m b e r of t h e f a c t u l t y is t h e Rev. Mr. Hinkamp, P r o f e s s o r of Philosophy. His newness, however, is only n o m i n a l ; we


Y. M. C. A.

Some of the d e l e g a t e s to the Synodical Conference w e r e shocked at wherever o p p o r t u n i t y offers i t s e l f , f o r t h e s a k e a n d in t h e n a m e t h e lack of h a r m o n y in w h a t they of h i s o r h e r g r e a t L e a d e r . t h o u g h t was hymn singing, when HopeMte knOWS they h e a r d boisterous shouts issuing e v e r y t k a t lasting service must be sustain- f r o m W i n a n t s Chapel last Tuesday ii aa Ds tUi n 6g c o m m u n i o n w i t h H i m . night. B u t the h e a r t s of t h e men inc ud b " . Skilled h a n d s a n d a s h a r p e n e d in- side w e r e in t u n e a n d t h e spirited t e i i e c t a r e good b u t n o t sufficient. To yelling was f u l l proof of high spirits this should be added a h e a r t beating and plenty of " p e p . " They forgot age, class, society, a n d other petty f o r 1116 w e i f a r e °f r r i t y ' a . d e " sire t o s e r v e a s t h e M a s t e r s e r v e d . distinctions and enjoyed to t h e i r This is w h a t we called t h e HIGH- f u l l e s t extent t h e two things t h e y all ER service and t h e F I N E R leader appreciated in comomn which t h e gMp. S t u d e n t s of H o p e ! O u r prayer Y had to give them—{good felowship is t h a t you may find these things a n d good eats.- No man on the at H O P E during y o u r stay with us. campus who a t t e n d e d the reception We welcome you most heartily, last Tuesday will willingly miss anAnd we c a n n o t r e f r a i n f r o m adding other oportunity f o r t h e inspiration how happy it makes us feel t h a t we of such goodi fellowship in t h e f u have been i n s t r u m e n t a l in bringing t u r e The Y. M. t r i e s to instill into many of you here. its m e e t i n g t h e spirit of Christ who We welcome you to our beloved made men drown t h e i r differences in College with all it offers you. a g r e a t common brotherhood as he Make use of all t h e opportunities " d r e w all men t o H i m . " N e x t Tuesplaced b e f o r e you t o secure a real day night we a r e looking f o r w a r d t o education. the inspiration of another meeting Become a t r u e Hope-ite and as with t h e large a t t e n d a n c e t h a t has such an influence f o r good to others, always been characteristic of Uie^Y Not a d e t r i m e n t t o the school b u t an at Hope. asset. Learn to love your College, Catch t h e Hope spirit never to lose P e t e r J. Mulder, '21, who comit again. W e welcome y o u to our pleted his p o s t g r a d u a t e work in homes, to our churches, to our city. Physics at t h e U. of M. last year, is May the f o u r y e a r s which we expect now teaching in S w a r t h m o r e Colege, you to spend with us be t h e most Pennsylvania. happy a n d t h e most profitable years of y o u r life. • — A - Raap. — BUY T H A T A T H L E T I C T I C K E T ! E v e r y t r u e Hopeite is proud of the record our College has m a d e and is making in athletics. We all like to claim p a r t of t h e glory of a winning t e a m by saying t h a t we support the t e a m . We are willing to give our moral support t o athletics but we hesitate and too m a n y stop altogether. Season tickets at the price of $5.00 a r e now on sale. The money obtained f r o m their sale is used not only to equip our athletic team but also f o r all necessary equipment f o r our physical education d e p a r t m e n t , gym. privileges, tennis court repairs and t h e like. If you do n o t hesitate to share the glory of a b a s k e t ball victory noi hesitate when it comes to playing tennis, why hesitate a b o u t l a y i n g your athletic f e e ? If you wish to have tihe Athletic Association remain in t h e h a n d s of the s t u d e n t r y buy your ticket now. H.

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BOSTON R E S T A U R A N T N. HOFFMAN & SON, P r o p r i e i o r s

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Where fellowship; consecration; devotion; and friendship blend to make men and women

TRINITY CHR. END. SOCIETY Meets every Sunday evening at 6:20 P. M. Regular evening Service iirmcdiately efler C. E.—COME!

Which Type of Research is of Greatest Value? A stove bums too much coal. A man familiar with the principles of combustion and heat radiation makes experiments which indicate desirable changes in design. That is research. You want to make a ruby in a factory, a real ruby, indistinguishable by any test from the natural stone. You begin by analyzing rubies chemically and physically. Then you make rubies just as nature did. Your rubies are the result of research —another type of research. While melting up your chemicals and experimenting with high temperatures, you begin to wonder how hot the earth must have been millions of years ago, and what were the forces at play that made this planet what it is. Your investigation leads you far from rubies and causes you to formulate theories to explain how the earth, how the whole solar system was created. That would be research of a still different type. Research of all three types is conducted in the laboratories of the General Electric Company. But it is the third type—pioneering into the unknown—that means most in the long run, even though undertaken with no practical benefit in view. For example, the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company are exploring matter with X-rays in order to discover not only how the atoms in different substances are arranged but how the atoms themselves are built up. The more you know about a substance, the more you can do with it. This work mcy enable scientists to answer more definitely the question: Why is iron magnetic? Then the electrical industry will take a greater step forward than can be made in a century of experimenting with existing electrical apparatus. You can add wings and stories to an old house. But to build a new house, you must begin with the foundation.

General©Electric General Offlco


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CAMPUS CAPERS "A rig-a-jig-jig, and away we g o " Peter Cooper, *20, sailed Sept. 23 —follow the crowd but watch your on the Str. Geo. Washington, to constep, f o r we are in f o r the peppiest tinue his studies in England. year in the annals of Hope College.

DISEASES OF T H E EYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT , , : 22 West 8th Street, Above Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent Store Office Hours— 9 to 11 A. M. 2 to 5 P. M. i • Sat. . 7 to 9 P. M.

Fred Decker, '21, and Ward De Even Jack Peelen, one of Hope's Jong, '22, are atending Hush Medinew recruits, is losing no time in recal this year. covering f r o m a sudden attack of ap* • M a t t Van Oostejnburg, '21, is pendicitis. Good luck, Jack. teaching in Cadillac High school.

DR. A. L E E N H O U T S Citz. Phone 1208

John R. Kempers, '21, has enrolled in Princeton Theological Theological Seminary.

Holland City State Bank

• Grace Mersen has enrolled in a nurse's training course in Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago.


Harold Lubbers, one of our old f r i e n d s f r o m Cedar Grove, although Bill Vander Werp, '20, was mar- again with us in Holland, is not at ried last August to Miss Bernice school. He says his eyes are not fit Brooks of Ithaca, Michigan. They for night work—and yet he helped Freida Heitland chaperone the Senare now residing in Muskegon. ior party a t Hamilton.

O / I n t e r e s t paid on T i m e T ' / O Deposits C o m p S ^ n i l u . 1 v

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We welcome you ba^k to Holland and Hope College. If this is your first year at Hope drop in our store %nd get acquainted We invite you to make our store your down town headquarters. Special for this week: 2 Pocket Jersey Sweater Coat $4.85 44 44 44 4 " 5.35 WATCH OUR WINDOWS J















Two Places where one Really Likes to Eat HOME AND DUKE'S CAFE Come and be Convinced! D u k e ' PETER H. DE VRIES, Prop.

The S. G. A. has again resumed its noble work of watching over the, "fresh-men M under the supervision of the Senior fellows. Swantina De Young has been elected to this ship of state with Ninta Caldwell to assist in the task. Jeanette Hoffman securely holds the purse-strings and Ruth Gardei acts as scribe.

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Many are the changes the younger generation is thrusting upon us. The museum has been relegated to the attic of Van Raalte Hall. We find traces of 'Patty'' from cellar to garret. Professor Hinkamp's philosophical attempts to reach the clouds have led .him to the third floor. The ivy on Graves' library is rapidly turning a rich red. The Seniors f o r once were on the winning side at the pull. Voorhees reception hall however, looks just the same as ever. S. G. A. The S. G. A. is just like it used to be. J u s t like it used to be. The S. G. A. is just like it used to be, 'An a litle bit, 'an a little bit 'An a little bit more! Among other organizations which are clearing the decks for a year of enthusiastic activity, is the Senior Girls Association and theirs is an influence which is Ueing noticeably f e l t on the campus. At the first meeting officers were elected. Following was the result of the balloting: president, Swantina DeYoung; vice president, Nita Caldwell; sec'y, Ruth Gardei; treasurer, J e a n e t t e Hoffman. If plans are any indication then "Watch the S. G. A.

Holland, Mich.

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Anne De Cook, '22, is teaching in Wisconsin Memorial Academy.

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MAYNARD BOONE PASSES QUIETLY AWAY On Friday night, September 22, God took to his own one whom, tho he had been here but a short time time, we had all learned to love ana admire. We all knew Maynard f o r what he really was, one of the few fellows t h a t could enjoy lif»» to the full and in so doing not f u r g e t its serious side. " S h o r t y " came to us m the middle of the year but in spite of this handicap it was not lon^ before he was one of the strongest factors in bringing to Hope's second team the remarkable record it achieved in basket-ball last season. Often he went down under the attack of some larger player, but he was always back and into the game, quick as a flash and with t h a t smile t h a t we'll never forget. Maynard had been very sick f o r fifteen weeks before his death and we can't help but think that t h a t was God's way of preparing us to some extent f o r His calling of our friend. Rev. Martin, most beautifully voiced the thought t h a t was in the minds of most of us; t h a t there were among the f r i e n d s of Maynard, some t h a t needed just such a sorrow to set them right, to help us find ourselves. At first we wondered why the Lord had chosen Maynard, but on second tought we know t h a t He wanted one that everybody loved, and we know that not we alone loved him b u t all •; the schools t h r u o u t the state where he had played basket-ball, foot-ball, or base-ball, have a tender spot in their hearts f o r him They couldn't help it f o r whereever he went his courage, his irristable smile, and his wonderful personality won him a host of f r i e n d s and admirers. Our prayers and sympathies are with Mr. and Mrs. Boone, in this almost overwihelming sorrow at t h e ; loss of their only child. May God ; impart to them some of the courage and strength t h a t they had instilled into their son, and may it help them to realize t h a t Maynard is not dead but gone to a f a r , f a r better land.

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Foreword....Our aim in managing the column f o r this year....we have no aim. Attention Freshmen! Now that they have finally tricked you into coming to this school beware, of sighing up f o r classes. A g r e a t many people fall f o r t h a t gag of the faculty every year and it caiucs them no end of worry. Beware of scorning the faculty, t r e a t them as your equals.' Don't look down upon them. A choery word f r o m a student makes bright the otherwise dreary life of the teacher. Beware of buying books, or concert tickets, only the most stupid of the cornfed fall for those old dupes. Beware of studying t h a t is considered especially hopeless. Never miss a chance to bluff, especlaly in Prof. Wichers' clases, it makes such a • profound impression. Never shout in the reading room when Miss DePree is about—it bothers her.

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A PJiilanthropists own definition of himself was " T h a t He was a rich man whose gifts kept Professors served, it Bill" or "Only From Iowa." When for tho first time, I l e f t the corn cribs of Iowa for the giddy life of a student, I was grieved to leave the comcribs, for I was cornfed. On arriving in the cold, cruel commercial city cf Holland. I was lost at once. As I wandered about I saw a young man leaning in the g u t t e r in a true college pose, giving college yells and college shouts. He was wearing an H cap, on his manly chest and back were hugh block H's. His arms were full of books, -his mouth full of gum, and his bossum covered with Sunday School pins. This 1 thought must be ' a student. I was wrong, as usual, ; he was a clergyman. "Could you tell ! m e ? " I ventured timidly. "No," he I hollered, throwing his books in my face. I smiled and passed on. The next man I met had the word "Professor" written in black ink over his forehead, in all other respects he was similar to my f o r m e r acquaintances. "Do you know?" I stuttered in all humility. "No," he answered. "I am only a professor.'' Here he lost all interest in me and started to amuse himself by bouncing a large ball. I knew at once that it was useless for me to disturb his profound intellectual efforts; and that it would be a sacrelidge to intrude upon his prodigous, thotless calm. I wandered thus jfor days and days, until at last I crawled around the corner of College and Tenth and ; there stood the magnificent, jail-like ! dormtiory, with its armed guards and \ frowning turrets. At an opportune moment I dashed thru their lines and up the chapel steps where Prof. Thomas Welmers was waiting with op:'n arms to receive me. He kissed me on both ears as is the Greek costum, and in a whisper told me where I could purchase one of his special nine inch collars. I want to take a Greek course was all I could murmur. Never run a f t e r a woman or a street car, there K Will be another along in two or three minutes.— Greek Maxim.

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Tho S. M. C. is bettor than the S. G. A., .better than the S. G. A. better than the S. G. A. The S. M. C. is better than the S. G. A. an' a little bit, in' a little bit an' a little bit more! The Senior mens' club during the past week was organized and already have enjoyed their first social affair of the ye^r. As an opening function they entertained the S. G. A. at Hamilton Town Hall. A list of officers, along with its aims a n d constitution will be published later.

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