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Henry R. Brink

T h e

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ELCOME! t hou month when everythi ng's just righ t; Now shade and sunshine both afford delight; Now Summer's sultry, stifling heat has passed, Not yet has come the chilly autumn blast. Nocturnal frosts and constant showers by day I lave not appeared to make a permanent stay. Of equal length are now both day and night,This is the month when everything's just right.

N Oheat or cold at night prevents our sleep,

Refreshing now our slumber, sound and deep. No dust nor mud upon the road is found, While soft, new g rass again bt•decks the ground; The orchard trees a heavy bu rden bear Of luscious, mellow fru it, and st ill they wear Their ~ummer garb of leaves, fresh , green, and br ight,All hail the month when everything's just right!

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of the harvest days has ceased, T HEFromhurry sweat and toil the fanner is released; His barns are filled with plenty for his flocks And herds. Next winter's month of need he mocks, For on his farm he's grown a bounteous store Of fruits a nd greenstuffs for his cellar floor. The apples, melons, grapes, a tempting sight, All crown the month when ever ything's just right.

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A ncho r

N OW school-bells ri ng again their "dong, ding, dong'' To call the children back \•here they belong;

- .-

Now mothers from a load of care are freed, And teachers labor for their monthly meed. Each student now resumes his proper place, Rt:freshed and strengthened f or the mental race; Each one is eager to renew the fight In t his glad month when everyth i ng's just right.

N OW pastors to their charges have returned From summer t rips a nd holidays well-ear ned.

P. S. DOTER & CO. "Clothiers for Young Men and Men Wlto Stay Young"


· ~

Attending service wearies us n o more Sinr.e hot and sultry summer days arc o'er. Soon Autumn's chilly rains will come and go, Soon Winter will be here wi th ice and snow. September's days will soon have reached their height: Then farewell! month, when everything's just right.

- K'r oodsma 'H


The Anchor

IDQr l\nr}Jnr "&prru tn !lro" V 0














BIRCH CRESC ENT \ ]{ 'T in the UtKcrtai n we~t there appeared. a~ it were in a nig-ht. a !"<:cmin;..!ly icleaiL·ity. ld ·..:a l. nnt hccau:;c u f it~ phcnt~minal g ruwtll. hut hc'-·au:;c uf it~ model go\·ernmcnt, in which rc:;pccl it :-.ttrpas~ed old mod er n up-to-date citic~. I d<:al alsn o n ace ntnl of the hig-h, di:-.tincti\·c qualit i c~ futtnd




in its inhabitants. This city, as all other cities, portrays in a u nil t h c character i ~t ic s n f it s in d i \ · idna 1 citizens I> ul w il h

t hc

better o r m o re refined far in the foregrouncl. The streets of thi :o. city arc wide open way:-. between rows of hou . cs and ther buildings de!"igncd in perfect archi~ecturc. The building. arc decorated \·cry artistica lly with real painting, o r if constructed of brick, with a fuliagc of pur· green. The trees along the st ree ts arc maple::-. Those planted here and there in the neatly kept lawn:;. clotted with l>cds uf frag r a n t flowers. arc a spec ies o f the will u w bending down their w eeping b o u g h s t > mother earth. The parks within arc beaut iful beyond description. The wh o le city with its n tt meruus bea u ty spots o ffer s an o utwa r d :;en s c of !"ati:--fact iu n tu its citizen s, w ho arc permitted an undisturb ed liic in a plaL"c where all con\·cnicnccs are common. E\·en the birds flittingabout from tree t o tree s ing their notes of nat u re mu sic in contra t to the humdrum of noise~ fo und in plan~s where all b usinc ~ s i · manufacturing and the L"hief aim an aL"cumulation of wealth wit h a disregard f1.)r perst nal enjoyment. Dird1 Cre 'Cent is a place w h ere o nly nat u re lu \·ing people can unroll their my tic b ook of life and be content. The locatio n of thi city is uch that it show. a trait of fo r ethouCYht o n the part o f it builders wh u p lanted Lhe city at the junctio n o f two railroad s, each penetrating; the dislance thr o u g h ·mall valleys. These ~e\· e r in d iff crcnl d i rections the s urrounding- hi g-h m o untain s . lt' s pu ·itio n i · s uch


- ,..

that Birc h re:cc nt is in immediate connection with all parts of the. e n ited State~ in which it has ga ined prominence . nut what is the nleaning nf all this dcscl·ipt ion? J Ias t h is city w o n its importance thro u g h it~ beauty? To indeed, if the aho\·c clc:erihcd beauty were hut the real c haracterist ic found in its citizens, it would ha\·e a different hi story. It mi ~ht then ti ll th~ othe r hand he a city, a:o. many arc, left in obscurity and ttnnntu:cd hy all. Tt seems as if among many g nrl P< int~ . ther~ must he n ne trait of de,· ifishness w orking its way and play111g the p<trl which makes s u c h histories i11 te res tin n·. And if it is in this way t hat this city has in its history ~~i . hort duratie~n a ~tory tn tell. a ~tory which n o ne but keen n h sc n·ers a11cl thu~c w e ll acqnaintecl with it:' inner life can relate. :\ m n ng the y o uth of this l o \\'n , in its early history, wa s ~ hoy named r.~it~nel t\ ln nzc. I Te was a bright c hap, a geniu s tn re.sped t tl lu :-; 111\· enti\'(~ abilit y. l ie wa s admired hy all ancl r eaddy n'-·cepted hy parent s a~ a : uilahlc co mpanion for their children. .\ lth(lu g h a h oy with a double per:'cmality, he wa s ttc\·c r caught di splaying- those traits \\'hkh in !"o ma 11 y cases It-ad men early tn '-ttch disreputable destinies. At the age <lf nineteen he g•·aduated from Birch rescent 'CI)}egc with hig-h h o n ors. D e i n g mechanically ind in eel, he e ntered a tmi\·crsity in a neig hbo rin g city where he cnuld w ork out hi s s pecial indination:--. c;rcat was hi : interes t in the work he p u rs ued a n d all at h o me encouraged hi s attempts. \ Vhile there. he made acquaintance with a rich man's . o n, harlcs < ;rinklcy. They hccamc fa st friend s, mutual in all things. It happened that at the time o f his grad uatio n Birch rescent \\'as in need <lf a mechani s t, for which p ositio n Li nel \\'a s d1use n. 11 is future see m ed sett led; fur being hle~scd with s uch ach·atH:emcnt immediately after g r ad uatio n a nd at . 0 e a r1 y a 11 a g c . I i fc c c1UI cl h ring fu ,. h i m n n t hi n g h u t h i cr h h n 0 r s. Thin g~ \\'ent on s mooth ly for a time, wh e n . uddenly the


~· .


town wa ~ s tartl e d with the death of ~I r. Bartley, the ri c hes t man in t1 l Wll . I fc wa:-:; f,nt n cl dead early o ne m o t·ning ju ~ l a . hi ~ partner in bu s in ess re t urn ed tn his office. 1 r i$ b o dy was lytng hut a few ~ t c p s from th e door. pon examination it w;~ ~ ft ntnd that th.e <lecca~e d ~ u s ta in eel n o inj n ries. the lll1dy be111 g unmarked wtth the exception of a s maJI :--nft place, ~h o w­ in g a deep reel en lur in th e hack of hi: neck. :\n inque ~ t was



.. '




held hut the ca:-.c di :·mti :-.:'~<1. cl~ath be ing pr(lltttlllll'l'd clu e to heart failure. The mornin g; ail r thi..; man·" ittut•ra l two mt•rt' IHI(lie~ w ere found, h o th affected in the :-'::tmc \\ay and h11th 11i the wealthy da;o;s u f pet •pic . H11t h w e re ma rke d with t ht· .... ;unl' .... p11t althnu g h )ncatecl at clifTcrcut place:-- ,, ,1 tlwir ht':ld"".

n i t It e g rea t l' :-- t i n t e rt' .... L it became kn o wn that J. i,,n<:J had at·ccptccl a P"'iti11n t•n tltl'




morning \\hen LitliH:l was walking- h i ~ a:-.s ign ed terri·, ,ry a~ a pt.!iccman a ~tra n g-e gentle man !'lepped up to him, and h:tnckcl him :1 k ttt:r w hi ch he imm edia t e ly t·ecognized as l>car i11 g- hi-.. tl\\ 11 handwriting-. At the !'amc time the stranrrer inf,,rmt·d him that It' w<•ttlcl h a,·e tn a r rest him . l 'pon further cxpla n atit •ll the un expected news ~pread that l . i••ll L'i .\l o•ll7.1 t \\a ... the impt•rl:tnt ador in all the r ecent h appcll in g..... .\ letter had hcen ftlltnd hy the c1 tedi ,·e:-; which l u r 11 i .... h e d l h l' t'l ll L' t t 1 a II t h c my :-- t l ' r \'. T h i :-: 1e t t c r h ad h c e n -.. e 11 t t ' • <·It a r il' :-. C ; r i 11 k k .\· . " h n \\'a.:-' f" r e 111 a n i 11 a near b v m i n i n ~"' c:tmp. :tnd \\It•• h:1d rcl·klc-..sly dn•ppc<l it t •n tit ~trcet ;ll·cicivttlalh·. In thi" il'tter were fn nn cl the names CJf fnur pul icen H' 11 i 11 c I \1 tl i I l ;..!' I. i ll lll' l . \ 111 11 i' I I :l n cl a rc \\' Ill c 11 i n 11 e i :..... o · hI )() r in :-. o· nl tC'-. I t .... t at<..·d :ttl t~ tller atlad' upnn :-;,1 111 e ri ~.· h m a n wh n m t ilt'_\' kne,,· t11 hL' 11Ul altlll~ at t h e time app,1intecl. .\II tll<..•-..l· \\'<..'l'l' immed iate ly arrested and k ep t m cln,e. t l'l tnli llellll'llt. ~

se,·eral week s pa:-'.;cd J,y ancl l>u-..illl':-':-' \\'(.' llt 1111 . t:-' \1'-ll:tl. ' ity arfairs w ere in a fl·ntri"hill;..!' l'lltlclitillll. Jlri\':ttl' hank at·c t mnts a s well a:' t h t, .... e ni Jm ...,in e:-.-.. CtiiH:ern" \\ Crc ~TI I\\' ing-. and especially that t•f Li• 1n l' l .\l lllli'l) a" wa"" di:--r••\·c r c d J,,. some bu~iness men whtl he a rd part ,,fa pri,·atc n •nn:r:-':tt i• lll between the ca~h i cr qf the hank ancl :1 :--tr:ttl;..!l' r inquiring- a it L'r Al u n:t:o'~ credit. It h ec1 111 C kn 11W t1 that h e intl'll <kd ltl itt\'l':-'t mnney in a large tral·t ,,f land i11r .;p ec ul:tti rl tl. ~11111<..' th••u ght it quite ~t ran~e that the l•:tnk s lt " uld he ircc in :tlltn\ in gcreclit fnr s uch an undertaking. ancl t• • ... ,, -'""un g· :1 m :tn. wJH ,Ill th ey knew n nl t() he \\·t'altlty . It l.' t lttlcl 11111 h e that Itt• h:1cl s urti ·ienl t n hu\· a hnm c f11 r ltim ..:l'lf after itt\·e -..t ing lll t~ IH'\' Ill th u u ~ands of acres uf Janel . w h c n t It e:--e q u e ..: t i o 11 ~ w c r l'


( J11~

The peo pl of the t11 \\' ll \\'t'rc pu :~::~:h:cl and al:tn~ t t~ d and began t tl iu,·e:-'tigate. :'\e,·er ht•i~t rt• h :u l an ~ thing like tlti .... occ urred in theit· cit\'. 1><.- tert i,·r:-- \\'Crt' t•ng:q..,:t·d and :dl p•• ...... ihlc mt•an:-' empl••yed tn c lear the my . . tery. The .... tran~~.·-.. t part of all wa ~ . that a l~t•ch· . had 11cc n ft~und in tltc c .. untn·. . 't lld tltat the mann er of death cnrrl'"'J>"lldl'd '" th ••:-.l' in l~ir ch t ·n ..-.ct·nt. ;\ ~ lrangc death hacl al "1' lll'C\lrrccl in :1 nci g ltl>t 1ri ng c it .\'.



., -

pnlire ft~rce. 'fhis act ic ln11n hi ... part created gt• n t r a l "''hpi ci,llt. \\' hal c u ulcl indu ce !'tt c h :t remarkable _\'tll\11;..!. m:111 tu tltr••w away hi:' en,· ie d pt~ , iti " n ancl c h""..:c t,, "'"rk lti-.. w:1y :t-. :1 ro mm nn police o flit·er ? "Think nf the clifi'crence in ":tlary . Aho,·e all. how \\' :t~ h e g·nin!-!· lt) make g11t1d hi ~ ill\ t•.... t mt•n t in land? " were ~u me of the quc=--ti11n:-' 11 11 the pct~plc'~ lip..; . . \11 Hin:h C r escent wa:-: e:\citecl. f,,r n ot hin .~· 11i thi:-: kincl had c\·er hcfr;rc happened in the t· it,· - 's :-'h tlrl lti..:t Dn-· ttf -..ixt<.'Cil .\' t' :ll·"'· It \\'as known that in twn -\'t':tr" t hi..: cit,· had ~ '' rtl\\' ll 111 it "" ... pt·c"ent :-'t7.c and h nd t'l' tn: li ttcd in i t..; fl ••tt ri ... hing and pe:tn·fu l !'-. t a t e un t i I t h l' :-' c n ' c L'll t Ill\· .... l e r i" n . .: c '·c nt .... It ; 1d r" u "' t' d i t i n to a turm ui l.

. .,.

. "'

.. .


. \ few cln,·.; l:ttcr it was i11Uilcl that they faced a c o mplicakd :--ituati.,lt. l. i"nc l \\':t:-- JH·n,·cn l1) he the lender o f a gang,,j nHt rcl<..Tcr:-' including the p ••l ice at Birch ·re:-.l' ellt a nd (;rinkIt·_, :1t \\ h . ,.... l. IH•mc the~ ltacl their be:tclqnarter:-'. Their obj ect ''a .. wc:tlth which they nbt:1ined l>y mean~ uf a machine in' L' n tcd by J.i., nl'l . \ )1,117.11 an cl hi..; L· lo~cst fricncl, C harles (~rink­ ll',·. Tile mal·iline wa .... ;u1 acn•planc built :-:n as tu he able t n ... upp .. rt an in\ t:nti"" '' itl1 whirh to :--hoot rays o f radium frll m a di-.tancc i11 till' air t11 i t" ,·ictim:' beneath. Thi' dc,·ice ca u :'ed immt·di:t tt• ckatlt ancl kit nu marks hut lh11~e aft1re m cnt in n ed. \\ ' ith thi ..: my-.tery ..;c,Jn..·cl \\C a l"t) haYc a glimp..;c o f the untk .... in·d c har:1 c ll'r ,, j 11 \lr t· i ty . All that ~cc mc cl !-on beautiful and gn: :tl. pr••\l'd (11 hc hut an <•Ut\\·arcl appearance; while in1111 t ltt• can·c:r ui .\l"n:t:n \\·e find t hat a mean ancl double p~ r -. ollality \\'ill lind it ... \\:ty 1• • the :-:urfat·e snnner o r later. 1\ . LUBBER ..' , !IS.





Ave., Chicago, Ill., and I perhaps am anathema to these New i\fcxican :\paches. Tam up here in a ca nyo n l>et\\'een the \\' hite and the. arramentn mountains. ·· .p .. means an altitude u f o.o27 f•?e t. and that !"ignilies thin. dear air·. days not twn warm generally. and nighb just right fell- :--leeping- two l'll\·cr:' arc 1·arcly amiss. Thin . dear air! \\-ith the naked eve ., 1 lta,·c seen a dtllti>k star in Sl·11rpic1 that required :t g·Jass in New Yurk ancl ~cw _lcr:ey to :--ec. \\' ith a gla ss I ha,·c fttnncl st ars in the JlJeiade" that were n11t tn he seen \\'ith th;tt sa nte g la ss in :\cw y,,rk and 1\cw Jcr~ ey. The on a dark night i"' s imply diam()nd -


studded. ~ uch brilliancy a nd such t\vinkling I ha\·c ne,·er seen hcfnrc.

FROM AN ALUM NUS To The Anchor: 1\:\f ~endi n g- thi~ snnp:->hnt nf myself. not that ynu may !"ee h nw !"Cr<1phic my face is after my or<lin;:tti(Jil as a .. linishecl'' product of an eastern seminary. hut that ynu may pity either the Apache fndi~ut !' ._. ..,.iliiiiii• here or myself. ln this costume I would ll(lt hesitate to hapti!"e. in my riding· knit·kcr:.;, ll) (lniciate at a wedding-, tn bury the dead. t11 make st>cial call~. ltl preach. 01- tn perform any rite nr duty peculiar tn e~r int·ident tu my onicc herscl f. Now, just hefnre lea,·ing ' hicag-n r }Htrchase<l a pair pf ruhher hoots. The first time I W11rc tltn'-'e ho11ts wa" at the baptismal scn·ice of little ~lartha ~t)mhrert l wll usc father. a gu,·ernmcnt policcm :m. wa ~ sl ati•,ned in thi s canyon. 1-! , .. 1 Tarper and r dn•Ye fifteen mile s tu perftlrlll the scn·il·e. and \\'hen ,,.e reached th ~·amp. rain wa"' falling again. It hacl been falling- throug-lwut that fifteen mile dri\'l'. and hnnts had hecn put llll and were nn to :--tay . Tit rc ,,. ·re ~c,·en nf 11" in the little tent that sen·ecl as a hn u:--e f,,r the Iilli .\ p:whe maid. and nobo dy thought nf f, ,nn 11r Cllll\·entiun. ~urely the olcl Indian g-randmother, wh o lTllttdtccl at the do1•r 11f the tent. did not grow lachrymose or wax dewy :--piritually hel·ausc I \\'nre ruhher h oots and a ''slicker .. and because Re,·. llarper \\':tS dre~sed no better. Hain, hail, thunder, lightning-. heels on the g-round. make this work here anything hut a Prince .\l l>er t mini s try. And again. if ecclesiastical ,·irtue resides in a Print·e :\ lhert, then my stuck of that l'll11lt1111dity hangs in a dnset at (,72() Emerald





.. "-

- ...

I'' •





But! CllllHI" will gather and rain will fall. \\'!ten rain fall :-: here. it falls rcgardle ~s of "\Vh o 's \\'h n in . \m cri~..·a. and \\' lty ... l .iglttning flashes tnn. and the way it light" up thc-..c dark spots in the canyons i~ a trifle weird at times. Then :-.nmctime:-. it twi:--ts a spiral t' f hark off from a pine o r fir. and at time it is cnntent tn ~plit an ambitit us tnwering- pine n n the mountain side. And then. how the thunder rumh:es anrl roars through these m o untain pa .• e~ ! Y 1u hear things; f,lr th ese canyons arc as quiet as the tomh. I rode through a rain and !tail stnnn the other day. and had it no t heen f11r my bigriding ··!"Iicker" that co,·er" me and my sadd le. f'd be damp e\·en JH w. J had ice nn my rein hand, and my horse:. neck \\'as crooked like this? as he faced the ~torm. llrH,.c ,·er. I enj oy this "roug-hing it' ' life. I feel ~trong­ when climbing- a mountain with my horse or " ·hen ridingthrough the rain and hail. There's that about this life that feels Iike hone. t fighting. and nne·~ heart and muscles re:'plmd. ]t is great to g;et o ff your hor~e after a rainy ride, t throw ci0wn the reins and let your old faithful graze while you throw v n ur .. slicker .. on the ground and then get get hu:-;y "ith the "gruh... You feel like a man, and y ur blood Anws fast when ynu cut cl\)Wn the pines for a corral and hear the tree cra!"h to the ground. 'There's a bigne:'s here that somehow tntwhes the suul; there's a freed o m that is no t licen!"e; a rubber bnt)t con,·en t inn a Iit\· .. that seems to make one breathe easy . There's a wilclnc!"s here that i:s wild only hecau~c we canHot see the freedom nf o din it. I stond o n a mountain !"Um mit a few weeks ag-o, and In ,ked off to the ~outhwcst. I wa:o; up perhaps ROOO feet. and fr o m my po int o f ,·a nlage I coulrl sec the San Andreas mountains, f t' rty mile!:' a way. Bet ween me ancl the . an Andreas \\·ere peaks and peak~. They were scattered in reckless abandon so it seemed, and a: I stood there f could almost beliC\'C that these J11 Ulllain mnn!'tcrs were calling to each ( ther. It seemed as if there were \'llices calling- across the canyons and ech o ing from summit to summit, rumbling, crashing voices that made sport of the puny men in the canyon:--. h it all seemed so terrifically wild. yet there \\'as a peace O\'er all the scene. The blue, purple, red

.•- • The



and gray haze hung- quietly aJ,p,-e the canyntt:-. and anntnd the llllltlntain !'ide!'. and then when I li!'tened f11r the ,-,.in:!' acrain the\· were ...,,nc. Kn it \\a:-; llttl wild·, it tilth· !'l't'llled :--n tn me, fur 1 nntld n ot !'Ce and h ear the (;od- frecd Pill in it all. :-,




* * * * * * 11ec!'hee. C>ld Bce:'hc:c . f•,r he':.; the 111dc~t Ind ian in the trib e, was fttrmally i11truduccd tn me (lll e day at an ul tra ~well dance. 13ec:--hec wa:o; a ~llC:-'1. 1 wa:-: 11111rc () r l c:---. of an in terloper. hut the "ruhhcr hullt" dcnHKracy ruled here lul l , ano I was welcome. ~nw. Becshce wa~ t ired and the tepee pole ag-ainst which h e wa~ leanin g- didn't mind . i\"either dicl 1. Bccshee had l>een up all night at the dance. ancl tepee pnlc a nd minister excused the co matt l!"e pnse f the game o ld .\pa chc. One f the fir-st details that meet:-; one's eye when ,- j ~iti n p; Bec~hec is his left car. This is ~lit ah•ng· the rim and the un o rt h ndox sect in n han gs o,·er l he o rlh udox pr~rt in n nf the lef t hcareL r l nw D eesh e g"lll the pendant is hest an~wcrcd by asking n o questions. l will !"ay. howe,·cr, that nin e cn un ts ,.~.n ne it is due to :\pache de,· ilt ry. the which. in the language o f the Thenl,•gical Seminary, is called :-~oin. ln crude day~ men marred each ot h er's features and phy~iqtte!'; in nur relined age we mar each other':-. c haraclcr and rep u ta t inn~. Dtlll htlcss Beeshcee's anlaguni!'t wPuld ju st as s' •nn ha,· marred B ce~ hcc·~ ' 'rep.'' hut he didn't ha,·e tim e f11r a11aly:-;is with hi:-; dirk; he was not ct~nrise ne~r precise enough. That car i:-. an o dd o r~"a n attac hment. T wa ~ thinking as I sat there. a ucl thi:-. i ~ what 1 th o ught: He :' hc c has an artilirial p eclnmclcr That pendant mu st hit the re~l nf the <.'a l· when h e \\·alk:-'. If it hit:; the car, then Bee:'hce t·an h ear h im:-.clf walk. Thus h e can count the s teps he take:.;. and the numb er (If :-.tcp~ known and the length of hi~ st ride mca!' ur cd. he can tc:ll how far l1c walk :; each trip. "It's an ill wind, etc.'' Old Nitchc, Ccr nimc)s ,-a liant li eutenant, i:-; n nw a member of o ur c hurc h. ~itche'!'\ nature ha:-; nnt hcen de~trnycd hy his twenty-three years a!' prisone r nf wa.-. It !'t ilt ti,· c~. though it. f< rce and tendency ha,·e b ee n altered a nd dirc<.:ted by Christianity. \Vhcn Nikhe pray=-- [ can hear him calling- t o hi s warriors, and giving· his hlund-curdling :\p ac he war cry. \Vere y o u uts idc of the c hurch and ignorant of the racl that ~itche was praying, y o u w o uld think that ,·erba l wadare was in prog-

.- -. ••

... •

. ..





re:-;:-; and nnt:-;cular trouble ahrewin~. llis ~peech is r apid. dc<.' i:--in.: ; hi:-- ,-,,i<.·e i!' !'lr11 ng- anti well modulated. \\.hen itche talk:-; t• • (;nd, (;nd mu:-;t li!'ten t o an Indian whose hands are :--tai11ecl \\' it h hl•H1d. and \\'Ito :;till i:-; a warrio r, through lui ::;t ia 11 izcd. :\' i k he t11day is a c o nsc ientious ~o ,· ernmen t pul iceJn an. ().lew \'urk police papers please co py.)

* * * * * *

The other day we rode lifteen mile:-; o yer the m o untain~ to a canyon called the 1\inco nada. )n this trip we ~ truck th ose . tcep trail:' and the ledg-e pa~sageway · where a slip send:-. one with hi:-; h o r~e .. r o lling- down t Ri o '' clear to Kingdo u1 c o n1e.

... -

\Ve rode to visit an Apache named Juanita Carillo. Juamto has a Pueblo wife and, incidentally, fi,·e healthy, hap;>y chil-


cln.· n. J uamtn has a truck garden b o rdered with real ldfa:-:hi, )ncd hully hocks. \\' e Yisited. and then the inevitablelunch . \\"hilc Juamla and we were Yi~iting. 1\Irs. Juamta (the Puebln woman) fried egg:.;. made biscuit. and brewed a p o l o f tea. ~ow we had taken o ur own lunch, and a big- thermo· bnt t le kept our co ffee j u~l right. Tho ugh that tea wa - n t a s gnnd as our CI•ITcc, 1 .. downed" tw o cup~ o f it; o ur bread did ta~te better than 1ndian bi~cuit, but I ate biscu it. \\' hen we had eaten. I :-.lipped a biscuit int o my p o cket- and nub )dy saw me do it. 1 wanted t<. diminish that pile o f biscuits by o ue more, and I acted a lie tn d o it. 1 wanted that Pueblo Indian woman tn fee l that her kindne~s and h o spitality were apprec ia ted. and I'll take a chatH'C o n Beulah Land any time to a c t that lie again in that cany m tepee home. 'omc pec.,ple say that an Indian is "nn ~no d," .. treachero us,'' ''unrel iable,'' etc . \\"ell- what's the usc of talking! \\'hi le we were Yisiting. n ne of the Juamta hoy~ (aged 7 ' r perhaps) passed in front o f .:\lr. llarper- the little .\ pache said, .. excuse me.'' 1 gasped, but it wasn't the thin air that made me d o it. Later, <.lite o f the little fellows a ccidentally dropped the shaft o f his little cxpres · \\'agon at :\1 r. J larper's feet. Again came an ''excuse me.'' l diu not h car him ~a y it. h ttl }.1 r. J 1a r p c r to 1d me ab o ut it 1ate r. I l ad L heard him I mig-ht ha,-e suffered a · tru ke o f some kind. \\' II , the holly h o cks and the polite children ... peak well fo r· Juamta and wife.








... .

. ... L


'" • • ••





* * * *

ld Bceshee is a type, he'

past the age of redemption,

• •




humanly .s pcakin~-ynu'd t hink :-:1• if y tl ll :--aw him. Yc•u sec in him what a man '-·a u de'·"ln.: int n if le ft hy him s t:li. and Bccshcc i:-:n't exactly all l•> blame. N i t c h c a 11 c1 J u a Ill t a ~~ 1H 1 :\ I r :--. Jl1 a 111 t a a 11 cl t h e I i n .: 1i t t 1c J uamta:-.? Oh. they lla,·e heard a \'ti!CC. I guc:--:-- Ucc:--hcc ne,·er heard it in time.

.... - .

The Achor


enter the mini st ry. fot· he thoug-ht that this wa~ th e w o rk 111 whkh his son mig-ht accomplish the m o . t goucl fur humanity. Parnell, wh o generally :tg-reed with his father. did n t de) . o


in this instance.

* * * * * *

Doc:-:n't it :--cem :--t rangc that the g••,·ernmenl ha:-: kept :-:•• m e lf thes e .\parhc:-. pri s•1ncr:-- c1f \\"ar f11r l\\"l'lll)-thrcc )Car:--, \\"hilc lndian agents and Indian :--tll n : kccpcrs \\'l'l'e a l111\\ cd tn run free ? Isn't it inetllt:--i:--l<.'llt t11 make (li d :\l r:--. :--p ·tul her day s pulling- \\" ecd s a s JHini :-.hmcnt and pa:--:-. her night :-- in the ''hh:k-up'' bccat~:--c :--he mad· ti :-- \\"ill f11r her pcc •plc, and tq let ~It·. \\ ' hitc :\lan Urc\\"er hi :-; \1)1.3 attlu t•r :;th .\,·cuttc ? Of C O Ur ~c. h e'd g'Ct into 11'11Uhle- mayl>c- if he :-.t• ld hi:-. Jiqu n r ttl the .: \pachc hut h e d o cs ge l a licen :--c ln :-;e ll liqthlr tu \\'hit e fulk. Thi:-- is the cc•untry \\'here men s h n11t pcricctly gnncl men like Lin coln and :\h: Kinley. ~ im.: erely your:-., ~ l cscalera, . !\1. "11:\1" DYJPE.:\1.\ .




.. -. -.. •



11.\SKI.\!S and lti :-' still were ,·en· ek"':--e friends. Buth \\'Crc great h•\·crs ui \rature; and when :\]other l·:ar tlJ \\"as garbed in ,·erdurc. the,· \\"l• ttlrl s. lllH:t i ntcs Pa r_., _ l)ftcn take lung \\"alk :-- t• lg'ct hct·. nell would c\·c n acc rnnpany lti :-; father \\"hen h e went to '-·all on sn m c mcml1er ,,f hi .... Ot•c.:k. Both ln\·cd tn roam thnmgh the \\'c1ods :-:o nwges tk and ~rand. there t o ~ee the squirrels and chipmunks, tn hear the mcl11dious songs o f the birds. ttl ln11 k ior ,·ic 1lcts and o ther ~pt·in g beautics. Indeed, they had m:tny thing-s in common. 1\fr. ll askins, a schnlarly and influential pas to r, a!thnugh he ~pent much time \\'ith his st1 n , whom he Ju,·cd sn dearly. had many duties. \\"hirh required his time . . \ s a consequence Parnell wonld uftcn he left to him self, he wa s unfortunately an only c hild . Parnell's father th u u g h wi:-- c and liberal minded in many rcs pel'ts, hacl ~a cl to !'ay. unwi!'ely ci111:-.Cn a pr(lfcsio n for his sou. It \\"a · hi s carne"'t de ·ire that Parnell s h o uld

- .



... ...

" - ...


, . ,!. .


. . ..' ~

He desired to study music.

The hny's undc who was a talented musician , h:tcl giYcn him a cn:-.lly ,·iolin \\"hen he was still \"cry young-, Parnell had nnly a ha zy remembrance t1f this gift and knew not \\"heth e r it wa s real n r im:t g inary, and he dared n ot ask h is father. Hut. one day he made a wondcriul clisc<)\' Cry. 1 le l•>tllHI in the :ttliL· th e icl n l nf his dreams, a real ,·io lin . Pa r n e ll did n ol t c II h is fat h c r n f h is s in ~ttl a r d i sec " ·cry ; for h c we 11 knew this plca:-.ttre wnuld 11011 he taken from him if he lea r n e d of it. The •sc h t •urs \\"hich were so long, n nw s ince his m ot her wa s nn more th e re til cheer him, were shortened hy tho::;e sweet melodiuu s t1111Cs which l'llnsol d him so mu c h; fnr truh· he I u" ed nnt:-. ic. Parnell, nnw cared l ittle for the plea sa nt trips thr n~t g h the co untry. the beautiful ri,·cr sce nery which he nthcr\\ isc enj "yed :--n mud1. I n st cad, he Jnok ecl forward ttJ the hnurs when he would he al1me. Littl e did his father r ea li ze why he prized home s11 highly thc:-.e days. lie nc,·cr fur a m .,mcnt th,1ug·ht of the \' i1 1lin, alth u ugh h e knew that his so n was a ~rcat ln\·c r of mu :-;k and apparently talented in that dir ct in n. lie him:'clf enjl>ycd musir L11n, hut d emed it an unnec c:-'sary luxury. \\"hat g'!Hid nntld any pers e~ n wht > \\"tHtld clc\·ute hi :-; <:ntir t ime t u mu :'ic clc> ft >r the b e tterment t f his fclltl\\'lllCn. r arncll , hti\\"C \"e l·. \\"(l S s teadily pro~rcssing-. Th~ t n nc:; frum his in s trument \\·e re ,·e r l>ernming- s w eeter nnd mut·e mcltlc.lit~u s. Parnell beca me ,·c ry cnthusiastil· ahuttt mn:-: ic. hut cuuld nut te11 hi -.; father with wh o m h u therwi :-: :-;harccl all hi:-: j L1ys :tnd sor rnw:-;, fnr he knew it \\'II Uld prt>\' C di-; :t stn> u ~. But it wa s su hard not tn ha,·e any u ne with whom t o ~hare this great joy.

One beautiful autumn day, \vhen the earth was decked

..., . •


with a mnst g-tu·geuu"" n,be . ~lr. lla:'kins was called tn a n e ig hh 'ring hamlet, and as Parn e ll had SC\"C ral little dttti c-; whirh demanded his attentiun, he w as permitted to remain at hom e. n entire day and al n n ! ~u nne to hinder him frum playing. Parnell lwei many friend:-:. csperinJiy amung the g-rownup, mure mature young" peo ple. and in p ar ti L: ular, the quaint

· ~· . .

1.' h e A n c h o r


-------------------------------------------------------- ·----


Frenchman, wh o had hcen ~o very kittcl tn him in all his so rrows. \\'hy n o t share his j oy with him? 1\fr. (;renald. wh o was ,·ery fond of music, would certainly he g-reatly plca:ed to learn that his young friend had found an instrument which brought him so much joy and happiness. o it happc11cd that cady in the aftcrnoun, he left the h lmse to Yisit hi s e;o;teemed friend. After· a few g eneral remarks. Parnell told ~1 r. ( ;rcnalu uf his wonderful disco ,·cry and offered to play fur him. l'arnell's friend, so den>ted to him, man·elled at th e beautiful mu:-;ic fro m the \·iulin of our y o ung musil· ian . Indeed. :--11 won dt=rful that it attracted the attention of th o:o;e passing hy. anc.l strange to say o ne old gcn t Ieman e\·cn sl•.•pped and ,. n t u red to come in. The hoy wa s astuundcu when ~1.-. ~;renald u s hered into the r oum his nwn father. :\)any were the th11ughts \\'hich came to Parnell's mind. when he sa w the face h ~ lt~\· e d so much, and at times al so feared; especially, when h1 ~ c.,untenance wa s su ste rn nnd calm . hi~ nHntth ~n linn and determined. lie \\'as ll t>t at all s urprised when hi:-. father sa id. "~Jy so n, from this time on, ynu are tllH to hntch the ,·iulin." I arnell, althoug-h he knew his father did nut wi s h him l!J pby. had ne\·er been tuld n o t tn, althnug·h h feared ~ uch might he the r es uh. s hould hi s father lind out. Nnw all hi "' h upes and ambitions \\'ere c rushed. and much as :\Jr. (~rcnald, hi~ faithiul friend. mi:•ht plead fu r hi s young friend a ll attempts were in \ ":1 111 . ''1 des ire 111\' son to enter the mini st ry, to hccnm·~ a ll :'Cful h elpfu l man," said the iather after he had heard the earnest entreaties of his friend. Little did he realize that there wcr (•ther mean :-; by which hi s su n might b e pf m, Jre help and CtJI11fnrt to man k i nu.


.. .








,. .. .... . ·-


~I o nth~

passed. Parnell e\·er ohecl icnt t11 hi s father·.._ ctllllmands seemed no more the happy h Py he c•ncc ,,.a... Fath~.:r and so n, though they tra\·eled the same roads. rl•am ed thn,ugh the same meadows and w oods th ey furmcrly had, Ji,-ctl n'' lllllrc in each other. Parnell's dav-star wa s ~.:ontinuall)· sinkitl.!.!.·. .. e\·er :--."Tll\\' tn :-,o· m u re dim. Larly the fulluwing- Spring- ~Tt·. Tfa --kin s and hi ~ sun were called ll1 th e hcdsitlc l)f a \ ' Cr)· dear friend in :1 nei.,hhl\rinn· ,· illag-e. The dri,· e \\'3 :;; a lnng. but nut unpk· a-..ant t~llc . j,,r th~ ~

-.. ...



The Anchor

. - -------- -----------

----- -·- -- - -

:cenery was C\'er changing, s howi ng the \\'ll1Hicrs and grandeur o f Nature in tJtlC continuous picture. They found Aunt :\[ary. as e\·er, cheerful and patient. She had g-rown much weaker s ince they had l a~t see n her, her cheek~. ot hcrwisc rnsy, had hecl>tnc pale and white. Parnell and his fathct· were both sad tn find their frien<i sn ill. 1 ' l s there anything- I can do?" asked :\fr. Tln s kins in his friendly manner. ..~ n , there is really unly one thing- 1 desire,'' she replied in a calm sweet ,·oicc . "and that- what is it? asl~ed ~lr. I ra ~ kins C~lg-cr to gra nt that. ii it were in his )l(JWer. ··u. n \\' ..:ince Sidney ha s g-one tt> his ha evenly h n me. nu one is left to play f1 1r me." Parnell, who had already di~c ,·creel th violin in the corner of the ruum. lo()ked up tu hi s father \\'ith be:o;eechino· eyes. The father nuclded his appt·o,·aJ and Parnell, wi th beaming cuuntl'nance took the ,· iu lin and began to play.- and s u ch music! "~[usi ·hath cha rm " l() soo the a sa,·age breast Tu soft e n rod~ nr bend a kn t~tted o;tk." miling- and happy :\un t 1\Jary lis ten ed with ea~cr ear. and sa id. "Indeed hca\· nly mu:ic," and \\'as cnntent. 'fhe n all w o ndered at the skill (If th hoy mu s ician. The father reali7.ed hi s mi s take in ha,·ing chnsen a prtJfcssion fn1· hi;-; .._ 0 n and afsn in thinking- music. the foud of ln\·e, or llll ;\\·ail. llappy and cnntcnt were hoth father and snn as the\' returned home that en.•ning-. Snon afterward Parnell was- ~c nt to a large city tn ~tucly with a distingui she d in~tructnr wh o n- a: mu ch impr ssed with the hny's talent and predicted fur him a famuu"' career.

1\I:\ RTf 1:\ ll >LKS.






. ..



T' II. \S hcen left h the dcpa rtmen t uf n1edical m is~ ion s tu s upplement and prepare the way for e\·angclistic and educational w ur k in the ~rcat pr •paganda o f fo rei g n miss io n s \\'hich has for its aim the c\·a n ge 1izat ion of the world . Th i:' ha ~ he en th e h ist1) ry uf miss ions w h ere\·cr cstahl i:-. h cd. The m i · :' i 0 n s o f t h e R c f 1 ) r m c d h u r c h o f . m c r il' a i n t h e d i:' t ric t u f A may. C hina, co ndu cted e\·angcl ical and ed u ca ti naJ work ex-


The Anchor

clusi,·efy fru m 18-J2 till 1888, when medical w o rk wa ~ c~t ah­ li s hed, and ha s exerted s u ch tremendo u s influen ce:-.. that it is hard to ron cci,·e o f the u cce.s o f thi s s tati o n with o u t the m ed ica l \\' o rk. \\"hen Dr·. ] o hn A. Otte was appo inted to t hi~ w or k, anyo nc wh o had predicted . uch s u ccess fu r this unci cr takin g w o uld h a,·c been co n::;idered a madman. At tha t tim e Dr. ( >tte w as a y u un g man w ho had jus t graduated fro m the Lr ni,·crsity ,f ~l ichigan. 1 lc wa s h o rn at Flu s hin o-, (Yiis~ing n ) . Nethe r land ~. \\ 'hilc he wa · s till \·ery young. th e family crossed th e seas a nd set tl e d in (;rand Rapid. , I\fic higa n . Y o un g< >ttc wa...; ed u cated at I l ope n ll ege, a nd graduat ed in It{~J. Aft e r gradu a ti o n h e e n te r c el th e medical school at , \ n n :\ rh n r . Th i...; almos t hru k e hi~ m ther's h ea rt; for·, s in ce h e lt )St hi ~ \'<lice. he h ad gi,·cn up th e idea of se rving in th e ministc r·y t t1 \\'hi c h <J fliee s h e h ad dedicated him s in ce hi s birth. l1t c r eas in g j oy ca me tn her when h e det e rmined t oo-t> as a medi ca l mi ' · in n ary tu C hina .

C rca t dcterm ina tio n and p e r se \·era n cc w ere r e qu ire u uf the y o un g man b efore he co uld und e rtak e hi s h e lon:cl work . hut e\·ery o b s t acle o \·erco me ga\·e t ) him the j oy ,f u cces:: achie,·ed . \\ ' ith an appo intment fo r hina. but with t ut pn )sp ec t t• f :". tt l' ·ess fully beg inning hi s w o rk, we find him in 18H6-( 7 in the Neth e rlands s tudyin o- ~urge ry. in ce h e m ade hi::. h c11n e at the K ee rbosc h rpha n age, h e had many a n nppo r t unity to :-.peak t ) the children ab o u t C hin a . and s trange e n o u g-h . h e her e r ece i,·ed the fir · t c o ntributi o n t o hi s ,,. 1rk. ne e,·eni n n· :-. • afte r h e h ad addres·ed th e c hildren, a li tttle g irl ca m e up tu him, and with a h appy s mil e o n h er fac e h a nd ed him ti,·e Dut c h p e nnie · . sa ying-. "Do ctor, this is f t· t h e sick c hi ldren 111 ' hina . " This wa s all the little o r phan h ad, and as i t wa s her birthday g ift. rece i,·ed fro m an und e th e day befure, it mu:--t ha ,.e hcen a grea t .·acrifice t o the li ttle o n e. Nu m o n ey e\·er in c r eased m o re rapid ly th a n th ese (j,·e in s ig niri 'a nt p e nni cs did. Th ey o fTe red Dr. tte a s ubj ect, which n o t nly m ade him e l"q u en t, b u t se t >ther hea rt s o n fire in the :\Tetherland ..; as well as in America, and befo r e a y ea r h a d ex pired, iri e nd s fr o m th c:o.e t w o countri es h ad furni :.- hed s uffi c ie n t funds t o huild a ho. p ita l. . \ happy and co urageo u · y o un g phy JCJa n reached Am 'Y


The Anchor

- ..


in January. }ggx_ and imm ediately plans were l_aid tu huil~l a hosp ital at ~·iokhc . about sixty miles inlan~t. .~~ -h~~~t~ nclc~t~~kmg became a n other te:--ling p o int in Dr. < )tte ~ ltle. I he llnne.;;e offici a ls showed him a great kindncs...; at hi:-- arri\·:11. and ~tu•n a s ite fo r the buildings wa:-- secured. :'\n S<HIIlcr, IHI\\'C\ cr. had the w ork heg-un. than the nati,· c~. urged nn l_)Y ~uperstll1 11 11 and their ;-t n tipat lt y fc•r the fc trcig:ner. came t11 cln,·c th:~~, awa:·· A seco nd attempt was maclc with the . . . :1mc r~"'lllt.. _1 .• cy_ cl1~~ n u l want the "il)rcign cle,· il. with hi ... ckgracl111g- <..'t\tl tz atllltl tu •ret a firm fcu•tht~lcl in their cc,nntry. . \ iter st~me delay a thit~ :--ite was scntrecl. a n d n,,,,. the building went 11 11 lll~­ l11C1lested . ~1:-- a re:-.ult 11i which. IKX'J ':1\\' the Xl'crh"-.:ch lltt .... JHtalt·umpleted. The ignurance and unreliabili ty ,,j the ChitH>c \\'orkin g- m cn \\'ere ,·cry trying to Dr. < >tte. hut great enct~U r· agemc n t ca m e frum t he 'hinc"'c Chri-..tian...;, whn came l••ng di stances to ht•lp in hui lcl ing. \\ ' i th the ho:--pital l'ltlllp ll'lecl ancl (• penccl. the re:d wurk wa~ begun i n t h e mid't "i "i>l'"'iti• ,n. enmity. prcjucl•t·c <~nd mi ~ utHl cr~ta nclin g. T h tllfl:--t alhnrd tale ... were L1 del n·;~anlntg the fureign ct.~~. -tt~r. \l ·•~t l·a-.c-.: IH·c•ught f,:r _tn:atnh:~lt were Ju n<r-ncglcctetl ancl ill -trcatccl cti .... ea,e...;, and lllJllrt~ .... clltcn beyond hupc fn11n a human ,· iewpoint. l!nt I >r. < >ttc wa .... a man uf prayer. a nd after he h:tcl cl1111 • all he l"lllllcl . w••ul~l pre-..cnt hi s case L11 (;cHI. and thus wrnught many \\'t~ llderlul cure-... ~tru n •r o ppusiti .,n came fnnn the nati\·e practitiPtH.'r~. ~ 'hinc ..._c medic~l Sl'lC il l'e l'llllSi:--ts practic.·ally c.i nc•thing l~ttt -..upcr.... tlt io u s pract i l.'c~ . and tt~rturcs f••r the :-.ick per:--•Hl. \\ hilc ;dl -..~nt­ ta tiu n is ah:--cnt, ancl medicine, diet. and general rare. :1n.• Jtl"l the uppo~ite 11f what they ~h,•ttld he. Sma!l ,,.,,IHk·_r ;, hey (..~p­ pus d the fureign phy:.-il·ian. fc•r he lll~clc:n11ned t hctr matl·rt:d prl):peri ty. In tim c. hnwen: r, a I I pre Jucltl'C was rem• ,,·l:d. and Dr. >ttc became the mn ... t hc l ~t\·ed and h•,nnrccl per . . un 111 that :·cg-tc.> n. . _


Another ft>e t o ef(crti\·e \Ynrk . wa-. the i ndc,L·rd~ :tl,Jc fdth a nd grime in the clwelling·s c\·crywhere. ·~·l~c-..c _in-.antt·tr~· con~ diti un~ and the arb i trary US(: ,,fan_, mcdH'tlll' l11r any ktnd cd · nut c111h· :S•·I C·J' 11 e •· :--, • l':nt . . t•d di-..t•asc uf C\ ery ck .... cripti••n, hut al...;u • made rc~lorati,· e...; lli little t~r nc,t eftl'ct. .\ t times \\·hen I·"· pat ients required attcnti, ,n at the hc• . . . pital._ I >r. < Htc f,,w~d tunc t u Yi ~ it di~tant Lll\\'11:.- and , ·it1agcs, prca~lung and applylllg the


The Anchor


healing- art. ()n the.., l c• ur ~ he had tc• m :t ke tt:--e ,,f tile t • llinc~ e inn:-'. of \\"hich he s:t y ~ . ·· .\ Dnt rh pigpen i:-- a line pl:tt.:c in l't>l11· pari:-'nn. , \ lll tl llg" ~ uch cc•tHliti .. n:-' I h.< >tte laiH•rcd with the lltlllllSl faithftt]neS!-\. As earh· as J ~C) l h e cnncci,·cd the idc:t .. r building a hn~pi­ ta l in .\ mny which wa...; \-cry much in lll'L'<l e~f llll'clical :tiel. and see med to orfcr :t larger tlp)ltll"tllnity fttl" ~cn· il'l'. ( )Jl hj.., first furle~ugh. in )~()() . h' :t~: tin etulca,·.. rcd lll iutcrc"t friend' in hi IH.:In\· d wurk. I Ji . . . ;-.tll.:ce . . . ..., w:t" . . . Jt"''·n by the fact that in J~<>X the lf, ,p ll,,...pital f11r nu· n. and tit· \\'ilhelmina ))e~ ..... pital ftlr \\'t)mcn. wen.~ erected 11 11 the i-...Jand ui ''"'"ng--u. in th~· .\ m.,y h3rbnr. 11 •>\\' lar.~ L' the nppc•rtunity wa~ f11r :--L'n· i'"·e. can he juclg-e cl frdlll the fact that StH tn t~n:r 10.000 patil'tlt " were treat ' d hy him c,·cry year. :\ rcording- tn f )r. <Htc's • • \\' 11 <Jc...,rriptic,n. thl.• "·,,rk wa" di,· idcd int u f,,ur part' . . . Fir--l. there i...; the I >i"Jil'll~ary. Fi,·e clay" arc gi,·en t•• thi' a week . T., thL''l' clinic". patil·nt . . . are admitted free ()f rltargc." ........... . "The scc•IIHl part ,,f tht• \\t~rk i" l'11nnected with the in patient '. Tu the'' e\· rything· i:' iurni--hed ir ·c. l'Xcept fund . ior \\'hid1 a num in a I f l' e u i t c n ' It i Ill'" • c L'll t " ( Ii ' l' . \ mer i l. a 11 ) a day i... charged. The ailml' lll-.. , -ary fr111ll tumc1r..., wcighingm nre than the patient:-' fr.,m whcllll they arc rt'llltl\' l'd . ~., thu" \\ hn think they ar' JhlS;-. ~ ..... ed e~i clc1111lll:' ................ .. " T h ere i:.; nne glad 1111te t hat dr•J\\11" the cries nf mi ~ery wltieh tJften fil l u ttr heart ~ with \\'tlC. It is the fact that (11 all thc..;c !-\tt fi'crcr:' the< ;nspcl i' p rca'"·hed. Tlli:' i-... th' third di,·ii ~~ n nf the \\' urk t~f the lt~t.;pital." ............ . "r\n11lher plta ...;c nf the ,,·,crk . tit' iuurth. j.._ that ni tcadltng. T,, this nine h11urs a week j , g i,·ctl. The cc•ttr-...e xtencb u\·cr fi \ ' C year~. \\' hen a t·crt i fica t c i:' gi ,.L'n tc 1 the ,...;c " lltl pass the cxami n atic1n~. - ...... :-\n graduate ha~ c\·cr left the ilt~spita l withuut being- a church memhcr." Thn~

Dr. < >ttc. like hi~ :\la:--tet·, \\·cnt aiHHlt cltlill•r <rctc)(l. :--. :--. \\' h re,·cr he \\'ent he tried tn rclic,·e phy:'iral s uffering-. hut he wa:-' eq ua lly. nay, 111c1re anxic,u.; tq ln·ing relief t tl "inladen ~oul~. lf \\'C cc1n:'ider the large practk c he had. which in 11Jl 0 had grow n lt) m etre than J.:;,noo patien ts with n\·l· r IJ()() "p c ra tiuns per year. then we \\'under h11w he ft~mHI tim· a t all inr Still at e\·enin•~.. he wa...; alwa\·s ea .. er tu ~ "U u ul P rcachint!.·. ~ ~

Fl' h e


••• . •

_,. -·. . ..... -



. .. -



• • 1/1-


,.. .


-- . -



A n c h ur

-- ----- - ----------pn.:aL·hing I•• the <.TII\\·ds in the street:-'. and o n ~ ttnday the largc . . . t p .. rtinn of the day was :-'pent in telling- of Je:-'u5· It ,·e. ~Jan\' a :--tudent ~ccin~ the example nf hi:' teacher. wa~ stitTed t" m-,• rc ct m"ec ra tccl ~en· icc. .J.\ 11 \\'on de red at hi:-; cxtrao rd inary capac ity fur \\'urk.

< )tll! kcl..; indinccl


a~k \\'hethcr all thi:-' was appre c iated.

The ( 'hinc=--c r epeatedly !-\ht iWed their high e;.;teem f11r him by dc111:1ling- large ;-.Ullb ni mc ttH:y. or by he=--ln\\'in~ htm ur~ up n him. The\· knew him not o nly a:-' a ~killed physician 3nd pn·al.·hc r. l;ut alsn a' an architect. ~lany a lmilding- wa~ built ac~·(lrclin.~· to his plan~. a:-; \\'ell a:-; all the hn.;pital building · . Other apprcciati"n ft~uncl expre:-;:-;ion in the liberality with " It i c h t It l,'\" l't 111 t r i h u t l' d t u t h c h us p i t a I :'. T h e p e u p I e k n e \\' . tct• '· that ;l1<: ...,e gift=-- were ne,·cr put to per..:;nnal u:;c, hut fl>r imprc t \' itl~ the h,,,pital~. \\ ' ar cb ft •r Ct111Stllnpti\· e~. building:.; i·11· upium n.· itt!-,L'l'". and a h11111C fdr the incurable blind - these were Dr. ( >ttc':-' ambition..:;_ ~ ea rly all mudern impro\· ~mcnt~. !-\ w.: h a ..., till' w a t e r ~ u p pI y . a n d the el e r t r i l' I ig h t pI ant i n ~ t a II c d in tiH· ll " 'Pilal~. were . . cnncd hy pri,·ate l'ctntrihutitlll'. In 1hC' mid-..t tti large plan~ f, •r ex ten--ion \\'nrk. and further impn•\l'llH.·nh. ()r. < htc \\as .;uddcnly taken away. \\ ' hen the Jdagu · had jtt:'t IH·uken (Jllt in .\m uy 11 11 it..; annual ,-i:--it. he ,,a.._ c~dled tu attend a :'ick man. wh, , · e ca:.;c he at nnce cliag11, a-.. ptleumc~tti l· plag·uc, "the mn:-;t , · indent furm uf that di=--l'a-...c." Thi:-- wa...; ''n the Gth (If :\pril, and in the e\·ening,,f .\pril 1-k aitcr a herc• ic ~trug-gle he ;-.Ut:l·umbcd ll) the :"'ame d:-.ea=--c. F11r munths he had been l, H,king fur\\'a.rd l 11 his ,·t •llltng furluugh in 1<>11. when hi:' life nf l ~tnclinc-..:; ~huuld h~ 1 ,· c :tn encl. ...,itll'C ~1 r:--. < >tte was again to return \\ ith him t o the fiL·Id. 11 ,,\\'c,·er. much earlier and other than expel·ted. he \\t:nt home. bewailed here, hut wekt •med there . The scnTcl\\' 11i the Church. and espeL·ia lly tJf the pe<lplc u f .\ m 1 , ,. k 11 cw nu l>ou ncl:-'. They f It that they had l<bt a iricnd, \•: h 11 ~J , ,\'t'd them ancl L'arcd fur them . Fc•r more than twenty Year;-. he had =--acrilicc<.l ca~c. l'tlmfort. hume. wurldly a lh ·ance~nent and finally life it:-;eli. S o me of .\m ny':"' citizen:.; said. "I hali .. r t h c-pcqmlatiunuf :\mny dit•<l , they ct uld n nt ha,·e mt·a=--llrl'd up ag:tithl the h •:':o; 11f thi' 1me man." Dr. )ttc's wutk remain-.. a ;.;plenclid mnnument. In the mcclil'al \\' ) rl<.l he ,, • 1 .... kn(l\\'!1 :t' a :--urgeun uf rare ::-kill. and in a heathen nation



The Anchot •

th ere arc countlc='s tntmbers whuse tran:'fnrmccl Ii\· =' test iiy to hi~ ser_~ it·e nnd faithfulness as n preacher of glad tiding::'. · \\ uethet· we measure the g-reatness )f men by their ability ;utd external succes=-'. or by the c han ge \\To u g-ht in tit rhara ·ter:-; and li\·es of ot h er men; hy h e roic deeds performed. n r h_r n~.,ble self-. nrr·i li 'e; s u hm it the cha rncter and Iif c of 1)r. r ~lte tn either _of these m eas urement:-;. and he '¥\·ill appear a gtant :tllHIIlg" hts fclltl\\'=-'. i\:ut the m e n uf large wealth. 11 ,,r thn"e nf marked ability nrc ~real. hut those wlm came "i 11 t 1 , the \\urld nnt tn he ministered ttllltl, but tn mini ~ tt•r. " The world m ay furgcl [)r. ( >ttc. b ut the ' hin e:-;e pc,,pJe will remember him a .... lttng a" ' lu·i .... tianit\· :tnd ·hr istia n "cn· i~.: c :-;hall he fuund in ·hina. U. \ .:\ N J E .R \\. > . 0 E.

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Alumn i Editor

TIll~ m nrn111~ uf \ \ ' cd uc~day. Sl'ptember 17. an

ot h e r ~cho(ll year began. Student~ gathered frnm l\:cw ~lcxicu and from ( >hi11. frum :\1 inne. <)ta and New Yurk a:-'~cmhled in chapel inr the .)peningcxerci:--cs. The pre~ence of many al umni \\':ts a~ .... urance that they had neither forgotten n ur l o ~t intere~l in the ir Alma :\later. After the dc\'\)tional sen· ice. Dt·. 1\. F. IJruske. pa~tor of 1 lope burch. deli\·ered an addre~s tm the \·cduc uf an educati n,-an addre~s dcriYed nut o f the rich experience uf a yeteran educator. Then the annual ritual of intro ducing- the new members of the faculty and of a~~igning­ Je:-;.sons wa~ undergone hy the lo ng-!·m ffering' students,-and fa c ulty. After di~mi~sal the t u dentry eng-aged in their annual ru~h f r Brink's, and llope College \Vas launched up o n an o ther year of work.






.- . .




Jrlumn1 < >n \\"l:clnc!'da\· m(lrning-. September 17th. tlt · d , ,,,r:-- ,,j

\\ "inant.., "hapcl \\"l:rc t ltru\\"n ()pen to \\"Ch.· •\llte :--tuclcttt-.. h11th o ld and Ill'\\. and all iricnd!' (If the cnllcge . . \ iter an addn.·..,.., nf \\l'kc1111e hy the pre .... idcn t. Dr. B r u .... ke ,,f II"IH.' Chur,· lt ga\T an in terc:--ting addrc"""'· Fcdln\\· in;..!" that. l>r. \ "enJJt•tn;t intr•ldliL"l' <i clU J" Il l' \\" pr11fe:--!'11r~ and initiated t ii ('J11 int11 thetr \\«•rk by in,· iting thl:m tn ~ tand o tt the platf, trnt fur gt•ncral llt:--pe~· ­ t i ( I ll .

'The Y . \\ ·. l· . . \ . e:-:te n cll·d a cordia l itt\· itatin n (,,:til t he g ir l!' ,,f ll c•pe. l11 !' Jil' tHI Tue:--day aftcrncu•ll. ~t.:ptl'111l1Cr 23rcl. fnllll titre~.: l•• fi,·c "\·lnck. \\"ith the m at \ ·, u,r lt L·c..., I Ja il. .\ ftl:r a !'h11 rt prngra111. all :-.ctrt .... ,,f 11 11\T I and :-. u r c c :-....,f ul dl'\ i ... '-·~ \\"ere u:-.ed f"r the g irb l 11 get acquainted with e:tdt 11thcr. Tlte Y . \\·. . \ . girl =-- are alway~ g lad to llC\\ girl :-. at their m ee tings.

The Y . :\1. l' . . \ . \\"a -;

far b eh ind i n h c,..,pitality . < ht Tu c c,·cn itt g·, ~eptcmher 23rcl. th ey itl\· ited all lhc new hny !' to !'pe nd a :--t1c ial C\'Cnin g- with thl'llt. . \ p lea .... iu~ prc•gr;tm \\"a s gi\ en . after \\"hidt all lnt :--icd t h en~:--e h-c .... with gett i n g acquainted. T hen cadt c111e rcn:i,·ed hi:-; ll tttgt•d f,,r and cx pcL· tccl n.: fr c~h m cnt:--. The c\·ening clo:--ed \\"ith the e\·e r- n :ady n ,JJ cgc ~ong s.

\\"all:t,: c \"i .... !'chcr. "12. i!' at the head uf the R.llltance L anguage l kpartmcnt at lliiJ:..dalc Ct \llcg e.

l~ e,· . l"llll \\"ant:--htti:' , '10. rel'L'llt ly left f11r the .\ rcot :\I i:--""i"n it; I ndia. \\"here he ''ill :--cn·e c• n the mi :-. .... inn :1dcl.


.. , ._


at th e L'ni,·er:--i ly t. lf Cltkagn.


(;eor;~c ~L·lt,dtl'n. 'II. ha~ g t,·cn up hi ~ tead1ing- and ha:; en tercel 1•rincct n n Scm inary.


· ·· th e :' llllllll er munth.., three ·'ll "pc'' \\"ctldin;..."" were l ) u rin :--. ~~ .temnizcd . Th e partie.., CIHtcerncd \\"ere 1{ <.:\. J nlllt 1 1 ~ k :"- tra, 'OCJ. and :\lj.,...., Irene ~tapclkamp. '12; l~e,· .. \ntlttlll~ \ · c:· llu bt. '10. and :\1 j .... .,. I rene Bnt :':--e ." ll; 1\ cY. :\ric Te Pa:;ke. '10. and


:\1 i :;~


On \\"cd n e:-.clav aftt•rt tPclll, th e S11ro~i:-. ~ ~~ cicty ent e r t ained the girl:; Clf the fre:--hman das~ in a ,·ery agreeab le \\:ty . . \11 intcrc ~t in g- pntgram \\"a s gi,·en , af ter \\"hich the girl ~ ~pent a very happy time. Dainty rcfre~hmcnls \\" Crc sc n ·ccl. after whi · h the girls left, ,·c ry much p l ca~ed with the suc icty sp irit.

.\ rtlt ur lleu ...,inkn:ld. '12. i ~ taking a p o :-.t-gradualc c o ur:;c





~- -

. . .








De Jclltg, '11.

Th e a lumni of J<)JJ arc ~<: altered far and wiclc . .:\Jj...,:; \ "i:'~cher hnlcb a pn:--ili1111 a .;; pr11ic:-.:;nr in < >li ,·et ·, ,Jicg c. :\li :':; ~u:--an ~ 11 crcn:-- Ita~ g~rtlC t 11 the Kentucky lllt lllJtlaitb tn w o rk ._11111111 ..· tltc llltH\Jltainccr:'. .\Jc,: \ "a n Bnlltldt~ > r :' t. Ri c hard \ " and~ 11 l krg-. lk rcllcl \ "ancl c r \\·, ,ude. ll enry ~~~lenhran<ler. Cee~r"c 1 )elll'\·eld and L amhcrtu ;o; llekhui :-- ha\ c entered the \\" c:-.t:r 11 Thl'•llllgiL·c:d Seminary. \\"hile Clarenc e Dame ha-; en tercel ;\IL· · ~~rmi,: k Seminary at l'hil.·a gn. and (;cn·it De :\! o tt:--. ~cw Brull :--\\ i,: k. :\I i~:-; I I ndrine lln:'per:' i=-- on her \\"i:l)" to t h e 111 i..,:-. i,, 11 lield in Iapan. The :\li :;:-;e~ :\l ac La I lui=-- and Delia 0:--~cwaardc arc ll:~H: hin ~ in t he puhlit· ~ dw11 l-.. in Zeeland . llen ry Pyle. ( ;ebhard Stegeman and \\"illiam l...eenhcltlb arc taking- up po~t-grad ua le w ur k in ~cie n ce. ~li :;~ ll e!enc De :\laa ; d j ~ teaching in the hig-h sehou l in 'nn per~\· ille .

i\ 1i s~ ( ;r~t c c I Tazc nb erg, 'Q<J. ha: left for Anam, hina~ under t h r au ~pice s o £ th e Chris tian nlissionary 1\.llia ncc.



A nchor

The Anchor



Bright . tudcnt-' 'i\Iayhc that is why there is alway. a lock o ut at the d unn, when the clock strikes t e n:· \\"hn put the do( r in d ormit t1ry a nyw ay?

n r.

1/ ~(, -1 :~ .•.. ......... .. . ~i gna 1:-- . . ............•.•. 3_; _ _,_, IlK " I I it. lllcl J, .. ,· !!! ;--.. \:11\\ ~ti l tltt•:--c tllll l: l• cr-.. <1"11.1 rl.'ally llle:tll anything. but 11ur ~- ~~: n· ll .~ch :-1 1 :tll!..:r.' if \\ t' -.. 1,,, ,,. tltl.' :-- ligllh.·-..t di :-- rc~~ard fnr Ill :1 I IJ l" Ill a t j l" .._ till· I" l.' j t tJ l'. i 11 L' l1111 ;..! :--l r i 11 g" I j lll1111 J, l" I":--. T\\cttl_, _l·ig lll n tt·tt rL' -..JH•Itch:d tu the lir:--trall and i t :-'ltrcly \\ :t .... gratif_, it t;..: t11 IH•t ll l'll:t l. .' llc-.. ;tncl n1a11agcr t•1 !"l'C ~o much Jlllctl' l. l' rt~ic .. .,r Fid--tlll. ading hl·acl l·11ar h. t ••gethcr wi t h { ·, I :t ( Jt \ . :t II fl t1 tit' II ; II {.! tlti!J ot ttJ I t Cd ly g I 111 d 11111 C II:-- f I I I" a W j 1111 i 11 g" LL'a•·. l'tt lly. \\' h" It a . . IIL'L'tt i11 ~.,·JI:trgl' tl1i~ pa:--t week, mcath hu--inc-.. . . . <lltd ld 111l' te ll .' t• ll that tltt.' h"'. :'arc wnrki11 ...... •\ hardtltL'Y like hint - hi-.. ll tctlt•~< l - tltcy rc:--pL' L" t hi:-- knn\\'lccl ~c nf the g.ttlll'. .\pp rcci:tti"n i11r the :--e n ·irc:-- 11f h11tlt cnacltcs i:-- o n C\"l' ry player':-- lip:'. Tl1c :--l' llcdulc i. . hl·in ~~ mad· up fur the !"C<t:--tm a nd tint:-- far 1-..::t /.111) l't~llcgl· :t llcl 1-..: :t/.•111 :'\ttrmal lta,·c al·ccpted date:', Oct nhl'l' IXth and .:?:;tit. rl'' Jl l't.: ti' l' ly. Tltc l". ·. II. ~- uf ;rand 1-.! :tpicl ;--; \\ill llH.'l'l uur ,,, 1_\ :-' in thl' IIJie llillg game Oil ~alurday. ( kt••her -I ti t. \\ ' c \\':til t tl1i-.. t•• he ;1 g''" d :-;ca:--ll tt and. Captain \ ' an ~tricn :t'" ~· tltat till· :--l ll!knt :-- play t hl'ir part in tltis g-ame. l'ttnH.~ nut :111d l1clp u :-; wi n . • '-1 ""


De I a 11 ( ) - • \\' It 11 I \Vas a I)( I \". 1 ti ll c c It a cl a 111 () 11 k cy who cu mmittecl suicide hy eating matc h es." Pn •ft•s..;nr Fare is -"Did yo u lind him in pie:c c:--?'' Dr. Dclann-" Oh . no. They were :--afety matche...;:·


-· \\' \\' t' \\'e \\'c \\'c \\'c \\" \\' c \\' e \\"e :'lnw. \\"e \\ "c \\' c \\' c

' '\

.... -


:-;lt~nllcl s lt t~ uld

should should ;-;IH •nlcl ~ Jt,,uJd

!"h,•uld sht~ uld


shn ulcl w o r ry :-;hnulcl \\" tHT_r s h11uld W11rry s hould worry

like a r.1pc ancl hrcak. like a car 1)c t ancl heat il. like crea m ancl he \\'hi pped. like a pea c h and get :--t P n ecl.

\\' eclnc:-;clay:-' arc S tei n's J ona h <lay"'.

( ~)

. ...

If thy mu"" l;tc hc ()ITe ncts thy clt•arc:-:t friend. cut it nff.

1Lnrnls 1-.:u tll - "f "'n·L it funny~ I lta,·cn't tlt t• uglt t ahu ut ~he b oys at all yet this year. .. Dr. c;,ICtrrcy ( in l'ltcmi:--try c lass) - ''Y c;-;. 1 kn n w that burning· !"tll phur ha:-- a di:--agrccablc n cl,,r, but maybe it w o uld be a guP d thing' if sn mc .,f Y" ll gut u:--ed {l) it.'' P n •fc:-;sor-" L<J~ k n1 ts a nd s trike · al \\·ays hand .·

:-' lt t~ ulcl

Who S hould Worry? wnrry like a b11nk ;111d get reel (read). wnr ry like a :-;arcl inc and g-et canned. \\'nrry like a cl tH W a nd get j a mm ed. \\'nrry like a ppl e:-; and get paired (pared). w orry lik e a kni fe ancl c u t up. \\'(lrry like nu ts a nd get c r at·ked . \\'nrry like an icc b tJX ancl keep nud. \\' ur ry l ike ;1 banan a and :-;pl it. \\'u t-r\· like n ut· w atches and l1e on time. w ur ry like the dnr mi tn n · duck and h e a little




lo<lr. ;tic-. \ h()uk n f inter ur ban ticket..: fn ,m ( ;rand l, apicls t n ll nlla ncl ;tJl<l return . .'\ ~ I h:1,·c no further nct•cl tlf thc...;e ti L·k eb r.... the nex t nine m o n ths, at lc;t-..1. I will '-.C)I them at a l> a t-g-ain .-J t~hn \ ' an . 'tricn.

'Raus Mit 'Em



. 1

\\"h itc :-.hne:' n n fct l· nl ty mcmhet·..; . Cymna . . . ittm fee..;. l ~ l u~ uti o n. \ ~a n

IJer \\'uu cJc 's cat.



T he l;crman d<:par f ml' llt <..' \ick ntly



The ....




·- --------

lll'l'<b I L'-:Jdj th tllll'nt

judg ing frnm th · ircqucnt llll'i.'tin ;..,::-; tti thl' ( ;<..·r ntan in JdllrS.

Proud as you are of the daughters, and proud as she is of graduation honors there will soon be but a memory of such event, unless a portrait keeps the record of each m ilestone of youth.

Profe~ ~ ·lr

· ll nf(m an - "1 >id .'·• ·ll ktHI\\' t hat t ht• 1, . .\1 . t 1. : till \\':1 :" m c n t itl ll l'd in the l~ii .Jc: .. Pn•ic:-;;.;ttr Fa rti!-- - "\:11. I did 1111t. \\' ht.Tl': .. fl n,ic;.;:--nr lf., ((m:t l l "\\ ' llcrl' i t " Jlt.>:tk-- ,, j :tll lll:lllner " f cn·cp in ~ and cr:-t\\ l i11 ~ I h ill ;.!' ...

\lr -... J)u rit'l' (at tiH· dinner t:t l,kl

I:"·.'. l'roie-.."'••r F:trl'i-.. (dr••ppin~ IJj .., i11r k :tnd (,.,,kin·· ;-. 111• \\i th in tcrc:-;t) - ·· .\ ny n .: l:tti••ll t•l l h••p: .. tw




.. ,.. .. ..

Our styles for school pictures arc complete and appropriate.

,.rl•e Ge••be•• Drug Co. r-l' lu•

E. J. Mac Dermand

~·N"·~~L·'" S~urr

( :o•n_..r Nth liitrt•_..t &

( ~t·ntrnl

'" '' r.

STUDIO Zeeland

Phone 107

llnllu .. d .. 1\1 i«'lh-

Open t i ll A1idnight F:1•r)·y Night

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ~.r14 SCHOOL of ' '





TR 0 Y • N •Y •

Capital $50,000.00

H olland, Michigan



Send for a Catalogue.

Peoples State Bank

c. -

. ..


Arend Visacher, President B . D . Keppel, Vice-President Commercial and Saving Departments

John C . Rutgers, C ashier Henry Winter, A ss't Cash ier 4':: on Time Deposits

DU MEZ BROS. Dry Goods, Cloaks, ft1illinery, Carpets and Groceries !'ll and 33 E . Eighth St.

• '"'OW"

Let us give you an estimate on your Class Pin

38 E. 8th Street, Holland

Shoes Repait·ed '\"\"hile



Electric Shoe Hospital


Main Street, Zeeland


Citizens ' Phone 1028

• •


Geo. H. Huizinga & Co.


13 East Eighth Street •

All work guaranteed







...-· .

Casper Belt's


Your Eyes Trouble You


You Are missing much if you're not eating Holland Rusk. The Rusk of golden brown, crisp from the ovens of the largest bakery of its kind in the world. No other food bas the quality of Holland Rusk, something better or just as good is impossible. Get some today.

Look f or the windntill on the package

Holland R11sk Company

. ...

Holland, Michigan


Model Lattndry THE STUDENT'S LAUNDRY 91- 99 E. 8th Street

Citz. Phone 144::1

Jeweler and Optician

When you1 Room needs Painting or Decorating

.- .... .

. -. ' I


Old or Young


--PHONE- -



The Enterprise Shoe Store

.. -


. ..

T~ ·--- II -- ~ ~


Holland, Mich.

PHONE 1573or 1491



2:SS River Avenue

We Appreciate Your Trade 5 Hotel Block



They are the last word in Style Perfection. We have the correct new lasts for men and won1en


Our methods are those approved and adopted by th e National Opticians' Association as the most mode rn and practical. We rna k e no ch arge for examination and only a reasonable one for glasses.

Our NEW STYLES are here

Phone 1333



-• • ..

Let Us Examine Them



... ... .

BARBER SHOP Nearest to the College



- - ·- e

We Again Welcome You To Our Old Stand Finest Line of Mens F umishings

in the city









• r





- -- - ------

Dr. James

For Va lue in Printing, go to

0. Scott

.,.. .. I


r .•

a t. from 7 to 9.

Evening Appointments Tues. and BCNJJtS- 8:30 te 12 a.m. 1:30 te 5 p. m.


32 EA T 1-lh STHEET,


KLAASEN PRINTING CO .. Calling Cards Wedding Stationery Steel and Copper plate Engraving 34 West Eighth Street

Citz. Phone

t ' 14~3 1

,. ., ~


The House of Good Shoes



Brick and Bulk Icc Cream for P icnics and Parties. get their lee Cream fr01n

CALKIN Citz. Phone 1470

45 W. 8th St.


They ~~ , •


" There's a Reason''.

extends a Fall Greeting and invites Hopieties to see the snappiest shoes made.

Foot Ball Clothing

S. Sprietsma & Son




If you want to know all about them



\VM. J. OLIVE, General

Phone 1124


. .




. - ..

Students and Others

LACEY, The Photographer 19 East Eighth Street


Headquarters for Sporting Goods

Charter's Barber Shop

Are invited to our studio when in need of pictures of any kind or size Up-to-date service at reasonable prices.

Everything needed in football Equipment at H. Van Tongeren

" ... ""' . '


--,_ ··"'

N. B.-20%Discount during month of October

. II

Our Work Speaks for Itself



ENUFF SED . . . ·

6 W. Eighth Street Next to Van's Restaurant

. ,,i






"\ •

• •





Anchor The



A. H. Meyer's Music House • PIAMOS Ivers & Pond Bush & Lane Haddorf Kohler & Campbell

VICTROLAS Victor Talking Machines Edison Phonographs McKi nley, Century Church and Schirmer Fdition in Sheet Music

PIANO PLA YEllS Hu~h & Lane A polo ORGANS Estey Farrand and Schulz

17 W. 8111 St., Bellu•. Brudt Stere 1t All•&u



.. ••


HOPE COLLEGE and Preparatory School







CHARACTER AND ADVANTAGES An institution of the Reformed Church in America. Established, maintained and controlled by the church. Open to aJI who desire a thorough P .r eparatoty and College education.

Everything Photographic


flash Lights or Day Views Lantern Slides Enlarging and framing Post Cards and Pennants Coster Photo Supply Co. 19 E. 8th St.

Christian but not sectarian Bible study.


Phone 1582


Holland City News "The Printers Who Know How"

In tne Preparatory School three courses,- Classical, Latin and Normal Scientific. The last named is planned especially for those who wish to. fit themselves for teaching. In the College five courses. -the Classical, Philosophical, Natural Sciebce, lrledern-Language English, and Modern-Language Mathematics. Students enrolled in any one of the five groups may fit themselves for teaching, and obtain the Michigan State Teacher's Certificate without further normal scboel attendance.





.... ..

,. . . . . ..'

4 -

Careful supervision of the he.alth and morals of the students. Flourishing Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations Literary Societies for men and women School of Music- vocal and in· strumental. Prizes. Scholarships. Lectur• Course.

Western Theological


of the Reformed Church of America is lecated ln Bolland d· joining the College Campus. Corps of Experienced Inatructon

- .• '


L 0 C A T I 0 N:

H 0 L L A N D, M I C H I G A N

Holland is a city of 11,001 inhabitants; on Macatawa Bay, opening into Lake Michigan; good boating, bathin,;, fishing and skating; healthful climate; picturesque scenery;superior church privileges; no saloons; boat line to Chicago: 1 nterurban electric ne to Grand Rapids; main line Pere Marquette Rail Road from Grand Rapidsto Chicago; good connections to all other points.



D. o·., P a E I


t MT

• I



.. Graham & Morton Line


Daily Steamers Between Holland and Chicago


Holland Furnaces

· \,

Consume Gas and Soot


With the HollaTtf! Air-Admitting Firepot, the esbes are always dropped away and the fire is n ext to the castings, wbero it ~ves. intense beat and .beats the castings equally around the enttre cucumference. Thts makes the Holland Furnace, without exception, the most enduring, as well as the most economical, furnace made. 'We want to show you other patented features also. The Holland patented radiator travels the smoke full diameter of casing or direct to flue, as damper construction operates from the outside of casing, whereby a direct draft may be had by simply lifting a weight hanging in front of furnace, which allow• quick escape for smoke while feeding the furnace and ~events muoking of feed door, etc. Smoke al so travels twice a far. which saves waste, and you get equal heat for all pipes.

Steamers u Purl.anu and uLitu of Benton Harbor"

Burns Any Fuel With Least Waste You can burn any fuel-soft coal-slack screens- hard coallignite or wood. The Holland js the simplest and easiest furnace to operate and the most economical in fuel consumption. Sold under manufacturer'& double guarantee, which we also stand back of. Call and investigate just the Holland to suit your need, or ask for catalog and prices.

.. ,..






,. .

LPave Holland Daily, 9:~~0 P. M. running direct Leav~ Chicago daily, 7:00 P. M .• except Saturdays, runniug via St. Joseph; Saturdays, steamer leaves 7:00 P . M. running direct Close connections are made with the G. R. H . & C. Electric line for Grand Rapids and intermediate points, and with Chicago and Western Michigan for interior Michigan points. The right is reaerved to change this schedule without notice.

Local Phones-Citz. 1081; Bell 78 Chicago Dock, foot of \Vabash Ave.

Call Today

.Holland Furnace


... . t


JOHN KRESS, Lt>cal Agent Chicago Phone 2162 Central