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New Fall Wearables

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Welcome Hopeites \Ve again wel<·ome you t n ('rtll


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fiat :; and Fnrui s i J iug~.


W e have s pent much time and e ffort in selecting these goods and now feel well repaid by th~ res ults obtained. Our Neckwear and Shirt department s over· fl ow with new and cxclusi ve patte rns. The styles of our Cravene ttc Sti ff Hats c an ' t be beat.

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Tennyson could take a w11rthle s piece rJ paper, write a poem on it and make i t worth $65,000.

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And rem e mber we are exclusive s ellers of Coll egian Brand Clothing.


Ten per cent. o ff a s always.


Roc-kefeller could writo a few words on a s li p of paper a ud make it worth $G,OOO.OOO.


THAT'S CAPITAL! Our Clothing Manufacturer can take a choice fabric and tailor yo11 for $10.00, $15.00 or $30.00 the handsomest Suit or Overcoat your eyes e,·er rested upon . ,


(.~ UO ~fPANY


'TH L.;F.T.

The kind that writes as soon as it touch es the paper, the kind that don't drop ink in the pocket. The "Parker Lucky Curve' ' sold w ith an insurance policy good for one y e ar. Call and try one.


You can come here and select the best h.igh grade Clothes, Hats and Toggery at very reasonable prices.


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. . .. .. •


Clothing, Shoes, Merchant Tailors and Gents' Furnishings 39-41 E. EIGHTH ST.

Again welcome.



The Lokker-Rutgers

and in :-; pl'l't. F'all Htcu:k of new n. uu n n hby lot bing, 0 11 li P.

er d ~•e, the Je-.:li:Tel YY "




Cor. Eil!hlh s tr ·ct and 'cnt.nll U\' (!nuc

'l' l lE

Jewel Furnace Regulator •

"'outrol the Heat :\uto matic..: Jy. You c..:a n see o n e work at my s to r e.

E. B. S T .A N D A R T


al o o oa a • DOG a


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a oooooooooooooooo oooooo-ooOOO: The

Colle~c ~hOl'mnn .

Grnduat.e in the u oot. anti t:ih o • Art.

E . 8 th St. g

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T lu A n c/10r

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~j It' nl It it U l !!>

PILLOWS, RIBBONS and FELT We handle a large assortment





A sk for Spaldi ngs (-';d ) a11d \\" !ttl••r ('a t al ,l,!..{-


__ _

H. V A N T 0 N G E_._R.. E N___________________ _,


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GRA ~DIAR S c ti OO t ., C o i.I .EG JATE A ~ n TH I!:n r.w:lt'AI

ff6Sh. Salt

,I. ll. Den Hei ..der,


Ancient. and Mo de rn Laogun~es anfl LIH•rat urcs; J,o~ l c . Rh •turlo rLnd E lut' u tlo o : Math e matics Phys ics and A . t.r o uu ruy ; ( ' ltc rn ls try a.nd U co lu~y ; 'rh o Blo l ug lt•al Scie nce.- ; Pllllo o phy ; Sa c r e d Lite r ature ; G •og raphy, llls tnry . ('1\•11 Gn,·e mmo nt and P e dllgOJ::Y; l>mwlug tLnd :\lu sl •. ·

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: ...

COURSES: PHtr.osoP Ht c At.,

S c t E~ TI F I

· A Nn

N n R~tAt..





Theoloatcal Department. The Western Theologlca.l Se minary hns a cour:ie o r s tudy a s full &ud practical a& Its sister sem l ntul s In the West .

,. -

corps of D<perlenced Instructors. LOCATION :-On the Pere Marquette railway, 1150 miles trom from Grand Rapids.

'hlc a,;o , 26 miles

Expenses Moderate.-Fn r further lnformatfoo or Ca,alogue apply to



KOLLEN, LL. D., Pres.

it i z e m~ Pho nP !>fl.

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ana SITIOK60 M6ats. ·


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Ha t' the largeE<t circulation of any paper


pnbli lH~d in the Holland laugnag~ iu the


United State .






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Arlverti ing rates n1arle

application .



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Take a Ne"r Pen

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The re Hre Fountain Pens and Fountain Pens. 1 nme nre cht•ap- ,,t ht·r · ar more , expensi ,·P. ~·ome are gnnd - n rlu·rs are not gnnd. Waterman's Fountain Pen iR alway~ gdntl. ' ( l i::; Moore's Non-Leakable Pen. Thi:-; is a nPw pe n whi c h ,,.~ h;n·e plar(>d in !=;t nc k. \\.(:' arP u ~ ing o n e an d ca n ·:nudt fo r it ,an,>d qua liti <'~. Jt



.. S>prru itt Dro ·· V 0 L U ME

n e Y~ r

mu s. es up y n nr poeke t~ and g i,·<'~ :-:plendid sat is fat'lio u wlae n used . Try it. Get i t at





'I 'H E'

-. i '-:. •> ('" 'I' .I:.

IND IA PASSENGER-A T I-IE SEASID E . ( f:.\ ff l'IIJ"\ "· l 1;t ... lll:t.

Holland. :\[i ch.

I. : 1..

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Then Patronize our Advertisers ~-------------------------------------------------------


S TO~<


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"'11· q Jl d ' i ... i 1 1 t1 l l' "i 1 I l l 11 1; 111 : t i 11 i ' 111 ~ \ j i i a;...! 1. .... ~~.· .att ~.r~. d al•tll~ tll1.· Jl t •rt ll ~rn t.: ua ... t , , j l·ri~,.· , d . 11 · l" • lllid .... ,.\. l\ ll. •• ·tlilltl.."i l ; . . . 11i 1•11 1~ p:l •l :t;.,.:\:-o. ll"lltl1i"ll'- ·•<••. \\"ht... I 1 ... j ..: l1 .\ "" I .j ' ' j . ; ..., j , l ll ; II I ,f :'" ; I :>.. " l1 ) I a i t k d lJl· i" ( • \ j I i I i i II.' . . I ti J 1"1 d j 1. d II

Students Read the Ads!

All Kinds of Book and Commercial


V .A:N :OElR :PLO:EGnooks anti 'tationery.



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i..i1·. v 11;" JH ...-d tiH· i. rilll'"t.l:t;, '".' ·~li 1 Jind : 1 ·1. 1 . tr~..·,:: . l:ut a l t 1.T p:tt:,.ullr.' h~t d l11d t.•"" 11 it ... l"l' ...·;it~IIal·.' ~u.j , ~,,·. ill.;t htr i.,u:-- llit•i k -.. :td"rth:d the:--t· tilu rp ... \\it I! ... t..u · J'. ._· ,l.:;·._·itt...' ' • •i l


.tlld l a· l iri ~.· . . ar., 1111d \\ hi l'11 :-ot~lltl du . . . t~. r~. tl ; 1 il'\\ 1 \,!, .. : !: ht:t . rll~..· nu rlt...·u:-. ,,i i.ltl· \ i!lagt• of l•Hia: . . t the :-- a Jli l titl:l' :-- . r, l il~. tlla:-.:--y dikl..' · "<:rt· built. th at :-.<.:t:ll J"l'ly ictt ...·n .·d till' alll' it..:lll iu ,·. It wa=-- 011 til l' iuut ,,f o tH.' ui tiH..':--l' dike:-. that. i11 tht· latll..'r It a I i "i t h 1.' n i l fl' l t...'l" Ill h n · Ill u r y . a it l' r a I it..: r n· au t lllllll g- ...tIt' h a ·I :--p~..· nt it:-; iur: and l'l a intl·d its many ,·ic t in, .... a n urc hin, las hl·d lo a s hip- hat ch had hL't'Jl wa:-;h<.:d a :'h u r ·. :\ , •thin~. sa,·c th~..· initial f! UJ>tlll hi:-; fi n e tllHkn.: lnthing- g-a\·t..: <Ill_ tr:tl'l' what.SOl! \ "lT <•i the c hild 's origi n . -ons<.:q u L'ntly it \\a:-. brll i l !-! ht to t ht· l10u :'c oi gurg-t>l11ash. r Jay \\'an \\"ete r <.: Jl. \\ htl:o-l' kind itl';tn~.·d \\ iil' took l't) ltlpa:-.:-- i(IJt on th is l ittil' .\ losl·:--. again:--t t i•c \\'ill oi hc r mi:-.c rly hu sba nd . will > alkged that puorhtltt :'L':-; \\' Cfl' t,?;-;tahli:' h l· d to pn)\· id1.• f()r c.:a:-:cs li ke thi:'. l ~tll F rau Jay \ · ~ill \\ ' l't l'l"l'll cln·e rl y rdutl' cl hi s arg ttmcnt :-.: a nd llJHHI th l' r~.·p~.· at<.:d q llt.::-- tit lll :-; •·i htr littk dau g-hte r :\ l:tt ilda . a :' 111 the n :unv u f the littk b o~ . named him ]~ c rn ard.

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A JJcl/()r


rnuld thi:' y n nng l>rttt. whn n n t <.'\' <.• n kn \\' s hi..; iath e r and L tn ·c? hah! tt 1::: ll:t~tltL· r. L'\·L·r h (.· a matd1 iu r uu r :\latilda! tnt 'IlL'_\' t ha l l' la k v..; JH:t 'J>Ie hai'PY !" l'mbeqttl' tll ly 11 t~L· t1Hint ill;..! . in:-: le~!d , ,j thl' lon~ h· nnm !-:.· g-irl. tltl· 1111:'11='! \ •c tit ;g L an\hl'rt:' t!ll.: l tilt' enrag-ed <1l<-l ;il:lg"i~­ ~~::tl t· . Tlte l' tt !"llin .~~· C( l ll\"<..: r:-.:l.t in n \\' a:' s h o rt btll t• > th e pu in t. I hl' angry \an \\ ·~.·tl'ren thr'-·atl' ltL' d \\ith t h<..· law. and in po\\·erful languag-e fnrh adl· the yuung !'-l.'am an all inl c tTIHtr:-'L' '~ i:J; h i..:. cl:n ·.,: lttt•r. Thl· ='t uhhor n L:tmln·n..:. . hi~ eyl' ...; tb=' l•i n~· ilrl·. :• . . . ... Hrl'tl ·it . .· o ld g e nt !I.-man t hat with the girl's c o n:-;en t hL· \\' tlldd n· arr:. l11.· r. in ckl1ancl.' o i a ll th 1..· law=' u i ll t1 ll.:n d . :1nd ag-ain:-;t thl· \\ ;:: . . u i a thlll1:'an d hur~t • nt a!"tCr:'. Th e ni ~ht Ll·fore l'c ter Lamh<..:rl=' \\":1~ to :-.ail ao..: !-= •..:L"•H1d 111 ; 1..' un t It c h .L r k . . }-, i p . \ cl g i lit 1='. b o un d i o r t h L' I~ a~ t I n d i ~,.· .... \\'itnl'::---:->l'd :-t !--a d Jl:l flill!_!' at th1..• hur n·o maStl..· . r · .~ (T••te . "Takl' hl·art. darling ... bra ' ely :--puke the nt:-tt~..· . "t h ings t1 tay clt :tnge a nd titl 1t: lli e:'. T wll , -e :•.r:-. iru1n tt t l\\' I'll bL· hack .... aie and ~tlUtHI." h(H\'

I Iappily the year!' glided J>,· j,,r the..;l' tW• l childrl'n. unti l

.\latilcla h ad gTtl\\"11 up into a ht·antiiul n:aitkn . . , IH.'tl l';ll i l l' a cha ng-c. Ont· aitcnwn n :\ lyniH.'er \':~.n \ \ .l'll'fl' ll calk·cl l~ cr nar d int o hi:-. ofncc. \\ ' hat wa!-- :')Hik <..·n ht·t·xL·c n the:'c t w •• n•• e~tl\: t' \'t' r knew: h o \\· c,· ~..· .-. !"tlll tl aftet· thi ~ inricknt lh: rnard kit tilt· n >o i. that had~'' lt>ng and !tn· ingly :-.h~..·ltl'n.: d hi111 ttl ""rk j, ,r Lazaru~ I Iui ck. a neig-hb oring farmer . Lli ~ bcha,·io ur t t " ·anl :\ Jatilda tHn\· :'tra n gl'l_, a lt ~..· t-cd . The unrc~trained ahand(lll o f a hro th~:r tow :trd :t :-.i:' ll' r . . . v~.·ml'd IlL'' l:r ti..J ha,· ~: L' xi~tcd ), ·tween th em. In her prL'=' ' II~.· · h~: wa=' ~hy an<..l b:1~hful. Uut \\hen nn ~unday night:-.. aitvr Ill' h .u l ~pe n t the day at thl' ma t1-.. c. he had n : tlttlll' d t11 hi ... p• 11 1rl~ iurni~h d roo m at Lazant~ l luid.;':-;. he ui-tL'll gazed l••ttg an ti earne~tly ttp n :\latilda' · p unrait o n thl' wall. .\nd 111a11y lo ng h uur:' o f th<: night h e ~pe nt in :-;ad tnL•di t atinn. utt :tl>k t•· sleep. until n ature. that men: iiul nwtltl·r. !"nul hl·d hi=' lt l·art "ith car' dispelling ~ ln mhcr. .-\ bout thi ~ tim· a young ~ cam:t!l. J' ~:tcr L<!tllbl' rt='. <.:am~.· to II. lu attL·nd th~ tlaYig-atiutt :-.chu<\1. :\~ ltc wa:-. an prplt:tt t and had no relati,·e~ and but a iL' \\' at:quaintant: ' =' i11 • tit~: ' illa~c. it was ~mall wonder that the hurguma ster';-; l· n ·t·ly daugh ter attracted h im ~trongly. ~hl! \\':1. ~ a superb t_\ p~..· ni tlH. Saxon race; tall, ..;omc,-.·hat Jlrond in demL·ant 1r lnt l :-... .. racdu 1 :.•s a q u een: po:-:.~es:-;L·d o f a we a lth ui gold ·n h:tir and a ;):: :r "f hlu~ C\·es that could t w inkle lik~..· ~ih· cn· :-:.tar:-;. ur 11 '' " tl\'l'l' \nth the t.en<.lenH: s~ uf a de\\· -ki~~cd daisY .








nut h i='

=' t riking-


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hi:-. \\llr<b.

~<..·q• ra!

ti llH':'

lin~cred un til the dul l t:nt.. l nf a

';tnd y l>l'ach \\'i tlt it..; k L''-'1. rnll!'-t'd them fron t

t heir h,,·l·-tln·a tn~. and gri ~.· i :~.rl· in .... ep:uahh· t h c ~ w t ' L' t t' s t a 11 d d i ' · i Il l'~ t 11 H 1111 · n t :-. o f o u r li '· c ~ : i, ; r ,,·lu: n \\'l' but r ;,i:-.l' ihe ntp o f joy to ou r l ip~. :-.•l!Tt)\\' p•ntr~ h<..· r ,·ia l 11f hit tl'nll·~:-; int ll the hrcaker. The spla-.hin~ o i the water. th e r e gular i>l·a t . d' thl· 11a r:-. :-Poll lc ll \IIHlll th L• l' <ti':' ui t hl' =-- ~!d ~ lat ilda. It \\'a;-; the hPal t!iat h 11n· h er lo \·t·r lCI tlt l' .\ d!-!" ill u..:.. ~he ln·anl the raspin~ an d g- r a l i n g o f t h ~· cit a i 11 a:-; t h c 111 <.· n '' ' l' i g It c d a nc h n r. :'\ n w t he ~cntll: :'ea-hre L'Zl' \\'ai t L'd t tl hl' r t'a r tit ~.· - on~ . pourin ;..!"

.\h! Ii 11 k c d t n


The young sailor was a hand:-:un1e, wcll -lmi lt 'dUtlt. lith'-· a n d n i m h I e i n a II h i !'-- 111 u '· e 111 c n t ~ : a n d i t 1H .'L' t 1c d t ; u p r a c t i c ,_. d t·yc t< sec that "•m his cr:tdll! also had ~ht>n e th ...· :\nnh~ttt :-.tar. The ynung maiden ratltl·r liked tit~ O!Jl'll hl'art~d l;.td: a11d ~o h ardly cn:r a mr>rning pas:-;cd. \dlL' tt lltHkr :-:unt1· prL'tcxt or othL·r !--he did n ot e:-:.capl' tltc notice oi h e r :-"T ntltmother as :-;he stole :1way tc th~ little garden. wa te ring t ill' ma t·ig-olds o r cutting a hunch oi lloiJ,·-hocks. whL'll 1\~ ter LamhL·rts went hy o n hi~ w a y hi !--dHh•l-.

.\11 thi:-:., htn\·e ,·cr. c s L·apl'd n ut th l· leering· <:y<..•:-; cJf tht• burgomaster. \\ ' itlt growing resentment h e lltlli c::d thl' acquaintance of th • two young pe o ple g-row intn a :-:t r nng fri end~ hip and finally ripen int o ln,·c . '·I must pula ~~ top to this.'' g-rumhll.'d the c ld nHttl. "f11r

fl-e lit!~:' ~l'l'lilL' d t u ),l'} il'

he tried t•l ka ·T l>· ~at.


th~:n thl'y i~.·!t

j,,rth from thL· strn ng-


:'• lfTil\\'


o i the :-;ailor=':

.. ~ t a 11 d a II hands a ro und the caps t a 11.

F o r y o ur cable


all clear:

:\lerrily onward. gallant ,- c~;-;cJ. F" r Ea:-:;t ludi c:-- we \\·ill :-.ll'LT !"



The tackle:-; ~ hri ckccl . th e huge whitl' ~ail~ . g-li~t <..· nin g in the mnonlig-ht. clappcd . and sl o wly at tirst hut gradually :-;wiit e r and ~\\'iitt'r lllfi\'Cd the . \d gillu:-; 11\T r th e rip pl i n g\\'a tl'r~ . li ke a g-iant bird o f pas:-;agc :cC'king- the miltkr z o ne:;.

Tilt' A ndwt


Tlu Anc/10r l~ ~.n t ·trcl

\ ' all \\ l.'l•lctt !Lt d Jl ••t:,·\·tl th:t t JiliJc h.\ li llie till' _\ 1111!1 :" .... t iJ .. r l;;,.j 1:11-t Jl )•"''- .... , 1., ., 11 1 tht• OIJjcc:t c1f hi-. lu\'l'. T1rllight lw J: ·• .I \\ ittll'-.. .... l·d t l!,• \\ ltrdo · "t'l' JH.' frnm behind a :-;(r l ~ Jt li;~ c kll i t' 1..' 1..'. 'J ' h :lt .... ight " n tr. lkd t h e' milk Cli hu man ki n dtlt'=-'~ in hi...: \· ~.·in ....:... l .ik~...· lig-htni11g- :: thou:-;and plan~ n i \'l'ng-t·ann· 11 : ~:--lt('d thrrlttgh hi .... Lrain . Fi n :~lly. wan:ring- whl'tht' r ltc ;o;hlluld ic>llnw up h i:-- ri, :•l :t~ll 1 hreak hi:-; neck ttpnn the !"ltlll(':' b~...· ln\\ . c1r fall up1111 tltl· tt tlpr•• lt·ctC'cl g-irl. ht' ln~t h c:~rt :11HI lkd hrttlH.'•\':tnl. .\ . . . j..., p ;1 r .... tt ·d hy a IC'ginn ,,f d l 'I11Ctll:-- Ill' lkd hlllltl'. tltr·ctugh tit ~.· \\'l'i r·cl lllotl)!t lig-ht. thrott~h th e :--trang-c :--tiline..·!":-- ui th1.· night. "' ~.·r lit·ld -. and throug-h mcadrl\\':-'. LO\' t'. lntn·d. in.·nz_,. dt>p:tir. al l -.trugg-lt·<l for :-;upr1...'111acy in hi:-. raging hrea!"t. l'r~.· ... t·nt h h<' t·aug-ht ~ig-ht of :\ l atild :t' :-; portrait. li e !"n:ttc:hed it inll1 ; tin· \\'a ll and thrt'\\' it into the fire . l ~ag-crly he " ·au.·lt c..· cl tlh· llatnl· . . C•H1S tl me it. T h ~...· ~igh t ~ntnc\\· hat ~(•ot h l' d the ran!din:-! p:tin in hi:-; hrca:-;t. lhn when at length tiH:re \\'a:-- nnthitl'.!' kit htll a black !"llri,·el lcd leaf. a dn·aclful cfto~nlatinn c:~!me upr111 hi11 1. I l e \\' a;-; alone'. ~til aJ,,nL'. I >arknt·~~ c..:rt'pt slowly tl\'t' r hi...: .... (Jul. RL•a;-;nn. t it:- hnundaril· ..... glided into tht• ~ph<.'rl' oi t h c t w i Ii g- h t of t h e 111 i 11 d . I IL' n 1t >a 11 c d ~a' lly . an d . n· ~..·I i 11 g Ii 1.; l ' nne drunk. kll ht•a,·ily on thl' llonr. Fnr a



"\\ ' hat'~ the late .. . t. T'ete~·· inquired the hl o n-7.y ho:tt::::.wain.

, •

:\ I a t i I cl a w a t c: h e d h y t h l' s i c k l> e d o i h (' r hrothc...·r. ll cr h eart wa ~ ;-;tirr c cl \\'ilh c:ompa~:--iun f11r p n or 11 e rnarcl. t h o u g h :-;he kn ew n H t h e ca u se of hi s illn c~:-.. :\ Jan\ o f t h e 111 a n · i o n ~ o f h c r h l' a rt ~ h c y i <.' I d e d to h i 111 • h u t o ne t h t' r·~...· wa~. ~he guarded with a jealous can·. lt wa~ thl' c...·hambcr that !"hclter~.:cl h er Jon· fur I 'ctcr Lambert:-,

C 11.\ J'T E R II. Eig-ht hell: w a"' being- struck n b oard the .-\dg- illu". now o n its way from t h e [:.ast Indi es t o the Dutch JH rt of II. .\ quarter of a n huur hefo rl' th ' starboard-\\ atch h ad turned o ut with a ra t h er unu s u a l a lertn ess. th e more s trang-c. h ecatt~L' th e r a in cou ld h e h eard pattering upon the broad de ·k~. But eage rly th e men h ad put o n their ru:-;tling- oi l ski n ~. and thc...·ir ~

"I Ia. ha. ha !" hur:-;t out the cabin bt y. "J'd likt: tl1 l1uatswain s:til a carg·o o f wine ancl be<: r !"



"Get you g nl!. you harl e quin!" ang-rily excbinwd th e insulted ftic c r. "tomorrow ] 'II tic you to y o11 r mother':-:. apron :--tring-- . Y ou'll I JOk exactly like an ape up o n a grind orga n!'

\\ ' hl'll in th 1.. · mrll' llin g· \\'l' 11nd tHlr fir c pI a c ·~ t' x t in<: t. • •u r chambl· r~ al~u arc L'<dd and c he t! rlc~ ~­ J;ut iar more iurltlrtl a nd de:-:ola te hecume;-; t h<.: h u n1a n IH:a n whl'n th~...· ~acred lirl':-. of Jo,·c ha,·c died tHll hdore il:-' ,· ~.,.·~ta. O~L ." a 11 d n i o·Jn

n1crry clatt e r mingkc..J \\'ith the st:tmping of their hea ,-y h oo t:-;. \\'hilc he endean1r~...·d to drink a mug >i h o t coltce "Jn;-;t :-;ighted the ~ l aas. b o ats\\'ain , " ~prightly reto rted \I ate' Lambert~. "and if she keeps thi~ up it means the Te.xel hcf11re night. 11 ( \\'t:\'l'r," a.ddt:d he aill.'r a ;-;hort pan~c ... I hardly tnts( the we~t ing. J t's banking for fog-. or p er ha p~ .-.-umethin~ wur;o;c .'' "( > p~h=tw! don 't be ~ o anxio us. P<.:tc," rej o ined th e o ptim i:-;tic b oa t~\\ain . "the bride \\'ill be all the fain: r. the \n:dding~dl the mure g·ay: and as f:tr as the wine and beer arc c on cer n ed-''



I 'etcr I .a111 hcrt.; went on deck again. ( ;ning t o the \\'cathl'r ~icle he n o ticed the little sunburned pa .-~eng~...·r fro m the Ea~t J nd ies. "It is a ~tran~c man ... J>et~...· r Lambert:' thuughi. for durit~g- the latter part of the Yoyag-c he ~t· cmed \l) ha\-c watched the mate with a m rc than ordin1ry curi o~ i ty . ~ \\' again. the gl o omy . :-; mewhat nH:lancholy L'ye:-; turned 11p<.111 him a:-;• if drawn hy a m:tgnetic ftn·c e. The ~trailg-cr acl,·anecd as if to begin a c 11\'Cr:-:;atio n: but Lambl'l'l~ reeling- a ~trang- ·~pelt ·a;-;t on:r him by the olc.l man . turncJ away t o his cabin tu snat ·h a f '"' hours' n·:-;t.

11 i~ ;-;kcp. hnwt·,·er. \\'as f:lr irom being- undi:-;turl>cd.

:\ t t1r~t \latilda stuc•d bcfL,r · !tim. ln\·1..'licr than L.,· ~.,_·r in her hrid ;.d go\\'n but :-;non she ,-ani!"hed and thC' Ea!"t 1 ndia pa~:-:.cnge r loo nH.· d up b~...· fnrc his eyes. hi s 'UnburtH' cl feature~ n o w pale as ir in death. In his outstretched hand he held a packa~e, hut when the mate tric, l t o take it. his a r m was paralyzed. : \nd then a h art ;-;ic..'kening- :-;ig-ht :-;truck his eye:'. . \ hand. which Lambert!" thnur.:ht was a !"kl'ktu n·:'. was laid npun th e old m:tn ·~ !"houlder. The pas!"eng-er sl wly turned hi:-; head. 1! is deadly pale contcnancc became white r still, and \\'hik he uttered in hollow and sad accents these words: "\\.hy n o\\'?" l:c Yani!"hed. Pe ter Lamherts started Yiolently. !-'ti ll nncler the influ-

T lu• A 11 dw r


enc. c, i h i:-. rl n : a lll h L ,,. ·nt till d eck t•1 ... l'ardt iu r til ~.· ... tratt!.,!l'l' I :u t ll'J \\'h e n · d id h · .... <.·1.• t h e J·: a ... t Ind ia Jl"l ... . . l ll;-!1.: r .

'" 1rlh" '-' ... I : t here wa!' n n roolll anymorC' tn !'-tcer : the dreaded J,r'-·akt· r .... llL'a r t·d g rad u ally . t il l at la:--t. whill' th1..' hurricalll' l·ulkct~..·d a l l it:-- fntTL':-' and all ptl\n: rfu l !"tlhHithcd do\\'11 th ~ tlll ttlllt:tin :-~.: a..; . the harra!--:--l'd :'h ip wa~ brought hl hay . \\ ' ith a lt) ll g". low :-: hri ek th a t !'-ounded in the car~ Cl f th e lri;..!" h ll'tH'cl Tl'\\' lik·· t h ~.: ir dl.'a t h - k n cll . th e \ ' l ' :--:'t.' l ~Lrltl.:k : tht·n it k ;q,~.:d hi;..!"h like :l \\·nu ll dl'd chaq..,:·e r . :--t r uck aga in . ancl tlH· j,)lltn·· ing- llt• •llH' lll. t·naring and tearing-. Ol1l' aitl' r anuthL' r tht: ;t ngr_, w:tn·.... hoa r ded th t' d oomt.'d t h n·e-nt<bter: t hey g-narled and hi ~1.· d and l! urr i~..· d to and fr u. and 1111t fin ding any mun.• tu d'-=' uur and d~.-•:-.truy . h u r:-;t u \·er th1..· leeward hulwarl..:~ . dr:1 g ~in;..:: :dung- the ir ,· i ctitn~ in to t h ei r \\·atcry gra,·e. . \ nd lllllCking-1 ~ each :--lll'Cl'Cding b illow gras p ed the h t'll-rn p c oi tlll' . \ dg-illtt:-- . ud l ing- in tnttflkd t o ne:-; t h e pa~=-- in g--l>el l a:' t he l ' ll ., ic~tt:-- d~.. t•p car ri ed it~ dead to t hl' i r la:-: t n·:-.t in g place. 1:,,r :-. u n·h·. a :-.aiJ.,r a l:'o r ccei ,·cs h i ~ buria l. and dei t ly ~real:-. the :--La. her lhildn: n: but. u h. the g t·a,· ~.· oi t h n :--e that --l utt !h~.·r in thl' d~.·cp i=-- :--c> lollL.' :O:tHlll' a n d chilly. and th e craclk •1f tli1.· J, illll\\:-. j...., nut rCit.:kl'd by a tlHJthe r' :-. l l'll<kr h and. tTc• he concluded i n the :\ o , ·cmhcr i:-.:-'Ul'.)

l ()

.\ l <:;lll\\·hil e m rJ r c :-. \\'i i tl y d artt·d th~.· .\gd i ltu . . '' ' ": r til l \\ a n :.., ui t h t: :\r, rt !t !-t·a. \\' h il·. tit· ... ,, :!lit\\ ·-..t ,-.· ittd \ v ~.· r,: d a it· ,,· p cJ itll ~ and ill LT t·a-..~. d tt~ a IIi• 11 lvrat · ~.d 1.· . . \ thin li t ... t ' ra in h id cntir ·ly tit · et Ja:--l :-.u i rt ·tpll.: tttl_, J,~ th v 1.·\ v ... , ,; tlll t::!{~t: r

TC \\'.

~ ll d cl c 11 )\. a

II \\ l' rt·

a fl t ll .... (.' d

"Ta kt· in yuu r flying- ji b! the· g-a fi- t o p :--ail !'' Likt:

h l.' C~

th L·

111 t: ll

b ·'


It 1.'

l~ ut.ill'


I I 1"1


r '


i l 1h : Ij

... i

thl· t11p gall :un ... !


r,i ~. 1...' r :

F :t -.. t ~.·ll

thnn tg h

their \\' O r !~ i 11 a \ltcllll a ti~.· c1rckr. t·a::-.t:d un de r h:s ca n ,·a:--:-.. "\\' hat':-; y u ur c1pinion o 1 it , :\ lr. 1\:l-r: .. ;t-..kl·d l 'a pt:till <.· x e c u t e d

~ m ith

• J

o f hi ~ firs t ufli c er. F o r a while th · latt e r ~ catlll c cl th 1..· \\' l,.....ll.'rn It• trii'· qJ wiil t anxt o u ~ t )"t':-. and c o ntra c ted <.' \ t·lncn\·..., an d t h v:1 an .. ,,· ~.,·r~.,· c: :-.lwrtly: "I d o n't lik e it. dn n' t l ikl' tt a t all!" "\\"c'll k t·c p h e r t1t1l a p 11i 11 t c•r t \\'u! ' ' :--:ti d tltt' c:tp~ain . an<1 turning to the h e lm s man. h e co tn ma n ded: ":\ o r' by cast a hali e a:-- t! " ' ':\o r' by ea st a half c a :--t it i:-, :--i r !" eclt•tt·d till· -...tal\\:trt kilo\\". with n ut r a i:-,ing his ~..· ye s from th e c nmpa:-- .... ·1 hv. :--ti.'L'ring g-e ar crea ked and g-rated a :-; he tttrttl'd d uw n thl.· h l·ltll ; and lo uder whistled th ..: wind thrP ll " h th ~. · r i•nrin"· :-. :-. :-. :t:-- thl· \l' :--"1.·1 hugp;ccl the luff. \\ ' ith the waning- oi the day tit ~.-· ~lt l rlll g r<: \\· i11 ~.·;tg ! l t. .\lt·eacly the .\dgillu s wa ~ of( th e l~an k=-- . h ut ll tl th••u~· ht 11! c.: nt c ring the c h an n~.· l. that. windin g thn n tg h t hv ...;huab . kd !P th t· s afe r inner sea. e ntere d th e ' a. p t a in· =-- m i11d . I hll,. attd th <.' !-'Cns e o f pres en·ati m h a n i:--h t•d all <k:t. r thn u ~~· J u~ ni wii1.· a 11 d h o me. Like g-reyhound~ th ~.: whit · -c apl ~l' d \\·a , ·l·:-- a:--:-. a ikd t h t· no ble ship. ~o w , fo aming- with wrath th e y lmr:--t a ga ill :' t h~..·r sides; then , ro lling clear < ,·c r th e bulw a rk s, iu ra m o Jt Jt· tll lt vld the vessel in their a\·arici n n s g-ra s p; but a s th · ~l.L'l.· d u f th ~.: Russian steppe shake~ ofT th e hungry \\· t~ h· e...; th :t l a . . . . . :t il it. :-.n th e dg-iltu. sh onk ·ff the g-r t•n. <' n,· i o u ~ w a tl'r~ . Sh rtcr. howe,·er. gre w th e rttn '. Th ~..· w i11 d ..;.]l ifted t•• t ht·


"' \





... .

\\"h at joy t() trl.'ad the critter-path!'Tlnt \\'i n d ar ntnd t he corn . Tn \\'alk the na r row ~ra=--~y !a nt·' 'The cattk t < ok at daw n , T o tracl' \\' it hi n thl! r~1rt::--t ro ad T he tracks the ra h hit~ made . T o li n d a ti n y p a r tr idge t rail J let! i hi dden in t he :-::hade: T •1 it1llow . fnllow af t er them Th nntghm n tht· Inn~ :-.\\'L.' et d a , ·. ' 1\) lO:'l' Ytnt r:'c l i a \Yhik u po n l ~ac h ia!J , ·r int hi n c w ay. TD le t ,·ou t: =--pirit dance a long \ \ · h~..· rc ,· l'llow Jea,· c~ a r ~.~ wh ir led, Tn drink ·the ct>lPr car n i,·al · ( lf a ll t h e autllmn w o r ld : .\n d t h e n t ) t ake a t C'\·cni n g- tidt•. \\' ith in th e deep ' ning- glnam. Th l· prl't ty littl e hid<_kn p at h Th at lcac J:.~ y o u . all' ly h e me. -Cor ne lia C h anni ng \'\'ani in Octobe r Lipp in cott's.



T lu A 11 dw r



cnce of hi:'\ dream hL w 111 n n cle~k t• 1 :-ear~h f,n· thl' . . . trangLT. Hnt n o where did he sec the East India p ·t:-:-l' llg'L·r. dartL·d th~...· .\gdillu :- 1)\"·r th v wan.·s of the:\ lrth :O:l'a, whil • t ltt.! :-••:tt h\\L':-1 " · i11 d ,·n ·n ·d a iew points and in~rca sL· d to a tt i•Hkr:tte ~·.d e. . \ tlt in tll i-.L.' rain hid entirely the coast su ir L·qu "·tttJ_, h y th e c' v-. , ,j tliL


~I ca nwhilc m o re swiitly


can·cr crew. 'uddenh· all \\ e r e ar ou~cd 1>~ th L· 11nkr ,.j tl w lir--t ,,rtil· ~...·r : "Take in -,·o ur th· jib! - in'Y:-. . th e gaff- t o p~:1il !'' Like b ....-es th ~...· nten :-'J>n·ad t h rc •uo·h :-. t· xecnted their w o rl~ in aul tlllt:tt iL· onk r . t•a ·cd under less ca n ,.a:' s . " \ \'hat's y mr opini m of it , :\lr. 1\·"·r :·· a .... k \·d l ·aptaill ~mith of his fir. t offi~er. F o r a while the latter sc:tnn ·d thL· \\"L' . . . tl.'rn ht :ri i'!! J1 wiilt anxious eyes and contracted l')'l...' hn)W S and th v:t att .. wer ~: d :-hortly: " l d o n't li ke it. :'ir. I d n n't li ke it at all!" "\\·c·ll k eep h er out a pttillt llr;;}''·"!" s:tid thl· captai n: and turning t o the helm sman. h e r1 1111111and ·d: .. -", T r . cast a 11a If cas t .,.. ";\ o r' hy cast a half cast it i:-, :-;ir!" t'L'h•,L·d th"· . . . t:t l \\·an fell o w. witho ut r a i;-;ing hi s t•ye s from th e cnmp;1....... . ' I It '-· :-:tl'l.' ring g ar creaked and g-rated a s he t llrttt•d duwn t lt l· hl' lllt : and lu uder whi~tlcd the \\'ind thrntt"h tit'-· n <•' •l"l n •,. :t-. thL· n·:-:'vl h ugge<l the luff. \\. ith the waning- oi the day tltL· st >rt ll gTL'\\' 111 :-..t r"·ng·tlt.. Already the .\d p;illus \\'a~ (lrt the l~an k~ . hut II •' tltrl:t~lti 11i entering the channL' l. that. \\'iudiug· thn ,u g h th L· s iH,a b·. kd tu th e safer inner sea. entered the captain's mind . 1 hll , . an d tit <.· ~e n se of pre~en· ati o n·d all c!....•a t· th u11ghts () i "iil.' and home. Like g-reyhounds thc whitC - C<lJ>J~l'd wa\T ~ :-~:-:saikd t it <.· n o ble : hip. :\o w. foamin~ with wrath the,· hurst :t!..!'ai n :-'1 ltL·r ::;i de ; then, r o lling clear .Ye1· the bulwark =--~ fu r a nH ;t nt· Jtt lll'ld the vcs~cl in their a\·aricinu~ g-ra:'p: but a ~ the s tcL·d uf th L: Ru ·s ia n s teppe s hakes o fT the hun g-ry ,,·p h ·c "' th :ll l it. :-.n the dgillus s h o< k ,ff th e gTCl'll. e tn· iou:-.. watt·rs. h o rter, h o w CYt.r. grew the ntn ~. ThL· wind :'h i ft l'd t•• till' :--,




'-\ \

-. •






11 11111

t h\\ L':-1: then· wa :-: n o r oo m anymnn: tn ~tecr: the dreaded

llf·L·akl'r:-. ne;t n :cl g-ra dually. till at \a-.t. while t h~ hurricanl: ,·,,1Jn: tecl a ll i ts i11rn.:s ancl all IHI\\' L·rful snH•ut h L·d clown tlh' tll rntnt:tin :-~..:a,. thL· harras :-ed s hip wa:-. brought td hay . \\ ' it h a long-. lo w ~!trick that su uncl cd in the t•ars ui th e i r i;...:·lttL' lli.: d en'\\' lik ·: th e ir death -knell. thL· 'L'sscl :-:tru c k: t)H.' Il it k ~q,cd h igh likt• :t \\'llllllckcl charg-er. :-.tnn:k again . and the i· •l ltn\ ing- tll ' •nw nt. roar ing- a nd tearing-. ••n . . · aiter awHhL' r tilL' angr_, \\·:t,·e-. hoar< kd the d oomed thn:c-' r: tht•y gnarled and hi':-L'd an d httrri . .·d to and fro . and nnt finding any J11D rL' t•' dl.!\ "ur and "k=--tr11y. bur=--t u \·e1· thL· leeward bulwark s . clr:•g~· in;.!" ;dung- their ,·ictims intCI th e ir watery gra,·e. .\nd llHlcking-1~ vach "'ll~cceding billow grasped the ht·ll - r o pc oi th · . \ dgil\us . tt~iling in mu!Hcd tont·=-- th e p as:' ing-lH: ll a ;-; the t' ll\·inu:- dLL' J> t·a r ri ·d it:' dead l thl'ir la:'t rL':-.ting place. ,.-, ,r :'Lll"l'h·. a saii, H· al:'\o recl.' i\· c~ hi s burial. and dc itl y tt'L'<ll:- the :-.~.· a· her thildn: n: bur. (l h , th e gra,·L· l>i tho:-:e that ll tli,~.,.· r in tilL· d eep i:' :-.•> l t~t h.':'ll llle and ~h ill~. and the cradk ,, , tliL· IJillcl\\·:-. j, 11•1l rock e d hy a muthcr·s tt•nckr hand . t T o be ~onchHkd in the ~ o ,· cmher i:'SUL' . )

THE CRITTER-PATHS . \\ ' hat joy t n tn·ad the critter-paths That \\'ind aru und the corn. T n walk th e narru \\' g-ra S!-_\" la tn:s Tltc l'alllc t nnk at claw n, T o tr;;L·t· \\'ithin the fu rL·s t ro ad Th L' tra cks th e r a hhit:' maclc. To find a tiny partridg-e tra il J l alf hidd~n in the :' h~d c: Tn f1lll<l\\' , ioll o w after thL'lll Thru ug-hou t th e Jo n!! ~\\TC' t da,·. To l o~c ,·our:-;e lf awhik upo n J·:ac h iahn·inthinc wn,-. To kt nntr s pirit d~ncc alon~ \ \" h c ;. c ' T 11 o \\' It' a ' · e :' a n • \\' h i r k d , Tn dri nl.: -the co lo r ca rni,·;tl ( >f all th~ autumn world: .\nd th e n t n ta ke at en~ ning- tide. \\. ithin tht• deep'nin g· g-lnam. TIH' prl'tty litt l · hidd e n path That kad:-' y o u . afl' ly h ome. ·t~rnclia Channing \'\ ' an\ in Oct h e r Lippinco tt':'.



Tlu A !ldl o r

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHYY OF lVIY CHILDHOOD. The fasc in at io n o f c hildh ood n c ,·e r ~fl) \\· s <dd . Tlw m emo rY f th ose daYs iL:-- has a ·har m abou t it wh ic h is·nll . o wn , and th e fa r ther we g-et o n in lift.:. th e mnrc d tll'S "d1:-:.tann· Ic n d e n c h an t Ill e n t t n t h c \'i e \\' ." In t h l' d rc a n-· In n :--. .,. n i :-......h t watchc~ . when th e w ea ry adult. fatig'llL' d hy a hard clay's w u r i-:. rc ~ts hi ~ tired frame u po n the cuuch. and hi s jackd n.ind in :-:. ilrnt m ed itatio n. h " . his thoug-ht:' I ,.e tn rt' \'L'rl t n th e da,·=-. o f hi s childhood! Then all th L· old ch a rm returns and under its spe11 h e liv es o \·cr ag-ain th e ca rl'll'~ :-:. . h appy clays .11 f thl' l0 n g- a~o. Thu ~ at Jca~t th e mem o ry o f my ·hildh nnil day::-:lppeals to me. n ot that they w e re witho ut t h e ir p c rpk xitic~ and pe tty griefs, fo r 111 a ny ~ u c h ha\'l' lcit th ei r indelibLe tmpn•ss o n my mind. but bc..•c:t l! SL' thc..·n pi a~ wa ~ th e object o f life and Jl () yearni n g iu r thL· att a inment o f a pro du ctiYe res ult. whi c h ah\·ays r c~·c<ks a~ \\'l ' progn: ~s. and beck o n s u: to hig-her h l'ig-h ts beyo nd. w :t:-' at that time co n ~ tantly n agg-ing- u s and uq~ing us to still iurtl11..:r a nd g reater exertio ns. ll o w e ,·e r. we wo uld not h · uncl c r~ l,)tHI t o . ay that life has l n~t its j oy n o w th a t it i;-; s ·e n t n IH• real a nd earnest. fo r at th i: stag-e f t h e game it w ould cer tainl y be n a useatin g- if it had n o purpo~e. a nd tH w the farthe r back th e \'Ci l o f ign o rance is pus hed and t he m u r e light is ad1nitt t.•< l. the m o re the spi rit o f th e dauntless pio nee r gr11ws o n u s and g-i,·e:; us an inklin g o f the sati s facti 11 beyo nd. nu t th e c h arm of c hildhood lies rather in this . th at th e n "ign o r a n ce ,,·:-.:-= bliss .'' while n o w mu c h study is but a " w e arinl' ~S )f the ll csh.' ' Then , w e a lw ay~ li,·ec..l in th e h ap py anticipati o n that all thin o-s · w o uld he made clear as we approad tcd m~iturity and that t h e unkn wn w o uld enro ll a s a scroll. and ,,. · w e re a nxio us to g r o w o ld and g-ai n th e mastery. Hut n o w . when w e are a li\·e t the r ea li zation that w e cannot kn o w a n d Jj,·(·. th e prize has lost :om e o f its ,·alu c si n ce it mu st h e h o ug-ht at s u ch a price, and s ince we kn o w no w t h at w · cannot know th e unkn o wn witho ut going into that unkn o wn o ur~e h· es . Dut, t o re turn t o th e concre te. we : hal I h a ,. e t o lea Ye uff phi losophizing and r elate some o f th e r ec< ll cctcd p~ych t lugictt l experiences of the past. l n d o ing this w e arc n o t a w an.: o i


Tlu A 1lclzor

. ...

any \·cry definite litH' o f psycho logical develop m e nt in ou r life. b ut o f thi~ p e rhaps others can judge hctt l' r than o ne's . e lf. I n the fir...;t place. some thing-s that 1 did in in fanc y. wh ich ha \ ' l' been related tP me by my parents. han~ . perhaps, snmc p syc holn~ i cal signifi cance. "'rhe first three y ea r~ o f my life \\' Crc sp ' nt in ~c r ious illness and o n sc\·cral occasitms I all ttnco nsc io nsly hon:red betw een l ife a nd death . t o the infinit e ~~nxi cty o i my lo \·in g- pare n t~ wh om f dicJn't know C\'e ll enough th en tn n.·cog-niz.c. During- this sieg-e. my medicine was adimn istercd IJ,· - o n e nf m\·- au nts \\'h ~ta\-e<.l at ou r h o me at that tim t•. 1 di::-- li kcd the m ed icine ,·c ry much and w o uld 1ly intc a r:-:gc whtnl.'\·c·r I e\·en sa\\' her. ancl. it mu=--t perhaps he co nics~ed that I h:t\'C n o ,. ry g-reat t!~e fnr her c\·cn tnclay . :\s a baby I \\'as \·cry quiet and s mctimes n e\·c r uttered a sonnd inr h nur=-- to~<.'lhcr. :\ t one time a certain blind lady who was ,·is iting- my mother a n d wa!" sitting- o n a sofa ri g-ht n ext tn me. inquir ·d wh ct h l' r the baby \\' :lS at home.·. altiH)Ugh she h ad been sitting lll'Xt t o me fo r o ,·e r a n h uu r. This p eri od o f m,· life is pc rl.t aps. hcst d c~c ri hcd in the lin cs o f \\' lit Carleto n: J le Ia-.· and calmh· debated . \\' hcl; a\· e ra ~c l>al)i~..·s crL ;\nd ~ec·mecl ,to he )it ) tld (.'r~ll(V (,.ra \·••h• \\'hcth e r to li,·c o r to die. Hut. prejudiced o n th =t t que:-:tion. 11 e g-rew from day to clay, And finallY he d ec ided 'Th:1 t he had bette r sta , .. ~



'~ ·.... w




1 n t: \'l'r walk ed till nearly fo ur year~ o f age. hut had by that time pcricctcd an elabor ate method o i cra\\'ling-. by means o f whi c h I g t about wi t h remarkable ag-ility. io r c\·cn uch placcs as the tup o f the pian o w e r e n o t fo rbi dden terril ry. :\ly first recorded plt ot o gr~ p h is ,,. rt h y o f a pl ace in any lllll!'l' lllll. 1 h a ,·e often t h ug-ht that photographic plates must h a ,·e b ·en made o f m o r e substantial material in those days. :\l y h L·:ul was then n t much smaller than the r est o f my bo dy a nd my eyes to o l· u p about ha lf the area o f my face. lt is a standing joke in o ur family th at l w as born with the a r t o f m a king .. "goo- ~CTOO eyes.· J w as r aised o n cocl-l i\·cr oil and clc\·clo pccl such a ta, t e fo r it that l would steal t h e bottle and p e rfo rm the ~Jilwauk ec­ act with huge satisfactio n . .t\ t o ne time I · w a llo wed oYer half


Tlte A ncl1or

the contents fa larg-e ht>Ltlc much tl> the anxh..' t' 11f t!J v doctor wh w e rkcd on.:r my saturated anxiety. T!Ju, early did I dc,·clop the local prop<:n:--ity and l'n: r s ince 1 h;t\·e been a finn heliL'\"l't· in th · saying- that illll' can g"L't used to anything and 1 ! ~an~ l'\·cry n·as~11 1 to helicn· that t hi s con ,·icti n will sta nd lllt' in good st<:ad 111 the year:-- uf ttl~"ttrinto 11 ,. to fo ll o w.



One Chri~tmas day my g"l' nerotts fathe1· broug-ht me a fine Ia_rge rockm g-h or~e, but when I first saw it I ran awa ,· in a te:nble fright and w o uld n o t go ncar it for Sl'\·e ral ho-ur:'. I thmk T was frig-ht e ned by the idea of seeing- a horse in th<.· hou ·e, rather than by the size of the h o r:-;e. IT o w e ,·cr. a iter~vards I loved it dearly, w o uld try t o feed it. would take lon•Y Jealous abo u t any of my brothers t•,·er riding- on it. .... . T he .myth of "'a nta Claus nc\·cr had a ·finn ho ld on mt. ndes on 1t • to Germa II)· an< 1 ot 11er <1·1stant lands. and wa:-; ,·e n · probably because my parents ne,·er tried hard to delttdl·



al~(> hecnu~c

. . ..-

I awoke o ne


e,·e. and . seeking my

p;itTllt:-'. strolled innncl' tllly intn the parlor where they hu~ily

The first distinct r ec llectinn oi pain that l ha,·c is ui a had ear-ache on the day of my g-ranclnJ,,thL'r·s itlnt·ral. w:1~ then about fo ur yrars o ld . The on ly recolll'ctinn~ 1 h a\T ui my grandmother is a ,.i,·id picture of he r whik irnn it'g in tht kitchen. and again when in her ·pflin. .\t the tim•: oi tin· funeral I had n o realization of wh :n it meant and wo1tden·d why e\· •ryb ody was crying-. During childh <Jnd 1 had n great deal o i tnoth -adw and touk an alm ost uncanny deli g-ht in pulling- out m,· first se t uf teeth. l ha,·c som~ quite ,.i\'id rccollcctinns 11f d~·l'anls whid1 J dreamt at that tim e. ln Ont particular)\· ( drcallll'd that ;1 large colored glass marble which I h ad iost was lltHkr thl' bureau in the bcdr o m . The n ext day I had the bureau nHl\·ed and was filled with consternation to lind that it was nnt there. It was the first time that r was broug-ht facL' tn face with thl· unrea lity 0~ dreams .. and r found it a \·cry 1111pl ea~an t cxpl'rience. Agam o n e ntg-ht 1 dreamt there were rt1hl>cr:-; in thl' h o use and · et up ~uch a cry that I woke fat h L'r. \\"ho came and c~mforted me and had t lull me to sll'cp again. .\n ot h l'r ~ 11 g-ht I saw a S\) ldi e r. finely uniforllll'(l. standing" rigid !\· <'rcct. tn the _doorway of the bedroom . and again m,· father- had t•1 he remlllcl ed of par<·ntal carL'S. T can se~ that s~) ldicr distinct h· e'·en todaY.


Tlu A ncl1or

eng-aged in trimming- the




On an o ther

qccasi on . up in the attic, I disco,·ercd the box in which my parents st()red the Christmas-tree deco rations o\·er the summer. and then th e secret was o ut f r good. JJ o we,·cr. this did not t ake awa ,. th joy o f Christmas u r ~poi) it fur me in th~...· least. I l'arh· c HH:ei,·cd f Christmas as a time when all parents ga\-c their children gifts. and I anxiously awaited the arri,·at ut thl' da_, . nl..!,·e r expecting- o r <kmandin~ presents at a n ' · 1 , t h e r t i m L' l' x c c p t i n o- o n 111 y h i rt h d a y . I r e till: m b c r t h a t •m~ day whil(.• playing hide and seck with my brother, and attempting- to hide in a n out-of-the-way place. I crawled way below the hl·d in the spare r oom and there di~cu\·cred e\·eral t oys which mother had hidden. preparatory t'> Chri:tma~ celebration. ( )f cou rse l immediately fu rgnt all about thl' game a nd c.ommenccd playing with the t oy~; my hru thcr. unable to fin.d me:. ga,·e up thl' search in disgust and I was n t disco,· ·red till a family s<.:arch was inaugur;l ted to brinu· me to dinner. \\.hen lllotlu:r found me and told me that th o se t oy s wet·l' n ,t t o be used till Christma: day. 1 obediently put them back under thl' hed and ne,·er tea~ed fot· them till the great day whi c h. io rt\llHltc h ·. was not far off. The toy~ 1 enj o yed m<~st wl'rc a small t;·unk in which I kl' JH en:rything from pict u n ·s tn cookies. and a toy fi rc-engin l'. :\I y ideal ,·oca ti o n was that o f the fireman. The reaso n. I think. was becau ·e o i the risk and daring it in,·nh·ed. ~ o play was quite such fun as playing fir -man . I relll(.'lllber J t o ld monstrous fibs t tn,· playmates about my father being tir e-chief of the city and riding o n a magniticcnt real fire-engine. when in reality h~...· was patiently wending his way o ,·er th<.' state as a reg-ular o ldtim e drummer. .\s a child I was ,·ery bashful and h eld myself aloo f fro m all strangers. The o nly way to g-et me tl) go t scho 1 w a . t o scncl me tn a kinderg:uten where my aunt tanght. r\fter being th e re a year l refused to go a cla:=:.s hig-her because the teacher t h ·rl' was a . trang-er. So I stayed in the kindergarten another ,·car, with the rc~ult that whe n I wa~ finally pro m o ted r made ~fin~ g r ade::; in t hree years without ever noticin(T it. ()nc time I swore in kind e rgarten and the teacher wa~he d mv


Tlu Anchor

tongue with ~o:tp and water. I think thi:-; w:t=-- an excL·lknt thing-. for I haYe n en:r cared to S\\'Car =--ince, a nd the u llcranCL' oi an oa th by any o ne e lse i:-; c:-;pecia lly repu g nant tu me. ln eati ng I \\'a:-\ the greatest llltt :-':-\l'r on n ·. cnrd. E,·l·ry rhing I got fo r dinner I mixed in 0 11' ma:-;s n n my l aq.,!·c platl' :-> pec ially pnn·id ed t1> keep the tahk ch•an: and aft l'r playin ~.: with it for a whil e I always ate th e \\'hole cnng-lt)tll craticlll . .\ly parents experienced g-reat difficulty in breaking- till' uf tlw h a b i t • a n d e ' · en w h c n t h e y \\'a t c h c d m c I s l y l y 111 ;u l c u =-' c c1 i e\·cry cessation in th eir ,· ig-ilan~c to pnur my tea un.· r 111_, potatoes or empty th e s uga r h \\'l on my plate . I hclie,·ed that as long as things were to he mixed up in~idc anywa_, . they mig-ht as \\'Cll be mixed fir:->t as la=--t. The my=--tery uf thl' self n e ,·er bothered me mu c h . 1 simp ly con ... id e r ·d all pL·opk a=-- ho llo \\' a nd th:tt t h ey ate until they w e re full up to tiH:ir n ecks and then h ad to quit. \\' my h ea d. abo\'(: rn,· nwutlr. contained n c,·e r prc~ ente cl any problem to me. The phenomena o f nature ne n ..: i· interested lllL' ntuc.:h . Thund e r J wa~ to lcl was caused by the c l o ud ~ bumping- tr•g-eth cr and this explanati o n satisfied me fo r many years. I <J,, n t belie,·e I was a ,·c ry pertinacious que~tiuner. I rclil'd fpr my info rmatio n o n books. and lo ng- th o ug-ht that whate''l' r w as in print \\'a s g-ospel truth. ~uch a rc my rcc u lkl'tillll :-' nf t he p~ycho l ogy o f my c h ildhood.- Pattl E. Hink amp . 'o;.

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STUDENTS! STOP!! LOOK!!! LISTEN!!!! T he Anchor ~~ocia tion ha s begun an acti\·c campa tg-n to in crca~e its suhscripti n li st. \\ e arc pl a nning this ,YL'Clr t" Ki ,·e yo u a better . more n t: \\' :-i)'. m o re up-to-date Anchnr th a n ever before. Plans arc under way for some surprises in the future. u b cribe fo r a paper to send to the peo ple at honw and let th em kn o w \vhat we are d o ing. 11ve your se ,·c ntyfi,·e cents f r a subscripti >n to :\Jr. t;ott\\'cns and sec him smi le. It's \\'Or t h t he mo ney. You need the paper. We need the money. Let's exchange.

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f:' t h t·n· any clay in the year quite as clear to th e ht·art <lf lliL· !-=-t tttkn t a=-- the first day of en li eg-e? So me wi 11 say l he la=--t da,· ni the ,-car i:-> far happi e r t > them l>nt t n ll=-' lh:tt day o i pa~ting- i:' ~ht· =--acldl'!'t nf all. ~an anythin g-.~>:. d ea rer tha n the ~· lad "l kiln. f' m glad t t ~Cl' you back agam f a f lin"!'ttt<ient. the heart,. handclap of an nlcl proie:->:or o r e,·cn th e :-.ig-h t of the <.tid f;m iliar bui ldi n g-~ un the campu:;. the \\' :tlk=-u;ldcrneath the trees and th e broad ~weep of the at hk tic field \\'ith it s llll'tnoric~ oi hard-wo n battles of the pa:-;t and anticipations o f \\'Cll-clcscn·ed a pplau. c and ,-ictory in th e iutur~·? { )f co urse we 111 iss th l' >ld-t i me S e nior:;. no\\' g-ran: :tnd ~ta 11 I A lu mni. but 111 >rt' th a n thc:-;e we mi ss him fro m our number wh o is g-one nc ,·cr tn n :turn. who ha=-- fini =--hecl li ie '!' l cs~nn~ and has .g-Ottc before u=-- a li tt le while . T h l..' seats of the Senior~ :trc filled b,· the ol d -time Jun iors, but the sca t of ll crhcrt \ ' an \ ' alkL·n-lwrg i:-; lur~,· cr t~nfillecl among th e c la::-;"mate=-- \\'hn lo\'l' d him .

T( all wh n han: returned. no t k a=-- t c )rdial a tnong- th<.' welcoming- h a nd~ is that extended to y o u by the .\nchor. \ ,. c trn:-;t y u arc back with the same hearty snpp rt whic h y ou ha,·c g-i,·e n us in pa ~ t years. \\'e n eed y o ur help the s ame a=-wc han! at \\':t ,.s ncc <!cd i t .- ,·ou r b est sturiL'=-'. your be ~ t c..;:->ay:->. c'ra ti < n s. poetry and jokes~ your censure when '"e n eed it: your pra ise when w~ desc n ·e it. :\n d to the n ew st ud ent s \\'e wou ld ~ay that the .\n chor c ngratttlate ~ you o u th e choice of a collegC" w h ~ r l' ther an.·

Tlu A nd1 01


------------------------------ -

:--o manY a< h· antag-~~ as there arc tn h e iound a:' at I l npc. lH>th io r phy~"'ical. m e ntal and s piritu;d g-r" ''·th: whL·rL' the grcau.·-...t •r m l- will and IH:lpful fl'l luw:'hip cxi~ t :' not u nly allll> tl g- th ·

;tudcnt:' thL·m~eh·c:' hut al :-'\1 bt·tw~..Tn fa ·ttlty and s tuden t..; . ~ I a,· I lo p e hccnme as <kar t1 > .' tl\i a~ :' he is tu us ! . \\·e at·e ~l:ld l< ' ha,· ~ back atntmg· u:-- thl· lh::u l o f t~ur Eng-li:'h <k p:utnH.· n~. fre . h and ,· ig ll"Cl\1:-' from contact with tlw mast er-mind:' at ( l:xford . and \\·c exknd a hL·art y \\"l'lctllll · tu J>r. ~lcLarcn. whu h a:-. lJL·gu n h i:' \\'()rk attllJ!lg" u::: 111 th ~o.· ...;cie n cc dcpa rt me n t. F o r u ur l'rL':--i ...knt. pruie:'..:., >r:'. a nd fcllllw-sttHlcnt:-. . irtllll IY:-; h> ·o~r='. we \\'isn the h ig h c~t : us~ ihlc ·ucccs:-- in the -.:Lllllitl~ 'ca r s w u r k.

Hl . . ...


1~ 1-...



. \ l last th e g-i rb oi II up~ ha ,. ~ a h ome: un the cam pu~ . and a hL·;nlliiul and cumiurtabh.: hutn e it i:->. t \ 'o rhc c:-<;irb" J >ur mitur_, \\"a:-- fo rmally opened Tucsday c\·cning. Scp-

when the first dinner wa...- :-- n ·cd in the well appointed dining roum. pre. idcd u\·cr by our dean. ~ I r~ . \ "a n Ra~dte ; iJmun.:. ~\lany oi thl· g-irls arc enjoying- liic in tlte attra~ti\c r<H>tll:' uti thl' ::o;ccond doo r and the ~ iri s' so~icti'-·~ ha ,.c a) r~o.·a dy t ab.' tl :'tcps to\\"a rd ad v rn i n g- their :'uc ie ly room ~ 11n the thi rd fl,H>r. The l>ny:" :;ho\\" ju~t appreciation ni the: pr i,· il<.·~t· g-rantL·d them of dining with th e co-eds and enjoying 1 Ill' \\"t•ll-::en·t·.d Ill ·als pn·pared un<kr t iH' dirc: ction oi ~I i.-...: T(lwnscnd. wlit > h :1:-. alrea d y found a place in the: h eart~ t)i IH1 th the ,Yllltllg" llte:l and youn~ \\" Utll~n pf I lope. \\ " can.~ all just!) proud o f this mag-nificent addiii o n to o ur L"11lkgc aiHI h ope it \\" ill be the m ea n:' ni bringing many mt•r<.· wotnl' tl ~tuclc n t :• into our mid:'t. and hy gi,· ing· both thL· youn~ men and the ynum~· \\' Utncn opp rtttniti e:' oi acq uiring- culture and ref-inement \\"ithin its w a ll:' add t > thl· de·.-l·lopmcnt u f tnH· m an hoo d and \\'()J nan lwod. Ll·mbcr

HOPE'S OPENING EXERCISES. I l tJpc is ~t ill pn g re~!'-ing. \\"ith an cnrollm~o.·nt nf on: r 1 -.,:> nL'W :-.t ud c nts o ur :-\lma ~ l a tL'r g-re ctt•d her so n s and dau~.dners a nd smill'cl upu n h l' r patron~ . l ~y ninl' t>'ch>ek 1)11 tlll'· l ~t h uf ~~pte111her the Chapel and thL' Y . .\1. C . .\ . rw> ll l were filled with anxious s pectat o r s . who w•ntld witne:'~ thL· '>J'C lling e.:-.;ercist's. \\"hil e o ur presidl'nt. J >r. l' olkn. ·un · g-rc..·ss man Uickcn1a , D r . J. D. ~lcLare n . I{C',.. . \ .<>It man. D. I) .. and R c \'. :\. T. Luther \\' ·r c t ak in g th ei r pl;t~o.·es upu n th l.. ' p latfo r m. th e boy;-; and gi rls made th e tlld wall=-- ec h o and re-ec h o \\"ith yells a nd c heers. . \ ftcr the reading oi ~cri ptu rL's f>, . Dr. K li en and prayer by I ) r . t Htman:'. th~o.· pn::' dlcnt ga,· ~._· a. ht•art-to-h eart talk. lie :;poke o n "Th e :\ ttainmcnt •>i Jl o \\" er. " Hi s rem a rk s were in a h appy ,·ein and contain l·d omt• good and wh o l e~olllL' ad" icc. J l c closed hy introducin)..!" the Hon. l~. ]. Dickcma as t h e orator for the ncca~ic n. ~I r. Diekema first JHO\·ed ,·cry conclusi \·e ly that thi s i..: the age o f the co llege bred man . Then h ' talked about th e effects o f kn o wl e d g-e. · I Lc ~aid ... Kn o wled ge brings son·o w. but it is a bl e ·sed so rrow . It is th e sorrow o f the ope n cycs. 0f the en lightened ,·is ion and the c h astened heart. ~ o man ca n h e e it h e r great. gc o d o r wi~ e wh has not sorr o w ed. T lw s unli g ht of kn o w l e d ge mu st s hin e t hro u g h o ur tears in rdl'r to produce th e se \·en -e lo r ecl r a inbo w o f a beautifu l life. " :\ ft e r this m agn ificcn t a nd cloq uc n t address . Dr. K o llcn

intrndncccl Dr. I. IJ. ~lcLare n. wh o will till the ~..· h:t i r d ttt i 11 ~- t h e a I> s e n c ~o.· o f I )r. ~. ( >. ~ I a :-- t. II c wa:' greeted 1)\· . an arnusinn· :--- cullc• re .,·cll. which made him feel at h ome in hi ... Ill' \\" su rrnutHii ng-s . Th <.' benediction was spokl·n by t h '-' l~ c ,· .. \. T . Lu ther ;\ nd o ur co ll ege wa s iurmally up" n ed.


t c., .



Th ere ha,·e been :'ome changes o n tht· ed itoria l ~ tafT ~ inrl" last June. \\"e r~g-rct t o lo'C ~li~s ~ lil dred \\"eston. w h o helped ~ I r. Dykema write the t hin g~ w e were suppost!d tt1 laug-h at last year. \\"c a lso miss ~lr. II. De Kruif. o ur fo rmer stafr artis t. ~li !'~ IJ cl<.· n l' Kep pe l take:-: up ~ li ss \\ ·e~to n· ~ pen and n o doubt \\"ill earn o ur g-ratitu de for many a h ea rty laugh in the future. ~Lr. DeKruif's place h as n ot been filled. S n ch ta l nts . a~ w ere his . arc h ard t eq ual o n th e ca mpu s. \\"c..· :-. h a ll h e g lad to h ear fro m a n y undi s co ,·ercd gen iu s amongll tlr st udents a nd \\" e promi::-;e yo u s peedy ~ll',· ation t o ~taff


honor:-; a.· suo n cl:-' ,·ou r g-c1: m:-; a :1·l abilit\· bc..·conh: ~ kn•l\\' 11 tu u:-;.

wa;-; a :-;ucCl':o;:-'J•>n o i triumph~ . E,·ery h onnr pn ~ii>k· in th ..: cl•ml:lin of mu~ic ha ... be e n acconkd l l ) :\lr=--. j :tcohy. Th ~ l~.·ctnrt! CPtlr:--t' a:-; a who le i:-; the b~=--t cntnhinatit)n n1 :ntracliollS C\' l' l' or(crcd here and ll\\' illg' to th t' fad that th l' =--~ating- capacity ha~ hcc..·n cnlargc..•<l. thi:' cutin: li ."'t CJf high cia:'~ t:tknl i~ pr~;-;cntcd at g-r~atly r~ d uccd pricc..·s. ~o u nc..· wh•, d c.-. in·~ educatio n and culture c·! n a !'!o rd t '> i,>rc :~n th~..· plc:l.· ttrl' and pr u lit thi:-; s~ril'S oi entcrt:tinment;-; \\'ill ,·il'l d.

"' .

HOPE'S LECTURE COURSE FOR xgo7-'o8. :\m u n :""'t (r the man -Y t)ri,· ilct•· ~..·s 1> i collcn·c l ife 110 fc..·atlll'l' :"'"\ ...... ..:.tand~ out more prominent than that, whi c h of"ler;-; u:-- th e nppurtunity to h ~<u and :-:.e · . \m ;.. rica·~ g-rcate;-; t k:ukr:' ir11m en: ry profes;-;ion and \\'al k in life . ( >ur idea~ and ambition .... arc ~tirn·d and mrJlckd. to a , ·cry g-reat e:xtcnt. hy th~..· 1111..' 11 \\' h o ha,·e been and a r ;-;uch a p()\\'t~r for the moral uplift :tnd ac:-.thc..·tic culture ui .\ meric..:an i· :c. :\lc..·n and \\' <llllCll \\'hu;-;l' d<.':-;ire i~ 1111t only t o plcasl' lm t i >educate, it · \\'ill l>c n :1r g-,,od fortuPe to li ~t<.'ll tc1 t hi s iall and ,,·inter. F or th e pa:-:t fc\\' seasons thL· 1 l op~..· -ullcg-l' l .cct urc Cnur:--,· ha;-; presented the l>cst and nH ;-;t artistic.. prog-ram of c..·ntl'rtaill mc nts in this part of th e :'t a te. illlt this year tht· cnmm itt c..' 1.' ha~ left . <me: nf th o;-;e well htaten J•ath:'. Thrungh tht.: :!cti \'L' agency n f Proft's:'or ;\ykcrk. the..- taknt \\'hich will bt• p r ese n ted there wa~ S('Cun·d only afkr the solicit~~ti•>n ()i 111:1ny l)f the fri e nd;-; t f the rour;-;c had been c m;-;iclc..-rcd. The lt..· . .·tnrcs promise 1Hntgh ~ hnt the carnt' ..:.t t•xpr~..·~~io n nf :..n·;•t lin>. :\lr. Bryan ~ncl \\' ill l'arlctnn and ot h L·rs. not qnh· <kl i,·cr a me:-:.:ag-e hnt they exert a per~on;tl 111:1gnc..·ti;-;m whi c h c:1rril·.; 1 h ~ hearer. captiYc. T h e prng-ram is not nncqually hal:lncl:d thrnugh the ah;-;c n cc of music. n•acling-s ancl imp~..·r;-; n nati on;-;. \\. t• haY<.' hnt tr) m e nti o n K atheri n e Ritl ge wav, wh o is co n ceded t o h an: the most popular orga ni za ti t n npon the ly ceum platform. ~li :-:;-; Ridg-e\\'ay is wi t h ot1t clouht the be~t known n·:ukr of the: present g-ene r ation. Th gl o ri n~ old . nth i;-; t o be rcpr esentc..•d in the person I ,f :\I r~. Fc..· nctta . 1 ra~kell. Hc.:r sturie;-; o f the old sout hern life arc bright, tru e to life and r eal. The 1<)\·cr;-; o f mu;-;ic will he plca:o;ed to hear nf the c )11li ng- o f :\li~=-- Josephin e:. J acoby n n cl h e r company. :\ re i i.:~hlc c ri t ic h a~ . aid of t hi s company that "y o n seldom sec such a star comhi n at il>n a;-; that h ~ade<l hy i\ l r . . Jose phine S. Jacoby. Four s u ch , . ic es arc seldom bro ug-ht toget h e r in nne compa n y, and in th e ir conserted w o rk the effect is trnly w o nderful.'' ~J rs. Jacoby h as been with t lw l'onrit·d :\l ctrupol itan Grand Opera Compan y a n d her ca reer


Tlu A ndtor

Tlu An clw'

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lntcn.::;-;t in fo otball has n ot c..·ntin: ly di:'appc..':Hecl at I (d JH'. .\hn ag-e r <;eorgc l~oo:o;t ha~ suc et'l·ckd in c r ·a ting ~IHHtgh t'l~thusia;-;m tn uq.!·;n 1ize a team . O n Sept e mber 2() they nwt th<.' lnca l J lig-h Schoo l e]c,·en . hut were dde ated () t, , o. It\\' :' ~ a hntly c o nte='tl'cl game frnm ;-;tart t o finis h. b t th team;-; playin~ dean. fa:t hall. Th t.• 11 i:..!'h S c ht ol ck\'(:n lncl the aclnllltagc oi better training-. Their ,·ctcran coac h. l'rnie:o;:'nr i lc..·lmc..•r;-; . ;:~ q u :1 rlt'r. kc \ hi..:. hoy;-; to ,·ictory hy ;-;crappy, scient i ti~..· play:'. ( >ur b YS \\'Cre tktcrmincd hut < ut ~)r ·o 1Hiitio n . The ()Icier :'IHln:nre c:xperienced men at Hope were n nt in th e g-aml'. n or did they e\·cn f.'!i ,. · encouragement. \ \'c real izc that witho ut the support of iaculty and :-;tudent;-; the gridi ro n cannot be a 111arked ~ucces;-; . The practic e. h o \\'e,·e r, will put some of th e candidates ior the basket ball team in g ) O cl cn nditi n. 0:1 Octo ht·r 1. the g-ym wa;-; pened il> r re~ubr ba4:cl-l>a ll practice and c:dc;-;thtnics. < ;cnq..:· t: 1k Kr11it \\'h., e o nduct(.:d the cla~~c~ ~t.> efficie ntly la;-;t year. i:-; again in full c h arge Freshm en and ") rs." for whom the co urses arc eompul;-;o r.' . will begin w o rk th ·"' seco nd term. Speci al classc. in gymnas tic:-; ha,·e already hcen organized hy the phy:-;ical dire ctnr The cour;-;es arc being ,·igorously and enthusiastically pnrsucd hy all classes of College and Preparatory department;-;. I nring the wint er term the physical director h pl'S t o g1\·e a n



. ..





l'xhibitio n. The p r eclom inati ng spo rt. h owe ,·er. i~ ba~kct-b :lll. Plett n :..·. \ 'eenkcr. Oltmans ancl the \'rnuinks o f the reg-ular~ arc hack dc.:t ennined to make c,·~n a m o re brilliant rcc t>rd than la~t year. De Kruif, our !itar forwan.l. will not play. This year he will be the official coach. LI is influence in this capacity will



ganH.' .

. \ Ct'lllract \\ith thv .\lu:--catint·

tl.·:titl. ltJl'

... ,.

' ltth ha=-- a~·ain rl.'ll l'\\·...:d \\'•'rk 111 <':trnc .... t. T h t· tir:-:t nH.'<.·ti ng- \\'~h hl'ld Sl'ptt·ml>er 23. Th l' llh' Jlll w r :- an ·~-rt· atly t 'tH·nurag-l'd by the incrca..:t•d inll' l'l':O:l ~lttH\'11 in t h·· I )utch lan~· u<tgc. Th i:-: :--l'l'\' t':' ~s a lll'\\' impt'LU:' to Ct)lllllll'n n· the \\'tH·k with untiring zeal and L' :Hnt•:-:ttH.'~' · Th · prp..;pcct-a rt' t'IH'cntrag-ing. and tht· tlll' llliJ...:r:' lw lk i" r w ard lt • a \' t':t r n i ttt lparalkled :-;ucn•:-:--.

. ...



..... ...



The :. tinvn·a ~ t H: it·t'. J,l' t!'tn:-; tlh' n~· "· \ L· ar \\i t h pn ,;nl:--l' ,,j a hri~ht iutttrl' . Thl·.men.l hcr:-:llip i . . i nc~·t·:t:-- in g- :tnt!. in =~ll prnhahiiity. \\'ill l>t' ' t·r_, l:trg·t· thi:-- _, t·ar. Tht• :'ch: i,: ty i_' anlic i1' at in g t h t' ck I i ~~ h t s n i t h t ' i r I II' all t i i ul t 1c.:\\ h ;t\ i i 11 tIt l' \ 11• 1 r h l' ~ ~ <;irl-...' l'u:·lllitt •J'\. The old lH <.m l n · r ..; : q·t· l i ~ lt: d \\i t h tl w ,,,·i'-·i.' --pirit and ..;h,,.,,.' l'\. <.'11 lll()rt: interl':-.t and l' nthu..;ia'-n~ than' l_:t -- t ' l·ar. In tin· p : t :-: t tit•: pnl :..~ra1n- h :l ' ' t' ht· ~..·n ,·,· r _\ nH<.·r . · -. ttn~ ;t nd charact e ri..;tie .>i llllll'h t~ri g-in :d \\'11rk ·!nd \\'l' k ·I c.m!irl ·· ~:: that thi ~ _·t·ar':-: ''.:nrk \\'ill :-:It•)\\' grl'a t im:.:·~~,· t· nH~nt on·r p n·-.· :n 11:-' n .' a r:'.

MELIPHONE SOCIETY. \ \ ith thi:-- \ t· ar the ~lt· liplt tl tH: S: ,t'i l· t~ l' ll l' r-... \!)·11 11 a t it'\'' l ra i!l it-- )Ji .... t•;ry . L a:--t ltull· the liitit•th :'llllli\ t•r:--ary nf tht' -... 1 1cit·t y \\' :t :- :IJ'l rupri ·ttl· ly ~·<.·khr;ttl' fl. J ·: n, ·, ntr:t· ~-e d 1,_, iht· J' a -:. t h l· :\ lt•liph~, n i ~t ll"' arl' clt·tt·n n inl'd t•• l ~ l';..:in th i..: 11 ~ . .,,. ~,.• r:t \\' i t h ·: , ~..·; 1 r':-. \\u r k \\'llich :.hall :-.urpa:--:-. any )ll'l'\' il•ll=-- :--tandarcl .

FRATERNAL SOCIETY. FnHll pn·~cllt in di c:ttitltb \\' l' ran nnt hnt a11gur a ~Tar "i ~re:1t ~un·e ... :- inr till' l: ratt'rtl<tl S"l·i\.·ty . Till' -..un.' t·:--:-: "ith \\'hich th e tir:-;t t\\'n prngrams h:t\' l ' alrt·ady IJeL·n n ·nd<..·rl'd i~ an indication qf the l' llthn .... ia-...111 11f til<.' ,,I.J irat e :-". TlH·-...l·. rt·in iP ret'd l) y a :'tnmg :tclditit~n "inc\\' lll l' illher..:. \\'ill undcmbtcdh· mak this a b a nner n .· ar.

The 'nsmnpnlitan Sncit•ty tlli;-; _\'L'ar ha s .._tarted tllll \n ·ll. \\ · it h it=' :-:pIt· 11 did h a II an d h t.' :t 11 t i i ul i t1 r n it u r t' it i :-: today. undoubtedly. th' fint•:-;t :-:oci<.."1y hall ()Jl tht· camptt~ . . \ numb r ,)f new member~ ha\· hl'en adckd l•> thl' mcml>cr=--hip Ji st ancl this yl'ar, as in prc,·inu:' )'l'ars, thl· s ocil'ty ha:-; :-:tarted dnin g-

ll .,u:·i:-11

The l ' llib :-:


ll tn :t:·· co t tlllittt' tt1



·' ~..· ar:' tht· undi :-. pttt L· d ch altlpi t~Jl:-' 11f l n\\':t . ha :-- al:-.•l lH•t·n :--igncd. l. a --t :-:~..· :1:-:, • n tlw lattt•r cldl.'alt'cl ihc t ' n ·... n'llt l ' i'l'. IJ_\' " ·hc11 11 . e \\Tf''-' l: <.'att·n. in I\ 11 galllt':--. ·1 h ..: :-c t' ••ntr:tl't:-. 111t:tl1 th:t l I ln: ll' i:- :--che·lukd t <' 11l<l\. the hc:-:t tt'atll:' i11 lhl! cvt1 111rr . ( Jttr pr.,:--pt·t:t:-- <!rt· g~tt H I. btn '' t' arl' nut t ) \ ' ·r :--angttilll' . t htr 'i-.. i i.<1:":' ''ill ''l' ' t· ter: ~ J h \\ h" h ;l\ e 1 : :_, cd ll• " t·thl'r nlall) :--ea:--tJJJ:-.. \\ ' cart· c,Hil parati,·t·l_, y••llll;..!' and inexpLTit·nn·tl. ( Jur li, ..: il a n .· pla~t· d ttlg"l'lher nn ly ont' ~ea :-;11 11 . ltut they art· dctcriPi nl'd . Tht' \' r l'ali zt• that :'lllTl':--:-- "ill dt'JII' Iid largt•l_, un hard. pcr:-;i:--ll'llt J' r:tCiiCl'. l !ut lh ;t{ i~ 1111t CJ!IHlgiJ tel :t"'\ll'l' •;i •' lc'l' ' . !·:n· r.' · tll:ttl in :--d11111 l llll! ~ l t r_,. til 111::kl' thl' tl':ttll. :": u , •:It· j .. rl' ni a pl~:n·. 'lltl'l'l' will ht· an ''Jll'llillt!" i. n· an_, <,n,· IJH:rit:-- a l' ' ' " iti'~t1. Ft·ll••\'. .. . t.'ll ! lh' tl\ll and try. :tlld try hard. I r yell) L'CII111Cll play.·' Ill) t':lll ('Jl ·nurag-t' . l.a :--1 ~Tar· ... tl•;tlll :;. ppn·ciatt:tl tht• :-:~IJ>J ' Ilrt ni f:trHIIy. alt!tllni and :--tndt·nt ... . That --upptlrt \\·a:-: qnc r<': i~un fnr t:H·ir ..:•ll·n ·... ..; . Tlw ,•nthu:--ia .. ;i.· ktcking- '>f icll'l\\' -:-'tlldl'nt:-: gnt· ~ a lt111J.! \\'<1_\' in \\'innill;-!' :t cJ,, .. ,, ~:amt'. Th L· rt· \\'ill l,l' tllan_, lllort· lnrd klltk..; thi ... \' t•ar than l;t--1. l·,,llh.' cHlt :tnd l'tltll. Th t• pl:t_,l'r..: will tll' t'cl ycn1. I

thing-s inlnll:diately. \\ ' {, h11lh' that ;md pn)\L' a ht·lp t•1 stwlt:nt--.

prt~ bahly

murt' than .,, il!llt' r- h:tl:tllt't' tlh· l1•:-:-- . . \n c>ftit·ial ~dH: dule lla :-: 111 •t yl'l ll t' L'Il t'tllll)lktt·•l. \lana gt•r \an J lnul ·n i:-- llt"t-!tlliating with din·ctc1r:-. irtllll all p~trt:-­ uf the ct~untry. T\\·u g'illll<.':-. <tn· c~..· rtain. J)llring thL· wintv:· lLrlll . the Tan tiW\11.' lla ll li\ v (r .. . ll .'\ v\\ Yt•rk :--l "i' at i ''' l'": \t: r,

-·· :.> ••

T lu A 11 dw r

1/u A nc/1(},.

.. .



SOROSIS SOCIETY. L·ntkr ,·cry a u :'pic intt:-: ci rcum:'tann·~ the ~~ )rn-...i:-: ~ocit· i ." !l l.'! c1 t h l' i r (i r .. t meet i n g- o f the co Ill' g'L' y t' a r. . \ i tt·t· a pI e a" !11 f.!' prog-ram each mcn1l>er tnld of her strug-g-le to nhtain h L' r littk "mit<.' ... \\'hich :-: ht~ttlcl get t P ~ll:--tclill. ililJ>I'C ' ' 'l' and l'Xtl'nd thv

\\Ork nf the ~nro:-:i:-. . Thi :'. hn\\'C \ r. \\' <t:-' hut tht• upl'ning-. and 1111\\' th :l t tht· ~ 11 rc 1 ~i:-: i:-; under \\'a\· tht• mcmht·r~ ha,·c t!l'tt•rmill<.'d to tn akl· t hi:-: t h l' )) a 11 11 l' r y l' a r i 11 it :-: :-'I11 H' t h i :-: tn r y. \\ · it h t h l' l' nt h tt :-- i a ..: 111

•) -

-·' th a t \\' Or k:-: W cl t lC k' r~ . th · ~n rn:-.i:-: ~ ucit• ty :-:<.· t ~ furth . and i t :-lit c rary \\·n r k i=-- g o in g to h e ~J a rra n g<:d tha t n o thi ng: hut go e~ cl "·a n ClJill l ' ro <::tc h llh.' lll h~r . Th · :'t>d:tl ~itk a )..,, ,._ill tltl l ~~ ~ Jt c g-lct· l~ < l. and t ugt· th ~ r th e~c t \\' () t:lcm ~: nl ~ ''il l \\' ll r k iPr t hL' J..! u od u f it ~ m t: 111 b c r :-;.

BUBO'S NOOK. . \ I t h u u g- h \\' ' r <: g r ~ t

t h c co n t i nn e d


.. •

( '

a h =-' e 11 c ~...·


f I ~ ul H '·


" 1. •

t a k e plc...::l:' tl r<: in anr wu ll,.: in:~· th e r ecei pt d a k t t u · ir11111 o n r v:--t cemed fri e n d an d i. r p uhli :--hing h l'rt' \\'i th :'llch JHlrtill ll:' a:: "· ~thin k

\\'ill prO\' l: l l!• •=-' t h l' n ~ li c : d a n d pl e a s in g to uu r ir ie n d-. a n d patru n s. Utt<..·en s t t 1\V ll , 1rc la ncl ,


~ Cpl. I J. I ~: )/ .

.d ,.

J) ~ a r n o ,- ~

an d < ;i rl s a t J I o pt·- G n :<.· ti n g:

"\ ' alh a lle L'll ~ k o n·e n je hrunh c ldi k :'\ i s k id a , ·e n j n r n o r d j c:'k j u ldc .. ·· Did :' t th o u e\'(.' r p () p Th y h e ad int o a tin m an's :'h o p ?" S o sa ng- the 1tcla ndi c b ani. Ska lh ul t. 111an y c<: tlln r ic.· ag·., as h e ~a t o n hi : \\':t int:' hi de ca mp :'t uo l enjuyi n g- a t id- b it iii w ha le- b lu b b e r and :--ig h ing as h e tl hnt gh t oi tht• appn>:td l • ,j th e lu ng. 1 m g ni g ht a nd th e trcm o lo ni t h a uro r a l> u r~...· ali:'.




c n j• 'Y'-'d m ~ '1. tt l•l I r l'h lld and ~~~~ p l..· 1 -. t 1 r~..· "a ... 1.' 1!h a llct'rl hy tht· J.,;t' lli :tl l't1111pall it1ll:--hip t li a p ari -.h pri~o>t. F:ttl wr I >nlan. at \\'hu:-.t· ap artt llL'tlt:' I rv :-idt . l "!t ile.· in l ~ l'll\'. I.T ll t·:t d I lall':-..rhi tt •· h. l'l'Ctll all incidt•lll i1 1 \\ hi ~.·h Ill'\.. .i•1•:ia l ir il'tt ·l : !l· t~.·d a' a n int t· rpn·tl'l' and ~...·nj• '·' ,·oi a ln· ·1rty bug ' t at my c·~ j) l. .' ll:-l' . \ \ l' \\t...' l t ' '.\;\lkill;,!' thl'ltll:-!Jt tht• clttll_\ ill~ di-.tri l·t-. ,, j l:t·tt \\' e L' I kad and tl·l' tT h;' PJH'll L' d tl)H•n l\\11 -.turd~ li :tk Ia 1 ~ . l llll' oi \\'hc1111 hL·Icl t h t• , ,tJt ~..· r l>y tl a· ··~·rnl'f , ,j til~.· th···l anci " a:' h l'la iH•ri n g hint indu,tr i~ttJ .... J~ \\ ith :t -..hnn duh . I :-- :n·at t;...! 111 t h ~ · r 1..' =-' c tt l' a 11 cl " a:-- n · h u IT l' d h.'- 1 h c..· ' i L't i 111 It i ill l' I i. ''. h 11 \\·ith a irn n-11 u p•111 hi-. ruddy hro·x l' :-.clainwcl: " l~ ··in .' " f·•iltltl· n : acl tntl rr;t!.!·h tllll lladan." . " \\ · ~_·an· ph_, i n ~ pclli ·:~.·n t:lll . it ·.... h i' turll m::-: t." ~

Th~o.· n atl\l' lri-..h .t :irl-. c an c~r -- il_, ht.: n·c"gniz~..·d ll\ th l'ir :--~t i t hlta· l' '. c.. ' "· 1\l:t··:..: ~,..,~.. ... . a r "· ,·lr_, l'111111lt111l allllll~g' Lh v 111 1..' 11



1 am ,·c ry ~o rr_- th a t an unpa n lo nabk e rror ,,·as nt ad~.: a n d that a~ a co n~ c qttenr c I am n o t \\'ith yo u t uday . T h e wh qJtmatter ·in a nuts hcl ! i~ thi ~: I h a d ~l'c ttr e d pa:'sag-~...· in t h e.: :o-:t<:am er Lu~itania. hut o n e o f thc o ffi c ia ls thinl · in g- that ( >. l!ubo \\'a s a hurri e d e rro r o n th e part oi th e purse r fl> r < >. Uurk n b:' c qui o u ~ ly co rre c t e el th e !"nppo:'c d mi :' t ake \\'h 1.. · n :\ J r . < ). J:urk in q uire d \\'h e th c.·r h i~ ,· :-~le t h a d p roj't·r ly a tt l'lltkd i.11 the b oo kin g- o f hi ~ n a m e fo t· pa ~~ ag-e . \\ ' h e n 1 ap p li e d fo r . t e am e r a cco m moda ti o n s I \\' as m et \\'ith th e sta tem e nt that my n a m e w a~ n ot n n th L' li :'t. 'T l11.· h oo king- had cl . e d th e \\' ee k hl· io r e . t h , -a le t s tn ntl \' ma in tain e d th a t he had p e rfo rm d hi s duty a nd p o in ted~ t n th ~ :'t e am e r' s r o ll. lhe purse r . CCJ\ilcl n n t e xplain bnt o lTcrc d tn a . sist me a s much a ~ lay in his p o w e r t o sec ure pa ~s~q..,!c . J I • lllll ~t . ha,·e b een a baseball play e r and a cq u a int L'd with th e m cantn g u f th e te r m " as~ i . t" o nly a!' it is us <1 o n th e di a mond

••r "'' ' "'Ill· had li ti l· 1' ••\H'l'. :J .... tnt!' th~ l '''l'l .... H'·t !. - : .. T t t n 1• t ! 1r 11 1., ~- ' · h n· ! . :ill i 11 ! · 1· , • 11 t1 ~ t ~·II: u1 =-! l ' T t l ·~ t lllll'l h i!!:-! llt'\', . "' n: : vi ili t :; ~ -- t • ;,11 ~l.



i Ill• • a

,,., :... ( l't•n -

:--i-.t cnc' a l lltlll l\'- " l a11d llJl"ll cllll' t";..!it l ;..:· \\ ' 1-.. g'i'1.Tl"d hy tl1·· t d>:'L'n·atinn of a ... urch :--c•n 11i l·: rin . \\ h11 irt'l'cl hi11 1 ~ L'li ni tlw il ' ll o\\' i n~: " Yt lll n ·111i 11d 'Ill.' , , j ill\ lri-.h pc1t :t lll .... jJH'~ it 1-- :t r ath <' r p ~..·aiy -. uikd ).t'•Hltt\.·t and Jt a ... l'_\'1..' ' IHtl .... ~,.~,.· .... n~tl. .. Tht· chil'i prlldllc...·t -. lli l r~..·land in· ~. .· kk!-- :--upc...·,·i ndu n·d 1>_, "tl llll tlltaill

ar c

)'t'ai .

p t~t:Jtul·:--


dL' \\ . ..


:\J ,· ~njourn in ~l'lllla n d • •

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l·: ,·cning La111p. ( u i \ 'Prill'l' :' I >ormitury kindJ _, :\. IL ) .\t that rat~.·. why r~..·:tlly 11 11 \\· . \\'1..' 111ig-ht di.:--p'lt:-.1..' with t! ~t· unli11ary m~..·thud ,,f l>rcalda., ting and tak · nu r nwrning- rq1a~t in tit~.· c\a~=-- rtH l lll h<.·t\\' Cl'1t ~c,· c n and ~..· ight o'clock thu~ addin~ IHlth tu o ur phy:--ical and mental ~tor~ . . . Two bird;.;.'' etc Th e chid objection:; duuhtlc~=-- w ould ari;-;c from the in~truc:tor:-­ and ':\ l r. Dl nellll' tlllal. th<: inrnwr alkging lack ni time t c• Jtl\111Ch tht· .\raclti;-; llypng<l<.'a \\'hik ·la..;--c:; wen' in :-=l'-=,ion and th l· latter protc~ting- l wcau~c nf adcli tion:d :--w ~..·cping- a' ~· · i~•c un~~.:ntpuluu:-:. per~11n-; will in~i;:.t nn makin!-!' wnrk itl r tlt l' janit or. Chee~~...· at tltirt<..'l'll cent:-:. a pound i~ more cconnmical :1:-: iuod than 111l':lt at the ~amc pri~.·~..· .-The \\.atch \\'t rd. ( \nnn t i:'~ary oi \ ' orhcc:-- l)nrmit l lry plca~c :\. lL)

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T iu A ndto!

Chas. Hubbard

l ' nth r e lla f1, •p:tiring. ~('w


C IT I ZEN S PHONE. 11.) 6

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C itz Phon e 470.

206 River S t





STUDENTS that if you desire s t yle as well as quality in your footwear don 't fail to see


( ' 1•: ;o.;'J' lL\ I • •\ \ ' Jo:.. Cot· · Wth !"'t.

Chas• Dykstra'

H. R. BRINK, The Bookman ---~


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I-'M a box o f l' hoi'"e rr111dies go to


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Fine Perfumes


CENTRAL AVENUE, Corner 16th Street


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C. A. Stevenson. The

ae?.~••• Jeweler ~~

Is agent for L. E . Waterman and J ohn ll olland l'onntain P ens


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The MODEL Drug Store Heaclc1uarters for fine Perfnrue. f~ old en Rose our 3.'l Cents p~r Onnce.

G. Co r. "th a.nd River

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HA . l tN, PrOf).


H olland, Michiga n .

T /u A ncllor


Why n o t ma ke your room co-.c y . You can d o it at a very s ma ll c o~ t . hy ~cttin~ a few tas ty pictures, a mirror, and a paper holder a t



Store, ·


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r; bth St.

Framing to order

r~~~~~~~A~:.~ FIRS1' S,.r A 1.,E BAN li ~

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'Vith Savings Department. Capital :i\!lii.OOP.OO. Jl uJiaJul . li id1i~;m

Corner Eighth Street and Central .\,.e.,

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For a nit·e, fre.·h b11x n f

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'Il l

Chocolates C. Blom, Jr. Bon BOI\S We Apprecit1te Your Trade -A~D -



'J la~ 'andy .\l:tk er.

'1'111·: J>Ill·c;

LI~E, A~l>





Ghds. D. srnith, Druuoist llo lland . .\I j,.Jt.

.) East Eighth • 'treet, Citize ns Pho ne


-- ........


J ::?95.


_________ ---------------:

Boone's Livery, Bus and Baggage Linr. HORSES BOUGHT AND 200 Centrnl Avenue.


Citizt•ns Phon' :l-L

Dell Phon e 20

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