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Hope Volume XLIV



Hope Colieje, Holland, Mich, September 30,1931

Niunber 14

INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT All-College Glee Clubs Are HOPE LYCEUM COURSE OPENS Recruited From WICHERS TO TAKE PLACE OCT. 12\ Reception On WITH SHAKESPEARIAN PLAYS Friday Night All Four Classes IMPROVED STUDENT GUIDE College Issues SPEAKER DISCUSSES IDEALS | TO APPEAR NEXT WEEK D I M N E N T C U P W I L L BE NEW MATERIAL LOOKS VERY Tuesday night, Y. W. began Noted Company PROMISING FOR YEAR'S Invitations To PRESENTED TO PULL A new and better Student Guide another year with a running start MUSICAL EVENTS for 1931-32 will appear some time Will Appear On VICTORS with one hundred girls, present. 2500 Guests next week. The Editor, Theodore Several new members were taken Milly Klow had charge of the openThe All-College reception, under Wed, Oct? Schaap, and Business Managers, into both the Men's and Girl's Glee ing song service, and for once, the SEVERAL MEN OF NOTE f O

Harold Hoffman and Raymond Schaap have incorporated several new features into this year's Guide, including Athletic Schedule, ColRUTHVEN TO SPEAK lege Calendar, songs, and possibly , the telephone numbers. The fortyReception for Limited Number at ^ v e booklet will appear in President's Home Will brand new colors, and an unusually Follow Exercies I attractive cover. The Holland City PARTICIPATE IN THE CEREMONY

W . been issued during the past week] 0 by the college to attend the inauguration of President Wynand | ^ O r O l i l l B S Wichers, A. B., A. M., LL. D. The inauguration will take place on the 12th of October, at 7:30 o'clock, in the Dimnent Memorial Chapel. All ministers of the Reformed Church, all presidents of the universiUes GIRLS WILL BE TAKEN IN AT and colleges in Michigan, and all of END OF THE SIX the Hope College alumni have reWEEKS PERIOD ceived invitations. ^ :— . XT f The .xercises will consist of a L ^ L ^ " t e r n . t i e s have short introductory address by the [ 1 ^ "ew members and Rev Nicholas Ropt- A p • have announced their success

Clubs by Mrs. Fenton during the past week. The material in both clubs is very promising and we may look forward to a season o excellent musical entertainment. The new members taken into the Girls' Glee Club are Anne Jackson. Ruth Mulder, Ada Ellerbroek, Bernice Mollema, Marian Working Viola Durling, Marian Wray Laurena Hollebrands. Those taken into the Men's Glee Club are William Vandenberg, Arnold Van Zanten, Melvin Vandenberg, Melvin Dole, Henry Van Deelen, Cornelius Vander Naald James Neetinga, Marcellus De Jong, Everett Welmers, Russell Paalman, Carlyle Neckers, Richarc Vander Wilt, Frank Visscher Eikie Meyer, George Mulder.

young ladies outdid the men in singing. The leader for the evening, Bemice Mollema, led in the devotions. An appropriate solo, "How Long Wilt Thou Forget" was sung in Hazel Paalman's always pleasing manner. Miss Mollema then discussed her topic, "The Call from the Heights," with ideals as the main point. The beginning of another school year is like turning over a new leaf. As the students start this new year, they should choose high and worthy ideals for which to strive. Every ideal broken is a black mark on the page, but every ideal gained is a good mark.



STUDENT TICKETS Magician and Russian Cossack Chorus Are Probable Later Numbers of Course

The Hope College Lyceum course opens a week from tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 7. The first number will be a presentation by the Shakespearean Players who made their appearance here last year. They will give two performances this year; a matinee at 8:30, and in the evening at 8:00 P. M. The matinee is to be that hilarious comedy "The Taming of the Shrew." The evening performance will be the great tragic drama, "Hamlet." NEW SYSTEM INAUGURATED No student should fail to take in thr0UK h t h TO INSURE FULL MEMBERdent o f l h X a ^ t ™ ^ of * — of PRESIDENT GEORGE BERENS at least one of these fine enterd g the Voorhees tes SHIP DURING YEAR GIVES OPENING tainments. Why ? Because each Hope College, and the charTe by T" ' . the K,r t0 ADDRESS Rev. HekhuL; D. D. vice p ^ d e n t . f " ^ ^ student at Hope College who has t g rl8 are picking The Chapel Choir, under the di- paid his blanket fee is entitled to of synod. The main addresses will lu ' The first meeting of the Divinity rection of Mr. Snow, has begun its one free ticket Watch for further be delivered by P r e s W e n T E t o , 7 ' t h e f 9 T ; t , e 8 t 0 ^ ^ Guild was held on Wednesday, Sep |SOPHS AND FROSH READY FOR ey P r n 0 t m 0 r e 80 t h a n work this year with seventy-seven announcements regarding the disWynand Wichers, A. B A M , u ' FOR FIELD DAY AND tember 23, in its room in Dimnent members — a larger roil than ever persion of Lyceum tickets. LL.D.. and by President E ^ v e n ^ GRAND PULL Memorial Chapel. At that meeting >efore. We may also feel sure that of the University of Michigan. ..vr ' u* . The second number of the an enthusiastic group of prospecNo m The music will be i n c h ^ e o f ' h e P^ls' socithis large number is quite perma- Lyceum course, to be given the first Thursday the fights! And Friday tive ministers listened to the presiW. Curtis Snow, and will indude H ^ T P t ™ ^ *** t h 8 t i n the p'ull! That means two big days nent this year, due to the fact that week in November, features the dflnt. of the Guild, Mr. George an organ number, a selection by ^ perHonal.ty wins each member is required to make a Burch and company, magicians. He Berens, as he gave the opening ad- for the Freshman and Sophomore the chapel choir, and solos by L T , ^ no elaborate new four dollar deposit which may be is regarded as a second Thurston. dress. Mr. Berens expressed his de- classes, and a heap of fun for the year MrS Stanley De Pree of Lansing and n ' returned to him in full at the end The third number comes in DecemDetroit. Durfee s offer to give a tea for the sire that the year's activities might upper classmen. The Freshman- of the school year. If he is absent, ber. This has not been definitely be built around a keynote of deeper Sophomore fights will be held on A f t e r the inaugural cxerds J *'rl3 in theL n a m e of e a c h spiritual consecration. He stressed the field south of Carnegie Hall however, a fine will be deducted contracted, but at present negotiathere will be a reception at the 1 / U W a f l e n t h u 9 i a s t i c a l l y acfrom the amount, and if he severs tions are under way with a Rus-^ the fact that the life of a successful and the pull will be held at the 0 ld t ? l r l S home of the president to which the T ^ , ' 11 w i l 1 ^ connections with the choir for any sian Cossack Chorus under the diminister must, like the unusual usual place on the banks of the members of the board of trustees, V , 7 ' n f o r m a . w h i ^ most other reason than illness, it will be rection of Sergei Sokoloff. The four-leaf clover, be unusual in a Black River. Neither Freshman nor W S p e n t in g e i the members of the faculty of ° 'l ' forfeited in full. This plan is fourth number will be announced four-fold development. Thus the Varsity football men will be able n g aC qUalnted Wlth a n op or Hope College, and the visiting dele- ' t ' P merely to insure full membership later. f to participate in the events. y eac pre8ldent to gates will be invited. say person desiring to be a real mes throughout the year and does not Co-operation is asked of each w -o | h a t she wishes concerning their senger of God must seek to cultiThe Student Council is in charge take away the choir's distinction as student. Student tickets will be society. A musical number will be vate and strengthen not only the of Thursday's activities and it a free organization. given out at a stated time, and only acceptable. The first of these teas physical, social, and mental activi- plans to give each Freshman and At a business meeting held last during this appointed time. Each will be held next week, making it ties of his life but also, and above Sophomore all the fighting that he week, the following officers were student must call for hip own possible to take in the new girls all, the spiritual. wants for one day. The events will elected: ticket. The thoughts and keynote of the begin at three o'clock and the proby the first of November, which is Mildred Schuppert, president; Girls do your part by offering president made a very favorable gram of events will be carried out earlier than in previous years. Lois De Pree, secretary; Christian your ticket to your escort. impression upon those who were similar to that of last year. All HOPE REPRESENTATIVES I A f t e r t h i S S e r i e 8 o f t e a 8 ' o n a Walvoord, treasurer; Henry Kuizo certain d a t e to present. And around his central of the Freshmen and Sophomores ATTEND CONFERENCE | ^ announced later, enga, Leland Beach, and Harold each new girl who wishes to join idea of deeper spirituality the are expected to be there and the McGilvra, librarians. AT CHICAGO a society will be requested to hand events of the coming year were upperclassmen will miss a good The new members who were Both the women's and men's de- in a signed slip to Mrs. Durfee planned. One of the outstanding time if they don't come. f squads An have 1 ... I taken in by Mr. Snow this year are bate resumed their with the names of the various features of this year will be the Both the Frosh and the Sophs are Julia Den Herder, Marian Working, regular meetings. The women's societies in the order in which she organization of Gospel teams. busy getting their pull teams into Annette Witanek, Ruth Van Oub, squad under the direction of Miss prefers them. The societies will These teams, like the group which shape. "Comie" Vander Naald and Helen Shaw, Ethel Boot, Setsa HARD TIMES PARTY TURNS Payne will convene on Thursdays, also have handed Mrs. Durfee a they represent, hope to be charac"Walty" Spoelstra are the coaches Matsonobu, OUT TO BE GOOD TIME Alyce Mansens, from 2 to 4. Mr. Ritter will meet list of the girls' names in the order terized by the dominant note of for the Sophomores. About eleven Marian Boot, Ada Ellerbroek, PARTY and direct the men's squad on in which they are preferred. Then spirituality in their programs. of the Sophomore team and veteran Lucile Ver Schure, Isabelle Van Tuesdays, from 4 to 6. At each of being able to show no partiality, The Divinity Guild is an organ- men who will remember the taste Saturday evening, the Sibyllines Ark, Gertrude Van Peursem, Marthese meetings Mr. Ritter will con- Mrs. Durfee will check the names ization consisting of those students entertained their guests at a "Deof victory from last year and are garet Stryker, Dorothy Dulmes, duct an advanced argumentation and return to each society presi- who are preparing for the Gospel busy teaching and training the new Virginia Kooiker, Agnes . Van pression Party" which was held a t ' class for those who desire the ex- dent the list of each society's new ministry. It endeavors to afford recruits. They were not pulled Oostenbrugge, Catherine Fred- one of the cottages on Lake Michtra credit. As soon as the regular members. The new girls will know such young men a touch of fellowthrough last year and they are not ericks, Evelyn Van Bree, Hilda igan. Contrary to all weather redebate routine has begun, there very soon which society has taken ship and devotion which will aid anxious to get wet this year. The Lanting, Viola Durling, Ruth ports there was a depression in the will be more meetings of the them in. them in their prospective life's Captain, Frank Visscher, says that Meengs, Cornelia Stryker, Kath- rain and after a hilarious and squads. work. The organization holds This new arrangement was ofthe team will not be as heavy as it ryn Rottschaefer, Adelaide Diel- breath-taking ride, the young peoLast week Friday Miss Payne, fered by Mrs. Durfee as a means of weekly meetings of praise and was last year, but that he expects snyder, Harry Friesema, Harold ple arrived safely at their destinaMiss Louise Kieft and Mr. Arthur breaking society rivalry and build- prayer on Wednesdays at 4:15 to have the men in excellent con- McGilvra, John Chamberlin, John tion. Mr. and Mrs. Snow were Ter Keurst, as representatives of ing up real Hope College spirit! o'clock. Every Divinity student is dition by Friday. Pott, John Cotts, Henry Kuizenga, among the guests and ably chaper- • Hope College, went to the Audi- We're sure it will help. urged to be present. The Freshman coaches are Will- Paul Van Parnis, Melvin Vanden- oned the group. torium Hotel in Chicago to attend o This week's meeting will, if the ard Meengs and "Herbie" Marsilje. Depression gave way to prosperberg, Leland Beach, Russell PaalCORRECTIONS the Mid-West Debate Conference. weather permits, be in the form of They expect to have just as heavy man, Lawrence De Cook, Albert ity of spirits when some of the The questions for debating for this In last week's Anchor article a sunset vesper service on the shore a team as the Sophomores and they Holland, Preston Luidens, Harold couples were called upon to do some year were discussed. This confer- concerning the new faculty mem- of Lake Michigan. Cars will leave are working to get co-operation and Noble, Ralph Van Lente, Henry stunts. These stunts were really ence has great influence upon the bers, Mr. Hinga was described as the College Campus at 4:15 o'clock. that "pull-together" spirit Joe Lin Pos, Robert Stewart, Eike occupations given by the Unemcharacter of the subjects chosen for graduate of Western State All students interested in the Min- Esther is the captain of the Fresh- Meyers, Russell Fredericks. ployment Bureau to some of the the Michigan Debate League. l /> ri ^ . istry will be cordially welcomed. man team. Teachers' College. This was an more needy of the group. This in•o -o Come and get acquainted with your error. He is a graduate of Kalacluded a comic skit of ''When Miss Anne Koeman, a graduate The pull promises to be a good Miss Hazel Paalman has taken future associates. mazoo College. one. Both sides are about equally of this past Jyne, is on the faculty Mother Was a Girl, but Daughter, over the choir at Third Reformed « One of the scheduled football Church of Holland. Mr. Howard Miss Mildred Schuppert was ill heavy and both sides are busy of the Rockford High School in Oh!"; a reading "And He Began to Rockford, Michigan. games was also omitted from the Shove," "Selling Magazines"—by Shade formerly was in charge. for two or three days last week. training the men. list on page 4. On October 81, an able sellei^-"Imitation of MemShe is very much better now. Miss Marion De Kuiper of the Some friends from Plainwell, bers of the Campus," and a trio Miss Edith McGilvra, an alumna Hope will play its home-coming o class of June, 1931, visited Voorhies Michigan, came to see Marion Wray singing over the radio. of Hope, is teaching in Plainwell, game against Hillsdale College. Miss Evelyn Van Bree had visiHall during the week-end. At pres- and Grace Earie during the weekMichigan. 3 h e is the head of the The old fashioned game of "Intors over the week-end. Her fament Miss De Kuiper is doing office end. They were the Misses Gladys E„gU.h department at the struments" was played which necesily came from Grand Rapids to see work in Fremont, Michigan, her Walker, Elaine and Ermine Belscn001 ' tration course. her room in the dormitory. sitated not only a knowledge of the home town. lingham. (Contlnuea on Last Page)

Adopt a New Bidding Plan


the auspices of the Student Council, will be held this Friday evening in Carnegie Gymnasium as a climax, or rather an end to the Sophomore-Freshman class rivalry, and as a general get-to-gether of the college students and faculty. A short program of musical numbers and talks has been planned. For those who do not find this attraction enough, assurance of refreshments may be given with some degree of certainty. The main object, however, is to foster a closer acquaintance between the students and faculty. Come and meet that stunning new co-ed who has been haunting your dreams!

Divinity Guild Conducts First Meeting of Year Class Fights on Thursday and Friday

Chapel Choir Increased By Large Number

Debate Squads Organize For Coming Season

Sibyllines and Guests Prosper on Depression





Sntorad at the Port Office at Holland. Michigan, a# Second Claaa Matter. Accepted for mailing at special rate of poe^tge provided for in Section 1103 of ; U Oongreu. October 8. 1917. Authorixed October 19. 1918.

STAFF , Ivan C. Johnson Editor. Harri Zegerius, Clark Poling. John Somsen Aisodate Editors.. i .....Joan Walvoord Head Reporter L .Watson Spoelstra, Herbert Marsilje Sports. .....Myron Leenhouts, William Austin Humor. Bemice Mollema Sororities — JBob Freeman Fraternities. Vivian Behrman Campus News. Reporters: Msrie Verduin, Edith De Young. Julia Hondelink. Preston Van Kolken, Christian Walvoord, Mayford Ross, Carol Norlin. Lois De Free, Jean Bosman, Virginia Coster. Maggie Kole. Harold Ringenoldus. Ruby Aiken, Katherine Ives. Alma Plaake. Martha Van den Berg. Lillian Sabo, Ethel Leetsma. '

Frosh Soph's Notice! RULES FOR THE SOPHFROSH FIELD DAY Thursday. October 2. 1931

GENERAL RULES— 1. There shall be two judges, four referees, and one timekeeper. 2. Contestants must be physically qualified by Coach Schouten not later than 2:00 P. M. on the day of these events. 3. Contestants shall weigh-in for weight classification at Coach Schouten's office not later than 2:00 P. M. on the day of the events. 4. Students who have once comBUSINESS STAFF peted as Freshmen may not again Business Manager Melvin F. Dole represent that class altho enrolled Assistant Business Manager— .....Harold Ringenoldus in that class. Assistants....Lois Ketel. Edith De Young. Vivian Behrman, John Cotts 5. Freshmen taking part in the events will not be required to wear their pots and ties. Freshmen not participating shall be expected to appear as usual in pots and ties or berets and ribbons. 6.'Each contestant shall, in so far as possible, face an opponent of the same weight class. 7. There shall be a captain Of each team, elected by members of the teams. 8. Kicking, punching, gouging,' elbowing, and other means of roughing shall disqualify a contestant from the event and from other OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS events of the day. Disqualifications T h e r e c e n t call f o r p l a y e r s in t h e H o p e College B a n d shall be upon authority of judges p r e s e n t s t o m a n y s t u d e n t s a u n i q u e o p p o r t u n i t y f o r s h o w i n g and referees. 9. Contests shall start upon sigt h e i r school s p i r i t a n d l o y a l t y . N o finer c a u s e e x i s t s on t h e c a m p u s , a n d a n y m u s i c i a n will b e a m p l y r e w a r d e d f o r e f f o r t nal from timekeeper. Contests shall end upon signal from timekeeper e x t e n d e d in t h a t d i r e c t i o n . E v e r y o n e is a w a r e of t h e i m where event is limited by time. p o r t a n c e of b a n d m u s i c in s t i r r i n g u p e n t h u s i a s m a n d a 10. Scoring for each event shall be fighting spirit at athletic events. Hope's football team h a s explained to team captains directly before start of each event. Followa l r e a d y s h o w n itself w o r t h y of e v e r y o u n c e of s u p p o r t t h e ing each event, the score shall be s t u d e n t r y c a n rally. A l a r g e a n d w o r k i n g b a n d is e s s e n t i a l announced to team captains. Exf o r t h e f u l l e x p r e s s i o n of o u r f a i t h a n d l o y a l t y t o o u r r e p r e planations and scoring shall be by s e n t a t i v e s o n t h e field. College s o n g s a r e a l w a y s d i s m a l l y the judges. e x e c u t e d w i t h o u t t h e e n s p i r i t i n g a c c o m p a n i m e n t of m u s i c a l Rules for Individual Events I. SAND BAG RACE i n s t r u m e n t s , a n d r e n d i t i o n s in t h e p a s t u n d e r s u c h c i r c u m 1. There shall be twenty men to a s t a n c e s h a v e seemed n e a r - s a c r i l e g e . A school a s u n u s u a l l y team. blessed w i t h musical, t a l e n t a s H o p e , s h o u l d b e a b l e t o m a k e 2. Bags shall be placed in a row t h e b a n d a n i n d i s p e n s i b l e p a r t of i t s l i f e . T h a t is t h e p u r equally distant from the teams. The pose of t h e p r e s e n t o r g a n i z a t i o n w h i c h h o p e s t o b e g i n t h i s teams shall be forty yards apart. 3. Each bag shall carry an y e a r a n e w e r a of s u c c e s s f u l s e r v i c e . W i t h t h e h e l p of old award. The award shall go to the b a n d m e m b e r s a n d all n e w m a t e r i a l t h i s p u r p o s e c a n b e a c team which shall have the bag c o m p l i s h e d in t i m e t o s a v e o u r f o o t b a l l s e a s o n f r o m a m u s i c nearest its line at the sound of less c a r e e r . M o r a l a n d financial s u p p o r t by all s t u d e n t s is, of "Cease Playing" signal c o u r s e , n e c e s s a r y , s o let u s g e t t o g e t h e r on t h i s t h i n g a n d 4. No contestant shall leave his opponent to go to the assistance of h a v e a real s n a p p y b a n d a t o u r g a m e s . a team mate. The offending team N O T E : Special a t t e n t i o n will b e g i v e n to H o p e College shall forfeit the award to the ops o n g s b y t h e b a n d , especially t h o s e c o m p o s e d l a s t y e a r . posite team in such cases. S t u d e n t s a r e a s k e d t o l e a r n t h e w o r d s t o t h e s e s o n g s so t h a t 5. Should a bag remain at the t h e y m a y h e a r t i l y j o i n in s i n g i n g t h e m a t t h e g a m e s . T h e starting line at the time of the "Cease Playing" signal, the bag w o r d s will be p r i n t e d in n e x t w e e k ' s A N C H O R . W a t c h f o r shall 'be ruled uncontested and no them! award shall be given for that bag. There must be two contestants for a bag in order to place it in play. II HOG TYING 1. There shall be twenty men to a team. 2. Teams shall be forty yards AN EYE FOR AN EYE in the way of my son's education." apart. A poker player in a New York 3. Each contestant shall be equip'Boss (pointing to cigarette stub town had a glass eye, and when he ped with a rope of two feet in was in deep thought over any pro- on the fioor): "Clarence, is this length. Rope shall be provided by position, he had a custom of taking yours?" Clarence. "Not at all boss, you the committee. out his glass eye and rolling it 4. Upon signal, contestants shall about on the table in front of him. saw it first." run toward their opponents. As One night in a rather sizable game Cutajar: "Gertie certainly goes soon as opponents meet with each there was a stranger sitting in who the pace.'1 other tying shall begin. knew nothing of this peculiaritV. Chlupp: "Yeah—she halves the 5. Successful contestants' must The game progressed 'till the time candle and bums it at four ends." carry their opponents to the pen came when the man with the glass and place opponents in the pens. MacTavish: "I didn't see you in eye had a good hand. All dropped Pens shall be placed behind the unout save the stranger. There were church today." successful opponents' line. Yolande: "No? I took up the several raises back and forth until 6. Unsucessful contenders shall the man with the glass eye, not ex- collection." not attempt to leave pens until end actly sure what to do. and thinking of play. it over, automatically took out his ' Moran: "Try one of these cigars 7. No player shall go to the asglass eye and rolled it about on the my wife gave me for my birthdayi sistance of a team mate. (See Rule —there the best things out." tahle. Koeppe: "How are they when 4 of Event 1.) The stranger looked at this per- they are lighted?" 8. Pens shall be set out by.the formance with interest, then he referees. said, taking out S set of false teeth, 9. Contests shall last for Story of the Scotchman who and shoving them into the middle awaited his son's late return with minutes or until no players are left of the board, "If that's the you are the querry "Did you go out with a upon the field. going: to bet. 111 just call you." i n POLE SITTING— lassie, Angus, this evening?" 1. There shall be three divisions o "Yes. father." to this contest. Divisions shall be Prof.—"Frankly, madam, what "And what does it cost to take by weight classification. your son needs is brains." out a lassie?" 2. The contestants shall sit as-; tride the poles, separated by a disLady La Dedah—Well, obtain "About 9» half crown." tance determined by the referee in them for him immediately, and send "Weil,—-that is nay so much." charge. the bill to me. Nothing shall stand "Nay,—it was all shee had." 8. Upon signal from referee in


charge^ the players shall commence striking a t each other with the bs^s in an effort to unseat opponent. Use of other means shall result in loss of set, and the opponent shall be reseated. 4. Contestants shall be provided with stuffed bags. The bags shall be provided by the committee. 5. The contestant successfully unseating an opponent shall be awarded a point, and shall be faced by a new opponent/ 6. Only the bag provided may be used to unseat an opponent. Use of other means shall result loss of set. and the opponent shall be reseated. 7. Each set shall continue until one or both are unseated. Event shall continue until each man has participated once. 8. Should two opponents become unseated at the same time, there shall be no award, and another pair of contestants shall take their place. 10. The number of entrants shall be unlimited, provided only that the teams shall be equal in numbers. IV FLAG RUSH— 1. The flag shall be defended by the sophomores. 2. The freshmen shall charge the pole from a starting line twenty yards from the pole. 3. Removal of the flag from top of pole shall constitute capture. 4. Rule. 7 of the General Rules shall be particularly in force. 5. Playing" time shall be limited to minutes or until the flag is captured. 6. The number of entiants shall be unlimited, provided only thai the team shall be equal in numbers.

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Pacre Three

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trayed. Ella B a s h k e r posed as " M a c , " V i v i a n V e l d m a n a s Tillie herself, Bernice Mollema and Mart h a V a n d e r b e r g a s Mr. a n d M r s . Simpkins respectively. " A n d y Muller's Silver Lining," a FERRIS TEAM OUTWEK HS very humorous continued story HOPE. HUT VICTORY ( w r i t t e n by Ellis P a r k e r B u t l e r ) , IS PROn.AHI.E w a s told by A l e t h e a n A n n e t t a T l i e Blue and O r a n g e r o o t e r s M c G i l v r a . will h a v e t l u i r first o p p o r t u n i t y to A f t e r this and some more songs see t h e v a r s i t y in a c t i o n w h e n F e r - e v e r y o n e h a d f o r g o t t e n t h a t t h e ris I n s t i t u t e con "s f r o m Big R a p - r e s t of t h e w o r l d w a s d e p r e s s e d . ids to p l a y tlu H o p e e l e v e n at Riv• * * e r v i . w P a r k this S a t u r d a y . Since Dorian — "College Life," W h a t a both U m i s s u f f i r e d d e f e a t last L i f e ! a s it w a s p r e s e n t e d by t h e we. 1<. t-ach s q u a d IF- e a g e r l y w a i t i n g Dorian Society Friday evening. The f o r its first ta.-te (if v i c t o r y . m e e t i n g w a s o p e n e d by s i n g i n g F e r r i s will In- r e p r e s e n U d by a peppy college and popular songs. well b a l a n c e d t e a m b o a s t i n g a line E d i t h C u n n o g i n led d e v o t i o n s a f t e r m u c h lu avic r t h a n t h a t of Hopi-. which K a t h e r i n e F r e d e r i c k s read an Ilowevi-r f r o m the r e s u l t s of last original p a p e r entitled, " T h e Adweek's g a m e when Hope was outv a n t a g e s of a C o l l e g e E d u c a t i o n . " w e i g h e d n e a r l y t h i r t y p o u n d s to t h e Ruth Foss entertained the group m a n . it s-eems t h a t a n y w e i g h t adby r e a d i n g a c o u p l e of h u m o r o u s v a n t a g e can b • e a s i l y t a k e n can-, r e a d i n g s . A one a c t p l a y e n t i t l e d , of by t h e w e a r e r s of t h e blue and " T h e I n n e r L i f e of a C o l l e g e F r a orange. t e r n i t y " w a s g i v e n by B e a t r i c e Van W ith the b a c k i n g of t h e s t u d e n t Keulen, Ann Edwards, Marjorie body it s c m s not ist all impro-bable A t i v a t e r a n d G r e t a McLeod. Dorot h a i t h e Hope e b v e n will g i t its t h y F i c h e r s p l a y e d a p i a n o solo lir.-t of v i c t o r y t h i s S a t u r d a v . a f t e r w h i c h a one a c t p l a y en t i t l e d , ' " I n n e r S o r o r i t y L i f e , " w a s g i v e n by Lillian S o h o , Vivian B e h r m a n , a n d Katherine Rottchaeffer. Katherine De J o n g e t h e n e n t e r a i n e d t h e c r o w d by p l a y i n g a p i a n o solo. T h e l a s t n u m b e r on t h e p r o g r a m w a s a p e p

A f t e r a few songs, this week's Bible lesson a s d e v o t i o n s , w a s disc u s s e d by A l e t h e a n H e l e n B a r r e . H e a d R e p o r t e r , M a g g i e Kole, g a v e a s u m m a r y of t h e n e w s of t h e w o r l d which w a s r a t h e r d e p r e s s i n g . Aletln-an Lois M a r s i l j e p r e s e n t e d the editorial. Her topic was the " Autogiro."

s u b t e r r a n e a n b a s s . Mr. T a r r a n t rep r o d u c e d a p r o m i s c u i t y of j o k e s which so e f f e c t i v e l y t a u g h t t h e u s e of t h e d i a p h r a g m t h a t m o s t of t h e A d d i s o n s w e r e close to h y s t e r i a . Mr. T s u d a l i n g e r e d t h e f r e t s of h i s l u t e v e r y s k i l l f u l l y . His a b i l i t y to h a n d l e t h e p l e c t r u m w a s well a s s e r t e d w h e n he p l a y e d f o r u s , acc o m p a n i e d by Mr. Hicks.

September 26. October 3 October 9 October 17 October 24

Mr. H a r v e y W o l t m a n , an a l u m n u s of 1980, g a v e a word of comm e n d a t i o n f o r t h e q u a l i t y of o u r p r o g r a m a n d told us of t h e A d d i s o n S o c i e t y of his d a y .

November 7.... November 14 November 21.



S o c i e t y n o t e s wt-rc g i v e n by Alethean Josephine Ayers. Next, the Alethean I'hilharmonic f l u b pres e n t e d Flla R o g g e n a s C o n c e r t P i a n i s t . S h e p l a y e d A i r Du Ballet " P i e r e t t e " by C h a m i n a d e . Tillie t h e Toiler was chosen as t h e comic s t r i p and was very cleverly por-





Football Schedule — 1 9 3 1



Hillsdale at Holland

.... Kalamazoo at Kalamazoo Open Olivet at Olivet

E m e r s o n i a n : — At l a s t w e e k ' s m e e t i n g of t h e E m e r s o n i a n S o c i e t y , the following program was given: E r n i e Allen r e a d his p a p e r on " T h e H i s t o r y of A v i a t i o n . " L a r r y De Cook s a n g " T a k e T h o u T h i s R o s e " a n d a s a n e n c o r e , he s a n g " J u s t O n e M o r e D a y . " S a m V a n d e r Beek a c c o m p a n i e d him a t t h e p i a n o . Bill

FIRST STATE BANK The Oldest and Largest State Bank in Ottawa County Dr. Edw. D. Dimnent, President Dr. Wynand Wichers, Vice President C. Vander Meulen, Cashier Wm. J. Westveer, Asst. Cashier A. A. Nienhuis, Asst. Cashier Member of the Federal Reserve System

month. Jim Van Vessem again s h o w e d h i s a b i l i t y to k e e p h i s t i t l e



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13th St. at Maple

"We Deliver"

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Heidelberg at Tiffin, 0. Ferris Institute at Holland Albion at Holland Alma at Alma St. Mary's at Orchard Lake

of t h e best h u m o r i s t in t h e h o u s e . The following visitors introduced school t h a t e v e n i n g . W h e n all t h e t h e m s e l v e s to t h e s o c i e t y by s a y i n g p u p i l s h a d a r r i v e d and a s h o r t a few words a f t e r t h e p r o g r a m : business meeting transacted, the Melvin V a n d e n B u r g , A1 J a n s s e n , teacher, R u t h V a n D y k e , took J o e K s t e r , D a v e De W i t t a n d c h a r g e of t h e c l a s s . A s i n g i n g Weldon R u m m e r y . c l a s s w a s held a n d s t r a n g e to s a y , The most important accomplisha y e l l i n g c l a s s too. T h e n t h e s t u ment at the business meeting was d e n t s h a d to w r i t e d o w n t h e p a r t s t h e a p p o i n t m e n t of a s p e c i a l c o m of a f l i v v e r or of a p a r t y p l a t f o r m . m i t t e e c o m p o s e d of Bill C l o u g h , S o m e t h o u g h t t h a t t w o on t h e back Nick C u p e r y , a n d L. De Cook to s e a t w a s a n e c e s s a r y p a r t of a m a k e t h e l a w n t h e b e s t o n e in t h e Ford. At recess time the teacher city. They were appointed by and her a s s i s t a n t s served the pupils P r e s i d e n t J a c k De W i t t a f t e r t h e y w i t h a l i g h t lunch. E v e r y o n e a g r e e d made several pertinent remarks. t h a t t h e S i b y l l i n e school w a s t h e • • • best p l a c e to go. Knickerbocker: — The Knickerthat


b o c k e r A l u m n i p r o v i d e d a v e r y inby R a y S m i t h , of '28, " T h e N o m a d " t e r e s t i n g p r o g r a m f o r t h e society and "Give a Man a H o r s e He Can at the meeting last Wednesday. Ride," were so a p p r e c i a t e d t h a t he T h e i r p e r f o r m a n c e would constitute s a n g as an e n c o ^ , "To You." a s t r o n g a r g u m e n t f o r a college Humor for the evening was f u r • • » education. n i s h e d b y L o u i s S c u d d e r , of '31, in A d d i s o n : — A c h o r u s of h e a r t y T h e m e m b e r s w e r e p l a c e d in a h i s p a p e r e n t i t l e d , " N e v e r B u m on voices a n n o u n c e d t h e o p e n i n g of v e r y g o o d h u m o r Dy t h e o p e n i n g S u n d a y . " D u r i n g t h e b u s i n e s s m e e t another Addison meeting. Our s o n g s , led by A r t A n d e r s o n a n d i n g w h i c h , f o l l o w e d , t h e p l e d g e s vice p r e s i d e n t , Mr. B e r e n s p r e s i d e d . A r n i e V a n Z a n t e n . T h e p r e s i d e n t g a t h e r e d in a n a d j o i n i n g r o o m a n d T h e p r o g r a m held t h e i n t e r e s t of of t h e s o c i e t y , R e o M a r c o t t e , t h e n e l e c t e d B o b D o r i a n a s t h e i r c h a i r every member. " T h e Character and c a l l e d on Dick N i e s s i n k f o r a word m a n . W o r k s of J o s e p h A d d i s o n " w a s of p r a y e r . T h e first n u m b e r on t h e S u n d a y noon m a n y of t h e K n i c k s g i v e n by Mr. B e r e n s . In s p i t e of program was a very informative e n t e r t a i n e d t h e i r co-ed f r i e n d s a t h i s t r e m e n d o u s f o r m e r s u c c e s s e s in p a p e r on c o r p o r a t i o n s , t h e t i t l e " G o l d e n S l i p p e r s " and " S w i n g Low " W h a t I s a n d W h a t Is N o t , " given t h e new a n d p o p u l a r K n i c k e r b o c k e r S w e e t C h a r i o t , " Mr. Dooley s a n g by V e r n o n T e n c a t e of t h e C l a s s of Grille. P r o f e s s o r a n d M r s . K l e i n t w o o t h e r N e g r o s p i r i t u a l s in h i s '27. T w o vocal n u m b e r s , f u r n i s h e d h e k s e l w e r e t h e g u e s t s of h o n o r .

Ensfield blossoms forth into a short s tory periodically. "Pleasing the t a l k "A la H i n g a , " g i v e n by A l m a W o r l d " is h i s l a t e s t c o n t r i b u t i o n . Plakke. A f t e r s i n g i n g the society In t h i s s t o r y he r e v e a l e d h i s t a l e n t s o n g s t h e m e e t i n g w a s a d j o u r n e d . in h a n d l i n g i n c i d e n t s a n d t h e con• • • s t r u c t i o n w a s well nigh t o p e r f e c S i b y l l i n e : — F r i d a y m o r n i n g t h e tion. He p l a n s on w r i t i n g o n e e v e r y

A l e t h e a : — T h e first e d i t i o n of the Alethean (iazette was published l a s t F r i d a y e v e n i n g in V a n R a a l t e H a l l . It called a big m e e t i n g of t h e l i t e r a r y so c i e t y . T h i s m e e t i n g w a s o p e n e d by P r e s i d e n t H e l e n B a r r e a n d b u s i n e s s m a t t e r s w e r e b r o u g h t i n o t i c e of t h e S i b y l l i n e m e e t i n g w a s in t h e f o r m of a s l a t e w h i c h s a i d up.

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F o u r





HOPE GRIDDERS HOLD STRONG HEIDELBERG UNIV. TEAM TO A TWO TOUCHDOWN VICTORY Heidelberg back i.itervepted a forHeavy Ohio Men ward pass. At this point, the "Student Princes" again went down Are Surprised the field, but this time Hope held fodr downs a f t e r they had By Opposition for reached the 5 yard line. Tysse

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College Inn Counter and Table Service. Home Cooking. Lunches. B O A R D & ROOM Cor. of College and 10th St. Opp. Voorhees Hall khhssssshi

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Ollies Barber Shop Always popular with Hope Students.

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Tel. 4656

fia-iHHSHaHHiHHHSJSnH:: :::::::

Back From Vacationing Means Attending to Your Beauty Needs because formal aSairs soon will be here.

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CROWD E X P E C T S "RUN-AWAY" GAME, BUT CHANGES ESTIMATE O F HOPE POWERS A fighting Hope squad, invaded the home of Heidelberg Uuniversity in Tiffin, Ohio, last Saturday, and held that powerful, heavy, and experienced team to 2 touchdowns. It was a game where pure scrappiness on the part of the Hope gridders gave this highly touted Ohio aggregation a battle and a scare which they will long remember. In fact, while Heidelberg made their touchdowns in the first and third quarters, during the second and fourth Hope clearly outplayed the Ohio boys and outnumbered them in first down, 6 to 5. Our Dutchmen surely surprised the "Student Princes." According to advance dope, Hope was slated to be defeated by about 40 or 50 to 0. But when Jappinga and Tysse began to break through for first downs, and when Zwemer repeatedly broke through the Heidelberg line to stop the opposing backs, it became a slightly different story. In the first quarter, Heidelberg ran back the kickoff to their own 10 yard line. A f t e r several exchanges of punts, they took the ball near the middle of fche field and battered their way for the first touchdown. At the start of the second quarter, Hope began a 30 yard march which was only stopped when a





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The Anchor Business Staff is offering a year's subscription to the Hope College Anchor for $1.00, to all Alumni or friends of Hope College. The College news through the mail every week for only $1.00. Send address and $1.00 to

Students Always Welcome

BUSINESS MANAGER, 180 E. 9th St, Holland, Mich,

LangUms Restaurant

and receive the College news every Wednesday


72 East 8th St. HOLLAND, MICH.



then kicked out of danger, and after several more exchanges of punts, the half ecded with Heidelberg in possession of the ball well in their own territory. A f t e r the beginning of the third quarter, Hope drove down to the enemies' 35 yard line where a pass again Was intercepted. A f t e r being forced back to their own 30, the Dutchmen again took the ball on downs, and Tysse punted 65 yards to put them well out of danger. At the very start of the last period, Heidelberg, again on a 35 yard march, took the ball down the field for their second touchdown. Following the kickoff, the Hope pass attack began to click and this last spurt was not checked until they were finally stopped on the opponents' 14 yard line. Hope 0 — H e i d e l b e r g 14 Wiegerink, G R. E.Yourist(Capt.) Beaver R. T. Blum Zwemer R. G Eshack Slagh C Taylor Norlin L. G Feagles Painter.. L. T Heistard Damson L. E. Brandy Nettinga Q Johson Dalman (Capt.)R. H. Wilcox Jappinga L. H Ihnat Tysse F Fields Officials: Referee—Fox, Wooster. Umpire—Buechto, Toledo. Head Linesman—Spade, Finlay.

The Lacey Studio • Still on the Job See us for your photo needs 19 E. 8th St.

Phone 9404

COLONIAL SWEET SHOP Candies, Fancy Sundaes, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Hot Chocolate, Toasted Sandwiches, Gilbert's Chocolates


An Exclusive Line of Gouda Pottery

D. J. Du Saar Kodaks—Kodak Finishing—Gifts 10 East Eighth St.

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Holland, Mich.

Peoples State Bank



This bank is interested in the students of Hope College and we are always glad to be of aid to them. If there is anything we can do for you at anytime, we would be glad to have you call at the bank. Remember we shall be glad to carry your account here this year.

An S. O. S. message was delivered to the Student Volunteer Band at its last meeting by Reverend Harry P. Boot of Amoy, China. A large group of recruits were out to receive the message; many of whom were there for the first time. It is hoped that they will continue to come. Rev, Boot has served four terms on the mission field; and out of his twenty-eight years of experience was able to tell many things of importance to the recruits. The speaker hinged his thoughts upon the S. O. S. signal. The first S stands for Signs of Success; O for Opposition and S for Service. The increase in the number of native pastors and women attending the seminaries is only one of the signs of success. Much opposition is met with, especially since the government has prohibited Bible study in the elementary schools. The missionaries must find other agencies besides the high schools and the seminaries in which to reach the new generation. Nevertheless, the Chinese church is helping all it can in furthering the cause. It is paying for approximately half of the expenses and is making desperate efforts to pay more. The educational qualifications have become more exacting f o r the native workers since they themselves desire a more thorough preparation.

Hope College Students always have found a hearty welcome at the

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Recommended by the English Department of



SIBYLLINES AND GUESTS PROSPER ON DEPRESSION (Continued from F r r s t Page) orchestra but great muscular development The spirits rose and hilarity "rained" when the group spent the remainder of the evening playing "Bunco." There was not only a rise in mental spirits but — cider was served during the games. A t last it was decided t h a t all had worked hard enough to earn some wages, so the "bread-line" was formed and lunch-fpr-two was served in dinner pails. I t was expressed t h a t if all depressions were like this one, t h a t there should be more of them. "

T h e Best Abridged DicHonary because it is based upon WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL— The "Sttprame Antbority.'* Here is a companion for your hours of zaadtnc and «udj that will prove its real value every time you contuk it. A wealth of ready information on worda,pereaaa, places, is inttandy yours. 106,000 words and phrases with definitions, etymologies, pronundations, and use in its 1,256 pagas. 1,700 illustrations. Includes dictionaries of biofraplqr and f o ography and other features. Sm It At Your CaOcp B o o W t or Wrte

for Informatton to tkt pMiiktn. Ftm tptcimenpatai/yoHnaautkittap*. * » c .


' -4

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