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T H E SENIOR P A R T T A f t e r t h e s h o u t i n g w a s over a n d t h s t u m u l t had ceased, t h e dignified m e m bers of the Senior class g a t h e r e d f o r t h e i r celebration p a r t y a t t h e a n n e x of t h e M a c a t a w a Hotel. T h e f a r e w a s h e a r t y aa It should be a f t e r t h e s t r e n uous t r u d g e to t h e P u l l — v e a l loaf and Pie a la mode were featured In the repast.

Bang! T h e ^un Hounded, forty m i n utes of s t r e n u o u s pulling and nineteen Freshmen and three Junior coaches entered t h e slimp, cold, black water* of Black river. It was t h e a n n u a l S o p h - F r e s h class pull. F i g h t i n g to t h e end it was necessary for t h e Sophom o r e s to pull the " F r o s h " clear across pull n t * W h e n all w e r e done, Connie Host h e river and up t h e south bank. i e r s m a d e his p r e s i d e n t ' s bow and Captain Sc hip per lost t h e toaa to introduced J i m VerMeuJen. J i m told Captain Van Zanten of t h e F r e s h m a n his c l a s s m a t e s a b e d t i m e story of love class, who decided to d e f e n d the N o r t h and defiance. A f t e r Mary W e a v e r had bank, t h e best on t h e river. At f o u r given a very clever reading, two F r o s h o'clock, a f t e r all ' p r e p a r a t i o n s had pirls, Helen F a e n e r a n d E t h e l H e n e ben made, nineteen "Sophs." and veld bewitched t h e a u s t e r e Seniors nineteen " F r o s h " began t h e fight f o r with t h e i r sweet melody. victory at t h e s o u t h of U m p i r e SchouMiss J e a n n e t t e Veld m a n r e p o r t e d ten s g u n . on t h e organization of t h e S. G. A., Digging f o r five m i n u t e s with h a n d s modestly a d m i t t i n g s h e was president, and feet, f o r m e d the p r o p s f o r t h e t h e n a d j o i n t m e n t to an adjoining pulling, t h e n followed t h e five m i n u t e T h e W i n n e r s In Action, P u t t i n g T h e i r Best Bm-k ..f a H e a v ^ I t Was Tills Kind of a S t r o k e T h a t Soon Spelled room to h e a r t h e Inevitable pair, P e t e rest and one m i n u t e w a r n i n g . The Defeat For the Freehmen. Wesselink and Marlon D e Y o u n g In a signal was given and t h e large m a clever s t u n t . A few s o n g s w e r e s u n g , nilla r o p e easily withstood the vigorY. W. C. A. a few words were exchanged and ous s t r a i n . T h i r t y m i n u t e s were up On Thursday evening, Septemp r e s e n t l y t h e Seniors m e l t e d a w a y into and t h e whistle was blown to pull ber 23, t h e "V. \V." girls had a m e r the starry night. s t a n d i n g up. T h e " S o p h s " got t h e ry s u p p e r on t h e M a c a t a w a beach. As T h e Senior Class w a s h a p p y In h a v " j u m p " on t h e " F r o s h " and inch by t h e mystical, golden-pillowed paraing J a c k and Mrs. S c h o u t e n a s c h a p inch t h e white h a n d k e r c h i e f , which dise revealed itself in t h e west over F I R S T erons. G E T T O G E T H E R G I V E S "TO TOE THE m a r k e d t h e center, slowly ascended t h e F R E S H M E N t h e lake o£ resounding w h i t e - c a p p e d PROMISE F O R BIG YEAR M A R K " T I L L NOV. 28 s o u t h b a n k amid t h e yelling and exbreakers, the girls r e p a i r e d to t h e c i t e m e n t of the crowd. J I NIOR PARTY AT JENISON foothills f o r worship. H e r m i n a gave T h e H o p e College Y. M. C. A. It was a glorious day f o r the SophoLa«t F r i d a y evening t h e J u n i o r s e n The period of green pots and green t e s t i m o n y of t h e joy of really knowing m a d e Its f o r m a l debut on t h e c a m p u s mores a n d incidentally f o r t h e t h r e e joyed a n i n t e r e s t i n g class p a r t y . A f t ties and ribbons h a s again entered t h e G r e a t Creator whose service, once Tuesday S e p t e m b e r 22, w h e n mo^t coaches w h o led t h e second y e a r er e a t i n g l u n c h t o g e t h e r a t T a y l o r ' s become " t h e t h e social r e a l m of t h e F r e s h m e n r k s o m e to her, had of t h e Hope men g a t h e r e d for a classmen on to victory. It was t h e first Place, we w e n t t o t h e r o o m y pavilion s o u r c e of her greatest h a p p i n e s s . " class of Hope College At t h e first m e e t i n g to a r o u s e t h e " Y " spirit. t i m e George Damson, James Ver big mass m eeting of t h e school year A f t e r p r a y e r and song t h e girls w e n t This first " Y " g e t - t o g e t h e r was c h a r - a t Jenfeon P a r k f o r o u r place of enMeulen and H e n r y Albers in f o u r tertalnment. last Monday e v e n i n g t h e " F r o s h " h o m e w a r d , with h e a r t s m o r e willing acterized by f u n , fellowship, a n d Tayears missed t h e ordeal of e n t e r i n g A fine p r o g r a m had been p r e p a r e d were given t h e rules and told to "too to find a n d "follow t h e g l e a m . " t h e r l y advice. t h e w a t e r s of Black river. f o r t h e evening, in w h i c h t h e musical, t h e m a r k " till T h a n k s g l v l n g d a y , Nov. -*>• Ted Essebaggers, t h e president, told The S o p h o m o r e s were full of e n t h u n oratorical, poetical a n d p r a c t i c a l abil28. ' r tin Is t h e only way to inNEW GIRLS in a few words t h e purpose, t h e Influiaam t h a t day, excitement r a n high, ity of t h e class was displayed. H e n troduv i the one h u n d r e d a n d sixty ence, a n d o t h e r incidental pointers nineteen " S o p h s " w e r e idolized by green F r e s h m e n into the midst of All Girls who a r e a t t e n d i n g H o p e col- a b o u t t h e organization. H e m a d e all rietta Beyers g r e a t l y a m u s e d u s w i t h t h e i r classmates. G a t h e r i n g t h e big college life. lege o r P r e p a ratory School f o r t h e t h e fellows t h e r e feel p r o u d of t h e (OmttaMd M Pagt §) first t i m e , a r e requentcd to (ill out Y. M. a t H o p e College, a n d f u r t h e r ho Rules were passed by t h e s t u d e n t (Oontlnued on Page 2) body g o v e r n i n g t h e i g n o r a n t F r e s h - B l u e Curds f o r Dean D u r f e e ' s office. set b e f o r e each a s t r o n g e r d e t e r m i n a men with severity. All pots, ties, and Many h a v e d o n e this, but t h e r e a r c tion "to m a k e Christ t h e K i n g of t h e ribbons must be w o r n at all times ex- still s o m e who h a v e not yet filed t h e i r c a m p u s " . He also showed, f r o m percards. sonal experience, how t h e " Y " m e a n s cept Sundays and at college social All g i r l s who a i v not living with m o r e to each fellow every ensuing f u n c t i o n . s No d a t e s may be m a d e by t h e i r iNirents. o r In Voorliees hall, a r e year. f r e s h m e n with t h e u p p e r classmen, L A R G E N l ' M B E R O F STUDENTS r e q u i r e d to h a n d in weekly i v p o i t One of t h e s t r o n g e s t " Y " boosters M U C H I N T E R E S T B E I N G S H O W N namely, J u n i o r s a n d Seniors. , A T T E N D F I R S T SOCIAL E V E N T s!l|)s a n d c h u r c h slips. Please s e e is Dr. Pieters. As usual he w a s at IN NEW CAUSE All " F r o s h " must be in b e f o r e Dean D n r f e e , o r Ml Id m l H a n i a k e r t h e m e e t i n g a n d as usual h e was T h e a n n u a l joint reception of t h e 10:30 o'clock. All u p p e r classmen about this, r e a d y w h e n called on f o r a few Y .M. O. A. and Y. W. C. A. societies receive p r e f e r e n c e in e n t e r i n g all Agitation f o r a H o p e College b a n d All girls w h o wish e m p l o y m e n t of words. H e suggested t h a t j u s t a s we took place 8 o'clock W e d n e s d a y even- buildings except d o r m i t o r i e s was s t a r t e d a t t h e m a s s m e e t i n g of and a n y sort, and e m p l o y e r s who wish cultivate o u r social a n d InteHectufil all t h e s t u d e n t s held on Monday n i g h t ing, S e p t e m b e r 23, at C a r n e g i e Hall. F r e s h m e n shall tip t h e i r h a t s to all Mudent h e l p In a n y line of w o r k , a r e life, we should also cultivate o u r de- In Carnegie hall. The fliflt part of t h e evening w a s de- u p p e r classmen. a s k e d to c o m m u n i c a t e with t h e Y. W. votional life H e urged each m a n to voted entirely to g e t t i n g a c q u a i n t e d . An organization of t h i s t y p e would On h a t day t h e " F r o s h " will be C. A. E m p l o y m e n t B u r e n u , in c h a r g e affiliate himself with o n e local The f a c u l t y and presidents of t h e two be "ft new t h i n g In t h e life of H o p e given t h e o p p o r t u n i t y to discard their of Mary (Vouch at Voorliees Hall. c h u r c h ; to m a i n t a i n , strictly, daily College. asociatlons formed t h e receiving line, o r n a m e n t s in t h e fire. I n f r i n g e m e n t T h e r e a r e several o p e n i n g s in p r i v a t e Bible r e a d i n g a n d p r a y e r ; to devote while t h e entire g y m n a s i u m was Boosting a good o r c h e s t r a h a s alof a n y of these r u l e s will result In famHies f o r girls to c a m t h e i r m o m s o m e t i m e each d a y to r e a d i n g books ^crowded with s t u d e n t s either m e e t i n g ways been t h e -pride of t h e school, t h e offenders c o m i n g b e f o r e t h e couit a n d b o a r d . such as: " P i l g r i m s Progress, A.uguseach o t h e r t h r o u g h f r i e n d s or "big b u t t h e need of a good b a n d has of justice, located in Carnegie hall, tine's "Confessions", " I m i t a t i o n of s s t e r s , " o r becoming a c q u a i n t e d by presented itself. T h e plan is to h a v e and shall be punished, accordingly. Christ." Dr. Pieters u r g e d strongly means of the "self-introductory" t h e band r e a d y f o r a p p e a r a n c e a t t h e t h a t s t u d e n t s come to h i m w i t h t h e i r Yellmasters w e r e also chosen d u r method. foot-ball g a m e s a n d o t h e r college difficulties a n d not to t h r o w ChrisKik was A g r a n d m a r c h ended this phaae of ing t h e meeting. J a c o b f u n c t i o n s a t w h e h i t would be m o r e t i a n i t y overboard because of s o m e "Peat h e reception a f t e r which a p r o g r a m elected head yellmaster with practical to h a v e a b a n d t h a n a n o r seemingly Inexplicable b a r r i e r s . Said n u t " D a m s t r a as his assistant towas given. Miss H e r m i n a R i n e h a r t , c h e s t r a . W o r k i n g t o develop a n o r " M I K E " SCHUURMANS B R I N G S he, "In f o r t y y e a r s of C h r i s t i a n w o r k , g e t h e r with Miss M a r t h a Van Buren. president of t h e Y. W. C. A., a n d Ted ganization of a b o u t twenty-five o r CUNEIFORM TABLET I h a v e m e t j u s t a b o u t a n y ' p r o b l e m The spirit of Hope w a s tunely displayed Esaebaggers, president of the Y. M. C. t h i r t y pieces is t h e Intention of t h e or difficulty which a n y of you may A., each gave a short speech of wel- Monday night at t h e m a s s m eeting managers. After organizing, ths "Mike" S c h u u r m a n , a m e m b e r of p r e s e n t . " In all, Dr. P i e t e r s m a d e a c o m e and Mr I. J . Lubbers, r e p r e s e n t - and if Hope s t u d e n t s can k e e p this leaders expect to develop y o u n g playup during the- -entire t h e class of '22 and a relief w o r k e r s t r o n g appeal, a s college p a s t o r . ing t h e faculty, spoke a few w o r d s of good work ers who will be a b l e to h e l p make it in and a r o u n d B a g d a d has s e n t to T h e s h o r t p r o g r a m was followed g r e e t i n g and in«piratIon. T h e o d o r e school year it will mean m a n y a t h • a p e r m a n e n t t h i n g in t h e college life. t h e H o p e m u s e u m a small Assyrian by s t r e n u o u s h a n d s h a k i n g ; imLuides e n t e r t a i n e d with a vocal solo, letlc victories for H o p e College. Keep Students h a v e a l r e a d y s h o w n proTablet which he acquired d u r i n g his p r o m p t u e n t e r t a i n m e n t s ; a n d last of u p t h a t old pep. and clever " s t u n t s " by t h e f o u r classes nounced interest In the cause and a t h r e e y e a r s s p e n t In t h e old world. all, by t h e c u s t o m a r y pie a - l a - m o d e . concluded t h e p r o g r a m . large n u m b e r have a l r e a d y applied to T h e t a b l e t is one of those usually D e l b e rt Kinney acted as c h a i r m a n : t r y - o u t for positions found In m o u n d s of burled cities and age or a p r o c l a m a t i o n of s o m e kind. a n o r c h e s t r a provided music and acThe students will organise and Alvln Tempast a n d Gerrlt H e e m does not vary m u c h f r o m t h e B a b y - T h e c h a r a c t e r s a r e all wedge s h a p e d . c o m p a n ed t h e singing of s o m e H o p e s t r a two g r a d u a t e s of t h e class of make other definite plans for the prolonian type of curio. It Is e n g r a v e d An effort will be m a d e to d e c i p h e r songs. T h e social c o m m i t t e e provided 1925 a t Hoj)e h a v e left for motion of t h e band on Monday night, New with a c u n e i f o r m Inscription and is t h e message o n t h e t a b l e t w h i c h m a y a fitting sequel to t h e h a p p y evening York city w h e r e t h e y will s t u d y at Sept. 28, 1926. . Efforts Are being m a d e of b a k e d clay. T h e engravings prove to be t h e w r i t i n g of a n Asby s e r v i n g r e f r e s h m e n t s . made to obtain a first class leader, W h i t e ' s Theological s e m i n a r y . on the tablet may be either a mess- syrian king.







but as yet no one has bsen engaged.


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THE ANCHOR Published every Wednesday during t h e collegiate year by the Students of Hope College. Subscription

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STAFF Editor-in-Chief Dwlght B. Yntema Associate Editors— # A n n a Mae Tysse Nell Van Oostenberg l)ei>artiiieiit Editors Sandrene Schutt Campus Anne Meengs Alumni Russell Danjstra Sparta John DeBell, Peter Wesselink..Humor Hermina Relnhart Exchange Aaron Ungersma Questions Silas Wlersma Statistics Reporters J a m e s Ten Brink Head Reporter Arlyne H a a n ; Harriet Henneveld; John Mulder; Hester Ossewaarde.

t h a t famous Hope spirit. Ten hours of time and ten hours of physical exertion a r e given by a t h letes, singers, and debaters every week for t h e landation of Hope. 1C you have any of the red and blue blood of Hope in your veins you will strive for the laudation of Hope by not missing a single college engagement all the time t h a t you are here.

^ CAMPUS N E W S Many of the Sophomore class have not returned this year but in their place are some new recruits. Les Kuyper has returned to his Alma Mater a f t e r a two year leave of absence. Marguerite Fllpse, a f o r m e r Holland High student has also Joined the Sophomore ranks.

Bo«sard, Goodwin and Deweerd put In their appearance on the c a m p u s ALUMNI NEWS this week. We wonder what is, was Rev. A. H. Strabbing of Bentheim or who it was that kept them so long. Reformed church has been compelled by falling eyesight to relinquish hia Diephuls and Flight tell us t h a t t h e charge a f t e r constant service of 3G w a t e r in Centennial P a r k Is below years in the minstry. Rev. and Mivs. 70 degrees. This is hardly c a m p u s Strabbing will m a k e t h e i r h o m e In news but it might Interest the campuo Holland. —particularly t h e Freshmen and Sophomores. The Eighth Reformed church of Grand Rapids chose Miss Agnes ' Ray Smith motored to Fennvllle Bulkema, '25, as their missionary to the other night but thru some misunrepresent their congregation In the derstanding, had to walk home. Chinese mission field.

Bert Ver Malsen ,a former Calvin Rev. and Mrs. Henry Van Eyck Business student, has returned to Hope. G®rard C. Pool Business Manager Stegeman left for Hartford, Conn., Jac«b Kik, Carl Bovenklrk Ass'ts where Mr. Stegeman will continue his Anne Westerhoff m a d e a r r a n g e Eliot Weler Subscrptlon Manager studies In t h e graduate d e p a r t m e n t of ments last night to spend her T h a n k s Hartford Theological Seminary. giving vacation In Cooperevllle. There Accepted for mailing at special rate John H. Meengs of Holland, who Is nothing like making a r r a n g e m e n t s of postage provided by Section 1103, 9 Act of October, 1917, authorized Oct. graduated f r o m the Western Theolog- early. 19, 1918. T H E L E C T U R E COURSE

ical seminary last May, h a s been awarded a $500 fellowship a t Harvard university. He will spend the coming school year there to do work toward a P h . D. degree. The understanding is that he is to spend t h e following year at Hartford Theological seminary a t Hartford, Conn., to finish his work for his degree ,that Institution having prtictically promised to give him a fellowship f o r that year. Two other-graduates f r o m the Semina r y In 1925 a r e doing advanced work. Wlnfield Burggraaff Is working for a higher degree in t h e Free University In Amsterdam and Bert Pennlngs will spend the y e a r at Princeton. All t h e other m e m b e r s of the class of twelve have accepted calls.

The oFder students look forward to t h e Lecture Course numbers with a great deal of interest left over f r o m last year. These programs in a very proper way satisfy a desire for some outside talent that we occasionally need here. Lack of variety of good entertainments is one of the few ob. jectlons to a small town college. It is this want t h a t the Lecture Courses supply. In the past the courses have always put on good programs. An orchestra last year and a famous tenor the year before stand out as highlights. And this year, we have the promise of another true artist In Muzlo, the soprano of the . Chicago The Grand Rapids Press printed n Civic Opera. There Is little use in cut of Mrs. C. V. R. Gilmore of Holasking more—its going to be good land together with the following writeup: and that's all. And the cost?. Well, compare it "Recognized as one of the most with a trip to Grand Rapids to hear earnest workers in the Interest of mist h e concerts there. The admission sions In the Reformed church in alone is probably more t h a n it is America, Mrs. C. Van Raalte Gilmore here, then figure carfare and all t h e continues her zealous activities derest, not' so bad a f t e r all. spite the fact t h a t she is within sevA possible drawback is the lack of en months of being an octogenarian. proper stage setting but the more im- She was born March 30, 1846. ' - p o r t e n t m a t t e r is the ability of t h e 'Mrs. Gilmore is t h e only survivor performers. And this we won't ques- of the family of Dr.. A. C. Van Haalte. tion when we have t h e recommenda- founder of the Holland colony, the tion of the Lecture Course a u t h o r i t - seat of Hope college and Western ies. Theological seminary. She w a s only You can't afford to miss the a babe of a few months when her Lecture Course. parents came here in 1847. H e r hus-o band was Rev. William B. Gilmore, GIVE YOUR S U P P O R T but death claimed him after 15 years • To all appearances the athletic and In the ministry, while serving a pasother engagements of our studentry torate at Haavan, 111. this year will be witnessed by large "Since 1884, Mrs. Gilmore has • enthusiastic crowds. This conclusion lived with her son, D r . A. Is drawn f r o m a slight study of the C. V. R. Gilmore. Mrs. Gilmore • -.large representation of students who has fostered the work of missions by v • -have thus f a r participated In and .it- organizing mission societies through•^•tended the college functions up to the out the middle west. She has been n f'S^pVesent'" date. So the following re- member of the woman's board of do• • 'marks will assume the nature of a mestic missions for 40 years. She • ^ g e n t l e warning rather than that of a fostered the organization of t h e first I'cold rebuke. mission society in Holland. TwentyWithout a doubt the most natural seven years ago she effected the or• excuse that can be given for one's ganization of the Woman's Missiona b s e i c e from scholastic attlvitles is ary union, representing several Micht h a t one did not have enough time. If igan classes, and has been Its presithis is your excuse then what a r e dent for 26 years. you doing with your time? Do you "Mrs. Gilmore was connected with ever stop to ponder over the fact that the faculty of Hope College for 22 our football team spends at least ten years, serving 20 years as woman hours a week alone in practice. Our principal and two years as dean of basket ball team and our baseball women from 1887 to 1)909." team do the same thing. Our debaters 4) and orators spend hours in p r e p a r a EXCHANGE tion for a forensic contest. Our glee A complete reversal of t h e policy clubs often enter contests practice for of the Williams Record took place •which necessitates sacrifices of many when t h e new staff of the paper asvaluable hours or even several sumed office. The Record h a s been days. Last year our girl's glee club the most vigorous of all the many colm a d e a one month tour of some of lege papers which have been carrying t h e large eastern cities. When these on a campaign against compulsory girls returned to school a reception of chapel. The new staff believes Just m a k e - u p work greeted them. These as strongly t h e other way a n d has a r e a few examples of what some peo- published an editorial announcing the ple are doing for the pierpetuailon of fact.—The New Student,



. . .



. -• • >




Ted Essebaggers doesn't' look t h e same. He has been putting on more avoirdupois. Did he live on anything this s u m m e r beside carbohyarate, fate, proteins, vltamlnes, minerals— n|nd pickles? '

(Continued f r o m P*g e manllla rope, t h e march of victory was theirs; and down the business section of the town they went, yelling, shouting, stopping trafllc, and practically every other thing that goes with victory. It was for them a grand march and a sure reveng# for aiUerlng the water last year. Only three times In the history of Hope have the teams pulling on t h e south side of Black river won this contest and one of these honors goes to the class of '28, surely a great victory. But to the Freshmen, thoue nineteen peppy men, praise must also go fighting, tugging, pulling to the end. Never was t h e r e seen such prowess, • such a fighting spirit, as up the river bank they came smiling in defeat and grasping t h e hands of t h e winnens with tokens of praise. R e m e m b e r " F r o s h " you lost this year but keep that old Hope spirit a n o t h e r year and victory will be yours. That was not all the excitement, we might say that twenty " F r o s h " entered Black river for among the "Sophs" was a prowler, a long thin Freshman, eager a f t e r t h e Sophomore -scalp but t h e waters of Black Hver were also h s fate. . Then once more three big cheers for the class of '28, the victors, they who have finally reached t h e i r goal in Soph-Frosh activities, t h e greatest of honor. Sophomores surely felt that this year has been a wonderful success t h u s far and all "Sophs" with that wonderful Hope spirit will hold their banner high and left It toward the heavens that all may see.

Old friends are the best friends—evidently H a r t g a r Winter thinks so. —o— Clyde spent the greater part of this week roaming around in t h e G i f t shops. We could not understand why till we found out that Ardean celebrated a birthday on the twenty-fourth.

C H A P E L CHIMES Rev. J. Bruggers, pastor. 6f the Sixth Reformed church of Holland addressed the student body Thursday morning and also led devotions. Rev. Bruggers extended the students a most cordial invitation to attend their c h u r c h exercises. The Sixth R e f o r m Sena Welling came down with t h e ed church Is situated on Twelfth flu while she was visiting In Grand street and Lincoln Ave. Rapids. i

Marlon De .Youn^ Is planning to drop Glee club work because he is a f r a i d that they will tour during spring vacation. And he very e m p h a t ically declared that his spring vacations were taken. —o— Mr. GarrjT Vander Borgh h a s taken a suite of rooms in t h e seminary t h i s year. Jack Schouten was ill several days last week. "Bill" Hughes was ill. It was t h o t t h a t pull practice proved too m u c h for his frail make-up. —o— "Corkrte" Mullen b u r g motored to South Holland over t h e week end to greet his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Muilenburg who have Just returned f r o m Europe. "Bill" Tuttle acted as driver. o — SENIOR G I R L S M E E T The S. G. A. girls held t h e i r first meeting of the school year to elect officers for 1925-1926. T h e girls were out one hundred per cent strong so a peppy election ensued. J e a n e t t e Veld man was chosen president, Lois Brockmeler vice president. Rose O' Leary secretary, and Adelaide Dykhulzen treasurer. Jeanette Veldman acted as chairman. o MILESTONE MINTS The Milestone Staff held Its first regular meeting this school year on Thursday afternoon. They m e t In the chapel to critch Inspirations. All were t h e r e except those who w e r e absent. Those who came on time w e r e not late. Even as George Damson and J a m e s Ver Meulen shout, " T h e skin I love to touch," when they fondle the football, so the Milestone Staff mecmbers can say they love their work. The Geneva Snaps look fine. Helen Van Ess, Snap Editor, expresses a p preciation for those who manipulated t h e cameras. You might h a n d In a host of snaps. Snaps Improve t h e book. And t h a t book Is coining —some day.

The student body was addressed by Rev. J a m e s Wayer of the First Reformed church of Holland Friday morning. A f t e r conducting the devotions Rev. Wayer talked to t h e studentry and also extended an Invitation to "his church around the corn e r " at Ninth street and Central Ave. o — — MR. J . M. YONAN ADDRESSES STUDENTRY "A man with education Is greater t h a n Napoleon", were t h e words of Mr. J. M. Yonan, a native of Persio. who spoke to the studentry of Hope College Wednesday morning. Mr. Yonan stressed the importance of imisslons and relief In t h e foreign field In his brief and concise talk. Mr. Yonan classified t h e people of t h e United States far superior to those of Persia and " t h a t Is t h e main reason," he said " w h y American should venture to t a k e the task of aiding Persia." Mr. Yonan said t h a i he was unable to point out the real value of education Itself but tiiat it was t h e greatest asset of Christianity today. At present there are over 45,000 children who are In need of food and clothing. Also many thousands ol skilled artisans who are ^anxious to receive work. Because of this competition o r p h a n boys and girls must, have a more intensive training t h a n might otherwise answer their needs. Mr.* Yonan volunteered his services as a relief worker for Persia. H'e Is at present a student at t h e

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i HOW'S L e a ^ i w r i thrOUgh Z)r Nykerk 0

The students of North Western College were thoroughly aroused when It became known that the n a m e of the school had been changed to Napervllle College. Napervllle sounds too provincial and prosaJc. The s t u dents had voted for North Central and Mid-Western Instead. T h e c h a n g e was made because of confusion with the two other schools named North-Western.

SiiiiHMMiiiiniiiiminiiiMMMnnHiiiiiiiinimMMiiiiMMnmQ T H E HAND BOOK college hand book h a s come Never before has t h e year book out_ and b e e n so mle(j w l t h i n f o r m a t l o n t h e cusK00d news. Desci.ib|ng air t o m a a n d p r a c t i c e 8 of Hope—the varu ^ g student organizations, t h e prog r a m o f t h e atheltlc field, t h e lofty ideals of Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. _ l t acqua,nt3 every n e w c o m e r with T h e

t h e m


mlg t h e m




the aplrlt



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H f t P F KTIRFFW Iff ITR Ill/rL AUlUXTf M i U D



among the students, and to ball, Baseball, Football), Presidents developed competent leadership in the of t h e Girls' Glee Club, of t h e Men's Monday a t 5 P. M., the Kurfew t h e student body by centering energy her humoroua readings. A itring Glee Club and of t h e House CommitQuartet conalating of R u t h Hyma, "tolled the knell of parting day." upon t h e phase of work undertaken. tees (Voorhees and Van Vleck). R u t h Marcotte, Cubby Hulzenga, and Many dignified senior men sauntered II. No student shall be allowed to Five-point Offices:— AbontYourEyesight Clyde Geerllngs played and sang for forth and met In the Y. M. room. A1 hold more positions at any one time Presidents of t h e Sophomore and ua several favorite selections. In a Neeval was appointed chairman of t h a n those that total the n u m b e r of F r e s h m a n Classes, Representatives of And For few words Egbert Fell told us about the gathering. He exlalned the pur- points specified for members of his the M. O. L. (Men's or Women's). the fine work done by the Freshmen pose of the meeting. All favored t h e-f particular class In case a student ac- Members of t h e first teams ( m a j o r Hope Kurfew quires more t h a n this n u m b e r of sports,) of the Milestone Staff. fellows. As Junior sponsors we want rejuvlnatlon of the Call on to congratulate t h e m upon t h e fine Klub. points, notice of the over-activity Four-point Offices:— sportsmanship they showed in the Two tellers were appointed and the shall be sent to the Secretary of the Managers of Debate and Oratory, pull. To say "They did their best" voting proceeded by acclamation. Student Council who shall advise t h e President of PI K a p p a Delta, Manager seemo to be putting It mildly. Friar Heunlnk, A1 Neevel and Pete student of his over-activity. of Minor Sports (Track. Tennis), As Juniors, we are proud of our Wesselink were entered Into the race President of all orfanlzatlons not speIII. The regulation of the Point OPTOMETRIST class poet, Mr. Bill Maat, who read to for the presidency. Pete won this cified, Members of t h e Girls' and us several of his poetical works. Mary event by several laps but not until System K h a l i be In charge of the Stu- Men's Glee Clubs, Treasurer of Hope Waldron, who has been absent from Dock Oalman and Ed De J o n ^ veri- dent Council, which shall have t h e High School, Members of t h e second 24 E. 8th St. Holland, Mich. the class for a year, told us how fied the statement t h a t Wesselink had power to change the credits given for team In basketball, President and any position as they may see fit and glad she wa« to be back again. We mastered t h e art of smoking while Vice-President of any Literary Soassign credits to other positions t h a t would not forget also the talk of riding one of Iowa's razor-back hogs ciety. m a y arise. Professor Raymond, In whom we a r e at the age of three. Two-point Offices:— IV. The students shall be permitalready deeply Interested. We were Presidents of the Orchestra, of the Neevel received t h e vlce^presldenvery glad to have him and Mrs. Ray- cy. Kemme was elected secretary and ted to hold offices according to the S. G. A., Members of t h e Debating following schedule: . mond as our special guests for t h t "Judas" De Bell was handed Team, of the Anchor Staff, of the the Freshmen—ten points. evening. Milestone Auxiliary, of the Y. M. C. purse. The dignified Hospers was Sophmores—Eleven points. The remainder of the evening was chosen to fill the menial office of A. Cabinet, of t h e Y. W. C. A. CabJuniors—thirteen points. spent in games and fun which all e r - Janitor. inet, Secretary of all organizations Seniors—fifteen points. joyed. not otherwise specified, Treasurer of When t h e elections were completed Reven-point Offices:— all offices not otherwise specified. many other matters of prime ImPresidents of the Senior class. J u n ortance were discussed and disposed ior class, Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., One-point Offices:— SOPHOMORE PARTY Members of the Student Council, Pep reigned supreme at the Sopho- of. Again the K u r f e w tolled and Student Volunteer Group, Edltor-Inproceed merrily Chlef of the Anchor, Editor-in-Chief Orchestra, t h e A. D. D., and the more class party a f t e r the fine vic- all withdrew to House Committees (Voorhees and tory at the Pull. The supper at t h e homeward. of the Milestone, Business Managers Van Vleck), Lake-Side Inn gave the half-starved The following constitution has of the Anchor and of the Milestone. Sophs even more enthusiasm. been drawn up and will regulate the Six-point Offices: i A well arranged program, presided activities of the Senior men. President, Secretary and Treasurer DU MEZ BROS. over by Clinton Cole followed the CONSTITUTION O F T H E K U R F E W of the M. O. L., President of any othsupper. Two solos were given by Dry Goods, Coats, Suits and KLUB er Interscholastlc organizations, Millinery Kenneth Mook,—"My Heart Is a H a Article I. This Klub shall be Treasurer of the Athletic Association, ven" and "Gary Days." Kenneth known as the Hope Kurfew Klub. HOLLAND, . MICH. Manager of any m a j o r sport, (Basket Mook was accompanied by Marian Article II. The membership of thl* Ingham. Helen Zander kept everyone Klub shall consist of Senior men who in laughter during two readings,—• shall pledge themselves to uphold the "Proposing Under Difficulties" and high Ideals of this organization. 12 East 8th St. "So Was I". Peter DeRuiter, clam Article III. The purpose of this president, gave several remarks, about Klub shall be to foster the spirit of the Pull and told the Sophs how they fellowship among Senior men and to could be the best Hopeites in every uphold the Senior dignity at all times, way. at all places,, and on all occasions. CREAM OF UNIFORM QUALITY ! The chaperons were Miss Van F u r t h e r m o r e It shall be t h e purDISEASES OF THE Drezer, and Mr. Chris DeJonge, Hope pose of this Klub suppress all F r e s h 65 West 8th St. Phone 2212 EYE, EAR. NOSE alumnus and f o r m e r president of the man vanity, extravagant notions, supand THROAT , , , Student Council. Mr. De Jonge gave erfluous pride, etc. a line talk to the Sophs. Art. IV. The officers shall consist 22 West 8th Street, Everyone then took part In game«, of a President, Vice President, Sec.. Office Hours—• and Bob Ritchie, Professor in Bunkol- retary, Treasurer, Janitor. 8 to 11 A. M. ogy, put on some stunts, and led the Sec. I. The President shall per2 to 5 P. M. Sophs in more peppy songs and games. form all duties connected with his ofSat. 7 to 9 P. M. Every Soph had had the happiest day fice. thus far in hKs college life. Sec. II. The Vice Pres. shall be DR. A. LEENHOUTS authorized to act when the Pres. is Citz. Phone FROSH PARTY AT MAC HOTEI engaged. Friday evening, September 25, saw Sec. III. It shall be the duty of the culmination of the first round of the Sec. to keep an accurate record social activities for the class of '29. of all activities and proceedings. The greater part of t h e Freshman Sec. IV. The Treas. shall be class gathered at the Macatawa hotel obliged to honestly perform all his about 7:00 o'clock. Several accomp- duties with dignity. He shall m a k e Complete line of Football and Basket Ball Shoes at Get Your Eats lished s t u d e n t s played the piano by reports every now and then of all the right prices. at turns while the whole gathering sang collections and disbursements. F u r t h songs, both old and new. ermore It shall be his duty to purA n u m b e r of enthus a«tic members chase supplies whenever it is deemed 14 East 8th St. of the class set in motion a system of necessary by t h e higher authorities. self-Introduction by first names, so The Treasurer shall be fined every 206 River Avenue that by wider acquaintance with each week as a m a t t e r of principle. other the class would become more of Sec. V. It shall be the solemn duty a unit. of the janitor to empty all ash cans. A substantial lunch of hot dogs, In a dignified manner, at the close of salad, cookies and cocoa was served, every meeting. HOLLAND. MICH. Art. V. This Klub shall be financed a f t e r which frost bites were passed among the crowd. Couples were pair- by a membership fee of 15 cents. Capital $100,000.00 Sec. 1. Special assessments can be Surplus and Profits $140,000.00 ed off and a fine program was given. Margaret and J e a n e Grooters, dressed made by a majority vote of the orA o/Interest paid on Time as a Dutch boy and girl, sang a Dutch ganization. Sec. II. All fees must be paid volson. Ethel Heneveld and Helen Faen^ t / o Deposits er sang several Hawaiian numbers. untarily within 10 days a f t e r the asGreetings to Hope Students new and old. The The chaperon. Miss Anna Eikenhout, sessment.


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gave a short talk In which she expressed her pleasure at being with the class. H u m o r was furnished by Henry Mackerbarth In two monologues. Then, under the direction of Jerine Konlng, gamas were played. After the games singing was again In order; college songs, popular songs and Southern songs. Pep and enthusiasm were displayed t h r u o u t the evening, and many members of the class expressed their surprise and pleasure at the strong, t r u e spirit which was universal. •

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THE POINT SYSTEM W H E R E B Y E X T R A CURRICULAR ACTIVITY IS LIMITED TO A GIVEN NUMBER O F ASSIGNED POINTS. W h e n the following point system was accepted, the purpose was set forth "to be t h e development of executive talent among all the students and t h e limitation of any particular student to a reasonable amount of extra-curricular activity." Only a year old, the point system h a s not yet been put to any severe test. It must speak for Itself—that's why it Is printed here. Point System ol Hope College I. The purpose of the Point System is to estabiisli a fair proportion

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Are you Cuckoo? Try and see! 1. (a) Who was John S m i t h ? (b) What was his n a m e ? (c) W h y ? 2. (a) Did you ever have the willies? (b- If ao, where? 3. (a) If not, why not? 4. Tell— (a) Why the earth Is round. (b) What a bad break Is. (c) Why KUnore Olynn wrote " T h r e e Weeka." (d) By whom the book, " T h r e e Weeks" was written. (e) Was It raining at the t i m e ? (a) If so. W h y ? (b> Where?




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(f) Who invented the g a m e of Tlddle Winks? Did you? If right is might, why does the biggest guy always win? (t) Does he? (m) State reasons. Do you read the Anohcr? (a) If not, why not?

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(b) W h a t kind of a fish? (a) If a hen and a f o u r t h lays an egg and a f d u r t h in a day and a fourth, (daylight shaving time) where does t h e North Pole lay? (a) A wealthy man flees to t h e seashore In the s u m m e r time; a rich man flees t o to the South In t h e winter time.


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15.. (a) In a walk of 4 point 7 miles how zlgzagpy does a centipede jvalk who Is n f •licted with Locomotor 0 ataxia ' (b) Would Its «peed ho accelerated ,t the hiirhways remained unoli'ed (k) 3p^:l the w >r:l Cur.koo. / (1) How many o's .1 ? How maiiv c s and x s ! (m) Xiute r o n ms. (n) Xre you a Cuckoo? ^ • W B ' L i j SjVV SO: •

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