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Hope College, Holland, Mich, September 17,1*80*

N *mber 33

New Curricula Hope Lecture • MISS KOEMAN SAYS • Many of Old • RYLAARSDAM TO L E A D Orator Gives • "HELLO" • at Hope Provide Y. M. C. A. Gridders Back Course To Be Address During Welcome Hopeites: Business Course We welcome you, new and The first regular meeting of • On dope's Team , The Best Ever the Y. M. C. A. will be held • Convocation ^ " old students, ad we begin our •




New Faculty Members Expected to Be In Charge of D e p a r t m e n t Selection not Yet Made

worjc for another year. Whether you come from the east or west we're glad to have you here. It is our earnest hope that the coming year will prove to be to each of us a milestone of success. Lot us endeavor to give of our best, and thus "achieve new heights" at Hope this year. The Y. W. C. A. extends a special invitation to all new girls. We will make you feel a t home at Hope. Cordially, Y. W. Pres.

Besides providing new curricula which will make it possible foi Hope College to g r a n t the M.A. degree, the authorities have also decided to enlarge the scope of education in the undergraduate field. This year for the first time in its history Hope College is offering courses of a so-called "vocational type." These courses are combined in the new department of "Business Administration." This work is an addition to the existing curri- MISSIONARY F O U R " G I V E cula. It is not intended that it shall PROGRAM IN WESTERN in any way curtail or supplant the SECTION OF CHURCH existing cultural education. The new department is made DURING SUMMER possible through a memorial to MONTHS Arend Visscher made by Mrs. Anna Visscher, Miss Anne G. Visscher, Few Hopeites spent their vacaOswald Visschor, Arthur Visscher, tion rendering such unselfish servand Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ice to their Alma Mater as did the Visscher. "Missionary Four." These four Arend Visscher was a member young men: Howard Schade from of the board of trustees of Hope for about 25 years and was treas- New Jersey, Richard Niesink from urer for most of that time. He was Kalamazoo, Rudolph Nichols from Hope's only graduate in 1872. Be- Holland, and Abram A n t a r from Arabia; traveled through the entire cause of this unique distinction, he western section of the Dutch Rewas familiarly known as "the class formed Church in the interest of of '72." His entire life was spent Arabian missions and Hope Colin the city of Holland aa a lawyer, lege. They 'set out June 20, imbanker, and business man. mediately a f t e r graduation, and reDespite his business career, Mr. turned during the latter part of Visscher never lost sight of the August. literary and cultural side of life, The trip was made in a modest and he was always keenly interFord. This humble creature was ested in pursuits along these lines. treated in the best hospitals along The liberal donations which he the route and underwent many made to the college library both in major operations. The boys were books and money are a living proof unable to visit every church in the of this fact. The College owes a western section, but did succeed in great debt of gratitude to the reaching several in each of the midVisscher family for this splendid western states. memorial. The group gave a musical and The new department is most esmissionary program. Mr. Schade sential to accommodate the conwas able to thrill the audiences as stantly increasing number of Hopea vocal soloist. Mr. Nichols was the ites who are planning to enter busviolinist, while Mr. Niesink acted iness as a profession. Included in as pianist. Mr. Antar, an Arabian the new courses are classes in ada t Hope, who also attended the vanced discussions in industrial and school of the Reformed church in commercial production with wholeArabia, told of missions in his saling, jobbing, and retail distribhomeland. All proceeds above exution through merchandising by inpenses were devoted to the misdividuals, firms, corporations, chains sionary work in that country. and branches. A course in the psyo chology of economics and governNEW HOPE C H A P E L ment and ethical .relations of the industrial processes will also be DECORATED included in the new department. It is expected that one or more The beauty and impressiveness new instructors will be engaged for of Hope Memorial Chapel has been the new department. .They will be increased by the decorating of the announced very shortly. interior of the building. The inside o of the chapel has been finished in Y. W. C. A. INITIAL MEETING cream-colored textone giving the effect of huge blocks of stone. The first meeting of the Y. W. Not only has the chapel been C. A. for the college year 1930improved but a general refinishing 31 will be called to order by and cleaning was made of Winants Anne Koeman Tuesday evening. chapel and Van Raalte hall. The Miss Koeman, elected in March, walls in both buildings have been will head t h a t organization for the calcimined and the rooms have school year. been gone over. Olive Peeke, in the role of vicei The girls, no doubt, have noticed president, will plan programs for the improvements in Voorhees hall the meetings which are held every for that too has had a general Tuesday evening throughout the cleaning. Some of the rooms have school year except during holidays. been reflnished while others have Ethel Cunningan, a s secretary, had thefloorsfixed. will record the activities of the The cleaning and decorating proorganization. Mary Koesegarten g r a m covered the period of one who was elected treasurer in March month and the work was done by did not return to school this fall Ray A. Hoek, Holland decorator. and a person will be chosen in the o near f u u t r e t o fill her place. Rank The cabinet members in charge

Vacation Spent In Performing Mission Work

of the divisions of tVe society activities are planning f u l l programs for the promotion of the society aims and also f o r the social fellowship of the girls. f



Whatever honors Noah had, In good old days of yore, No yacht club e'er bestowed on him The title, "commodore."



next Tuesday evening. If • weather permits the meeting may be held at the beach, otherwise in the " Y " room in Memorial Chapel. , ; Since Mr. Raymond Mc Gilvra has not returned, Mr. Clarence Becker will be presi- • dent f o r the year. The meeting Tuesday evening will be led by Coert Rylaarsdam of the Senior Class. He will discuss the "Purpose of 4 Y ' " ; "To Promote Christian Feeling and Practise." More than ever the " Y " will strive to achieve the motto: "Jesus Christ Is King of Our • Campus." \*

Ten days from today Hope will place its varsity football team on the field f o r the opening game.'On To Freshman and other new September 27 the Orange and Blue students it is undoubtedly a great clad gridders are scheduled to take piece of riews to learn t h a t f o r the on the Ohio State Normal college past several decades Hope College a t Bowling Green, Ohio, in the inihas offered an annual Lyceum tial tilt. Hope has six other games course to its students a s well a s to during the remainder of the season, the citizens of the city. These five of them in the M.I.A.A. concourses are presented under the ference. Alma, Olivet and Kalamaauspices of Dr. J . B. Nykerk, head zoo will play conference games of the department of English. To here. him goes the honor and credit of Coach Jack Schouten has had a bringing some of the best talent in number of his charges out f o r pracmusic, speech, and drama on the tice since September 10. Invitations American platform to our own were extended this fall to about school. Mr# Nykerk has constantly two dozen candidates to report for presented all profits to the library the early drills held at the college field. About half of the number f o r a purchasing fund, while he has were present at the first practices personally liquidated deficits which with the others joining the squad "were created in "difficult years." A SPLENDID PROGRAM later. Numerous other candidates are expected to report this after-' This year Mr. Nykerk has arnoon. ranged for a program t h a t will outChances for a successful year on d i p s e any of those seen by the the gridiron are favorable on present student generation. The PROFESSOR L U B B E R S KEHope's campus. Nine lettermen are four numbers of the course present SIGNS TO BECOME EDUCAamong the candidates trying for a wide variety and are the results TION HEAD A T CARROL positions on the 1930 eleven. Hope of much elimination of less favorCOLLEGE WIS. had a freshman team last fall that able material, by a connoiseur of was unbeaten in three s t a r t s and impeccable taste. Of exceptional With the opening of the new generally acclaimed as frosh cham- interest is the-announcement of a school year we find few changes pions of the M.I.A.A. Some of the lecture to be given by Randolph in the personnel of the College outstanding men on this team have Churchill, eighteen years old, and failed to return to school, however. student at Oxford University. Mr. faculty. Perhaps the outstanding Leading the Hope squad is Allen Churchill is t h e son of Winston alteration is in the English DepartBrunson, who is captain of the Churchill and the grandson of JLord ment from which Mr. Irwin Lubteam. Brunson will be shifted from Randolph Churchill. With his out- bers resigned last June to accept tackle to center this fall, in order spoken statements and intriguing a position as head of the Educato s t r e n g t h e n the center of the line. rhetoric-he so impressed the audi- tional Department of Carrol ColLast fall the captain was chosen ence a t the Oxford Union debate lege, Wisconsin. During last year on the M.I.A.A. Second team. that men high in the circles of state Mr. Lubbers was on a leave of abBesides Brunson, there is Fred predict a great political career f o r sence at Northwestern University, Wyngarden, tackle; Tom Beaver, him in the conservative party in Evanston, III. His place last year tackle; Ron Fox, Jack Juist, and Britain. This youth who has elec- was occupied by Dr. R. Gray a s Mike Leenhouts, guards. The back- trified audiences in two hemis- provisional instructor. Mr. Gray is field veterans include Howard Dal- pheres will speak a t Hope College not returning this fall. In the Department of German man, halfback; Lewis Scudder, either on the subject: "Can Youth halfback; and Oosting, utility. Clar- Be Conservative?" or on the topic: Mr. Edward Wolters, A. M., will occupy the chair vacated by Dr. ence Becker, who will lead Hope in "Why L A m Not a Socialist." basketball this year, is also out for The other numbers will be more G. L. Robinson. Up to nwv Mr. a ball-toting position. fully announced later. They in- Wolters has been instructor of Those returning to school from clude a dramatic performance of a Latin and Greek in the Hope High the frosh team are not known. Nor- very high calibre, a musical pro- School. lin and Z w f m e r were the only can- gram, and an impersonator of Faculty members for the new didates to report. This pair made Business Administration Departa name for itself in high school Abraham Lincoln who will present ment as well a s f o r the enlarged football, and they will a t t e m p t to as readings the famous speeches of keep their record clean a t Hope. the great Unionist. Watch f o r an work in^Economics have not yet Norlin and Zwemer weigh but 156 announcement of the dates of these been announced. pounds apiece, yet have drive and Prof. Bruce M. Raymond, head^ power of men twice their size. The programs. of the Department of History, is o '— Weigerink brothers^ Gerrit and Current Questions on the ^Campus unable to tell all he knows about Jim, will be out f o r ends. Big Who is going to be president ? George Painter, Clark Poling, and history in thirty-six weeks. During Herb Marsilje are also to be with What about t h a t Milestone? the past summer he lectured for the team. 9 Who is t h a t ? six weeks a t Central S t a t e Teachers College a t Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Many oJ the faculty attended summer sessions a t several universities. * Othrt-s followed temporary The J f t i l e s t o n e - J I n E x p l a n a t i o n business pursuits. All are returning brimful of enthusiasm to make this a year memorable in scholastic achievement. Beware!

Hope College Faculty Show Few Changes


jONSIDERABLE conversation hat been going on upon the Campus during these opening days of the yekr, relative to the publication of the Milestone. Mr.

Wichers, editor of the annual, has requested that T H E A N C H O R make a statement explaining the cause of the delay. This we gladly do. The book is ready to go to press. AH the material, in : eluding many photographs of "early graduates, has been gathered together. The book is larger than usual, but the hearty response of the Alumni makes it possible to publish the book with very little more than the usual amount of advertising. However, the business depression together with certain misunderstandings have been the causes of the failure to get the required amount of "ads" up to now. A final organized drive for the remaining amount begins at once. It is hoped that the annual will appear within a few weeks. Mr. Wichers and his Business Staff wish to express their regrets at the delayed puUicatton, but beg the consideration of the student body in view of the abnormal economic conditions. ANCHOR Editor.

SROUWER AND RYLAARSDAM WILL PUBLISH NEW GUIDE There are many things in life which are missed when they aren't. One of them is the Student's Guide. This little booklet which is published annually has practically become a fixture on the Hope College campus. I t contains the names of all the students as well a s those of the faculty members, together with the complete home and city addresses of all. This year the booklet is being produced by Paul Brouwer and Coert Rylaarsdam, both of the Senior Class. They have already made considerable preparation f o r the publication of the Guide. It will take a few weeks before the work can be completed. J u s t when i t will be depends in p a r t upon the completion of the records in the registrar's office, following registration.


DIMNENT PRESIDING Nearly Eighty Y e a n of PregreM Under Six Presidents Makes Hope a Prosperous School This morning marks the sixtyfourth annual convocation of Hope College and ihe seventy-ninth of the preparatory school. Hope College of today found i t s origin in the Pioneer School foundation in 1861. This was only f o u r years a f t e r the first immigration of the "Pilgrims of the W e s t " Dr. Dimnent, who resigned as president of the College a t the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees last June, will be the chairman at this morning's sendee. He has graciously consented to continue a s acting president of the school until a successor has Ijeen secured. Dr. J o h n Vander Meulen, prexy of Louisville Presb. Seminary, will deliver the message a t this year's convocation. He is not a s t r a n g e r to old Hopeites, having been the speaker during P r a y e r Week two years ago. He is a man of unthought of today Dr. Vander Meulen is an exponent of progressive conservatism, a man who seeks to build on t h e past, not without it. The service this morning finds Prof. Curtis Snow, college organist, a t the console of our beautiful i n s t r u m e n t I t is expected t h a t the service will open with the inspiring strains of Hope's old convocational hymn: "Come Thou, Almighty King." " ' ^ ^ 7 Dr. Edward Dimnent, who has just resigned from the presidency, was Hope's sixth president Dr. Philip Phelps was elected president in 1866. He was followed in t u r n by Dr. George Mandeville, Dr. Chas. Scott, Dr. G. Kollen, and Dr. J . Vennema. Thanks to the constructive work of all of these men and of our own Dr. Edward Dimnent, Hope today enjoys a most flourishing prospehty in every way in which this may be said, of an educational institution.

Anchor Subscription Drive Begins at Once DAVE REARDON O F J U N I O R CLASS TO SUPERVISE GROUP SELLING ANCHOR TO STUDENTS Beginning a t once, there will be an intensive subscription campaign for the ANCHOR. All subscriptions expire two weeks a f t e r the opening of the new school year. Mr. Dave Reardon of the Junior Class has been appointed subscription manager. He will 0 be assisted by others in signing up , every Hopeite to take the school paper for the coming year. During the past two years there has been a falling off in student subscribers. This manifests a lack of interest in the school paper not only, but a lack of Hope spirit a s well. Let's put away the old a r g u ments! Let's go "over the t o p " for the ANCHOR, as well a s f o r every other student o b j e c t Assist the subscription canvassers by promptly giving them |1.&0 of your summer's earnings when they c a l l Raymond, "Bob," McGilvra, who was to have been a Senior a t Hope this fall, has not returned t o school. He is attending Iowa "U." Mr. McGilvra was president of the Y.M.C.A. This vacancy will be Ailed by Clarence Becker. -o

Cheer Up, Frtekmaa A man iant licked just because he lost his shirt Look at Gandhi' _l

; •

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M i c h i g a n , a» Second ClaHH M a t t e r . Accepted

f o r m a i l i n g nt Kiwcinl r n t e of

POBtajre provided




110:5 of

Act of ConKre«H. October .1, 1917. A u t h o r Ired October

19, 1918,

Editor, J. Coert Rylaarsdam Editor's Note—Because of limit time in p e t t i n p out the first Anchor it was impossible to .arrange the names



complete editorial

stafT. These will be found at the top of this column

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A NEW STAFF This issue of t h e A N C H O R again finds the p a p e r in new h a n d s . Our latest editor, Mr. Van Ark, has left f o r Columbia U n i v e r s i t y , w h e r e he will s t u d y more intensively and directly t h a n ever the j o u r n a l istic profession. His splendid a c c o m p l i s h m e n t on o u r own p a p e r is an advance proof of his f u t u r e success. We r e g r e t his g o i n g f r o m Hope but wish him life's best. Observation h a s told us t h a t it is t h e well nigh universal peculiarity of s t u d e n t s to expect radical c h a n g e s in t h e i r school p a p e r w h e n e v e r a new editor comes to the helm. To avoid d i s a p p o i n t m e n t we hope t h a t few Hopeites a r e e x a c t ing such revolutions. We believe t h a t a college weekly should m i r r o r t h e activities, i n t e r e s t s , and s pir it of its student body. We believe t h a t t h e A N C H O R h a s done so in t h e p a s t ; we aim to have it do so in t h e f u t u r e . Obviously, a college p a p e r should not c h a n g e . , w i t h o u t a corresponding c h a n g e in its s t u d e n t consli-,


A l w a y s a . f r i e n d of t r u l y liberal education, of c u l t u r e for its own sake. Dr. D i m n e n t has tenaciously clung to the t r u l y educational curricula, to which now o t h e r i n s t i t u t i o n s a r e r e t u r n i n g . Hope's non-specialized o f f e r i n g s could compete successfully with t h e all u r e m e n t s of commercial or specialized t r a i n i n g elsewhere. Moreover, u n d e r Dr. Dimn e n t ' s c a r e f u l supervision as well a s i)ersonal aid, t h e school h a s reached a financial stability g r e a t e r t h a n it h a s ever b e f o r e e n j o y e d . Many of the small schools of t h e c o u n t r y a r e burdened with financial t r o u b l e s which m a k e s it well nigh impossible f o r t h e m to f u n c t i o n s a t i s f a c t o r i l y . The g r e a t business s a g a c i t y of Mr. 1 ) i m n e n t js jn a lai,Re m e a s u | , e responsjl)|e fo|. t h e entire|v

tuency. • d i f f e r e n t s i t u a t i o n at Hope. More t h a n ever we wish to j R l l l | ) e l . h a p s t h e g l . e a t e s t have o u r pa|)er a n n o u n c e the I a c c ( ) n l | ) l i s | l m e n t o f 0 U l . e x _ c u r r e n t desires of s t u d e n t s , p l . e s j f l e l l t w a s h i s a | ) i l i t y t o with r e g a r d to t h e i r school. 1 ) r e s e | , v e l h e t n l i v c h l . j s U a n T h e r e are many s t a t e m e n t s ! c | l a | . a c t e l . ()f o u l . C ( ) | l e g e w h i l e made a s to " W h a t Hope o u g h t ^ t h e s a n i e l i m e n i e e t i n g w i t h ' to do. etc." As s t u d e n t s « e i . h a l . a c t e l , i s t j c | y '

Old and New

Wo Welcome


T h i s y e a r finds Hope College w i t h o u t a p r e s i d e n t , Dr. Edward Dimnent, for the past twelve y e a r s head of t h e school, unexpectedly resigned last J u n e . It is but p r o p e r t h a t

for Men—Young Shoes

for the Whole


and Boys


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lOdward D. Dimnent resigns after serving 12 years as Hope's President


Welcome! HOPE MEN Welcome! W h i l e r u s h i n g a n y w a y . . . try r u s h i n g to T h e J E R R O L D ' S s t o r e to join the f r a t e r n i t y of savers.


Points of Appeal to these fraternity men.

some and to e m b i t t e r o t h e r s . j o n m a t t e r s was to L e t ' s give our s u p r e s s i o n s an s e e k t o k M m v t h e t l . u t h J a i r i n g ! P r e s e n t y o u r ideas t o | | ) 0 n d e l , m ( l e a d e a n l e s t ^ t h e editorial staff. If t h e y a r e i g l . e a t ( l l l e s t j ( ) n s o f | i f p X ] 1 ( | i n deemed p r u d e n t , even t h o u g h | a | , t h j s h e t , ) l l n s e | | e c i n o t f i l . s t t h e y a r e innovations, t h e y o f a l | U l e s t u d v o f ^ stan(1_ will gladly lie given editorial | a r d but t h e s t u d v of attention. Him who is the T r u t h , whose We do not wish to revolu- Word and Life m u s t ever be tionize, but to p r o g r e s s . As a the foundation of every Chriss e r v a n t of Hope t h e ANCHOR tian creed. holds sacred t h e m e m o r y of T h e A N C H O R e x p r e s s e s the t h e school's glorious p a s t , and s e n t i m e n t of all t r u e Hopeites is e a g e r to co-operate with when it acknowledges its insuch a m b i t i o n s as it feels will d e b t e d n e s s to Dr. D i m n e n t . produce a still g r e a t e r Hope in t h e f u t u r e , a Hope built SCHADE TO DIRECT CHOIR on t h e f o u n d a t i o n s of t h e Howard Schade of the Junior past. To t h i s end we ask t h e Class has been elected to the Third h e a r t y co-operation of every Reformed Church as choir director student. for this year. The ANCHOR wishes to congratulate Mr. Schade on this distinction. Howard is exceptionally talented for solo work. It was in this way t h a t he brought honor to our Glee Club on its eastern trip last year. For the past two years he has been employed as special soloist by St. Mark's Procathedral in Grand Rapids. Mr. Schade's home is in West Englewood, N. J.



h e a r these s t a t e m e n t s in s e - | s | ) i r j t t h e d e m a n d s of a new eluded conversation wherejaRe a n d a cllangjng. envil,)n.i t h e y can serve only to depress; m e l U . l ( i m o n i t i o n t() a l | H|s



should s t o p f o r 4 m o m e n t , not PLACES BUT I R E L A N D Add to Your Similes: to pay a debt of g r a t i t u d e , b u t As mafmetic as a sun-burned to m a k e m e n t i o n of a d e b t back. One does nob see the green playAs hard to close as a suitcase which can never be paid, a Mass Meeting Moned up in ribbons, pots and ties on a f t e r mother has packed it with debt Hope owes Dr. D i m n e n t . the first day of school, but one can what couldn't go in the trunk. day evening in CarneT h e p a s t ten y e a r s h a v e As magnetic as a sun-burned see green in the timid-eyed, halfgie "Gym". All Frosh been difficult ones f o r t h e back. scared freshmen as they travel on As useless as " I t " when you a r e the campus. p r e s i d e n t of a small college, They are green! must be there to hear dead broke. especially when t h a t college Green at the knowledge of where As natural looking as the can Rules. was a denominational school opener among the g i f t s for a bride to go, what to do and what t o say. which remained t r u e to t h e in a kitchen shower. How much more appropi^ate will spirit of its origin. T h e w a r be the "wearing of the green" for As a Senior Sees It played havoc with t h e existthem than say the "wearing of the The honeymoon is over when she brown. ing c u r r e n t s of religious and educational t h o u g h t in o u r gets on his nerves while e a t i n g OhI how welcome the frosh are. corn on the cob. c o u n t r y . Resides t h e sacrifices Shampooing, Finger Waving, MarcelLaughter is only a smile with a Humor is always welcome in the in blood t h i s c a t a s t r o p h e de- sound. serious business of college. What ling, Manicuring. manded f r o m America, it l e f t What women need are wrist fun there will be in taking the con1 us to combat a spirit of m a t e - watches that will run and hosiery ceit out of the group. They still rialism which shows itself in that won't. act as though thev are high school There was a time when they poireligious indifference and comsoned a man by handing him a cup seniors, the leaders, but they will mercialized education. N a t u r - of hemlock; now they invite him soon learn that they are nothing Phone 2704 28 W. 8th St. ally youth was m o s t deeply down cellar. Long skirts do not stay long more than the ground for their touched by t h i s e x t r e m e l y iiii;iimaj!i:iiiiii:iiiiiiii:iiiiiiriiniii!i:iiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiniu:iHiuiii!iiriiiiiiiii;iiiiiii.tiiiii;i elders to tread on. m u n d a n e spirit. It was t h i s when the* wearer sits down. s pir it which was met and sucEx-President Dimnent cessfully countered by Dr. Dimnent in his c a r e e r a s president of Hope.





Fall Suits W h a t are t h e n e w fall styles like? M a n . . . t h i s space isn't half big e n o u g h to tell you. But to put it briefly, we'll say this . . . t h e i r trim s n a p p y lines will " o p e n your eyes". O n e g l a n c e and you'll b e " s o l d " o n t h e n e w lapel and s h o u l d e r effects . . . t h e n e w f e a t u r e s in vest a n d t r o u s e r s . . . and k e e n weaves.




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new school year. With Miss Eunice News From Class of '30 Hyma a s president the society is eager to s t a r t ' a new year social Many returning Hopeites will be fellowship. anxious to have news about the Hazel Paalman, the vice-presiLittle news is as yet forthcomclass graduated in June. Up to now Social Season Opens at dent, is planning programs for the ing from the fraternities. This peryear; Anne Buth will do secretarial haps because all the boys are busy we have heard from only a few. Hope College work f o r the society; Marian De bringing their homes back to a de- ANNUAL RECEPTION GIVEN But we hope to publish the whereKuiper will take care of money gree of cleanliness equal to Morabouts of all and tell of their acBY Y. M. AND Y. W. TO BE It has been said that "One matters and Mildred Klow is keeper ton's 99.44%. tivities as we hear of them from IN CARNEGIE HALL ON doesn't remember much of the of archives. The Cosmopolitans converted time to time. book-work of college but r a t h e r WEDNESDAY SOROSITES their House into a tourist home it's the good times and the friendBernard Arendshort has left f o r Betty Smith will lead the Soro- during the summer. The boys reships t h a t make college life." sites in their start on another mileTo be sure that no new student Harvard University, Cambridge, port t h a t they did very good busiStudies do count but the literary stone of happiness, success and ness, when allowance is made for or new freshman would be a victim where he will take courses in busisocieties of Hope do so much in friendship. Her close assistant will the demands of Hoover prosperity. of homesickness the Y. W. C. A. ness administration. While at making the school year enjoyable. be Ethel Cunningan vice-president Friesma is back with a new Ford and Y. ^1. C. A. planned special school he is living in Gallatin Hall. The societies of Hope promote of the society. roadster. All mourn the sad ( ? ) Messrs. Donald Hicks, Donald the best sort of friendships and features for their first week at A good record of the accomplish- end of "Mel" Costing's pin. Wade, Arthur Oudemol, Henry also help in forming cultured lives. ments of the society as well as a The Knickerbocker Home was school so that they might become Bast, and perhaps others are enTheir motive is priamrily to pro- ^review of the good times will be used by the Parkway Play School acquainted and enjoy social gather- tering New Brunswick Seminary. mote art in its many varieties, but kept by Bessie Schouten. Elizabeth ings. during the summer months. The Russell Smith is teaching at St. also to make friendships that are Arendshorst will have charge of The first of the moves of the House has been completely cleaned. Johns, while Stanley Van Lare is helpful and lasting. the financial business of Sorosis. A new radio has been purchased organization was to introduce the teaching in the Fremont High Fall brings the opening of the o for the lounging room. The f r a t e r - Freshman to "that dear old town of School. SIBYLLINES many social activities of the liternity has elected Allen Brunson Holland, Michigan" and also to the John Winter, Marvin Meengs, Sibyllines will unfurl their colors ary societies on Hope's campus. beauty spots at the resorts. The House President. All admire the Sidney Heersma, Harold Dykhuisight-seeing tour was staged on The freshmen and new students cf royal blue and chaste silver Painter coach. zen, and others are entering Rush will be entertained a t the various representing high ideals of life At Fraternal Hall the boys aro Tuesday afternoon before the open- School of Medicine. societies before they will be asked abundant with Helen Eenenaam as being assisted by the decorators in ing of school on Wednesday. Herman Kruizenga is to study president. Mary Harper, vice-presto give their preference. This afternoon the new girls will classical languages at Michigan completely renovating their Home. ident, will plan the entertainment o The woodwork has been painted be entertained at tea by the Y. W. of the society. ALETHIANS C. A. Secretarial work is in charge of and the walls are being decorated. It's the Aletheans that are inThe final windup in social affairs WELCOME STUDENTS Sadie Grace Masselink while Tillie The muscular "Beau" takes a lead spired by the "colors of blue and in the work. Many repairs are still that make the opening of school so Masselink will have charge of Make our store your h e a d q u a r t e r s rose, the symbols of truth and in progress. John Muilenburg's enjoyable will be the annual V. W. 1 financial matters. love." Sara Fox is the president for Ford again graces the drive. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. reception to for DORIANS the first of the three terms in the The Emersonians have had the be held in Carnegie hall next WedQuality Shoe Repairing Josephine Rodenberg is the presschool year. Ruby Aiken will be ident of Dorian for the first term exterior of their Home redecorated, nesday evening. The entire college "Dick The S! oe Doctor ,, responsible for the programs of the and will no doubt make it one of greatly enhancing the beauty of is invited to attend and the recepElectric Shoe Hospital society. her aims to put Dorian first in the building. They are now busy tion promises to be unique. Esther Marguerite Kinkema is the t r e a s - | b a s k e t b a l i a g a i n . Marion Lordahl, bringing the interior into tip-top Mulder and Gordon Alexander are 13 E. 8 t h Street urer of Alethea and Janet Kollen j vice-president, will help to carry condition. All work willingly for the social chairmen of thp organis responsible for secretarial duties. o u t D o r i a n ' s a i m of "Strength, the new chief, John Mulder. izations in charge of the party. Helen Barr is the officer for order. | S i m p l i c i t y a n d Truth." nmiuinimiiwiniui DELPHIANS Margaret Rottschaeffer is clerk Bound by the ties of Yellow and of the society for the fall term and Blue the Delphians are ready to Geneva Dogger will act as treasproclaim "All Hail Delphi" for the urer. W e bid you o n e a n d all a h a p p y r e t u r n to H o l l a n d . iaimu:mTru:iTiiLT.iiniiiiEBi!Ei:i8:iiriTiTnri mtri twmiiniiiiattiJltBiiKnrratinaiawiinmKriinrrn itmixi imu.i umiii 111 ixi i rnui'

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1929 H O P E FROSH TEAM WINS INCREASED ENROLLMENT AT DISTINCTION COLLEGES RESULTS IN HIGHER REQUIREMENT IN EDULast fall Hope college had a CATIONAL PROFESSION freshman football team that was unbeaten in season's play am As a surprise to all returning rated a s frosh champions of the Hopeites comes the announcement M. I. A. A. conference. Many of that our College is to commence the members of this team are now offering graduate work leading to returning a s ' sophomores, ant a M.A. degree. This decision was should make the varsity and their recently reached by the Board and letters this season. Council that govern our school. It . ^ There will be football practice is contemplated to Begin1 offering today and freshmen are urged t o the work this fall. It is expected come out. No matter how much that most of the work will be ofexperience you have had, you are fered in the form of an extension welcome to try for the team. The in existing departments and that frosh coaching will be done by for the greater part it will be hanAlvin Cook, popularly known as dled by faculty members now on "Boo," who was captain of Hope's the teaching staff. team last fall. Boo is rated among There is a very essential -motive the best linemen in the state. which prompts our authorities to The time of the first practice take this new step. The increased will be announced today. Watch number of those who have attended the bulletin boards! the colleges and universities of our


Sept. 27 Hope


Oct. *



Green, Ohio 4 Open

Oct. 11 Hope a t Albion Oct. 18 Alma at Hope


Oct. 25 Olivet at Hope




Nov. 7 Kalamazoo at Hope Nov. 15 Hope at Detroit City College

* *

1 Hope at Hillsdale

Students Welcome Columbia HatSuit Cleaners junrjuiiuMiauxiiiuim

TO SELECT N E W ANCHOR STAFF With the o p e n i n g of the school year an almost entirely new staff will .be in charge of the College publication, the Anchor. Mr. Gordon Van Ark, editor for the second semester of last year has left for Columbia, where he entered the Department of Journalism. He is succeeded by J . Coert Rylaarsdam, formerly of the Associate Staff. Miss Mary Kosegarten, head reporter last year is not returning to school this fall. Mr. Harry K. Smith, associate editor last year, resigned at the close of the last 4 year. A complete new editorial staff will be announced within a week. There will als6 be changes in the Business Staff. However, Mr. Gerald Huenink will continue to be manager. Mr. David Reardon has been appointed Circulation Manager and will be assisted by several others in a subscription drive, beginning a t once.


Mr. William De Haan, '28, will attend the Law School at the " U " country during the past decade and of Michigan* this year. He spent his a half as compared to former peri- last year at Leland Stanford. ods has required a corresponding raise in the educational requireMr. John Mulder, '28^and former ments for many of the leading pro- Anchor editor, will return to Cam: essions. This is especially true in bridge, Mass., soon to begin his the teaching field. This field has third year at the Harvard Law been very crowded for the past ten School. o » years. To insure a teaching force Miss Berendine Siebers, '30, will, of the highest calibre many states leave for Rush Medical School, Chihave recently changed their standcago, where she will take up work ards, making it necessary f o r a preparatory to becomingya foreign high school instructor to have a Master's degree. It is very possible missionary. Mis Siebers will be rethat Michigan as well as other membered as last year's president states in the field served by Hope of the Y.W.C.A. College graduates will soon adopt similar requirements. In anticipation of such legislation Hope College has begun offering work leading to a Master's degree, so t h a t it will continue to be possible to earn a State Teaching Certificate at our college. Similar action has been taken by Olivet College at Olivet. Michigan. The new venture is being watched with interest by undergraduate Hope-


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