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Hope College Anchor TVTT

Official Publication of the Students^oi Hope

lember 16#

SCIENCE HALL DEDICATED TODAY Campus A i Strange to Old Hopcittc at New

Samuel Zwemer, Anthony Luidens,


H. William Pyle Awarded Degrees

Old students returning to classes at Hope will find the campus al-


iiust as foreign to them as new Hopeites. The completion of the r

new Science building has revolu-



tionized the whole recitation room

Dream in 1931

setup. Much of the traffic in Graves Hall will be eliminated by the transfer of Dr. Bruce Raymond's

Kiiiiia && ;

and Milton Hinga's classes to Van Raalte, leaving only Dr. Edward Dimnent's and

Prof. Thomas E.

Welmers' rooms at Graves. In the


vacated space a double office has been built for the registrar. Prof. Welmers will occupy the inner office and his new secretary, Mary liolema, the outer. The unused portion of the second floor hall has been converted into an office for the librarian, Miss Margaret Gibbs. With the removal of all science laboratories and lecture rooms from Van Raalte, it has been made possible to integrate the English and history departments in that building. The former will occupy the old biology and botany labs with the two offices between. Senior chemistry lab on the first floor has been made into a classroom for Dr. Raymond and an office for the history department. The sophomore junior lab is now Prof. E. Paul McLean's room and office. Freshman chemistry lab will soon be the new Commons room, while the office off from it, formerly occupied by Dr. J. Harvey Kleinheksel, has already been converted into a new Blue Key book store. The education department is also now in Van Raalte. The old education building now houses the entire music department. Seven pianos have been moved in and classrooms and studios for Prof. Robert Cavanaugh and Mrs. W. Curtis Snow have been provided. The ANCHOR office will remain in its present location permanently and the Commons room will continue in use until the new one is finished.

W a s Dr. Wichers* The need f o r a new s c i e n c e building was already apparent to Dr. Wynand Wichers when he became president of Hope College m 1931, but a t that time the depression had settled upon the country and a nationwide drive for iunds seemed impossible. But unaaunted. Dr. Wichers had plans arawn and cost estimates made. Then as times began to improve .he Board of Education, R.C.A. ^ave right of way to the building .ampaigns of Central College oi ''el la, Iowa, and Northwestern Junior College at Orange City .owa. Finally, in 1939, the Board ol Education authorized the beginning of a financial campaign with the understanding that it would end with the Seventy-fifth Anniversary celebration in June, 1941. By May. 1940, there were sufficient funds pledged and a t hand to warrant the writing of a contract.

The usual convocation service at the opening of the school year was replaced this morning by the dedication of the new Science building at 10 o'clock in Hope Memorial Chapel. The program climaxed a busy pre-opening schedule which included registration for students and executive meetings for administrators. The surprise feature was the awarding of three honorary degrees. The ceremony opened this morning with an academic procession. The Rev. John R. Mulder, president of Western Theological Seminary, led in a prayer of blessing. Scripture was read by the Rev. Willard Dayton Brown, secretary of the Board of Trustees, R.C.A. Hopkins is Main Speaker The main address of the service was "The Weigh House," delivered by Dr. Louis A. Hopkins, director of the summer session and professor in the school of engineering at the University of Michigan, b r . John A. Dykstra, president of the Board of Trustees, presented the Science building to General Synod, R.C.A., and read the dedication written by Dr. John E. Kuizenga. The Rev. C. P. Dame, vice president of General Synod, accepted the building for that body. Unannounced were the awards of honorary degrees to the Rev. Samuel M. Zwemer, Rev. Anthony Luidens and Rev. H. William Pyle. The last two were campaign managers f o r the Science building drive in the East and Midwest, respectively. They were awarded degrees of Doctor of Divinity. Zwemer's degree was that of Doctor of Letters.

Breaking g r o u n d ceremonies were held J u n e 2, 1941, and the design. Also noteworthy is building rapidly rose to completion cated today, is built to stand for of the most modern science halls i the new oak furniture in the science in the summer of 1942. Today it centuries. Of concrete and rein- in the country. All laboratory I library. stands in the splendor of all its tile and concrete, its fluorescent lighting and year-around air-con Faculty Reception Curriculum Changes ditioning, ready for inspection by For Students Friday Affect Education, the public and then for use by the Night In Chapel scientists of tomorrow. Physical Training The Hope College faculty wil Hope College has been designated Curriculum changes as announced entertain the student body at a re by the War Department as an ofThe regular program will begin ception in the basement of Hope by Registrar Thomas E. Welmers ficial elementary Army Glider Memorial Chapel Friday night at are chiefly in the department of for all students tomorrow morning. Freshman entrance examinations school. July 23rd the college, in 8 o'clock in the first all college education. New requirements apwill not be given entirely on Thurscooperation with the Northern Air social event of the year. proved by the Michigan Board of day and Friday as in former years The faculty reception is an anService of Grand Rapids, began but will be staggered over a longer nual affair. In former years spon- Education reduce the required numperiod of time. training a group of ten men the sored jointly by the faculty and ber of hours in education from Faculty procurement agents Dr principles of flight. This is a full the student council, the affair will twenty-two to twenty hours. Board of Education Meets Bruce Raymond states that, under The greatest all-college change Events earlier in the week intime program superseding the ex- for the first time be taken over a new program, the Army, Navy entirely by the faculty this year. is compulsory physical training to cluded the fall session of the Board tra-curricular Civil Pilot Training Marines, Coast Guard, and Air All professors and instructors will the extent of three hours a week Forces have ceased bidding against of Education Monday afternoon at course begun here^aTThe opening be on the receiving line. for all male students. This will ineach other, and have formed a the college. This meeting takes of summer for summer school stuA short program will include clude both military drill and calisScalpel Club to Elect joint board of procurement which place in New York City in other several musical numbers, words of thenics. This change from the fordents. will attempt to standardize re years. Monday evening the faculOfficers In First Meet This first class is made up of welcome by President Wynand mer requirement of seventy-two quirements and distribute enlist ties of Hope and Western TheologiWichers and Student Council Pres- clock hours for freshmen only was ments according to needs. T h i s cal seminary joined the Board of The Scalpel club is the newest men who could not pass the regular ident Clinton Harrison and com- made because of the necessity of board is sending representatives to Education in commissioning the club on the campus. Organized in Army Air Force physical or mental munity singing. Refreshments will putting reservists in condition for all colleges and universities. Hope Rev. J a m e s Nettinga, Hope '34, as the interest of pre-medical and bi- tests and men over the Air Force be in charge of faculty wives. future active service. will be visited by a group repre- Youth Secretary of the Reformed ology majors by John Schut, and enlistment age of 26. Their period senting all the armed forces at 10 Church in America. Nettinga rewith Justin Aalpoel as its first of training is eight weeks, during A. M., October 21. At that time places the Rev. Raymond "Uncle president, it promises to continue the advantages of all services will Ray" Drukker, who has taken with all the enthusiasm that it which time they receive instrucbe explained and opportunities will charge of the domestic mission at started out with last year. Assum- tion in all phases of ground work, Annville, Kentucky. be made to join. ing special importance due to the eight to twelve hours flying inAlthough Hope can claim many class of 1916. She continued her Tuesday afternoon the Board of present emergency, it has also reNew regulations under this prostruction and the remainder of distinguished graduates, she can education at the University of Trustees met in special session. In ceived an impetus from the ever take a special pride in the family Michigan, Bryn Maur and abroad gram provide that the Naval V-l the evening there was a reception fifty hours is solo. When they comincreasing amount of pre-medical of Professor Douwe B. Yntema. at Rome and Paris. Among a num- enlistment age will be reduced from for seminary and college faculties, plete their eight weeks work they students. 20 to 17 years. Also under V-l Professor Yntema, himself a ber of her teaching successes was pre-medical and dental students pastors, and the Boards of EducaThe organization expects to con- will be transferred to a more adthat at Hope. At present Miss tion and Trustees in Hope Memotinue upon the high ideals which vance Army school to learn the Hope graduate, class of 1876, Yntema is teaching school at South will not be required to take the rial Chapel. served as S u p e r i n t e n d e n t of were expounded in the newly adoptexamination given to all other V-l High School in Grand Rapids. control of troop carrying gliders. Schools at St. Johns, Mich., and for ed constitution under the tempomen a t the end of their sophoA third son, Theodore 0 . YnTwo Hope professors are among the following twenty-three years as rary leadership of Clinton Harrison more year, but will be kept in tema, was a Hope grad of 1921. who was vice president last year. the instructors for the course. Prof. professor of physics and chemistry school for the full normal period Further studies took him to the The first meeting will be devoted Clarence Kleis has been teaching at Hope. While still at St. John's of their pre-professional training. University of Illinois and the Unito the election of new officers. physics and aircraft identification he married Mary E. Loomis. The Dr. Raymond predicted that the versity of Chicago where he atSubsequent meetings will consist while Prof. Albert Lam pen has Yntemas had six children, all of same provisions will be made f o r tained his Ph.D. At present a proof a paper a meeting given by a taught mathematics. It is notable whom were graduated from Hope enlistees in the newly formed enfessor at Business School in Chimember of the group, a f t e r which that three men scored perfect in and continued on to brilliant calisted Reserve Corps unassigned. cago, he is also Director of ReIn a special late bulletin yestera review of current topics relating physics and one in mathematics in reers. In order t h a t he may better ful- day Clinton Harrison, Student search, Cowles Commission, for ReHis son, Hessel E. Yntema, was to biology and medicine are given government-prepared final examisearch in Economics, at the Uni- fill his position as contact man be- President, announced that the first by the current events committee. nations. a member of the class of 1912; he versity of Chicago. Active on vari- tween the armed forces and the council-sponsored activity of the received his Ph.D. at the Univerous committees for the Federal student, it is likely that Raymond year will be an address by Dr. sity of Michigan and was a Rhodes Bureau of Economic Research at will make a tour of a number of Charles O. van der Plas, former Scholar at Oxford. Hessel taught technical schools of all branches governor of East Java, in Hope It is again my privilege to extend a word of welcome to all at Columbia University and the In- Government in the past, he is now serving as Director of the National of service. To date no official word Memorial Chapel next Tuesday stitute of Law at Baltimore. At students coming to Hope this year. It will be a joy to renew New York City. has reached the college of the ef- evening a t 8 o'clock. The bearded present he is Professor, of Law at acquaintance with those who were here before, and to meet for fect of the new provision an- governor, who looks like Haile SelDwight B. Yntema, of the class the University of Michigan. He is of 1926, received his Ph.D. at the nounced by Secretary of W a r Stim- assie, is on a nation-wide tour and the first time the new students. Of course, we are glad that you also serving as representative of chose to come to Hope College. We trust that you will find the U.S.A. on Permanent Commit- University of Michigan. Previous son last week to the effect that was obtained f o r Hope by the to obtaining his doctor's degree he Reservists may be called up a t the Netherlands Pioneer and Historical tee of Habana. here the fellowship you seek, and the opportunities for learning was a Sterling. Fellow at Yale Uni- end of the present semester. Association. Leonard J . Yntema graduated versity. Instructor at Y.M. College and service that you desire. These are most crucial days in Not only does he look like the from Hope in 1915, continuing his world history. We all approach our tasks solemnly but resoat Chicago and later at Hope ColAbyssinian Emeperor, but van der studies to receive his doctor's delege, .he is a t present serving the Brouwer Predicts lutely. It will be our object this year, not only to cooperate in Plas was actually sent to Selassie gree in chemistry at the University Federal Government as Senior Eco- Registration Decrease a great national effort for freedom, but also to a t t e m p t to carry in 1926 to conclude s commercial of Illinois two years later. During n o m i c Analyst, i Department of t r e a t y with him for the Netheron in the great traditions of our College. The curriculum has the first World War he was a chem- Commeroe.,'^i : Personnel Director Paul Brouwer lands g o v e r n m e n t ist in the Bureau of Aircraft Probeen enriched. The facilities have been much extended and im' The youngest son, Chester L. Yn- announced last week t h a t pre-regVan der Plas is now a member duction. Until 1930 he was a proproved. There will be more opportunity than ever f o r the develtema^ graduated from Hope College istration figures would be between of the Royal Netherlands Governfessor a t the University of Illinois in 1626. . He was also a Sterling .175 and 190 new students entering ment Extraordinary A d v i s o r y opment of a healthy body, a sound mind, and a fine spirit. We and is a t present Professor of Fellow a t Yale, and received his .Hope this fall. This summer is Council in London. He will soon trust that you will enter upon all these privileges with courage Chemistry a t St. Louis University. Ph.D. in medicine f r o m there in about equally divided between fel- retarn to Australia to join the and determination. We shall stand by, ready to help and to serve. He is particularly noted as the co1930. For some time instructor a t lows and co-eds. Netherlands East Indies govern" discoverer of Illinium, element the University of Pennsylvania and I This low figure may be taken as raent there. Very sincerely yours, number sixty-one of the ninety-two later a t Cornel V he is now Assist- a basis in estimation of the effect The governor Is an anthority on elements. WYNAND WICHERS, ant Professor of Anatomy a t Cor- of the war on Hope this year. It the Weat Pacific war theater and The only daughter — Clara E. nell Medical School, in New Yoric President. is likely that the total registration will speak en this subject Tuesday Yntema — was a member of the City. will not exceed 476 students. evening. The new Science building, dedi- forced steel construction, it is one equipment is new and of the very

Hope Designated Army Pilot School

New Procurement Board Created For All Reserves

Six Children of Former Hope Prof All Have Brilliant Careers

ouncil To Sponsor .ecture By Former dovcrnor in Java


Hope College Anchor

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Hope Co


er Home From

*3 an m fSj %sS Editor-;n-chlef & \%b Business Manager VVilliain^ Moerdylt ..Roger Itoeppe, Mary Blai/^ Dear Mom: Associate Editors • ••••••••••••••••• flViring the Khool ye*r by the studenU of Hope Collit«- :.Ju3t dashed back between third Publithad every two E n t e r e d u second c U m n u t t e r a t the poet office oS Holland. M i c h i w n . j i t i bp«c.el r f t e a n d fourth hour this morning to of poetage provided f o r In eeetion 1108 of A c t of C o n g r e s s , October 8. 1917 and gee what Uncle Sam's f a ^ o n t e emKuthoritad October 19, 1918, «l ' i f 4 ployee; v left lor me. Along with Mail subsdiptions, one doilir per year your letter came this: Address — The Ancho^ Hope Gollefl, Holland^ Michigan ^ Telephone 943^ ^ ^ KRINTID AT OLD N IWS ". . . You are hereby summoned to appear before the Student Council on Tuesday evening, October 28, 194...., at 8 : 3 0 - p . m.,- in the Commons There a r e two m a j o r problems f-acmg the Student Ooun^if Room."

vaals W h a t New Froth Face

By the Quizzed Kid Dear Quizzed Kidfc

broken so many frosh rules, if 1. were brought before the Council/1 ^ ^ t ; Hope^ College, where 1 am to be a freshman IhTs year, .1 shall don't know which one I'd be tried undbiibiedly meet some very nice girls, But I already have a girl, lot"•" v certainly has a ua memory.) mcaor,., o f t h i f t S she 8ttu«'trouble j * soDiethiijft good 1 Me: It is possible 1 might d<> about keeping on with some :«Kial life a l ' ^ O p e ? J Trfmhleil. made that statement, but I can't remember. I'm afraid my memory Dear Troubled: is very poor. (Faux pas!) Until Michigan receives its first consignment of gps musks . . . don't Council: Miss ^ do you think * you are college material with a breathe a word of this to anyone.

Council Calls ^or Cooperation

poor memory?


Me: I'm trying very hard to dein the coming year. T h e campus m u s t be geared to the counvelop it. t r y ' s defense effort, and the traditional vitality found on the Oh, oh, it certainly looks like j Council: Were you present on campus must be preserved in the faoe of-the demands which your only daughter is in for it . . . ; the occasion that the green was the war will ultimately make on all of us. < • , (and she was!!) distributed ? Me: I was. The first was begun last year with the defense council, . Very dutifully the writer of this 1 morsel appeared in the Education Council: Did you hear the rules the defense f o r u m , the campus fire d e p a r t m e n t , . a n d c o o p p ^ building on the dot of 8:30, to find laid down f o r freshmen at that tion with city officials. These things will be continued unless, that two other innocent ( ?) frosh time? and this is not expected, some should prove impractical "or had met the same mailman. Me: I did. undesirable. Besides, there is to be a much increased intraApplying the you-know-whoseCouncil: Please state them f o r mural athletic program while some other projects are being psychology of increasing the f e a r : us. Me: (Boldly beginning.) Freshconsidered and will probably .be put into effect. Any sug- of the unknown by prolonging the suspence, the Council kept the men must wear the green at all gestions f r o m students or faculty will be-much appreciated three "C.I.M.'s" (Comrades in Mis- times . . . (pause) . . . by the council. ery), huddled together on the Council: Continue, Miss . To accomplish the second the ordinary social program will dingy, dark, cold, stone steps. Me: (Not quite so forcefully.) Finally, a f t e r an interminably Freshmen must not be seen out have to be continued. With increased concentration on study-

ing and s t u d e n t s leaving the c a m p u s for the a r m e d forces, I

everything possible must be done to prevent the atmosphere f r o m becoming dead. The i n t r a m u r a l athletic p r o g r a m will also help, and the various organizations on the campus can each do their part. Special activities and speakers may be arranged. The normal duties of the council remain. Work toward increased good feeling among societies, better student-faculty relationships, must go on. The job facing the council is large, and its effectiveness will depend largely on student cooperation which has always been g )od. This year especially, that cooperation is most important. 't;>

time, a grave young man came after 10:00 P. M. . . .


(a longer


Ladies before gents," ( Council: Miss, will you please and ushered our lone, con . . . the torture chain-j Me: (In a faltering whisper.) Closed. Silence fell! | Freshmen must not date upper was in the court classmen. room fere five minutes, though' Council: Which of these rules it s e a m e d l i k e hours to his have you broken, Miss ? (Si"C.I.M.'a" on the outside. | lence.) I t was my turn! Yes, the author Council: How many of these of this nncensored (as yet), biased rules have you broken? (Silence.) article was one of the select — Council: Please answer the question. rather, the drafted group. Me: All of them. I was blindfolded and led, as a lamb to the slaughter. A f t e r beCouncil: (Question censored.) TO ALL NEW STUDENTS ing forced to a one-point landing Me: No, I don't. You must re— this one point being my derriere member I'm only an inferior freshFellow Students: — the blindfold was removed. man. (My first big mistake.) All was .black before me — but Council: We will! What upper To most of you, your attendance here marks the beginning of your college life. The rest of you ha'-e previously attended some other not f(fr' long. A dazzling blinding I classman did you date? Me: (Censored.) college. In either case, in choosing Hope College to complete your light was flashed directly in my Council: Miss — do you realtraining, your decision has been a '.vise one. The Hope College student eyes. In self-defense my eyelids body is glad to greet you. In time, as the general atmosphere of the closed, but were soon, literally, | ize the seriousness of your crime? Me: I do — now! campus grows on you, you will become very much attached to this yanked open by a severe and hearty — "Keep your eyes open! Look Council: Did you at the time? place, as do all who attend. straight into the light — and wipe Me: No, I hadn't been taught We hope you will take part in .he various activities, many of the that smile off your face!" (my second big mistake.) most current of which are planned especially for you. If you have any Nothing could I see but the Council: What punishment dc questions, ask others; they will be glad to help you. Society rushing will be taking place for the next lew weeks. Take full advantage of bright beam. Thus, began my third you think should be inflicted upon you. Miss ? your situation. Go around to the different ones. (Jet acquainted. Don't degree — Me: I feel that all I am going hesitate to accept invitations from them all. This constitutes no obliCouncil: What is your name? (I gation on your part, and only by so doing can you decide which group recognized the voice as that be- through right now is sufficient punmost appeals to you. . . . .. '"nging to the president of this ishment. Council: That is all! Please reDue to the war, many ma'e stu lents, io be allowed to finish their honorable group.) port next week at this time for collegiate training, have enlisted in the various reserve corps. Although We: M. . sentence. the situation has changed, it may be to your benefit to do the same. Council: What does the "M" November 4th (one week later). You will find Professor Bruce Raymond well informed pn'.cifrrwit stand f o r ? The sentence! changes in the enlislment programs. He can be found in his office on Me: (I thought of saying "mis1. Dress completely in bright the first floor of Van Raalte hall. ^ i e v o u s , " but not knowing the red. At Hope College you have the advantage of a fully accredited curricu- stu>re yet, 1 meekly said), Marion, 2. Wear sandwich sign 2 in. by lum and a highly re ognized faculty equal in most respects to those of Qouncilc Do you know why you 3 in. bearing the words: "I the large universities; while at t ie same time the student body is I are here, Miss ? Don't Want to Set the World smaller, offering greater opportunity to each one of you for participa-j Me:/•(Naively,) No. I'm sorry. I on Fire." tion in athletics, forensics, etc. don t. 3. Appear and march in the A l s o present is a congeniality necessarily not present where a student Council: What is the place of homecoming parade. body is so large that most of those you see are comparative strangers, freshmen on this campus? 4. Sing constantly the word to You will notice that, 1 am sure. The years you spend here will be Me: (I wouldn't say "least") (1 above song! thoroughly enjoyable, and I wish on behalf of the student body to wel- conceded at—) Fourth. come you most cordially. We are most sincerely glad of the opportunity Council: Do you recall why you are Your loving daughter, to be of service to you in any way. h e r e . Miss ? Sincerely, j Me: No. » CLINTON R. HARRISON, > Council: Do you ever remember P.S.: Not only my clothes were Student Council P r e s i d e n t , having made this statement, "I've red! blindf



Vacation Whisperings Marjorie Brouwer and George etery. That's O.K., Al, but there's Lumsden visited George's parents no future in it. Another wedding in the offing in Niagara Falls, New York, this s u m m e r . Incidentally, they vis- is that of Helen Mae "Mickey" ited the falls. No, it's still Miss Heasley. She will marry Pvt. Wil1 Brouwer. " •' •• liam Mawhinney, instructor in enAnother visitor at the falls was gineering administration at PatterEarl De Witt. The girl was Mar- son Field, Ohio. Mawhinney is a garet Ullenbruch from Buffalo Cincinnati tennis and badminton whom Earl met while attending the pro whom Mickey met when she American Chemical Society Con- was hostess and he tennis instrucvention at Buffalo. Earl's still sin- tor at The Castle in the summer of '41. The event will take place in ble, too — I think. the early fall. '1 here are two weddings to anMyra 4 'Mike" Kleis, who was nounce though. Both the men are forced out of school by rheumatic recent graduates of the Naval Air fever last December, will be back Force training school at Corpus in college this fall. Christi, Texas. They are Harry Anne Timmer graciously acceptHakken, '41, who wedded Mary ed Dick Higgs' f r a t pin this sumRuth Jacobs of the same class, and mer. But : Aime will not be- back Bill Pelon, who was in the class in college this - fall.- ^She has acof '43. Bill married Joyce McCorcepted a position in a Grandville mick of Holland, who planned to bank. come to Hope this fall — until she Shirley Rutgera is another whose met Bill. It was just one week from face we'll be'mtesing. She I n g o i n g meeting to marriage for them. into training, s t H a r p e r s Hospital Harry will fly for the Navy while Detroit. Bill will fight with the Flying Ma. Summer draftees Include Frank rines. Lokker, Bfoie Key preftidfttt; Alfy Marilyn Van Dyke, who would Vande Waa, senior vice president! have been a junior this year, went, Dale Brondyke and Leonard Van to work for the Civil Service Com- Horn. mission in Washington, D.C., as a EstelTe "Dolly" l, KSmpi»; J J t f n r typist this summer. We understand grad, married Eddie'Biiteyfl, Hope Kay Helder and one of Marilyn's alumnus, on September Eddie girl friends are awaiting b e r . is .production m a n a g e r , at Christurn together. . ^ H ulii .Craft.Gorporatipn. no la.v »iij Al Weenink spent his summer dig- j , . Jtaw.nureea a t Voorheee and Van diging graves in a Kalamazoo c e m - j Vleck a r t Evelyn ^Mae Mernulfuw

Names of returning students published in the ANCHOR will be spelled according to the '41'42 Student Guide until publication of the new Guide. After the appearance of the new publication, spelling will follow its guidance unless a correction is made at the ANCHOR office. The ANCHOR is a publication of the students of Hope College. Any student interested in newspaper work, or writing of any kind, is privileged to try out for the staff. All persons interested should attend the first ANCHOR meeting in the ANCHOR room, Sept. 23 at 4 p. m. Students interested in working on the business staff of the paper are also invited to attend this meeting.

who studied at Montana State, and Catharine Groneveh, who had her training at Englewood Hospital, Chicago. Both are r e g i s t e r e d nurses. Among the members of Sigma Demi Tasse waiters' fraternity at The Castle this summer were Gab^y , VanDis, George Dalman, Bud Koranda, Jack Bass, Bob Luidens, Milt Verburg, R U S H De Vette, Ken De Groot. Don Mulder worked ^ the eoda fountain, Etg Kleinjanp drove station wagon, Dick Higgs. was desk clerk, and Jack Yeomans and Len P a p e washed dishes. Koranda waa also life guard. .4/

Students Are Always Welcome

Dear Quizzed Kid: I yam of a literarie bent. I just like to rite all kinds of storys. I ain't never had no expeerience to talk ov, but I no I can do things with words. Do you think ther will be enny chanct for my working of enny kind ov noospaper while in Hops Collich? Bill " S h a k s p e r e " Snodgrass Ahopful frishmun. Dear "Shakespeare": You do not only have a "literary bent," but you are also badly broken. Nevertheless, you can do things with words . . . I see that already. At Hope, you will certainly find an outlet for your talents. Mr. Milton Verburg will be glad to use your talents. (Your first assignment will, very likely be, "A Submarine view of the Frosh-Soph Pull." Weights will be provided and tied to you to facilitate your staying submerged. Yours for success, Lord Byron Q. K. •


Dear Quizzed Kid: Will Hope College be an exciting place to study ? Freshman, Algernon Pinkenheimer. Dear Algernon: ^ou never know what's going to happen next around here . . . Just the other day, in cleaning out the Labs in VanRaalte Hall, Professor Kleis found Miss Whifflfluffer Fussbudget, working tediously at the experiment . . . "Where does my lap go when I stand u p ? " Miss Fussbudget, ex-Home Economics prof, at Hope, has been missing since 1912. We always wondered where that department disappeared to. Your for exciting terms, Q. K. *



Dear Quizzed Kid: I am a Freshman girl. I am very anxious to have a very, very good date my first day at Hope College. How will I know a good date when I see one? Pearl Dropstitch. Dear Miss Dropstitch: The only way to be sure is to go to the nearest grocery store (walk, don t run) and you'll find many . . . The Dromedary is your guarantee of quality, (adv.) ; •

Q. K. •



Dear Quizzed Kid: I have had many letters from the K.C.H. Fraternity. (Keep the Campus Happy.) I am very interested in their work at Hope, and I would like very much to join. Is there very much paddling done in that certain group? Percival Feeblebottom. Dear Percival: John Quincy Adams said, in a speech at Plymouth, in the year 1S02 . . . "Think of your f o r e f a t h e r s ! Think of your posterity!" I say to you . . . much the same, only worded differently . . . "Think of the upperclassmen! Think of your posterior!" In going to a theatre, my dear boy, that has Standing Room Only . . . you will be the only one standing that will be happy. Q. K. The class of '46 is here!








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During Orientation


Y's A r e In Limelight Y will hold its first r e g u l a i weekly m e e t i n g Tuesday, September 22, in the basement of the lUemoiial Chapel. Watch the " V a n n o u n c e m e n t above the main office door f o r p a r t i c u l a r s .

America, i n 1057,21 y e a r s b e f o r e ewson Fft0M ^A^rS^TrAeV€D AN ELECTRIC P,E:CE ^ CHARCOAL. WHEN




The " Y ' s " a r e in the limelight, working on a s u p e r Orientation week, with every cabinet membei doing his bit. Mary Elizabeth Aidrich, Chicago sophomore, and Clinton H a r r i s o n , Holland senior, are co-editors of the * - F o r e ' s special lall issue, distributed this week to all new students. Emilia "Mimi' Moncada, N e w b u r g h , N. Y., s e n i o r social c h a i r m a n , and Russell ".Rusty DeVette, Muskegon sophomore, a r e p u t t i n g in full-time work on f r o s h social functions. Other coms^. mittee heads p u t t i n g time and labor on Orientation week are Sally Brannock, Benton H a r b o r sophoc more, and Harvey Staal, Grand Rapids senior, membership chairm e n ; J a y n e Smies, Sheboygan * 0 * sophomore. Big S i s t e r c h a i r m a n ; Klva Van H a i t s m a , Grand Rapids sophomore, and Allan Weenink. Kalamazoo senior, personal service chairmen. Of course, there are the indispensable vice presidents. J a n e t Clark. Albany senior, and Daniel F y l s t r a , Little Falls, N. J., senior, and prexies Florence Dyke m a of Muskegon and Al B o r g m a n W A L Maps Brilliant of Chicago Heights. Campaign tor , 42- , 43




Every cabinet member is pushing this big p r o j e c t : Jean Vander Wege, Zeeland junior, finance c h a i r m a n ; Marian Sandee. Ooostburg. Wis., junior, t r e a s u r e r ; Lois Mary H i n k a m p , Holland junior, s e c r e t a r y ; Mary Blair, Union City. N. J., junior, deputations c h a i r m a n ; and Adelaide Wandscheer, Sioux City, Iowa, senior, mission chairman.

Summer Session Attracts 92 Students New courses, new faces, s a m e old activity, as 92 s t u d e n t s and profs worked through Hope's s u m m e r session. T h e s t u d e n t s a t t e n d i n g the 9-week t e r m hailed from seven s t a t e s , scattered f r o m New Hampshire to Iowa. Popular new courses offered were Oriental history t a u g h t by Dr. Alb e r t u s Pieters of Western Theological Seminary, aerial navigation with P r o f . Albert Lampen in charge, beginning Spanish under Miss Elizabeth Lichty, a r t a p p r e ciation t a u g h t by Mrs. Louise Krum of Holland High, and natural history t a u g h t by Dr. Teunis Vergeer. In all 23 courses were otTered. S t u d e n t s from 17 other colleges were in a t t e n d a n c e , and 13 s t u d e n t s were ambitious f r e s h m e n beginning t h e i r college careers early.


Biq Sisters to Fete Little Sisters at Tea

Women's Activities league is on hand with its program of activities for the year. But f o r the frosh, an explanation. All co-eds become members of WAL upon payment of one dollar dues, and they a r e then entitled to all the privileges j f membership.

t h i n g s h u m m i n g a t the horseshoe w i l l b e c h a r ^ d' affaTres o f ' T e pits; s w i m mi i n. g and a <all-collpirp ^incr in in May. Ma u ll, i i , Softball . . ran . coiiege sing when inclose second in the d a y s activities. t p r .. . , t t e r - l r a t and i n t e r - s o r o n t y musical And there was plenty to e a t . competition will be f e a t u r e d . With the advent of a f a r - r e a c h ing government interest in accele r a t e d educational p r o g r a m s on college campuses, it is likely that The Tailor Hope s t u d e n t s can be certain of a n o t h e r s u m m e r session next year. 191/2 W e s t 8fh S t r e e t



Mr. Robert C a v a n a u g h , head of the voice d e p a r t m e n t and director of the chapel choir and boys' glee club, will resume the duties in this field, to which he has shown special a p t i t u d e in past years. The musical A r t s Society prese nt s the first vesper service Sept. 20. The Co-operative Concert Association presents the following prog r a m for the coming y e a r : Monday, Nov. 23, John Tyers, baritone; Wednesday, J a n . 27, Ida Krehm, pianist; Monday, March 1, Anatol Kaminsky, violinist. All p r o g r a m s a r e of e x t r a o r d i n a r y talent, the latt e r being a noted violinist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, All s t u d e n t s having an Activities Ticket a r e automatically made m e m b e r s of the association.

In Ancient Van Vleck Dorm Some upper-classmen will have a difficult time accustoming t h e m selves to the sound of a feminine voice a n s w e r i n g the telephone on rihging 4841. F o r Van Vleck Hall, f o r m e r residence of the demure masculines of Hope, h a s undergone a change in the type of inhabitants. "The Bastille" has submitted to other changes, however. Adorning the entrance is a huge reception room covered with a green carpet. Made f r o m the f o r m e r reception room a n J an additional room, it proves to be the most drastic change in the building. A series j . / e c n y above the table where the telephone stood i n f o r m s one that the individual buzzer system has been installed. A huge davenport occupies a place where A r t Johnson's bed once stood. Should he have been able to glance in the f u t u r e , and observe to what use this position was to be put, who can say that his slumber would have been crowded with scenes of a variety of activities. The s t a i r s leading f r o m the first floor to the second have been -•hanged, m a k i n g the entrance from the hall instead of the reception room. The halls have fluorescent light facilities, and new mats line the hallway on every story. The remainder of the ground floor has been reserved f o r special purposes. The two rooms located on the northwest corner of the building have been changed into a suite, to be occupied by Mrs. A. Krone-



old lavatory is to be used by the matron exclusively. A d j o i n i n g this room, is the infirmary, next to which the n u r s e ' s room is located. All rooms have new linoleum, f a cilitating a t capacity, 44 co-eds. Should Van Vleck be able to tell its story, it would indeed be interesting. It was the only building to escape the fire in all Holland, which ravaged the city when it was young. It also was the embryo of our present Hope College, around which the p r e s e n t college, as we know it, developed. Few f o r m e r g r a d u a t e or underg r a d u a t e residents of Van Vleck will escape the s t r a n g e feeling overcoming one as he walks through the changed halls of Van Vleck. For t h r o u g h the y e a r s several sentimental ties may have impressed themselves upon the h e a r t s of all who have resided there. Replacing the swishing w a t e r and boisterous call, will be the gentle p a t t e r of a co-ed's feet as she scurries in to respond to the telephone at the beckon of the buzzer. Nor will lights, invariably peeping from some window, be there to show t h a t some ambitious collegian is burning the candle at both ends. To these few. memories of Van Vleck will be sweet, and the change more mof an invasion than a peaceful e n t r y .


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Music classes, under the capable direction of Mrs. Snow and Mr. C a v a n a u g h , will resume their f o r m e r tempo in new environs this j year. Instead of occupying a room , in the basement of the chapel they ! have been t r a n s f e r r e d to the edu| cation building located on Columbia Avenue. All music classes will be held there besides being the loI cality of the voice studios and practice rooms. The girls' glee club, under the direction of Mrs. W. C u r t i s Snow, h a s completed an unusually suc| cessful year. Prospects f o r an equally successful year next year j seem to be good, with the huge n u m b e r of co-eds enrolled. T r y - o u t s f o r the club will be posted on the bulletin board soon a f t e r the comi mencement of classes.

T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n in Voorhees parlor WAL opens its y e a r ' s activities with the Orientation Tea f o r all girls, a traditional event of F r e s h m a n Week. " L i t t l e S i s t e r s " will be guests of their "Big Sis-1 t e r s " at the a f f a i r , which is s p o n - j sored with the aim of acquainting WAL sponsors a series of worth- old and new girls with each other. while things to do t h r o u g h o u t the Ellen J a n e Kooiker and Marian Will A J • ^ , 'Se year, all under the direction of the Sandee are handling the affair. Bar- r-— i. l ^ W A L board members. The board is bara Folensbee, W A L prexy, will 'nqlish Majors Club made up of its officers, who a r e speak briefly. Musical background j Prof. Clarence De G r a a f , chairB a r b a r a Folensbee. president; Lou- will be furnished by F r i e d a Grote man of the English D e p a r t m e n t , ise Becker, vice president; Dorothy at the piano. Voorhees and WAL, will serve in capacity of adviser Wichers. s e c r e t a r y ; Mildred Tim- your hostesses are a n t i c i p a t i n g of the newly reorganized English mer. t r e a s u r e r ; its f a c ul t y adviser. m e e t i n g you there. M a j o r s club, according to Louis H. Miss Elizabeth Lichty, and a repChisman, 1942-43 president. Hope resentative from each girls' orw a s expressed by the officers that Invihation to Worship ganization and each class. all m e m b e r s of the English staff The Holland Ministerial Associ-I will become interested in the workWAL booklets, made by Edith Klaaren. have been distributed to ation is g r a t e f u l for this oppor-1 ings of this d e p a r t m e n t a l club, this year's members. Tomorrow El- tunity of cordially inviting both Miss Donna Eby, Holland senior, len J a n e Kooiker and Marian San- new and old Hope s t u d e n t s to the I vice president, has planned many dee will direct the Orientation Tea services in our churches. i n t e r e s t i n g p r o g r a m s f o r the comin Voorhees parlor. Other big We counsel every s t u d e n t to find: ing season. Miss Edith E. Klaaren, events on WAL's p r o g r a m are the a church home in the city just as ! Chicago senior, serves a s S e c r e t a r y oig Queen's float in the Homecom- well as a boarding house. Keep u p l a n d T r e a s u r e r . ing parade in c h a r g e of Ruth Van the worship habits and practices Bronkhorst, and at C h r i s t m a s time which you formed at home. Don't its party for the little children of feed the body and s t a r v e the soul. Holland under the direction of Hope College endeavors to build Sally Brannock and Audrey Scott. men and women along three lines: WAL will also put on an all- body, mind and spirit and the college, co-ed activity which is churches are Hope's chief method bound to be fun, to be chairmanned in building Christian c h a r a c t e r . We a r e sure t h a t you will find by Norma Lemmer and Mary Blair. Phyllis Pelgrim and P e g g y Cross an agreeable church home. You are will handle the Big Project, usually always welcome.

The s u m m e r s e s s i o n was worthwhile educational f e a t u r e not all work and no play, however, j f ( ) r a | | On July 31, faculty and s t u d e n t s 'p.. u-inH .... tK . \ir m e >ear alike motored to Tunnel Park for t k . .W1 f of the a real old-fashioned picnic nH osr se e - ' u ui J ">any activ.ties i i , 7 highlighting May Day, under Je e< a1 n D shoe champ. Prof. Lampen, kept , , /• ,V / "


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All Freshmen Should M e e t The "Big Four" Campus Leaders F a n f a r e ! P r e s e n t i n g to you — f o u r BIG organizations and their presidents, Clinton H a r n s o n of the o t u d e n t Council, B a r b a r a f o l e n s bee of Women s Activities League, Florence Dykema of I W C A , anu Al iiorgman of t h e YM. (Jlini and i j a r b are the big shots who see to it t h a t the social life of tne campus is salely engineered t h r o u g h o u t tne year by the m e m b e r s ui tne Council and the WAL Board, i h e s e social attairs a r e those big shindigs wnich you'll find sprinkled lioeraiiy over the social calendar i r o m convo to Uonnnencement. b t u d e Council handles first oil the bat t h a t little m a t t e r of gentiybut-oh-so-firmly d e s i g n a t i n g to tne noSii nis lowiy piace on tne campus. Krosh are the only known species of vegetation which becomes green in the fall instead oi the spring, and this to the tune oi pots on t n e i r heads, courtesy Stude Council, and upon p a y m e n t of "a slight fee to cover costs of etcetera and e t c e t e r a . " N'en, t r a ditional, come two events. And the competish is t e r r i f ! The frosh-soph pull through the river will end in a certain and thorough dousing f o r one team, and the Nykerk Cup contest will determine posolutely whether the class of '45 or the same of '4() can outdo the other in orating, d r a m a t i z i n g and harmonizing. Homecom'rig in November Homecoming, t h a t ' s November, means a BIG s h i n d i g — p a r a d e s , a tussle with the pigskin, huge grubfest, and old g r a d s fondly reminiscing over used-to-be's. And here, my pretties, is Stude Council's big allout Dutch T r e a t Week, when all f e m m e s may do their own pouncing upon the male element, f r e e f r o m the shackles of t h e conventional " m a n pursues w o m a n " theory. F o r ONE W H O L E W E E K ! 'Course MayDay is nothin' to sniff a t — t h i s is cooperation with WAL. Fathom it; Co-ed and i n t e r - f r a t track meets, a new Her M a j and court, Alcor and Blue Key t a p p i n g s , the whole college a - b a n q u e t i n g — all in O N E day! Innovated last year, the Council's defense f o r u m s and the social nights in the gym and Commons Room proved successful. Be sure you meet up with t h a t Harrison fellow. We could tell you about his subtle humor ("The air in here is a little on the dioxide"). I.Q., and Arabian background, but you'll soon find out. Folensbee Leads WAL Barb Folensbee's a musician, de luxe fashion, at the keyboard, one of those people who somehow never run low on the vitamin-plus. If you'll pick up and scan this scandal sheet you'll find W A L ' s p r o g r a m all neatly summarized for you Y'know, like the 0 . Tea, Homecoming float. All-college affair, Christmas P a r t y , Big Project, M. Day and the All-College Sing. The Y's you may read all about in the Y-Fore. Lot of members. Lot of activities. The Y's are leveling influences, keep you on an even keel, emphasize the spiritual. You must meet "Dyke," t h a t ' s Florence Dykema, YW prexy. She's f r e s h from a s u m m e r school session f o r Y presidents at Union Theological, Columbia University. Dyke's vivacious, charming, sincere. Blue Keyman, Al Borgman, is one of those men who gives all he's got to anything he sets his mind to. He's not only the efficient YM official, but the capable vice president of Palette and Masque. He's a good man. One, two, three, f o u r — and here y'are, with four shining examples of senior leadership before your very eyes.


Advice of Alcor Girl To A l l Ambitious Frosh You f r o s h have all too o f t been accused of being green. But to date have you found any upper classmen willing to help to take a little of the e x t r a gloss off t h a t emerald c o a t ? Alcor gals have f o r jome reason been set up a s the acme of something, and a s such a r e supposedly endowed with a certain amount of wisdom, and boss-man Verburg has u r g e d us to impart a bit of this e t h e r e a l substance to you. Advice is t h a t which everyone is happy to give, but which perhaps is not a l w a y s so well received. Maybe though, we have something here, if we may say so and still speak modestly. Ail-Around Development At this point, you co-eds of this season's vintage are undoubtedly so befuddled by the sudden ons l a u g h t of a t t e n t i o n s and things to do. Maybe it's hard to figure out what is i m p o r t a n t . And maybe we can help. "The development of the well-rounded individual," is one of those educational sounding phrases, but one which packs a good wallop when you think of college aims. So, we speak of the four phases, intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical — not a one to be neglected, not a one to be unduly emphasized j v e r the other. So maybe a word now exorting you not to be swept off your feet by the sudden rush of social activities centered about you will guide you a little.

Public A d d r e s s S y s t e m Stage Lighting Equipment N E L S O N BOSMAN 79 W. 14th St. P h o n e 4515

Spiritual Life Important

P r o f . Oscar T h o m p s o n spent his s u m m e r on a new f a r m which he b o u g h t in the n o r t h e r n p a r t of Michigan. Miss Metta Ross had her vacation "Spofle^TwEen, a f t e r t e a c h i n g in s u m m e r school here, she had an automobile accident on her way to her cabin on D r u m m o n d . Her car blew a tire in loose gravel and t u r n e d over. Miss Ross spent most of the r e m a i n i n g s u m m e r convalescing at the home of Dr. Ida De P r e e in Detour, Mich. P r o f . Clarence Kleis t a u g h t in s u m m e r school session a t W e s t e r n Michigan College of Education at Kalamazoo. Dr. Bruce Raymond ins t r u c t e d at Central Michigan College a t Mt. P l e a s a n t .

A Cheery Welcome to Old Friends and . A Warm Welcome to New Students

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Welcome Hope Coed

For your own satisfaction — f o r a richer, fuller life experience, don't minimize the values of daily devotionals in chapel and the Y meetings. So now — maybe that's a big mouthful to bite off, and digest, but here's hoping you find it worth a t r y . And while we're at this, we might give you a little dope on Alcor. Alcor is our senior girls' honorary sorority, and the thrill of membership this year has been experienced by Jean Ruiter, Irma Stoppels, Wendy Rameau, B a r b a r a Folensbee, Edith Klaaren and Mildred Timmer. Of course, the list of r e q u i r e m e n t s f o r election is one of those profound mysteries known only to the select elect. But lest you retreat f e a r f u l l y f r o m any aspirations t o w a r d w e a r i n g the coveted Alcor s t a r , be informed t h a t though the path is steep, it's not impossible, and the t h i n g for you to do is to keep on pluggin'. DO things, and don't neglect y o u r studies. T h a t ' s our p a r t i n g shot, and with t h a t we take our leave of you.

A m o n g those in s u m m e r school a t the University of Michigan w e r e Miss F a y e Conner, a s s i s t a n t librar i a n , a n d P r o f e s s o r s Clarence De G r a a f and William Schrier. Prof e s s o r De G r a a f finished his work in residence a n d needs only his t h e s i s f o r a Ph.D. d e g r e e . Paul B r o u w e r , personnel director, studied a t the University of Chicago.

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15c THE


E X P E R T J E W E L E R AND But, of course, don't get your WATCHMAKER nose so securely implanted between the two covers of a book that you 6 East 8th St. Phone 3055 have no eyes f o r the many people who, no foolin', would like to know you. E x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activities ihou'd come in for a good share of your attention, too. Don't take on too much, but f'evven's sake, if you have an a p t i t u d e for something, an overturned bushel is no place foi you to be concealing your light. People are looking for j u s t such abilities as you have. Busy people are happy people. And it's been quoted, "If you have something you 210 River Ave. want done, give it to a busy person to do." That should make one so much the busier — and consequenty, so much the happier. Or is that s t r a i n i n g our logic a b i t ? And where happiness is concerned, remember, health is essential. And COME IN OUR this is where the physical comes in. That spiritual element is, of course, very personal, but we think you'll ind that your associations and experiences here will develop that to i high point.


should be told, and you r e t u r n e e s Wichers Plans New m u s t be reminded t h a t t h e s p o r t s p r o g r a m offered you a t Hope by t h e Dorm, Expanded Gym, WAA is planned f o r every co-ed on the campus. W e w a n t all of you — New Quadrangle big, small, clumsy and tall, to beEven a s the new Science building Y o u r g o v e r n m e n t w a n t s you to come enthused and p a r t i c i p a t e in is opened to the public f o r t h e first keep fit to build a s t r o n g America. all spores. time today, Dr. W y n a n d Wichers, The Women's Athletic Association Rewards are given those girls president of Hope, is p l a n n i n g f u r is offering a well-rounded sports who p a r t i c i p a t e extensively in t h e r i m p r o v e m e n t of t h e campus. p r o g r a m t h a t should appeal to sports activities in the f o u r y e a r s The next new building, according j v e r y co-ed. they are here. " J a c k " Schouten, to the president, will be a l a r g e r F i r s t outing this t e r m is the all- girls' gym instructor and a board girls' d o r m i t o r y . The new dorm girl b r e a k f a s t hike S a t u r d a y A. M., member, too! — keeps all records, would be built on the e a r n i n g s bond two hours a f t e r the crack of dawn. u s i n j a definite point system in plan. Dr. Wichers h a s studied this Mildred Scholten, Holland sopho- adding scores for the p r e s e n t a t i o n plan in operation a t the new dor.iiore and newly appointed member of awards. Be on the lookout f o r mitory f o r women a t the University of the board, will head the proces- an explanation of this system in of Michigan. sion into the meadows and woods, the next issue of the A N C H O R . Upon t h e completion of such a her committee with provisions in We realize t h a t many girls, even p r o g r a m , Voorhees hall would be the rear. Watch the bulletin boards seniors, a r e in a f o g about this turned into a d o r m i t o r y f o r men. and keep an ear open f o r f u r t h e r business; and so we have all good There would likely be compulsory info. intentions to let you in on the dedormitory residence f o r all male The fall season s p o r t s include tails. f r e s h m e n with optional residence horseback riding and hiking. When That is the p r o g r a m in brief. t h e r e a f t e r . winter winds rip around the corOrchids to Dr. Elizabeth Lichty, ners, basketball g e t s into full swing A n o t h e r plan under consideration our dean and professor of French with organized t e a m s in competiis the expansion of Carnegie gymand to Metta Ross, p r o f e s s o r of tion. A f t e r the C h r i s t m a s holidays, nasium by the addition of new history and English, f o r their enbowling predominates, and occanorth and south wings. The basthusiasm and their "go g e t " persional trips are made to the Grand ketball playing floor would then be sonalities. We realize t h a t we Rapids YWCA s w i m m i n g pool — in the north-south direction; f o r couldn't have better advisers, and we're hoping we can continue this practice purposes, t h r e e floors could we ain't j u s t sayin' it! Medals to in spite of the tire situation. When be run east and west. With adeJack Schouten for his s u p p o r t and the last play-off in basketball has quate new bleacher space, Hope his "pull." He always m a n a g e s to been f o u g h t , Jean Ruiter sees that would be able to hold its g a m e s in get a crowd out f o r the occasion — i goodly number a r e in the gym its own g y m n a s i u m . Architects practicing tennis technique, get- and he g e t s our e q u i p m e n t ; J a c k plans f o r the c h a n g e have been is indispensable to the girls and ting in trim f o r tennis meets and drawn, but no e s t i m a t e of costs a favorite of all. tournaments. has been made. Hope co-eds are fond of the Guess t h a t sums it up, girls A c h a n g e definitely provided f o r WAA playdays held in the gym. Chairmen and schedules will be in is the replacement of the winding The board is planning b i g g e r and the news soon. In the meanwhile, walks by a q u a d r a n g l e . Dr. Wichbetter ones this year, highlighting come out f o r the b r e a k f a s t hike ers expressed c e r t a i n t y t h a t this volleyball, relays, and calisthenics.] S a t u r d a y morn. The price you pay development will eliminate probA popular sport in the highlight will be small — the t r e a s u r y sees j lems of slushy and icy walks in last s p r i n g due to inter-sorority to that. Come dressed f o r f u n ; the w i n t e r and will add g r e a t l y to competition is baseball. WAA will come with hearty a p p e t i t e ! the beautification of the campus. emphasize BB in the s p r i n g . Completion of the project is exYou new girls on the campus pected to be accomplished d u r i n g Radios, Service & Supplies the s u m m e r of 1943.

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Hope College Anchor Squad H « Training Camp at Castle


For the past ten days the resort ers at famed Castle P a r k have had s o m e t h i n g besides ihi balmy breezes of Lake Michigan to keep them interested. They've been seeing a preview of Hope's 1942 football team. A few weeks ago P r o f . McLean and his p a r t n e r . C a r t e r Brown, invited Coach Hinga tb bring his football boys out to ' t h e Castle" to get in the first important practices before school started. Mr. Hinga didn't take long to accept. Many of the fellows have been eating and sleeping there besides practicing football and just in case you hadn't heard, room and board is "on the house." (Oh, to be a football player!) Coach Hinga says that the week al "the Castle" has done wonders. Besides getting the team into shape physically the past week has put an unusual amount of spirit into the boys. Mr. Hinga's biggest job has been to find and train replacements for the men he lost through graduation and to Uncle Sam. The biggest loss is Bill Tappan, last year's All-MIAA center. At present this problem seems to have been quite well solved by shifting "Hoots" Rowan, a backfield man, to center. Other losses include Bill Hakken, guard; George Vanderhill and Marty Bekken, tackles; "Bud' Morgan, end; and Art Timmer, a speed demon in the backfield. The backfield seems to be Hope's strongest department. Besides the veteran foursome of Davis, Higgs, Karel and DeFouw, there are several Frosh hopefuls from which to choose. These include Dick Loomis from Traverse City, who is an excellent punter and passer; Ted Wiesner, a speedy fullback from (Jrandville; Bud Groendyke, also from Grandville; and Northoek from Grand Rapids. From end to end the starting line will probably be: Niensma, I'ape, Dick, Rowan, Yeomans, Koop and Slager. Freshman Bill Draper from Holland is trying to grab one of the end positions. " B u d " Koranda and Harvey Stahl will keep the two tackles fighting for their jobs, and Wayne Purchase and Arnold Schaap look like the reserve guards. Glenn Bruggers and Harv Buter, a Holland boy, are trying for center. Some of the others who are out for the team are Van Dis, Van Tongeren, Van Den Berg, and De Boer. Despite the fact that he has verylittle r e s e n e material, Coach Hinga has hopes for a good team and feels that the chances for a successful season are "better than good." The first game is with Grand Rapids U., and will be played under the lights in Riverview Park on September 25. Last year Grand Rapids trounced Hope to the tune of 17 to 0. The game promises to be closer this year because the university, although it has twelve lettermen returning, has a very small squad. However, they'll be tough. The next three games will be out of town. Michigan State Normal Oct. 2, Kazoo Oct. 10, and Hillsdale Oct. 17. The last three will be played on familiar soil commencing with the homecoming game with Albion on Oct. 24, continuing with a night game with Grand Rapids JC on Oct. 30, and closing the season on Armistice day against Alma.

As It Looki-To The Anchor





when the occasion arisen. : In other words, he's quite a man. "Bud" Karel is the outstanding running back on the team. It's really some-


1942, and Hope states its first war year in more than two decades. The beginning is the time f o r memories and prophecies so here we go . . . Remember Timmer, the "Grandville Gazelle," going around e n d ? Or- how about "Bud" Morgan getting his face muddy while breaking up an off-tackle play ? . . . Marty Bekken running out from the bench in his peculiar style . . . Bill Tappan gDing head first through a water puddle in the Kazoo game . . . Gil Van Wieren sinking a set shot from the comer . . . "Big J o h n " Visser making Keith Carey look like a bush-leaguer in the Alma game . . . The basketball team being sparked to victory by "Kenny" Van Den Berg . . . Who'll ever forget " W a n g " Hoekje clowning his way through a tennis match . . . These events are immortal in the minds of those who saw them . . . And what of tomorrow? Shakespeare said "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps this petty pace from day to day." Surely there should not be and shall not be anything petty about the pace at Hope this year, whether it be in the line of athletics or some other line . . . Most of us are here in spite of the war and consequently should make the most of our opportunity to attend college . . . Hope's athletes should be training harder than ever before, not only in order to win more games but also to keep themselves in the best of condition. just in case Uncle Sam calls . . . And as for those who aren't athletically inclined, how about some real cooperation as far as the compulsory gym classes are concerned? Surely we can do this bit when so many are being called upon to pay the supreme sacrifice . . . But the question still is, "what of tomorrow?" . . . Does the crystal ball show a football championship? Hardly, but a few breaks would make it close . . . However, championship or no championship, Hope will have a crowd-pleasing team, a speedy, alert outfit that isn't afraid to throw a pass in a tight spot . . . Basketball is a different story. There it looks as if only inexperience can stop us from a title. Sure we're optimistic, but did you ever see a pessimist get anywhere . . . Notre Dame will return to the throne of big-time football although their suicide schedule will probably prevent them from having an unbeaten team. You guessed it, Minnesota for the Big Ten title . . . Of course no resident of Michigan will agree with me but what difference does it make? But what about that most important struggle of all? Is Uncle Sam making any headway? You should be able to answer that one without the help of your humble sports writer . . .

Students of Hope! We Extend You a Welcome

Lokker-Rutgers Co.


30 E a s t E i g h t h S t r e e t



"Dick", the Shoe Doctor

' •/ ^ ^ j . './ Jl ' i t One of the MIAA'a six members


Always QUALITY Photographs

Electric Shoe Hospital

will not see action this year when the










reasons, has seen fit to withdraw and join Olivet as an MIAA hasbeen. Our guess is that these reasons are primarily fm&ncial and

WELCOME! To A l l Hope Students, O l d and New.

perhaps a fear that a decrease in

W E HAVE . . . enrollment will cause a shortage The Piece of material. Adrian will be missed The Service by the rest of the league. First | The Pood of all because the larger the league the more interesting the race wil be. Then, too, we always enjoyed our games with Adrian. They alAFTER T H E GAME . ways fought hard and at the same A Sandwich At time obeyed every rule of sports^ manship. We regret that Adrian never enjoyed more success in her athletic contests. ~Frankly, Adrian T H E B E S T IN M E A L S A N D had better teams than the results SANDWICHES ; , showed. However, the boys seemed to have gotten into a losing rut out of which they just couldn't Try -Our Line of Delicious . snap. Let's put Adrian down as a BAKED GOODS war casualty and we hope they'll P h o n e 2542 W e Deliver be back when this world mess is "Hope'i Paltry Center'* over.

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Wednesday, September 16,1942




Air C o n d i t i o n i n g S y s t e m s


"Makes Warm Friend*"' • /

9 E a s t 10th St.

. . . by Rog Koeppc

Class of *46 and Old Students

Adrian Bulldogs Become 2nd School To Leave M I A A j

- ^ T R U C .

The Kibitzer

thing to watch him go "off tackle."

A » ^


FiYeYeteran, nAi\ Teams t o Engage In M I A A Dog Fight

Here's Hope's football team a t a glance, t h e following are the j*Seldom has the MIAA football players who are most Hkely to see service this f a l l Freshmen are not race been as wide open as this included, although nujny freshmen will undoubtedly see a lot of action. year. Last year Alma was the faE ^ & S : T V only yetefcan end ig George S l i d e r , a junior. Eddie vorite and won. -The year before it was Albion and Alma in the role Nieusma, a lenior, with backfield experience, is the best bet f o r the of favorite and Albion won. This pthef end. How good o t bad thesq two are may well determine how yefcr there can be and is no team good or bad the whole team is, because there is a definite shortage that one can say appears to be of end material. Geerge should be all set f o r a g r e a t year and if head and ahoulders above the rest. In other words, we're in f o r a good Eddie's weak ankles hold out he may be a star. old-fashioned dog fight. TACKLES: C a p t a i n - f t i t r e y Koop and Soph Len Pape look like Alma, despite the fact that she the best bet for the tackle positions,^ Harvery's injuries have earned lost heavily, by- the graduation of him the nickname of "Hardluck." The law of averages says that the last year's strong senior class, will worm should turn and Harvey Koop without injuries can and should have a well-rounded t e a m built be a great tackle. Pape saw a lot of action in his freshman year. This around 13 lettermen. Coach Gordon McDonald expects a strong offense summer he has chopped 15 pounds off his weight and now tips the and at least an average line but scales at a mere 185. He should be in splendid condition! Harvey is afraid that a lack of reserve Stahl, a senior, and Leroy "Bud" Koranda, a soph, will probably be strength .may cause trouble. the alternate tackles. Albion's coach is gloomy, as is his custom at this stage of the •GUARDS: Two men are available for guard duties. Jack "The game. He isn't satisfied with his woman killer" Yeomana will resume his old duties while Len Dick will line but certainly can't complain complete the wall on the other side. Len, you know, is the "Eskimo about the backfield. All he has is Man" of Hope. (He has never been seen on the streets of Holland in 16 lettermen and a squad of 64 an overcoat.) men to pick from. This means plenty of trouble for the rest of C E N T E R : Until the last few days center has been a definite questhe league. tion mark. To plug the hole left by the graduation of Bill Tappan, Last year Hillsdale lost several Coach Hinga has converted "Hoots" Rowan from a backfield man to games on tough breaks, many of a center. "Hoots" seems to have taken a liking to his new position which were due to inexperience. and if he continues to progress as fast as he has so far, Hope's center This year they have 16 lettermen returning, nine of which are backs. worries will be over, A certain guy named Johnson is QUARTERBACK; In Roy Davis, a junior from Grand Rapids, Hope going to cause the opposition has the "blockinest" and "tacklinest" back in the league. All the plenty of trouble for the rest of ball carriers say that it's a real privilege to run when Roy is in there the league. Kazoo's new coach, Robert Nulf, throwing the blocks. It's great sport to see Roy tackle the runner certainly can't complain about his and then drive him back a few yards just for good measure. team. He has 9 lettermen returnFULLBACK: Don De Fouw is just about the best fullback in the ing and among these is last year's league. Last year he was on the All-MIAA team. Although he is a sensational freshman quarterback, line-plunging back in every sense of the word, Don, a senior from Jack Bell. Rumors have it that Grand Rapids, is also a triple-threat. He will probably do most of the plenty of trouble. Add to this list Hope's team with punting and a good share of the passing. 9 lettermen and several good HALFBACKS: Dick Higgs and "Bud" Karel, both sophs, will handle frosh prospects and what have the halfback duties. Dick is a triple-threat and is probably the best you? You guessed it. A dog fight! passer on the team. Begides this, he can throw plenty of good blocks



Page f r y *

c- r

De Fouw't so


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m ^




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A *

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ai t •u • i





1% River Avenue ^V».n t'Yf

Thos. J . Sanger, Mgr.

KiiiiiirKjZ) />h




i t a i w b f j E ? BlcWe 9162 «<

nzT b n s



Hope Coltog* Anchor

Pag* Six






% Knickerbocker Club Rooms COSMOPOLITAN As long as the beacons of "Friendship, Truth, and Progress" shine even faintly in a remote corner of the world, the f r a t e r n i t y Cosmopolitan will keep its candle of welcome on the window shelf as a warm greeting to all those sympathizing with these principles. Having year a f t e r year given its best wishes to new students, the society this year again reiterates its f a i t h by offering a warm handshake to all incoming freshmen. From its residential situation at 70 West 13th Street, Cosmopolitan has perennially sent forth leaders in all fields of college activity — leaders who had learned the art of standing on their own two feet and upholding their independence of organized thought and action. It is with these thoughts in mind, that Cosmopolitan President Don De Fouw heartily greets all new students, reminding them again that they are ever welcome at the Cosmo house.

True to their tradition, S o r o iites o.jeneJ their activities for the ichool year with a slumberless dumber party Tuesday night at Aooiker's cottage. Before attempting to get a little "shut-eye" the j^roup will gather at the fireside tor a business meeting. 1 he new officers who were elected at the closing meeting last June are; Barbara Folensbee, president; Mary Jane Raffenaud, vice president; Mildred Timmer, secretary; and Phyllis Pelgrim, treasurer. Sorosites c h e r i s h the ideals, friendships, and traditions of theii sorority. They are proud to weai the gold aod pearl crescent pin and feel that Sorosis truly is "queen of girlish lives." DORIAN The Dorian Society, opening its third decade on Hope's campus, greets all students who are beginning their first year here. Sophomores, juniors and seniors of the lavender and gold look forward to making many new friends in these first weeks of becoming acquainted We'll be looking around to meet all of you. Founded in 1922 under the guid ance of Miss Laura Boyd, Dorian celebrated its twentieth birthday during the past school year. Now we open our twenty-first session in our e^ely redecorated society .001 n in Voorhees Hall. New and >1(1 girls alike will be delighted vhen they see how we've pioneered in modernity with our ivory woodwork. For our fall term we will be led by Mii.ii Moncada, president; Carol Bos, vice president; M a r g e r y Prince, secretary; and Frieda Grote, treasurer. As our representative.;, these girls especially wish .o welcome you to our friendship.

the development of the body, the answer all demands. This decision enrichment of the mind and the should be personal. Emersonian again welcomes all new sanctification of the spirit. men on Hope's campus to visit the house and meet the fellows. Love, THESAURIAN With all the enthusiasm of a Honor, Freedom, Success symbolnewly formed organization, Thesu- ize the aspirations of the Emerrian welcomes the new students to sonian Fraternity. These four burnHope. A f t e r completing a success- ing ideals keep the fires of Emerful year under the leadership of sonian unity burning with renewed Marion Van Zyl, we look forward vigor. Emersonian president, Al Weenwith the optimism based upon our past success. Confident that Thes- ink, along with Vice President Milt aurian will go on to true service Verburg, Secretary John Kleis, and glory through devotion to Treasurer Clarence Wagner, and Christ and the church, loyalty to House Manager Art Kerle, extend country, and the fostering of friend- ^0 all new men a hearty welcome ;hip, we will have the first expe- to come over and visit the Emersorience of extending to the new- nian House. students a hearty hand of welcome. DELTA PHI We sincerely realize the difficulties confronting our new society, The chapel chimes have been but shall face it with true courage, tuned up again — and set a minute as we feel that Thesaurian, true fast, and we crawl out of bed with, to her colors of scarlet and gray, "now what was that a s s i g n m e n t ? " will prove to be as successful as School is a bit too much for us her ideals. right now. EMERSONIAN Again, Hope College opens its loors to another new class of as)irin^ new s t u d e n u . Those first .'ew days of campus life are different and mixed and each minute '.omcthing new is happening. Important decisions must be made and good judgment must be given to the many current problems facng each new person on the campus. For each man, one of the greatest decisions is that of choosing the f r a t e r n i t y that he wants to serve an.i picking the fellows whom he wants to spend the rest of his college days with. This is a hard decision to make, and can be made only a f t e r careful consideration is given. Visit all the fraternities on '.he campus and then select the f r a t e r n i t y which seems to you to

KNICKERBOCKER Hail to a great new college year, and a hearty welcome to all the new students — and to those returning, we are glad to see you back. Knickerbocker, led by Ben "Dutch" Hoffmeyer, first term president, takes this space to welcome all new men to make themselves at home when you visit th» Knickerbocker Fraternity rooms ii the Temple building on West lt)tl Street. There you will be able U make new friends as well as sei your classmates in their f r a t e r n i t y retreat. K.H.N., that Delng, Social, Moral, and Intellectual, is raised to its full sway. The social part of the triumvirate is particularly important in the fall, because it serves as a stepping stone to weld tht men together and make way foi SIBYLLINE the other integral parts of college Ship ahoy! Once again w-e're al. curriculum. So we join the othei casting our anchor towards a new fraternities in bidding every stu year at Hope, and we of Sigma dent welcome to Hope College. lota Beta are tossing our opening article to the ANCHOR. SOROSIS We have sailed past the balmy Welcome, freshmen! days of summer and are now- read\ Sigma Sigma holds the distinc »vith all hands on deck for a rolling, tion of being the oldest sororit\ tossing year of fun and jollity to on the campus. Since 1906 it ha.1 develop the social, intellectual and inspired its members to greatei spiritual aspects of all our girls. achievements. We are proud of oui For many years the Sibylline; alumnae and of oui active alumnae society has been active on the cam-1 chapter. pus developing the whole girl. Steeped in our distinctive old Greek ! tradition of the Sibyl of Cumae, we are always striving to attain the highest and best in life.

OLD NEWS PRINTERY Your A N C H O R Printers Bring u s any printing problem you may have

P H O N E 2Q20


Whenever you see the silver and the blue, may you be inspired to think of the high ideals of Sigma Data Beta — the life abundant,

WELCOME HOPEITES! Visit Us for Your Text Books and School

" t i , ^ . . s„u, B R I ^ K

Even during the summer we had our good times. Beach parties and hamburg fries were fine ways of " g e t t i n g together." And letters to those who were too f a r off to be with the Michigan gang, helped keep the bonds of Delta Phi strong. So, maybe getting back to school

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^ i t t

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Welcome Back Gang!

won't be too bad a f t e r all. A rest will do ue all a world of good. And Delphi has some great plans for this year. More of those lively meetings; more fun in many different ways. Our officers: President, Marjorie Brouwer; rice president, Syd MacGregor; secretary, Florence Bowens; treasurer, Esther Van Dyke . . . they'll lead the way for the first term. Officers, girls, and the great old Delphi spirit will go together to make 1942-43 one of the grandest years in the history of Delta Phi.

FRATERNAL A hundred and six years old . . . Think you'd be tired of living a f t e r » hundred-six y e a r s ? Maybe? Well, the old F r a t e r n a l Society is a hundred-six years old now, and is still able to peek out of its den to give a hearty welcome to all the new freshmen on Hope's Campus. To each and every one of you, we It's peculiar — the task it is to extend our sincere wishes for all come back to the books; yet how- the success you deserve. We, of the F r a t e r n a l society, are well we remember (and want to remember) the g i c a t times we had j t h e r years —like the time Dotty Wendt backed out of the door (in her red flannels) and almost knocked Miss Lichty over. And the "spreads" in the dorm, how we packed ourselves and laughed it down. And Syd MacGregor (in aboreviated costumes) running into male profs in the basement of the dorm.



Emersonian House

Fraternal House

Cosmopolitan House

We Trust You Will Have a Pleasant Stay This School Year.

looking f o r w a r d to another greal year for Hope and 0 . K. E. If the past years and those who survived them are any judge, this year should be no exceptian. How w-eiJ we remember the hustle of Homecoming, Fall and Spring parties, Open-house a f t e r football games— in fact, never a dull moment. Then there was our An n u al Cut-up carnival, F r a t e r Frolics, and the laughs we had back-stage. Last year's Swan Song ended with the elec.ion of Frank Lokker as President, Harvey Koop as VicePresident, and J i m m y White as Se c r e t a r y - T r e a su r e r. The war ha worked itself into our ranks, and the administration of F r a t e r n a l has suffered. Koop has moved rnto th.President's chair since Lokker answered the nation's call, and there has been no appointment, to dale, to fill the shoes of J i m m y White. Jim is now with t h e Merchant Marine. The rest of us are hold,r.«: together, and have enough of the old F r a t e r "get up and go" to make this another g r e a t year in the history of 0 . K. E.

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FRANKLIN LIFE POLICIES for all Purposes More t h a n $2,500,000 h a s been paid by the F r a n k l i n Life I n s u r a n c e Co. t h r u this A g e n c y . More t h a n $5,600,000 still in F o r c e to be paid in f u t u r e years t h r u this Agency.

W. J. OLIVE, General Agent SPECIAL AGENTS K e n n e t h V. De P r e e

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Here's Hoping for a Happy and Successful


School Year.

WES TRA TE'S Welcome the Students of Hope

Star Sandwich Shop "A Sandwich Immence for Five and Ten Cents."

We invite you to make this Store your Store. We have a complete line of Wearing Apparel for the College Miss. Coats, Dresses, Lingerie, Costume Jewelry. '

J u s t "Chuck".