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The A n c h o r VOLUME XXXVI








MISS ANN E I K E N H O U T BBX'OMES O T H E R N E W FACTl/TY MEMBER i Dr. E. D. Dimnent, president of Hope College, hna engaged Mr. Bruce M. Kaymond of the University of Nebraska to take the chair of History left vacant by Professor Wynand Wichers. Mr. Raymond, who was chosen from a large field of applicants, comes to Hope College highly recommended. Mr. Raymond's college education was received a t the Nebraska University. After graduation, he received h s Master's degree m a j o r i n g in American History and Politics. He began his teaching at the Tulsa High school. Oklahoma, one of the largest schools of the state. For the past two years he has been connected with the history departmet of the Universiy of Nebraska.



Returning Hope Students a r t noticing t h e varied Improvements which were made upon the College buildings during the regular s u m m e r vacation. All of the work has been fully completed so that t h e College work will In no way be Interrupted.

Winapts Chapel was furnished with a more complete heating system and all the necessary alterations have been made in t h e chapel basement, so T H E F R O N T DOOR O F T H E COLIjEOE CAMPl'S—A V I E W O F T H E U B R A R Y AND that t h e a p p a r a t u s might b® corC H A P E L THAT IS ENGRAVED UPON T H E MEMORY O F E V E R Y H O P E 1 T E recently Installed. All of the rooms In the chapel have also been m a d e ready 0MIIMIMIIIIIUHIIIIHIII for another year's work. Students at i NOTICE CLASS MEETINGS A an Vleck and Vorhees Dormitories The Sophomore Class will hold a r e finding their rooms re-decorated a meeting Wednesday, (today) with appropriate wall decorations. September 16. at one o'clock. In EDITORS WANT CO-OPERATION R E C E I V E S AN I N C R E A S E IN HIS The colors used In decorating these His ability as a teacher fa spoken of Winants Chapel for the purpose of dormitories proved to be most effecO F STUDENTS SALARY very highly by the head of the Histor> electing class offtcera tive in bringing out the beauty and Department at Nebraska. In scholarThe Freshmen class will meet In "The Milestone has tried to offer Hope College officials have been cheerfulness of these temporary s t u ship. he has been ranked among the Winants Chapel at 3 o'clock today, in a proper way an embodiment of very fortunate In retaining Dr. F. N. dent homes. best. In class room methods. Mr. the meeting will be in charge of Van Raalte Hall was not completethe "Spirit of Hope", in addition to Patterson aa head of the science deRaymond comes highly recommended. members of the Junior class. All its prime purpose as a record, so that p a r t m e n t through a n increase In sal- ly redecorated, b u t ' all necessary Hope's new instructor has also done Freshmen be there. more may become acquainted with ary. The Hope College authorities changes were effected and the buildgraduate work at the University of that compelling ideal of Hope." Tho A meeting of the Junior class and student body had been very an- ing is in first-rate s h a p e f o r use. T h e Chicago and is now working for quoted sentence is part of the F o r e will be held at 5 o'clock today for vious In awaiting t h e outcome of his college greunds have been generally hla Ph. D. degree. the election of class officiate. word featured In the 1925 Milestone, resignation and his reconsideration Improved and the work of beautifyThe Nebraska school ranks very the Hole College Annual. and his affirmive reply have been met ing the lawns which was started last 0 IIIMIIIMIIIMQ high in scholarship In university cirspring has been entirely finished To the new students the Milestone Miss Agnes Buikema, *25, will leave with * enthusiasm by all. cles. is merely a name. It will become Grand Rapids for Amoy, China on Dr. Patterson received m a n y offers Hope College is very f o r t u n a t e in FORMER HOPE CHINESE more than that. To the old students Oct. 12, where she will remain f o r froik various uniiversities but the being able to secure a man «uch as STUDENT R E T U R N S HOME t h e Milestone is a book much con- five years in the misionary service of good work of Hope's authorities reMr. Raymond. Mr. Haymon l is comsulted and cherished, an oasis in the the Reformed Churches. Miss Buik- pelled these offers and succeeded in paratively young and he is married. K. G. Chlu, graduate of the class s u m m e r vacation's desert. The new Inducing him to r e m a i n at Hope. ema recently underwent a serious opMiss Ann Rikenhout has been enof '24 has returned h o m e to take a staff, members of the class of '27, Ifr. Patterson has served sixteen eration f r o m which she has not yet gaged a« an instructor to replace Miss position as teacher in education at t h e who are determined to edit a fine and one-half years at Hope Collegb entirely recovered. She will remain a t Talmage College, China. He beVan Drezer who will till the position 1926 Milestone, seek your co-operaas Professor of Biology and during home until she has been pronounced formerly held by Miss Nel!a Meyer. tion and interest. They wish you succomes an instructor a t t h e college of that time has come in contact with fit to leave, by her physician. which Rev. H e n r y P. De Pree of Miss Eikenhout comes f r o m O r a n l cess for the year. m a n y students who learned to know Zeeland is president and George Kots, Rapids and will teach Froii?h and The contents of any Milestone deal him as an excellent teacher, and h a r d a Hope graduate, la a teacher. Mr. English. She is a graduate of Junior Cornelius Dykhuizen and Martin consistently and cleverly with all of worker, and a willing helper In all Chlu entered Hope a f t e r having comCollege, Grand Rapids, and of the Hope's activities. You, students, a r e a Hoeksemjt, both of the class of 1925, affairs concerning t h e welfare of pleted a courae In Talmage College. State University of Ohio. Tn the part of these activities. You w a n t a embarked August 20th on the S. S. Hope. H e received hla A. B. degree In 1924 French Department at the State Unireal book. To answer this desire t h e " E m p r e s s of Russia" on their way to Before coming here, Dr. Patterson and later entered Columbia Unlversity she has proven herself a very Staff feels the studentry must help. J a p a n for short term service in t h e had served as principal In a Canadian valuable assistant. veralty w h e r e he waa awarded hla A. Snaps should be handed in gladly. mission schools. school and later h a v i n g t a u g h t a t M. degree. Miss Eikenhout is also a talented The student should take care of his Mount Hermon, Massachusetts. He musician, being a pianist of ability. or her photography work early. The WELCOME F R E S H M E N also became a research worker In the For many years she has been a pleasbook has a financial side and early nutrition laboratories of Carnegie Ining entertainer in Grand Rapids, apdiscounts are the direct result of earGreetings! A hearty welcome we stitute, Boston. pearing as she did. on many proly co-opeation on the part of the stuo g r a m s given by musical clubs of that dents. We seek your co-operation. extend to you, new HopeUen. A special greeting Is yours. You come fresh city. ALUMNI N E W S Are we going to get It? HOPE RATED HIGH IN GREEK, f r o m conquered fields with renewed Wedding bells have r u n g merrily LATIN AND ENGLISH Last year t h e Milestones were dis- spirit and enthusiasm. You come for Hope Alumni this s u m m e r . The tributed the latter part of May. The seeking—seeking to broaden your velvet covered shackles have been purchase price was three dollars. life by what college can give you. So Hope College has been given a pleasant for Garry De Jonge and Evplace on t h e accredited list of t h e The price of the 1926 Annual has not we a r e glad to have you come, f o r erdene Kulper, Bert Brower and Sub leading universities of the nation. yet been determined. But every stuwe feel t h a t we have here what you Hamelink, Albert Van Zoeren and These represent all the standardizing F O R M E R P R O F E S S O R DONATES dent and faculty member of Hope want and what you need. But, too, Irene Van Zanten, Ray Kuiper and associations and state universities, New College should have one. Plan now, L I T E R A R Y VOLUMES we look to you b e m u s e we know you Lois Thoms, Rev. J o h n K e m p e r s and months ahead, to buy one. Students! York and California included. Hope bring something to us. We look to Mabel Van Dyke, Maurice Visscher College also la a m e m b e r of the AsProfessor F. J. Ladd , former Pro- help us m a k e a bigger and better the new element among ys f o r re- and Gertrude Pieters, Theodore sociation of American Colleges. These fessor of education at Hope College annual. Follow your Anchors for t h e awaking. You bring with you happi- Trltenbach and Marian KJaaeen, Rev. ratinga a r e on t h e baaa of scholarand for several years head of tho "Milestone Mints." ness and Joy of a new adventure and Paul Trompen and Helena Jager, and ship standards, plant and equipment, V.ucational department at the Uniyou inspire us with your zeal. So, Rev. Claude Leon Pickens, Jr., and teaching force and endowment. versiy of North Dakota, has given a P I K A P P A DELTA ELECTION doubly, we welcome you. Bring on Miss Nellie Elizabeth Zwemer. The University Club ef the City oX large collection of literary books to your "pep." We a r e waiting f o r you. o New York h a s entered Hope on Its acthe school library. Practically all the Last J u n e t h e Hope Pi Kappa Del- In fact, we cliallenge you. Dr. John B. Nykerk has been electcredited list, which gives Hope gradubooks deal with literature regarding ta chapter of the natonal honorary ed a member of the board of direcIn another way, we greet you as ates full m e m b e r s h i p privilegee and the work done in the educational de- forensic fraternity elected the followtors of the Chautauqua association of other conalderatlona. partment. These books are also of ing offlcers to serve during the '25-'2o F r e s h m a n , whom we gaze down upon t h e Reformed c h u r c h e s held a t Chauwith austerity. W e greet you f r o m value in many other lines of study. year: The high scholarship In Greek, tauqua. N. Y. t h e height of o u r dignity. F r o m exAbout two hundred and fifty books Latin and English maintained by Pres—Stanley Albers. o-. • a r e included In the collection. All of alted positions—assumed because we Hope over* of period of m o r e t h a n Vice-Pres.—Theodore Essebaggers. Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo, pastor of t h e forty years had been recognised la these are now listed In the library and have run t h e gauntlet of your year— Sec.-Treas.—Russell Van Dyke. ^ may be secured from t h e librarian. we nod to you. Yes, we greet you a s New York Ave. c h u r c h t^t Washings the east. Debate Mgr.—Dwight Yntema. ton, D. C., gave t h e address a t t h e Professor Ladd has left his position Freshmen. Only recently t h e University of IlOratory Mgr.—Peter Wesselink. bier of William J e n n i n g s Bryan. In of teaching and is at present Interlinois has given Hope the highest o But remember! That greeting Is his discounae, Mr. Sizoo s t a t e d t h a t ested in a publishing concern. rating as a n accredited college. Among t h e missionaries who have temporary. It exists only for the good his whole attitude In life was changed o returned this s u m m e r are: Dr. and and the fun we all will get out of it. when he heard Mr. Bryan's speech a t Dr. Bruno Melnecke, f o r m e r Pro- Mrs. Clarence Holleman, and Mis« Rev. and Mrs. J o h n Kempers a r e to Our flrsC greeting is the lasting one. Hope College when t h e great lecturer be pioneer missionaries of the Refessor of Latin at Hope College and Tena Holkeboer, of Amoy, China, Miss It is the one we want you to accept, gave as his t h e m e " T h e Value of An formed C h u r c h of America in Chlaat Carleton College, has accepted a Jennie A. Pietera of Shimoneskiki, J a earnestly. We speak from our .hearts, Ideal" the subject selected by Dr. J. B. pazo, Mexico. They will start f o r position in the Latin department at pan, and Mr. Meinte Schuurmans of approvingly, happily, when we say, \%c Nykerk for a n u m b e r in t h e Hope their new post In this altogether new t h e University of Michigan. Vellore, India. greet you, NEW HO^EITES! College Lecture Course. fleld, shortly.











Taps had sounded. Lamps were exPublished every Wednesday during the collegiate year by the Students of . t'ngulahed. All the men had retired Hope College. but not all slept. Some thot of home, Subscription $1.60 Per Year of school, and, of the L a k e Geneva Conference. 'Twas the close of a beauSTAFF tiful Sunday, J u n e 21. Pleasant remEditor-in-Chief J ) w l g h t B. Yntema iniscences crowded my mind. We Associate Editors—• thot of the Impressive services led by Anna Mae Tysse Bishop MacDowell, of the Inspiration Nell Van Oosfenberg of his personality, and of what he said. We thought of the h y m n s f r o m Depurtinent EdltorH Sandrene Schutt ....Campus the throats of a thousand men of Anne Meengs Alumni every color and creed. We thought of Russell Damstra.... Sports the tremendous Influence t h ' s large John DeBell, Peter Wesselink..Humor lK)dy of men could have if each took Hermlna Relnhart Exchange Christ seriously and tried to imitate Aaron Ungersma Questions him. Silas



Reporters James Ten Brink Head Reporter Arlyne H a a n ; Harriet Henneveld; John Mulder;" Hester Ossewaarde. Buslnefls Gerald Pool Business Manager Jacob Klk, Carl Bovenklrk Ass'ts Eliot Weler.: Subscrptlon Manager Accepted for mailing at special rate of postage provided by Section 1103, Act of October, 1917, authorized Oct. 19, .1918. PUSH

How do you do. Have you met the Anchor? The Hope weekly Is on the Job, glad of a rest and ready for a real year. The Anchor wants another basketball championship, some more M. O. L. firsts, a fighting football squad, last year's m u r d e r e r s row, glee club and forensic victories; every loyal Hopelte wants these. The only way to win them Is to get out and push all t h e time. Support t h e coach, yell for t h e team, and everything is possible. This isn't so hard either a f t e r the habit Is formed. It's fun—It's great—pushing and shouting for Hope. That is what the Anchor plans to do. Altogether then, let's push.

T H E POT B « I L 8 .

Today t h e melting pot begins to bo.l. New oYrk's pomade and the country hayseed, the city's marcel and Main Streets' curlers; t h e cultured Eaet, the breezy West, the fiery South and the keen-eyed North. together with a sprinkling from across the waters.—from these we expect to crystollze our "Hope." We have had a great product In past years, small In quanlty but superexcellent In quality. We want to keep the lefrger quantity to the same high standard. Perhaps the pot boiled a little harder in those days. If so, w h y ? P e r h a p s we ourselves a r e a bunch of dead coals Instead of flaming embers. Perhaps we are throwing on sand Instead of fuel. It may be we think our htKe ftpa/k isn't worth fanning into flame, Or maybe we a r e not willing to develop Into the mighty flame we might be. W h a t e v e r the caus®, let's s h a k e out all the loose ashes, and set the pot bubbl ng again. We have a bunch of new material to melt down. Let's (to for a bigger, better, peppier and more loyal Hope!

Miss Evelyn Zwemer who has been teaching

In the

m salon schools In

Kentucky for t h e past few years has bee appointed field secretary of the Woman's






DURING SUMMER W h a t did you do this s u m m e r ? One group of students forms here, while another f o r m s there, like so many bees around a drop of w a t e r — only In this case money Is the a t t r a c tion. During t h e first weeks an adventurous dozen Invaded the pea fields of the Badger state. Later m a n aging pickle stations h a s been a big attactlon. Others with stronger,social Instincts have been busy canvasing—hosiery, kitchen ware and what not. Contrasted with these a r e the . manual laborers. Temporary painters, carpenters, a n d - f a r m e r s blossomed forth to ply their trades as soon as last semester was completed. The girls can not be ignored either; for what would Waukazoo do without them, or the other resorts that are acquainted with Hope coeds?

Religion was talked about mucu but Is not lived by those who profess to be Christians. The sentiment prevailed that the church as 4t exists has failed. Somerthing must be done. It was affirmed that all college men and women are to bring about a change We must follow his example also In There weren't many Hope students this respect. Such was the opinion of Dr. Bruce Curry of t h e Union walking the streets of Holland this summer. Most the outsiders went Theological Seminary of New York. home. The local students were busy Nineteen Hope men left Lake Ge- during the day and a t night there are neva Impressed with the possibilities so many things to do. Of course, opening before them—opportunities usually a bunch of fellows hangs of leadership, of molding thought, of around the sporting stores, but most encouraging reform, of shaping men's everybody Is doing something. lives. This is the t a s k f o r Hope men. The bathing In Lake Hlchlgan has "Y" gives you the opportunity. Get been fine all summer. It sort of made linked with t h e best on Hope's c a m - up for the hot days. And playing pus. tennis was all right before the thermometer hit the top and forgot to come down. Golf, that cripple's EXCHANGE game, some students have dared to try. Each Canadian university may It was rather lonesome not to see soon have a representative In the a lot of Hopeites on the streets, but House of Commons at Ottawa. A now Its better. All we want is to get member of the Federal House pro- acquainted. poses to introduce the following resolution: The Intellectuals f r o m away aren't saying much yet, a r e t h e y ? The ones That in the opinion of the House f r o m the fertile corn state especialt h e time has arrived in our national ly. We hope that during their sodevelopment when Parliamentary journ In that " f a r country" their representation should be accorded our prodigality did not reduce t h e m to Canadian Universities." Parliament h e "husks" of their pet crop. tary representation for universities Is an old Idea In England. Meanwhile grass has grown under —The New Student. our feet. While the faithful janltois have been doing well mowing the Enrollment in American colleges lawns, the longer grass and some will total more than 300.000 this year. weeds have found s a n c t u a r y in the Columbia cladms t h e largest quota, hinterlands. The sprouts f r o m former seedlngs of s a n d b u r r s near the Gym with 35.000 students. ^ will soon have reached an effective maturity. When the Prosh are being Only 35 per cent of the 080 men at introduced about, don't forget the Syracuse a r e physically fit. Flat feet sandburrs. And remind them t h a t it and defective eye-sight were mt, Is their bounden duty to wholly exmost common Imperfections. terminate them this year. Hood College students celebrate a T u n e me for life again, O quiet musician. pay-day every year, on which occasion everybody in college settles all Strive to adjust my loosened thots -until.. debts and starts the year clean. A Made taut, they shall be yielding to central point of meeting Is decided Thy Fingers upon for this purpose, Gladly as trees to winds t h a t touch —Richmond Collegian. this bill. The Journalistic department of the Un versity of Iowa has a newspaper library which contains an edition of every daily paper published In the United States. 2500 In all.-->Sun Dial.

Every door I opened In the great castle of Wisdom Showed me an empty room. Thus, having l e a n e d wisdom, I leave t h e last one Tightly locked.

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Bccause of racial discrimination in Omega Beta Phi fraternity, Carl Colby, a sophomore medical student at Knox College, Galesborough, III., resigned f r o m the local chapter. A Japanese and two negroes had to resign before the Knox Chapter could be a member of the National organization. and Colby withdraws.


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THE ANCHOR fender. The prosecutor shall be chosen preferably f r o m the Senim of the honor code. class. j j ^ n y attempt, or actual Sectlon Section IV—The President of the attempt, to receive aid 8ucce88 ln a n Senior Class shall preside at all meetnot'ebook, paper, etc.. In f r o m bookSi ings, and in all cases shall have a examination or quiz ehall be vote. any deemed a violation. A R T I C L E VI—Procedure t m — A n y attempt, or actual Sec lon Section I—Procedure for violations i n a n attempt, to obtain p r e - outlined in Article IV, Sections I, 11,' flUcceas vioua to an examination or quiz, III, V.

the honor system r r j ' r . r z r " : * Nine years ago, t h e Honor Code was drawn up and adopted by the students of Hope. Each year since t h e n t h e code haa been submitted to t h e student body and reaccepted by It—after any necessary revisions. Read the code carefully and then decide how you will vote,. o Hope CoIleKC HONOR SYSTEM Article I Sect on 1 The Hope College Honor Bpitem shall embrace all curricula work. I. e., all e x a m i n a t i o n s written or oral, sectional, semeeter and dally quizzes, and all work done outside of the class room for which eredit Is usually given. ' Section H All term-end, mid-term, six weeks, or sectional semester ex am nations covering a period of two weeks, or more shall be announced forty-eight hours In advance by the professor or Instructor in charge. Artlolo II Section I W h e r e possible, professors and instructors must insist that students occupy alternate seats during any written ezaminntion or quiz. W h e r e this is Impossible, the professor or Instructor must prepare more than one set of questions, so that no two students sitting next to each oher shall be answering the same set of questions. Section II—No notebooks, textbooks, or notes of any kind shall be taken to any examination or quiz t h a i has been announced forty-eight hours In advance. Article HI The following pledge must appear on all written examinations and quizzes and work done outside of t h e classroom for which credit is given: "I pledge my honor t h a t T have neither given nor received aid in this examination, (quiz, outside work.) Article IV Section I—Any attempt, or actuaT success in an attempt, to render assistance. or to receive assistance from any person taking an examination or quiz, whether the person a t t e m p t i n g or actually receiving or giving assist-



knowledge of the questions or copies Section I (a)—If any student, proquestions to be given in the fessor or Instructor suspects or has of t h e examination or quiz shall be deemed knowledge that violations of this a violation. Honor System as outlined in Article Section IV—Any a t t e m p t or actual IV, Sections I, II, I I I and V a r e In progress, t h a t student, professor or 8 U c c e 8 H j n a n attempt, by any person instructor shall immediately t a p upon attcn<1inR thls B c h o o l t o 8 U i ) S tltute else's work f o r his own, the seat, chair, or desk with sufficient H(,meone This intensity so that no student shall be 8 h a l l h e (1 eemed a violation. in Ignorance of tho warning. p e ; . t a I n 8 ( 0 e s ^ y s , short stories, oraSection I (b)—If, a f t e r this w a r n t i o n s n ( U 1 r C 8 8 e 8 | etc. to sign t h e ing has been given, a student, profesS o c t i o n y—Failure sor or instructor be reasonably asp I c ( l R 0 s h a l l l>e d e e m e d a v i o l a t l o n . sured that violation is still in proS o ( . t i o n y i — A n y failure on t h e p a r t grews. he shall report the offender to o f t h o p ^ f e ^ o r or Instructor to abide tho Honor Committee as soon as pos| ) y t h o stipulations in Article II, Sec^ n a m e l y t 0 p r o v l d e d , f f e r e n t sible. tion ot'

(ju est ions where alternate s e a t s a i . e impossible, be deemed a violation. % i Article \ c, t rnu tt r. Section I—The Honor Committee . . . . , , .u shall be comi>o8ed of t h e presidents . . of 4the four college classes and one . , impartial faculty members to be , , .i .u ^ chosen by the other four members of 4. the committee. 'Absence of any m e m . , ,, . .... . . , ber shall be filled by the nextt highest ofllcer in the class.

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PAR-FO L A U N D R Y C A S E S - T H E A D D R E S S LABEL is enclosed.

Section I— (c)—Warning shall be personal f o r any violation of Article IV, Section IV, pertaining to work done outside the class room. If violation continues, report shall bo m a d e to the Honor Committee as soon as possible.

WEBSTER'S Collegiate Dictionary Your Professor's Recommend it

Section I (d)—Upon receiving no~ tice of an offense, (he Honor Committee shall convene in a suitable place no later than a week a f t e r the time of the report of the offense, and t h e case In case of the unavoidable and un- shall then be prosecuted in accordQ iMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiMMiiiiiiiti forseen absence of any committee ance with the provisions stated in Armember, whose place cannot in t h e ticle V. circumstances be filled by a next Section r (e)—Defendant shall not highest officer in the class, his place be denied the right of counsel. Coun- 0iinniiiiii inn shall be filled by a m e m b e r of the sel shall be limited to one individual. : class chosen by the remainder of the Counsel shall have the privilege of committee. asking only such questions as lead to See tion II—The impartial faculty the establishment of truth. member chosen by the Honor ComSect on I ( f ) — T h e Honor Commitmittee must not be a professor nor in- tee shall have the power to subpoena structor who has an offender or of- witnesses and assess a penalty for fenders of the Honory System in any failure to appear. of his classes. Section I (g)—All trials before the Section III—The Honor Committee shall meet t h e second week of tho school year to select from the J u n i o r or Senior claws the man who shall act as prosecutor in any trial of any of-

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Article VIII Section I—This code shall be printed in booklet form by t h e Student Council of Hope College and distributed to the student body the second week of the school year. Section II—The third week of the school year, the entire student body •shall vote in mass meeting to uphold this code In Its entirety, to revise It, or to abolish it altogether. Section III—This code may be amended, revised or abolished, by a t h r e e - f o u r t s ( % ) vote of the student body present at a meeting called for that purpose. A m a j o r i t y (51%) of the student body shall constitute a q u o r u j i a t such a meeting.



Honor Committee shall be private. Facts In tho case shall not be divulged, except the final decision of the committee. A unanimous decision shall constitute a conviction. From this final decision t h e r e shall be no appeal by the student body or defendant. Section I (h) — P EX A LTIES—Pen alties shall be assessed at the discretion of the Honor Committee. Minimum penalty shall be a failure in the examination or quiz in which the violation occurs. Maximum penalty shall be expulsion from the school by the constituted authorities. Section II ( a ) — P R O C E D U R E FOR VIOLATION OF ARTICLE IV, SECTION VI—If any professor or Instructor fails to comply with Article 11, Section 1, namely that of providing sets of questions where alternate seats a r e impossible, the attention of the professor or instructor shall be called to the fact of the violation by a student or students taking he examinaion or quiz. If provision is not made according to Article II, Section I, the examination or quiz shall not be binding upon the students taking the examination or quiz. Article V I I Section T—Disposition of any case in any way except by trial before the Honor Committee, a f t e r due warning has been given, shall not b e ' b i n d i n g on a student, students, professor or instructor.

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THE ANCHOR LIGHT EXCHANGES It's a w o n d e r f u l t h i n g for t h e women, The popular p e r m a n e n t wave; Now its u p to some struggling Inventor To get out a p e r m a n e n t shave.



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StUde—"Could you tell me In round n u m b e r s w h a t I m a d e In the t e s t ? " Proi.—"Yes. Zero.

17 W. 8th St. Pianoi and Viclrolai rented at reaionable prfcei.

Is t h e r e a word In t h e English language t h a t contains all of the vowels?



Phont 5 3 2 S

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Come in and say "Hello"

72 East Eighth St.

^be:—"Sure, John, come on over ** H e : — " W h y thJs Is not J o h n . " She:—"Thl« Isn't Mabel e'.tner "

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Lunches put up


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E m p l o y e r : — " N o college m a n will work in this place aa long as I a m boss." Grad:—"Who

T h e


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she was;

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V, •i.



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H a r t — " O h , I just sprinkle a little gasoline on my h a n d k e r c h i e f . "

CollegeSociety J e w e l r y

o " W h a t ' s t h e m a t t e r , old m a n ? " "I wrote an article on fresh milk and the editor condensed It." -oSUGGESTIONS TO F R E S H M E N Sell the Second-hand F o r d — It cannot m a k e t h e grade. We don't want rattle traps. It's better to walk than push your girl In a balky Ford p e r ambulator. Avoid dates of u n k n o w n origin. Look for a rich man.


Geo. H. Huizenga & Co. Opp. W a r m Friend Tavern 1

Three datea m a k e a "go ' — t h a t ' s w h y hope comes before Hope. Honor t h e Seniors; Love t h e Juniors* * .*! Obey t h e Sophomores. •' !( ' Don't be yellow. r * Don't he red, ?' 1 • ; Don't be blue. yi Be n a t u r a l — G P E E X f T P a y attention In Chapel. ^ • •jj •

STILL ON THE JOB Yes sir, you will find us at the old stand dy to serve you. You will also find j new line of Fall Merchandise at



19 West 8th St.



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