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Rev. J. H. Wyckoff writes: The Primary Boarding School has had 65 boys in attendance. The health of the school has been generally good and with the exception of four or five runaways, theixconduct has also been satisfactory. After returning from vacation, five lads suddenly absconded, but all were afterwards brought back. One lad, however, afterwards, several times repeated the offence and had to be reclaimed with log and chain and threats of a home in the Chingleput Reformatory ! He has been cured and we trust will make a useful man. The boys attended the Middle School as day scholars and competed success­ fully with the non-Christian lads. The results earned in the Primary Examination were excellent, and ten lads will be promoted to the Vellore High School. Mrs. Wyckoff maintains a Junior Endeavor Society among the boys, thirty-four of whom are members. TECHN ICA L SCHOOLS.

The two schools of this discription are in Arni and Chittoor, respectively. Of the training school in Chittoor, Mr. Beattie writes that, “ the strength of this school during the year has been eighteen, fourteen in the Primary, and four in the Lower Secondary Division. Besides those from our own Mission, we had students from Chingleput and Gooty. Scholarships to . the amount of Rs. 558-13-9, have been drawn for fourteen of the pupils. The staff has consisted of a Head Master and one Assistant Mistress. The latter, having had no experience in Teaching has hardly been qualified for the work of training teachers. After this year's experience, however, more may be expected of her. Of the nine students who appeared for the Practical Test Examination held in October, six passed. The school was examined in Bible in Novem­ ber. The following is Dr. L. R. Scudder’s report of that Examination : “ The Lower Secondary Class passed an excellent examination in all sub­ jects : one of the girls receiving the maximum marks in all the subjects. They were thoroughly familiar with the portions studied. The Primary Class did not distinguish themselves, but they passed well in all subjects with the exception of two girls. In Heidelberg Catechism and memoriter they were not up to the usual standard of excellence. They were, however, thoroughly familiar with portions of the Old and New Testament that they had studied. The Telugu department has been very weak this year, only one student from the_ London Mission studying in that language. Next year we expect that students from the same Mission and we hope our own Telugu field also will be able to add to the number.” Normal, Chittoor.

Rev. E. C. Scudder writes regarding the Industrial' School that it “ has been doing well and the pros­ ’ pects for it are brighter than ever before. In May, a Committee of the Mission visited the school, and, according to instructions. Industrial, Aral.

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066 board of foreign missions rca 1898