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F or this sta te of th in g s th e Board does not feei th a t it can be ju stly held resp o n ­ sible, w hen all th e facts are considered. I t believes th a t th e needs of th e M issions im p erativ ely dem anded the o u t­ lay, and th a t it w ould have been d erelict to dirty h ad it w ithheld it from them . T h e failure of th e churches to provide th e funds sufficient for th eir m aintenance, in am o u n ts which they had them selves approved, is resp o n ­ sible for the deficiency rep o rted . .Yet th e B oard cannot b u t view w ith th e g ra v e st solicitude th e p re se n t condition and fu tu re prospect, and w ould be glad indeed if th a t solicitude could be com m unicated to ev ery m em ber of the Synod and th e C hurch. ., The Board not Responsible.

T hree years ago, at G rand Rapids, the Board p re sen ted to th e Synod the alte rn a ­ tive of g iv in g up one of the M issions now existing to o th er hands, or of larg ely in cre asin g the resources of the B oard' to be ap p lied .to the m aintenance of th e ir work. To the fo rm er a lte rn a tiv e the Synod re tu rn e d a “ m ost em phatic ” negative. I t thereby, com m itted itself and the C hurch to the latter. T h e B oard is far from d esirin g a rev ersal of th a t decision. • Alternative Accepted.

T h e Board has since loyally endeavored to provide for all the Missions w hat th e ir m ost im p o rta n t needs seem ed to dem and, so fa r as its resources would perm it, w hile at the sam e tim e endeavor­ ing to avoid ad d ing to its debt. In n eith er of these p u r­ poses has it been successful. N otw ithstanding the rep eated and severe cu rta ilm en ts of the estim ates of the Missions, in its annual appropriations, it has been found ab solutely im possible, as the above shows, to p re v en t the in cu rrin g of d eb t if the M issions w ere to live a t all, and go on w ith th e w ork for w hich they were established and are m ain tain ed by th e Church. While the ap p ro p riatio n s have been rigo ro u sly k e p t down to th e low est reasonable figure, th e d eb t has been constantly increasing. .N or is it evi­ d en t how it could be otherw ise. Unsuccessful Endeavors.

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066 board of foreign missions rca 1898  

066 board of foreign missions rca 1898