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, The IIlty·tourth annual commeuee· Olara Elizabeth Rceverts, John Tcn menlras hold. In Onrnegie Gymnasium lIbvc, Jobn Tcr. Borg, Margaret Tbom· on t 0 evening of June ~ ,1919. The u,,!a, D()rll MIlle Van Lo(), Irene Dor· program W88 as 1011011\'11: ProcellllioDIII, ' othy Vao ZlIJlten, • Jeannette Florence I • Ka~herlne Lee Batcs' >renditlon Vyn, Anna Ruth Winter. "Amerioo, the Beautiruf," by Sleeper: Ild'icbig'ao State '!\lachers' Cllrti:fl· Ind played Iby Prot. A. H. Heu!ink· eatea were coolerred upo uthe tollow· veld was sung 'by the graduates of Ing:-.Anna June Ameele, Harriet Za· both the college <lind the prcpomtory vel1a Baker, Mnntina Magdalene De d~rt.menls aud thetoculty and COlin· Jong, Olarence Kleie, Esther Rozelio ell no they m~reh ed the length of the Mulder, Mayme Kloote, • nthla Pcri· gymnasiom and took thoir plDccs upon rungs, Catherine Margaret Powen, the platt~rm. Ali;:o EdHh BI:lap, OIora EllZllbeth The Invocation wa. pronounced by Reeverh, Margaret Thoma!m8, Dorn 'bhe Rev. Boer of Grand Rapids. Mias Mae Van Loo Irene Dorothy Van Zan· Harriet ZavCJra Baker followed with a ten, Jean&lte Florence V. n, Anna violin 8010-" ~razurka de Ooncert" by Ruth Winter. Ovlde MU!in >!l.Ccomp<Ulied !by Prof, Il'hen followed' Lbe presentation of Meinecke. " Th e New Orusade" wal Bibles to the Senior CIa 5. These Bi· lhe .thtmle ot Ralph Garrebl. Kortel· 105 are given Mob year to Ibe gradlb· ing'. address. His pleoa was for the aliog cines trom tbe Gerard W. Beek· erten ion of the prIvileges of education man toundation. Il'he aunuol prizes were awarded aa and the ~pularizatloD of learning. Andrew "Karsten of the S lience de· follows: partment in 4ll alble Clddress, "The Il'he Mrs. Samuel Sloan prize in For· Ohc-millt nud ReconstructiOIl," pointed eign Missio n&-n prize founded by out th El (\()ntributions of chemietry in Mrs. muel loan, with An award of for tbe hest competitive <!IIsay on the pros~ uLion ot tbe war and Lh~ll proceened! to npply the new clIeeovcriee a subjecL connected with foreign mis· to post-war conditious. (h£iss 'Martina . ions. Th e slIf\}joot for the year 1915· Mli'!lalene Dc J~ng theu 'played Con · 1019 i. " hristiAnity, The Hope of certo In G minor lly M1andelssohn with Oriental Womanhood." The prize ... as ~yllS Dora Mo e Van Loo .. t the IICcond awarded by the judg.. to Mias Evelyn piano. George Jame. De W,lt ·S ft.1 ZW6.llIer, 1~20, lVl'iting nnder tbo pen dreu, the" ommum BonulU " IWns well brune of. ' Klamalh'Pn." constrn ted and well " ~li\'.red. To A prize tounded by Mr. and Mrs. S. •• t h_ .man Is mell's summ"n bOnum And F. Ri6ptDJ1, wit.h I.Il 8.'fPSrd 01 .21;, tor bis ..,reate9t eatisru h ~n. ,. Post·War th'e be9t eonrpetitive elllay on a lltJ:ject Reconstruction" woo the tb OOlP of connected WIth Domestie Missions. Tbe lIliss Anna Wi nter '. sdMes.. Her swject connected with Domestiea.Voo plea tor a h.·ouder hUIMn syml,athy 3lIbjet tor the year 1915' 19 wal "The and a more genuine Int ernationalism PrOblems of Our Oity Cliurche.; and _s lineere <lind t~rceful. Trio-E,'o- Their Solution." The MY:ird \1181 ning by Lueantooil, su n~ by MIH os made by tbe judges to Mr. Winfield Cynthia H~~ mina Penn:iugd,,A1i ~ EJith Burggraall', ot ·the Freshman Olass, Raap and Martilla Magda ll'ne Dc) ong. Ivriting under the pen nome " The followed. lBernip Mlulder '. ad:lrell6 & 'I>ylonian." WM entitled" A Call to Acticn." He II'he Dr. J . Ackerman Col"" Debating pointed out the ilosic AmeriClln ideal Prize. The a" rd of thia prize iellWoed to be AcLion. His pleb was for n more upon . tbe outeome 01 the debating con' cODlCe~ d ae~ion on tho !Jart ot, '~hl! tesh held during the ycar. The eon· people 01 the Rdormed taith in bebalf testanta are first chosen 'by society de· ot Hope and Hope .. miuion. If Hope bates. The winnera in thllle debates College is to continue to meet the needs meet each othor in pliblle debate and 01 the toreign heatoon and .its urgent. 'ix of theae are chosen to represont demean for preachers in th is country, it Ih.o college in a publlC'llebatc bebwean must have a more libera.! endowmeu t Olll'et, .Alma dnd Hope. The lubjeet and more adeqdate equipmenL. for the yeur ltHS· M) was: "Resolved, TPresiden.t DimneDt '8 aadre to the 'MInt the Government Should Operate "A" clas. gnduMl'II tollowed, where· nil State and Inlenltll'te Ra ilroads Un · upon diplomfts were ltwarded to the til January I, 19U, under the plan ot following: Gertrude Fa6era AILhni., William MC!A.doo." Tbe winners t-o Henrlet~ Winifred Althuis, Marinus whom the award is g.iven ere Bornie Arnoys, Mary Eelanor Boer,Irvin Borg· Mulder, George Dc Witt, John H. man, oRutb Broekema, Alice Mhe Brow· Ueengs, Peter J. Siegen, Theodore er, ·fl'heodore Artour Cook, mlene De Yntema, and Richard Bloeker. Goed, WiIILam De Ruiter, Thomas De The Dr. J. Ackerman Coles Oratory Vries, Esther Delia Koops, Nellie Lam, Pri.e. 'l'Ilis prize was tounded ill the ~nt Samucl Meinecke, .H&nrietta year 1906. The award is mnito Trien· • .Tosep'bine Ny)lul" John Buisaard, Hen· nially upon "0 oration of n pntrlotie ry Tyl!e, Jennie MIM! \'WI Dyk, Mnr- nature. Tile prize is n 'bronze bOlt of garet Zllid.....\llda Ruth Zwemer. Waehinllton, at,ler Houdon. The awnrd IPreeident Dimnent'l oddrl'M to tbe ... 0. made 'by Ibe judges to HRrry J . gradbUng Seniors of tho College was Hager M the Junior 0III1I., on the eub· . .lpi1lleant. He asid in part, " I &1. jeel 'j Whal of t~ e NigbU" ellVY you as you i O out Into. The Adelaide Prize in Ona!ory. Thi s I ... orld' in the mWIIIf, but again contost wa. open to the yonng women not envy you bedauae each hili ot the college and Is ~e8igp-ed to fOIl' ois oWa world .w eAloquer." ler tbe study of Rhetoric aod the . prae· ~laelor of .Arts deirees in toree tiee of oratory amongst the young woo en. The con ll'll!t was beld ·June 5th, wete coolerted npOll <the folk1wing: , .&.011& June AlIIeele, Harriet Zavera ·and the award to the ... Inn.e r Is in BUer Martiu . .plene De Jong, ClaSh. The prize was li\\.rded' by the Georg~./&IIIU De W-iU, Clarence Ba,.· judges to lofi,s Tena Jrol"~er, ot the ..oad Stemml, lob Beoeveld, Bn· JU,nlor C1_, on the soojeet "~e Day dolt .nui"r Boepera, I.Ddr&'" Peter of Opportunity. II "'"l.ea, (JIareIfCe KIp, Ma,..e The A. A. Raven prize in Oratory. KJooI.e, Balpb Garre£t Kertel\nr, A' prize toonded by !.£r• .,A: A. Baveo, Boak. ,KaWer, JIItlae, .:Bollna Kalder, 01 .Now. York Oit,., with t ...o a....rda. ~Ui aeDlla PellIIlqI, Oath.rilIl' The Jlrwt of taO ud tb. lecond of fiO. 1Iarpn& Poppe.. ABet Bal~ BlIp, (COAeAMd OIl p ... roV)








Alumni Banquet Held at Voorhees Y. W. C. A. eBBVB BOPJI'. GJIiM). UA'lB .on AND DAtJOH'l'BU



The annll81 .Hope Oollege' Alumni banquet wu 'beld Il'uesday evenln.g at Voorheea Commoos at 6:30. Some one bundred and IItly of. Hope" sons and daugliter. had oll8~led for the oc· casion and a splendid .il< eoulle .ban· quet was served by th~ Y. W. O. A. gir,li. After the banquet Prdldent Wlehera of tbe A88ocilltion inLroduced Dr. S. ll. Zwemer as tbe toastl'*ster tor the evening. The d1rst nu.r was a vocal 30:0 by Mise Oyntbla Pen rungs Bnd then a on discipline !by Dr. Moer· dyk one ot the two su rviving menfuers If the first f,aduaUng e1aM. ' The lpeaker emphaaized lbe teet tbot w corry discipline out of college was tar bette r thon scb.olatl!hip. ~ lBernie Mulder then ru ponded for the clAss 01 1919 w~ were 'gUests of the evtoing and Moss Hamm Baker played a violio eolo. nr. Warnshuis, 1£ission.ry to India, WlS called upon /';)r a ~k on Indi., snd exprossed the hope Lhat Hope" greatest \\'Ork 1I'0uid 'be the missionary move/nent. Dr, Isa:ae GoweD of We.haken, N. Y. closed the speaking 'by pr~posing an [nteruatibna.1 FellovrsTllp of Oollege men ae tho tdetOr to meet every crisis of war nnd peaea. The banqueteers ddjouroed .fter the singing of "Old JLoroe."



n1ZIlI Dr....:a.'l OOHfB8U It has 'become gcnoralfy known in Etolland tut Walter A. Scholten 'lS, is the winner ot first prize in the graduate student oprir.e e~.!y contest (.200), nnd that George DeWitt, of the graduating elass, was awarded third prize ($100) in the college and univeraity students' eSMY contftt. Il'he sUbjetl£ ot the eS84Yt "'88, "Tht SigniJIcance of the Foreign M1ulonary 'Enterprize in Making the New World." In this contest II ~tnl of. 181 ollays were submitted , 141 in the eo liege Bnd university studonts contest and 15 in the gradoate sehool studeJlls' diM vision.

It diet n.ot surprise Hope students In the l('I!Ist that !oroner prize winner Bnd litellOry DIan ab Hopo shlc18Jtl blilve b ell awarded a prize while at New Brunswick. Walter A. Scholten took more prlzel in oratory, dBhabing and C9!!8y writing at Hope than any otlier Ro~ studenL before or since, As litera,y editor nt the Milestone )ut out nnd 08 aasoeiate th.nt hi. editor ". ,ne Anchor and editor· In-ehief ot the he displayoed a facility at writing English that hAlt never been equalled by any realdeDI Hope studcnt. !lIla much·mooted' edi· torial, '8tatcsmonship Run Amuck," was 'c.allea a m..terpieoo ot rhetoric and English. are was known in llIch· igan inter·collegiate dtfuating eircles as Hope"'s First DBhater. Besidu par· ticipatini In all loeol oratorical eon· teit)! during his college eourae, in bls Senior year he r&poresented Hope at KIII~zoo in tbe 1£. O. L. contesR and ... a8 awarded Jlut honors. He ...u therellpon made Micoigan_ 's represOl1t· atlve in tbe inter·atate oratorical con' teet. Georgo De Witt, of the gradu.ting clasa, the wiDDer of third prize in the ~ollege and university .tuden~1 eon· te.t hu IIkewUe ea(!led hla repotation as a writer. iKe ...... editor·lndl.t of the Khak.I MiIe&ole &Dol" .u ectttor·iII· ebiU at the Aa.~or Ib, one Lena prior to llIa IImee 1& the S. A. T. O.



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Baccalaureate , To Graduates oaADUA"tDrG 'V.a. lIIiaODObaD 8PD.n'VALLT DI"fO .AOAD-.rIO


or "DOOfOB. OF LlI'l'. The Bfceal.llleate elttrclJet for till ftDUJ'· OOIIpHMJID VPOJJ Hope Oolle~ i'adua~iai 01881 WIN KOPB~ held Sunday evenin, hi Hope cIIam. ~t 1:30 the 10., proeeaslon, h.achct 11,. .At the one hun~ed fifty·third ~om· the choir and Ilncillg "TbI'8on of 60tl meocement ot Ru.tger. Oollege the de· Goel Forth ~ War, entered tbe gree of " Doc~ r o.f Letters" W&I con· chureh edUce.' The fble8liDf !M' t erred Bpon President E. D. Dlnlnent uked .nd the aeliptn~ wu "ad ot H<\pe Collc,e. DeeI4r Dimneat de· by Bev. SamuelM. ~lDer, D. D. Th. livered aa adodre81 at the ~ommenCe' cholr bes.utlfully IU, "The Wildar· ment enrolses ot that inetit~tion, .po neaa," 21,. John GOII and the ollrtorr peering on the program 'with D. C. u~hem "W.tchmanl Tell 01 of thl Hous~ n, Secretary of A'gtixlulture. On Night." the .ame oC~sion Rutgers OoUege 0001' Th •• ddress ..... delivered by Preei· ferred: tbe degree of ': Doctor of Divin·· dent Ed.... rd D. .Dimnent, D. Litt. of ity" On the Rev. S. M. ~emer, F . ;g. 1I0p. 001l8ie. G. S. Tho spet.ker .poke ot lile u • poem, rrhe conferring ot these degrees and with ltl major 1D0velDen~ of jo,.ona ot others Iby Rutger, OoUo~ Is told and bouyut ,.ooth, thn the Mcoad in the following cJ!ippiag from the IIIOvelllent in ~he minor ke,., the Ne,W' Brunnriilk (.N J.) Pretll: Oeeey clouda beilo to tblelten and "At tho One Hund'red Fifty·thlrd i'0w ct&rk,-and at lite '. IDd the Conumeneement Exerclees ot Rutgers major once more of aid pory. College, held June 10, 111111, in the See· Thl ad41e....... llued 01 1'1. 1':6·7, ond Reformed Mureh, hOnorAry degreet "The V.Uey of B.ta," traula\.ed, wero coolerted upon Genllt.1 W. W", the vale ot weep;a" or IIH, gell, Master of Seionoee; Lieut.-<lol. D. the vall&y of mnlberrr neta witb itl # " O. Egmont, Doctor ot 8elellUi Beere- serawny, dalOl.t. b~ehCl, i'crtriDJ ia_ tory of A.irieulture, the Hon. D. O. Lbe d_rt wure DothinJ elle will--tbt 1I0Urlon, Deetor of Le:wai Pree'id8llt valle,. of iB.... is the IOrrow ucl 4iIEdWard D. D1mnent, Doetor at Letters; appointmen~ that will ·me.t 01. Bat f t • Prof. F. R. Vau Horn, Ph. D., Doobor have tlae .privllep of tDnliar It ia~ of Scien:ee; Hon. B . O. Prnyn, Doc~r • well, and mallia, frOID our 011'11 tean of Lt..... i Rev. s,muel iK. hemer, D. joy for tholl to eoml. D" F. R. G. S., DootOr of DivinitYi (Furthermore, we "ahaI1 ,0 from ,Pr.of. W. Woodrnlt, Doctor of Mule. Inenilh ~ Itrenilla." Bot tllat Ia DOt \PresideDt W. H. S. Demarest prea!d' tor all. 8eeuIu ki8&o"' pr-ti .at-a.". ., ed at the &IIDINLI Alu_i Oollatlon ter t.&le ot jolt th oft*iW ••.~ ~ hold in the Gymnasium at 1 p. m. and ...orld '. greaten !il.eratuta u tJ'apdJ. after his aDDouncement of the Eacb kilII iIle one that lie love. tM IdIllevemente of Lhe year ~. 1. Y. beat .nd !hat i. the trapcJJ- of ute. Berg, Ph. D., newly elected president In Sacred h1atorr It ia DOt 10. I'or of tho Genl"tal SynOd of the Retormed I "blelled Is the mal noaa Itreartb \a Ohurcb In A!lllenea pre8en'led In oil in thoei In whose h.rt ..e the wa,.. of painting of eJ:'President Theodore them." W1~h God It onr life .. onr Roosevelt to Rutgers College, , gUt of source of power, ....e .hall not oDl,. &'0 Dr. Sh;aw of .the elllfS of 1892. .Ad· from .nenilh to Ineatth, bat appear dressea. were then delivered by Secre· everyone, in, Zion, as prince .. t', '1 ot 3.grb:ulture D. · O. Hourton, "Thu. tor him, and hJ. onl,., who President Dimnent and th& Hon. 1;1. O. il God', i0ad 1Il&I1, die lliaor Itrala of Pruyn ot the Olalla' of 1869. the eecond movemCllt of lit... poem • , shall break torth I I.... la the maJOr of Y. W. C. A. God'i glorr lid peaee." The benedictioD ,... pro,onced b:r Dr. :uwemer. Il'ho l88t Y. W. meeting tbs ye.r ... al



Cllrtanly held In an ' ideal way. The giru. left on Monday morning with the 6 A. M. ear for Macatawa Park. whero our meeting ;was held on the beaeh. Mines <:athe,rlne POppeD and Har· garet Thomalllll. led the IICrviee. INo better topic could have !been dislllUsed t this time ot the year, at Ihe close of tchool than Ihat of "Friendalrip." The friendehipe which the 8enior girls bave made with the Y. W. girll will Dever Ibe torgotten. But the fr~nd. ship which 'Will belp Da. more than nny other when We leave tpis chrlstiall environment i. that of Jews ~rilt, our only true and taitlilnl friend " ...ho Mtleketh eloBer than a .brother." Wh.t a com1'ort It is to know that altho we must leave our many trieDda "ere, Ohrilt ~III go with UI wberever we go. " ·Bleat be the tie that IIln" . olr heart.' In Chrirtlan IoYe; . The te~Wl1!ip ot kindred minch Is like to tut 8\ove." ~


E. R., 'Ie.

I willi " UIUIk tile )smts=

or ...


---.. ...


·Rev. and lira. .A:¥>ertu. Ple'ten~ both of the clall of 'WI, oet thelr daaglller Miary, .are expected to .rrive her. Iro. Japan ,ome time doriai the sll1ll1rier. -'We welcome with joy the, MODI ahuDlII Who have <be811 appean., Ilhe caDipwl. Sevenl of the claIItI are shO'wing that thoup widel:r I8puated tkey llre ·,tUl deeldedl~ aUye. ft. .ca1881 of '16 anti '11 are holdia, reo ~!ODl. tbis weelc I1Id ~e . - of '81 IS settln, op • be.atltul IIID dial OD the frOM I.wn of the prel!tlIDt'a 110.... 'MIelr &utera.t iD Hope Itlll lin•.



MIas Lonlae Jku.e '17, who hal been te.aebiag .In Ka~, hal retvaea to her II.,.. il BoIlud. OdIln .... are vUtW.aa' till ...... arl the 1IiIIIa ~oreDlOe KorteriJar, Ploreae. walYOercl LUC)' V0 der Ploei . &ad ~G.rtraU 9altalll'lllUl, all '17, l8II BeUa Pal, VI-. Barala Wtate" ua lIr.......,. ZwelDlr of 'lot.


JIope "0. •.' I . . . . . . . . - ' _

I wiIIla to a...a ., '.:tt.. ..... to tile .......... clIr ..... DIll'!

.....,ftr ...


_ IIIaUI .., "ss bIaa 10 Idu4 to _


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Noa _ . . . llmel ri. . . . . . ffSlmllll. • B'A.



IPIortaee ~oora HI .,... at ~ bJl tw 1M put .......

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....li0ii..... WeclaK4., dlUl... 001· I... ' , _ It, .'dlllll 01 Hop. 0011 .... ~

OJ' GI!O. .

1'. 1. 81 ............ .. ....... . ..... Edl"'r ftto6ort O. Y.."'..... : ••.•.•••.. AMIot." Boloa K. B.U ................... Lller.r, 1'.1.. O. Bok.r .. . ....... ........ Reporler JOb II. )l ..... . ..... ........... .A.1JaI.U .. J_I. Ill _... .... . ..... ... .... EubID,' Lucll. a_.lra .............. ... . Alumni

·O.rtrud. Pltlen . . . . : .... • . . CamP" Ne•• Pot.. prl .. . ... ....... . ..... Compu. N ••• E.. T. hoke ... ...... ~..... " Repld Plre Ko",l" D. W.II . .... .. .. ....... Repld rlri .. IIIIA ... Deportm ••,

HIDr, HDIk.ltoor .. .. .. ......... . . ~.,er H.D., KoI ..................... .l.a11ltD1 W. Valldet Veel' .••••• •.• •••. . . Olreul.tioD

J. D' 1'.110 ... ....... . . ... . . . . ... .u.lmD' , _ " ....... .. . U .60 per


,Ill' In

OOpt........... .......


PI.. 011111

"""opled tor )loIHn, "' Sfoelll RII. of .,....... prol'ided tor io Seewoo uoa, Act

.t OO'....r. 1917.

.ulboTi,.d Oolob... ID.



At Itfe couelu ion of tbis sellool yen r we would .feign indulge in a basty glance ol'er the past and Teview .brl etly our experiences and from tbem lore· cut tbe tuture. • aaaaa" 'il:CgII First we shall reu1:irk that tbe ycn r 191 ·Jil19 has been replete ith experieuces many (If th em albsohLte· Iy new in the hietory, ot the s hool. The p'Ret yen r has been uniqu o in tbe h~ory ot all eduoo tionnl insti Ll.tions of the country. At the \'Cry oulont enlietments nnd the draft hod 80 thin· ned' the rauks of eollege s tudeuts ev' erywhere tbnt tbe authorities in UlallY iusLl t utiolLg contemplated closi IIg their doors unLII the war should have been Mugbt lind won. But Hope faeed Lhe gloom crl the general conditions and wiLh a small enr<lllment the school year was opened. Irbe fiMlt thillg we reca ll was th e in· stitutloll of the S. A. T. O. unit, with il<! multiplkity or detail nnd it' de· moralizing ~lfect upon tho aend lIlic \\"\lrk of Lbe college. \From tI.e JirlOt it Was ,a pparent thut stri~t military dis· ciplrne and aeadenti. work could noL be arried on suece tully togethe r. ~'ur· ther Lhe doulble authority, t be ,one mili t.s ry and the other ,that of Ule college admifiistration orten eo ntra· dicted eneb other und the resnlt wos that milita ry took precedence ove r allaeademic work. We were glad and williug lo 1)o t up with the B. A. T. O. 38 Jl wur measu re, but 11'0 were still more glnd when Lbo unit was de· mdbiliZCd iu 1he middle of tb e win>ier terDl. [ n nthletie. the year 191 ·19 Iuts been nl\lrkt'<l by 80me 'brilliant snc' ce es und SOUle di£ mul tailures. We orgn ll ized a \I'i uning' fo otlbn li ten m and we have shown ou",eh'es what we CJln do with tootball nerl year. Our ·bas· ke tl~1I team brought home lo Hope the Michigan State rnter·colleglate title. But our Ibasdbnll squad loa! to the maojrit y of the tenma eucounlered Bud our track tealll 'Ly losing to Grund Rapid " Y" h83 ogulu ewned lbe IMek .eore which nO\l' stands 5 to 5. As we look 'back over Our atbletic record for tbe year we are 3tisfi ed that lI"e can trace all our tailures to th e lack ot an athletic eonch on Lhe campus 10 di· ree t us. We hal'e the mat erial nnd the right so rt of it. We are hopeful, b(/W· el'er, tbat tbe adn.ilL;'tra Uo n will pro· cure us a coach for next ~'eur In Be cord an e with flte Coun~iI prol' i ion of two years 'Ilgo. We come to oralory. We enlered represcntllllh.CI! in 'both th e men 's aud Indies' contest. at YJlI!ilanti. Mr. Gile. won for Hope the hOnor of eom· petlng iu tbe inte r ~lale COnest by carrying olr Ih e medal ot first place. Our d aUng teallll! mel with aigMI .ocee ,tlli'year coning a two to one ,Ieciaion both at Alma ollege and against Olivet at flo-pc. It is Ignifi· cut that Hope haa tJiua tar enpgod ill thirteen delbaling cont Cils with oth· er Michigan eolleges and has eleveD vlcloniee to her eredil . Our oralors and d8luton bave done much tAl up· !lold Hope 'e traditional reputation tor

aea.r.mie and oratorical •.eUe.ce. In aceo;dnnee with put CU'lool tbe Juui6r lau Is.ued the 19L9 Mil toue aDd produt compares !avO ably witb ~he J1revloUl ItllluCll of tbe Annual. The Anchor, tbe .tud nt pdblloation "Of .Hope Oollege has been publl bed regula.~ly t hloughou\ tbe year and we 'beliel'e iL hus m uurelf up to ito 'pre' V'ioua reputation lor honesty und now· 8l uese. Tlte B.A. T. . hUI'o puid it IIIAny compllmentB and vhlle t'beir un il exlst ' d they read it 0 0 1\ SOureo of Vleasur Dnd InllplruLion. A ademieally the ycar hos Ileen mllch broken up and very inegulor. lIowever tbe usuul anloun! ot work luis iJeen eover d. eiolly the year has Ibeen sOlllewbat abovo ' normal. Am id the unre'!t Lbat we ....w AbOll t U9 on every band we never (ailed to enjoy oursch'os Bnd we ,' ndell l-ored lo gel 3S OlU h I\S we eould 'rom th e fellow8hip anel the friendship ot our fellowll. 'fb e 80eletie9 hal' all flourished' throughout tho yeor; the l'Ioss . plrit has 'been .wholesome and high. The goo,t tllllpwship and [rlend· hill which ha. evillled 1lpon OUr cum · p U8 has been significant nnd hoo f 08' te red a spi rit of good'~11 nnd unity. All in all the prospects for the fu · tllre or very bright lfid cd. Wi th ~ full enrollment next rull ond lIIun)" of our old fltudenta 1xtek we look tor n bon ner y ~ in lhe hlatory u( Ou r 01· 11'ge. Let Us all look forword to lhe eoming year and uSe Oll r vnea tions to 11 11 our~el\"(", willt a zen I and u de· lerm ination Lo nccomplish much Cor ou rae h'es oud Our eollege iu th!' Y!"3r 1919 .. 20.


- - .....

PRESIDENT Dnt;NENT jHONORllD In this issue of the Anchor is th e ws thnL Ru tgers College hus co lLfe r· re u tho degree, " Doclor ot Lotl en' upon Preahlcut Dimnent of ]Jupe. No news eould be lII ore plensi ng 1.0 the . Lud nls than to It'/l nl th nt their ebief had bOen houored, 3nd when President l'l illl ll~ nL is hOllored Hope Collegoe iR ho nored und \I'h ~n HOllO Collogo -is hO nored CI'ery one connecled with th e tusLit.lJlioll is h onon.~d. We nre alway I'ery de. iron~ to prrus tho e of Ollr )wn nllm.ber who Itri.'!! honor to our ',elol"ed infltit ution. We never forget .ur ora to,.., our debators olld our nth· ietes. Bllt We ure ju t fiS eage r to expre a our ol>llrccin.lion to 11 tuc nlty meuib r who receives honor and there hy hOllor. Hope tl. we arc to lIny \ u. le nt. AIl,1 we nrc doubly "ager to \ press our Oippreeiatioll to o."r esleem~d PreaidelLt. Tho Allehor t nkes this opportuu ily to . express its si n rcst cOllgru tllintion to Dr. Dimnent of Hope lI pon the ocen sion of his being hOllored 'by lIut· ~ers Oollege. II



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All Sorts' of Good Eats Your Commencement for class and society

fondoy evcning. Du e to unsclll".) A Policy with the ond bunch parti~s lit IIOnil<itlons, nnd n lren)eudously Ibn.y term, the weekly mee tinlCS of the .0· Mol lIttur & De Goede 'Iety lI'erG l.early clltir!!ly suspended . Tile program WAS prcpued in order 1918 biggest in the histor t hn t r eard crl Ihlrty·two yearly en· lerlalolllcllt~ might not be 'broken. of the company. 1919 going J,'raneis I h.tuM opcned the prog'3lD AND OXFORDS Try The stronger. Consult wit.h n plnno 8010. Then Prof. Rnap guve an ,ddrcss of \Telcome. He poke Ph .De~ 1 f24 hrier.y of the purpose ot the Ul1llas 210 River Ave. Hulland. Mi r h. chJb,-lo bet ler equi p lIIen .n th e task , "f AlU erl~n n izi llg t.he. Dut ch ImmigrAnt. ~r 'ntlofl \Vns ILlso blade ot the greAt "tore or kllo\\'I~.dbl"Q whi ch WU S u t!Ct'JU~· Ullie only by n bhorollgh ullderstnnd lng r the Dnl.. 1t "LIIngunge. You're os ured of the b~st when you buy your Jewelry 'I'h ereupou Mr. ·u rl . hroeiler deliI" herr, We are careful in our ~elections and we offer you r r~d very S)lletHlld':Y lbe speech gh'en only that wb.ich !s worthy of your consideration. Ill' :Marx Hnvelner to a g roup oC is· .n nd chiefs nnd princes. 'l'he spa:lkcr .'oh I'c ry fl u ntly. bud hi. 1,lendid .Iclil·ery mnde th e interp reta lion or Ihe Dlltch cln s~ic cOlli pltra Ii vely e08y. 24 East Eighth )tucb was added to tho I rogrnnt hy Prof. A.' U. Bensinkl-e:d ill tbe renJer· :ng ot tr:o sc lec lions on th e (1i,\IIo. The RlIdicn e rc"ognlzed ,Mr. Heu iuk· I'eld immcdin tcly, an~ great IlPJIllln.e t:rceted him. iii. work un the pin no is Anything in that line at the "PI)" 'iat ed by nil ,·itiz us of lI oliand . 'I'h fillns tiuh extc nns jig th.nk s to Prof. lI eusinb'cld for hi ki ndly as ist· 206 River Ave . nn.te in II.nking the "rogr'''" II 9U C~,· . Bern ie Mlliol cr, prcslth-nt uf the so· "iety tben re9,1 u Ilmdget " 'hiph 11'. \' ll r .\" ch~ \'(' r:y prf'I':lTed :lila rend. 11 " fJllc,~ forth lIlu ch laughler fro m tho lIuliience. , Dr. . M. Zwemer, n e'hnrter mcn 'b n uf HilliS Ihen gn 'r '" uddre88 which • lIl en~u red up t" the ... m high st Oli d· IlIIeI of 0'11 his ",ld reKscs, irrespecti l'c of Ihe i:t n,ungo he U8CS. H e SllO kc Dutch nur nLly, using ca rrfully c1lOse" dictioll, " nlf 'llOke very m u ~h to the point. li e tnt ,I hi. illl,l.L,C <li_gll.t for hyphen"t· ".1 Ame ra::tl1li, but rrtoglliz.ell, uP\,{lr· th eless, th r grent wcu1t h 0/ oU.e r nn· at lions 811,1 tongues. The Dn t./:h Iiternlure w MI 01116 ,ized by him, :1M 'bei nr 0 11 IltIr wit.h the grant cst literllture of tho world. 8l'icner, philosophy, hislory, , religion,-ull thcse cOllld bc (ollnd at pri~es that are right trN.ted nn,l eXl)(lu lllled lIpOn in th e Dnli'h hooks treuting on th subject of ~ro h:t nH'd"n i "lII ns to tllis tiny UIIC'I •.aj· ,·u. I[e.dosc d ily sponking of th o beauty nnel po wer of fhe Dnt ch lrll ll!f.ntion of Ih o mhl e on(1 eon'l udell by lending the nuwell ee in .. lnging n. verse of the J 16t h PMI", ill the good old Dutch st.yle. His ·ANDIId<1re$8 mo de n r ery decp illll'ressio n npo n the It . orls and mind! oC the oud i·

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nll ll11)or or tbe progrnm wns nOll e :let l 13y Ollti Uflfl.·' Dc re hte J ezd. Th re werJ Imt four al>:1 ractl'fS, Willilllll Pyle, J oh n T~r Borg 1I 0roili Lllubcrs " "d Win Bllrggron fT. The <lUdiel"'e ullprr("i at ql tlte 11l.1I"" or tlto plly t1trOllgIt OU~. ~Ir. Py :e J rt.· I\r('~(ln t i ILg aD n si t.uut I'l !l cl1l:1ble r '~ shOI) called fo rt,h lIIu"h ·I:tughle. Ii "oUSe oJ his 'I",,-iut Dn ' h exprr.sion and personal philosophy of 'li fe. 'rhe olher llIemb'rs also I'ln);.d I bei r p:l rts well. 'l'lt c , "dinn~e Ir"s Ol'preeinlil'e (Iur' ing tlte entire Ilrog rn,n. 'l"Jr bu ilni'uJt I was lIot a~ full of Ip. til tors l\Il , I'e 1L81'<l had ill past .yrors. This eR n be un'derstQ.od when Iwe tako illto co nsid· eralion the ' oppresrivo heat, s nd the :n k of "dl·ertis.menl. /rhose who ili,1 cOllie \\'enl hOl"C jl'ell snli fic!l, nnd wero sure that Lho Ulfl.Ius club 0; R opo Oollege While it is not tbe largest plnnet in bbe firmolllunt of co1lcge n til' ilio I yet IlitlY . lId will t/.ay a gr!'flt par~ ill the produ r t iou' of "risttan lender~ "' bos abllltv to U80 tbe Duteb laogua~ II-III N.ulll tor .lIl1ch good. , -,B't '22.

The doors of H !1pe are clo cd for- tlte ' ulllmer. The students hOI'6 'bockNI up t heir athletic teants; Uwy h"ve boosted IObo liug and oratory ; Ihey bnve work · cd to Il'ivc some fill e 800i ul gntherin!r.l; Ih y ha l"e striven to make this COUI' menceme.\t. a sncee!lS. It h s been a big yen r find nil importnnt yenr tor l-fope. '1'0 soy th"'t each $tudenL ~h ~ u ld lake with him und .opply tha L which he hOH :ea rned is d~pe rftu ous. A 11 00 . ;te h,· r. n llAlpeile eve ryw'bere . is a COOllllOII' place truth. Yet, in return for what Our Alma ~1ntu \jIs so gen erou"SJy giv. en we cnn do little. WI! ure separating to go to our sentterea homes, ellilt and f esL, and where we go we e8.0 0'. :ell'st say n good word tor' Hope. t is not neees.mry to t'ro tbe spot· li ght on the Ibrilliant" teaturea ot our eolltgo nnd whitell'ash its fail ings. Teli" the II'hole truth, 10 thnt if n persoll shouJd 'b ioftuenoed t.o como, he "-ol>lrl in 00 way be didaVPoiuled. Tell ~'o ur fri<>ncL. ot DO Vleck III! \\''011 IJI the Gy}DDll8iulII and ih lJibraTY; yet tb em koow 01 tbl. or that thing which they ------~.~.~.~----n.ay oot Then tell tllem the oth· Malo gnndi! tempernre, qnam doloree er nioe-ben1hs ot the s t o~, of thc eoupe ere.. -&DeCa I spi rit wblcb make onr eoUege diMtine· live. Tell t.bem why YOD 10"e your IJ'he Otlphi ,trls were ente rtained A.lm~ Kater. Ttl! Uua what it meaDl It the home ot t.heir retirTng president, to be a HopeUe. Booltl ~i. Katheriu Poppell,





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On tbe eveDlng of .Tuu the 9tb, the girll of the Delta"bouDd·Pbi, their DB FlLA'fBlUI'AL llAlfQUE'l' mrmorin of bil doll~ daya and paid guelh and alumnae took 'JIOaaeaaloD of • I a II1lgh tribute otjo hi.. Alma Mater Ind tbo Literary Clu!b rOOlDl, holding tbelr The EJglhty-411t~ 8Doual 'benquet of lhe Fraternal SocietY. annual spring banquet. A Ihort aoelal the Fraternal Soclely on last Thuradayl The j.,st tout. Reveries, wal respond· seulon 1\'aa 1I'0llawect /by thia program: avenina' will linger long .in the: ed to by aD old \Frater aDd friond of I mem 'rios O't the" merry fraterB" nnd overy ;nopel.e, orr', iD r. He ury En •. ,. Plano solo . """.er'l ' ................9usallna !HameUnk . . '16. In hi. 'Own Inimitaoble way the Preludo In 0 :Minor..... ..JlacblmaDlnotr lbeir comrades fair. Tbe nigbt wu idenl for mil th nnd frater 'brot OJ Iback lome thirty years QuarteL.......... _:._... ...... ~ ........................ merriment. Never si nce the Literary 11111 Hope Oollege IUId.F. S. as they ex. Cynthia PenDlngtl, Emma Reev.rll Joale Belt, Anna RutL iWinter club /bullding benme tbe rendezvooUI I.ted' then. 'Tbat bu~n nMure Is ea. of hanq60ters were Ute- decoratioos ns s nMally the "'arno wilfhoot regard to t May Night " ' ........................ Frao. AM comp.\ete and .artistic as on t'ho night I boundary Or Lime waa impreIBed upon Readlng.....................................JnDo PoLts of th e Fraternal.' tesLive venture. WI very foreibly. Pranka loormed a '.Rosel, .Ruses. and .Romanee"~. The &,rill rOom aU rpILU\1t! in obeauty part of the college experience of .Iu' Henry even tbe main /toor, Due to tho tirelesa dent s n tbe yesterYlUlra lUI 'Lhey do \10. Pantomime......................BorUIll SLoPt)lel etl'orh ot Frater Peler Prins ' 811d' his dny aod interesUng glimptle! of Rope "Tbo Last IReBO o· Summer" • Rieie nt committee, a veriLable garden Collego «Iumnl and ther frolie.. \Vere Vocal Ditet... ...................._ ................... _ .. -Id (he I.. sembled COUIIICfl. nlforded by Lho boast of Dr. Doeker. CyoLhia PenniugtI. lItBrtlnn De JonII' Pmud of ih lofty achievoment, lun· fl'bo Fmte·r.' song \\'.a8 sung by the I/Sweet Zephyr" ............................ Mot:art ning 0' r n periOd of four ~core ycau' compony and after n Social g'Ilthoring The musical nnd poetie seuse of man alld mor, tho Fraters of eadh new on tho main /toor, !.be fnnera and their now IBtillfied the elltfre eompally wellt generation \\'ould bend their e"ery ef· guests left the seeoes of merriment, dowlI to tbe dining 1uill tbere to par· lbrt toward upholdiug Lh e ideols 01 F. Clarrying with them memories of one take at n !banquet " fit '1'or the Oods." ,S. And on a night such 08 last Thurs· ID()re enjoyable aod pr06t~le !bnnquet And. who, pray, co uld help but do jUB' day the heart of every Frntemal memo of the Fraternnl aocie~y. tice to all that came in suoh a Ibower ber beals faster as he gi,'c. the grip lo of roses. A veriklible rose·garden had the old ret.urning Fraters, gatbering MINllRVA BANQUET thll hall Ibeeome and 'Witb its roseR trom for and neur. And responding to ot to Ibe outdone by "IIhe :banquels lhie welcome of tbe youthful fraters. of Lhe college SOcieties. the Millen'a around. o,'er·brad and on the .talbles, in th alumni UTe rejllvellnLed alld by tho soeiety of the Hope Colle&,e Prepara. the lorm of candle'shades, Dut.eups. plnee·csrds and favors one would lain glealll in Iheir eye and thei r heart.y tory hool, held its tweoty-41fth an· have lingered there •uDtii the rosy grip it 'bl'Cornes moro than e"ident Iltat nual IInrty at Lhe Bay View Inu at dawn. lhese .taullcb und Lrue fraters of the Mhca t"wa Park a week ago nturday 'The :Menu yesterdays recult "iv;dly Miernoon. trh e mem'berB with ~hei r Fruit Cocktail .. Tbose halcyon hours of yore guests spent the allti!rnoon In canoei ng Radishes When each heart wilh hope alight nnd boating. Piclcles They nssemiOlcd of a lIigb-l, , At seven 0 leloc'k a delicious si, Chicken Patties To disporl lI'itb a load of learned lore" cou rse di nner was served nfter whieh Moshed PuLaloes Buttered Asparagus On Thursday lIigbt eneh and ""ery lbe folloll'illg I)rogmm WRR rendered: F1 0t Rolls Orape J ell (rat er guinNI n w impl'tus 10 slart Florellee O. )foore ............ Toashlli.tress Nut Bread next rail with "im 10 ren :i.e Ilbe aims IlIlrodul'lory ..................... troostmistrea. FruiL • Illnd Salteen. and a. l'iraliolls of Ih e founders of F. "The Ouests " ................... "'(ary E. Boer AI)ricot herbert Sunshine Cake Trio ................ ...... .6tringed lustrumenl! Coffee alted Almonds ~h 101>010 of-th~ ~wn;n wore all I I h'" A' 01 II y . Zwcmer BOil Bous rehtted to Ihe i!-'ral ers' (Jnravaa. In "'I'he Tie that Binds " J enoie VanDyke bis I)lI'n gracious nud pieD ing way lhe Miu crva SOllg....... }?{ember. and Guesh It. ,,-ith 00 illlDlen.e sight of Aft er the 1lIbo"e program Ihe ·'M i· compl.te inlier salirlaeUou tbat eacb President of tbe soeiety. Frater Teun is W. Prius. arled .s toastmasler. nerv;tes and therr gnests enjoyed • person pusbed boek his cbair. after ,Fmler P. J . ie ger~. '20 tonsted Ih. launCh ride on bhe " 'big lake. " Prof. these courses were served and faced Tra '·ellers. T1w- Oaro\''IIn moves on and Mrs. Lamptlon aCled as chaperones. the toastmistre s of the evening. • and we nll tra"el along. In his own Whene,'er auy of my reuders desire a SOR0SI8 BANQUET l'Iharacleri9lic wa .. the fral er made a great anill even o"erlloll'ing supply of - 'Iendid npplooti~n of tbe suggestion 'l'be aononl banquet ot the Sorosi. wit I ..'ould suggest that you let Cath. of Travel"' r.. society 1I'. 1! held ..t Ibe Lad ies' Lil er· erine Pap-in. Sbe performed her task As the monlb. hn"e rolled by tb ~ Bry Club rOOm. on Saturday ni.ght, for too capably for words to express. pa sl scbool )'ear Ih e . Iudenls of R~pe June the ioorleen1h. The memlben The iirst toast was gi'veo !by ~1argaret ba"e guined a greater approci otion of aDd their goellls 89 enibled in the Te· Van Donselaar, '2l to " The Departing Ih e splendid work of our Own Frater ception room at six 0 \clock. 1lhe room Ones.' 'The Senior Girls of Delphi and ProfeSlior H' nknmp. '07. Th wn9 decorated "~th ferns and Bowers ha,·. !beeo an lnepiration to all of us Sphinx pr"sents to many ,,1110 bSl'e anil wiCker furniture. Lilltle girla aod never will thei r names Or works joined the car:lI'au an unsoll'lLble mys· dressed in white atteuded upoa the he forgotten. No Ibetter speaker c~old l"ry. With n weallh or humor, iate r· :ndes. A ve ry fine lIIusicol program hn vo Ibeen choseo [or this Bubject tor spersed wllh n stilt grenter wealtb of WaS rend ered betore the guests sal Marg knows bow deep sorrow, lie. when se rious thought, the F'raler unTa,'elled down to " six ·eou.rso hanquet: someone is a'bout to depart. tor tbe osseulbled guests Uhe ba ffling Program The alumuae were eulogized by Dean mysteriet of the Sphinx. A 10 uhana ................................Granados Weersi ng. '21. We know what they <Protor Baker. '20, an aULhority on Nella Meyer have done lbut 11'0. also know that the I'he Murille Corps allil lbe Dlore dea(1Iy Oh. for th e Wingl! of a Dove ... .(J. Jl,oma girls ot Delpbi of the prescot and of Ihe .peeies. was called on next. Lncile Heemstrn. Helene Van Raalte the future will more tban uphold th e Time wonld not nlh)\\' of n complete Just YOII .................... .. ......... _ ..... ..Burleigh ideals given to ber in tbe past. Hen. dissertotioll 011 the hnlls and virtues Marie Danhot rieUa Van Zee, 'I~, toasted. to "Our of the 'U. S. Murine. anu so ooly the Sona,ta 5 Op. 2L ............ Von Bee~bov en Alma iMater. " Muy ber spirit ever Oomrades Flair were tonsted . Frater Allegro romain \v;tb UI aller we leave ber Bnker's loast held I'he assemblage Roodo--Allegro mn non troppir balls. In order" to give os sOllle air" (Frater Wichers excepted) in a con · Harret Baker Ihe Delphi quartet sang, " Rose in the liouous roa r of taughter. A master of 1"1y. White Butterfly, Fly... .H. B. Gaul Bud. " femini!y. iacile of speech nnd of groce· Helen Sto;th, Rubh Te Linde " Our Guests "-00 we can never ful mi en, tbe yoothful irater needs B eleo Meyer. Ma'belle Mulder forget tho men-they don't give us ooly the opportuniLy plus the occasinn 'rhe Rosy Moro .............................. Ronald time. \Anna Ruth doesn't have time to reveal his tenl a'bility as 10astor. Helene Van Raalte either 80 she wll8 ehosen to toa!rt them Frater Wiebers. '09. laying aside for Il'hen Ihe gnest's went to the banquet and toaated they were ere she had lin. a momenL alt documcots pertaining to room whic)!. ""as beoatiully dClCornted iahed. Had it not 'been for the mild lhe ()onstilutional Hiatory of Ilbe U-. 8., in yellow and whlte. Il'ho walls were temperature which prevailed they made merry with t he comrade tmters covered with lattice work interwoven would bve been trost-tbltten lor Win. nod retaliated as !belli he couid, and with yel10w and covered with terns. ler /Was very sharp. We needed "Our well he can, for Lhe unfonnded slate· ~From Iho cei ling hong pretty butter· Gueals~' to 'help make tho evening ments ematiOting from the direction Hies from nalU'Ow yellaw strips of crape a .succesa and . nolbly did they do their or Frater Baker. .. Mirages" oWere pnper. Tho lfUeats fOUlld lheir plMes port. The final' wast of the evening touled by our honored professor. hod around :tbe tables, four at a LlWble. The was given !by ;Mary Geegb to "Friend. several wonthy thots were .brot ibome ta calld'le sh"Bdet were of yellow with ship." It is a word tbat inc.\udu much the fraten in this loast. haud-<painted buLtorllies 011 the yellO'W - for too much for us to comprehend tFrater Heusihk"eld's piano solo 101· fa"or bukah. Aliter a very delicious now. for it iB only 'by bavng a lile· • 'wed and the rendiLion met tbe high slx-eourse banquet the toll~ng long friendship with some kindled soul pecllltions of 'the guests, who de· toasts were given: that we ean to any degree appreciate mllDded an encore. Toasts tbe value ot it. With Mary we aU say, lI1he only fr.ter loet 10 the sociely Miss Harriet Baker, T~isbrell!l "Rere'a 10 our friends by graduation, Rudolph 1I0ilpers, fol· &nion ............. Pearl Ven Westeniburg God !bless them." lowed. The Ouls was his slibject and Opposiles.. _ .......... _ ..Ircne Van Zan ten 'I'he program waa completed-the {he toast was highly creditaille. Raritiea ......_................. 'Oertrude Pieters Delp'lti I'Ong remajnCd to be aung and . Mecca 'II'U the toast of Frater m· Or&elea~ ............. t ... JM,argare 'llbolDuma atter ita notea had Bounded and reo ~I M. Zwemer, '81. This frater baa 9milllll .......................... .:Marie Elterdlnk sounded thro the h1l1l "each twP" become ho"", thrullut ~tibe 'WOrld for Tde.Is ......._............_...... _..:.....FElrb '\WIite went tbeir homewllrd way c.rrylng his Ichieveme.n. Olt milliob 8elda•• nd Bisters........................_ ...l4' K.\oote with th_ the lafIt words ot the refrain his boOk. hive Ibeeeme tbe mlllt -IIuUlor· . After bhe program the gneats .galn "..\ad as !We gaze on br-gon8 day., Itive lOurefi 00 MohammeilanilllL webt to the reception roOlD where the Oor thola Ire weathered ill lIIIltea." Tb. fr.ter rlOalled muy pleasant orehutr. 'IltertaiDed tll,m, --d>elplli, '18.



• •



1aect ur) eVllry alteno", Ua. ... ~ COIlld h<e _ oa ~. IeI4 'Work· lng bud. Amoac those who made Hope '. ant real vanity fo.l) tea. W6f' I. E. Kuilel2ia; at pt._ • prot_r fa the Welt6nl Theological 8lmaa,y. A. L . Wal'llllhuis, J. Bannilligl, H. ~ per, M. Hpnk IUId W. V.nder BIwt. Todlay, the names of WIl'llloula ucJ BlUlllinga repr8lllenu Hope on t e r . m'Il1iouary fiCl'ld, and: in !tie da,. ot "00 they repreeeoted Hope on u.. grhliron. The Anchor pUblished In the tall of '95, 11'008 on to MY: ,. The Vanity pro· OUTed' illite, att~ everythiJ!c UIUIIled a 'busin_lIke ..peel, Whell the whole II'trul)\Joro BUddebly fell "to ~e grond. '11he readere af The Anllhor afe well acquainted. with tha rOiUon. Thol. are in aulhorlty do not' oeem to Ilelievo in Athletlu. and. 80 the anticipated vietoriea (f) ot our team vanished, in the ail. A petition signed' by all I!be aMenta filled to remotvo the r.,tric,on ana there i, no moro tootboJD at Hopa OdI.\ege at preeCjOt,' , Sibce that tlime football a~ Bl)pe has had it, ups aDd dOllVlI8. FOD som. y,eara prior to 18>16 it was agein pla.ced under the ban and it WaB - DOt ulltll a pet! tion had >beon placed. before the c01lncil arik!ing for ita reinstatement. that tho pipkin WIlS ooee more brot dawn trom the shelf. (llhe foobba'l~ season, of '17 and '18 amouDted to praetiC4l1y nothln'g doe to the fBAlt thaL m08t of the available foQbaJi men were in sCJ'vice. Wh.t team dBf'ated Kalnmazoo College IDd Hope ean rea\'ly do was showl> during the pawt season wh.... the S. A., T. O. htrior College O'f G ranil lI.apida, loosing only to Kazoo NorlDal. the eam that dette'ated M. A. O. fl'Iw!re IS a weaJIth of Iodbll1 mater· ial on the campos right nO'W and the returnin'g war veteraDS and Ilext year's Freehman clASS ought to add to 'iL exued~~. Next yellr ought to be a big year for Hope ill Ath.\eties. Footbal~ tlae greate!rt of coUegi;te sPorLl, eerfainl'y ought to be Lhe major .po~t It Rope. Let's boost tor a winning t~ ill the tall.

Oa the evening of JUDe the .Il(th. the ·mem'bar., of the ()ollllopoUta.n 10' maty with their t'alr frlendll met in the WOUl&n'e , Literary Olub 1'00ma to enjoy one of the spring sociallteaUvl· tie.. The oeeaaion wu the annual b.f,n. quet of tha Oosmopolitln society. The e'lthUlillaetlc and snappy frlenda came with delightful Anticipations anel none wero disappoln'ted. Whe memibera of the lIOaiety who were tbe hosta, allowed themseivet exceUent entertoinel'lll. The evenlng's pleaaure wu opened wl4.h a short program, "BtdlIbles" Kempers gave Il readl'Dg entitled 1/ The ory. II "/:!cot!" 'Te Old BetLler·. Puke sang n ibeautifulsolo ' ''Our Yes· terdey,;' and reBponded with a love·ly ·encore. Judge (8us8&) Vander Werp then deligMed all 'by pronoonclng hil 1/ Sentoncet" upon 'lhe guilty, :None escaped' the keen eye of the judge and since he mainmins he Ii! not a I I Ruth· leas jud'g " he ia not hopeless. 'Then all repnired to the ·banquel hall oetow /Which WlUI !beautifuly decorated iD green etl'ect. The sparkling foun· lain in Ihe Cen er alld the doves grac· ing the wall. , gnve life Ito the poet's words, .. ~lities, appeared 08 dreams, Alld drealll!l. realities." ADlid the strai~ or Lbo- barp, the hap' py throng partOOk of a sumptuous 'ban· quat, served in eight courses. iLnter woen the needs of aU had Ibeen satls6ed, Mr. (IWilson) De WiLL. who acted as toastmaster, introduced the 1'oHawing toastaLes lBelles.. _ .. Mr. (iBel>iak) Korleling BU'lible8.... Mr. (OUrenry Vall OolflJburg niol'll ..............._......lMr. (JoIb) Molder " One Fleeting Hour· ' .......................... .. ........................... JOosUiopoHtan ~uarLet The Torch......... .Mr. (Roosevelt) Hager Su.--bea m8....'M r. 'Beelzelbulb Burggrajf TJdes ................... !Mr. (,HoIbson) Meengtl After listening to the" conversation of the gods" which at timos became 80 bot Ih&t SOIJHl were roasLed. the wee smalt hours gave warning of the time for parting. All joined in singing the locie ly SODg and then tbe happy throng dispersed. each ri~ber In the memory of a pleasant evening. 'I'he Oosmopolitan society has !lot • •• pregent a memlbership of 27. The so· (By Miss NelJle Zwemer) ciety has taken an acUye part in aU Sio·khe, Obina, .April 1, college acl h·ities ot the JXUlt ye.!IT. fro mo 1Ql8's mo.t vivid lmprenioD Three seniors are leaving but the prol' tbe unharvestecf acres of our Sio·lIh. is pec t tor the CODling year is 'brlght. MiBei'on Field:. As we travel to our out ••• stations we pus ao many mount"in FOOTBALL, ITS PAST, hamlota, 80 I118ny' krge viliageB Itill in PRESENT .AND 1'1'8 lUTURE the power of darlmess. where no ODe bas beeD to tell that thero Is a way uI ( By Pel()r O. Baker; FootbaJ.l MU'IIuger de.liverance and a call to eDter tbe for nut Seuon.) Kingdom at Light. In the villa!;etI "or ~I sad wordll ot bongoe that are regularly visited, there .re u~· or pen, ual1y oDlr one or two christian. and 'l'bo anddest &Te thesej ' U might scores of heathllll. Aa lWa go thm tile IIIIv. been street of Sio·khe 'We stil:l paa bDllllrc.I. The "might have heen" in the of hQmes whem only i<lo'\. are wo"hlp' IlJbove bit of poetry. which headed an ped. "Pray ye theretor.' '>-.MAth. articte on toobball in lae Anobor edi· 9:38. lion of 1896•• refers to the first foot· (By Mrs. Emma Kolleta PieteN) b'aU team ever organi.ed on lhe Rope Japan Mitriou campus. Last year I ran up agalnet 10 _ _,. It was a.bbut 1890 that tootball household tragediee tbat the 01lJll1ll.· first came to Mo at Hope. An aseo· live etroot remaiM "th me molt Yiv· ciation foota~ was ilurchased and ev· idlr· ery afternoon. when enough men tarnAcron the atreet, dUring the lOll" ed oot, oid8lll were cbsen, alld each albiIenGC!, an angry ID\)ther·!n·llw ....". would try to 'kick ~he b:aIJ through the a you"!g ",'lllWl and ber ' blby girl opponent'll g'Ilal. No eleven was .way. but keep! the olde~ ehild, a boy. formed .t hat year .. Later iIh& is takenbaclt hecaule ot my ID the fall of '93 Prof. WbHenock, argument tbat I/WO couplet e.en iive Mp ex-foollball ptayer and one Who under· arately. but hualband and wile mnat stood iO'lercolldgate tooUball, after 011· stay tegether and train tb.e\r owa taining the eOMent I)f tbe Pre9'ident eh ildre.w ill quite a _ l(tea to ~1IL of th'e coUoge, endeav~ to teaeh Their onl'y 8OlutiOlll le a new- dallfhter. the fundamedtal. of the game to the in·I...... wilrlng :Playe.... One game was played ,A yoong docwr died. lelving hlI willh the Holland City team, in which wlte with two lilftle child'Joell. '!'be .\&t. Hopo wae the victor, ter belollgtl to the huSband'. tudly, In theJ td ot '94 Iit~le was done but It waa pMnJH!'d to '-n'hlrll" the beyooo playing tor t.lllt exeroiae aDd widow to her fatber to be "nttHcl" tun. It.,..&1 not nntil the toJowing again. She begged' to ..-in with her )'I6&r th.t n Mal Va,..ty foollMll team ebild rClll, 'but lOOn aftterwuda, a waa organized. A. L. Warnehuls was youDj/er lIOn wu m.... 1ed, 1.00 U _ ~ed mllJl .... r aDd Henry SllIyter. daaght_ln·l_ in Uae ho_ __ :eaprlAin. Ob'allen,l'!Ij 'Wtre r_ived unneie_ry the bear't4lrokea aMItUr trom AlInA. KSlamasoo, GrlAld Bapide wu aD't . .IY. her cld'''' milt IIChoOI. Ind' from Ionia mgh remaiaed. fJcboo.. Tbe ~ain_ mt!nt ot the tQW'D IJ'Iae reoDg wlf6 of ~ ~ SIIaHl eJJeOura.ged the pltye,. and .greed to tellClaer IIM.loped IOriO" ,y. tIMII1e. IIIIppcut th_ llnuciall'y. !FMled with Balag nn.le to wo •••• wild to . . ea*uium, a IecoDd team wae oJlU' (OoaUanecl 6D FlIp ')




(Ooll'tinueo trom Pirst Page) Brat and lecond eom'plltive OM ' tlOII8 on • patriotic aubjoot. The con· leat ,... held June Srd. The Brit .priu wei a..... rdcd to Mr. Winfield Burg· rraalf, of. tbe Freshman CIIIIS, on the adbject II Tbe Prunnlng Pawcr." Tbe lecond ward' \\.:18 made to Afr. William Brink, of the Sopbomore Class, on the slilj.()j., II The NeMI Rell8iuance." fte Geor,e Birkholf, /flr., prir.e in tbe English L3nguage and Literalure. A prize founded by tbe Ron. George Birkholf, Sr., witb aD' award of $25, for lhe beet competitive essay on a lubject connected witn the Engluh Language and Lit.lIBture. The aub· je()j. for the year 1911H9 ",lUI II Maeaulay." Tho prize all'arded by the judges to Miu Th' elyn Zwemer, of the Junior Cl&88, writing under the pen nlDle of II.Lady Trevelyan." 'l'he Henry BOlIch "C" ClIlS8 Prize in Engliah. .A. prize founded by Afr .• Henry Bosch of Chicago, with an AW'Ilrd' of $15, <lor the best examination in English Grammar and Ortbograpby, and .10 for lbe second beat eumina· tion. The award is made .by tbe judges to ~1' Amy Rl>th Zwemer, first prizei Mr. Frank Huff, sDCond prize. Il'be Soullhiand Medals. Th e South, land Medals are prizes estn.bllshed in 1911 by GNrit R. Albers of tbe claS!' of J 91. The e medUls have been designnled Iby the laIC President·Erner itus Gerrit J. Kollen, LL. D., as fol· 1011'8: A gold me<tal witb the s ut of Hope College, to be known as 1he Gerrit H. Alben! Gold Medal, and to be a.wnrd ed to' lhe young WOUlon 0/ the Senior 10 wl.o in lhe judgm t nt of a designated <onlUlittee of th e fa e· ulty has UlQi •.t.a ined the highest gtnn dard of nil around ~c hollirship, char acter and llSl'fulness .tnring the foul years of ber college cou,,"e: a ·Iv", Medal witb th e seal of Hope ollege. to be knO'lvn a. tbe Mary Clay Al'iJers Silver Medal, to ~ "warded to the young wO'tJlUn of the A J' eBSB, who in the judglllent of a aesignated commit tee of the taculty hll$ mainta ined th e bigbeilt sLandard' ot all around schol af1lbip, character und nsefulness dnr· ing the tour yeara !'f her P~Jlflrat.or)· School Coune. The committee 's award tor the year 191 ·19 WII>! tbe O~rrit B. Alben Chlld Medal to /)'thinll Pen niags; the Mnry Uluy AI\'ere Silvet Mednl to Nellie Lam. The Coun~il of l'lope College confer· red the roUowing Ifo norary degrees: Degree of M48ter of Art. in Cours ~Wli.lliam W. Wuh'oord, class of 1912i Leon 08cb, class 'Of 19Hi Ed,,;n Koeppe, cltlllS of 19\'(;; Alebrt Bnkker, Henry Beltman, }'red 1l. De Jong, Frank De lWos, J ohn G. Gebhard, John KU ite, lIern1an Afaasen, all of the class of 1916.





Because 01 a"knowledge,l aocolllp Hlhment a.nd posl graduale work done at another inlltitution and ·becau.~e of tbe fa ct tb!a.t he is now engaged in literary \\''ll rk und er awoin tment of the BritiSh and Foreign Bible ociet)' the degree of A. M. bas been conterred upon Afrs. Grace Hazen'berg Cadman. For Rescar-cb and Knowledge in tb e • Fiela at Theology and Power in Pulpit Presentation, reColPlized 'by tb e Gener· al Synod in hi unnnimous election to a chair in the Western Theological Seminary, the degree of D. D. ha. ,been eonterred upon lhe Reverend'S. 10. Nettlll gn. !Bee"use of his high scholarship, Ihe responailble po ition which be occupies, IUs eminent sueees lIS au edueator. and h;, influence over his students, the de· grees ot L. H. D. has eben CIlnrerred upon Prelrident E<twnrd D. Dimne",t. Miss Cynthia Hermina PenningB then aang, "The Flags of France" .by lWgers.

(CODUDued from Pale 3, bole) na apart, and bolh hay boen duys ahud, Laying Iii Ital upon t~o in the sueees's ot the Mlderenee oad mother'. for a vlait In a ~~ant town. leerning fro III each oth r. Th~)' or I reeHng Oil hOlletuln08s wall IlJl e,p ,.. the influence ot it on the pre'cheu we Solll'OtlnlO later, on asking a relativ~ I~l brot olso a large ndd d ra p.lIl»i.1 iencc duriug ~he .Yi'0r wh n 0 Cew «t UJ had new ~lroOil lhat God alUlWer. pray' of the mnD moout, U ... Chu health, I bllily to our 'Ml ion in a new Ii 1.1 plJJnned a eontereneo fOT our prcaeh ,·re. er And honor" talth. lJ'he prea:her. lhe aD<.llVer WIl, a "urprise, "Did YO'.1 give.n U8 In tho orth River Dlatrie , I I'll the flnon ciaf needl! jnvolving a\)r•••• arc 1II0ro anlKoUs for apirilu~l blc,.ing think she was ill'" 1 ber eyes and' to me'P rsonally In aPJldintment to • $1200 our prayo rs werG anlfwered W~{· •. thun before. In all these ne ... m~Ye · troubled> her when 1 Ta~ saw Iter. that field . .It ill fnll of great !) . i· : shortly before tit tim et we r&ceived men\~ ·begun we believe II' may >\Veil II Oh, you mean the tormcr' wile. It biHUe and I believe there ore qrrn t u gilt tha.t o.t.albled u to pl'Oceed; and be hO!~ul for IL great tuturo. Mlly was too llad but, sbe lII11y be· ' WIllO blind, and it war n ee&8ory to ~.~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~'~'., ~ .~.~.~.~ 4.~.~.~.~.~.~ ~.~,~.~.~ ~.~.~.~. ~ ~.~.~.~.~ +•••••• '4.~.~'~ ~.~.~.~ ~. iIlvoree I•.., and tako auotber." I could multiply such tal'ee, When " will hrilltianlty p netmte this Drn· plro and' re1'orm her home Hf., , (By Gartrudle Hoekje tegeman ) Kurume, Japal~ J. .Il'he need of Women Workers. Our lItrongest ChristlanJl come -rom Christian home .., arc reared by hri,· tian mothers. A heathen l\ife snd mother cannot make a hrlsLian borne TIt mothers of J<lpan, likewise th ~ al' hundred thonsond' working girl., Iteedi .runedean womnnljlodl to lead them 1.0 CI'Tis!. 2. We oUMolv ... eon never reaeh tt." reat lliltitudee of Japan . • • cores lOf cities the size oJ Hollan,1 have not one missionary or Christian. ati!!llcd \\lith moterial pro"'erit)' ani "omiort, the multitudes can only by God '8 Spirit be 'brat to hTisl. iNol by might ·nor by 'jXlwer"-'-the tuk I too grent.














e,g e an

Preparatory ,School


(oily ReI'. G. D. VanlPeursem) Muscat, Persian Gulf, Ara'bia What has most impressed meT It i, Lbe religious Iarultiei '" of Afooamm.'· dan yout.... DIItdltless youtb is every' where more zea:ous and demonstrative , holl middle age. Bill it is .triikingl v ' 0 in Arallia . '1'11'0 exom'J!les Crolll ~ ur •• hool ill ~tu 8e3t will illustrnte. H. is n prom· . j ing youll. of sixtern. so keen to 3 ~' quire tf.e EngliSh thnl h cnrrie hi· ;eb'llol book wit ... him t~ tbe Juo r vr Ihe mosque, whNc ·it I ~ft with bi. . anuals, wbile he goes in to pray. II e •• 1I>..ll'ful, yet, but ~erlcct l'y proper, J rdng all the fo"".s Cd' Ar..u eli· ~lIctl e. As far ns he oon hel p it, h ~ ne\'eof turns his 1Y.Ick t{) me. '1I 0wc\'cr whe.-u 'hi lt turn comes to rfnd -ri phlr . he mllnilill'll. H is zea l fairl)' burn! withi n bim when I try [0 uud'old' th,· Truth, a'l\d nailing his eye/! U'JIon lIle. he orgues against. Ole, and eontra.tict Ill)' slatements. A. is n boy of eighteen, equally pO· ,lito ns Fl. Tn geogra~)by no'd grU IJ.¥Iu!lr he beli,wes c\'ery word I suy. ln fa ct: .e has implicit trust in me. 'FIowel'er, when I shO'lv logically that lhe oollpe I hOll not been t-nmpered with, be IIntly Jenies my st"temcnts. iIIe i. perfect· !y willing to bo iIIogiool in religion. On tbe whole be is timid, but he does nut hesitate to 68y thnJ. nil efirist4an. go to hell. , So e,tremo is hI) in re· li gion that , as he says, be i& unC'OIll' to rtable in our ehureh, for II'tlendinJ regularly, he lI""uld in tune hal'e to be· come a christ.ian aud go to bell. Wby Ibis fanaticism in religion f .. it because Oil the element' of unceTtaio' ty in it'

An Institution of the Reformed Church in America. Open to all who desire a thorouge Ac.ademic or Collegiat~ Education.





(B)' tIl el·. H. P. De Pree) Amoy, China

It i8 bard to 8i ugle out, as I am r~ quested, 1 take it, a single eHnl Jur·

iog 191 thnL ha. produeed th e 1II0S' l<i dd impression. A year i. too 10ll g nod 191 inot too 1I18ny imprcSlIio!l1! to make n eboice. No other year howe y· ., has g"il'en me sueh a feeling of hop~· futlles. und 8. seil S€!' that we firc lItovi" ,.. forwnrd . TI.e war cnd d. 11ope. fu. freedom for nU nnt.lona 8eom nco' nr realization as the frghting i. ol'er nrd the planning Ibegin,. For Mission wo rk the end of the wnr rnennlJ new lhinai. The end' oJ 191 'brot lhe ad'option of a 5year evangelistic program by the hi · nClle Synod with the idea (If renc~ing nil in \South Tukticn with the g08'.elthe church plan.ning to aeriously tak~ up its task. .A. church releases i:-s pastor a year to ih row his strength into the crunpaiga. The same time ~r o~ Ihe decillion of our Chinese Preol;yt~r ia n chureh and eongregation union I~ unlle. For six years we have diacu.cil union an have been drs.wn closer to gelher. Only one Christian Church fdr South iFuiken hal been a 10000gin~ of many. Allide from IOm'e dilferen" In


Carnegie Gymnasium I




Winanb Chapel

Correspondence is invited from those who desire a liberal education, a~id wholesome surroundings at a moderate expen~e. Address

Mi. Dora Mae Van Loo pronounced lhe Valedictory. In the cours. of her ad<Uess sbe ibade tarewell t~ t,he eili· zens of l{ollond, and thanked lhem tor the geouine hospitality they had ahown the 111_ of 1919 during their four YM"' sojon rn here. Holland, Micbi,an '1Ihe anGience sang" America." . Tbo "'eneetiction was pronounced by lhe Bev. G. De J ong of Zeeland, Vlce-pra., govenuaent there baa beea little to ..._ - _ ..... 1_ ................,-,....,.••_ ............_.-,..................~.. .., ................._.- •••-~............-,.'.'.'''''':'''''' ' ._................,..._ •••, ••••••_ _......., __I ideat of the CollDciL

I:'resident Hope College



·~'·'A~~J~'~C~'~a~s~s~·~l)="a~,,~,~~~el=a~N~'=W~I=tw~th=e~on==tl=OD"e=Dt=i=u=ed~'='=/Th~e~e=d=1rc=O~DQ~d~e=r~~le;;d=N;m~~~D:~~lI~~y~'~d:o~m:g~::~::::::::::::::~::::::~::::::~::::::::::~:!~ .r ~ ot wu part. (j Please·'=' Many t~ent1 ~wemor .1 Writing-man 'I





I'ell thllt enda well," said M ...~ho &waoll ' iu tho "A" cla88 I)lay gillll1 In rllagio Gynll8lu~1 Mou' doy 0(t.. 1I00 1l, allil tho audienco all ogr cd with iMJr, for tho OIl!Ul1l1 draIII II tie Ilroull lion of Ihe prcp:arntory grndllallllg ei-:llls proved to be a

"8w('11 H ""W,C88. The cia presented "Marlha By tile fuy," 'Ly Jillia Ualhildll Lip(llllOD. ~{.

rthu ~IWSOD, a gooa' IIAtnred, kind· Iy emL womau who work~ by t~c tillY, find. loire Lang, a pellllilc88 orphan Who bu kllCY\\'u belter cirCUIll. lrmoos, ill u hBlr dll.e.1 condilioll, wniting for II . 1reet ell r. b gil'e the orphan n hOllie, olid through a clel'or triek illter' cst. elllployer., Mr. }'rnllk IWll oltl olld his .I.tcr, M.... he rlllon, In her. hlr;. hcrm" n clllploy. Claire 8. govc ro C<!8 tor her yuu ll g .011 Rlldtlitl'e, who, to (1'lOto ~Iartba, i. " a liD1b-a regular


young \'i1h,iu.'




Olui rt;

eU ct~eds


brillgillg' lh e . "If, w'illed Iud ~o Obed· lence. All ull e<peeLed rom~ncc elllers 1111 "1lef·It'd 10 Ilil but MlUlhll . M i )IMy I Ioer, li S Mmthu, took th port of II good nBtured, en~y goillg 8C1~b wo rn,HI in u \·e ry ctlPn.'b\.c flt:l uncr. Til rn<tt her "plelldid octillg did much to lIIuk the IJln~1 Lhe 9 U"('('S8 it WtlR. !'is, IntlUd11 7.wemer n. ~!l irc Lnng nud ohll Rll isM rd 4 s Prank ROIiOld, pl"yed I he Ililft or Lhr 10\·or' to 8u·1I " degree of pcrf<!etlon thn t the writer i3 in Ii n ~d t o belie,'e that " Doe " I hod 1II0ro tho II ordillary inler""t in hi rortner. .\t iRs }'Io rence ~I oore , os Rodcli rre Sherlllnn the lIoll!lllLy 1iO" illg boy In the ich ' hr rman f"mily, furul.lled most of th e comedy for th e 11rodu tion. li er 11111 1.·, 4 nu cllperS did 11111"11 to I'ul li fe nlld nctlon In t1Hl play and keep Iho oU llirl"'e ill COll8tant lallghLer whil e . he 11'08 011 III 'bo.rds. T h ~I III."," Alice AL Brower as orn, Uelrne D e Goed (II! Frnll Is, Rllth ,BroegelIIo 38 'Mr.. herman, K ooos liS EI I•.a, H ellrietta Nyhui8 as B cnturie nnd th e Me- ... Do Grntl' 1\ , . a ln hll'son, r., Thomas De Vue. n5 Inw.iou, Jr., nnd Irwin Borgman .~ hull' th boLler, helped Lo OInkr th ploy II well ronn,l ••1 production. Gre:lot. credit must be gil'en to "MI.~ hri line Vall lln~lto nnd Miss }'li zu· hoth HUllt, illstruetors in the H ope Pre· parotory Sehoo\ for !1I-!lInu'izillg tb c book ' ond tli'~cllllg the pIny. • :tls. Rut!1 Kel)pel on Ih" violill alld ~fiss Inrio Dykslrn nn' th,' pl'no, o· t ertaiDed ~he nu,lionc(' h~ l .... t(11l the nets with el'p rnl plea3;lIg nn,] Il ~lig H· tul srlecl io ns.

' 01


dolla .. ot tbo prize money. Othor lpeaker8 were Fred Voss witb " A' Miltilli' <Pot or 'Melting ,pot;" Peter CoOjler with' "'):'ho Ohalleng ot tbe New !Ern;" Jolin Vander Ploeg wltll " Tho oOUWll of a New l'lra;" aud Fra.· ola Ilirman with tho orn,tioo "Lee! Wo .Break }'lIltb." Tho judges for tbe eon lest were: Dr. 8. M. ZlI'enter, Prot. S. Nettillgs ot the Westerll 'rh eological Seminary, and Atorney J . 11 , DenHerder. Mr, B ernie lfuld r of the olor 10 oeted as eboirntan.




SIX CONTEND rORTHE ,A. A. RAVEN PBoIZE IN OlIATORY Winfiel,] Burgg rnsf of IJ,C Freshmoll

cl nss Wa S t he winner of the a llil un) ]lu ven orn turicul e.out £'. t which WA S held n_ Willlllll . ha pel 1'urstlny cveJl.o l ug, J noe a. 'rill is the scro .ol l illlC, .illce Ih e lI uI'ell ~o nt"8t "oS sl!lrtcd, thot" ~'rr hllllln hos slIe.cooled in win· ning fi rst honor~. 1.f.1. Bnr~.f wru all'ard~d first pl. eo from rre ry jndge ill Iboth Ihought .1111 compo ilion nn~ de li very . Mr. Oorn eli\l~ Wicrrng:l, nOW 011 ed uroto llDI' 1lI ion. ry work in Tn(lia wns th e only other mnn to win the con Lest Olio] sineo IruJ HOle 1lolio nlld following yeu r ". C4R~Y" won tbe s~ate conest nn!). si nce thnt time Hope Dod I lirst placo" hne i bcen sy"onymous t erms. ~ I ' Th o Prunning .Powe." was the tiLio • of the winn l'\lg oralioll. It reviewed • Ihe ravng•• ot th e idcas of "Boi8kel" i I, /I aud sbowed bow odueo tioD will , solve it. coniplex Rroblems alld dimen!' tiel. fr. BurggraRf spoke witb case .1101 under th carefDI lutiloge ot our v teran cOMh, Prof. J" B. N:ker\ ought to develop into oDotber atnt. \rietor. fJ'ho winner ot tbe RaveD coutOIL re cei Ve8 thirly dolla .. i)l prize money OD'd th o honor of represeuti", . Hope OollefJe -Iu -tbo lM!iebigun Oratorical League eOlltest lIett ,ear. / Mr, WIll, Brillk, alao of 11\& Freel".a.

\ .It.

the lrilb .\VIltela· the eauso ot much laugbter wllile W",. De Bulter 88 President tbe 'bauk did splendid work in hi. role. Tho program 8S a whole was II. big 8Ueeel!8 nnd showed that tho prepara. lory sooiety ' is still alivo nnd· lull ,of pop. K~ ep It uI' MelipVoII1Anei The old lI{eJillhollinhs are bllek of you and w1ah you -good luck lor tbe cOlD ing :J or. 11'81





---0 .. - - -Y. oK. O. A NOTES

{J'ho meeLing last TIlo doy el'oniug II' 8 led by George De Wilt of the olor cia s It 11'41 a senior'm'CctlDg und tho assoclntion \\'(18 privileged to hOnr froUl our grad ua tillg m Inbers who ex· pressed thelllselves 8S den.ply indebte.d to th e " Y" nnd to th e wbolesom" hrl. tllin atlllosphoro rndill ti"g U1l0U tho CUIIl)IIl ! . eorgo gave n. ~baMeteri IL~ talk nll(l' Impre sed it uJlon us tbat OUr re· "po llsiJrillly is eomm ensurnto with Ollr blessi ng. oud privileges nnd tho wOTld mny rightly eloi m 1\ 'lUu~imulJl of .er· vi~ in rclu"!J. Th e " \ '" will certainly miss the f el· lows who g ra(1l1l1te thi yeM. We 'aro proud or' ou r sClliors Mid as they ell1er nelds of bronder 8 r"ic; I he remuln· iug " '1''' lIIell-/bors wish them Ood· "Ileed


' or th e third sueecui,'c yrar 1\ mem· be r of the eloss of 1920 will represent Hope the Ladi es' Orutorieal ' 0llte8t nexL yeaf. Ii 8 T in" - of lToliond, representillg Ihe JUll ior cia I, captured ficst hOllor. lit Lhe Lodie Or· aLor iell l ~onte81 hehl in Winants CllnllCl On th e cvelllli, Jun e 5th. Tn her orotioll " The afoll~ of Opportun· ily," sbe "nllined th e needs of th o hri8Uan .fi el d and 1IIo<1e the I re8e ll t bour th e time Lo extend to ncw a t ll'i· Iy. By tnki ng fi rs t ploe., Mi s" nolk~ · boo r Will S, th e fifte en dollar J, rize o~ fered qJY Pr 'sident E . D. DllIInclIl. An oLher J unior, M iljS Mory Icogh with the ornli on, I The hall elll.'C,·" lI' aft oworded seeolld hOllors olld a l)ri1.e of ton dollar8. OIli er onte.tall l1! were : Miss Berlhn 'IO PI,I('8 Idl h Lho ora bioll, "A Sun set Vi.ion," ond .Aliss Alin a Whela ll with " The GIMIIl . " ~(i 8 lI ele ll o 'VOII Rllalle alld .Ui~~ Oynthiu Peullillgs Ilclighted the Illhli· cnre Iby rcnll rlug 8e ver:i excellell t vo' "al selections between th e orlltions. The ju(lges fo r th . eon lest were Mi" Alln" Koly u, Prof. W. Wiehers, nnll .\ttorll e~' C. Jf. ~f"Bridc. M i88 Ohri8' li ll e Vall R"nlle ncteti as c halrmon . fi 8s JIolk£lbQc r will reprc,ellt Jlopc ill tho '~ li r h ignn Orlltorielll League on le8t, which will held fit Al Lioll hank.' I IAIllcgo 1I 0X~ year. • r:...~ .=0~.' .'<II"'--Prot. .L.l mpell-II 1 ow, all look cn re' MET,TPHONE PROGRAM fully at tho blaelCboRr.d, while I rUll Ihrough it quickly," THE PEOPLES' ;MONEY" WELL PRESENTED Mi.. lfllnlr-' I A prllJlOsll1on is no


ONDER jf you are one of.tboee that are hard to fit. you are here's al) opportunity to aet one of the new Spring Models at a safe and sane price with an absolute assurance of satisfactory fit.



HIS is the whole stor with the ,.,~ .... exception of the fact that -the Wear and t,he service are guaranteed , in writing.

The Progressive Store ,,

Lokker· Rutgers Company ?

For your mtals and IQ~ehel while ill Hollalld ItOp.t the

BOSTON RESTAURANT N. HOFFMAN, Proprlttor 34 W. 8th sl

Citizen's Phone Ion

Holland, Mich.



worll to elld I)'ho M liphone 80eiety rendered It • nll na l ptibli e progrtllll last ~'riday ,'I'olling, Jllil e 13. Th e entertainment WfiS Ii"'ell in Carnegie g.l' lIIlIosiuDi b e· fore 0 crowded hou se. Tbe large nud i· " " cb spenks well for the work and represe lltaLion of the PrOJl. soclc'ty . The rollowillg nrc I,hosq wbo took Jl'Ir~ : 11 lhe program: [n v~lllioll ................... _JProf. Irink'll:up Pre idcnL's Weloomc.... Wm. Do Uuit er Rendillg-" The igu of Ih e Cross" ............................................ .J'neub Prin~ Violi ll SOlo........... _ ....... Prof. ll einccke R'end i nl.~" Jfafl·nrd· Yale Dont lh 0 ·'........................1'nul lIeu.inkvelrl Blldget ....................... _.......J ohu llu issard llemnrk............... _ .. ..Pres. E. D. DilJlll cut Ju co b Prius descrves s pI'C illl CO lli' Il}ellt tor hi ! "llielld'id relld ili OI\ of " The !gn of the Oross" l1e 11'0" th e ndmirntion of Ihose present wi.l.h hi. marked n-Wlily. Th e progrnlD wa~ eonduded wilh 4 11Irte at 'Ployl"t cntltled "Tho Peo· p!es' ~~n ey.' it vas wel l presented by the following eJlst: • • .r.a mea Roger, president of 'banI!:.. ........................................Wim. D. Ruitor Wil liam Arn old , c8sllior..._ ... _ .......... .. - .....................................H enry Luiden. ITe nry IIrs, dire~tor... .Job,; Rlli 88~rd Alfred JOlles, direetor........ Frnnk ITotl' Chnrles Parkcr, Ihird auislnnt .......... .. ........... ~ ...... _........... .... noiel De GrILlI!! R ~uj. BI k, .tockholder...................... .. . __...._ .................:.... Dwight YllieUl~ .'runk Kenuedy, ~oek holder.......... _ .. . .. _ ... .......... ___.. .J>au\ Hen8iukteld Charle Wahon, I.~ur.oee fnnagcr '. .... _ ................ _ .............. .Jnme. Poppen Bnmuel 'Elll ory, Delel:Live.._ ..... _ ...... ... _ ..... _._ .............. Raylllond Zwemor A Physicinn ._.. _ _ ..Oeorge Kanten Tho play waa a .. ueeca .ud uo lit· lie- eredit lIhould go to Fred Voas ot th~ Ju.ior . la Ma wbo dire'c~ed lne pre· scutDJlio.. Henry LuldeDI ID tbe roJ. ot Araold llaoll'ed' tbat he




'A full line





award· oxeolhult work with hla dll&eult

cd .eeond hOllors. lHe receives

"KAR'l'HA. ~Y t'llB DAY" Il"JI.a-







Van Tongerens

Bentenee with."

}'Irat Stlldont-" WhM are you go . illg to run-tJI& uille or the two·milo'" Secolld Dltto-" I (lolI't know. 1 enll Lell beLter nt tbe enel of tbe mile."

_l _ _ _ _ _


"I wnnt 110Y. /1 -


book for 41 high 8(.'ha01

" 1[011' !Wout }'ield ing'"


"001 anyth illg on boso' rllnning'"

Just received new line of


'YOUNG MEN'S 'SUITS In the new Waist Seam Models in blue and dark green. Our Shoes will ~ive satisfaction in wear, style and price,

If at nrst you lose yoW' g rip On aoythiug you try, Ju_t keep 11 r igid upper lip, An' you 'll ge t there 'by nnd by. -0-

A Hllrnl rclath'C o( on of th Son· iors WAS in tOWlI tor cOlnUience'mcltt


IVcl'k. ITe lI'a illllll ellsely allllUled .t rbe ;tr~cL sprill kle... " lIn hal " J, re ltlorkpd, "tlrnt glly doesn't know Iii! wagon Is IMki n " and ho 'lI'ou't havo 'l drOll Iloft \Vh II he gels homo !" J oh u is aml,id rtrous. lie anys thai ~'htn be II'ClS youoger his flUher told Ili m be mu t lenrn to eut hoia nnger· lIail wit·h his hut band, ror Bomo day ~c might 10. bi8 right hand .

Our Motto; "What We SlIve You Helps Us Both ..



.The photographs that pleale are the rich old Dutch Sepia Made by·those who know how at ,





In Ihe




in abundance at

THE JOHN j. ~UTGERS Tlie ,Young Men's Store with the Latest Id~s in Clofbini; ShQes &: .I

. Ha~

Nfmsl B DuMez gz~ • .::::-;;::~Cloaks and ,.. .....

I,= . 4""."· "s. ,. -Anohor CltatltptfS

~j Hope d"'lj/ath

Ellven Iitt ... t .11 Ie o attnd the Student.' Colo!eroace a&


For GradoatioD


Lake Genlva.


I·05 ' .


HoII,nd, Mich.

Nick Dykema

Student's Fountain Pen. Buy the pen that was made for YOUR hand and §tyle of-writ. I' ing

magnate.• in the :'~ry are worried.




lMiltoo Van Dyke aUas "1oIlke" de · parted tor the " Windy Oity" WedDeI' day evening to ongago JI1 Lhe Iteel business for the summer. ~e steel

Fountain Pens





Waterman b Conklin


:the Model Drug store





Several of our Senior graduates will be seen hanaling the pick and ahovel lIbis au 00 the rolLd being built from Virginia to ..wn Park. J,ieut. Orrieo Ohapmnn, <the first man from Hopc to enter the service ot Un· cle Sam io the World War, was in Kolland on a teo olay furlough. "Chap' pie" Is aLation6d at the Oeneral hospi· tal in ~b.way, N. J. "On account of his excellent work in the laboratories, '{'bappie" was premoted trom the ranka to a aecond lieutenancy an bon, • or seldoll\:granted to men without pr . medical training.


• !'-


--.wi FdT 01 filE IIDI . .


HOLLAND FURNAOB 00. BollaIId, lfkhlpD




Ice Cream

. .

c. A. BIGGE, District Manager Phone Residence 2270 O(flce 1978

Holland, Mich.

8th at.

STOPf/ at the CASH AND CARRY . STORE for those


YONKER HEATING AND PLUMBING COMPANY All Work Guaranteed. Repairs Especially

Office phone 1487, 'Residence 1907 .

Ukuleles, Ouftar~, Violins and Every. thing Musical. .



"Vkation was DIode for man, not man tor \... cntion." Dr. S. M. Zwemer spoke on th6t text at tho last cbapel exereilCfl. The 8eniorB were 'beoeatb lheir blm r«bes, and lent an imprea· Olive dignity to the farewell aervieu.


Il'he Ohieago !bont hoi kad a good seod·oll' and rousing Hope yells almost ever, trip sinee Friday. (l'he Fraternal society elecled the tollowing officers for the opening term of the next SChool yenr: oPresident-iPeter Cooper, Passaic, N. J. Vice·Pres .....,William Vander Me~r, Altoo, Iowa. • Secretary-Wi lliard Va n Hazel ot ,.... " rand Rnp.d •. .tl'rcasurer-.Richard Bloeker, Bout.h Bend, lndiann. .Kee'per of Archivea-<Marlin DeWolt, M Rochester, N. Y. Janito ......lfaurice Van Loo, Zeeland, . 'Michigan.

-MeJ'Pcr's l\lusJc House 11

w. 811a St. HoIInI, 1Iic~


--JOO4." ..... HO!Itd. -


WIM'Ye ~ . . . . . , . to eTtlryOlII~

Ifo.u fto'"vi ..... k,..; aa\ .....'.





8:30 to 12 A. li. , B. MIL. ••

1 :30 to 5 P. M. HoIlaIId, Klch.


Floral Shop"

Capital $}OO,OOO.OO SUJ"plu. and ProfitJ, $&0,227.74 -to: -


Interest paid on Time Deposits Com~~A •• U.11)



me'Homfl of quality =========== COLUIIJIA RECORDS •


DENTIST Citl. Phone 1522 50 E. Eighth . t h j to 12 Lm. Rollandl ,",met oun 11 to Ii p. m. Mich . lUI

OUR MOTTO • POPULAR SHEET IIUSIC Quality and Prompt Service and


Music S.tudies. Sheet Music, Song Books.


Saturday from 7 to 9

-,; e: -

Phone 1501

'11he Delphi society :;iected the tol· lowing:.Presid8nt~il! Jeanette ' Vander Werp, Muskegon. OIM' lVice.lPtes.-Mi8a Jediaab "'Aarde, Holland. Seerotary-<MillS E1~ti Hartger· ink . OveriseL 'l' ilia Wheiu, HoIlaad. i X.~r of Arelll. ___lq Prieda OIWF_D,

Go To This Store Tor






CilL ....


Before you · go: ..





CITIZENS TRANSFER CO. • Telephone 1149

TAXI AND BAGGAGE LINE We life( All Boala IDd Train. OFFICI 71 • •• ST.

Have photo taken at

THELACEY STUDIO before leaving for tbe summer vacation.


For Good Plumbing, go to

James O. Scott

Evenl.&, Appointments Tuudny

Twelfth Street

ternlll and Sorosi' bunquets.

23 weet ElghteeDth S reet


It is with great sorrow that we learn thal lhe Mis e8 Helene and Nel· la 'Meyer will nOl 'be nnnibered among our tulr eo·ed8 oext year. They int'end to take up advanced work 'at (lhieago • U~ive",ity. . Pluim

Altho afflicted with 4 0 intected .toot, Dyke Vau Pntton was ~Ie to manlpu· late hhnself enough to aUb!!. the Fra·

Damstra Brothers




ble company it will pay you to investigate.


11fe place 01 ~nJ;ctI Boquets for parties Decorations for festivities


If you are not carrying a policy in this old relia·



Hot Welter, Steam and ValW Heating Sanitary Plumbi~

Waganual' & lllllDlllt Oit&. Phone 1470

DENTIST Tower Bldg. Phone 1265


WoOrd W88 received that "Jidge" lluilen'herg had lIleen promoted to a first Iientenancy.

iFriday noon at III o'clock distincl igns of iight·headedneSs appeared 00 the campus. lJ'he lut' exam -had been extrneted tro m tbe last victim.

Over 50% of all the business written in 1918 was placed among 01d Policy.holders.

for those next class parties


Arend Smith

Il'he iMissel "Feru White and Katber· ine V4IIder Veen will lel\'e Hope to continue tbelr studies in Boston. Hakken is once more tbe "Hakken ot old."

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company . -. GlIarantees Staisfaction

4 East 8th Street


Dr. G. W. ~a. Verst

Mis. HArrieL Baker IrAs ..!been un· gaged, to take Miss Hunt s plaee in the Hope Preps rotory 8chool next year.


World's Largest Direot Installers



Oor ..... I\. ... o.lnI ~.......... Ill...

We've got the


.. -

........ _.- .......ii .....'d - --.IIf, . DII II' ••1,...." . "


• MilS Anna De Cook and Al K'iJlil' • man left Sunday evenioi by boat Ifo~ tbelr reSpective hpmea ill TIlinoil.


Dill t i l .


19 Ii Sib 51.

HoU..d, Mida.

I up. lair. )




"OLun. • 'CH.

I have resumed my practice in diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat at 22 west 8th St., above Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent Store. Office Hours, 9 to 11 A M. 2 to 5 p. M. Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M.



Dr. A. Leeahoots .-


- -=-- -=- -

A Good Mallger . one who knows that tho spending end ~ more im tant than ' the earning en' his work. '{he ~t way to keep the end up is to keep the ltd.iD2 end down. ,That is what a savings account in bank does. Start one to·