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nc HOPE coULCE. HoIIud, ,

Volume XXIX


MicIaaan,, JUDe 20, 1917


Vennema Rog- MEUPlllNE 81m Dr. McCrearg DELEGATES LEAVE CLOSING WEEK Dr.allg Decides to Entertains ENTERTAINS A Leave Hope OF YEAR OPENS Senior Class LARGE AUDIENCE AUSPICIOUSLY POpWar Collect Putor Accepa PoGUOJl In VgoldDIlUII Collect

:Ml.s Xuner 01letIt 01 Bonor,



An audlenco tbat 1111ed Hope clIDrclt to its utmost capacity was present losl nightiu order to hear tbe Boemloureote sermOD 10 tbe SeDior class of Hop J College, Altbo man)' were fore! d to re· main Ilandlug thruout the service, th ) congregation was a very altcntive onJ. The platform was very artistiealty


decoraled with fleurs·de·lis oud gueld· er·roses, Ihe work being done by Mrs. J . C, Post. The musical selections b!, be orgonisl, Harris M. Meyer, and 'he Hope eburch el.olr, testiJied to I bo gen· erous cosmopolitan 8Jllrit of A meriea, oven In time of war, The four numben were taken from Swiss, Oerman, Eng' li.h and Dutch eompo~rs, and were all excellently rendered. Promptly at 7:30 tbose partidpotinll in lbe service marched into lbe cburcb

to the strains of the processional, "The Bon of God Ooes Forth to War." Tb e proce •• ion was led by Eldred C. Kuiz enga an tI Oerrit Timmer of ~he Junior class. They were followcd by tbo veste~ _ bolr, tI.e Seniors In ps and gown s, the clergymen in charge of the servieo, &iia the mem rw r~ e'1JtIJIl'4(lu'Ileg' faculty, Dr, A. Vennema, president

~f Rop~,

presided with his usuol grRce Rnd digni· ty. Th e •• rviee opened with the sing ing 0' .. Ameritn" by the oudienee nn~ prayer, ond reoding of Scriptnre by Dr, VennellIn. Th e beauliful HnHelujah Ch~rus from the orotorio "MessiRh, " by URendel, was then sling by th r rhoir. In Rerordnnee with n tim e·hon · ored cuslom Instil,lll ed Iho firBl lime

On Wod nesdny evening, June 13, 31 slz o'clock, Dr. and Mrs. Von,.olOo en tortoined the .enior class of 1917 01 din nor. From 1Io.rm and camplls the seniors a ombled to onjoy onu of lht moat ploMnnt social events of the year. 'JIh o roo illS and lables were very beau· tlfully decorated In the class co!ors: green and whlll!, Tho tardiness of spring hod teft an abundance of Mpire. wbleh was most beautifully used In the deeoratloos. After enjoying a splendi!1 repast, Dr. Vennema introduced to the compouy the gil cst of honor, M.lss Colherine Kuy· per of The liogue, Netherlnnde. Mis Kuyper is Ihe dnughter of Dr. Abrnham Kuypor, Ihe distingnisbed Dutch theo· I()I/Itln nnd atatesman who was former · Iy prime minl. ter of Holland. By vir· tue of ber alose eonnectlon wi,h lhe eourt of IToUnnd ahe wns able to apeak mo.t intere.tingly of Queen Wilhel· mina, nnd of tho splendid way in 'Whleh sho and her pcop!e aro denying them· selves to help their afflicted ndghbo ... Miss Kuyper spoke also of her inlerest in, and conneetlon with, the publicntiod of n soldiers' lind hyllln book. Th e book WM originally wrilten ill French, and beenuse of the large de· Oland for eoples, whirh nre furllisheJ grntls, it llns now be on t.nllslDted Into tho language. of all tho belligerent no· lions. Mias Kuyper bersetf had the hon· Qf tU°al·tloi ,tb£ '(lIIPIDO lIlto or native tongue. It WQ.S Indeed with keen pleasure lhat the seniors lislened to tbis chnrming perlon as sloe brot her greet· ings to Hope College from lar awny lloHand. The company nssembled in the par lars where Ihoy lisl ened wilh greal pleasure 10 n vorol solo by Mis.' Evelyll Ke)lpel. Beronse of her usunl r horAl ~!i .s Keppel WRS for ee<1 10 respond to severnl encores. Miss Rulb Krppel very elTe tlvoly rend eretl se\'ernl vio:!n BO'

the hor\ls was sung, th e nll11i ~IH!C stoo·l 108, rc('civing, 88 usunl, il(~llrty np• hrough oll l Ih e rendilioll of Ihe on · plouse nnd nl'preeiotlon. th em. The Beniors, who ploy siringetl inslru, Dr. J ohn O. Gebhnrd, Hope, '7 ,Jf men Is then 0 sembled Ihomseh' es into New York Ciiy, led lhe congregation a hormonlou8 unil anu Ihe eOUlI,ony en· in prayer. Afler a hymn had been sung joyed a nunrber of fovoriie college and the oITering for Hope CoHego hotl Bongs. been received, Miss Gertrnde Keppol Th e eveni ng .e med all 100 ,I)o rt, ond ond Frnnk de Mocn K:einhoksel Bong Ihe Beniors who hnd enjoyed a splendi,l .. Lovo Divine," from Sloiner. evtllling of goo,l eheer oud 'eHowship, Dr. VennellIn then introdllced Ihe bode lh oir host and hostess 0 mosl preorher of Ihc evening, the Rcv. Dr. grnleful fnrewell. Hen ry lIoRper., pnslor of Ihe Second - E. P. C., ' 17. ----00 Reform ed ~ hllrc h Grnnd Hnpi!ls. Dr, Hospers delivered 0 mn strrly !Iiaron,"" on "The Insl.irotion or Ihe Vi,ien of n Di\' lne Pro\'ldenee," ho laking his lext from ESlh er 4:14, "Antl who kn()welh whether lholl ort come inlo the king· • dom for such a tilDe as llli.'" Th. speaker briefly reviewed Ihe history In the some denr room fill ed wilh of Ihe book of Eslher, on(l eotle!1 allen nowers oC Ihe gorden and home variet· tion 10 the Ihree elv.. !!ons tI. eroi n re ie., Ihe Delphll PB held their lost meel· corded: the .Ie\·otlon of E slher, Ihe ing of Ihe yenr. MallY hidden ambilion. elevotion of UomAn, and the .'Ie,'ntion were revenlet! when <II the .011 enll, of MOr!lecni. After revealing his nd· each member lold her Summer pinnA. herenee to the conservntlve.' inlerprcto · lIow 81lrprlsed we were to hear some of tlon of this nllltilHli8<'Ussed hook ontt _ Our opporenlly sensi1Jle members dis· designntlng it as ,. the classic of tho cnss Ulnlrimnny. Truly, wo thot Provld eMo of Ood," Dr. Ro'pers un· "Vnnu", ot mulobile semper (emlno." derlook to answer tho three questions, Again we lislened Bong and slory, "What WQ.S lhe vision of Divino Provl· and w re thrilled with thots of lho denee'" "ITow did this vi.bu inspire vague fuluro when our S)'UJilline pro· Mordecalf" and "How ean wo get that phetess opened the mAgic door and read rislon'" Ibe leave. But lhe Vergilian atmos· • "Everyone," 83i,1 Dr. ITospers, "who phere wo. changed to one dlstlnetty live... ilhout the thot of Gou for one modern when our president onnouneetl bour or for ten hour. is a praclieal Ihe time of eledion. After bolding our deist. We are practical deisla,-all of breatbs tor two hOUri, figuratively u•. ···Greatness consists of VABtntss speaking, "0 heard the foUowin" ra· of design and minuteness of detaH. Mor· suit: decal had a view of tho greatness of President-Lucy VanderPloeg, '18. God but tbere is a more wonderful Vlce·Pre •.-Nellie DlIOrafr, '19. (CoDUDlle4 OD P . .ell'our) (CoDtiDUtd OD LIlt Pap)


Delphites Enjog Sunrise Partg At Macatawa



ToWII Graton, Mnndan' IIIId Drama~ lata Acqn1t n-l.,.. In Cred-

itable 1IaDn8r. Last Friday nigbt tbe Mellphone 10· clety of the Hope onege Preparatory scbool beld its annual program In Car· uegle 0YlOnasium. Aa Is cuetomory, tha event was a big attraction and dre .. a crowd of several bundred before the doors were opened. Tbe program, wbleb was ver)' onterlaining and very we!l· given, comprised literary and musieal numbers, and ended witb a pia)' In which lbe Mollpbonlan~ demon· stroted their histrionic ability. Dr. J, W. :Beardsteo delivered the In· vocation, after whicb Tbeodore Yntemu, Prep. '1 ,l"elldent of tbe soolety, gave au addreta of .. elcome in wbicb be r.· view the slzty years bistory of tbe Melip ~eloeiety and ""tended greet· inp to be packed house. A re ing .. Harvard·Yale Boat Race " , delivered by Judsou Staple· kamp, Prep. '19, In a spirited manner, and was enthusiastieaUy received. Tbe quint et, consisting of piano, violin, elarinel, flute and banjo, rendered three selet'tlons which provea all rae· tive. Theodore Eefling, Prep. '18, tbeu read tho .. Swan &ng," a patbetic reading wbich he delivered in a 1)',01' pathetic way, Ivan Fl.ipse read a -whkh <wn 1II1ed -with ,u,apft ters." Dr. Vennema then made a few remark •• Th e 10 t number On tbe program was a loree entitied, " The First Da)' of tb~ HolidaYI ... The first .eene epened upon the labor· alory of Prof. Willard, noturol:, l, oct· ed by ~'rau els Ihrman, Prep. '17. Prof. Wlllnrd has jllst tearned of the arrival of lwo schoolboys, and he seeka advice from th e villnge shoemaker, Shirker, whose port was played by Judson Sla· pleknmp. Tho sehool·boys, Tom Bounder and Jim Bonnder, oeled by Antbony Meengs and Theodore Eefting, respceth'ely, ap. peor and upset lhe noluralist wilh lheir prnnks. Henry Copper, village police. man olios Rendert Muller, wbo 8U.· pcr t thnt the nnturolist is aoout two . klll I he two boys ns specimens, compli· co le Ihe aft'air. The arrival of Sbirk. er '. !IOn, whose part wos ncted by Hen· ry Luldells, precipitates matlers, and Ih e ,'ol'l'er is tliseomJIted. All the neo· phyl r dramnliats plnyed lheir ports well, n,"1 th e humorous situations were we:1 brat out. The )1lay was directed by Teunis Prin8, Hope, '19, ez-basket boll eRplnin and all·oround athleli. star.


o Tho Soog of Onr BnSIneQ Manager How denr 10 my heart '$ Ihe edh of tub$eription When Ihe generou$ stAl$eritJer Pre$entt It to view. But Ihe on wbo won't pny [ relrnln from dc$eription For perhnp., gentle rentler, Thnl one may be you.

o NOTIaB All atudent lllbecrtben wIIo 4IIIn to ban the a-m.. =art 1liiie of the ADchor maIJe4 to tIIGD IlIoaI4 IDe tIWr ' " - to the IIIb1cr1p&iaa lIIIIII&er 1m t l • •, 'l'II1I appUII aalJ to u.- ~ WI r ' " - 1rill be otbtIr thuI ncut.an4 . In tIIo coUecec~,



WI WIlDt to bMr

Oocl apeaIr, . .'n

to keep, aWL

-lalla 'W.......... lr,

y, W, O... .ad T. K. O. A. To Be Will

Tho Rev, Oeorge B. M.cOreary, Pb. D" Profellor of Bible and Pltil06opby, IS leavIng liope to take up new work lit Mus!riJ'gum College, New Concord, O. The atudents at a wbole deep'y regret that tbey are to lo.e so able and em· eleut a teacher a8 Profeuor MdJreory haa shown himself 10 be, Dr. M c· Creary'l C: OII room was n most ideal elus room. Tbe atmospbere literally sparkled wilb hil ready wit. IUs lerso epigrammatic .talemen't1l, and tbe pro· found thot that Ibey embodied, certainly in many easea went ,over our hoads, Dr. McCreary is primarily 0 tbinker, and he never lacks tho finesl word. and phrnses wltb wbieb 10 con· vey hia thots. Besides acting a8 Professor of Bible and Pbllosophy, Dr, MeCreary wal also our college pastor. He bu n~ver failgd 10 give lbot sOlile or word of good cbeor and encouragement of wbieh w~ Itudentl conllantly atand in n~ed. He baa taken a great aeal of interest in our debates and oralorical cootest!, and has otten served us as a judge on theBe oceasions, Hope a foremost teacher, lhink· er, seholar an~ preacher, 3 man whom we have lenrned 10 love and reareet.

-P ,J,S., '20, ---:0:---

Seniors on Wild amYJiige 0


Oelebrale With Two Parties In La&t Week of SchooL Raoli.i nK that soon tbey muS'l bid

a fond "Anf Wied erseben" to lbeir Alma Mater, lhe Senior Clas. of Hope Oollege has be~n gorging ilselt witl, bwo ",ullifieent parlies, ali(I depleting its already depleted Ireasury to tbe ez· ten t of 0 eouple of Llterty Bonds. Tues· day was Ihe dote of the first indiscre· tion. Boarding lbe Rolland MocatawJ Bllburban at 11:15 in tb. 100rning, they journeyed to the park to Ipend the day in fesliv e fellowship. Baireball Wat first illl tbe order of PfocodlJ,re and then a fine "steak roli.t dinner." In lhe afternoon, ofter one of its usual ezpeditioualy eondueted class ,"etiti ngs in lbe ahode of a gnarled old sycamore tree, n fine old· fashioned swim was enjoyed by alltbe 'boys. But how long they «tayet! oud olher aets of lbat scnior porty,are they not all wrili en in lhe book of tbeir never·lo·be·forgollen college days' But tbe more you eat the more ,iou want, and 80 neain on Thu.rsday even· ing lhey look passage on board the good shIp" May Bee" tiound for the open leo. The day was a ,bit eooler and Ibe wat er a bit fresher, but auel. things were soon forgotten in tbe more excit· ing things of tbe evening. As the lap. lap of the waves tapped tbeir gentle rap, rap on tbo ",M4lY Bee 'a" aides, a fine "lap" supper was partaken of, and ravenou81y eonsumed bofore the pier was rcaehed, And tbo the wind of tbe !big lake blo .. atrong, and tbe waves dashed high, It is to be reeorded in praise of !!be wonderful" sea·1 P" o! our &nlor cia.. that not a bit of tbat lupper .... 1!lIt. Tbenee returning to the little lue they dill!lIItarked for Ottawa ~aeh. A ftre was kindled, .tick. were gatbered, and from seme· wbere IIppcared a &Ve·pound boz o! marabmaiiowi. The over· sticka and ma ..ballo..s, The IUell'll and the gether were carried over tbe ,Iowi.., (CoDtlaDe4 OD LIlt Ptat)



In spite of the recent uodus of near· Iy on~ bundred students and tbo eon.e· quon aePle1ion of fbe raOk6 ot tTiose composlug the membeMlbip of Bope '3 Oltrl.tlan A.sociation., thero will be len Hopo delegole. present at the great conferenees betd at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, lhis year. Tbursday evening tbe Y. )l, C_ A, delegation left by boat for Cbieago. A large number of studenls was pr_nt to see the boys olf. Tbe delegation wal composed of tbe foUowing: Poth, '18, president, Peler Cooper, '19 . secretary, James A. Stegeman, '18, Ger· rit VanZyl, '18 and Rred Steiningor,

'20, 'lIbe Y. W. C. A. deleg'lltion left ou Monda)' evening, It being eon:posed of Marion E. VonDreEllr, '1 , president, Florenco • Walvoord, '1 , ~'lorene6 L. Korterlng, '1 , Mamie KIoote, '19, aDd lIenriella. Dulmes, '20. Among lbe lDany prominent speake:. at the eonferenees are tbe fullowin!:, known thruout tbe lengtb and breadth of the land: Raymond Robins of Obicago, eminent social reformer and di •• tlnguished statesman, "Dad" Elliott, of Kankakee, 111., "tbe moving spirit 31 Lake Oonevo," Dr. Harry Em, rson Fos· dick, of Union Theolagieoi' Seminary, New York C>ty, author of "The Mean· ing jr~ '}'b,~ )(Ue," "The M.anbood of tbe M''aster,'' ud other religious clas ics, Bisbop Tbeo· dare S. nenderson, of Detroit, noted rellgious stalesman and pulpit orator, and Michigan 's own Mel Trotter, tbe greolest Res- ue Mission worker in tbe country. The con ferences will close about July 1. President Potts nnd Seeretnry Coop· er, however, 'Will remain until July 27 for the scuions of tho y, M, C. A, t ra ining school, th ey having received appointments as Arllly Y. M. C. A. secretaries. In all probability, they will soon leave for training camps es· lablished under tho recen t conscription low. The loss of these two IJyal and emeient omeen wilt be a seY~re blow 10 the Hope organization, and one trom whlcb it will be erireOlely dimeult to

reeovert OIinton J . Frank, '19, tne lbird Hope mnn 10 receive an appointment as Army Y. M. C. A. Secretary, was nol able to leave with the Hope dolegAtion hut 'Week. He will join Mr. Potts and Mr. Cooper when the speeial training sehool opens, Mr. Frank come to Hope from Albion College last September and has made a very fine record bere. He Is a n ordained mininer in tbe Metbodist episcopal eharch, and -was highly NjOom mended for army association work by Bi.hop Henderson of Detroit..

Community Chora. H.ld on Boptl Campa. Bog, Ancl1'Dcc LIJteu to Onat JIUI. cal PnJcram. In lIflito of the frigid temperature, tbo Community Cborua program held on tbe campus Tbnnlday was largety .ttended, A crowd of 4,000 penona and a flotltla of some t"o hundred automobile. gathered In front of the .ta,. bultl up againlt Carnegie ,ymnwum and remained Itandin,,-there "e'e a~ seats provlded,-lilteDiaf to th, CODeort given by tbe 0.0... •.... tile direction of )fayor Jolla ~enlaiL Tbe nag eerllllony W1IIeI.,..i 1e4e4 til, eonurt, and th' eODo," 1tMIf. w_ (0

fl'''''' _ bill ....)

there Is no moro joclLeying or Itr,lnlng for vlctoryl Well. tbe "orld markl their places in ita betting-i1ook; but b~ Publialled evel1 Wedlleeda;r during tbe aure that these matter very little. if 10Ueae;rear b;rltndenll of Hope CoUege they have run ns well as they knew



.clAm) or BDI!OU Idllor ...... WALTB& A. BOBOLTJlJN. AJaoeI.te Bdhor .•••.••• Peter Oooper. LIIerU7 Ullor ••.• Oer\nld. Bdl • ..,.,..•• OOU... Reporter ...• Artbur O. 1I00d,r. Alhl,tlc Edllor .•. •n.... rd D. X.llk... E.xchln,8 Editor ...• Jamel 1I.uUe.nburl. 01.1l11li.1 E41IOfI . • •••••• AII •• E. ReaP. • . •. Harold E. V.ldm.n, Oampol Edl&ofl .••••. R.trlal Z. Biker,

bo ..... '18

'10 '18 '19 '18 '18 '10 '19 '19

. .•...• Peter O. Duar, '19

R.pld 'Ire EdllOfI •.• BIb,I,. V"P'U. •. J'oba 1l naleaberr. Jl1IIID1II DIp_en' '....rer ...... ELDRr.D 0 KUlZIlNOA. A.." BUllaen Krr ••• SlmoD DeD U,l, Subl..lplioD lip..... Charl .. D.Vrl... All" Sub. lip... Olaren., R. Xtemllra,

'hr!Da - , L26 per ~ Copiea

' 18 'lU '18 ' 1a '19 '19

,ear 1D. ad.,UlCI

- - - -


We bave no sage advlco to give to the Seniora. They have had Lheir liII of tihal. We might suggest, howover. that u they go Into the wo,'ld buyon~ tbe boundnriee of the Hope rampus, where they will meot tbeir diseourag~· menta and tJheir defeat •• they hke COlli' fort 1n the weighty word. 01 the great sporting editor. Graut\onc\ Riee: "Teu· e:event.hs of the wortd Is co mposed 01 tholl6 who put the Brlckleys In position to score all th o poinla and walk hOUle wltb the glory." • o NOTES AND COMMENTS


Prot. Wtcbera DeAD.. " Ablolute!7 Ne · CIDllT BllpeDMII. I I

Editor of tho Anehor:An article app~ing in tbe latest Is· .ue of the Anahor beaded" AI to Col· lege Expen!os" eull seriouB reOeelions upon the inte-lIlgonce and "eraeit;r of all the authoritlos' of Hope Colle(o. but e.peclally upon the Catalog Committee. ( betiove that it is due prospective atu· deuts nnd thoir parents to slate that wo hold that the Yoar Dook tolls the truth. From pngo 80 I quote tbe exact words nnd figures: "A to.bular ostimato of expenses iB given herewith whicb does oot includo clothing nnd travel u those must neccs· onrily vary with each The estimalo i~ baBed upon living upon the campus. Tuition ..... _.._ ............ _.... _...$ 24.00 Illeidental teo ........................ 2.00 BOArd .. _.... _ .._._....... _._ ....._ .. 125.00 Rent (two in room) ................ 35.00 Books and Sun~rie•..... _......... 25.00

The Rev. Marinus J. Den Hcrdor. '13. Livingston. Now York. alias aDtoreel 01 the POlt 0111 ... of 11011004. III.bllln of u eecoDd-clul mall maHer. "Butch," wants to know why U,O An· ohor didn't mention J'Obnny Lavan last week. For Mr. DonHerder'. IIIkc it mny bo stn1ed I1Ilnt Johnny was spik · cd a couplo of weekB ago nnd was sent to the hospital. Immediately aftor hr hnd again rejoined the Browns the wouud developed 011 db.c !IS and Dr. .211 .00 Johnn,. was sent bAck to tho Meund Laboratory fees nre exira. Ci ty to ure biU18Clf. The nbovo e.timate i. an nn!wer to those who wnnt to know how much It is n fortunate thing for us thai 11I0lley is absolutely needed." The there is going to bo anothor Libert) nbove 8how~ plainly that clothing. bar· Lonn offered in tho fBII. l't will give bor bills. travel. lunehes. etc. oro not Hollnnd a ehauco to redeem her repu· listed In tho e.timate of expenses. 50111e tation. Mennwhile, wo citizen. of these things nre ob80luloly neeesanry. should ·tak e soc k of ourseh'es nnd try but sineo they will vory with each III' to gel Lho Am erican spi rit iufused iuto dividual they ennnot be Iistetl. III th.e Uy1ng times cme can Ilolland our sluggish DUI~h blood. Wo noto very misleading errors in feel certain 0Il17 of his motina, is probn1Jly the ouly city in thf, country Inst week's !!latement of the cnse. For "h1ch he mllR Itrin to purge of tbnt fell more than thirty per cent DU111p'e. we arc informed by :be man· selllallDeas of enry kind, and short of its allotmont. ager of tile Lecturo Courso that a ver~ 1nJ.t with patience for t he judggood seat for tho whole course costs IIIIII1t of a calmer da, to vindiWell. the Dut ch nren't so slow oftcr two dollnrs inslead of six ns stated. It cate the wildom of the conrse he aliI Pella. Iowa. n town oon taio";a is not nbsoln tcly necelsary for a college baa tried colllCleottoualy to fol· :1.000 inhabitants. about 2.000 of wboIU youlh in his teens to purchase twn arc Dulch. or Dutch descont. subscribed • bo,,' seats. Agnin. wo know of no so · - Woodrow Wilson. $ 100,000 for tho Liberty Loou Fund, ciety upon tho Campus w!toso feeB ar~ while its allotment was but .00.000 . ton dollars. Wo do not seo how under ahsolutoly necessary expenses can be OOlfMENOllKE.lIl1. Th e Enst again takes a back seat for Commencement eurelles have a l· the West. as witnCM the following Og. Ii!ted oxtrnvogant and high')lrieed banway. been conaitlered moro or les5 amua· ures conceruing recruiting since April quets with engraved invitations and Ameril'1ln Deauty roses. These tbings ing. They are looked upon as the 1: :lrO vory nice but aro not absolutely Quotn No. of 'Enlistment, occasion when the aom bre·gowned Sen· H.31t! n~cesllllry to B well·ordered life. Agnin. inr take. it upon himsol f to tell the lI:inois _..... __ .1l.276 tho Oolleg i. awore tbat students must world all that hi. collego .duenti on Pennsylvania J5,:l30 13.01~ obey tho convcntions of society an.1 has done for biOI. He tells his iueliencf New York ..... _.l .226 JI.H:; wenr cloth os and keep them pressed an.1 how to make colleges moro effi ient. how It nppcnrs thAI Ihe "pacifist Wost, " to solve tbe ubiquitloul problellls of which elected Wilson becnuBo" he laundered. but it ennnot bo e""eeted tG capital and labor, how to bring about kept us out of war." will ha,'o 10 d.) standnrdize a. ma,n's wnrdrobo. 'Ye the golden era of universo.l brotherhood. Iho bulk of tlto fighting in order tu kno .. very good stuelents who POSSeLlS how to deliver lhe country frOIll thr keep Ihe Kaiser from enting his Chri..t· but two suits of clothes. an(1 some very poor students wbo have lhreo sn~k suit. toils of vice and corr uption.- in short. 1110S d;nnor in W'llshington. plus a cutAway and a .lr08s suit. Again bow to bring iDlo captivity all of U,E • A. College holds thnt from a ROIlncial the Y. Itt O. prevailing evilB of the prelent age ano nnd physiologicnl point of view, lunch: The last mceti ng of the Rope College make this old world" one grand !!Weet es are a bnd thing, and it therofore r~ · Y. 111. C. A. for the current sc hool yenr song. " It is all very itplendid, and "ery up· wos held last Tues(lay evening. Zona. fuses to list tbem OB neeessary expenseJ. lifting, and very inspiring-unll very Z. Luidens. n member of the Senior Furthor. we do not grnnt tht n bl· tedious. We suspect that whilo he loss. delivered tbe final meS8.1ge of th e weekly massage and a herpicide rub is itpeaking mcn Iar older and year on lho subject: .. Looking Daek· (and twenty Fatimos per week) orr necessnry expenses. Theso few consid· wiser than the Senior WIth the ward nnd Forwnrd." Since the futnre is son.cwl,at obscure. orations will snffiee to show how mis. Bable robes.-m en who nlso 1eliver~d Mr. Luidens direeled Iti. attention to leading is the who:e article in last graduation orations in their dar.-Iong with unspeakable longlng for tho timt the viewpoint of 000 "bout to loaw week's An chor. Hope Collego furni shes wben tbe brilliant y-oung orator will reo bi~ AlDIn Matcr. He bundJed his 5U\" a college oducation at lower cost than sume his soatl It ia tb e WRy of t1,,~ jeet ia a splendid and concise manner, nny other in!litution in tho Innd. We world and we Sh0111d not judgc th em 100 and those who were present will long peroonally know gooel students who re111ember th e lasl mceti ng of Ihe yoar keep very well wit"in U,e limits of h ha rshly. estimale given in the Yenr Eook. It This evening. however. th gl nduat· 1916· 1917. , AII.hongh th e night was e"tromoly till romains true t!tnt .. young people ing elass that doparts from 1I0po loave. under cireumslan ees peculiar lind try. wmm and tile numbor present lOme· of nolli. aspiration but of limited moon, ing. Never before has t he eouulry bee wbat smallor tban u8unl. attontion was neod not be discournged from onrolling ao 80rely in need or trained men nud united upon the leader an~ tit" mOB8.1go il1 Ropo CoUege in the Fall. W. Wiehers. "omen. No man of calibor need sea rch ho delivered. The meetiug was ono of Chairman of Catnlog Committee. fo r work. no woman of ability neod unusual interest and lasting guod to all :0:- -wonder whether there ;.. a place tor hcr who were pri V'ileged to bo there. in the world. Unparalleled e" enls THINGS YOU OAN DO have made ench one of us ' 3 Y. W. O. A. FOa YOUB 001JNT:&Y cog in tbe hugo machine lI,at Is to d •. The last meeting of the V. W. O. A. The lighting man can die for it; liver tbe .. orld from the cur.e ot trati . for the year-1917 -wt\s ona ·whit h will al. The saving mon caD buy for it; cidal Btrite. It il the bounden (Iuty ways be sncred in the momories of The aviator Oy for it; of every man to ~e his tnsk and do it I.holO presont. The Senior girls. led b] 'l'I,O thrifty cook cnn fry for it; well. e 'en tho hiB be "lhe feeble glory Miss Eva. Leonbouts. doveloped Ihe The tbirsty can go dry for it; of ad ay-and then-forgotten." topic. "Deyond tbe Campus." in a The daring man Can spy lor it; It "a8 O:iver Wendell Holmes who vory original nnd interesting way. Tbe egotin Can I for it; laid: "Commencement day ntways reo Mis. Gortrude Koppel and Miss Groce The diplomat can lie for it; mind. me of the Btart for the • Derby' YoemaOll rendored a beautifu l duct, fol. The farmer enn gr~w ryo for it; when the beautiful hlgh·bred three. lowed by a n a ppropriato .010. Bung Ity The worki ngman can ply fo r It ; year·old. of tbe Bealon are brot up for Miss EIi..abct~ Van Burk. Tbo Y. W. Tho very bobie. cry for It. t rial. Tbat day I.t the etart. and life C. A. girls wore mae\o to renlil:e that And all of UB can try for it.-Ne\\' iB tbe rue. • • • Fitty year. I Racr the loss of our Senier mombo .. "ouM York 8II n. over. All tbat are on the courlO ar be one bard to replace. We \\~Ih tbem o coming in at a ..a1k; DO more ru nning. God1peed and hope that tbelr UVC$ liCIt IeuDIDc tllr 1euDIDc'1 lib, IIIIt Who Ie ahead ' Ahead' What! and tbe "Beyond tbe Campus" will be fully IS trutIa fllr lib, bat 1Ilt-edun wiuing.opoat a Ilab of white or gray inOoential as beretofore. fOlll ..It.c~aUClll, lilt N'lt1rJ tllr , toae Itandi n, ODt f rom that t ~rf "bere - D. H.• '18. ..n:L -"-Iaw_




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The Northwestern costs you less because. "All profits found to have arisen from your policy shall be returned to you in dividends."


noUJ paid to policg hold.ra in 1916.

Our aim is to sell the right policy for your particular case. Come in and lal. it ove,. c. A. BIGGE






.£8 iY··

"Good·bye, good you," Senion.




~(rs. W. H. Durtee expect. to leavo next F'riday to reaume her Itudies al th e Univerlilty of W'

The cniora were given final in.true· t ions in chapel Fri<la1 concerning thei.r approaching xodua Irom Hope. 'harles Peet, '14, and Gebhard Stege. ao, ' 13, tarried on t ho campus tor a "",ow bours during the put week. Sc,'crnl houso parties were enjoyed at Macatawa last week·end. They were held at tho Pinto, Kalamazoo and U tick cottages. Min Johanna Keiser i. entertaiaing t \\'o ot ber listers. at Voorbees Hall, , ho came to see her graduate trom tho Preparatory Departmeat. Mi. Lois Hood, a tormer claas·mate of Lillian ongleton '. at Denison Col· lege, arrived lnat week Wedn.aday in onler to spend a couple ot wee.ks In H oiland. •

The closing doya ot sehool are fi lle,l with parties and .oeial tunctlous. Ev· ry avn'ilab:e cottage at ~fs eatawa i. being utilized t1IC11e days for reunion, anti house partiea. J're ident Vennema and Prot. J. B. N~' kerk return ed last Tuesday troln Asbu ry Park, New Jersey, where they nt tended lbe i.asion. ot the General ' ootl ot the Retormed Church In A lII eritn.

Pre.iden t Vennema gave an encour· nging talk in clmpel laB! FridijY morn· ing conce rning the prospect of t he next ro:lege year. In spite ot the e10uda of wnr the tuture i's not as gloomy a. it

seem to 8ome.


A uumber ot the co·eds ataged • shower tor Sophia VanVessem last week Priday atternoon in the Sorosis room. Mi • Von Veuem recen t:y announced her engagement and is thus keeping up the reputation ot Hope Coliege girl,. Prof. J. B. Nykerk entertained bis Ten nyso n ~I o s nt Voorhees Hnll last wl'ek t'riday ofternoon . Prot Nykerk showed some autograph letters and read tIIony of T ennyson '. beoutitul poems. Delightful retreshments w~re served. Pro' essor Nyk erk surcly ean OIoke a Kood time.

Correspondents should note tbe lo!lowing new addres_: Orr~n D. Cha~ · man, U. S. A. Hospitnl Corps, Ft. Ru· dolph, Panama Canal Zone. Oeorge RoOlenraad, Hawardon, Lowa, in ra re ot Wm. Green; Arthur Schreurs. Oostbnrg, Wis., Route 12, in care of Abram Heincn; Pri"",te John Vall Gorkom, Provisional Ambulan ce, Co. B. Ft. om Houston, Texas.


LITE1I.ARY PRBIIOJLIPTIONB Por clearness, read Macau lay. Por logic read Burke and Bnton. For netion, read Homer and Seott. .'or eon.e i.eneu, read Bacon and Pope. ;F'or stibiimily ot eoneeption, read Mi :ton. For vineity, read 9tevenlOn and Kipling. .'or imagination, read Sb,kunear and




SlD08 a Dumber 01 ,e... back iHop, baa alway. cut a coulderable ftiGre in athletic. at the Lake OeDeva Y. M:. C. A. Conference. Perhapa the man who put Hope on the map I!htlre is Dr. John Vruwinlr, of Lo. Angeloa, Oalifornia, the greate.t athlete Hope ever turDod out. Old " grada" will recall tbtl fine athletic record he made the year pe w.. a delegate. For the in.plrotion ot t he pre.ont generation we print the tol· lo'wing atliclo whlch "you saw in our paper .even · yea.. agoo "-tbat ia, it you were a .lilscriber lUI long ago :II that : Hope haa again mod e a fine . bowing In traek work, In all the track even Is to wbicb Hop .ent bor tra<k team, wbleb only eonilated ot one or two men, .be haa always won or placed. Tbis time at tbe Y. M. C. A. eonlorenee III Lnke Gnneva,, Hope '. only en11y In the track meet aeoNd eeven points. In the track meet weN ent ered the .tar men trom the collegea in 1"""0, WillConsi n, Illinois, Indiana, North Da· kota, Mlsaouri and Mlcbigon. John VTUwink, .tar athtet e durin~ tbe past year, again .howed his raliber as traek man. Vruwink entered the 100·yard dub, 2l!O-yard dash, runniog broad jump and the . hot put. In tbe preliminaries tor tbe JOO·yard dash, Vruwink lost Orat plare to Wilson ot Iowa, -who bas a record of 9 "Ai \ret· onds in the century. The results of t ho evenn "ere as tollow.: 220'yard dash-Wilson, Iowa, 1st, 24 }·5; Steven, Wleconsi n, 2nd; Vru· wink, Michigan, 3rd. Jump-Vru·... ink, Running Board Micbigan, 1st, 19 It. 5 in.; Blnir, Iowa , 2nd; Eri ckson, Wilconsin, 3rd. Sbot Put-6i ler, Tllinois, lst, 46 It. 12 in.; Butler, Miasouri, 2ud; Vruwink, ?tUchigan, 3rd. Don 't you think it is abou t lime fo,' u. to wake up and get out and see whot we en n dof Do you realiz~ whnt it moons to have our man wi n at n meet in wbicb the ~ollege, ot eigbt sta tes are When the judge. au· represented f nouneed VrtrWink winner in th e brood jump, and third in the other events, the crowd .aid, " \VlIere il he fromf " Wh en the announce r said .. Mi~igan," don't you tbink that Hope '. standing w~nt up 80me in tbe eltimation ot th, crowd f It you already bave the 'pirit, k ~6Jl it up; it you haven ' t, get bu.y aud crill. baek in tbe tall with your foot baa per· mits nud let 'a whoop it up.

His throwing arm" uncertain, ud hi. teehnlque '. pretty ..,,; The way he talr s the catcher's throw "ould never please MeGraw. He', IJI%I0us and impationt when he '. up there at tho plate; At times ho Ifteks out bad one. and alarts swinging like a gate. They'd laugb to It) hi' awkward stulr up in the big league ranks, But sand·lot kids like he have mnde tbo MAthewson. and Pianka.

o ARE YOU WORTH OB.ITI0I8M? It somebody bas criticised you hRrs~ ·

He's tuli ot pell and ginger wh~n he', plnying on lhe lot; He boot. n few, but alwaYI triea to gct 'em when they're bot. Ot courso, he (1 oem 't hook the bag, when stealing, ju.t 'like Cobb, But whon .t comes to nght, the kid is right ther.o on the job. He doesn't rlV'llI Evers when he OInko. an Infield play; He's just a sanel·lot kid, but so were Jones nnd LIljo!e.

extend our hearty thanks to the students for their past favors and wish them success for their undertakings in the summer and welcome their patronage in the coming school year.


There '. quite a lot ot "inside siuft'" he doe.n't know alOut; Ho dO~1Il1 't like to bunt 'em, but pre· fers to slam 'em out. A clevor guy can fool him witb a loxy chAnge of pace, And when he plnys lhe bag, he '. not 8 Dntibert or n Ohase. Hie playing 's crud e, compared to thn' ot nny big time crC\\1But DonUn, Cr08' Md . J enning. onet "'ero annd·lot youngsters, too. - Basebnll Magazine. DR. VANDER MEtTLEN OAT,T,ED TO D

amOAGO The Rev. Dr. John M. Vnn Der Meulen, 91, ot Louisville, Kentucky, has neeepted a enll from the Pi-st Prea· by1 crinn eburch ot Oak Park, Cbi Mgo, one of th e largC1!t nnd most in· Ouen t inl churehes in the denomi nation. Dr. Vandor Meulen II one ot the most brillinnt preachers in Ule conntry. No one will deny that as a pulpit orator he ,tands seeon(l to none. He i. one ot tbe Dloat prominent men ever graduated trom R ope, nnd is an nlumnu8 oe whon, we nre exceedingly proud. .

J. J. RUTGERS CO. I, I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


- - - : 0::- -Education la the development of perIOII&Iity tOT harmoDlotil livtng In all relatloDahlpa •ot life. -Hellrf A. Vruwlnk.




Iy today, it may bo comtorling to remember that this is not a sign thnt you BARBER SHOP .are necessnrily worse tban other_it Skilled Workman and the moat Sanitary may be lUI indication that you are bet· Metboda Employed tor than othors. AgeICY It you were bopelOllly bad or weak or vicious, nobody would pay any atten tion to you. You would bo .. be· yond critieilm," and such people are the only kind who are never tormented by criticism. . I Can you think ot a single man or wOlllnn who ever really count.d in thl, world who was uot subjected to the bitterest criticism ot which their 01" ponenls were capable. I Thi .. k ot presidents ot th e Unitej ; Stat.a- tbe Mihest personngea in aU tbe land. Think ot sineere and devoted mon and.women who gave their Ii"es in ef· torts to <bettor the conditions ot their tellowlI-nllsunderarood and slandewl beyond boliet, even by those whom they HOWl., IIICH, helped. Th ink ot the Man ot Oalileel Reviled, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Ipit upon, ~ rueiJledl Even God Hinl' selt does not escape criticism I T hen thi nk again ot the criticism Ihat made you 10 ertremely petty an~ .mall in comparison I Connt yourselt tortunate to be re- Regular Dinner and Supper 2Sc garded as "orthy ot being eritici.ed. Hold up your head and .n,i1~ut Short Orders not unkindly-at the .mallness of IOm~ ot thOle whOle chlet delight tu cODmt in picking Oa". in othell' work a nd charact ers.-Obarles Stelde.

Holland, Michigan

World', Larceat Direct 1uta1len .f fUlII:H

luter Lau4ry



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For common .ense, read Benjamin Franklin. iFor elegance, read Virgil, Milton, a nd TRY A rnold. }'or simplicity, read Burnl, W'hlttler, and Bunyan. For 8moothneas, read Addi.o n, a nd Hawt horne. Por interett in tbings, read Jane Ana· t~ n • .For lofty, ennobllni lentim.ot, f or 0 'ympathy, u ndor ud hODetty, tor eom· U , . - - " pU • c:lIancttr tID tile fort and eonaola tlon ill aA'lJd lon, and . . . . . 01 all ...... _ .t for the promise ot tlie lite tha t now e. . 1IIIr 'IrltIIIIa\ tall .... till IwIIIC &'. 7l T_ .. IlL . . 711. it aDd of the HIe "lKeh 1a to eome, read e I,' M III_ 1IbIdnIIc. of ut.. HOURS I:lO tID 12 .. ID. 1:10 tID I P. ... the Blble.--Tbe BeUclollW Teleaeope. - - . ...."IJ • L.... • ........ Clta, PMu 1«2

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TIluking you for your patroDage during the put year aDd wishing YOl success during the nmmer.

WINNING BIB Q Tile Ohi~agu Tribunc ralhl !tsel1 tbu "World's Orcate t Nowllpopor," but a largo uumbor of us arc inclined to think; that it approximates tho "World's Oreatc t Nulsanco." W'.at· over yon mny think of the Illiblieation, eogitato a While IIllon tho following r~ · eellt odi torlal takell from its p~ge.,

WinDiDg m, Q Wo hnvo sold that Ihe college nthlete who willa n lotler for phYllcal superiol ' ity ill nlly sport III tho yenr 1017 wil : wear only 011 leiter. That will bo Q for <Iuill r. Tho ob.crvntlon 8eem. to have nrouled a r a(lcmie leuthnent in n fRlhion whh' h I. vigorous, bllt bar(lIy illi elligent. Evi,lenro thot sut h alld slIch colleg(' athlel e oro taking port in wnr or pre· I'nmlioll fllr wllr exelllpt. suell youlI Y lIIell frolll tho .,·opo of th o romnrk r e gardillg ('ollego lett.rl. They, in such 0"upnlioll8, will not will collego le tte ... We do 1I0t know what th ey will will but u 'OU wlnt 10 know III IboUI tbem it will 1I0t ho Ihe letter Q. ASK MB But th e yo ung fellow in this yeo I olld po .ibly in the next of tor tbat, wh" WIl J. OLIVE, GeIeral Acut pro\'e. his I,'al well.Qleiug on 0 IOLUIID, IIlel filll ier pnlh, Ih o ha.eb.lI or fooUlall .... IIZ' field, or ill n bo.t, hus proved 1I 0tbiu~ G. J. Df.keml. Pro. H. J. Luld. n• . Cubfer that he ove r will he proud or alltl th,' Wm. J. W.., "-I. Cubl .. o h~o rvali e n gors nnt ill 8pilo of pro test.

Nick Dykema

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Franklin Policies Am Registered

irst State Bank

with IIvin •• deportment Capital, Surplus and undivided ptofits

$127,000.00 Deposits $1,4.50,000.00

Young IUCIi may


in their rot·

h'geA durillg th e war nlld ye t not b,' qllitl.ers. Th ey IIIny not he of the age til he eOll8"ril'tell alltl yel be of I Ge age to \,olunleor. el'erth.le. , th ey may

Hollltld. Mfch hnve, 8.\'oiding enlistment Rnd E:Senpin~

Cor. 8th 51. IDd Central An.


Flnt PIse)

view tban Morde~ai bad. Oor vllion compared with Mordeul'l Is IlJ a tbou· IOnd 11Iniotl compared with tbc ctouds. ••• Th o troublo witb III all Is that we forgot thnt Ood ha. II pllln. We hove the assoranco tbat tboro is Ril provi. denee and we have tho ussuranco that that provld nce is in tho control of our blessod Savior. And if OOlllnciudes you ond mo in tbe working out of HiI1>lmn, tben you and I ha,'. 0 big busineu.· · .. Tbis vision of 0 Divino Providence cft n be lIOon only by tho e)'o of faltb. 'Eorth'1 crammed with beave n, Aod o\'ory co mmon bush nll\'e with Ood; But only ho wno seos takes off his

ahoal'." Dr. Hospors' words to th o graduRl' lug ela.s woro very Impre8sivo. "Life," snid he, "Is a sories of graduRtion s. The school boy graduates iDtO th a tho 8tudent into th o s tudenl, mnn 0 f pro f e s ~ ion , th~ man of profelsion into Iho mOD of re· tiremont, the man of retirement intowhntl Lifol Hitherto tht Kin (Hy Light hns led you, hut now you are going to a higher duty. Keep tho eyos of faith opon I Look, and 8e. who Is leading you on l I hopo that iD th o grent dny of dnys, in tbe' Well done' of Ihe Orenl Exnminer thero will b o plnced in yonr hands diplomas n.ore valllable thnn the ones you hope no\\'

I need your

Patronage CASPER BELT Barber Shop

..., __.""I Peoples State Baak

loU G.I_. Caa~'" Caa~1I

Clpilol $50,000.00 Holload

yen r of wnr. 'I'hnt i. Ihe wh ole point. We nro nOI Iluo. ti oni ll!! Ih e m" lIiI spiri t displn.' ·crl in We sillli'ly n.'ser t tho' Ihe co:Irgcs. to ",pelilh'~ ports nrc out of plarc Ihi < y ellr whclI Ihe hig ('olllpctition of war is Oil, nllll thnt th e mall who cnrns a Irller from his coll ego ill 1917 CDrns Ihe letle r Q frOIll O(·le Sam. - - - : 0 :' - - -

The man who Is a Illave to the seen has leut of the eternal about him. The man who desplaes DOt the seen, but who thru the seen rises to the unseen, Is


partakinS of eternal ute. -Forbes-Robertllon. --0---

Good Ice Cream? WE DO Don't forget to try om Fruit Ice Cream. Brick or bulk.

Ju t n lilli e bluffing Loi s of air (Iuite hot

.Makes nn exn minntion SeeUl like whnt it's not.

11A:Jganaar &, Hamm Citizens Phone 1470 55 West Eiihth Street

-:0:Po heartl him give tho eo liege yell, F or j oy he rould 1101 speak li e lIIurlllurell, " MOlhe r, Ii.ten To our Willi e lalk ing Oreck."

-Ex. Ex. nflrr 0 joke III r anR it is nil ex· joke.....:.Ex.- Ex.-Ex. - :e :-

T'tdl er-' I Mny J sell



Ilibma :-" Wo hnvc 0 eow Ihat gh'el butler·milk." Prod Mulrl er:-" IT uw eRn n cow gil'" uutler' nlilk' " lIib.:- " 1I 0w r Rn • row give ony· Ihing IIul · 'er milk 7" Th ormomete rs are not the onl !' Ihings Ihot grnduate .nd g et deg reOl withou t brains. - :0: -

(Continued from lit Pace) Korlorling, ' I . Trensn rer-Elln Alwood, I . K. of A.- Berl ha Sloppels, '20. mohow the ti.s of Iriend hip nnd fellow8hlp woro too strong to he broken that lIight, nll(l 'tho girls de Wed ~o bid farewell nt a Bunriso breakfnst the following tnorllillg. Delphi's 'pirit of getting ah ad In tho world w_. proven in trul h !.lmt olurdoy morning whon tho Dolphites ontd~tnoeod tho PUD. Thj jolly onduetor OD tbe 4:30 A. M. car lhot ho Will droftmiDg when he saw 0 cro wd of wide·awak o(") girls bound for tho pln,'o of sandhill. nnd fir trees. What appetitrs wo hDd nftcr wo hn'l gothored wood oud built 0 fire. Th~ fishormon Ilt th park thot morning ore wilness to our HerculeDn strongth 011<1 our kllow:e<1go ill seout·lore, but ollly tho weenles rDn tell of our physico I In Ihe wild freo oir onll eopneily. 8 onery our spirits soored, ODd they tlescelldod to enrth ouly with tho sud· den nnd calomitous 1 II of tbe "'Colfeo pot. Various odveDtures odded to iho pleDsuro of tho morning, such :til boat rid cs by the Kni ck., 8nnp.lhot. by tbn socioty l'hologrnpher, nlld fishing for millnow! olong tho shore. When we had loosen ed sel'ernl boards in tbe pier by promellnlling, nnd wero beginning to feel hnngry again, we wended our way towarr] tho eor·lille alHl btule farewell for a tilllo 10 Macntawa and 8ullri.~ brenkf.sls. . - E. 0., '2() . S~crrlory-},Iorenec

---:0:-COMMUNITY CHORUS HELD ON HOPE OAMPUS (OonIlD.ed (rom 1. 1 PI,O) vory impr. ive aDd inspirillg. A fea· turo of tbo eveni llg wns tbe singiDg of patriotic lo ng8. Each number was roo "oived with ellthusiastic applnuse. Tbe ro nlinuoua honking of automOibile horn. after Iho COli h.ding number hMI beeu give n signiRed the success of the vea· ture. Mayor Vandersluis is to be eon· gratulatod on th o performance, whi eh WIlS l ue 0 ful Inrg Iy thru hi. rll'o'la. •


SENIORS ON WILD BIAlIIPAGE OF " Profes8or, " Itnid n enior, " I Bin FE8TIVITLU illdclJtCl1 10 you for all I kllow. "

We Have Both

Bollud City News Printerp ESTABLISHED 1872

• PrIll.. lftelMlr"

(Oonllou.4 (ro1D 111 PIli; eonla ot the tlyi ng Ore, nnd theD ce to the IIpa of tho ~oior I I roasters." An1 IhoD that rido bODle11111 ' " Alk nny 80m nre born Ounkl, 8oniorl The bealltIful ItralUR of Eva', Rome nehlj!,·o flunk s, 0I010dioll8 Ukelele, aecompanied by the And 80me hRve flunkl Ihrust upon them. haunting notea of ,Tack 's silver-toned -:0:At the graduation oxcreises tho ~n· guitar, intermingled With the mUrDllI' iors will jllst about 8011:0 the war In ot innumorab!c bumming voicoR, ar" Europe. As 10011 n8 th e belligero nl. pnrt.. 01 that moonlight rldo wblch will hear theso joyfnl tidings, hostilitlO1 will not soon tade from the mom or,.. Shall cease. Then tbe &nio .. can turn to we do It again' "lU,. Beel" J. E. H. I; F. ~. M., '17. other "orld problem ••


"Don't mention such l rifles." th e kindly answer.


We Thank You for your patronage during the past year, and hope • to see you agaIn.

QLlality Candy Shop •• BE EYE. WISE~" At the first indication of eye-strain, when they: water, smart, blur, itch, inflame, and become sore, or cause headache or dizziness, consult me.

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.John Pieper

The sorvico closed with tho benedi ~·

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Mrs. Durfro-"No, we htlve no va c· uum. Ihnt nc tl r lonnlng."

Meyer's Music House

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eOlls{'ription, "UHfl reosons tor rcma.iJ1 tioll, pronounced by Dr. Vonn(ma. ing out of the 81'r\'i('c or th rir country. a ENJOY 8UNB.lS11 nut Ihcy will not wallt 10 win lelte" DELPBITES fur physical strengt h 011,1 ngility in th e PARTY AT MAOATAWA


Take an Ukulele with you on • your summer vacation

Graduated OptoDletri8t and Opti«lian

The photographs that please are the rich old Dutch Sepia Made by those who kDOW how at E. J. Mac Dermand's Studio ZEELAND, MICH. POPULAR PRICES AND DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS

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Fishing Tackle ,



Your Portrait A Gift that money can't buy, Hut for you to give. Your Portrait will carry a message that is next to a personal visit.


The Boston Restaurant IS ALWAYS THERE TRY US.


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EYerything Electrical at Cltarter's Barber

Herman De FOUl 8 E. EIPt' St.

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