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}'ollawlnog -tbe custom of the yeal'fl,tho ~ PBOl'. PlLllIUDEN'l'-ma:Jl.lTUS SI.'l.ior Clam presewted tho coUC'fle with a tre~, an oak·looved moun{atn alh. The ceromonials WfYTe most fit· ting. After eneb member of the elan and laeulty hlld beaped .is ahovettul of di rt upon tbe rooUl' tbe C\699 pre8ld~ nt presented the t ree to lobe college. He opako of the lYee 119 a symbol, likening itB eharacteristice {o the qualities of a Senior. In his speec h of 'n.c>ceptanee Prof. Wyand Wicbers told of the various dlrawtXleb plan,ling a tree IIpon the uortheast corner of the campus and contrasted them with the good points of the Ioc'lIt-ion, ahowing how they out· nu.nbeT tbe b'adl Be pointed · out how a student'a deVillopment ia idenU· eal wi ti> the development of ,a tree and bow in this i'0wth n toaeher find his reward. A. eeleeted quartet sang II Far at Sea." Tbo eo~ ny joined in tbe .ing· ing of II Old IDlpe." At To Roller" Cottage tbe seniors capped tbe climu at thei r celdbration with big eats end a b ig Hme. Another Arbor <lay is done.

in OlrnlK'l ThunKl...y morning was agroeably fIIIrprieod to _ bur old "Presy". Dr. A. Vennewa • down the ehopcl' aisle, In a 80sb every studeDt to bia fee t to do honor to him who had .erved: He<pe College lIB its eblef eseeutive and ad· min'istrator fOol scven yea ra. Dr .Vennoma Tcmgeed the omeo of President last year in order that he migh.t toke up ministerial work. Be· tore coming to Hope, ho oe\:1lpied' the . pulpit of the }'irS( Reform churcb of Pa_ie, N. J. At il'r ••ent he Jills the pulpit of the Reformed church in Mah' wah, N. J, The couneil of ffope Oollege honored Dr. Venncmn last Wed nel!day by eleeting him Pre. ideDt·Emorit~ of the nmtulio.·. .' In !ci. till to the studen ts a t ehnpel exercises, DT. Venn ema praised' Presi· d~nt Dimnent for assuming the roins of management in fIIIeh a smooth and \ eJIiclent maon er over such '" critical period In the hiatory of the iut i tu.Uon. He alllO oongratulated the sehool for '- victorie ()ll th e ddboting platfo rm and athletic fi eld'. lOr. Vennem& has been characte rized all a "gI!nLleman of the old sehoo!''' HiB charming personality nnd oratori ' (By Private Peter Cooper, Medi· ,cal elbility havo made bim one of the • f cal Corpa, U. 8, A.) formed .bunch's gr""t p rcnchel'3. The great war was -terminated 1n a ;We 1I"ero all glad to sec him oIl nd are forwa rd to Rnother ,-lsit fr om great \oietory tor tbe Allies and' Amen' ca =y jwnly Ifeel 'P,""ud of her own • him this J.lne. figh ti ng forces. The ArID3, Navy and ••• ' Marine COJUl9 have all acquitted tbem· selves nobly. Moreover, eae.h of tbe many IInanches of theee 'three great unit. may take great pride in their achievemeats fo r ea1:h proved an in· dilljpensi blo unit in tbe consummation P&A.OTlCE GAME REVEALS GOOD of viotory, MATERIAL Nevertheless, the differe nt brao.ches • like tbe ars, in tbat they do not arc On Wedll~uy af ternoon Ihe Hope $hine with equal brillian'tly. Be.fore bue baH toom 'lIet the players of the H"land High in a lively pra~ t ke game. the war it wae t be proud bout of the Beven innn ings were played nnd ot thr ),{edical Departm ent, U, 8, A., tbat close of th e """ell 'h t11 e ",-or. slood 0·3 they beld tbe premie r posi tion among all the 'bora.. che. of the cou ntry 's mill, n 'Hope's favor. A B prn eiH'l' bl'(lllI (, i t :-(' rn~ d ilM pur· ta ry and na val orgu liizlltions, il<It it pase Bud re\' eal ~~1 lU allY fuultl't nnd er I\' S_ lN't 10 th e present war to trytbeir rors. But OJIIOII!: Ih o III OIIY •• n<lrida t •• melal IIlId prove 1h. ju"" ..., ... of t.heir for the Iro l1l whu wrl'(> gi vell 11 11 op' claim.








Medical Department, U. S. Army


, •

portnn ity to .ho w thei r skill, mnny g,ood 1,la)·er. wcr. rHea led, During th r cou rse of th i$ wee k the team rwill -be pllt through a vigorous d7il1 in preoparation fo r Ih,· first sched' uled game at the seaSOll, which ,,;11 be played 011 Friday art enlOon, lIay 9, again.t J unior College of Grand Rap·

ds. I


A game has al80 obl'en .",Iedilled with KalaDUlzoo 0 litt le loter in th e .. R.on, Kazoo'. record in /base ball i. ft geod one and "'eing our l'!lmpetit or in mnny linea she "ill end'ea"or to do Iler very Ibest on the locnl gri diron. But f the ,proper spirit 'lind int erest is 8hawn we f eel we ""n hold our own ~ i n.t ber in bnse ball M we have in othor lines, Other ga me. hvo 'boen sebeduled and willibe nnllil'Unced lat er.




lLient. Cornelius Do"". r, who served as a balklon dbecrver in tbe Field Ar· tillery for eleven months in Franco i. risiting in Holland, lLieu!. Doslter is .. former member of the elaS's 01. 1919. He will not return to IIthoo~ this year. DOMr '. home ia in Loulaville, Ky.

. ¥n


HeMl Yn tem1\. h8ll been V'itri t· lag ber ailter, MlIiI! Merie DaDhof for • tfIW day..

Jtt .tmnrtam



DYety HO'Jll'<to


Numb... 33

HOPE COLLEGE. HoIIud. Midqu. W",,'kr. May 7. 1919


Three:More Days to Put Over the Victory Loan

From the .t,,"t1poi nt of effi cie ncy, :lchic\'cmen t, per,so nnel and morale, the A, rmy lI edical D~pa rt.ment stand'll un · paralleled. Tn sue h mat~e .. a. mill .. LIlry ro rmality nnd conl' ent ion we readily eoneede tbat enli!Jted. men and offieers of th e Medi cal DepartmeDt are ut te n !<Il'P3!!11t'd l,y tbe soldi er of otber orgall iza1ions, Also, II bnttery of ar· tillrry will li kely win first honors si~ time. ou t of ten from an amlbulance <ompnny i n a di vision review. Yet the wa r I<as \'on not by songs Dod spec' tacle, but by ,the dil;g~nt plodding lore· ees wbose only aim WII8 achievement and in this the Medical Deopartment is rnted 1000/0 emeiont. Consioor first of all Ithat th e Medi· cal Department WitS tho only organl· zat ion prepclred to r tb e 'gigantfc emergency th'llt ealkld 4,000,000 men to the colora in less than t wo ~an. But ror this emergency the Medical D.rt. ment had! been preparing lrinee th. ~Io!e of the 8pan i~h ·American war and like the five wise virgins theiT lamJll .. ere trimmed wben needed. A. for th~ sellViee rendered ovenel'll, the mnvell of au rgcry as performed! by .~meTjean Medieai ollleera have won the atbniration not only at -the Ameri· dan people Ibot 01. tbe ,",rid. IalUr· (0nI1a." " ' ' ' ' I)

A. ABUDi&yJlLl)


.A.t a meatin, of the counell, held lallt Wedne.y In W'nan1. C1b1tPC'l, tbe an.nouncement wa. Ind, tht Prof. Arthur Heuankvelct,' ..n.tant Prote.· sor of EDglieb, had handed in hll resignation to take elfe'et at the end of the school year. After four yean of teacbing at Hoope, Prof. Henainkoveld win letve to t . u-p p~gratJouate W'OM in EDgHsh a b CokllDbia Unive11lity nert. Fall, at the time p'lannlllg to d:o w~rk to· warch a Ph. D. oogree. Mler gractnating from Hope wltll valemetd'rian honon anI geUlni bis A. B. degree here, Prof. HeuaiDlov" ld took up 'po«tgradllate work in Enghllh at the Ulliver!ity of Chicago, winning


Due to unfavorable weather conditions the inter-class field meet was postponed until next Saturday morning, when it will be carried out as was planned. Remember th e championship pennant which will be awarded to the class scoring the highest num~er of points

Y. W. .O. A.

a Masters' degree. 1n 1915 he rMurn· ed to Hope a" ';nat ruc tor in Englieb and last year was made A.!8Iatant Profenor of EDgUah. Besides his 1I"or'\t in tbe Engli.h De· partment Prot. HOI19inkveld hu been prominent in tbe musical trirel.. of botb the college and oi ty, A!J a piani.t he baa been considered one of the belt in the city and hie playing at various concert. and publie gatheringa, has at· tracted the atbniration of many murie· lover.. In t he c:a,pa:eity of aeeompani.t and a sM~ ant seerMary of the Hope Coll ege Sehool of Music, 8e haa done mu ch to make that departm ... t of the col1ege what it I'ow i•. His int ..... est in athloti ca and meoWer· ship on th ~ Board of Controi at Atblet· ics haa caused a closer harmony a,nd eo iipcration betwe ~n the administra· tiou and th e student bodly. Prof. HI'<J.i'nIoveld will leave b"bind a ho~ of hiendll Iloth in the college and- city, who with him the best aue\: C'911 in b i~ ad'voaneed W'OrikI at 00 lumbia.



WINS SCHOLARSHIP It h88 beeome generally kOO'll'n that t be Univeraity of llLinooie bas renewed its olfer of a seholarship in Chemistry to Otto Huntley, who grad\1ated with the ClaM of '18. Huntley received the .8rSt olfer for the !lebolar8hip I..t Spring, but be p&l!8cd ttp the adNu tll(e at thil opPor. tuniity at ·i1attime \no()rder to(!llt~r the U. 8. serviee. He eruised ill the ()Yd, nance department and wu .tationed at Plea.tumy ANenal, Dover, N. J . The oriJinal Rhol&nhip wu tor taOO, tuWon and oTeabge feu inekllt· ed. The Univentty haa no... renewed the olfer and, 'by way of approval of hit fonner adion, h.. dIonilled tbe amount of tbe lieholar.h>p. IHuntleY" home i, in 'Hollnd. 11, """ tai<e up hi. at nlinoU aut Septt.r.


Since God in His infinite wisdom and providence has removed from the circle of· his family and from our midst, the class of '19, H. C. P. jour dear friend and fellow-classmate rrHEODORE A. COOK therefore, we. the class of '19 express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved parents, brother. and isters. in this time of deep sorrow. To all who knew him he was a true friend. He was a young man of ability and great promise. We knew him to be a zealous worker, of a ~enerous disposition, and III every way worthy of our love and respect. His happy, good-natured characer was ever a source of pleasure and inspiration to us. It is our earnest prayer that the aftlicted family may be sustained by the comforts which Heaven only can give. CLASS OF '19, H. C. P. John Ruissaard. Pres.

Y. M. C. A.

Irbe ft4tiy lIIeetlnc of tbe Y. W. C. A wu held rut Th\lJ8lla.y with n On Tueed.aY' oweniog " Bill ,. V411 large n~r of " iris pteseDt. Altho Bezel apoke to tbe Y. M. members on we were greatiY' disappointed tll&t the IIOpie "What ABlout Mi';ou'" ){iss MlarUnn De YOUllg 60uld not It WG.l clear that the leader w.. f~ oJ. speU. to us, we weroe very b'IItPP1 to his subjoot. He drst drew our atw n·. have M'18. Warn. huis, 0 medical • Uon to KIorca. ~o rea hae been bard· oionary to India with DB. She told 1I~ pretl9Cd: by Japan ju8t as Poland WIllI of many at her erpericneCll, both pa' by Germany. rw. went to the aid of thetic t"d bumorous, among 1he In· Poland, Shall ~ ai.ct Korea too' We dian women, ond mad .. us long to al· weroe glad to learn, hCJWIMlI' tb"t today leriate their soJrerinp in 80 far &8 we a new eIonvert is made .every hour in ean. lIIer plea to us was for women tht little oounotry. The leader pointed meclieal ",i.ionaries, ~or, it ois only ill out the need8 of Ohiina, Japnn and thll way thllt we Qln ever hope to Arllibia. lIIe eloaed bY' calling onr at· chmUanize Inma. The ".,men ot In· tention to the Hope Il'ifh school in d'ia eling to tlrei r IDdu faith mueh India whieh has been named' ~ter ' our more than dto tbe men, IUId iof the Ill· college. ,A few years ago tbe atndenltl d'ian woman le cbrist.ian Bbe inJIuenee. p1ed'ged to pny the !lBlary of i'\ll ptin· her hulfuand , We Dre indead gtateful eipnl'. A nOW drive in th~ intereat at to M'rs. Warn. buis for speaking to us. this fund will 900n be begun and every Mh tl Eliubeth ZW&'IIler favored u", one wtll be erpeoted ~ reepon.d. In with a violin 9010, enjoyed, Y' oil . mission wo~ we can aid in th.ree ways, __ . _ - boy our monily, our prayoel'8 ond by onr own serV'ice. ~t us Te'Consider our EXCHANGES . ca reers llnd ask God wbere be can \Ue us Ibest, -J, PrinL ,Do you iIInow that tbe Morgan P ark New. ruM a column III jokes that would m&'k~ a weeping will~ laugh' :-------------~ TIllt Is a tyie'lll one: I OOLLBGE OALENDAR "Little WnHe tried to ilx • European politix. All he cMd n s simply nix SeDlar Claas (1'1&7. 'l'odq. .Mn't he cute' H e's si~ty.x."




Do you. know that at several col·. leges next 'Week will Ix! Rough Nee4t IWBk,'



Fle14 Meet, 1Iat1Irtlq.

Mothers' Day Sunday lo&Ql'IUlI.tIon Dfmnm~ I I


Do you know that there aro two splendid articlee in, tbe AlbiO'll College Pleiad,-ilne entitled II U I "'ere a Oollege Woman," the other, "If I were a Colilege Can'" Metbinlat you ..m Rnd yonr 0,", un ..ttered sentimenls clt'prt.e4 in tb~




Do you IIno_ Ail right. ' Nulr 8ed. Do you. nolr-' Tlren 11 is bigh time yOU heeame aoqua,i ntett lI'ith the eoll~ Mth whom we keep in toueh by exebail,e. When JIIlu are in Rome cto u B'omane oarbt to do .. na react the I eol. ~rt on the 'U'ehuge 8belt l.. tbe library.


Prof. B. D. ot


Hope, Kq 16. ~. . . . 'Y" ~r, IKa7 11& 0tN' Glee Club OaacIn, Kq 111 8cJIoo1 of . . . . . . .ftal. liar IlL Bann Oratorical ODD_ Z1III8





Z1III8 6-

11. . Orr.tmtcal CoataIt Z_ 10. Wi..... Procnm. hne 11. lIaceulMnate ......011, Z_ 11. lJWu~hne1"

4l1Imnt lIaattnet, hne 17• hne 11.




P·lhlloll.d .. or, W04.ud., durl., lb. 001. I.,. ,Mr b, Ilud •• \o 01 Hop. 0011.,..

. OAB» OF EDITORS P. J. SI.,....................... .. Editor 'I1Ioo<Ior. O. Yol.""' .. • . •....•. · .AIoIoI•• ~ JIeI•• K . B.II ................... Lllenr, P.1er G. B.ker ............ ...... 1Ioporl... Jobo H. Ke •• I;1 ................. A.lhl.llea J... I, Bemmll .. ... .•.... . .•.... Escb.D,. Lucile Heematr • .•...•.• ••........ Alumnl

Otrtrud, Platen •• . ...•..•. . Oampu New. Peter PrIQJ •.•• • .• •.••.••... Oampu, Ntw, Eva T. Puke .......... .... .. . Rapld Fir. K...II. D. ~VolI .... ............ Rap id Fire • 1UID... D.putmlnl

,, 1101keboer ... . .....••..•... Manl,er

H•• I


7110\ .............. . ...... A.lIIII •• 1

W. Vander Yeer .•. • • •• ...•• . .. ClrcuJatioD JaD6 Potu, .. .. ............. .. .. A" lttant

Tmu .. .. ...... U .50 per ,.... In adn... 81ql. Oopl.. ............ .... FIn Accepled tor lIalll Df, .. L Svec111 nile ot pOltace provided kJr " Sochon 110a, A.ct ot Oelobu, 1917, l ut hor iled October 10, U18 .


All copy for pu.\Jftiention ill the An· \ ehor mu" t be iu the hllnd. of the editor on Ihe Friday nOon preceding the dote ot puhlien tic n.


Ola'n& m'ighot IuIve boen proud . That it wu dono in a moment oI ellCit_ent croce not ,;u.Iity it. While tho 8opho· moree were securing melMul atfend' antee lor the man the Fresbmen bad 'dn' inj'llred and wilro doing their ellt 10 bring h1m to, tbe .room' ot all . the Sophomoro giTI8 nnd 101l0\Vll wore elacked 1n Ibe ~wo dormitorle1l. 01 only were Ih,y fiII'a ed, but ill n apiril of pure w'nllionuelis, 1)00.1<., p nnon ls, piCltulW and pOHters 1hot hod laken hour~ and ' d'lly1l at work, wero' com' pletely .ruIned. 'I'he Bible ns 0& lit· tic r~ ct.e d as the choo.peBt lolUle-! . With Icnv<!s crumpled oud eOVeM bent ba'ek, i'l loy whore Ih e l'reshmcn b~ll Ihrown /I it" on tho fl oor. Taking ad · ..antage of th o nbsence of'" 1ho olher 01'0 who were Ir),;ng 10 resu.Hllle the man the Freshmen ho,l ~h okod' to unoon iousn.... , doing what tbey dru-ed nol 00 in the prosenee til the 8ophoD,ores, ' he same Frewl,men perplltroted a. Olean al1<l fo \\"rdly 0 triel< n. ever walaid at the door of any Ho peite. The writN oJ 1hls t1 oe~ not W'ri1e n. on nl'lJ" rel!lll!<n1an bul in Ihe erup~~ ' it)' ot n R "'1leite, as one who bcN~ve, Ihat the Ane~or . houl,1 sJlea k pillinl." Ihe un var nished !'Toth. Oth msc th i .. t iclc would nc,'er h !\~ ~e n wrillen Thc onl~' plea in d~en.e of th 'oullger .Iaosmea I tha t they neled in n moment of mill" hos lineS!. At 0 .... rlnin poi nt sporl~nD'''hll) ehnnge. to r(1\,·"~..;.mi-Boll<h~ ,·I~ m , if yon "":1I1 t Ihe technicol nn", e-lleeom ~ Kult ur Pre.hmen, K" It nr nm," go a 1111 C\'er~ ·", it.lion of KnllnT m'L-t go.



Wilson, the Le,lIoA'Ile Mr. Wilson i fighting fol' the League a no othel' tates· man in the world i fightino for it. H is npp aling traight to the peopl from the cynics. Th people are wary and war-worn. Th·y IJav · not th str ngth to cmw l out of the pit of sorrow aud desolation an ~ ang-ui h. Thei l' oul nre blin I .with suffering. They Ii at the mercy of intrigne and chicane and sophistry. Iu their ha1'l'0wed impot nce they hear the regenerating word poken' by the Pre ident. IL is wnt >1' in the desert. It is light in tJ\(l darkne, s. It is food in the famine. In their agony thr peopl s of ]~u rop mi. e th ir b nt beads and hop against hope in the evangel thnt come from acro s th s a. - The London Stnl'.



Th ere were ,hin gs that Ihe German. (li dl n.1lt!. the lIIen 0 / Ihe Allies did nol do. fl'h ere stili are ,Irings wl,ich f{ult urilltB do "nd 6]lortS1llen do not tol erale. 1f there is "ny 1hing wUl'!le tho", r ee k le~ Bol. heV'i!lllt it is the Spiro it ot K'IIllu re. 11 i~ lNId to find Ibi. dlR'lIse in II eoliege SlndC'llt"; it is !!Ou· der lI>dllll!oitin II afopcile. AnJ;H is tbe 1II0rO' rogretmblo 10 see an otbeTw;,;e Iru e··blue fporl ill n lIIomen1 ot hasti· ness st~o]ling to perpe1l'a,te nn imito' tion of IDlnni sbnen. In nil inopariolity, let it be said tbnl it ,. unb ~ie v ..'blo that th& Freshman cln. -, upon sOC'Ond' thot , would hnve even eo,,,,ill ered doi ng lIUeh net ions as WNO <'<!rn last .F riciay. Th i. i~ no erit ·

i"':1:111 ()f th e 1aking of the banner or r,r th e cln.· , rcrap or th e filih<fceding. EvPr.' · a ~tlo n 1I.., t tor on Iho port ot uot h cln M \\'o lt eho.l'Oeteriz d by 0 spirit ot tuir 'Play. Bu t a it oIteD do"~ lurn O'lt, th e )'ouo.gltr ol_en nid not lendw the limit' of troeency wh en onee they WetO atarted. Unfor· lunately onc of the SOJlboom.ore~ losl '·"n eioWln in tbe melee. With tbe rry " J,ef the 8oph ~ la1<o core ot hi m," Ihe 'Fre hm en nou eholontlyleft for Ibo C".UIl'p Ut.

For wlrat :followed there ~ neither ert""uatlon <If C"CUM. It wa. aD aet ot nodali t m of whicb oven tho Oer

To !!ludents, e'il<'einliy, the nomc oC motne r i. most lCIerl'd and denr. Mos: of us hO\'e erperlen eed I\-h'llt it menns 10 be 0011'0.1' from her. 80me ot u have ",i ~l her kindl." ro'o nnt! gener.,u. "mile tor long pe r iot1~ of t illl e. Then. the dl't"ar.. in4e r\'Ois hn" f co",e to .OD ellll,


I rn\' C'lI hi

~10 1lI (,

o.1h1 01l'C C ga in

experi enced her "lVeet prelWnce. n er mile \\"2 S th e same . Her ("o n ern nr great os ('nr. Aad \\'e left ogoin nma7.. ,] at th e 10"e of a mother. Wl,o h:!s nOI seen " mat her wat~ h ing long allYs on,l nighls nl the brd of he r sirk 'Chil,11 n er palien'ee is unen d· ing, her earo Is Ihe mo.t tend.,. in Ih . I\·orld. Or po ibl." ~'o u rememoor yonr "' olher \\'ot ehl ug at your bed onel len 'derly enring for you Ihrough a 10n11 I;Icriou8 ill lie . • Yon have rome home IIred ,onll Iii. ro"rnged. Sho W05 IheTe to gree1 ~·o" nile)


,\'ou .

R er m(Jlhcr's

{'(t -

ress sool hed nwn." all .,·onr care•. The on;!\\'er Ii~ s in n )folher'. Lo,' A 1II0th er'l> 10\'0 which i. not nllVa~'f r"'lnittod uul whi rh remniOR as flxeel and si nce,. as n. l'll ar in the hea,·enR. Govern or Slec per !by proelam(lIion hn. se t a idr n<"Xt Sundny, ~In .r I I, to he ob!IPn 'cd ns U otbcTS' 'D'ny. rr. c311 upon bolh olel and .voun'g 10 galh· " in Ih eir plnl·.' of ""rship "nd te takr pori in srrviccs awroprial e 10 Iho l1n~·. Wr nrr to ".,,,,1)011,,. on, :0... Cor the ", olher. of th e l,olinn by wen ring n red fl olVer for the li vin~ mol hc'T ~nel n wh ile f or th e Ilear dr pnrl ed. On Ih.1 ,loy mo." we th imk nr Mnl h or ron"tn ntl,l'. Send! her a long, enro fuli~' wrilten letter. Send a hax rd' hll tIlJo'l~ along with ~t nnd mni l hN 1 d O Z~D OIl the fines t ro ~C9 yo n can find . She'S worth itl





.Por Ihe informnl lon of Ihe gr".r.; hOlly of Rlnd r "l ~ 0",1 IC'acnlty We tatl hero(' thaI. in a ' onhtn eo lI' it h th e pr" ee "t estnhlLlol'<1 'hy 6:1 ela . se. 'hntorc them ,the l)rel1<'nl SPniors «hou ld Im" r !tjlJ)rnred at tho Chapol -exere ls.s in heir bn eJllan reat e gOWl>') on Fridn.v marniDg, April :!.'i. tBnl Ihe ~ni ors did not appenr. n-C<jllentlY, Iho cla811 oC 1919 mu. t fn ee liie unplelt.!nnt eho rgt '''~ bear tho unimPl)'v distODction of .I,~ in/: th - jir~t violator~ ri! .Ihi" lim e' honorrd trallilion, 'Perpetnated by 53 graudolin/: cia .& 4)ctore them. Wi! inevilably W, Doet tbe cless of 1019 no l(i1lger ftel uy r~umility to tho eollr~ Ibat h.. nurtured! them


for lour l<lng ycars ' D id they intend to Ibe origill<ll, and by !JO doint di . credit eomplotely Ihe ",orthy tradl' tlon oI Ihe IICbool, to cut all pre' eedelll to the windS, wet taking tbe feli," into tbooir ~Wll hlUld .dmlnl.tor tho 10'1\' .to thei r Ahnn ~fat r, ~yhom : boy &I'ould love und honor' Are we 10 bclieve Ibat tid. al,irit I. indloolivc 01 th e 8>1 tit ud'; that thi> "1M!! ..r 1919 ._mes IWnnls t'he honored' l7adit ions at Trope' By way ot nl>bi Ihe Seniors otl'er I.hc following: fl'h ey h.,d Inle,/ded 1'0 aPl)('ar ill ell1l!p<·I, everythi ng W ~ Nlady even the faM,\ly wcro In their a,lal'e., Ibut Ih ~ Junio r8 hnd' occnpied the Hea t" whl"h Ihry wero to lake.



Candl.., IceCrum, SOda" Hot Drinks, Soaps and To,let Artldet Anything 'ht can .be bought at I drug store

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T hose \I'M IItt end ed Cl'apel \i,at 210 River Avt: morning 'know the /·net8. When Il . Senio," ,aw the J UDioMl in their eat . they ull'l.l PnlIIident Dlmnent' al I n· lion 10 Ihe o!rair. lie rp· "POnlled QJ,ll thc Jun io.. willlngl~ 'hanged their ""ats III hi. reqne t. I're.ill. n t n inrncnt, I hMeullOn d1'lnyed the .. erei~s long cnollgh to ello3ble Ihe ' nio .. to eult·r. nul t)w npKS of lillO {oil ed to appear. How nrO we to ;nl erpret Iheir ntt itmle! Wou kl t hc~' ho ve us Qleliel'e Iho.t 80 "mo ll On otb ' 101:10 as an und'orsee n d elo~ ot a 1e\\ ml)11l cul .' tint con. NI Ihem 10 Illrow o Ibt· \\~,,,I . th e Irensure!l trailitions of Ihe ~ollegel Th. n II the nior. "J)rnl Ihe r~ mn i n Il'r ~/ Ih e da.'· ,t I oul.,· .niors eou l'Pend :l !IOI·inl lin),." Art er hnvi ng c","nmit · ted '''' ,u'llartlanoL le ,,!r.uso t the Irntlit,ional hLI.or)' .,f 1'llIPe, th , cni<l" lro ~eeJ('(l along th e lines or Iheir orllt· inality anti, in O)n "n b ,,'{ul, high · hand· ,,(} m:lIl'DH, 10 n mBn, delwernll·l)' kip' pcd all Iheir classes on Frida,\'. April 2li. It hn.ibeen the "«stom in IIll' 1)1Il<t !or lhe lower c. to look nl' til I he t>!,lont for nn exontl)lc fit good be bm;o r "nd ""hola rl,\' contluel.-We are at a 10.. what to so)'. The · ,li or.~ h",'e agaill r~ rrc,1 to Ihe 10 : of th ei r bonner ·to Ih' nexl '(}weT In when the)' were phomores. We i nt~rrrct such posl·bcJ.!um whi ning n. Ihis, a. nn nd·mi..ion t<l 1'0.1 ~ct .nl. Bnl th i3 Illleslio n bu. no ,bearing upon Ihe matter in hn,!d. F'or tbeir "nduci f'rida.' ·. April 26. Ihe cia ef 1919, in the opi nion ot Ihe n xt .1" , th;; .rllnio,", o.we" on apol· "gy 10 the taeull~'" the admin.islrat ion, nnll t ho ge nernl "' nd ;"01 ~jody. Thei r tr('use is grave. Thry unceremonious· '.1' lIi.reg!'ll",1 0 ti Ule·honored worthy Iratlition at 1lol'e. They " ..lil)erately rr mniJl£-\1 n",~ly rfro m th eir ~IR £''\: s with no . ""n.o whot.,·cr, Ihereby set l ing a "'O"t nnflorlnnnio examJll o tor t he lo \\'cr eltL... es. T he1lC are no m nll iD!!. To p",.ident Dlmnent th e ela!!8 ot 1919 olVe. ~n npology lor Iheir dis· ,o",tcons co nlluel. Mt er he, in ae' "oron n e with Ih !'i r requ esl, hod oued th e Juni oMl to change their sra ts, tI,e), igno red' his etl'ort on!b ill tailed to JI)p nr. Th e .Tunio rs.

Phone 1014

Nut 10 lnl. ru.ban

Ht.lIand, Micb.




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r.ttffarD I fpa rtmfn t ...


u tile he


••_ _ __ __ _ _ _,_ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _

.IU. dl_ tor


Electric Shoe Hospital


OIIi1.a - . t lie reprded al • .chili. . .tate, &lid tIbe "lIalabow :n..,," be &II e_l_ of hope to the alano ... of the

II'orW. population &lid uomelllllrcd ~r Eut, jut. .. tile ;briWlan t cooate!· // ' 1 ' D OBIlfA" • qulln.tith.. lit T8IW ....terl&ll. For io· l!t.tIoa of .tara hu be. eo lone a ~ .ten ,i L lI'IIII beet. eet.lma-ted that the lOu."e of light nd readiDl to the pao· pl. of bbeo .W.t. e...l mine<! in tht> BIlUlihi t1rtM~o only (Read 'botoro tbe Knl~eri>odker •• • wiLl, it operated, luwo enaough to meet TDDDIOAL ac-elety by Mr. Uti Y'liin. Chen) a ... tho demand CJf ~ho ... bolo ...orld's eOll' DIPARTDNT. We Jar.vo b_ to tWnk sumpt.ioo lor I>W'O l.h<!1aaand yeare. Th o (CooUued from }'irn 1'''_1 of <JMna, u a eor;t. of topey·turvoydom fronot lioell of ,,-tUoe OVOIII now extend Wlllere mOb shakil tholr D1Y1I hand. i&- from FraJJI:& tlrrough Ru.esia im 0 mounlable diflleultiea WIlre laced wben " .tead of their tribndw', where tbey be· China. When tho figbtlng In Eul'Ope the " tlu" epidemic added to the al· glo to read a t the ibllllk of tho iliook I. ovor , lbe e risi • .in Ob ilia will bOO'Ome ready onerous burden of tho medlca1 have the d_c.t fil"At Olld ~ho 8C111p laat moro oeute. It wl)Jl no t be merely fin organizatioa ~Ill , tbo rcmarkalbly low U tbel. feast, 811d where the men econ01nio 81rugglo, but I.t. wm al80 be eelllualty rate amoug tbo Ameri<lUn Ex· peditlonary FIoNCf l!jlCalc.a volumes 01 ~ w!'llr ~nigh1> silk goWl and Itavo their politieta.l anu 8Oeia~ and roligious. Tho IntrieiLte, . pratent polltleal ait· praise lor tbe cmtle ney of the Medical haitln long :tIrnld. down their bad< (n" a.ny moro since ,tbe new repUblic ootiOI> In OblD':l ocb.n be annly"ed at· Department. Tho re.aICO lor the 'fIuperiority of wa sot -up), wbilo bile wamtm go sIOOut tenl'ptJvely In .. brief W8y. A ropu'blie thl' Department ean be explained ln in trousors anel jaCilteta. 'l'ho <vcry fallt was declared III 19]!l. A partiament port. wben tbe tY'Pe of it. :person· large " U,at todDY I am Rtlltn('llng here in west· 'WIIs elected of >MlieJa th Idr9t r.nsi · em dross nnd follow ' ''OMOnt eusooms bi H1y W53 to dl'Oft a permaooOl( COli' ne~ Is eon sid red. <lShove-laila," so' wilt Ibe rogn.rdod by SOlDB B8 evidence .titutiolli. Bot.orc long HIO lialuo at callod, tho oecenary In otbor depart· of ptogreos; ibut a.tter all, sueh tb~n'ga Ipreme 'POwer MIa dm wn betweoll lb. menU, ' ere not eounted aOUlng the Medical personnel. J'ractieally every ~'. a. tbeee do not necessarily meon. chang· l' rceidr'nt, Yuan BInh bi aJld the ,pAr' a.uu~ IIt. Dut a~. er Presidl!'llll Yuan'. omcGr in the Medlenl Depul ment is a ing. \JI'agic de.nth in 1~6, this parliament pneilci ng pbysi~ion aod the mediool ChilKl Willi kno'WlII j .. the Europeon wu reconvened. It l'C8UlDed ita worfr. professi on is everywhere held' in high nation s fr01ll -tlmo irmnemoriol. Dur· of dro.ftollg n p8/11l1aD0D'l1 consti tution esteem. Sueb IlI1!n as Ptener" Wolcb, ing the. l6lh eon1ury Morco Pol'O, the tor the .mUon. and! tbe IItrngg.lo 00' Vaugbon, .Mara, Blue, Irelnnd, OOTlftlS fa.mou . Ibolion missi oD'!Iry, eamo to and olbers of likp renown direeted the Chlll'o ond! other oriental eounidos bween tbe pnrtieot II' S also resumed. Army's medi cal atrain a'l?d the Depart· Ibrio~ing witlr him tbe Ohristia.n rolig· This reeu}\ed In a I~ng eivil war. Un' ment's lueceMt was inev~ruble. ion in tbe lonn of OathoJoicl9Jn. By tbnt &rtunatcly, my homo town, Amoy,.!au As for the enlilfled personnel, it mu&t limo thC! EBBt wns moro known to l'be !been for a few mool ~ WIder fire, be. he ,known to every soldier who hn' WeJJt IUld the wemcrn ei;vilization be· iug sl t.uat e'<! on the bn'ttle zOlle. The passed tbru 0 Rceciving Borra'C'k or pnrtiC8 111011', bowover, W6r Ibe parlia. Depot Birgode llaat ollly tbollO men are ~n to nurk'e itB wn.y In the EMt. It i8 t be country Where ~IO grent phiJ090' ment and! Pl'Elride'llt 1,i Yoonhung ebosen for the Medlent ~rotm en t pller Confueiu8 was ~oro, .....ho stood in agn inltt the Premier, Tunn Obi·sul nnd who are capable of rend ring intelJi· equol ronk with Socmttl!, Plaia, and his en.blnot. As a genera~ in tho army, ~oent acrvlee. This tnet in large mensother weslern. philollOphers, gh'ing to bho pl'emier summoued to bis nid tb ure aeeounb Jar the bigh morale oof t'he 'the wO'Tld ethica~ dllctrin~ t be bm or sUp'pollt oot bi& fellow geo mls nnd the IWldical personnel in tbe mid!t of try· Wb en th~ iog emergencies. thei r kinod, and baving mucb similarity annles they com_ nded. }I'IIrliament bad 'IIl'most eonrplC'ted tbe to the teachings of Obri wt . The other The tll/aogl e is completed by the minor OIrin~ pbil_pher like Laoze eon&t;tutiOll tbe army inlCl'Veued. It Anny Nurse Oorp", and the work of. and Touze are wo.tb being mentioned. at'! emlite\l Ihe rest 01'0 tion of Ibe Em· the Red Cro.s nur~1 will long illum ' Their 'phHosopbie, bave mucb int eres l pire, whiclL Jons1e.t .barely a wl'('k, nnd . Ine tbe annal. of Ibe OreaL War. urs· •• anlt \'8lue to th~ modern !leholara. It bho.. oome Ihe rest.aro tion of t'lle Be· n were never drafted'. Elvery last one i. the country wbere t·bo <people first pu.blile. lI'h e PrOOlier Tuan \\'n~ now in, of these Angels or M<lrey was a Volun · formuloted ,the In'gred,ent41 oot gun· power, Pretlidellt Li hOI} .etired n.n~ toer anw tbe romonce of war linds its pO'Wdel' nnd invented the lirst compass, tho Parliament hnd agaill been dis· greatest !Guree in Ihe wonderful work faeiHtalin'g tbe po!l!ibility of the 901"ed. Si nce then tbo conditions in of tbe Bed Cross .Nurse. 'enee of n,,"vi~tion. Nor do (he Chi· all part. of tbe COUll t ry lrnV& Ilecoml\ Prepared at the beginning, arid reno lack o~Jaer kiod\! of civilization. incroolringly oo.oti •. Tile sotrthwe tern doring a tull measure of seryiee tbru· e American. government hilS been provinces lin V& unltoll In prooles\ out Ihe war, the MedlearlDepa.tment for m!any years, sending men over to ogaln.t ~hc eDlIstitution alit v of th r. i5 as aoti~ a9 ever, even. JI.OIW, io 1he srudiy the OhiDC!I& melhlldlt of farm;ng Pek'ing government, whiela, r~ illl turn rehabilitation of tbe wounded, tbo p.o·d Illoking .tor ticnv /Hnnts to In4 ro. denouneed tbe rtibe~Jion of the Oonton maim\ld and tbe blind. And io tbis duee Into tbe Stat es. The we t ;,. su· fo~es. The gcnerm!s in the nnny hil.vo phase of its work Ihe ' Deparilment is wonderful succe88 In helping perior chicfly in material comfort" due not eo'll!oo to interlero 1111 politics ond a:ehieving the .sdIdier to help bimltdlI. beeome increasingly powerful. have • to tbo erea.! pl'Ogre!l!l bere in 'Pbysical The wnr i. oodlld but tho ....orld will IIClenee, but att er al ~ thOflc tbings arc The people aro getlling Ured of civil wor, hlley su ll'er great 10s!!CII of prop· be blC1!lS8dl tbru aU the coming years not _tial to tivinmUon. Other· erty nlld life. But b hind tho dnrl! at a rcsul t of rhe W1lnd"erllul discover' wise, Sbakespeare and! ,st. Paul were • unciviliud . One may hBvc ' a know/. loomy clouds, there ehoDe the 'brlgbol ies made 'boy Americao medical offieers ppy sun.ligb1. Just r«en'IJy an ann· in the field.. of !W'gery and loternal edge of'eal lleienee and still .be n is ce WIIS signed, and a pe'll..e negotia· medicine. bartiarian, Wlint bi. Im.owll!dgc to in · tion WIlS helld ot Slrnnghai, tlrat great In tbe crucible of. contlict tbe Medi· vent engines of de.~tion witb whiCh city of tJae For Eost, with tbe Department, U. 8. A ., hu demon· cal 10 temIy the world •• nd bring it unoer hop tht the war will never ho reo its true wortb and tbe whole . trnted hi s· s-1. sumeo. Yet t,here oro sltlll gre'llt pos· world marvels at Its olmost Incred;''ble Tbo Chinese ore as D rll<le, diSilOnct .lbi Uties in· the Door .tuture. Obinn ha .. II<lhievemenis. Well migbt tbe Amerl· ,from other Orien1al. . They are unlike owakenoo. The dift'eren~o between ca n people feel proud of this great the Japanese, Siamese, the J8vanllllC. th.o of the Boxer insurrection branch of service, finlt io war, liut or the oath/es of India.. Their. phy· (yl'llr 1900) nnd of tOday' 15 marvel· in pence, and first. in the hearts Qf all sical, mI!'D.UlI, andl mora} chorlllCte ristiAl8 ously greDt. In Indu try tbe ago or humanity. disll ngu i8h ,1bem from other Oriental fillOiorl es had begun. In wplte of the rIICC9i their social alld poUtieal history war, businC6S with foreign countrie!. ALUMNI NEWS hu boon dift'erenti and since tlte opium i3 gtto~ing repidly. Wn.T with the Engli.h In 1 64 they have PoJit ieaJJy, the old Empire (I nd nuto. . ~ken on we t",:", eivllizati~n. pro~. emey are gone forever. I n. loeal gov. Rev. T. W. Muilenllu"&" '89, home s.vely end steadIly and a!lSlmlh.t~d It I emment O!aina hM been democrntit. lXIi_oouy on the Pac.ifie Coast, at· int~ their own elvlliutioTh Tbey have I for ngee: witlb the fft'et thiLt the rul~ of tended the H1>pe Oollege Council, bUIlt up D .grcnt system of public in· I alan elders ana. gild eommiH ees b'll& wbieh W08 i n ecaeion this pOl't ..-eel<. etrueUcrn lrom tbe primary IJebool tbru ooen carried Into prnetice belore. Bo He wm altio alltend tho Board 0If Su· t'he univl".ftlity, .at first 1n t'he bigber far ~s It can see, lhe greatest lllel< In perlntendent" W. T. S., the Partieular gra.dea "Mit!. the aid of ma.ny lorelgn Chinn is -tbe .trengtil 01. eiml"lleter aod Synoo 01. Obieoago W'bi~b meets bere teachera, no ... replaee'eII for the most the light of ,Obristian1ty( Chin.. need.. and Ihe ileneral Synod at ADOOry pa.t by native toa~bers DB return~ J ews Ohrist· tellla1 lit \I!Ie sbc ~ed~ Park, N. Y. Rev. Mullellburg IB a iIIAIdents 'hrrai JaJlo'n., Europe, or IMre Jiglht. ..... peat dbrkne!!18 thM reprellCntaHve of tbo Ola\i8is of Cas: AmerJea. Industrially, tbe ChineJIC ' lras no~ yet . . . . .,.eilOO i~ Iargely cades. have inL~dueed iD'to tbe eOIl'l\-1ry the hhe igno......f ~ pe<>pl& that hns l• a ory sywtem and mt'IIM lor develop· betn l1be _ _ .t .J1l'be greet trouble Rev. J . F. Heemstra, '95, of tbe First ing bankiolg Jrasinel& w1lieh males in lhe tRMl'1' ~fllanHy teaches Be/ormed C'bureh at ehiettgo, bas been • po !.ble gr!'llt indue! rlat dovel<apmente. u. to IlIIII Ia ' of Ood, and in ext ended! a caU from th~ Relormed Many nall1'oada Ir&vo been built, aod, I terma " . .'V. And, tllis Is tho ebureh of Soutb Hollan'CI, rH. bought ami built atOllllll!lhip for freight I tud... nee' ,... in tbe riding U')l •• _ tr~ have been opeNted with e' ,",ell . t of tho I BII'" 01 a naiaon and the , T Emma-' OlDlDonr, I'm going out .udee.. It i.s my bope that Chins ... iH I' !leIiaClt.., ., 1M 'Irorld at hlrge. aod! 100lIl at lOme new hata. ' od"uec not o!,e"flded on material pro· TN 1ft .... in llbe Chinese flag. Emil"..-J'But tomorrow'. Sunday, gr~ only, bnt mONl .piri.tnll as weN', ... Ia an~ient OIrin_ phi· and the ebope. are elosed." well. Fa..,., . . . . "'mary eolon nd were. Emma..J'You lillyl I mean Ib iO' Witb r.rd tq poHtiea, to _Ire i 0 . . . " . " . 0 Jl;ve Chinen virlnH : Ing to e1aurch." • Ohill1lo Mfa lor Demoen~1, it a real I J du, Piety, Wi.sdom I nd -pa.t of tbe world 1Mr. It I. allo aD e lin C!QHa~ a1'ro algol· ']9-" Il'6ve you teen )'Oor (Senior) , , import.aJrt and '-rp pe.1It of the mGg' 'Of tb& tve great naekil folly ' " gle: 10 Cbilla are 41118 q*rter ql the of tile Dlltion. 80 long 'In-J'No, I have Jonlor IeDae."

oj . ............... !law .




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C. J. LOKKER, Mar.




Guarantee in

ONDER if you are one of those fellows that are hard to fit. If • you are here's an opportunity to get .. one of the new Spring Models at ·a safe and sane price with an absolute assura nce of satisfactory fit.



HIS is the whole story with the exception of the fact that the w(:ar and the service are guaranteed in writing.


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ine melQbere tbe O&binet went to KalfllKZOO O'Ver tlle week ond to attend a eaibineL ,"Oullcil ot collnge ..aoei. Ilona of Mloh'igan.


O. J. 01011 .... P.M .• H. J . Lal..... 0..1ot W.. W.., ..... .In' , Oooklar

Dry Goods, Coats and Cloaks and Millinery


FIUT STATE BANK With lamp DtpgtmlDt O.pllal,

Holland, Mich.

8Uplu ... VIld1n4t4 flI7.000.OO J)tpOoIt..



===========~_ 00 •. 81b BI. .ad Olaln l .l••. )(jcb.

iFriday, A~r d'lly, OlLmo alr 4 aUI' priso boliday 10 Lbo ,Juniors aud ~pbl. Tho Seniorl bad Lbe day t~ pla'llt tbltir tree and tbe " .Presh," aooording to custom Oft Ibo l1gee, to oleau ·Iho cam· pou. But tbo Juniors aud Sopbs had not e.JJP\lolod II holiday. -vAL II recollt SenlDr 'class meeling, M1 Mamio Klooto ot Grand Rapids, IVU cleet.ed 48 olle of the commenCe' ment day olallS oralors.

We' ve got the

Dr. G. W. Van Verst

Ice Cream


for those next class partif 8 Waganaar & Hamm,


ElI5ign Rooolph H",bcrman, hom o 011 a ft/teon·day furlough, le-ft }' riduy t.'it •. Phone 1470 morning for Now York Oity.

55 W. 81h

Tower Bldg.

Phone 1265


Damstra Brothers

Hot Wdter, Steam and Va~ at. Heating Sanitary Plumbing


23 wesl Eil\bteenth S reel

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CliPJ)Cd rrom the Jlldiulollilln, CaDII' Jaelk90n'" lIewsp1l\lCr: " Sergenllt P etC! Cooper-"The ai h'er trumpe t "JII'uks 110 more." No longer \\'ill \\'e shun the barraclu and forgo the pi en ure oT noou ·time bunk fatigue . ., P elc" has been witb UI a long lime, nnd wh ile we hato to see biOI dOli n collnr anu tie allu tho other ornam e llt~ or n great eh'ilizalion our besl regards go OUI 10 Ihe l ormor editor of Ihe Hospita l page autl 0110 of tho irid ·. nl lights of tho Baso Hospilal. Tho boy from the Dykes has beelL 00110 ot the ruling power. of 36; anw we Irem1>lcd on his approacb le8i be hold forth ill his best oralorical manner Bomo such peaceful diseu9I!ion as Ibe merilll of tbe Oid Army or hi. tamous treatise on tbe •• U~e and Abuae ot Slang." II Pele" bas Ibree 8l.ripes on his arm tWbieb be claims that you <!'on't get by banging around cor· ners, ibut Sunday be donned I he most bo:oming Ibing in !Ii ripes; a nice red inver led II V". We elect him to the Rotunda of the Nellr Oreat by r ·a 011 of: ·F ir8ily, his 1I 0bie 'brow, Seeoutlly, tho timo be lake. to get uressed in Ihe morning, Tbird'I)" ,because that, won' derful 118 it may seem, he goes hOUle with as good a chara cter a Ib e one he lost wben he ennsled."

HOLLAND FURNAOE 00. Bolland, l.nchigan

W orl~ 's Large!> t Direct ] nstallers



lio To This Store For Music Studies, Sheet Music, Song Books, Ukuleles, Guitars, Violins and Everything Musica!.

Meyer's Music House 1; W. 8th St. Holland, Mich.



The Printery BRINKS BROTHERS, Proprietors Phone 1791 15 west Hlth st

IIr is

:ttill " Pr (,x ~" f It)

Boquets for parties


Decorations for festivities

Twelfth Street' Floral Shop Huizen~a

Phone 1501


me Home of Qualitg

·H. H. De Maat

Say, Bunch--

IJcc nu ~

th e

Stutl ~ llt


Ice Cream, too Pure fruit flavors

jlen it


In Clothing Haberdashery and Shoes.


QuaiitgCandgShop '(,e~;~~m;ba~~t ::e ae~:7.;::: b~~\



-!u. -

Interest paid' on Time Deposl'ts Compounde<l &em] ·Ana • • 111

DR. R. M. WALTZ DENTIST Cit •. Phone 1522 50 E. Eigblh st "J h 10 12 a. m. Holland Ou ce ou rs 1 to 5 p m. Mich .




TheJlome of Cood P\ualture

97-99 E. 81k St. ~"'t"I_'''''"_I_I1''/&


tilL .... 1.42 .\. A. BOONE



"'1 :::1

Telephone tl49

TAXI AND BAGGAGE LINE We All Boals and Trains OHlC, 7Z W• • ST.

more than ever be· Core there is going to be a demand Cor



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I I ,:: Ph_0 tograp hS I I i i I 80 don't Cail to place

I have rpsumed my practice ::: in diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat at 22 west 81 h St., ;:: nbove Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent Store. ::: Office Hours, 9 to II A M. 2 to 5 p. M.

I T6E LA CEY I T';:~:;:::H~:: ,~M. 1 I Dr. A. Leenhouts i ============ 1 S T U D I .

19 f. 81h :i t .


(Upstairs ) •


H ulll nd, Micb .

VAlt_lt. .tt_lt_II.''''t.:~


SSpriatsma &S'on I



eaoae Ada m Wfr nakee.



--- -

Cau you


Surplus' and Profit,. $00.227.74


"The House of New Ideas"


Oh yes, and


J. Rutgers Co.

'Let1ler jDePt. Denr Rapill 'Fir,,-II \Vhnl i. Moanl by th phrase 'skipping periods"" II D" C1'nr. me.nib\>r li D" Cl memb e ~"Be ]Jatie;nt. Vou " ' - - - - -_ _ _ _.J learn." ;n.ea r Rapid .'ir~WlI O D hiatory telk! UI that Adam wn in Ihe GarMII it do not teil us what kind ot 0 gur· .


1 :30 10 5 P. M. Bo1lan4, IIIlch.

Capitol SI()(I.OCO.OO

COll ll'cil W3!1 ILOI •

taken into w ltiri c1 ern t:o ll . 'Tl l(~ reason !'o r t!l i. netioll ell Ihe parI ot th e Stu' den Council are that there i. an eVI' .Ient hl ~ k of ellthu8iasm tor the lug·of· \~ar, due 10 it s long pOSltponemcnl, nnd Ihat the remsinder o.t his J~r i. pret · Iy well tnleell up will, other nctivities. From ali ou~\Vnr<l aJ'pearan'CillI both In Brc ';llt,iafied' 'II'i tb tll'i" deelsion. ~r~ d~nt, Student Couneil. ()ur

We Got

The Tailor for Ladies and Gents is showinlt a fine line of samples and style!! for Ladies suits and coats, made to your in- . dlvidual measure and very reasonable in price. Come in and look them over. 212 College Avenue

Al Ihe 1,"'1 mee ting of th e ,udellt Coulll'ii, th o menibel'8 (}ceitl. d nOI to hold th e anllua t lug-ot·war th i. yeur. 1'1.. ehlllleuge. Ia. ucd Iby Ihe .'r . 1001011 311d, l'homore clnflSc arc nol vn 1i(l

• E . 8th. St.

-: 0: -

your orders earl y at




Re\"'(\r ion t t't 'r,'' J>f.'' \\'38 th e tb eme 0.1 Prcsiuclil Diullleul',s remarks in Chnpel on .F'rida y Ulornin.g. Hi. reo mur.1<ts were jus t ,,"<1 fnir nnrl woll , laken !'y Ih e lud'·lIt s..

me Place of Service


thi! s ludl!ntl s.





Evening Appointmenls Tuearlny Saturday from 7 10 g 8:30 to 12 A. oM.


OH.A.PEL NOTES ! La8i Wednesday Miss Harriet Balter )dd oo special enjoyment to Ihe chllopel sen' ices ill th e torlll ot a violin 11010. ... , She pJ:nyed II .M!ert.ass " by Wicnilllw~lk; ThmS<!'IIY morn ing severnl member> :::1 of tbo Oollege Council were present at Ihe Ohnpel exercises. TIl all bUI Ihe Fro hies it seemed like old times to have Dr. Vellll cllla on tbe pial (onn . :::

on that next printing job


at the CASH AND CARRY STORE for those


John Ter Borg who ... rved with the Arlillery in 85th Dh,9iOD resum ed hi. .tooiea at Hope 10 t Monuay. Be will gradllate \lilb Ibe tin of J919.

Dr. J ames O. Scott

S'TOP! !

A Good Manager

i one who knows that the spending end is more impot tant than the earning e'nd .• his \\·ork. . The best way to keep the earning end up is to keep the spending end down. That is just what a savings account in Our bank does. Start one to· day.

Peoples State Bank Holland, Mich,