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Official Publication of the Students of Hope College at Holland, Michigan

Student Elections For Campus Queen Begin May Day Program Ten hopefuls to the realm of May Day royalty will be Y Plans for Nexf Year chosen through popular stu- at Annual Retreat dent elections on the campus.

Members of the

YW and


And f r o m these ten will be .abinets met yesterday a f t e r n o o n selected the queen and her and evening f o r the annual Y recourt of six attendants. Dean t r e a t at the J . Kooiker c o t t a g e on Elizabeth

Lichty, May




Day and

WAL President Doris Vander Borgh




shall be the lucky lasses to attain the purple and ermine in keeping with the new system wherein merit is based upon a t t r a c tiveness, character, academic standing, and e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activities. The


parade of junior

Lake Michigan. T h e purpose of the . e t r e a t was to discuss plans f o r .iext year with special e m p h a s i s being plaaced on orientation week, .he mission drive, p r a y e r week, weekly Y meetings, the war and its relation to Y work, and general campus needs. In the evening a council fire was held. At this time Dr. I^ester Kuyper of Western Seminary g a v e an inspirational talk. Social Chairman Russell Ce Vette and Mimi Moncada were in c h a r g e of recreation an J food. T r a n s p o r t a t i o n was provided through the efforts of Alva van Haitsma and Allan Weenink.

French Club, English Majors Install Officers Installation of the new officers will be the main

f e a t u r e of the

next French club m e e t i n g to be held a t Nies' on T h u r s d a y , May 14. B a r b a r a FoJensbee will be the new president, while Mimi Monc a d a as vice-president will plan the p r o g r a m s f o r next year. I r m a Stoppels will record the minutes, and Wendy Rameau will m a n a g e the finances. A f t e r the formal installation, the club will a d j o u r n to the annual p a r t y . Chairman Howard Hoekje promises "unusual games and wonderful e a t s " as the main a t t r a c t i o n of the f u n - f e s t .

May 6. 1942

Student Body Elections For Anchor Council Positions May 14 Pick Committees for All-School Sing The All-College Sing was the main topic f o r discussion a t the first meeting of the new W A L Board on Thursday, April ?0. Jean Ruiter, sing chairman, gave a report. The dale is May 30, t h e time

9:00 p.m., and the place, the chapel. A s s i s t i n g J e a n Ruiter, who is in c h a r g e of choosing the judges, a r e : publicity, Clinton H a r r i s o n ; address system and lighting effects, H a r v e y Koop and Earl De W i t t ; flowers and decorations, Mildred T i m m e r ; group singing, Clinton T e n t a t i v e plans f o r a beach p a r t y H a r r i s o n ; p r o g r a m s , Edith Klaaren. are in progress. Donna Eby is Miss Lichty, Mr. C a v a n a u g h , and Doris Vander Borgh are advisors chairman for the event. to the com:nitte3. One member f r o m each society on the c a m p u s will be chosen as an usher. New officers of the English Majors club will be installed a t their next meeting Wednesday, May 13. Louis Chisman will head the club next year, assisted by Vice-president Donna Eby and SecretaryT r e a s u r e r Edith Klaaren.

Harrison, Verburg, Koop Nominated

Pi Kappa Delta Banquet Installation Held Tonight Annual Pi K a p p a Delta b a n q u e t will be held this evening a t 6 p. m. in the prvaite dining room of the Dutch Mill. The outgoing president, John W e s t h o f , will preside. A t t h i t time the installation of the officers for



place. Clinton




Harrison h a s been

chosen f o r president. Others to be installed




Corinne Pool and Secretary-Treasu r e r Daniel F y l s t r a . The p r o g r a n . which is announced is in c h a r g e oi John Hains. Other




S t u d e n t body elections will be held T h u r s d a y and Friday, May 14 and 15, S t u d e n t Council officials announced this week. At the same time the publications announced t h e f o u r candidates f o r the associate editor positions of 194243. Students will vote f o r next y e a r ' s council president and two associate editors on the jame ballot. Nominated by the Student Jouncil in its regular meeting last night f o r the position of

jouncil president a r e : Clinton Harbison, Milton Verburg, and Harvey be stricken from the p r o g r a m , in drew Veldhuis, director of men', Koop. Robert Emmick, chairman of order to s a t i a t e s t u d e n t s desire for debate; Vivian Tardiff, director o. the committee in c h a r g e of the women's debate. a voice in the selections. elections, stated t h a t the voting Classes will be dismissed per will take place in the YM and YW Point System Announced rooms in the chapel from eight u.ual a t 10 a. m. Friday and f r o m Point syster.i to be used by the Girls' Glee Club Gives o'clock to the end of the f o u r t h j u d g e s is a s follows: F i f t e e n points thereon, e n t e r t a i n m e n t is the order hour. Concerts in Kazoo, G . R. each f o r diction, balance, intonaof the day. Girls' track e v e n t s in Dr. and Mrs. Wichers will ' Wichers stated, " b u t Dr. Wichers Run-offs on Friday tion, attac.c and release, i n t e r p r e the m o r n i n g should put the boys Last Monday night. May 4, th. If one candidate does not receive Jlltertain the seniors a t the a n ( ^ ' p r e f e r to keep it a s u r p r i s e . " tation and originality; and 10 on edge for their sports card in Girls' Glee club presented their firs, a m a j o r i t y of votes in the first elecannual Senior Reception n e x t ' ^ e ^ r e s ^ m e n t s will be served with points f o r general a p p e a r a n c e . the a f t e r n o o n . W i n n i n g positions (except in full length home concert f o r faculty tion on T h u r s d a y , run-offs of the t h e h e l p of t h e j u n i o r Kiris Monday evening, May 11. The ! two highest will be held on F r i d a y Coronation of the queen and tapcase of a tie) will be decided by and s t u J e n t s in the chapel. morning. A r r a n g e m e n t s will also the n u m b e r of first, second, and ping of new Alcor members will fea- argest class in the history of The glee club has several othei be made f o r associate editor runthird places awarded by judges, e n g a g e m e n t s a r r a n g e d d u r i n g the ture an i m p o r t a n t event f o r the Hope college will be enteroffs. and not by the total n u m b e r of next f e . / weeks. On May 12 Mrs. late a f t e r n o o n and as a culmination t a i n e d at the president's President William T a p p a n anpoints. Snow and the club members wil. nounced t h a t if the new president of all this activity the all-college Cup Replaces D u r f e y Blanket journey to Kalamazoo to sing a . iiome. In addition to the one is inducted into the service, the banquet in Carnegie g y m n a s i u m W A L board has decided to give the Hope College Night there. They Thirty couples attended the hundred and eleven invitavice-president of the council, electa loving cup to the most outstand- will also sing at Hope College will provide a pleasant close of anfirst annual Alpha Chi baned within the council, will preside tions which have been seni to sening senior girl. In the past, the Night in Grand Rapids on May 14. other eventful May Day. until a n o t h e r s t u d e n t body election D u r f e y blanket has been the a w a r d , Besides the r e g u l a r concert, they Ruth Stegenga and Robert E m - iors, there will be several other quet which was held at Third can be held. but because of the s h o r t a g e of wool, may aiso give the operetta, "Folmick in the capacity of co-chair- guests, including Miss Lichty. '1 he Reformed church on April 22. Candidates f o r the associate edia cup will replace the blanket this lowing F o s t e r ' s Footsteps," in both man in charge of the banquet an- reception, which will be semi-for.or position a r e : Roger Koeppe, President Henry Kik acted as year. these places. nounced t h a t semi-formal dress mal, will begin a t 8:15 p. m. Mary Blair, and Roger Rietberg. "There will be a p r o g r a m , " Mrs. m a s t e r of ceremonies f o r the will be in order f o r the evening. The glee club will sing twice on One other sophomore will be nomiT a p p i n g of the new Blue Key memMay 17, the first Sunday of Tulip nated later. p r o g r a m which was in charge Progressive Dinner Held bers will be the final f e a t u r e of week. They will sing two n u m b e r s By Blue Key April 25 Scalpel Club Has Paper of the club cabinet. the day's p r o g r a m . at the Psalm sing to be held in Robert S w a r t , an Alpha Chi Members of Blue Key Honor the chapel Sunday a f t e r n o o n and Jefense Activities on On "Aseptic Technique" alumnus, led the group singing. f r a t e r n i t y and their guests enjoyed will sing again in the r e g u l a r servCampus Made Ready Scalpel club held its r e g u l a r W a y n e Lemmen gave several read- a progressive dinner on S a t u r d a y , ices in Third church in the evening. Sale of defense stamps on monthly meeting on Wednesday, ings f o r the h amorous touch c e the April 25. The first course was Hope's campus will begin in April 22. served at the Cosmopolitan house p r o g r a m . Musical e n t e r t a i n m e n t the near f u t u r e , according to Anne De Young's paper, "Asepand the main course at the F r a t e r - Chem Club Plans Trip Elected by the sophomore class was provided by John Lucius and nal house. The dessert at the EmBill Tappan, c h a i r m a n of the in a meeting May 1 to head the tic Technique in the O p e r a t i n g to Kalamazoo Friday by the " M i n i s t e r i n g Minstrels." Room," was presented as the feaersonian house was followed by a school defense council. The M I L E S T O N E y e a r book of 1943 Blase Levai spoke f o r the senior p r o g r a m which began with a song ture of the meeting. The c u s t o m a r y Chemistry club will hold its regwas Lawrence Beltman of Kalamas t a m p sales (a Blue Key p r o j current events discussion was dis- class on the subject of "The Quali- service directed by Elmer Morgan. ular May meeting today a t 4 zoo, ect in cooperation with the ties of an Alpha Chi Member." "Casey at the B a t " was given o'clock. Members scheduled to preBeltman has been a member of pensed with in favor of consideraProf. Henry Bast, faculty adviser in the Jewish accent by Blase L e - ' sent p a p e r s to the g r o u p include school defense council) will the A N C H O R news staff f o r two tion of the new constitution of the for the club and chaperon f o r the vai. John Hains then favored t h e ' J a m e s Slagter, Harvey Mulder, and be under the direction of Jack club. This constitution was adopted y e a r s and has also served on sevbanquet, spoke on " T a k e Thou Thy g r o u p with a song. Bridge and M u r r a y Snow. informally. J a a s . Other defense activities eral campus organizations. He is S h a r e of H a r d n e s s . " The p r o g r a m bunco occupied the rest of the President J u s t i n Aalpoel analumni secretary of the EmersoThe annual industrial tour will •vill s t a r t soon, as Hope's nounced t h a t one more meeting was concluded with a hymn and meeting. The e n t e r t a i n m e n t was take the club to Kalamazoo on Frinian f r a t e r n i t y . council is a w a i t i n g definite plans prayer. under the direction of George Van- day, May 8. T h e industrial-chemica He plans to appoint his year book would be held some time in May. and instructions f r o m the Holland Meeting for the month of May derhill. staff soon. "I t r u s t t h a t next year's plants to be visited are the Her- defense council u n d e r the direction will take up the topic of " T h e Faculty guests a t t e n d i n g the din- cules Power Company, Kalamazoo Milestone staff," he comments, "will of Mayor Henry Geerlings. Minister and Finances." Election ner included Prof, and Mrs. Milton continue the fine work done by Vegetable P a r c h m e n t Company and Hope's firemen, with Roy Davis of officers f o r next year will also Hinga and Prof, and Mrs. Albert previous staffs to produce another the City Laboratory. This t r i p is as fire chief, are planning to conbe held at this meeting. E. L a m p e n . o u t s t a n d i n g year book f o r Hope an annual high spot of the club duct fire drills on the campus. The college." year, p r e s e n t i n g the industrial field fire fighting group, which h a s reEditor Milton Verburg reports of endeavor to prospective chem- ceived recent instruction f r o m the Final selections for the cast of ists. t h a t the 1!>.2 edition will be ready city fire d e p a r t m e n t in the a r t of 'Smilin' T h r o u g h , " senior play, for the presses on Friday, May H. firefighting with modern equipment No definite date has been set for were announced by Assistant Diand the use of hoses and fire exrector Dolly K a m p s last week. The the release of the publication. tinguishers, is m a k i n g checks on re ent c a s t i n g s for the second act the fire precautions of the various include: Gordon Girod, George "May," says Noah Webster j sequence not in the least desirable. f r a t houses and dormitories on the Dr. Wierenga Addresses Vanderhill, Don Van Ark, Gene (Webster's I n t e r c o l l e g i a t e , { 1 1 ruined the bat, too. campus. Dr. Van Ess at Baccalaureate Hoover, John Hains, John Maasen, Also on the calendar for the near This y e a r ' s senior class annual banquet will be held YM on Church in India Peggy Hadden, Eleanor Dalman page 618), may be defined as in the evenin in f u t u r e are precautions a g a i n s t air ' T h e merry-making of May ( K Carnegie gym. numbering 109, is the largest Paul Dame was in c h a r g e of de- and Dorothy Curtis. raids. H a r v e y Koop, Holland junB 1 V e e : e r c h a i r m a n i n c h a r g e " R e h e a r s a l s are coming fine; in the history of Hope colDay." Where Hope college is I " " ' votions f o r the YM meeting of ior who h a s recently become an of chairs and tables, announces t h a t things are p r o g r e s s i n g well," s t a t e s April 28, and Larry Beltman led concerned, t h a t makes a good there will be chairs and tables this ego. Unique not only f o r this, a i r raid warden, h a s been officially the s o n ^ service. Special music was Dolly Kamps, concerning c u r r e n t definition, f o r May means year. P r o g r a m plans, though inut f o r the large n u m b e r on qualified to serve a s an instructor, provided by Professor Mearns, as- preparation f o r the annual class complete, include a skit, " H e n r y the its honor roll, the class of '42 and will assist in t h e t r a i n i n g of May Day at Hope. sisted by Blase Levai, who read play. "Smilin' T h r o u g h , " by AJlan May Day at Hope is a t r a - F i f t h ' s Wooing." Howard Hoekje, will g r a d u a t e J u n e 3. Gradu- o t h e r s as a i r raid wardens, both introductory comments on the num- Martin, will be staged d u r i n g Tulip as Henry the F i f t h , will woo; and ation will be held two weeks e a r l y on the c a m p u s and in the city. Time on May 19, 21, 22 and 23 in dition. This year we expect bers played. Edith Klaaren, as Queen Mary (the Dr. Wierenga, president of the the Women's L i t e r a r y club. "Smilin' the afternoon track meet to other f o u r - f i f t h s ) , will be wooed. because of the accelerated p r o g r a m of the college. Arcott Theological seminary, Vel- T h r o u g h " is the production t h a t be the most spectacular sports The play is based on Shakespeare, Reverend Henry Vruwink, class brought J a n e Cowl, noted actress, lore, India, spoke on the topic, occurrence a t Hope since Snod- and d u r i n g the p e r f o r m a n c e he is of 1910, and p a s t o r of the F o r t to fame, d u r i n g its run on Broad"Missions in India Today." He parg r a s s , class of '01, in a football expected to revolve in his g r a v e W a s h i n g t o n Collegiate church of R e p o r t s f r o m t h e college office ticularly stressed the way in which way, in New York City. game, ran inside his own end and a t a p p r o x i m a t e l y 275 RPM. New York City, will be the com- ihow t h a t m a n y of t h e senior edupolitical conditions today have afdisappeared f r o m the face of t h e Morris Tardiff, ticket chairman, m e n c e m e n t speaker. cation s t u d e n t s h a v e a r e a d y obfected the progress of the church German Club to Elect e a r t h . The event of special i n t e r e s t announces that tickets will be sold, Sunday, May 31, the Baccalaure- tained t e a c h i n g positions f o r next in India. An open forum was held. will be last y e a r ' s two-mile run so it is expected t h a t people will a t e sermon will be given by Dr. icw Officers May 13 fall. Those who will be t e a c h i n g in Anne De Young, senior f r o m which should end some t i m e d u r i n g be t he r e . J o h n Van Ess. Dr. Van Ess, who e l e m e n t a r y schools a r e : J u n e B a k e r Newark, New York, spoke on " P e r Election of new officers will be May 15. F o r t h a t reason. May 15 g r a d u a t e d in 1899, has s p e n t the in N e w a y g o ; N o r m a Becksfort, spectives" a t the YW m e e t i n g on the f e a t u r e event of the next Gerhas been set as May Day. g r e a t e r p a r t of his life in mission- D e a r b o r n ; Nancy Boynton, ScottTuesday, April 28. She illustrated man club m e e t i n g to be held in the In keeping with the Biblical ema r y service in the boys' school in ville; Lileeth Brouwer, F e n t o n ; the c h a n g e in " p e r s p e c t i v e s " as life Commons room on Wednesday, phasis in this school, t h e finals of An a n n u a l event f o r Hope's up- B a s r a h , Iraq. Dr. Van E s s is a E l e a n o r D a l m a n , H a r r i n g t o n school, progresses, but urged t h a t atti- May 13. The slate will be anthe girls' tennis t o u r n a m e n t will be per classmen. Senior Skip day, will popular and f a m i l i a r s p e a k e r since Virginia P a r k ; M a r y Felter, Montudes toward God remain stead- nounced them and nominations f o r run off on May Day. This h a s been be celebrated some t i m e d u r i n g the his addresses in Holland last month. t a g u e ; M a r g u e r i t e Hadden, Holfast. secretary and t r e a s u r e r can be the custom ever since J o s e p h served l a t t e r p a r t of May. Recognized a s The board of trustees will hold l a n d ; R u t h e a M a r t i n , Lee school. Devotions were led by senior made f r o m the floor. in P h a r a o h ' s court and Moses re- a time worn t r a d i t i o n of t h e college, its annual meeting here on June 2. Grand Rapids; Dorothy Shramek, Ruth Stegenga. The m e e t i n g w a s The advanced German class and t u r n e d out of E g y p t . the occasion has no set date on Tuesday evening, June 2, the alum- M o n t a g u e ; a n d J a n e Veneklasen, ended with the singing of the Y Dorothy W e n d t will p r e s e n t a play, The coronation of the new queen the campus calendar. When the ni will hodd their annual dinner in Middleville. song, "Follow t h e Gleam." "So much is announced, but the will conclude the afternoon's activi- class ('42 in this case) comes to C a r n e g i e gymnasium. On the Secondary students who have T h e joint Y m e e t i n g held last r e s t of the p r o g r a m is to be a seties. It has been decided not to an agreement as regards the date Wednesday afternoon of that week, signed contracts are: Beth Marcus evening, May 5, was in c h a r g e of c r e t , " said J o h n Van Lierop, vicecrown the queen with a baseball bat for the holiday, accordingly the June 3, President and Mrs. Wichat Fenton; Jeanette Rylaarsdam, senior m e m b e r s of the old cabinet. president. this year. The last time that w a s seniors smugly steer clear of ers will hold their annual reception Traverse City; Lorraine Timmer, Blase Levai a n d Mae C 1 o n a n R e f r e s h m e n t s will be s e r v e d tried it altered her cranial con- chapel, classes and the campus in at their home for alumni and Ravenna; Marian Van Zyl, Kalkasplanned the p r o g r a m . a f t e r the p r o g r a m . lours somewhat, an unforeseen con- generad. friends of the college. ka; and Dorothy Waldo, Scottville. girls before out-of-town j u d g e s to

were:Allan Weenink, r e p o r t e r ; An-

Dr. and Mrs. Wichers To Entertain

Seniors A t Reception Monday Evening

First Alpha Chi Banquet a success

Beltman to Edit Milestone for '43

Cast Characters for Senior Play Second A c t

Events of May Day With

Slight Changes This Year

Rev. Henry Vruwink to Speak to Grads

Teaching Positions for Hope Seniors

Seniors to Skip Day


Hope College Anchor

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Society Spirit Is Out of Place On as Small a Campus as Hope's An accusatioi is about to be made which should burn every

The Tattler


student body ages ago. The accusation is t h i s : F r a t e r n i t y and sorority spirit is excessive on the campus, resulting in small-minded people. When a new student registers in the office, he pledges his loyalty and service to Hope, the orange and the blue. In his first week of life as a pledge of a society, he is impressed with the f a c t t h a t the society of his choice is the only society on the campus which is worthwhile. The laurels of his society are to be held forth, and if t h a t not able, t h r u s t f o r w a r d , to make itself as a result obnoxious. A frosh doesn't realize that he can become too f r a t e r n i t y or sorority minded.

— By a Newcomer Well,





Orchids To Clean Up Committees, The Sturdy Faithfuls

MANAGERIAL S T A F F Business Manager Circulation Manager

William Moerdyk Irma Stoppels

AsalsUnU — Melba Dings. Marge Bonnnan, Donna Eby. Clarence Wagner, Nancy Safford. Joan DeYoung, Marian Sandee, Jane Veneklaasen Richard Brown.

REPORTERS G««rge Lumsden Harland Steele Barbara Tatelaar Mildred Scholten . . . . . . Marie Jenklni Larry BeHman

Ruth 9t«c«nffa John Westhof Edith Klaaren Charle. CUTW Helene Minnema Preeton Stegensa Rodman Paniton


neck who banged into Brondyke's





one p a r t go to the right and one

beams in thro' the open window

to the left. Or could it be Ruiter







glee club home, the

f o r the " P o n t i a c

P l a n " of


bane of existence, depending upon whether you are w a t c h i n g one or working on one. They have their quaint ways, it's true, but how we love t h e m !



PHOTO and GIFT SHOP 10 EAST E I G H T H STREET Kodaks and Kodak Finishing,


Hope college is an accredited lib-

campus has r e t u r n e d to normal. eral a r t s school, but nobody knows How a man can c a r r y a bag, wel- how liberal as well as Mr. Martin come home a girl, and give her a who d r a g g e d A u n t y E s t h e r and the ring all in ten minutes is beyond girls all over the E a s t and then the feeble comprehension of the had to go to court f o r them in New T a t t l e r — but — he do'd it!! York. Ah! The lure of the scientific And now, maids and m u g s , the still p e n e t r a t e s the h e a r t s and souls lure of science is too much f o r my of Hopeites!! For f u r t h e r i n f o r m a weakening conscience. I needs m u s t tion, ask Chem M a j o r Morris or descend into the m y s t e r i o u s bowels Senior Ruth. They say t h a t Ken of Van Raalte and mix t h i n g s to and J a n were in the middle of a produce stinks and stuff. kiss when an incendiary bomb fell Goo ( t h a t ' s no lie). 'Bye!! nearby — J a n shivered. P. S. Good luck to homeward It's all right to cherish happy memories of the little white school- bound Chicagoans, Klaaren and house, Bill, but when you go Aldrich!


You want to serve your country! Why not serve where your college training will do the most good? Under the Navy's newest plan, you can enlist right now. You don't have to quit college. You can stay in college, continue your studies and qualify to become a Naval Officer —on the sea or in the air. Who m a y qualify

If you are between the ages of 17 and 19 inclusive and can meet Navy physical standards, you can enlist now as an Apprentice Seaman in the Naval Reserve. You will be in the Navy. But you may remain in college, taking regular college courses under your own professors. Your studies will emphasize mathematics, physics and physical training. After you have successfully completed 13 2 calendar years of work, you will be given a classification test. This examination is competitive. I t is designed to select the best men for training as Naval Officers. How to become an Officer

If you qualify by this test and can meet the necessary physical standards, you will have your choice of two courses—each leading to an officer's commission: 1. You, may volunteer for training as an Aviation Officer. In this case you will be permitted to finish at least the second calendar year of college work, before you are ordered to active duty for training to become an officer-pilot. However, at any time during this twoyear period, you may have the option to take immediately the prescribed examination for Aviation Officer... and, if successful, be assigned for Aviation t r a i n i n g . Students who fail in their college courses or who withdraw from college will also have the privilege of taking the Aviation examination. Applicants who fail to qualify in this test will be ordered to active duty as Apprentice Seamen. 2. Those who qualify in the classification test and do not volunteer for Aviation will be

selected for training to be Deck or Engineering Officers. In that case, you will continue your college program until you receive your bachelor's degree, provided you maintain the established university standards. Those whose grades are not high enough to qualify them for Deck or Engineering Officer training will be permitted to finish their second calendar year of college. After this, thay will be ordered to duty as Apprentice Seamen, but because of their college training they will have a better chance for rapid advancement. At any time, if a student should fail in his college courses, he may be ordered to active duty as an Apprentice Seaman. Your pay starts with active duty. It's a real challenge! I t ' s a real opportunity ! Make every minute count by doing something about this new Navy plan today.


1. Take this announcement to the Dean of your college. 2. Or go to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station. 3. Or mail coupon below for F R E E B O O K giving full details. U . S. N a v y Recruiting Bureau, D i v . V - l . 30th Street and 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, N . Y . Please send me your free book on the N a v y Officer Training plan for college freshmen and sophomores. I am a student • , a parent of a student • who is

Nancy Boynton Ruth VanBronkhorst Dorothy Renieroa Elva VanHaiUma Roeanna Atkins Roee Seith FriUl J on k man


suddenly into a marked man, the

1 move we give all the s t u r d y old f a i t h f u l s on the clean-up comPeople love to work on commit- mittees a rousing vote of t h a n k s ! tees. They flock to work on comm i t t e e s the way a n t s flock to a s u g a r cube. (I'll bet you're waiting now for a joke about people flocking to a s u g a r cube in this day and age, but t h e r e isn't any coming, so you can relax.) Committees are a human failing, like apple pie, nice cars, and t r y i n g to put one over on teacher.


Milton V e r b u r g Dan F y l s t r a .Marian VanZyl Mary F e l t e r Winifred Rameau Mary Blair Kenneth Poppen Roger Koeppe

invaded the o t h e r n i g h t by a rough-

onto the d a r k locks of Betty Co-ed. g e t t i n g t h a t " s e r v e " into s h a p e ? Her b r e a t h i n g becomes i r r e g u l a r , When Don De Fouw's U of M stuff



EDITORIAL STAFF Associate Editor News Editor A s s i s t a n t News Editor Feature Editor Society E d i t o r Aseistant Society Editor Sports Editor A s s i s t a n t Sports Editor

her comely presence upon us, her



Framing and G i f t s

Rssociaied CoBe&cite Press

l()th and College.

bachelors happy, and one bachelor one car when two would do just having converted himself r a t h e r as well.




T h e Voorhees p a r k i n g lot was


considered by the W a r Department Clean-up committees are either as a West Point for women. Some t h e salt of the e a r t h or else t h e 5,000 of them would be trained there in various war occupations. The Navy auxiliary unit would For That Satisfied Feeling be open to women over 20. Grade for grade, women would receive Try a Sandwich or a the sa m e pay a s seamen. Duties Complete Dinner at the would include decoding, a i r p l a n e spotting aid confidential secretarial work.



temples asked me about him the o t h e r day, throb — when in what glorious 1 was stumped. For, who knows w h a t to expect to see in t h a t Ponmoment will she be able to finish tiac next! It seems t h a t he's gone her t e r m paper and go to bed?


Mail subscriptions, one dollar per y e a r Address — The Anchor, Hope College, Holland, Michigan Telephone 9436


m e r r y month of May hath inflicted


T h e r e is only one kind of comm i t t e e that doesn't inspire t h a t u r g e for action in the human b r e a s t . The u n f o r t u n a t e c h a i r m a n who approaches someone and says hopefully, "Will you work on the clean-up c o m m i t t e e ? " receives only a cold stare. T h e r e ' s no g l a m o u r A C P i Jay R i c h t e r R e p o r t ! i r o m W a s h i n g t o n to cleaning up . . . and you don't get your name in the p a p e r either. Don't mistake me . . . T h i s isn't ed by their home governments or WAR . . . bitterness, it's philosophy. Uncle Sam. When finally some conscientious W a s h i n g t o n — (ACP) — In case T h e r e is, however, nothing to soul, driven by a sense of duty you haven't noticed by this time, prohibit their volunteering for miland the c h a i r m a n ' s obvious desall college and university students itary service. T h a t , too, is done peration, agrees, it will spoil the are eligible for rationing books and through the local d r a f t board which whole party, p r o g r a m or tea f o r their half-pound of s u g a r per week t u r n s over their qualifications and her. She wanders around viewing whether they live "on c a m p u s " or personal histories to the W a r Dewith anxious eye the p r o g r a m s at home. It may be a good idea to p a r t m e n t for final OK. t h a t soon litter the floor, and ^et a book because there is likely • * • g u a r d i n g jealously the number of to be f u r t h e r rationing of other Officials here a r e skittish when plates that the food committee so products. However, it would be a carelessly piles cookies on. She h a s asked about the probable requiregood gesture to pass up purchases no sympathy f o r the shy souls who of s u ^ a r if you don't need it. ments f o r commissions in either Women's Army Auxiliary spill their tea, and only annoy"Reach for a bond, instead of a the s w e e t ! " P e r h a p s we've a campaign Corps or its c o u n t e r p a r t in the ance for the h e a r t y ones who do Navy (bills establishing both or- tricks on chair seats with s u g a r there. • » » ganizations have p a s s e d the cubes. (Sorry, just can't think of a new one.) The clean-up comHouse.) It's a good bet, though, Alien s t u d e n t s in American colmittee sees all festivity with a that a college degree will help, just leges "absolutely do n o t " have to jaundiced eye . . . and who can as it does in the case of men. register for selective service. All blame t h e m ? Fort Des Moines, Iowa, is being they must do is prove to local d r a f t

Hope College Anchor


changed residence to the c o m e r of

dresses, beach p a r t i e s , tennis dates, car. It hit him so h a r d t h a t it m u s t and all such stuff. The full, ex- have broken him in two f o r I saw

Not only is this spirit evident in the student body elec-

PublialMd every two weeks d u r i n g t h e school year by the student* of Hope Cullege. E n t e r e d an second c l a u m a t t e r at the poet office of Holland, Michigan, at special rate of poetage provided for in section 1103 of A c t of C o n g r e s s . October 3. 1917 and a u t h o r i i e d October 19. 1918.

tain E m m i e pre-sem s t u d e n t with f o r woo, whose first name is w h a t

Reflections O n May


an attitude between societies which is definitely t h a t of a

boards that their non-resident s t a t u s is bona fide. Selective service officials have been compelled to r e i t e r a t e the exemption of "non-resident aliens" because of rumors floating about t h a t alien students are subject to military sen-ice. The m a j o r i t y of these students are citizens of sister American republics, here on scholarships g r a n t -

urn, urn!! R u m o r h a s it t h a t a cera p u g nose, curly hair, and a way


ever, the criticism is one which should have been fired a t t h e


widders" —

you a r e when you are bored, has

member of a sorority or f r a t e r n i t y on Hope's campus. How-

tions when candidates a r e voted for because of their qualifications as a member of a society, but also it becomes a p p a r e n t in classrooms and general campus activities. This antagonism between societies is manifested even in personal contacts. It's too bad when one of your f o r m e r pals fails to say "hello" to you on the street due to f r a t e r n i t y competition. Yes, I could cite specific examples of such narrow-minded society spirit. Look at the houseboard elections in Voorhees hall; listen to the unnecessary r e m a r k s in classrooms by frosh slandering other f r a t e r n i t i e s ; notice t h a t the have held two joint meetings with sororities and still haven't included their sister sorority; notice t h a t in elections no two persons a r e nominated f r o m the same society, and t h a t when two people of the same sorority are qualified and run for the same position, this society is banned and criticized for p r e j u d i c e s — r a t h e r an illogical criticism. No one society on the campus can plead not guilty to this accusation. Now, more than ever before, there should be a unified spirit on the campus. What success could we have in the present war if there were not complete cooperation within our country? Forget the enhancement of the individual organization; strive towards the enrichment of Hope. Forget t h a t Mary is a member of t h a t society; remember that she is a member of Hope's student body. Erase f r o m your mind the erroneous idea t h a t your society is any better than any one of the others.

with ' " g r a s s

years old attending^

Name. Street. City & State.

College at


Mope College Anchor

Sibyliints and Thciaurians Hold

Ernies W i l l Sponsor " C o u n t r y Party"

Beach Parties Friday, May 1 Sorosis Holds Soph M e e t at Wichers'

Sorosites g a t h e r e d in the home of Dorothy Wichers F r i d a y n i g h t f o r a sophomore p r o g r a m which p. m. Features of the after- had as its theme the f a m i . i a r quonoon's entertainment w e r e tation, "In the s p r i n g a young man's f a n c y lightly t u r n s to baseball g a m e s , swimming t h o u g h t s o f — " (well, you know and a treasure hunt. The hunt the r e s t ) . C h a i r m a n Marilyn Van Dyke distributed p r o g r a m s in the was officially won by Johnny form of red h e a r t s dealing with Kleis and Millie V a n d e r Linden, "Baseball," the object of young b u t all s h a r e d in the t r e a s u r e of men's s p r i n g t i m e attentions. At about eight o'clock a delicious a n d a b u n d a n t picnic buffet s u p p e r w a s served. Following the meal, an three-act

"Bertram, comber,"






Bronkhorst, was





presented. S t a r -

r i n g in t h e role of B e r t r a m w a s d a s h i n g H a r r i e t M a a t m a n ; the old sea captain was p o r t r a y e d by J a n e Waldbillig; Saturday,

and by

Bertram's Jane



J a n e t Arnold took the part of the princess; the





while The






Thefas at Pine Lodge Members of the T h e s a u r i a n socie t y entertained t h e i r guests at a beach p a r t y held at Pine Lodge on L a k e M a c a t a w a F r i d a y , May 1st. T h e a f t e r n o o n w a s spent in exploring t h e grounds and lake shore or in playing lively g a m e s of tennis and Softball. A f t e r a picnic supper, the g r o u p s were divided into p a r t i e s of f o u r f o r a scavenger hunt. Couples scattered f a r and wide in search o varied articles r a n g i n g from toadstools to light bulbs.

E m e r s o n i a n held on April 30, plans announced by P a r t y C h a i r m a n Clare nce



stated t h a t instead of the annual s p r i n g f o r m a l , the f r a t e r n i t y will sponsor a " C o u n t r y P a r t y " to be held in the Holland Country club F r i d a y , May 8. A bufiet luncheon will be served

A joint meeting of the Del-

Development of Music

S a t u r d a y . May 9 Dorian S p r i n g P a r t y Sorosis S p r i n g P a r t y

Traced By Bruce Milcula

Monday, May Senior Reception at President Wicher's home


Tuesday, May 12 Y J o i n t Mothers' Day Meeting

by Roger Koeppe. M u r r a y

F r i d a y . May May Day

the direction of A1 Vander Waa. A f t e r discussion of other routine





O.K.E. was opened by devotions led Snow

gave a report on the All-College sing, following which a rehearsal was held.


F o r the serious p a r t ot the prog r a m , Bruce Mikula gave a paper on "Modern Music T h r o u g h the Ages." He traced the evolution of classical music f r o m earliest times to the present, and illustrated his p a p e r with recordings of such composers as Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, and W a g n e r ; and finished with Grofe's "On the T r a i l " f r o m the "'Grand Canyon Suite."

S a t u r d a y . May 16 Delphi S p r i n g P a r t y


Honor O U e s f s at

phi and Emersonian societies .icaded the social calendar for

A f t e r t h e seling of a f e w slaves,

F o r the humor of the evening, Len Rape cut loose with the findings of "The Raving R e p o r t e r . " This number was w-ell received by the members. Bill T a p p a n gave his Philosophy of Life, which proved to be extremely good. The literary program was closed by a m a s t e r critic's report by Howard Hoekje. The regular business m e e t i n g followed.

R. V . B .


Hold First Joint Meeting

F r i d a y . May H Emernonian S p r i n g P a r t y

Wednesday. May 13 D e p a r t m e n t a l Clubs

followed by a short p r o g r a m under

• I

Delphi and Emersonian

T h u r s d a y . May 7 Voorhees Day Tea

f o r the a n n u a l s p r i n g p a r t y were

ceremony at which Shirley R u t g e r s was f o r m a l l y initiated by President Doris Vander Borgh. 1/ The Sorosis spring p a r t y will be |

a n d chorus was m a d e up of J a n e t Clark, Wendy Rameau, Billie \Vieland, Dorothy De Valois, I'earl Scholten, and Mary Blair. '1 he p a r t y ended with a marshmallow r o a s t and s o n g - f e s t on the beach. General c h a i r m a n of the a f f a i r w a s Ruth Van Bronkhorst, who was assisted by Billie Wieland, Persis P a r k e r , Pearl S c h o l t e n , Edith Klaaren, B a r b a r a Reed, and Mary Blair. C h a p e r o n s were Prof, and Mrs. Vernon Ten Cate, and P r o f , and Mrs. Robert C a v a n a u g h .

WedneHday. May 6 Pi Kappa Delta B a n q u e t

business, the meeting was adDorothy Wichers conducted de- journed by President Blase Levai. votions and Lois Mary Hinkamp read a serious paper u r g i n g Sorosites to "pitch in" and do someCome Back to Me thing useful and worthwhile d u r i n g the s u m m e r vacation. N o r m a LemI do not ask so much of you, my dear. mer e n t e r t a i n e d with her subtle I am content with giving. In these slowhumor p a p e r entitled " O t h e r Forms Black hours of b i t t e r n e s s t h a t endless flowof P i t c h i n g . " Special music was In dark bewilderment through this sad y e a r f u r n i s h e d by Maxine Den Herder, I give you love and l a u g h t e r without f e a r . There is a quietness Pa have you know, who s a n g "1 Love You T r u l y , " acA peace that comes of being loved, a lowcompanied by Marge Friesema. Clear flame of knowing I am a l w a y s near. J u n e Baker was critic f o r the proI'd have my love protect you from despair, g r a m . Following the s i n g i n g of the And give you hope and courage. Oh, I'd be society songs, r e f r e s h m e n t s were All t h i n g s to you who have gone off to w a r : served under the c h a i r m a n s h i p of "The Hash of white wings over s t o r m y sea . . Ellen J a n e Kooiker. I give you all myself, the love I bear . . . A f e a t u r e of the business meetI only ask that you come back to me. ing w a s an impressive candlelight

soda pop and d o u g h n u t s .


Campus Calendar

At a s h o r t business m e e t i n g of

This year's Sibylline spring p a r t y was an informal one held at the Kooiker cottage at Kardou beach. Members and their guests arrived at the "Sandy Shindig" at about 4

Page Three


V O O r n G G S

Dorian Sophomores

held in the form of a t r e a s u r e ' Annual Alumni Banquet : \ A / * | | D LI I I k i 1 hunt and buffet s u p p e r at the Hoi- ' W III D © i l O l C j ^ ^ c I V 7 G i v e V i c f ' r y G a r d e n land Country club May 9. Ruth" Monday evening, April 27, at I ' : Williams is c h a i r m a n f o r the affair. 6 30 p. m., the m e m b e r s of t h e ; Tomorrow, May 7, from "Victory! Victory!" w a s Chaperones f o r the p a r t y will be I Knickerbocker f r a t e r n i t y held an 3 :,'50 t o 5 : 3 0 p. m . , t h e a n - the sophomores' cry as they Coach and Mrs. Milton L. H i n g a ' a l u m n i banquet at the Dutch M i l l . | n u a | Voorhees Day will be took over the Dorian meeting and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ten C a t e . : A f t e r the dinner special recogni-1 , , , . tion was a w a r d e d to the Board o f , ^ reception 1 OOm of Friday night, May 1. The proGovernors which is composed of the girls dormitory. The af- gram was opened by an apDorians Will Hold Spring Prof. Paul Brouwer, Mr. Herbert j lair, which is in the form of propriate devotional passage Par+y at Lit Club, May 9 Marsilje, and Prof. Vernon Ten a tea, is held ill honor of Eliz- ead by Virginia Ewin. "Two Cate. Members of the alumni chap-1 a , ) e t h R v ( ) o r h e e s w h o s e b i r t h d ^eas in a Pod" was a humorMembers of the Dorian society t e r who were given g i f t s in a p p r e - , M a y 8 | i s a n n u a | | v c o m m e m o r a t e d ; will hold their annual s p r i n g party ciation of their services to the f r a ous skit with Nancy Safford Each one of the dormitory girls as n a r r a t o r and Carol Bos and Eve S a t u r d a y , May !), at 7:30 p. m., in ternity were Mr. Herbert Marsilje, the Women's L i t e r a r y club. The Mr. Carl Zickler, and Prof. Vernon will bring a guest — either her Mulder as the two actresses. mother or a friend. In addition to affair — "Behind the Scenes" — TenCate. Grace M a 1 e f y t accompanied these, over a hundred town g u e s t s will be semi-formal. A f t e r the meeting all retired to " S w e e t P o t a t o " Marion Sandee and Miss Metta J . Ross, Miss Laura the rooms of the Knickerbocker will be entertained. ' S u g a r Beet" Melba Dings as they R. Boyd, and Prof, and Mrs. Clar- f r a t e r n i t y in the Temple building I A r r a n g e m e n t s f o r the tea are "stewed in" "Don't Sit U n d e r the ence De Graaf will be g u e s t s of and enjoyed an evening of r e c r e a - ' u n ^ e r ^ e supervision of the dorApple T r e e " and "In the Garden of honor. tion. imitory social c h a i r m a n , Louise T o m o r r o w . " "Cool as a Cucumber" The alumni chairman of the ban-1 decker. Provisions f o r the r e f r e s h was the serious paper w-ritten by t a quet was Mr. Carl Zickler and the n , e n ^ s w ' " ^ n care of by Marion \ a n d e B u n t e on the subject f r a t e r n i t y chairman was Benjamin i • ^ a r R e E m e r y . J a n e t Arnold will of victory gardens. "Red as a Beet" Hoffmeyer. • P r o v i d e various t y p e s of special turned out to be a very revealing ! music t h r o u g h o u t the tea and prophecy of the f u t u r e of the DoN o r m a L e m m e r is m a k i n g a r r a n g e rian clan. ments for flowers and decorations. The Knickerbocker f r a t e r n i t y met Preceding the p r o g r a m the usual Invitations were sent out under the business m e e t i n g was held. FurF r i d a y evening, May 1, f o r their EXPERT JEWELER AND direction of Dorothy Wendt. r e g u l a r literary meeting. President ther plans f o r the p a r t y next FriWATCHMAKER Spaulding was in c h a r g e of devoday, May 8, w-ere discussed. CorPhone 3055 tions which was followed by a song 6 East 8th St. inne Pool was elected as the soservice under the directorship of ciety r e p r e s e n t a t i v e of the student council. Randall Dekker. IN " T h e British System of BroadCones c a s t i n g " was the title of John AFTER T H E GAME . . . S l a g t e r ' s serious paper; a f t e r the Malteds reading of the paper, the f r a t e r n i t y A Sandwich At Sundaes m e m b e r s employed the subject as the main topic in an open f o r u m . Package Ice Cream H u m o r was contributed by Carl A T T H E BEST IN MEALS AND S c h a f t e n a a r . "in the S p r i n g " was LENGTH SANDWICHES the caption of the article. A f t e r the completion of the liter206 College Ave. Jr P r o g r a m , the m e m b e r s adPhone 2740 W e Deliver ;ourned f o r the r e g u l a r business meeting.


Knicks Investigate ;lthe British System of Broadcasting

Later everyone g a t h e r e d in the large main room of the lodge f o r t h e r e m a i n d e r of the evening. L a u r a P e t e r s e n e n t e r t a i n e d with several vocal solos. She s a n g " M a y t i m e , " "The One Rose," and several comic numbers. Arlene De Vries accompanied her at the piano. Noisy and exciting g a m e s of "Cootie" and " W i n k " were next in the order of events. The evening was ended with the roasting of m a r s h m a l l o w s in the open fireplace, popping corn, and the singing of f a v o r i t e old songs. Mr. and Mrs. Vander Borgh were the c h a p e r o n e s for the eve-• mng.








The theme for the joint meeting in spite of government weather restrictions was ' The Weather Chart" with its predictions f o r sunshine and rain. Delphian Beth Marcus opened the meeting with the r e a d i n g of scripture, and Emersonian Chaplain Lou Chisman followed with prayer. A rousing song session which featured the singing of the Delphi and Emersonian songs w a s conducted by Emersonian Jim Burger. Words of welcome from Presidents J e a n e t t e Rylaarsdam and Blase Levai f e a t u r e d " g a y r ep ar tee and good humor." T h e humorous portion of the program was supplied by Clayton Congleton, a local magician, who p e r f o r m e d several tricks to the a m u s e m e n t of those present. Emersonian John Hains provided special music with the vocal rendition of " I h i s Love of Mine," and 'Clouds." Delphian Nola Nies presented the serious n u m b e r of the evening in reading a paper entitled "Sally Anne's Experience." Prof, and Mrs. Vernon Ten Cate were the honored g u e s t s of the occasion. The group adjourned and a social hour was enjoyed at which ref r e s h m e n t s w-ere served. '1 he Delphi-Emersonian joint meeting was the first time the two societies had ever met together.

Cosmo Forma Is Held at Country Club Thirty-six Cosmopolitans a n d their guests attended the formal s p r i n g p a r t y of Phi K a p p a Alpha, which was held a t the Holland Country club last S a t u r d a y evening. Dinner music w a s provided by Gerard Hanchett and his orchestra. Cornelius P e t t i n g a was m a s t e r of ceremonies f o r the p r o g r a m which w-as made up of local talent from within the f r a t e r n i t y . J o h n Lucius sang a solo, " B e a u t i f u l Dreamer," by Stephen F o s t e r . J a m e s Baar, president of the f r a ternity, gave a s h o r t a f t e r - d i n n e r speech. Charles Stoppels provided humor with a musical-humorous n u m b e r called "Creation." The act portrayed a Negro version of the s t o r y of creation. Ray Biel also put on a short act, assisted by one of his f r a t e r n i t y brothers. Prof, and Mrs. J . Harvey Kleinheksel and Prof, and Mrs. Robert Cavanaugh w-ere chaperons f o r the party.

wishes for Hope College and The Anchor the Success it Merits SSIRANCE Of ALL KINOG





hone 2465 • W e Call For and Deliver


xlouse with Gene Hoover as master-of-ceremonies.




/ r i d a y , April 25. The event was held in the Emersonian

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Jean Ruiter Winner in H o p e Tennis Team lnt«r-Frat Track H o p e Clubs+ers Women's Tennis Match Trounces Calvin Knocked f o r Loop Rules Announced L a s t week's vigorous tennis tourn a m e n t came to a b r e a t h l e s s climax To W i n 5-2 By J.C., 12-0 S p o r t s c o m m i t t e e chairmen,


at the track now and get in condish, or your limbe will be pretty If Sib licked Thesaurian last rusty when May 15 rolls around. In their opening match of the sea night ( ? ) they'll be declared Nan Boynton is charge d'affaires son, the Hope golf team took a champs, an' I was cogitatin', maybe ror May Day girls' events. terrific lacing, 12 to 0, from Grand we could give the winners some of Rapids J u n i o r College invaders on those • adorable little Pepsi-Cola the Holland Country Club course, medals, like those the Cosmos won The section this week is dedi- F r i d a y , May 1. T h e match was in inter-frat diamond ball compe- cated to those of you frills who are played despite a stiff wind t h a t tition last year. Last night also what is termed hothouse plants, in m a d e both balls and scores soar. marked the Sorosis-Delphi tiff. the language of the Americas. Low man f o r J.C. was John Mac Next week Tuesday night Delphia What with a delightful assortment N a u g h t o n with an 81. F o r the takes on Dorian, Sorosis meets up of sports activities such as we Dutch, Don Mulder and Les Nienwith Thesaurian. have, there must be something huis shot 88's. Ah! Riding! Stop a t the sign of that's down your alley. Summaries: the yellow horse and sign up. F o r MacNaughton defeated Gelbart, T h e Sibs V Sorosis gave the those riding e n t h u s i a s t s who "sim81-92; Montgomery defeated Mulglad hand to t h e Milestone picture ply can't stand to poke along with der 86-88; Massingham defeated man last Tuesday night. He gave those beginners," Dyke's a r r a n g e d Nienhuis H5-88; Bignall defeated 'em the 0 . 0 . , and took the picture to have two guides divvy up the Tardiff 88-99. and l e f t . U n d e r the pitching of crowd, one t a k i n g the beginners, Power-house Brouwer, the Sibs the other the advanced equescame through and administered the Track Squad Goes to Albion triennes, so there'll be nothing to Sorosites a licking, 8 to 4. BatHope's small but hard-working c r a m p your style. teries: B. D a u g h e r t y and M. Tim- track team travels to Albion today Today's the bin day in WAA mer of Sigma. Sigma gave, but to to e n g a g e in a t r i a n g u l a r meet board meet at five o'clock. It will no avail, and Sorosis had to throw with Albion and Adrian. T h e big be decided which, Syd MacGregor up t h e sponge to Sib. The batevent ahead of the boys is the or Florence Dykema, will be prexy crossing session between Dorian MI A A Field Meet on May 22. Aland which will be left holding the and T h e s a u r i a n came to a sad end though victory is not anticipated, ban — the money bag, 1 mean. when T h e s a u r i a n f o r f e i t e d the con- Hope will be well represented. We're perkin' right along on the test. The spirited Dorians, unarchery range, and everyone's luck daunted by the runaround, stayed is beginner's luck. Keep on comin' put a n d ran off a g a m e by t h e m out S a t u r d a y a. m.'s at nine. Poor selves. All of which makes the GET Y O U R Vern with the measles! He did SO status quo as follows: like to coach archery. w L Pet. It 1.IMI0 This is the last and final warn- Sibylline By Edith Ellen Ivlarren

ing that if you gals expect to do your duty for your class on May Day, the thing to do is gang up

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Beel ( J C ) d e f e a t e d Van iiis 6-3 3-6, 6-3. F r a n s ( J C ) d e f e a t e d H o e k j a 6-3, 6-4. T a p p a n defeated Blackburn ( J C )

1 lb. Panama - - $1.50 1 lb. Very Best - - 1 50 1 lb. Choc.CoveredNuts 1.50 1 lb. Fruit & Nuts - 1.50 1 lb. Milk Chocolates - 1.00 1 lb. Victory Chocolates .80 Also 2 lb. boxes 1.60 to 3.00




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E s s e n b e r g e r (JC) defeated Baas 3-4, 6-2. Howick ( J C ) d e f e a t e d W i e r e n g a | 8-6, 7-5. ; T a p p a n and H o e k j a defeated Beel j and Blackburn 6-2, 3-6, 6-4. F r a n s and E s s e n b e r g e r ( J C ) dei feated Baas and Van Dis 6-1, 5-7, ! 6-4.



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All entries to the d i s t a n c e - r u n s (one-mile) m u s t have been in t r a i n ing since May 3 to be eligible for competition. No f r a t e r n i t y may enter more than one team in the mile-relay.

6-2, 6-2.


ISG Uiver Ave.

The following is t h e official list of events, and the probable order in which they will be run off: 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. d a s h , 440 yd. dash, 880 yd. run, one mile run, low hurdles, high hurdles, high j u m p , broad j u m p , pole vault, discus, shot-put, j a v e l i n a n d one-mile relay.

Dutch Netters G o To Kazoo; J.C. Repeats Win, 5-2

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Bob Van Lis, Kalamazoo f r e s h m a n , playing in the No. 1 slot, s w e p t through the ace of the Calvin squad, Vandellen, 6-1 and 6-1, Howa r d Hoekje got off to a shaky s t a r t , settled down, and carved out a win over Heinie Scholten in three hard f o u g h t sets.

Marty Bekken and Ken Vandenberg announced t h a t the i n t e r f r a '.ernity track t e a m c a p t a i n s m u s t hand in t h e i r list of e n t r i e s f o r each event to them by F r i d a y , May 8 at 12:00 o'clock. All Independents will r e g i s t e r w i t h Mr. J a c k Schouten by the s am e time on Friday.

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By Jackson

F o r the seconJ successive week the Hope college n e t t e r s invaded Grand Rapids to pmy a tennis match. April 23 however t u r n i n g the tables f r o m the last trip, the Dutch t h u m p e J a Calvin college five, 5 m a t c h e s to 2. Coach Mike A r e n d s h o r t ' s i.ien took 4 out of 5 in the singles to a s s u r e victory, then added a doubles win to the column to ge.. the 5-2 verdict.

J a c k i e Baas, p l a y i n g No. 3, s w a m p e d B e r n a r d Fekelder in s t r a i g h t sets. Bill T a p p a n continued in two quick sets. Dick WierII *7 A * e n g a dropped the only s i n g l e s The T r a c k - m e e t will begin at match to Louie Goudswaards in a 1:15 o'clock F r i d a y , May 15. t h r e e - s e t affair. In the doubles, The traditional I n t e r f r a t e r n i t y T a p p a n and H o e k j e stroked to a G.)lf t o u r n a m e n t h a s been called off h a r d - f o u g h t t h r e e - s e t win over for the " d u r a t i o n " d u e to s h o r t a g e s A powerful racket-wielding five Scholten and Vandellen, while Pek- a n J priorities on golf-balls. f r o m Kalamazoo college returned elder and Kuiper packed enough home a f t e r blanketing the Hope wallop to d e f e a t VanDis and Baas t e a m seven matches to n o t h i n g here , i n t h e ( ) t h e r d o u b | e s m a t c h Wednesday, April 30. T h e H o r n e t s T h e results: presented a team t h a t measured Singles: up to s t a n d a r d s set last year, and .5110 Van Dis ( H ) , d e f e a t e d Vandellen did not lose a set. Bill Culver, No. .500 ( C ) ; 6-1, 6-1. 1 man, t r i m m e d Bob Van Dis 6-0, .333 Hoekje ( H ) , defeated Scholten .(100 6-1. Hope college n e t t e r s go to Kala( C ) ; 3-6, 6-2, 6-2. In the No. 2 position, Howard m a . o j college this a f t e r n o o n to Baas ( H ) , defeated Pekelder ( C ) ; At T h e H o e k j a dropped s t r a i g h t s e t s to tangle with the formidable Hornet 6-0, 6-4. Hob Braithwaite, 6-4, 6-1. Bill Tapfive. In their first tangle, the Dutch T a p p a n ( H ) , d e f e a t e d Kuiper O L D N E W S PRINTERY pan was out-steadied by Vic Soukwere completely swamped, 7-0. ( C ) ; 6-1, 6-2. up 6-2, 6-3. In the f o u r t h spot, Your A N C H O R Printers Grand Rapids J u n i o r college came Goudswaards ( C ) . defeated WierP H O N E 2020 32 WEST EIGHTH John Thompson flattened Jackie to Holland T h u r s d a y , April 30 to e n g a ( H ) ; 6-3, 3-6, 6-0. Baas, 6-4, 6-0. In a drawn-out chalk up their second consecutive Doubles: fight. Bill Moerdyke finally weakwin over the Dutch, 5-2. Hope's T a p p a n and Hoekje ( H ) , deened before Len Russel, 8-6, 6-4. feated Scholten and Vandellen (C), only victories were in the No. 3 In the d o u b l e s . Culver and singles and No. 1 doubles, while 6-3, 2-6, 6-4. Thompson teamed to take H o e k j a Try Qui Lin* ^ D « l i d o u s Pekelder and Kuiper (C), de- J.C. collected five wins — f o u r and T a p p a n in s t r a i g h t sets, 6-0, BAKED G O O D S feated VanDis and Baas ( H ) ; 6-4, singles and one doubles. Bill T a p 7-5 and Braithwaite and S o u k u p pan won the only singles match for 6-4. Phone 2542 We Delivw I followed with a two-se* win over the Dutch by d e f e a t i n g Tom Black"HipSi P*itry Ctnttr" Baas and Van Dis, 7-5, 6-.'{. burn, 6-2, 6-2, then shared the W E HAVE . . . doubles win with Howard H o e k j a to The Place whip Beel and Blackburn, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 in the number one doubles. The Service Summaries: The Food



with the g a m e between J e a n Ruiter and Helen Van Aalst. It w a s anybody's guess who'd win and spect a t o r s were k e p t guessing until the last minute. Helen won the first set 6-4, but a f t e r the next two hard f o u g h t sets, J e a n came to the fore as winner. The final set scores were 4-6, 7-5, 7-5. T h e tennis schedule f o r the five top winners is a full one. It includes t r i p s to Kalamazoo f o r a match with Western S t a t e , on May 7, to Olivet f o r the MIAA m e e t on May 8 and 9, and to Grand Rapids J u n i o r college at the end of the month. Glee clubbers who have been a w a y will be eligible f o r the trips. Mixed doubles will be played off next week and promise some exciting matches.



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